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February 2012

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AT343 GZ085 HF251 AT345 GZ061 AT344 AB679 AB689 AA516 AG338 AT298 AT299 AS998 AS997 AS995 AS996 KC884 AT000 AS999 AT001 AR970 AT291 KC914 AR964 AS385 AS386 AT346 AT347 AS306 AT348 AS542 AS544 AS545 AS575 AS546 AS547 AS576 AS577 AS548 AS553 AS552 AS812 AS549 AS550 AS554 AT013 AT015 AT014 AT012 AT002 AT349 AT350 AT351 AT352 AT353 AT354 AT016 AT355 KC916 KC917 AT364 AT365

Qty US$ Price Money February 2012 Page 1 Black Opal Silver Koala! 2012 $1 Opal Koala 1oz Silver Proof Deliveries to commence late February 2012 SOLD OUT Pages 2 & 3 A sensational selection of sets! 1912 George V Year Set G-VG (6) $146.00 1962 Elizabeth II Year Set Unc (6) $78.00 1932 George V Year Set VG (3) $389.00 1952 George VI Year Set VF (6) $53.00 1922 George V Year Set VG (6) $78.00 1942 George VI Year Set VF (6) $68.00 1972 Elizabeth II Year Set Unc (6) $194.00 1982 Elizabeth II Year Set Unc (6) $30.00 1992 Mint Set $108.00 2002 Mint Set $64.00 Complete 1912 M,S,P Sovereign Trio gVF-gEF $2,141.00 1912 Gold Sovereign gVF-gEF (mint of our choice) $678.00 2012 Mint Set $32.00 2012 Proof Set $127.00 2012 Australian Wheat 2-Coin BU Set $18.75 2012 Australian Wheat 2-Coin Proof Set $52.00 All four 2012 Annual Sets $229.00 2012 Baby Mint Set $44.00 2012 Baby Proof Set $122.00 2012 Wedding Set $142.00 Page 4 London 2012 Games! GB 2010-11 £5 British Icons Silver Proof Collection $585.00 GB 2012 £5 London Countdown BU $19.50 GB 2009-12 £5 London Countdown Collection BU (4) $93.00 GB 2011 £5 London Countdown BU $19.50 GB 2012 £5 London Olympics Crown BU $34.50 GB 2012 £5 London Paralympics Crown BU $34.50 Page 5 Official Australian Olympic Team Tribute 2012 Australian Olympic Team Three Coin Set $1,458.00 2012 $1 Australian Olympic Team 10g Gold Proof $1,356.00 Page 6 Historic Aussie Gold! 1925S Gold Sovereign Choice Unc $678.00 10 x Sovereign & Half Sovereign Capsule Pairs $9.75 1864 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU53) aUnc $1,902.00 1866 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU55) aUnc $1,707.00 1866 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU58) aUnc $2,389.00 1866 Sydney Mint Sovereign (MS61) Unc $2,877.00 1867 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU53) aUnc $1,707.00 1867 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU58) aUnc $2,389.00 1867 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU58+) aUnc $2,877.00 1867 Sydney Mint Sovereign (MS60) Unc $2,682.00 1868 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU55) aUnc $1,902.00 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU53) aUnc $1,609.00 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU50) aUnc $1,609.00 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU55) aUnc $2,194.00 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU55) aUnc $2,194.00 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU58) aUnc $2,389.00 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign (AU58+) aUnc $2,628.00 Page 7 All new from the RAM! 2012 50c & 20c Shores Under Siege Cu-Ni BU 3-Coin Set $25.00 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of The Zoo Gorilla Al-Br BU $14.75 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of The Zoo Elephant Al-Br BU $14.75 2012 $1 Wheat Sheaf Al-Br Mintmark/Privymark BU Set (4) $18.75 2012 $1 Australian Wheat Silver Proof $54.00 Pages 8 & 9 New Release! Discover Australia! 2012 $1 Discover Australia 1oz Silver Proof Collection $522.00 2012 $1 Discover Australia Red Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Discover Australia Whale Shark 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Discover Australia Bellfrog 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Discover Australia Goanna 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Discover Australia Kookaburra 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Pages 10 & 11 Stunning Silver Proof Sets! 2012 Silver Proof Set $298.00 Canada 2012 Silver Proof Set $298.00 Pages 12 & 13 Highly sought after decimal types... 2004 $50 Macfarlane/Henry AA04 & General Prefix Pair Unc $303.00 2004 $50 Macfarlane/Henry AA04 & General Prefix Pair Of Consecutive Pairs Unc $605.00 1991 Fraser/Cole $5-$50 Collection Unc $342.00 1992 $5 Fraser/Cole Light & Dark Serials Pair Unc $152.00 Subtotal Column One


Total AP144 KC915 AT366 AT367 AT368 AT369 AT370 AT371 AT372 AT068 AS276 AT245 AD037 AT261 AR553 AT262 AT263 AT373 AT082 AR026 AS275 KC918 AE090 AD245 AT374 AT375 AT376 AF963 AT377 AT378 AE046 AE012 AT379 AT380 AG326 AT306 AT300 AT332 AT333 AT335 AT381 AS395 AS556 AT340 AT339 AT227 AT286 AT214 AS379 AS380 AS830 AS872 AT030

HD494 HD465 AS792 AC504 AT356

1995 $50 Fraser/Evans VG95 Last Annual Prefix Fine 1995 & 1996 $50 Fraser/Evans Pair aUnc 1995 $50 Fraser/Evans aUnc 1996 $50 Fraser/Evans aUnc 1995 $50 Fraser/Evans VF 2004 $50 Macfarlane/Henry AA04 First Annual Prefix Unc 2004 $50 Macfarlane/Henry AA04 First Annual Prefix Consecutive Pair Unc 2004 $50 Macfarlane/Henry Unc 2004 $50 Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Pair Unc Page 14 Innovation & Inspiration! Cook Islands 2011 $5 Muonionalusta Meteorite Silver Proof Palau 2011 $5 Princess Of The Sea Pearl Silver Proof Palau 2011 $5 My Cuddly Teddy Bear Silver Proof Page 15 England – Medieval to Modern! GB Henry III 1216-72 Silver Penny gVF GB 2012 Proof Set GB 1850s Young Head Sovereign EF GB 2012 Premium Proof Set GB 2012 Mint Set Page 16 Maritime Masterpieces... Tuvalu 2012 $1 USS Constitution 1oz Silver Proof Palau 2011 $10 HMAS Australia 2oz Silver Proof Palau 2010 $10 USSR Marat 2oz Silver Proof Palau 2011 $10 Vittorio Veneto 2oz Silver Proof Palau 2010-2011 $10 Battleship 2oz Silver Proof Trio Page 17 An Australian selection... 1927 Canberra 2/- aUnc 1934/35 Centenary 2/- EF 1953 1/2d Unc 1966 20c London/Canberra Pair Unc 1984 & 1985 $1 Mint Roll Pair (40) 1990 $2 BU 1990 $2 BU x 25 1952 R15 10/- & R32 £1 Coombs/Wilson Pair VF 1942 R46 £5 Armitage/McFarlane Fine 1954 R49 £5 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank EF 1982 R78 $1 Johnston/Stone DPS Last Prefix Consecutive Pair Unc Also available Consecutive Run Of 10 Unc 1967 R302 $10 Coombs/Randall VF 2007 $5 R221aF $5 Stevens/Henry BA07 Consecutive Pair Unc 2007 $5 R221aF $5 Stevens/Henry BA07 Unc Page 18 All new from Canada! Canada 2012 $1 Silver Proof Canada 2012 $1 Silver BU Canada 2012 Oh! Canada! Mint Set Canada Commemorative Quarter Trio Unc Page 19 The latest from Austria! Austria 2012 5€ 200th Anniversary Music Lovers Of Vienna Silver BU Austria 2011 5€ Land Of The Forest Silver BU Austria Klimt & His Women 5-Coin Series Case Austria 2012 50€ Klimt & His Women – Adele Gold Proof Austria 2012 Mint Set Austria 2012 Baby Mint Set Austria 2011 100€ Wenceslas Crown Of Bohemia Gold Proof Austria 2012 Lucky Token Bronze BU Austria 2012 Lucky Token Silver BU Austria 2011 20€ Aguntum – Rome On The Danube Silver Proof Austria 2011 10€ Tales & Legends – Dear Augustin Silver Unc Austria 2011 10€ Tales & Legends – Dear Augustin Silver Proof Page 20 1937 Crown Hoard! 1938 Silver Crown EF 1937 Silver Crown VF 1937 Silver Crown gVF 1937 Silver Crown EF NZ 1949 Royal Visit Silver Crown Choice BU

Qty US$ Price $244.00 $634.00 $220.00 $415.00 $93.00 $166.00

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$332.00 $137.00 $273.00

$103.00 $97.00 $97.00 $191.00 $98.00 $971.00 $175.00 $43.00 $105.00 $243.00 $288.00 $288.00 $624.00 $97.00 $512.00 $48.00 $116.00 $126.00 $14.75 $195.00 $386.00 $98.00 $269.00 $117.00 $483.00 $117.00 $23.50 $11.75 $77.00 $73.00 $22.00 $19.50

$27.95 $27.95 $97.00 $1,122.00 $34.75 $52.00 $1,349.00 $6.95 $19.95 $69.50 $57.50 $62.50 $337.00 $54.00 $64.00 $73.00 $146.00



Qty US$ Price AT384 AS820 AS891 AT162 AT250 AT285 AT284 AT301 AT302 AT296 AT297

On The Order Form… Tuvalu 2012 $1 Dragons Of Legend – Red Welsh Dragon 1oz Silver Proof 2012 $100 Lunar Dragon 1oz Gold Proof 2012 $10 Year Of The Dragon Gold Proof Canada 2012 $15 Lunar Lotus Dragon Silver Proof 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver PCGS MS69 2012 $1 Lunar Year Of The Dragon Silver Prooflike 2012 $1 Lunar Year Of The Dragon 5oz Silver Prooflike 2012 $30 Year Of The Dragon Kilo Silver Prooflike 2012 $100 Year Of The Dragon 1oz Gold Prooflike 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon PNC 2012 $1 Baby Dragon BU Subtotal Column Three


$112.00 $3,023.00 $351.00 $135.00 $160.00 $98.00 $464.00 $2,433.00 $2,921.00 $15.75 $15.75

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State Tax (Californian Residents) @7.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Sales Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg (4.4lbs), we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.


TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________

Fiery start to new Dragon Series! MINTAGE JUST 5,000 COINS! Tapping into humanity’s eternal fascination with the world’s most famous mythological creature, and forming a fantastic way to celebrate the dawn of the Year of the Dragon, the new Perth Mint-struck Dragons of Legend 1oz Silver Proof Series has just been launched! A spectacular start to what is sure to be a hotly pursued legal tender program, the first coin in this captivating series pays homage to the Red Welsh Dragon – or ‘y Ddraig Goch’. Thought to have been introduced in Britain by the Romans, the symbol of the Red Dragon has a long, close association with the Welsh. Not only did Welsh Britons fight off the Saxon hordes under the banner of the Red Dragon, but the Welsh-born English King, Henry VII (1485-1509), flew the Red Dragon standard during the War of the Roses, with this powerful symbol subsequently included in the Tudor Royal Arms. Although the Red Dragon had been inextricably linked to the Welsh people for many hundreds of years, the longterm association was only formalised in the 20th century. The Red Dragon became the official symbol of Wales in 1901, and has adorned the Welsh national flag since 1959. A superlative example of the art of coinage, it is clear that a great deal of thought has gone into the stunning reverse design of this spellbinding new .999 fine Silver Proof. The vivid full-colour motif instantly catches the eye, with the glorious blood-red hues of the fiery Welsh Dragon contrasting brilliantly with the fully struck-up, finely detailed background portrayal of a mountainous setting. An official legal tender issue of the Commonwealth nation of Tuvalu, the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II graces the obverse. As this program is sure to be highly sought after, with the dragon so popular across the globe, and the first coin in any series inevitably the most hotly pursued, time is of the essence for those interested in the 2012 $1 Welsh Red Dragon 1oz Silver Proof. With the mintage set at a mere 5,000 coins – each set in an official Perth Mint case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity – a sell-out would seem inevitable.




Part of the proceeds from the sale of each coin in this dramatic celebration of the mythical dragon will be donated to UNICEF-Australia, with US$25,000 to be raised across the 5-coin series

Exclusive! Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 5,000 coins

Crafted to immaculate Proof quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver

Struck by Australia’s own Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender

Measures an imposing crown-sized 40.60mm in diameter

Beautifully presented within an official Perth Mint case

Complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Scalloped-edge S Sc Dragon!

SOLD OUT at the Mint!

One of the most distinctive Year of the Dragon O tributes, the Royal Canadian Mint has just launched the latest issue in Canada’s Lunar LLotus Silver Proof program!

Wit the 300,000-coin mintage already sold With out o at the Perth Mint, do not miss this limited window of opportunity to secure an officially w verified, premium grade example of what may well be the most popular coin for 2012 – the majestic, imposing 45.60mm .999 fine 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver BU! 2

Struck from 26.29g of .9999 silver – the highest silver purity in world coinage! – this distinctive $15 bears a brilliant portrayal of the Dragon upon its 38mm flan, with the dragon’s serpentine form reflecting the distinctive shape of the scalloped-edge flan. An official Mint distributor, Downies has secured a small allocation of coins – each in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the ‘lucky’ mintage of 48,888.


135 35 5


Officially slabbed and graded by US numismatic experts expe Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) at MS69 M – the second highest grade available on the extremely demanding PCGS Sheldon extr Scale! Scal – we have just a few of these lustrous, sharply detailed Australian lus legal le tender coins in stock.



Exclusive yet affordable!

For the coin alone… IIn light of the huge demand for the Perth Mint’s Dragon Silver Series, with many issues sold out D iin record-breaking time, this official Year of the Dragon PNC from Australia Post represents a D ffantastic opportunity for our clients to enjoy the ssame ddesign found on those highly sought after precious metal issues. prec





IfI you’re on the search for that perfect – and perfectly affordable – gift to celebrate the arrival p of o a baby in the Year of the Dragon, then your quest ends right here! q

A small price to pay to experience a glorious work of numismatic artistry, with tthe price set at a mere US$15.75, each one-year-only 30.60mm Australian legal tender BU $1 is uunited with two Christmas Island stamps, Isl set upon an se eeye-catching, oofficial eenvelope.

Struck to the rigorous Brilliant Uncirculated St standards of the Perth Mint, this impressive st full-colour legal tender coin is presented in a full-co delightfully illustrated, official Mint pack, del complete p with space to record the new baby’s ddetails. Remarkably aaffordable, eespecially in light of the tiny worldwide th mintage of just m 10,000, the Perth 10 Mint has set the price M at only US$15.75.






Shock RAM Year of the Dragon release! One of the world’s finest issuing authorities, it’s no surprise that the RAM receives many requests to strike coins specifically for release on the international market – such as this stunning 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver & Gold Prooflike Series! An official Australian legal tender program, this shock Lunar release comprises four coins. A must-have for anyone with a love for the world’s favourite precious metal, the headlining act of this glittering array is the .9999 fine 2012 $100 Dragon 1oz Gold Prooflike. As one of few Kilo types issued by the RAM, the .999 fine 100mm 2012 $30 Dragon Kilo Silver Prooflike is also a vital release for collectors – as are the .999 fine Silver 1oz and 5oz Dragon issues. One of few coins in this format issued by RAM in recent times, the 40mm Dragon 1oz Silver Prooflike is a must-have for crown enthusiasts, whilst the expansive 65mm 2012 $10 Dragon 5oz Prooflike is only the RAM’s second 5oz type!

















Struck for an overseas order, with a vast majority of the mintages destined for the international market, we have just a few of each coin in stock – each complete with an official RAM Certificate of Authenticity.

US - February 2012 - ORDER FORM  
US - February 2012 - ORDER FORM  

Downies Money February 2012 Order Form - Australian Edition