American Towman Magazine - September 2022

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This was a wreck on 465 when it was cold and rainy. The trailer was loaded and we separated the tractor from the trailer. We used two rotators to upright the tractor-trailer and then used the rotators to lift and bring the trailer over the guardrail and set it down about right between the trucks and the guardrail. It was a thing of beauty to watch.

Today they are proud to provide a wide variety of towing services to their Indy-area customers. These include both standard and emergency services, using flatbed, fifth-wheel, and wheel-lift rigs. They are well versed in light, medium, and heavy-duty towing, plus tractortrailer and long-distance towing, along with mobile crane and lo-boy service, accident recoveries, and

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junk-car removals.


However, even the combination of Hix’s impressive fleet and comprehensive range of services would not be enough to explain their longevity and success. Adrian Emerson, rotator specialist and heavy-duty driver/manager at the company’s headquarters in

Indianapolis, believes he knows the secret to their success. “I’ve worked for other wrecker service companies in the past, enough to give me a baseline for comparison,” he noted. Emerson believes that two key philosophies are “baked into” the company’s business model. “The first thing I noticed when I went to work here is that all the customer interactions are based on honesty,” he observed. “I know every business on earth claims the same thing, but it is a very clear guideline established by the Hix family. We are always upfront with customers. Even in cases where we could take advantage of a situation to charge more, we don’t. The price is the price, and customers really appreciate that they can rely on us to always be fair.” Emerson said that he figured out another key to the company’s success after working there for a while: “Something else that really stands out here is the sense of family. It extends from the owners to the drivers and all the rest of the staff and continues on to the customer. I know that sounds cheesy, but it really is true. I’ve seen how that family atmosphere helps us to retain