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A Powerful Pat on the Back By Randall Resch

R Operations Editor Randall C. Resch is a retired California police officer and veteran tow business owner, manager, consultant and trainer. He writes for TowIndustryWeek. com and American Towman, is a member of the International Towing &  Recovery Hall of Fame and recipient of the Dave Jones Leadership Award. Email Randy at rreschran@gmail.com.

ecognizing an exceptional employee means acknowledging them company wide or in front of their peers for their accomplishments, actions they’ve taken, or their work attitude that’s demonstrated through behavior. In doing so, an open-line of, “Boss to employee, employee to Boss”, communication is vital. Declaring what makes an exceptional employee mustn’t be confused with them simply showing-up to work and being friendly, but that employee who goes out of their way daily to provide a quality work product, striving for excellence while being that role-model worker. Accordingly, another qualifying question asks, regardless as to what position they work, what does the exceptional employee bring to the workplace that others don’t? I’m not speaking of the bosses’ favorite or the company’s “butt-kisser”, it’s that individual who out-performs and out-works all others. In the categories noted below, an exceptional employee demonstrates standards that go far beyond daily requirements. Not in any specific order, consider these values expected of all employees, but, the exceptional employee always: •  Arrives early/stays late until workload is completed • Dresses neatly or in-uniform of the day • Keeps a cleans work environment • Prepared and well-equipped • Produces a quality of work •  Shows neatness in invoicing and paperwork • Volunteers for work or assignments • Strives for competency in getting the job done • Doesn’t complain, doesn’t argue with dispatcher

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• Is damage or loss free for a recorded period • Needs minimal to no supervision • Without challenge, follows directions of management


There are many ways to recognize the efforts of the company’s Varsity players. Your actions need not be costly or overthe-top, but the simple act of recognition goes a long way. Here are twelve simple ways of appreciation that can be initiated any time the moment seems appropriate. Don’t think there shouldn’t be a special action to simply say, “Thank you” … recognition comes in many forms: • Letter of Appreciation •  Letter of Thanks (mail em’ a Hallmark card) • Certificate for Employee of the Month • Employee of the Month Parking • Employee of the Month Plaque • Uplifting the employee at company meetings •  Special mention in the company’s newsletter • Give a “Time-Off” coupon • Lunch with the boss or restaurant gift card • Send them to a tow show or liketype events • Opportunities for upward training • Opportunity to advance One effective way of recognition is sending a press release to both local media and trade media. Depending on the level of accomplishment reported in the release, these outlets are looking for positive news to print. Tower performs his 100th recovery, or, tower celebrates ten years serving the community at ABC Towing, are items newspapers and trade magazines would consider printing.

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