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The Walkaround Searching for Happiness in the New Year Dennie Ortiz Publisher

As we embark on a new year, we start to think about what’s to come, what’s going to be new and different in 2022. The last couple of years have taught the world to expect the unexpected and be ready to adapt to challenges that might never have been thought of before. The “be prepared” way of thinking has always been part of the towing industry’s mindset. Towers have always needed to adjust to their ever-changing environment, whether it be adjusting practices to adhere to new laws or adjusting techniques as needed during a recovery scene. A perennial problem the industry faces is operator recruitment and retention, this continues into the new year with a marked increase expounded by labor shortages across the country. Carolyn Gray, contributing writer, lends her expertise to this issue and offers insights as to how to best position your business to find, hire and keep the right person for the job. How can you provide your operators the greatest protection on the roadway? Randall Resch takes a deep dive into advanced emergency-warning equipment, suggesting the use of arrow boards as an adept way to keep your operators safe. Safety is also top of mind at Elite Services from Louisiana, whose rotator is the feature of this month’s My Baby. Keeping a towing company’s business safe is our resident attorney Josh Brown’s forte, and he discusses a case in which a tower sues the State Police Patrol to justify rates, something many towers can relate to. Happy New Year and stay safe out there!

In All Modesty

Steve Temple Editor

In researching our cover feature on The Towman of the Year, I came away impressed by James Bennett, Jr.’s cool-headed handling of a daunting crash scene. Some of his fellow responders were much more shaken by all the human casualties and massive wreckage, referring to the incident as “horrific.” James downplayed his actions, though, describing his role in this risky recovery as merely “challenging.” So many towers I’ve met in recent months display a similar mindset. They strike me as unsung heroes of the highway, whose stories need to be told. And we feel privileged to do so. So email us at:

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