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HURRICANE Fall Bike Week 2013 Sept 30 - Oct 6 52

Open open House house Saturday Oct.19

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bike show



$10 Entry Fee - Bike Show

winner featured in behind barz!

919-269-8268 1192 Tant Rd. Spring Hope, N.C. (HWY 64 Exit 1737)

Injured? Lisa Lanier has been helping injured riders for 20 years. Contact Lisa directly at or call her for a free personal consultation.

Offices Across North Carolina 1-888-CONSULT Burlington Charlotte Durham Fayetteville Greensboro

Greenville Hickory Raleigh Wilmington Winston-Salem

We will come to you ANYWHERE in NC.

INJURY ATTORNEYS 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 104; Jamestown, NC 27282

Editorz Notez Doobie Sykes

Thanks to everyone for your continued support! Please keep your events coming and we will continue to share them. Happy Fall Y’all! It will soon be cooler ridin’ weather and lots and lots of Toy Runs! We look forward to that! If you have an event coming up, please let us know and email us a flyer and we will help get the word out there. If there is something you would like to share, please pass it along to us. We would love to hear from you! 2014 marks our 10th Anniversary! More news to come about that soon! Thanks to all our advertisers and readers for helping us get there! If anyone is interested in designing our calendar art for 2014, please give us a call. The calendar is always included in the Jan-Feb issue. We take hundreds of photos at every event we attend! There just simply isn’t enough room to post all of the photos here within these pages but if you go to our Facebook page or Melynda Snead’s Facebook page you can see many, many more! Feel free to share your photos and events on the BB page. TAG photos until your heart is content! Please feel free to email us your stories and photos from your travels or events. We would love to include them! We hope you enjoy this issue!


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photo: Doobie

nc packs4 patriots Support our local heroes

NCPacks4Patriots would like to invite you to join with us in supporting our deployed troops during the upcoming holiday season. The holidays are the hardest time to be away from your family and home, so we want to provide our troops serving our country with some tastes and touches of home. We have tens of thousands of troops still serving in harm’s way, and want to show our appreciation for their service. Ways to support our troops include: Conducting a fundraiser to pay for postage for care packages. NCPacks4Patriots mails about 180-200 packages each month, with each costing about $15-25 to mail. Conduct a collection drive of items needed/requested by our troops. Items include: Hygiene items: body wash, deoderant, dental care products, hand sanitizer, lip balm, skin care products, body/foot powder. Snacks: Jerky, Slim Jims, tuna in a pouch, granola bars, nuts and trail mix in individual packages, coffee, hot chocolate, individual drink mixes to add to bottled water, microwave pastas ( Spaghettios type), instant grits, oatmeal, snack crackers. First aid and over the counter medications Recreation items: Puzzle books, DVDs, footballs, dartboards, board games, hand held video games. Other items needed: Twin sheets, blankets, black boot socks, coffee pots, merchanic gloves, safety glasses ( sunglass tint), batteries, guncleaning kits, solar showers. Holiday decorations: lightweight, nonbreakable decorations for Barbara Whitehead Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. Small Christmas trees, NCPacks4Patriots small strings of lights, garland. 249E Third St Signed cards with messages of support. Ayden NC 28513 252-714-1175 We welcome bike clubs to conduct fundraisers and collection email: drives and organize a ride down to visit our center to deliver the items and funds!

NCPacks4Patriots appreciates your support as we support those who serve our country.


Check out NCPACKS4PATRIOTS on Facebook

flGrice Clearfiffiifi eld Community museum Story & Photoz: Blue Star Bud

Grice Clearfield Community Museum is located on 119 North 4th Street, in Clearfield, Pennsylvania, and is a non-profit organization. Blue Star Bud recently visited the museum and came back with photos of their collection. They have two of our favorite and mounts! They have over seventy antique and classic cars from the early 1900’s to today’s specialty cars owned by the Grice’s and other area residents. Hundreds of trophy game animals and fish harvested by many hunters around the world adorn the floor and walls of the museum. The Grice Business History started with Scoot’s Uncle Tom Grice’s small gas station on North 3rd Street in 1945. Scoot regards his Uncle Tom as the greatest man that ever lived. Tom opened the gas station in 1945 and closed it in 1954 due to a heart attack. In 1955 Scoot, a veteran of the Korean Conflict, and his wife Janet re-opened the station. Scoot ran the station during the day and worked nightshift at a brickyard. In 1962 Scoot and Janet expanded the station to accompany the growing side business of gun sales. This led to some custom rifle building which further established the gun business. In 1962 the pumps were removed and the entire building was turned into Grice Gun Shop. 1970 brought an expansion of the gun shop to a second floor and extended the shop out to the sidewalk. It evolved into one of the largest gun shops in Pennsylvania. In 1985 a new building was built at 216 Reed St. which doubled the size of Grice Gun Shop and housed a new business, Grice Wholesale, which services other firearms dealers in all 50 states. In 1988 Scoot and Janet turned most of the management operation over to their only child, Tom and his wife Brenda Grice. In 1994 Scoot and Janet Grice Constructed and donated the Grice Clearfield Community Museum, a “Non Profit Organization” on 4th and Pine St. Only through hard work, long days, dedicated employees and loyal customers did Scoot and Janet achieve their dream, owning one of the largest gun shops in the United States. Located on 119 North 4th Street, in Clearfield, Pennsylvania. Address is: P.O. Box 1028, Clearfield, PA 16830 814-768-7332 or 814-768-7892


Memorial Day Weekend thru September 30 Monday thru Saturday: 10:00am till 4:00pm Sunday: Noon till 4:00pm October: Saturdays and Sundays ONLY: Noon till 4pm

Blue Star Bud Penny White Museum Guide!


November 1 thru Friday before Memorial Day


INJURED? Don’t trust your future to just any law firm.


HensonFuerst has been helping accident victims for more than 35 years. We know what you’re going through and what it takes to win. Call now for a free consultation.

1-800-4LAW-MED 1-800-452-9633 YOU NEED HENSONFUERST. 2501 Blue Ridge Road // Suite 390 // Raleigh, NC // 27607

NO FEES OR COSTS UNLESS WE WIN. WE WILL COME TO YOU. Offices in Raleigh and Rocky Mount and by appointment only in Creedmoor and Boone


We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia

Call us for LOW RATES on motorcycle insurance!

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Service Fellowship Hang-Out Fri . Nights 7pm until Sunday Mornings: 10am-11am hang out 11am-12pm Service

John 3:16


We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia

Rev. Danny "PreacherMan" James New email...


7442 South NC Hwy 58 Elm City, NC 27822


10 10


For Sale VTX 1300r Mustang seat, Vance and Hines pipes, Infinite stereo system with USB and Auxiliary ports. Bat wing. Orig. Honda saddle bags & Backrest. Approximately 33000 miles. Fairly new tires. engine guards & footrest pegs. Call George at 919-580-4495

bb gear...

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your Health Behind Barz

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones….. hmmmmmm First to make you think about bones… What is the name of a bone in your body that you can never break? (Answer is at the end). Think about Halloween for a minute. Wherever you look, there are vampires, ghosts, or bony skeletons grinning back at you. Vampires and ghosts don’t really exist, but skeletons and bones sure do! Every single person has a skeleton made up of 206 bones. These bones give your body structure, let you move in many ways, protect your internal organs, and more. Almost every bone in your body is made of the same materials:

photos: Moe, Bud, Dee & Doobie

The outer surface of bone is called the periosteum. It’s a thin, dense membrane that contains nerves and blood vessels that nourish the bone. The next layer is made up of compact bone. This part is smooth and very hard. It’s the part you see when you look at a skeleton.


Within the compact bone are many layers of cancellous bone, which looks a bit like a sponge. Cancellous bone is not quite as hard as compact bone, but it is still very strong. In many bones, the cancellous bone protects the innermost part of the bone, the bone marrow. Bone marrow is sort of like a thick jelly, and its job is to make blood cells. Remember the question at the beginning…. What is the name of a bone in your body that you can never break…..your funny bone. Ride safe, be blessed and keep your funny bone between the ditches! Deborah Alston RN


Helen & Bobby Driver Benefit In a lifetime you get to meet many people. Most often they enter your life and leave without much thought. Often times their impact on you is minimal at best. Then there are times when someone enters your life and become a special part of it. All who have visited Tippetts Mill in Zebulon NC. have had such a priveledge. One cannot come to hang out at the mill without meeting Bobby Driver. Bobby is a man full of life who loves to meet all types of people. He enjoys talking to people and really getting to know them. He has entertained us over the years with his harmonica and dancing. Bobby is an avid hunter and fisherman that shares his catch allowing for many stews and fish frys. He enjoys seeing people eat his catch. Bobby is a man who loves sharing stories and always sees the best in people. He will never be one to speak negative of anybody. He truely sees the good in all people. His gentle nature and giving soul make all who get the honor of meeting and talking to him truely respect him. He is a proud man who never asks for help. Whether it be help at his house, or pulling his boat out of the pond he does it all himself.

story: Melissa photos: Doobie


Recently his wife Helen, a wonderful gentle woman, had heart trouble and was in the hospital for an extended period of time. Thankfully she pulled through and is back taking care of Bobby. We at Tippetts knew we had to do something to help with the mounting medical bills. On July 13th we had a benefit for them. Although there was rain, friends and family came together to help out our dear friends. There were chicken plates, a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, and music by DogHouse Retreat. A special thanks to them for donating their time for Bobby. The band was absolutely amazing and entertained us well into the night with a special performance by Bobby himself. Thank you to all of the Tippetts Mill people who volunteered that day. Owners Bill and Melissa, Cowboy and Superman for parking. Paul for handling the store. All the kids for helping with the raffle. Bobbys family, especially Bobby Jr. for helping Bill cook. The day, although a wet one, allowed Bobby and Helen to see all the people that have come to know and love them. The love they have for each other was obvoius to all. It was a pleasure to be able to help them out. When one thinks of Tippetts Mill Bobby Driver is a large part of it. He is a man of pride and integrity who lives a simple life doing what he enjoys and shares it with everyone. His heart is big enough to allow all he meets in. He always gives so much of himself that it was an honor to be able to help he and his wife. To Bobby and Helen Driver: We at Tippetts are honored to call you our friends, and have you as apart of our family. You touch our lives in such a special way. It was our priveledge to be able to give back to someone who gives so much. We love you both!!!!!

30 Anniversary Oct. 19

Bike Show 12pm games corn hole contest 50/50 raffles

Bands Mark & John Bunn 5pm speakeasy all my rowdy friends

$10 entry Proceeds go to: St. Jude Children’s Hospital & The Cancer Society

Future Bikerz CORBIN LEE WALLACE North Carolina 3 DAYS old getting his 1st lesson on acceptable attire.

Send us


future biker photos! email us: behindbarzmm@


snail mail us: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856


son of Blake & Jenna McDonald. Grandson of Chris & Renee Pulley, Bill Mcdonald & Denise Liles & Penny & Barry Couling.


Blue Knights LEMC nc xiii As you may know nationwide last year, in 2013 Police Officer’s lost their lives in the line of duty. While this is a decrease over the number of Officer’s killed in 2011, it is hard to make that number seem better to the families who have lost their loved ones. The average age of these Officers was 40 years old. Sixty-eight (68) of these men and women were killed in some sort of direct and life ending contact with criminals. The Families these Police Officers left behind are faced with unimaginable and overwhelming challenges. Unfortunately, six of the officers killed where here from North Carolina. One of the primary missions of the Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club (LEMC)is to help support the surviving family members of these fallen Police Officer’s and that is why we have partnered with North Carolina Concerns of Police Survivors (NC C.O.P.S.) to help raise funds to support those left behind.

photos: Dee James

The national group—Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc. (C.O.P.S. or COPS)— provides resources to assist in the rebuilding of the lives of surviving families and affected co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty as determined by federal criteria. COPS was organized in 1984 with 110 individual members. Today COPS membership is over 15,000 families. Members include spouses, children, parents, siblings, significant others, and affected co-workers of officers killed in the line of duty according to Federal government criteria. COPS is governed by a National Board of law enforcement survivors. All programs and services are administered by the National Office in Camdenton, Missouri. Chapters function in several states at the grass-roots level. COPS also provides training to law enforcement agencies on survivor victimization issues and educates the public of the need to support the law enforcement profession and its survivors. Each year, between 140 and 160 officers are killed in the line of duty and their families and co-workers are left to cope with the tragic loss. COPS provides resources to help them rebuild their shattered lives. There is no membership fee to join COPS, for the price paid is already too high. On the 22nd of June 2013 we held a fund raiser here in Fayetteville, North Carolina involving the entire law enforcement community and many of the Fayetteville community. A memorial service was held at the Cumberland County Law Enforcement Center after which a motorcycle ride will took place ending with a lunch. Resulting from the donations and proceeds from this event we were able to present a $1,000.00 to NC C.O.P.S., www., due to the support of the wonderful riders and supporters in the community. On a terrible day for a motorcycle ride with overcast conditions, and all around yuck… 118 amazing folks showed up and registered for the ride, and participated in the memorial wreath laying for these fallen officers and their families and 69 fantastic hard core motorcyclists many of the bikes with two up, from the area road with us from the Cumberland County Courthouse through rural Cumberland and Bladen counties, stopping at the midway point at Jones Lake State Park. After a little time to relax, we mounted up again for the ride back to the Retired Military Association for a lunch and raffles. Despite the less than ideal conditions, the great folks that participated made this an exceptional day, allowed us to help NC C.O.P.S. and will enable us to help others as necessary throughout the year. We are already looking forward to the 4th Annual Ride in June of 2014 and we hope you are too! On behalf of Blue Knights LEMC Chapter XIII here in Fayetteville and the over 800,000 policemen & woman in this country who are there for you every day, we thank all of you again for your support of our 2013 Homegrown Heroes and Fallen Officer Memorial Ride and North Carolina Concerns of Police Survivors. Thanks also to all our the other Blue Knights Chapters that rode from across the state to support the fund raising efforts! We are respectfully at your service Blue Knights® LEMC Chapter XIII, Fayetteville, NC! Michael J. "Mike" Brown Sr. Ride With Pride! President Blue Knights LEMC NC XIII


Vollis Simpson

For more photos, go to our Facebook page.

Vollis Simpson was a WW II

veteran, former house mover, mechanic and farmer. He started making his windmills about thirty years ago. He had a lot of leftover junk from his business and didn’t want to throw it away. So, he made the first whirligig and put it in his pasture in Lucama, N.C.. Many were over 50 feet high. He also would cut up highway road signs into 1” square pieces and fasten them to his art. They would reflect light, especially at night. People traveling down his road would have an interesting sight when their headlights reflected back off of the thousands of reflectors...thus, his property became known as, “Acid Park”, by many locals. Whenever we would happen by Simpson’s shop, he would be sitting in an old workshop chair situated so he could see what was going on down the road.

He said he had seen a lot of wrecks at the intersection in front of his shop. One particular time, there was a stray dog hanging around. He said for us to take her. He was afraid she would get runover there at his place. So, we did. We named her, “Whirligig”! In 2011, he told us that his knees were giving him a fit and he had to walk with a cane. Regardless of how he felt, he worked most every day. When people came by to visit, he would stop what he was doing, chat with them and let them see the scraps of metal that he turned into art. If they asked, he would even sell them a whirligig. He entertained and inspired people in our community and far beyond the backroads of rural N.C., on his Lucama farm.

He died Friday evening, May 31st, at his home. “He just went to sleep and didn’t wake up,” said his wife, Jean. In May of this year, the N.C. Legislature, inspired by Simpson’s art, moved toward naming whirligigs as the state’s official folk art. In 2011, he put on a tuxedo and went to Raleigh to accept the state’s biggest honor bestowed on a civilian: the North Carolina Award. In November, Wilson is set to open the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park downtown. Designed by awardwinning landscape architecture firm Lappas+Havener, PA, the two-acre park will feature 30 of Vollis Simpson’s whirligigs—including some of the largest in his life’s work.





photos: moe, vinney, blue star bud onemore & doobie


Bike night Rocky Mount HD

Burn ‘em if ya got ‘em!

For more photos, go to:


photos: Vinney

Aug 9th - It was a HOT Bike Night at Rocky Mount HD, literally and figuratively! Hunter Hill Cafe cooked up some of their famous chicken and fixins, provided by HensonFuerst. “Boneyard” rocked the stage and many vendors were on hand! As always, the burn-outs were also HOT! Don’t miss the next one on 11 October! We’ll see ya there!

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I was out ridin’ Down Highway 903 Blue skies, calm winds, Countryside, and me

Was it an accident or malicious intent tapped from behind the Brother sent flying then bounced and skid for a quarter mile gravel ate right through leather jacket and chaps road rash burnt to the bone years of tats scraped away roadrash scars replace if he survives the five hour operation to repair his broken body he will no doubt get back in the wind as he rides to live and lives to ride if he survives the accident scene of malicious intent © Sorez ~Road Scribes Of America ™

I looked over at him, He was a ragged sight He shot me a thumbs up He struck me as alright He was on a ’64 panhead Deep black and full of chrome Hollered out over the thunder This is better than ridin’ alone I nodded in agreement He shot a toothless grin His leather vest flapping freely As we ran against the wind The panhead bike fit him As if together they were one I couldn’t put my finger on it So I let it go and enjoyed the run Every now and then I’d crack the throttle The stranger would do the same We rode as if we were brothers Side by side, sharing a lane After jammin’ together for an hour He shouted “ Bro I gotta go” He cracked the throttle and sped off But to where I didn’t know I wondered how he disappeared so fast Just who the hell was that man Then I swear the wind answered me “You were ridin’ with the Ghost of Panhead Dan”

© Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant RSOA ™

In Kahoots In Kahoots, having fun. Real great folks are at the run. Some rode far, some live near. All served purpose, being here. Raising funds, yielding cash, for our youth, while throwing bash. Has been done for several years. Thank you to the volunteers. Awesome bands...Great bike games. Evenings standing 'round the flames. Sharing food...Sharing brew. Showing bikes off, old and new. Friendship glowing every place. Told by smiles upon each face. Like the smiles found on these tykes, when they get their brand new bikes.

In my rear view I saw a biker He motioned with his hand to me I slid over, he pulled beside Two up riding free

© Rod Hatter RSOA ™


Airport Roa Airport Road Kustoms (ARK) became a reality in June 2011. The ARK team is busy building a small but committed company that is centered on providing specialty exhaust for every kind of vehicle, four wheels, three wheels or two wheels, and turning your average stock motorcycle into a one of a kind Kustom.

story: Lady D

If you have a dream for yo or bike, Airport Road Ku help you make it com

The founders of ARK are: Todd Pender is the President of ARK and exhaust specialist. JR Pender is the shop manager/fabricating specialist. Tim Smith is the lighting and audio specialist. Tim Christie is the web design specialist. These four founders are assisted by; Brandon Sims the air brush specialist, CJ King the body fabrication specialist and Michael Scott the paint specialist.



ad Kustoms photos: Moe & Doobie

Between all these men there are over 50 years of experience in automotive, electrical and customizing fields. To view their fine work, check out their profile on Facebook @ airportroadkustoms. Airport Road Kustoms is located at 989 Airport Road in Pikeville, NC. Call them at 919.922.2514 to talk about what they can do for your vehicle or bike. The Airport Road Kustoms team would like to give a special thank-you to Wayne Executive Jetport Manager, Doug Lancaster, who graciously allowed us to have a great photo shoot with Behind Barz Magazine.

or your vehicle d Kustoms will come true!

Wayne Executive Jetport is located in Pikeville, NC. Services provided there are: Airport Management, Aviation Fuel, Aircraft Ground Handling, Aircraft Parking (ramp/tie down), Hangars (leasing/sales), GPU/ Power Cart, Passenger Terminal, Catering and Pilot Supplies. If you have any needs or questions about aircraft, classes or the use of the Wayne Executive Jetport please contact Mr. Lancaster 919.922.5983 or


Camp Rainbow Charity Ride On June 8, 2013 the Snow Hill Moose Lodge, Moose Riders, sponsored the 3rd Annual Camp Rainbow Charity Ride in honor of Ryan Elks. This is a ride that raises money for children with cancer and chronic blood disorders to be able to go to camp for one week. This ride has quite a history as it began when Ryan, the son of Moose Riders President Mr. Ken Gaskins, was diagnosed with leukemia. Family and friends were devastated. Yet, Ryan is a survivor and he attended Camp Rainbow for one week in Arapahoe, North Carolina and loved it. The Camp Rainbow brings about 100 children a year to the camp. Here Doctors, Nurses and other medical personnel volunteer their time and skills to care for these children. All medical care, medicines, and therapy, is provided for these young children while they are at Camp Rainbow. The children are allowed to bring siblings with them to enjoy the time together. During this camp time counseling is also provided to help these young men and young ladies deal with cancer. Many Bikers M/C, R/C and M/M came and rode to support this wonderful cause. Yet one young lady, Miss Cassidy, 13 years old, went to her friends and family and alone raised $350 for Camp Rainbow. Camp Rainbow is close to her heart and she just wanted to help. The cost is about $750 a week for one child to attend camp. Here Miss Cassidy alone raised the money to pay about half the way for one child. Go Miss Cassidy!! Miss Cassidy was active in helping the Moose Lodge get things ready and set up. They had a 50/50 drawing, door prizes and food was served! Ms. Betty Sutton, Secretary of the Moose Riders said “If we can put happiness in their heart for one week, it is worth it.” The Moose Riders say “No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child”. If you would like to help a child attend Camp Rainbow please contact the President Ken Gaskins at 252.474.3787 or Secretary Betty Sutton at 252.341.5736. Ride safe and blessed for all you do Moose Riders, and a biker salute to Miss Cassidy for her unselfish love.


photos: Moe

story: Lady D

3rd Annual Riding for the Kid’s Bike Ride Event GREENVILLE, North Carolina- Riley’s Army is having their 3rd Annual Riley’s Army Riding for the Kid’s Motorcycle Bike Ride Saturday October 12th at 10:00am. The bikers will leave Ron Ayers Motorsport parking lot on 1929 N Memorial Blvd and end Downtown New Bern at the MUMFEST. There will be 1 stop on the route- Hometown Harley-Davidson. Participating bikers will have a special reserved parking area in downtown New Bern so they can spend the day enjoying the festival. MUMFEST weekend in New Bern, NC attracts festival goers from across the southeast to experience this award winning festival located in the beautifully restored historic down-town along the waterfront. Mumfesters can spend a little or spend a lot with over 300 commercial and non-profit exhibitors to choose from including pottery, crafts, art, and a tasty variety of savory food. MUMFEST fits everyone’s budget with two days of free entertainment including a wide variety of music from a wide array of new and exciting bands, dance troupes, magicians, roving street performers, face painters, and clowns. Due to MUMFEST being the endpoint of our bike ride this year, the number of bikes will be limited to 100. Register early to be a part of this incredible charity ride. Register at Ron Ayers Motorsport or through PayPal at: The Charity Ride will raise funds for Riley’s Army, raise awareness for pediatric cancer, and help sponsor children to Camp Rainbow for the 2014 Summer Camp Week. To find out more about Camp Rainbow and to register for the motorcycle bike ride, please visit our website: or contact Kimber Stone at: 252-412-8191 or at


New shirts now available!

26 26


Send us Your photo representin’ BB

“Terra-Rizer” Terra is a member of the roller derby team, Beach Brawlers Sk8r Dolls out of Florida! She is also a member of the US Air Force! Thanks for your service, Terra!

Chris Gates, wearing his Behind Barz shirt, covertly placed a BB sticker while at the Full Throttle Saloon.

Send your photos to:

Send us your photos, stories, ideas complaints...whatever. We would really love to hear from you! You can send via email or snail mail. Email: Snail mail: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

Don’t be skeered!


Been There, S

Serving Those W

By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

In the last issue of Behind Barz, Deborah Alston wrote an article about PTSD (“Your Health Behind Barz: PTSD,” Deborah Alston RN, Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine, July-August 2013, page 13). For those who don’t know my driver and me very well, PTSD is what brought us together. In 2004, my driver’s psychologist suggested that he adopt a dog and bond with that dog. I was that dog. I was at a SPCA shelter and scheduled to be euthanized on my third day. I was about 14 dog-years old (about 2 in human years), abused and sick with heartworms. Early on the morning of my third day, the SPCA staff led me to the center of a fenced concrete run. There was a man standing in the center. The SPCA staff told the man that I was afraid of people. I leaned against the fence and trembled as the man talked to me. He dropped to one knee and I walked to him. When I reached him, he calmly talked to me. The SPCA staff was surprised and said that no one was able to do that. The man asked the staff member if he could talk with his wife and let them know tomorrow. The staff member told the man that they were overcrowded and I would be euthanized after he left. The man looked at me and told me he was sorry, but he wanted to talk it over with his wife. He stood up and when he walked towards the door, I stayed at his feet and almost tripped him a few times. He got on his knees and I leaned against him. He petted me and I gently licked his chin. He hugged me and I stopped trembling. He decided to adopt me! My driver has battled PTSD for decades with dissociation, flashbacks, nightmares and more. When my driver sought help, he was ashamed of having been diagnosed with severe PTSD and afraid of what people would think of him. He kept it to himself. A major part of his recovery was accepting the battle and learning ways to combat it. I became part of his therapy. Deborah is correct when she stated in her article “Asking for help for PTSD is not a sign of weakness but of strength…don’t be afraid to ask for help.” My driver rescued me from death.


A few of the Patriot Rovers. If you knew my driver in 2004, then you probably know that my mom and I were part of rescuing my driver after he nearly took his own life to end his battle through attrition. Even worse, he could have spent an eternity in hell. In those days, he drifted away from God and Jesus, but with the help of my mom, their oldest son (Matt “Possum”) and me, we got him back on track with the Lord and with life. When I started riding in 2008, my driver and I noticed that I get a lot of attention. We decided to use that attention for the Lord and give our time to a number of organizations. One of those organizations is Carolina Patriot Rovers ( The Patriot Rovers, founded by Dave “Fly Dog” Cantara, rescues dogs and trains them as service dogs for veterans battling PTSD. Combat veterans work with the Rovers in training and then receive the dog as their personal service animal.

Katie Nordeen of Fox8 News introducing David Cantara, founder of Carolina Patriot Rovers.

CHEWY The Biker Dog: w

Sniffed That

e Who Serve Us Families of Fallen Heroes (those who died while on active duty) can request a Rover be named after their loved one. I first met Dave on a Patriot Guard mission in 2009 or 2010. After founding Patriot Rovers, he referred to me as the “original Patriot Rover” and presented me with an honorary Patriot Rovers vest, which I wear on special occasions. Training Rovers to be service dogs takes time and money. There are a number of fund raising events that occur each year, and I was tail-waggin’ happy to participate in a 112-mile ride on July 13. At Crescent Ford in High Point, NC, there were lots of Rovers with their veterans. I met a few over the years, but I wanted to sniff as many as I could. My biker dog friend, Snoopy, brought this driver, Tim Wall, to ride in this event and meet some of the Rovers.

Snoopy checkin’ his six while his driver gives me a treat.

We rode from Crescent Ford to Harley-Davidson of Greensboro. It was cloudy and we ran into some sprinkles and light rain, but it was a pawesome route with lots of sweeps, rolling terrain, and a few small towns! I had my helmet cam rolling, but part way through the first leg, I dumped my helmet and goggles and decided to go lidless. (We four-legged dogs can get away with it in North Carolina!) We had about 102 bikes leave High Point and we were escorted the entire route by four mounted officers.

At Harley-Davidson of Greensboro, there was a concert and lots of food! Bobby Farrington bought my lunch and personally fed me. After sniffing more people, we mounted up for the ride home. About an hour from home, we rode through pouring rain. As long as we’re rolling, I tuck in behind my driver and I stay dry. When we hit the rain, my driver thought about pulling over to put on his rain gear, but since he was already soaked in a matter of seconds, he decided to keep rolling so that I would stay dry.

OB offered to share his egg sammich with me, but my driver didn’t want to deal with my gas. (Notice the shirt!) The following Saturday (July 20), I supported the USO of North Carolina at the Scoops for Troops in Cary, NC. On summer days, my driver and I prefer to minimize the time that I’m dismounted because of the heat. The USO provided me with a roof for shade and a fan, which helped me stay cool when I wore my swamp vest. I had about 50 copies of Behind Barz magazine, and they didn’t stay on the saddlebag for very long!

Ooops, I reckon I shouldn’t have dumped my helmet and goggles.


Bobby Farrington buying my lunch from the HOG Chapter at the Patriot Rovers Concert.


Been There, Sniffed That At last year’s Scoops for Troops, I met Saskia Leary, who took lots of pictures of me. Without our knowledge, she entered one of the photos in a contest and won People’s Choice. At this year’s event, she told us about it and showed us a note card with a photo of me. Those cards are sold at Whole Foods in Cary, NC. When she told us that the proceeds go to the USO, we were perfectly OK with her fund raising efforts. Saskia presented a check to the USO from the proceeds from the sale of the cards. Saskia then gave the USO the award winning photo and the ribbon, which I think will be displayed at the USO’s RDU Center. The story behind the story… The reason Saskia is very supportive of our military is she is Dutch and was in her home country of Holland during the occupation by Germany in World War II and the liberation by the US forces. She remains appreciative of those who serve in our armed forces, past and present. By meeting me and applying her love of photography, she found a way to serve those who serve us by supporting the USO!

Saskia’s award winning photo of me.

Meeting one of the many USO volunteers at Scoops For Troops.

Most of the time, when my driver and I refer to “Fallen Heroes,” we refer to those who lost their lives while serving our country. In June, we rode with lots of friends in support of another group of Fallen Heroes – law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty. My driver sometimes call these “Officer Down” memorial events. The ride was sponsored by Blue Knights. The reason we knew about it is because we read that Bill Brown was leading the event. Initially, my driver and I planned to go to Ft. Belvoir, VA to spend time with warriors at a barbecue, but the forecast was for a hot and humid day with showers between our home and Virginia. About 10 minutes after the leaving our house, we ran into rain, and my driver decided to change course to Fayetteville with the hopes that the rain would be scattered.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures, please visit my Facebook page.


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When we arrived in Fayetteville, my driver was soaked, but there were about 50 bikes ready to roll. With law enforcement escort the entire route, we rode to Jones Lake State Park near Elizabethtown, then back to Fayetteville for BBQ where my driver and I shared fried chicken, pulled pork and “moosh balls” (that’s what my driver calls hush puppies).

Meeting a new friend at the USO Scoops For Troops. I am staying cool wearing my swamp vest.

Remembering our Law Enforcement Officers who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Fallen Heroes Ride - taking a brake at Jones Lake State Park near Elizabethtown.

Been There, Sniffed That We had scattered rain during the ride, but by the time the group returned to Fayetteville, most of the rain had moved north. On our way home, we stopped for fuel and a person asked us what we do when it rains. My driver looked at him, said “Get wet” and grinned.

Saskia Leary presenting a check to Patricia Dezetter and Hy Marks of the USO.

Maybe God planned to divert us to Fayetteville instead of riding to Virginia. Soon after we returned home, my mom called my granny and she didn’t sound right. My driver and my mom rushed to her house, which is about 3 minutes from our house. My granny didn’t want to go to the hospital, so my driver told her she had a choice: my driver would carry her to the truck and take her to the hospital, or they would call 911 for an ambulance. My granny said she wasn’t going anywhere and my mom was already dialing 911. She had a stroke in her brain stem and went peacefully to Heaven a few days later. If my driver and I had gone to Virginia, he would not have been home to help my mom with my granny. My granny is a solid Christian, and my parents know that their faith in God and His Son will allow them to see my granny again. Do dogs go to Heaven? I certainly hope so ‘cuz I’d love to spend eternity with my family and all my Christian biker friends. This is Chewy “IronMutt”, BBMM, reporting. Keep your tongue in the wind! Chewy

Pointing to the sun breaking through the rain clouds before the Fallen Heroes Ride in Fayetteville.

When it rains, the BB sticker stays dry like me!


Motor Maids IN cHESNEE

story & photos by. Petra H.

This past weekend the town of Chesnee was packed with motorcycles and riders from all over. It was the town’s Annual Antique Bikes on Main, and what a great event it was! The Motor Maids were present with a booth to encourage the riding of women. Petra Harris, Ellie Micklos and Diane Dixon enjoyed speaking with many ladies interested in riding. The people in Chesnee as well as their Mayor, were most gracious to all the Motor Maids. This event is held the last weekend of July, rain or shine. You’ll see so many different kinds of motorcycles at this event. There was a swap meet going on with any kind of part you may have been looking for. Many Motor Maids rode in to Chesnee to show their support! Rain on Saturday morning slowed down the activities, but Saturday afternoon the event started kicking into high gear. Sunday the roads were lined as far as you could see from Main Street with motorcycles! We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend in Chesnee, South Carolina and look forward to being there again next year!

Betty & Dottie’s tire in HD in Chesnee.

Sarah Ann, Gretchen, Kristie, Ellie & Petra Ellie & Petra at booth.


Diane at Motor Maid booth.

Insurance to Consider Love your bike? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading Behind Barz if you didn’t. But riding a motorcycle comes with its own set of risks: Cars that turn into your lane, trucks that run you off the shoulder, and drivers of all sorts acting like you’re invisible. When being a safe biker isn’t enough and you are involved in a wreck, you’re going to want to make sure that you have the best and right kind of insurance coverage. UM and UIM Coverage

Liability Insurance

Gap Insurance

We’d like to think that everyone follows the rules and maintains insurance coverage before heading out on the road. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In the United States, more than 16% of motorists are uninsured. That means that if you are hit by one of these uninsured motorists—or if you are the victim of a hit and run driver—your damages and medical costs won’t be covered… unless you carry Uninsured Motorist (UM) insurance.

To protect yourself in the event that you’re the one that causes an accident, you should have enough liability insurance to cover a worst-case scenario. Liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury when you do something negligent, and every driver is required to carry liability insurance.

Another type of insurance that is extremely valuable to those of you who own a newer bike is Gap Insurance. If you are in an accident and your insurance considers your vehicle a “total loss,” they pay you the appraised value of the bike. Not what you paid for it six months ago when you drove it off the lot, and not what you think it is worth, but the appraised value.

The same holds true for Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage. Imagine that you’re in a serious accident and rack up $100,000 worth of damages and unreimbursed costs. You think you’re lucky because the other driver had insurance. But then you learn that they only carried $30,000 worth of insurance, so they are underinsured. Unless you carry UM/UIM insurance, that additional $70,000 will have to be paid by YOU. It’s not fair and it’s not right, but it happens every day. That’s why I urge all drivers to carry UM/UIM coverage on their insurance. Buy as much as you can afford—this is no place to skimp on costs. Pray you never need to use it, but if the worst scenario happens, you’ll be prepared and covered so you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

The minimum amount of bodily injury insurance required in North Carolina is $30,000, meaning that your insurance will pay the injured person’s expenses up to $30,000. If you’re in a serious wreck, you could end up being one of those “underinsured motorists”—bodily injury costs could easily soar to $100,000 or even $1 million. If you’re not covered by enough insurance, the injured person could sue you personally and possibly win a judgment that takes everything you own. Again, protect yourself by getting as much insurance as you can afford.

So let’s say you bought that bike brand new six months ago for $25,000. The minute you take possession of it, the bike loses value and may have an appraised value of only $15,000. In order to buy the bike, you took out a dealer loan for $20,000. That means that you actually owe $5,000 more than what the bike is worth. That’s called being upside-down on a loan. If you’re in a wreck and your bike is totaled, the insurance company will only pay you the appraised value of $15,000—even though you owe $20,000. You’ll have to continue to pay that remaining $5,000 not covered by insurance out of your own pocket… unless you have gap insurance. Gap insurance covers the difference between the appraised value of the vehicle and what you actually owe on the vehicle.

By David Henson Managing partner of HensonFuerst Attorneys.

As long as you are upside-down on a loan, it’s smart to get gap insurance. Once you pay down the loan, you can drop gap insurance. But if you have a relatively large loan on a newer bike, you’ll be happy to have it if you’re in a total loss situation.

Check It Out So check out exactly how much coverage you have. Look on your declarations page (also called a “dec page”), which is the receipt given to you by the insurance company. It will spell out exactly what kinds of insurance you have, and how much it covers. If you can’t find your dec page, call your insurance company and have them send you another copy. Then, review your coverage and ask yourself: Does this amount of coverage make me feel safe? Insurance is about peace of mind! Ride Safe!


helping hands r/c story & poem: Lady D

fund raiser

photo: Moe

On June 22, 2013, the Helping Hands R/C helped another person in need. A scrumptious spaghetti dinner complete with Italian bread, Parmesan cheese, pound cake and drink was served as a fund raiser despite the rain for Tammi and Steven Miller. Tammi has cranial vasculitis and interstitial lung disease, both conditions are incurable. The prognosis for these conditions together they say is 3 -4 years to live and love, but God keeps the books. Those around her know the need as there are medical bills, housing bills, and 2 children to take care of. Tammi is one to take care of others, loves all she can and serves where ever she is able. Helping Hands gave their hands and heart in the heat of the kitchen to raise needed funds for Tammi. In addition they had a 50/50 drawing, an auction that included one of a kind art, and door prizes. Thank-you Helping Hands R/C for the help, love and honor to those around you. HHFFHH


If you know a need Make a way If you know a tear that falls Give a shoulder If you know one who is weak Give your strength Strength, Support and Care make a path for Love, Honor and Respect HHFFHH


Brunswick Plantation


We can’t say enough about Calabash, N.C. and Little River, S.C. They have so much to offer! Our favorite place to stay during the rallies is Brunswick Plantation! Our favorite place to eat is Coleman’s Original Seafood Restaurant. Our favorite places to hang out, Harley’s Roadhouse and The Beach, which are located in Little River. Our favorite photography studio is located right in the heart of Calabash (they shot the photos for the back cover, Harley’s Roadhouse ad and the Ride The Coast ad). Give them a call and set up a time to shoot you and your bike. Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson is only a short drive from all of these businesses (They have 4 locations; North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, Broadway & Tanger Outlets).

Call NOW to reserve your rooms for the Fall Rally! Check-in time 3pm Yep, the area is a great place to stay, eat and party after a long day at the Harley shops during the Hurricane Rally!


coleman’s original

Great destination calabash restaurant

View from the dining room of Coleman’s.


now open for lunch

Coleman’s has a beautiful location...It is located right on the waterfront in Calabash, N.C., and has fabulous views! Their lunch jours are 11-4. They are now open year round ~ Please call for seasonal hours before you head that way. They have been family owned and operated since 1940! The BB Crew loves Coleman’s Original Calabash Restaurant! After you get finished with your meal you can step out to the waterfront, get on a boat and go dolphin watching, deep sea fishing or just watch the sun set! You can even go out at night on a boat shark fishing! Coleman’s - the best seafood anywhere in

and around the Myrtle Beach area - in beautiful Calabash!

41 41

by South Dakota National Guard (Notes) on Monday, July 1, 2013 at 8:07pm EDGEMONT, S.D. – A memorial ceremony was held today to dedicate an interpretive site that honors the Airmen of the North Carolina Air National Guard (NCANG) C-130 aircraft that crashed one year ago today while fighting the White Draw Fire near Edgemont.

“The unveiling of this marker here today will assure that these heroes will indeed live forever,” said Maj. Gen. Lusk. “To the families of these brave men, just know that we will always remember and acknowledge your sacrifices and your service, every step of the way. I hope from your perspective this dedication is indeed the legacies of your husbands, and that it is fair to say that the citizens of North Carolina and the citizens of South Dakota will forever share a kindred bond.”

Four members of the six-person Modular Airborne Firefighting System 7 (MAFFS-7) aircrew died when strong winds out of a thunderstorm caused their air tanker to impact the ground on a ridge top northeast of Edgemont. “We are honoring these six North Carolina Guardsmen for their heroism and we are dedicating this site so that people will remember them forever,” said South Dakota Lt. Gov. Matt Michels, during the ceremony. “It is impossible for any words to pass my lips that can express our incredible gratitude for the sacrifices that these men have made…but they will always be remembered by this memorial.” The MAFFS-7 C-130 aircraft that crashed was from the NCANG’s145th Airlift Wing based at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport. Killed were Lt. Col. Paul Mikeal, 42, of Mooresville; Maj. Joseph McCormick, 36, of Belmont; Maj. Ryan David, 35, of Boone; and Senior Master Sgt. Robert Cannon, 50, of Charlotte. Two survived but were seriously injured — Chief Master Sgt. Andy Huneycutt of Lancaster and Sgt. Josh Marlowe of Shelby. More than 100 family members, friends and colleagues were present for the ceremony and to see the unveiling of the interpretive signs. Located approximately seven miles north of Edgemont along Hwy 18, the interpretive site overlooks the ridge where the aircraft crashed while dropping fire retardant on the White Draw Fire.

From left to right: South Dakota Lt. Gov. Matt Michels, Craig Bobzien, Black Hills National Forest supervisor, Maj. Gen. Gregory Lusk, adjutant general of the N.C. National Guard, Chief Master Sgt. Andy Huneycutt, MAFFS-7 crew member, Maj. Gen. Tim Reisch, adjutant general of the S.D. National Guard and Michael Ortner, Fall River County Commission, unveil an interpretive sign near Edgemont, S.D., July 1, 2013, that honors the Airmen of the N.C. Air National Guard C-130 aircraft that crashed while supporting the White Draw Fire one year ago this day. (Army National Guard photo by Sgt. 1st. Class Don Matthews)(RELEASED)

“None of them took off that day to become heroes, in fact they would all tell us assuredly if they were here that they were simply answering a call to duty,” said Maj. Gen. Gregory Lusk, adjutant general of the N.C. National Guard. “They were simply doing the job they all love to do. As we pay tribute to the crew – by commemorating on the anniversary this site – we acknowledge that they join a very long line of Minutemen who have for over 376 years done exactly what they did; just answer the call of the neighbor in need, service to the community and service to our nation.” “I recall that first approach by a large air tanker, the roar of the props and turbines above the treetops…time and again, I witnessed how well it helped ground firefighters,” Black Hills National Forest Supervisor Craig Bobzien said of the MAFFS-7 aircrew. “Our purpose today probes deeper. We are peering into the tiny windows and inside the aircraft at the humans and focusing on the crew of MAFFS-7 – protecting our freedom and protecting us from peril. They served with honor and we are here to honor them.” The construction of the interpretive site and signs were a collaborative effort between the South Dakota National Guard and Black Hills National Forest officials. The interpretive site includes a parking area and signs that tell the story of the fire and the fatal accident.


9th Annual Confederate Heritage Ride

Saturday September 28 2013 Come Ride with us across the Trails of Confederate Soldiers

Presented by Secession Camp # 4 Sons of Confederate Veterans Live Music by

Sons of the South Food & Beverages

Be at Low Country Harley-Davidson (4707 Dorchester Rd., Charleston, SC) starting at 10 AM with last bike out at 12 PM on Saturday, September 28th.

Your $20 registration fee ($15 for passengers) includes a tour of the Hunley submarine, local Confederate history, a commemorative ride pin, live music, food, vendors and more. Register early and you’ll get a free commemorative T-shirt! There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, door prizes, and a Best Bike award. Call 843-209-2048 for info or e-mail for questions. Pre-registration will be held at American Biker in Ladson on Sept. 21 & at Low Country Harley-Davidson on Sept. 22 or by mail. See All proceeds will be used to preserve our Southern Heritage.






Dragon Slayers 1st Annual Fundraiser Starts @ Plan B - 519 W. Market St. Smithfield, N.C. and ends @ Heidi’s Two Wheel Cafe. Reg 10am, riders and extra hand $5. Everyone welcome. Chicken dinner plates & live band at Heidi’s after ride. More info: Jeremy - 919208-9413

305 Guns 8th Annual Birthday Bash Intersection of Hwy 561 & Hwy 481 *12 noon until!* Live band starting at 6pm $10/person or $15/couple Cost covers your admission and food only! Beverages will also be available on site. NO BYOB, weapons! Multiple vendors, & artist, biker games, burn-out pit, horse shoes, corn hole, pool, 50/50 raffle. More info - Angie - 252-578-8617



6th Annual Children’s Ride For A Miracle Reg. 8am-10am at Wal-Mart of Wake Forest. 1st bike out at 11am. Reg. includes: door prizes, meal, after ride party at My Place Rest. & Tavern with live music by Collision Course. $20/bike and $10/passenger. For more info, contact Sue or Andrew: 919-723-8974 or 919-723-8976 ALL bikes welcome!



Unspoken Sons Lenoir County 3 Year Anniversary USMC Clubhouse - Old Asphalt Road $10 gate fee - includes meal ticket. Door prizes, 50/50 drawing. No BYOB, Attitudes, Weapons or Drama. For more info: Nasty - 252-521-3263 or Deuce - 252-933-9174, Wildman - 919-525-5345 or Snowman - 252-361-2100



Honor & Remember Memorial Run Starts @ Berkeley Mall - Hwy 70 in Goldsboro. Reg. 10am. First bike out at 12pm. Last bike out @ 1pm. $20/rider + $10/passenger. Includes food, beverage and door prize ticket. Best Bike Contest trophy 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The Guardian Brotherhood proudly invites you to this event!



4th Annual We Ride For Those Who Can’t Rememberance Run. Cape Fear HD 3950 Sycamore Dairy Rd. Reg. 9:30am $20/bike - $10/passenger



8th Annual Florence County Benefit Ride Begins at Darlington Raceway and ends at Creek ratz in Florence. $20/bike and $10/rider Reg. 9am at Darlingon Raceway Infield. Guided laps around the track at 10am. Helmets are mandatory on property! Kickstands up at noon for a guided ride with police escort to Creek Ratz. More info: Wayne - 843-665-2121 ext. 339


B d n

i h e






Come help us remember and honor those who serve! Sept. 11, 2001 Seared in our brains forever! Morehead City - Beaufort Elks Lodge #1710 400 Miller Farm Rd. Reg. 9am, ride begins 1pm. Fundraiser ALL day long! Individual tickets $25 per person, kids under 15 free, Advanced ticket $20. Ticket includes, Motorcycle ride, food, silent auction, entertainment, and meet REAL HEROES...our Wounded Warriors! Call today for tickets...252-808-0043 or 252-725-5100



n e v

Ahoskie First Annual Two Wheel Thunder Parade, Ride and Show Fund Raiser 9am line up East Main and Loyd St. Start 10am. 11am Police escorted ride. 12noon return to Ahoskie Rec. Complex and line up for Bike Show - judging 1pm. Local bands 1-7pm. Reg. $20/ bike (proceeds go to NC Police and Fireman Relief Fund) Tony 252-332-5146 or Zane 252-395-2116 or Jay 252-578-1438




Benefit Poker Run Starts and ends at Dinky’s Dungeon 42 Faith Baptist Church Rd. Poker Run to benefit the family of Cindy Felton. $10/person, $5/passenger Rain or shine! Live music, 50/50, door prizes, selling chicken plates $5 end of ride. 252-827-1700



1st Annual CMN Dice Run Starts and ends at Loves Travel Stop $20/bike, $5/riders, lunch and drink included. 50/50 raffle, door prizes, Scenic ride through southside VA. followed by some great ffod, fellowship and fun times. Reg. 9-10:45am, kickstands up at 11am sharp! For more info: Chris Roux 434-247-2771 or lgvfd803@yahoo. com



Thunder on Tobacco Road Mason Dixon Park 7533 Hwy 55 West. Admission $25 all weekend! Camping, live band, DJ, rodeo games, vendors, free pig pickin/BBQ chicken while supplies last, wet t-shirt contest, & more! info: Ronnie Cash 704-283-1295 Must be 18 or older to get in! ID REQUIRED!


z r a



Southern Sin Dickie Wells & Lost Brothers Memorial Run 11524 Red Oak Battleboro Rd. Gates open at 2pm. $5/person or $8/couple food served at 6pm. Live music! More info: Greg- 252-822-2005 or Tammy- 252-289-5311

B 28


9th Annula Confederate Heritage Ride Low Country HD 4707 Dorchester Rd. starts at 10am with last bike out at 12pm. $20/rider, $15/passenger includes tour of the Hunley Submarine, local Confederate history, commemorative ride pin, live music, food, vendors & more. Reg. early and you will get a free Commemorative t-shirt! Call 843-209-2048 or email for questions.



3rd Annual Jacob’s Run Ride leaving from 9 different locations at 9:30am. Ends @ Hometown HD in Winterville between 10:30 & 11am. Food Fun & More! $15/person includes free chili tasting, entertainment, ride, chance to win prizes. Chili cookoff $25 entry. Allen Floars 252-289-5568



Sonz of Thunder Motorcycle Ministry Turkey Run 2013 University Church of God 2215 B. Stokes Road Reg. 9am, kickstands up 11am. Fee $20 per bike/rider and passenger - includes event shirt and pancake/sausage breakfast before ride, music, prizes. For more info: Scott Pollard - 252-341-1441


DURHAM, N.C. Rolling Thunder Inc. NC Chapter 7 4th Annual Wounded Warrior Bug Run starts @ Rommel HD 300 Muldee St. Reg. 9:30am, kickstands up 11am. Ends @ Creedmoor City Tavern $20/bike + $5 w/rider Hamburgers/hotdogs sodas provided at end of ride. Door prizes, 50/50 raffle $50 grand prize for bug closest to bullseye.


ROANOKE RAPIDS, N.C. Collier HD Open House 316 Premier Blvd. Call for all the details! 252-537-6493


DURHAM, N.C. CMN Children’s Miracle Network Charity Motorcycle Ride Starts at Food Lion 3500 N. Roxboro, Rd. Reg. 10am-11am Kickstands up 11:30am Fee $20 $5/rider Help support the children at Duke Hospital! Ride will end at Kerr Lake in Henderson, N.C. More info: Elizabeth 919-697-6046 or Larry 919-939-9086 or Steve 919-723-3134 or Ray 252-213-3247 Support CMN!


ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. Rocky Mount HD Bike Night - Last Bike Night of the year! 928 N. Winstead Ave. Live music, fun, burn-out contest. Call for all the details! 252-446-7292


FUQUAY-VARINA, N.C. American Legion Riders BBQ Plate Sale 919-557-5990 American Legion Post 116 6400 Johnson Pond Rd. 11am-7pm $8 Plates include Choice of Pork or Chicken & sides!


WINTERVILLE, N.C. Blackbeards Bikers Childrens Charity Ride Hometown HD 2300 Elaine’s Way Blackbeard’s Bikers, an ECU motorcycle safety and awareness club, is doing this charity ride for the Children’s Hospital. Reg. 9am, kickstands up at 11am. For more info: 252-439-1345


ZEBULON, N.C. County Line Gas and Oil Swap Meet - Patroleum & Advertising Show 2954 Pilot Riley Rd. 8am until!!! Swap Meet * Gas Pumps * Globes * Porcelain Signs * Tobacco Signs * Memorabilia * Old Soda Bottles * Peddle Cars * Vintage Toys * For vending and booth space contact: Henry Bunn - 919-495-5891


ROANOKE RAPIDS “Will Power” Car Show Cars - Trucks - Motorcycles - Tractors Royal Palace Theatre - located just off of I-95 in Roanoke Rapids at Exit 171, 9am-3pm Pre-entry fee $15 before Oct. 25 $20 entry fee day of show. Trophies for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each class. More info: Faye - 252-813-0859 All proceeds go to benefit Will Hawkins - 7 year old who sustained a traumatic brain injury on a Sunday afternoon family outing in March of 2013. He spent 9 weeks in PICU, has had numerous surgeries and is now in Pediatric rehab.


ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. Rocky Mount H.O.G. Chapter 27th Annual Toy Run - Rain or shine! 928 N. Winstead Ave. To join in the fun just bring a new UNWRAPPED TOY or $10 donation. Reg. 9am.-11:45am, 12pm parade with escort, 1pm-1:30pm return and chicken & BBQ w/ fixins. 50/50 raffle, door prizes, & music all day! Tickets $10 or 3 for $25 for a chance at 1st prize - 2013 Sportster 1200 Custom, 2nd prize - 5’ X 8’ Untility Trailer, 3rd prize - $500 Visa Gift Card. Proceeds of ticket sales buy toys for the kids through the Salvation Army.

For more listings, please go to: our Facebook page!


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notebook and t-shirt


CycleMax Gift Card

STEVE Spring Hope, N.C.

Please remit payment to: Behind Barz PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

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HensonFuerst HAT

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1 year 6 issues $19.99

US Postal money order/cash accepted


Nashville, N.C. Outlawz & Angelz book


Stantonsburg, N.C.

HensonFuerst notebook

AMANDA Havelock, N.C.

Outlawz & Angelz book

RICHARD JOYNER Pinetops, N.C. HensonFuerst shirt

MINJA Newbern, N.C.

HensonFuerst HAT


Carolina Bikers Mag! ...Virginia, too! Behind Barz Mag - for those of you living the Behind Barz Life! Full color and also in hard copy! Tha...


Carolina Bikers Mag! ...Virginia, too! Behind Barz Mag - for those of you living the Behind Barz Life! Full color and also in hard copy! Tha...