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Doobie Sykes MARK YOUR CALENDARS Behind Barz Bike Nightz Thurs. Sept 9th & Sat. Sept. 11th Thanks to everyone for your support! BB Bike Nightz have been a huge success! The next Behind Barz Prezsentz Bike Nightz will be held at Batchelor’s Tavern in Spring Hope on Thursday, September 9th. Start time is 6pm and goes until. The Bud girls will be there, as well as, vendors, music, FREE food, beer specials and lots of prizes! The BB Bike Night Finale will be on Saturday, September 11th. at BoneDaddy’s Hideaway in Raleigh, N.C. Rain date will be Saturday, September 18th. Come out and meet LEE STAMPER of Milwaukee Iron and Orange County Choppers fame, Miss Softail and The Cover Girlz. Many vendors will be on hand...check out all the details on pages 14-15. Behind Barz is here as a service to you. We try to give as much information as possible as to what is going on in the biker world. We have events listed within the pages of Behind Barz but we also have events listed on three websites. If you have an event coming up, please let us know and we will help you spread the word. Our website events listings are much easier to read than other venues. The more vivid your listing is, the more traffic you are going to generate. We post your actual flyer or art work...not a bunch of text that your event gets lost in.

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The Biker Barn’s upcoming Annual Open House. Details page 24. photo: Ron Hart

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EDITORZ PAGE............................4 RIDE FOR THE CURE.......................6 PIPEDREAMS AT V-TWIN EXPO 2010..........7 EASYRIDERS RODEO....................10-11 EMS ANGELS CANCER RUN..................12 BB PRESENTS BIKE NIGHT..............14-15 AUTISM AWARENESS....................16-17 BIKE NIGHT AT GOOD TYMES & REDMONS..18-19 SALTY DOG BAR & SALOON..............20-21 BEHIND BARZ MUGZ.......................25 STURGIS................................26 FUTURE BIKERZ.......................30-31 BEHIND BARZ PETZ.......................32 BBFB................................34-35 SHENANDOAH HD..........................40 THE GOOD, THE BAD, & THE UGLY..........42 CLASSIFIED..........................44-45 DUPLIN CO GHOST RIDERS.................47 STICKERZ GONE WILD..................50-51

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Ride For The Cure 2010

Photos & Story: Peggy Canevari

The 4th annual Ride for the Cure was held on April 20, 2010. We were blessed with perfect riding and party weather. A cool morning with lots of sunshine and our beloved Carolina blue skies. Our day started at C & C Performance Cycles at 8:30 am with registration, coffee and bagels. Each rider received an event t-shirt, towel and a breast cancer awareness bandanna to display during the ride. Bernadette Pickles, of the Pretty in Pink Foundation, gave a very heart-warming and eye opening talk about where the proceeds of this ride were going. She explained how our donation was going to impact women (and men), in our area, with breast cancer, who have either no insurance or not enough insurance to pay for their life saving treatments. After a blessing, said by our nephew, Louie Canevari, the ride headed out around 11:00 am. We were escorted the entire way by the fabulous Wake County Sheriff’s Department (who once again did a superb job). The ride was lead by “Miss Pinkie”, McCraken Propane’s pink ribbon propane truck, driven by a great guy named Mike Epps. What an impressive sight to see this big pink truck driving down the road, with police escort, and followed by nearly 200 motorcycles displaying pink ribbon bandannas! ALL traffic in both directions pulled over as a sign of respect. We were humbled. The ride was approximately 50 miles of mostly country roads with a stop at Carolina Ale House in Wake Forest for some rest and refreshments. We ended up around 1:00 pm at Scooter’s Bar and Grill where we were greeted with cheers, BBQ pork lunch and music by “The Switch”.


There were raffle prizes galore, a 50/50 and an awesome silent auction. A beer garden was set up and the proceeds were donated to the ride by Scooter’s. “Miss Pinkie” was parked in a spot of honor where she remained throughout the afternoon. A very special thanks goes out to everyone who worked so hard to plan and put this event on, to all our sponsors and donators and especially to you, our participants. Because of all your hard work and generosity we were able to present a check to the Pretty in Pink Foundation for $13,000! In these past four years we’ve raised close to $40,000 for breast cancer. Look for us next April for our 5th annual ride for breast cancer. We’ll be using our new name, the “Raleigh Pink Ribbon Ride”. New name, same great ride (only bigger and better)! Meanwhile we’ll continue to do everything we can to help breast cancer victims survive this deadly disease. We look forward to seeing you in April, 2011. Until then please stay safe, healthy and keep on riding!

Toph Bocchiaro

Dave Perewitz

at the

Rick Fairless

V-Twin Expo 2010 Arlen Ness

Cory Ness

Back in February of this year, Robbie Dunn, owner of PipeDreams Custom Cycles, went to the V-Twin Expo in Ohio. Along on the trip was his wife, Francis, and friends, Justin and Shana. Robbie said, while on the trip it snowed every day from West Virginia to Ohio and all the way back. Robbie took the time to have some of the big names in the biking industry sign a copy of Behind Barz for me, Doobie! Some who signed it were, Arlen Ness, Cory Ness, Dave Perewitz, Toph Bocchiaro of Hot Bike Baggers, Rick Fairless, Roland Sands, and Danny Gray. Pretty cool! Thanks Robbie

lft-rt: Justin, Robbie, Francis and Shana.


r h-d...t

Collier Harley-Davidson visits H D Dealer show in Vegas

story & photos: Tracey

Harley-Davidson has dealer shows 2 times a year to show new products for the following year...This particular Dealer Show was in Las Vegas July 26-31st and it was to see what HD has for the coming Spring and Summer of 2011 in the Motorclothes Dept, and any new liscensed product vendors for HD...they are the vendors that sell the t-shirts, collectibles, jewelery, pet stuff, housewares, purses and wallets...etc... Mark Collier attends the show and places his order for the 2011 model HDs and they show what they have new, as far as bikes for 2011. By the time we get back to the dealership, some of the new bikes have already been delivered... Harley-Davidson has these shows in different large cities twice a year. They also throw a big welcome reception for all the dealers who attend...Nashville was the original place for this Summer dealer show, but they got flooded and had to send us to Las Vegas instead (darn...lol).That’s why Mark has the cowboy hat on in the photo to the right. The parties they throw always have a theme and this year it was Nash Vegas and they threw cowboy hats out to everyone. They also had Elvis and Dolly Parton inpersonators ...and did i mention the open bar for all?????


Mark Collier

Elvis and the Vegas sign appear to be alive and well!

Karen Davidson

It was hot as 40 hells there...like116...but we had a good time sightseeing every evening. I didn’t win any money in Vegas...Mark had all the luck this time!!! This show was for all dealers around the world, so we get to meet people from just about every country. Some we email throughout the year and look foward to seeing them the 2 times a year they bring us together. In January we will be in Orlando, Fl.

Our new Fall HD Motorclothes will begin shipping any time. We got a first hand look at all the new styles! Come by and see what we have ordered!!!

ual Birthday Bash Collier’s 4th Annual Birthday Bash was a hit! The weather was great and our turnout was awesome! The Roanoke River HOG Chapter sold mouth watering hamburgers and hot dogs. We had a bikini contest and the winner was Vanessa Miller (she sported a rebel flag bikini and a cowgirl hat). The crowd was entertained by the band, 3rd Cove...they rocked the entire block! The winner of the awesome Harley-Davidson patio set and grill was Jimmy White from Franklin,VA. The BUD Girls were here. We gave away FREE beer and plenty of food! Thanks to the Colliers HD, Roanoke River HOG Chapter, and to Miss Softail (Nicole Reid) who was here signing BB magazines... Tracey Brooks


“Sky Cops” Reunion The first ever reunion of former United States Air Force, “Air Police” (now called security police), was held in Rapid City, South Dakota, in July. These guys worked all phases of air force security from base police to aircraft security and the ‘minute man’ missiles. At one time, Minute Man Missile sites were scattered all over the plains of the Black Hills, near Ellsworth Air Force Base. My dad was one of these former AP’s and I went with him to the reunion, along with my mom, and got to meet his old Air Force buddies. These

guys all served different lengths of time in the Air Force and they served all over the world. Not only that, they all new my dad before I was born. I really enjoyed hearing all their old war stories. Perry Hastings organized the first ever reunion and he did a great job! Thanks for your service AP’s! The world was a much safer place because of you guys!

Kenny “Smitty” Smith, Gerry McFee, Don Stowinski, Perry Hastings, Thomas Ness, James Logan, Charles Sykes and Ray Boyles. Not pictured, Bjorn Gloppen & Curtis “Corky” Walters

DARE YA OK, Folks! We’ve got two jobs for ya. First job: Send us your photos of you with your BB sticker at some great destination, on a trip or just your “happy place”. Could be anywhere! The possibilties are endless! We will have a section dedicated to that in the upcoming issues. Two requirements, YOU and the BB STICKER have to be in the photo. Send us your name, and location photo was taken. Second job: we want you to finish one of these statements and send it in to us with your name, city & state... Being Behind Barz is better than.... Being Behind Barz for me is... 9 When I am not Behind Barz I am...

The Annual EasyRiders Rodeo Tour kicked off in Wilson, N.C., July 9-11.

Folks were ligning up inside the gate a week ahead of time. Early camping was allowed starting on Thursday and the gates officially opened on Friday. As always, the Wilson Rodeo is going to be a tough act to follow for the rest of the tour stops. The rodeo attendance numbers were up and by Friday, the campground was bursting at the seams. Each year we see something a little more outlandish than the previous year and this year was no exception. This was the first year that we’ve seen the guy with the hot tub - complete with bubbles and working jets, but we heard he had been to the rodeo before...had to be the cleanest guy there!


Thursday and Friday were terribly dry. The Wilson area hadn’t seen any significant rainfall accumulation in quite some time and was in a Palmer droubt, so everything was covered in fine dust. This had to be the hottest Wilson rodeo on record! The humidity was off the charts and the temps were near 100! The heat index was well over that! So, neadless to say, there were lots of bikinis, lots of nudity and lots of beads...but ain’t that what the rodeo is all about? Folks didn’t seem to mind, though. Just like in years past, there were thunder storms that rolled through and the rains came, as usual. It always seems to rain during the Wilson Rodeo. That helped with the dust clouds lingering about. So, we didn’t hear anyone complain. Every year there seems to be more and more golf carts and four wheelers. Ten years ago when I went to my first EasyRiders Rodeo there were very few golf carts and there were very few campers. Most bikers rode their bikes to the rodeo and they stayed in a tent. Attendees now seem to try to have the baddest four wheeler or the coolest travel trailer. There were mobile mansions there this year that would easily range in the six digits! There were so many, in fact, that the maze of thoroughfares looked like Mardi Gras mayhem with processionals that halted and clogged the roads throughout the campground. We saw homemade apparatuses (trailers) that were tethered to these rides of choice (four wheelers) that would astonish even the most hardened engineer. Some crafty folks had taken your average utility trailer and molded them into roving stripper pole platforms, complete with sound system, fans, and cover (just in case it rained - I guess) and misting system (just in case it didn’t rain). I am sure that sales had to be up on kiddie pools - there were at least two pools to every person! Cornhole was ever the rave again! Doesn’t anyone ever carry around a football anymore? And the signs...what would the EasyRider Rodeo be without signs that read, “Show me your teeth!” I never get tired of reading that! One thing’s for sure, folks come out for the fellowship, or is it the party, or the bikinis, maybe it’s the beads...well, I think it’s mostly for the mammories! story & photos: Spick



The EMS Angels M/C

story & photos: Doobie

The 2nd Annual Cheryl Fisher Cancer Run Benefiting Laura Carmickle

Registering for the ride at Two Wheel Accessories

Lots of door prizes!!!

Red Oak Fire Dept.

EMS Angels M/C pictured here w/ Tom It was a great turnout for the 2nd Annual EMS Angels M/C Cancer Run on July 31st. The first stop of the run was at the Red Oak Fire Dept. Everyone was greeted with friendly faces. The threat of rain lingered all day and during the poker run it rained between the Spring Hope Fire Dept. and the Cooper’s Fire Dept, the second and third stops on the run... But that didn’t damper the participation. Tom, at Two Wheel Accesseries in Rocky Mount, opened his doors on this particular Sunday for this special event. DJ Uncle Don entertained the crowd while Dale Griffin and Shelton Baker cooked up some awesome burgers and dogs for everybody. This event was held for Laura Carmickle who fought couragiously against cancer. Sadly, she passed away in May before the event was held. Laura’s son road the first bike out on the run in honor of his mom. Laura’s husband, Jimmy, and her sister, Ginny Carpenter, were also there. The EMS Angels raised $1,800 for Ryan.

DJ Uncle Don

Thanks goes out to all those who came out and participated and to the many businesses that donated items. You made this a huge success!

Spring Hope Fire Dept.


These girls helped make this a successful event! Leathers Tires

T-Shirts Seats

Specializing in Harley’s and metric cruisers




252 - 977 - 9000

1727 N. WESLEYAN BLVD. (HWY. 301) ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. 27804

Auto Sabrina Williams Agent





Shelley Milburn Agent

Call us for LOW RATES on motorcycle insurance! We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia



Come out to “Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz” for a Bike Night experience like no other! Every Bike Night is unique and has it’s own flair! Every Bike Night we will be giving away awesome prizes from our sponsors listed to the right! While you are there, get your Bike Night card and have it stamped. This increases your chances for “Super Prize Packz” that will be given away at the Bike Night finale at Bonedaddy’s Hideaway in Raleigh, N.C. on 11 September! Come out each and every Bike Night and spin the Behind Barz Wheel for lots of other great prizes that will be given away from our sponsors listed above, too!!! Everybody gets to spin! For more info go to: www.behindbarz.com Our third “Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz” was at Bootlegger’s in Fremont. We gave away lots of prizes, there was live entertainment and free chicken wings. Thanks to all of you who came out. Thanks also to Todd of RA Jeffrey’s Dist. for the great prizes! Next we moved on to Good Tymes in Rocky Mount. Thanks goes out to Russ & The Bud Girls, Jimmy of 911 Helmets & More, Kathy with Honor & Remember, Ray from Thumper’s Performance Parts, the guys from CycleMax and Horace & Barbara owners of Good Tymes. The 5th stop in the series was at Redmon’s Pub and Grill in Goldsboro. The place was packed to the gills and folks had to carry the party over to the sidewalk outside! Allon put out all the stops for this Bike Night! They cooked a pig, chickens, potatoe salad, deviled eggs, hush puppies... it was a smorgesboard! Redmon had beer specials all night long.Todd, from RA Jeffrey’s Dust., brought the BUD girls out and they handed out Budweiser prizes all night. Todd also gave us awesome prizes to give away on the BB Prize Wheel!

Not only that, tickets were given out to everyone there for a free drawing of a BUD Fridge! Lucky winner was Jessica Farnell of Goldsboro, N.C. Only two more stops left...Batchelor’s Tavern in Spring Hope on Thursday, Sept. 9th and Bonedaddy’s Hideaway for the finale on Saturday, Sept. 11th. Lee Stamper, from Milwaukee Iron and Orange County Chopper fame, will be there, as well as, Miss Softail and the Cover Girlz! Bike Night photos from Good Tymes & Redmon’s are on page 18 and 19 of this issue. Go to our website for all the details & more photos: www.behindbarz.com


Thomas Summers...

Autism Awareness On March 30, 2010, Thomas Summers was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism. For his family this meant that life would forever change. Thomas is a loving, sweet 4 year old little boy with a twin sister and a 9 year old brother. His mother came to the decision that there should be more awareness for Autism and decided to raise money for the Autism Society of North Carolina. Right now 1 out of 110 children are diagnosed with Autism and it is four times more common in boys than girls. With the help of her friends and family, they formed “Team Thomas” to walk in the upcoming Run/Walk for Autism in Raleigh on October 9, 2010 in Moore’s Square. Once the team was formed, they began going to local businesses and asking for donations for t-shirts and seeing which businesses would allow them to have fundraisers at their locations. They were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming amount of support that was shown not only to the cause but also to the Summers’ family. So far, the fundraising events for “Team Thomas” have included a Partylite fundraiser, Chick-fil-a Spirit Night, and an ongoing 31 Gifts fundraiser. They will also be at three of the First Fridays on the Lawn. All of these combined were great events, however, “Team Thomas” had one big event in mind.



Heather Summers, Thomas’ mother, contacted Steve Raper, owner of the The DogHouse Sports Grill in Brentwood Shopping Center in Wilson, and asked if he would be interested in helping. Steve ran with the idea and an enormous event was created. On September 11, 2010 from Noon-Midnight, “Team Thomas” and the The DogHouse Sports Grill will have an Autism Fundraiser. Starting at Noon there will be games, face painting, a silent auction, music, candy and much more! Stop in and have lunch and see all the activities that are planned. There will be t-shirts, information, Autism Awareness bracelets, pins and magnets. The team will be there to answer questions, play and have a good time. The Mason Smith Band will be there and will begin playing around 8pm until Midnight. “Team Thomas” will still be going strong! In addition, a bake sale will be held. It would be wonderful to have the community involved in the Run/Walk. Stop by the table and sign up for the walk while you are at the fundraiser. Finally, Mike and Heather would like to thank their friends and family for their love and support. “We want to thank the businesses who have donated their time, effort or money to us or the Autism Society. We deeply appreciate all of the prayers and concerns from our community!” *Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) refers to a group of developmental disabilities—including classic autism, pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), and Asperger’s Syndrome—that affect a person’s ability to understand what they see, hear, and otherwise sense. It is a brain disorder that impacts communication, social interaction, and behavior. Individuals with ASD typically have difficulty understanding verbal and nonverbal communication and learning appropriate ways of relating to other people, objects, and events. No two people with ASD are the same. As its name implies, ASD is a spectrum disorder that affects individuals differently and with varying degrees of severity. Additionally, ASD is often found in combination with other disabilities. (Autism Society of North Carolina)

photos: Ron

Look for more Bike Night photos on the Behind Barz website: www.behindbarz.com

tos: Ron & Doobie



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’t g




The SaltIE Dog Bar and Saloon The history that backs up the Saltie Dog: Angie Twisdale approached us (Ray and Jamie Watson) several months before the bar opened. She wanted us to open the formerly known, ‘The Hogs Pen Pub,’ bar in Macclesfield, N.C., which had been closed for a while. Every time Angie would come into our store (Bridgersville Store & Grill) Ray would say to Angie, “Let’s open a bar!!” The next thing she knew, about two weeks later, we had the bar. At the time we were looking for another location to put a few more sweepstakes machines. We knew she would be the perfect women for the job and her better half Robert Astin would be the perfect bouncer. We are all about team work!! Not only is Angie a great manager and an outstanding person, she’s also an excellent bar tender and knows how to work the crowd. Back in March of this year we opened the bar with a new name “Saltie Dog Bar & Saloon”. Since the bar has been opened we have had several people ask how we came up with the name ‘Saltie Dog’. Well, our daughter, Dawn Edmondson, was helping us think of a name (she is so much like her daddy). She comes up with some of the onliest things. Dawn said, how about ‘Saltie Dog’? At the time she had no idea it was actually a song, she just remembered her daddy singing Saltie Dog, along with so many other songs, when she was just a little girl. After we agreed to open the bar we knew with the team that we had we would give it our ALL to make it the best bar that we could and we knew we had our work cut out for us with all the changes we wanted to make on the inside, as well as the outside. With the help of our son, Bryant Lee, who can do anything he puts his mind to (he’s the quite one like his mama Ha! Ha!) along with so many of our dedicated friends, we expanded the privacy fence and added a whole new section, along with a screened in area on the patio. We now have an outside bar named, ‘Pete’s Place’ (Thanks to Wilma Askew , we are honored to have this bar in Pete’s memory. Pete’s Place Bar was located on Weaver Rd in Wilson County). We updated the air condition and added a burn out pit outback of the building, The bar has a “Get You Home Van” so, if you have too much to drink we will be your designated driver. We also have a motel out back named, “The Saltie Dog Motel 5 1/2 “ and you know Ray is the only person that could come up with a name such as that. He said it’s not quite a Motel 6, but we will leave the light on for you. Just ask one of our overnight guests, Tommy Redd with Nantucket and Boogie Chillins – Tommy said he loved it!! We are proud of everyone for helping us make ‘The Saltie Dog’ what it is today. EVERYONE is welcome at the bar! So, come out to the only bar in Edgecombe Co. that allows brown baggin’ and join in on the fun. Our manager has made sure that we provide everyone with some of the best entertainment around. We’ve had a variety of bands such as, Steel Standing, Boogie Chillins “Tommy Redd”, Blue Flame (one of the band members travels from the other side of Charlotte), Easy Street, Bald Fury from Wilmington NC, Atomic Cocktail from Wilmington NC, Reactor, Kick 40, Blackarma, Pleasure to Burn, Black Creek Band, Automag, Southern Impact, 5-Speed, TBone Blue and we have also had a few local DJ’s. Be sure to visit our website www.saltiedog.com for our up-coming schedule of bands that will be performing in the near future such as: Nantucket, Big Foot, Switch, Dog House Retreat, Machine Gun, King Crab, Parmelee,


Blivet, Matt Dylan and much more.. Our bands are normally on Saturday nights (cover charge), Sunday is ‘Bike Day’ with entertainment and food (NO cover charge).

Since we opened in March we have had three different fundraisers the first one was on Sunday, June 6, 2010. The Saltie Dog also held a Benefit Poker Run for Connor Pittman, the 13 year old son of Bo and Judy Pittman, who is an 8th grader at Forest Hills Middle School in Wilson, NC. He was flown to Duke University Medical Center on Duke's Life Flight helicopter on March 13, 2010 from Wilson Medical Center’s Emergency Department. He was added to the heart transplant list on March 18, 2010. The afternoon of Tuesday, March 23, 2010 the doctor announced to Connor and his parent that they had a new heart for him and he would be going into Surgery early morning on that Wednesday, March 24, 2010. The Pittman family was so thankful to the donors family that their child was going to have a second chance of life. Since the surgery, he has passed all of the doctor visits with flying colors. His last cath and biopsy showed no signs of rejection and he continues to get stronger each day. Even though the family was unable to attend the benefit, they were there in spirit and this was due to the fact that Connor didn’t need to be around a lot of people because he is more apt to catch an infection. We had a great turn out, a lot of door prizes, silent auction, 50/50 raffle and everyone enjoyed the entertainment from the ‘One Way Glass Band,’ who dedicated their time for the cause.


On Saturday, June 26, 2010 we had a Benefit Poker Run in Loving Memory of Nikki Whitley (22-year old) & Amie Sullivan (25-year old). The girls were struck by a vehicle while walking home from a local restaurant in Wilson, NC on Sunday, June 6, 2010 and unfortunately neither of the young ladies survived the accident. The benefit was a big success and everyone enjoyed the entertainment from the ‘Kick 40 Band,’ who dedicated their time for the cause. Words can’t express the grief the families are feeling...our deepest sympathy goes out to everyone that had the honor of being in their lives. All donations that were collected have been equally distributed between the two families to help with any outstanding expenses. On Saturday, July 24, 2010 we had a Benefit in Loving Memory of a dear friend ‘Ben Barker’. As many of you know, on Saturday, April 24, 2010, Ben was on his bike and was hit by a car and didn’t survive the accident. Ben had the heart of gold and had a special love for children. The family wanted to honor his love by donating all of the funds that was raised to the ‘FWB Children’s Home’ in Middlesex, NC (www.fwbchildrenshome.org). We had a huge turnout for the benefit. At 5pm there was a memorial ride to Ben’s grave site then back to the Saltie Dog were we had lots and lots of door prizes, 50/50 raffle, BBQ chicken plates and everyone enjoyed the entertainment once again from the ‘Kick 40 Band,’ who dedicated their time for the cause. From everyone at the Saltie Dog, we would like to send a great big thank you to all the bikers that made the poker runs a huge success, to the volunteers for their hard work, and especially to the local merchants that contributed the door prizes, food, etc. With everyone’s participation all of the benefits have each been successful and we hope the funds raised helped the families in some way. We are so lucky to have such a caring ‘Saltie Dog’ family that sticks together no matter what. Come out and met Angie, Robert, Ray and Jamie and see what you have been missing at the Saltie Dog Bar & Saloon!! Look forward in seeing you soon!!

Story: Jamie photos: Doobie

Steel Standing

Dawn, Randy & Angie


RED KNIGHTS World’s Largest Poker Run

In the last issue of BB we had the story of The Red Knights Int. Motorcycle Club and their attempt to break last year’s “World’s Largest Poker Run” record for the Fallen Firfighter zsurvivors Foundation (FFSF). Here are a few photos - you can also go to their website to view more: www.ncredknights.com


Ride For The Cure at Ray Price Harley Davidson and the Toby Keith Poker Run story submitted by Joe Jones

photos courtesy of Ray Price HD

Woke up to another beautiful hot weather day Saturday morning and rolled out my spit-shined Harley ( polished up the day before ). Left home and hooked up with my buddies a few miles down the road and we set out for a fun day @ Ray Price’s in Raleigh. We arrived @ Ray Price’s at 10:00 and there were already 30 bikes there. Quenched our parched throats with something ice cold, enjoyed the Krispy Cream Donuts and mingled with the crowd checking out all the other tricked-out bikes. According to the schedule.. we left @ 12:30 and spent the afternoon cruising to several well-planned stops. First stop... The Longbranch for a spell, then on to Cleveland Ale House, then to Country Connection. Each stop was perfect! Ice cold beverages / beer served up at an affordable price. What more can you ask for on a hot day? Finally ending up @ Walnut Creek and enjoyed a truly terrific huge barbecue buffet. Yuuuum !! and great prize drawings!! The day ended with a great performance by none other than Toby Keith . If Ray Price Harley Davidson plans an event - you can count on it being first class.

On display at the Biker Barn Annual Open House.......... Gary & “The Crew” are the proud builders of the 2009 Easyriders Charlotte ‘Best of Show Bagger’ - pictured here on the left. This bike was featured on the cover of the Mar-Apr 2009 issue of Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine, as well as in American Bagger Magazine. Proud owner is Phil Saunders. Custom “triked out” Softail, dubbed the ‘Doobie Trike,’ pictured here in the center, will also be on site. Gary & “The Crew” created this masterpiece for Behind Barz Editor, Doobie Sykes. Also on display will be the NCC Custom build. Curtis from Classic Air & Graphics (painted all three bikes) and will be doing custom pinstriping. Stop in and chat with the builders, the owners and the painter of these award winning bikes!!!

Make sure you come hungry...mouth watering chops prepaired by the ‘Famous Bruce’, the ‘Almost Famous Hog and ‘Sous Chef Stan’!

Oct 16th

Their chops are the talk of Eastern N.C.!! AND...Don’t forget to grab yourself a bowl of Alma’s “World Famous Homemade” Banana puddin’!!!






story: Strip Club Choppers


photo courtesy: SturgisRallyPhoto.com

THE GRAND DADDY OF RAL LIES IS ALIVE AND WELL. The annual Sturgis rally promised to be big and it exceeded expectation. Estimates put attendance at 600,000 and from what we experienced that was accurate. The weather was great and the vendors were busy. This might not be an indicator of an economic recovery but it’s for sure that bikers are sick of sitting home and being afraid to enjoy the life style we all love. It’s never been about money. Enough bad news from CNN all you need is some gas and a tent. The bars, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds and concerts were all rockin. Kid Rock, Bob Dylan , ZZ Topp, Ozzy Osbourne, STP and Guns and Roses jammed their greatest hits to crowds in excess of 20,000, at several points in the show everybody fired up their bikes at once… Ahh that sweet sound mixed with smell of gasoline and smoke from campfires, the perfect combination’ The Strip Club Choppers Roadhouse was located at the Legendary Buffalo Chip and the party never stopped, The Chip, as it is affectionately referred to, is the essence of Sturgis itself, camping, bars, concerts, food, girls, vendors etc., encompasses the true biker life style. Hat’s off to Rod “Woody” Woodruff and his daughter Toni for making it the place to be! We were so blown away by this venue that we signed a five-year deal to appear there. Many people cannot afford to attend multiple rallies, so if you can only get to one a year make it Sturgis. Oh yeah and the riding is as good as it gets with, Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Crazy Horse, the Badlands, Custer State Park and more are only a few hours away. As always visit us at www.stripclubchoppers.com and come see us at: The Freeport Blues Festival in Freeport Texas on September 3rd to the 5th, The Texas Rally September 9th to the 12th in Somerville Texas, The Lake Of The Ozark’s Bike Fest in Missouri from September 16th to the 19th and the Thunder Beach Rally in Panama City Florida from September 30th to October 3rd.






Dave Puckett Hermosa, S.D.

Ron Hellard Mocksville, N.C.


behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net or PO Box 692 Nashville NC 27856

Cameron Raycraft 13 mo. old from Snow Hill, N.C.

Landon Lucas Parents are Kevin and Tierney Lucas

Grandson of Russell & Julie Gaw

Thorne Grantham 2 yrs old on Honda Shadow

Grandson of Kim and Steve Duckworth

Ethan Williams Age 7

Grandson of DJ Don & Jenelle Williams



Mason “The Brick” Nemeth Grandson of Marc & Mary Nemeth Son of Ashley Nemeth Sandord, N.C.


Newbern, N.C.



BELLA Edgecombe County, N.C.

LITTLE BEAR Rapid City, S.D.

BUDDY Nashville, N.C.

Send us a pic of your biker pet. They would love to see themselves Behind Barz! PO BOX 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 or behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net

ADAM Gladys, VA. A Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He’s 10 yrs. old and loves the water. Oakley grew up in the country at the end of a long dirt path in rural Nash Co. She loved long walks to anywhere, jumping in the back of a pickup truck, wading in her kiddie pool and getting sprayed by the water hose. Oakley never did bark much but her greeting was always a harmless growl. To her it was like a form of sonar because, as she grew older, her eyesight deteriorated and she didn’t see all too well. She was always a best friend and loving companion. Oakley is now forever wading in the endless pool in Heaven, enjoying long walks to everywhere, taking in the marvelous views and I’m sure, without a doubt, that she is growling at the angels... only now, she has a big grin on her face.


OAKLEY Bucklesberry, N.C.


Honor & Remember My name is Kathy Moore. I am the Gold Star Mother of CPL Ryan Russell who was killed March 5, 2007 in Iraq. I am also the NC Chapter Director of Honor and Remember. In our over 200 year history there has never been an official national symbol that recognizes in gratitude and respect the ultimate sacrifice made by members of the United States military in service to our nation. The Honor and Remember Flag was created for that purpose. Our mission is to create, establish and promote a nationally recognized flag that would fly continuously as a visible reminder to all Americans of the lives lost in defense of our national freedoms. All Military lives lost not only in action but also in service, from our nation's inception. The Honor and Remember Flag’s design is distinctive, yet simple. Each detail on the flag symbolizes an important part of the overall meaning of the flag’s message. The Red Field represents the blood spilled by brave men and women in America’s military throughout our history, who willingly gave their lives so that we all would remain free. The white represents the purity of that sacrifice. The Blue Star represents active service in military conflict. This symbol originated with World War I, but on this flag it signifies service through all generations from the American Revolution to present day. The White Border surrounding the gold star recognizes the purity of sacrifice. There is no greater price an American can pay than to give his or her life in service to our country. The Gold Star signifies the ultimate sacrifice of a warrior in active service who will not return home. Gold reflects the value of the life that was given. The Folded Flag signifies the final tribute to an individual life that a family sacrificed and gave to the nation. The Flame is an eternal reminder of the spirit that has departed this life yet burns on in the memory of all who knew and loved the fallen hero.


Kathy Moore and family were recently presented an Honor & Remember flag in honor of CPL Ryan Russell. (left to right)Kathy Moore (mother), Thomas Moore (Step-father), Mike Furr (uncle), and Minnie Furr (Grandmother) of CPL Ryan Russell “I would like to thank the Greenville City Council for to adopting the Honor and Remember flag as a symbol honoring all fallen service members.” Kathy Moore stories & photos courtesy: Kathy Moore


Governor Bev Perdue signing House bill 76 that will make the Honor and Remember flag an official North Carolina state symbol. Pictured left to right: Senator Don Davis Senator Margaret Davis, Rep. Martin Grier, Brigadier General Steve Hargis, Kathy Moore, Gold Star Mother of CPL Ryan Russell, Darlene Cardott, mother of Army Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Cardott who was killed in Haiti in 1995.

On Wednesday, August 4, 2010 Governor Bev Perdue signed four bills into law to help military families in North Carolina. Senate 1400 bill will protect a soldier’s dream as they will not have to fight with bankers and mortgage companies when they're out fighting in a war zone. The act becomes effective January 1, 2011 and only applies to foreclosures on or after that date. House Bill 614 protects a soldier of his most basic right and now makes it easier for him to vote. The act is already effective and applies to any applications for absentee ballots received after the Nov. 2010 general election. House Bill 1412 simplifies court records, becomes effective December 1, 2010 and applies to offenses committed on or after that date. Lastly, House Bill 76 will allow a fallen soldiers' family to decide how to dispose of the remains and will also recognize an Honor and Remember flag as a state symbol. This law is already in place.



Behind Barz Friendly Businesses Many of you have requested a list of biker friendly folks, so here they are! Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine can be picked up at each and every one of these establishments. If you would like to add your business to this list, please contact us to do so: 252-314-8589







Cox Harley-Davidson 2795 Hwy 134 Thumpers Performance Parts 252-943-5913 Bath General Store 502 Carteret St. 252-923-4361


Gary Poole Attorney



Clemmons Motorcycles Inc. 336-766-4945


TarHeel Coatings 7444 Jobe Rd. 252-236-4271 Kolors Custom Paint 252-955-8295


H-D of Charlotte 9205 E. Independence Blvd. 704-847-4647 Jake’s Place 10193 S. Nash St. 252-235-9994


Knuckleheadz Kustomz 5306 High St. 252-247-4700 Art Forms Studio 4912 Bridges St. 252-646-4205 Chopper Toyz 5243 B Hwy 70 252-808-2453


Harper’s Nursery 2145 Oak Level Rd. 252-459-2189 L&L Store #6 1765 Red Oak Rd. 252-459-6161 Road Warriors Leather Accessories 252-908-0781


Cape Fear Harley-Davidson 3950 Sycamore Dairy Rd. 910-864-1200

Harley-Davidson of Newbern 1613 Hwy 70 E. 252-633-4060

Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort 100 Elk Creek Rd. 336-973-8405 Open: April 15th - Close November 3rd


Twin Performance Tuners 132 Rand Park Dr. 919-779-5890 Locked & Loaded Grill 1125 Hwy 70 West 919-661-6688

BoneDaddy’s 605 Creekside Dr. 919-896-6050 Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St. 919-832-2261 Hooter’s 4206 Wake Forest Rd. 919-850-9882 C&C Performance Cycles 2412 Atlantic Ave. 919-828-8442 Toxic Customs 1214 S. Saunders St. 919-755-3699



Country Time Tavern 2006 N. Williams St. 919-734-7270 Open Road Biker Gear 4752 Hwy 70 E. 919-778-7001 Redmon’s Pub & Grill 108 N. Center St. 919-330-4464 Whiskey Dick’s Saloon 2101 S. US Hwy. 17 919-580-3264


J&E Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way 252-439-1345 East Carolina Custom Cycles 918 W. Star St. 252-551-3222 Mechanical Air Inc. 3588 NC 33W 252-756-0000


Brewer’s Cycle 420 Warrenton Rd. 252-492-8553


Mike’s on Main St. 303 N. Main St. 828-698-1616


Southeastern Steel Choppers 125 Wilmington Hwy 910-455-0001 New River H-D 2394 Wilmington Hwy. 910-346-9997



Biker Barn Inc. Exit 1737 Hwy 64 919-269-8268 Dinky’s Dungeon 43 Hwy 252-827-1700


ROANOKE RAPIDS Collier Harley-Davidson 316 Premier Blvd. 252-537-6493 Logan’s Roadhouse 200 Premier Blvd. ROCKY MOUNT Jack’s Store Hwy 97 Nationwide 2455 Hurt Dr. 252-937-1888 Chico’s Mexican Restaurant 1701 Sunset Ave. 252-446-8600 Good Tymes Club Hwy 301 North 252-442-7657 Two Wheel Accessories 1727 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-977-9000 Pierce’s Shoe & Leather Repair 2447 Hurt Dr. 252-443-7206 American Jewelry & Pawn Bus. 64 252-937-4482 Ashley’s Hardware 3718 S. Halifax Rd. 252-442-7089


Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco Center 4963 Hwy 258 252-826-3186

Knightdale Pawn 823 N. Smithfield Rd. 919-266-6001


Dirt’s Cycle Shack 4485 George Abbott Rd. 252-566-4090 Blue Ribbon Bar 7799 Hwy 70 252-566-4000




Freeborne’s Eatery & Lodge 14300 NC Hwy 18S. 336-359-8008

Blake Adams 1363 Pineview Cemetery Rd. 919-222-4431 Billy Bob’s 8136 Hwy 55 W. 252-569-1321 Tar Heel Coatings 4332 Hathaway Blvd. 252-903-5001 Imaging Specialties 114 E. Main St. 252-443-9317







Southern Style Rod Shop 7600 Hwy 301 919-284-1320 A Wing & A Chair 8805 Morgan Mill Rd. 704-753-4475 Saltie Dog 514 S. Fountain Rd. 252-827-5329


Heidi’s Two Wheel Cafe 1475 W. Market St. 919-989-8389 Batchelor’s Tavern 803 E. Nash St. 252-478-3375 Wendy Trails 585 N. Saratoga St. 252-238-2492



Behind Barz Friendly Businesses BB Testimonials - We asked some of our advertisers about the popularity of BB Motorcycle Magazine in their shops, what their customers thought about it and the kind of response they were getting with their advertising dollars. Each issue we will feature one or two, so you can hear it straight from the horses mouth!

This is what they had to say...

Purple - Owner of Bonedaddy’s Hideaway in Raleigh, N.C. “Behind Barz Magazine is our only venue for advertising to the rider community. The magazine reaches most of our audience and is the best written and far away the best produced monthly publication out there! The entire BB Crew go out of their way to make us feel a part of the community and help us to reach our constituency. We are believers!”


CycleMax 6723 Ward Blvd. 252-291-2121 The Beefmastor Inn 2656 Hwy 301 S. 252-237-7343 Nelson’s Wrecker Service 2810 Chicken Dr. 252-234-2134 8 Ball’s Cycle Work’s 3010 Hwy 301 S. 252-237-9556 Anthony’s Italian Restaurant 3401 Raleigh Rd. 252-399-0054 Thomas & Farris Attorneys 104 West Nash St. 252-243-3000 Jerico Screen Printing 109 W. Nash St. 252-243-5370 Sacred Flames Tattoo 3461 B Airport Rd. 252-291-4828 Stairway To Heaven Biker’s Church 252-382-0721 The Dog House The Shoppes at Brentwood 252-234-7747


BHC Automotive 15374 Hwy 96 S. 919-269-9601 Creech’s Deli 11805 NC HWY 39 919-269-7731


Copper Kettle Seafood Restaurant Hwy 58 Business, Boydton 434-738-6045 Vital Signs of Chester 4716 Shop St. 804-748-3251 The Pawn Shop 126 W. 2nd St. Chase City, 434-372-3313 Colonial H-D 1701 Temple Pkwy. Prince George 804-861-4700 Bayside H-D 2211 Frederick Blvd. Portsmouth 757-397-5550 Pipe Dreams Custom Cycles Moving call for info 804-350-7757 RC Clark Enterprise Sterling 703-304-0398 Patriot Harley-Davidson Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax (703-352-5400) BK Kustoms (804-691-3730)


Hamburger Joe’s 1410 Hwy 17 S. Surfside Beach 843-215-9052 Nightmare Custom Cycles 115 E. Main St. Harleyville 843-462-7055 HB Spokes 1111 Hwy 9 Loris 843-399-2453 Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson 4710 S. Kings Hwy. The Harley-Davidson Shop at the Beach 4002 Hwy 17 Harley-Davidson of Greenville 30 Chrome Dr. 864-569-8032

BEHIND BARZ A real magazine in a virtual world! Give us a call today.

We have been around now for over six years and we AIN’T going anywhere! We don’t give ya a song and a dance about being bikers...that’s obvious. What we do provide is a first class biker publication! We distribute more magazines in Eastern North Carolina, than any other biker publication, period! We also distribute to Virginia and South Carolina. It’s not a secret where Behind Barz is going...just look at these two pages. We are expanding even more with each and every issue that goes to print. When you advertise your business with Behind Barz, your ad is placed in the magazine and it is also online VIRTUALLY @ BEHINDBARZ.COM ! That means your ad is on the web reaching thousands of potential customers. Customers you might not reach otherwise. That’s at no extra charge to you! It’s just another example of how Behind Barz goes the extra mile to help your business prosper. Remember, we live in the 21st century. The information highway is the web! Just about everyone who owns a motorcycle nowadays is also a surfer...and they’re surfing the web. If it’s events you are looking for, check us out on BEHINDBARZ.COM Our Events format is easier to read and the majority of the listings are local (in your backyard) not somewhere at the Tennessee line.


     


    

             

  

  

 

                 

        

      


    

      


Angel’s Page

The Enforcers MC is having a 911 Tribute and open house on Saturday September 11th. At the request of the membership; I am writing to extend a personal invitation to you and your staff to come join us for this! This tribute party will begin around 12 noon and go until! We will have food, music, and great fellowship! We would love for your magazine to cover our story and come and spend the day with us! Also we will be taking donations for a dear friend of our club who is awaiting a liver transplant. I have attached her write-up on facebook. Her facebook page is called "Angels Page", and her name is Angel Johnson. "Earlier this year, after several weeks of feeling poorly, becoming jaundice, and itching constantly, Angel Johnson discovered that she has Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). PSC is a disease primarily of the bile ducts. The walls of the bile ducts become inflamed causing scarring and hardening that narrows the bile ducts. Because of the narrowing of the bile ducts, bile cannot drain properly. This is not a disease caused by genetics or lifestyle, but is simply “bad luck” according to one of her doctors. She began treatment at Duke University and received two drainage tubes that would serve as her bile duct and drain bile from her liver. While Angel began feeling better the tubes were not draining as they should. The doctors then discovered she had a golf ball size tumor on her main bile duct. The size and location of this tumor is very rare and the staff at Duke decided that Angel needed to seek more advanced treatment from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. After two trips to Atlanta, the staff at each hospital worked together with Angel and her family to develop a treatment plan. She would begin chemotherapy and radiation treatments at Duke University for 6 weeks, with occasional trips to Atlanta. At the end of the chemo and radiation treatments Angel would be placed on the liver transplant list out of Atlanta. After her liver transplant Angel will be in the hospital at Emory for 7-10 days. After she is released from that stay, Angel will have to remain in Atlanta for around 30 days to receive additional testing to ensure her body is not rejecting her new liver. Currently Angel is in the middle of her chemo and radiation treatments. It is expected that these treatments will end in the middle of June. At that time, Angel will play the waiting game as she anticipates a new liver. When her liver becomes available she will have to be in Atlanta within four hours. The doctors are opptimistic that she will receive a liver quickly. Angel has two boys, Bladen 11 and Presley 9. She’s been married to Jimmy Johnson for 13 years. Before getting sick Angel worked at Bunn Elementary School as a Kindergarten Teacher Assistant. She is the Vice President of the PTA and is currently Teacher Assistant of the year. She grew up in Eastern Wake County. Angel is well loved in the community because of her involvement with area sports and love for all children. She has a large circle of friends and family that love her very much.


SHRINE CLUB Last August 22, 2009, I and 15 other bikers traveled from Plymouth to Elizabeth City to the Shrine Club's 6th Annual Poker Run. We had a great ride to their building located on the Pasquotank River, complete with a pier and plenty of shade. We were served a great BBQ chicken lunch, heard great music and many door prizes were given. Over 100 bikers attended this event. This year the Shriners' Poker Run will be on October 16, 2010. Registration will be from 9:0010:00 am at their club building located at 172 Chantilly Rd. in Camden. Shriner, Will Sawyer, invites everyone to come out for a great day and help support the Shriners Hospitals. For more information, call Will Sawyer at 252-435-5150.

story & photos Walter Waters

Kem Sawyer, Gretchen (Shriner Patient) & Will Sawyer Elizabeth City Shrine Club President.



Shenandoah Harley-Davidson in Staunton, Virginia

The annual Ms. Shenandoah Harley Davidson and Last Band Standing Contests in Staunton, Virginia was on August 7th. Here is the new Ms. Shenandoah Harley Davidson, Brittany Painter of Buchanan County, Virginia, on her personal ride, a 2004 Harley Davidson V-Rod. We love this girl! Brittany Painter

Outgoing Ms. Shenandoah Harley Dealership owner, Bob Ladd Davidson, Heather Holden, and current Mr. Shen HD, Larry Groah and Harley.

Ashley came in second

Quite a lineup!


photos: High Beam

d Send us your ideas, stories, photos, art, recipes, poetry WHATEVER PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

behindbarzmm @suddenlink.net


The Good, The bad, & The Ugly

The 6th Annual = The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Biker and Community Outreach Event was held on Saturday July 17, 2010 at Herman Park in Goldsboro, NC. It was put on by Gilbert Baker Ministries, Bikers for Christ of Wayne County, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Biker Church. All proceeds above and beyond expenses go right back into other outreaches in Wayne County and the surrounding counties. We had free hotdogs, drinks, chips, cake, cookies and all the fixings including RevG secret recipe chili for all those that attended. There were several live bands including High Road, Living Proof, and South River. The sound production was done by Praise Out Loud Band members. There was a poker run, a bike show with five different classes and a best of show with trophies awarded to each class. We had many door prizes provided by GBU Biker Church, Martin Industrial Maintenance, and Sandmanz Tattoo Company. Our special thanks to all involved and to Behind Barz and Full Throttle Magazines for promoting this event. It was truly a wonderful day! We are all about showing compassion to those in need and it doesn’t matter who they are, where they are from, or what nationality they are. Jesus Christ Does Not Discriminate and neither do we; since we are to be Christlike! Outside the four walls of the church is a lost and dying world that is often forgotten about because they don't dress like the church, they don't look like the church, they don't act like the church, and basically have been kicked to the curb. We tell them that Jesus loves them right where they are, just as they are, that he has a plan for their lives, and wants them to be part of his family. Our primary focus is reaching out to the depressed areas of the inner-cities. This part of outreach is accomplished by inner-city feedings, witnessing, and by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people. The inner-city children really have a huge place in our hearts because they are the future generation. At Christmas, we do Smiling Faces Outreach which gives out toys, bicycles, clothes, blankets, and various other miscellaneous items as are available for handout. Our secondary focus is reaching out to bikers through Wayne County Chapter of Bikers for Christ which is a ministry wherein members use their motorcycles as a means to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the lost, the last, and the outcast of the world. We ride to events, sponsor events, and participate in activities that give us an opportunity to reach out to this group of God’s children. No one group of people is any more or any less important than the other. Our mission is: TO SIMPLY SHARE THE LOVE AND HOPE OF JESUS TO A LOST, FORGOTTEN, AND DYING WORLD OF PEOPLE THAT JUST NEED TO BE SPOKEN TO BY SOMEONE WITH A GENUINE CONCERN AND CARING HEART. Please contact RevG if you are wanting more information, interested in helping, looking a biker and community church, or just wanting to talk. Given 'Em Jesus, Proverbs 16:3 RevG Gilbert Baker Gilbert Baker Ministries, Inc.


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Biker Church HD4Jesus@nc.rr.com http://home.rr.com/hd4jesus bakergilbert@bellsouth.net


g e


. e







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06 Road King Classic $14,995. Firm Absolutely immaculate. Senior owned, serviced religiously. $4,000. in "extras" go with this sale. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call Bill 252-568-2303 or 252-624-4541 No calls after 8:30 p.m. Pink Hill 5

2007 Harley Fatboy - $14500 Purchased new in May 07 . Has less Than 3000 miles.call 919-553-5824 or 919-306-5078 Clayton 5

2000 Harley Sportster 1200cc $4800 Lots of extras put on this bike at purchase like the Screaming Eagle package, & the engine was beefed 2001 Dyna Super Glide $8,000 One owner, purchased new up. This is a very fast bike. 17223 miles. 919-294-4459 in New Bern. Only 7,163 miles. 5 Durham Garage kept, never been ridden in the rain. Rear has been lowered 09 Kawasaki 900 Vulcan with an Arlen Ness "Slam Kit". Custom Asking $6450 "Crome Works" afer market pipes. dark saphire metalic (looks almost I have the stock pipes. Saddle bags, black), purchased new 1 year ago, fork bag, hwy pegs, sissy bar, etc. looks exactly like it did then, under Price firm. Will throw in helmets, 1800 miles. MSRP was $8,349.00. gloves & goggles. Will consider Call 252-560-0653 trade for a 1950 to 1966 Chevy or 5 Winterville / Greenville GMC pickup. New Bern 5 5 2001 HD Ultra Classic Quick detachable touring and sissy bar. Please call 252-560-6774 $12,000 Albertson


Harley 1200 Sportster $3500 black& chrome, 32000 miles, extra seat and stock spoke wheels, has s&s carb with jet kit. .....stays up with the 1340"s. Larger rear drive for top speed without the high rpms. call 910-231-4423 with any other questions. ILM 5

1986 Harley Davidson FXRT Sports Glide in excellent condition, low miles, 1340 rubber mounted 2000 Harley Davidson Fat Boy EVO engine, 5 speed transmission, $10,000 Only 8,500 miles. belt drive, drag pipes, dual front Green / black. rotors, cast wheels, solo seat, S&S carb, Hooker pipes, mini pack rack, mini sissy bar, Badlands seat, lots of chrome & custom headlight, custom tail light, extras! Will consider a trade for a new front tire, new inspection center console boat! Call Farrin Dunn $6200 /Trade contact Luke... 919 625-8980 for more info. 4 (252) 223-5119 Newport Wilson 4



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06 Yamaha Road Star Midnight 1700 $6500. Pristine condition. Black & chrome, the only color! All chrome front, Vance and Hines pipes, New driver back rest , passenger back rest. Leather Yamaha bags, braided cables, engine bar with foot pegs, Metzeler tires, new rear tire (500 miles), Good front tire, passing lights, power and torque, 24K miles.Serious inquiries only. - Any questions or to arrange showing call 434-738-8024 (Reason for Selling - purchased a new bike) Adult Ridden Clarksville, VA 5 2001 Harley Street Glide $15,500 23K miles Screaming Eagle Heads. 211 Cams, Vance & Hines Pro Pipe, 1550 CC big bore kit with 6K miles.Fully chromed motor, chrome controls, chrome front end, braided cables, fully syn Amsoil, like new tires, 21 front 60 spoke wheel Dragon Fly Batwing with am/fm/cd/mp3 Kenwood. No trades. 336-460-0161 Ramseur 5

05 Harley Sportster 883 Asking $4500 OBO Has less than 8K miles, touring seat, forward controls, lots of chrome. Bike is blue, black & chrome, very NICE!! Garage kept. Nothing wrong with Bike- just have no time & too many kids to ride. 252-341-6844 or email for more info to jojoxray@gmail.com Open to any 5 offers. Farmville


1 S O H w C F






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2003 HARLEY ELECTRA GLIDE 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITION $15000 fuel injected, black, garage kept, original owner. Only 11K miles. Comes with 100th Anniversary cover. Call Bill 252-426-7581 and leave a message if no answer. 5 Hertford 2007 Harley Sportster 883 $5500 Black, only 7300 miles, windshield, sattlebags, forward controls, sissybar with pouch. 910-353-9126 5 Jacksonville 2007 HARLEY DAVIDSON DYNASTREETBOB Like new, only 3,985 miles. Color is flat black. Lots of custom extras. Must see. Any questions .. call (252) 945-8225. Asking $12,500.00 Washington 5 1997 HARLEY HERITAGE SOFTAIL - $8000 Only 20K miles. Hypercharger and Hooker pipes. Owned for four years with zero problems. Call 252-367-1895 Farmville 5

2002 HARLEY FATBOY 9500 miles. It has custom paint with Vance and Hines pipe, Carlini drag bars, Gunfighter seat, and runs as good as it looks with lots of extras.. Call Eric 252-341-3862. Greenville Make reasonable offer. Trades maybe? 4

2003 HARLEY DAVIDSON 100th ANNIVERSARY EDITION SPORTSTER 1200 - $4500 Only 22,791 miles. Runs Excellent ! Lots of chrome, Crash Bar. Serious Inquires Only (910)266-8803 5 Maxton

07 YAMAHA V-STAR 1100 $4900 O.B.O.clean bike, approx. 1650 miles sissybar with luggage rack PARTS & ACCESSORIES : & saddlebags 910-620-9581 Book value $5675 Wilmington 5 NEW HARLEY FAT BARS $100 37" wide 4"rise 9" pullback (new) never been mounted. Dimpled and drilled for internal wiring. Cool on Wide glide's and Fatboy's 910 548-5254 Sneads Ferry 5

2001 Kawasaki Ninja 250 Only 2931 original miles. New tires, new battery. All fluids drained & replaced, including fork oils. Asking $1700. Call Bill 252-443-2272 after 6pm

2005 Suzuki Boulevard C90T only 9444 miles. Recent complete service less than 200 miles ago. 04 HARLEY ROAD KING Brand new rear tire, leather trunk $13000 4100 miles, alarm, cruise bag and additional Corbin seat. control, apes, braided lines, twin cam, Asking $6500.00 obo. fuel injection, ex cond, Call Garland at 252-675-2109 910 264-9691 Wilmington 4 4 Trenton

5x8 MOTORCYCLE TRAILER $750 New Forest River trailer with slide out rear ramp for easy loading. Great for three dirt bike or two street bikes. Front stone guard flips down to haul longer items like lumber. Comes with chrome rims, tie down hooks and three flip up wheel chocks. Call Tripp Auto and Cycle on hwy 33 east of Greenville. 252-758-3703. 4

Very first Harley Davidson Christmas Numbered Collector Plates ! I have the certificate of authentication but not the boxes. Asking $30. ea. but willing to negotiate for the entire set. Call Marji 252 916-6546 4



Chase City Bike Fair

The weekend of June 12 brought a roar of motorcycles into the sleepy town of Chase City VA. It was the 15th year that the Chase City Volunteer Fire Dept along with the shows founders, Brian Parks, Curtis Miller, Dana Thomas and many community biker hosted folks from all over VA, NC,and MD. The bike show is held at the CCVFD training grounds on Jonbil Rd. The weekend event started on Thursday morning with the arrival of many campers as early as 5:30 AM. Camping is free but primitive with admission for the weekend only $15.00. As Leslie and Lucky greeted people and collected the fees Jake, Tony and Chuck accompanied all the campers to their sites. For the first time in 15 years the Chase City Chamber of Commerce hosted the kick off party with a BBQ plate and entertainment on Main Street at The Pavilion. The BBQ plate was loaded with juicy pork, slaw and baked beans for only $ 5.00. Ice cold beer was also available but with a limit. The CCVFD ran a shuttle bus to and from the training grounds for party goers. By the time the gates officially opened at 2:00 PM on Friday the party was well under way. There was a fantastic classic car show in the evening with over 60 entries. Trophies were awarded for the best car in show voted on by the spectators .With all the cool rides I know it was a difficult decision. Live entertainment on the Wild Bill Halder Memorial stage was provided by JB and the Get Down Browns. If you have never heard these guys all I can say is they ROCK! They play a great mix of classic rock with a bluesy overtone. Jason Mull of the CCVFD said that Friday night was one of the most successful Fridays ever.

Saturday morning was a hot one but it didn't seem to dissuade anyone from going on the $500.00 poker run. Mecklenburg County has some of the prettiest back roads around. For those who chose to stay at the fire grounds there was plenty to do. The were all kinds of vendors to experience. From food and merchandise to tattoos and music the bike fair has it all. Rodeo games or young bikers and us old bikers started around 2:30 with many of our favorite games.Entries for the bike show started lining up at 1:30 with as many as 25 classes of bikes on display. This year something new was added-a working man's biker build off. Route 6 Cycles, Kent's Kustom Cycles and Moody Motorsickles were the builders. All three produced some wicked rides. with the crowd voting for Kent's Kustom as the ultimate builder. Even though a summer storm passed through early Saturday evening it did not dampen the crowd. The Gatorhead band from Virginia Beach provided the entertainment for the evening. They are a high energy kick ass southern rock band that really knows how to get the crowd going. People were dancing all around us-in front of the stage -on the stage-on top of their golf carts-everywhere! The best thing about the Chase City Bike Fair is all the people in the community that come together to make this event a success. Special thanks go to all the fire dept personnel, especially Jason, Evan, CW, Sara, Dale and Ligon. Extra thanks to local bikers that stepped up to help out the CCVFD especially Chuck, Leslie, Lucky, Jake, Tony and Cecil. So mark your calenders for 2011 and come join the party the second weekend in June and keep checking the website www. southcentralbikefair.com story & photos: Leslie


Duplin County Ghost Riders story & photo: Johnnie King Anniversary Party



y m





Shadow showing Slider who is the best As summer of 2010 began heating up on July 17th, the members of Duplin County Ghost Riders were heating up the grill and filling up the coolers. As riders began arriving to help the Club celebrate their 13th Anniversary. Among those attending were Ghost Riders from Tennessee, Wayne, Nash, Wilson, Edgecombe, and Lenior Counties, with mem bers from Southern Riders, Confederate Riders, Avengers of W. Christian Soldiers, and Helping Hands Brotherhood RC.

Duplin Co Ghost Rider member Him and his beer can chicken

As everyone was trying to beat the heat in their own way the games began. These guys planned well with a variety of bike games to choice from, with some participants laughing about as hard as the audience. The winners of the games were: Slow Ride-Frankie, Helmet Throw-Kathy, Plank ride-Hollywood, Ring Toss-Rosemary & Frankie, Ball Pickup-Rosemary & Frankie, Wheelchair Race-Rerun, and the champ on 3 wheels (Tricycle Race) went to Shadow, who not only beat all the members, but the Prospects as well. As the games finished up Duplin County member Him, announced the chickens were ready and ready they were. A grill full of beer can chickens was put out with all kinds of other sides to tempt any ones taste buds. Once everyone had eaten their fill a nice Red & Black cake was brought out in honor of Devil’s birthday that coming week. Following the cake cutting door prizes were handed out after the wet T-shirt contest and it appeared to be a landslide vote with DJ (of Full Throttle) winning the prize. As clouds started moving in and sprinkles of rain started falling the evening’s entertainment ‘The Loose Floorboards’ began setting up to carry the party on into the evening. Duplin County went all out to see that their guests had a good time on this special occasion for the Club. Congratulations to Duplin County Ghost Riders on their 13th Anniversary.






East Coast Trike-In Veteran’s Memorial Park 691 W. Lebanon St. Free admission. Public welcome. Rain oe shine! Poker runs, free bike show, food, vendors, banquet Sunday night. More info: Tim Nine 919-556-6463 Sponsored by Brother’s of the Third Wheel

Pink Heals Tour - Guardians of The Ribbons Tour will have 5 pink fire trucks and fire fighters wearing pink that tour the country ( 10,000 miles, 18 states, 48 cities)! ONLY stop in NC is High Point! Parade, Sep 11th Memorial, signing of the trucks. After festivities Ladies of HOG will escort the pink trucks to Laurinburg to honor a woman with brain and breast cancer. $15/rider or $20 for both rider and passenger. Huge pig pickin’& live music. Reg. starts at noon, ride starts at 3:30pm. All proceeds go to the High Point Cancer Center. www.pinkhealsnc.com




Ride For Your Pet Saltie Dog Bar & Saloon - 514 S. Fountain Rd. Live band, One Way Glass! Poker Run starting at 1pm and returning by 5pm to saltie Dog. Activities include: Cutest pet, King & Queen pet, 50/50, door prizes, worst hand & best hand. All proceeds to go to: Wilson Co. & Edgecome Co. Humane Society and For The Love of Dogs. More info: 252-827-5329 or check out www.saltiedog.com



BEHIND BARZ PRESENTZ BIKE NIGHTZ at Batchelor’sw Tavern -803 E. Nash St. FREE food, Bud girls, FREE door prizes, 50/50 raffle, Come out and spin the Behind Barz Prize Wheel. Call 252-478-3375 for all the details.



Motorcycle Cannonball Run - Coast to Coast on pre1916 Motorcycles. Leaving Wright Brother’s Memorial and going to Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, N.C. For more info: www.motorcyclecannonball. com or call: Jim Petty 864-903-2415



BEHIND BARZ PRESENTZ BIKE NIGHTZ At Bonedaddy’s Hideaway - 605 Creekside Dr. It’s the BB Bike Night finale! Starts at noon and goes until! FREE food, FREE door prizes, Drink/beer specials all day, bike show, vendors, Miss Softail, BB Cover Girls, bike builders, Collier Harley-Davidson drag bikes. Patch sewing on site. Come out and meet celebrity guest - Lee Stamper from Milwaukee Iron and Orange County Choppers fame! Lots of surprises! More info: 919-896-6050 or www.behindarz.com Rain date Sept 18th!



9-11 Hope Ride 5th Annual Hope For The Warriors Poker Run Kickstands up at noon. Three city start...Fayetteville (Cape Fear HD), Goldsboro (Shelton’s HD), Jacksonville (New River HD), final destination at Mad Boar Rest. in Wallace. More info: Heather Chaney 910-3825425





Ride to the Graz’n Acres Therapeutic Riding Center 2hr scenic ride to Sedley, VA. See the horses and meet the students served by the gentle giants. Public lunch at center included. Reg. at Bayside HD 8:30-10am. Last rider out 10:30am $15/rider $5/passenger. Music, door prizes, 50/50. Bikes & cars welcome. 757-653-9615



Nam Nights of America 1st N.C. Chapter 1st Annual “Ride for a Cause” Poker Run Benefits the Wounded Warrior Program. Reg. at 9:30 until noon. Starts and ends at Dirt’s Cycle Shack Hwy 70 E. 252-566-4090 or BOO - nkmcboo@aol.com $20/rider $15 passenger. Walk-ins $10 Includes pig pickin’, beverage and door prize ticket. Best hand $200, worst $50



Kids and Cops Ride for “Kids and Cops” program in Emporia. Meet at Huddle House located at Simmons Truck Terminal on 301 S. Ride starts 10:30am and then on to Rocky Mount, NC to Blue Knights facilities for lunch. $10/rider and passenger. Lee Seymour: lanieandlee@hotmail.com







The Switch 2010 Reunion A benefit for Nantucket co-founder and songwriter Tommy Redd and family. Crossroads Entertainment Complex 413 S. Brooks St. 919-556-3777 starts at 5pm To appear: Jesse Bolt, Glassmoon, Doc Holiday, Super Grit Cowboy Band, Cirkus, Driver. Pre-show w/ Brimstone...after show jam w/ Tommy Redd and Friends.

The Annual Onslow Vietnam Memorial Run Starts at New River HD Hwy 17 S. Reg. and kick-off party at 9am. Ride 12pm to the Vietnam Memorial. Prizes, food, beverages, entertainment. Kat Horn 910-389-0004

Wounded Warrior Bug Run all money raised will purchase gift cards to be given directly to the Wounded Warriors at Ft.Bragg to help their families have a better Christmas. $50 first place for bug splat closest to dead center on your headlight. Reg 10am-11am. Ride starts at 11am. Starts and ends at Jon’s Mainstreet 406 S. Mainstreet. $20/rider included meal and music, door prizes and 50/50 raffle. Rain date: Oct 17 www.rollingthunder-nc7.com




4th Annual No Rules Riders Ride for the Miracle League of the Triangle - Hadicapped childrens baseball league. Reg. 9-10:30 at Ray Price HD. Kickstands up at 10:45am and ride to the Miracle League Ballfield and interact w/kids. Kickstands up 1pm and arrive at Bonedaddy’s Hideaway at 1:20 for after party - catered Hooters wings, Hooters Girls, door prizes, live music by Last Call and Donnaha Station. $15/bike $5/passenger 919-649-3448 http://themiracleleagueride.com/



32nd Annual Dickie Wells Memorial Party & Run Good Tymes Hwy 301 N. Music, food, fun, friends, $10/person or $15/ couple @the gate 12 until. Memorial Run 4:30-5:30 Band - Ten Feet Thick Beer only! No liquor! Campers are welcome, first come first serve. There is no water or electric hook-ups. OB 252-290-6411 Phil 252-567-4459



OCT 1-3


2nd Annual Tidewater Hogs Biketoberfest At the Best Western Oceanfront. Bike show, scenic bike ride, 757-428-5370



Rolling Thunder Inc. NC Chapter 7 Bike Show & Military Appreciation Rally Andy’s parking lot 2537 E. Lyon Station Rd. Reg. 9am-12pm trophies and awards 1pm $10/per class entry. Special guest judges and coverage from behind barz Mag and local bike builders! Vendors welcome contact in advance. 919-412-6360



Exiled M/C will host “You Are Not Alone Day” Wings Trucking in Bracey. Yard sale, bake sale, poker run. All proceeds benefiting the Kleinert family. Yard sale 8am, poker run reg. starts at noon. Tiffanie Washburn 434-636-6641 or Justin Steffey 434-210-2907




7th Annual GOTC Cancer Fund Run 10-11am reg. at CycleMax on Hwy 301 in Wilson. $15/rider All proceeds go to a cancer patient. Run ends at Castalia Fire dept. More info: Robert Thompson 252-315-2836 or Danny James 252-406-1415



North Carilina Chapter of Honor & Remember 1st Annual “Ride for the Fallen” Poker Run RAIN DATE NOV. 6th Reg. 9am...pre-reg. by Oct 2nd and save $5 Starts at Est carolina Custom Cycles 918 W. Star St. in Greenville and ends at Ron Ayers Motorsports 1929 n Memorial Dr. Contact Kathy: ncchapter@honorandremember.org First bike out 10:30, lat bike out 11:30, last bike in 2pm, $20/ rider, $5/passenger, $5 additional hand, $10 non riders. Includes meal, beverage, and door prize ticket. 50/50 drawing, Best hand $150, Worst Hand $50. Trophy to group w/ most riders.


6th Annual Confederate Heritage Ride Ride iron horses over the trails ofConfederate Soldiers in Charleston. Be @the Warren Lasch Conservation Center (Home of the Hunley) on the old Navy base in N. Charleston 10am-12pm. $20 for riders $15/passenger. Includes a tour of the Hunley, local Southern history, a scenic low-country ride, commemorative ride pin, live music and free frosty beverages. Reg early and get free t-shirt. BBQ plates $5, cash prizes, door prizes & Best Bike award. www.scv4.org/heritageride.htm 843-849-9924



“Ladies of the Diamond” Points Challenge Motorcycle Ride Reg starts 8:45am at Barton College Sports Complex on Kincaid Ave N. 55mile ride with 5 stops. Draw for points at each stop. Prizes given to riders with most points overall, 2nd most and least points. $10/ rider, 50/50, door prizes, free hot dog lunch. 252-246-0113 or 252-289-6156

If you have an event coming up...let us know. We post events on three websites! Easier to read and more hits!



Adam Fisher

Rocky Mount, N.C. $25 Pierce Shoe & Leather gift card.

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Sep-Oct issue 2010  

Behind Barz

Sep-Oct issue 2010  

Behind Barz

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