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Merry Christmas 29

Pierce’s Shoe & Leather Repair We specialize in motorcycle leather gear repair & conditioning, including sewing on patches!!

252 443-7206

Hampton Village Ctr / 2447 Hurt Dr. / Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Stop by today for a cold 1 or 2!

Each Monday ... cans are $1.25 ! Mon-Thurs 2:30 ‘til Fri & Sat 1 ‘till Sundays (race day) noon ‘till

Blue Ribbon Bar 7799 Hwy 70 La Grange, NC 252 566-4000


Editorz Notez Happy Veterans Day and Thanks to all our retired veterans and active service men and women. All of us here at Behind Barz Mag would like to wish everyone a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Please think of those less fortunate during this time and also pray that our troops come home safe. If you would like to send some encouragement and support to our troops, check out pages 24-25 for all the details on how you can do just that. It is easier than you think. Every page of every issue of Behind Barz can now be seen on the web. Don’t forget that you can stop by the Behind Barz websites at any time and view the latest and most up to date eventz info for Eastern N.C. Easier to read and more accessable than any other website for events! On page 35 you’ll find the Behind Barz Biker Friendly Businesses. Each and every one of these establishments carry the latest issue of the magazine. If you or your business would like to be a distribution point for Behind Barz, give us a call. Make sure you read all about OUTLAWZ & ANGELZ on page 32. The release date for this, first in a series, of books is December 3rd...just in time for Christmas! Make sure to order your autographed copy early! We just got in our NEW longsleeve t-shirts. Call for sizes and color availability - $20. Please support the advertisers that support Behind Barz. Without them and you we would not be the most popular magazine in Eastern N.C. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May Santa bring you all you ever wished for! Behind Barz...a real magazine in a virtual world! ON THE COVER: Santa and his naughty helpers (Kalei & Ashleigh) hanging out at BoneDaddy’s Hideaway. Read all about Bonedaddy’s and upcoming events on page 30. photo: Scribble (Ron Hart) We reserve the right to edit all letters, opinions, or articles for publication in “Behind Barz” Motorcycle Magazine. No part of “Behind Barz” may be reproduced for any purpose in intirety or in part without the express written consent of “Behind Barz”. “Behind Barz” does not endorse any advertiser or its products and cannot be held responsible for advertisers claims. “Behind Barz” has the right to refuse advertisements for any reason. “BB” will not intentionally publish fraudulent or misleading advertising. Opinions depicted in any photograph or writing does not necessarily reflect the view point of the staff of “Behind Barz” Motorcycle Magazine. Manuscripts, artwork, photographs, inquiries and submitted materials are welcomed.


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Photos: Lisa Weaver

Give2TheTroops® has been around since December of 2002 and since that time they have supported approximately 1 million deployed U.S. troops with care packages and letters from all over our great nation! To date, they have sent over 86,000 boxes and more than 20 million cards and letters! Give2TheTroops® is comprised of military troops, family members, companies, organizations, schools, volunteers and donors - all who want to show their support for our troops. Our military love receiving reminders of home...snacks, magazines, newspapers, games, etc. For a complete list, go to the Give2TheTroops® website at: Every issue of Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine is sent to our service men and women over seas through Give2TheTroops® If you would like to help, you can send items or drop them off at the Greenville location. While there, you can donate some of your time helping stuff the care packages to be shipped to the troops! This would make a great day ride and event for HOG chapters, bike clubs, church groups and individuals - ride to Greenville, volunteer, have lunch and ride back. If Marc and Kailyn found time in their busy day to Give2TheTroops®, so can you!

Marc and Kailyn Webb volunteering their time at the Give2TheTroops® branch site in Greenville, N.C. You can volunteer your time, as well. Check out the website or call for all the details! Marc and Kailyn are the grandchildren of Kathy Moore.

Kailyn carefully packing care packages.

NORTH CAROLINA BRANCH Give2TheTroops, Inc. ATTN: Barbara Whitehead, Branch Director 3109 Landmark St. Greenville, NC 27834

Tel. 252.321.8227 Email:

Marc checking his list twice!

NORTH CAROLINA Volunteer Center Hours: Mondays 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm Thursdays 2:30 pm - 7:30 pm Saturdays 9:00 am - 12:00 am

Check out pgs. 24-25! We are also sending care packages to our troops. There you will find a list of names and addresses. 6

Leathers Tires

T-Shirts Seats

Specializing in Harley’s and metric cruisers

HOLIDAY SPECIALS Leathers * Helmets * & Accessories OPEN MON - FRI 9AM - 6PM SATURDAY 9AM - 3PM


252 - 977 - 9000 1727 N. WESLEYAN BLVD. (HWY. 301) ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. 27804





Coastal Plains Raceway Jacksonville, N.C.


August 29 2009




To see all photos on event: or

Benefit Ride for Stephen Keith Woolard

Story & photos: Tim Alligood

Sponsored by: WARRIORS


On April 24th, 2009 Keith suffered a massive stroke that left him unable to talk or use his arm and legs. The WARRIORS held a great Benefit Ride for Keuith and with the help of Players Retreat and it’s owner Cowboy, they made Keith a very happy guy. We stopped by where Keith stays with his grandmother and the WARRIORS and all the bikers that supported the WARRIORS spent time with Keith to show him bikers do care. We made that our last stop and before we left to head back to Greenville, we got him outside the garage and we all paraded the bikes for him and let him hear the pipes. It made his day. The day after it was all over my cousin Glenn and I headed back to Washington about 9:00pm, met my wife and his g-mom’s house (that what he calls her), and gave them the proceeds the WARRIORS raised for him. The entire family was so happy. WARRIORS club members: Jimmy Mac, Wizerd, Bubba, Speedbump, Tim (another Tim) got a feeling me and my cousin may join with them, these are some great guys, and love helping family’s. I almost forgot, on the way back we had a special guest follow us back to Players Retreat...that orange stock car from the Dukes of Hazzard - the famous General Lee. My brother Richie owns the General Lee and he met us on HWY 264 and cruised back with us and did it catch the eyes of the kids that afternoon! Now what more can you ask for, a group of good hearted bikers and the General Lee, YEEEEE HAAAWWW! Well, maybe Daisy.

Auto Sabrina Williams Agent





Shelley Milburn Agent

Call us for LOW RATES on motorcycle insurance! We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia Be on the look-out in future issues of Behind Barz for the informative adventures of Mel Albiston. Mel has traveled all over this great country on his bike and oh, the stories he has to tell! Here is a sneak peak at a couple of his photos. As you can see here, Mel has an eye for the camera and his stories are just as colorful. Mel resides in Texas and has gotten riding great distances (the packing, planning, entertainment, stops along the way, lodging plans,etc) down to a science! Coming Jan-Feb issue 2010

Publisher’s note: “Bobby Earle is one of our regular subscribers that enjoys riding and, we’ve learned, used to be in journalism so... he’s volunteered to write an occasional review, or column for us. His style is laid back, sometimes humorous. Hope you enjoy them. ” __ Doobie

Bobby Earle’s Review....

Bone Daddy’s Hideaway

605 Creekside Drive (across from the old Longbranch) Tel: 919 896-6050 Raleigh, NC 27609


LOWEST SERVICE RATES IN THE AREA Tire Change- $30 Oil Change- $65 Call for more info...

Scootworks, Inc. - 108 E. Vance St. - Zebulon, NC Ph. (919) 269-0986 Tue-Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-4pm

Howdy! Had the pleasure of going to Bone Daddy’s ( a private club ) the other night with a couple of friends to sample what was offered up on the libation menu, have a bowl of homemade chili, and enjoy listening to some blues performed by Andy Coates & friends. Being the connoisseur I am of ‘ libation & eats ’ I‘ll have to say that: the bartender was purty, friendly, and johnny-on-the-spot about refills. Beer’s cold, drinks are full measure and ‘top shelf’ if ‘n ya want it. The chili and chips was awesome! Did I mention it was FREE ? So if you want some, get there a little early because when the crowd shows up about 8-8:30 it’ll disappear quick. The performer .. Andy Coates (lead guitar & vocalist), & his two buddies backing him up on drums & bass tour the country . I enjoyed listening to their music o.k. but Coates was really on his best game when he used the slide and played a few classic Mississippi delta blues tunes. This club has a lot going for it. The partner that I met...Purple, and the entire staff are a down-home genuinely friendly bunch. You’ll feel right at home the first time you visit. Some unique features .... There’s not a bad seat in the house Good ventilation system ( plus for non- smokers) If ya get there before the live music begins you’ll hear a steady stream of old-school R&B tunes in the background and there’s a dance floor if’n ya wanna shake your booty There are authentic giant fossils .. large bones displayed, along with some cool handmade jewelry that’s available for sale There’s enough memorabilia in this place........ on the bar top, walls, and hanging from the ceiling to keep ya entertained all night. There’s helmets hanging from the ceiling about which Purple said.. “ If you want to leave a helmet here, we’ll hang it and if circumstances crop up where you need one it’ll already be here.” There’s the obligatory pool table over in a corner. A really unique ‘black light’ room with the walls and upholstered furniture all black. So, with the black lights on the first thing you notice is an outstanding collection of old photos of famous bikers framed all around the walls. It’s awesome. There’s a cool fenced in ‘backyard’ patio with seating and shade for fair weather days complete with the traditional southern grill on wheels for grilling out. So... next time you’re in Raleigh I recommend ya check it out. WWW.BEHINDBARZ.COM Tell ‘em Bobby Earle sent ya ( unless I gave em a thumbs down, then ya might not wanna mention my name ).





Red Oak, N.C.

Rocky Mount, N.C.



Grimesland, N.C.

Nashville, N.C.


Maysville, N.C.


Happy Veteran’s Day!



Sandy Cross, N.C.

Dortches, N.C.

Carley Spring Hope, N.C.

Send us a pic of your biker pet. They’d love to see themselves Behind Barz! PO BOX 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 or


Bailey, N.C.


Lisa Burnette on her Superglide

Benifit Ride For Lisa story: Bob Hills

photos: Doobie

On June 18th Lisa Burnett was riding her Harley Superglide Custom when a car rode into her path and changed her life in an instant. Airlifted to the hospital for severe traumatic head injury, Lisa wasn’t expected to survive the night. Thru many prayers,the skilled hands of one dedicated surgeon, Lisa’s strong will to survive and God’s good grace, she is still with us. On August 22 bikers came together to help ease the financial strain on her husband Doug and they’re 3 childrenDustin,Tyler and Samantha. In spite of the threat of afternoon thunderstorms in the forcast the motorcycles started rolling into the parking lot at the Biker Barn in Pilot. The sun was shining. It was hot. The sky looked clear...for now. More bikes rolled in and people registered and bought tickets and mingled. Lisa’s husband, Doug, was able to stop by for a few minutes while on the way back to the hospital to be with Lisa. The Enforcers MC were present and presented a generous check which was appreciated very much. Biker’s for Christ were also represented and also gave a generous check from they’re Biker Down program. Blue Knights MC were there in force. Many riders from all areas arrived. At 11:oo there was thunder. Not from the sky but from the parking lot as we mounted and started the bikes and headed thru the countryside towards Spring Hope where we stopped at Batchelor’s tavern for a short break and a cold drink of our choice. Doug there had some chow ready and cold drinks for all. We picked up the donation bucket and then headed back thru some more country roads to Bunn, where we stopped at Flattops for another quick drink and to pick up donations. The sky still looked clear..but we knew the storm was coming. We mounted up for the last leg back to the Biker Barn where we knew Fatback was cooking all the hotdogs and hamburgers ya could eat. (seriously..we coulda fed an Army) Looking at the sky as we pulled into the Biker Barn I smiled. We made it back and we were dry. For now. Everyone headed for the food and got a few burgers and dogs down and just as we started to get the door prizes started and the 50/50 raffle going...the bottom dropped out of the sky. I never knew so many people could fit under one of those little canopies..Everyone holding onto the metal frame of that canopy so it wouldn’t blow away probably wasn’t the best idea with all that lightnin’ going on all around us..but hey..we were dry..somewhat. Many cool items and gift certificates were won by many soggy folks under that canopy. The 50/50 drawing was won by Big Will who donated it all back (about $250) on behalf of Gary, Gregg and “The Crew” at the Biker Barn. Other than the rain, it was a very good day. We had about 70 motorcycles. Over 2 thousand dollars was raised that day to help out a grateful and deserving family. Many thanks to all that helped make this a smooth ride. Lisa is at home where she continues to recover more each day. She’s a stong, determined woman with a long hard journey ahead of her so please keep Lisa, Doug and the kids in your prayers.

While visiting with her the other day I asked her if she thought she’d ever ride again. Without hesitation she slowly turned her head,smiled and in a very soft voice said, “Hell yeah I will”. I don’t doubt it one bit. To see more photos: go to the website below.


Makayla Memmelaar

Natalie Daughtry

Makayla is from Maury, N.C. and Natalie is fromSnow Hill, N.C. Both are the great-nieces of Bob Burke and are sitting on his custom bobber.

Jaden Harrell Joseph Robbins

From Mildred, N.C. On a Sportster.

From Nashville, N.C. He is on his daddy’s Harley Lowrider which one day will be his.


If you know of a future biker, send us their picture. They’d love to see themselves Behind Barz! PO BOX 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 or Please include their name, make & model of motorcycle, and city and state they reside in.

e Th

2nd Annual Duke Eye Center Pedeatrics Benefit story: Cindy photos: Doobie

Thanks again to everyone who helped and participated in the 2nd Annual Duke Eye Pediatrics Benefit. Even though the weather was not so great again, we still raised over $4,000. Congratualations to Michelle for winning the 50/50, Timmy for winning the helmet, Dean for winning the leather coat and Bob (Jesse James) for winning the Everyone enjoyed the food and entertainment throughout the day

but my favorite and everyone else’s too, was when Little Dirt got to dunk Dirt in the dunk tank. After raising $450 to get Dirt in the dunk tank, Little Dirt had the honor of throwing the ball. After the second throw, all you could hear was Little Dirt screaming for joy that he got to dunk his dad. We really had a great turnout and I hope next year it will be even better. Thanks again for everyones support for letting us make this happen. Hope to see you next year. Thanks again, Cindy & everyone at Dirt’s Cycle Shack



Iron Thunder Cycles of Raleigh, NC wins the 5th annual Capital City Bike Fest in September 2009. Best In Show and First Place in Radical Custom. Iron Thunder’s foreman mechanic Mike Hillman fabricated this beautiful winning machine. Mike and Harry Holmes, the owner of the project said, “ They wanted to build a Sportster that looked like it was going fast while sitting still.” Just that was

Mike started out with a ’96 Sportster. After severely modifying a Redneck frame he put his talent into the engine. The engine is now 99 ci and delivers a whopping 140 horse power to the large 300 rear tire. The fabulous paint job was done by Kip Watson of Michigan. The bike is currently on display at Iron Thunder’s shop and then off to Daytona for Show. Iron Thunder’s reign continues. www.ironthunder.

Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Bars Bars: * 4 eggs * 1 2/3 cups granulated sugar * 1 cup vegetable oil * 15-ounce can pumpkin * 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour * 2 teaspoons baking powder * 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon * 1 teaspoon salt * 1 teaspoon baking soda

Cook time: 30 min. Level: EASY Yield: 48 small bars or 24 larger bars


Icing: * 8-ounce package cream cheese, softened * 1/2 cup butter or margarine, softened * 2 cups sifted confectioners’ sugar * 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

photo: Raymond Welch

Paula Deen, spokesperson for Smithfield, was in Knoxville Tennessee for a food show and stopped by the Smithfield plant in Middlesboro, Kentucky for a surprise visit. She is pictured here with Plant Manager, Terry O’Rourke and his wife Jana.

Using an electric mixer at medium speed, combine the eggs, sugar, oil and pumpkin until light and fluffy. Stir together the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt and baking soda. Add the dry ingredients to the pumpkin mixture and mix at low speed until thoroughly combined and the batter is smooth. Spread the batter into a greased 13 by 10-inch baking pan. Bake for 30 minutes. Let cool completely before frosting. Cut into bars. To make the icing: Combine the cream cheese and butter in a medium bowl with an electric mixer until smooth. Add the sugar and mix at low speed until combined. Stir in the vanilla and mix again. Spread on cooled pumpkin bars.


Check out other marvelous recipes by Pula at:

Ride for Life Organ Donor and Victory Junction

story & photos: Kenny Fishbone

Although it was drizzly and raining at times it didn’t stop them who came to Ride for Life. Organ donation is the gift of life, and Victory Junction is another contribution to life, a get-a-way camp for seriously ill children. This was organized by Lynn Arrington with Victory Junction and the Revelation Disciples from Kernersville, N.C. About 30 riders and some passengers went the 2 ½ hour ride, and plenty of family and supporters were waiting back at ‘Smokin Harley Davidson in Winston-Salem N.C. A real first class dealership. They not only provided a starting and finish for the ride, they also provided the tents, table, chairs, and the BBQ grills! They also offered some good deals on Harley merchandise too. A couple riders rode home with a good deal on some new Harley boots! Say ‘thanks Daddy’ Sadie Poland Hart and Chris Hart! Worst and Best Poker hand went John ‘Cowboy’ Dunda from King NC, originally from Texas. (A real Texas cowboy) and to Ronnie ‘Gypsy Joe’ Hart, all the way from Middlesex NC. The entertainment was from Nashville recording artist, and a beautiful young lady named Tammy Davis and her band. She’s a singer/song writer and was nominated both 2009 Carolina Entertainer of the year AND 2009 Female Country artist. Awesome voice, great stage presence…a real down home country sound with a rock beat! If you missed the show, check them out, you’ll surely like them. Don’t get excited boys, this former US Marine Sergeant is married! Thanks for the fa-ree food and ice cream from Krispy Kreme donuts, Carolina Pride Hotdogs, Rick’s Ice Cream, and Smokin Harley Davidson for their hospitality. Organ donation is the gift of life; it’s your ‘last’ contribution to a worthy cause. The Victory Junction is another contribution to life, a chance for seriously ill children to ‘get-away’.


READERZ MAIL Send us your thoughts, suggestions, photos, stories. We would love to hear from ya! You can email them to: or snail mail them to: PO Box 692, Nashville, N.C. 27856

photo: William Everett Jr.

Recovery room nurses at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount are helping to provide Marines in Afghanistan with a taste of home by sending care packages. Left to right, Cynthia Everett, RN, Mary Beth Shrout, RN, Laura Haynes, RN, Kathy Wilson, RN, Janet Wells, RN, and manager Marlene Everette, RN

photo: Jim Halstead

BTW (Brothers of the Third Wheel), held the East coast Trike-In at the Burke County Fairgrounds in Morganton, N.C. over the Labor Day weekend. This is a pic of the #1 “Rat Bike” at the trike in. The trophy was made by The Tinyman, and is being guarded by my faithful rider “Jerry” (Mr. Garcia, to those that aren’t his friends). REAL trikes don’t have sparkplugs !!


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly The full story of the event, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly, was in the last issue of BB. We did not include photo coverage at press time for the Sep-Oct issue, so we have included it here with a short excerpt from that story. photos: Scribble This was an outreach planned to combine bikers and non-bikers as it is an event that is open to the public. We just finished having the 5th annual event at Herman Park in Goldsboro, NC. There were seven live bands, free hotdogs (with fixings, chips, & drinks), plenty of shade, a playground and a clown for the kids, and some very special guests that rode a motorcycle over 700 miles, one way, to talk about where Jesus had brought them from. We also had a poker run, bike show, and door prizes. The police always get a noise complaint and come to check out my permit and such. If you have never attended, you are missing an event that you will never forget. If you are outgoing you will be able to mingle with people from all walks of life - from the homeless to the business owner. I am an ordained minister that just does not fit in the traditional church, but belongs on the streets where there are those that do not feel welcome at church. There is a lot of work that goes into this event, but it is well worth it. The GB&U is now in the process of looking for a place to make it an entire Friday-Sunday event that will include camping, vendors, more live bands and special speakers, bounces for the kids, a larger bike show with trophies for second places, and other miscellaneous. The event continues to grow as we allow God to enlarge. Gilbert Baker Ministries, Inc. was formed in 1995. We are also currently in the process of starting a church called The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in Wayne County, NC. If interested in what God is doing, please call 919-920-2754.

Call Whistle or Stan for Free Estimates! 212-1072 or 212-0114

CONTACT GBM AT 919-920-2754 Reverend Gilbert & Heather Baker


c Melvin Jones O



Southern Iron MC’s

First Big Party

Story & photos: Johnny King

On Saturday, October 3rd, the members of Southern Iron Motorcycle Club (Wilson Chapter) opened the doors of their Clubhouse for their first big party. Southern Iron originally started in 1984 by a hand full of friends that liked to ride and party together. Although they laid their cuts down a few years later, they still stayed in touch, riding, and partying throughout the years. This year they took up their cuts once again and have taken off with more members than ever before. It was evident to everyone attending, that the guys from Southern Iron were well prepared for everyone that had come out to party with them. They had an outside bar setup with beer and jello shooters, as well as, the inside bar that was hopping with people from the start. Cold drinks, good food, and excellent tunes makes for a great party and these guys provided it all. Inside the Clubhouse, for those wishing to escape the heat of the day, individuals could sit and talk, play pool, play video games, or a little pinball. If you didn’t want to do any of those activities you could stop at the table setup by Wanda Hales from Sacred Flames for a little body piercing. If staying outside is what you wanted, Rand Evans was at the outside bar ready to help quench your thirst, while the jukebox played tunes. Larry Ferrell, John Whitehurst and Brock were busy on the grills—cooking up pork chops, boneless chicken breasts, and sausages. Around 5pm the ladies of the Southern Iron Members started bringing food out: snaps, potatoes, potato salad, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, baked beans, and macaroni and cheese. After eating we had our choice of a variety of desserts. By the time everyone had eaten the band-LSD was ready to rock the crowd, and that is just what they did. During the bands breaks Southern Irons Vice President, “Easy”, called out tickets for the door prizes. These guys had some pretty awesome door prizes to give away and the crowd was eager to get 1 of the 2 $100.00 gift certificates to Sacred Flames Tattoos. Around midnight several party goers left for the evening, but that wasn’t the end of the party. Just as those people were leaving more were arriving, carrying the party well into the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Gwen taking out jello shooters.



Some of the Clubs attending the party included – Dragon Slayers, Desperados (Raleigh and Johnston County), Frog Level, Wayne County Ghost Riders, and Southern Iron members from Nash and Edgecombe Counties. With all the partiers coming and going throughout the day and night approximately 280 people passed through the gate to enjoy the festivities. For their first party I would have to say these guys did a great job. If you weren’t there you should have been because these guys know how to party. So, when Southern Iron announces their next party, mark your calendars and plan to be there because you will definitely have a BLAST!



3rd Annual No Rules Riders photos: Scribble & Doobie “Ride for the Miracle League of the Triangle”

story: Cathy Lusky

On September 19th, bikers, riders and fans had the opportunity of participating in a ride that celebrated what many feel are the best pass-times of America….Bike’s and Baseball. It doesn’t get much better than that!


No Rules Riders hosted the 3rd Annual “Ride for the Miracle League of the Triangle”, co-founded by Mike Kemmeries and J.D. Long, to benefit children with special needs so that every child, regardless of their abilities, has the opportunity to play Baseball.

Pre-party at Locked & Loaded

This year, the members of No Rules Riders started out with an awesome “Pre-Ride Party” at Locked & Loaded Grill in Garner, a favorite hang-out of local bikers. Customers pre-registered, bought 50/50 raffle tickets and previewed the silent auction items that had been donated for the cause, enjoyed fabulous food and scoped out the local bikes on display ~ all while being entertained by the live band. On the morning of the ride, Ray Price Harley-Davidson/Buell of Raleigh kindly offered coffee and donuts for registering bikers and riders, provided merchandise discounts and were on constant stand-by to assist in any way possible to make sure the biker’s and rider’s were geared up and ready to go. Although the morning started out a bit dreary and cloudy, by the time kickstands were up and 80 biker’s started roaring through the back country roads of Raleigh and Cary toward the “Field of Dreams”, the skies had cleared and All were blessed with a beautiful ride!



As if going for a great ride for a fantastic cause wasn’t enough, those that participated on this amazing ride had the additional reward of seeing the absolute joy and delight on the faces of these special children as the biker’s rolled on to the track surrounding this specially designed baseball field. Biker’s and rider’s alike were welcomed with cheers and applause from the children, parents and volunteers at the Cary “Field of Dreams” where parents come, from near and far, to give their children the opportunity to play baseball.

Lined up at Ray Price H-D.

After the singing of the National Anthem, led by Patrick Schuette, everyone settled in for the highly anticipated game between the Orioles and the Rangers. Throughout the innings, each player batted, fielded or “ran the bases” to score one for their team. It was a nail biter to the end where in the last inning, the Rangers pulled out a double to close the game in a well deserved “tie”. The crowd was then delighted to have Noah Long, a “retired” player of the Miracle League, step up to the plate on behalf of the No Rules Riders, hit a home run and run the bases to the applause and chants of “Noah….Noah” by all in attendance!! To quote the Miracle League, “You could not find a more accurate word than ‘Miracle’ to describe what happens on and around this field. You can see on the face of each player, family member, coach, volunteer and spectator how much this experience touches every heart.” With the game over and smiles on the faces of all, the bikes thundered back to life and biker’s headed out of sight to the wave’s and tender good-byes of the children toward “Ben’s Place Pub & Eatery” for a delicious lunch donated by Ben, raffle drawings of incredible prizes offered by generous local merchants and the results of the silent Auction.


When the food was devoured, the prizes distributed and tents pulled down, the biker’s took the final leg of the ride over to “BoneDaddy’s Hideaway” Biker Bar to chill out, throw back a few refreshments and listen to great live music.

Lined up around baseball field.


In all, through the efforts of a multitude of No Rules Riders members, all the biker’s that joined the ride as well as the many and very generous sponsors who donated time, food, and treasure, No Rules Riders was able to raise over $5,000 with proceeds going directly to the “Miracle League of the Triangle”. Once you’ve participated in this annual event, you’ll want to come back year after year...not only for the ride but because the phrase “every child deserves a chance to play baseball” has taken on a whole new meaning.










Southern Sin ‘Dickie Wells’ 31st Memorial Party and Run Story & photos: Johnny King Every year Southern Sin Motorcycle Club honors the memory of their fallen brothers and this year was no different. On September 19th, 25 bikes left the Southern Sin Clubhouse bound for Rocky Mount Memorial Gardens to pay their respects and honor their former President and co-founder of the Club, Dickie Wells. Dickie died in a tragic accident on September 14, 1980, when a tire came off a car and hit him while he was riding his 1947 Knucklehead. Club Vice President ‘OB” remembers Dickie was his sponsor when he began prospecting for the Club and was riding beside him at the time of the accident. Dickie loved to ride and party but most importantly he loved his family, and the Club. He was a man that has truly been missed since his departure. After leaving Rocky Mount Memorial Gardens the bikes headed for the Smith family home where they paid their respects to another former comrade, President and cofounder of the Club, Tom Smith. Tom was well known by all around. He never knew an enemy, loved his family, riding, partying, the Club, and the ladies. Tom fought a long battle with an enemy he never saw, CANCER. Even after his diagnoses with lung cancer he fought hard, and every time you saw him you would see a sparkle in his eyes and a smile on his face. After paying their respects the bikes headed back to the clubhouse where the party was already starting. Members from: Freedom Riders, Veterans, Tuscarora, Luftwaffe, Southern Iron, Wilson County Ghost Riders, Miss Placed Souls, Frog Level, and the Brotherhood, along with friends of Southern Sin helped the Club remember and pay their respects to their fallen friends. Everyone was there to help party in the fashion and style that Dickie and Tom would have done. The Club dished up a feast including barbeque, baked beans, snaps, potatoes, and numerous deserts to tempt any body’s taste buds. As always, Southern Sin supplied enough food to feed a small Army, serving approximately the 200 people attending the party. Then around 5pm, the band ‘Doghouse Retreat’ broke out with some pure country tunes. The party was kicking into high gear, with several party goers getting up and dancing to the melodies being played. Meanwhile, several attendees waited patiently for the $100.00 drawing that the Club had been selling tickets for. Although you didn’t have to be there to win, the band drew the winning ticket…calling out the name of Keith Smith. Congratulations Keith for winning the $100.00.

Best seat in the house!

To those that are riding under sunny skies every day, we hope we partied down to your expectations and to Southern Sin Motorcycle Club thanks for a great party…you have out done yourself again.

Ride free Dickie & Tom, you are not forgotten...

Tom smith


Dickie Wells



We Remember Cathy Fincher 1961-2008 photo taken at the World Trade Center Memorial.

Photo: JD Long

Anthony Kevin “Tony” Long March 7, 1957 - September 23, 2009 Ride in Peace Brother Tony is pictured here with his wife, Nancy.

Kirk Wynn, 41, is now riding in peace after a long fight with a brain tumor. Kirk was active member of No Rules Riders and had many other friends in the motorcycle and music world. He now is in a better place where he can ride free forever.

Sep. 21, 1967Sep. 28, 2009

Ralph Anthony “Tony” McKinney Tony was the president of the Board of Directors of The Clayton Chamber of Commerce. He also owned ReMax Classic Realty and worked at Fed-Ex. Tony died from enjuries sustained during a motorcycle accident on 26 September. He leaves behind four children that meant the world to him.



Wed & Thurs 4 - 12 midnight Fri 1pm - 1am Sat 11am - 1am Sun 12noon - 9pm Closed Mon & Tues

605 Creekside Drive

(just off Old Wake Forest Rd. map & directions on website)

919 896-6050 Raleigh , NC 27609

BoneDaddy’s Hideaway is a private club / biker bar / music club and community center for riders..... all rolled into one fabulous and fun place! Don’t be concerned about not knowing anyone... any of our friendly members will be happy to sign you in so that you can join in on the fun!! Weekly pig-pickings or other hot foods & snacks FREE Donations accepted a Full ABC permits . . . Daily Drink Specials Check out our: Beer Garden ( fenced in, out back ) BoneDaddy’s private lounge ( black light ) Motorcycle Memorabilia Bar T-shirts , hand-crafted bone jewelry, patches and stickers available Every wall is covered with history

Entertainment Schedule: Nov 1 - Full Moon Gathering with "NO DICE"

Dec 2 - Blues Night with D Martini & The Highballs - 8:30 PM

Nov 4 - Valentino & The Piedmont Sheiks 8:30 PM

Dec 3 - Open Mic with Scott Scherr & Friends 8:00 PM

Nov 5 - Open Mic with Scott Scherr & Friends 8:00 PM

Dec 4 - The Carla Wilson Band 9:00 PM

Nov 6 - LoriT & NRG 8:30 PM

Dec 5 - The Fifty/50 Band 8:30 PM

Nov 7 - Lactose Quervo - Go Girls 8:30 PM

Dec 6 - Acoustic Open Jam with Mark Abbott & Tom Godfrey 3:00 PM

Nov 8 - Acoustic Jam with Tom Godfrey & Mark Abbott 3:00 PM

Dec 9 - Blues Night @ BoneDaddy's (check website for who is playing)

Nov 11 - LOCKDOWN Blues Band - 8:30 PM

Dec 10 - Open Mic with C4's Tony Miller 8:00 PM

Nov 12 - Open Mic Hosted by C4's Tony Miller 8:30 PM

Dec 11 - Open Date, Check website for who is playing

Nov 13 - Better Off Dead 8:30 PM

Dec 12 - The Usta B's - 8:30 PM

Nov 14 - Tommy Redd & ALL MY ROWDY FRIENDS 9:00 PM

Dec 13 - Acoustic Jam with Mark Abbott & Tom Godfrey 3:00 PM

Nov 15 - Acoustic Jam - Mark Abbott & Tom Godfrey 3:00 PM

Dec 16 - Blues Night @BoneDaddy's (check website for who is playing)

Nov 18 - Blues Night at BoneDaddy's 8:00 PM

Dec 17 - Triangle Blues Society Jam 8:00 PM

Nov 19 - Triangle Blues Society Jam with Josh Preslar 8:00 PM

Dec 18 - Donnaha Station - 9:00 PM

Nov 20 - Tight Squeeze 9:00 PM

Dec 19 - Slack Racket & C4

Nov 21 - Lauren Paige and Midnight Highway 9:00 PM

Dec 20 - Acoustic Jam with Mark Abbott & Tom Godfrey 3:00 PM Nov 22 - Acoustic Open Jam with Tom Godfrey & Mark Abbott 3:00 PM Dec 26 - BoneDaddy's Xmas Party Nov 27 - JamHouse Presents - Artists to be announced 8:00 PM Dec 27 - Acoustic Open Jam with Mark Abbott & Tom Godfrey 3:00 PM Nov 28 - Victoria Axelrod's Super Jam with many great bands 8:30 PM Dec 31 - New Years Eve Party with The Soul Providers 9:00 PM until ?? ( Advanced reservations strongly suggested ) Nov 29 - Acoustic Jam with Mark Abbott & Tom Godfrey 3:00 PM

Roanoke River HOG at the 2009 NC State HOG Rally

The 2009 NC State HOG Rally was from August 20th to the 22nd. The Rally was in Mt. Airy, NC... aka Mayberry. The Roanoke River HOG Chapter went on the 20th and stayed till the 23rd. A group of 16 went on the 20th and 6 more caught up later on the 21st. As you can see in the pics, we rode the Blue Ridge Parkway, played biker bingo, went to the local bar, “Koozies,” where we watched babes washing bikes and had a few cold ones. There were times where we waited the rain out and one really bad ass lightning storm. This particular storm killed a couple of locals while we were there. We took in sights from down town Mt. Airy that looked like the television show Mayberry. We rode over to Pilot Mt. and rode up on the Mountain. (The group pic is from Pilot Mt. ) The town of Mt. Airy welcomed us everywhere we stopped and they even invited us back. In one of the pics, there was a guy walking around posing as Barnie from Mayberry. There were bands set up and playing all over town, from Classic Rock to Bluegrass. If you ever go to Mt. Airy, make sure you ask where the DEPOT is. It is not listed or advertised. It’s hidden back in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Its about eight miles out of town and it was probably the best resturant I have ever eaten at - not just the food, but its like a mini village with all to admire. Make sure you take your camera... I did not.... and I regret leaving it at the hotel.

story & photos: A.J. Harrell


OUTLAWZ & ANGELZ Just in time for Christmas!!! Outlawz & Angelz could be described as a photographic essay with just a little flare. There are well over 150 pages in this book with outlaw and angel photos of various bikers, from all walks of life, who ride an eclectic array of motorcycles. Who is the outlaw and who is the angel? That just might surprise you. The biker lifestyle is brought to life in these pages with just a few short questions. Even though a photo is worth a thousand words, a few extra questions that you might never ask of a biker are asked here in this book. It’s a small look into the biker sphychy...just a hint of what lies under that do-rag and bug laden helmet...and some of the answers are quite hysterical. Editor of Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine, Debbie “Doobie” Sykes, has compiled some of her favorite photos of each biker to go along with the questions. Bikers are some of the most over exagerated and underestimated group of people on the planet! Your first impression of a biker is usually the wrong impression! There are so many examples of evil bikers in the main stream media, in movies and on television, that it isn’t any wonder why we, “the bikers,” get a bad rap. Maybe this book will shed a little light on that very subject by letting you see the unrehearsed and unprompted biker answer some of life’s most simple teleprompters here! Outlawz &Angelz is as down home as your favorite bike shop and as in your face as a splattered anthropod on your helmet! It’s for young hipsters, grizzled old-timers, and everyone in between. Outlawz & Angelz is the first in a series of books. The press realease date for this full color, paperback book is December 3rd, 2009. If you would like to place an order early, you can! The price for pre-ordered books is $11.95. Price for orders after print date will be $14.95 Early orders will get an autographed copy of Outlawz & Angelz by the artist and author. Place your orders early for Christmas! Send your payment (check or money order or well hidden cash) to: Behind Barz PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 If you would like your book shipped to you, please include $5.00 for shipping for 1 book, ($2.95 each additional book).

ORDER YOUR COPY BEFORE 3 DECEMBER TO GET YOUR AUTOGRAPHED COPY! Ray Schmitz of Cantejas Art designed the cover for this book. Ray is a self taught artist who was born in Canada but now resides in North Carolina. His style could be called retro, realistic, traditional or photo-realistic. He portrays all kinds of people including pin-up art of beautiful, sensuous, sexy woman, cowboys, bikers, military, children and animals. Ray enjoys turning real life moments into fantasy situations. As you can see here, Ray has been featured in Easyriders magazine and has created numerous t-shirt designs for various Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country. Check out his website for more examples of his work.



Dirt’s Cycle Shack &Dyno Jet Dyno Center Harley repair & service... We repair any year Harley! Used Harleys Custom builds Chrome plating Accessories 30 years experience!

S&S Certified!

10% off all parts all the time !

Mr. & Mrs. Randall A. Mills, Sr. & family

We can get or do anything you want!

Wed on August 9th, 2009

Tues - Fri 10-7

Sat 10 - 6

252 566-4090

4485 George Abbott Rd / LaGrange, NC


Photos: Scribble, Doobie & Melvin


Behind Barz Friendly Businesses Many of you have requested a list of biker friendly folks, so here they are! Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine can be picked up at each and every one of these establishments. If you would like to add your business to this list, please contact us to do so: 252-314-8589




ROANOKE RAPIDS Collier Harley-Davidson 316 Premier Blvd. 252-537-6493 Loan Star Steakhouse 270 Premier Blvd. 252-537-7092 STANTONSBURG

Nationwide 2455 Hurt Dr. 252-937-1888 Chico’s Mexican Restaurant 1701 Sunset Ave. 252-446-8600 Good Tymes Club Hwy 301 North 252-442-7657 Two Wheel Accessories 1727 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-977-9000 Jack’s Store Hwy 97 Budget Auto Painting & Glass 1921 S. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-212-1072 Pierce’s Shoe & Leather Repair 2447 Hurt Dr. 252-443-7206 Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson 928 N. Winstead Ave. 252-446-7292 American Jewelry & Pawn Bus. 64 252-937-4482


A Wing & A Chair 8805 Morgan Mill Rd. 704-753-4475


CycleMax 6723 Ward Blvd. 252-291-2121 The Beefmastor Inn 2656 Hwy 301 S. 252-237-7343 Nelson’s Auto Body & Wrecker Service 2810 Chicken Dr. 252-234-2134 8 Ball’s Cycle Work’s 3010 Hwy 301 S. 252-237-9556 Anthony’s Italian Restaurant 3401 Raleigh Rd. 252-399-0054 Thomas & Farris Attorneys 104 West Nash St. 252-243-3000 Sign Master Graphix 252-234-3636


Harper’s Nursery 2145 Oak Level Rd. 252-459-2189 L&L Store #6 1765 Red Oak Rd. 252-459-6161


Twin Performance Tuners 132 Rand Park Dr. 919-779-5890 Locked & Loaded Grill 1125 Hwy 70 West 919-661-6688


Dirt’s Cycle Shack 4485 George Abbott Rd. 252-566-4090 Blue Ribbon Bar 7799 Hwy 70 252-566-4000


Dinky’s Dungeon 43 Hwy 252-827-1700 Hogs Pen Pub 514 S. Fountain Rd. 252-827-5510


Last Resort 436 West Market St. 919-938-4400 Heidi’s Two Wheel Cafe 1475 W. Market St. 919-989-8389


Tar Heel Coatings 4332 Hathaway Blvd. 252-903-5001 Imaging Specialties 114 E. Main St. 252-443-9317


Knuckleheadz Kustomz 5306 High St. 252-247-4700 Hooters 5050 Hwy 70 W. 252-727-1803 Art Forms Studio 4912 Bridges St. 252-646-4205 Britt Motorsports 5301 Hwy 70 W. 252-808-2700


Batchelor’s Tavern 803 E. Nash St. 252-478-3375


Scootworks 106 E. Vance St. 919-269-0986 BHC Automotive 15374 Hwy 96 S. 919-269-9601


Brewer’s Cycle 420 Warrenton Rd. 252-492-8553


Southeastern Steel Choppers 121 Stillwood Rd. 910-455-0001 Combat Cycles 6192 Richlands Hwy 910 324-1305 Extreme Outfitters 102 Western Blvd. 910-355-2118

Wendy Trails 585 N. Saratoga St. 252-238-2492


J&E Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way 252-439-1345 East Carolina Custom Cycle 4685 Ste A. Hwy 13 252-551-3222 Mechanical Air Inc.-East 252-756-0000


Biker Barn Inc. Exit 1737 Hwy 64 919-269-8268


BoneDaddy’s 605 Creekside Dr. 919-896-6050 Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St. 919-832-2261 Turner Trikes 1102 S. Saunders St. 919-834-7555 Hooter’s 4206 Wake Forest Rd. 919-850-9882 Superior Insurance 2431Spring Forest Rd. 919-790-9699 C&C Performance Cycles 2412 Atlantic Ave. 919-828-8442 Toxic Customs 1214 S. Saunders St. 919-755-3699 Iron Thunder Cycles 5540 Atlantic Springs Rd. 919-855-8508


Pipe Dreams Custom Cycles I-85 Exit 229 Oine Rd. 252-456-3500


Little Texas Hwy 301 919-894-1290


Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort 100 Elk Creek Rd. 336-973-8405 Open: April 15th-April 1st


Country Time Tavern 2006 N. Williams St. 919-734-7270 Open Road Biker Gear 4752 Hwy 70 E. 919-778-7001 Redmon’s Pub & Grill 108 N. Center St. 919-330-4464 River Landing 2101 Hwy 117 S. 919-580-3264


Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco Center 4963 Hwy 258 252-826-3186


Harley-Davidson of Newbern 1613 Hwy 70 E. 252-633-4060


Copper Kettle Seafood Restaurant Hwy 58 Business, Boydton 434-738-6045 Kentz Kustomz Cycles 2355 Ankum Rd., Gasburg 804-691-3151 Vital Signs of Chester 4716 Shop St. 804-748-3251 The Pawn Shop 126 W. 2nd St. Chase City, 434-372-3313 Colonial H-D 1701 Temple Pkwy. Prince George 804-861-4700 Bayside H-D 2211 Frederick Blvd. Portsmouth 757-397-5550


Hamburger Joe’s 1410 Hwy 17 S. Surfside Beach 843-215-9052 Nightmare Custom Cycles 115 E. Main St. Harleyville 843-462-7055 HB Spokes 1111 Hwy 9 Loris 843-399-2453



Color photo ad for just . .

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Classifieds 2002 HARLEY V-ROD Only 26K mile! Silver, all the chrome, Screaming Eagle exhaust, Hard saddlebags, custom mapping, Screaming eagle air cleaner, etc... This bike has about 125 horsepower and is the fastest Harley Davidson ever made. $7500 Contact Gary 252-756-6611 5 Winterville

2005 HARLEY 1200 CUSTOM Immaculate, 4k miles, over $4k in Harley chrome upgrades..Screaming Eagle pipes, Harley 6 spoke wheel, etc. Call Bennie in Raleigh.

$7750 OBO

919 616-5753


2000 HARLEY SPORTSTER 883XL yellow, forward controls, memphis shades windshield, new tires, lowering shocks in rear, sissy bar, 6,000 original miles! Asking $4,000 contact: 252-326-2662 Roanoke Rapids 5

2004 Road King Classic 17500 miles with lots of extras ! Will include HD cover and Helmet Includes luggage rack, sissy bar and windshield. Asking $11,800 5 Call Troy 252-717-1563

2005 HARLEY ELECTRA GLIDE CLASSIC (Firefighter Edition) only 7,800 miles, garage kept, over $28,000. invested. $16,900 obo 910 564-4222


All photo ads will run on our web site!

252 314-8589

2001 HARLEY ELECTRAGLIDE New: tires,chrome wheels, battery, klockworks, windshield, S&S gear driven cams, power commander, Rhinehart tru duals, dynoed @ 91hp 102 tq. Very good bike for $12.000 5 910 467-9037 Jacksonville 2007 HARLEY SOFTAIL Custom Custom built from the ground up. Absolutely the best of everything, brand new with 0 miles. Too much to list. $27,500. invested. Asking $20,000 Trades considered. 252 443-0155 5


2002 HARLEY SPORTSTER 883 with less than 10k miles! Screaming Eagle Kit, snap on windshield, buddy seat,rear back rest. Only driven by a lady. Selling dueto illness, cannot ride anymore. $6000 OBO 252-964-4242 e mail 5

ONE OF A KIND CUSTOM !! 2000 YAMAHA ROADSTAR Over $12,000 invested, ex condi2006 KAWASAKI VULCAN 1600 tion, everything chromed,must see $6999 919 496-4444 CLASSIC over $2000 in upgrades, Louisburg Vance and Hines exhaust, Arlen 5 Ness grips and mirrors,light bar, 1997 HARLEY ULTRA power commander and more. CLASSIC FLHTCU/I Only 3,250 miles, lots of chrome Are you ready to mount up and ride the and a great sound! Comes w/ cover. Blue Ridge Parkway? This is the bike 5 $9,500 obo 919 754-7882 for you. It’s equipped with everything 2004 VOLUSIA INTRUDER you’ll need. 1340cc, 5-speed, cruise, 800cc , vance & Hines pipes, AM/FM stereo, CB, weather band, sounds great, only 4400 miles, front & rear spkrs, full windshield & m like brand new, if interested email uch more.Fell over in parking lot slight or text me your cell no. $4400 road rash on L. faring & saddlebag lock. or make offer 252-531-0286 56K miles. Call me for a look see... 919 270-5153. $9600 Raleigh 5 5 Stokes / Greenville


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Classifieds 1996 SUZUKI INTRUDER Garner 1400CC New tires, rear brakes, leather saddle bags, front & rear luggage bag, recent service. Lots of chrome with aftermarket pipes. 21k miles. $3300 919 841-7557 6


11,000 miles, custom paint, Vance& Hines longshots, detachable sissybar, 2 seats, lowering kit, completely chromed out, always garage kept. Contact Tim in Kinston @

252 268-1492 negotiable



2004 HARLEY SPORTSTER 1200 Custom. Less than 4,000 miles, excellent condition, lots of extras added. $10,500 Call Donnie at 910 330-5886 Jacksonville 5

CUSTOM 1992 HARLEYDAVIDSON SOFTAIL FXRS Custom paint, wheels, motor work, too much chrome to list. Call Mark at 252-714-1858 $8,995 5

97 HONDA VALYKYRIE 28,ooo miles. If you know about Valks... you know they’re good for 150 - 200k miles. New tires, Ultimate seats. Tarboro $7,300. 252 557-1960 5

2003 HARLEY ULTRA CLASSIC 100th Anniv. Edition Beautiful black & silver, every available option imaginable. Less than 5,000 miles! $17,500. Call Donne at 910 330-5886 Jacksonville 5 WILL TRADE.... 2000 HARLEY HERITAGE In,excellent condition,13,500 miles, needs nothing,come test ride. Will consider trade for 2000 or later road glide,roadking,electraglide standard,or streetglide. Call 336-214-1504 for info. 5 Thanks Jim Mebane

2005 HARLEY-DAVIDSON ELECTRA GLIDE CLASSIC (Firefighter Edition) only 7,800 miles, garage kept, 5 over $28,000. invested. $16,900. obo 910 564-4222

1978 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Classic FLH Shovelhead Completely restored.. 90% all new! Less than 59 miles on re-build. 2 1/2 years of meticulous work. All receipts, references. $8,900. 704 663-7139



All photo ads will run on our web site!

252 314-8589

2005 Softail Standard very clean, 9k miles, full warranty until 2012. Call Brent for more info 919 369-5220 $11,800 obo Wendell


2001 KAWASKI 800 VULCAN Mustang seat, windshield, crash bar, hard bags, V&H exhaust, factory exhaust included. Bike is in excellent condition. call Mark at 5 252-714-1858 $4500 FIRM $10,500



252443-4867 443-4867 252

Top end modified w/Wieso pistons,mild cam, heads ported. GMA rear brake/pulley, PM primary belt drive, 6 speed, Custom Cycle Handlebars,Twisted Sisters Exhaust, PythonStarter, PM forward controls, Milwaukee Iron Fender, Perse tripe trees, Dakota digital speedometer w/custom dash panel, oil cooler, chrome swing arm,S&S carb, custom wheels, stretch gas tanks.




2003 HARLEY FATBOY 100YR. ANNIV. over $38,000. in receipts. all Harley parts. 3 seats, includes backrest. Thunder Star wheels, 95-inch big bore kit. Lowered 2”, chromed to themax !A steal @ $17,500 336 207-5542 5 2003 HERITAGE SOFTAIL 18,000 miles, teal blue color, new tires. $12,850. firm. 252-813-6855 5 call anytime Rocky Mount


The The

EMS Angles MC

story: Sonny Robbins photos: Doobie

Cheryl Fisher Cancer Poker Run

On October 11, 2009, the NC EMS Angels Motorcycle club along with family and friends hosted a fundraiser Poker Run in support of Mrs. Cheryl Fisher. Cheryl fought and won a long battle with breast cancer three years ago. Seven months ago she was diagnosed with liver cancer. She is now fighting this uphill battle with a positive and thankful attitude. Over the past seven months Cheryl has undergone numerous medical treatments and taken numerous medications. Cheryl is married to Dwight Fisher, the mother of four children (Brent, Bryant, Adam and Catryna) and five grandchildren. Her three sons have been volunteer public servants for many years in the Fire and Emergency Service field. Along side of her daughter, Cheryl has always openly displayed her pride and support for her family and community by helping with fundraisers for Red Oak Fire Department, where her husband and sons have been long time members. Sunday October 11 started out cold and rainy but that did not stop more than 20 members of N.C. EMS Angels and more than 100 supporters and bikers. The EMS Angels pulled out in the misty rain and headed toward Two Wheel Accessories Inc. where the event / Poker Run was held. Tom Moore, owner and operator of Two Wheel Accessories opened on Sunday specifically for this event. The first bike pulling out was driven by Adam Fisher with his mother Cheryl riding along. The bikers pulled their first card at the event, and headed to their first stop at Red Oak Fire Department. From there they rode to the next stop at Batchelor’s Tavern in Spring Hope, then to L&L Food Stores in Sandy Cross. The biker’s ended their run back at Two Wheel Accessories for the final draw. Thanks to the many generous donations from area businesses, supporters had the fun chance to win numerous different door prizes. All the winning cash from Poker Hands along with all cash prizes were donated back to Cheryl. Thanks to the N.C. EMS Angel’s and everyone’s caring and support, over $2000.00 was presented to Cheryl in support of her continued fight.

Cheryl riding out with her son Adam.

Mr. & Mrs. Fisher

Prayer before the run.


To view many more photos of this event, go to the website:


Cheryl Fisher


Defenders of Freedom photos: Jake Volk Poker Run & Scribble



The Defenders of Freedom Poker Run sponsored by The Guardian Brotherhood got off to a great start on the 12th of September. It started at Heroes in Goldsboro, N.C. and had stops at DD’s, Wendy Trails, Hogs Pen and Open Road Biker Gear. When the last bike was in at 5pm we had a “Peoples Choice” bike and car show, door prizes and a 50/50 drawing. Thanks for all your support and help with this event.


Randy - Open Road Biker Gear



Wendy - Wendy Trails Inc.


Despite the steady drizzle & threat of showers, nearly three hundred supporters turned out for the Third Annual Onslow Vietnam Veterans Memorial Run. The riders lined up across the front, down one side and back up the other at New River Harley-Davidson. After registering and filling up on coffee & muffins, the ride headed south on Hwy 17 to Folkstone, then to Sneads Ferry and on through the Marine Corps base, Camp Lejeune. It then proceeded on Hwy 24 into Jacksonville to the newly dedicated memorial site. After a greeting from Kat Hown and the Mayor of Jacksonville, Mr. Sammy Phillips gave a short speech welcoming everyone & thanking them for their ongoing support. The keynote speaker was retired Major General Ray Smith. Gen. Smith was the most highly decorated living marine at the time of his retirement. He expressed the importance of remembering our heroes and the significant role our veterans play in today’s society, including their efforts to assure that returning warriors today are welcomed home with the appreciation they deserve. After an invocation by Sheriff, Ed Brown & a moment of silence, the local Rolling Thunder Chapter (NC-5) laid a wreath in memory of those MIAs & PCWs still unaccounted for, as Taps played in the background. Then it was on to Britt Motorsports, where everyone consumed all the barbecued pig, hot dogs, hamburgers, & refreshments they could handle. There was even enough to send to the local soup kitchen after everyone left. After giving away tons of door prizes (which included everything from new tires, jackets & helmets, tattoos & gift certificates) the crowd slowly rode off into the rainy streets. Thanks to everyone that made the effort to support this worthy project despite the weather. One lady participant was quoted as saying, “Honey, I was in Vietnam for 18 months, I don’t care if it rains.” Thanks especially to the Partners: New River Harley-Davidson, Britt Motorsports, Southeastern Steel Choppers & the Jacksonville Daily News & for all of our sponsors for making this a successful event Despite the wet weather & resulting low turnout, over $7,000.00 was raised to help complete the memorial. If you would like to see pictures of the event, click on the links on our website: and be sure to visit the home page for the Memorial to keep up with the progress & future events. Thanks!












story: Kat Horn photos: Kat & Doobie

Love Thy Brother Benefit

story: Lynn photos: Scribble unless otherwise noted

photos: Scribble

Willis Gupton










The Stairway to Heaven Biker’s Church and many friends and family got together to help out my husband, Danny James and I, after his accident. We would like to tell everyone how awesome it is to know that we have family and friends who cared so much about us to do this for us. They raised $1200 for us and we are very grateful for it. There were about 100-150 people gathered together that day for an awesome day. They had prepared a great meal for everyone, had many give aways and other things that went on. The groups/bands that played were awesome and each of them touched our hearts in one way or another. Kings Krest, Jesus Joshua, High Road, Life line, and Ideka. One more of the high lights of that day was when our 7 year old granddaughter mimed to the song, “How great is our God.” What an awesome message she sent out in His name. There were many from all areas who came to join us. Thank you for all that you guys did. That will be a day that Danny & I will never forget. A special ‘Thank you’ goes out to Robert Thompson and Little Ronnie Hart for all their hard work.


Johny Rudolph

The Last Hoorah Chris Riley


Chris & Samantha Skye Oct 8th Rocky Mount H-D Bike Night Be on the look out next year! 252-446-7292


Harley-Davidson Kustom Kruise-In Story & photos: Brian LeBarron

GOWANDA Harley-Davidson 716 - 532 - 4584

Critics will say Harley-Davidson is out of touch with the younger generation. The younger generation, would aptly give the critic a cold Johnny Cash stare, flip them the bird, say you should learn something about family, then cruise off on their hacked flat black bobber along side their father and grandpa. Gowanda Harley-Davidson, established in 1947, knows a few things about family. Owned and operated by 2nd and 3rd generation of the Reid family, their customer base shares a collective family history that is a genuine living inspiration of their first Kustom Kruise-In. “Winters are long south of Buffalo, NY,” says Brian LeBarron of Gowanda H-D. “Our techs, Daryl Dean and Eric Fuchs, Jana Soroky and myself, were sitting around the shop, watching the snow fall, having a few laughs and thinking how fun it would be to bring all the rebel rouserz together. Rods, bikes, tattoos. Young and young-at-heart.” From original ‘50s rebels to today’s kustom culture. While it’s not for every Harley-Davidson owner, this multi-generational attitude is alive and well. Black is universal. Gowanda Harley-Davidson approached their friends Jeremy Kemler, owner of County Seats and a custom upholstery fabricator, and Adam Frentz, manager of Advanced AutoParts in Depew, with the idea of bringing classic bikes and bobbers together with street rods and rat rods. “Jeremy, Adam and their friends are the real deal,” continues Brian. “they live, work and play in the Western New York kustom car culture. Just like we live Harley-Davidson.” To set the tone for the Kustom Kruise-In, a dress code was established. Garage shirts and pomade for the guys. Pin up dresses for the ladies. “so what you’re telling me,” said Jeremy “we should just show up in our everyday work clothes.” Exactly! For the fun of it, awards were given by a round of audience applauds to the Best Dressed Man (Wade Witczak) and Best Dressed Lady (Lanie Mahon). Music is such a passion for everyone involved. Genuine, authentic and pure American rock-a-billy doesn’t get any better around here than Pete Worden and the Hardtimers. Fresh off their album, “Catch Me If You Can” (, these three described ‘cats’ play originals, as well as covers, that will get any rebel rouser excited over hots rods and Harleys.

Adding to the activities, Danny White, musician/ author and owner of 16 Ton Records on Music Row in Nashville, provided the Kustom Kruise-In with an autographed copy and limited release poster of his new book, “The Last Rock and Roll Show” to be given as a door prize. “We couldn’t ask for a more fitting prize,” continues Brian. The historical fiction chronicles the fate of Buddy Holly’s final recordings in the mist of the early 1950’s hot rod drag racing scene. It also wouldn’t be a kustom kulture show without welcoming local tattoo studios the opportunity to display their artwork. With port folios and awards on hand, local artists demonstrated the skill and inspiration that goes into their ink. “What started as just an excuse to bring our friends together, show off our rides and have fun” remarks Brian, “turned out to be a big event for the dealership.” With a warm, beautiful Summer day on their side, people came from all over Western New York to enjoy a laid back day in the country and marvel at the vintage hot rods, classics and bobbers. Each enthusiast had the opportunity to vote on their favorite kustom feature. In the spirit of camaraderie, not competition, awards were based on popular vote, as follows - next page:


2535 Gowanda Zoar Rd. Gowanda, N.Y. 14070



Best Paint - Fuzz Parker ’33 Plymouth Coup Best Upholstery - Ed Hennrich ’39 Ford Convertible Best Wheels - Leroy Junn ’34 Ford Coupe Best Motor - Jeff Schreiber ’70 Chevy Chevelle Most Rat - Jason Singer ’50 Studabaker Champion Most Original - Mike Miller ’50 Chevy Wagon

Best Paint - Terry Szczudlik ’97 H-D Fat Boy Best Upholstery - Paul Reed ’84 H-D FLH Best Wheels - Ed Munson ’02 Bourgett Best Motor - Ed Munson ’02 Bourgett Most Rat - Derek Hubbard ’07 H-D custom build Most Original - Dennis Colvenback ’41 H-D WL

Best of Show Chris Galley ’59 Harley-Davidson XLCH Custom Bobber

As the day drew to a close, those who choose to cruise fired up their rides and enjoyed a New York State Police escort to the Dunkirk Boardwalk Market. Cold drinks, great food and a cool breeze over a Lake Erie sunset made for a fitting end to Gowanda Harley-Davidson’s first Kustom Kruise-In. A little rough around the edges. Working after hours on their rides in the local garage. Pierced and inked. Shadowed in a world of chrome, baggers and high dollar customs. Rest assure, black runs deep through these ‘old souls.’ Family traditions are being passed down.

2535 Gowanda Zoar Rd. Gowanda, N.Y. 14070









7th Annual Cancer Fund Run Cornerstone Church parking lot on Hwy 301 across from Peddlers Village. Reg. from 9-11am. Leave at 11am for a nice country ride to Castalia Fire Dept. for free food, music, bike show, door prizes, 50/50, other drawings, and lots of fun. All proceeds will go to cancer patient. More info:


Pancake & Sausage Breakfast at Collier Harley Davidson - 316 Premier Blvd. Breakfast starts at 8:30 am - all you can eat for $5.00 Event sponsored by Roanoke River HOG For more info: 252-537-6493





Honor and Remember 2nd Annual Veterans Ride Ride to the VA Hospital in Hampton, VA. Reg. 9-10:30am - $5 per person & one donated item. Ceremony, cook-out & raffle drawing at 12:30 Contact Skip: 434-2154


Veterans Day Open House Celebration at Ray Price Harley-Davidson - 1126 S. Saunders St. Annual pig cook-off in conjunction with Veterans Day Open House, live band, vendors, BLOOD DRIVE, door prizes. Celebrity judges will be on hand. For more info: 919-832-2261 or


27th Annual Children’s Hospital Teddy Bear Run Sponsored by Blue Knights VA III & Dr. Pepper. Ride starts at Colonial H-D at 1pm 1701 Temple Pkwy. and goes to Children’s Hospital. Blue Knights are raffling an HD motorcycle. For more info: 804-861-4700


23rd Annual Toy Run Help support area children through the Salvation Army. 928 N. Winstead Ave. 252-446-7292

WILMINGTON, NC Bubba Blackwell Stunt Show Carolina Coast Harley-Davidson




The 6th Annual Christmas Cheer At New River Harley-Davidson - 2394 Wilmington Hwy. Reg. at 9:30am. $20 per person. Door prizes and more. For more info: Katrina - 910-938-5480 or


14th Annual Ina Fitts Memorial Toy Run Meet at Team Powersports - Hwy 70 East Ride leaves at 10: 15 promptly. Unwrapped toy - $15 Group ride from Wal-Mart to Salvation Army. Floyd Baker: 919-779-9481


Collier’s Black Friday Collier Harley-Davidson - 316 Premier Blvd. 8-9am 25% off, 9-10am 15% off, 10am-6pm 10% for all the details: 252-537-6493


Beach Music Festival at HB Spokes 1111 Hwy 9 E. For Becca. Starts at 11am - $15 The largest Myrtle Beach biker bar! Featuring Jim Quick & Coastline, Mark Roberts & Breeze, Craig Woolard Band. 843-399-2453


Annual Kennedy Home Toy Run Harley-Davdison of Newbern - 1613 US Hwy 70E. 252-633-4060


The 13th Annual Grumpy Old Men Toy Run Held at Newsome Storage - new wrapped toy or donation. Raffle, prizes, food drinks, fun. For more info: 843-383-0972



6th Annual Tank Museum Indoor Car Show Will be held at the Tank Museum - 3401 US Hwy 29B. DMC bike stunt show, stereo competition, Trophy Tank car competition, raffles & more Call: 434-836-5323

Pancake and Sausage Breakfast at Collier HarleyDavidson - 316 Premier Blvd. Breakfast starts at 8:30 am - all you can eat for $5.00 Event sponsored by Roanoke River HOG For more info: 252-537-6493


21st Annual Wayne Co. Motorcycle Riders Toy Run - meet at Berkley Mall at 12 noon. Bikes pull out at 2pm. Minimum of one new toy per bike. Party to follow at COUNTRY TIME TAVERN. 2006 N. William St. Music, 50/50, food, door prizes. More info - Cassey Wood: 919-738-2308 or contact Pati Askew: 919-273-6900



Hog Toy Run & Open House Shelton’s Harley-Davdison - 1073 Industrial Pk Dr. 919-731-2776



3rd Annual Turkey Run At New River Harley-Davidson 2394 Wilmington Hwy. Ride departs at 11am. Donation of a non-parishable food itam. 85 mile ride. For more info: 910-346-9997


16th Annual Toy Run Batchelor’s Tavern - Hwy 64 Alternate. Run leaves at 2pm. RAIN OR SHINE Bring a toy and join in the fun and the run to Ephesus Baptist Church and then back to Batchelor’s. + HOG COOK-OFF gas vs. wood 50/50 drawing, door prizes, food and fun! All proceeds go to Tar River Baptist Association. Danny - 252-382-0721 or Bonita - 252-908-1943 Batchelor’s - 252-478-3375


Pancake and Sausage Breakfast at Collier HarleyDavidson - 316 Premier Blvd. Breakfast starts at 8:30 am - all you can eat for $5.00 Event sponsored by Roanoke River HOG For more info: 252-537-6493

For more events and up to the minute listings: &

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