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Many of you out there probably do not know that I, L.J. James, am the Son of Pappy (Freelance writer on the Biker Lifestyle)! Hell, I didn’t know till’ ‘86. Well I knew, I just didn’t know him! Pappy and my Mother got separated when I was young and I didn’t see Pappy from around ‘76 till ‘86. When I met him he wasn’t even known as Pappy yet! That came later.

I had lived with my Mother and step-Father on Long Island in NY till the Summer of ‘86. I had always been into Bikes and the life style. Many times after getting into some kind of trouble I would hear the saying, “He is just like his Father”. Little did I know at the time just how true it really was! After getting into some more teenage trouble (you know the deal, drinking,staying out late, getting brought home by the cops 2 or 3 times). My Mother figured it was time for me to meet my Father. So in the Summer of ‘86 at the age of 15, I found myself flying up to Rochester, NY to meet my Father! When I first met Pappy he owned a large house and he rented out rooms in the house to college kids and other bikers. Almost as soon as I got there, Pappy started teaching me to ride a motorcycle and probably just as important if not more, what the words Respect, Honesty , Loyalty and Brotherhood mean in the Biker World. I can still remember clearly one time at a John Fogarty Concert; Me, Pappy and a few other bikers where in the parking lot looking at Motorcycles. I saw this really cool bike with this paint job that was just unbelievable. I went to touch it and Pappy grabbed my hand looked at me in the eyes and told me, “Never touch another mans bike without his permission” and till this day I never have. The house Pappy owned was well known by many of the bikers in the area and was the place many large party’s where held. It was not uncommon to find a bunch of bikers sleeping in the living room any given morning. These bikers like my “Uncle” Trey where family to me and when they said, “He is just like his Father” it gave me a feeling of overwhelming pride! I have always loved hearing the stories these true Brothers of the biker world would tell me. I feel the old Biker stories need to be saved and told over and over again.

LJ and Pappy

I said at the beginning of this story Pappy was not yet known as Pappy. Well, if you remember the Summer of ‘86 you will remember the Karate Kid movie was a big hit and was on HBO, like 10 times a day. Well, as far as I could remember I had never called any- one Dad or Father or anything like that. In the Karate Kid movie they called each other Miyagi San and Daniel San! Well, thinking I was clever, I started calling my Father, “Pappy San”. He in turn started calling me, Son of Pappy and soon after everyone started calling Him Pappy!

Now many of You maybe wondering why the Hell am I telling you all this. Well as I get older and time seems to go by faster and faster there are things you want to make sure you have said! I was raised to be a Biker who not only believes in and feels the true Spirit of Biker Brotherhood! I want to thank my Father Pappy, My Uncle Trey and all the other Bikers Who helped to raise me to be the Biker I am, I am very glad to have been raised by them and I am very Proud to have grown up to be one of them !

I am Your Bro, L.J. James - BikerLowdown.com

LJ and his uncle Trey

The Stamper Wedding

Story & photos: Ron Hart

Three days leading up to the wedding of lee Stamper and Laura Leach.

Everything kicked off with Mikey Teutul’s art show at Jacks on the waterfront of Morehead. Meeting Mikey was a blast, not like some of the other TV types that are all stuck up and full of themselves. Mikey is one down to earth cool dude and I enjoyed hanging out with Mikey, Rick, Duke, Kirk, Dave, Scott, and many more of Lee’s good friends. Later that same evening the party moved to the Ruddy Duck for lee’s impromptu Bachelor party with Jägermeister shots for everyone. The next day was followed by a cook out at Knuckelheadz, Scot really did a number on the chicken and it was one great day full of fun leading up to the rehearsal out on Emerald Isle.

Far left...Rick, from Orange County Choppers

Friday was here and so was the big day for Lee and Laura. Lee and his friend spent the earliest part of the beautiful spring day on there bikes out and about on the coast of North Carolina enjoying the weather. Later that afternoon the guests started arriving at the beach house for the wedding. What a wedding it was, too. Down only yards from the ocean, Lee and Laura exchanged there wedding vows on the white sands of the Crystal Coast. The reception went on late into the night calibrating the union.

Scott Grady (Knuckleheadz Kustomz) hanging out with Mikey and Lee.

Mikey showing off some of his art. (a self portrait). He is also a stand up comedian.


Lee Stamper (far right) of Milwaukee Iron and Orange County Choppers fame ties the knot.

Standing room only in the clubhouse.

Story & photos: Ron Hart

Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson. How about Ranger, by Invacare? This is the Ride of Catherine Haburay Gibbons. Her ride is not by choice or for the fun of it, her ride is of the necessity of being bound to a wheel chair. Now, I want you to know that if any of you ever have the pleasure of meeting this young lady, you are sure to be inspired. I know I was. Catherin’s 15 year old chair was starting to show it’s age and the corrosive wear and tear of sea air and living on the coast was taking its toll. Her chair, named “Bad Kitty” is tough getting insurance for and a new chair is a nightmare to get insurance to cover it...upwards of 10,000 for a custom chair. One night Catherine and her husband Larry were watching TV when they saw an advertisement for Knuckleheadz Kustoms in Morehead City, N.C. A few days later Larry and Catherine was at the Knuckleheadz shop picking out colors. The guys at Knuckleheads took it amongst themselves to go way above and beyond the requested paint job. T.J. Willis of Eastern Auto Body, disassembled, stripped and put on one slick coat of Shimmering Purple Passion Paint. Beth Reid and Cathy Styron of Crystal Coast Interiors took her seat to recover. What they brought back was a piece of art. They covered it in white leather with a purple bad kitty inset in leather. Let’s not forget the guys at Knuckelheadz, they cut and installed custom diamond plate side panels, painted the wheels and reassembled this work of art. When Larry and Catherine came to pick up her “Bad Kitty”, they were so surprised. They were expecting a paint job but what they got was a real work of love. “Everyone put there all in this project” said Scott Grady. Their biggest shock was to come when they picked up the bill... “No Charge and God Bless” This goes to show you just what kind of heart these guys have. Her Quote Catherine Haburay Gibbons April 7 at 2:27pm My husband and the people at the shop were very good at keeping a secret so I had no idea what the chair was going to look like. I was very excited to see it and was surprised that they could get it done in such a short time. Although I picked out the color, the people at the shop decided on all the accessories which really fit my personality. I can't say "Thank You" enough to everyone at the shop that worked on my chair and their great generosity. It makes me happy and I hope to use it for many years. The guys and girls at Knuckleheadz Kustomz are awesome!!

Before above... & after right!

Auto Sabrina Williams Agent





Shelley Milburn Agent

Call us for LOW RATES on motorcycle insurance! We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia



The Doghouse Sports Grill Bike Nights story: Johnny King Nestled amongst the stores at Brentwood Shopping Center, on Ward Blvd. in Wilson, is a small restaurant called The Dog House Sports Grill. Tables are arranged out front for those that want to enjoy the outside and smoke, while inside you will find the walls decorated with pictures of local high school athletes throughout the years. Once inside and seated at a booth or table, you will remember times gone by and friends from years past, while glancing around the walls at the photos. When ordering you will find a wide variety of delicious options to choose from. If you are there for a little liquid refreshment from a day of riding, then head on back to The Dog Pound in the back, there you will find the bar and a flat screen TV for your viewing enjoyment. The Doghouse has a variety of beverages to quench your thirst and a great atmosphere, as well as, being family orientated. On April 23rd, owner/operator Steve Raper, was on pins and needles waiting for 6pm. All the preparations had been made, the band was setup, and an outside bar was manned and ready with ice cold beer awaiting the grill’s first ever Bike Night. Flyers had been put out, friends had told fellow bikers, as well as, acquaintances on Facebook posting announcements of this event. Steve was nervous as to the outcome. At 6pm the first bike arrived and by 8pm when The Black Creek Band started playing the grill was well on its way to having a successful Bike Night, with over 200 people coming out to enjoy the festivities of the 1st ever Bike Night. Bikers from: Southern Iron, Iron Order, CBA, and several independents, as well as, several members of the community came out to party at The Doghouse. By 9pm the patio area was filled and people poured onto the sidewalk listening to the sounds of the band and having a rather large time. At 10pm door prizes were passed out to those holding the winning tickets and Ricky Tant (State and Founding President of Southern Iron MC) was the winner of the 50/50 drawing.


photos: Johnny & Doobie

Steve and the girls!

...and Paisley’s Promise With the 1st Bike Night over Steve decided that every Friday night will be Bike Night at The Doghouse. Allowing some place for local bikers to go on Friday nights and have a cold one while enjoying each others' company. With that arranged, Steve set his sights on the next big event at the grill: Paisley’s Promise.

Tommy Redd

Paisley Star Ferrell is a 9 year old little girl that was diagnosed with FSGS (a rare kidney disease) at the age of 4 ½. A benefit to help her was planned and set up for May 14th. While waiting for the event date to get here, Paisleys mother got a very welcomed phone call from the hospital, telling them they had found a kidney for her little girl. So, on May 2nd, Paisley went to Chapel Hill, N.C. for the kidney transplant that hopefully will aid her in overcoming this dreadful disease. Paisleys’ mother had acquired a lot of door prizes to be given out throughout the night; we had a 50/50 drawing, and a silent auction of several very interesting items, including a basketball signed by the Harlem Globetrotters and a guitar signed by Emily Lou Harris. The money would go to help pay Paisleys’ medical bills. The event started at 6pm with Anthony ‘Ant’ Atkinson signing autographs for the kids and the public, until 7pm. Ant as he is called was a member of the Barton College NCAA Division II Championship, and is now a member of the Harlem Globetrotters basketball team. After the autographs had been signed, John and Mark Bunn, a father and son team took center stage playing guitars and singing for the growing crowd until 8pm when Easy St. took over. The crowd was growing fast and the grill overflowed, not only onto the sidewalk but well down the common area with people from all walks of life. Bikers where there to do what they do best, help out someone in need. There were bikers from all around the area and some from out of town that had heard of this fundraiser and rode in to lend a hand to this little girl. Members from Southern Iron MC, Southern Sin MC, Iron Order MC, CBA, Ghost Riders MC, and many independent bikers showed to show their support for this much needed benefit. All though the evening during the bands breaks, Paisleys’ Mom and some other volunteers would take the stage and call out names for the door prizes. If you weren’t there it didn’t matter for they had the tickets with the winners’ name and phone number on the back. The winners were called so they could make arrangements to get their prizes. At 11pm the 50/50 drawing was done and the winner was Adam Crawford in the amount of $161.00. Adam was called by a friend and he came back out to collect his winnings. Once given the money Adam gave $50.00 back for Paisley. The silent auction went over very well with the top bidder being Tommy Dorsey who spent $410.00 on items to help little Paisley out. As the benefit came to a close a total of 700 people had come out to help little Paisley. All in all, the Doghouse Sports Grill has had a few bands on Bike Night and Karaoke on some evenings and it has been successful each time. So, if you are out riding on a Friday night and feel the need for a cold one, head on over to The Doghouse Sports Grill, sit down, order from the menu and enjoy a cold one. Steve would like to thank everyone for coming out on Friday nights and to let all know that there will be a full slate of entertainment throughout the summer, just call (252-234-7747) for details as to what is going on that particular week. And remember the grill is open on Saturdays until 5pm, as well.


Easy Street


Come out to “Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz” for a Bike Night experience like no other! Every Bike Night is unique and has it’s own flair! Every Bike Night we will be giving away awesome prizes from our sponsors listed above! While you are there, get your Bike Night card and have it stamped. This increases your chances for “Super Prize Packz” that will be given away at the Bike Night finale at Bonedaddy’s Hideaway in Raleigh, N.C. on 11 September! Come out each and every Bike Night and spin the Behind Barz Wheel for lots of other great prizes that will be given away from our sponsors listed above, too!!! Everybody gets to spin! For more info go to: www.behindbarz.com Our second “Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz” was at Collier Harley-Davidson in Roanoke Rapids. (The only Harley Dealership that treats you like family!) We had an awesome turnout! Thanks to all of you who came out and thanks to all the vendors who were set up and help make this event a huge success. Thanks goes out to Russ & The Bud Girls, the Stray Kats Car Club, Kathy with Honor & Remember, Jimmy of 911 Electronics, Ray of Cantejas Art, Superior Insurance, Ms. Softail, Marvin of “Dudz”, Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine. Collier Harley-Davidson hosted one heck of a Bike Night with free beer and wings throughout the evening! Unheard of anywhere! Make sure and mark your calendars for the next “Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz” at Good Tymes in Rocky Mount on July 8th and then it is on to Redmon;s in Goldsboro August 12th. Horice at Good Tymes will have live bands, free food, beer specials, slow race contest, wienee bite contest, great giveaways and a 50/50 raffle. On August 12th, come out to Redmon’s on Center St. in Goldsboro for the 5th in the series of Bike Nightz. Redmon will have FREE food and beer specials. The Bud Freightliner will be on hand, as well as lots of vendors. Please check the website for more details. Bike Night photos from Collier H-D are on page 18 and 19. Go to our website for all the details & more photos.


Tar River Basin CBA The Tar River Basin CBA has been very busy in the month of May. Not only did they get Walstonburg, Tarboro, and Rocky Mount to announce the month of May was going to be Motorcycle Awareness Month, but they also have hosted two events. With the last day of April and the start of May, CBA hosted their annual Swap Meet at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. This event has usually been in February, but they decided to move to warmer weather. This year the difference in dates was not the only change. This year they also offered camping, beet, and bike games. This event started on April 30th with the gates opening at noon, with a small group coming out on Friday to check things out. The Swap Meet started out slow. Saturday brought sunny skies and extremely warm weather which is perfect for riding. CBA with several vendors were all setup for the people arriving to see what was offered and possibly participate in one or more of the games or contests that would be going on that day. The bike Show winners were ready to be announced and all those interested came over to congratulate the winners: 1201cc & up-Wayne Fuller, Stock 1200cc& under-Scott Talbot (8 Balls Cycle shop. After the event Scott Talbot was contacted and asked if he would be willing to display his bike for Budweiser. Scott Built the bike from the ground up.), 1200cc-Tammy Johnson, Trike-Willard Norse, Custom Rommie Riddle, Touring-Billy Hammock, Rat and Best in Show-Ronnie Williams. After the event Scott Talbot was contacted and asked if he would be willing to display his bike for Budweiser. Scott built the bike from the ground up.)

Protect Your Right To Ride ...Join The CBA Today!

Puddin’ wrestling

Billy Hammock Touring

Scott Talbot (8 Balls Cycle Shop) with trophy Once the Bike Show was over and the trophies passed out Puddin' Wrestling was next on the agenda for the day. With Cecilia winning with her mastery of wrestling (evidently this gal watches WWE). Without much of a break between we headed over to the Tattoo Contest, with Nick Ward (Guardian Brotherhood) taking Best over All Tattoo. As the games finished up The Doghouse Retreat was gearing up to play for everyone till closing


Then on May 22nd they hosted the CBA Gun Raffle and Poker Run at Wendy Trails in Stantonsburg. With the threat of rain things started out slow but by 11am we had close to 70 bikers in the run, leaving out of Wendy Trails. This year was a new route and different stops with the first being at George’s Lounge in Bell Arthur. Once cards were pulled and a little rest we proceeded to East Carolina Custom Cycle in Greenville. After selecting our cards we saddled up and headed to The Chill & Grill in Squffleton. With on last stop in Snow Hill at The Ole County Store, we chilled a bit before heading back to Stantonsburg and Wendy Trails. After the riders’ last card was selected they proceeded to the bar for some cold drinks to wash the dust of the ride down. Participants in the event included members from Southern Iron MC. Tuscaroras MC, Guardian Brotherhood, Dragon Slayers MC and Ghost Riders MC. Prizes and awards were passed out after a meal of hamburgers, hot dogs and Grasshoppers beer can chicken.


Grasshopper’s ‘Beer Chicken’ Best hand went to Billie Gardner and Worst hand went to Tom McLaughlin. All proceeds from the People’s Choice Bike Show were given to the widow of Ron Jansen who was Legislative Co-coordinator for CBA, who passed away in April from brain cancer. The total contribution to the Jensen family was $228.00 with the winner of the Bike Show being ‘Big Mike’ Bullock with $74.00 in votes. Last but not least the 50/50 winner was Rusty Semones. After all awards and door prizes were passed out, Pleasure to Burn cranked up for an evening of music, dancing and fun. So once again Tar River Basin CBA pulled it off with a lot of fun for both events. Way to go guys…So if you weren’t there you missed two great parties in May.


Look for more Bike Night photos on the Behind Barz website: www.behindbarz.com


GREETINGS FROM PASTOR THUMPER Eat sleep, ride, is there anything better? Well, with “the Thumper” it may be eat, sleep and pray. I find myself praying a lot for our biker family lately. As the riding weather stays in high-quality, we have many riders throughout North Carolina going down on their bikes; some minor and some major. I stay in prayer that all that ride will stay safe and have an enjoyable day on their bikes. We are targets it seems by some cars and trucks that we share the road with. Let us not forget the deer that cross the roads at a bad time, like when we are on the roads with our bikes making a late evening run. How about we all as a family of bikers take some time to look and see what surrounds us as we ride the highways and byways. It seems that we have to look out for things that could cause a dilemma for us. The general driving public seems very weak at looking out for bikers. This brings me to what is on my heart that I wish to share with all my biker family. As you know, Thumper has a great devotion for the biker and club families. My question to you is “where are you at with the Lord”? You know that He loves you unconditionally. Yes, whatever you are doing, wherever you ride, or how hard you party, Jesus loves you. He might not like what you do, or how you act sometimes, but He loves you more than you can imagine. Even I had to realize this years ago. When I was in my BC days (before Christ), I found that God loved me and looked out for me with all my faults. Trust me, I had many. There was a time in the past when I had to spend time in police cars, jails, and hospitals, oh yeah! Thumper is a redeemed heathen from the old school. Drunk or high, my pick of drugs like LSD and pot is what kept me going. Even then, God was watching over me. I found unconditional love from my Savior as I tried to improve my life on my own. I worked hard, rode hard, and lived hard. It got me nowhere that would benefit my life then or in my future. Then I made that choice that I speak to you all about occasionally. I asked Jesus into my heart. Guess what, life got harder the more I tried to live right the harder life got for me. I did not expect this. However, I also found that I had to grow in the love of Jesus Christ. I had to learn how to treat people, speak with admiration to others, and act in public like something with good common sense. Hey, guys it was not easy, and still I struggle at times. I am so glad that I listened to people that new what was to come in the future for me. Now as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am still learning how to be a good person. I just have a better manager in my life now. I use to say LSD stood for (Lazy Sorry Dreamer). Now as I preach God’s word I tell people LSD stands for (Lord Sent Direct). Yes, I know the difference now, and boy do I enjoy life so much more. There is more to my testimony but I will not go there at this time.


Pastor Thumper

I have been asked “Thumper have you ever seen a miracle”? The answer is yes. Next time you see Debbie“Doobie”Sykes look real good; you will be looking at a miracle. She had cancer that was to keep her from walking, riding, and possibly take her life itself. Prayer and love is the reason Doobie is with us today. If you are reading this article, you are looking at her magazine. As you may know by now Doobie is riding her trike in the highways and byways, thanks to the Lord and a group of men at the Biker Barn. Many people prayed and cried for this young lady and God not only showed up but also showed out on her behalf. Oh yes, this is what we call a miracle. I am also asked how I know God is working in my life? Well it’s simple, You see, you walk, you breath, you talk, you ride your bikes, you party, you fellowship, you laugh, some cry, you desire better things, you are alive and about doing all kinds of things. These are just a few things God has given to you freely; it’s your talents and abilities to do these simple tasks that God has blessed you with. Try doing any of these things without your talents or training that someone guided you to do. Yes, that is God working in your life right now. I bet you never thought about that.

and so does Jesus Christ. I have also been asked what I consider a very important question, how will I know it is my time to change my life style and live for Jesus? (“You know the one you say who loves me just as I am.”) And I will say to you, only you will know when. I can’t make you, nor can I tell you this is your time. Your heart will be the things that will trigger your mind to say (It’s Time). But please do not take much time in your decision. We do not have much time in this world. We are not promised tomorrow or even the next hour. What if for some unknown reason your life was to end today? Where would your eternity be? What would you want the preacher to preach at your funeral to your family, Heaven or Hell? Listen folks life with Jesus ain’t bad. You may laugh a little more, not worry as much; you may even be blessed a little better with your finances, you might even gain better health. Who knows, there might be a new motorcycle in the future. The door is open to many changes that are possible in your life. You do not have to change your way of dressing, or your passion for motorcycling. Trust me your heart will change the way you look at things. The question is what do you want out of your life? Please take time to think these things over and make a heart felt decision. It’s your decision no one else’s. Only you have the authority over your life, so in the name of Jesus; use it, and use your authority now. If you would like to contact Pastor Thumper, go to thumperdixon@embarqmail.com.

I would love to talk with you. Till we meet in the road or at a gathering, stay safe, ride hard, and be blessed. Hey and let’s not forget the businesses that advertise in the Behind Barz Magazine. They would be a good ride destination. Remember Thumper loves you, and so does Jesus Christ.

With Kickstands up Thumper

Ghost Rider Memorial Weekend Party The Ghost Riders MC had a weekend party at the Wilson Clubhouse over the Memorial Day weekend. By early Saturday, the grounds were packed with tents and campers ready to party with brothers, family and friends for the weekend. Club members from: Tennessee, W. Virginia, as well as NC Chapters (Nash, Edgecombe, Dublin, Scotland, Lenoir, Rockwell, and Wayne Counties, came out for the weekend party. Other groups attending included: Doctor town Guard MC from VA, Tuscarora MC, Southern Sin MC, Iron Order MC, and Tar River Basin CBA to help the Ghost Riders nation in their Memorial Day celebration. Close to noon a variety of bike games started going on. (Slow Ride, Dakota, Lenoir Co GR; Bike Show, Demo, Lenoir Co GR; Balloon Toss, Diesel and Gizmo, Tennessee; Weenie Bite, Red and Susan, Tennessee; and Horse shoes, Bull And Rooster, W. Virginia).

Slider unloading supplies (check out the transportation)

Shortly after the finish of the games Doc (Lenoir Co GR) had finished with the grilled chicken and the dinner bell was rung. You had a choice of BBQ chicken or BBQ (Old Hickory) with several sides to choose from. If you wanted something a little lighter the Club also had baked ziti, hot dogs and hamburgers in the bar for anyone interested. At 8pm the band ‘One Way Glass’ cranked it up to get the party charged up with some great classic rock tunes. These guys play some mean Led Zepplin and got the party on their feet and charged back up. After the second set the door prizes, as well as, the trophies to the winners of the afternoon games were handed out along with the trophies for the most riders (13 riders) and the most members present 15 members) all went to W. Virginia. The party continued well in to the early morning hours, well after the band had packed up. The Ghost Riders always put on a great party with all coming out prepared to stay the night, as many of the guests did. The games are fun, the food was excellent as usual, the band was outstanding and the hospitality was as always excellent. Thanks guys for a GREAT time.

Demo, Lenior Co member winner of the slow ride

All the comforts of home. Trying to escape the heat of the day

Stormy ready to serve

story & photos: Johnnie King Red and Susan with the winnning bite



Kendra Cox from Revolutionary HD



Run for the Fallen Saturday May 29, 2010

What does a red blooded American boy want to do for his 15th birthday? Most would want to be thinking of themselves and having all the attention be on him. Lukis Weaver is the exception to that rule, evidently. Lukis turned 15 on May 28th, 2010 and for his birthday he made his wishes clear. He WOULD attend the Run for the Fallen for NC. The event scheduled for Saturday after his birthday would be a day he chose to remember the sacrifices of the service men and women who gave ALL. Lukis even recruited his friend Malek and of course his mother. He joined people from all walks of life including members of the USMC bomb squad, Mayor of Ayden, NC, Mothers and Fathers and other family members of the fallen and those who just wanted to show they cared and remembered. The weather was perfect and the walkers determined. We would walk a mile for every soldier from North Carolina who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Oh course Kathy Moore, who has organized the Run for three years was present along with countless others. This day was all about Honor and Remember. Honor and Remember is more than a nice term it is also a movement to raise a flag, a special flag for service men and women. The flag has the Gold Star in the center and should be given to all families who have paid the price for our freedom. Kathy Moore is the state chapter President for Honor and Remember. She has begun the tireless task of getting municipalities to fly the flag saying they remember and support the families. Ayden, Greenville and the Kinston Indians now fly the flag. This day was also about Give 2 the Troops. Both support agencies for the troops were represented with items for sale to raise funds as well as by volunteers who came to make the Run for the Fallen a success. So you see Lukis Weaver, the birthday boy was in GREAT company on his quest to Honor and Remember those who in a time of war gave all they had for him and for all of us. If you or your MC are interested in Give 2 the Troops or Honor and Remember check out their links at BBMM.com. Please join us for next year's run on Memorial Day 2011.


National Guard walking in bomb suits.

Vets walking

Kailyn and Marc planting their flags after they walk for a fallen soldier.

story: Lisa Weaver photos: Kathy Moore Run For The Fallen star.

Honor & Remember Flag Raising On Memorial Day 2010, the Veteran's Council of Pitt County officially raised the Honor and Remember Flag. The Honor and Remember Flag is a flag honoring all fallen service member from all wars. This flag was created by George Lutz of Virginia. George's son Tony was killed in Iraq in December 2005. After his sons death George set out to find a symbol that honored fallen service members. He did not find one. Thus he designed the Honor and Remember Flag. There is now a bill in Congress (HR 1034) that if passed by the House and the Senate and the signed by the President it would make the Honor and Remember Flag a national symbol to honor all fallen service member from all wars. Kathy Moore the Gold Star Mother of CPL Ryan Russell, has started a chapter in North Carolina. She is the Chapter Director and helped get the flag raised in Greenville.

Kathy More and Chief Raymond Everett during the flag raising ceremony. If you would like to know more about Honor and Remember and how you can help please visit the website at www. honorandremember.org or contact Kathy at 252-904-6230 or email ncchapter@honorandremember.org.

Dennis hopper May 17 1936 May 29 2010

AP photo

Dennis Hopper has been in the Hollywood scene for many years and has a long list of credits to his name but he is most noted for his role in the movie Easyrider. Not only did he star in the move but he also directed and edited it, as well.





Dylan Irwin

Kara Marie Canevari

18 mo. old from Rocky Mount, N.C. Grandson of Wayne & Crystal Johnson

Savannah Beatty

Age 4 sitting on “Molly� an HD Heritage owned by Shane Beatty who was in the Brotherhood MC & died in May of 2008. Jay Beatty is her dad.

Daughter of Sean & Tracy and

granddaughter of Peggy Canevari.

Brandon Whitley 8 mo. old on Jokers bike of Nash Co. Ghost Riders MC

RED KNIGHTS World’s Largest Poker Run

On May 1, 2010 the Red Knights International Motorcycle Club attempted to break last year’s “Worlds Largest Poker Run” record for the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation (FFSF). The Red Knights NC Chapter 12 started their ride at Ray Price Harley Davidson. There were several stops along the route, Youngsville Fire Dept, Oxford Fire Dept, and Louisburg Fire Dept. The ride ended at Crossroads Entertainment in Wake Forest. There was plenty of food and door prizes as well as live music, the band……. Unfortunately, the weather was against us and we did not reach our goal. We lost 6 states due to poor conditions. However, there were one thousand three hundred forty-seven, (1,347), motorcycles across twelve US states in twenty-one different locations. In our group alone we had eighty-four (84) motorcycles; this was the largest group in North Carolina. Proceeds from the day were to benefit the Fallen Firefighter Survivors Foundation (FFSF), $1,200.00. Please visit our web site to see the pictures, http://nc12redknights.com. We still have next year!!!! Look for photos in the next issue of Behind Barz. or at their website listed above.


BOOZER England, UK


Send us a pic of your biker pet. They would love to see themselves Behind Barz! PO BOX 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856 or behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net

At 4 months old he is already a regular at Wendy Trails in Stantonsburg, NC and Oscar’s in Snow Hill, NC. Since he is still too small for his “leathers” he is sporting his Corona Extra poncho (which came on a beer bottle).

BUZZY England, UK

SANDY England, UK

BEAN Rocky Mount, N.C.

RUPE Boydton, VA.


BOOMER Holly Springs, N.C.

SPARK PLUG Clayton, N.C.

PATTY Rocky Mount, N.C.

Hi, I am 3 yrs. old. I started riding last summer and have ridden over 2000 mi. with my mom. I hang out at Heidi’s Two Wheel in Smithfield. Ms. Heidi is the best! I was born to be a biker! Ride Safe!

BB Bike Night at Good Tymes




Mark & John Bunn

Don’t miss Behind Barz Presentz Bike Night at Good Tymes in Rocky Mount on Thursday, July 8th. Starts at 6pm and goes until! Horrace Joyner has put out all the stops! Good Tymes will have FREE food and beer specials throughout the night. There will be a slow race and wienne Bite competition. Lots of ddor prizes will be given away and the BUD GIRLS will be on hand, as well. Horace is bringing in one of the hottest bands in the area...EASY STREET! Easy Street is a band that was formed about three years ago on the back deck of a friend's house. The members include lead singer Matt Whitley, lead guitarist Michael Pearson, bass player Jay Wheeler, and drummer Chris Poythress. They are a band that prides itself on good music and providing a good time to all who come out to hear them. Their style of music consists mainly of today's country. Easy Street plays mostly in the Wilson area, but we are definitely open to branching out and hitting the road a little more. Easy Street's upcoming schedule can be found on Facebook under The Easy Street Band. To contact us, shoot us an email at easystreet27893@yahoo.com. Also performing live will be the father and son duo, Mark and John Bunn playing your favorite tunes and original songs.(pictured below) They do songs for the love of the lyrics. When the guys take a break, the music keeps on going...before, during and after the show.

Easy Street

Behind Barz Friendly Businesses Many of you have requested a list of biker friendly folks, so here they are! Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine can be picked up at each and every one of these establishments. If you would like to add your business to this list, please contact us to do so: 252-314-8589



H-D of Charlotte 9205 E. Independence Blvd. 704-847-4647

Cox Harley-Davidson 2795 Hwy 134


Thumpers Performance Parts 252-943-5913



Superior Insurance 1371 S. E. Maynard Rd. 919-651-9890


Jake’s Place 10193 S. Nash St. 252-235-9994 Knuckleheadz Kustomz 5306 High St. 252-247-4700 Art Forms Studio 4912 Bridges St. 252-646-4205 Chopper Toyz 5243 B Hwy 70 252-808-2453

Gary Poole Attorney 800-942-1191 CLEMMONS Clemmons Motorcycles Inc. 336-766-4945 ELM CITY TarHeel Coatings 7444 Jobe Rd. 252-236-4271 Kolors Custom Paint 252-955-8295


Rider’s Roost Motorcycle Resort 100 Elk Creek Rd. 336-973-8405 Open: April 15th - Close November 3rd

Biker Barn Inc. Exit 1737 Hwy 64 919-269-8268


Bootleggers 121 E. Main St. 919-242-6107


Twin Performance Tuners 132 Rand Park Dr. 919-779-5890 Locked & Loaded Grill 1125 Hwy 70 West 919-661-6688


Country Time Tavern 2006 N. Williams St. 919-734-7270 Open Road Biker Gear 4752 Hwy 70 E. 919-778-7001 Redmon’s Pub & Grill 108 N. Center St. 919-330-4464 Whiskey Dick’s Saloon 2101 S. US Hwy. 17 919-580-3264


J&E Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way 252-439-1345 East Carolina Custom Cycles 918 W. Star St. 252-551-3222 Mechanical Air Inc. 3588 NC 33W 252-756-0000


Brewer’s Cycle 420 Warrenton Rd. 252-492-8553


Mike’s on Main St. 303 N. Main St. 828-698-1616


Southeastern Steel Choppers 121 Stillwood Rd. 910-455-0001 New River H-D 2394 Wilmington Hwy. 910-346-9997


Bittersweet Bikers Saloon Hwy. 301 919-222-5977


Knightdale Pawn 823 N. Smithfield Rd. 919-266-6001

Harper’s Nursery 2145 Oak Level Rd. 252-459-2189 L&L Store #6 1765 Red Oak Rd. 252-459-6161 Road Warriors Leather Accessories 252-908-0781


Harley-Davidson of Newbern 1613 Hwy 70 E. 252-633-4060



Dinky’s Dungeon 43 Hwy 252-827-1700


BoneDaddy’s 605 Creekside Dr. 919-896-6050 Ray Price Harley-Davidson 1126 S. Saunders St. 919-832-2261 Hooter’s 4206 Wake Forest Rd. 919-850-9882 C&C Performance Cycles 2412 Atlantic Ave. 919-828-8442 Toxic Customs 1214 S. Saunders St. 919-755-3699

ROANOKE RAPIDS Collier Harley-Davidson 316 Premier Blvd. 252-537-6493 Lone Star Steakhouse 270 Premier Blvd. 252-537-7092 Logan’s Roadhouse 200 Premier Blvd. ROCKY MOUNT

Jack’s Store Hwy 97 Nationwide 2455 Hurt Dr. 252-937-1888 Chico’s Mexican Restaurant 1701 Sunset Ave. 252-446-8600 Good Tymes Club Hwy 301 North 252-442-7657 Two Wheel Accessories 1727 N. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-977-9000 Budget Auto Paint & Glass 1921 S. Wesleyan Blvd. 252-212-1072 Pierce’s Shoe & Leather Repair 2447 Hurt Dr. 252-443-7206 American Jewelry & Pawn Bus. 64 252-937-4482 Ashley’s Hardware 3718 S. Halifax Rd. 252-442-7089


Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park and Eco Center 4963 Hwy 258 252-826-3186


TNT Customs 1327 Institute Rd. 252-286-4849

Blake Adams 1363 Pineview Cemetery Rd. 919-222-4431 Billy Bob’s 8136 Hwy 55 W. 252-569-1321

Dirt’s Cycle Shack 4485 George Abbott Rd. 252-566-4090 Blue Ribbon Bar 7799 Hwy 70 252-566-4000

Tar Heel Coatings 4332 Hathaway Blvd. 252-903-5001 Imaging Specialties 114 E. Main St. 252-443-9317

Freeborne’s Eatery & Lodge 14300 NC Hwy 18 S.

Heidi’s Two Wheel Cafe 1475 W. Market St. 919-989-8389

A Wing & A Chair 8805 Morgan Mill Rd. 704-753-4475

The Ole Country Store 900 Hull Rd. 252-747-6566

Saltie Dog 514 S. Fountain Rd. 252-827-5329

Batchelor’s Tavern 803 E. Nash St. 252-478-3375











Wendy Trails 585 N. Saratoga St. 252-238-2492



Behind Barz Friendly Businesses BB Testimonials - We asked some of our advertisers about the popularity of BB Motorcycle Magazine in their shops, what their customers thought about it and the kind of response they were getting with their advertising dollars. Each issue we will feature a couple of them, so you can hear it straight from the horses mouth!

This is what they had to say... Gary - Owner of The Bike Barn in Pilot, N.C.

“ Behind Barz is the only mag I advertise in...oh, there are others, but none compare! My customers love Behind barz! They can’t wait for the new issues to come out. I get calls from folks all over who inquire about my business. I can hardly keep the mag on the shelf because they fly outta here so fast!”

Gary pictured here with Doobie of Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine WILSON

CycleMax 6723 Ward Blvd. 252-291-2121 The Beefmastor Inn 2656 Hwy 301 S. 252-237-7343 Nelson’s Wrecker Service 2810 Chicken Dr. 252-234-2134 8 Ball’s Cycle Work’s 3010 Hwy 301 S. 252-237-9556 Anthony’s Italian Restaurant 3401 Raleigh Rd. 252-399-0054 Thomas & Farris Attorneys 104 West Nash St. 252-243-3000 Jerico Screen Printing 109 W. Nash St. 252-243-5370 Sacred Flames Tattoo 3461 B Airport Rd. 252-291-4828 Stairway To Heaven Biker’s Church 252-382-0721 The Dog House The Shoppes at Brentwood 252-234-7747


BHC Automotive 15374 Hwy 96 S. 919-269-9601 Creech’s Deli 11805 NC HWY 39 919-269-7731


Copper Kettle Seafood Restaurant Hwy 58 Business, Boydton 434-738-6045 Kentz Kustomz Cycles 2355 Ankum Rd., Gasburg 804-691-3151 Vital Signs of Chester 4716 Shop St. 804-748-3251 The Pawn Shop 126 W. 2nd St. Chase City, 434-372-3313 Colonial H-D 1701 Temple Pkwy. Prince George 804-861-4700 Bayside H-D 2211 Frederick Blvd. Portsmouth 757-397-5550 Pipe Dreams Custom Cycles Moving call for info 804-350-7757 RC Clark Enterprise Sterling 703-304-0398 Patriot Harley-Davidson Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax (703-352-5400) BK Kustoms (804-691-3730)


Hamburger Joe’s 1410 Hwy 17 S. Surfside Beach 843-215-9052 Nightmare Custom Cycles 115 E. Main St. Harleyville 843-462-7055 HB Spokes 1111 Hwy 9 Loris 843-399-2453 Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson 4710 S. Kings Hwy. The Harley-Davidson Shop at the Beach 4002 Hwy 17 Harley-Davidson of Greenville 30 Chrome Dr. 864-569-8032

BEHIND BARZ A real magazine in a virtual world! Give us a call today.

We have been around now for over six years and we AIN’T going anywhere! We don’t give ya a song and a dance about being bikers...that’s obvious. What we do provide is a first class biker publication! We distribute more magazines in Eastern North Carolina, than any other biker publication, period! We also distribute to Virginia and South Carolina. It’s not a secret where Behind Barz is going...just look at these two pages. We are expanding even more with each and every issue that goes to print. When you advertise your business with Behind Barz, your ad is placed in the magazine and it is also online VIRTUALLY @ BEHINDBARZ.COM ! That means your ad is on the web reaching thousands of potential customers. Customers you might not reach otherwise. That’s at no extra charge to you! It’s just another example of how Behind Barz goes the extra mile to help your business prosper. Remember, we live in the 21st century. The information highway is the web! Just about everyone who owns a motorcycle nowadays is also a surfer...and they’re surfing the web. If it’s events you are looking for, check us out on BEHINDBARZ.COM Our Events format is easier to read and the majority of the listings are local (in your backyard) not somewhere at the Tennessee line.


Motorcycle Cannonball

Coast to Coast on pre-1916 Motorcycles

Dubbed the “Motorcycle Event of The Century”, the Motorcycle Cannonball will not only test the bike’s performance but also the physical conditioning of each rider. Contestants come from all over the world for this event...the UK, Canada, Germany and the US will have representation. There will be many familiar motorcycles like, Harley-Davidson, Indian, and Triumph along with some that are not so familiar, Eagle, Flying Merkel, Excelsior, Yale, Zenith and Pope. They will be making their way across America in the Motorcycle Cannonball endurance run held in September 2010. The riders will start where the Wright Brothers made their first flight in Kitty Hawk, N.C. in 1903 and will continue on some 3,000 miles to the Pacific Ocean’s West Coast. This will be a grueling coast to coast ride and will put these antique motorcycles, typically on display in museums and private collections, to the test. The run is named after the famed Erwin “Cannonball” Baker who set 143 driving records from 1910 through the 30’s. He set his first record in 1914 on an Indian when he made the coast-to-coast ride in 11 1/2 days.

Jim Petty, pictured here with his 1915 Indian. Jim is a Carolina rider and will be a big part of this run. He has an extensive background as a motorcross racer in the 70’s. It will take a lot of endurance and careful planning to make the journey. Jim’s bike is similar to the bike that Cannonball Baker rode in 1914.

Jim Petty 864-903-2415

jepetty@nctv.com Talk about flattery... The artist of these two tats is Bill Dermody who works at Garry's Skin Grafix on Memorial Drive in Greenville, NC. The human palet is Randall Mills of Rocky Mount. THANKS RANDALL!


Sep. 10 Kitty Hawk, NC to Greenville, NC (140mi.) Sep. 11 To Concord, NC (240 mi.) Sep. 12 To Maggie Valley, NC (220 mi.) Sep. 13 To Chattanooga, TN (200 mi.) Ends in Santa Monica, CA., Sep. 26, 2010 Call or email Jim for the complete course schedule.

Free cook-out EVERY Sunday!

Please keep Theresa, Andru, Christie, Travis, Melissa, Dylan, Destiny, Krysia, and Hunter in your prayers. Also remember Danny & I and the rest of Johnny Ray's Family and friends. I feel you all know that we lost one of the best men I have ever known on May 22nd. We dont know why but we can rest assured that Johnny Ray is now looking down us and watching each of us. I will always remember his smile and his quirky jokes he would share and always having the coffee (LOL). We miss you JRay, especially Danny. He never wanted to be the only Poppie. We were suppose to do that together, you, Theresa and me and Danny but however, God has other plans. Know that those grandbabies will alwys remember you. Thank you all who have showed your love and support for this family and friends. The poem below is in Memory of our brother J.Ray Lynn James

Leathers Tires

T-Shirts Seats

Specializing in Harley’s and metric cruisers

Take Advantage of SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on accessories, riding gear, & service w/V.I.P. OPEN



252 - 977 - 9000

1727 N. WESLEYAN BLVD. (HWY. 301) ROCKY MOUNT, N.C. 27804

Johnny Ray and his wife, Theresa

The Broken Chain We liitle knew the day that God wasgoing to call your name, In life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same It broke our hearts to lose you, but in God we put our trust, In times as difficult as this, faith is such a must. You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side.

Danny James and Johnny Ray Ayscue


You left us peaceful memories, your love is still our guide, and though we cannot see you, you are always at our side. Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

Sherry Morgan on her custom painted bike. She is going to have painted on the saddle bags (in loving memory of Jody Woods and Ruthie Pruitt). Painted on it now is Hope, Faith, Support and Courage with pink ribbons. It was painted by Igor's Signs and Stripes out of VA Beach. What a tribute to her mom and best friend, who both battled cancer.


In the photo right...Sherry is riding with her husband Steven, who is stationed in the U.S. Navy.



2nd annual “Wild bill’ memorial ride Although Wild Bill Halder left us in November 2008 his memory is as alive as ever. After a moving prayer led by Scott Halder , Rick Halder put on his fathers red white and blue monogrammed helmet and his riding vest. On Saturday May 29 2010 a small but dedicated group left Newman's Subdivision in Boydton VA and headed to Tom's store in Chase City. We met up with some more of Bill's friends and headed out on a leisurely country ride. Our road captain, Lucky, led us through some twisty roads through Mecklenburg , Lunenburg and Charlotte counties. I have lived here since 1988 and I have never been on some of those roads!!! It turned into a beautiful day and a great ride. We made our pit stop at Los Bandidos Mexican restaurant in South Hill. Although the sun was scorching hot we were very comfortable sitting in the shade of their outside deck. The beers were icy cold and the salsa for the chips was spicy hot. We made our way back to The Halder Compound at the lake in Boydton and were greeted by friends and family. This ride was extra special not only because of the man who we honored but our close friends Jeff and Leigh Anne exchanged wedding vows this weekend too. As some of you know Wild Bill had a pig picking every year to honor all who served. This was the 19th year and although Wild Bill is no longer with us in the flesh his family and friends have carried on his tradition in his memory. We love and miss him greatly .


story & photos: Leslie

“Wild Bill” Halder





Freedom Bike Fest 3049 Owen Dt. Bike Rally & outdoor concert. $10 for 1 day and $25 for 4 days. Live entertainment, wall of death, vendor city, HOG Wild Girls, celebrity bike builders. 843-267-3477 www.freedombikefest.com

HONOR & REMEMBER at Texas Roadhouse 720 SW Greenville Blvd. Help support the NC Chapter of Honor & Remember 4pm-10pm 252-353-7427







4th Annual Birthday Bash at Collier Harley-Davidson. 316 Premier Blvd. Collier HD knows how to throw a party! Come out and see for yourself! Meet Ms. Softail 2010. Great door prizes, food, entertainment, bikini contest, tattoo contest, the Collier HD drag bikes and more! Call for all the details 252-537-6493 www.collierhd.com.



BEHIND BARZ PRESENTZ BIKE NIGHTZ at GOOD TYMES. Hwy 301 FREE food, bands, Bud girls, door prizes, 50/50 raffle, slow race, wienee bite competition.Come out and spin the Behind Barz Prize Wheel. Call Horace for all the details: 252-442-7657



Bike Night at the Dog House located at The Shoppes at Brentwood. EVERY Friday night is Bike Night at The Dog House! Come out for music, food, prizes and fun! EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT! 6-12pm 252-234-7747 www.facebook.com/thedoghousesportsgrill



Easyriders Rodeo Tour Wilso Fairgrounds Hwy 301 Camping, barstool races, sled pull, bike show, vendors trophie girl contest, used parts corral, beer. 800-962-9857 easyridersevents.com



The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Hernman Park off of Wayne Memorial Dr. Do not have to own a motorcycle to attend. Free food and drinks, live bands, poker run, bike show. 8:30-10am reg. Call Gilbert Baker 919-920-2754


2ND Annual Cheryl Fisher Cancer Run Benefiting Laura Carmickle. Sponsored by the EMS Angels MC Event location - Two Wheel Accessories 1727 N. Wesleyan Blvd. (Hwy 301) Reg. 10am. Last bike in at 2pm. $10/rider $5/passenger. T-shirts, 50/50, door prizes, food & beverages. www.nc.emsangels.webs.com



BEHIND BARZ PRESENTZ BIKE NIGHTZ at Redmon’s on Center St. Come out and see the Budweiser Freightliner, FREE food, beer specials & prizes. Bud fridge giveaway! Come out and spin the Behind Barz Prize Wheel. Vendors and entertainment.

More eventz: www.behindbarz.com



5TH Annual GOTC Butterfly Poker Run Reg. at Cyclemax located on Hwy 301. Bikes leave at 12pm. $10/biker $5/rider Free food at last stop for all riders. 50/50 & door prizes. Ride will end at Stairwy to Heaven Biker’s Church locted on Clifton Rd. Money will be donated to a 7 year old who battled leukemia. 252-955-5535 or 252-315-2836



Duke Eye Center Pediatrics Benefit 12 until chicken & BBQ plates for sale. Live music, prizes. More info: 252-566-4090



Jacksonville Bike Bash Coastal Plains Raceway 4744 Richlands Hwy. Gen. Adm. $10 Kids 12 & under free! Participant fee additional $10 Non stop events all day. Pro stunt shows, open drag strip, custom bike show, kids activity area, food vendors, merchandise vendors, live music & DJ. 910-389-4074


Bruce Chester, VA.

Behind Barz t-shirt.

Froggie Merritt

was seen at the Ghost Riders Memorial Day party with her BB sticker and won a $25 gift card to Cycle Max.

Roanoke Rapids, N.C. $25 Copper Kettle gift certificate

Patricia Howard Lucama, N.C. Behind Barz tank

Nashville, N.C.

Behind Barz t-shirt!



remember...you can’t win it if you don’t stick it! 54

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Behind Barz July-Aug 2010 issue  

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