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JAN-FEB 2014


Mardi Gras Fat Saturday at Collier H-D 22 February details inside!


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Happy New Year!!! All of us here at Behind Barz Mag wish you and your family a very happy, safe and blessed new year! We have a new Feature Section here in BB Mag called, “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover”. Please check it out on page 20-21. Moe and I are planning on doing a book with that very title sometime in the near future...until then, we will feature one individual each issue as a teaser. Hope you enjoy! As always, please stop by each of our advertisers and let them know you saw them in Behind Barz. Thanks for your support of us and for your support of the many toy runs in the area this time of year. Because of you, many families had a very happy Christmas! If you or your group have an event coming up, let us know about it. Please send us your photos and stories about your event. Although we would like to, we can’t attend them all.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at BB Mag! We hope you enjoy this issue! Doobie We wanta send a special shout out to MONGO... We are still praying for you and hope you feel better with each passing day!


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Toys for tots in Goldsboro Sponsored by Deacon Jones Ford, Lincoln, Mercury Deacon Jones Ford, Lincoln, Mercury dealer in Goldsboro sponsored a Toys For Tots Bike Run December 14, 2013. It was a very cloudy, wet, day but that did not stop bikers from participating and donating funds and toys for needy tots. Santa and Mrs. Santa rode in on a bike leading the bikers while some elves followed in a cage with reindeer horns on the doors. All makes and models of bikes and vehicles showed up to make a difference. As the bikers came to the end of the run at Deacon Jones, a rainbow appeared in the sky. It was like a smile from above when you show love, kindness, consideration and help to those you don’t know. Like a promise kept and never broken, shown by your actions and words unspoken. The dealership provided some dynamite chili, cooked by Robert and Mike, with all the fixin’s on the side. WNCT radio 107.9 was there and broadcasted the excitement as the bikers came in. Thank you all for sharing the real Reason for Christmas, giving love to all!


story: Lady D photos: Kellie

Check out Deacon Jones on Facebook

Story: Lady D

fl25th Annual

Photoz: Todd Doss

Wayne County Motorcycle Riders Toy Run The 25th Annual Wayne County Motorcycle Riders Toy Run to support the kids started at Berkley Mall on November 17, 2013 in Goldsboro, North Carolina. A party followed at Country Time Tavern. Delicious food, 50/50 raffles and great music was shared by the band Redemption. Many M/C, R/C and independents participated. Each biker who came shared a gift that was given to the Boys and Girls Club in Goldsboro and Wayne County Uplift Domestic Violence Program. Toy Runs are a special time of giving and riding together, but each run has stories behind the ride that make it special. This year’s Wayne County Motorcycle Toy Run had “Elf’s” to help collect the toys. But did you know that these were the 4th generation of “Elf’s” to assist. Just think 4 generations of family to help others at Christmas. What a tradition to pass on!! Another little boy I want to tell you about was at the run, his name is Dagan Barnes, and he is 10 years old, in the 4th grade at Lucama Elementary. He won a bicycle at school and donated it to the toy run. What a great example for us to follow in love and giving. Each biker present had a reason to be there. Some of the reasons why they came are… Wildman -I am here for the kid’s. Someone needs to do something. This world is falling apart and we need to do something for them. Fiesti- I am here to give back to the community. Cardiac- I help every kid I can. As long as me and the crew can do it, we will. Reggie- I am here because of the cause. It is a good image for the community to know about motorcycle rides. Kris GOS-I am here to help the local kids. Cheyenne-Good cause to support the kids. When a kid opens a gift on Christmas it lights up their world. Vic- ( This biker has active cancer) I came to be a blessing and to help others. G-Thing- I am here to help the children who don’t have anything. What a ride!!! More than 350 bikes. Over $3000 was raised. The Boys and Girls Club and Wayne County Uplift Domestic Violence program said this run provided the most gifts they had ever received. They also had one more event on December 7th, a Silent Auction at Wanda’s Bar in Goldsboro. After the Silent Auction, they shopped for local families that they adopted with the money that they raised. Cassy Wood, one of the organizers, said “It was an amazing day, and I will say it again and again when times get tough bikers dig deeper and give more and more and I am honored to call them my friends!” Keep the rubber to the road! Be Safe and Always Remember the Reason for the Season!

This is a pic of the 9 year old boy that every one was so impressed with for donating a bmx bike at the toy run his name is Dagan Barnes he won the bike for selling raffle tix for lucama elementry school he said since he already had a bike he wanted to give it to someone who did not.We decided since everyone at contry time tavern had helped him win the bike there was no better place to donate it. Photo by his proud dad, Eric!


General Robert E. Lee Day at Tippett’s Mill story: Melissa

photos: Vinney

On October 12th Tippetts Mill honored a great man. It was a day to honor General Robert E. Lee. He was a man of great duty and principle. His Strategies on the battlefield earned him respect from both sides. He took his duties seriously and when things went wrong he took full responsibility. He was a man of great honor. He did not lead the Confederate troops against the union to keep slavery. He fought for the Souths right to be independent. President Dwight D. Eisenhower referred to him as as one of the four great Americans whose portraits he had hanging on his wall. Eisenhower spoke of Lee as selfless to a fault, and noble as both man and leader. He felt the world would be a better place if all men had Lee’s qualities. Robert E. Lee earned respect from all sides when he served as President of what is now Washington and Lee University. As president he had one rule: That all students act like gentlemen. All students were to conduct their behavior in a manner deserving repect. He instilled honor and pride to his students. Students became proud of who they were, and took pride in being a representative of the school. This pride in what Robert E. Lee stood for still exists at the campus today. A Very large Confederate Flag hung proudly on the side of Tippetts. Many patrons had flags on their cars and trucks. All who came to help us celebrate General Robet E. Lee and the true meaning and history of the Confederate flag knew it stood for the South’s right to be independent. The flag is a symbol and reminder of all those who fought and died for the South’s right to independence. Tippetts was honored to host a day of Southern Pride. We would like to give special thanks Paul Costa for his speech on Robert E. Lee., Rob, Judy, and Suzi for helping with the food, Superman and Cowboy for parking, and Bill for cooking the amazing chicken. Thank you to “Blue Flame”, one of the absolutely best bands around, for entertaining us all night long. We love you guys. Finally thank you to all the men who took part in our first box car race. What an absolutely hillarious event. Congratulations to Shane who took first place! It was a great day of friends and Southern pride. We look forward to next years party. GET THOSE BOX CARS READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Tri-State WindSysters Tri-State WindSysters are ladies who live in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. They are ladies who are survivors, systers and ryde Spyders. The group started in June 2013 to allow ryders in the three states to communicate with each other and ryde more! Most of the ladies are a part of the Girls on Spyder (GOS) group which is nationwide. On September 9, 2013 a group of systers met in Greenville to share and get to know each other and of course talk about Spyder bikes and experiences. What a fun time of laughter, sharing and getting to know each other. Stories were told of the jubilation they felt as they rode their Spyder past the school they retired from, feelings of freedom, being able to finally being able to ryde the roads least traveled and taking time to stop and talk with folk along the way. Ryding is like having a second childhood and knowing how to enjoy it this time around! The Spyder Systers modeled their sock monkeys and talked about the monkey personalities and interesting tidbits that have happened with their monkeys riding behind them. Every sock monkey has a story to tell of happenings good and bad, happy and sad. The sock monkeys do not argue or complain about their ryding, they do not give directions and basically just a non-verbal back seat ryder. If you are a spyder ryder and would like to join, contact Girls on Spyders on Face Book and request to join to be approved by either Faran or Leira..

Service Fellowship Hang-Out Fri . Nights 7pm until Sunday Mornings: 10am-11am hang out 11am-12pm Service

There is nothing like ryding in the wind, showing love, honor and respect to all you pass by. They ryde to live and live to ryde‌ spyder style! Lady D

John 3:16


Rev. Danny "PreacherMan" James

We are licensed in North Carolina and Virginia

New email...


7442 South NC Hwy 58 Elm City, NC 27822

10 10


Story of Story Written for Girls On Spyders

the Sock Monkey

Once upon a time there was a sock monkey named Ophelia. She would spend many of her days ryding b**ch with her momma. One day LADY Biker found to her alarm that Ophelia was missing! Where was she? What had happened to her? Lady looked everywhere for her but to no avail. It was such a sad time. You see Ophelia was the first GOS sock monkey. Many GOS systers began to speculate as to what might have happened to poor Ophelia. Had she been kidnapped, had she run away from home, had she decided to explore the world on her own or dear Heaven....had she become a Harley b**ch instead!!!!!!!!!!!!! Horrors!!!!! Time passed as everyone wondered on GOS if she would ever show up. THEN one day syster Laura Bucher was outside in her back yard just enjoying the Spring flowers and out of the corner of her eye saw something in her garden in front of her barn. It was a baby sock monkey!!!! As Laura looked closer she saw a note attached with a pin to the baby. This is what the note said: “Hey, my name is Opie. My mom dropped me off. Her name is Ophelia.” Laura gasped! She couldn’t believe what had happened! How did Ophelia get from Texas all the way to North Carolina? Mercy! She had had a baby sock monkey during that time! What could the story be? Laura took little Opie into her home. She wondered how she would break the news to Lady Biker and the rest of the GOS systers. The best way would be to post the pix of baby Opie and his note found in the flower garden on the GOS site. That way it would now be known the world over. It was such a shock to all, especially to Lady Biker. BUT the story doesn’t end there....

Tri-State Windsysters is a sub-group of Girls on Spyders (GOS). This group was created for GOS from NC, SC and GA to be able to get together and ride. The picture above left to right: Laura Bucher, who passed away in October; Lady D, Janie Harper, who is a GOS and honorary member of Tri-State Windsysters (she’s from Florida), and Kris Brewer.

The next day Laura was outside again looking at her flower garden and unbelievably found another baby sock monkey. It was Opieʼs twin sister, Olive!!!!!! Ophelia had had twins!!! Syster Laura didn’t know how to handle it all. As time went by Laura explained to Opie and Olive that there mother WOULD see them again one day. It was just a matter of time...she hoped. She asked them if they would like to go to Texas to be with Grandma Lady. Opie said yes, but Olive wanted to stay with Laura. Opie was sent to Grandma Lady! Then miracle upon miracle happened! Another post showed up on GOS. IT WAS OPHELIA!!!!!! Lady’s syster, Kris, had found Ophelia in the hospital in Texas not too far from Lady Biker’s! Poor Ophelia. She was bandaged, had broken bones, and had an IV with the line running into her beer bottle. Oh, so much like her momma, Lady! She was alive!!!!! Now Ophelia is back with Lady Biker and with her little Opie. I don’t know that we ever REALLY found out what caused Ophelia’s disappearance, but we are just thankful that she has returned home. Sock monkeys around the world are so happy that Ophelia is safe and as a tribute to her, they wanted to be proud members of GOS, Girls On Spyders! Look around, you will see them everywhere! And now you know the story of the GOS sock monkeys!!!!!!!!!! Story by Laura Bucher who passed on October 12, 2013 Member of Tri-State Windsysters and Girls on Spyders

Photo by: Jim Brewer






your Health Behind Barz

Happy New Year! Many people make resolutions for a new year. Some may say well I am going to get a physical, I get one free through my insurance and well, and I may as well get my money’s worth. So you go to the doctor, get your blood pressure taken, temperature, pulse, they check your respirations, listen to your heart then the doctor says since you are here we are going to check some blood work on you. Little else is heard as you now can see the needle going into your arm and your blood leaving your body. After a few deep breaths ask your doctor what kind of blood tests are to be performed and why. They may say a CBC, BMP, electrolytes. The questions arise in your mind as to why can’t they say the ABC’s in the right order and how does my blood work? I do the work on my bike not the blood. These ABC’s are abbreviations for blood tests. When you have routine checkups, your doctor may recommend blood tests to see how your body is working. If you are taking medicine a blood test will let them know if you are taking enough medicine.

photos: Moe, Bud, One More & Doobie


The complete blood count (CBC) is one of the most common blood tests. It’s often done as part of a routine checkup. The CBC can help detect blood diseases and disorders, such as anemia, infections, clotting problems, blood cancers, and immune system disorders. The basic metabolic panel (BMP) is a group of tests that measures different chemicals in the blood. These tests usually are done on the fluid (plasma) part of blood. The BMP can give doctors information about your muscles (including the heart), bones, and organs (such as the kidneys and liver). Electrolytes are minerals that help maintain fluid levels and acid-base balance in the body. They include sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, and chloride. There are many tests they can do to even check your heart if you have chest pain. Like check your Troponin. Troponin is a protein that helps your muscles contract. When muscle or heart cells are injured, troponin leaks out, and its levels in your blood rise. A blood product called CK-MB is released when the heart muscle is damaged. High levels of CK-MB in the blood can mean that you’ve had a heart attack. Blood tests may not be fun, but they can give a lot of information to your doctor so you can work together for good health. Blood will tell a lot about every one of us. We are truly wonderfully made. Keep between the ditches, ride safe and be blessed!

Deborah Alston RN


305 GUNS RC Anniversary The day was beautiful as the guys and gals of 305 Guns arrived at the Clubhouse to get the final little touches ready for their 8th Anniversary celebration. Upon arriving you could already smell the mouth watering aromas of pork and chicken on the grill, as the Club had their meeting before the gates opened at noon. The Sons of Confederacy had already arrived and set up to sell shirts, etc. to the anticipated guests of the RC. Family and friends of the RC quickly started arriving and helping the Club with the finishing touches around the yard to help keep their quests entertained: corn hole boards and horseshoes. Morticia arrived and set up her jewelry and was busy finishing up putting out her merchandise when the sounds of steel horses came up the road with a roar as Dixie Steel rode in. As the members of Dixie Steel unmounted their mighty steeds of iron, members of 305 Guns came out to met them all and welcome them to their Clubhouse. Shortly after the arrival of Dixie Steel members from Edgecombe County Ghost Riders arrived to help their friends from 305 Guns celebrate this accomplishment on 8 years. Guests of the Club mingled around talking to others, tossed a few bags of corn hole, threw a few horseshoes, or went inside to check out the albums of the tattoo artist that the club had in the back room offering tattoos for those looking for that new dap of ink. Around 3pm, the food truck opened up and plates of bbq, chicken, snaps, potatoes, potato salad, baked beans, and corn where offered up for the growing hungry crowd. I must say the food was out of this world. These guys can really dish up some awesome food and they weren’t done cooking for there was still turkey on the grill, as we were chowing down.



Story & photos:

Johnnie King

Trophies were awarded to the guests in certain categories: Most Riders – Dixie Steel, Longest Distance – Lacey and Amy Strickland (road from Fayetteville on a Sportster), Best Burnout – Chris Hancock (this guy really smoked up the place to where you couldn’t even see your own hand in front of your face), and the 50/50 drawing was won by Fast Eddie (Edgecombe County Ghost Riders). Shortly, after the games and trophies were handed out the band ‘The Cove’ took the stage. These guys can really rock the house, for sure. They played all the best tunes and had everyone into the music with the guests dancing along to all the tunes. I must say, they were definitely a hit among the crowd and I would definitely go see them again when I can stay longer. I must say the 8th Anniversary celebration of 305 Guns was definitely worth the ride to Tillery, NC (back roads and beautiful country), the hospitality of everyone in the Club was above exceptional (right down to watching Little Red and Baby Girl climb behind a cooler looking for a old magazine of Behind Barz). Everyone enjoyed themselves and was welcomed to the Clubhouse. I most definitely will go back again when invited. The members of 305 Guns Riding Club put on a exceptional party, awesome food, great games, and are really gracious hosts to all quests at their house. Thank you 305 Guns for a really AWESOME day of fun and brotherhood, y’all ROCK!!




HARD KNOX CYCLES 6213 MARKET ST., STE. E, WILMINGTON, NC 28405 Phone 910-769-4328






UNCLE VINNIE’S PIZZA 1012 S. LAKE PARK BLVD., CAROLINA BEACH, NC 28428 Phone 910-458-2028 TWISTED LIME 1008 S. LAKE PARK BLVD., CAROLINA BEACH, NC 28428 Phone 910-707-0870 GIBBY’S DOCK & DINE 315 CANAL DR., CAROLINA BEACH, NC 28428 Phone 910-458-3625



CODY’S III 6485 CAROLINA BEACH R., WILMINGTON, NC 28412 Phone 910-397-7700



RUMORS AT THE BEACH 5712 E. OAK ISLAND DR., OAK ISLAND, NC 28465 Phone 910-933-4451



JUMPIN JAVA 4635MAIN ST., SHALLOTTE, NC 28470 Phone 910-754-5282

PIRATES DECK 5827 E. OAK ISLAND DR., OAK ISLAND, NC 29465 Phone 910-933-4615

THE GRILLE 4736MAIN ST., SHALLOTTE, NC 28470 Phone 910-754-6190




DUKES OLD SOUTH BBQ 318 VILLAGE RD., LELAND, NC 28451 Phone 910-833-8321

JUMPIN JAVA 4022 OLD BRIDGE RD., SOUTHPORT, NC 28461 Phone 910-363-4841



DUFFERS PUB & DELI 4924MAIN ST., SHALLOTTE, NC 28470 Phone 910-754-7229

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Collier Harley-Davidson Customer Appreciation Party On Saturday, December 7th, Collier Harley-Davidson in Roanoke Rapids, N.C. had an appreciation party for their customers. Food was provided by Johnny’s Barbeque in Louisburg, N.C. What a heck of a spread! They brought pork BBQ, turkey BBQ and all the fixins, Johnny’s even brought homemade banana pudding! If you are ever in the Louisburg area, stop by and see Johhny and Lydia at Johnny’s Barbeque. If you are not in the area, it is worth the drive! Trust me on that one...awesome food! While everyone ate or walked around the dealership checking out the specials during the day, Sal Spatorico of “Eastside Sounds” provided the lively music. This was a very nice event that Collier’s held in appreciation of their customers - free of charge! On February 22nd Collier HD will be having their FAT SATURDAY event! Make sure and mark your calendars for this one! Rudy will be fixin’ his famous Gumbo and Crawfish! There will be shrimp gumbo, plain gumbo and steamed crawfish and refreshments. We will see ya there! They are located at 316 Premier Blvd. Roanoke Rapids, N.C. Give them a call for all the details! 252-537-6493

story & photos: Vinney & Doobie


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Marcus Mitchell

Stairway To Heaven Biker Church

Brandon Jack

Stantonsburg, N.C.




d up!

Anti-Bullying Festival The Royal Palace Theatre in Roanoke, N.C., was host to more than 3,000 people for the Stand Up! Anti-bullying Festival. More than 2,500 students from Roanoke Rapids, Weldon and KIPP were there on Friday, 8 Nov. to hear the message and enjoy all the fun the festival could throw at them! There was lots of music and motivational speaking, many delicious food vendors and various other vendors from around the area. They also had face painting, games and bounce houses for all the kids to enjoy. Bullying is a serious problem all across our state and the country. Many bullying attacks go unoticed or reported. This campaign helped bring awareness to the problem and helped kids and adults understand that it is not OK and there is help out there. To help share their message, Henson-Fuerst decided to partner with pop/rock singer/songwriter Chris Hendricks and professional footballer Ahmed Toure, who currently plays for Egyptian Premier League outfit El Gouna. On Saturday there was a car show and bike show with outdoor music, dancing, demonstrations and fun. Many people came together for this campaign, including: local law enforcement, the local judiciary, Hubert Pope and Pope Funeral Home, HensonFuerst and many local businesses and individuals. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. Let bullies out there, everywhere, know that bullying is NOT cool!


story: Doobie photos: Vinney & Doobie


Never Judge A Bo Interviewed by: Lady D photos: Moe

Jason "Boogie" Pearce Bikers are judged all the time simply because of the way they dress, their tattoos, maybe even because of their long hair and beards and certainly because they ride a motorcycle. It’s a fact of life that people sum up other people simply by the way they look. It’s not right. But if people can just look a little deeper, especially with bikers, they will find bikers give more to society than any other group. Many would give the shirt off their back or the last dollar in their pocket to help someone else...and they do! We are all writing our own books...the past, the present and the future is in the works. The dust jacket may be a little dirty, grungy or completely torn off but it’s what’s inside that counts! That old adage is true...Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

Hell Raiser To A Jesus Pra 20

ook By It's Cover We have all heard the saying, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” Boogie is a prime example of that saying! He is an Army Vet, truck driver and bad boy turned good! Boogie began riding motorcycles as a kid. His first bike was a mini bike with an old 3.5 Tucomsi engine. At the age of 16, he got a Honda that he hid at a friends house because his parents did not want him to have a bike. Later in life Boogie ended up in jail eight times in three months because of intoxication, disruptiveness and biting an officer. He had been running from God for seventeen years and prayed to Him that if He helped him he would give his life to God. God answered his prayers and he has never been in jail again. Boogie is now an ordained minister. He has his Batchelor of Science degree in Biblical Studies and is now working on his Masters Degree! He has also been writing music since he was at the age of fifteen. He wants to write music that people can relate to. You can check his music out on pearce He had a CD release on 4/2013 called, “Faith & Heartbreak”. His goal in life is to spread the word of God and be a blessing! He also says, I’ve been forgiven! Life is a struggle, so struggle well!



21 25


The Christmas Spirit

Happy Ho Ho Grey clouds consume the valley The mist comes rolling in Leaves are stripped from sleeping trees In the thunder of the wind Coloured light all sparkle Round the window sill Amid the blowing snow In a bitter winter chill. A choir lifts its heart to sing Amid flakes of falling snow Drifting down on endless roofs For Santa’s yearly show A tiny magic wooden sleigh Pulled by reindeer in the night So Christmas dreams can be fulfilled Before the morning light The frozen breath of old Jack Frost With icicles for teeth Blends the snow with mellow glow Around the Christmas wreath Put a Yule log on the fires Lest the water pipes might freeze Say, can you feel the Yuletide spirit Drifting on the breeze

New babies with his bloodline He has yet to see Been to busy racin’ wind Chasin’ dreams and running free

© 11/2013 Bing O’Leary RSOA ™

But being a crusty ol’ scooter tramp He knows the time is right To ride back into his hometown To be with his family on Christmas night

A guardian angel still fly’s with a broken wing Its angelic voice trembling as it sings Their wing broken by a brother down Yet strong enough to lift them off of the ground Give him the will to get back on his ride And still fly next to him by his side They continue to keep the demons away So the brother can ride another day These angels follow both you and me Always there but never seen They’re there to guide our way Make each ride safe and more so on rainy days They comfort us even with broken wings If they fall they’re replaced again it seems Prayers are delivered and answered on these angel wings Ask the brother down what blessings that angel brings

He’ll hold his new Grandchildren Set his kickstand for awhile Spend Christmas with his own kids Tell them tales of his long rides. His bedroll is holding presents He’s picked up along the way Each picked out with thought and love For his family on Christmas day © Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant 10/19/12 Road Scribes of America ™


Guardian Angels

Fred Steele © 2013 RSOA ™ Written 12/12/1991

© Lee Buddah Haverstick, Black Rose Poetry™ Road Scribes of America ™

many are sewn A ride in the northeast at the end of the year diverse also take root In mid December , as January nears sprout and bloom awakes the spirit in a special way destined to feed thundering closer to that special day to feed and feed all of a sudden ol’ Santa rolls on up to feel be felt he’s got a brand new ride some rise gone are the reindeer pulling his sleigh some never do it’s being hauled by a Super Glide ! choice bears fruit plump an’ jolly in his suit of red leather taking care of the kids, no matter the weather the time it takes no rhyme nor reason Happy Ho Ho to all, and to all a good ride ! some become bikers and ride the wind © JoPo 2012 moving on occasion Road Scribes of America ™ 2012 over untrod paths Christmas Day seeking it seems the untold story Been on the road that brews within Way to long the hope for life Knows it’s time on another day To ease his way home and home by another way

Kennedy Children’s Home 21st Annual Toy Run

There is nothing like riding your bike when the weather is not too hot, cool breeze blowin’, loud pipes roaring, and your brothers beside you to help out some children. There is a shout of joy when you win the door prize or a very nice 50/50 drawing and have the choice to keep the winnings or give it to the Kennedy Home.

Mrs. Kennedy was so devoted to the legacy of caring for children that she sold the diamonds her husband had given her each year to build a third cottage in memory of her father. Mrs. Kennedy fell ill, but the construction on the cottage was completed. Mrs. Kennedy thanked the builder and died that very night.

That is what happened on November 30th when about 750 bikers came together in New Bern to ride to the Kennedy Home outside of Kinston, North Carolina. Bikers are known for their generosity, kindness, never leaving a brother alone, and standing up for what is right. But many times when we ride do we know the history of what we are riding for?

Kennedy Home is unique when compared to Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina's other facilities. Kennedy Home includes a fifty-acre residential campus, farmland, woodlands, wetlands, and creeks. The Neuse River even runs through the property.

This was the 21st Annual Ride to the Kennedy Home in Kinston, North Carolina. The Kennedy Home is one of 19 Baptist Children’s Homes in North Carolina. In 1912, William Lafayette Kennedy, a former captain in the Confederate Army, and his wife, Emily Hardee Kennedy, gave their 1,200 acre plantation in Kinston to Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina in order for it to be used to care for children. The Kennedy Home welcomed their first child into care in 1914 and will be celebrating their centennial anniversary in 2014. Ride for Some Chaps, Fringe, Patch, Independent Soft pipes, Loud Pipes, Fish Tail pipes, Two Wheel, Three Wheel,

At the Kennedy Home, school-age children are given an opportunity to overcome personal and family problems. Yet, why do the children come to the Kennedy Home??? There are two reasons among many, which may bring a child to the Kennedy Home. One is Family Crisis. Sometimes children come to Kennedy Home due to family challenges. They have the privilege of working with children and their families to help them overcome the specific issues that threaten to tear the family apart. The second is Abuse. Children also come because the adults in their lives have let them down. Precious boys and girls suffer abuse, neglect, and abandonment often at the hands of the adults they have trusted to love and care for them. This ride presented money and gifts for these children. What an honor to ride to support those who are helping children and families in need. I am sure the Kennedy Family is very proud of the Bikers who ride to keep their 100 year old dream alive.

Side car and even a Chevy Car Hawks soaring, Sparrow singing Pecans fall, while Ants Crawl Watching, Worshipping the One above Who is looking down in Love Bikers being a blessing to some, not just one One Heart One Mind Honor Respect Ride

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31st toys for tots Sponsored by the Wingmen of Fayetteville

motorcycle ride On Saturday, December 7th, a date which will live in Infamy, the Wingmen of Fayetteville, NC sponsored the 31st running of the Toys for Tots Motorcycle Ride. The day prior, local temps approached 80 degrees and then nose dived over night bringing rain and near frigid conditions. This almost seems to be part of the tradition, also, as in the last five years the run has taken place in 2 snow storms and two rain storms. Registration was at Cape Fear Harley-Davidson on Sycamore Dairy Road, then at 2.00pm proceeded under police motorcycle escort, traveling down Bragg Boulevard, around the Fayetteville Market house, then finished by pulling into The Rock Shop. Bill Beard co-ordinated the event, city, police, permits, sponsors, radio, et al, as he has over the past several years. Bill is also serving as the club’s current President and had his hands full. Food and drink was provided at the end by The Rock Shop, who due to their facility also hosted the band Motorjunkie and the belly dancers from the Shadows of the Fire. Both groups rocked the house. Besides a bus load of toys, Johnny from the Urban Ministry was presented with $1,500 in cash donations. In addition, a young boy named Kevin, was continuing on his own with a project that began in school. The project involved raising funds for St Jude’s Hospital to assist with cancer research.


story & photos: One More

He himself has lost several family members and his dog to cancer. He spoke at a Wingmen scheduled club meeting, and so impressed the membership with his forthright attitude, that the Wingmen agreed to help sponsor his project. He was presented a check for $300 for the days event. A special award was given to Chen Davis from Tampa, Florida. Chen has just completed his 5th straight ride to Fayetteville to attend the Toy Run, though he is in not affiliated with any of the clubs that rode in the parade, but does have family in the area. He likes the Fayetteville event so much, that he plans a trip to Fayetteville based on the date of the Toy Run. All in all, with the unexpected turn of weather, the event went well. The Wingmen would like to thank the Fayetteville Police, many who rode off with Wingmen stickers on their saddlebags, the sponsors Cape Fear Harley-Davidson and The Rock Shop, and especially the motorcycle clubs who made up the bulk of the riders. They are listed as follows, in alphabetical order: Armed Forces MC, Combat Veterans MA , Infidels MC, Killer Mans Sons MC, Nam Knights MC (Tar Heel and Old North, Hoke), Silent Heroes MC, Soldiers for Jesus, Southern Riders MC, and Special Forces Brotherhood MC.

Coleman’s Original Calabash Restaurant is closed for maintenance until 14 February. Make plans to take your sweetheart to Coleman’s for Valentine’s Day! Coleman’s is a favorite of the Behind Barz Crew!

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Been There, S

Are You C

By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

I know several bikers who went down over the years, and some were killed. My driver and I were hit in September 2009, and we recently settled with our insurance company. Yes, I barked OUR insurance company. The person who hit us had coverage, but it wasn’t enough to cover my family’s financial loss as a result of being hit. Fortunately, my driver had uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to cover some of that loss. Those who ride with my driver and me know that we try our best to be safe riders. My driver says it’s not a matter of “if” we go down, it’s a matter of “when” – no matter how experienced a biker is. How much coverage do most cagers have? I think in North Carolina, it’s about $50,000 to $100,000. Bikers who were hit and injured know that emergency room bills can be around $30,000/day or more! Then there’s the cost of medical care after being released. What happens if you’re out of work for weeks or months as a direct result of being hit? It adds up and can be expensive!

Bikers for their favorite classic car by placing an unwrapped toy in front of it. Just as important as UI/UM coverage is having the contact information for a good attorney. Two very dependable and professional attourneys that you can contact are HensonFuerst and Lanier Law, both advertise here in Behind Barz Mag! We never know when a cager might hit one of us bikers, so it’s a sniffin’ good idea to keep your attorney’s contact information easily available, in your cell phone or on your refrigerator...just in case.

Back around 2008, this guy named Stan was the Safety Officer of the Raleigh H.O.G. chapter. He worked at Duke Hospital. He encouraged H.O.G. members to purchase $1 million in UI/UM coverage. My driver went home, called his insurance company, and his monthly premiums increased only a few dollars a month. He hoped he would never need to use it, but, as it turns out, he did.

Marines receiving an escort during the Ray Price H-D Toys for Tots event.


CHEWY The Biker Dog: w

Sniffed That

u Covered?

But, at the pace he’s going, I’ll probably be buried by the time he finishes. But, that’s OK because I’d rather be riding than watching my driver paw out sentences on the keyboard. For now, I’m happy to go with him to churches and events, lay next to him while he tells stories about me, and sniff people who want to meet me.

Members of Rolling Thunder at the monthly Reading of the Names. With a new year upon us, what are you thankful for? I’m thankful for life, my family, and being able to ride for my ministry. In November, my driver and I were guest speakers at Abundant Life Worship Center in Angier, NC. We started our portion of the service with a video, which featured the song “The Call” written and performed by James Bolton, a Christian Country singer/songwriter in Chesnee, SC. When the video ended, we heard sniffing in the sanctuary. That wasn’t our intent, but it seems that short video touched people. That video ended with a question: “What is your calling?” My driver spoke for about 35 minutes. He gave his testimony and a few people cried, and he told funny stories about me and my adventures – like the “slobber factor” when I ride. My driver has been s-l-o-w-l-y working on a book about my adventures and most of what he talks about will be in that book.

I’m looking forward to a good riding year! We’ll keep trying to post lots of pictures on Facebook from events we attend, and also post where we will be! These pictures are of the Ray Price H-D Toys for Tots run on December 7, and of Rolling Thunder’s monthly Reading of the Names at the Vietnam War Memorial at the State Capitol in Raleigh. The monthly Reading of the Names occurs on every first Saturday at noon. This is Chewy “IronMutt”, BBMM, reporting. Keep your tongue in the wind! Chewy

Loading the USMC truck with toys.


Sitting among three Presidents - I think President Polk wanted to pet me.


Been There, Sniffed That

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They have the honor of reading the North Carolina POW-MIAs who have not yet returned from Vietnam.

Rolling into downtown Raleigh.

Vietnam War Memorial at the State Capitol in Raleigh. Rolling out of Raleigh.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures, please visit Chewy’s Facebook page or go to:


Riders Have To Put Their Bikes Into Cold Storage.

We’re Just Getting Warmed Up.

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18th Ina Fitts Toy Run This run was started by my wife, Ina, to help the Salvation Army after they had helped us. We were supposed to have a C.M.A. Season of Refreshing event at a motel there and at the last minute the hotel rented our spot out to others. We asked for help and the Salvation Army gave us a place to hold our event. At that time, the SA had a need for more support, so it began. When my wife died everyone agreed to name it in honor of her, and now we are going on with it as the Ina Fitts Toy Run.

story: John Fitts photos: Kevin E Desmond

This year was a vary good event, meeting at Team Power Sports shop in Garner, N.C. At 11am we had about 40 bikes and an escort from there to the parking lot of the Smithfield Wal-Mart, where more bikers, (about 25 more and 4 wheelers) showed up. With time to shop for toys to fill up the suv’s about 65 bikes, and of course Santa, lead the way. We paraded through the shopping centers with police escort and it was good greeting shoppers and kids waving and seeing the smiles, happy faces and shouts of Merry Christmas. Then, we were on to the Salvation Army. There we were greeted by the people and kids with a tree to place the gifts under and stage for Santa to sit in a big red chair for pictures with the kids gathered around. They also had tables set up and food for everyone. The kids got up and sang Christmas songs. Some of the people that came to the Ina Fitts Toy Run for the first time talked about how they enjoyed this event. It was a joyful time for all. Thanks bikers for making this a great event! Bless you for blessing the kids! ...Papa John


Are You Getting Your Promised Wage? In this time of year—just after the holidays, with the fresh start of a New Year—I always take time to be thankful for the countless blessings in my life. Part of my personal joy is the work I do, protecting my Wage and Hour clients, and making sure they get their “promised wage.” A “promised wage” is what we expect when we do the work we were hired to do. The promised wage keeps the roof over our family’s heads. The promised wage is how we feed ourselves and our children. And if we are lucky, the promised wage allows us to squirrel away savings as we plan for the future. This is why we work each day. When employers don’t hold to their end of the bargain—when they don’t pay the promised wage—then all of these things are in peril. Everything from the basic necessities of life to the “American dream,” all of it is at risk.

What’s in a Promise In the United States, the concept that we can get ahead if we work hard enough starts with the basic premise that we will be paid fairly and correctly for the work we do. When employers don’t pay fairly for hours worked, that’s called “wage theft.” How do you know if your employer isn’t treating you fairly? One of the best first signs that you may be a victim of wage theft is that you feel it in your gut. Honestly, you probably know deep down if you are being cheated.

But, here are some examples of the most common ways employees become the victims of minimum wage and overtime violations (these are just some of the more common examples, and they don’t necessarily apply to every employee): Your employer has you “work off the clock” or does not pay you for every hour that you work. Unless you are an “exempt” employee, you are owed pay for every hour you work. * You are asked to do work at home, but you are not paid for it.

Many of our clients come in worried about how they can prove that they didn’t get paid fairly. Once we take your case, we’ll contact your employer for you. Your employer is required by law to maintain accurate records of your hours worked and the wages you were paid. If you believe these records were not kept or were not kept accurately, you can prove your case with documents you may have kept such as notes made in day planners, saved e-mails, and personal calendars. Your bank records, W-2s, and pay stubs are also helpful, as are witnesses who saw when you worked.

Counting Work Twice By: Maggie Davis HensonFuerst Attorneys * You are paid in “comp time” instead of money for overtime hours. * You are paid “straight time” for overtime hours. If you work more than 40 hours in a week, you should be paid time-and-a-half for every hour or part of an hour over 40 that you work. * You are paid with tips… but you are required to share a portion of your tips with the kitchen staff or the house. If you suspect you are not being paid correctly, you have the right to contact a Wage and Hour attorney to discuss how the law applies to you. At HensonFuerst, your initial consultation is free. Most cases are contingency cases, which means that you won’t owe us any money until we recover money from your employer.

Ride Safe!

There are a lot of people who are not making their “promised wage.” More than you might think. That’s a lot of people who therefore aren’t able to pursue the American Dream. It’s my privilege, to be an advocate for the “little guy” who is not getting paid everything they earned. That’s why, when I count my blessings in the New Year, I count my work twice. Not only do I work for a good company that treats me and all other employees well, but I get to fight for employees who work hard and have had one of what I consider their most basic rights violated. I get to stand up to employers who think they can get ahead by taking advantage of their employees. There aren’t many of us who get to do that, and I am proud and excited to be among those who do. Maggie Davis is the lead attorney in the HensonFuerst Wage and Hour department. If you believe you have been the victim of wage theft and would like to discuss your legal options, please feel free to call her at 1-800-4-LAWMED.


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hello my happy riders from the mind of big ed First off, let me say Happy New Year from your friend, Big Ed. This time of year when it’s cold out, some of us do some routine maintenance on our bikes. Maybe add a few extra chrome parts. Maybe even wash the dang thing. Also, a few of us find a bike to start a winter project to get us through the cold months. Me and a buddy of mine did just that some years ago. He had heard of a old Honda Shadow sitting in a mans storage shed a few miles from my house. So, we jumped in the truck and went to take a look. When we got there I couldn’t help notice in the back yard there were two beautiful bulldogs. I told my buddy, “Man, they are pretty, I got to go look at them after we check out the bike.” He said, “Ed, don’t do anything stupid!” ok....sure, I said. We knocked on the door of the house and the man came out to greet us. After some small talk, we asked about the bike. He said, it ran when he parked it and it was old and it needed some TLC. My buddy kept on talking as I started looking at the happily playing bulldogs in the yard. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to know if it was ok to pet the dogs. The man said sure...but only the brown one. The white one WILL bite you. No problem I told him. I left my buddy and the fellow still talking bout the bike as I made my way around the shed to the dogs. Both stood at attention as I got closer. I noticed a hot wire fence was between me and them. True to a bulldogs nature, the brown one was happy for me to pet him. “Good boy”, I said, as I rubbed his head and neck. You could tell right away he was a happy dog and loved attention. Problem was the white one wanted attention too. I shook my head and told the dog, “No I can’t pet you. I hear you will bite me”... like he understand anything I said. But he kept inching closer and closer to my hand. Rubbing his head on the other ones neck where I was rubbing. I said to him, “Dag, you don’t seem too bad.” Heck , he aint but two inches from my hand and he hasn’t once tried to bite me. So, I eased my hand over to pet him... CRUNCH!!!!! THE SON OF A GUN BIT AND LATCHED ON TO MY HAND!! Needless to say , it was game on! I grabbed the dog by the back of the head to keep him from snatching my hand and causing further damage. He then lugged back with my hand still in his mouth. Dag! He’s strong.

I attempt to open his jaws. Not happening! I call him a few names during our struggle for who really owns the hand. It must have ticked him off a bit. So, now it’s even more intense. So, my temper gets the best of me. Without feeling a thing I grab the hotwire fence and start wrapping the dog with it. Between the electric fence and my pulling finally the dog lets loose. I stood there catching my breath, looking at this seemingly harmless dog, as he stood there looking at me tail wagging, like he wanted to do it some more. With the wire fence barely attached the the support poles I turn around to walk away and see my buddy and the owner of the dog staring at me. Of course, my buddy has his head shaking with shame and in disbelief that he can’t take me anywhere. I, being me, smile as big as I can. You got some really pretty dogs there boss man, and the white one has some real sharp teeth. You should be proud, I said to him. He then said to me, “Well, I told you that the white one will bite you. You didn’t believe me huh?” “Naw sir, it won’t that,” I said. “I wanted to make sure he had all his teeth...and you know what? ...he does!” So, lesson learned. When checking out bikes for some two wheel freedom. Don’t feed the animals! Yall be safe ot there.



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Covering the motorcycle world in the Carolinas, VA. and beyond! Behind Barz Life...It's not a lifestyle, it's a way of life! If you live it...


Covering the motorcycle world in the Carolinas, VA. and beyond! Behind Barz Life...It's not a lifestyle, it's a way of life! If you live it...