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Miss Hometown Harley-Davidson 2012

Megan Snead 42

JAN - FEB 2012


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Doobie & Moe with Santa!

ON THE COVER: Megan Snead - Miss Hometown Harley-Davidson 2012! Look for the feature story pages 24-25. Photo - Doobie

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motor maids honor fallen firefighters The Motor Maids were invited by the International Associations of Firefighters Motorcycle Group and the Orange County Choppers to participate in a tribute ride on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 to honor fallen firefighters and those who died when the World Trade Center was attacked. The event, named the “Always Remember, Never Forget” 9/11 Tribute Ride went from Newburg, N.Y., to the “Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial” on Riverside Drive in New York City...a 74 mile ride. There were almost 4,000 riders at this event. 160 Motor Maids attended from around the country. Firfighters who came were there from as far away as California and even Europe. There were 343 firefighters who died that day back on September 11th, 2001. The tribute riders were asked to bring a fireman’s helmet to wear during the ride. Many of the Motor Maids did just that (picture below right).



Story: Glennadine Gouldman Motor Maids Vice-President Photos courtesy: Motor Maid Gale Stalter







Jacksonville Bike Bash 2011 The Bike Bash is a local motorcycle event that is held annually at the Coastal Plains Raceway in Jacksonville NC. The first Bike Bash was held in August of 2008, just 6 months after Hank and Grace Richard had the initial concept. Hank and Grace are heavily involved in the local motorcycling community and noticed that there were no events in the area where motorcycle enthusiasts could gather. The Bike Bash has become an annual event that is held on the last Saturday of August. This year’s event could not be held as planned due to Hurricane Irene and was rescheduled for Saturday, November 5th. The event contained many high energy activities including professional stunt shows, open drag strip time where the general public could take their bikes on the drag strip, burnout competitions, and an amateur stunt competition. There were also food, merchandise vendors, and a kid activity area. Each year the Bike Bash donates the proceeds to 2 organizations (1 local and 1 international). When asked where the proceeds will go from this year’s event Hank and Grace stated that “The two organizations we have chosen to be the groups our proceeds are divided between are the Museum of the Marine (our local organization in tribute to all our military motorcycle enthusiasts of our community) and The Run for The Son (which is an international missions outreach of the Christian Motorcyclists Association). The vendors for this year’s event included nonprofit groups, motorcycle ministry groups, one insurance agency, motorcycle shops, airbrush artists, phone company, kids clothing, t-shirts, radio station, and food vendors. Behind Barz Magazine also had a booth. The Bike Bash also had live music throughout the day provided by Pastor Jason "Boogie" Pearce from Wheels of the Promise Church and his band “Last Train. Even with this year’s event being re-scheduled there were over 1,000 people in attendance. There were plenty of volunteers on hand to help with traffic control, parking, motorcycle registration, helping the vendors set up, and cleaning up the raceway after the gates closed. Some of the organizations that provided volunteers were the Christian Motorcyclists Association, the Blue Knights, and Bikers for Christ. Be sure to come out for the 2012 Bike Bash. 2012 will be the 5th anniversary of the event and they are looking to make it even more adrenalin packed. If you would like more information on the Bike Bash please visit their website at http://www.jvillebikebash.com.


8 46

John M. Rambo of Time Stand Still Photography LLC

Sacred Flames is proud to announce a new addition to our business. We are expanding out from our usual merchandise and glass products and body jewelry. This new segment of Sacred Flames will be geared towards our eighteen and older patrons with selections of adult novelties of all kinds, limited only by your imagination. For a gift or personal curiosity, this new direction in merchandise by Sacred Flames will be tasteful and offered in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. Be sure to come on in and indulge your interests, whether it ne our new add-on or the professional tattoos, body piercing and artwork we have always offered.

Kennedy Jane Dean Benefit On 9-9-2011, seven year old Kennedy Dean’s life changed forever. One minute she was playing on the playground at her school, then seconds later she was suffering from a brain hemorrhage. Today (12-15-11), as I sit here writing this story, marks her 97th day on her road to recovery. She remains at Pitt County Memorial Hospital, where she continues to make tremendous progress. She is scheduled for discharge from the hospital on 12-22-2011, but her road to recovery remains a long and ongoing one. WOW!!! Kennedy will be able to celebrate Christmas at home with her family. What a great Christmas present! Kennedy is the beautiful daughter of Dwayne and Kim Dean and sister to an older brother named Hunter. On 12-3-2011, Country Time Tavern, along with family and friends, sponsored a Benefit for Kennedy. Staff from the Tavern had each cooked something special for the event. I must say, that it was some of the best food I have ever eaten. There was a pool table covered in donated items to be given away and a DJ there that kept the house a ROCK’N. There were lots of folks including many guyz and galz from the Biker Family that came out to show their support for Kennedy.

story & photos: Moe

Kennedy Jane Dean

I got a chance to sit and talk with Kennedy’s Uncle, Ernie Kirby. There is no doubt about how much he loves Kennedy. He is definitely a proud Uncle. He said Kennedy is a fighter, she has never given up. She works hard every day towards getting better. He said that he was so thankful for all the support that has been shown for Kennedy throughout this trying time. All profits were donated to The Kennedy Dean Fund to help with medical expenses. Donations are still being accepted through the State Employees Credit Union/Kennedy Dean Fund. You can keep up with Kennedy’s progress on her road to recovery by visiting Praying Together for Kennedy Dean on Facebook. Stop by and say Hi! She and her family would love hearing from you.






l a u nn

Rocky Mount H.o.g.

November 12, 2011 began a gorgeous day and excitement filled the air as the Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson H.O.G. group began its preparations for their annual Toy Run. This year would be their 25th Anniversary Toy Run and the day was perfect for riding. The H.O.G. works closely with the Nash and Edgecombe County Salvation Army to help supply the presents for the kids within the county during the Christmas season.

un r y


story & photos: Deborah Soles

Set-up was finished and the first bikes began arriving around 9:30 with a steady stream of bikers until time for the kick stands up and motors running. It looks like another successful run is on the way. Vendors were on hand to take pictures, sew on patches and offer up chances for door prizes, 50/50 and the grand prize of a new Harley Davidson V-Rod. Santa and Mrs. Claus rode in on an antique fire truck and talked with everyone but especially the children. The children wanted to tell Santa what they wanted and some had some tough questions for Mrs. Claus such as how did they make all those movies at the North Pole if it was a secret where Santa lived? Hmmmm – that took some creative and fast thinking on Mrs. Claus’ part – she told them that it was magic dust that Santa used so that they would forget how to get there! Out of the mouths of babes! At 12 o’clock sharp, the sound was given for kick stands up and motors running as the Nash and Edgecombe Sheriff departments led the parade of bikes through the streets of Rocky Mount. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus led the way with flags flying for a ride waving to the kids and adults who came out to see the bikes passing by. The ride lasted about 45 minutes and ended at the dealership complete with a meal provided by Gardner’s Barbeque. Good food, friends, and conversation were the highlight of the day. At 3 o’clock the prizes were awarded and the bike was given away but this was not the end of the H.O.G. Toy Run – there were still presents to buy! On December 10, 2011 the H.O.G. chapter gathered at the dealership for the annual trip to Wal-Mart to purchase toys for the Salvation Army Christmas outreach. Approximately 25 members prepared to go shopping and many rode their motorcycles. A convoy was on the way to Wal-Mart. Each person was given a list with an amount and turned loose in Wal-Mart to shop for specific age groups. What fun to shop for those that you know will appreciate the gifts they receive this year. What a wonderful organization the Salvation Army is! They work so hard each year, all year, to meet the needs of the people of Nash and Edgecombe Counties. One hour after beginning the shopping trip, the shopping is done and everyone is gathered at the register for check out. Oh no!!!! We have a problem. The register crashed because we exceeded the number of items for a single transaction!!!! What a wonderful problem to have. We split the transaction into two transactions and continued on our way. As the carts were checked out, the members loaded the dealership trailer outside. As the customers noticed what we were doing, many came up and gave cash donations to help the cause. These people were blessings to all us there that day. We made out way over to the Salvation Army warehouse and unloaded everything to be inventoried and placed on their shelves. The group decided to have a celebration lunch afterwards and everyone is excited about the year to come.

Happy New Year from the Rocky Mount Harley-Davidson H.O.G. Chapter!



A Visit with Jr. & Vinny The four of us left Virginia Thursday evening in the rain and fog hoping to put some miles between home and NY as we didn’t know what to expect traveling through the flooded areas of Pennsylvania along I81. We made it to Chambersburg, PA Thursday night when the sky opened up and dumped rain by the buckets full. Friday was a new, clear day and off we went ready for anything. And anything is what we got! Flooded areas in Harrisburg, detours near Scranton and long lines of traffic waiting to get around those detours! The sun was shining and it was getting HOT in our rain gear. But, we took turns shedding our gear without holding up traffic and made it through to Newburgh, NY. On Saturday, after visiting all the vendors and OCC, the four of us decided to see if we could find Paul Jr’s new motorcycle shop. I looked up the address on my trusty cell phone and Ellen plugged it into her trusty GPS and we were off! After a U-turn or two, we arrived at a fenced in lot and building that I remembered thinking “are we lost? This can’t be it, can it?” But Ellen pulled in the gate and down the drive and there on the side of the building was the logo Paul Jr. Designs. And lo and behold, there he was in the parking lot with some other bikers (male, of course) giving an interview. There was a camera and audio crew. We quickly shut our bikes off and jumped off. Just as we made it over to the group, he finished talking and headed into the building. Our very own Debi McGhee ran up and said “Hey, can he come back out for us Motor Maids who just got here?” We held our breath, waiting to see if he would answer her plea. Seconds felt like hours as we watched that door. It hadn’t been shut behind him which gave me hope of his return. Then, YES, Paul Jr. came back out and said “For you ladies who just came in, come on over. I’ll give you a few minutes then I have to get back to work I have a very important 911 bike I’m working on and have to get finished.” We ran back to our bikes, grabbed our cameras and hurried over. Debi McGhee was so excited she couldn’t get her camera to work. Silly her, it would work if she would have turned it on! Paul Jr. called her over and she got between him and Vinny and we took her picture. She was in Heaven! Next I went over and stood betweeen Paul Jr. and Vinny and Ellen Taylor and Sharon Pence came over and we all had our picture taken with them, too. We were talking to him and asking questions. I don’t know what all was being said as I was so excited and trying to remain calm and normal. Normal? What’s that? I just know that it was really great of him to come back out and talk to us.


story & photos: Deby Cash

Sharon Pence, Ellen Taylor, Paul Jr, Deby Cash (myself) and Vinny.

Debi McGhee and Paul Jr. and Vinny. I can say that is a heck of a lot more than his Dad did for anyone and he was hosting the 911 event. We asked if we could buy tshirts as he and Vinny had Paul Jr. Design shirts on, but he told us no and we weren’t allowed inside the building. Probably something to do with insurance. We didn’t push, we were all very grateful for what we already had received. I don’t know if Debi McGhee slept the rest of the weekend or not. She may still be floating on that cloud! The rest of us will never forget that little side trip either during a really unforgettable weekend that culminated in a Ride to Remember.



Wayne Co. Ghost Riders Last year Wayne County Ghost Riders dealt with sleet and snow for their 35th Anniversary Party, but this year the sun was out with temperatures hitting around 60 degrees during the day. The bikes came in from all over as well as the guests. Some of the guests included members from: Ghost Rider chapters (Lenoir, Duplin, Edgecombe, Wilson, Nash, martin, Rockwell Counties), Scorpions, Southern Riders, Tuscarora, Confederate Riders, DC Eagles (IL), Leather & Lace, Helping Hands Brotherhood Riding Club, and CBA.

36th Anniversary

The Clubhouse was filling up quick by 1pm and the parking was getting slim, but it didn’t stop the guests from arriving on 2 and 4 wheels. The food was plenty with Skidmark cooking the pig, chili in a black cauldron, baked beans, cole slaw, snaps, macaroni salad, potato salad, green bean casserole, cheesecake, brownies, German chocolate cake, chips, dips, veggie plates, and numerous other treats for the guests to indulge in. It was an enormous spread for sure and all fantastic. Around 7pm, All My Rowdy Friends, set up and started playing some of the awesome songs and a show that has brought them the title of 2011 Tribute Band of the Year. Between the breaks Frank called out the door prize tickets with some really nice prizes for those that remained for the drawing. Tammy from Leather & Lace won the 50/50 drawing . With the barn fire out back and a burn barrel out front the guests huddled by one during the breaks to keep warm if outside. The party went on till the early morning hours with all attending having a really great time. Once again Wayne County Ghost Riders didn’t disappoint their guests. Great Food, awesome band, really nice door prizes and a party to remember by all that attended. Thanks guys for a great time….


story & photos: Johnny King

Skidmark taking up the pig.

Prospect stirring the cauldron.


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Behind Barz Petz

Carmella & RayBan Red Oak, N.C.


Daisy Rocky Mount, N.C.

Macy Gray O’Rourke Belcamp, MD

Frank “Fat Boy” Macclesfield, N.C.

Send us a photo of your Behind Barz Pet email us at: behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net or snail mail us at: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

16 16


Lenior County Ghost Riders 2nd Anniversary

story & photos: Johnny King

During the weekend of October 7th-9th the Lenior County Ghost Riders hosted their 2nd Anniversary Party for all their friends. Nestled out in the country outside of Ayden, the Clubhouse is in a great location. The guys had worked had getting everything ready for their guests for the party, including members from: the Ghost Riders (Edgecombe Co., Wayne Co., Scotland Co., Richmond Co., Duplin Co., Nash Co., Wilson Co., and Nomads), Scorpions, Templars, Leather & Lace, and CBA, not to mention several independent riders and friends of the Club. Guests walked around, set up tents for the night, went to one of the 2 bars open for liquid refreshments, laughed, joked, and enjoyed the wonderful weather of the weekend. The Club served up BBQ, deviled eggs; Club fired hushpuppies, cole slaw, fried chicken, cabbage, string beans and potatoes. All extremely, delicious and more than you could eat. Prospects were on hand to help get your drinks for you so you didn’t have to leave the conversation you were in with other guests. Around 7pm the band C-4 took the stage and the crowd was having a pretty good time listening to the music. At first break the Club started calling out door prizes and the 50/50 winner. Felicia Adams won $82.00 from her winning ticket from the 50/50. The highlight of the night was when Slider in all his glory and silliness put on one of the door prizes to model for the Clubs guests. You never know what this guy will do to get a laugh and that is exactly what he got. These guys put on a heck of a party, with great food, awesome music, and an outstanding time by all that attended. Thanks for a really good time guys, you out did yourselves and I look forward to going back out to the Clubhouse and seeing what you have planned for the next party.

Duchess presenting Newt (Nash Co GR) with donations for their new Clubhouse.

Prospects not having a good time. Slider all dressed up and ready to party.

Welcome to the Lenior Co. Clubhouse.

Page 32 BBz Mag Sept-Oct 2011 "Schmuck" (picture by JD at SCREAM INC) > taken at Britt Motorsports 9-18-2011


Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC Sonny Productions LLC Contact Sonny Copeland Phone: 336-643-1367 Cell: 336-580-1638

Behind Barz will be there!

Myrtle Beach Bike Week West™ “Motorcycle Expo” FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 8, 2011 - Myrtle Beach Bike Week LLC & Sonny Productions LLC is proud to bring for the first time ever Myrtle Beach Bike Week West™ “Motorcycle Expo” to the Florence Civic Center March 2-3, 2012. This expo is expected to be the largest family-friendly motorcycle event in the Florence SC area. Tina Dean with the Florence Civic Center states, “The expansion of Bike Week to Florence is exciting news as we expect a dramatic increase in overnight stays and restaurant revenues for the immediate area. We hope the debut proves successful for both Florence and the event thus creating an annual return for biker enthusiasts.” The Myrtle Beach Bike Week West™ “Motorcycle Expo” is estimating over 100 vendors including Vintage Motorcycle Displays, Seminars, Live Entertainment, Drag Bike Displays, Ride in Bike Show, Stunt Riders, Custom Builders, The Marketplace - Vendors Mall, Used Motorcycle Parts Corral, Used Motorcycles for Sale plus much more. Family Day is Friday, March 2nd. Bring the family to enjoy the Motorcycle Expo. Tickets for the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West™ “Motorcycle Expo” can be purchased day of show. $5.00 off admission coupon is available at the Florence Civic Center located at 3300 W. Radio Drive Florence, SC 29501, local Motorcycle Shops, Sponsor Locations and online at http://www.myrtlebeachbikeweekwest.com/coupon . Website http://www.myrtlebeachbikeweekwest.com More details about the Myrtle Beach Bike Week West™ “Motorcycle Expo” contact Sonny @ 336-643-1367 – cell # 336-580-1638, e-mail sonny@myrtlebeachbikeweekwest.com

January 2012, No tour dates (In Studio) February: Friday, February 10, 2012 The Dead Dog Saloon Murrell's Inlet, SC Friday, February 17, 2012 The Beach House Wilmington, NC

The Duke eye center pediatric Benefit To every person who helped make The Duke Eye Center Pediatrics Benefit a success again this year, THANK YOU! For the fourth year in a row, It was a success. Everyone pulled together to make it bigger and better than the years before. Wanting to give back to Duke Eye Center for everything they have helped us with through out the years with Little Dirt, and knowing how many other people they can and will help makes all of this worth while to us. Getting everyone together for great music, entertainment, door prizes, awesome food and to be able to share a fun afternoon is priceless, and then knowing everything is going for such a good cause and the public is getting educated on why we are doing this. It is really wonderful to see everyone pull together to make this work. It takes a lot of dedicated people, and luckily I am surrounded by them. I hope to see everyone again for the 5th Annual Duke Benefit in 2012. Anyone wanting to participate in anyway is greatly appreciated and can leave a name and contact number at 252-566-4090 Dirt's Cycle Shack or email to: dirts@embarqmail.com

story: Dirt photos: Moe


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MUGZ photo courtesy: ibikeweek


Behind Barz Presentz Bike Nightz at bob’s pub in stantonsburg - the finale The sun was out, on October 15th, and the temperature was pleasant for riding. Bobs Pub in Stantonsburg, NC was already gearing up for an expected large crowd for the Behind Barz Grand Finale of 2011. Peanut and Frankie arrived early to get the grill lit and begin the days chore of cooking for the growing crowd. The bar was stocked, the beer was cold, the tunes were kicking, the vendors (Black Widow Accessories, Wicked Worx Kustomz, Bikers Style, and Behind Barz booth, Mo’ Better Biker Art) were set up and ready to sell you extra accessories, as the first bikes roared in to start the party. As the crowd grew and the bikes began filling up the parking area, the table was set and the crowd started lining up for their plates of BBQ chicken and all the trimmings that you could think of to eat. The growing crowd mingled around talking about their adventures of the summer and what they were planning for next years’ riding season. There were laughs and pictures taken with new friends and old friends. As the crowd continued growing bikes came and went making the count of bikes around 160 to 200 as the day progressed. After everyone had eaten Steel Standing began warming up to take the stage around 4pm. Big Mike Bullock had just gotten out of the hospital a week ago after having surgery due to an accident at the end of September, which crushed his ankle. Everyone that knows Big Mike was wondering how he would do having to stay in a wheelchair during the entire performance and although it began getting rather chilly after the sun went down Big Mike and Steel Standing put on a heck of a show. The Bike Show was going till around 4:00pm with the winner being Tony Padgett (Last Rebel Motors & Cycles) of Tarboro, NC, being announced at the bands first break, as well as, the door prizes being handed out. The big winners of the door prizes where the winners of the John Anderson tickets: Eric Howell, Chris Batts, Dawn James, and Sandy Yannarella. Once the entire door prizes where handed out and Tony was awarded his trophy, the 50/50 drawing was called out and the lucky lady of $112.50 was Judy Ulmer. Steel Sanding played well until after the sun went down and the crowd started to disband, but not without smiles on their faces and talking of the great time they had had during the day. The day was perfect for riding, partying, and meeting new friends courtesy of Behind Barz and Bob’s Pub. With the summer over and winter approaching everyone talked about the winter months and the parties that would be coming up till next year’s riding season and the beginning of the 2012 Behind Barz 2012 Bike Nights. Everyone would like to thank Doobie for initiating the parties throughout the riding season of 2011 and this GREAT magazine that she puts out for all to keep up with the latest news of the area. All thanks to Behind Barz, Doobie, and Bob’s Pub for a really AWESOME time.


story: Johnny King

photos: Moe & Vinney

Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks also to all the vendors who were on hand at all of the BB Bike Nightz!

Behind Barz

Bike Nightz 2012 Presentz

e h T T-Shirt Madness Giveaway! Have you ever wanted a Harley T-Shirt from way across the country or the world? Well, We will be giving away t-shirts from local sponsors, as well as, from Harley dealers around the country and the world! Entries for chances to win are free but you do have to be present to enter and win. Sponsors so far: Farthest North Outpost in Alaska, North Country HD in Maine, L-A HD in Maine, Outer Banks HD in NC, Bayside HD in Virginia, Rocky Mount HD, Collier HD, Hometown HD. Also, BeefMastor Inn, Biker Barn, CycleMax, George’s BBQ Sauce, Locked & Loaded, Pipedreams, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dirt’s Cycle Shack, Desperado Motorcycles of Texas ...more to be announced! Come out to ALL the BB Bike Nightz for free food & great prizes!

APRIL - to be announced MAY 4th - Collier Harley-Davidson 316 Premier Blvd. Roanoke Rapids, N.C. JUNE 9th - Saltie Dog Bar 514 S. Fountain Rd. Macclesfield, N.C. JULY 4th - Pipedreams Bracey, Virginia AUGUST 11th - EFFE / BHC Automotive Zebulon, N.C. SEPTEMBER - to be announced OCTOBER - Rocky Mount HD 928 N. Winstead Ave. Rocky Mount, N.C. NOVEMBER - FINALE - to be announced 23

Hometown H-D Hunnies Set Winterville on Fire Written By: Moe

Food, Music, Hunnies and Harleys = PARTEE! What more could you ask for? On October 15th, 2011, Hometown H-D celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary, and I say, they threw one Rockn’ party! Hundreds of bikers from all over NC rode in to help Hometown celebrate this awesome event. Music was provided by Tina of Rock 101.1 and 105.5, Carolinas Pure Rock. Free food and prizes were provided by Tori Ange of Next Media and Mr. Chip Davis kept the House a Rockn’. And of course there were always the awesome employees of Hometown there to welcome you with a smile or a handshake and to keep the customers happy and satisfied. All you Guyz and Galz are AWESOME…. The main event that day was the Calendar signing by all 12 of the HOTTEST HUNNIES you have ever seen and the crowning of the first Miss Hometown H-D 2012. I must say that is one SMOKING HOT calendar! The “Hometown Hunnies” were so HOT that a fire truck was kept on the premises the entire day in case any FIRES had to be extinguished. If you haven’t purchased one of these calendars, you need to just swing on by Hometown H-D and pick one up. Each month has a different beautiful young lady to gracing a page and I guarantee you want look at this calendar just once. Anticipation was felt by all the girls when it came time to pick the First Miss Hometown H-D. Each girl had worked hard to win this title by attending Bike Nights, Bike washes, and other Hometown events and each girl had helped sell lots of calendars. Miss Hometown H-D was chosen by Customer votes. The girl with the most votes won the Title….DRUM ROLL PLEASE…… Hometown H-D crowned Miss Megan Snead as their first Miss Hometown H-D 2012. Megan is Miss July in the calendar. She is studying towards her Master’s degree in Pediatric Nursing at ECU (GO PIRATES). Megan is also a member of Chrome Horses MRC and is often seen volunteering or riding in events to benefit various charities. If you keep an eye out on the internet and magazines (like BB), you just might get a glimpse of her modeling with some awesome customized motorcycles. She currently resides in Grantham, NC and is definitely a home grown COUNTRY GAL. Congratulations to all the Hometown Hunnies. All of you make the Hometown H-D calendar ROCK!!! Congratulations to Hometown H-D for a GREAT year. We look forward to many more anniversary celebrations with you. ROCK ON!!!!


Hometown HD “Hunnies” 2012

photos: Moe & Doo


You Think You Do A Lot Of

Riding? Think Again!!!

The Motor Maid High Roller Contest runs from Nov. 1 to Oct. 31 every year. Charms are given to everyone with 10,000 miles and over. The top two get trophys. It’s just for fun, and to see if you can get in the top ten.

1 place Phyllis S. CO 35362 2 place Kirsten T. VA 29837 3 place Joyce C. FL 26080 4 place Glennadine G. VA 25695 5 place Dianne G. VA 25475 6 place Rhonda G. TN 24844 7 place Laura G. TX 24692 8 place Debbie C. FL 24228 9 place Leslie D. TX 22731 10 place Teresa C. OH 22623





1st Place Phyllis S. Colorado 35,362 mi.

In one year! 26

Future Riderz

Hunter Gene Ayscue Chase WiLLIAMS


Caleb John Banks



Readerz Mail I certainly celebrated a milestone birthday... For my own present I had pics taken of me with both my Harley's...... My 98 1200 Sporty and my 17 year old daughter, whose name is Harley....... It was the first time anyone has ever taken pics of me with my bike... I've been drivn for 20+ years.....I will cherish them forever.... I'm so proud of them. Thanks, Krissy Adams Greenville, NC



Readerz Mail Steve Khoel

2008 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Engine: 107” Twin Cam, Revolution Cylinders, T-Man Heads, T-Man Cams, HD 58MM SE Throttlebody. Transmission: Stock 2008 6 Speed, Baker Trans Sprocket, Frame: FBI Wide Tire Kite 200MM Suspension: Progressive 1” Lower Front Wheels/Tires/Brakes: Front - Renegade Cheyenne 21”, 120/70-21 Tire, Renegade Cheyenne Rotors. Rear - Renegade Cheyenne 17”, 200/50-17 Tire Paint: Unknown


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Been There, S Evan Parton invited me to join the “100 MPH Club” a couple of months before the event. I think I first met Evan at a Patriot Guard Rider mission in which ol’ Bill “Jammer” led the PGR and others in escorting the Travelling Vietnam Wall from the Virginia / North Carolina border to Concord, NC in late March 2011. I remember leaving at o’dark thirty in the morning with Thomas “G.E.” Sanders to link up with ol’ Bill near Mebane, and it was coooooold. Anyway … when Evan first invited us to Charlotte Motor Speedway, we weren’t sure if we would be going because Black Friday is the day my driver and my mom celebrate their anniversary. They were married on Black Friday (loooong story), but it’s easier for my driver to remember and it’s always on a Friday!

By: Chewy (Biker Dog)

I rode Charlotte Motor Speedway! My driver commented after our laps that the track looks much larger from the stands than it does when we’re driving on the track. Our top speed? We reached 100mph with the throttle full open coming out of turn 2 onto the back stretch during our second lap. There were GoldWings rolling around 120mph. There were 217 bikes at this event on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. This event benefits Speedway Children’s Charities. Most of the bikes seemed to be GoldWings since this event is sponsored by a GWRRA chapter – I think GWRRA Chapter L2 in Mooresville, but I’m not 100% sure. It wasn’t all GoldWings at the event. There was a sprinkling of Harleys here and there. Those GoldWings moved faster on the track, but in my opinion, the Harleys SOUNDED totally pawsome with their throttles wide open! Regardless, I’m now a member of the “100 MPH Club”. My driver used his “JD” helmet cam (a gift from Jeff Davis), and my Chewy Cam worked at this event! We posted a 35-minute video on my web page so people can see portions of this event from my perspective.

Photo by Gary Henry


My laps on Charlotte Motor Speedway were dedicated to our Fallen Heroes and their Gold Star Families. The flags on my Harley are the same flags that accompanied me on my ride across the USA in May 2011 in honor and remembrance of our Fallen Heroes. My driver and I had a moment of silence before rolling to the infield. A few names that came to mind include Michael Rodriguez, Adam Ginett, Mark Adams, Scott Brunkhorst, Willie McLawhorn, Michael Spivey, Mikey Swink, James McClamrock, Amy Sinkler, Jeff Sherer, Mark Bradley, Aaron Blasjo, Lucas Elliott, Ross Carver and many many more. We also said a prayer for Cory Remsburg, an Army Ranger I met last year who was wounded in action and overcoming a traumatic brain injury. While on Charlotte Motor Speedway, we didn’t see the affects of the “Slobber Factor.” The temperatures were very comfortable, so I wasn’t panting and drooling. Don’t know what the Slobber Factor is? If you know us dogs, then you know we pant and slobber when it’s hot. Put a dog on a bike, and that slobber flies in the wind. However, riding on a bike with a fairing and windshield changes the air flow. I can only bark for my Harley Ultra Classic. At about 45mph and less, my slobber drips onto the top of the saddlebag cover and the top of the tour pack. My driver has to put a coat of wax on those areas often because my slobber leaves spots on the paint that are hard to buff out. At about 55mph to about 65mph, the air flow will float my slobber forward and it lands on the back of the windshield and slowly drips down the windshield before drying. Most of the slobber lands on my driver’s shoulder or the back of his neck and helmet, but some of the slobber reaches the windshield. At interstate speeds, particularly with a head wind, my slobber drifts forward, the air flow coming from under the fairing is diverted upward by the gas tank, which pushes my slobber upward to the air flow coming over the top of the fairing. Guess where my slobber lands? My slobber splatters my driver’s glasses.

CHEWY The Biker Dog:

Sniffed That If the air flow is just right, it’ll land on his face and sometimes on his lips, especially if I let go of a big, juicy, heavy slobber. On those hot summer days on the interstate when we exit to refuel, my driver fuels the bike, then you’ll see him clean the dried slobber spots from his glasses and my doggles. Well, I wasn’t slobbering at Charlotte Motor Speedway to see the air flow does. I’m guessing the air flow might push it a little above my driver and maybe it would hang long enough for the rider behind us to get slobbered on.

Visiting HotRodz in Fayetteville - (l to r) One More, Ty Adelman, Susan Zappe, Debbi Britt (owner).

l to r - Pat Chisenhall (Pastor of Abundant Life Worship Center), David Cantara of Carolina Patriot Rovers, and Tom Meece at The Gathering V.

We attended what we understood to be Raleigh-Durham airport’s last Flight of Honor. The Flights of Honor fly our veterans to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials. The focus of the Flights of Honor have been our WWII veterans, but I think they also fly veterans who may be terminally ill.

We haven’t ridden much in the past two months, but when we ride, it’s almost always for a purpose. We attended “The Gathering V” at Abundant Life Worship Center, which raised money for Carolina Patriot Rovers.

Ms Angie and others meeting a few of the Patriot Rovers at The Gathering V.

I sniffed out HotRodz in Fayetteville, NC, met Debbi Britt, and hounded “One More” for treats while the service team changed my rear tire and brake pads. I like HotRodz – comfortable sofa chairs for my driver to lean against while he sits on the floor to pet me and watch TV, eatin’ potato chips with “G.E”, and chompin’ on treats from “One More!”

g: www.bikerdoggie.com

Ol’ Bill (r) giving the mission briefing prior to the last Flight of Honor at Raleigh-Durham airport.


Been There, Sniffed That Continued from page 31 I rode with Raleigh H.O.G. and I dressed as Santa Paws in the annual Christmas Parade in Raleigh. My driver rode as Arrrroooodolph with antlers on his helmet and his nose painted red. We saw a few friends along the route and my driver took pictures. My driver takes lots of pictures and he posts them on my Facebook page for anyone to view and tag.

I saw a few friends during the Raleigh Christmas parade.

Watching the crowd at the Christmas parade. Please join my driver and my mom in praying for Ed, as well as all who are battling cancer. I joined about 70 of Ed’s friends on a ride to support Ed and Cindy in Ed’s battle against pancreatic cancer. I know many more who could not be there are supporting Ed through prayers. My mom won battles against cancer TWICE, so we understand what Ed, Cindy and all patients and family members are going through. And, yes, even pets sense something different about their families. We may not understand the details of what’s going on, but we know our human family members need our love and comfort.

I gave my custom bandana to Ed during the Ride for Ed. My bandana reads ‘Praying for Ed’ on a Purple Ribbon


GE and One More during the Ride for Ed.

CHEWY The Biker Dog: www.b

Been There, Sniffed That

Ol’ Bill and Patty at the Ride for Ed. Patty rode from Winston-Salem to show her love for Ed and Cindy.

David Price from Kenly, NC., won Best Custom and Crowd Favorite at the Locked & Loaded Fall Bike Show in Garner, N.C.

Although celebrating the birth of our Savior occurs once a year and has passed in 2011, the spirit of Christmas can be in your heart everyday and forever! Do you want to know how? The next time you see a member of Christian Motorcyclists Association, Bikers for Christ, or any Christian organization, ask them. Or, you can contact the church that my driver and my mom attend and ask to speak to one of the pastors, ministry leaders or deacons (www.macedonia-nc.com). I know they will help you. I don’t know if dogs and cats go to Heaven, but I’m hoping that if lions and lambs will be with Jesus, then maybe there’s a chance that God allows other animals into the Kingdom of Heaven. If not, that’s OK because God knows what’s best. I have a great life with my driver, my mom, and my friends – sort of like “heaven on earth.” It’s much better than the alternative if my driver had not found me and adopted me: euthanization! Yes, I was scheduled to be put to sleep if no one adopted me on the day my driver and I met. Have a pawrific 2012 and I hope to be able to sniff (meet) you somewhere on the road! Keep your tongue in the wind! Chewy



DUCK-RABBIT craft brewery The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, a small packaging microbrewery, opened in the eastern NC town of Farmville in June of 2004. They specialize in delicious, full flavored dark beers and are known as, “The Dark Beer Specialist”. The Behind Barz Crew decided to pay them a visit and give their dark beer a try. Paul Philippon is the founder of The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery. Years ago, before he became a professional brewer, he made his living teaching university philosophy. Their logo has a story...All Duck-Rabbit beers display the brewery’s logo, a silhouette which can look like a duck’s head or a rabbit’s head, depending on the viewer’s perspective. This diagram appeared in a philosophy book Paul admires (Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein). He liked the idea of using a logo with ties to his former life. Jeremy Erb, The Duck-Rabbit’s Director of Marketing, connects the logo with the company specialty, saying, “Many people don’t see beyond their first impression of a dark beer: color. The Duck-Rabbit line-up demonstrates that different dark beers can be refreshing, thirst-quenching, hoppy, balanced, and robust. With our beer as with our logo, a second look might reveal something you didn’t expect.” The Behind Barz Crew decided to pay them a visit and give their dark beer a try. I, along with Moe and Lady D, dropped in one afternoon. We were greeted by Paul’s mom, Sally, who was in town for the Thanksgiving Holiday. A very sweet lady! We really injoyed talking to her while we sampled the delicious dark beers. We also took the tour, guided by her son, DuckRabbit owner, Paul Philippon. We learned a lot about the beer making process. It seemed like rocket science to me. There are so many processes and steps to making a dark beer. Temperatures have to be checked and maintained, measurements taken, filterizations made, ingredients added and removed, just the right amount of aging allowed...I guess that’s why Paul is called, “Brewmaster”. We tried all the beers Paul had on tap that day but I must say, my favorite would have to be the special Seasonal beer called, Paul’s Bitter Holiday. The Amber Ale was also very smooth and tasty. If you like dark beer this is a brewery you don’t want to pass up. They are, after all, “The Dark Beer Specialist”!

The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery, 4519 West Pine Street, Farmville North Carolina 27828 252.753-7745 Owner / Brewmaster: paul@duckrabbitbrewery.com



Lady D standing at the front entrance to the Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in farmville, N.C.

Lady D, Moe and Doobie sitting in the tasting room sampling the beers on tap.

Paul and his mom, Sally.

Paul serving up another sample.

Every issue we will feature a local beer brewery. In the Mar-Apr issue we will have a story and photos of our visit with Mother Earth Brewing in Kinston, N.C.


2012 behind barz issues In EVERY issue of Behind Barz in 2012 we will have: 1. Extensive EVENTZ section 2. Classified section 3. Chewy The Biker Dog 4. Local beer brewery reviewz 5. Coupons from local businesses 6. BB Sticker 7. BB Petz 8. Our Favorite Restaurantz 9. BB Sticker Winnerz 10. BB Bike Nightz Coverage

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In Our Hearts And In Our Thoughts Forever....

Kevin “Iron Hooligan” Conroy

Our brother, Kevin, was killed by a midget with road rage. Kevin was doing what he loved with people he loved. Kevin will never be forgotten by anyone who was ever fortunate enough to have known him. Our lives our better for Kevin being a part of them. Ride in peace, Baby!!! Raleigh, N.C. Kevin Michael Conroy, 50, died Saturday, October 8, 2011 doing what he loved best… riding his motorcycle. He was born on September 20, 1961 in Cooperstown, NY to James Michael Conroy and Carol Ann Smith Oldick. Kevin was the owner and operator of Conroy Contracting in Raleigh. He was born, raised, and educated in Fort Plain, NY. Kevin moved to NC in 2004. He attended Wells College in Wellsville, NY where he became a draftsman. He had a passion for the NY Yankee’s, Miami Dolphins and he loved to ride his motorcycle. Left to cherish his memory, his mother and step-father, Carol and Paul Oldick of Rocky Mount; father, James Conroy of Statham, GA; brothers, Kurt Conroy (Stephanie) of Saratoga Springs, NY, Sean Conroy (Norma) of Buskirk, NY, Jay Conroy (Jaime) of Clayton, NC; girlfriend, Thresa Harris of Raleigh, NC; along with several nieces and nephews.







big smo A few of us here at Behind Barz Mag got to spend the day with the krew of Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery and be a part of Big Smo’s music video of their new theme song, “LICK LIFE”. Awesome guy, Big Smo! Hell of an artist, too! Look for a feature interview with Big Smo in a future issue.

Big Smo & Doobie

Moe & Bobby

Ronnie and Megan

Big Smo & Lady D


An Artist on the rise... Tennessee’s number one Kuntry Boy, Big Smo, who has been developing his signature sound for over a decade was contacted several months ago, by the Krew of Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery. They were in search of a new theme song for their company and agreed that Big Smo was the right fit for their image. After some hard work and a few ideas Big Smo and Nashville recording artist Alexander King, along side of producer, Jon Conner, (who also directed the video) was able to deliver exactly what Ronnie, Amy, and Bobby were looking for. The theme song named, “LICK LIFE”, is a composition of smooth, down home, backwoods content with a southern country sound that couldn’t be matched. After Big Smo finished and delivered the song, “Lick Life”, the krew of Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery extended an invitation to Big Smo and his crew to come to North Carolina and film what is sure to be one amazing visual experience. With the help of sponsor, John Camron’s Safe Cig, Big Smo and his team spent several amazing days with their new found Kinfoke filming at numerous locations and hanging out doing what Kuntry boys do. “Lick Life” is set to be released on Big Smo’s New Ep on Feb.14th and will be featured on his full length album in stores this upcoming April. For more info on “Lick Life” or Big Smo visit them online at: www.therealbigsmo.com or www.facebook.com/bigsmo or contact them at bigsmobooking@gmail.com for show information.


BB Christmas Party

Many thanks to everyone for coming out and participating in the Behind Barz Christmas Party and to everyone who sold and/or bought raffle tickets. Because of your efforts we were able to help 5 local families in need. It was a great turn-out. Especially with all the other Christmas Parties going on in the surrounding area. We had folks come in from as far away as Conway, N.C. (Joe) and Millennium, N.C. (Cathy & Clint) Amber from The Eagle’s Nest cooked up some of her mean chili and fantastic fish stew. There was no charge for the food or drinks that were available to everyone that came to the party. The door prizes were free, also. Santa stopped by for a visit and even took pictures with some of the folks there. Miss Hometown Harley-Davidson was in signing autographs. O’Reilley’s and John Deer donated lots of prizes!


Evelyn Jeffcoat happy winner of the $250.00 Grand Prize! 50/50 WINNER


ERNIE WITH MEGAN AND KK Thanks to Rob and Daniel for being the host and allowing us to party in your shop. Thanks also goes to Moe for all the arduous hours you put in and Lady D, Ernie and Vinney it would not have been possible without all of you guys. Thanks to Megan and KK and Mrs. Frowein for all your help. Thanks Santa for stopping by during your busiest time of year. We hope to have an even bigger and better Christmas Party this year! ...different location Keep a look out in the mag for the date.

Mike Uzzell




THANKS FOR A GREAT 2011, MYRTLE BEACH HARLEY IS LOOKING FORWARD TO AN AWESOME 2012…….. 2012JanuaryEvents LadiesGarageParty1/18/116pm—8pm Rider’sEdge1/19Ǧ22 StopbyourPartsDepartmentandregisterforaGoGoCaddyǦ GiveAway,agolfbagcarrierforyourHarley. ServiceDepartmentBOGOFreeOilsChange(exclusionsapply) JanuaryRentalSpecialTemperatureDays(callfordetails)

LOCATIONS Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson The Harley Shop at the Beach H-D Broadway at the Beach H-D Tanger Outlet Center

9th Fall Ball 


Randy and Pam's 9th annual Fall Ball was held on Saturday, November 12th in La Grange, North Carolina at their shop. This year's benefit was held for their cousin and fellow rider Jerry Gray, who is on the lung transplant list at Duke Hospital in Durham. We raised $12,000.00 from ticket sales and contributions. Entertainment was provided by The Love Tribe and Diggerfoot. The event was attended by approximately 700 enthusiastic people and everyone had a great time. We would like to thank everyone for their continuing support and for making this year's event a success. Special thanks to Stonewall's Restaurant for the BBQ, Tiny, Bob, Mack and Big Robert for preparing the chicken, McCalls restaurant for the fixin's, Bruce@sightandsound productions, Clint@SLaBM entertainment, Maynard's entertainment for security, Charlie at Country Time, Scott, Glen and our crew for making it happen.


photo courtesy: Digger Foot

Thanks again, Randy and Pam









photo: Vinney




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“Best of the Best”

Some of our Favorite Eateries! In every issue we will feature some our favorite foods and where we like to get them. If you have a favorite eatery, send us a photo of the food and the info for the eatery and tell us why this food item and the eatery is “The Best Of The Best”! behindbarzmm@suddenlink.net These are some of our favorite restaurants eat...and some our favorite foods from those places.

Eagle’s Nest Diner

Eagles’s Nest Diner has a great family atmosphere and a large list of awesome menu items! Amber creates many ‘made from scratch’ items...and they are very much like my grandma used to make!

“Collard Cornbread Sandwich” 919-735-6865 516 Hwy 581 S. Goldsboro, N.C. Dick’s Hotdog Stand has a nestalgic atmosphere. Inside the walls are covered with old photos of atheletes and celebrities and bits of Dick’s 80+ years of history.

Dick’s Hotdog Stand

“Hotdog” 252-243-6313 1500 Nash Sreet N. Wilson, N.C.

Copper Kettle Seafood Restaurant has a full bar and sometimes live music. If no live music, Roy (owner), entertains everyone. He probably has the largest collection of caps anywhere and they are hanging inside the restaurant!

Ma’s Hotdog House

“Country Style Steak” 252-527-0511 2515 Hwy 258 S. Kinston, N.C.

Plank Road Steakhouse

“Stuffed Mushrooms” 252-753-3535 3689 E. Wilson St. Farmville, N.C.

Ma’s Hotdog House has the absolute best country style steak I’ve ever had! They load it down with onions and gravy...and even on the fries, too! It is located in an old country store and has a cool nastalgic feel!

Copper Kettle Seafood Rest. “Shrimp” 434-738-6045 876 Madison St. Boydton,Va.

Plank Road Steakhouse has a cozy atmosphere with original brick walls and some old local photos and antiques on the wall. Everone there made us feel welcome, the service was great and the stuffed mushrooms were the best I’ve ever had!

Send us your

"Best of the Best"





Screaming Eagle High Performance Chili Challenge - 5th Annual New River Harley-Davidson 2394 Wilmington Hwy. All proceeds benefit the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund. $20/per team. $5 donation/person covers all samplings. Cooking begins at 9am. Sampling from 12-2pm. Judging begins at 2pm. Trophies at 3pm. More info: 910-346-9997 events@nrh-d.com

Myrtle Beach Bike Week West. Seminars, live music, marketplace, vendors, custom builders, stunt riders, bike show, ventage motorcycle display, drag bike display, free parking. Everyone and all makes of motorcycles welcome! More info: Sonny - 336-643-1367 cell - 336-580-1638 or www.myrtlebeachbikeweekwest.com

Jacksonville, N.C.

d n i h

e B


Roanoke Rapids, N.C.


Hampton Roads Tattoo Arts Festival Hampton Roads Convention Center More info: www.hrtattoofest.com

z t n e

v E

Jacksonville, N.C.

10th Annual "Chilly" Chili Poker Run Lejeune Motorsoports - 955 Lejeune Blvd. Reg. starts at 9am. Last bike in at 2pm. $10 donation per hand. First prize (best hand) $500.00, 2nd prize (2nd best hand) $200.00, 3rd prize (worst hand) $100.00 Door prizes, 50/50, auction items, free food and drink for each rider. More info: Ray 910-358-3652 or Paul - 910-326-7969


Charlotte, N.C.

North Carolina Motorcycle Show Charlotte Convention Center www.motorcycleshows.com

For more listings, please go to: www.behindbarz.com

z r a B

Hampton, VA.

Fat Saturday Collier Harley-Davidson - 316 Premier Blvd. Rudi's "Famous" Gumbo & Crawfish Mardi Gras! Serving at noon! For more info: 252-537-6493


Florence, S.C.


Daytona Beach, FL.

Daytona Bike Week www.officialbikeweek.com


Florence, S.C.

Benefit Ride For Holly Guided ride. Sign up 11am. Doug’s HD of Florence. Kickstands up at 12:00. Ends at Darlington Moose Lodge #545. Food and entertainment provided. $20/ bike, $10/passenger. Non-riders welcome at Darlington Moose Lodge (1056 N Governor Williams Hwy Darlington) at 1:30 for food and entertainment. $10/person. Holly is a child who suffers with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1) which has taken her ability to sit, crawl, walk, move her arms & legs, swallow and limits her head and neck control. Her family is now in need of handicap modifications to their home for her needs. Please come out and show your support. More info: Charlene - 570-274-0263 or Marty - 843-230-5137


Havelock, N.C.

Hardcorps Poker Run Leave Robert’s Body Shop 1st bike out 1100 - last bike 1230 $20/bike, $15/passenger Proceeds to support Military Appreciation Day, Inc. www.militaryappreciationday.org More info: 252-665-2504 or visit us on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/767otn4



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Behind Barz Jan-Feb 2012  

Feature story: Miss Hometown Harley-Davidson 2012

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