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MAR - APR 2017

kimberly white project

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Livin’ The Life!’

Injured? Lisa Lanier has been helping injured riders for 20 years. Contact Lisa directly at or call her for a free personal consultation.

Offices Across North Carolina 1-888-CONSULT

INJURY ATTORNEYS 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 104; Jamestown, NC 27282

Asheville Burlington Charlotte Durham Fayetteville

Greensboro We will come to you Greenville ANYWHERE in NC. Raleigh Wilmington Winston-Salem

Editorz Notez The weather couldn’t be finer than anywhere else other than Carolina! Wouldn’t ya say? There have been some gorgeous days to ride here and in most parts of the country. I believe this is the warmest Feb. on record for North Carolina! We’ll take it! Sooner than we want we will be in the dog days of summer and the thick as molasses humidity that NC is notorious for! Enjoy these perfect riding days as long as you can. On the cover of this issue is the Kimberly White Project. They are a local band from the western part of N.C. Read all about them on pages 26-27. They are our center fold! Biker events and rides are starting to come to fruition. You can see some here in BB Mag and we also have many more on our website: and on our Facebook page: Behind Barz Mag Please email us your event flyer: Or feel free to post directly to our Facebook page! 2017 marks our 13th year publishing Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine! It has been a great ride! We are planning something big for 13 May 2017! It is in the works now. Details to come soon. Thank you all so much for your continued support! Thank you to all of our advertisers for making this magazine possible! Please let them know you saw their ad here on these pages!!! Because of them BB Mag is a Fah-Ree publication! We would also like you to know that Melynda (Moe) Snead and I are having a photography Exhibit at Nash Arts in Nashville, NC on 7 April 2017 5:30pm-7pm. Doobie Please come out. It is a free event and we would love to see you! Doobie

ON THE COVER: Kimberly White Project

See more on pages 26-27

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CONTENTZ Kimberly White Kimberly White Project

In this issue AMA..................8 Shopping Spree....12 New Years Day Ride..15 Why I Ride...........17 Kimberly White Project...26-27 Ways To Avoid Crashes....30 Elite 11.........................38 Warm Weekend Ride...39 Int. Female Ride Day....40 Road Scribes............43

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Nash Arts...............32-33 Behind Barz Mugz........37 Behind Barz Eventz........46-48 BB Sticker winners...........50-51

NCPACKS4PATRIOTS.....6 photo: Sam Lynne Beaver-Pryor

nc packs4 patriots Support our local heroes Troop Signup for Care Packages We appreciate the service of the members of our country’s military as they deploy to serve missions in difficult and dangerous environments. Our care packages show the care and support of a grateful nation. They contain snacks, toiletries, and recreation items. Troops are welcome to ask for specific items that they may be missing or needing. Special requests often are items like coffee, certain snacks, socks, favorite magazines and books. We send packages that are large enough for several members of a troop to share. Chaplains are a good point of contact for our organization so they can distribute items in chapel, recreation items, or along their visits to outlying areas. Troops who wish to receive packages are asked to email us at or private message us on the facebook page. We need the name, address, approximate number of troops who will be served by this point of contact, and the approximate date of stopmail (we will send repeat packages). We also would like to know if there are females at that location who would like to receive girlie girl packages.

Sgt. Franklin and Sgt. Williams love the Valentine goody bags! Great folks. They always say thank you!....every single time to our donors and volunteers

Great group of students from Pitt Community College, East Carolina University and area high schools working this morning ~ 11 Feb.

Happy to partner with Veterans Corps in supporting our military members.

Postage rates have increased. A large flat rate box now cost $17.85 and a large priority box has increased about $2-3 each to mail to our troops. This means that we need to increase our financial support about $300 each month to maintain the number of boxes that we mail. Will you join our team to We follow security guidelines and never make sure we can continue our mission distribute names and addresses to the of support to show our deployed troops public. that Americans still appreciates their service and sacrifice? Our donors and volunteers enjoy hearing back from our troops so notes and photos are very welcome!

Thank you all of our donors who support our mission with financial donations. I just picked up our mail and we received checks from veterans, VFWs, community members and a sister who had 2 of her brothers killed in World War II who makes a monthly donation in their honor. Our mission is dependent on both items for packages and financial support for postage. Our team of volunteers works diligently to ensure our resources are wisely utilized in creating the best care packages! We invite and welcome your support during this year. Our troops are still deploying, still serving and still sacrificing for our country. We honor that service and sacrifice. ~ Barbara

We appreciate your service and are glad that we can provide you with a touch and taste of home. We we were extremely busy in Jan. and Feb! Please remember that we have ongoing requests from our troops for certain items. You can order items from WalMart, Amazon, Dollar General and have shipped to us, or order from Dollar Tree and we will pick up at the local store. Currently we are in need of sunscreen (we do not have a single tube!) but please remember we need it in tubes or lotion and not spray, lip balm, hand sanitizer (pocket size), and small packs of wipes.


28 packages ready to be mailed costing almost $18 each. So, please keep those financial donations coming to us! This is what we do in 2 days!

Our team Mary, John, Sandy, Tony, Ann, Brenda, Tammye, Jeanie, Amanda, and students from area high schools, community colleges, and universities, is an amazing team of energy, talent and resources to make this mission happen!

Fantastic group of students from Pitt Community College nursing students, East Carolina University Honors Accounting society, area high schools, and a special Army family, led by Tammye Poole Emerson worked in sorting donations, cleaning and organizing!

Please email or call us for more info. Thank you so very much for your continued support!

Barbara Whitehead


249E Third St Ayden NC 28513 252-714-1175

email: ncpacks4patriots

Our days and hours of operation are: Tuesday and Thursday from 2-6 pm Saturday morning 9am-12.

Check out NCPACKS4PATRIOTS on Facebook

Behind Barz Petz Send us a photo of your Behind Barz Pet email us at: or post directly to our Facebook page


Nashville, N.C. RIP Mr. faithful ~ 15 years ~ 93 dog years!


Morganton, N.C.

LE Goldsboro, N.C.


American Motorcycle Association American Motorcyclist Association opposes profiling of motorcyclists Board of Directors adopts official position statement PICKERINGTON, Ohio -- The American Motorcyclist Association Board of Directors has adopted and issued an official position statement objecting to the profiling of motorcyclists by government agencies, including judging riders on their chosen apparel, mode of transportation or associates, rather than specific behavior and actions. “The AMA strongly condemns the profiling of motorcyclists by government agencies and has long championed the undeniable fact that the vast majority of riders and enthusiasts are upstanding, law-abiding citizens,” the statement reads. “Several states have considered bills aimed at curtailing the profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement agencies and others,” said AMA Board Chair Maggie McNally-Bradshaw. “The Board believes this is an important issue facing everyone who rides, and the AMA remains at the forefront in promoting the motorcycle lifestyle and protecting the future of motorcycling.” The AMA Board of Directors adopts and publishes position statements that delineate the organization’s official stance on issues of concern. The new statement on Motorcyclist Profiling is one of seven adopted by the Board. The full statement on Motorcyclist Profiling can be found here: The states of Washington (S.B. 5242 in 2011) and Maryland (S.B. 233 in 2016) passed legislation specifically forbidding the profiling of motorcyclists, and other states are considering similar legislation. In 2012, California adopted A.B. 1047, outlawing motorcycleonly checkpoints. Checkpoints are also restricted by state law or judicial action in: Alaska, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.




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4 E 3rd Street, Wendell NC 27591 Across from Perry’s Gunshop!

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Rowdy Ryker Gupton Rocky Mount, N.C.

photographer ~ Christina Valentine

John Tutt ~ Kinston, N.C. Grayden Dilley Roanoke Rapids, NC ~ 2 years old. 10

Izzy MacKenzie SC Motor Maid and DD

iron pony shoppi

When Motor Maids get together to ride, one never knows what will happen. I planned this ride for a SC winter, on our bikes. To keep warm, I punctuated the ride with some shopping and an eating stop. I just didn’t know how much of an adventure it would become. Motor Maid Krissa rode from her house the night before so we could head out Saturday morning bright and early. Come morning, we met with Motor Maid Elsie in the parking lot of Mellow Mushroom at the local mall. We needed gas, so we crossed the road and filled up before the ride. As the lead bike, I had thought out the route. In my head, we would be taking a right out of Mellow Mushroom towards the highway. After gassing up, my mind was stuck on going right, and we headed towards town instead of the highway! First U-turn!! Who moved the highway!?


We had a lovely ride to Lexington. Having never been there, I missed Jack’s Motorsports but at least I spotted it as we rode by. A second U-turn was necessary; this time it was a tight one in a driveway with a hill. We executed it flawlessly since we are talented and practice u-turns with every ride I lead. Once in Jack’s parking lot, we got off our bikes, I hit my bike’s kill switch then looked down to collect her key and it was GONE. What? I’ve never heard of a bike pitching a key while on the road! Elsie says “So that’s what hit my bike while we were passing cars on Route 20, I thought it was road debris you kicked up!” We quickly checked her bike for dents, luckily no damage was done. What will I do? Krissa nonchalantly said, ”My Dad owned a dealership, give me a minute...”. She reached into her tour pack and brought out a nail file. She then calmly and gently picked the lock and turned Cher off. HUH?! You never know what talents a Motor Maid will bring to the table, especially in a time of crisis! Now we are free to shop, and Cher’s battery won’t go dead.

ping spree We looked around the shop and I heard a whisper. You know the kind that comes from a bike calling your name? Don’t be coy; I know it’s happened to you too! “Oh, what a cool ride” I’m thinking, as I sat on it. Elsie turned the key and there was very low mileage on the odometer. This bike needed to be ridden, it was obvious. I got a price and instantly named it, Sonny. Cutting into my reveries, my phone rang. Motor Maid Louise was waiting on us at the Crescent Moon Restaurant close by. We must meet up with her, she was getting hungry. We headed out to the parking lot to start my bike, but Cher was obstinate, and did not let Krissa pick her lock to start her. It was inevitable…. I HAD to ride cupcake to get to the restaurant. Elsie offered her back seat and I hopped on her sleek Evil machine. Although it was a scary ride, since I hadn’t been on the back seat of a bike in so long, we made it there safely. There was never a doubt about my safety, I am with a Motor Maid after all. During our meal, I called the hubby, Butch, who suggested I contact a locksmith. Great idea, one will be here in an hour! Fantastic, we had time for dessert and then we rode back. Krissa offered her back seat this time. I climbed on her big bad bike and we made it back to Jack’s in no time. In the parking lot, the owner, Jack, was trying different keys from his collection on my bike, Cher. What a great shop and a helpful owner. I suggest you visit his place on Main Street in Lexington. There are some sweet rides there and if you’re lucky, one will call your name. Again, my phone rings: the locksmith changed his arrival time to 4 hours later! What?! That will not do. From my point of vue, there was only one way to get home, and it was not riding cupcake! “Jack, please stop messing with Cher. Put her tag on Sonny, here’s my credit card, we are outta here! Ladies, let’s go home!” That’s how Motor Maids handle situations - we help each other out and then we buy more bikes! Before leaving, I called Butch and he asked: “Did you get a new key?” “Yes” I replied sweetly. “Does it work good?” he continued. “YASSSS...we’re on our way!” I giggled as I hung up. This was a REAL Iron Pony Shopping Spree.

your Health Behind Barz

Eschew Obfuscation No I am not talking bad to you, this is just a phrase that is to say something in a different way, saying something in in a more complicated manner. Below are some well know idioms, try to figure out what is being conveyed in each sentence. 1. Scintillate, scintillate tiny asteroid. 2. Avoid excreting ophthalmologic liquid when lacteal substances have been shed. 3. The organ of touch is swifter than the organ of sight. 4. Slothful yet unfaltering achieves victory in competition. 5. A lyric to the shrewd will always suffice. 6. The punctual avian obtains the invertebrate with the long, flexible, rounded, flattened body. 7. The instrument used to inscribe characters on a surface is far more prodigious than the sword. Translations.... 1. Twinkle, twinkle little star. 2. Don’t cry over spilt milk. 3. The hand is swifter than the eye. 4. Slow but steady wins the race. 5. A word to the wise will do. 6. The early bird catches the worm. 7. The pen is mightier than the sword. Our brains are magnificent, they can be used many ways to reason, think, and understand. Be blessed in how you decipher, meditate and comprehend as you ride through life.

Deborah Alston RN


The Lost Riders Help Andre Hardee story & photos: William Ayscue

We (The Lost Riders RC) did a fund raiser for Andrea Johnson Hardee who needed $1,000.00 for surgery. We had about ten days to do the fund raiser. So, we sold raffle tickets for $5 each for a chance to win a $500.00 cash prize! after the 500.00 we raised $1,384.00. Kenny Davis who won the money donated $250.00 back to Andrea. The Lost Riders RC do a lot for our community. We also sponsor Potcasi Rest Home. We do a ride for them and we sell fish plates for them, too.

2017 new years day ride Bikers around the country went out for a New Years Day Ride. Didn’t matter the weather - snow, cold, rain...they went. Some rode with a group, club, etc. and some tackled it alone. Below are just a few of those bikers who went out and seized the day! Email us your photo out seizing the day!

Robbie Dunn - Danville, VA. 40*

Detta Adams - 57* Florence, SC Carol Ann Wills ~ 37* Sharpsville Indiana.

Noel Baker - Volney, NY 30*

The 5th annual polar bear ride to Lui’s China Bistro in Florence, South Carolina. Our Riders rode in from as far away as Darlington, Timmonsville, Lamar and Evergreen, S.C., for our noontime buffet lunch. The weather had been off and on rain in the morning but dried up by ride time. Many wonderful friends came out and enjoyed companionship, Motormaid sister hood, and brotherhood. Special thanks to the manager, Hong and all the staff at Lui’s for the wonderful service. We had ten bikes in all. Andy Juaire, Elsie Viola (MM), Rick Phipps, Izzy MacKenzie (MM), Butch Perry, MacKenzie Perry (MM), Kevin Adams, Detta Adams (MM), Gaila Kinney, Phil Kinney and Irie Keegan ~ photographer.


BB Gear Get You SOME

not your average

10:00 meeting. Sylvan Heights




Why I Ride Addicted to riding!

Interviewed by: Moe Photos by: Moe

Mary Ann Wiggins from Pikeville, N.C., is a Newbie to riding her own motorcycle. So new in fact, that she hasn’t earned her Road Name yet. Mary Ann was born Mary Ann Ficken. She is a graduate of Southern Wayne High School and later a College graduate as an RN from Wayne Community College. She currently works at Wayne Memorial Hospital in the Day Surgery Department. She was married for almost 30 years to Tim Wiggins, but sadly, 1-month shy of their Wedding Anniversary in August 2016, Tim passed away after a long 5-year battle with Brain Cancer. Mary Ann has always loved riding motorcycles and has always wanted to have her own. Her husband discouraged her from riding, but riding was in her blood and kept calling to her. One day when she had taken a friend to pick up his motorcycle that was in the shop, Mary Ann decided to walk in the dealership and have a look around. She ended up buying one that same day. She stated, “There is no longer anything holding me back.” “My 2 children are grown and my husband has passed, there is no reason why I can’t ride now.” Mary Ann bought a Suzuki Boulevard C50. After taking the safety course and learning to ride her own, she has been keeping the roads hot. Riding is like an addiction. The freedom you feel when riding, and the call to ride is like an addiction. An addiction that is never satisfied….

If you have a story to tell about why you ride a motorcycle, please email us and let us know. Your photos and story may be featured in a future issue of Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine’s section, “Why I Ride”. BB Gear Get You SOME




photos: Bud, Moe, Doobie & Vinney





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Before we begin, there was about of confusion over Sue’s story when she said that Dot Robinson was riding an Indian. Dot’s family owned an H-D dealership, and Miss Dot almost always rode a Harley, but on that particular day she had traded bikes with a friend who wanted to try a Harley, and Dot was curious what it was like to ride an Indian. Thanks to Miss Glennadine Gouldman for spotting that glitch. Zeke & I had finally rested up enough for another adventure. After very little discussion, we decided to go back to 1967 and see Burt Munro and his 1920 Indian Scout motorcycle set a land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. We set our time travel devices for August 24th, 1967 and Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. We wanted to arrive a few days before Burt’s historic run on the 26th so we could visit for a while. As we headed west the air began to shimmer and before we knew it our bikes were rolling along on hard packed salt. We had arrived in 1967 just outside the camping area for the Bonneville speed trials. Zeke and I left our bikes in the parking area and threw a couple of old tarps over them. We wanted to keep curious observers from pestering us with a barrage of questions, and mostly to protect our scoots from the brutal sun & blowing salt. As with any event involving men and motors, cruising the pits is half the fun of being there and this show was certainly no exception. The car crowd had their own areas, and the motorcycle racers were off with their own tents, tarps and shelters. In the middle of everything was a metal Quonset hut which was conspicuous by being so very bland looking. The windows were mirrored on the outside meaning that the inhabitants could see out, but outsiders could not see in. Curious. The only markings were a small sign on the door that read; FLYING TIGERS RACING. This thing was a mystery wrapped in a riddle and covered with secret sauce. In other words, a CIA project if ever there was one. I couldn’t imagine why the Company would care


about land speed records and I didn’t care. I just decided to keep an eye on that silver hut from time to time. As we passed by the Team Beemer camp we could see that those fun loving Boys From Bavaria had brought along their own miniOktoberfest. They had a jukebox playing loud German tunes involving tubas and squeezeboxes with several full-figured pig-tailed blonde lovelies serving huge mugs of draught beer and large pretzels. On the serious side of the area a handful of men in white lab coats were frowning at a BMW bike that appeared to just be sitting there on its rear-wheel stand. Team BMW didn’t have mechanics on hand, no sir. Not even technicians, nope, they had real live scientists working on their bikes! Zeke and I sauntered up and I asked, “What’s the problem guys?”

tank full of time n

tank fu ll of time

Team Norton liked to have one of their guys put on a Triumph Bonneville t-shirt and run around the pits with no pants on while waving a bottle of gin to discredit Team Triumph. Brits have their own sense of humor I guess. Except for the brands, Team H-D and Team Indian were pretty much the same. Both camps had reel-toreel tape recorders blaring rock & roll music through huge speakers while guys in greasy jeans & white t-shirts wrenched on America’s favorite motorcycles. A lot of the guys were WWII veterans, and there were plenty of cute biker bunnies providing eye candy for the racers. Smack between the H-D camp and the Indian crowd was Burt Munro with his rusty beater of a car and his 47 year old Indian Scout. Burt was 68 years old and planned to set a new land speed record for the under 1,000 cc Indian class. There is an old saying that goes; Beware of the man with one gun. In Burt’s case, it was beware of the man with one motorcycle. Burt had owned his machine since it was brand new, and he knew each and every part intimately. He knew what made it tick, and how to make it tick faster than any other Indian motorcycle in existence. Mr. Munro was a native of New Zealand, and folks from NZ are referred to as ‘Kiwis’ much the same as US citizens are called ‘Yanks’ in many countries. New Zealand was one of our allies in WWII and the vets from Team H-D and Team Indian remembered that fact.

A tall serious type with a monocle over his left eye said “Too loud.” Now to my ears, which aren’t in the best of shape from years of riding Hogs with straight pipes, the BMW sounded like a kitten purring as it sat there idling. “Loud.” I said, “I think it sounds kinda’ quiet for a two cylinder air cooled motor at idle.” “Idle!” One of the scientists who had a stethoscope draped over his neck exclaimed. “It’s turning 6,000 rpm’s! You don’t expect a BMW to make noise do you? Dumbkoff!” Well alrighty then! We decided to move on and visit some of the other bike camps. Team Ducati had a handful of artists from Florence doing oil paintings of their bikes. Team Triumph was taking an early morning break by having some tea and crumpets while discussing the latest James Bond movie.

Burt was shown every possible courtesy and kindness by the American and British teams while he was at Bonneville. If he needed a SAE wrench he got it from the Harley folks or someone from the Indian pits would toss him one. The British lads provided Burt with any metric tools he needed. There are no haters among motorheads, especially with bikerz. As the sun started to rise in the east Zeke and I could hear a commotion coming from the car area. Here came the legendary Craig Breedlove with his jet powered car Spirit of America. The crowd went wild.

Chapter TWELVE continued next page... story: Bud Dunlap

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art: Tabatha Ferrell


TANK FULL OF TIME Chapter TWELVE continued... As Craig rolled in on the salt a flight of six North American P-51 Mustangs escorted him overhead in two formations of three planes each. The crowd went ballistic. Then from out of the rising sun a lone P-51 Mustang raced not more than a yard above the salt toward the spectators. Even as U.S. Air Force Col. Chuck Yeager was bearing down on us from the east in ‘Glamorous Glennis , from out of the dark west came a beautiful navy blue Vought F4U Corsair with its signature gull wings bearing USMC markings and VMF-214 BLACK SHEEP on her fuselage. Marine Corps Major Greg ‘Pappy’ Boyington was behind the stick of ‘LuluBelle’ and coming right for us. The crowd kissed the salt! At the last second both pilots pulled their sticks back to their chests and accelerated skyward. The Mustang’s supercharged engine screamed in victory while the Corsair’s radial powerplant roared like a symphony of big V-twins. Both warplanes fired their .50 cal. Browning machine guns loaded with blanks as each of the pilots hit their trigger buttons. The six Mustangs flying overhead engaged their smoke generators and went into mock downward graveyard spirals in a reenactment of some battle that could have happened over Europe or among the Pacific islands during WWII. The veterans, both American and British, on the ground cheered. At some point during the war any one of those men could have been subject to merciless strafing by either the Luftwaffe or Japanese Zeros and saved by the courage of American dog-fighter pilots. With that little demonstration, our former allies and enemies alike saw for themselves why America won WWII. You can’t beat American pride. No way! Many spectators rushed to pick up the spent .50 cal. casings that were raining from the sky as souvenirs of this amazing little air show.

22 32

One young lady however was shooting photographs of the whole event. She looked about 14 and was taking things quite seriously. I walked over to her and said “Pretty fancy flying, wasn’t it?” She held out her hand and introduced herself to me. “Hi, my name is Patty Wagstaff, and someday I’m going to fly like that.” Sure enough, someday she would! I glanced over at the mysterious Quonset hut just in time to see President Lyndon B. Johnson, Steve McQueen, Sandra Dee and no less than the ‘Duke’, John Wayne himself applaud our aerial combatants. There was another face in that small group that I recognized, too. The Oracle, although a much younger version, was schmoozing with LBJ and the movie stars. Well, well, that guy really was well connected. The six Mustangs did some barrel rolls for the crowd, buzzed the area and then flew off. Chuck Yeager and Pappy Boyington landed and shook hands with LBJ then got back in their planes and departed the salt. LBJ exchanged hugs with the Oracle, returned his salute, then drove off in his Lincoln limo with the movie stars, and in two days it would be time for the real fun to begin. Finally it was time for Burt to make his run on the salt. Zeke and I joined some other guys in push starting Burt’s Indian, and with much clutch-slipping he finally got it going straight. As Burt built up speed going across the salt, both Zeke and I came up behind him, one of us on each side of his bike. Burt was up to 150 mph by now & far enough away from the timing stand that we were all just a blur in the distance. Burt was attaining more speed by making adjustments to his carburetor on the fly and switching his split gas tank over to the highspeed fuel mixture side. He used every trick in the book to squeeze more speed out of his bike and he helped write the book. As Burt and his Indian were inching up on 180 mph a strong gust of wind hit him broadside & sent him into a dangerous speed-wobble. If Burt hit the salt at this speed on his homemade ‘salt rocket’ he wouldn’t survive. We had to do something, and quickly. Using our time travel devices, Zeke and I were able to increase our mass so the wind would have less effect on our bikes and we moved up beside Burt’s Indian.

As he wobbled left and right we slid in closer until the tips of our knees were gently touching the sides of his fairing, stopping the wobbling and keeping him headed straight down the middle of the ‘flying mile’. Finally Burt made it through the last trap, slowed down & turned around for his run back to the timing stand. We shot off to side and on ahead so we could meet him back in his pitiful little pit. When Burt made it back to his pit and caught his breath we went over to congratulate him on his successful record-breaking run. “How did you lads do that?” Burt asked. “I mean, thanks and all, but how can your bikes go so fast? What kind of fuel do you use?” “We use a mixture of water and weapons-grade estrogen.” Zeke replied. “Of course” Burt said. “That makes perfect sense. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” Burt looked hurt. After all the kindness everyone else had shown to him, we looked like a couple of smart-alecks who were holding out on him. I decided to come clean with Burt; after all, he was a 68 year old man who just set a world speed record on a 47 year old Indian motorcycle. I figured he could handle the truth. “Here’s deal Mr. Monroe, we’re time travelers from the year 2016.” I went on. “We can even travel to other dimensions on our bikes. In fact Taz asked us to say “Good luck on the salt.” when we saw you.” Burt looked astonished. “My pet Tasmanian Devil, that I had as a young lad told you…to tell me… ”Good luck on the salt.” Well that’s just amazing. And how is old Taz doing these days?” I really didn’t want to tell Burt that his beloved childhood pet was now a 7’ tall demon in the underworld, so I bent the truth a tad, as I’m known to do. “Well sir.” I explained “Taz is doing just fine. He’s got steady employment and he’s working in a warm climate.” Burt smiled and said “I’m glad to hear that, he was my best friend for many years until he ran off. In fact, I named my bike ‘Taz’ after him. So where are you boys off to now?”

“We need to see a friend of ours in the future, Burt.” I said. “A fellow who goes by the road name of ‘Brain’ in the year 2116 had helped us out in the past…our past…I mean our future past…anyway, we promised to keep him appraised of our travels, and we really should go see him. He’ll be excited to know that we met you.” “Well I want to thank you lads for saving my skin back there on the salt.” Burt said. “I might have been a goner if you didn’t intervene. It’s much appreciated. Take good care of yourselves.” We gave Mr. Munro hearty handshakes & wished him good luck in the future, and then it was time to go. As we were getting ready to travel forward in time to see ‘Brain’, we saw Craig Breedlove preparing to fire up Sprit of America for an exhibition run. We couldn’t resist! Before Craig climbed into the cockpit I asked him if my friend and I could ride alongside of him on his run. Craig broke into a huge smile as did his pit crew. “Sure.” He said “I’ll only be going about 300 mph or so on this demo run. You boys just stay right beside my cockpit so I can keep an eye on you and the engine blast doesn’t melt you into smoldering puddles of steel and bones. I honestly think Mr. Breedlove was being just a touch sarcastic! While the crowd furiously waved American flags at Craig and his Spirit of America we got into position for the launch. When Craig released the brakes and shoved the throttle lever forward his jet car took off like a rocket…which it pretty much was! Climbing through 150 mph Craig looked a bit surprised to see that we were still hanging with him. Upward of 200 mph Craig was having trouble believing that we were still flanking his jet powered car. When he hit 300 mph and we were still there Craig’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets! Just before he chopped the throttle on Spirit of America Zeke and I kicked our bikes into high gear, twisted the right grips and waved ‘bye-bye’ to a flabbergasted Mr. Breedlove as we shot ahead of him. Okay…so maybe we are smart-alecks!


TANK FULL OF TIME Read previous Tank Full of Time chapters by Budman! Chapter I in the Sept-Oct 2015 issue Chapter II in the Nov-Dec 2015 issue Chapters III-IV in the Jan-Feb 2016 issue Chapter V-VI in the Mar-Apr 2016 issue Chapter VII in the May-June 2016 issue Chapter VIII in the July-August 2016 issue Chapter IX in the Sept-Oct 2016 issue Chapter X in the Nov-Dec 2016 issue Chapter XII in the Jan-Feb 2017 issue Tank Full of Time is now on Facebook! When you’ve got a Tank Full of Time, you don’t need anything else!

Pictured below: You know it's a great day when a celebrity stops into Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson to shop. Thank you Danny Trejo for making our day!

photo: Myrtle Beach H-D


Kimberly White Pr The Kimberly White Project is a high-energy femalefronted biker rock band from Asheville NC. They are a regionally touring band playing venues from motorcycle rallies and festivals, as well as your everyday hometown pub and grill. Kimberly has played local and regional shows for 12 years and has performed over 600 live shows! She has been on the same bill with acts such as Uncle Kracker, Blackberry Smoke, and Michael Allman, Preacher Stone, Fiftywatt Freight Train and of course Geneva and Jasmine! A few venues she has performed at are: Thunder Road, June Bug Bike Rally, Thunder on the Rock, Suck Bang Blow Myrtle Beach, Swamp Fox Entertainment Complex, and many Harley-Davidson dealerships regionally. Kimberly is a native of Asheville and she brings high energy, heart and soul to the stage with every performance in her hometown and around the region. She is known for her strong vocal ability, stage presence, and incorporating the crowd into her sets. Her genre has been called a mix of Janis Joplin, toppled with Ann Wilson from Heart with a heavy amount of old school riff and that is layered into something powerful with her band backing her. Check out the Kimberly White Project below: And photos by: Through The Eyes of Sam Photography Sam Lynne Beaver-Pryor


Through The Eyes of Sam Photography Sam Lynne Beaver-Pryor

Kimberly was raised on Loretta Lynn, Elvis, Conway, Merle Haggard, and Hank just to name a few. She begain to fall in love with rock at age 11 or so and say that she sang in her bedroom. No one even knew that she had a secret desire to be a rock singer one day. She had an album come out last year in 2016 and she is writing more now and planning on writing and incorporating more Blues Rock into her sets.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with this young talent and I truly love her raw, energetic style! She’s a sassy sweetheart with an amazing rock-ability. Great band backing powerful vocals. A crowd pleaser from the time she hits the stage until she belts her final note. I’m a Kimberly White fan!” ~ Geneva Keene, Kimberly White Project reviews (Apr 19, 2016)

Kimberly says that one of her goals is to play at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis, SD at Carolina Rebellion.

“Kimberly White Project is a great high energy band! always a lot of fun and they put on a great show!” ~ Biker Bob with USA Biker Parties Kimberly White Project reviews (Apr 06, 2016)

“Those are my two biggest venue goals as an entertainer. My goal as an artist is not so much to get signed as it is to play for the biker community, share what I love doing with them and bring entertainment to as many bike events as possible! I love performing ‘live’ to a crowd especially one that still appreciates live music!” She went on to say, “I'd love to do this as my career, however it's a tough market out there for us all. I put my heart and soul into it everytime I perform whether it's 5 people or 5,000! Thank you Debbie Sykes from Behind Barz Mag for featuring us here in this awesome publication! Thanks to all the friends, family, and the biker communities that support us! We are here because of them and their support!

I would like to Thank Geneva Keene for her unconditional support from the time I first met her at a show we both were performing at, til now. She and Dewayne are great people and I so much appreciate their support. Geneva has helped to pave that long road for us female artist on the biker scene, and it's a tough one. Much love to all the female rockers out there doing what we do! Love, Kimberly








from the

mind of big ed I think of The Leather Necks MC. They are a marine based motorcycle club and those guys who twist the throttle can still see the brothers who they fought beside, cried beside, and watched die beside them. Some still leave a space beside them on the road as they ride to respect them...That’s love!

photo: Moe

Hello You Happy Riders!!! The image you see, is not always what it perceives to be. Please let me explain... I stopped in the store to grab my breakfast and two guys where talking about Bikers for Trump. I didn’t listen to their whole conversation because I read a piece of Facebook that my Mama had shared this information on my page as well. But as I stood in line to get my order, I heard one of the guys say, “ Well bikers love this country “, and so on. But their voice was lost to the interruption of two black lady’s behind me saying, “Love! What does bikers know about love anyway”? The two lady’s talked amongst themselves and I didn’t say a word. I just stood there and played those words in my head. What do bikers know about love? What do WE know about love?

I think of myself when my kids were living 5 hours away from me and I would geot on that Harley-Davidson and ride to see them. Because my children will always be related to me and to my love of two wheels. I knew that when I pulled up to Kings mountain and the sound of them rumbling pipes just outside their door would excited them and they knew their Daddy was there to see them...That’s love! We know love! We love our spouses, our families, God, and the ones who share the road with us today, and the ones who are gone and can’t share that black top physically! We know love.. Love that’s undying even when the ones we love can’t love us back, or are no longer here on this earth to share our love for them with us. Bikers know love... This country was built in the days of yesterday on a love that was just as strong as what bikers have for this country today. I have no doubt about that. Well that’s my take of this world today. On another subject right fast. This has been some unusual weather we have been having, so take advantage and get on those two wheels and live and ride free, people! I’ll be doing just that, living Life Behind Barz!

I’m sorry people, but I believe bikers are just as capable of love as the anyone else! ...if not more than anybody on earth!

Big Ed aka 2Timer

I thought of my brother Anthony (Gambler) and his tears that still run down his face today even years that have passed since his Brother was taken away by a drunk driver...That’s love! I think of Chris James. A buddy I met years ago in South Carolina at bike week. How he had a small cut strip of leather that came off his wife’s leather jacket. He put it on a necklace and he kept it around his neck. She died of cancer but her love of riding with Chris is a memory that he keeps close...That’s love.



Ways to Avoid Motorcycle Crashes

We all know that riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, but riding comes with its dangers. Four wheel cars have trouble seeing motorcycles and motorcycles offer much less protection than most four-wheeled vehicles have. Additionally, the high performance mechanics of motorcycles may be more than the rider can handle. Due to these reasons, motorcycle crashes tend to be more likely to cause severe injuries and even death. In 2013, the  federal government estimated that the number of motorcycle deaths approximately 26 times greater than the number traditional vehicle deaths. The most common types of motorcycle crashes are: * Vehicles Turning Left into a Motorcycle’s Path: This type of collision occurs all too often when a motorist, usually unfamiliar with or not anticipating a motorcycle, either fails to see or fails to accurately estimate the distance and/or speed of an oncoming motorcycle and attempts a left turn into the path of the bike. As a rider, you should be in the habit of anticipating the movements of these other vehicles. Most vehicles will give indicators of their intention to turn prior to making sure a movement. Gaps in traffic ahead, speed of said traffic and the existence of vehicles in the oncoming lane are all indicators of whether a vehicle from a subservient street may attempt to turn left onto the dominant road. All riders should also pay close attention to these cars trying to make turns onto dominant roads. They themselves will likely show signs of their intention to turn. Tire movement, blinkers and the driver’s head position can all be indicators of a driver’s intent to immediately turn onto a dominant street. Be prepared to take immediate evasive action if you see that a car’s turn is imminent. Continued next page... Lisa Lanier has been helping injured riders for 20 years. Contact Lisa directly at or call her for a free personal consultation.

Offices Across North Carolina 1-888-CONSULT

INjUry ATTOrNeyS 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 104; Jamestown, NC 27282

Burlington Charlotte Durham Fayetteville Greensboro

Greenville hickory raleigh Wilmington Winston-Salem

We will come to you ANyWhere in NC.

* Vehicles Merging into a Rider’s Lane of Travel: As all riders know, motorcycles are simply harder to see than other, larger vehicles. This well known axiom holds especially true when it comes to the blind spots of other motorists. First and foremost, motorcycles should do all in their power to avoid riding in other motorists’ blind spots for prolonged periods of time. Just as cars should not travel in the blind spots of tractor trailers, motorcycles should not travel in the blind spots of cars. If you cannot see a driver’s face in his rear view mirrors, he/she cannot see you. *

A Motorcycle Rear Ended by Another Driver:

Obviously, these types of collisions are some of the most difficult to avoid for motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, distracted driving is all too common of an occurrence on the roads these days. The best thing riders can do to avoid this situation is to keep an eye on vehicles approaching from behind as the rider comes to a stop. Make sure to keep your bike in gear, so that you may be able to take evasive action if necessary. If it appears that a vehicle may not be able to stop in time, attempt to move to the shoulder of the road or move past the car in front of you. Avoiding a direct impact while on a motorcycle can make a major difference in the severity of a potential collision. Also, be cognizant of signs of a potentially merging vehicle. Blinkers, head movement of drivers and open lanes during periods of heavy traffic are all indicators that a vehicle next to you may be planning to merge. In the event you are involved in a crash, carefully document what happened as best you can. It is a good idea to keep a daily journal noting how your injuries are affecting your daily life. Keep track of medical appointments, days missed from work, etc. Many times, officers blame the motorcyclist for the collision even though fault clearly lies with the other driver. Stay calm and be respectful to the officer. Do a little of your own detective work by obtaining contact information of any witnesses to the accident. If able, take pictures of the scene. Include pictures of where the vehicles came to rest, any skid marks, etc. Lisa Lanier Lanier Law Group, P.A.

1192 Tant Rd. Spring Hope, NC (Hwy 64 Exit 1737)

Shannon Baker & the Classic Stepbacks


at Nash Arts


hannon Baker and the Classic Stepbacks put on a wonderful concert at the Nash Arts Center in Nashville, N.C.!!! They played classic Blue Grass, Country and Gospel tunes. The band members are: Ronnie Parrish, Keith Gaster, Spencer Howell, Shannon Baker, Charles Nelms and Tyler Hayes.

enhance the quality of life in Nash County.

Nash Arts is a private, nonprofit organization, which celebrates, promotes and produces artists and arts activities, provides support to other area arts organizations and encourages and generates arts education in order to

Nash Arts is housed in The Nash Arts Center, a former Baptist Church built in 1914, that was slated to be demolished and made into a parking lot in 1983, much to the dismay of local citizens.

Our organization showcases local, regional and national artists, professional and emerging, as well as self-taught artists and craftsmen. Our goal is to reach out to all members of our community.

The band’s hometown is Wilson, N.C. and they have received the 2nd Place award in the Got 2 Be NC Bluegrass Competition in 2016. About the band: Shannon Baker - Shannon was born in Wilson County, NC and has been singing in front of crowds since the age of five. From singing in church to doing the National Anthem at baseball games and tractor pulls, her love for music has grown with her since the very first time she stepped on stage. Keith Gaster- Keith was born and raised in Wilson County, NC. His dad inspired his interest for music through his singing and picking the guitar and showed him his first three chords on the guitar when he was seven years old. He was never serious about music until hids dad brought home a five string banjo. Just a few weeks later, at the age of nineteen, he developed a never ending passion for the banjo and enjoys picking and singing bluegrass/ gospel music. Ronnie Parrish - From Eastern NC. Ronnie Parrish lays down the bass line for Shannon Baker and the Classic Stepbacks. His old time bluegrass and classic country styles blend together to bring a solid foundation to the unique sound this group is known for. Ronnie’s experience comes from groups such as Whitewater Run, Emerald City Grass, Nancy Joyner and Early Station, Bateau Monroe and Cold River. Ronnie also plays with Sapony Creek and The Nine Pound Hammers.

Charles Nelms - Charles grew up in the 50s and has a love for all kinds of music. He’s been playing for most of his adult life and loves North Carolina and the southern culture. If you ever need a good laugh, you can look to him for a joke to fit nearly any situation. Spencer Howell - From Wilson. Spencer loves to sing, dance, and play music. He started playing the drums at the age of 2 and about six years later picked up the guitar. He enjoys performing all types of music. As a member of this band, he plays the snare while singing the harmony. He’s also in a southern gospel group for which he play the drums. His dad is one of his main inspirations in music. Spencer loves the lord and loves to make people laugh and smile. Jeremiah 29;11 Tyler Hayes - Born and raised in Wilson. Tyler has been a lover of music for as long as he can remember. He got his first guitar when he was in elementary school and by age 13 had completely fallen in love with the instrument. No one else in his family ever played music, so he spent a lot of time rewinding records and teaching himself to play and sing. He began playing with bands as a teenager. Coming up in the music world he was always infatuated with the blues and players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, and Muddy Waters. Years later he was working at a music store and, as a late teenager, a local bluegrass picker introduced him to bluegrass music, Tony Rice and Doc Watson. This encounter changed how he would view and play the guitar from then on. Aside from playing music Tyler serves in the community as a police officer and ordained minister.

1192 Tant Rd. Spring Hope, N.C. (Hwy 64 Exit 1737)



All proceeds benefit Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, Faith Church of Goldsboro, and ARR-MAC Water Response Team. To learn more about The June JAMR visit or contact us at or 919-922-1106. To learn more about Sarcoidosis, visit

Motor Maids at York City Bike Night and Harley’s Open House.

story & photos: Sammie Wisner As many bikers know, especially those Harley enthusiast, for more than 30 years the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of September marks an opportunity to ride the just released, new model, Harley-Davidson of your dreams at the York, Pa. facility’s Open House. For three days the facility has Demo rides, entertainment, and vendors from every part of the country. If you have not toured the York Campus in the last five years or so, it is a must. The entire operations from frames to assembly is now housed in one building. All the old buildings have been torn down to make way for what looks like a new warehouse facility. The thousands of bikers that attend come from all parts of the globe and bring with them an array of customized machines that make any enthusiasts drool. 22 years ago, the City of York, felt the need to make those bikers feel more welcome to the community. With the help of a local biking club, York County Harley Davidson Owners Association (no affiliation to HOG) they organized and established Friday night of Harley’s Open House to be York City Bike Night. This event would be for enthusiast, riders and admirers, of all makes and models, to get together and enjoy the comradery of riding the open road. They started by shutting down the center of York to all four wheeled traffic and opening it to pedestrians and bikes only. To kick off this event, there is a parade from the York Fairgrounds through the city of York that has on numerous occasions exceeded 700 bikes in number. Since the Motor Maids have been parading for such events as the Newsies in Ohio, Springfield, Illinois races, Peoria’s, TT races and others since the 1940s, it was a natural for them to get involved in this annual parade. So in 2006 when they were ask to hold the honorable position of Grand Marshal, they jumped at the opportunity. This year they were ask again to be Grand Marshals to celebrate 10 years of participation. Every year between 2006 and 2016, the Motor Maids have been present, near the front of the Parade, as an Honor Guard.


BB Life

This year there were 45 ladies, from Eastern Canada, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia, in uniform, riding to promote rider safety and to show that a lady can be a motorcyclist too. The Motor Maids, established in 1940, have become a pivotal part of a parade that has enthusiasm roaring in high gear and onlookers that wave and cheer for all participants in the parade. Many people along the parade route pull out lawn furniture, sit on porch steps, some use the tailgates of trucks while many stand or sit on the curb to watch as the Motor Maids parade pass, showing an impressive group of ladies riding in formation. This parade draws close to a thousand spectators; all looking forward to seeing the Motor Maids at the front of the parade. Because of the dedication and continued support of the Motor Maids, this year, they were presented with a plaque from York City and Harley-Davidson. I am sure that during the next ten years Motor Maids will continue to show the world that positive image they are known for.



photos: Bud, Vinney, & Doobie


Elite 11 Travel to DC


Contributed by: Brad Colesworthy

et me start by saying that this trip with my biker friends turned out to be more than I could have ever imagined. It all started with my wife and I meeting seven complete strangers in Salisbury who then joined us for the ride into DC. The traveling to DC part of the trip was probably the more moving part for me. During the ride up I settled in the back of the pack mainly to make sure Kim was doing ok with the speed. I noticed, more often than not, that the number of people that came by us in cars did so with their thumbs up. Even videoing us as we cruised on down the road. It was awe inspiring! Every time we stopped to fuel up or eat we were asked if we were heading to DC and that was usually followed with, “we are so proud of you guys.” As we got farther into the trip I felt myself getting very emotional as I looked at this group of 11 riding to celebrate something special to all of us. Men who were currently serving this great nation and men who have served at some point in time during their lives and yet they allowed Kim and I to join their ranks. We were honored to ride amongst them! On Friday morning we arrived at the train station and this is where it went 180 degrees different than we thought it would. When we got to Judiciary park and walked up to the streets we see what awaits us. We walk dead into the protesters. They stare at us and we stare back as we walk to where we need to be. They even blocked gate entrances and taunted innocent Inaugural attendees and us but we stood our ground.

We get through all the barrages of name calling and threats and once inside we got what we made the trip for, to see Donald Trump become President of the United States of America!!! Then we attended the parade where we got to see the man and his wife and it was worth it all. Saturday we pulled out for the ride home and again we were taken aback from the folks that as they came by were giving us the thumbs up. I can’t thank these men enough for allowing kim and I to be part of this experience, I don’t EVER see this one being topped and my main man Jamie Grigg gave us a great name for the group….THE ELITE 11

Jan Morgan, pictured here with the group, is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and Associated Press award winning investigative journalist.

Pictured below: Terry Doby, Jack Oxendine, ,Terry Eudy, Jamie C.Grigg ll, Brad Colesworthy, Kim Colesworthy, Sergio Sandavol, Todd Peeler, Russ Barfield, Chris Pangalos, Alan Hethcox


Warm Weekend Ride 11 & 12 Feb.

Kevin Hodges Mt. Airy, NC

Chuck & Leslie rode from VA. to Carolina Beach, NC for seafood and then on to see the NC Battleship.

Christopher Shayne rode to Creedmoor and Granville, Co. photo is at Beaver Dam.

Candy Barron rode to Pik n Pig in Carthage, NC

Rachel Wood lives in Salisbury, Stan & Pam Dean ~ Efland, NC NC and rode to Ashboro, NC.

Jasmine & Eddie

Keith Trimble Arriving at the Pik n Pig in Carthage, N.C.

Eddie Johnson from Ashboro, N.C., with his daughter, Jasmine. She made her maiden voyage on her new bike to Morrow Mountain State Park, N.C.

Dave and Sylvia rode to Wilmington, N.C.

Rebecca Crider & Robert Johnston from Greensboro, N.C. rode to Hanging Rock State Park.

BB Life

Joe Nassif lives in Wyoming, MI. and rode to Thornapple River in Alaska, MI.

27 39

international female ride day Together: Being bonded by the wind and being women. The 1st Saturday in May is International Female “Just Ride” Day. Women from all over the world “Just Ride” and we ride for no other reason other than we “just love it”. Here in Southern Ontarion a few of us lady riders decided to see how many we could get together to a set destination. Our 1st year we gathered 135 lady riders. Last year 255. We have road captains set up coming from Toronta, Barrie, Windsor, Niagara, Hamilton and some places in between. These road captains will bring you to a new set location in Morriston, ON and we will ride together as a group along some real nice country roads to Fergus, ON. In Fergus we will listen to music, eat from the food trucks we have coming, win some prizes and make new friends. From Fergus we will ride together on a nice route to end our day in Orangeville, ON where we will disperse and make our own way home. We anticipate a greater number this year and we are pretty excited about it! Last year we intered a group picture in an international competition and our pic won 1st place! These ladies, pictured below, were pretty proud! This year we are lucky enough to have our same photographer and this time he is bringing his drone. If you are interested in joining fellow lady riders, you can find us on Facebook: 2017 IFRD International Female Riders Day (Southern Ontario) or you can email:

story & photos courtesy of Jackie IFRD Southern Ontario


1192 Tant Road, Spring Hope, N.C.






FEMALE SALES REPS Want to work for the most popular and professional motorcycle magazine in NC?

Some sales experience needed. Give us a call: 252-314-8589 or email us at:

Get $$$ to do what you love!

Groundhogs Ride The groundhog sleeps all winter Dreams he'd like to ride, They drag him out to see his shadow From the light he wants to hide. Groundhogs wise enough to know Its six more weeks to spring, Time to rev the lady up Hear that engine sing. It time to dream of open roads And all good summer things Its time to put the pen to ink To write what nature brings, Road Scribes are summoned now to write To defend their space and time, Readers wait to see your print Put adventures down in lines. Winter winds will die away In the tombstones of the past The written word upon the page Secures memories that will last. Fred Steele © 2017 RSOA ™

On The Precipice Of Time

Playing ... Down with the toe... Out with the lever... Twist of the wrist... Burdens I sever. Impulsive rotations... revolves beneath me. Taking me places... Setting me free... As rubber massages the road to my soul... I take in the scenery... feeling so full. Engulfed in the rumble of my big twin's thunder... It's might and it's power still leaves me in wonder. The frame of my ride does carry me strong, as we roll through life... on highways, so long... When life throws a bender... lean into it... Subtle and balanced... to make a good fit. When everything's straight... running for miles, relax and enjoy it... with wind in the smile... Escaping like this gives me the will, to battle my demons... worries are nil. The Sun is declining... Heading to rest, as I'm heading home... off to the West. It's been a great ride... A wonderful Day... I sure had to take it, and get out and play. Playing with life rolling my way... ... © Panhead Rod - May 2015 Road Scribes Of America ™ 2012

I am standing in the doorway On the precipice of time understanding that all moments lost Were moments that were mine. The ride of life is written In the tire tracks of sand, Like a road map life is written Out across the land. Time is natures crystal ball Where her secrets are concealed Written on the wind of time We see through our windshield. A season rains down winter snow Heatwaves rise up from the sun Natures seasons are reminders Of adventures yet to come Let the highway of the future Ignite the spirit in our soul Let the ride unwind forever Making memories in our mind Remembering forever We're on the precipice of time.

The Year the Thunder Stopped Never a throttle twisted A season without a ride No relief beyond the horizon And a bit of spirit died But decades of curves And memories Of rides to nowhere last Although I may never ride again It's a rewarding part of my past Riding freed my soul Without destination or plan Soothing thunder delivered Something a cage just never can © JoPo Oct 2016 Road Scribes of America ™ 2012

Biker's Way It don't matter what you ride, long as you feel free... Free to head on down the road, choose your destiny... If you're serious... you don't ride, ...merely to impress. You know down inside your soul, riding relieves stress. You enjoy the power. You enjoy the zip... You enjoy twisting throttle, with a mighty grip. You do like companionship, with others who do ride. You will share the roads with them, riding staggered aside. . . Sometimes for a purpose. Sometimes just for fun. Whether you're a little group, or a major run... Actions make a difference, each and every day... Enjoying life while solving problems, that's the biker's way. © Panhead Rod Road Scribes Of America ™ 2012 Legacy It's up to us to carry on To tell our tale and leave our mark No longer alone on a solo ride Across the country far and wide Joined by others to take on task Proud dedication to the craft Throttle in hand, ink filled pens Pages turn our legacy read © Sorez Road Scribes Of America ™

Fred Steele © 2017 RSOA ™





d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E MARCH


2nd Annual Guardians of the Cross Chicken Plate Sale @ Stairway Biker Church 7442 S. NC Hwy 58 Plates $8 each. Will deliver if 10 or more are purchased.



Seed Sowers, Bayboro NC CMA Chapter Run For The Son Pancake and Sausage Dinner at Broad Creek Christian Church Center 45 Olympia Rd. 5-8pm Suggested donation: $7.00/plate For more info: Willie Tyndall 252-229-8284



Bryan Mayer Nash Arts Center 100 E. Washington Street Starts at 7pm. Cost is $15 advance tickets or $20 at the door. See ad on page 32 in this issue! More info: 252-459-4734


Book Run For Wells Elementary School Barnes & Noble 3040 Evans Street. Reg. 10am, Kickstands up 11am. 2 age approprite books for K-5 per bike or donations excepted. The ride will end at Wells Elem. School in Wilson with the turning over of books and lunch! More info: Barry Wood



Bill Lyerly Band Nash Arts Center 100 E. Washington Street Starts at 8pm. Cost is $13 advance tickets or $15 at the door. See ad on page 32 in this issue! More info: 252-459-4734



Johnston County Dragon Slayers 4 Year Anniversary Party 931 Whitley Farm Rd. $10/person and food served while it lasts. 4pm until. Facebook: Dragon Slayer MC Johnston County NC

5th Annual Freedom Biker Church ~ The Sandhills Bike Blessing 455 Rock Hill Rd. 11AM Ride leaving Ft. Bragg Harley KSU 9:30am Live music by Rockie Lynne! Grand prize drawing 4 night stay Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort Daytona Beach, FL. Octoberfest Oct. 13-22 See ad on page 11 in this issue!







Helping A Brother In Need ~ Bryan Godwin Meet in downtown Angier by the clock tower near Good Times Cafe 16 North Broad St. E Riding to Morrow Mountain State Park. Reg. 9am. Kickstands up at 10am. This is a donation ride minimum of $10.

Chris Nash and the Nash County Line Nash Arts Center 100 E. Washington Street Starts at 7pm. Cost is $13 advance tickets or $15 at the door. See ad on page 32 in this issue! More info: 252-459-4734




Sylvan Height Bird Park Presents: Pig in the Park BBQ Cook-Off 5-8pm BBQ & draft beer, music, games, pie eating contest, cake walk. More info: 252-826-3186 or go to:


Mason Jar Bonfire Band at Burnouts Tavern 42 Faith Baptist Church Rd. April 1st at 9pm and April 2nd at 1pm. $5.00 cover must have ID...For more info: 252-827-0699





Tuckahoe MC - Battlefields VA Presents: 3rd Annual Anniversary Celebration 314 Jeferson Davis Hwy. 1500 until last man standing! All are welcome! $20/individual or $30/couple Live entertainment, drink specials and dinner. Also 50/50 raffle tickets. For more info: 540-424-4033 or 716-903-9206

Debbie Sykes & Melynda Snead Photography Exhibit Nash Arts Center 100 E. Washington Street RECEPTION: FRIDAY APRIL 7 5:30-7pm FREE ADMISSION! See ad on page 32 in this issue! More info: 252-459-4734

For many more Eventz listings, please go to our website where you will find large, easy to read flyers. Please feel free to share your event flyer with us!



d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E




7th Annual Biker Blue Grass Festival Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson 4710 S. King’s Hwy. 11am-3pm FREE FOOD, RAFFLES, DOOR PRIZES, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT (BLUEGRASS BANDS, CLOGGERS. Benefits Waccamaw Animal Rescue Mission. This is a pet and family friendly event! More info: 843-369-5555

Snow Hill Moose Riders Present Camp Rainbow Charity Ride in Honor of Ryan Elks. Begins at Snow Hill Moose Lodge 520 Hwy 91. Reg. 8:30am-9:30am Kickstands up at 10am. $20/rider $25/2 up Cars welcome! More info: 252-314-5736




8th Annual Blue Knights Officer Down Memrorial Ride Hometown Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way $25/rider $15/passenger Kickstands up 11am. For more information: 252-439-1345



SLAYERFEST 2017 Dragon Slayers MC 6401 Knightdale Eagle Rock Rd. 50/50 raffle, door prizes, food, vendors, burn-out contest $100 prize, Free pig pickin’ on Sat. at 2pm. (while it lasts) Bands Fri. night URMOM & SUPERSONIC and Saturday 3 bands DIVERSITY, JOHNNY FOLSOM 4 & SWITCH $20 for more info: Snapper 919-369-9925 See ad on the back cover of this issue!



The Red Knights MC NC Chapter 22 Presents: Heal The Burn Charity Ride 2017 Starting at Union Bank Parking Lot 1750 Durham Rd. and ending at The Country Club Golf Course. Reg. 9:30am. Kickstands up 11am. Lunch provided after the ride. $20/bike $10/extra passenger. Price includes t-shirt! Pre-registration is available. Contact RKMC NC 22 at: with rider/passenger names and shirt sizes.



TBikers Against Child Abuse Annual Poker Run Big Daddy’s Roadhouse 7304 S. NC 55 Highway Reg. 9am. Kickstands up 10am $20 entry $10 participation 50/50 drawing and raffles



Thunder on Tobacco Road Motorcycle Rodeo and Party Mason Dixon Park 7533 NC Hwy 55 West $30 for entire event...$10 after 3pm on Saturday. Free tent and camper boondocking with paid admission. Friday cornhole competition, Friday night ~ Steel Standing Band. Saturday night Shoot to Thrill. 18 or older to get in! ID required! For event and camping information: Charlie 804-894-0558 Vendors call Robert: 919820-1958 or email: See ad in this iisue on page 14. This is a BYOB party!


Handlebars Under The Stars Ride Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson 4710 S. King’s Hwy. Reg. 5:30-7pm Kickstands up 7pm Benefits McLeod Children’s Hospital. Come have fun and enjoy our nighttime “GLOW” ride filled with music, food, contests, prizes and more! More info: 843-369-5555



NC Jaycee Burn Center Ride & Music Event Reg. 8am at Honda Suzuki of Sanford 3128 S. Horner Blvd. An escorted ride for approx. 120 miles across several counties. All, to support “Camp Celebrate” a camp for burned children ages 7-15, and other burn survivor programs hosted by the NC Jaycee Burn Center. Singles $20...Doubles same plus additional love offering. Kickstands up at 10am. Vendors and food starts at 1pm. Live Music starts 2pm...all at the Ole Gilliam Mill Park located at 4699 Carbonton Rd. For mre info contact: David Nance at, 919-776-5642 - Home, 919353-9684-Cell. This event is co-hosted by the Lee County Firefighters Burned Children Fund and Many Friends of Different Groups and Supporters with a Passion to help support Burned Children and Burn Survivors



10th Annual Cruisin’ For A Cure Car & Bike Show at Roanoke Rapids Theatre 500 Carolina Crossroads Pkwy (Exit 171 off of I-95) 9am-3pm OVER $20,000 IN RAFFLE PRIZES!!! Trophies for cars and bikes! Reg. deadline 9am-11am. For more info: Ricky Gupton 252-203-1093 Live DJ, food, drinks & fun! See ad on page on page 45 in this issue!



International Female Ride Day Get out there and ride!




d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E

N.C. Triangle Ride for Kids White Oak Recreation Area Jordan Lake Recreation Area White Oak Beach Rd.: off US Hwy 64 On site reg. 8-9:30am Ride leaves 10am sharp! Pre-register online today: At each Ride for Kids event we give away a brand-new Honda motorcycle!



3rd Annual Ride For The Veteran Warriors Hometown Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way 8:30am - 3pm. $20/bike with an additional $5/passenger Ride to CycleMax in Wilson then on to Greene Co. Sports Complex (arrive about 12:30pm). Lunch will be provided at the end of the ride. More info: Operation Nort State: Top Shelf Fishing Tournament: http://www.operationnorthstate .com/index.php/43-we-work-for-your-profit/109-top-shelf-fishinfestival Operation North State conducts a fishing tournament that takes wounded service veterans out for the day free of charge. The organization provides everything needed from the boats and fuel (provided by volunteers) to any special fishing equipment that is needed based on the disability or injury. For more information, check them out at the link above.


MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson Presents Cruisin’ The Coast Bike Rally 4 convenient locations to serve you! Vendors, 50% Tent Sale, Rally Events, large inventory of new and pre-owned Harley-Davidson motorcycles. For up to date

More info: or call: 843-369-5555 See ad on page 28 in this issue!


RALEIGH, N.C. 3rd Annual June JAMR

Ray Price HD 1126 South Saunders St. Reg. 8-10am. KSU 10am $25/bike $10/passenger includes lunch! Silent auction, 50/50 drawing, event bracelets, lunch, multiple stops, five county escorted ride & awesome camaraderie! See flyer in this issue on page 35.


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Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine ~ In your face full color glossy pages! Covering the Behind Barz Life! Biker stories and photos from NC, SC,...

Behind barz mar 2017 web  

Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine ~ In your face full color glossy pages! Covering the Behind Barz Life! Biker stories and photos from NC, SC,...

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