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Pro Fuel Class Winner

Janette thornley

Livin’ The Life!’

Injured? Lisa Lanier has been helping injured riders for 20 years. Contact Lisa directly at or call her for a free personal consultation.

Offices Across North Carolina 1-888-CONSULT

INJURY ATTORNEYS 4915 Piedmont Parkway, Suite 104; Jamestown, NC 27282

Asheville Burlington Charlotte Durham Fayetteville

Greensboro We will come to you Greenville ANYWHERE in NC. Raleigh Wilmington Winston-Salem

Editorz Notez This issue is jam packed with so many happenings! We did not get them all in this issue there were so many events going on! Be sure to let us kno0w if you have an event or benefit coming up. We would be glad to include in our eventz section of the print and online mag, as well as, our social media outlets. We include your events on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and our official website!!! We also have many more posted on our website: and on our Facebook page: Behind Barz Mag Please email us your event flyer: Or feel free to post directly to our Facebook page! On the cover of this issue is the Janette Thornley who lives right here in North Carolina. Read all about her on pages 32-35. She is an amazing person and can race a drag bike better thoan most folks out there today! This issue we are starting a new section about country stores. If you have lived in the south any time in the past 50 years you have seen a few. They are great to visit or park your bike in front of and take a photo. There are less and less of these great pieces of history every year. If you know of any please send us info on where they are located. We would love to check them out! Thank you all so much for your continued support! Thank you to all of our advertisers for making this magazine possible! Please let them know you saw their ad here on these pages!!! Because of them BB Mag is a Fah-Ree publication! We have lost some great and loved people since the last issue. We want all of you to know that we have been thinking about you and prayin’ for you and your families.


God Bless! Doobie

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nc packs4 patriots Support our local heroes Troop Signup for Care Packages We appreciate the service of all the members of our country’s military as they deploy to serve missions in difficult and dangerous environments. Our care packages show the care and support of a grateful nation. They contain snacks, toiletries, and recreation items. Troops are welcome to ask for specific items that they may be missing or needing. Special requests often are items like coffee, certain snacks, socks, favorite magazines and books. We send packages that are large enough for several members of a troop to share. Chaplains are a good point of contact for our organization so they can distribute items in chapel, recreation items, or along their visits to outlying areas. Troops who wish to receive packages are asked to email us at or private message us on the facebook page. We need the name, address, approximate number of troops who will be served by this point of contact, and the approximate date of stopmail (we will send repeat packages). We also would like to know if there are females at that location who would like to receive girlie girl packages. We follow security guidelines and never distribute names and addresses to the public.

Check out this awesome promotion from Synder-Lance !! We love this partnership and our troops love these crackers! This package was purchased in Ashe County NC. Check at your local stores and let us know where you are seeing these, and how many you buy! Synder-Lance will be donating up to 30,000 packs,depending on how many sells! Woo Hoo!!


Above & below: Military chaplains distribute donations to the troops and families they serve. Goodies like these always make troops smile! The talking bacon was a huge hit! Thanks Hallmark.

All in a day’s work, but only with your help! Tony loaded those boxes to mail today, and Mary readied and labeled another load! Each day’s postage is about $240-280. We need your items and financial support both to maintain our mission.

Our mission is dependent on both items for packages and financial support for postage. Our team of volunteers works diligently to ensure our resources are wisely utilized in creating the best care packages! Thank you all of our donors who support our mission with financial donations. Postage assistance can be provided by sending a check or money order to us at the center or you can go here and purchase stamps f or $5 or $10 and mail to us to use on our care packages. https://…

GREAT IDEA! Sharing Sunshine with our Troops. This is a fun project for Bible school, families, day camps, etc. We invite you to make bags of “sunshine” to send to our troops. Items needed: Lip balm, Sunscreen sticks, small travel size bottles of foot powder, Slim Jims, Lemonade flavored powdered drink mixes to add to bottled water, Lemon drops, Juicy Fruit chewing gum. Coloring sheets of sunshine, beach scenes, etc.

We invite and welcome your support. Our troops are still deploying, still serving and still sacrificing for our country. We honor that service and sacrifice. Postage rates have increased. A large flat rate box now costs $17.85 and a large priority box has increased to about $2-3 each. This means that we need to increase our financial support about $300 each month to maintain the number of boxes that we mail. Will you join our team to make sure we can continue our mission of support to show our deployed troops that Americans still appreciates their service and sacrifice? ~ Barbara Who needs a forklift when you have Marine power?

Have children color the coloring sheets and write a short message. Pack several items in a sandwich bag (take drink mixes out of box to pack). Fold the coloring sheet and add to bag. It would be easy for a group to do 100-200 of these!

Deliver or mail to our center to include Please email or call us for more info. in our care packages. Financial sup- Thank you so very much for your continued support! port for postage is also appreciated. Thank you for troops!

remembering our

Barbara Whitehead


249E Third St Ayden NC 28513 252-714-1175

email: ncpacks4patriots

Our days and hours of operation are: Tuesday and Thursday from 2-6 pm Saturday morning 9am-12.

Check out NCPACKS4PATRIOTS on Facebook

Behind Barz Petz Send us a photo of your Behind Barz Pet email us at: or post directly to our Facebook page


Black Creeke, N.C. Riding with Jay Bailey


Raleigh, N.C.

DYNA from Florida


It’s official! Our newest exhibit, “Wings of the Tropics”, is OPEN! This large walk-through aviary features about 25 species, including hummingbirds, jays, finches, quail, toucans, terns, eagles, and much more. We hope you enjoy it during your next visit to the park! Sylvan Heights Bird Park is home to the world’s largest and most biologically significant collection of waterfowl, along with many other bird species. The Park also provides a natural wetlands habitat for local wildlife. In 1981, founders Mike and Ali Lubbock moved to the United States from England, bringing extensive waterfowl knowledge with them. They founded Sylvan Heights Waterfowl in the mountain town of Sylva, North Carolina, and began breeding rare waterfowl from around the world. In 1989, the Lubbocks moved the entire collection to Scotland Neck, North Carolina, in the northeast corner of the state. Sylvan Heights Waterfowl II, now called the Sylvan Heights Avian Breeding Center, was established, and has continued to grow into the largest collection of exotic and rare waterfowl in the world. The facility now houses more than 3,000 birds representing 140 species, and plays a key role in maintaining the captive populations of several endangered waterfowl species. As the collection at the Avian Breeding Center continued to grow, so did interest from conservation organizations, educational facilities, and the local public. In 2003, under the guidance of the North Carolina Zoological Society, the Lubbocks began planning a bird park that would allow the public to enjoy and learn about birds and waterfowl from around the world, without disturbing the important nesting birds at the Avian Breeding Center. Sylvan Heights Bird Park opened in 2006, and now receives more than 40,000 visitors each year.

500 Sylvan Heights Park Way Scotland Neck, North Carolina


BB Gear Get You SOME


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Future Bikerz

your future Biker photos!

email us: behindbarzmm@ snail mail us: PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

Ethan Connolly from Snow Hill, N.C. ZOE ASKEW

DYLAN Woolard Washington, N.C. 10

CARLY Woolard Washington, N.C.

Great Day For A Ride!

HOG members and friends rode from Hometown Harley-Davidson in Winterville, N.C. to Harkers Island, N.C. for the day. “Huge shout out to Hometown Harley-Davidson and the Hometown HOG group (from Winterville, N.C.), for sharing this day with us!!!� Fish Hook Grill on Harkers Island, N.C. Check them out yourself! Fish Hook Grill ~ 980 Island Rd, Harkers Island, North Carolina 28531

NC/SC/VA Motor Maids

Spring Fling

Twenty-two Motor Maids travelled 4,252 direct miles to attend this year’s Spring Fling in Charleston, SC. Of course most Motor Maids can’t get there in a straight line, so the total touring mileage for the weekend is much higher! In attendance were ladies from VA, NC, and SC (some spouses and significant others too). Krissa was the weekend organizer and had reserved a block of rooms at a local hotel to ensure the best available pricing and reserved meeting space. Most attendees arrived on Friday evening and were greeted with pizza, wings, and refreshments. The Golden, Silver and Life members regaled with stories from times gone by. In the morning our hostess was up with breakfast cooking to get those of us who had taken over the backyard and every spare bed in the house into town on time to meet with the ladies at the hotel. After all had gathered, Krissa gave directions to our group for the route into Charleston where she had reserved parking for our motorcycles. With just a short walk around the corner we were lined up for a carriage ride with Glenn, a

knowledgeable tour guide, who made history happen. The carriage ride ended at Fleet Landing Restaurant, where we happily ate lunch. We then walked off our lunch with a stroll through the Historic Charleston Market, returning to the parking lot and our machines for the ride back to Summerville where our co-host Michael had been prepping for our arrival. Krissa and I went to pick up some catered food: chatting, we missed the place, so the ride was perfect since we had to pull a U-turn! Shortly after, the ladies started showing up at the house for more great food and sisterhood. The Long Distance Trophy went to Debbi C. from VA. Congrats!!! We chatted for hours about bikes, camping, rides, and, of course, upcoming Convention! Sunday morning our most energetic hostess went back to the hotel for last goodbyes and to make certain everyone was alright for their ride home. A grand time was had by all. Thank you so much to Krissa and Michael. You two know how to plan, entertain and make us all feel at home.

Front L to R: Ellie Micklos (NC), Krissa Drentlaw (SC), Izzy MacKenzie (SC), Patty Moore (NC), JoAnn Bortles (NC), Angela Vaughan (SC), Diane Stupalski (SC), Sue Hooper (NC), Trisha Blue (NC), Petra Harris (NC), Debi McGhee (VA) Back L to R: Janet Runyon (NC), Phyllis Stone (NC), Lucy Vlasek (SC), Elsie Viola (SC), MacKy Perry (SC), Jeanne Deak (NC), Jenny Warden (SC), Susan Greene (VA), Deby Cash (VA), Heather Leonard (NC)


family tradition story & photo: Ellie Micklos

For three years, my son, Mark, and I have been enjoying one of North Carolina’s largest motorcycle and unique car rallies. It’s the Fayetteville Hogs and Rags Rally which begins at the Airborne and Special Ops Museum and ends at Wild Wings Café in Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach. This year the event raised funds to help families in need by donating to the American Cancer Society, the Special Forces Charitable Trust and Kidsville News which provides educational newspapers to children in local schools. The ride included hundreds of participants who were safely escorted by local police departments along the route. We all shared a special comradery at the Rocking-A Farm where we enjoyed a yummy, southern breakfast and later, lunch in Myrtle Beach at the Wild Wings Café. This year the ride included a mishap for my son when his bike began to spit flames and sparks from the tailpipe. Fortunately, there was a good ending, thanks to Ft. Bragg Harley-Davidson folks. They had a support van accompanying the ride and they kindly transported Mark’s bike to Myrtle Beach. Believe it or not, they also brought it back to Fayetteville where we could get help. The day was saved…thank you Ft. Bragg Harley-Davidson. By the way, while Mark rode in the air-conditioned comfort of the van, I had my own personal police escort to catch up with the rest of the rally. Good things happen to Motor Maids!

your Health Behind Barz HANDS Hands, they can be defined as the end part of a person’s arm beyond the wrist to include the palm, fingers and thumb. The human hand has five fingers and 27 bones. There are eight short carpal bones of the wrist which lines up with the bones of the forearm. Then a distal row, which lines up with the bases of the five metacarpal bones of the hand. The heads of the metacarpals will line up with the bases of the proximal phalanx of the fingers and thumb. The fourteen phalanges (finger bones) make up the fingers and thumb, and are numbered 1 to 5 (thumb to little finger) when the hand is viewed palm up. The four fingers each consist of three phalanx bones: proximal, middle, and distal. The thumb only consists of a proximal and distal phalanx. Hands, fingers especially, have some of the densest areas of nerve endings in the body and are the richest source of tactile feedback. The average length of an adult male hand is 189 mm, while the average length of an adult female hand is 172 mm. The hand can lead, receive, clap, do work, be abusive, be kind, extend or be closed. The hand can even be symbolically used; ask for her hand in marriage, give a hand to help, the hands in a clock, to give a hand to help, and a poker hand. Sometimes it can be used in a “legal way”, like taking the law into their own hands. Our hands can twist a throttle, change a tire, pat someone on the back, clap in appreciation, give a donation, or something not so nice. They can be affected by arthritis, infection, be broken or sprained, have too many bones, and even at times be born with too many fingers. Hands are intricate, delicate, strong, yet always responding to our choice in how to use them. Take care of your hands, if you notice anything out of the ordinary please go to a doctor and get it checked out. A wave of the hand, thumbs up, honor salute, and a throttle twist to hear the roar of the pipes. Be blessed, ride safe and God Bless America.

Deborah Alston RN


"Best of the Best"

Enjoying the great food... Blue Star Bud

Some of our favorite eateries!

These are some of our favorite restaurant eats... and some of our favorite foods from those places. The Behind Barz Crew has been all over tasting some of the South’s best foods! Captain Juel’s Hurricane Restaurant Little River, S.C. We just happened to find Captain Juel’s Hurricane Restaurant while riding around during the Cruisin’ the Coast Bike Week (Spring Rally MB). Wow! Wish we had found this place twenty years ago! Capt. Juel’s is newly renovated and they have fantastic Sushi, fresh seafood, mouth watering steaks, and some of the best pasta and burgers around! On top of all of that they have an unbeatable view of the Intercoastal Waterway!!!

Family operated for over seventy years!

We sat out on the deck, overlooking the waterway. I had the crab stuffed mushrooms and steamed shrimp and Vinney had the same. Everything was fresh and tasty. Hannah was our server and she was so friendly and attentive. She is one of the many family members who put their heart and soul into Capt. Juel’s and make it what it is... a very friendly, fun restaurant with killer food! At Capt. Juel’s they are totally laid back, love bikers and have the most happy parking lot attendant ever! His name is Blueberry. He will help you park, get you in the right mood and send you in the right direction to Captain Juel’s.

They are on facebook. Also, check out their website:

Stop by for an unforgettable meal or great drinks (happy hour is from 4-6pm)...or both! You will be glad you did! Don’t forget to order one of their homemade desserts made from scratch daily! We will be back! See y’all during the Hurricane Ally Rally. Vinney & Doobie

Captain Juel’s Hurricane Restaurant “Shrimp & Stuffed Mushrooms” 843-249-2211

4499 Mineola Ave. Little River, S.C. 29566


Blueberry starts your entire experience at Capt. Juel’s Rest. off with a smile!

Send us your "Best of the Best" and we’ll give them a try!


7th Annual

“Keep the Light On” Poker Run

The 7th Annual “Keep the Light On” Event/Poker Run was held at the Robert B. Anderson, American Legion Post 13 in Wilson, NC Saturday June 3rd by the American Legion Riders. This event is held each year to raise funds to maintain the up keep of The VFW Memorial located on Rt. 258 and Suggs Rd. in Pinetops, NC (which was recently surveyed to be moved back 10ft due to a traffic accident), The Legacy Scholarship, the Colon Furr Nurses Scholarship, and various other Veteran and community programs, such as Veterans in rehab, National Security, Americanism, and Child and Youth programs. The festivities were kicked off with registration, sale of the 50/50 Raffle tickets, Door Prizes, and Raffle for an AR 115 Rifle, as well as the National Anthem sung by Karla Palacios of Youngsville, NC, and patches being sold and sewn by Mrs. Gail Batchelor (Master Shoe Repair of Rocky Mount) in her 3rd year at this event.

story & photos: “Storm”

The riders headed out in small groups at different intervals for stops to draw their cards at Rock City Powersports, Two Wheel Accessories, Black Cat Harley Davidson, all of Rocky Mount, the Military Museum-Tarboro, and The VFW War Memorial-Pinetops, and back to The American Legion Post 13 where they had the option of exchanging cards. Upon arrival, back at Post 13 many of the riders exclaimed “What a great ride!” as they made their way indoors for a bite to eat and to cool off from the heat of the day. At last inquiry, there had been 40+ riders, some with passengers, that participated in the 7th Annual Keep the Light On Poker Run who raised close to $1000. Events like this, held by The American Legion Riders, are an important part of our local, and American communities, and it is up to us Motorcycle riders, as well as the public, to make sure more is done to help their causes, charities, and community programs. As Marty Bartlett, Post Commander Post 13 Wilson, District 4 Commander stated to this reporter about this article being published in Behind Barz Magazine “If we reach Vets that ride we can really make a difference. Not only for Vets, but the community.” Special thanks go to the following individuals who provided me with so much information, I’m unable to include it all, about The American Legion, The American Legion Riders, and all their programs and charities… George “Doc” Young Post 19 Commander and Dist. 4 Adjutant, Ed “Julio” Costello Ride Director, and especially Marty Bartlett Post 13 Commander, Dist. 4 Commander. Also to the ALR Chapters of the following Posts for such a great day; Post 19 - Tarboro, Post 13 - Wilson for sponsoring the event and, Post 58 - Rocky Mount, Post 110-Nashville, and Post 72- Aberdeen.




Top sai

4 E 3rd Street, Wendell NC 27591 Across from Perry’s Gunshop!

ch l Bea



Sunday Picnic Sunday May 21st, 2017 Ascension Lutheran Church Wilson, NC Thanks to the planning and organization of Bob Austin, the Patriot Guard Riders and the wonderful people of the Ascension Lutheran Church here in Wilson, a group of local Veterans were treated to a wonderful Sunday picnic. After Sunday services the Church's congregation and invited Veterans got to see George Young, Mark & Rhonda Driver, Frank & Paula Schronce, Joe Austin and other Patriot Guard Riders roll into the parking lot on their motorcycles with flags waving in the wind. This event was unusual and wonderful in that the PGR and Churches most often honor Veterans when their time on this Earth is over. Today these Veterans were thanked for their service, greeted, hugged, and fed by Pastor Zach Harris, and his flock of followers who brought dozens of covered dishes and desserts for everyone. Although I didn't know very many people there, I did get to see new grandparents Mark & Susan Wethington as they pitched in to help. Mark was serving food and Susan was making name tags for everyone. Bless their hearts. Pastor Zach Harris greeted everyone, blessed the food, then said a moving prayer about Veterans and our brave armed forces personnel in uniform keeping our country safe. George Young took the microphone and said how great it was for the PGR to be able to show appreciation to the Veterans who are still with us.

I had a great time and it was nice to see all the Veterans walking around meeting and greeting each other. This wasn't a holiday event, it was simply Americans taking some time out to thank those who served with some food and fellowship. I'm sending out a big 'Thank You' to Pastor Zach, the Ascension Lutheran Church of Wilson, all the tremendous people who made and served the delicious food, and the members of the Patriot Guard Riders for doing so much to honor the fallen. If you ride and would like to belong to a great motorcycle organization, check out the Patriot Guard Riders online.

story & photos: Blue Star Bud



photos: Moe, Doobie & Vinney





w e

h C

His final goodbye God has a plan for everyone and everything, even us furry ones. If you find this on the backup drive and you’re reading this, then I went to where doggies go. I hope you finish that memorial video we worked on after Christmas. There are only a couple of things you need to do to it, then publish the video and upload it. When I’m no longer with you in fur, as long as you remember me, then I’ll be alive in memories. Remember the times that I put a smile on your face, and you’ll know that I’m still in your heart. I’m furever grateful that we chose each other and rescued each other. Doc Bailey and Doc Warner are pawtastic doctors for me. The whole team is great. I even got to sniff and spend time with the little hoomans that belong to Miss Tracy. I met a lot of pawple with you on that Harley-Davidson, and I hope I can keep on doing that until I get called to where doggies go.


Keep reading that big book. We never found any mention of a dog, but the book mentions lions laying next to lambs. Now, my little doggie mind is thinking, if God allows huge cats in Heaven, then there’s a chance He lets all creatures of His creation go to Heaven to be with Him. Keep trying to be a good Christian. Like being a biker and a veteran, being a Christian is a choice. You made some pawesome choices in your life; you even chose a pawesome woman to be my mom before we found each other. Remember what that pastor told us many years ago in Fayetteville. God gave you and me a purpose: spread seeds. Someone else may come along and water them, and someone else may harvest them. We may never see the results of our efforts, but we make a difference in bringing people towards God. We did good in spreading God’s seeds across the USA while honoring our veterans and maybe putting smiles on faces along the way.

Lots of hoomans in this country seem to be all about t hemselves and they show hate toward others when they don’t get what they want. I was lucky during my life with you because I spent a lot of time with pawple who care about others. Pawple like veterans, law enforcement officers and first responders. They must be a little bit like Jesus, because those kinds of hoomans are willing to die for other hoomans. I never met a biker who I didn’t like. Most of them had interesting smells from being on the road. Of all the pawples that I met, bikers have the biggest hearts. They give their time and hard earned money to help others, even strangers. I’m a lucky dog to be associated with bikers. I liked a few so much that I marked their boots or pant legs so that other doggies know that I pawsonally approve of those hoomans.

You kept your promise to me. You told me when you adopted me that you would take care of me and never give me up. I know mom and you had really tough times after we were hit on the bike and you lost your job. Mom and you did your best to budget and keep us on the road to honor, respect and remember our fallen heroes and passing veterans. You skipped meals when on the road to make sure we had gas money to get home, but you always made sure I ate a meal. God took care of us, put people in our lives who help us through prayers and encouragement, and we rode a lot of miles together in the saddle. We are blessed. Thanks for being my driver. I have the best life a doggie like me can have. I love mom, you and my many friends. When it’s my time to go, “Always Remember” … “Charlie Mike” Your faithful and loving furchild, Chewy

Continued next page from Chewy’s Pawrents...

Dr. Lindsay Warner and Tracy Vestor at one of Chewy’s many follow-up visits.


God speed Chewy ...Continued from page 21 From Chewy’s pawrents: Chewy “barktated” a letter in January 2017. He and I were talking. Well, I talked and Chewy listened. Then we typed the letter, which was intended for me to read after he passes. After reading the letter multiple times through tears, I realized that many areas apply to people who knew Chewy and who followed his adventures. God called Chewy to His eternal home on Monday, April 3, 2017. He was about 15. Jo took Chewy to Dr. Lindsay Warner after he collapsed on Monday morning. When I met them at the animal hospital, I saw in Chewy’s eyes that it was time. The clinical signs were not good. We made the difficult decision to let his earthly body go to eternal sleep. Those who let a furchild go to sleep know the emotions of letting go. As Chewy went to sleep, he could see his mom; I was laying next to him until he took his last breath. He passed peacefully. He was wearing his USO bandana, which he also wore at events on the previous two days before he passed. Overall, Chewy had a healthy and happy life until he collapsed on June 26, 2015. We took him to an emergency animal hospital. He was not expected to survive the night and was transferred to the NCSU Veterinary Hospital.


Three days later, he was released to go home. NCSU vets estimated Chewy had two to four weeks. He was diagnosed with pheochromocytoma (adrenal cancer), but we later wondered if the diagnosis was correct simply due to the length of time Chewy was with us. Chewy’s mom and I did our best to care for Chewy, with guidance from Dr Lindsay Warner and countless prayers. Chewy had wonderful caregivers. He lived 21 months longer than expected. Jo and I know in our hearts that God answered the prayers of thousands of people from around the world and allowed Chewy to stay a bit longer. Perhaps God had one more person He wanted to reach through Chewy. Chewy was adopted in 2004 on the day he was to be euthanized – he was on his third day when he was scheduled to die. The reason for his death sentence was simple: he was born, no one wanted him, and there were more animals than space at the SPCA. When we adopted Chewy, Dr Gene Bailey estimated his age at 18-24 months. We looked at the March to September 2002 range as his birth time frame. We selected September, then chose the middle of the month (Sept 15). We always celebrated on Labor Day weekend so that Chewy would have a holiday.

Chewy started riding in 2008. He rode over 100,000 miles during his life. His travels include a road trip to South Texas (Odem/Beeville/Kingsville), a road trip to Tampa, FL, and two rides across the USA to a Fallen Heroes memorial in Irvine, CA. On his third ride across the USA, our bike broke down in West Virginia. After the bike was repaired, we only had time to ride to Birmingham, AL to link up with Craig Hardy, then ride to Washington, DC for Rolling Thunder. Chewy saw the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean and Lake Michigan. He completed three Iron Butts. During his first Iron Butt, he received the road name “IronMutt” from the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. For many years, he was a card-carrying H.O.G. member and a member of the Raleigh H.O.G. chapter. The fastest he rode was 100+ mph on Charlotte Motor Speedway at the invitation of a GWRRA chapter to support the Speedway Children’s Charities. Chewy received a number of honors during his life. He was the USO-NC ambassadog. He was featured in the first episode of a ten episode TV series about USO-NC. For his service in comforting families of our Fallen Heroes and attending a lot of (several dozen) military funerals, Chewy was named an Associate Member of the Dogwood Chapter of the American Gold Star Mothers. He was named one of twenty North Carolina Local Heroes by the New York Says Thank You Foundation, an organization formed as a result of 911. He received the WTVD (ABC affiliate in Raleigh, NC) Armed Forces Salute in 2011. He was featured in Scott Mason’s WRAL (NBC affiliate in Raleigh) Tar Heel Traveler multiple times in 2016 and 2017. A US flag was flown in Afghanistan by the Special Operations Command in Chewy’s honor, and presented to Chewy and his family after the flag arrived in the US. A US flag at the North Carolina State Capitol was also flown in his honor and later presented to Chewy by a Christina Kazakavage, a Gold Star Mother. Chewy occasionally attended a service at Freedom Biker Church in Clayton, NC and Fayetteville, NC. He rode with a number of organizations throughout the years, such as CVMA, Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard, Christian Motorcyclists Association, No Rules Riders and more. Ray Price Harley-Davidson often referred to Chewy as the dealership mascot. He was the unofficial mascot for the MeanStreet Riders, a southern rock band whose music is about riding.

He supported countless organizations, which include USO-NC, Patriot Rovers, Miracle League, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF), Duke Childrens Hospital, Flags for Fallen Military, Fisher House, and countless more. He chronicled most of those journeys in this magazine, Behind Barz, and he did all this happily with his tongue in the wind while putting smiles on faces. Chewy’s first group ride was in support of the PBTF in May 2008. Over the years, he attended multiple PBTF events near Apex, NC with Raleigh H.O.G., Asheville, NC with Team Brady, and rode to Tampa, FL to support the PBTF event there. Chewy was in the saddle and feeling good on his last two days with us. Two days before he passed, he was on the flagline with the Patriot Guard in Lillington to honor a passing WWII veteran. The day before he passed, he participated in a charity event in Fayetteville: Doctah Steve’s Zuma ‘round Town. I could see in Chewy’s body language on those evenings that he was happy to have been among many friends and to have spent time with his driver. Jo and I appreciate the countless messages of condolence, cards and mementos. We did not realize how many people Chewy touched around the world until after our little ChewChew passed. Chewy helped me come out of my shell. He kept me grounded and in the present. Chewy was the reason I was able to attend funerals and memorial services and stand in the flag line for fallen heroes and passing veterans. In the process of rendering honors, Chewy helped to bring a moment of comfort to grieving families. God bless our Fallen Heroes, those serving in our military, our veterans, law enforcement officers, first responders, and their families. God, please bless America again. Lord, thank you for putting Chewy in our lives to put smiles on our faces, bring us comfort, and to teach us about loving one another as Jesus does. Chewy’s Driver and Mom (Butch and Jo)


Kickback Jack’s Garner, N.C.

bike night

On 31 May VA we raised over $500 for the VA Hospital’s community living center in Durham. Thanks to all who supported this event! So many riders came out the night of the event! CVMA presence and other bike groups was great! They filled up the parking lot! Thanks also to Team Powersports Raleigh, Ray Price Harley-Davidson, Sixteen Penny, Tom McGrath Law, and Behind Barz Motorcycle Magazine! The next Bike Night will be 28 June with their continued support for the VA hospital in Durham. Live Music will be back in the parking lot with the lovely beer girls, as well. Sixteen Penny will be rockin’ out the night again! Kickback Jack’s has also added another Bike Night!! This one will be the 3rd (thirsty) Thursday of each month. We are partnering with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to raise money for a great cause! Come on out and enjoy the live Music in the parking lot and help us raise money for an incredible cause! As always, we’ll have dedicated Motorcycle parking, beer tents, vendors, cornhole and live Music! See you July 20th! story by: Doobie photos by: Moe, Vinney, Doobie & Bud


1192 Tant Road, Spring Hope, N.C.

from the

mind of big ed I pay child support and the bills at the house and it’s just not in my budget to get one.” I said, “Well bro, it’s better then the man wishing he just had a motorcycle period.

photo: Moe

Hello You Happy Riders!!! I’m working a new job these days, can’t really put the name in here. I guess due to legal factors and such, but I will say that the company is most likely going to be around for a spell. I’m a maintenance mechanic by trade. It’s fun at times and it’s what pays the bills. Now my passion, though, is riding and anyone who’s around me any length of time knows motorcycles are going to be a conversation. It’s like Civil War between the north and the south talk with my Grandfather. If you got around him for any amount of time, I promise you that you would talk or listen about the civil war. I never did find this to be a bad thing , he taught me alot and it was fascinating stuff. So, Im sure that’s how people see me at times about the lifestyle of being “biker”.

I told him, people put too much into it man. The biker lifestyle has too much “stick” measuring contest in it. Somebody always wants to be more shinier then you, much faster then you,and too much higher in the price tag then you. Why can’t we just be happy being happy with what we can have and afford? I told him, “Sure, I would love for Jesse James from West Coast Choppers to come to me and open the gates of hell and pull out some bad a$$ chopper and say here the black top with this Diablo. He’s not! Nightster is steer horsey until I can afford the next pony.” What really matters is the freedom of being in the wind. To chase that horizon and eating bugs. To feel the rush of snatching back the throttle and leaving your troubles behind, if only for a moment. I think we all get lost in our wants and forget about what we have in our own hands. We are so ready to throw away today for tomorrow. Why not just be happy living at this moment.. tomorrow may never come, and all your waiting is just wasted time y’all... my self included! Well, that’s it from me today folks. Y’all have a awesome start to this new riding season and be safe and look twice people! I will see you out there..Behind Barz..

Big Ed aka 2Timer

Well, to get to my point across, one of the guys here started talking bikes with me. He and I went on and on about rides we’ve made and sharing the thrills and spills of the two wheel riding. Then when it got to the talk of what we ride that’s when I noticed his conversations went dim. He didn’t seem too thrilled to talk about his wheels. It took a bit but he finally spit out he rode a Honda shadow. A 1988 Honda Shadow. I said, “Hey bro, are you a shamed of your ride, man?” He was like, “Well man, it’s not a Harley.” I was like, “So...Do you like riding it?” He said, “Yeah!” I said, “Well, be proud of it bro. You are in the wind man!” He said, “I know, but I want a Harley but


Don’t just WISH it would happen . . . MAKE it happen!

4710 South Kings Highway | Myrtle Beach, SC | 843-369-5555

Thank you

From Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson

RIGHT: THANK YOU to all 150 motorcycles and 225 riders that came out to support this year's Scenic Rally Ride on May 19th!!! Together we raised $2,620.50 for our local Axemen SC who will donate this money directly to Camp "Can" Do - the MUSC Children's Burn Camp. What an incredible day and turnout!! We can not thank our particpants and businesses who contributed to this ride enough, without you we could never accomplish this!!! photos courtesy of Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson LEFT: Myrtle Beach HarleyDavidson would like to thank Team Money Cycles Sound Off Series and Uptown Motorsports for kicking off the 2017 Sound Off Series at our dealership! It was a great event with amazing bikes and fierce competition. We also raised $3,512 for Courageous Kidz! We would also like to give a shout out to Steelhorse Law, The Cigar Shop and iHeartRadio for their support!


spraH gear Wayne, from spraH gear, sent us a sample shirt and we were blown away. They are light, moisture wicking, come in great colors and they are reflective! What more could you ask for in a shirt?!? Read his story below about how spraH gear came about...Doobie spraH Easy Seen Gear was developed after a near miss accident. The idea came to me the next morning after pulling the roadside bushes and briars out of my clothes. Sharing the road during low light I needed a garment that would make me visible. Running with a light in my hand or on my head was not my preference. The next thought was to “wear a vest”! The vest would look like a security guard running down the street. The next big idea was to develop my own safety garment, that would aid in safety, comfort and style. The next morning the making of spraH was in the works. The local fabric store had everything needed to get started, from there I visited the local neighborhood cleaners and seamstress. She touched up my third grade graphics and three days later the first HIGH VISIBILITY REFLECTIVE apparel was born on September 20, 2013. The garment is designed for safety, work and casual wear. It is also good for exercising indoors and outdoors with the features of the dry fit stretchable material. It can be worn with running and causal shorts, jeans and khakis. There are many other uses, such as: Construction and warehouse operations, commuter bike riders, campers and over the road drivers. NEVER COMPROMISE SAFETY. The more the shirt was seen the more people inquired about it. Friends and family were the first customers and now spraH is a small business from a near miss accident. A percentage of each sale is donated to kids education and a program designed to send kids to camp.


Behind Barz Life

spraH gear is wicking Hi-Tech performance, breathable, and stretchable for comfort is designed to keep you cool during your activity. The apparel also has a Hi-Tech design to keep you safe during low light. The reflective technology meet the ANSI standards. “SAFETY FIRST”. When light is shined on the apparel it reflects to make you visible. The design is versatile enough to wear as a casual garment with jeans, khaki’s, dress shorts as well as workout gear. The shirt is manufactured from a special design and all pieces are precisely sewn together to offer you a quality garment.

rock city powersports Rock City Powersports just recently opened up in Rocky Mount (15 March 17). They are located at 435 S. Wesleyan Blvd. The business partners Ray Page, Andy Cash, Ernest Jones and Pete Mattei are the owners of Rock City Powersports. They were all former employees of Rocky Mount HD so they all have experience with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They spent quite a bit of money remodeling the building which used to house an internet sweepstakes cafe. The 2,400-square-foot building has retail space in front for riding apparel such as helmets, boots, shoes, shirts and used motorcycles on display and an 800-square-foot shop in the back for motorcycle repair service. The steady amount of repair work has already led Rock City Powersports to consider looking for a bigger space once its one-year lease is up in November. Located in the Maple Creek Plaza next to longtime clothing store J. Royal. See their ad below.

story & photo: Vinney

Rocky Mount’s Newest Locally Owned & Operated Powersports Dealer. Pre-Owned Sales, Riding Apparel, Service, Performance Upgrades & Custom Builds We Have You Covered. Service and Sales of all makes and models! TechnoResearch Certified Diagnostics and Tuning Facility rockcitypowersports

435 S Wesleyan Blvd Rocky Mount NC 27803 252 316 8035


Behind Barz Life


Janette Thornley is owner/operator of a nitro burning, carbureted, 121 ci Pro Fuel Harley and Dream Chaser Racin’. One of the few female pilots in the USA. A two time NHRA Pro Fuel Champion (2016 & 2015). Born September 25, 1967 in McMinnville, Oregon, Janette Thornley had a great childhood despite the loss of her father and younger brother when she was only six years old. After a family trip to visit relatives ended in tragedy at the hands of a drunk driver, Janette’s mother and, as she says, “a few of my brave uncles” raised her. Growing up in a small town, Janette loved being active and playing volleyball and basketball. Although Janette grew up without her father’s presence he was always in her heart and in her blood. He worked in a machine shop and he rode motorcycles, mostly dirt. Janette’s mom still has trophies from his accomplishments. Janette’s mom worked as an office assistant in a doctor’s office. She has her own wild side and Janette insists this is where she gets her spunk. At the age of 19, Janette moved to Maryland to work as a nanny. She worked several other odd jobs until landing a job as a business systems analyst at T. Rowe Price. Getting back to her dad’s passion of motorcycling took a while. Janette remembers a fella in college having a motorcycle but she didn’t ride it or pay much attention to it. Then in her late twenties her boss, at the time, was approaching his 50th birthday and said he was going to get back into motorcycles. Janette’s mind flashed back to her dad, the subliminal vision of the fella from college, and immediately she said, “I want to ride.” Within the hour she was signed up for the last motorcycle safety course of the year. She bought her first bike in June of 1996, an 883 Sportster. Why a Harley you ask? Janette said for no other reason than name recognition. Motorcycling required extra income to support Janette’s new hobby so she became an instructor for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in Maryland. While at a rider safety program at Indy in 2000 Janette met some of the HarleyDavidson folks who were getting involved in their own rider safety program. As it turned out they had a job opening at H-D in the rider safety program and asked her to send a resume. Assuming she was not qualified nor the right person she never took the invitation to send in the resume as anything but them being polite. During a rider safety training session at her local dealer six months later she again ran into the H-D folks who said they had still not found the right person for the job. This time she applied for and got the job with Harley-Davidson Motor Company. She left T. Rowe and moved to Wisconsin.


The great part about working for H-D was traveling around the country to the dealers promoting rider safety. Two shops that grabbed her attention was Ray Price’s in Raleigh, North Carolina and Johnny Mancuso’s in Houston, Texas. Both were drag racers and had drag bikes on display in their shops. Racing brought back found memories of Janette’s dad taking her out racing his friends in the hills of Oregon in his VW Bug. She said she will never forget those days. She knew she had a love for speed and by visiting Ray and Johnny’s shops rekindled that fire. She said she was just crazy for it. Even though she had not watched drag racing in person, Janette was thoroughly intrigued with it. While living in Wisconsin, around 2004, she visited a local track where spectators were running their streetbikes. She saw a girl on a bike and thought, “I can do that.” So she took to the track and had a blast but wanted more. Janette started going to Wednesday night Bike Nights and soon purchased a used Sportster with wheelie bars and an air shifter but only ran it a few times that summer. Without any support for racing such a bike she soon sold it and walked away from drag racing. As the economy started to take a dive in 2007, the country was tightening its belt and so it was with Harley-Davidson. By 2009, Janette had survived at least two layoffs and was presented an opportunity to apply for a H-D District Representative job, which had opened up in Northern California and close to home. She got the job and the following year attended an August AHDRA race in Woodburn, Oregon. There she ran into her old friend Ray Price and his wife. The day at the races made Janette want to race again more than ever. She knew she wanted to race but what class was the decision to make. When she thought about racing, she reflected back on the H-D Destroyer project that was launched in Gainesville in 2006 in which she was involved. At nearly 6’ tall and not wanting to race in a jockey class, Janette figured if she wanted to be competitive she needed a bike that could get her down the track. She came to the conclusion that she needed to run a nitro bike. There was lots of research to do to reach her goal. In early 2011 Janette ran into Ray Price at the Dealer Show. He invited her to come to a race in Rockingham. She did and that led to going to a race in Bristol, then Atco. It was while she was at the Atco event she confided in a racer Freddie Robbins about her goals. He talked her into sitting on Johnny Vicker’s Pro Drag Harley. Right there and then she was ready so she signed up to attend Johnny Pro Drag School offered in October to finally pursue her dream.

The school took place days prior to AHDRA’s Rockingham event. After completing the school and obtaining her license, she leased a bike from Vickers for that weekend’s race. Out of 19 bikes, she managed to qualify 15th and make the field. Although she went out in the first round, she had successfully completed her goal of racing a fuel bike. Janette knew she needed to partner up with someone in order to compete beyond this point. She approached Ray Price about campaigning a second bike if she bought the bike and supported herself. Ray, being the businessman he is, hammered out an arrangement and a plan was put into place for 2012. Ray gets the bike from point A to point B, maintains the bike and helps with tuning efforts. Johnny Vickers, who also owns Hawaya Racing, had a complete Pro Dragster that he had recently sold to a dealer who was willing to sell it. Janette sold her two streetbikes and became the proud new owner of a 121 cubic-inch nitro Harley with a Derringer motor. Her first full season event was at the Manufacturer’s Cup in Valdosta. After two rounds of qualifying, she was on the outside looking in with a 8-bike field. On her final qualifying pass she went from 12th to 5th in qualifying with a 7.445 @ 171.90mph. In round one she took out Dale Nilles from Colorado with her 7.33 @ 170 to his 7.60. In round two she took out Kirby Apathy with another solid run of 7.37 @ 174mph. That put her up against who else but Johnny Vickers in the final round of her first full season race. Johnny beat Janette but she could not be more proud. Some guys compete for years to get to a final round and here she was less than six months from sitting on a real dragbike. At the season opener for AHDRA in Gainesville, Janette again qualified 5th but was taken out by inches at the line by Rocky Jackson. In the following race at Rockingham Janette returned the favor. After four events Janette is sitting in the #5 spot in the AHDRA Pro Dragster class. Finally let me give a shout out to Janette’s mom. Drag racing is far safer than you know. Come to a race and see your little girl race, she’s good. Interest outside of racing: Mostly socializing – LOL! I love people and we are all so very different and interesting. I love riding my street bike, although without right now due to my drag bike purchase. I recently committed to a new 2012 RoadGlide; I couldn’t stand it any longer, I was born to ride!! I love road trips; long and short. I love spending time with my mom and pop and other family members that can put up with me!

Favorite foods: I love fried food – doesn’t matter what you want to fry, I’ll eat it!! Not in the diet these days so I’d say a good spinach salad works with grilled chicken. Favorite movie: Oh boy, can I really say this – but my favorite all time movie is Pretty Woman. Do you own a classic car or truck? I do, I have an old ’58 English Ford Anglia which I’m in the process of getting it road ready, Hot Rod I believe. My father was working on the restoration 38 years ago and my mom kept it all these years. Hopefully will bring it to the Woodburn Oregon race and show it off. First motorcycle: 1996 H-D 883. Hero: My grandmother, mother of 9 and my mother. My grandmother was an amazing woman and my mom has followed in her footsteps. Awards 2016 NHRA Pro Fuel Harley Champion 2015 NHRA Pro Fuel Harley Champion Pro Drag Champion at NHRA Harley-Davidson Drag Racing Series, Summit Motorsports Park May 19, 2013



AMRA Bowling Green Janette Thornley and her Dream Chaser Racin’ team have gone through some changes since the 2016 season close. If it’s even possible, the team shows more determination and drive then before. Why? “Well”, says Janette, owner and operator of her 2015 Nitro burning Pro Fuel, “I left my corporate job in December and started my own business, we have added some new marketing partnerships and lastly I want to grow this sport, and share with others that dreams do come true!”. Recently (April) in Bowling Green KY, the team brought home the trophy along with bragging rights of number one qualifier, low ET and top speed for the weekend. “This was our first Bowling Green event”, said Thornley “and what a great experience we had! Of course running well helps but AMRA does a great job and the track was prepped well.” Since the team had never raced in Bowling Green tuner Buddy Foss prepared a tune-up based on like conditions from another tracks. On Saturday, qualifying round one was a solid pass, running a 7.387 et at 172.78 mph. Hot and humid made tuning a challenge so only a slight change was made for qualifying round two. The team had another strong pass, running a 7.370 et at 170.84 mph. The team decided to sit out for qualifying round three due to the heat.


The ladder is set with a six bike field and Janette is paired with number six qualifier George Elliott. Round one eliminations George did not make the call, so Janette ran a single. Her pass wasn’t clean and straight like Saturdays, it was more like taking the long way which scrubbed off some time and she ran a 7.403 et at 171.90 mph. With a six bike field, Thornley knew if she got past round one she would receive a bye for the semis. The team approached the round with expected results of a quicker pass than the previous one and they delivered! Running a 7.294 et at 168.35 mph, the team was exited the motorcycle was happy and outperforming the others. As all competitions go, you can never count anyone out and as we entered the finals, Thornley was paired with Keith Kelley of Tennessee Thunder Racing. “Keith is one of the best on the tree” said Thornley, “I get butterflies before every pass but this one especially knowing Keith could tree the heck out of me.” As suspected, Kelly had a .006 light to Janette’s .153, but Dream Chaser Racin’ grabs the W. Running a 7.248 et at 171.16 mph vs. 7.546 et at 167.01 mph in the finals.

“After a challenging weekend in Baton Rouge our first race of the year, this win was a huge success for me and my husband; WE did this together and 100% on our own!” said Janette with tears in her eyes. “Yes, I’m an emotional person and milestones like this mean a lot to us.” We look forward to supporting the AMRA, www.amraonline. com, the rest of the season and may take in a few other races throughout the year if we can fit them in t o our budget and schedule. Thank you to our returning sponsor partnerships: LAT Racing Oils, Purple Slice, Quality Printing Great to add to 2017 sponsor partners Matt Smith Racing and VP Racing Fuels Follow her on Facebook at Dream Chaser Racin’ - Janette Thornley or email her to be included on her email list:

Editor’s Note: Janette is an amazing inspirational woman! She knew what she wanted to do. She followed her dreams and has gone out there and done it! She has sooo many more goals and we are sure, without a doubt, that she will reach them and even surpass those goals! Janette is such a very possitive person and I am proud to say that she is a fellow Motor Maid sister! We look forward to many more great things from her in the future. All you guys in the drag racing world better look out! We’ve got an amazing pilot in Janette! ~Doobie


25 Years and Counting Glennadine Gouldman

story: Doobie

photos: Krissa

The VA/WV Motor Maids celebrated 20 years of hosting PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) this year. 2017 also marked another milestone in that Glennadine Gouldman and Gail Burkett received their Silver Life Membership award for 25 years in the Motor Maids. Congrats to both of these wonderful ladies who make such an impact in the motorcycling community. Both travel thousands of miles every year on their bikes. This year Glennadine did 10K+ miles! This was a low milage year, too. Usually Glennadine does 20K+ to 25K+ miles in a single year! For their 25 year Silver Life event Gail and Glennadine both received a plaque and 25 white carnations tipped in Royal blue.

Gail Burkett receiving award in recognition of her Motor Maids 25th Anniversary


BB Life



photos: Moe, Gypsy, Freebird, Vinney, & Doobie


15 June 17 National Nature National Photography Day was back in June and we asked you to submit photos of you and your bike out in nature. Thanks for the YUGE response! You can still send in your photo. Every day you are on your bike you are in nature. We’d love to see where you and your bike are living the Behind Barz Life! Email us at: Or post directly to facebook:

Open field on Flowes Store Rd. Concord N.C. ~ Tim Trammell

Transylvania County, N.C. Rickey Massingale

Watauga Lake, TN. ~ Corey Whitely

Morganton, N.C. ~ James W Mccall On the Blue Ridge. ~ Jeffrey Tate

Blue Ridge Parkway Kevin Jasinski

Concord, N.C. ~ Gannon Roper

My Wife and I in S.D. Bruce Walker

Newland, N.C. ~ James W. McCall

Bald River Falls off of the Cherohala Skyway in Tennessee. ~ Ronda Brown

The “ ST “ Storm Trooper on the Parkway with the Viaduct in the distance. Jack Vines

Virginia ~ William Bowen

Photography Day

Nathan Lang Blue Ridge Parkway overlooking Brown Mountain/ Wilson Creek Area.

Devils Tower in Wyoming ~ Gene Rollins

Just finished the Dragon! photo by Bernice Waldrop

Chad Cook and myself (Steve Ring) at the top of the Whip.

Camping trip on the BRP... South River, Virginia. Brian Fistler Blue Ridge Parkway ~ Steve Roark

Wilkesboro, N.C. James Nussbaumer Above 11,000 feet in Colorado.

Brian Volk

Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke, Virginia. ~ Connie O’Neil- Nelson

Trip to Sturgis and Yellowstone. ~ Terry Pajares

Sitting atop the devils whip in Marion, N.C. William Bentley Jr.

BB Life


Just ouside of Boone, NC Sabrina Perry Gouch


Cruisin’ The Coast

South Carolina

The Rally is back! ...and what a comeback! This years rally event had more people than we have seen in years! We started everything off at the North end of Myrtle Beach at The HarleyDavidson Shop at the Beach to check out all their new bikes under the tent. Talk about inventory, they’ve got it! Many people were taking demo rides... great way to see what bike fits you and fall in love!

Thinking about a Demo Ride.

We picked up the official Rally H.O.G Pin and hung out with the CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) at their booth. They were giving out water

After hanging out front for a while we headed inside to check out all the new Rally t-shirts and Harley gear! There were so many cool designs to pick from that it was hard to choose!

Killer Rally apparel at both Harley-Davidson locations!

We visited with the guy at the Rally info table where he had maps, flyers, brochures, and of course, Behind Barz Magazine!

CVMA tent outside of the HD Shop at the Beach in North Myrtle Beach. to everyone that wanted some and free gifts for women. We see them there every year! After grabbing a hotdog we headed over to the main store. The front parking lot was packed and pouring over into an adjacent parking area beside it. We stood out front and watched all the bikes roll in and park. So many bikes!

Having fun while working the Rally! Doesn’t get any better than that!

story: Doobie

photos: Vinney & Doobie


After buying a couple of t-shirts we headed out behind the dealership to see all the vendors set up. MBHD had a huge tent with discounted items from the store...lots of items! There were many vendors, including a beer tent that was set-up inside the dealership and outside serving beer. It was a very hot day and muggy so, that ice cold beer hit the spot!


Myrtle Beach Bike Week

At the Rally you see all kinds of bikes and all kinds of people from all over the country and world! That is part of what make the Rally so much fun! We get to meet new people and see cool bikes! We tried to hit all the hot spots while at the Spring Rally. We headed over to Murrells Inlet to hang out at the Beaver Bar and Suck Bang Blow for a few. We visited The Rat Hole. We also headed up to Barefoot Landing where there were a few vendors. One of our favorite places to visit during the rally is up at Little River at one of the coolest bar/restaurants on the water, Captain Archies (formerly Capt. Poo’s). They have great food, a great view and gorgeous gals serving up cold brews!

photo courtesy Captain Archie’s

Yep, we can honestly say the Rally is back! this year was the 77th annual Spring Rally. So many rides were happening all over the Grand Strand during this year’s Rally. Myrtle Beach HarleyDavidson had a ride almost every day of the Rally. They even had a free breakfast one morning at Flapjack’s Pancake Cabin in garden City. They held a Biker Bash at The Waterway Sports & Spirits in Myrtle Beach with free food, door prizes & more! We can hardly wait to go back in the Fall to the Hurricane Alley Rally! Be sure to check out Myrtle Beach HarleyDavidson’s facebook page and their website for all the details. We will certainly be there to see old friends, meet new friends and have a good time! See y’all there!

BB Life





FEMALE SALES REPS Want to work for the most popular and professional motorcycle magazine in NC?

Some sales experience needed. Give us a call: 252-314-8589 or email us at:

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In the back of the barn Behind old washing machines, As hidden as memories, That nobody sees, Condemned to her silence amid the droning of bees. You can smell the old barn wood, There's used leather in there Ragged and twisted And a lot worse for wear. Over the boxes, a seat for the truck I stand in the clearing, Amid generations of junk She leans on her stand, In the beauty of rust, With glimpses of chrome Is a layer of times dust. The roads she once ventured Come back into view, The memories of time And all that I knew. Will she ride with the wind Through a dream just once more Or will she remain in the dark On the old barn wood floor. Where she leans on her stand In the beauty of rust With glimpses of chrome In the layers of times dust. Fred Steele © 2017 Road Scribes of America ™ 2012

Run Inspired © 2017 ... Run goin' on, but I can’t go. Bike needs work... and have no dough... Used to let this... bother me... Hid and whined, in misery. These days... I just let it roll... Must have fun... so now we stroll... ‘midst two wheels, parked all around... Time with friends... while feet on ground. Staying out, we party late... Fellow riders... made things great... Now, back home, I go in shop.. Grab my ride... and on her, hop. Must fix bike... and make her roll... Riding is real good... for soul... Run’s inspired, my new goal... © Panhead Rod RSOA ™ 2012

Past Days Fast Daze Slinking onto the I95 entrance ramp The highways' wind like a sirens call Beckoning motion closer come hither Seductively running it's fingers through my hair Whispering in my ears enticing me forward, faster faster faster now Grabbing the clutch with ease Another gear up twisting throttle moving forward Shadow having a hard time by my side keeping up The sun on my back biting my neck Entrance ramp in the rear view No need to look back it's gone Like past days fast daze only thing That matters now is the road ahead The car filled with kids pointing Parents staring at 85 I pay them no mind Once upon a time I was that kid in the back seat Wish upon a star and one day you are Slinking onto the I95 entrance ramp..... © Sorez Road Scribes of America ™

Inspiration Riding and writing come from within my very soul They took a broken man and made me whole I find rhyme and verse within the wind That’s where poetry begins What the wind whispers to me Is I may find inspiration in everything I see The open road leads to an open mind Where dreams and reality become entwined I sort through the scattered thoughts and memories Of what the ride provided me Then arrange them into words to share It’s for you I lay my soul to bare © Lee Buddah Haverstick Black Rose Poetry ™ , Road Scribes of America ™ Made Bones I live a life that's blessed One I do not deserve Never taking one moment For granted Through heartache and stress I've endured Causing confusion Halfway insane Staying one step Ahead of the game Leaving the past Where it belongs In the closet With skeleton bones © Sorez Road Scribes of America ™

Throwing Letters At The Wall Words are words of feelings Unsheathed from time to time They are worse than flesh wounds Words carve scars into the mind. I'm in possession of a pen So I can write the words I see I can sketch a verbal sunset Describe a stately pine I can see what others miss Down the halls of darkened minds, Discarding things I do not want Wherever words may fall I can see connected meanings Throwing letters at the wall. Fred Steele © 2015 Road Scribes of America ™ 2012

True Colors You don’t have to wear the same patch as me to be my brother But you damn sure will need to earn my respect like all the others Just because you ride a motorcycle is not good enough for me It’s about your attitude, your heart, and integrity Any brother of mine must understand That it’s not the patch that makes you a man The patch you fly is yours and mine is mine But ones true colors will come out in time How you choose to treat me is what you’ll get in return Either good or bad will be a lesson learned I have many acquaintances and many brothers too In my world that all depends on you If I call you my brother, that comes with love and pride It comes from within not what’s on the outside. © Lee Buddah Haverstick, Black Rose Poetry ™ , RSOA ™

The Beauty Of Rust




We Say Good Bye John Parham John Parham who was the founder of J&P Cycles and also opened the National Motorcycle Museum, passed away on 20 April 2017 after a long battle with pulmonary fibrosis at the age of 62. John Parham opened his first shop with a partner in 1975 in his hometown of Anamosa, Iowa. Four years later, he branched out with his wife Jill, starting J. Parham Enterprises. This company came to be known as J&P Cycles. By the 1990s, J&P Cycles had grown into one of the largest motorcycle accessory mail order companies in the world. He grew both his retail stores and his mail order business while expanding his efforts to promoting races and vintage motorcycle events throughout the country. He led the industry by adding the J&P Cycles catalog of over 100,000 parts and accessories onto the internet resulting in DealerNews magazine naming J&P Cycles the “World’s Largest Aftermarket Retailer.” With over 300 team members, the success and growth of J&P Cycles also strengthened communities including: Anamosa, Iowa, Ormond Beach, Florida and Sturgis, South Dakota. John’s passion for motorcycling and motorcyclists led to amassing one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of motorcycles, in excess of 300 machines. Moving the National Motorcycle Museum to Anamosa, Iowa enabled John to share his passion with riders from all over the world. John was inducted into both the AMA Hall of Fame (2015) and the Sturgis Museum’s Hall of Fame (2009). He is survived by his wife Jill, son Zach, daughter-in-law Bree and two grandchildren. Zach is the General Manager and Vice-President of Merchandising at J&P Cycles.



We Say Good Bye Nicky Haden Nicky Hayden, the former MotoGP world champion, died five days after he was involved in a cycling accident in Cesena, Italy. It was Monday 22 May 2017. The 35-year-old American was hit by a car during a training exercise in Italy on 18 May 17 and suffered severe head and chest injuries. On Monday, the Maurizio Bufalini Hospital, where he had been placed into a medically induced coma, confirmed that he had died. At the time of his death, Hayden’s mother and fiancee were by his side, according to a statement by the Red Bull Honda World Superbike Team. Born in Owensboro, Ky., to parents who both raced dirt track, Hayden, dubbed the Kentucky Kid, began racing professionally at age 16 — as soon as he became eligible. He began MotoGP racing (motorcycling’s elite competition ) in 2003 and was crowned the MotoGP World Champion three years later in 2006, narrowly beating his friend and rival Valentino Rossi, who had won the title five times in a row.

Haden transferred to World Superbikes in 2016. He was competing for the Red Bull Honda team this season and was 13th in the riders’ standings.


We Say Good Bye Chuck Deak We said our final goodbye to Chuck Deak on Saturday, May 27th, 2017. A beautiful Memorial Service was held in Painesville, Ohio. In true Motor Maid fashion, friends of Jeanne and Chuck came from as far as Canada, South Carolina and several other states. Friends and family members spoke about Chuck and told some wonderful stories. The weather had been rainy and cold in the days prior but cleared up beautifully. Later that night we hung out at one of the hotels and the story telling continued. I’m sure Chuck was smiling down at us. May you ride on in heaven until we meet again!

Petra Harris, NC District Director, Motor Maids


My custom Spring Hope, N.C.

On to my trike...

Gary and the Crew at The Biker Barn have done lots of customizing to my bike over the years and they have modified quite a bit.

The Biker Barn Crew have done many things to my bike from slamming it to triking it. They have removed parts, replaced parts and fabricated handmade custom parts for it there in the shop (wheelie bars, rake, lowering kit, wiring, etc.)! The latest thing being that I wanted a suicide shifter instead of what I electric shifter (go figure). So, they removed the Pingle shifter and fabricated a one-of-a-kind shifter. After machining some parts and putting it all together, wha-la! I’ve got a killer custom shifter! It took some getting used to because the clutch is no longer on the handle bars. It is by my left knee. They also added floor boards for me since I do not have great control over my left leg from nerve damage. Don’t want that foot to fall off the peg and fly under that 295/50 tire behind it! So, floor boards it is. They even went one step farther and fabricated a ledge for the left board to keep my foot from sliding off of that! They think of everything! (This all came about initially because I can’t lift my foot, so I couldn’t shift gears and thus needed some other way to shift).

I have been taking my bike to the Biker Barn for many years now. It is kinda like leaving your kid with somebody to watch over them. You don’t leave them with just anybody. I trust them completely! As many of you know, back in 2006 I found out that I had cancer in and around my spine. The biker community rallied around me and had benefits for me. Because of you I was able to trike my bike... and because of the Biker Barn my bike is what it is today! I can say that I am blessed because I am able to walk after being told I would not, I am alive after ten years when I was told it might only be two months to two years that I would die, and I am cancer free even when the cancer I had was so rare that my doctors at Duke didn’t know if they could even touch it. For a time the future looked really grim. In the grand scheme of things that was only a very short time and it seemed so long ago. It is now locked away in a part of my brain where I try to keep the door bolted, chained, gorilla glued and duck taped! So, as Forrest Gump would say, “That is all I have to say about that!”


Trike Riding a trike is a lot harder than riding on two wheels (I rode two wheels for twenty years)! There is certainly a larger thinking process that has to be done. You have to plan way ahead at ALL times. With a trike you can’t just swerve to miss a car in front of you when they suddenly slam on their brakes. You can’t weave when a car moves into your lane because they didn’t see you. You can’t wobble to avoid a dead varment or stray road alligator in your path. You can’t ride the center line or the right edge of the road. You have to ride in the center where you have been taught all along is BAD (lol)! You can’t ride side by side on the highway because you now take up the entire lane! Sure, we don’t have to put our feet down when we stop but I really miss that. When you start riding a trike that is one of the things you have to mentally train your mind to NOT do. I could go on and on about the pros and cons but you get the idea. I have been riding for thirty years now. I used to say, “Trikes are for whusses!” That is the farthest thing from the truth and I hate I ever said it! I apologize here and now to all the trike riding bikers out there!

51 Thanks to Gary, Gregg and Big Will for always looking after me and treating my bike like the precious baby that it is to me! My bike has a long storied history that started almost 20 years ago... and it will continue. See you guys on the road, living that Behind Barz Life!

~ Doobie

Biker Barn Crew (l-r) Gregg, Gary & Big Will

1192 Tant Rd. Spring Hope, N.C. (Hwy 64 Exit 1737)

story: Lady D

Day of Rem Day of Rem

Thunder in Eastern Carolina was heard loudly and proudly on Memorial Day weekend. The privilege to honor our Veterans was participated in by hundreds of bikers on May 27, 2017. Early in the morning bikers, volunteers and Wayne County Boy Scouts met at the American Legion Wayne Co. Post 11 for the Memorial Day Flag Distribution sponsored by the Wayne County Veterans & Patriots Coalition. Commander Todd Doss worked very hard to put everything together. After a community breakfast and a memorial ceremony, the members and volunteers split into teams to place flags at the grave sites of veterans at seven different cemeteries in Wayne County. Bikers met in downtown Goldsboro, N.C., at The Wayne County Veterans Memorial Park. The ride was sponsored by BPOE #139 Goldsboro Elks Lodge. The Down East Rolling Thunder ride took off after a memorial time in Goldsboro to the Kinston Veterans Home in Kinston, North Carolina. The roar of the bikes with flags on many to honor the ones who have fought for our freedom. Many flags were at the Kinston Veterans Home to remember. As you came to the Veterans Home the entrance way was lined with small American Flags waving in the breeze. Individual American flags in straight rows near the entrance way had tags with the veterans names on them who were living there. The flags on the flag poles in front of the building were at half mast to honor our veterans; our American Flag, the State of North Carolina flag and the POW flag. Flags for remembrance, honor and dignity.


membrance membrance

Photos: Todd Doss, Moe, Gypsy and Freebird

A memorial service was also held at the Kinston Veteran Home. Tears came to many eyes as honor was given, during the National Anthem that was sung and when Taps was played. Touching to see our brave men and women in wheelchairs, walkers and those who were assisted to walk to their chairs, those who gave you and me the freedom that we have today to stand proud, walk tall, ride safe and be thankful we are Americans. At one time they too walked tall, fought hard, and gave their all for us. There are several veterans who are living at the Kinston Veterans Home that rode bikes. Their hearts just spoke out through their faces when they heard the bikes start, the mufflers roar and the salutes as many rode by. The stories they could tell of riding in the past for joy, escape, freedom and peace to come to them. One Veteran started riding over 60 years ago. He was with the 1st Calvary, US Army, Vietnam Veteran, salute! The stories that he shared of all the groups he rode with was a thrill to hear. The bravery, camaraderie, dedication and valor shown through his eyes as he spoke. The pride he had of his Benson, back in the days gone by.... The East North Carolina State Veteran Cemetery off of Highway 70 East of Goldsboro had flags on all the graves. All the service men and service women still in straight lines no matter how you looked at them. They gave all, their heart, their talents, their lives. In the afternoon Military Appreciation Day was held near the Elks Lodge in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Many Chicken Wing cooking competitors were bikers and ya know their wings were the best. Bikers know how to cook and serve the best. A day of remembrance, of honor, no matter where or when they fought we appreciate them all. We will never forget what you have done and gave. God Bless the USA and our Veterans.


Hero Biker

In 1967 a young man enlisted in the US Army. After just a short time of training and discipline he was serving in Vietnam. He was assigned to the 1st Log Command, 7th Calvary and sent on a mission and was ambushed. He survived but many of his comrades did not. Young man, brave, dedicated and grieving.

After his enlistment was finished he came back to America, not debriefed, unthanked, unwelcomed in many places. He was running on empty, the memories haunted him and cost him special relationships. The Agent Orange has affected him, the loss of dear friends in battle, sleeping in a corner with a small pillow.... a changed man forever from the war.

This brave man wears a beard to remember his lost friends. These were his childhood friends, the ones he grew up with, discovered life with, fought with and never saw again. His beard is never to be shaved until he learns of their whereabouts. A remembrance each time he looks in the mirror of who was lost and not yet found.

story: Lady D


photos: Moe

This dedicated man fought for his life and the lives of many others, he remembers being taught that if you do not kill them they will put you under... six foot under. You must fight to live.

Freedom! A strong word for nations, states, battalions, and individuals. It can be found in many different ways, sometimes permanent and often times fleeting. This man found freedom riding a 1938 Indian Scout. He began riding at age 14 and had to stop at age 74. He has ridden all kinds of bikes, Indians, Harleys, Yamahas. He built them, rode them, raced them. He improvised in a time of need and told us of the time he had a Yamaha with a snowmobile engine in a Harley frame when he

raced one time and he won. Our respected brother will share stories of racing bikes, up hills, on tracks and even going up the Devil’s Staircase with the engine revving, throttle twisted, and holding on knowing he must jump the five tiers or he will go to the bottom hard. Tales of his trailer with 9 bikes and parts in it to go to the races, to go to win and to sleep in the back of the van. Oh the memories of sweet days gone by.

BB Life

He made time to work, to take care of his family, he loved children that others did not want, rode hard, raced fast, rode with brothers and dedicated till the end. It did not matter to him who you were, where you came from, what you rode, let’s just ride! The brotherhood of bikers stood together, helped in bad times, celebrated the good times, laughed together, cried together and fought together when needed. Today this biker brother, an American, a Vietnam Veteran, one who took care of others is now being taken care of in the North Carolina Veterans Nursing Home. One bed in his room, clean neat, organized. Two photos on his little

dresser of his dad, and one of his mom with him as a little boy standing by her shoulder. Sweet memories of innocence, purity, dedication and love. A coverlet with his name on it has symbols of America, red, white and blue draped across his bed. Do not judge a man when he sits in a wheelchair, with a far away look in his baby blue eyes, a look of determination on his face and a desire to ride... He is certainly a hero, a brother, a biker, an Army Veteran, Mr. Larry Kyle. Salute.


d o e

, d

3rd Annual Rocky Mount, NC

GOD BELONGS IN MY 20 city 17

Prayer Ride August 26th Registration@9am Rocky Mount Train Station 101 Coastline Street

n e g a

s -


If my people’ who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 ESV

Come on out and do what we bikers love to do, “RIDE,” and help make a difference by joining together with fellow bikers to pray not just for our CITY but also for our NATION!!! The ride around the city is in conjunction with the GOD BELONGS IN MY CITY prayer walk taking place in the city! Ride will return to the train station for lunch and fellowship with the walkers.

For the last 4 years God Belongs In My City prayer walk has taken place in the city of Rocky Mount. This coming August will be the 5th Walk. Soldiers of the Son CMA#1334 is a new Christian Motorcycle Association Chapter here in Rocky Mount. A few years ago we started with 6 of our chapter members riding around the city as the prayer walk was going on in the city, it was pretty amazing. Last year we invited other bikers from any club or affiliation to join us in the prayer ride and we had 24 bikes! August 26th will be our 3rd prayer ride! We are hoping that this year will be even bigger!!! We may all have different beliefs but we can all agree on one thing.... Rocky Mount, our surrounding areas, our nation and our government need our prayers!! We will start the ride this year at the Rocky Mount train station, which is the same place the walkers will be meeting. We will leave out on the ride as the walkers begin their walk. Then we will return to the train station for free lunch and fellowship with the walkers. This prayer ride is open to anyone who wants to come out and ride around the city and pray along with us!!!

Ride is free and open to ALL bikers! For more information Contact Billy Perry (919) 291-4894 or Roy Ezzelle (252) 883-1931 For Prayer walk info go to:


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contest time BB Reppin'

Post a photo of you reppin’ the BB Life. All you have to do is post a photo on social media and include with it #BehindBarzLife We have lots of cool prizes to give away! and there are many ways to win. Photo with the most likes, most creative, most people in photo, most unusual place, will get a prize. We will also make some Editor’s Picks along the way. You can enter as often as you like. Everyone is eligible. So, enter early and enter often! We have already given away a $25 CycleMax gift card to start it off right! We have, t-shirts, patches, gift certificates, BB Gear and other cool prizes! Winners picked weekly. Winners photos will be included in the print and online issue of BB Mag!

Country Stores Sykes Groc. Westry Crossing Circa 1968.

Country stores have long been a mainstay in America but they are a dying breed...and they are dying fast! I grew up in a country store. My granddaddy owned one before I was born (at Westry Crossing) and my dad owned one until I was in high school (at Taylor’s Cross Roads). Both in Nash County, N.C. It helped mold me into who I am today! Every day, after school, my mom would take my brother and me to the store to work. Every weekend we did the same thing. We spent a lot of time at Sykes Groc. We all had jobs or chores that we did. One of mine was to pump gas for customers when they pulled up to one of our two gas pumps. Their choices, “High Test” or “Regular”. It was commonplace to hear someone say, “Give me a dollar worth o’ gas.” And so I would pump their gas, sometimes three or four times a day for the same car. It might be a load of people in that car but they would only spend a DOLLAR at a time! I had to fill the drink coolers every day with bottled drinks. Back then the coolers were waste high and the drinks laid in them flat on top of each other. The bottles were made of glass and you had to reach way down into the drink box to get one. This made the drinks very cold! On the front of each drink box was a nifty device where you opened your drink by inserting the top of the bottle and pushed down... wah-la!. The crates the drinks came in were made of wood with the drink companies name painted on them. People returned their empty drink bottles back in to us for money and we turned them back in to the drink companies. So, I had to sort the empty bottles in the corresponding drink crates. The drink companies (Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Sun Drop) would come pick up the empty bottles when they delivered the filled bottles. They must have had pretty big muscles back then because those crates with full and empty bottles were heavy! That was true recycling! The bottles were picked up, cleaned, re-filled, and re-distributed. No waste, no litter, no problem. Plastics, on the other hand, are going to be with us forever!


I also had to mark and put up stock. We didn’t have scanners because back then there were no bar codes. You hand wrote the price or you used a marking gun that spit out a little sticker with the price. Items had to be fronted and the shelves dusted. Everything was rung up by hand on a cash register. The one we had didn’t even tell you the amount of change to give. It made all kinds of dings and you had to pull the handle down on it when you finished for the drawer to open. My dad let customers buy items during the week by putting them on a “tab” and then pay for them at the end of the month. There were no ATMs, no Paypal, and no chip read credit cards. My dad trusted that all those people would come back and pay. Most of the time they did. You can’t do that nowadays. At the front counter we had penny candy. You know, Mary Jane’s, Fireballs, BB Bats, and many others. Behind the counter we had BC Powders, ladies hair nets and cigarettes. Most popular cigarettes were Kool, Marlboro and Winston. Some people smoked Pall Mall (pronounced Pell Mell). Back then they were about a buck a pack, no filters and everybody carried them in their front chest pocket (if they didn’t roll them up in their shirt sleeve). Our store had all the staples there; milk, bread, eggs, etc. but we also carried general merchandise, some hardware items, and all the essential grocery items one may need. We carried local favorites; hoop cheese and souse (essentially pickled pig or calf head). One entire drink box top was covered in huge jars of pickled pigs feet, pickled eggs and sour or dill pickles. They didn’t come in pre-packaged plastic. You used tongs to dig the one you wanted out of the jar! They tasted better back then, too! Yes, we sold and ate a lot of things pickled. We also sold beer and wine. The most popular beers were Bud and Colt 45. The favored wine was Richard’s Wild Irish Rose. It was a fun place to be. We met a lot of great people! Folks would come, dig an ice cold drink out the drink cooler, grab a pack of nabs or peanuts, sit on a drink crate and chat for a while. Maybe even smoke a cigarette or two while they rested and stomp it out on the floor when they were through with it. Yep, those were the good ol’ days. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days and work in my dad’s store or maybe just sit for a spell on a drink crate with an ice cold bottle of Sun Drop! We want to feature a country store in every issue. If you know of any, please, drop us a line or text to let us know where. There are still a few out there operating as they once did and we would love to visit them!

great destinations in their own right The first one we want to tell you about is County Line Grocery & Grill. They are located in Zebulon on Pilot Riley Rd. It was established in 2012. This is a new store but when you step inside you would think otherwise. They built it to look and feel like an old time country store.

Stepping into County Line Store is like stepping back in time. There are items hanging from the knotty pine wood ceiling. Porcelain advertising tins hang on the walls. There are double bubble clocks, original gas globes and neon signs, too. You can see peddle cars and a hit and miss engine behind the counter and candy in baskets under the front counter.

They have the friendliest staff to help and serve you, too. Employees (in no particular order) Candi, Jackie, Cher, Donna, Christy, Brianna, Crystal, Allison, Gail & David Bunn, the owner.

Of course the have all the amenities of modern technology, like a walk in beer cooler/cave, a full grill serving breakfast, lunch and supper. They have fresh brewed tea and fountain drinks. In the evening you can get full meals with daily plate specials. There is also a salad bar. They have general merchandise, animal feed, hardware and gas. Many of the things you would find at an old time country store.They even have on/off road diesel fuel. County Line Grocery & Grill is not just a store, it’s an experience. If they don’t have, they can get it!

Check out the “Big Boy” in the window up above the Coke buttons! You don’t see that every day! Get a group together and do a destination ride or poker run with County Line as a stop. They are biker friendly and would love to see you! Don’t forget to pickup a copy of Behind Barz Mag when ya stop in! The store is open 7 days a week. They open at 5am! The grill is open from 6am - 8pm Monday thru Saturday. You can purchase gas any time-available 24 hrs. a day!

All of us here at Suck Bang Blow would like to thank each and every one of you who came out to the bar during Bike Week. Spring Rally 2017 will go down in history as one of the best ever! THAAATT'S RIGHT!!!



Frank’s Place t-shirts are really getting around. When I say, “getting around” I mean, getting around the world! Sam, a customer of Frank’s Place in LaGrange, N.C., wore his Frank’s Place t-shirt all the way to Rio de Janeiro! That’s Brazil! In South America! Stop by Frank’s Place in LA and see all the photos on the walls around the bar. Frank is running out of wall space for photos because of all the folks sending in their pictures with their Frank’s Place t-shirts from all over the world!

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Please remit payment to: Behind Barz PO Box 692 Nashville, N.C. 27856

1 year/6 issues $24.95 * 2 years $39.95 ONLY

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BB Life



d n i h e B z r a B z t n e v E JULY




Cheroenhaka Pow Wow and Benefit Ride Begins at Hoewell Moose Lodge. Reg 8am. $15 bike. $5 passenger. Cost covers ride and entry to Pow Wow. KSU 9:30am to head out to Pow Wow. Enjoy some Native American culture, a beautiful ride, food vendors, raffles and prizes! proceeds to benefit the Cheroenhaka Indian Tribal Heritage Foundation. More info contact Terri: 804-712-4434



Bike Night at Hometown harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way We will have food trucks and Carolina Sky will be performing! Come out for a great night to socialize, win prizes, hear great music and try some awesome food! For more info: 252-439-1345



1st Annual “Hog and Horse” Rescue Poker Run Reg. starts at Famous Franks 225 S. Hughes Blvd. Reg. 9am. First bike out at 11am. Open to automobiles, also. $25 donation/passengers $5 Last bike in at 3pm. Best and worst hand trophies awarded. Benefits Local Barn Yard Animal 501c3 Caring For Horses and Potbelly Pigs. More info: 252-722-6700




Kickback Jack’s Bike Night 1405 Garner Station Blvd. this will be the fourth bike night of the season! 5:30pm - 8:30pm Partnering with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to raise money for a great cause!! Live music, vendors, great food! Behind Barz will be there! For more infot: 919-803-5068


PIKEVILLE, N.C. 8th Annual Memorial Ride in Memory of Durwood Joseph Smith former Fire Chief for 33 years.

Meet at Antioch Fire Dept. 4682 North NC 11 Hwy. kickstands up 11am. Ride will be escorted. 50/50 drawing and lunch following the ride. All proceeds will go to Antioch Fire Dept. Contact Ms. Dale Williams for any questions: 919-221-3534



Riding for a Smile Starting at Ray Price HD 1126 S. Saunders St. Registration 10m. Kickstands up 11am. $15 per bike and $5 passengers. Poker Run, food and prizes. All proceeds benefit Meg’s Smile Foundation. Hosted by Iron Order Motorcycle Club. To learn more:

Biker Angels for Allison at Hometown Harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way Allison is 18 month old and has been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. There will be a meal served and door prizes. Reg. fee is $20 per bike and $5 for a passenger. Cost includes meal!! 9am-3pm If you’re not able to attend, please consider donating through this link.



Brooklyn Boone’s Benefit Dice Run at Raging Bull Harley-Davidson 300 Muldee St. Reg. 8:30am-11:45am Kickstands up 12pm $15/rider $10/passenger For more info: Greg 919-482-8103 or Alan 919-971-7870


Benefit Ride Jim “Catfish” Hunter ALS Foundation Mixed Grill 2323 US Hwy 13 South Reg. 9am. Kickstands up 10:15am. Donation $25 per bike/$15 per rider Fish plates after the ride $10 donation per plate. Raffle tickets and t-shirts also available for purchase. Contact William for more info: 252-209-7209


2nd Annual Kickin’ It In The Sticks Biker Bash 6420 Knights Mill Road. Featuring Tommy Redd! Free food as long as it lasts. Biker games. $10 per person. Must be 21 to attend!!!





For many more Eventz listings, please go to our website where you will find large, easy to read flyers. Please feel free to share your event flyer with us!

Bike Night at Hometown harley-Davidson 2300 Elaine’s Way Come out for a great night to socialize, win prizes, hear great music and try some awesome food! For more info: 252-439-1345




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