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Batchelor’s Toy Run at Webb’s Mill

Livin’’ The Life Livin

Editorz Notez Hope everyone reading this had a wonderful Christmas! Christmas is a very special time of year as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Hopefully you were able to spend this time with family and friends close to you.

Happy New Year


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Rolling into 2021...let’s hope that this year is much better than 2020. We want to see you all at bike events and rides through-out the year! Without Covid, without masks, and without curfews. It has got to get better. I am hoping and praying that it is.

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If there is something you were like to see or read about, please send us a text or email and let us know. I have received several requests for recipes again and will continue that feature in the near future. You will see some familiar faces on the Behind Barz Petz page. Last issue the entire page dropped out and was pixelated. So, we ran it again and added some more cute biker petz! God Bless each of you and your family! We wish you a safe, happy, and blessed new year! See you out on the road, Behind Barz!


Photo: Moe

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Sturgis, S.D.

Story & Photos By: Jeff Gray

Rode over 5,000 miles in 10 days across 16 states! Hit a few rain storms along the way but the rest of the trip was amazing! I typically ride this alone, but this year I had a friend join me, Mike Harmon, from the Vanceboro area. We rode a little over 800 miles the first day, a little over 700 miles the second day, and 500 and some change the 3rd day before making it into Sturgis, S.D. Mikes wife, Amber, flew into Rapid city. It’s a long haul and so much easier for someone not use to riding long hauls. I flew an American flag all the way up and back. We had several people traveling by us on the highway honking and waving at us as we traveled across the country. We saw a lot of beautiful parts of this GREAT country and met a few great people along the way! Mike is a Proud Veteran and he served in the Navy and Army National Guard. So, it was a real honer to ride across the country with him!


Riding is my passion! I’ve ridden a lot and loved it most of my entire life. I was in a motorcycle accident back in 2014 and lost part of my leg. Being an amputee hasn’t stopped me from enjoying life and what my real passion is...riding. We had a great safe time returning to New Bern. It was a successful trip.


nc packs4 patriots Support Our Local Heroes

We are a nonprofit organization formed with the mission to support troops and their family members by providing care and comfort items and expressions of appreciation for their service and sacrifices. Packing care packages for deployed troops is a way to show your support and appreciation for the service and sacrifices by our military members. We also provide support for troops at home, their families and veterans. We have had a very busy year, while working through the challenges of Covid. Some of the challenges include losing the support of organizations who traditionally support us with fundraisers. We had to stop volunteer groups due to our small space which put more work on our team of volunteers who worked singularly or in small teams. We met these challenges while supporting troops through deployments, quarantines, homeland activations. We continued with support from caring volunteers and donors who want our troops to know that America cares about and appreciates their service. We will be posting our yearly statistics soon. Please continue to support our troops by: ~ order needed items from our Amazon list ~ support us with financial donations for postage ~ send cards and letters of support Ideas: Order items from Amazon, assemble goody bags with 6-8 items in a sandwich or party bag, add signed cards. Make as many as your family, church or bike group can help with! Make financial contributions for postage. Groups are welcome to setup GoFund me pages for postage. Our financial donations have dropped significantly and monetary donations for postage is our greatest need. Please don’t forget our military members who are serving away from home and family this year. Thank you!


Photo above: Christmas elves are busy at the center! Photo left: Thank you to the staff and community of Wilkerson Funeral Home & Crematory for these stockings filled with Christmas cheer!

Photo above: Thank you to a special donor for these cute Christmas items! ( don’t you love our Navy Elf?).

Photos above: Big thank you to the Cub Scouts 200 for these cute popcorn surprise packs and cards!

Photo above: Big thank you to Health Science Academy for donating over 650 decorated candy bars! Photo right: Thank you Mt. Olive Pickles for your donations! You put smiles on the faces of those we support!

Troops who are deployed and have a confirmed address are welcome to request care packages! Send name, address, and stop mail date to us by email to - information is only used for mailing labels and kept secure. You can also ask for special requests or needs and we will try to fill those. We ask that you let us know when packages arrive.

We need you to join our team to support our local heroes in 2021! Please email or call us for more info. Thank you very much for your continued support!

Barbara Whitehead


249J Third St Ayden NC 28513 252-714-1175

email: ncpacks4patriots

Our days and hours of operation are: Tuesday and Thursday from 2-5 pm Saturday morning 9am-12.

Check out NCPACKS4PATRIOTS on Facebook

Every Day is A Blessed Day to Ride With Great Friends Greenville, NC

Kinston, NC

5 Dec...Beautiful chilly day. Ron Ayers Motorsports Toy Ride. As I’m warming up a minute I noticed this book sitting right beside me. Thank you Lord for always looking out for me. Whomever left it at Ron Ayers just know it’s in good hands and I will definitely pass it along after reading it. Much love y’all!

What an awesome ride we had today with friends. Thanks for lunch Bubba’s Smokehouse! Made some rounds of riding and just riding spreading the love each and every place we went! Blessings upon blessings have been given to us... so thankful!

photos courtesy of: El Azteca Mexican Restaurant in Kinston, NC




Rogue Fishing Co.

The Protector Phone Tether

Finally got a chance to ride today and try out a cool new gadget from Rogue Fishing Company. It is a cool silicone cellphone holder that can be attached to strong, coiled bungee cord. The bungee cord has a durable d-ring attached to one end so it can be secured to the wearer. I don’t know where everyone else attaches the d-ring but I attached it to my bra strap and that allowed my phone to be within reach to capture a photo without swinging all around while I’m riding down the road on my motorcycle.

I liked this tool and recommend it! ~ Gypsy

The Protector Phone Tether is made from durable silicone Universal fit. It works best with smartphones ranging anywhere from 4-6.5 inches - with or without a case. Comes in many colors. You can take on and off your phone in just seconds. The compact leash is small enough to stay out of your way, but stretches enough to get the perfect picture. Does not matter if you are fishing, hunting, kayaking, or riding a motorcycle. Your phone is an investment, it’s your life. While you are “Living The Life” make sure your phone is secure with the Protector!

~ Moe The Protector Phone Tether is a KILLER product! I use it to attach my phone to my vest or belt loop while riding my Harley. Now, I never have to worry about losing my phone while riding. It’s durable and very well made.



I shot this 20 feet up in a tree while my phone was in The Protector. Usually I have to worry about my phone falling out of my pocket, not anymore! It is within my reach and I don’t make any noise trying to get it out of my pocket. I can’t wait to use it while fishing! Now I can just attach it to my life vest and it will be at the ready for that world record fish shot! ~ Doobie You can find the Protector Phone Tether at: or from Amazon.

Women of Worth

Happy First Birthday Women of Worth Moto Group!!!!! Wow...has it really been a year??? It doesn’t seem possible however, looking at the growth of this amazing movement, it seems like it has always been a part of our lives. Started by one person, cultivated by many. This movement couldn’t be what it is today or headed where it is without the strength and collaborative efforts of the amazing Crusaders, Liaison Chapter Leaders, Administrative Support Team and Ambassadors. One State in particular comes to mind when I think paying the Empowerment forward!!!!! NEBRASKA is kicking some major empowerment ass out there!!!!! ANN CLARKE and her group have just taken paying forward empowerment to an entirely new level!! Their plans for events and networking are never ending and show the epitome of what the vision of this organization is all about. You guys ROCK Nebraska!!! By April of 2021 they plan to have visited every single dealership in their areas. There is no stopping this powerful crew!!! Rock on girls!!! It is going to be amazing in 2021 when we ride out to meet all of them and Cruise the Ozarks.

2021 is going to prove to be astonishing amongst all of the Crusaders in 14 states and 2 countries. Always capturing new methods of touching other women with the feeling of empowerment, letting all women know that they are absolutely worthy of whatever it is that their dreams are. The journey is in the strength and commitment, which we will always strive to help build. Please stay tuned to our website at where we will start posting our up-coming events for the 2021 Riding Season. Don’t wait for that though, we always have something going on during the winter as well. Starting in January we are going to have an Interview of the Month, as well as a monthly Pipe-Wrench series. In this series one of our Crusaders and her cohort will be showing us how to rebuild two bikes. And best of all??? One of these bikes will be raffled off. It is a 2002 Suzuki Intruder 1400. Details for this raffle will be posted on the website and the Wind Sister’s Facebook Page. If you are interested in becoming a Crusader, please stop by the Website. You can check out all the information and submit your application/payment directly from there. Keep on Rollin’ Ladies.. YOU ARE SOOOO WORTH IT!!! Find us on the web at And Women of Worth on Tik tok and Facebook

Sandi Ogden Media Consultant LCL Adirondack Chapter, NY

Women of Worth Moto Group Kellyjean Deming, Founder


at Webb’s Mill in Spring Hope, N.C.

Batchelor’s Toy Run at Webb’s Mill in Spring Hope, NC Dec 5, 2020 This year Batchelor’s Toy Run was held at Webb’s Mill in Spring Hope, N.C. What an awesome location with rich history! We ended up at the mill because Steve had rented out the bar for another business, so Cathy Curtis (owner of the mill along with her husband, Pete) called me and asked did we want to do the toy run there. We said, absolutely! Plus, they have agreed to let us have the future Batchelor’s Toy Runs there. It will continue to be held on the first Saturday in December every year. We have been doing this toy run since 1994. The event was put together by Charlie, Bonita, Josh, Briana, Steve, Cathy, and all of our helpers. We couldn’t do it without them and most of them have been here from the first year or started helping by the 5th year. We had approximatley 50 bikes that came out and rode to Ephesus Baptist Church in Spring Hope. We raised $2,400 cash for the children and we filled up the church bus with toys! Toys and money go to the Tar River Baptist Association Toy Ministry. We would like to thank all who came and participated to make this a successful run. And a Very BIG THANK YOU to Pete and Cathy Curtis for the venue, they made it possible. Please contact Cathy if would like to rent Webbs Mill for a private wedding, company Christmas party, company employee appreciation day, birthday parties, reunions (At this time will be outside events). Thanks to all our helpers/food preparers, cooks, and staff of Batchelors Toy Run.


Sponsers….. ~Flowers Slaughterhouse - Sims NC donated pig ~Jimmy Collie - donated and cooked BBQ ~Randy Manning - Cooked Hog ~Sue Holt - donated potatoes ~Momeyer Rutian club donated & made slaw ~Tar River Gun Club donated deer meat for kabobs ~Caroline Batchelor & Diedra Pearson - For lil weiner smokies ~Randy Tant for serving ~Clayton Miller - Event Parking ~DJ - Salvador Aviles ~All the helpers on Friday night preparing food for the toy run (Jimmy, Heather, Clayton, Josh, Briana, Aspen, Charlie, Bonita Sue, Sandra, Sharon, Jack) ~All Staff that helped the day of the event. Until next year……….Safe Ridin’. story by: Bonita Bogey photos by: Moe & Doobie

BB Life

SURVIVING MILES Surviving Miles ~ by: Sorez I know what it’s like to be cast aside Discarded like yesterday’s news Then locked inside of my own mind Telling myself it was true That I wasn’t worth a grain of salt “No one one at all…” Lies created and whispered by shadows And I believed each and every one We all have our own crosses to bear Heavy those burdens borne But being my own worst enemy Something we might have in common Another thing we just might share Is the relief that I have found Out there in the wind Upon two wheels and open roads The ability to persevere In the midst of reigning chaos With a nod and a prayer into the wind Here’s to surviving the miles before us

Raleigh Clayton Area Riders - RCA Story Michelle Nelson Honecutt Raleigh Clayton Area Riders (RCA) is a group of people who have one passion in common, To Ride Motorcycles. Now with more than 700 members, this Facebook Community was first started on July 21, 2020 by Greg Toback and co-founder Dan McCormick. Facebook groups pertaining to Motorcycles are a dime a dozen, but Greg and Dan dreamt of something a little different. They wanted a group that would be dedicated to Rides. A page where locals could post “Hey, I’m looking to hit some back roads today and grab some lunch, who wants to come?” That is when they decided to move forward and bring life to RCA. They hoped for a good outcome, but never expected it to develop as quickly as it did. RCA is as diverse with it’s members as it is with the bikes they ride. All that has been needed for this to work is that one common interest, riding.


photos: Michelle and Samantha No dues. No rules (well not really, just be decent and respectful). No requirements of what you can or can’t wear. Just show up, ride safely and have a good time. There are multiple group rides offered throughout the week and weekends. Members meet, have a quick chat touching on ride details and safety before jumping on their bikes to enjoy some Group Wind Therapy. Rides offered vary in distance. Some rides may only last 2 to 3 hours while others are all day. Of course no ride is complete without stopping to eat. Talking and laughing (definitely more of the later) the members enjoy a meal and then are ready to ride again. RCA is not like other groups. It might appear that way, but it is truly one of a kind. The members show up to rides as strangers, quickly developing into new found friends while some become family.

do you have an interesting story to tell about Living The Life? Give us a call or email us... we would love to hear about it! 252-314-8589

Happy New Year from all of us at Nationwide Ins.

behind barz life’s not a lifestyle, it’s a way of life!


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Durham, NC


Spring Hope, NC


Raleigh, NC



Holly Springs, NC

Lilly Ruey

Lake Royale, NC



Wilson, NC


Charleston, SC

Have Cage, Will Travel Missy “Supermodel” White Hall, AR




Kingston, Wa.

Nosey Gouldman Nosey was 11 years old when we lost him in 1997. He had a great life even though he was paralyzed from the waist back. He could outrun me with just his two front legs! He met Willie G., Vaughn Beales, Jr., and many other Harley people. This was written n the early 1990s, but he is still missed today. By Nosey Gouldman as told to Deborah Ayers Hey there! My name is Nosey. I’m one of those four-legged Harley cats. And boy, did I come by my name right! I LOVE riding in my green cage behind my Daddy on his red FLT, with Mama behind us on her blue and beige Heritage. I’ve seen a lot of this pretty USA that way. I don’t let any grass grow under MY cage. I’ve been through ten states so far. I made the Liberty ride with Willie G. Man, when we cruised down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the White House. I could just see myself out there picketing for the Disabled Cats of America! I rode on the 85th Anniversary ride for M.D.A. with Vaughn Beales, Jr. I saw a whole lot of Wisconsin cheese, but no mice. What’s the deal?

If your pet did not make the magazine this issue, be on the lookout for them in future issues! ...or go to our Facebook page: Behind Barz Mag


Shop Dog at Old School Bike Shop

I’ve toured the Harley plants at York and Milwaukee in Mama’s arms, wrapped up cozy in my sleeping bag. Just seeing all those new Harleys made me want to get back on the road! I’ve met an awful lot of nice Harley people along the way, so the next time you see me, Mama, and Daddy, stop to swap stories and scratch my ears a while. All right, you Hog people, where are we going next? Top Left: Joe Cool on back of bike...rode over 13,000 miles behind Glennadine! Top Right: Taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Left: Vaughn Beales Jr. Pictured with Glennadine and Nosey. Beales was CEO of Harley-Davidson from 1981-1989.



.COM 18

Rick Tutt

Spaghetti Fundraiser Hosted By: Victor and Jesse owners of El Azteca Mexican Restaurant and Timmy Murphy. On Saturday, October 17th, 2020, several volunteers gathered at El Azteca in Kinston, NC and held a fundraising spaghetti lunch and dinner for Biker Brother, Rick Tutt. Lots of Bikers, friends and family attended the fundraiser to help support Rick. Rick was injured in a motorcycle accident on June 1st, 2019, leaving him severely injured and paralyzed from the waist down. Rick was in the hospital for 6 months before he was well enough to go home. Prior to his accident, Rick was very active in the community, attending benefits and fundraisers to help others.

Story By: Moe

Photos By: Moe & Gypsy

Over $2,300.00 dollars was raised to help Rick with his care and expenses. Rick THANKS everyone that came out to support him, the ones that helped put on the benefit, and to all those that have helped him when he needed it. The BB Crew continues to keep Rick in our thoughts and prayers.


Myrtle B photos: Myrtle Beach HD


THANK YOU for all the Community Support during this past Saturdays 11th Annual Toy Run Ride! Over 300 motorcycles joined together to raise $3699.50 and collect a box truck full of toys for our local Horry County Red Cross! What a FUN time had by all and for such a great cause! Thank You to our Event Sponsors who contributed to this event: Steelhorse Law , J & J Air , iHeartMedia Myrtle Beach , Tidelands Ford Lincoln , The Grumpy Monk North Myrtle Beach PLUS generous donations from our local CVMA, Infinity Hair Salon and Windsor Plantation - 544!



CONGRATULATIONS to Dee Caruana!! She was the WINNER of our Orange Saturday / Local Shopping Day promotion on 11/28/20! She won a 55� Smart TV just for visiting Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson... Thank You for your business Dee!

Congratulations Jerry Nelson on being our top salesman in November! Thank You for helping our customers become family and find that perfect Harley-Davidson Motorcycle!!!



Thank You to everyone who joined us in Celebrating our United States Marine Corps 245th Birthday! And Thank You to the Quilts of Valor for presenting Quilts to five of our local Veterans.


Couples Who Live

Allen & Sandra Ed & Patsy Jones 46 years married. Met while Ed was a Marine at Camp Lejune in 1973. Celebrated their 46th Anniversary in Sturgis, SD at the 2020 Rally with 24 friends. Life is great! Married August 9, 1974

Williams Married since 1988!

If you would like your photo included in a future issue, please send us a high res file in an email or through Facebook messenger. Include your names, years together, city and state.

Michelle & Robert photo credit: Kendra Hunt Been together 6 years. We live in Gibsonville, NC.



Life Behind Barz

Glennadine & Goldie

Met in 1959...Married in Jan of 1961. Still riding and have been married 60 years this year...2021.

Andy (Tinman) Anders Cathy (Shotgun) Married July 20th, 1979. Together 41 years. We enjoyed heart surgery (Andy) and cancer (Cathy) and we still enjoy riding the roads! Goldsboro, NC

Ray & Diana Janneman

Married August 28th, 2020. We live in the Netherlands and have been together 3 years.


The Bullw Chron I’ve been traveling and living on the road for almost 6 years and whenever I hear of someone in need I try to go to them personally and garner support for them however I can. I’ve traveled several thousand miles to visit people in hospitals or their homes and I try to do my best to help them through whatever they are facing. I have very little to offer financially but I give what I have, I pray for them and try to find some way to help. A couple years ago I became aware of a unique way for bikers to help people in their own community in a very tangible way. While I was in Colorado in 2017 I met a little boy named Riley, a young boy with a terrible illness who was the recipient of an incredible concept developed by a close friend of mine in Loveland, Colorado. After seeing many of his friends involved in accidents resulting in serious injuries and deaths my friend, Logan Derrington, came up with an idea that is truly inspiring and I want to pass it on in hopes that bikers across the country will grab hold of it and make a huge difference in their own community. Logan was trying to come up with a way to end the all too often death and injury caused by normally responsible bikers who participate in traditional poker runs that go from bar to bar and usually involve having a few drinks, sometimes too many, resulting in them going down or getting DWIs. The concept Logan came up with is very simple yet

By Bob Seymour can make a huge impact in the lives of hurting people in their own community while enjoying a day riding with family and friends. The concept he came up with is called “Lemonade Runs”. It’s much the same as the traditional poker run but involves no alcohol or drugs. Just like a traditional poker run each person on the ride pays an entrance fee to participate but unlike a poker run all the fees go to help someone in their local area. Instead of coordinating with local bars he has parents in surrounding communities get their kids to set up lemonade stands and then bikers gather and ride to the kids stands and buy their lemonade.

Livin ' The Life 26



Not only does this raise money to help families and individuals in need it also helps destroy the stereotyping of the biker community by things like the tv show, Sons of Anarchy. When people in the neighborhoods where the kids set up their stand see a bunch of scooters ride in and buy the kids lemonade and find out what’s happening it begins to break down the stereotypes. It also helps teach kids about helping others and gives them their first experience of owning and operating a small business. It’s a win win situation for everyone on both ends of the runs. Very often when the kids who set up a lemonade stand hear why the bikers are raising money they will actually donate their proceeds to the cause as was the case on the first Lemonade Run to help little Riley and his family.

It’s really a simple thing to do, you find a worthy recipient in your city or town, have some kids set up lemonade stands and go for a ride with your friends. You can add things to the event just like you would for a traditional poker run i.e. raffles, 50/50 drawings, silent auctions or bake sales. I hope many will see the value in this idea and start organizing Lemonade Runs in their own areas to help struggling families with medical expenses or any of the issues associated with the tragedies life sometimes throws at us.

Continued next page


...The Bullwinkle Chronicles continued from page 27

I talked to Logan earlier and he said that he’s willing to help anyone get started by providing any information needed to organize a Lemonade Run. This simple concept helped Riley’s family and many others in Colorado and it has the potential to do the same for many others. Anyone interested in organizing Lemonade Runs can contact me on Facebook and I will connect you with Logan or his wife, Rainia directly and they will gladly help you get started…... Blessings to the team at Behind Barz Biker Magazine and to those who subscribe to it for all the work you do to promote and encourage the biker lifestyle. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and may 2021 bring you peace, happiness and hope for your future. Happy New Year to all….

Bob Seymour


py ’s p a ine H ent l a V ay D

from everyone at Behind Barz Mag


Gary Tant 18 Aug 1950 - 7 Feb 2020

photos: Moe & Doobie





From The Mind of I love my brotherhood, and the sound of screaming pipes blasting down a highway of the home of the brave. I don’t mean to be too political in this article. I know we all feel strongly about what we feel and where we stand.

Big Ed aka 2Timer

Hello You Happy People! Happy New Year to yall!! It’s the beginning of a new year and my fingers are crossed that this year will not be like the last. It’s sure to go down in the record books. We’ve dealt with fires, murder hornets, the PLANdemic, a government overreaching its power, riots, burning cities, and the list goes on. Not to mention that some how Roy Pooper wormed his snake ass back in control of NC. If you voted for him... well, good for you. But for folks like myself who he has let down,well, I can only hope the next time around, we can give him the Tar-Heel boot in the ass. No, I’m not a republican. I’m a constitutionalist. If I lost some fans over this. Well, maybe you will understand that this is a free country. You have your beliefs and values and I have my own. I’m a pretty simple guy. I want my God first, and my family and my guns. I want to see that American flag waving high and my AR-15 fully capable of keeping my constitutional rights safe and sound.


When I was a child and was out in the yard on the swing with my Mama I remember her telling me, that a man who doesn’t stand for what he believes, is not much of a man. She said, to always give my problems to God, always stand up for your family and never hit a woman. That’s really good advice to a kid coming up in a hard world. Never would I have thought we could be scrambled and turned around like we are today. It seems what’s right is wrong and what’s wrong is right. I know it says in the good book, that the end times was going to be that way. So my friend, brother to brother, or brother to sister. If you’ve not found God, it might be time to give God a chance. Moving on, like every year at this time, I always say this is the time for winter projects on the bike. Replacing cables, break shoes, and a fresh oil change. I love just going over my two wheel sled. Tightening bolts, checking the clutch, changing out the oil. Most new riders don’t think of these things. That bike has seen a few miles and it will surely let you know that you’ve not been doing your preventive maintenance once you hit the road hard again this spring. The old timers that look at winter as just another season on the road. Hot air, cold air or mild. A true biker doesn’t see an off season. That’s what separates the men from the boys. 19° at 60 mph will tell the tale. To add to that, put in a cold winter rain. You will wish those chest nuts were roasting on an open fire. I will admit, being covered in heavy leather is not my favorite thing to do, but it doesn’t stop me. I’m definitely more of the cut off sleeve shirt, some jeans, and a pair of Converse rider. Slap on my Cut and I’m grinning like a possum eating a sweet tater. So yeah, I’m first to say give me 70° and some big ol’ sun putting the rays in my shades man!

Big Ed... I am in fact looking forward to this new year. As far as riding goes, I was able to hit a few of our big hitters this past year. Mainly our Daytona ride to the mountains of NC. That was definitely an awesome thrill and chill on the highway. For you that don’t know and maybe are confused when I say our Daytona ride...Daytona was our brother who was killed by a drunk driver years ago, to clear up any confusion. I hope all goes well to plan again this year with all this PLANdemic going on and the powers that be wanting to control our every move. Especially that damn Roy Pooper. Yea, I get it. The virus is here, but understand its here to stay. We can’t stop our lives in fear of uncertainty. Not all of the people in this country have the same financial stability. Plus, we the people can’t depend on our country when you got two children ( Nancy and Mitch ) arguing over who has the biggest set of balls. I just hope we all can make it through this and start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel soon, and not the one where Jesus is directing traffic at the end of it. Well folks, I’m going stop here. ‘Bout to help make some banana nut bread disappear. Y’all stay safe and keep your ammo dry. I’ll see you on the road Behind Barz!

Big Ed / 2Timer

bb life

Proud Amer USA Are you a Proud American Biker? Silly question! Every biker I’ve ever met is a Proud American Biker! We live in the greatest country on earth where you can be anything you want to be, practice the religion of your choice, keep and bear arms, and ride your motorcycle through every state in this great land of the FREE! Let’s keep it that way! We’ve got to stand up for our rights and freedoms! Send us a photo of you Living The Life Behind Barz as a Proud American Biker (Please include the American flag in photo). You can send 1 or multiple to our email: behindbarzmm@ or post directly to the Facebook page: Check out the website: to see photos and videos of other like-minded bikers in the USA!!!


rican Bikers

the good news! ”Born Again” Each year I post this testimony God gave me 12 years ago, not to bring attention to me, but to the saving power in Jesus the Christ. It will only take about 3 minutes to read this, but my prayer is that it will bring you to Christ and that will last to eternal life. My true story... On January 22, 2008 Rodger Duvall died from heart disease. Born October 18, 1959 and for 48 years he fought with the disease. Exhausted, weak, and broken, all hope was lost. The only hope that remained was a heart transplant from a heart donor; he waited on a donor’s list and hoped that his name would be chosen. “He felt his time was running out”, he tried everything he knew. Rodger wondered what would happen at the end of him. He knew of a pastor who worked part time at the same place. He told the pastor, about the disease and how he didn’t know what was happening. He told the pastor he was feeling confused, he told him he had a feeling that something was going to happen, that he was supposed to be somewhere, and that he didn’t know how or where that place is. He asked the pastor to pray for his family at their church. Pastor said they would and also for Rodger to pray for Jesus to show him what to do. Rodger went home that night and prayed to Jesus on December 18, 2007. He walked out the back door of his house and into the shed in the rear of his yard. He didn’t know why and something was drawing him to that place. He had no reason to go there, he thought to himself, “why am I going here, all that’s in here is boxes of packed away stuff from my past, garden tools stored away waiting for the next season to come.” When he entered the shed he looked at all the boxes. One box had written on it in magic marker “Rodger’s Stuff”. “Is that all of me in that box closed up and taped shut”, he said. He tried to picture the contents. Was there anything important in it? He looked to see, the rest he would just throw away. Opening the box his past appeared before him. “Why did I keep this stuff”, he thought? The contents were old and outdated. He started throwing away everything from that box right into the trash can, when he reached to bottom of the box there before him was a book; on the cover it showed a portrait of Jesus with an 18 wheel truck on the cover, with the words “Calling All Truckers”. It was a book he had picked up at a truck stop back in Nebraska. He remembered seeing it on a book stand next to other trucker books and magazines and that particular book had a sign above it saying FREE courtesy of the truck stop.


Rodger Duvall ~ Jesus Freak Thee Redeemed House biker Church

He picked up the book at the bottom of that box and opened it, while unfolding a chair packed away in the corner of that shed. He sat down and started to read, opening the cover in big bold letters The New Testament New King James Version. Rebuild your life on it, surrender your heart to Jesus. He will make all things new! The first book the gospel according to Matthew, Chapter 1 verse 1 the Book of the Genealogy of Jesus Christ. He thought to himself “hey Jesus has a past life also”. He read on verse 22 all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord God though prophets saying 23) Behold the virgin shall be with child and bear a son and they shall call His name Immanuel, “God with us”. God with us? This book says God came to us in the name of Jesus! Jesus, God’s son whom God is well pleased which was born from an incorruptible seed. God, through people who were just. Just what? He thought, “Can I be just to receive favor from God and receive a holy spirit?” He read, Jesus says that we should live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. So he started looking for everything that Jesus said in that book. “Worship the lord your God and Him only serve”. “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. Matthew Chapter 4 Verse 19, then Jesus said “Follow me”. Chapter 5 Verse 8 he read blessed is the pure in heart, for they shall see God! A pure heart! The words just jumped off the page, those words pumped as a heart beats radiating a pulse as if the book was alive. This was the donor heart he needed, he wanted, his own heart started beating in a way he’d never felt before! He didn’t want to stop reading. A passion filled him, with a thirst to keep reading, knowing there was something to find. His eyes pierced the pages with such intensity revealing a quest, a desire, a truth to be known.

the good news! As he read about a sermon from Jesus the truth came. Jesus was telling everything in this book of how he had lived his life. The pain in his heart was devastating; the heaviness was pulling him down, his heart cried in sorrow for every way he had lived. Jesus “I’ve lived this way for 47 years; I wish I could have known You sooner, my heart is so heavy now. I can’t possibly turn my life around and become Your righteousness. I’m so fearful of You now. I am perishing”.

Jesus is His heart donor. Jesus you can make me Free from the bondage of my heavy heart, of my past. He said “Jesus, I want to be a part of You”! The next day he awoke, he started to think about Jesus and just wanted to eat, drink, work, sleep, and think on the love of Jesus. The heaviness of his heart was getting lighter and lighter each day, his whole body became more supple and moved so freely, his mind was clearer, and he felt a purpose, a direction, he just felt like he was being renewed.

He kept reading about Jesus’ power over nature and power over diseases of our physical being. Jesus, he thought, “I wish I could have been alive when You were here, so I could see You, touch You, talk to You. I know You could heal my heart too, I’d follow you”. “Jesus, I’d be one of the twelve”.

He didn’t think at all about his past, all he could think about was what Jesus was saying in the Bible, to his mind, to his heart, in his spirit.

As his mind wondered he looked out the window of the shed, it was dark outside, how late was it? He closed the book and wandered back to the house, his mind searched back though everything he had just read. Trying to find an answer to why? As he climbed into bed, setting the alarm clock for work the next day the clock showed the time in Red numbers 12:30 am. This was to his amazement; he had entered the shed around 7:00 pm. He’d never been able to read any book for 5 ½ hours. Every book he’d try to read, he’d start in and before he knew it his mind would drift off so far he wouldn’t even know what book he’d been reading. This Bible was pulling him with a magnetic power he could not break away from. That next evening he went again to his shed outback and started to read where he had left off. The gospel according to John started telling a light that shineth in darkness about this power again to be sons of God? Even to them that believe on His name John 1 v 12 – 13, Jesus, not of the will of man but on the will of God.

Jesus, how he wished that he could be born again in times of Jesus so he could be a part of what He was reading then an answer came as he read the words in John Chapter 3 verse 3 – 21 then, Chapter 4 verse 23 -24, then in Chapter 6 verse 63. He read that he can be near Jesus as in those times of this bible he was reading. Verse 63 – It is the spirit that quickeneth the flesh profitith nothing: the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and are Life!” So, through Your words I can be alive with You in your time! Awesome!” he exclaimed. Chapter 8 verse 31 Jesus says “If you continue in My word, then you are My disciples indeed: and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!

Jesus was celebrating with him on the inside, he was filled with joy. Then it happened on January 22, 2008 his heart donor appeared to him, as he knelt down in his shed that day he had finished the book. This New Testament this new covenant of an abundant life through Jesus. As he read the last verse in Revelations. Amen. Come Lord Jesus. He prayed “I kneel before You, I surrender this diseased heart of mine, You’ve poured out all your blood for me; please live through me for Your glory. You make all things new, I cannot live another day without You! I will follow Your ways. I need You Jesus please rescue me I have no place else to go. I love you. At your feet my life is Yours. Your life for me. I see the blood dripping out from those striped wounds. I can not look any longer, I close my eyes, and still Your image is burned into my mind. Pierced hands, feet, the thorns piercing Your face, Your pierced heart . Again I cried, Jesus I love You and I am so sorrowful please forgive my life”. Rodger wanted to try and look up at Jesus again. Looking up slowly he was stopped, droplets of blood began to splat the ground.” I could not breathe “. A growl deep at the bottom of his heart weeping in sorrow cried out again .” Jesus I love you”. His eyes squeezed tight, this whole moment seemed to stand still, he couldn’t hear. A silence suspended in a place of peace. In that peace, a soft whisper in a gentle rush of wind rattled the windows of that shed. He felt Jesus lean over him and put his arm across Rodger’s shoulders saying, “Rodger just stop crying and follow me”. That is the end of me. January 22nd, 2008. Born again Rodger Duvall a child of the true living God, thank you Jesus. Rodger will never be the same. To be continued…Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Rodger is still under construction, completion date according to the Master’s plan. Revealed in Heaven is my hope.





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MUGZ photos: MBHD, Libby & Doobie


Back Home Again Boyer Bike Back Home Again Dennis “Denny” Boyer III lost his father, Dennis “Den” Boyer Jr., on 12.24.2013 to a long battle of mental illness. His dads pride and joy was his 131 07’ Springer HarleyDavidson, which Den had built himself. He painted it, built the motor, lowered it, raked the front end, etc. When Den had passed away, unfortunately he did not have a will and still owed on the Harley. So, the bank came and took the bike.

Dennis “Den” Boyer Jr.

Denny “Denny” Boyer III and his wife, Stephanie.

In 2014, We got this wild idea to post on Facebook asking people to share the bike/ post, to see if we could see where the bike had gone. We got in touch with many different people trying to locate the VIN number, and track down where it might be. We came to the conclusion that it was in Minnesota, but didn’t know exactly where. Dennis’ Uncle Troy, had posted a general post on FB Minnesota Marketplace asking if anyone knows where this bike might be. This post might have been up for almost a year. On August 10th, 2020, someone messaged Troy, and told them that this exact bike was up for sale. We went to the sale post, and right there it was, Denny’s Dads bike - 07’ Springer Harley-Davidson. The only difference with the bike was a windshield and they took the front fender off! Denny got two of his buddies together, and then hopped in a truck with a cooler full of food, drove 17 hours one way to pick this bike up and after 6 years of not seeing this bike, Denny finally got his Dads pride and joy back! She took a long 6 year cross country trip, but she’s back to her home, right where she was originally built! Now, Denny gets to ride the bike his dad built, rode, and continue on his love for motorcycles. From one Boyer to another, Ride on.


Story and Photos

Courtesy of the Boyers

Jared Allison Forever My Forever

what is going on, and maybe I never will. But for right now all I know is I miss my other half. If you knew me at all, you knew Jared. He was either with me all the time, or I talked about him all the time. There is no such thing as Brenae Allison without Jared.

Nash County deputy, Jared Allison, 26, was attempting to stop a speeding motorcycle on U.S. HWY 301 in Rocky Mount, N.C., when his patrol SUV collided with a Nissan Maxima trying to cross the highway. Allison’s SUV hit the median and overturned, and he was ejected from the passenger side window. My soldier, my deputy, my husband. As many of you know, my sweet man suffered a brutal accident that tortured and wrecked his physical body on Thursday, November 26th. He put up such a hard fight, and endured days in the hospital fighting until there was no more fight to be had. On Tuesday, December 1st, his fight on this earth ended and he took my soul with him. Jared protected me, my emotions, my heart and my soul from the moment I met him. He rarely said “no”, and he only called me “Brenae” if the conversation was getting serious. Otherwise I was “baby” or “boo”, “wifey” or “boobs”, “boo-barroo” or “WiFi” (wee-fee). He always had me in mind, and always made sure I was taken care of. Jared rarely had anything to complain about, and was always having fun. Jared loved to say “I love you” and loved to make it known. This sweet man LOVED having his back, head or ears rubbed, loved taking bubble baths, being pampered and taken care of. I can’t think of a single night we went to bed where he didn’t ask me to rub his back or hold him. I would give anything in the world for him to ask me to rub his back, and I begged God to give him back to me. I promised Jared if he stayed I would rub his back every single night until the day I died. I would give anything for him to ask me at midnight if his uniform was clean for the next day, and have to get up and start the washer. I’m still waiting for him to walk in the door. When my phone goes off I still hope for a second that it’s my husband. I haven’t fully processed

I wanted to say thank you to the Nash County Sheriffs office and members for ALL of their support prayers, love, assistance, compassion, and taking care of Jared’s family and I this week and for the rest of our lives. Thank you to his partner Devin and Shelby for being with Jared within minutes after the accident, so he wasn’t alone. Thank you to the EMS personnel Crystal Clayton, Stephanie King, Brandon Taylor. They were at the scene within two minutes. Brandon Taylor placed an emergency trach tube into Jared’s trachea that every single surgeon and doctor we saw said he was so lucky to have and that those are so hard to do and very rarely successful in the field. Every single part of this that you do not normally think about made a huge impact. Without that team and that tube, Jared never would have had a fighting chance, and a chance to be here for his family to be by his side. Thank you to Vidant Medical Center in Greenville for superior care of my sweet man. Thank you Scott, Angela, Scott, Deanna, Jamey, Brian Brittney, Brianne, Beth, Paul, and Luke for being there for me and for Jared. Thank you James Jake, Brittany and Brian for keeping our babies alive this week. And to John, Joel, and Ben for being my eternal brothers. Thank you Patricia for cleaning my house and stocking it with food. I would not be alive without these support systems and I am so grateful for everyone’s support and prayers. I miss you Deputy Hottie, and you will forever be my forever. Brenae Allison


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Charles 2.5 years old wanting to go to the commissary.

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Jokers Powersports Jokers Powersports is located in Blacksburg, the NC/SC state line, just off of I-85. On Black Friday they were taking donations for the Gaston County Toy Run For The Kids. The Toy Run has been going for 25 years! They give babies and kids of all ages Christmas gifts. They give from dolls to skate boards. They do breakfasts and hot dogs sells to raise money and take donations. They also raffle off a motorcycle every year. The one pictured to the right is the raffle bike for this year. Check out their facebook page: story & photos: Libby Glover Faircloth


Raleigh Clayton Area Riders - RCA Story Samantha

photos: Samantha

Hi my name is Samantha but everyone calls me Pipsqueak and I love riding on my dad’s motorcycle with him and taking pictures. We ride with a group called, Raleigh Clayton Area Riders. One of our favorite things to do is find new places to eat and hang out. On November 28th we rode to Best N Burgers in Wilson, NC. It took about an hour and half from where we started in Benson, NC since we love back road riding and just enjoying the views with some amazing people.

Check out Best N Burgers on facebook:

I ordered a single cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion and it came out perfect and tasted really good. I also got French fries and they were delicious. Everyone really enjoyed the food and the service was absolutely amazing. All 19 of us got our food quickly. All the servers were super nice and handled our outgoing group very well. There was plenty of parking for all 16 bikes.



You know what to do...


Serving Wilson for almost a century. Thank you all for your patronage and support.

HOT DOG STAND 1500 W. Nash St., Wilson • 243-6313 Open Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm Saturday 8:30am-3:00pm Sunday 10am-8pm Closed Monday

Joel Hardy

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Jason and “Rowdy” Ryker Gupton


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