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A REVIEW OF THE 2021 AWARDS Shortlists for all 25 Categories Summaries of all Winning Campaigns Judges’ Comments for the Winners


Anicca Digital & NHS – Using paid media to ensure participation from minority and “hard-to-reach” communities for a new hospita Digital Ethos & Swift Direct Blinds – A Swift Increase in Sales Glass Digital & Denby – Google Ads Campaign Liberty Marketing & Pure Property Finance – Unlocking Search Innovation During a Lockdown Semetrical & OnTheMarket – Climbing the Paid Media Property Ladder

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This was an excellent campaign, showcasing diversity and reaching users that might otherwise be unreachable. They displayed a very strong analysis of learnings and really good insights of what channel works for next time.


Anicca Digital & NHS As part of its 2019 General Election manifesto, the Conservative government pledged to build 40 new hospitals in the UK, including one in the East Midlands city of Leicester. In August 2020, the local Leicester CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group of the NHS) conducted a consultation process into a re-structure of health services within the city. Leicester is a city with a complex demographic make-up and the CCG were concerned that some communities may not get their say in the consultation. Anicca Digital was commissioned to use a range of paid digital marketing techniques to reach these specific minority or “hard-to-reach communities” within Leicester and Leicestershire, to ensure they had their say in the consultation process. Anicca Digital was selected as the preferred agency as we are based in Leicester city and because a third of our team are from BAME communities, giving us unique insight into the locality and target audience.

PAID SOCIAL CAMPA SHORTLIST Anicca Digital & NHS – Using paid media to ensure participation from minority and “hard-to-reach” communities for a new hospital Canine Critics by Canine Cottages (part of The Travel Chapter) Loud Mouth Media & GT Omega – Stay Ahead of the Game Reload Digital & Emma Bridgewater – ‘Feels Like Home’ campaign Sage – #BossIt2021 Space & Time and OceanSaver – Plastic Free July Starcom & Samsung – #DanceAwesome TikTok Challenge Starcom & Samsung – #FromMyWindow Galaxy S20 Launch Starcom & Samsung – #SayYesToGalaxyBuds Vodafone – iPhone 12 Launch

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a really well planned and executed campaign! The strategy was great and the budget was used effectively, and we loved the use of multiple platforms to expand reach and deliver the results.


Vodafone Apple’s iPhone launches are a key sales period within the telecoms industry, producing a surge in the market and a time for disruption. With the launches occurring at a similar time each year there is a 2-month window with enormous media coverage and hype in the build-up to launch, followed by a huge spike in sales on the first 2 days of pre-order and a sustained spell of sales throughout the remainder of pre-order and through buy now. The ask was to gain market share over the iPhone 12 launch, but to do so throughout a period of such competition would require reaching consumers early on in their decision-making process and with a message that resonates. Vodafone did this by using a market leading proposition as the build-up to launch grew, and switching to product focused messaging at the time of launch. The result was an enormously successful Paid Social campaign, leading consumers from the initial point of interest through to point of conversion with clear and coherent messaging. By taking a holistic approach to planning and playing to the strengths of each social platform, Vodafone was able to surpass sales targets and improve market share.


Aira & Hagerty – Reaching The ‘Ones Who Got Away’ With Discovery Ads Vodafone – Vodafone Black Friday

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This company have delivered a well planned and structured campaign, which pushed some new boundaries with tech being used. The results are really positive and it was great to see an overview of the findings of the campaign and how this changed your tact in the implementation of the campaign. Well done!


Vodafone Vodafone have recently completed the in-housing of Programmatic media and one of our first objectives was to evolve our rich media buying capabilities. When we began experimenting with fresh ways of delivering incremental value through high impact formats, it was clear that there was opportunity to harness the strategy, insight and sophistication that would add sufficient value to our programmatic campaigns. We adopted a test-and-learn approach working with our partners JustPremium & Lumen to ensure we could track, measure and optimize around standard industry metrics, such as CTR, In-View Time as well another valuable area, which was ‘Attention’. This approach enabled us to deliver innovation & sophistication through measurement that that most brands struggle to quantify. Winning this award is a fitting end to a strategy that propelled our stagnating rich media strategy to the forefront of innovation within the industry.


Digital Ethos & VIP Bottles – Making Every Shot Count – SILVER AWARD Exceed & Berry Bouquets – Eating Up The Competition Glass Digital & Denby – Google Shopping Campaign Groundswell & Donaghy Bros – Maximising Profit via Google Shopping Impression & Topps Tiles – Topp of the Shopps Ortus & Moda in Pelle – Best Foot Forward

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This agency delivered a brilliant entry, which shows strong evidence of solid implementation, creativity and results. Year on year improvements are perfectly mapped back to the original objectives. An award worthy entry. Well done!


Impression & Topps Tiles Impression is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency in Nottingham and London. Our strategic-thinking team of digital marketing experts have a creative edge. We are opportunity explorers, always innovating and willing to go off the beaten track to discover and apply game-changing strategies. We show pride in doing things well and we’re dedicated to being the best at what we do, and to helping our clients do the same. In this campaign, we implement a strategy that achieves and exceeds the goals set by the client. Our creative approach was so successful that we’ve been encouraged to apply exactly the same strategy across all of the client’s product ranges. Bespoke reporting gave the client full visibility on the overall impact of the campaigns and we provided their team with training for support and clarity.

PAID SEARCH CAMP SHORTLIST Clicky Media & Toad Hall Cottages – Record leap in growth DemandMore & Pure Sports Medicine – Boosting enquiries for London’s leading sports medicine chain Digital Ethos & Swift Direct Blinds – A Swift Increase in Sales Glass Digital & Denby – Google Ads Campaign Impression & Marmalade – Consolidation is Key: Data-Driven Learnings from Learning Drivers Liberty Marketing & Pure Property Finance – Unlocking Search Innovation During a Lockdown OMD UK & SSE – Search Innovation in 2020 Reflect Digital & Opayo – Stay Alert. Control CPA. Save Conversions. – SILVER AWARD SINE Digital – Cool Camping 2020 Travel Chapter (home of – The Search for Success

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a brilliant, well rounded campaign with some big challenges to solve. The budget was really clear and the results incredibly strong with some really nice creative too. Congratulations!


Clicky Media & Toad Hall Cottages Our search campaign with Toad Hall Cottages has delivered outstanding results over a short period of time, during a tumultuous year for the travel industry and the country as a whole. Reactiveness and client trust in our expertise has been vital in pivoting from a planned strategy to a Covid focused strategy, which, along with fantastic performance results and despite a pandemic that has shut down much of the globe, has strengthened our relationship with Toad Hall Cottages. We’re very proud of our unique, collaborative and tailored partnership with Toad Hall Cottages and through consistent and persistent strategic planning, taking into consideration an ever-changing landscape for the travel industry, we are dedicated to continually ensuring we’re over-delivering on expectations and setting ambitious targets for ourselves. Winning this award gives recognition to all the hard work our dedicated team does and is a celebration of our strong partnership with Toad Hall Cottages.


Aira Resort & Launch Online – Selling holidays in a pandemic OMD UK & Caravan & Motorhome Club – 2020: Thriving in a COVID Crisis

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a brilliant, well structured campaign in the face of challenging circumstances. The decision to keep on advertising during the pandemic is something a lot of companies shied away from doing, but you didn’t and the results definitely came through. Congratulations!


Aira Resort & Launch Online This campaign is a textbook example of how to tie in business aims with paid ads strategy. At the onset of Covid-19, a huge number of travel and leisure organisations hunkered down – cutting their marketing budgets to ribbons and leaving consumers with no outlet for holiday plans. Our advice to Aria Resorts? Keep advertising during the pandemic, have faith in our strategy and paid search campaign management, and keep in mind that this is just a moment in time. People will travel again, especially in the UK. By remaining front of mind, impressions will turn into bookings. Aria took our advice – a clever PPC strategy combined with agile campaign management, customer data, smart bidding adoption, and prospecting in social ads campaigns to feed the search campaigns. By holding their nerve, the result was that an £81k budget converted into a £2.3m return on ad spend, vastly exceeding the £800k goal – during a period when most leisure operators were left reeling.


DemandMore & Tech 21 – Driving performance for a global phone protection brand Digital Ethos & Swift Direct Blinds – A Swift Increase in Sales Digital Ethos & VIP Bottles – Making Every Shot Count Enjoy Digital & Mattress Next Day – Cashing in on a good night’s sleep Neo Media World & Nestlé – Carnation Digital Transformation: For Old Times Bake Glass Digital & Denby – Google Ads Campaign Groundswell & Donaghy Bros – Maximising Profit via Google Shopping Havas Media & giffgaff – Driving Online Growth Through Best in Class Tech Maturity Impression & Abigail Ahern – Black Friday: A Premium Promotion Loud Mouth Media & Harry Corry – Curtains up on incredible online sales growth

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a great entry and a really solid case study! There were clear objectives from the outset, ambitious ROAS target and fantastic growth in revenue! The team clearly know their craft well. A true winner. Congratulations!


Impression & Abigail Ahern Impression is a multi-award-winning digital marketing agency in Nottingham and London. Our strategic-thinking team of digital marketing experts have a creative edge. We are opportunity explorers, always innovating and willing to go off the beaten track to discover and apply game-changing strategies. We show pride in doing things well and we’re dedicated to being the best at what we do, and to helping our clients do the same. In this campaign, we were tasked with promoting our client’s Black Friday deals just a few months into our partnership. Being a premium brand, it was crucial to balance sales and promotional messaging with ad copy that would accurately represent their luxury and quality status. It was crucially important to get this right in order to target the correct audience and to ensure the campaign was successful, improving on the previous year’s results.


Impression & Marmalade – Driving in the right direction for growth Liberty Marketing & Pure Property Finance – Unlocking Search Innovation During a Lockdown OMD UK & Barclays – Barclays LifeSkills Reflect Digital & Opayo – Stay Alert. Control CPA. Save Conversions.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a brilliant campaign with some great results. It was interesting to see the impact of psychology-based ad copy changes and other tweaks to drive such an improvement in PPC, as well as good use of audience understanding. Well done!


Reflect Digital & Opayo Opayo (formerly SagePay) came to Reflect digital looking to take their Paid Search campaigns to the next level after performance had plateaued. Our Paid media specialists achieved exceptional growth; within three months of starting, we reduced CPAs by 87% and increased conversions by 217% After achieving phenomenal growth, the campaign faced a major setback as the global pandemic fundamentally changed the industry. Our decisive, innovative and agile approach meant that the performance continues to even greater heights. Despite the uncertainty and pressure on the industry through the use of our adcopy psychology models and analysis of industry opportunity, we produced continued improvements. Our agility allowed us to lift conversions by a further 129% vs the previous best month before the pandemic. By using a next level approach we were able to achieve next level results for Opayo.


Anicca Digital & NHS – Using paid media to ensure participation from minority and “hard-to-reach” communities for a new hospital MRS Digital & Shuttercraft – One Brand, 23 Successful Businesses Broadplace Advertising for Sandown Group DemandMore & Harvey Jones – Breaking Records

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a really brilliant and smart entry. The objectives and targets are clear, and it’s positive to see the channel being perceived more positively internally. The entry demonstrates some really fantastic examples of execution, which go beyond best practice, and the great results were to be expected. Well done!


MRS Digital & Shuttercraft What started as a simple website nip and tuck for Shuttercraft became a complete PPC reconstruction that has transformed the way they do business. The Shuttercraft network of 26 regional franchisees all approached PPC differently. A dozen agencies, underinvestment, competition between regions, mixed performance and poor reporting were rife among these small businesses. The team at MRS Digital couldn’t sit back and watch this happen. Managing the advertising of the whole network centrally was the only option. With the network’s trust won – which was no mean feat – MRS were ready to go. The resultant strategy was one that married network-wide insights and economies of scale with best-in-class localisation and granular optimisation. This was bound together with vastly more functional reporting and geofencing that eliminated clashes between franchisees. Results far exceeded initial targets, with 178% YoY increase in lead generation alone from PPC during a time of market slowdown. As a result of MRS’s PPC work, not only have Shuttercraft increased revenue, but consistent results have boosted franchisee confidence. That’s 26 satisfied, successful and growing local businesses. The MRS managed advertising (and its impressive results!) are now a marketable part of the Shuttercraft proposition, and has helped accelerate onboarding new franchisees


Havas Media & giffgaff – giffgaff Black Friday 2020 OMD UK & NSPCC – Letter From Santa Route Agency & The Union – Advancing prevention during adversity Starcom & Choose Love – Choose Love This Christmas Starcom & Kraft Heinz – Heinz | Magic Breakfast Starcom, Purpose & United Nations; Verified – Tackling Misinformation: the COVID-19 Infodemic

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This campaign was a worthy winner for us! A brilliant campaign for an excellent cause, which delivered a powerful creative and impressive results. Congratulations!


Starcom & Choose Love Choose love is a charity aiming to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. Choose love created the world’s first shop to sell real products to refugees. Unfortunately, the second wave of the pandemic made Choose Love’s mission even harder. Many volunteers were not able to help anymore, and the physical store sadly had to close. Finding ways to keep raising donations during wintertime was crucial. Starcom & Choose Love teamed up to create a digital campaign that would make a difference for refugees’ families by raising as many donations as possible and make up for the negative impact of the pandemic. Thanks to incredible assets, a strong marketing strategy using learnings from previous years and a compelling narrative, the campaign exceeded all expectations and generated more than 2.5 million pounds for refugees.

BEST INTEGRATED B SHORTLIST Adido & Ordnance Survey – Record breaking revenues Anicca Digital & NHS – Using paid media to ensure participation from minority and “hard-to-reach” communities for a new hospital Exceed & Berry Bouquets – Eating Up The Competition Glass Digital & Denby – Google Ads Campaign Itineris & RAF Museum – Christmas Ecommerce Campaign Loud Mouth Media & BES – Fixing a leaky search strategy – SILVER AWARD OMD UK & McDonald’s – Global My McDonald’s App Republic of Media, The Scottish Government & Parent Club – Here For You Space & Time and Taylor Wimpey – Not all housebuilders are equal Wavemaker & Bungie – Destiny 2: Beyond Light Launch

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a terrific campaign with brilliant results! The execution of a carefully crafted strategy and good use of phasing to bring the campaign to life across a lot of paid media channels, demonstrates your skills. This was a brilliant entry all round and a worthy winner! Congratulations!


Republic of Media, The Scottish Government & Parent Club We were all thrown into unfamiliar and uncertain territory this year. Life as we knew it closed its doors around us. For some, adapting was easy. For others, overwhelming. “…life should not feel normal for you right now” – First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. Being a parent can be stressful at the best of times. During a global pandemic, mixed messaging from schools, celebrities, news, and social media, offering their own ideas and suggestions on how parents should be behaving, many portraying ‘perfect, idyllic’ scenarios, simply weren’t achievable for the majority. Together with The Scottish Government and Parent Club, we embarked on a mission to empathise, advise and inform parents and carers across Scotland, with family wellbeing and mental health at the core. We needed to be highly prevalent across our audience’s everyday digital journeys and frequent enough to build trust and loyalty, a challenge for such a time-poor audience. Recognition for this campaign highlights the incredible work Parent Club does for families every day and the immeasurable support and guidance that was provided in such worrying and often isolating times for parents and carers across Scotland in 2020.


Admincontrol & Modern – The Secret Success of Boards Aira & Intentionet – Building Connections & Conversions Via Linkedin Ads

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This was an extremely well planned and delivered campaign, with clear objectives and strong results. The creative and targeting had been clearly thought out, and it was great to read what drove performance and how that had been fed by the overall strategy. Congratulations!


Admincontrol & Modern Admincontrol offers web-based solutions to streamline and digitise board work, due diligence and facilitate secure information sharing between business decision-makers and their support teams. We believe this innovative lead generation campaign should win this award as it shows how outside-the-box thinking can maximise the LinkedIn platform, at a time when it’s increasingly hard to stand out. By embracing detailed segmentation and smart localisation we were able to tailor executions across EMEA territories. And by addressing diversity issues of topical importance to board members, our campaign had a far greater resonance and impact with the target audience. The challenges of executing tailored content, both to language and gender in 7 key markets, as a small enterprise with limited budgets were vast, but the results were exceptional. The campaign delivered 452 leads against a forecast of 122, at an overall CPL of £21.46 (75% lower than the target). Plus, it uncovered new insights that will carry-through as best practice for the agency and for the client. To win this award is a fantastic achievement for both Modern and Admincontrol and provides a boost to continue exploring and pushing LinkedIn advertising methods to its limits.


Anicca Digital & NHS – Using paid media to ensure participation from minority and “hard-to-reach” communities for a new hospital Broadplace Advertising for Indulge Yourself – The Good Food Network Fluid Commerce & Lakeland Leather – Autumn/Winter Product Launch Starcom & ASICS – Winning the UK’s Race for Freedom

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a brilliant campaign and the results speak for themselves. The entry delivered a great explanation of how they implemented the campaign in the four different stages, and great use of industry best practice. The personalisation of ad messaging and creative to age and gender no doubt contributed to the fantastic results too. Well done!


Fluid Commerce & Lakeland Leather Fluid Commerce has had an extraordinary twelve months against a challenging backdrop of circumstances. Our team has grown and evolved in line with our 2020 repositioning as an ecommerce growth agency. We launched new services to great success, achieved a near total client retention rate and secured new clients from across our target sectors of high-growth ecommerce retailers. Our success as one of the leading independent ecommerce agencies in the North is a direct result of the investment in a uniquely skilled and motivated team who are dedicated to delivering ecommerce success across Paid Advertising, Paid Social and Magento ecommerce. We have seen fantastic results since the launch of our Paid Social service, despite competitive market conditions. For us to win this award is a reinforcement of the unique approach we take to ecommerce, and establishes us as a solid choice of PPC and Paid Social agency for retailers that seek that hard-to-find mixture of knowledge, availability, efficiency, care and straight-forward advice and support.


Fluid Commerce & SousVideTools Havas Market & Pernod Ricard UK – Raise A Glass To Accelerated Amazon Growth Starcom & Samsung – Gaming Monitors Vodafone & Tajj Zeb – VOXI BAU

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this campaign delivered some really strong results, and demonstrates a great strategy, good use of platform and really takes advantage of beta access. Congratulations!


Havas Market & Pernod Ricard UK Pernod Ricard UK (PRUK) sought to expand their e-commerce activity in light of the shift in consumer behaviour to online purchasing for the beers, wines and spirits (BWS) category – a trend which was accelerated in 2020 by COVID. An important channel to achieve this growth was Amazon, a platform through which the BWS category has seen significant growth in the last 12-24 months. The challenge for Havas was the degree of competition and hesitance from PRUK, who had previously been stung by unprofitable returns from Amazon Advertising. Using a combination of clever targeting, a suite of third party and proprietary tech, and deployment of beta formats, Havas were able to turn around performance quickly and capitalise on the explosion of demand in 2020. Ultimately, Havas were able to deliver a 440% uplift in revenue and drive huge efficiencies, with a total ROAS of just over 6.8. So successful was this strategy PRUK are now discussing expansion across further brands, as well as a re-pivot towards an e-commerce centric strategy for 2021 and beyond. Pernod Ricard UK is a major client for Havas Media UK, but particularly for e-commerce team, and we’re incredibly proud of the work we deliver for this client. The Amazon growth this year has taken this pride to new levels though, as we’ve smashed every aspiration we had in this key period. Winning this award means the world to the team and is the ultimate recognition for the hard work, skill and innovative thinking that went into delivering these results.


Havas Media & BBC – Little Mix, The Search Vodafone In-House Biddable Team & VOXI – Be Endless

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a brilliant campaign, and delivered some interesting findings and strong uplifts in brand and ad awareness. The results speak for themselves.


Vodafone In-House Biddable Team & VOXI With its large following among the under 30s, Snapchat has been a key channel for VOXI to reach its core target audience. However, when new econometric data showed Snapchat to be a significant ROI driver, the Vodafone Paid Social team decided to focus on how their always-on strategy could be refined to further maximise results. Following insight from a Snapchat study that highlighted the benefits of using multi placement executions, the team decided to re-visit their single format approach in a test that compared the performance of commercials versus a combination of commercials and snap ads. The team galvanised several stakeholders including the creative agency Ogilvy, Snapchat and the VOXI team to produce bespoke Snapchat first creative or each format. The results were unprecedented uplifts in brand awareness and message association that far surpassed Snapchat’s benchmarks. The multi-format approach proved to drive more cost-effective incremental reach and as a result has shaped the strategy for future campaigns. This fantastic team effort underpins the importance of collaboration and challenging BAU to continuously improve performance. Whilst the teams were thrilled to have their efforts vindicated with these great results, a Biddable Media Award puts the icing on the cake.


Havas Media & O2 & VCCP – O2 Bubl Dance Impression & Marmalade – Test Driving Tik Tok Ads Sage – #BossIt2021

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This campaign delivered some mindblowing results. Using a young, fun platform such as TikTok is genius, and this is one of the strongest campaigns we’ve seen throughout the whole awards. A clear winner - congratulations!


Sage Helping people boss it is what Sage does. We make software that helps businesses nail their numbers, win at admin, and take great care of their teams—and we wanted to boost brand awareness so we could help more of them do it. We’re committed to helping our customers and the wider 5.9m UKI SMEs navigate the impacts that COVID-19 has had on their businesses, today and in the future. And not just those already in business, but also the dreamers looking to set up for themselves. TikTok offered us that opportunity—and a global first. No other brand had ever run a B2B campaign on the platform, but it was the perfect way to celebrate these businesses who had adapted to, been born in, and bossed the biggest economic challenge in recent history. So we ran the #Bossit2021 challenge—not just for businesspeople but for everyone, with a home workspace makeover up for grabs and Sage business advice for all. A million people took us up on it. We’ve had over 5.2 billion views, and a groundswell of engagement from SMEs everywhere who share our belief that their spirit and tenacity deserve recognition. This award is for them.


MVF – Audiologist Animation Neo Media World & Sage – Sage Boss It Winter Sale

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a great campaign, and loved being able to see links to the actual video creatives which brought the campaign to life! The creative was very engaging and they have delivered some solid results. Well done!


MVF At the beginning of March 2020, MVF’s YouTube team were sitting on a successful video format they intended to repeat month after month - using expert audiologists explaining the benefits of high-tech hearing aids to a 45+ year old audience to generate leads for our global hearing aid clients. By featuring real doctors, they’d found high engagement, trust and conversion, plus a great source of high-quality customers for our clients. Then lockdown struck, homeworking was introduced, and the prospect of filming was taken off the cards for good. This is the story of how 3 MVFers in our YouTube and Creative Services team worked together to create a new animation format from their home offices and how this video not only worked but slashed CPAs, generated 10 million impressions, 600,000 views and 4,300 conversions and counting.

BEST USE SHORTLIST Incubeta & Laithwaite’s Wine – (Pub) Crawling Amazon for Laithwaites Success Incubeta & Superdrug – A Cut Above the Competition MediaCom & Tesco – Making more digital decisions powered by first party data MVF – Matched Percentage Neo Media World & Mazda UK – The Engine Driving Bidding Efficiencies and Sales Through Lead Scoring Ortus & Moda in Pelle – Best Foot Forward Semetrical & OnTheMarket – Using Automation, Data Feeds & Big Data To Grow a Leading UK Property Portal StrategiQ & Jacada Travel – Don’t Stop Believing: A Data-Driven Journey Out Of COVID The British Council & Net Natives – Test, Learn, Action: How Brexit impacts European students’ study behaviours Toolstation, Kinase & Kenshoo – Driving Growth By Bidding To Profitability, Not Revenue

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a brilliant campaign with some great ideas. It is clear how data has been used to adapt the strategy and directly drive results and profitable sales. A strong entry and a clear winner. Congratulations!


Incubeta & Superdrug As one of the biggest UK Health and Beauty retailers, Superdrug stock hundreds of brands within a crowded market. With increased competition over ad space within the SERP, Superdrug needed to increase their market share and visibility across multiple key categories, whilst continuing to use Paid Search as a performance-driven channel. To achieve this, we deviated from the standard Google Shopping set-up, re-evaluating to take it to the next level. We knew that pricing has a significant influence on consumer decision making, so wanted to ensure visibility when Superdrug had more favourable prices than the competition. Rather than solely focusing on marked down products where Superdrug was only competitive at a profit reduction, we developed a benchmarking system where a Superdrug product cost could be dynamically compared against the price of the same product with other retailers, with bids adjusted accordingly. This involved a two stage setup which was flexible enough that external factors could be considered and, if needed, override price competitiveness as the key consideration in a bidding decision. The results of this strategy were immediate - within 6 weeks of going live, Superdrug’s Shopping saw an 89% increase in ROI YoY, spearheaded by a 63% increase in CR.


Jaywing & Mazda – Driving Marketing Efficiencies One Customer Journey At A Time StrategiQ & Jacada Travel – Don’t Stop Believing: A Positive Attribution Journey

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this campaign delivered some impressive savings for the client and we loved the feature to baseline if a sale would have occurred anyway, vs a channel that’s actually making a bigger impact to better determine allocating marketing budget to specific channels. Very well done!


Jaywing & Mazda Jaywing’s attribution solution is a powerful data-driven model that determines the contribution of every single customer interaction, revealing the incremental value of each marketing touchpoint. In comparison to other solutions, our model offers accuracy, transparency, impartiality and a granularity of data and channels that is unmatched by other providers. Beyond just a model, our attribution offering is supported by expert-led consultancy, ensuring clients and their media partners can drive value from the insight, taking actions that maximise the effectiveness of their marketing. We act impartially, reporting fairly using the data that each client’s marketing has generated, and have a range of tools and tailored visualisations that can help our clients quantify the impact of making changes to their marketing mix and other downstream activities. Jaywing’s attribution model has been used to understand customer journeys from awareness to conversion and measure the impact of marketing spend across a variety of sectors. Since implementation for Mazda, we’ve shown where underfunding in display created up to a £1 million lost opportunity and precisely where campaign ROI is 5x higher for new customers than existing ones.


Digital Ethos & VIP Bottles – Making Every Shot Count M.i. Media & 32Red – Hitting the jackpot with 32Red and 1st party data automation OMD UK – Covid-19 Data Trend: Staying ahead of the curve Pufferr with Hempfutures & New Bond Street Pawnbrokers Space & Time and Countryside Properties – Using Scibids on programmatic campaigns Spark Foundry – Settling The Biggest Debate In Search Marketing Starcom & Samsung – Bid To Profit

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This agency have demonstrated significant growth through the use of both automated and manual strategies. The strategy is strong and it’s clear they have done a lot of great work. They have used an approach that covered all basis and have clearly identified issues holding the client back, and developed a good understanding of the audience. Well done!


Digital Ethos & VIP Bottles Digital Ethos is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Leicester. We’ve grown rapidly over the last 3 years from two employees to over 30 and our recruitment drive shows no sign of slowing with 6 new starters joining over the next 6 weeks. We’re constantly trying to push the creative and technical boundaries of our services and winning an award for our campaign achievements is an incredible acknowledgement of the team’s time, dedication and creative output. What has really set us apart is our desire to shift from the industry-standard paradigm of service-centric marketing and instead hold a fluid omnichannel stance built around the client’s identity. We understand that no two clients or industries are the same, and therefore strategy must be unique. Brands should be entities with personality and personality should be perceived throughout every touchpoint a customer encounters. It’s been fantastic to see our clients succeed and receiving recognition for our efforts means the world to us.


MarinOne by Marin Software – Google Ads. Automated TrueClicks – PPC Auditing & Monitoring built for Teams

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This agency delivered a well put together entry with a great explanation of who the technology serves, how much it costs and what issues it helps to solve. The tool gives a positive feeling and was tailored for agency needs with a lot of thought and good functionality. Congratulations!


TrueClicks With TrueClicks, we’re building the PPC tool we wish we had during our agency years. First, we want to make sure our users never miss an issue or opportunity again in their Google Ads campaigns. We want to do this by going beyond regular analysis and optimization. Not just showing you what you could do, but revealing what you should do, and in what order. We believe this is a more useful and more ambitious approach to creating software. Second, we want to make it as easy and fast as possible for our users to improve their accounts. For each of our recommendations, there’s a one-click deep link to the right place in Google Ads and the option to turn it into a task. And for a growing number of recommendations, we also offer a ‘fix’ wizard that lets you fix issues in a couple of clicks, directly from TrueClicks. Finally, we believe the industry needs an independent third party that grades PPC accounts. Agencies shouldn’t grade themselves or each other, and Google… well, they’ll be Google. Winning a UK Biddable Media Award is a fantastic endorsement and honour for this promising piece of European search software - if we may say so : - )


DemandMore Fluid Commerce Launch Online Loud Mouth Media Ortus We Influence

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This entry was brilliant and the culture and ethos of the agency really came through. Their story continues well despite setbacks from COVID, and their client support during this time is commendable. Congratulations!


Launch Online In a year that was challenging to say the least, Launch Online not only weathered the storm, we thrived. Established in 2012 and based in Exeter, we’re a Google Premier Partner Biddable Media agency with 60 clients and 12 employees. Despite the pandemic and the fact that 19 clients stopped activity because of it, our YoY revenue grew +28% in 2020, no staff were furloughed, and annual pay increases continued. We’re well on our way to meeting a £1m a year turnover objective ahead of schedule, at which point we’ll launch an Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) scheme, enabling employees to own shares in the company – rewarding and recognising the roles they play in our business success. Our main objective is to give our SME clients a voice amongst the major players in their competitive set. Our strategy doesn’t involve throwing loads of money into campaigns and outbidding brands at every turn. It’s about delivering cost-effective, mould-breaking, results-driven solutions that enable smaller brands to outperform the big guns. But don’t just take our word for it, in 2020 we were named PPC Agency of the Year at the European Agency Awards and our work with Aria Resorts won Best Use of Search - Travel and Tourism at the UK Search Awards.


Impression OMD UK Biddable Team Semetrical The Media Image

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This agency have an impressive story and growth trajectory. This agency clearly knows its space well and is achieving strong results for their clients. The PPC and SEO case studies are amazing, and they are clear winners of this award. Congratulations!


The Media Image Grant Macfarlane founded The Media Image in 2008. Grant had worked at Google since 2000 having been the first hire to the UK Google Ads team. Over the intervening 12 years, from a shared office in South West London with 2 employees, TMI has grown to 69 employees as of February 2021. In October 2019, The Media Image celebrated the official opening of The Media Image US Inc, the agency’s American arm, in New York. TMI now operates from GMT -7 in Las Vegas to GMT +3 in Riga, Latvia and from London, UK in the north to Cape Town, South Africa where our 27-person support office is located. Our staff profile is 60% female. 2019 also saw TMI’s second listing on the FT 1000 - Europe’s fastest growing companies - and a place on the FT Future UK 100 list of companies “disrupting their sector or showing consistently fast revenue growth.” Encouragingly for the agency at large, given the extraordinary disruptions in the macro environment wrought by Covid-19, 2020 was a growth year across the board with 16 new members joining the team. This represents a 30% increase in the staff complement last year and in the last financial year (FY2021), our net income is up 195%. Winning this award for Large Biddable Agency of the Year validates our sense as an agency that we have scaled successfully to a multi-national paid media operation.


Helping Hands – Marketing Team Travel Chapter – Digital Media Team

JUDGES’ COMMENTS We thought this was a great entry, that demonstrated spectacular effort improving the conversion rate to the level achieved. How the team adapted and turned around a complicated situation is worth noting, and it’s brilliant to see a switch from agency to in-house in difficult circumstances, and still achieve great results. A worthy winner. Congratulations!


Helping Hands – Marketing Team Helping Hands is a home care company fully regulated by CQC and CIW with more than 30 years of experience and over 120 branches in England and Wales. 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, but for the healthcare sector, it was a living nightmare. With people needing care, but scared of contracting covid-19, we knew we needed to do something to ensure the elderly and vulnerable were getting the care they deserved and needed. A cohesive Paid Media strategy developed by Helping Hands in house team, along with smart bidding technology meant that our new marketing objectives were successfully achieved despite the general fall in market demand and calls. It even delivered the best year yet in terms of website conversion for Helping Hands. After a decade of running PPC campaigns through our agency (Journey Further), at the start of 2020 we formed the first in-house marketing team at Helping Hands. Winning an award is an amazing recognition and testimony of the endeavours of the in-house marketing team after facing countless challenges in a difficult year.


Jazzmin Berry – Campaign Hero Lewis Dennett – Broadplace Elliot Durham – Glass Digital Erin Hobson – Broadplace

JUDGES’ COMMENTS This individual is a well deserving winner of this award. She is hands on, and not afraid to trail new approaches and to learn on the job. She demonstrates a wide range of skills across multiple channels, and very strong testimonials from leaders of the organisation. The numbers she has achieved are impressive, and she should be proud. Congratulations!


Jazzmin Berry – Campaign Hero CampaignHero is the SaaS arm of award-winning digital marketing agency, Google Premier and Microsoft partner, Broadplace. Our mission statement at CampaignHero is to increase the level of digital marketing knowledge and support for SMEs worldwide by providing access to our ad tech platform. Our small, growing team aims to bring the benefits of a digital marketing expert to every SME, we’re committed to distilling the benefits of advanced marketing techniques previously reserved for larger organisations, making them simple and accessible to businesses of any size. Jazzmin’s strategic planning and implementation has increased CampaignHero’s user base by 21% MoM as well as increased revenue by 104% YoY. Only being in the digital marketing industry a few years, she’s thriving in the digital landscape, taking sole responsibility for all marketing duties at CampaignHero, this is why she is a perfect candidate for the Biddable Media Rising Star award.

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