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2013-2014 season


concert cycle 4

Sumi Jo Sings for Hope SUMI JO Soprano DONGMIN KIM Conductor Sumi Jo, recognized and acclaimed as one of the best-loved sopranos of our time, will “Sing for Hope” with the New York Classical Players in order to convey the message that music knows no barriers and has the potential to bridge different cultures. Music director Dongmin Kim also conducts pieces by Grieg, Massenet, and Gustav Holst.

Friday, Mar 28, 2014, at 8pm New York City


Sunday, Mar 30, 2014, at 8pm New Jersey HAWTHORNE GOSPEL CHURCH 2000 Route 208, Hawthorne, NJ

Tuesday, April 1, 2014, at 8pm Washington D.C.

KOREAN CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 15451 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 20121

Thursday, April 3, 2014, at 8pm Los Angeles, CA SARANG COMMUNITY CHURCH 1111 N. Brookhurst St., Anaheim, CA 92801

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2013–2014 SEASON



Sumi Jo Sings for Hope

DONGMIN KIM conductor SUMI JO soprano ROBIN SCOTT violin April 1 and 3 only

Friday Evening, March 28, 2014, at 8pm Salvation Army Centennial Memorial Temple Theatre New York, New York Sunday Evening, March 30, 2014, at 8pm Hawthorne Gospel Church

Hawthorne, New Jersey Tuesday Evening, April 1, 2014, at 8pm Korean Central Presbyterian Church

Centreville, Virginia Thursday Evening, April 3, 2014, at 8pm Sarang Community Church Anaheim, California

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Holberg Suite Op. 40


1. Praeludium 2. Sarabande 3. Gavotte 4. Air 5. Rigaudon

Lo, Here the Gentle Lark opera Comedy of Errors Lascia, ch’io pianga opera Rinaldo Voice of Spring



The Last Dream of the Virgin Zigeunerweisen Op. 20 Robin Scott, violin


I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls opera The Bohemian Girl Summertime opera Porgy and Bess Ah, vous dirai-je, maman


Brook Green Suite, H. 190

* D. KIM 김동진 * H. LEE 이흥렬 * F. LEHÁR * G. DONIZETTI

1. Prelude 2. Air 3. Dance

Longing for Home 가고파 In the Clouds of Flowers 꽃 구름 속에 Vilja Song opera Merry Widow O luce di quest’anima opera Linda di Chamounix * March 28 (Friday) and 30 (Sunday) only ** April 1 (Tuesday) and 3 (Thursday) only

* Arranged by Yoomi Paick, Edward Niedermaier, Elliott Bark and Texu Kim

Notes on the Program EDVARD GRIEG (1843-1907) Holberg Suite, Op. 40 Grieg composed the suite in honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Ludvig Holberg, a Danish-Norwegian playwright born in 1864. It has been noted that Holberg was born one year before Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, and Domenico Scarlatti (1685 was a very big year for music). Though it is not known for sure if this historical fact influenced Grieg to write a Baroque style suite, it certainly would make sense for Grieg to have made that compositional connection. Originally written for solo piano in 1884, Holberg Suite was arranged for strings the following year.

HENRI R. BISHOP (1786-1855) Lo, Here the Gentle Lark opera Comedy of Errors Lo, here the gentle lark, weary of rest, From his moist cabinet mounts up on high, And wakes the morning, from whose silver breast The sun ariseth in his majesty; Who doth the world so gloriously behold That cedar-tops and hills seem burnish’d gold. Venus salutes him with this fair good-morrow: ‘O thou clear god, and patron of all light, From whom each lamp and shining star doth borrow The beauteous influence that makes him bright, There lives a son that suck’d an earthly mother, May lend thee light, as thou dost lend to other.’

GEORGE F. HANDEL (1685-1759) Lascia, ch’io pianga opera Rinaldo Let me weep my cruel fate, and sigh for liberty. May sorrow break these chains Of my sufferings, for pity’s sake.

JOHANN STRAUSS (1825-1899) Voice of Spring, Op. 410 The lark rises into the blue, the mellow wind mildly blowing; his lovely mild breath revives and kisses the field, the meadow. Spring in all its splendour rises, ah all hardship is over, sorrow becomes milder,

good expectations, the belief in happiness returns; sunshine, you warm us, ah, all is laughing, oh,oh awakes! A fountain of songs is rising, who has been silent for too long; from the brush sounds clear and light the sweet voice again! Ah, gently the nightingale lets stream the first notes, so as not to disturb the queen; hush, all you other singers! More powerful soon chimes her sweet voice. Oh, soon, oh, oh soon! Ah........ Oh, song of the nightingale, sweet sound, ah yes! Glowing with love, ah, ah, ah, sounds the song, ah and the sound, sweet and cosy, seems to carry a plaintive note, ah, ah rocks the heart to sweet dreams, ah, ah, ah, ah, most gently! Longing and desire ah, ah, ah lives in my breast, ah, if the song anxiously calls for me, from afar the stars twinkle, ah, ah in shimmering magic like the moons beam, ah, ah, ah, ah wavers trough the valley! As haltingly vanishes the night, the lark starts to sing, ah, the light she promises, shadows recede! Ah! Ah springs voices sound like home, Ah yes, ah yes oh sweet sound, Ah, yes.

JULES MASSENET (1842-1912) The Last Dream of the Virgin Known primarily for his operas Manon, Jules Massenet also put his hand to musical drama on overtly religious themes. His success with MarieMagdeleine and Eve and encouragement from friends and colleagues such as Gounod led him to compose another, La Vierge, (The Virgin, sacred legend in 4 acts: Annunciation, Marriage at Cana, Good Friday, and the Assumption). Alas, the public seemed to have had enough of this genre. Massenet’s description of the premiere: “An icy silence in the hall! The work which I had composed with so much ardor and devotion was tumbling down. And I was at the accursed conductor’s desk, unable to leave it! I trembled with vexation, and partly with shame. ... An attempt was made to get a repetition of one of the numbers ... I felt

that the public was tired ... I left in dismay, insane with disappointment and rage.” Although the entire work never caught on, one piece became a favorite concert encore, particularly in Britain. It was also used as the overture to a ballet Manon, a work created from various works by Massenet. The piece is the prelude to Act IV (Assumption) of La Vierge, The Last Sleep of the Virgin. Muted strings with solo cello paint a picture of peace as the Apostle Thomas comes to the tomb of Mary to say his last farewell.

PABLO DE SARASATE (1884-1908) Zigeunerweisen(Gypsy Airs), Op. 20 orchestrated for strings by Yoomi Paick

Like many virtuoso performers of his day, Sarasate also composed a considerable amount of music for his instrument. Zigeunerweisen composed in 1878 was a departure from the Spanish style at which Sarasate excelled. The piece takes its inspiration from traditional Hungarian Gypsy melodies, one of which is also known by the popular title “Hearts and Flowers.” It is a ten-minute showpiece for the soloist, relegating the orchestra almost exclusively to a supportive role of chordal accompaniment. Over the course of four broad sections, the violinist engages in all manner of technical display, including harmonics, rapid passage work, spiccato runs, and big, beefy themes in double stops.

MICHAEL W. BALFE (1808-1870) I dreamt I dwelt in Marble Halls

And I dreamt that one of that noble host Came forth my hand to claim. But I also dreamt which charmed me most That you loved me still the same That you loved me You loved me still the same, That you loved me You loved me still the same.

GEORGE GERSHWIN (1898-1937) Summertime opera Porgy and Bess Summertime / And the livin’ is easy Fish are jumpin’ / And the cotton is high Your daddy’s rich /And your mamma’s good lookin’ So hush little baby / Don’t you cry One of these mornings You’re going to rise up singing Then you’ll spread your wings And you’ll take to the sky But till that morning There’s a’nothing can harm you With daddy and mamma standing by Summertime, / And the livin’ is easy Fish are jumpin’ / And the cotton is high Your daddy’s rich / And your mamma’s good lookin’ So hush little baby / Don’t you cry

opera The Bohemian Girl

ADOLPHE ADAM (1803-1856) Ah, Vous dirais-je maman

I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls With vassals and serfs at my side, And of all who assembled within those walls That I was the hope and the pride. I had riches all too great to count And a high ancestral name.

Ah, would I tell you, mom? What causes my torment; Since I saw Wolfgang Look at me with a tender air; My heart says every single moment Can people live without lover?

But I also dreamt which pleased me most That you loved me still the same, That you loved me You loved me still the same, That you loved me You loved me still the same.

He blushes and unfortunately A sigh betrays his heart. The cruel with address, Take advantage of his weakness: Alas, Mum! one foolish mistake Makes him to fall into her arms.

I dreamt that suitors sought my hand, That knights upon bended knee And with vows no maidens heart could withstand, They pledged their faith to me.

GUSTAV HOLST (1874-1934) Brook Green Suite, H.190

Notes on the Program Brook Green Suite for strings was written in 1933 for Holst’s students in the junior orchestra of the St Paul’s Girls’ School in Brook Green, London and given it’s first informal performance in March of 1934 by the school orchestra. It was the last concert Holst attended before his death in May of that year. He desired to write a piece that was easy enough for his students to perform, but at a bit higher level of writing than that available to them from other sources at the time. The name may come from the Brook, running closely to the school, or perhaps because that’s where he was married to his wife, Isobel, in 1901.

내 고향 남쪽 바다 그 파란 물 눈에 보이네 꿈엔들 잊으리요 그 잔잔한 고향 바다 지금도 그 물새들 날으리 가고파라 가고파 어릴 제 같이 놀던 그 동무들 그리워라 어디 간들 잊으리요 그 뛰놀던 고향 동무 오늘은 다 무얼 하는고 보고파라 보고파 그 물새 그 동무들 고향에 다 있는데 나는 왜 어이타가 떠나 살게 되었는고 온갖 것 다 뿌리치고 돌아갈까 돌아가 가서 한데 얼려 옛날같이 살고지고 내 마음 색동옷 입혀 웃고 웃고 지내고저 그날 그 눈물 없던 때를 찾아가자 찾아가

FRANZ LEHÁR (1870-1948) Vilja Song opera Merry Widow Now let us, though, as at home Now sing our round-dance rhyme Of a fairy, who, as is known At home is called the Vilya! There lived a Vilya, a forest maiden. A huntsman saw her on the rocky crag. To the lad it was so strange He looked and looked up at the forest maiden. And a never before known trembling Held the young huntsman. Full of longing he began quietly to sigh: ‘Vilya, O Vilya, you forest maiden, Hold me and let me be your heart’s beloved! Vilya, O Vilya, what are you doing to me!’ Anxiously pleads the lovesick man. The forest maiden stretched out her hand to him And drew him inside into her rocky house. The lad was almost out of his senses: No earthly child so loves and so kisses! When she had kissed her fill, She disappeared at that very time. The poor man greeted her. ‘Vilya, O Vilya, you forest maiden, Hold me and let me be your heart’s beloved! Vilya, O Vilya, what are you doing to me!’ Anxiously pleads the lovesick man.

DONG-JIN KIM (1913-2009) 김동진 Longing for Home 가고파 Overwhelming yearning for his seaside hometown, old friends, and times.

HEUNG-RYUL LEE (1909-1980) 이흥렬 In the Clouds of the Flowers 꽃 구름 속에 Trying to dismiss the sufferings of the past by breathing in the fragrant scents of the flowers. 꽃 바람 꽃 바람 마을마다 훈훈히 불어오라 복사 꽃, 살구 꽃 환한 속에 구름처럼 꽃 구름 꽃 구름 화안한 속에 꽃가루 흩뿌리어 마을마다 진한 꽃 향기 풍기어라 추위와 주림에 시달리어 한겨우내 움치고 떨며 살아 온 사람들 서러운 얘기 서러운 얘기 아 까맣게 잊고 꽃 향에 꽃 향에 취하여 아득하니 꽃 구름 속에 쓰러지게 하여라 나비처럼 쓰러지게 하여라.

GAETANO DONIZETTI (1797-1848) O Luce Di Quest’anima opera Linda di Chamounix Ah! Too long I have waited; And I haven’t found at our favorite place Carlo. And who can tell what he has suffered! But not as much as I have! As a symbol of his love he left me these posies! What a tender heart! And for that heart I do adore him It is the greatest treasure he has! We are both but poor living only on thoughts of love If he be an unknown painter, he will shine with his genius! And I will be his wife. Oh, what contentment! Oh, you are the radiance of my soul, Delightful life and love; On earth and in heaven, we will be united. Come, my dear and find calm in my yearning heart That sighs for your love, of which mine is for you alone.

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Meet the Artists

Superstar! One of the best-loved sopranos! CNN

Sumi Jo soprano

Praised for the remarkable agility, precision and warmth of her voice, and for her outstanding musicianship, Sumi Jo has established herself as one of her generation’s most sought-after sopranos. She has been consistently greeted with exceptional accolades, by public and press alike, for her performances in the most important opera houses and concert halls throughout the world.

Sumi Jo is also in constant demand as a concert artist, both for special events such as the World Cup, an Asian tour of gala concerts with Andrea Bocelli, and a program of Viennese favorites with celebrated Cincinnati Pops. She has been heard in recital in major festivals and concert halls worldwide. In 2001 at Carnegie Hall, accompanied by The Orchestra of St. Luke’s, she gave her first public performances of Broadway Songs on her crossover album “Only Love”, which sold This past season Miss Jo was Marie in La Fille more than 1,200,000 copies worldwide, adddu Regiment in Santiago, Chile, and Elvira ing to her list of best-selling recordings. in I Puritani in concert with the Monnaie in Brussels and in Amsterdam. New additions At New York’s Metropolitan Opera Miss Jo to her repertoire in recent years have been has been heard in the title role of Lucia di Delibes’ Lakeme , Meyerbeer’s Dinorah and Lammermoor , Gilda in Rigoletto , OlymGiulietta in I Capuleti ed i Montecchi , which pia in Les Contes d’Hoffmann , Rosina in Il she sang for the Minnesota Opera. In 2007barbiere di Siviglia and Oscar in Un Ballo in 08 she made her role debut as Violetta in La maschera . La Scala audiences have heard traviata in Toulon. Her 2008 season includes her in bel canto specialties such as Le Comte Bellini’s I puritani in Bergamo, Fra Diavolo Ory, Fra Diavol . At the Teatro Colon in at the Opera Comique and Opera Royal Buenos Aires she has appeared as Gilda, de Wallonie in Liege, a gala concert with Zerbinetta and Queen of the Night, the Jonas Kaufmann, Renee Fleming and Dmitri latter role of which was the vehicle of her Hvorostovsky as part of the Olympic games Vienna State Opera debut. Other operas in in Beijng, a Christmas concert with Jose Car- her extensive repertoire include Donizetti’s reras in Barcelona as well as solo concerts in La Fille du Regiment and Don Pasquale Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Beijing, , Rossini’s Il Turco in Italia and Elisabetta, Singapore, Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, recital regina d’Inghilterra, Mozart’s Abduction from tours in Korea, Tokyo and Australia and duo the Seraglio and Strauss’ Ariadne auf Naxos concerts with Dmitri Hvorostovky in Asia, and Der Rosenkavalier . United States and Canada.

Miss Jo currently has over 50 recordings to her credit, which include ten solo albums for Erato. Among them are a Grammywinning Die Frau ohne Schatten with Sir Georg Solti for London/ Decca and Un Ballo in Maschera for Deutsche Grammophon under Herbert von Karajan. She has also recorded The Magic Flute and an album of arias under the baton of Maestro Solti. In 2007 she signed an exclusivity contract with Universal Music. Born in Korea, Sumi Jo studied in her native country before enrolling in the Conservatory of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome. Her recital debut in Seoul was followed by concerts with the Korean Broadcasting Company Orchestra. Her first operatic role was Susanna in Le Nozze di Figaro , which she also sang in Seoul. While studying in Italy, Miss Jo was frequently heard in concert in Italian cities and also in radio broadcasts and telecasts on the RAI Italian National Network. She graduated with honors from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in October 1986. Miss Jo has won many prestigious awards including first prizes at international competitions in Seoul, Naples, Enna, Barcelona and Pretoria. In August 1986 she was unanimously awarded first prize in the Carlo Alberto Cappelli International Competition at Verona, one of the world’s most important contests, open only to first prize-winners of other major competitions. She was elected as “Artist for Peace” of UNESCO in 2003. Miss Jo makes her home in Rome.

Robin Scott violin Violinist Robin Scott has competed internationally, winning various competitions including 2nd Prize in the Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition among others. As a soloist he has appeared with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the Orchestre National de Lille, the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, and the Carmel Symphony Orchestra and others. Also an avid chamber musician, he has performed at the Kennedy Center, the Library of Congress, Jordan Hall in Boston, and has attended the Marlboro Music Festival, Ravinia Festival’s Steans Institute for Young Artists, the Yellow Barn Festival, and others. Scott studied Donald Weilerstein, Kim Kashkashian, and Garth Knox at the New England Conservatory in Boston. In 2006, he completed an Artist Diploma at IU, also under the tutelage of Prof. Miriam Fried. He plays on a Vuillaume violin generously lent to him by the Marlboro Festival. Since 2011 Scott has been serving as the concertmaster of the New York Classical Players.

New York Classical Players Exuberant Chamber Orchestra! Admirably dedicated to bringing free music! TIMEOUT NEW YORK

About NYCP

The New York Classical Players is a professional chamber orchestra of highly-gifted young instrumentalists from different cultures committed to bringing FREE classical repertoire concerts to the public. Envisioned by Dongmin Kim in 2009, the NYCP brings together seven nationalities combining personal and cultural strengths and a high level of chamber musicianship based upon democratic principles in the process of creating music. Trained at distinguished music institutions, members of the NYCP are en route to careers as critically acclaimed soloists, chamber musicians, and orchestral musicians in major American orchestras. Music Director Dongmin Kim has conducted orchestras in Germany, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Korea, and the States such as the National Symphony Orchestra in Washington D.C. and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Studying with Kurt Masur, Leonard Slatkin and Christoph Eschenbach, he was awarded the distinguished Karajan Fellowship and served a residency with the Wien Philharmonic at the Salzburg Music Festival, and was a cover conductor as the Schmidt Conducting Fellow at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. Now in their fourth season in 2013-2014, the NYCP continues to present 12 FREE CONCERTS in different venues around the New York metropolitan area. Repertoire includes pieces spanning from Bach to composers of our time. This season’s guest artists include one of the most loved performing artists soprano Sumi Jo, world

renowned violinist Chee-Yun and Stefan Jackiw, and some of NYCP’s musicians. In addition, the NYCP is highly committed to creating new repertoire to convey a different dimension of interest to the public by presenting pieces by young outstanding composers of today, including, Vivian Fung and Alexandra du Bois. As one of today’s most exciting young performing arts organizations, the NYCP takes on the responsibility of being an emerging cultural source by connecting people with a broader world of musical art and culture.

Musicians VIOLIN Robin Scott concertmaster Xiao Wang Libby Fayette Sarah Koenig-Plonskier Yejin Han Etienne Gara Lydia Hong VIOLA Sunghee Choi Cong Wu Crista C. Bergendahl CELLO Jiyoung Lee Meta Weiss Ahrim Kim BASS Tomoya Aomori FLUTE Nicholas Johnson

New York Classical Players I had the best time with these wonderful musicians! CHO-LIANG LIN / concert violinist


Core Value

The New York Classical Players reaches out to diverse audiences in order to enrich the human spirit and enhance cultural vitality of life through performances at the highest artistic level by today’s most exciting young instrumentalists making their artistic careers in New York metropolitan area and beyond.

Uncompromising artistic excellence Engagement with community Innovative vision Collaboration and Teamwork Committed to fiscal responsibility

Board of Directors Staff YEJI CHA General Manager CLARA HYEJIN KIM Operations Manager YOOMI PAICK Music arranger/Librarian MYUNG KEUN CHA Visual Art Director

DONGMIN KIM Music Director/Principal Conductor SALLY S. YANG Bookreaders Publishing JULIE C. KIM Pianist YE JIN KIM Bliss MEADOU KIM Goldman Sachs ROBERT JACKLOSKY College of Mount Saint Vincent YOON SONG Advent International Enterprise

Artistic Advisory Board JAIME LAREDO violin/conductor Music Director, Vermont Symphony CHEE-YUN violin Concert Violinist DAVID KIM violin Concertmaster, Philadelphia Orchestra


ALEXANDER KERR violin Concertmaster, Dallas Symphony Orchestra


TSUYOSHI TSUTSUMI cello President, Toho Gakuen School of Music SHARON ROBINSON cello Faculty at Cleveland Institute of Music DANIEL HEIFETZ violin Director, the Heifetz Music Institute

Board of Counselors JAMES B. PARK Chair

Phone 617-285-4627 Address 101 Lafayette Avenue, #17B Brooklyn, NY 11217 Facebook NewYorkClassicalPlayers Twitter NYCP_tweet Vimeo Youtube

Music Director Dongmin Kim music director/conductor

Kim’s conducting of Copland’s “El Salon Mexico” focused on details and punctuation, and allowed solo voices the space to speak idiomatically. WASHINGTON POST

Dongmin Kim is quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting and versatile conductors of his generation. He gave a critically acclaimed debut with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. He was also at the podium with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony, the Minnesota Orchestra, the Indianapolis Symphony, the Jacksonville Symphony, the Florida Orchestra, the San Antonio Symphony, the Winnipeg Symphony, the Orquesta Filarmonica de la UNAM, the Rheinland-Pfalz State Philharmonic and the Ensemble Zandonai, among others. Dongmin has conducted The Magic Flute at the Seoul Arts Center with “9-sold-out” performances. He was the first to conduct a new opera Lorenzo de Medici by P.Q.Phan in 2007. He led Die Flut by Boris Blacher, and Bastien und Bastienne by Mozart. As assistant conductor at the IU Opera Theater, he covered La Traviata, Don Giovanni, Madama Butterfly, The Tale of Hoffman, and West Side Story among others. Dongmin was awarded the Karajan Conducting Fellowship and served a residency with the Wien Philharmonic at the Salzburg Festival. He has also studied and worked together with Kurt Masur, Lorin Maazel, Leonard Slatkin, Christoph Eschenbach, Mstislav Rostropovich, and Sergiu Comissiona. As one of conducting staffs at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra as the Schmidt Fellow, he worked with such artists as Raynold Leppard, Andrew Litton, Christoph Poppen, Garrick Ohlsson, Andre Watts, Lynn Harrell and Lang Lang. As a fine violist, Dongmin Kim has held the principal viola positions at the Pacific Music Festival Orchestra under the music directorship of Michael Tilson-Thomas, the Yonsei Symphony Orchestra and the IU Symphony Orchestra. He was the first violist ever to win First Prize in the Yonsei Symphony Competition where he appeared as solo violist with great success. As a recitalist and chamber musician, he has given numerous concerts in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as the United States. A native of Seoul, he studied orchestral conducting at the Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University under David Effron, Thomas Baldner and Imre Pallo. As associate instructor, he taught the graduate conducting courses, and the IU All Campus Orchestra. Prior to his study in the States, he graduated from Yonsei University, where he was awarded the Music Merit Scholarship.

Support NYCP The New York Classical Players is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Pursuant to the laws and regulations of the U.S., all gifts are tax-deductible.

YOU MAKE THE MUSIC POSSIBLE The NYCP is committed to bringing uncompromised quality music through passionate instrumentalists, and your support is an essential part of making that a reality. WHO BENEFITS FROM THE NYCP? You, your friends and family, and other music lovers in the New York metropolitan area are the primary beneficiaries of the NYCP. The NYCP will bring world-class performances concert after concert, and your support makes that possible. MATCHING GIFTS WITH YOUR COMPANY Enjoy greater privileges, while you increase the impact of your contribution, through your company’s matching gift program. Ask your human resources manager or benefits administrator to see if your company will match your gift. Simply send in the completed form with your check. DONATION You can make a secure online donation. Visit our website at, and click on SUPPORT US at the top of the menu. A recurring donation is available from our website. You can also donate directly to our donation box, or with your credit card on the day of the concert. You can mail your checks to the address: PAYABLE TO

New York Classical Players


809 22nd Street, Suite 608 Union City, NJ 07087

CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP Supporting of the arts makes good business sense. Leaders in the business community know firsthand the importance a strong arts community plays in the economic strength and quality of life within a community. The NYCP provides corporate, foundation, and government donors with tremendous value through sponsorships and community recognition for your dedication and support. Aligning your brand with the New York Classical Players also gives you a direct connection to the region’s most influential and engaged consumers and decisions-makers, all sharing a commitment to artistic achievement and community enhancement. The NYCP creates a customized sponsorship program designed to meet your individual corporate goals and objectives. Sponsors receive numerous benefits, including prominent print recognition and opportunities to meet musicians and guest artists. For further information about contributing to the New York Classical Players, please contact us at info@

Acknowledgements The New York Classical Players would like to acknowledge with gratitude and appreciation the individuals and corporations whose contributions have helped make the seasons possible. corporate sponsors

DOOSAN Heavy Industries & Construction BMW of North America, LLC $30,000 or more Anonymous $10,000 or more Anonymous $5,000 or more Main Violin Harold Lee & Associates, Inc. Meadou Kim Goldman Sachs Fa Park Foundation $4,000 or more John Chae and Doreen Chae Jae Jin Yoon and Seunghwa Yang $2,500 or more New York Life David Howe and Charlene Howe Cho Academy Corporation Anonymous Michael Song and Yoon J. Song Hyeon Shin and Gisun Kim JCOS, Inc. Son Won Byeon $1,500 or more Sisters of Charity Center Transway Freight Systems, Inc. Microsoft Julie C. Kim Rebecca Kaplan Jason Chon Soong Ahn and KyungA Min Dong-In Kang and Jiyoung Cho Sang Moon and Jaeun Shin Anonymous Anonymous HHC Foundation $1,000 or more Children’s Dental Arts, P.A. Jae M. Kim and Yoojin Cho Brian Chang and Janet Chang DK Dental Group Jintae Kim and Diane Kim Floris Ju Shin $500 or more Chris Hale and Ella Hale Cheul S. Kang Eun-Gyu Kim and Sung K. Park Czech Center New York Bomie Han and Jongsun Lim Jane G. Hong

Dongchoon Lee Hanjun Kim and Seon Lee Sun L. Riehm and Francesca H. Park Digital Right Brain, LLC JBP & Assocates Yong Nam Park and Kyunghee Cho Jack An Anonymous Howard Kwak Myungsook Kim Wuijin Koh Won-Bae Chang La Prairie The Law office of Dae Hyun Chung Hye-Gyung Ji Paul Song and Kasey Choi June Rhee Peter Song and Jeeyoung Kim Anonymous Lydia J. Kang $200 or more David Hale and Shawn Hale Jimmy Park and Michelle Hwang Soloist Music Friends of Grace Seniors, Inc Carlos Tome Jung Han Lee and Youwha Lee Robert Jacklosky Sung Kim and Hee Sun Kim PJ Kim Heung Chul Moon Daniel Lechner Ki-Young Kim and Eun-Ju Ryu Yeji Cha Woosik Ju and Anna Ju Herbert Spann and Mun Spann Wonshin Park Steve Kim and Seung J Kim Lee’s Tailoring, Inc. JunKyu Choi Daxun Zhang Ye Jin Kim Yong Kwon and Kyungja Kim Robin Braun de Sierra Jasmine Choi Jong I. Kim and Young S. Park Anonymous Jaehoon Yoo Joseph Lee Sungjoo Kim and Myonghee Kim Young Seung Park and Hee Jyung Park Nancy and Alan Henseler ~$199 Evgenia Pevzner Kathy Dean

Frances Needles Gina Ryder Joseph Lee Ruth Langer Keun Sok Lee David Segal Violins Ltd. Frances Needles Sung Jae Kim and Tae In Lee Ellen Ensig Brodsky MinKyung Suh Sungil Lee and Soyon Kim Joyce Kim Shirley Lans Scott Bahng and Woo Young Jang David Cho Yonseok Suh and Won Y. Chang Wooin Jeon ConJae Baek and Mira Hahn Tae Wook Kang Juny Jung LLC Myeong Kyu Ahn and Bok Jun Ahn Helen Jew Jong I. Kim and Young S. Park Eun Z. Yoon and Young H. Yoon Wheebong Lee and Haekyung Lee Brooklyn Academy of Music James Jordan and Margaret Jordan Ryan S. Lee and Eun S. Cho Sucha Jung Margaret Auliffe-Edelman Jungwoo Lee and Meeyoung Park Jung Y. Jun Raymond J. Burghardt Kwangbin Lim, Songhee Han-Lim Kristie S Han Regina Bechtle JongKug Yoon and Jeeyeon Kim Jaeho Kim and Kyunghee Na Ryan S. Lee and Eun S. Cho Naresh M. Maniar Scott Bahng and Woo Young Jang Sang Hak Shin and Hye Sook Kim Ruth Lepp and Stephan M. Lepp VENUE SPONSORS Aaron Copland School of Music Church of the Heavenly Rest Cheim & Read Bohemian National Hall Chodae Community Church College of Mount Saint Vincent Good Neighbor Community Church Arumdaun Presbyterian Church Sarang Community Church, CA Korean Central Presb. Church, VA

Gr e at m usic p r e se n t s m a n y d o or s t o you. d o or t o i n sp i r at ion , op p ort u n i t i e s , a n d hop e . t h e L aw o f f i c e o f d a e h y u n c h u n G w i L L h e L p you op e n t h e d o or . The Law Office of Dae Hyun Chung is a boutique immigration law firm practicing in the area of US immigration law. We offer our tailored expertise to clients with diverse backgrounds, including those who pursue immigration in the fields of entertainment and the arts. We proudly support the remarkable contributions the New York Classical Players make to the music community in New York and beyond.


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Sumi Jo Sings for Hope  

NYCP 2013-2014 Season Concert Cycle 4 U.S. National Tour

Sumi Jo Sings for Hope  

NYCP 2013-2014 Season Concert Cycle 4 U.S. National Tour