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If You’re a Graphic Designer, You Have the Coolest Job In the World Graphic designers deal in images. It’s really that simple. Just think about all the images you see every day. I bet a lot of the things you consume through your eyeballs originated from a graphic designer. If it has to do with color, shape, size, even texture and contrast, a graphic designer is the one for the job. The various industries and media that graphic designers work in are vast. From aviation to mining, from newspapers to brochures, there are scores of creative people crafting all the images we interact with every day. It’s simply the coolest job in the world, and that is true in part because there are so many ways the world uses graphic designers. Here is just a sampling of the many cool things a graphic designer is responsible for.

Create Logos That cool apple logo on your iPhone was made by a graphic designer. Even the lettering and type of FedEx came from a graphic designer. A logo isn’t just typed up—it’s crafted to embody the very essence of a company. Many iconic logos are literally inseparable from the brand they represent. When a logo has become iconic like Coca Cola or Apple, a huge reason is because the design is so brilliant.

Make Illustrations Usually a graphic designer started out drawing pictures in a notebook. In many cases, they’ve simply gotten so good at it that they now do it for a living. Now they make drawings for the front covers to novels. Or they put their illustrations up on billboards and signs.

Edit and arrange photographs Photos are a huge part of a graphic designer’s job, and it’s not just taking snap shops. A graphic designer can edit and arrange a photograph so that it is completely integrated into an advertisement. You might not even realize it’s was once a simple photo.

Design Websites The biggest websites employ teams of graphic designers. All the colors, shapes and arrangements are carefully crafted behind the scenes, in order to make each page visually pleasing and easy to understand.

Create Animations Pixar is home to many talented graphic designers. Visual effects are seamlessly integrated into most blockbuster movies, and that is all made possible by graphic designers. By now you probably see how diverse this field really is. Graphic designers are part of virtually every industry that needs to advertise itself or relate visually with customers and clients. They can communicate virtually anything with an image. As long as you’re passionate about interesting pictures and designs, this is probably a great field to get into. Who knows what imaginative things graphic designers will be coming up with in the next 50 years? Go out and pursue a Graphic Arts degree so you can break into this exciting line of work. Luckily, there are many wonderful programs is cities everywhere from Idaho Falls to Key West. And don’t ever stop drawing in your notebook. Photo Credit: Sebastian Jaramillo, Joe Penniston

If you're a graphic designer  
If you're a graphic designer  

Graphic designers deal in images. It’s really that simple. Just think about all the images you see every day. I bet a lot of the things you...