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Why Kids Should Learn to Program Coding and Programing are becoming all the rage in recent days, in fact, as in the past we have needed to teach our children to sew or work the land, more recently coding has become an important skill for our next generation to pick up. The internet plays a huge role in our lives, and as technology continually improves, so does the need for experienced programmers increase. By starting children out when they are young, they will be able to not only use their skills in their future, but they will also be able to embrace the power of coding in their youth. And, when it comes down to it, creating code, especially for apps can be extremely useful even in every day life.

Ethan Duggan Take for example the story of Ethan Duggan, when he was 11 years old he found himself in the terrible position of accompanying his mom after a shopping trip. She proceeded to show him every single outfit and asked him what he thought about them. That was fine for a while, but soon enough, he was bored. So he came up with the idea to record a few key comments and play them for her, instead of answering each question individually. This idea expanded until he eventually learned code and created an app to do basically the same thing. As he studied code for a few months he gained the skills to create the app, and now children, moms, and husbands who would otherwise be stuck answering the same question over and over, can now rely on an app to help them out. Ethan’s story is just one of hundred’s in which young people are creating useful apps (and even making money) with the skills they have learned simply from coding.

Children and Coding When you teach your child to code (or give them the materials to learn and provide them with Oracle training Kuwait) you are helping them not only to be able to do something now, but also to change with the world as technology in the future. Much like blacksmiths use metals to create greater things, our children can use coding as the tools to create better projects in the future. The ability to create with the new media of code and

technology is becoming more and more important in the quickly changing world. And giving your children access to these tools will set them apart and ahead as they prepare for their future as contributing adults. Whether you decide to send your child to a coding summer camp, or simply to the library, choosing to help them code will make the difference for them in their lives. There are many outlets for learning to code, you just have to find the best one for your child. Teach your child to code today, and see how they will surprise you not only today but well into the future. Coding is truly the new medium, and learning its use will make all the difference. Photo Credit: flaivoloka , Tinneketin

Why kids should learn to program  

It's important for kids to have the opportunity to learn how to code. Not only because we are always in need of programmers but because it h...

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