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BE MESSY BE CREATIVE Editors letter. NEW SOCIAL PHENOMENON - INFLUENCERS Are influencers part of the fashion industry? Whether worshipped or condemned, influencers play a big role in today’s social media game, elevating the sales to its maximum for fashion ecommerce stores, by establishing their own social media presence build on the reach and influence that they have. Admittedly, social media has not only changed the way we look at things and buy them, but also how we function in a society. Within a small fashion world we all need influencers. We all need people who inspire us with their extraordinary looks, approach or simply the beauty that is hidden in photography, art and design. Influencers are the new digital CEO’s, often employing themselves for the amount of work that team full of writers, editors, graphic designers and photographers should do by themselves.

pretty photos and enroll for Instagram ads, but actually create and put a value out there. In this issue, we feature influencers from over 11 countries, including one of the most talented girls in the game now, Kristen from @voguediary, which has become our new MESS ‘IT’ Girl. The new cover shoot with Hong Kong based designer, Rickyy Wong and more influencers content in issue 10 available now on in print! Let the influencer trend begin!


From inspiration to aspiration They are self made, efficient and most importantly influential digital nomads, that inspire masses to show their style and live the ultimate fashion lifestyle. Some of them, like Chiarra Ferragni, turned into social entrepreneurs, fashion owners and forum speakers. My background of being influencer has helped me to become an editor, earlier on in my career. Through fashion blogging and being recognized as a writer and editor, I was able to launch my own magazine, which absolutely proved that influencers are not only out there to take 4

Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director Dominika Perek

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Model, TV host


Can you tell us how did you start modeling and what encouraged you to kick off this type of career? I was born in the suburbs of Moscow. From a young age, I dreamed of becoming a professional ballet dancer and took lessons at age 4. The truth is, I’m not a talented dancing, too tall and too clumsy. At age 14 I realized dancing was not for me and began a quest for a new career path. I had been blessed with a lot of things, my biggest asset was my intelligence, which helped me to get in to Finance University at the age of 15 (yes, I was the youngest student in the whole University). I had given up on ideas of glamourous ballerina and focused on my studies. It all changed when one day I’ve heard about a model contest for Slava Zaytzev model school. I thought why not give it a chance, and went to the try outs with my mom. I was in awe at the sheer number of other beautiful hopefuls who had shown up, they must have numbered in the thousands. The queue was stretching for almost a kilometer! The casting process was quick and brutal: each group of four girls came onto the catwalk, walked and faced a cold “thank you, next”. Only a selct few were told to wait behind, and I had been in that few. I was extremely excited, but, could never have imagined myself as a famous model. As time passed, I graduated Slava Zaytev and began working. The casting process was always trying, exhausting ques, on rare occasions I enjoyed myself. Sometimes it was embarrassing (especially my first lingerie shoots), but mostly I saw all this modeling experience as a good opportunity to develop myself, not to mention that I’ve never forgotten my studies in the University as a major source for shaping my future personality.

How do you combine being a model, tv presenter and doing your PHD? I’ve always put my education first place and my modeling career second. I have graduated from two of the best Universities in Russia and I’m currently working on my PhD thesis. I don’t regret having modeling take a back seat in my life, I have managed to accomplish quite a lot in that field despite dedicating a lot of time to my education. I’ve worked on a variety of photo-shoots for InStyle, l’officiel, ELLE, SNC, Shape, XXL, MESS, Maxim and many others. I was a cover model 16 times (Elle, l’officiel, SNC, Bride, Shape, Avantage, InStyle, Mess and many others). I competed in modeling competitions, winning a majority. My education allowed me build on my career as a model and dive into TV. Now I’m hosting a science 17

program and really enjoying an opportunity to plunge into new research projects with guests on my program, discussing future reality and new technologies.

relations between Russia and our partners. As far as my modelling career, I’m going with the flow, expecting some interesting proposals from magazines and fashion designers.

Do you find a synergy between fash- Natalia in 3 words is...? ion and science? Dedicated, passionate, persistent I see all my life as a big research project, with this understanding all aspects of my life have similarities. It’s interesting to communicate with completely different people (from scientists to models) and understand their way of thinking, and their interests in life. It’s like living two lives simultaneously. And believe me, I have seen superficial scientists and profound well-educated models. So, I don’t judge a book by its cover nor job occupation.

Do you believe that models should be also role models?

Yes, I do believe so, but it depends on personality. Every media-person should understand that she\he might be a role model for someone. And it’s not fun, it’s a responsibility. If you are just a pretty face, then what’s the point? What message are you going to transmit? Being a woman of integrity is more fruitful. People can be attracted by your appearance for only a limited You travel extensively for your mod- period, but your personality can keep them ineling gigs, do you have any tips for terested forever.

new faces who want to kick off their What is the message that you’re trycareers in the fashion industry? It’s extremely important to be your authentic ing to communicate through your self, other personalities are already taken. I work? Is female empowerment see some young and pretty-faced girls who are movement important for you? struggling to be more important, more experienced, more in vogue. And it doesn’t do any good. Customers are looking for simplicity, for true emotions, for openness. You can be different, and be you in every role you take.

I’m not trying to convey the idea that women should play an equal role in the society. We should play an exact role that we consider appropriate for us. We are different from men and that is a fact. We are more sensitive, more fragile, bur at the same time we exude strength, we What is travelling to you? Any fa- are more attached to our relatives and home. vorite destinations? But we have the right to determine our own way Yes, I love UAE, especially Abu-Dhabi. I feel and take responsibility for ourselves. In Russia at home there and love the local people and am- we have a patriarchic society, but, I like it that way. I like that we don’t split the bill in the biance. restaurant, I like the romantic courtship, I like to be the “weak gender” and feel protected. But If you could have a super power, it’s all more like a mating game. In family rewhat would be that? lations, we are partners, and I appreciate this I suppose I already have one and we all have. partnership. I’m a strong believer that we can modify our reality. Every goal we have is within our reach. Is there anything that you would The only thing we need to do is to find this pow- like to change in today’s world? er inside and to believe in ourselves.

How would you change it?

What is your next project that you’re There are lots of things in the world that I concurrently working on? sider unfair. But I’m trying to stick to the prinI’ve just finished the first episode of a major TV project about Russian and Arabic relations. It’s very interesting for me and I believe it’s important for the development of long-term stable 18

ciple “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference”. I’m trying to do my best to live a mean-

ingful life and be happy in the meanwhile.

Is fashion a final destination for you, career-wise or you plan to start new, even more surprising projects? I’ve never consider fashion a full-time job. I pay lot of attention to it but I have lots of other passions. I love science, I love my job as a scientific TV journalist. And it’s not that I’m looking for Plan B because I’m afraid model can’t last for a long time. There are no age limits for models, I just want to diversify my interests in life and try a new things, and combine different fields.

Who inspires you to keep doing what you do? Any role models? It may sound a bit naïve, but the biggest source of inspiration for me is my parents. As a child, I strived to be the best, in the hopes of making them proud. My mom is ballerina and my dad is a physicist so they have different visions for my future. And their genes gave me a chance to combine science and fashion.

Home for Natalia is in...?
 In Moscow. At least it’s the place where I can repack my suitcases for the next trip. And I must say that I like Moscow, I like the fast pace lifestyle, traffic, running people, lights. I like idly wandering around, looking on this chaos, it comforts me somehow.

Now tell us, how do you feel about collaborating with Mess Magazine? Dear Domi, it was a great experience for me, I love Mess, I highly appreciate all what you are doing. I love your approach to life, your unusual vision of things. I see that Mess and me have lots in common and our collaboration will continue in a very fruitful way. 19





istory, fashion, and fantasy ignite on the Paris runway during the Ulyana Sergeenko Spring/Summer 2017 show. The looks were romantic, dramatic and otherworldly. Each piece was filled with detail and elegance, ranging from red hues to dark blues- the collection was consistent and awe-inspiring. The pieces complemented the female frame, by showcasing cinched waists and strong shoulders. The forms were dramatic and organic, showcasing both range and continuity throughout the collection. It was truly the perfect blend of the natural and fantastic. The collection stayed true to the Russian heritage of the brand which can be seen in the various cuts of the pieces. The show started off on a high note with Natalia Vodianova, opening the show and Doutzen Kroes closing the show. The red backdrop created the perfect atmosphere to showcase the collection, perfectly complementing each look. MESS Magazine gained access to exclusive content from what will be one of the most talked about shows of the season, both on the catwalk and behind the scenes. Ruth Fianu


Fashion Week






JEWELRY How do you relate/engage to your audience?

As for Instagram, we provide feedback to our audience asking public opinion about different aspects of our works, giving away different discounts and some of our handiworks. This way we’re trying to get to know those who are keeping track of our evolution. We truly believe it’s important to know people who are close to our creativity.

What inspires you the most when making your jewellery?

Nature inspires the most! It has so many contrasts, which we try to reproduce in our jewels. And even at first sight we try to fit a square peg into a round hole, but the result demonstrates that we are on the right track. And of course we keep an eye to the world famous fashion houses to keep up with the trends. It helps us to have much better understanding of audience’s needs.

How do you did you get into making jewellery? Normalized creative potential provoked us into 26

making jewellery. We tried a lot of different things such as embroidering, knitting and modelling before discovering our special vocation. When we met the Swarovski crystals for the first time, we fell in love with it, and exactly this fact initiated the beginning of our creativity. We started this way from nothing. We had no skills in this field, and even didn’t know the names of all the basic hardware we needed, because I worked as a teacher at school, and Jane -as economist in office. We had only the ideas of different designs and forms. But thanks to our creativity, hardworking, stubbornness, ambitions and trail-and-error method we’ve achieved such a result you could observe.

What would be a typical day in your life? Each and every morning starts with the guiding our 4 children to their schools and kindergartens; and even than our working morning starts. We bear the responsibility for all the functions in our business as we serve them all on our own. Every day we establish different goals, whether it be design of a new product, content plan for the Instagram account or photo shoot of the new items. If it’s possible we even

try to deliver custom-built jewellery ourselves, because there is nothing like personal contact.

What three items from your wardrobe can you not live without? Oh, we definitely can’t live without the most comfortable items: shirts, loafers and at least one of the XS’s products, because style-it all in the details.

Who are your biggest influencers?

There is no one definite influencer. Mostly we are attracted by the ideas of different fashion designers, which lately we combine in our own fashion.

What’s next for you and the company?

As for long-range plans, we are supposed to create our website and to open the workshop-the place, where will be created fabulous jewels by XS. And if we are talking about the nearest future, it’s a new summer collection, which will be represented soon.




zeitgeist of contemporary Russia and yield strong collection with memorable cult garments. Shumov translates the angst of Russia with wearable, modern looks and uses daring shapes, fabrics and colours. Despite being young, Shumov has pushed Russia’s menswear industry forward and has paved the way for upcoming designers.

Yuri Pitenin and Artem Shumov are vastly recognized names on the Moscow fashion scene. They create fashion with ubiquitous trends with implied global ambitions. They feel remarkably fresh in capturing the

Russia, with its rich culture heritage is an explored treasure of fashion inspiration for any designer. To fully get a grasp on the fashion scene on Russia beyond the hot shot players, there is one resource for knowing emerging talent: Instagram. I have rounded up the best new designers worthy of following on Instagram.

ashion history is built on brilliant before and after moment that have changed everything in a designer’s career. The hard work and creativity that leads up to the breakthrough can often get overlooked. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia always features various designers on the verge of international success and it’s very exciting to see their rising fame.


Designer duo Nina Macharashvili and Gvantsa have an eye for inventive footwear that takes advantage of robust leather from their home land. They add pops of colour to your feet; after you see their collection you’ll be splurging for this spring straight away.


She put on one of the most entertaining show of Russia’s Fashion Week featuring hot pink furs and thigh high latex boots and she even dyed her hair pink to match her collection!


Although his Instagram is a little light on fashion posts, this innovate designers is full of fabulous garments and behind the scene glimpses into his glamorous fashion lifestyle.


Fashion Instagram


Bella Potemkina 30



Alexandr Rogov 33


Hong Kong Rickyy Wong Fashion crossover-since




Rickyy Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong. His unique approach to women’s evening wear brings a fresh look at the female silhouette. In addition, the individuality of his experimental casual men’s and womenswear presents his distinctive choice of fabrication, as well as the silhouette of the garments. His extraordinary manipulation of chiffons, leathers and fur is widely known in Hong Kong and other South East Asian countries, he is now targeting on designing internationally.


Photographer Lim Tse Wei Models Hu Huan & Youri @Primo Models Styling Stefรกn Orschel-Read Hair Dennis Tsui Make Up Amy Lee Collages Alex Montaner 37



hat is it like to show at LAFW? R:-It was amazing to show at LAFW. I am very glad to have participated at LAFW.

What was the inspiration behind this collection? -All my previous collections were inspired by Western culture. This time, I felt it was time to look into Eastern culture, where I belong. How has influenced your upbringing in this collection? -I see myself as a mixture of both western and eastern cultures, since I was born and raised in Hong Kong. But, I have studied aboard in the UK. So in this collection, I tried to show a multicultural point of view of my design. Who is the Rickyy Wong Woman? And the Rickyy Wong Man? -Both the menswear and womenswear that I design, is aimed at people who would like to experience other cultures through clothing. What designers inspire you? -Anrealage, Yohji Yamamoto or Viktor & Rolf. Tell us some of the difficulties you face designing for men compared with designing for women. -To be honest, I don’t face many difficulties when designing for men. The problem comes with womenswear, I tend to start with male designs, and develop the female version from these ones. So basically, the issue is being able to keep the original version incorporating the feminine side into the final design. So you prefer designing for men than for women, right? -Exactly, because I can create clothing by thinking of my own tastes and what I would like in the clothing, by looking at my own body type. How have you achieve the recognition of your brand in this short time? -Well, the key is try to show my product in selected fashion shows, and share daily studio photos, pushing brand communication and teaching people more about my brand. What are the five things you do before creating a new piece? -First of all, I like to explore museums to look for inspirations. After I have picked an interesting topic, then I will do deeper research narrowing it down into different elements with a collection or garment in mind. The important thing is to always ask myself how this topic relates to me and my customers. 39






45 Collage by Alex Montaner



hat inspired you to open a company that connected opposite sides of the world? The motivation and passion of founding Fashion Crossover, is to build a bridge between China and UK, is to introduce, promote and engage the emerging designers, with the fashion industry on the other side of the world. In China, the Internet environment is very different from the other countries. We can not access to Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram; all these major search engines, social media channels, due to the VPN control in China, and Baidu, Youku, Weibo, Wechat are the substitutes in China. For a lot of the Chinese designers, it is hard for them to promote their brands to other countries because they only use Wechat or Weibo, instead of having a website or using any social media channels


from the western world. On the other side, many foreign designers have found it very difficult to get access to the Chinese market, because of the control of VPN in China, the payment systems are different and the language barriers. This is where Fashion Crossover comes in. We are here to link up participants from both Chinese and the UK/Europe fashion industry. We act as a bridge to connect the East and the West. Our platform can be a website to consolidate the best Chinese designers and promote them into the global fashion industry; to provide the retail function so they do not need to worry about things such as how to accept payment. In addition, it is also an oversea sales channel for them. Our platform uses Wechat and Weibo to help the best UK /Europe designers to get access into the Chinese market. We also provide access to the most dominated payment systems in

China such as Wechat Pay and Ally Pay. And most importantly, we can use Chinese to promote their brands.

What’s the most challenging obstacle about having your own business?

To build a solid team that would share the same passion and same goal with me. Who are your biggest role models? Angela Ahrendts, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma. How do you combine your business and personal life? Is it challenging and do you have any advice for new business starters to combine the two? I love my business. I don’t feel that I am at work when doing my business. I think my business is part of my personal life. It is challenging, but also satisfying to start a new business. The only advice I will give to the new business is, to love what you do, 100%, and that is the only way to overcome all the challenges. What country’s fashion scene inspires you the

most at the moment? The rebellion scene in fashion from the emerging Chinese fashion industry inspires me the most at the moment.

What do you love the most about the fashion industry? Creative people.

What 3 wardrobe staples could you not live without? Black trousers, black blazers and red lipstick.

What’s next for you and the company? Are you thinking of expanding?

Our next step is to building up the solid retail partnerships with China, both online and offline. We are opening an office in Guangzhou, China next year 2018.

Credits: Photo 1 Red Coat by Tiantian Red Bag by GOFEFE Photo 2 Jacket by WANGLILING Trousers by WANGLILING Black clutch by GOFEFE Photo3 Red Clutch by GOFEFE



l o n do n London Fashion Week Welcome to the city



From left to right Bora Aksu, Haizhen Wang, Fyodor Golan, Eudon Choi 50


Fashion Week



The first day of London Fashion Week was a wide mix of Womenswear trends. The runway saw structured dresses, relaxed styles, and lots of layering. Here are a few of our favorite picks from day 1. BORA AKSU was filled with structured yet loose dresses, layering of fabrics and monochromatic formations Haizhen wang: HAIZHEN WANG showcased a range of jackets and coats in their winter collection, with interesting twists; one being a seat belt to cinch in the waist. This with many interesting fabric combinations showed an innovatively styled collection. FYODOR GOLAN stood out as a collection with color, print, pattern, graphics, detailed tailoring and a range of interesting silhouettes and overall styling. The print and graphics carried onto the accessories and shoes, which tied the whole collection together. EUDON CHOI was a collection of autumn closet staples with crisp shirts, tailored pants, knits, dresses and a tailored suit, but all with a unique twist. Ruth Fianu 51

From left to right Versus Versace, Julien MacDonald,Emilia Wickstead, House of Holland 52



The second day at London Fashion Week was filled with winter pastels, bold prints, and punk rock inspired pieces. VERSUS VERSACE was bold and heavily accessorised. Each look was true to brand and on trend. Leather was everywhere including an all-leather look. Curved silhouettes paired with leather boots made an impact. Julien Macdonald: JULIEN MACDONALD catered to the female form. The collection was filled with cut out detail, net with feathers and cinched waists. Perfect for winter parties and occasion. The color palette was simple and classic. Emilia Wickstead: EMILIA WICKSTEAD’s collection was sophistication with a twist. Floral shirts and dresses were paired with tailored block-coloured suits and coats. It gave the collection an overall feel of being both modern and vintage inspired. HOUSE OF HOLLAND made a statement with their unique collection. It was a blend of bold contrasting prints, graphics, printed accessories, printed shoes and fringing details on the garments.


From left to right MM6 Maison Margiela, Peter Pilotto, Mulberry, Mary Katrantzou, Temperley London, Topshop Unique 54



We continue MESS magazine’s top picks from London Fashion Week day 3. Seven of the best shows and best looks from the third day of the London Shows. MM6 MAISON MARGIELA showcased a variety of winter coats ad suit jackets. The looks were simply yet, managed to make a statement. The looks were on trend with oversized jackets and exquiste suit tailoring. PETER PILOTTO produced a diverse and versatile collection. It ranged from winter coats to gorgeous flowing dresses that would work for any season. The colour palette remained earthy and natural with hues of pink. Preen By Thornton Bregazzi: Preen By Thornton Bregazzi brought Tim Burtons stylistic elements to life in this collection. The makeup was breathtaking and drew all those watching in. Gothic romantic looks filled the runway with a mostly monochromatic colour palette that worked to the collections advantage. MULBERRY was distinctly English in its silhouettes and checkered print. The pieces were very structured and not too form fitting, adding to the retro and vintage feel of the collection. The colours were mostly brown and natural hues. MARY KATRANTZOU was a bold blend of textures and colours. Mixing floral prints that were loose and flowy with structured checkered pieces kept the looks fun and young. TEMPERLEY LONDON was a blend of cultures and eras. The collection had a distinctly western feel with the inclusion of neck ties. The dresses and off the shoulder pieces gave a Spanish feel to the look and both concepts complimented each other beautifully. TOPSHOP UNIQUE was true to brand with fun and vibrant looks. The collection included playful striped pieces and sweatshirts. The collection was very cohesive and had a retro 70s feel to it. 55



by Ruth Fianu

ondon is one of the most exciting and glamorous cities in the world. From shopping to Broadway shows, London has all the sights and more you could ask for. Along with being home to some of the biggest fashion houses in the world, London is home to some of the most luxurious and fashion-forward hotels.

The first on the list is the Bulgari Hotel located, Bulgari Hotel in the very exclusive and exciting Knightsbridge. Equip with all the trappings of an ideal vacation. Equip with a restaurant and bar that has an old world feel, and a high-tech fitness and spa center. The hotel is dedicated to their customer, with several events being hosted regularly to keep all visitors entertained. ME London is notorious for its sleek and style. The hotel is well known for its rooftop bar; Radio rooftop. Radio rooftop is well known around London as one of the trendiest spots in the city to hang out and drink with friends. The five-star hotel is only a few minutes from Covent garden and Trafalgar square, which means shopping is only a short stroll away. A hit with London’s fashion crowd this is a great space for networking and relaxing

ME London 56

One Aldwych, across from ME London, has been around for years. The Classically styled hotel is spacious, grand and on the rise. Including a variety of high-tech advancements, such as basement swimming pool that plays music underwater. The high ceilings and old world style is welcoming and elegant. In a part of London that is dedicated to art and fashion, you can’t go wrong staying here.

One Aldwych

Claridge’s in Mayfair is the hub of elegance, excellence, and luxury. A hotel that is dedicated to showcasing grand English history, of tea and Victorian-styled rooms. This adds to the entire experience of London. Mayfair is a stone throw away from Piccadilly circus and Oxford circus, the shopping epicenters of London. Mayfair is also home to some of the most exclusive restaurants and nightclubs, where visitors can rub elbows with the who’s who of fashion, and style.

One Aldwych

Everything is at your fingertips when you stay at the Ace hotel, along with a host of designers and creators who all rent spaces in Shoreditch. Ruth Fianu

What could be more trendy than in the heart of Soho, one of London’s top fashion districts? The Edition Hotel is a luxury boutique hotel in Soho, that blends innovative style with a timeless landmark building. The punch room exudes glamor, with its manor house inspired decor, with a modern twist. Located just steps from oxford street, this hotel is packed with amenities like gyms, restaurant, and rooms to die for. The Ace Hotel in Shoreditch is the wild card hotel. In the hub of what is undoubtedly the trendiest area of London. Anyone in fashion is staying at the Ace Hotel. Partly for its underground feel that combines luxury high fashion with London’s street style grunge. The space is contemporary and cool and stays true to the heart and soul of Shoreditch.

The Ace hotel


Claridges Luxury London Hotel

The London Edition hotel 58



Paris Paris Street Style The Dark side of Paris


Street Style


Fashion Week is the highlight of the fashion season. Fashionistas wait hours f outside the fashion tent and onto the busy Parisian streets, fashion and style out on the streets outside of Chanel haute couture and has provided MESS Magaz Ruth Fianu


for a glimpse of their favorite models, and designers on the runway. Stepping e are everywhere. Konrad Czajkowski has captured the most fashionable women zine with the exclusive shots. collages by Alex Montaner




KONRAD CZAJKOWSKI Konrad Czajkowski known for capturing the most epic street style looks at some of the hottest shows of the season. From top models, to social media influencers, Konrad has captured them all on camera. Having collaborated with Mess Magazine on numerous occasions Konrad has provided the magazine with the Parisian and London street style looks that have graced our online and print pages. His content is diverse, as he captures the most fashionable in motion. Capturing the essence of fashion week, which is fun, chic, and exciting. He creates an entire composition that tells a story. His photos are dynamic and his model off-duty shots bring the fun element of fashion back onto our Instagram feeds. The outfits truly shine, and his Instagram is perfectly curated. Based in Paris, one of the chicest and most fashionable spaces, Konrad has worked world-wide to produce content exclusively for MESS Magazine. An avid traveller, he is always behind the scenes capturing the most epic moments from behind the runway show from Rick Owens to Ellie Saab and John Galliano.








THE DARK SIDE OF PARIS by Megane Meimoun


Stylist and Producer Megane Meimoun Photographer Samuel Sarfati Make up artist Helena Henrion Hair Dylan Parienty Model Natalia Mallman from Mlle Agency







Berlin Daniel Peace




Tell us a bit more about your fourth… I probably dislike editing the most, I’m first shoot. (“Maison des fous”, a keen believer of trying to capture as much as you can in cam and with lighting but yeah still, i Féroce magazine, March 2015) Maison des fous was my first studio shoot, ever!! It was shot for a club night in London, full of performers, drag queens, club kids and what not… I shot like 12 models that day… really threw myself in the deepens with it, but coincidently that shoot being one of my first was also my first published shoot which was nice right at the beginning of my photography timeline…

like all aspects of photography as a whole, and i feel like I’m learning a lot with every shoot I do.

How would you describe your creative process? Honestly it changes from shoot to shoot i don’t feel like i yet have a routine…

After an idea is honed what is the Do you have the most and the next step? least favourite parts of shoots? Write it down… I’m alway worrying about forgetting good ideas so I’ve got notepads and note What are they? I like the planning process!! Conceptualis- pads, lists and lists, desktop notes and more… ing, thinking up ideas, building a team and so Theres 101 things I want to shoot but yeah, then 80


after its written down… try to tie it in to something or just get a team together and go out and do it.

What do you think made you successful?

I feel like I’m always aiming for something and i try very hard to get there. I have an idea of how I want my life to be and how I expect things to be… its definitely something I’m still striving for but i think that aim keeps me busy and working towards something

You have a very distinct style, what inspires you? Where do you get ideas from?

All over, theres not 1 specific place, all the usual suspects - -magazines, blogs, galleries etc but also designers, models that have flair, theres so many interesting people on insgaram doing awesome stuff…

You are not a regular photographer, you have a unique style but with that comes more criticism from the public. Have you ever had to deal with that? How did you respond? Not yet, to be honest, I actually feel pretty grateful for the press and opportunities I’ve had seeing that i’ve been a photographer for little over 2 years now… my style isn’t necessarily everyones but its also something I’m learning to develop and trying new things so its not something i feel stuck with.

What would be your advice to young photographers?

Keep shooting, don’t be afraid to create bad work, if you have an idea go out and shoot it, you grow from your mistakes, i still wish i shot more and not just specific ideas but i suppose the best advice is what all photographers give you, and thats just get out and shoot more

Berlin or London? For work and for living?

I have a love hate relationship with both cities tbh… I was living in London for 5 years before moving to Berlin… The both have their pros and cons… I think London for living, if money wants a problem but also I think Berlin in a few years will be an amazing place, that why I’m kind of here now I suppose. Karla Noor


83 Collage by Alex Montaner


85 Collage by Alex Montaner


Duba i Alizey Mirza Fashion Forward


ALIZEY MIRZA What inspired you to start a YouTube channel?

Over the years, I’ve noticed a high demand for visual footage. I feel as if Instagram is responsible for the decrease in bloggers and the increase in YouTube vloggers. It’s 2017. People would much rather watch and interact with you on a visual platform, instead of sitting at home and reading a blog. This is the main reason my twin sister, Lailli, and I took the decision to start a YouTube channel.

Did you think it would have the success it has received over the past two years?

Definitely, more than I had ever imagined! YouTube has been amazing for the PintsizedFashion brand. Ever since we uploaded our first video, our subscribers have been increasing on a daily basis. It is extremely gratifying to see that our followers take such an interest in what we have to say and do.

Has your style evolved or changed since you have started blogging?

I started blogging at the age of 14. I can most certainly say that my style has evolved since then. However, I personally don’t follow every trend that comes out. As a result, my style has remained quite timeless and classic.

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic yet feminine. I love wearing dresses and midi-skirts. To me, personal style doesn’t just concern how you dress. I believe it includes your entire look from your hair, to your nails and most importantly, it’s about how you carry yourself, regardless of what you’re wearing. 88



If you could only wear one brand for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Narrowing my entire wardrobe down to one brand is so difficult! It would have to be between Victoria Beckham and Zimmerman. Both brands are simple yet feminine and represent classic, timeless fashion.

Do you have any big purchases you regret?

I’m usually careful when I splurge on any big designer items. I put a lot of thought into something before I buy it. As of now, I don’t have any regrets!

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?

Mainly from Instagram. I also love flicking through Harpers Bazaar and Vogue on long flights too!

Whose personal style do you admire?

I adore Victoria Beckham and Winonah De Jong’s style. I also love Rihanna’s quirky style, although I doubt I’d be able to pull off half the things she wears!

What is your favorite piece of clothing?

My favorite piece in my wardrobe at the moment would have to be a pair of white culotte trousers I recently bought at a boutique in Sydney. They’re effortlessly classy and versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

What is next for you and your career?

I’m currently at university studying journalism and politics and am looking forward to graduating next year! In terms of my career, I would absolutely love to start a second YouTube channel on which I focus on social and political issues 90




DUBAI Rounding out season 9 of Fashion Forward of Dubai. In Mess Magazine we can to show you our favourite collections of all three days.


reated by Sadeem Alshehail, this label shows rich and earthy toned dresses and matching luxurious suits and wool fabrics. With influences from art deco shapes and cropped capes over dresses and fitted culottes. Sadeem Alshehail’s collection embodies feminine and elegance.

Sadeem Alshehail

Oversized coats, bell sleeves and glamourous light fabrics with a touch of fluidity to Kristina Fidelskaya’s collection. A generous nod to the 70’s, velvet thigh high boots and tailored breathable luxurious garments. Kristina blew away the crowd at her Fashion Forward show. Sophisticated city chic would be the perfect wording for her collection. 92

Kristina Fidelskaya

Abed Mahfouz

World renowned fashion designer Abed Mahfouz previewed one amazing gown after another down the runway at his Fashion Forward debut. He opted for a kaleidoscope of colours from tangerine tones to bright sunny day yellow. Was amazing to see so many colours in a collection and such intricate detail in the gowns with hand-sewn beading and perfectly placed feathering.


Cool, young, creative and best of all; comfortable. Cheyma’s wonderland style collection saw models draped in pink sweatshirts, oversized denim jackets and polka dots. Everyone loved the young 80’s vibe to it; was great to see a youthful and fun collection compared to the other designers. 93


Channeling a style of high end ready-to-wear Parisian on the go look with cut out panelling and fitted shapes. Lama’s collection was a gorgeous and stylish collection that embodied feminine and stylist beauty. From gorgeous classic Chanel red to camo green, this collection has it all and has great combination to always be stylish.


With cutting-edge techniques and tailoring for a strong ‘Flower of War’ collection, Amato’s collection was beyond perfection. Very influenced by Japanese culture, models walked with path strewn dirt, tires and telephone poles as they unveiled one stunning look after another. 94

Hussein Bazaza

Hussein Bazaza brought his knowledge and understanding of embroidery and gave it a gothic twist, inspired by Asian style and 40’s influences. He has to be one of the best of all three days, with deep tones of ruby red and various mind-blowing patterns. Ghain Ghada

Ghain Ghada focused on heavy hemlines and layers upon layers with detailed feathering and beads at the hem of maxi dresses; billowing sleeves and soft touch fabrics with a Grecian vacation vibe in all white. 95


97 Collage by Alex Montaner


NewYork Simonetta Lein New York streets







by Elisa Zucconi

ress and people started to call me The Celebrity Wishmaker and I loved it, so that became part of me and the “label” of my brand. I am a dedicated Millennial that uses her skills and passions to empower, especially women and my generation. I use fashion and style as a tool to cherish people and make them feel beautiful and at ease, I write about amazing people and their stories and I represent brands that want to be part of my idea of inspiring the world.

ceive so many. I just moved to the US at that time and I felt I needed to get established in order to move forward, a charitable foundation was the following step to bring my project completely to life.

What is your mission?

Give back. I love when brands understand my mission and want to be part of it. I am the first ambassador for designer Shahida Parides for the collection #heart2heart - I chose a capsule collection that I modeled and styled and now it is available at -the 30% of sales will go to help meaningful wishes come What inspired you to start your charitable true. As a fashion influencer I loved Shahida at first sight, she makes feel every woman a queen, actions? My blog on VanityFair Italy opened the idea of confident, sexy and empowered and that is what having people sharing their dreams to inspire I look when I use fashion as my tool to commuothers. That format allowed only celebrities nicate. The love she put to help The Wishwall that I interviewed to do so. I mixed the link with Foundation is incredible - she also helps women everyday people. I wanted to hear their stories. entrepreneurs in India to have a future so this I opened my personal blog where everyone was clothing line has several meanings. It is absoallowed to share their wishes and I started to re- lutely stunning and unique but it will be available




for a limited time so if you want to have my styles self every day to be a better person. Improving and be part of our movement, you must move is a choice, be kind as well. Love yourself and quickly- others, the world need more happy people.

What is a wish that you would commit to What influences your style? grant this year to someone paying it forI am a made in Italy girl, what I saw all my life is ward? my cultural and esthetic background. When you grow with all that beauty you naturally have a sense of style. I am also I painter and an artist in general: art gave me a deep sense of elegance. I study, go to art exhibits, watch movies and fashion shows: I love to be inspired, I hope you never lose that happiness in seeing beautiful things.

I do it every day, when I read The Wishwall online I immediately feel if I can do something personally for someone and I act. I use social media, emails, sometimes I call whoever I feel I can help and they are usually very surprised I do it directly but that is just who I am. I am fighting to grant a big wish after The Wishwall event we had in Marlton NJ, sometimes you have to write What is your fashion mantra? thousands of emails to make something hapMix and match- don’t be afraid of collecting pen. I have been asked to bring The Wishwall in beautiful things, many times are not necessar- Every city and I am committed in this project. I ily expensive. Just feel joy when you can mix need your help, if you want to host The Wishwall them and create your own style, change totally in your city or you want to collaborate, donate or your outfit adding some details, jewelry, jackets, be involved please check shoes. Don’t be afraid of trying something new, and if you lose confidence either yourself or that What is one thing most people do not tiny line with having a good taste please write me: know about you? having a good taste is fundamental for an Italian I am very sensitive so every sad story I receive it you can find me on twitter and Instagram as @ affects me personally. I stay up at night thinking Simonettalein and on FB as @SimonettaLeinOfhow I can help. I am very dedicated to my family ficial while my website is and I call them every day. I try my very best to be an inspiration to everyWhat is that magic word that speaks one I meet, trying to live every day like if I have about you? to make history like my mentor, Daisaku Ikeda, LOVE - I believe in kindness, in good manners, taught me, and if I am a better person I owe it a in trying to make people at ease. I love people, I lot to him. love to feel love around me and I challenge my-



NEW YORK STREETS Claudia Carpentier hits the New York streets for Summer 2017. The editorial was shot in Times Square by Andrew T. White. She is walking free like the wind. Styled by Lauren Tischler the model takes on a mix of rock and city slicker trends including leather skirts, edgy bodysuits and silver dress.

Credits Photographer Andrew T. White Model Claudia Carpentier Muah Tatyana L. Harkoff Stylism Lauren Tischler 104









Toronto Jeff Rustia



TORONTO: JEFF RUSTIA BY Elisa Zucconi Jeff Rustia is the Executive Director & Founder of TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and TW Toronto Women’s Fashion Week, two of the country’s leading fashion initiatives committed to promoting, nurturing and supporting Canada’s most influential designers and the next generation of emerging talent. Rustia brings to his role, a wide breadth of knowledge and experience that spans over 25 years in fashion, production, marketing, creative direction, and television. His career dates back to the launch of the first music channel of Asia, Channel V, (formerly MTV) to 134 million households, producing shows such as Asia’s first Fashion Police. He was also the creative force behind the launch of HBO and Cinemax (Time Warner) in Asia. In Toronto, he was the Creative Director and Head of Marketing for 2 CBC International networks. He also hosted his own Fashion television program on Canadian network, BPM: TV. He created TOM* in 2013, now recognized as the 8th men’s fashion week in the world, and the most influential platform for menswear in Canada. He launched TW in 2017, a modern, relevant, high tech, consumer-driven fashion week devoted solely to champion women’s wear in the country.



ast year, when Toronto Fashion Week abruptly ended, a somber fog clouded the city and female fashion-lovers were flooded with disappointment. Torontonians knew that a dedication week to fashion belonged in their city, but the empty void that was left alluded to no light at the end of the tunnel. Creatives and fashionistas alike all waited with bated breath: when would the celebration of fashion and design return to Canada’s electric hub? Enter, Jeff Rustia. “I never imagined that one day we would have the opportunity to produce the women’s fashion week in Toronto. Last July, […] IMG unexpectedly closed the doors and cancelled TFW (Toronto Fashion Week). At the time, many key figures in our fashion community, including Canadian designers approached me and our Advisory Board to consider launching a platform for women’s wear, similar to the winning formula of TOM*. As you know, TOM*s heart and commitment has always been for the Canadian fashion community. It only seemed natural to extend our current position to create an opportunity to re-champion women’s wear and its designers to show the world that Toronto is a very talented, global city that

truly supports fashion.” In true Canadian fashion, Jeff Rustia and his Advisory Board focused on partnership and collaboration and successfully brought the first-ever Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TWFW) to Toronto’s Mattamy Athletic Centre, formerly the historic Maple Leaf Gardens inToronto. But giving birth to a whole new future of Canadian fashion and sustaining its fire is no easy task. Thankfully, Jeff’s past experience with the wildly successful Toronto Men’s Fashion Week combined with his pure love of Canadian talent is exactly what Toronto needed. “As a proud Torontonian, and a lover of Canadian fashion, I launched Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, aptly called, TOM*, three years ago, to create a platform that would spotlight and celebrate Canadian […] men’s fashion. TOM* was born out of love, a pure love for Canadian fashion, a love for our city and country, and also a deep love and commitment to our fashion community and to supporting Canada’s next generation of emerging talent.” That’s exactly what the new Toronto Women’s Fashion Week is aiming to do: celebrate our country through a love and commitment to the Canadian


fashion community; past, present and future. Guess what? Rustia wants you to know you’re invited. Fashion weeks are typically open to industry and media…but with the new TWFW concept, all are welcome. “I have always believed in democratizing fashion week, and making it accessible to the public, who are ultimately the end consumers of fashion. Every season, the consumer demand[ed] tickets and access, and in return the designers received more awareness, and brand recognition. Today, we’ve taken that idea to the next level[…], we live stream the fashion shows to expand viewership and increase exposure. This past season of Toronto Women’s Fashion Week, with over 11,300 visitors to the runway presentations alone, the ratio was 46% industry to 54% consumers. TFW’s resurgence surprised us almost as much as the Leafs in the playoffs, but with this love affair-expect it to stick around. What gives this one long-term potential? It’s not just an event within the city, it’s a city event, and with a city like Toronto there’s a lot of love to go around. “We partnered with the City of Toronto, Downtown Yonge BIA, Toronto Tourism, and many community partners to help us bring a much-deserved global spotlight on Toronto as a hub and portal for fashion, creativity and talent.” So where can we expect to see Toronto and the Canadian fashion landscape in the next few years? In a few words, everywhere. “ For both TW and the Canadian fashion industry to grow, we must invest in partnerships across […] our fashion community and all the various sectors including the designers, industry, buyers, media and of course the consumer You’ll see sprinkles of Canadian fashion and TW all over thanks to their collaboration with fashion organizations such as TFI, the world’s first fashion incubator, CANIFFF (Canadian International Fashion Film Festival), Eco Fashion Week, Eco Sessions, Cabinet Ephemere, CCMQ Conseil des createurs de mode du Quebec, Fashion Takes Action and more. “Collaboration is key, and we are doing just that at TW” • 116

Fashion Week



Rhodes The columnboratorss



Who is your biggest style inspiration ?

Well it’s strange , from time to time one or both of us get obsessed with someone’s style. He or she might just be somebody from around the neighborhood or a cool stylist we’ve spotted during the fashion week delirium or even a crazy 80-year-old redhead we saw walking down the street or a tv character! For some time now we are really attracted by Christine Centenera’s style . The Vogue fashion director has a an eye for details and she definitely is a minimal-heroe as we use to call her . Generally we really admire people who can still make an impression without wearing a bunch of glitter and fluo colors .

120 by Nazila Couture Dress

Dress by Bedouin

When did you two decide to chronicle your outfits ?

Right after we finished school we had a desperate need to somehow express ourselves through fashion . And what better and direct way to do that than a blog where you can share your passion and personal style . So we did it and we did it straight away . And after all it turned out to be so vital to our style evolution and all our passion.

Is there any overlap between your styles ?

We style almost all of our outfits together so there must be one “common point” between our styles , but perhaps you can notice that better than we do!! We can better tell in what they are different . So if you go to you will notice that , although his style generally more casual and plain , hers is formal and more glamorous.

What are your go to outfits ?

KIKI : As summer is coming I’ll tell you my summer everyday outfit .Ok so I wear for example a very tight sexy bra-top with a wrap-over midi skirt or a beautiful stole (that I wear as a skirt) and style them with big bold earrings to upgrade the outfit, one of my it-bags ,perhaps my Miss Sicily, and a pair of some jeweled slippers so I can hit the beach properly !! TARIK : My go to outfit would be a nice turtleneck with a pair of jeans and one of my woolen jackets , my classic Timberland boots and a big tote so I can carry all my stuff and of course always sunglasses .

Is there anything from Tarik’s closet you want ?

Actually , I wear all his sweaters . I love them , they are so cozy and warm and I can style them nicely with some jewelry and mules and take them to the next level !!

Is there anything from Kiki’s closet you want ?

The only thing I have “stolen” from her

until now is her huge Louis Vuitton speedy bag that I use either as luggage or at the fashion weeks to carry all my essentials as we are on the road all day !!

Do you give each other style advice ?

As we already said , we style almost all of our outfits together . Especially before a photoshoot or a fashion week we organize our wardrobes together and decide what our looks will be like . So yes , inevitably we give each other a lot of styling advices .

Do you have a favorite fashion week ?

We have really enjoyed Milan Fashion Week , we love Italy and we love this city’s vibes even more. So it’s not only about the designer (Paris has the best shows as well) but the city too. When in Milan we never skip a cup of tea at Dolce&Gabbana Martini bar and a relaxing window shopping at Via della Spiga !

What are your essentials for fashion week ?

Above all we need Google maps because without it we wouldn’t be able to attend any shows. An extra-moisturizing face mask because we spend so much time in planes during these days and that’s so bad for the skin. Our cellphones and our iPad where we have our whole schedule with shows and meetings e.t.c. As for our clothing and accessories we don’t have any basics , except for jeans , because every fashion week is different and so the outfits are different .

If you had to wear one thing of your closet which item would it be ?

KIKI : Well , if hade to wear only one thing from my entire closet , that would be my Chanel pearl mules . If I had to keep only one thing from my entire closet , that would be my black Lady Dior bag !! TARIK : Probably I would wear my orange suede Tods loafers , they are so soft and comfy and the color is so ohh amazing !!


122 by Nazila Couture Dress

Dress by Nazila Couture



Mila n Granola


GRANOLA Fashion & Lifestyle and everything @granola_lane Your Instagram profile @ granola_lane has quite diverse looks, can you tell us what you’re trying to communicate via your style?

My instagram fashion diary was born as a way to express my personality through my daily looks ! As many of us i’m a woman with a lot of facets ! My style can also depend on my mood or on what are my plans for that day because i never, never dress myself up to take ig pics, it’s totally the opposite : mine are “real” looks, they’re really what i wear in the morning to live my normal life!

Who is your fashion Icon and why?

My fashion icon is definitely my Grandma Maria ! She was a so stylish woman....She used to say you have to dress up for yourself in the morning, not for others to see and compliment you ! Even when you popped up at her house you could find her with those amazing looks...

Your full name... Claudia Chille

How do you estimate influence of italian fashion over the other capitals of fashion, like London or Paris? Do you think they are different or co exist? Of course Italian fashion is in my 126

DNA but i confess i owe a lot to British fashion because it gave me the courage to develop my own style and the freedom to be who I am!

Anything besides fashion that inspires you the most?

I’m deeply inspired by visual arts and history ! When travelling one of my greatest pleasures, besides go shopping, is visiting art gallerWhat are your favorite de- ies and museums ! I made classical signers? studies and it deeply influenced me I love both statement fashion and ! minimal style ! At the moment I’m obsessed with Alessandro Places to go in the world for Michele and his Gucci ! Then Fendi every fashionista? , Chanel and jap influenced design- A real fashionista can find the best er like Comme des Garcons and treasures in the most unexpected Yohji Yamamoto and I love scandi places....So I recommend you, when aestethic too ! So, as you can see, possible, to travel, travel, travel and very eclectic tastes! to not overlook small towns and independent shops ! Something you can’t live As to the classical shopping destinawithout? tion my favorite are London, Paris, My family ! And my collection of LA and NY ! And I love to discover shoes, bags and statement fashion young talents and new brands ! jewelry i have been collecting since i was a teenager ! When i was a little girl I used to change my outfit twice How do you think social mea day, one for morning and one for dia is influencing the world of the afternoon! fashion? In my opinion social media is deep-

Most iconic show that you ly influencing the fashion world in a have ever seen? very positive way ! It made it a more The most iconic was certainly the first fashion show I ever attended aged 3 years ! They even allowed me to go backstage, i was so excited, everything seemed so magic to my baby eyes....And the best thing is I still feel the same magic today when i talk about fashion or when i create a new outfit !

democratic place to live in ! Now you can create a trend or properly talk fashion and be listened to by your favorite designer or share your innovative looks even if you are not from an high class family, you weren’t born in Milan and you are not used to front rows !






Tbilisi Nino Eliava Stela Plaka





hat inspired you to start your own company?

The idea to build an e-commerce project came to me when I realised how many young and talented designers there were. My partner and I, we wanted to create the platform that could sell and promote brands.

What do you like the most about owning your own brand?

My favorite process is working on a new design and coming up with new products and techniques

What would be a typical day in your life?

Morning always starts with my baby, then it’s sport and breakfast. After that comes the working routine with a lunch break and in the evening I’m usually back to my baby.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I can’t say it’s a person as usually I seek inspiration in architecture, travelling and books but some times it can be someone from the people surrounding me.

What three items from your wardrobe can you not live without? Hard to pick only three. Let it be my Dries van Noten belt, Alexander Wang jeans and Balenciaga sneakers

Whats next for you and your company?

We have big plans, but I can’t reveal them yet. I like to talk about goals only when they’re achieved. 132






STELA PLAKA Mom, Fashion Editor, Fashion influencer & Social media brand consultant


ow do you relate/engage to your audience? I like to be always active through social networking. One of the greatest pleasure is to share my opinion with followers who ask me any advice and suggestions why not hear for criticism when they are appropriate. When i have free time I try to answer and to keep in touch with my fans, some of them are followers from to many years. I feel particular pleasure when at the end of the day read private, public comments and private messages. Those things stimulate me to innovate always. In my opinion you do not grow as a person and professionally without social relationships and of course your followers. What inspires you the most? I get inspiration by everything that surrounds me. I try always to take active senses, to perceive the beauty. Working as fashion editor require always to create and be creative. I would not do good enough this job if I haven`t the possibility to travel often and see different forms of living and styles. Inspiration elections longer range my family gives me my little . My son Noah and husband Dennis give me the strength to work harder, in the gloomy days or when I’m too tired.


How do you plan your posts/outfits? I like to go back in the past sometimes . I think there is no future without the past so the next post will be a mix between current trends and 70 years. I love vintage, I would like to have been born at a time when women were real. No more Botox or surgical intervention Photoshop. But we cannot stop or progress, so I choose to be between past and present, even in the selection of my outfits. What would be a typical day in your life? As I said before I am a young mother of a two year old son, who is my inspiration and the most important thing for me. After I take care to leave my son with the babysitter I prepare for the day that waits. I concentrate on my work day which is definitely not routine but full of pleasant surprises. The field of art requires great mental and physical commitment, you should be focused at 360 degrees. I am very organized at work but this does not happen in my family life. Besides job as a fashion editor I have to deal with my posts on Instagram, so in a pause during the day I find the time for a shot and post on Instagram. What three items from your wardrobe can you not live without?

I cannot live without hats and sunglasses. I have to many collections. I like to collect strange accessories when I travel. Is usual for me to take sunglasses at the late hours in the evening. And either friends laugh with me that I grew . Nowadays have become inevitable part of my style . I love bags with colors and special shapes. They give little cheerfulness to a simple outfit. Who are your biggest influencers? I can`t define which are my influencer as every day i find more. I find really interesting to see young stylish in search of innovation. But i can say that the only muse inspiration for me remain Iris Apfel. I like her sense of style, how it plays with the colors and accessories. She never seemed banal and always different and full of style. I think, in order to have style you should familiarize with yourself and be faithful to your identity. Fashion walks away though the speed of light and is wrong to be transformed as a Manikin. Iris remains an authentic style icon What’s next for you? Soon I have a special project related to the field of fashion in television. I’m glad to influence with my style. It`s important to educate new generations how to wear with style. I think we need to find the right direction on life. I’ll have a talk show on television where I will have the opportunity to finalize all the passion and love that I have for fashion and my work. I hope to go well with this project and to be successful. In all I get involved with heart and I believe that is important to make beautiful things in life. 137




Oslo Sarah Runciman


SARAH RUNCIMAN​ Fashion blogger



How do you relate/engage to your audience?

At this age it’s the time where you can really experiment with fashion and truly find your very own personal style, I really enjoy trying out a different approach and making them work. My readers relate to that very much, we come from the same generation which is key because they can identify themselves with me and what I wear on a daily basis. We have a similar mindset of having fun and living our young lives which portraits onto our style. Mostly I tell a story every time I post on my blog, weather it’s my thoughts, feelings or simply sharing a memory. I always like to engage with my audience with a little story-telling and hopefully it can be educational to my followers. I enjoy writing about my Scandinavian life, health and style, that’s how I relate with my audience. I’m actively involved with the public, whether it’s through direct messages on instagram, blog comments or emails. They are not afraid to reach out, like them I’m just an average girl and I adore when they send me messages asking for advice, if what they wear looks good or simply stating that they enjoy reading my blog! It’s super sweet!

What inspires you the most?

Everything and anything around me! It can be from a beautiful building I walk past in the city, a skirt I see a wom-

an wearing on the street to a photograph I stumbled across on Pinterest. I love searching for new looks on the internet, whether it’s from the 70s or on trend today, I enjoy changing my looks on a daily basis. I’m really interested in culture and how that it can be shown in fashion, I adore the bright and vibrant colours they use in the Eastern countries.

How do you plan your posts/outfits?

When I get an idea in my head I can’t let go until I do it. Most of the time an outfit simply springs to mind where unconsciously i’ve seen before and I begin planning my whole post. Starting with the location I would like to shoot at, minimal soft background or a heavy colorful one, which hairstyle would it suit best and most importantly what do I want to express with the outfit.

What would be a typical day in your life?

My day definitely starts with a strong cup of coffee, without it the day doesn’t count! I do the basic routines of answering emails whilst eating breakfast, then shower and get dressed depending on what I do that day. I have a side project with Airbnb so that keeps me busy an hour or two everyday which is super fun! I’m a cleaning freak so I also spend time tidying the apartment especially cleaning up after my boyfriend! In the evenings I tend to spend a lot of time ed-

iting my photos, checking online stores and spending time with my boyfriend, a relaxing few hours to end the day and ready for the next!

What three items from your wardrobe can you not live without? I’m a big believer of ‘shoes makes the outfit’ so I would definitely say that a good pair of heels or flats I could not live without! Some denim jeans and a biker jacket. Nice and casual!

Who are your biggest influencers?

I aspire the most to women who started with nothing and ended with everything, such a Sophia Amoruso, she is one of my inspirations of what women can achieve if they believe. My number one influencer has to be Miroslava Duma, she has the most unique style I have ever seen, she nails every look and is always one step ahead of trends!

Whats next for you?

Professionally I’m going to develop my brand by traveling and gaining inspiration by visiting new places. I have a big trip ahead in July so I’m really exciting to experience new things, culture and mostly takes photographs. I’m also aiming to start my Youtube channel by this summer and really connect with my audience deeper so they can get to know me more as a person.






Brunei Na ForrĂŠr


NA FORRÉR Boutique & Atelier

How do you think social media is changing the way we consume fashion and emerging designers?

I think social media has become a huge influence in the buying power of a consumer. When a popular blogger or influencer posts something online for example, an outfit of the day or maybe the next best makeup, it quickly grabs the attention of their followers. Therefore, marketing on social media now is vital for any fashion business.

How did social media transform your brand?

When I first hopped on to Instagram, I was just posting private clients outfits. It attracted girls who wanted dresses that were tailored to their bodies. My business grew from then catering the beyond bespoke service to a Ready to Wear collection for the masses.

What inspires you the most?

Women and heritage inspires and influences my designs.

What was it like showcasing your first collection?

It was mind blowing. It made me love what I do even more. I also get to listen to feedback which assists in my next creations. I love the networking.

Who is your ideal person to 148


My ideal person to dress would be a career woman, she would be an IT girl who has a lot of influence on the people around her. In the social media world, it has to be Vanessa Hong of @thehautepursuit (I have always been a fan of hers since her brown blogger days).

What inspired the creation of your client specific services?

It would be the woman herself. I like the idea that I could create the perfect design just for that specific event.

What designer do you admire most? I have 3 favourite designers; Alexandre Vauthier, Toni Maticevski and Polpat Asavaprapha.

What style does your brand subscribe to? Edgy yet Elegant and Cool Chic

Do you find it easier to make menswear or womenswear? Definitely Womenswear, as it comes natural to me. Although, I would love to try menswear too.

Where would you like to show your next collections? It would be the Middle east especially Dubai or Paris.


150 151


ISSUE 10 of Mess Magazine  
ISSUE 10 of Mess Magazine