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Dolmen grove issue 6


THE DOLMEN GROVE “ Respect and care for the elders for they have aged with the wisdom of time “ Taloch The Dolmen Grove is a non political organisation; preferring to concentrate upon the quest for spiritual enlightenment and the manifestation of peace within a power hungry world of chaos. The Dolmen Grove was originally formed in Dorset England where it still has its main H.Q. existing as a Spiritual meeting place for people of all nationalities, and over the years has grown steadily with membership now spanning several continents. At the centre of The Dolmen Grove is the round table. This is made up of a group of people from all walks of life, following a variety of spiritual paths. These individuals get together once a month to plan and organize events, and gatherings. Because these people give both their time and energy voluntarily the hopes and dreams of The Dolmen Grove continue to be recognized. The Dolmen Grove do not have a hierarchy because we do not believe people need titles or labels in order to practice a spiritual path. However we do believe in spirituality based upon love, kindness and an open heart. We are fully aware that this policy which is upheld by the Roundtable of The Grove has upset people in the past and will no doubt continue to do so. It is NOT our intention to offend anyone and we do not condemn those who wish to use such titles, and we shall continue to welcome all spiritually minded people seeking to enjoy good friendship with good souls who share a common interest.

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CONTENTS 1...Sacred Scents and Aromatherapy by Lynda Meyer 2...Pagan Ceremonies by Diane Narraway with contributions from Julie Weltch, Helen Page, Lynda Page, Denny Bottley, Linda Moonbow and Taloch Jameson 3...Gig guide 4...The Mike Porter Collective and cd review by Diane Narraway, plus interviews and extra insanity from Richard Whistance, Kate Sawyer, Mike Medway, Kurt shaw, Jock McIlveen and Mike Porter. 5...Poetry from within the Grove 6...Dates to Remember 7...A Day in the life of by Duncan Wilde 8...Diary of the Hedgewitch by Rachael Moss 9...Tribal Dreams by Diane Narraway 10...Properties of Crystals – Clear Quartz by Cheryl Waldron 11...Witches Cauldron – Tools of the Trade by Cheryl Waldron and Sage cleansing by Cheryl Waldron. 12...Dolmen Grove Samhain 13...Recipes 14... Moots 15...Adverts Photos in this issue by Mark Vine, Hayley ferns, Tania Kennedy, Lee Taiwaz Akasha, Duncan Wild and Helen Sparrow. Cover photo by Lee Taiwaz Akasha Further information can be found at: All information is accurate at the time of publication and all articles are assumed to be the work of those being credited

SACRED SCENTSANDAROMATHERAPY COCONUT OIL “My sweet milk uplifts, and helps one to endure life” Latin....Cocos nucifera Family....Palmae There is no tree that captures the essence of a paradise quite like the Coconut palm. There is an old South Sea proverb that says

‘He who plants a coconut tree, plants food and drink, vessels and clothing, a habitation for himself and a heritage for his children’ The Coconut Palm reminds us that Mother Nature has provided for all our needs, although the Coconut is not in fact a nut but a fruit. The oil and milk of the Coconut is uplifting and provides the necessary endurance to meet any kind of challenge. It will stimulate a mother’s instinct to breastfeed, and helps to balance the male female energies, bringing clarity to issues of sexuality. Immunity....It strengthens the immune system as it contains Lauric Acid which the body converts into Monolaurin, which in turn helps to combat the viruses and bacteria which cause diseases such as herpes, influenza, ulcers, throat infections and even HIV. It is also very effective on the fungi and yeast that cause Candidacies, Ringworm, Athletes foot, Thrush and Nappy rash. It is also very good to cook with.

SKIN CARE Coconut oil does not break down or go rancid so is excellent for use in Aromatherapy. For dandruff free silky hair, massage into the scalp for about half an hour before shampooing. Because of its cooling actions it recommended for hot flushes and night sweats in the Menopause. It will also help to prevent blistering and peeling after too much sun, as well as soothing dry cracked lips, heels and elbows, Eczema and Psoriasis.

It can be used on all types of skin as there is little or no chance of it having any adverse side effects It may also be beneficial in delaying wrinkles and sagging skin, the best method is by applying coconut oil to damp skin. Coconut and Lavender Exfolating Scrub ¼ cup Coconut milk ½ cup brown sugar 4 drops of Lavender oil Try putting 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and 5 drops of Lavender oil into a warm bath at bedtime for a good nights sleep

LAVENDER "With my essence I refine and balance spiritual sensitivity, integrating it into daily life" Latin: Lavendula Officinalis/Angustifolia. Note: Middle (Heart) Planet: Mercury Element: Air We can thank Lavender for our modern day use of aromatherapy. It was in the 1920's when French cosmetic chemist Renee Gattefosse badly scalded his arm and plunged it into a vat of nearby Lavender oil. He discovered that the Lavender not only had exceptional healing qualities but that he was left with no scarring. Since then Lavender has become the number one oil for the first aid box. This is because it is the only oil that that can be on used skin, making it ideal for healing and regenerating all types of skin. It is also antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and insecticidal. Lavender has been thought throughout history to have mystical properties. It is the sacred scent of the Celtic month Od ...the Willow Moon (15th April to 13th May). To pick Lavender on a full moon will greatly enhance its power. The Druids carried Lavender to help them to see spirits and ward off evil. On Midsummer’s day they toss it into the bonfires as an offering to their God/Goddess

The scent of Lavender soothes the nerves, cleanses the meridians and activates the crown chakra, aiding fuller connection with the higher self. To relieve headaches massage a few drops of Lavender into your temples, dab pulse points with Lavender oil to relieve stress or anxiety. For a blissful night’s sleep add a few drops of Lavender oil to a warm bath. Use Lavender oil to help with, depression, fear, mood swings, negative thoughts, panic and worry. SAFETY DATA: Lavender oil is the only oil that can be used directly on the skin and is generally considered to be non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. Even so it is best avoided during pregnancy.

Lynda Meyer.

Pagan ceremonies Whilst many cultures hold ceremonies to mark rites of passage, this article is solely about some of the key Pagan ceremonies.

Naming ceremonies When something is given a name it ‘exists’; a baby is no exception. Once a baby has been named he/she has an identity. When we look back to our predecessors their naming ceremonies would have been a way of introducing the son/daughter of the blacksmith/thatcher /gardener etc., thereby introducing the next generation of a particular profession There is a very significant power within a name; the very essence of the individual can be found within their name. Because a name not only denotes how other people view the individual but also how an individual views themselves. It is for this is the reason that many Druid bards, Wiccans etc. to name but a few change their names in order to reflect more accurately their persona. Today a naming ceremony is a way of acknowledging the infant as an individual member of the family/tribe, whilst welcoming them to the community as a whole. An important part of today’s naming ceremonies is when those closest to infant to make their promises. It is considered an honour to be blessed with a child and its physical and emotional wellbeing is the responsibility usually of family but it is quite common for close friends to be considered in this role. Because each naming ceremony will be unique, there no rules as such, but the common components of a naming ceremony include an altar which will be laid out by the celebrant to reflect the ceremony, a circle cast by the celebrant , the summoning of the elements and carefully considered promises made to the infant by parents and guardians. Often gifts are bestowed upon the baby, which may take the form of money/gifts to be put away until the child comes of age. However it is considered equally acceptable for these gifts to take the form of spoken blessings, bestowed upon the child.

Willows Blessing and naming My most recent celebrant ceremony was the blessing of beautiful Willow Sylvia Bull, the daughter of my two good friends Chris and Helen. It was a beautiful day and we gathered in an appropriate surrounding of willow trees. The altar was dressed in pink and everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion, including non-pagan guests. Despite the varying beliefs among the guests, the sentiment of the tribe was constantly present. Willow was being introduced to her community. These were the people that would love and cherish and always watch over her and I felt the Gods smiling, because they know we don’t need a bricks and mortar temple, nor do we need pomp and finery all we require is will and love and the deed is done. Firstly I cast a circle and chose two guests to mark a gateway into circle. The attendees then walked between these two and followed the circle around to take their places ensuring that those who were calling quarters were in the appropriate position. I then welcomed the guests, family members and guardians to Willow’s blessing and naming ceremony and because quite a few of the guests were non-pagan I tried to keep the speech fairly neutral and not too Pagan focused. I paid particular attention when explaining to those present that we were about to call the quarters and I referred to this aspect as an ‘appreciation of the elements’. After calling the quarters I gave a short speech as to our purpose that day, that more than anything else Willow was being welcomed into her community rather than it being a religious ceremony. I began the ceremony proper by asking the parent’s if they had decided upon a name for their child and I then invited them to bestow that name upon her. They did this by also anointing her brow with Chalice well water from Glastonbury. I gave another speech, this time about the importance of what we were doing, about the roles of the guardians and the promises that would be made to the child that day. Each of the guardians and family members then gave very heart-felt speeches to Willow and the mood became quite poignant with some people actually becoming quite tearful - tears of happiness of course. After all the emotion we decided it was time to raise the mood with merry drumming as Willow was taken around the circle to each guest who then had the option to bestow a gift upon the child. The gift could either be physical or an intention or wish, my gift to Willow was happiness. We finalised the ceremony by passing around the blessed mead and bread, bidding farewell to the elements and closing the circle. I was particularly blessed because the family that I performed the blessing for are known to me, they are my friends and I know that Willow is blessed with good parents and a will have a happy upbringing. It made my job easier as I feel it is important as a celebrant to trust those I perform ceremonies for.

Julie Weltch

Willow Sylvia’s Naming Ceremony – from Mummy’s point of view… It really was the most perfect day. The sun shone brightly and so many more people than we anticipated actually turned up, about 50 altogether. There was a lovely mixture of people- friends and family, old and new, from near and far. Some were fellow Pagans but most were not. I think the good turnout could have probably been down to intrigue on the part of some, but generally most came because of the massive love that so many people have for our beautiful Willow. Whatever the reasons, it was a truly blessed day- one and I will remember for the rest of my days. Before the day arrived we had a few family members show their ‘concerns’ about our decisions about having Willow blessed. They thought that the ceremony should be done in a church and they tried to put us off doing what we wanted in favour of what is considered ‘right’. Our argument was simple. ‘We are not hypocrites. We do not believe in the Christian god, we do not read or follow the Bible. Therefore we will not make vows before a god ‘we do not love.’ Those members of the family who did not exactly support our decision were probably those that actually enjoyed the day the most. For me the ceremony was about honesty and beauty, as well as being about me openly showing my friends and family for the first time that I am Pagan and proud! Mostly however the day was about welcoming our daughter into the world in the best possible way- surrounded by the beauty of nature and the love and protection of all those who love and care for her. The ceremony was held at a popular dog-walking spot in Gosport called ‘Apple Dumpling Bridge’. The River Alver runs through beautiful woodland and grassland and it is lined with stunning weeping willows. It was the perfect setting for Willow’s perfect day. We had a small crowd of on-lookers as we commenced the ceremony. The ceremony was performed by our good friend Rev. Julie Weltch- it was Julie’s first ceremony as a Celebrant so that only added to how special the day was. Julie did an amazing job of delivering the ceremony and giving it exactly the feel that I wanted. The besom that Julie had decorated for the ceremony was beautifully done and we had colour themed the altar in white and fuchsia pink to match Willow’s dress. I had ‘hand-made’ the altar cloth and decorated it with spring flowers and cute bunnies as it was very close to Ostara. The altar was decorated with eggshaped candles among other things.

The affirmations that were made by Willow’s chosen guardians and grandparents were so heartfelt and honest. I cannot say that any one person’s words were more meaningful than another as they were all so personal. We had one person saying that they promised to climb trees with her; another promised to teach her how to put up a tent in the dark and to relieve a drunken pirate of his doubloons. You just wouldn’t have got that in a church! The energy and emotion within that circle was nothing short of awesome. If I could have bottled that feeling I would be a very rich lady by now! Willow, Chris and I are so wonderfully lucky to have so many people who love and bless us in the way they do.

Helen Page )O(

And from Granny’s point of view… My experiences of Christian baptisms have been made up of a few people attending a service that was unfamiliar to them and they were only there because it was expected of them. I don’t think they believed in anything in particular, it was just a tradition that had been passed down. The church is usually dark, unfriendly, quiet and chilly (even in summer) with everyone hoping for a quick getaway to the awaited party afterwards and the chance to get back to familiar, comfortable surroundings. My Willow’s naming was a beautiful experience and one I will never forget. There were no whispers that day only shouts of joy and laughter. There were no serious, solemn faces only smiles. There was no cloying smell of stale incense and a stony chill to the bones only the smell of grass, leaves and flowers and the warmth of sunshine and fresh air. Everyone was welcome that day and made to feel a part of the proceedings. Everyone attending really wanted to be there and wanted things to continue because they were having such a wonderful time. Above all there was a palpable feeling of friendship, love and peace which pervaded the atmosphere in that specially chosen, humble field which was full of colour, music, happiness and equality. I know which I prefer.

Lynda Page

The Naming Ceremony of... Magenta Lilith Violet As this issue of the Dolmen Grove magazine focuses on Rites of Passage, I would like to share with you my little granddaughter’s naming ceremony which my youngest daughter Rosalie and I conducted. Magenta was 9 months old at the time as funnily enough she was born on the 9th of the 9th ....wonderful!! We began the ceremony in our garden with family and friends standing in circle. I cast the circle and the quarters were called, I then carried Magenta and put a little pentacle hat on her which I had made for the occasion. I wafted our special incense around Magenta as I introduced her to each quarter, I asked the elements of Air and Fire to enhance her life, that she may grow in strength, to be in harmony with the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars... and that she find happiness and be at one with her path. I then asked the elements of Earth and Water to guard and protect her, and to cherish and comfort her on her path. I then anointed her brow with Rosemary oil (so she never forgets this day) as I did so, I said to her “May the Lady and Lord guide you and teach you in the Old Ways�. Then we all lit a candle each, and said her name out loud to welcome her to the God and Goddess, followed by Rosalie reciting a poem for her. Pandora-Kate (our daughter/Magenta's mother) then asked the Lord and Lady to bless her little one by holding up a star anise over the altar and setting it down next to the flowers and crystals. My sister and a friend (Fairy God Mother/ God parent) made their pledges to Magenta to guide her in the old ways - they held her as they said the words - May the love of the Goddess and God be with you always. Everyone then presented Magenta with gifts. Steve and I gave her a silver bracelet engraved with serpents to symbolise health and healing and her Celtic origins. Others gave her toys, shawls and dresses. We completed the ceremony with the song; we all come from the Goddess, Hoof and Horn which Magenta really enjoyed as she tried to join in with her gurgles - bless her. To finish, we gave thanks to the Lord and Lady for their presence, protection, understanding and magic, then closed the quarters... and the circle. Everyone gave Magenta a big hug with a 'Blessed Be'!!! A wonderful party followed with a pentacle cake which I prepared - Afterwards we made a lovely little keepsake for her, a naming certificate, with the entire ceremony written on it. She is now approaching her 7th birthday and as with most girls her age, she's into faeries, witches and all things magical - and yes her spirituality is even at this young age developing. I strongly believe her naming rite of passage has influenced her little outlook on life - she loves Nature, animals, even spiders and snakes,(she even has a snake as a pet) ... So yes the Goddess and God are with her every day... and always will be.

Denny Bottley (Ravenswing)

Croning and Saging Ceremonies A Croning ceremony is the ceremonial recognition of the wisdom that comes with age. This is something which is generally considered a celebration of female wisdom as the final phase of the Goddess. Having passed through the phases of Maiden and Mother; the next phase to be experienced is Crone/Wise woman. Quite often it is something exclusive to women, where the celebrant and those present are all female. While it may be considered traditionally a female concept, men too can choose to mark this ‘rite of passage’ with a Saging ceremony, where they acknowledge their later years as a time of wisdom acquired through the lessons and experiences of their life. Although both Croning and Saging ceremonies are still a relatively modern practice, this does not in any way make them less valid. In fact acknowledging the value of the elders is something which our predecessors would have instinctively done. It was quite common practice throughout history for the grandmothers to assist their daughters with child rearing, just as it was for the younger males of a tribe to learn about hunting and fatherhood from the tribal elders. For the most part grey hair was considered the crowning glory of those blessed with longevity and wisdom. This may seem strange to those of us who live in a society where youth is revered for its beauty and we are constantly bombarded with the concept of maintaining a youthful appearance for as long as possible. Yet I recall a friend of mine saying how much she liked being older because people ‘take her seriously’, and it made me think of how much we would lose if we could really turn back the clock. In my youth I had the beauty that comes with naivety since then I have loved, learned and most importantly...lived. It is still a privilege to grow old and the wisdom that comes with age should be both acknowledged and celebrated.

Lesson One "Please tell me teacher, What I should know." "All in good time, my child, You will learn, As you grow, The wisdom of the wild." "But I do not Want to wait, Until I'm old and grey. What good is it, To learn so late? Please teach me it today!"

"Such knowledge given To the young, Would simply be a waste. Your first lesson, has just begun... Wisdom cannot be learnt in haste ! But when you too are old and grey, And many days have since passed by... Remember my child, These words I say, Time teaches more than I!!" Diane Narraway

Changes of Time... Coming from a Romany Traveller ancestry, one of the many cultural and spiritual importance’s within this lifestyle structure is of course 'Rites of Passage’. As we go through our own journey in life, we endure many metamorphic changes. These transitions mark specific occasions in our lives, which are conducive with our gender, in particular women. These 'Rites of Passage' will always comprise of a ritual, whether it is large or small, within a group or alone will always be dependent upon the celebration itself. Indeed, as pagans we focus on our interpretations of change within the 'Cauldron of Life' which symbolises many different aspects of this transition, specifically re-birth, re-growth and regeneration. Predominately, the sacred cauldron personifies a ‘womb-like’ symbolism from which springs forth life, transformation and new beginnings. At the opposite end of the scale, menopause is celebrated when a woman becomes a Crone, Wise woman or Pagan Elder. I myself became a Crone in 2011 which has truly been an enriching experience. I always vowed that this event in my life would occur when I reached 53, and it felt so right. I dedicated myself to my Ancient Mother and sister Crones… Hecate, Cerridwen and Spider Grand Mother - the sheer love, comfort, wisdom and assurance which rose from the immense energy of the ritual was humbling. I had a circle of 27 women (20 men in the house sharing ales) and Luna Le Fey (Chrissey) was celebrant as she is a Crone herself. Having my Cronehood has made me 'complete' we are all different of course, but I would definitely recommend it. To honour new changes in life in this way is truly uplifting on both a spiritual and personal level, to let go of the old in order to create a new shift in life - to enter into a fulfilled and happier existence... in Peace.

Denny Bottley (Ravenswing)

Croning a Merlin How does one even begin to crone a Merlin? He’s older than Stonehenge itself!! However he is also a man turning 50! I called on a Crone - Witch – Sister to help me out. Together we would interrogate our Merlin, in the most menacing of our crone guises. We would interrogate him to discover if he really had gathered enough wisdom over the years to take the title of Crone. Word went out, and the people came from near and far. Preceded by a picnic, the ritual took place at the beautiful Sanctuary at Avebury. We processed with drums from the ridgeway, spiralling into the Sanctuary...round and round, snaking our way to the centre of this magickal place. The circle is cast. Peace and the quarters are called and I invite my Crone – Witch – Sister, Gerry Gera into the centre of the circle. We called in The Merlin. We paced slowly around him...we keep our eyes firmly fixed upon him. We are empowered by our mighty they slowly...rhythmically pound the ground. I call out”Merlin of England. You believe you are wise enough to hold the title of Crone, but my sister Crone and I are not yet convinced. We have devised four questions which you must answer to the satisfaction of all those gathered here. We will then deliberate and decide if you – Merlin of England are truly worthy of the title of Crone. “Bloody Hell!!!” gulped Merlin. Question one. Do you know... (Intense anticipation)...The dates of the Solstices and Equinoxes? There was laughter all round and a sigh of relief from The Merlin and of course there’s a debate and a lot of banter about dates. Over to Gerry Gera, who after a lovely bit of menacing asked The Merlin to name five herbs which can be smoked. He had no problem with this one either but it had to be asked after all ...wise is wise! Satisfied Gera then asked The Merlin to name five birds of England which he did easily. After a bit more menacing, we pace about a bit...whisper to each other as our eyes remain constantly fixed upon The Merlin. “I call again Merlin of England, so far you have answered well, but so far the questions have been rather easy! Prepare yourself...for this next question my sister and I have thought long and hard, and your answer will tell us all if you have truly become wise in your fifty years...Merlin of England...would you ever...under any circumstances....(long pause)...stop...a woman...from ...(tension builds)...eating ...chocolate? In a split second with no hesitation whatsoever The Merlin answered. “NO!!!” “Then you are truly a wise old man”. There is laughter and relief all round, and all that was left to do was to present him with his Crone Jewel (an amethyst). After a few serious words on re balancing the negative stereotypes of aging The Merlin and myself blessed the mead and passed it around those gathered in the circle. We recited the Word and sent healing to all those who need it before closing the quarters and the circle. The Merlin was croned and we celebrated!!

Linda Moonbow

Passing ceremonies This is the chance not only to celebrate the life of someone close to us as they leave this realm to continue their journey; it is also an important part of the grieving process for those left behind. For those grieving the loss of their loved one, a passing ceremony is their opportunity to say ‘Goodbye’. Part of the job of a celebrant may be that of a ‘Psychopomp’ which is someone who ensures the souls of the deceased safely reach the next life. The most famous example of a psychopomp is Charon the ferryman who transported the souls of the dead across the River Styx. In ancient times it would have been the tribal Shaman who led a passing ceremony as he was traditionally the member of the tribe who could walk in the spirit world, and commune with the dead. Although these days pagan funerals are available on request in most areas, the deceased or next of kin making the funeral arrangements may prefer a secular or Christian funeral. This does not prevent pagan relatives from celebrating the passing of a loved one or friend in their own way, and local celebrants will be able to provide an appropriate, suitable and spiritual ceremony. These days like most pagan ceremonies it will generally involve an altar dressed to commemorate the loved one, a circle and the elements will be invoked and dismissed appropriately. Although it should be added this is not carved in stone as all ceremonies will vary according to location and individual requirements. A passing ceremony not only celebrates the life of the individual but also enables their safe passage to the next phase of their journey, and for some the ‘psychopomp’ aspect is the more important while for others it is about remembering the individual and celebrating their achievements. It is common at Christian funerals to come across the phrase...just as we come from dust so to dust shall we return. Like everything else in the universe our own individual journeys came into existence at the birth of the universe; the big bang. As Crowley said ‘Every man and woman is a star’. Each of us began as stardust with our own unique path to follow and since that time we have existed in many forms. As our time on this Earth ends so the next phase of our journey begins, for death is merely the end of one phase and the beginning of another. Many of us refer to this next phase as the afterlife or ‘Summerlands’ and although we cannot say with any certainty what the next phase of an individual’s journey will involve, we can remember and celebrate the part of their journey we shared with them and assist their safe passage into the next stage of their existence. It is extremely important for celebrants to also take into consideration not only the beliefs and wishes of family and close friends but also their memories.

The celebration of a life When friends and relatives leave this life, their spirit enters the next phase of its journey which many of us refer to as Summerland. It would have been both insensitive and inappropriate to have disclosed the contents of specific ceremonies. Instead with the kind permission of Taloch Jameson I have included a spiritual piece written by his Mother Doreen Nutman shortly before her own passing.

Inspiration To know Truth one must first accept what truth may entail. What does Truth entail and what is Holy? Holy is Sacred, Blessed, Sanctified, Divine, Righteous Truth Is To recognise the source of all life as HolyTo open one’s self to the Source of all thingsTo help sustain life To recognise the beauty of all CreationAll these things are Holy. To support another when capable is HolyTo feel empathy for the hurt of another To love unconditionally To shed tears of Joy To cry tears of compassion To see yourself in all things To see all things within your self To open ones heart to all existences To put peace before war To love where there is hate To be authentic, original and unique All that is natural is Holy “To live in Truth one must be as natural as The Winds that blow The Flames that glow The Rivers that flow The Trees that grow To live in the true spirit of peace” (In memory of Doreen Nutman) The following poem was written by me as a celebration of our eternal existence.

Eternity We were born when time began, At the creation of all there is, And though we may take many forms, We constantly exist. And although we are on this plane, For just a little while, With family, friends and lovers We laugh, we cry....we smile. And though we can no longer, Hold each others hands, We exist forever in the hearts, Of those who understand. That although we feel the heartache, As the pain of grief lingers on, One day we’ll be the brightest stars, That rise above the dawn. Diane Narraway

Saturday 11th August Artemis Gathering Horley Campsite, Wroxton Road, Horley, Oxfordshire, OX15 6AU

Saturday 6th October Wytches Market & Masked Ball supported by Mike Porter Collective Glastonbury Town Hall, Glastonbury

Sunday 14th October Samhain in the Suburbs Compass Theatre, Glebe Avenue, Ickenham, Ukbridge, UB10 8PD Sunday 21st October Pagan Future Events Samhain 2012 The Bedford Pub Theatre, 77 Bedford Hill, Balham, London,SW12 9HD Doors open 12 Noon till 10pm

The following feature came about in a moment of madness, when for whatever reason I thought to myself ‘I know I’ll do a feature on the Mike Porter Collective’.


The following interlude is not suitable for those of any disposition!!!

The Mike Porter Collective (Problem Page) Dear the Mike Porter Collective, I have a very embarrassing problem. The other night, whist in bed with my dear husband Rupert, we heard a disturbing sound coming from our teenage son Arthur’s bedroom. He was making some of the most obscure and obscene noises that I’ve heard in all my days. You see the problem isn’t really his, it’s yours. My son has recently given up on his life, formerly devoted to our lord Jesus Christ, and has started wearing the most obscene t-shirts. He has taken down his posters of nude women and replaced them with some obscene profanity known as the Mike Porter Collective You are sick and evil people. One can only imagine what sort of evil sinful lives you must have led to have brought you to play this indescribable noise. On judgement day I only pray that you improve the sound quality of what is currently available so at least then the horrific sounds from his bedroom will be comprehensible and possibly in tune! Yours truly, Theresa Green

Dear wonderful and faithful Theresa, We as a collective are truly sorry and concerned to hear about your terrible dilemma. On starting your letter we admittedly went on a different track and instinctively thought the noises you were talking about were in fact him partaking in the lewd act of 1920’s jive music. I feel we should explain who we are and how we have forsaken the path of righteousness and cart wheeled into rock and roll. It all started in 2009, a year when summers were hot, people were cheerful and Britney was in the charts as a young innocent virgin. As we know it was SNATCHed away from her by the paparazzi. We all met one evening at a local blues jam night, where we were all separate musicians with different styles and ambitions. One ambition of jocks was to put together a blues band hence the Glidfish Blues Society was formed and quickly became the house band.

Then one hot summer’s weekend we were invited to party in a field with, would you believe it, pagans! The shame I know, but all was not bad as we discovered they are actually real people, who have similar ideologies to you, but that’s a different letter.

We took fondly to their ‘alien’ ways and in return for their kindness we played them some tunes around the camp fire. Later that year, we once again found ourselves at another gathering and had, this time prepared ourselves for another recital around the fire.

Whist we were relaxing with a brew or two around our camp we were approached by a tall man with clad in black leather with horns upon his head. He cheerfully told us of an addictive place known only as The Dolmen Stage! And then with an evil glint in his eye and a breeze from his kilt he invited us to play on it. We looked at each other and with great apprehension we said ok. And with a call of cider, he turned and strode away at pace. On that weekend we gave in to temptation and got hooked. Upon returning home we folded the Glidfish and formed The Mike Porter Collective.

So madam, if anybody is to blame for your son’s sordid addiction, may we suggest you search out the Dorset Stag Lord and not us. We thank you for your correspondence and to answer your question, the album will be out very very soon, and I can assure you, It’s the Dogs Bo***cks. Love and kisses The Mike Porter Collective

The Mike Porter Collective will be available to answer all and any questions of all and everything in the universe that you may care to ask us. Please forward questions to our facebook page.!/groups/231171776952052/


All things Shite and Beautiful is the long awaited debut album from the Mike Porter Collective. Yet it is much more than just a collection of songs - It is a rite of passage that is most definitely not for the faint hearted, or those of a good Christian disposition. This album takes us for a leisurely stagger through the seedier side of urban life which lurks enticingly in the back streets of our holiday resorts and fashionable cities. Songs of drunken revelry, lap dancing, lust, depravity, debauchery, decadence and altered states of mind... all of which are seen though the humorous beer goggles of the Mike Porter Collective Because the songs on the album flow effortlessly there is a distinct sense of being down the local pub listening to their often disturbing but nonetheless clever, witty and highly entertaining insights into mans more inappropriate means of forgetting heartache and some of their equally dismal attempts to find Miss right now!! In fact I would defy anyone to listen to this album and not raise a smile as they come face to face with some of their own less than dignified behaviour from nights on the town. The Mike Porter Collective are a group of highly accomplished yet distinctly original musicians whose diverse range of instruments and truly unique line up produces a sound that is strictly their own. They are fronted by Mike Porter whose unique vocal style can only be described as equal parts Gravel ‘n’ Raunch. As a band they are raw, sleazy, humorous and naturally fact they are indeed all things Shite and Beautiful. Album cover by Moo at Vine Art

RICH I came to be in the MPC in 2011 through Jock who plays harmonica and percussion in the band, he is both my friend and neighbour - he knows I'm in another (well known in its own political music scene) band called 'Seize the Day' which I have been a member of since 1999 - so he knew that I played music and day he invited me to have a jam and see if we got on; we did and so here we are. I play the didgeridoo - which I discovered when I came across an amazing ‘didge’ player in 1989 after a 'Pagan Halloween' festival in Goldsmith's college, London. I remember thinking 'I've got to learn about all that' and I've played it ever since. I learnt to play the djembe and congas too in the 90's which came about as I was part of the hippy eco-activist movement of the time, getting involved in road protests and anti-corporate power demonstrations. I’ve been arrested during anti-gm and anti-nuclear actions as I'm committed to the idea of fairness and common sense in the world. I don't write any songs for the Mike Porter Collective yet but I do write for Seize the Day - with the Mike Porter Collective I only sing 2 songs by myself, 'King of the Swingers' and Monty Python's 'Universe song, because part of my other work is to provide music therapy in old people's homes [which I love, and those are the two favourite songs ~I've been singing for the dear oldies - its great they still go down so well amongst festival crowds. My 'normal' day job is to sell solar P.V. systems for 'Engensa' a solar energy company – I love that ‘cos it takes money away from dirty coal which in the light of global warming, is SO last century [once an idealist always an idealist] Do I see the Mike Porter Collective playing Wembley? Not really but if we ever get to play at Plainmoor [Torquay United's ground] I'd say that would be a high point. We're a good time band with some genuine heart - we are not the next 'Muse' but we will keep a party going and any pub that books us is sure to sell more beer!

Richard Whistance

KATE Apart from adding a much needed bit of glamour to the Mike Porter Collective, Kate is also a talented bass and double bass player. Ironically by her own admission she only took up the bass guitar at school because GCSE music sound like it might be fun. Kate also occasionally ‘stands in’ when required to play a very different genre of music with RIOT GRRRRL punk band ‘Husbands n knives’. During the day she works in administration for a haulage company, although she has only been there for a couple of months. Prior to that she did tailoring and web design, and she admits this may not be the most exciting job in the world she likes the relaxed atmosphere there. Kate provides a sneaky insight into the bands rehearsal schedule, as she laughs about how they practice round at Jocks house whilst watching football on a Sunday, with regular breaks for goal scoring. As far as gigs are concerned Mike Porter books them and then checks everyone can play. “It’s about having fun, I’m not looking for fame” she smiles. I asked her if she had any plans to take a more active role as a singer she replied “They’ve not let me have the microphone but I’m having fun”. When I asked Kate if she could see the Mike Porter Collective playing Wembley stadium she laughed ...a lot before adding “Yes but only by accident “

Kate Sawyer

MIKE MEDWAY In answer to the first question, Mike Porter Collective started when Mike Porter came to a blues jam night in Torquay and got up to join in with myself and jock. At the time we were part of the resident house band and after a couple of standard numbers he said that he wrote a few songs himself, so we said go for it...Mike asked us to back him so we did ,and we did it again the following week and then after a few drinks he kidnapped us. I play guitar banjo with the band but on the album I also played a twelve string guitar kazoo and the duck call. During the day I work for the N.H.S. with people with learning difficulties. I also run music therapy sessions, and a recycling group. As to why i came to play the guitar. Being a teenager in the sixties and hearing all that NEW music - The Stones, The Kinks, Dylan and The Pretty Things to name just a few. Of course coming from Brixham I couldn’t get the records I wanted so I started to learn them on the harmonica, but that wasn’t good enough so gave up. Several years later when I could afford it I bought a second hand guitar. I’ve been learning ever since and sometimes I even get it right plus I bloody well love it. What about the possibility of the Mike Porter Collective playing Wembley Stadium or the X Factor? We could do the X Factor but facing the other way with our trousers down ‘cos the shows crap. As for Wembley, well we are just waiting for the booking to come through and the limo to be sent ...and they would have to import cider from DEVON!!

Mike Medway

JOCK Jock plays harmonica, congas, washboard and any other percussion required. Because the harmonica is not the most common instrument I had to ask how he ended up playing it. This story began with a bit of giggling and grinning and although I have no idea what Jock had done to inspire his partner Tanya to ask him what he would like as a reward. And possibly I’m better off not knowing. Anyway jock asked for a harmonica and Tanya returned with one...and hastily added how this resulted in weeks of ‘Oh when the Saints’ and ‘Polly wolly doodle’ . Tanya’s eardrums were eventually saved when a mate in a pub showed him how to bend a note properly. Then the original Mike Porter Collective drummer bought Jock the congas as a thankyou for something...I don’t know the full story here either but if I ever need a favour Jocks the guy to ask as long as Im willing to buy him a triangle, castanets or similar !! Jock tells me that during the day he’s a ‘responsible adult’ - No really he works at a day centre for adults with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour. Apparently he’s more outgoing at work, although I find this hard to imagine. He also tells me he’s a Karaoke host or as Tanya puts it a ‘musical prostitute’ When asked about the possibility of the Mike Porter Collective playing Wembley Stadium or appearing on the X factor. He very quickly ruled out the X factor on the grounds of “I don’t do queuing!” As for Wembley “That many people singing Der, Der, Der would be horrific....although there is still a chance it will become a footie anthem for Torquay united”

Jock Mc Ilveen

KURT Kurt is the newest member of the band, currently playing the electric mandolin and any extra percussion that may be required. He informed me that he was already a guitarist and saxophonist and had been trying to put together a swing band. It was while he was looking for a bass player that he met Kate Sawyer who subsequently abducted him to play for the Mike Porter Collective. As a result I met him in a field in Dorset where he and the rest of the band were playing the Friday night at the Dolmen Grove Camp; Tribal Dreams the Gathering of the Clans. I discovered that when he’s not gigging or rehearsing he is released to his day job – organising activities and entertainment for those suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Don’t be fooled though girls, with his clean cut image and good looks Kurt may seem like the boy your Mother has always dreamt, you should be with but it’s ok girls I can tell you now your mother would still disapprove as in just one sentence his clean cut image crumbled away to reveal the rebel within. “I’m not saying we should start a revolution, but if there is one we’ll definitely join in.” At least now we know he’s in the right band!! Finally I had to ask if he could see the Mike Porter Collective ever playing Wembley or even the X factor. He thought for a moment before replying with a smile “ Not without extreme socio – economic reform !”

Kurt shaw

MIKE PORTER Mike Porter is the man you see playing an acoustic guitar and in his own words ‘trying a bit of singing’. Whilst he may come across at times as a walking disaster there is far more to him than meets the eye (which is very fortunate for everyone...especially him!) In fact all their song lyrics are written by Mike although everyone is involved in writing the music with the odd exception of the occasional traditional bits, which although they were written elsewhere are, in the name of entertainment (and amusement) completely bastardized by the entire band. Mikes day job which involves making some of the components used for aircraft engines (As if I wasn’t scared enough of flying!) provided the inspiration for the lyrically complex ‘Der, Der, Der.’ He informed me that he had always been interested in music and had begun his musical career as a child, singing along to his ‘times table’ tapes, so really he couldn’t imagine himself doing anything else. To be honest as much amusement as I could make of this statement I find the image of Mike Porter on stage gruffly sleazing his way through a collection of amusingly ‘wrong’ scenarios far more natural than the image of him on a factory shop floor. And so to the million dollar question do you see the Mike Porter Collective ever playing Wembley or appearing on X factor? Laughing; he quickly ruled out the X Factor on the grounds of not needing to be told their music was unacceptable, they know it’s unacceptable. As for Wembley it’s too impersonal and our live shows are quite organic as we regularly forget which instrument we are supposed to be using. There is a great quote from the Dolmen Drummer Chris ‘Spankie’ Jones who stepped in and played for us once ...” From an audience point of view they all look really professional, but when you play with them, you realise they haven’t got a f***ing clue.” Drifting briefly back to the idea of Wembley stadium grinning he added “on the other hand ...80,000 kazoos hmmm!!!!”

Mike Porter

QUAMOTS Hello, Bonjour and G'day Welcome to the all new Mike Porter Collective QUAMOTS page! (Questioning, Understanding and Answering Meanings Of The Subconscious). Kinda like a Q&A thing. This is where anyone is free to ask us any question that may be on their mind. Such as, why don't my shoes fit anymore and why is it growing bigger? We hope to answer questions to the best of our ability and knowledge of the cosmos, human nature and hit records from the 1990's. So let’s get underway. Our first question is from a young lady called Julie aged 9½ from Portsmouth whose hobbies consist of horseback riding, acrobatics and camel spotting. Here is Julie’s question. Q: What is the meaning of life? A: there are two answers to that question, one is that we are living in a pre-existent world from a pre imploded universe that has already played out this existence, many times before, and which will happen again once our current galaxy reaches its optimum level and starts to decrease in size and mass, in about 7 billion years time, until it finally becomes the size of an atom and finally implodes on itself thus creating the universe we currently live in today once again. The second more plausible answer is the smell of bacon. Thanks Julie, I hope this helps you in your quest for knowledge. Our next letter is from Mark aged 11 ¾, an avid historian and blackguard from the sunny seaside resort of Weymouth. Whose hobbies include, building sandcastles, chess and base jumping. His question is one relating to his home county of Dorset. He writes, Q: Why is it that Dorset is just so much more awesome than its neighbours? A: Well young Mark, you see, Dorset is a thriving county located at the south of England, which is rich in the cultures of the 5 surrounding counties. The Dorset community has grown and prospered since discovering the wheel in the late 1980s. I hope that our little history lesson has enlightened you and keep studying! Our next question of comes from a young lady called Wendy who is a 5 year old prodigy and is currently studying advanced mathematics at the university of Leeds. Her hobbies include playing backgammon, classical cello, and Lego. She asks, Q: Why did my chakra bracelet fall down the plug hole? A: Well this is again something that has 2 possible answers. The first is the more complicated of the two, so we will have to divert a little to get back to the actual point. You see the balance of life is maintained due to the atoms in and around us all, therefore we are all technically still connected. So the fact that you saw

you're bracelet fall into the plug hole is academic, as it in fact never left your body. More to the point the bracelet never actually existed. It was merely a molecular compound aligned to your own molecular compound, and based on the multi verse theory...for every incident that happens in our universe there is a multitude of other events based on yours, for example while yours fell, another would float, and another would explode whilst another would just turn into pretty bubbles. But if you’re still not convinced try the second answer... S**t happens! I hope that we have cleared things up for you and that your degree is coming on well. Our last question is from a cavalier young chap named Christopher J Sparrow, a shy 8 year old whose hobbies include listening to 70's pop music, tap dancing and ping pong. He wants to know, Q: Will I ever be linked to those severed limbs the police found?? A: Well Christopher, first of all, the answer will cost you an arm and a leg! Second of all we have to know is how many limbs are we talking about? Are we talking an average mammal or a Ganesh? If you happen to retail in the severed limbs market, then I'm fairly certain the police might want a word. On the other hand, have you recently checked that all your own limbs are intact and attached i.e. Have you found it difficult to pick up cups? If the answer to any of these is yes, then you are well overdue a visit in our opinion. If this is not the case, then you're a foot in the right direction, just be careful disposing of the torso. We hope this has helped and remember young man. When severing limbs, don't leave them in bins, and even more so be careful with a torso! Thank you to all you lovely young people for your exciting questions. Don’t forget that we are always here to help when we can. Bye Bye for now and remember always respect your elders. Yours wastefully. Mike & Jock. And so we come to the end of this brief interlude which probed deeply into the unconsciousness of the Mike Porter Collective and we are left with the question of are they really as Mad as they seem. Quite honestly yes...and no! The Mike Porter Collective is a group of talented and highly versatile musicians, accompanied by the lyrics of someone with an amusing and original way of finding the humour in both the mundane and the tragic. While it’s true that they may only ever play Wembley Stadium by accident, if it ever does happen I can pretty much guarantee all those present will be singing Der, Der, Der all the way home!!! For the time being though they will continue to bring their own brand of mayhem and lunacy to festivals, pubs and parties, and of course the Dolmen Grove Camps. Diane Narraway

Poetry From Within the Grove Religion

"Your Path"

There’s conflict in the deserts Fighting in the streets Hard won bloody victories Sickening defeats

We all need to find our place, To nurture us at steady pace, To bring joy and inner peace, To make us 'Whole' before we cease, As we learn, so we find, To the 'Old Ways' do we bind To life, and Nature and all around, The true self within can be found To stand together all as one Beneath the Moon or setting Sun, To ground ourselves whole and fast To connect with Divine spirits of the past, When you feel their 'Kiss' upon your face, You have found your 'Special Place'

People search for answers That others think they’ve got But the more they shout solutions The deeper grows the rot So the Gods are in their heaven The people in their hell And that’s the way it’s going to stay As far as I can tell Too late to lock the gate now The devil’s left his lair And the ghosts of a chance weep softly in The shadows of Tiananmen Square Wisdom’s where you find it You can eat it from the hand Of any self-styled saviour With his own promised land So it was and so it is And so will ever be That the poor man ends up choking On religious hypocrisy

Mark Vine

Denny Bottley (Ravenswolf)

Guiding Angel Out of the mist she came, A traveller not unlike myself! Yet walking towards me, As if going In the opposite direction, And yet it seemed As if she was coming for me! An angel to Guide me On my mist blinded journey. But no sooner had I seen her, Than she was gone, As if never there. Then softly And ever so gently I heard a quiet voice in my ear, “I am with you, I will guide you on the right path And see you safely home.

Carl Trimmer (Darkwolf)

The Storm

Inspiration Mountain

The Waves crashed upon the shore, an angry grey explosion. Black rocks, jagged and cruel, rose like demons from the sea to rip the bowels from a boat and drown an unsuspecting sailor.

High on a misty mountain I found inspiration, A sense of Peace, clarity and Understanding, A Vision, a dream, A wish I so longed could come true, A call from the heart, For a soul to be at Peace.

Mermaids swim among the rocks, so beautiful, it makes you cry they sing and lure the ships so near then drag them down , down, never to be seen again. Rain lashes; lightning strikes the dark black hills. The rocks glisten and rise menacingly the moon is hidden by the clouds a perfect night for smugglers! lights flashing on the beach luring ships to their doom splintering wood, cries of men! long slender arms dragging men to the bottom of the sea. Roar of a cannon, screams of pain! The morning brings a calm, a beach littered with broken planks dead men lie on the black rocks a singing from the rocks nearby a sound to still your soul a sight so lovely as to drive a man insane. she looks , smiles and with a splash is gone

Sue Dignum

To have a life with a special someone, Who could enjoy life, who could love me As I could love them, And who could love hold and keep in this way forever, As if time itself had should still, And graced us with a lasting moment of joy and happiness. I make this wish in the form of a poem. To a cloud, as I pass through it. A poem that comes to mind as if given, at the right moment To complete a journey, A life, constantly lost and found, Only to be lost again after a moment of self-doubt and betrayal, Confidence in people becomes shattered, In myself the denial of any respect, For my own wellbeing, And yet to go away and find peace alone on a hill, in a cloud. Was it the touch of a God? The caring hand of Mother Nature, Or simply a look across a great void to another world, Another time? A place where life may be simpler!

Carl Trimmer (Darkwolf)

Dates to Remember Autumn Equinox open success at Stonehenge will be dawn on the 22nd September 2012 The Portland Witches of the Dolmen Grove will also be holding a Sunrise Ceremony on Portland Bill

The Dolmen Grove Samhain Celebrations will be an ‘All Day Event’ during the day there is a ‘Psychic Fayre’ followed by a ‘Wytches Ball’ featuring live music from The Dolmen please see full advert or click on the following link

A Day in the Life of... Q ) Name and Religious title/path if applicable...(i.e. Witch, Druid, Pagan etc )? A) Duncan Wilde. I’m open minded with a leaning towards Pagan “idealogy” and as yet I am waiting for my path to become clear to me.

Q) How did you become involved with The Dolmen Grove? A. Almost a year ago we, (That is my wife Angie&I) went, as guests to a gig at The Flying Bull, Liss, where local band Spriggan Mist were playing. We met some people who would go on to be good friends, including those in the band. Baz Cilia (from Spriggan Mist) told us about the Dolmen Grove, and introduced us to Richard Edwards, who explained how to join. As our kids were now grown up, we were at a stage in our lives where we had time for something new! So we decided to join. And the rest, as they say, is history....

Q) What is your job title or brief description of job? A) Having had numerous jobs throughout my life, about 10 years ago decided to make my passion and hobby of gardening my career. So venturing on a self employed journey I did just that, and have steadily built up a regular customer base over those ten years. I have learned a lot in that time and I will undertake anything that I feel I have the confidence to do well. At home we have a relatively small garden with a lot packed into it, but with my customers it’s like I have adopted their gardens too. I feel a bond with each garden I work in inclusive of its animal, bird and insect inhabitants. I consider myself very lucky to be doing something I enjoy, whilst working in the fresh air....A blessed existence!

Q) Can you describe a typical work day? A) A typical day for me would begin, depending of course on the season, with a brief wander around the garden I’m working on, making a mental note of what needs doing and what has changed. As we are approaching the end of a somewhat unusual summer, I would be “deadheading” to promote a last gasp of flower, collecting seeds from those plants that are ready and cutting back any vigorous growth that is encroaching where it isn’t wanted, plus of course, the dreaded weeding! I would also be looking at any preserving any wooden tables, chairs, benches and fence panels. Pond maintenance is usually needed this time of year so I may well be removing debris, cleaning filters etc. and of course, if I’m lucky, drinking copious amounts of tea...It’s a hard life!!

Q) How do you feel your Pagan Beliefs fit into your everyday life? A) To be a Pagan, means to me, amongst other things, a rustic way of life and a deeper connection to the land, which I think is appropriate to both Angie and myself. We like to use natural things as much as we can, and have many hobbies and interests that reflect this. For instance I like working with wood so I made besoms, wands and staffs for Angie and the girls, which I found very satisfying, and somewhere within “my gardens” I can usually lay my hands on the materials needed. Everyday philosophies for me would be to treat people how I would like to be treated, always try to be positive and optimistic, never take things for granted, and do everything, however big or small to the best of my ability.

Q) How do you feel your life has changed since becoming a member of Dolmen Grove? A) Wow, where do I start.... Since joining the Grove almost a year ago, I am reminded of something Richard Edwards said to us, “You’re in for quite a ride!” He wasn’t wrong. Apart from the amazing music we have discovered...Spriggan Mist, Damh the Bard, Mike Porter Collective, Husbands and Knives to name but a few. Oh hang on, who’s that other band.....Ah yes, the mighty Dolmen! They are of course just some of the amazing and wonderful people we have met, the friendships we have made in the beautiful county of Dorset, and of course dear old Weymouth, where one day we plan to come and settle...probably in a Pagan nursing home!! Being a member of the Grove is a very important part of our lives now, one which the “kids” have eagerly latched onto, and as members, we feel privileged to be part of something this special and exciting. We have been on two camps now, “Spirit of rebirth” and “Tribal dreams”, Beltane was ...errrm... interesting and due to the Storm somewhat wild! In contrast “Tribal dreams” was perfect, spiritual, peaceful, friendly and everything we hoped it would be. In short, we couldn’t imagine life now without all you crazy, wonderful and talented folks, we love you all...!

Diary of the Hedgewitch Night spills into day as the world is again ruled by star and moon, light shimmering through dark. The sinking sun in the shortening days reflects rich depths of colour, igniting upon the fading glory of blossoms in flames of orange, red and yellow lit with vivid sparks of deep brilliant purple and pink. Late summer sun glows upon voluptuous burgeoning fruit swelling in ripeness and hanging like jewels upon wind tossed trees, promising a precious bountiful feast hiding seeds of possible futures within. A nostalgia beckons as the air begins to be filled with a faint scent of decay stirred by a crisp freshness; life and death dancing to an eternal rhythm. Mists begin to smother the land, expressions of those veils that shift and drift in wakefulness and in sleep. Our lives, like these vaporous autumnal mists, weave and heave, separate and combine, drawn by an invisible breeze, forever pulsating, and forever spinning through the illusions of space and of time, beyond thought. Stark change grips us as the harvests are reaped, Death’s scythe blade slicing and devouring what is ripe, fertilising all that is harvested on its way back from the gates of form; and the Pan with pipes that leaped and bounded on the glistening morning dew at spring, now strides into the damp darkening dusk, cloven hooves resounding, as the world follows. Crops are ripening as the sun retreats, and what has come into being passes away, forever leaving an imprint and a trace on its journey onwards, as we feast on the bounty that glows under the late summer and early autumn sun, climaxing at the peak of its manifestation.

All potential that brimmed within tiny seeds have come into being, manifesting and expressing themselves out into the world and beyond, each seed bearing one possibility through to a realisation to return the cycle back again, condensing its experiences into a seed heaving with all-possibilities. Cycles are completed, holding the experiences of all those that have gone before and all cycles that are to come, each contained within the next. Motion and change whirls through life. Within the form of a plant this motion is seen in the formation of leaves spiralling up the stem. Often the most finely detailed leaf is formed nearest the ground, new leaves surging forth up the stem often become simpler as they strive towards the flower. This is non-physical movement and each leaf up the stem is a snapshot, or a trace, of the movement, a movement that is the unity of life in all manifestations.

This movement can be seen as an example in a dandelion, the manifesting leaves becoming more jagged as they materialise up the stem, and the leaves also become more jagged as the year draws its course through the seasons. The yellow flowers shine like the sun as they open at sunrise, turning towards the celestial sphere in its motion across the sky until its descent when the flower will close, facing upwards, striving towards the sun, to remain closed on dull days. The blossoms are ruled by light but the dandelion clocks have their beings at the mercy of the winds, each seed bearing a parasol to send it whirling outwards into the surrounding world.

In the summer the dandelion draws its experiences of the light-filed world into the Earth, and into the crown of the plant that now bears its form close to the ground, and the plant is further more pulled downwards by the deeply penetrating root that heaves itself into the subsoil. The plant inhales as the Earth inhales in perpetual rhythm, to again draw its sunshine yellow flowers upwards when the exhalation of spring spills into the dark winter. e The world contracts from its climax as the heat of the sun fades with the withering blossoms, and trees prepare for their dramatic colouring of leaves. The feast of the senses and an expansion of being that the summer reveals condenses as, like the dandelion, we bring our experiences into our roots that penetrate the Earth, and are transformed, as we again fling ourselves upwards towards the sun, the light, and ever-shifting realisations, as the seasons are but reflections of ever-greater rhythms of worlds within worlds, entwined.

Crops to sow in September Date

Crops to sow

Constellation of Moon

Other Information

Sun 02

Cabbage, spring


Moon conjunction Uranus 21hrs

Lettuce Spinach

Moonset 7.30hrs

Mon 03

Cabbage, spring Lettuce Spinach


Moonset 8.40hrs

Thurs 06 PM



Moonset 11.50hrs

Fri 07 PM



South (descending) node 3hrs Apogee 7hrs Moonset 12.50

Sat 08



Moon conjunction Jupiter 12hrs 3rd quarter 14hrs Highest Moon 20hrs Moonset 13.40hrs

Sun 09 AM



Moon trine Saturn 11hrs Moonset 14.30hrs

Wed 12

Cabbage, spring


Moon conjunction Venus 16hrs

Lettuce Spinach Thurs 13 AM

Cabbage, spring

Moonset 16.10hrs Cancer

Lettuce Spinach Sun 16


Venus trine Uranus 6hrs Moonset 16.50hrs


Moon conjunction Mercury 2hrs Dark Moon 3hrs Moonrise 6hrs

Mon 17



Moon conjunction Uranus 2hrs Moonrise 7.20hrs

Tues 18



Moon conjunction Saturn 13hrs Moonrise 8.50hrs

Fri 21

Sat 22 until 16hrs

Cabbage, spring


Moon opposition Jupiter 21hrs


Moon trine Venus 21hrs


Moonrise 12.40hrs

Cabbage, spring


Lowest Moon 2hrs


1st quarter 21hrs


Moonrise 13.30hrs

Tues 25



Moonrise 15.30hrs

Sat 29

Cabbage, spring


Sun opposition Uranus 8hrs

Lettuce Spinach Sun 30

Cabbage, spring

Moonrise 17hrs Pisces

Full Moon 4hrs


Sun conjunction Uranus 3hrs


Moonrise 17.20hrs

Crops to sow in October Date

Crops to Sow

Constellation of Moon

Other Information

Mon 01

Cabbage, spring


Moon opposition Mercury 13hrs

Lettuce Spinach Thurs 04


Moon trine Venus 20hrs Moonset 7.30hrs Taurus

Moon opposition Saturn 0hrs Moon opposition Mars 9hrs Moonset 10.40hrs

Fri 05



Apogee 2hrs Mercury conjunction Saturn 11hrs Moon conjunction Jupiter 23hrs Moon trine Sun 14hrs Moonset 11.40hrs

Sat 06



Mercury trine Neptune 0hrs Highest Moon 4hrs Moonset 12.40hrs

Tues 09 PM

Wed 10

Cabbage, spring


Sun trine Jupiter 7hrs


Venus trine Pluto 9hrs


Moonset 14.10

Cabbage, spring


Moonset 14.40hrs

Lettuce Spinach Sat 13 PM



Moonset 15.50hrs

Sun 14



Moon opposition Uranus 10hrs Moonset 16.20hrs

Mon 15



Mars trine Uranus 12hrs Dark Moon 13hrs Moonrise 6.20hrs

Tues 16 AM



Moon conjunction Saturn 3hrs Moonrise 7.40hrs

Thurs 18

Cabbage, spring


Moon conjunction Mars 15hrs

Lettuce Spinach Fri 19

Cabbage, spring

Moonrise 10.20hrs Scorpio

Lettuce Spinach Mon 22


Moon opposition Jupiter 4hrs Lowest Moon 8hrs Moonrise 11.30hrs


3rd quarter 5hrs Moonrise 13.30hrs

Tues 23



Sun trine Neptune 12hrs Moonrise 14hrs

Fri 26

Cabbage, spring


Moon opposition Venus 16hrs

Lettuce Spinach Sat 27

Cabbage, spring

Moonrise 15.10hrs Pisces


Moon conjunction Uranus 7hrs Moonrise 15.30hrs

Spinach Sun 28

Cabbage, spring


Lettuce Spinach Wed 31 from 15hrs


Mars opposition Jupiter 14hrs Moonrise 15.50hrs


South (Descending) node 12hrs Moonset 8.30hrs

TRIBAL Dreams This was the first camp since the introduction of paid membership, and as a result; this camp was only available to members and their guests subsequently laying down the foundations for the future of the Dolmen Grove events. Throughout the day there was a variety of talks and workshops, all of which were informative and well attended, followed by live music in the evenings from several bands all from different musical genres. There has been continued positive feedback with much of it coming from newcomers, who for many valid reasons had reservations about what they might find at camp, only to find they were pleasantly surprised the genuine pagan feeling present within the Dolmen Grove.

The Fire Ceremony Saturday nights entertainment culminated in the ‘Fire Ceremony’ A unique spiritual celebration which was focused upon the of the gifts of the sun culminating with the harvest. This involved contributions from several people within the Grove, all of which brought their own individual spiritual energy to the circle. It is not simply that there is the freedom to follow your own path, but it is because we all celebrate that freedom that so much energy is raised during our ceremonies.

Properties of Crystals Clear Quartz Quartz is easily obtained and is found world-wide. It comes in many forms, colours and structures, but for this article I will be concentrating on Clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is considered to be the most powerful of all the healing crystals and energy amplifiers on the planet and it is often referred to as The Master Crystal It has the ability to cleanse and charge all other crystals with positive energy. It not only absorbs stores and releases energy, it also regulates that energy, whilst working at every level to bring your body and surroundings into balance, as it stabilises energy fields and promotes harmony. Clear Quartz works at a vibrational level and will be attuned to the specific energy requirements of the individual either using it, or needing healing from it. It acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. It cleanses the organs of the body whilst aligning its subtle bodies. At a spiritual level, Clear Quartz raises energy to the highest level; it greatly enhances psychic abilities and will attune you to your spiritual purpose. When used during meditation, Clear Quartz will filter out all of the everyday distractions both surrounding you and within you. It is an excellent receptor of energy and will store information, very much like the hard drive of your computer; a spiritual encyclopaedia or library for want of a better phrase. This amazing crystal can amplify both positive thoughts and energy and will stimulate positive action within you when required. It can be held in your hand or worn in a spiral cage or as a piece of jewellery to promote clarity of thought within the individual wearing it, and help you to see your way more clearly. Clear Quartz is said to help you release any negative energy you may have absorbed from other people and the environment. It will help to fight feelings of inadequacy.

Healing Associated with the Crown Chakra, The Master Healer can be used for almost any condition; it stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. It harmonises and balances all of the Chakras. Placing a Clear Quartz crystal on a minor burn will help to soothe it. It can be used to find mental clarity and is a good study aid. It can help to clear colds and flu and is good for making decisions, making it an excellent stone for people with ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia. Placing a Clear Quartz crystal near your computer monitor can help dispel static electricity and combat radiation.

The Witches cauldron Tools of the Trade So, you have collected all of your ritual tools for your up-coming ceremony or ritual and you begin a mental checklist; Pentacle…check, Chalice…check, Wand…check, Censer and incense…check, Besom…check, Altar cloth…check, Cake/bread…check, Wine/mead…check, Crystal, salt, cords, bowls…check, check, check, check!!………. Hold on a moment, all of those tools are lovely to own and to use; it can make a ceremony feel more rewarding because you have the ‘correct tools’…..but did you realise that they are not all necessary? I myself have chests and boxes full of ritual tools, they adorn shelves, cabinets and fireplaces in my home and more often than not, I do use most of them. However there are times when I like to go off on my own to the woodland close to my home, or the local stream or beach and I don’t want to be weighted down by a cast iron cauldron filled to the brim with ritual goodies including a cloak that I usually trip over or a staff and besom that get me plenty of stares and odd comments from the locals. Sometimes I just like it to be me and nature, and we all have within us all the tools we need. Our own hands can be cupped to symbolise a cauldron or chalice. Our pointed finger is the most basic of magical acts; with it we can substitute the wand to invoke the Goddess and God, we can invoke and call in the elemental quarters and banish them too. Our pointed finger can be used instead of an athame to direct magical energy as well as using it to draw pentagrams, pentacles or other sacred symbols in the air or on the ground. The clapping of our hands, stamping of our feet and movement of our bodies through dancing and swirling can raise just as much, if not more, energy than the banging of drums or shakers. While I am walking, I can pick up a rounded stone from the ground as an offering to the Goddess, it makes it all the more special if it is a hag/holey stone. An acorn or oak leaf sitting on the pathway can be used as an offering to the God. I don’t need my Book of Shadows either or a perfectly scripted print out of incantations either; I can say exactly what happens to ‘feel right’ at the time. If jumble my words or do not have articulated prose, will the Deities mind? I do not believe they will. There can be so much pressure to have the biggest, most elaborately adorned staff or a cloak made from the finest material money can buy or even solid silver altar bells and jewellery that ‘fits the part’, but this can not only be downright expensive. It is also totally unnecessary. If we want to connect with nature and the Deities, all we truly need is ourselves.

Sage Cleansing for the home Ideal for cleansing away negativity

You will need –White sage(ground), charcoal disc, censer or Sage incense sticks Before you begin close all of your windows and doors. If using a charcoal disc light it and wait until it turns white then you will know the disc is ready to start smudging. Drop some of the slightly crushed Sage on to the disc and wait for it to start smoking; when it does, go to each room and fill that room with the sage smoke. If using incense sticks light as usual and do the same. While you are smudging the rooms, you can inhale a small amount of the smoke to cleanse yourself. As you go into each room using a commanding voice, chant the following:

“I cleanse this room of all negativity! Only love and light may enter!” You should pay close attention to the smoke, because often, when it turns black it means that there is that certain amount of negativity within that room. When you have been through all the rooms in your home, return to any rooms where the smoke turned black and re-smudge those rooms, until the smoke turns back to grey!

Cheryl ‘Wynterkallista’ Waldron

The Dolmen Grove Samhain Psychic Fayre and Wytches Ball 3rd November 2012 The John Gregory 113 Radipole Lane Weymouth Dorset DT4 9SS Daytime access to Psychic Fayre Free Holistic therapies Tarot readings Scrying Talks Meditation Stalls Daytime meals and refreshments available Evening Ball and Buffet £15 per person Dolmen Grove members £10 per person Stallholders please apply by email Become a Dolmen Grove member Full membership is £20 per annum Please note that tickets for gatherings such as Tribal Dreams and Beltane Spirit of Rebirth Cannot be purchased by non members.

RECIPES Druids Cake This recipe can be found in the book ‘Favourite Wiltshire Recipes’ by Dorothy Baldock 6 oz/185g butter 6 oz /185gcaster sugar 3 eggs, beaten A few drops of vanilla essence (optional) 1/2 lb/250g flour 2 teaspoons baking powder

Topping Prepared white glacé icing, flavoured with vanilla (if desired) Halved glacé cherries Angelica diamonds Hazelnuts Set oven to 350F, Mark 4, 180C. Grease and line an 8 inch square cake tin. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl until lilght and fluffy. Add the beaten eggs and vanilla essence and whisk until well combined. Sift together the flour and baking powder and fold into the mixture to form a soft dropping consistency. Spoon into the cake tin and smooth over the top. Bake for 30 to 40 minutes until lightly golden and springy to the touch. Cool in the tin for 5 minutes, and then turn out onto a wire rack. When completely cold cover the top with glacé icing and decorate with glacé cherries, angelica and hazelnut

Easy Vegan Thai Green curry 1 onion A little oil for frying 1tin of Chick Peas (rinsed) 1 Tin of Butter beans (rinsed) A bunch of fresh coriander A hadful of toasted Almonds Long grain rice to serve. Sauce. 1 Tin of coconut Milk ½ tsp Coriander powder ¼ tsp Cumin powder

¼ tsp powdered Ginger 2-3 tsp Soy-Sauce 2 cloves Garlic 2 green Chillies Chopped and de-seeded Juice and Zest of 1or 2 lemons Place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Then fry the onion for about 5 to 10 mins Add the blended sauce to the onion. Add the chick peas and butter beans and simmer for about 20 mins Serve with Long grain rice topped with chopped fresh coriander and toasted Almonds Lynda Meyer

Cherry and Almond Cake 8oz/250g unsalted butter (softened) 8 tablespoons of caster sugar 5 eggs separated 4oz/100g self raising flour 6oz/150g ground almonds 1teaspoon almond essence Large jar of cocktail (glace) cherries 1 tablespoon warm water Preheat oven to 180°C/gas mark 4 Grease and line a 20cm cake tin Whisk together the butter and 6 tablespoons of the caster sugar until pale Whisk in the egg yolks, almond extract, ground almonds, self raising flour and warm water Whisk egg whites until firm then add the remaining 2 tablespoons and whisk again Fold the egg white mixture and cocktail cherries into the rest of the cake mixture Spoon into the prepared cake tin and bake in centre of the oven for 40minutes

Jane Woodland

Spinach and Watercress Soup Big bag of spinach Big bag of watercress Large onion 2 – 2 ½ Pints Vegetable stock Salt and pepper Plain live yogurt

Fry the onion in a large pan adding salt and pepper When it's golden add the freshly washed spinach and watercress When this has wilted add the water or stock (Because the bags of spinach and watercress tend to differ in size, it may be necessary to add more or less stock as what matters is the consistency when liquidising it - if it’s too thick it will jam the whisk) Simmer on a low heat but do not simmer for more than 15 minutes or you will destroy the vitamins Whisk in the pan with a hand held whisk or if preferred use a blender Adjust the seasoning Serve with a dollop of plain yogurt Goes well with garlic bread too. This is my favourite soup at the moment. It is delicious, looks great and is very nutritious. Also it's so easy and quick to make. I dish up as much as we want for one day and then put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. Happy eating

Esmee Woolcombe

THE WALK FOR LAND Tim Cutler is planning a 31 mile walk on the 8th September with the intention of raising money for the Dolmen Grove Land fund. The purpose of the land fund is that we are able to purchase land where we can host our spiritual camps as well as having somewhere to host ceremonies and open circles. The dream does not stop there we hope one day to have raised enough to build a pagan temple establishing a pagan presence for future generations. Tim’s walk will begin from Charmouth near the main beach car park, and he will be walking along the coast road until he reaches the Jubilee clock on the Esplanade in Weymouth. Anybody requesting further information or wishing to sponsor him should contact him on: There is also a facebook group where more info can be obtained:!/groups/197349217063267/

Dolmen Grove moots All Dolmen Grove Moots hold regular meetings, where people can find out more about the Dolmen Grove ethos and membership. Because the Dolmen Grove host a variety of events their moots provide a perfect opportunity to find out about up and coming Dolmen Grove workshops, courses, talks, and open circles.

Southend Essex Dolmen Grove Moot Every month we have a regular drumming session plus healing drumming... and now folk are bringing didgereedoo's singing bowls and such... Plus Regular talks and workshops The Cricketers Inn Every 2nd monday of the month, 228, London Road, Westcliff-on-sea, Essex SS0 7JG 8pm onwards. Hosted by Denny and Steve Bottley

Portsmouth Dolmen Grove Moot Regular talks and workshops The salisbury hotel, Every second wednesday of the month Lonsdale Road, Cosham PortsmouthHampshire PO6 2PX 7:30pm onwards Hosted by Julie Weltch

WEYMOUTH DOLMEN GROVE MOOT This is the groves oldest and most established moot where every month there is the opportunity to talk to those at the forefront of the pagan world and learn more about the ceremonies and rituals of the dolmen grove, as well as the various paths found within paganism. The marquis of granby Every second wednesday of the month Chickerell road, weymouth, dorset, dt4 9tw. 7.30pm onwards hosted by taloch jameson and/or diane narraway

PORTLAND DOLMEN GROVE MOOT This moot is hosted by the dolmen grove Portland witches and there are regular talks as well as regular discussions on witchcraft and earth magick The george inn Every fourth wednesday of the month 133 reforne, portland, dorset, dt5 2ap 7.30pm onwards hosted by teach and beth

THE DOLMEN GROVE IVY MOON MOOT This is the groves newest moot that offers talks, workshops and so much more from those at the heart of Cornish witchcraft. Polgooth inn Every first wednesday of the month Ricketts Lane, Polgooth, st.austell, pl26 7da hosted by karen cooper and lucy miles

BERKSHIRE (BRACKNELL) MOOT a social moot where all are welcome to join like minded people on various pagan paths. Occasionally there are talks from long standing members of the pagan community on a variety of topics. The boot public house Every 3 third Wednesday of the month park road, bracknell, berkshire , rg12 2lu hosted by baz and max cilia

Moots are advertised regularly on the dolmen grove facebook page


Rev.Julie Weltch

HIEROPHANT PRIESTESS IN THE TEMPLE OF ISIS I am offering year and a day training as part of the Lyceum of The Circle of spirit, Earth and Elements by correspondence in any area/country or in person should you live in the Portsmouth area. I am also offering celebrant services such as hand fastings, baby namings, death rites, coming of age rites etc I also offer reiki healing, house cleansings and blessings and I do not charge for any of my services, all I ask is travelling expenses if you are out of my area. Blessings, Julie

Irvine Photography covers all types of photography but specialises in photojournalism. I photograph pagan rituals and ceremonies and am the official photographer for the Cotswold Order of Druids when they perform at Stonehenge. I am a member of Dolmen Grove and live on the beautiful island of Portland. I have my own mobile lighting studio so able to come to you for a portrait in your own home. Events £25 per hour +expenses Portraits 1 x 10”x8” photograph + disc £24 3 x 10”x8” photograph + disc £52 Special Pagan rates 20% off Contact


Wynterkallista offers a range of natural,ethically sourced Aromatherapy health and beauty products created with care. We also specialise in hand madePagan/Wicca products, such as Wands and Staffs, Herbs, Dilly and spell bags. We are fully licensed by Cosmetic Safety Consultants Ltd. Also a qualified, experienced and fully professional member of the Guild of Holistic Therapists Wiccan High Priestess and Celebrant

Further information about regarding membership, courses, up and coming events and ceremonies (including membership enquiries) is available through The Dolmen Grove – Website: Email: Or through Facebook Further information about music from The Dolmen including c.d. purchase is available on our Website: Email UK Email USA Or through Facebook

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Dolmen Grove Issue 6  

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