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In this issue Magick in Shadow by Taloch Jameson The Coming Age by Bill Duvendack – An astrological look at the changing times Plus loads more!!! Part of the pagan and heathen symposium

Clan Dolmen is a pagan organisation of mixed spiritual paths established in the early 90s by Taloch Jameson, which over the years has grown from one small circle in Weymouth Dorset, to several clans not only across the UK but worldwide.

The Spiritual ethos of Clan Dolmen has remained the same throughout and is based purely upon the Freedom of the Individual.

It is the collective belief that in an age where technology can often dwarf our humanity, it is important that we take control as individuals and embrace our own spirituality in order to maintain the equilibrium within an ever-changing world.

Although the Clan is not a political organisation preferring instead to focus upon the spiritual, this does not prevent either individual members or the Clan as a collective from playing an active part in humanitarian and environmental issues.

There are no hierarchy or titles within Clan Dolmen as it is our aim to encourage each man and woman to discover their own unique and authentic journey so that their spiritual connection is founded upon that which works for them as an individual rather than a spiritual rule book set for the masses.

The key to our success is the Round Table which is made up of around twenty people from a variety of spiritual paths who uphold the spiritual ethos of the Clan. They not only organise their respective moots but also the festivals and events hosted by Clan Dolmen.

Our Moots are regular meeting places which are held once a month in several areas. Although these are organised by and largely attended by Clan members, non-members are always welcome to find out more about the Clan and enjoy the company of other free-thinking people as well as the activities organised by the Moot.

There is a membership in place that enables those who wish to be part of this ever-growing Clan to enjoy reduced ticket prices for Clan Dolmen, festivals and where stated ‘member only’ Ceremonies and Courses. Although we host many Ceremonies which are open to the general public, to avoid crowding and to allow our members to celebrate free from pressure we also hold a number of ‘members only’ ceremonies throughout the year.



1… The Three Sisters of the Isle of Wight – Paul A.T Wilson

2…The Coming Age – Bill Duvendack

3…Magick in Shadow – Taloch Jameson

4…Diary of the Hedgewitch – Rachael Moss

5…The Sword and the Stone – Daniel Bran Griffith

6…Magical Herb and Spice Remedies: Shodies Yule Pies – Shodie Wilson

7… Aromatherapy: Tea tree oil - Betty Timmer & Signy Esmeijer.

8…Thyme: A Herb for Winter – Andrew Cowling

Photos in this issue: Joanna Caswell, Andrew Cowling, Duncan Knifton, Daniel Bran Griffith

Artwork in this issue by Sem Vine

All Dolmen and Dolmen Grove artwork by Sem Vine

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Cover Image Sem Vine/The Dolmen

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Part of the Pagan and Heathen Symposium



The Three Sisters of the Isle of Wight

Some of you may know the story of the Three Sisters -- The Three Sisters are three water spirits who saved the Island from a terrible scourge. Two of the sisters are twins: Eastern and Western Yar (Yar comes from the old Gael word that means "To Watch", "Watcher" or "Watching") and their older sister is the Medina (From the Anglo-Saxon "Meðune" meaning "The Middle One").

These Three Sisters are also reflected in the stars by Orion's Belt -- As it is Above, it is below. The following is a poem I wrote about the tale; Paul A.T. Wilson

The Three Sisters

Darkness reigned for a thousand years, The land was drenched by people’s tears, Sorrow reigned through days of night, Pyres set alight and bright, Hear the deathly cries of woe, No summer now, just winter’s snow.

A cursed visitor had come to live, No happiness did this creature give, Its soul was black as pitch or tar, A death he brought from lands afar, He stole the day and all the light, He turned the island to darkest night.

But in the darkness, there was sight, A tiny glow, but shining bright, Three sisters made from ancient source, The twins plus one to set the course, Life in their veins, it does run, Their perfect gifts returned the sun.

The Western Yar, still flows strong, The first sister heals through song, The Eastern Yar, from spring to sea, The second sister will always be, And in the middle, from south to north, Third sister’s bounty will pour forth.

Reflected in the sky at night, Three stars together, shining bright, Three sisters forever in the sky, Radiant now and in days gone by, Watching over our Island home, From churning sea, to our sacred stone. The Three Sisters written and read by Paul A.T. Wilson

The Coming Age

There is an overused phrase, nay, a concept, that a lot of people are tired of hearing, but it is truer now than it has been before. The concept is that of living in an especially important age. Variations include “You’re living in the most critical of times,” or “This time period is the most important of your life!” I won’t get into all of the other variations on this theme, as I am confident you know what I mean. This idea that where we are now is so much more important than other time periods is one that is commonly found in many places, ranging from nihilistic Christian eschatology to the other end of the spectrum; the ‘New Agers’ (Whatever that means!) who say this is one of the most profound periods of time to be alive. Yes, there is a whole spectrum in between these two points, and I’m sure you’re tired of hearing it, too. So, if I know you’re tired of hearing it, why am I bringing it up? Astrologically speaking, we ARE living in profound times, but not perhaps for the reasons you may think.

Let’s back up a moment to the latter part of 2011 E.V. /2012 E.V. As many of you know, this was the time that focused heavily on the end of the Mayan calendar and what that could mean. There was a lot of hype about that date, and of course there was a backlash to it, too. To begin with, yes, it was the end of the Mayan calendar, but on December 31st every year it’s the end of the current calendar, too, so why should the Mayan calendar be anything more special than that? Just because it was the last writings of the Mayan timekeepers doesn’t mean it was going to be the end of anything special. It just means that is where they quit writing things down. And, considering that their culture seemingly vanished overnight, it makes sense they would stop writing down their calendars, too. Of course, the people didn’t disappear overnight, but that’s a different story. However, it is worth noting, that in a lot of ways the Mayan calendar

was more accurate than the calendar we use today. After all, astrology, and most western timekeeping tools such as calendars and clocks are based on cycles of twelve, which corresponds to Jupiter and it’s twelve-year rotation, However, the Mayan calendar was based on cycles of two, but more specifically, the two year cycles of Venus. I don’t know about you, but I find it easier to remember things from two months ago rather than things from twelve months ago! While trite, this does serve as the underlying lesson. During the use of the Mayan calendar, the transmission of information was a lot more basic and different than it is today. There were no hard drives, no cellular phones. There were sticks, stones, and rocks. We can see that it is easier to record and transmit information over a two-year period rather than a twelve, and it is because of this the Mayan calendar is more accurate. The end of the Mayan calendar told us that a particular age was coming to a close, nothing more, and nothing less.

At the time of 2012 I was working in a metaphysical shop, and had been for a number of years, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that since December 21, 2012, sales of sage, common here in the USA for energetic cleansing, have gone through the roof. The Vatican has discussed quite frequently that the amount of possessions and exorcisms have increased since then as well. All of this information tells us that since that point, the veil between the worlds is thinner than it was previously, and that more and more people are addressing spiritual occurrences, rather than ignoring them or trying to rationalize them in unhealthy ways. What this means is that we are now in a more spiritual age. When I say spiritual here, I simply mean ‘of the spirit world,’ and not that misunderstood concept of someone that focuses on their personal development, and tries to call that spirituality.

Spirituality has to do with interacting with spirits and the spirit world. We can definitely see that now the veil is thinner and people are also becoming more attuned to this. This is but one proof of the age we are in, and of the age that is coming up.

I’m only going to briefly touch on the ‘Age of Aquarius’. In short, we’re not there yet, but we are in the shadow of it coming into being. To learn more about this, I recommend you study the works of the Irish astrologer Cyril Fagan; he explains it mathematically

The next point, which is a lot more applicable, is the Pluto return of the USA. Pluto takes approximately 248 years to go through the zodiac back to where it was at the time of birth. This is called a Pluto return. Therefore, people don’t have Pluto returns, but nations do. In astrology, Pluto is the planet of deep-rooted transformation and change. It is the planet of delving deep, confronting darkness, finding hidden wealth, and being changed by it. However, Pluto is also the planet of violence, abuse, and accidents. A good example of a Pluto return was the French revolution. This occurred at the Pluto return of France and we see how that went. The impoverished of France saw the abuses, greed, corruption, and gluttony of those in power and took matters into their own hands with the drop of a blade. The Pluto return of the USA is coming up very, very soon, and we are arguably in its shadow period already.

How will this play out for the USA? That’s a good question, and if you ask six astrologers, you might get eighteen different answers. No one knows for sure, but there are some hints and clues we can look at as indicators. The first situation is that of racism and white power, despite a civil war having been fought about this, racism is still alive and kicking. Systematic discrimination is still present including sexism. Another growing indicator is the increased gap between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ echoing the French revolution; there is a growing divide between the poor and the rich. Themes of sexuality and the abuses thereof are also present, as are themes of sexual repression, especially those espoused by religion and as for religion, the problems that come with it are front and center here in the USA as well. And let’s not forget the medical crisis, either! Just with these few themes we have cultivated a rich garden for the seeds of destruction to bloom.

Some might say that they are glad this is confined to one country, especially say those who don’t live in the USA! However, with the USA, you have something slightly different in as much as whatever occurs in the USA will ripple out across the rest of the planet, leaving almost no one unaffected. This potentially means that global changes may be brought on as a result of what is happening.

Interestingly enough, at the time of this writing, there are protests in France over low wages for workers, amongst other social ills, and in the USA, there is a general sense of disconnection and because it is a large enough country this manifests in many different ways to many different people.

The dates for the height of intensity for the USA Pluto return is approximately 2020 2025 E.V. As we all know though, social unrest isn’t confined to specific years like a cat in a box, and thus things are already coming into being, and the fallout will most likely last longer than 5 years. When you step back and look at the whole picture as I lay it out here, it is easy to see that yes, we are living in profound times, but this has nothing to do with the end of days prayed for by Christians, nor the nebulous prophecies of dissatisfied people. These are interesting times because a decade from now the landscape of the world, specifically as it has to do with society and people, may be vastly different from today. Then again, the only constant is change.


The Dolmen capped the end of 2018 just in time with the release of the much-awaited album Wytches & Cunningfolk.

The album is in two parts with the release of part two scheduled for July - Aug.2019.

Following in the way of previous dolmen albums, the band have maintained their originality and unique formula producing an album that is drenched in Magick.

“We place a lot of focus on Magick as writers, composers, etc, although we don’t go out of our way to be different. Our individual thoughts steeped in the mysterious arts, conjure the way we approach our music which I guess is why we are different” quote Taloch Jameson.

Magick in Shadow

“ToattaintheSANCTUMREGNUM,inotherwords,theknowledgeandpoweroftheMagi,thereare fourindispensableconditions–anintelligenceilluminatedbystudy,anintrepiditywhichnothingcan check,awillwhichcannotbebroken,andaprudencewhichnothingcancorruptandnothing intoxicate.

TOKNOW,TODARE,TOWILL,TOKEEPSILENCE–sucharethefourwordsofthe Magus...Whenonedoesnotknow,oneshouldwilltolearn.Totheextentthatonedoesnotknowitis foolhardytodare,butitisalwayswelltokeepsilent.” -ÉliphasLévi

Eventually, after time and study, those called to walk the path of the Magician do so knowing that the mysteries surrounding the concepts of magick can never be fully solved nor fully understood in an individual lifetime. However, every personal revelation made will affect the decisions that direct and push the serious seeker relentlessly forward on her or his magickal path. No matter the number of books or thesis written on the subject, the magickal reality of the sacred is, and will always remain, silently locked away inside the consciousness of the individual. No explanation is truly possible, for the mystery is always protected, regardless of whether that is the wish of the individual or not. Hence, no one will ever find ultimate grimoire or key.

Magick, as a word, conjures many thoughts and concepts, and one may delight and revel in a plethora of discoveries made within those varying ideas, both personally and from the workings of past masters. Indeed, an elemental part of the work of most Magicians is to consciously build upon the ideas and practices of those who have gone before. Yet, even though those carriers of a magickal hybrid DNA might produce volumes explaining their particular orientation or theories, problems will invariably arise if the mind becomes transfixed on one’s personal interpretation as the only, the final, and the sole truth.

Magick, and our understanding of it, evolves and grows and changes with each and every observation of its efficacy; each solitary, silent Work performed; each psychic seed planted and harvested; every note sung or bell vibrated within the protected ethereal walls of midnight.

Circles throughout all time and space.

Magick is a tool, but it is a living, vibrant, thriving, working Force, yet is also worked upon.

Magick is organic.

Magick is a vast mystery, and will always remain a mystery.

-Taloch © 2019

Photo by Duncan Knifton with Taloch and Connach, Stonehenge 2018

Diary of the Hedgewitch

Magically Crafted Cakes

This year Clan Dolmen’s Yule Ball buffet had a beautifully crafted centrepiece provided by very talented creator and artist Beth Irving. Not only was it a work of art, it also tasted as good as it looked. This cake was however more than just a beautiful and delicious centrepiece, it had been created to represent the heart and soul of Clan Dolmen.

The board was decorated with the ethos of Clan Dolmen:

Love, Opportunity, Wisdom, Equality and Freedom.

The bottom tier formed the base and was decorated with the Clan Dolmen Logo,

The second tier was a delicious Salted Caramel cake on which is a hand painted image of a Stag in the woods to represent the male.

The third tier was a Zesty Lemon cake decorated with a burlesque Corset to represent the female

The top tier was coffee and walnut with an edible photo of Taloch Jameson as the Stag Lord; the founder of Clan Dolmen

On the top is the ‘The Dolmen’ stone with the horned figure sat on top. Finished off with edible handcrafted Antlers on the side of the cake.

Magically Crafted Cakes


specialising in sugar craft to create beautifully hand-crafted unique cakes for all occasions

The Sword and the Stone

“Come over here, gentlemen and put your hands on my sword again. Swear by my sword, you’ll never mention what you've heard.”

Hamlet: Act 1 Scene 5.

matrilineal, with the crown passed through the female representing sovereignty but with her chosen husband ruling as king.

The Hearth Sword and the Hearth Stone are a pair of ritual items, which although rarely incorporated into ritual; serve an important purpose and represent a vital theological concept. The Sword as a ritual item is a wellknown representation of the masculine principle. The Stone as a representative of the Earth is equally well-known, as a representation of the feminine principle.

The symbolism of swords and stones, their pairing and unification, is a common motif in mythology, both ubiquitous and practical. The most obvious illustration is that within the Arthurian Cycle, where a sword must be pulled from a stone, to confer a valid and rightful kingship upon the bearer. Here, the actual penetration of the rock by a blade, is a symbolic representation of the divine union of heterogender principles, that unification of the Sky Father with the Earth Mother. The Hieros Gamos itself, in which the God and Goddess are conjoined.

By drawing the sword Arthur takes upon himself the role of an earthly representation of the Divine King of Heaven, recognising that his kingship is granted or bestowed by the Goddess herself and this is what is meant when we in the Hearth of the Turning Wheel talk of Sovereignty. To again validate his claim to kingship, Arthur marries a recognised princess and it is the marriage to Guinevere that confirms his rights, for it is She who represents the Goddess manifest on Earth.

Historically this near matriarchal marriage line is seen within the pre-Roman culture of Egypt, although in neither the Arthurian Cycle nor in Ancient Egypt, is matriarchal rule an actuality. The Egyptian line of succession being

The concept of Sovereignty runs through British and Irish mythology like a thread of precious virtue. In the Irish cycle it is the Morrígan who may represent the sovereignty of the land. In the British Isles and the Arthurian Cycle, that archetypal representation is Guinevere. In the English Midlands it is the Maid Marion that other Queen of the May, who holds that same sacred position and by whose marriage Robin Hood reigns as consort.

Marion is a maid but not a maiden. Her relationship with Robin Hood and her activities within the legends, transcend the social mores of the period. She is mistress of her own fate. Her May tide marriage to Robin Hood, bestows upon him the right to rule. Maid Marion is the Sovereignty of the Greenwood and Robin Hood as her consort, reigns by right of the Sacred Union. The Merry Men, the word Merry being derived from the Saxon meaning retinue or retainer, serve as their household. The model presented in the Sherwood Cycle is therefore; comparable to Arthur, Guinevere and the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian Legends.

The penetration of the stone by the sword is a representation of other symbolic unifications, the lance penetrating the body, is later mirrored in the act of communion in which a blade enters the grail to bless wine. The wine representing both the blood of sacrifice and that of childbirth, for there is perhaps no greater sacrifice than the pain of childbirth to bring forth life and is itself the Sacred Blood of Kingship and Sovereignty.

Within our own practice it is recognised that the Sword and the Stone form a paired treasure, two items of regalia that symbolise what a Hearth is in reality. Wheresoever those paired treasures reside, that is where the Hearthstead is and wheresoever the Hearthstead is, the Kinship and Sovereignty of the Hearth shall reign.



Oil can be dangerous tool. Before you know it, it becomes impossible to imagine your life without it. Like so many things in life, I start something much sooner than I actually need it. Sometimes in life, you will come across certain things, which you will later find very important. You might not realise it at the time, but sooner or later the necessity of these discoveries will become apparent. This is exactly what happened to me with the Essential

I had read the Facebook page of Signy Esmeijer, who is an Essential oil coach. She has Lyme disease and had found that the application of the essential oils helped her to cope better with this illness. Not much later I came into contact with her and she performed a Zyto scan on me. The goal of this scan is to find which oils are the most beneficial for you at that moment. This was my first experience with the Essential Oils, after that I gradually began using them every day. The essential oil I use is cold pressed, 100% pure, organic and not tested on animals. A little later I found couldn't deal without them anymore, not because I got addicted to them, but because I discovered the many ways to use them and their endless possibilities: you can make your own mouthwash, day cream, deodorant, lip balm, miracle cream and there are loads of other applications, all based on the essential oils. The essential oils can also be strong painkillers, as well as offering physical, mental and spiritual support.

In addition, I use the oils to aid me in daily life, for instance, as a pain relief, to disinfect pimples or against hot flashes. Oils can also be used as a detoxification, a stimulant of organs or to relief yourself from fatigue and stress and concentration problems. They can also be used as support in meditation, to help to establish a deep connection with the energy of the Source, when used as an aura spray, they help to shut yourself off from the many external stimuli allowing you to center yourself.

I can’t stress enough that there is an oil for every ailment and situation that can revitalise you in a certain way. Therefore, I will now describe how you can apply oils and share some formula that can benefit you.

There are several ways to use the oils. While some oils can be used pure, so without dilution by simply dabbing them on the spot where needed, under your feet or on specific chakra, certain oils are too strong to use pure and can irritate your skin. The best way to overcome this, is to blend them with a carrier oil such as almond, jojoba, sesame, sunflower and olive oil. You can also put oils in cold water diffusers, but do not heat up the oil. When they get too hot, they lose healing power. Finally, you can also rub a few sentient drops in your hands and smell them, or simply sniff the bottle.

This issue I would like to put the Tea Tree oil in the spotlight.

Tea Tree essential oil:

(Plantgenusspecies: MelaleucaAlternifolia)

Botanical family: Myrtacea

Part of the plant used: Leaves

James Cook brought the Tea Tree from Australia to the UK.

It had always been used by Aborigines for wounds, colds and insect stings.

The leaves are grinded and mixed with clay to help healing wounds, scratches and stings from insects. The leaves can also be drunk as a tea. This oil should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

It should also not be swallowed undiluted. If you accidently get it in your rinse with either a carrier oil or milk. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-virus and anti-septic.

Use and application:

If you feel a cold coming: Add a few drops to a bowl of boiling hot water. Keep your eyes closed while steaming.

Ear infection: Apply a few drops of pure or diluted with carrier oil 1ml of tea tree oil – 1ml of carrier oil around your ear and along the cavities towards your nose. Never drip them directly in your ear!

Fungal infections on feet and nails: A few drops in your foot bath. You can also apply an undiluted drop onto the nail. Continue to do this for up to a year, because it takes this long before your nail has grown out completely.

Dandruff: Put a few drops of Tea Tree into your shampoo, or make a hairspray out of it. In combination with Cedarwood, Rosemary and Lavender it works against hair loss and promotes cell renewal.

It can also be used on some animals, but do not use it on cats, as Tea Tree is toxic for them. Beware, too, that the Tea Tree oil is not licked or swallowed by your pet.

Dogs as an anti-flea: Put one drop Tea Tree and one drop Lavender on 50 ml water in a spray bottle, shake and spray regularly in the neck.

To treat mouldy spots on horses: Create a mixture of ¾ water and ¼ natural vinegar. Put one drop of Tea Tree in 50 ml of the watervinegar mixture and bathe the affected area. It also works well to prevent ticks or other skin parasites.

It can also create an aromatic atmosphere as it promotes purification and clarity, it refreshes and purifies your environment.

Not only does Tea Tree promote the healing of physical wounds, it also relieves mental stress, purifies the mind and body from emotional wounds. Tea Tree is used to balance the Chakras.

That is the beauty of this oil, it is so versatile. Enjoy it, but do not use it too much.

Sometimes rest is the best cure.

Betty Timmer & Signy



TheteatreeisuniquetoQueenslandandNewSouthWaleswhere,theycanbefoundalongtheshores offreshwaterlakesandrivers.Theystainthewaterwithadeepbrowntintthatcomesfromthe tannoidsproducedintheleaves.Theanti-bacterialpotencyor‘protective’qualityoftheplantswasso highlyregardedthattheteatreestainedlakesandriversweresolelyreservedforwomen,being consideredsacredplacesusedforchildbirthceremonies.

RuledbyMercuryandtheMoonteatreeoilisatopnotescentandthereforeruledbyelementofthe air.Becauseofthisteatreeoilissuitableforuseinspellsandritualsformentalclarityandinspiration.

Addafewdropsofteatreeoiltoanamuletandwearitforprotectionandmentalclarityoranointa whitecandlewithitandburnintheEastforprotectionoranointawhitespellcandleandburnfor sevennightsallowingeachcandletoburncompletelyforprotectionandpurification.Itcanbeusedas afloorwashonthefrontstepforboundaryprotectionaswellasinritualspaceforcleansing consecrationandprotection.


forcleansing.Canbeusedinabathoroildiffuserforspellworkincluding auracleansingandpurification.Itcanalsobeusedfordispellingnegative energiesandunblockingthechakras.

















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" Barefooted and with only acoustic instruments, Pyrolysis breathes the raw, natural chaos of life into music. With a leading role for nostalgic melodies, they play stormingly fast-paced and energetic songs perfect for any tavern brawl, but also some darker ballads that reek of rainy days." In the meantime, you can enjoy our second (most recent) album "Edges of the Day" We're also on facebook and instagram, and our website is

Thyme: A Herb for Winter

Garden or Common Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is one of my favourite and most used herbs, particularly through the winter period. There are numerouspossiblederivationsforitsname;thymus may come from the Greek thumos, meaning smell, from thumus meaning courage, from thymon meaning to fumigate, from thmia meaning perfume, or from thuo meaning ‘I excite’.

All indicating aspects of the herb:

Thyme is used by those following the warrior path to strengthen their courage and will. Roman soldiers bathed in a thyme infusion to give them courage and vigour. It is a symbol of bravery, energy and activity. Knights were presented with a handkerchief embroidered with a bee hovering over a sprig of thyme and Scottish Highlanders drank it for strength, courage and to prevent nightmares.

Thyme is its antiseptic. Ancient Egyptians used it in the embalming process and burnt it to purify their temples. In the Middle Ages thyme was carried to ward off diseases and bad odours. It may have been one of the constituents of 4 thieves’ vinegar which was used to ward off the plague.

It has an association with fairies, encouraging them to appear. The King of Fairies is said to dance with his followers on thyme beds at midnight on midsummer night.

Girls wore a sprig of thyme to attract a sweetheart, allegedly becoming irresistible if they wore it in their hair. A sprig beneath the pillow was said to prevent nightmares and throwing one onto the fire

would attract good health. Wearingthymeis said to ward off negativity.

Itisconnectedwithfunerals,helpingtore-establish a connection with those who have died, to seek their advice or to send them blessings. In Wales it is traditionally planted on the grave.

In herbal medicine it is a valuable remedy for respiratory complaints. The volatile oil contains thymol (often found in toothpaste) which is antiseptic so it helps to kill invading organisms, be they viruses or bacteria. To treat respiratory infections and to avoid them, particularly in people with chronic lung conditions such as emphysema, I use the direct antiseptic effect of thyme alongside the immune supporting action of Echinacea together with other respiratory herbs such as white horehound, elecampane, hyssop and marshmallow.

This strategy is an effective alternative to antibiotics and often achieves a significant reduction in their use in people with chronic conditions. Given the problem of antibiotic resistance due to overuse, one day allopathic medicinemightwakeupandrecognisethevaluable properties of herbs such as thyme.

Thyme is indicated for use with respiratory problems including the common cold, acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchiecstasis, emphysema, asthma, laryngitis, tonsillitis and irritatingcough. It increases expectoration (production of phlegm which helps to cleanse the lungs and bronchial passages) and soothes irritable coughs. It can be used as a mouthwash for mouth ulcers and as a gargle for conditions involving a sore throat.

In the 17th century Nicholas Culpeper wrote

‘it is a strengthener of the lungs; it purgeth the body of phlegm and is an excellent remedy for the shortness of breath.’

Thyme vapour is good for respiratory conditions and can be inhaled with steam from a bowl of hot water in which a few drops of essential oil have been added or fresh thyme has been mixed in.

Thyme also relieves indigestion, sluggish digestion, colic and flatulence due to its carminative action. It is especially good for children in this context.

The antiseptic action means thyme can be used for all manner of external injuries, either to address or prevent infection, using the essential oil, diluted in a base oil.

It has a reputation for promoting menstruation. Culpeper said that it

‘provoked the terms, gives safe and speedy delivery to women in travail and brings away the afterbirth. Not a herb for pregnant women!’

Used to provide flavour in cooking (and also said to help adults regain their childlike sense of fun when eating food containing thyme), the antiseptic action is again important. In days gone by, using herbs like thyme and sage helped to kill pathogenic organisms in rotting meat as well as masking the resultant bad flavour. It is ironic that in the 21st century meat eaters are advised not to ‘stuff meats’ as inadequate cooking means those same pathogenic organisms can cause food poisoning.

Although I prescribe thyme all year round, to me it is a seasonal herb. I always notice a surge in its use in late autumn; this increased demand continues until late spring when our vulnerability to respiratory illness fades once more.


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