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THE DOLMEN GROVE “ Respect and care for the elders for they have aged with the wisdom of time “ Taloch The Dolmen Grove is a non political organisation; preferring to concentrate upon the quest for spiritual enlightenment and the manifestation of peace within a power hungry world of chaos. The Dolmen Grove was originally formed in Dorset England where it still has its main H.Q. existing as a Spiritual meeting place for people of all nationalities, and over the years has grown steadily with membership now spanning several continents. At the centre of The Dolmen Grove is the round table. This is made up of a group of people from all walks of life, following a variety of spiritual paths. These individuals get together once a month to plan and organize events, and gatherings. Because these people give both their time and energy voluntarily the hopes and dreams of The Dolmen Grove continue to be recognized. The Dolmen Grove do not have a hierarchy because we do not believe people need titles or labels in order to practice a spiritual path. However we do believe in spirituality based upon love, kindness and an open heart. We are fully aware that this policy which is upheld by the Roundtable of The Grove has upset people in the past and will no doubt continue to do so. It is NOT our intention to offend anyone and we do not condemn those who wish to use such titles, and we shall continue to welcome all spiritually minded people seeking to enjoy good friendship with good souls who share a common interest.

The Dolmen Grove Banner - A Symbol of Unity


CONTENTS 1...And breathe... by Denny Bottley (Ravenswing) 2...A day in the life of ...Interview by Diane Narraway 3...Camp Dates 4...Music...Crow Dance Reviewed by Diane Narraway 5...The Evolution of Spriggan Mist by Darkmagi 6... The Craft of the Hedgewitch (crossing the boundary) Gerry Lambert 7...Travellers Tales...This issue the Goblins Diary by Barbara Goossens 8...Poetry From Within the Grove 9...Diary of a Hedgewitch by Rachael Moss (photographs by Rachael Moss) 10...Recipes from various Dolmen Grove members 11...The Dolmen Grove Yule Ball...And ceremonies by Joanna Caswell, Duncan Wilde, Scott Irvine, Chris Hermon, and Mark Kay. Video links Taloch Jameson, Mark Kay and Inside Wiltshire. 12...The Miracle of Silence and Dolmen Grove Rituals are written by Diane Narraway, based on the teachings and writings of Taloch Jameson. 13...Adverts This magazine is for Dolmen Grove members. If any of you have any articles, book/film reviews, recipes, poetry, short stories photographs that you feel may be of interest please email me at I also would welcome any feedback concerning current and previous issues Diane Narraway (chairman Dolmen Grove)

...And Breathe Merry meet everyone.... For this issue of the Dolmen Grove magazine, I thought it would be a good idea to write up a nice handy little Chakra Cleansing Meditation exercise. As many folk will have become weary and washed out with vast preparations this time of year presents to us. The unending queuing, shopping, cooking or being the family taxi service...!!!!! Anyway DG folk, this is a lovely way to just chill and return you to a more relaxed mode. So let’s begin: First of all- prepare your space... This requires nothing more than a piece of clear quartz crystal, and if possible some soothing music. I also use incense, my preference being white sage- but again this is entirely a matter of personal choice. Any fragrance is good. Above all ensure you won't be disturbed for around 20 minutes (I always keep the phone of the hook when I'm teaching meditation) the effects are so much more beneficial when there is total peace. Make sure you are as comfortable. It does not matter whether you are sitting or lying down as long as the spine is straight so that the energy may flow through you freely... As with most things – it is a matter of personal choice. Start off by holding your clear quartz and just gently tapping it 3 times at the 3rd eye chakra point (in the centre of your forehead) this action connects your thought patterns to your crystal. As you become mentally connected to the crystal, the healing and cleansing commence. Clear quartz is known as the 'Master Healer', being considered a 'cure all' as it promotes both physical and emotional wellbeing. Just by connecting to it in perfect peace, and sending it your thoughts of the ills you wish to be taken away, your clear quartz will do its work!! By now, you should be more relaxed. Keeping the clear quartz in your hand, breathe slowly and steadily (ideally in through the nose and out through the mouth) and as you do so - imagine the colours of your chakra's (your multi-dimensional gateways of energy flow). Try and visualise gold/white lights just above your head (crown chakra) and feel the warmth from your healing lights – Allow yourself to just sit and focus - relaxed and peaceful, and as the light flows through your body say a little mantra in your head...'I connect'. Now do the same with your 3rd eye chakra (centre of your forehead) Imagine here a brilliant purple light of energy - again soak it in - enjoy the peace and tranquillity, repeating the mantra in your head....'I connect'. Now move to your throat chakra area - Imagining blue healing lights of energy – once again feel the warmth and healing energy as it soaks into your throat area...Again repeating the mantra... 'I connect'. Now visualise, your heart chakra area, focusing on the colour green- once again just embrace the bright green healing lights of your heart chakra - feel it's warmth and allow yourself to just go with the flow,and say... 'I connect'. Now move down to your solar plexus area (just above your navel) here visualise a bright yellow light of healing energy - again feel it's warmth as it gently cleanses this area... and say 'I connect'. Moving on to the sacral chakra (this is just below your navel. Imagine a bright orange light of healing again feel it's warmth as you are gently cleansed and bought back into balance and harmony, again repeating the mantra ...'I connect'.

Finally you reach the root chakra. This is located below the hips at the base of the spine, incorporating the thighs, legs, and feet - Here visualise a bright red light of healing energy – and as you focus on your root chakra - concentrate on your connection to 'Mother Earth'... and the stability and strength that comes from this connection. This will boost your confidence as well as your ability to grow as a person. This will carry you forward in life upright and happy. Once again allow yourself to really embrace these lights of red healing energy... Red is a strong colour. It is the colour of passion and creativity. It is the colour of fire. Let yourself feel its vibrant energy, and again say in your mind... 'I connect'. Now you have visualised all your 7 main chakra colours- just take a minute to see them all working in unison down the centre of your being Gold/white, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.... Now, you have scanned your whole body in this way - your chakras are cleansed, replenished- balanced and bought back to harmony as intended. When you feel ready, just connect yourself back to where you are... Take a deep breath and open your eyes. In order to connect and ground yourself - a good idea is to have a glass of water nearby, as this will enhance the grounding- effects. Now that you are 'feeling completely refreshed'.... Enjoy!!! Little Tip: Clear quartz can be used to cleanse ALL the chakras- as opposed to trying to find Amethyst, Blue Agate, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, and Ruby. Cleansing your clear quartz after use: Bathe it in smoke from your white sage, or hold a singing bowl over the crystal and play for a minute or two, the vibrations will deep cleanse your crystal, as too will Indian bells. To fully cleanse and re-charge leave it on a window sill or in your garden in a full moon... never wash this particular crystal in water, tis not a good idea... have fun and keep chilled guys!! Love and Blessings Denny (Ravenswing)


Q ) Name and Religious title/path if applicable...(i.e. Witch, Druid, Pagan etc )? A) Alain Penfold ...aka Charlie Pagan Witch Q) How did you become involved with The Dolmen Grove? A) I was invited to a Stag camp by a friend who was part of the Dolmen Grove. Primarily I had gone along to the camp for the drumming but it turned out to be a more spiritual experience than I had expected. Q) What is your job title or brief description of job? A) I am a mechanical fitter/ driver and operator for M & N Electrical/Mechanical Services. Q) Can you describe a typical work day? A) When I am working in the yard, I get to work about 7.15 am and first thing on the days agenda is coffee!!! What needs to be done that day is always discussed while getting changed into work clothes and putting on safety equipment. A typical working day involves stripping down, cleaning and/or repairing machinery from various sewage plants. Throughout the day we are constantly liaising with management to ensure that at the end of the day, the correct machines and components are loaded onto the Lorries ready for the following day. Q) How do you feel your Pagan Beliefs fit into your everyday life? A) Predominantly this would be environmental /green issues....Because a lot of the work involves installing machines which help towards keeping the rivers and sea free from sewage. Plus we are currently involved in renewable energy sources (bio gas) which produce electricity to help power the national grid. I have been employed by M & N Electrical/Mechanical Services for about 15 years and consider myself fortunate to have a job which fits in so well with my beliefs. Q) How do you feel your life has changed since becoming a member of Dolmen Grove? A) Prior to joining the grove I had felt isolated in my beliefs.....Whether it was because I felt isolated is hard to say but I was a much more aggressive and bad tempered individual. This anger and aggression has been replaced by a deeper more spiritual side. For a long time I was on the outskirts of the grove although I always attended events and festivals. However since moving back to Weymouth I have become more involved in the organisation of events. I now appreciate how much goes on behind the scenes to put on camps as well as other events.

Camp dates to remember Free Spirits ... Friday 30th March – Sunday 1st April inclusive Campsite is situated behind :The FlyingBull Inn, London Road, Liss,Hampshire, GU33 7JB

Spirits of Rebirth... Friday 27th April – Sunday 29th April inclusive Rodden Farm, Rodden, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 4JE

Tribal Dreams... Friday 24th August – Sunday 26th August Rodden Farm, Rodden, Weymouth, Dorset, DT3 4JE

Free Spirits ... Friday 5th October – Sunday 7th October Campsite is situated behind :The FlyingBull Inn, London Road, Liss,Hampshire, GU33 7JB Further information available from

Music - Crow Dance

In keeping with Dennys relaxing meditation and because I have recommended this c.d. many times to people looking for something they can use to aid meditation. I decided to offer up my thoughts on Crow Dance, because whilst it may not be as conventional as rain forests and whale music ....It is infinitely preferable having a unique ability to connect with the innermost realms of the self. This remains my first choice for all meditation work. ‘Crow Dance’ is a solo release by Taloch Jameson, singer/songwriter and founder member of the The Dolmen. The album is a shamanistic journey calling upon both the natural and spiritual aspects his own indigenous Welsh and Native American ancestry. The Crow is seen here in his role of the messenger who travels between the different realms weaving magic, mystery and mundane into one joyous dance....’The Crow Dance’. In much the same way as the crow traverses the boundaries between the living and the dead, Taloch draws upon his extensive musical knowledge and deep spirituality to cross the boundaries between the ancient and modern worlds. The raw tribal drums and haunting melodies coupled with the unique vocals of Taloch as his singing and chanting take us on a visionary journey. In this album Taloch has created a truly mystical collection of songs dedicated to the ancient dance of the crow, as the tribal shaman of the Air. Crow Dance is a supernatural journey of the soul painted through the imagery of music. This c.d. is available from

THE EVOLUTION OF SPRIGGAN MIST This year at the 3 wishes Faery Fest in Cornwall Spriggan Mist came on just before the headline act The Dolmen. It was their third appearance at the festival each year rising up the bill, but this time was to be the last gig of that line up. Three out of the five band members were amicably going their separate ways, leaving its founders and Dolmen Grove members Baz and Max Cilia looking for new musicians. The performances that night made everyone sit up and take notice, and the gig requests came rolling in. The only problem they had was that Spriggan Mist was now only duo. It was this full circle of events coupled with Taloch’s advice on getting the ‘right people’ that prompted Baz and Max to be quite specific in their quest for new band mates. The adverts read “Have to be pagan or pagan sympathetic”...It was with Tribal Dreams just around the corner that Spriggan Mist recruited guitarist and Dolmen Grove member Gary Hemmings. He was not a ‘folky’ musician at all. In fact Gary’s’ background was Rock and metal. On more than one occasion eyebrows were raised in those first tentative rehearsals, as his ice white Jackson guitar flashed into “distortion mayhem”.

Some friends of the band casually emailed them with details of a recorder player called Bex . They knew her from their local moot and apparently she played the Cello too. Bex Rennie’s musical background and training was classical. Her abilities as a cellist have led her to perform at The Royal Albert Hall. Bex natural aptitude meant she very quick picked up the recorder parts that Max had written. Because both Max and Bex both come from classical backgrounds their musical style is very different to that of Baz and Gary s giving the band a unique ying and yang style. But there was something missing....A drummer.

With only a few weeks to go before the band were due to perform at Tribal Dreams, and still no drummer...It appeared this gig was hanging in the balance. In amongst all the other changes new band manager Rie Townsend was trying to convince the band they need to do the gig without a solid drummer but Baz and Max especially were not convinced. With several drummers coming and going, it turned out that Colin Garrett, a rather quiet and unassuming individual would turn out to be the mortar between the bricks. After only a handful of rehearsals and with just enough songs to make up a set the Sunday of

Tribal Dreams saw the new Spriggan Mist unveiled. Although it was somewhat raw, shining through all the uncertainty was a great performance. Spriggan Mist was now rockier it, more energetic and far more entertaining. Gary and Baz had forged an on stage chemistry with Gary introducing his trademark cheesy ‘Rock Star’ poses , complementing the cool calm and collected Bex , alongside Maxine working her way through as many different instruments as she possibly can, while Colin, remained rock solid continuously driving the band from behind his kit ...This is Spriggan Mist! A busy autumn saw the band playing at the Pagan Federations 40th Anniversary in Kensington, putting in a performance that led to them headlining the ‘Pagan Future’ Samhain event in Balham. At Karen Kay’s Glastonbury Halloween Faery ball, Spriggan Mist performed as the supporting band to The Dolmen. The new Spriggan line up working alongside the Dolmen appears to be successful formula and ‘crowd pleaser’, with The Dolmen/ Spriggan Mist relationship resuming at the 2011 Dolmen Grove Yule Ball in Weymouth as well as Spriggan Mist’s own show on the 18th February 2012 in Bracknell. I think Taloch sees Spriggan Mist as a Progfolk group reminiscent of the bands of the early 70s. Whatever the label or pigeon hole you put the new Spriggan Mist into, what is assured is their “understudy “ period with The Dolmen has been time well spent. Baz recently remarked “We have learned a lot from Taloch and The Dolmen. They have always been a source of encouragement and certainly have given us several opportunities. I think they recognise the enthusiasm and drive we have and I’d like to think they like our music too” So 2012 sees the new Spriggan Mist building on the success of this autumn, with some exciting new opportunities, a new musical project, as well as a new CD and of course more gigs with The Dolmen.

Spriggan Mist Presents with The Dolmen & performances by Spriggan Mist & MadMagdalen Saturday 18th February 2012 Bracknell Town Football Club, Larges Lane, Bracknell, Berks RG12 9AN tickets available from

Maxine Cilia -vocals ,guitars, saxophone , clarinet ,recorders Baz Cilia -vocals , bass , fretless bass and Bouzouki Gary Hemmings-guitars , cheesey rock poses Bex Rennie-Recorders , Cello and backing vocals Colin Garrett-drums and percussion

The Craft of the Hedge-Witch (Crossing the Boundary) To Fly by Night

Are mists of dawn and dusk A twilight to be seen? And is the boundary thicket, A doorway to a dream? For over here, and over there A world lies in between

I have always been interested in the concept of alternative worlds where perceptions of reality lie outside of our everyday mundane existence. This fascination and experience of otherworldly reveries led me wanting to find out more about the craft of the hedge-witch and the methods other practitioners use to cross over into the eldritch world. A hedge witch or haegtesse is known by many names – boundary crosser, walker between worlds, boundary witch and so forth. In crossing over into an otherworld, the witch straddles between two different existences, the world of the unseen as well as the

ordinary world of form. The hedge-witch or boundary crosser is a name given for this type of craft practice. Usually, but not always female, it is as solitary path, although some covens are built with hedge crossers who meet in the astral plane, and some covens of various traditions may invite a boundary crosser into their circle for him/her to practice their craft. A hedgewitch is therefore a person who spiritually crosses the boundary from this world to another for the purpose of obtaining knowledge and information, experience and adventure. The means of these experiences can be sudden and spontaneous or prepared using, for example, herbal preparation and tools of the trade to induce trance and make the means for a journey of experience to take place. Other paths that are similar in parts to that of the hedge-witch are those of the shaman, seer, medium, and clairvoyant, to name a few. In shifting consciousness, the hedge-witch crosses the boundary into the world of the sublime, the hidden part of the whole, the world outside of perceived reality. The origin of the term hedge-witch or hedge -rider relates to the spirit of the hedge and there is evidence that it was used throughout the ancient Germanic speaking people. Mike Howard notes in his article ‘Glossing the Hedgewitch’ that records in the meaning of the term boundary crosser are recorded in the old laws of Vastogoland, (Northern Europe) around 1170. It states:‘woman, I saw you riding on a fence switch, your hair and belt loose, in the garment of a troll, at a time when day and night were equal.’ 1) Howard thinks that the term ‘fence switch relates to the old Norse Gandre (magical wand). This ‘wand’ would possibly have been made from a boundary hedge that symbolically divided the worlds. The troll garment was an invisible cloak or wrap and the time of day, being neither day nor night, is symbolic of the inbetween time, a magical time to work at dusk or dawn. In Eric de Fries book 'Hedge Rider' he states that 'heks' comes from Middle Dutch language 'haghetesse,' which means ‘hedgerider’ or ‘spirit on the hedge’, which also means ‘hedgerider’, soul on the fence. The term hedgerider’ also appears in Old Norse as ‘hagsissand’ and in old English as ‘haegtesse’2) The definition of the term 'hedge rider' is a symbolic reference regarding the fence or hedge as a dividing

boundary between one place and another, or one world and the underworld or otherworld. Hedges made of Blackthorn, Whitethorn (or May) and Elder were the most usual form of fence in previous days and were used to protect and contain people and animals from attacking invaders and wild animals (It is also curious that the Elder in folklore is home to the hag witch). In previous days the village was considered a place of protection and safety. Life was more ‘civilised’ for the villagers within the boundary of the hedge because others were there to offer help in terms of company, skills and food. However, in contrast to village life, beyond the boundary, things were more unpredictable and dangerous. The land and forests were full of demonic dangers such as wild beasts and strangers, water and wood spirits. The wild world beyond the hedge was fearsome and unfamiliar. This is why the wilderness is named the Otherworld or Underworld, where the wild and unfamiliar spirits preside. The hedge was the divider of these two places and was the ‘inbetween’ place of the familiar world and the wild unknown. This is why the hedge-rider or hedge-witch is given a name that symbolically describes a traveller between worlds, with one foot on each side of the fence so to speak. 3 Second Thought. There are different ways to travel between the worlds and many different gates of entry. Some find that it is a spontaneous experience that may occur without preparation or warning. This can be quite disturbing at first, but as with all things within the craft, it is a part of the life of a witch to experience the extraordinary as well as the unfamiliar. In her book ‘Magic, Witchcraft and The Otherworld’, Susan Greenwood describes the otherworld as ‘a realm of deities, spirits and other beings experienced in an alternative state of consciousness. The Otherworld is viewed as part of a holistic totality co-existent with ordinary, everyday reality; it is seen to be a source of scared power.’3) When going into the Otherworld the seeker may encounter a variety of visions, imagery, and sounds within the minds eye. Once the meaning behind the information from the experience comes forward, or makes sense, it can be, what I call a pivotal moment, when the hidden meaning suddenly makes sense in the ordinary everyday world. I call these ‘true reveries’ because their meaning and action is crossed over from the mind into the physical world and makes sense and/or action can then be taken. This is the same as precognition and seership, where experiences which occur during trance or even in dreams for example, are conveyed by the communicators who understand past, present and future events, as well as spirit travellers who communicate with Goddesses of Fate or teaching spirits.

Magical Tools and Methods of entering the Otherworld. Magical interludes may not always happen spontaneously so other methods in achieving altered states of consciousness, as well as tools of the trade need to be explored. Repetition and mundane activities may help to reach trance states by preparing the mind before travelling. Activities such as chanting and plain song, drumming, rapping of percussion instruments, walking and continuous dancing within set spaces all help to achieve this. Tools of the trade used for seer-ship and divination include reflective surfaces such as pools, mirrors and scrying tools like the flame of a candle as well as the pictorial images of tarot cards, these can be used to enter into trance states for the purpose of clairvoyance Reflective Surfaces As a practitioner of mirror scrying I have found that reflective surfaces are a valuable and effective method of entry into alternative space, and also a way of meeting entities and spirits. Reflective surfaces have always been viewed as magical whether found in water, crystal balls, polished metals (bronze and copper) or mirrors. Traditional mirrors had mercury, or quicksilver painted behind the glass surface and this was believed to be a tool enabling the forces to come down to the earth plane and also to raise levels in human consciousness. Mirrors viewed with ‘psychic eyes’ (the forehead or third eye, the wrists or the

stomach/solar plexus) can receive impressions where symbols, shapes and signs appear at different points of trance work within the reflective surface. It is a way to cross into the abyss for finding meaning and answers to questions and for also encountering spiritual entities that live beyond this sphere. The mirrors surface not only reflects objects in the room but also projects images forward from the astral plane as well as receiving the energy of the viewer in the process. In some homes mirrors are covered when a death occurs in a family to prevent the deceased from returning through the mirror surface and into the world of the living. I remember my granny covering the old mirrors in her home with sheets so that the spirit of my grandfather wouldn’t be tempted to return. She said that the mirrors reflection was a deterrent for him and that we should help him on his way. All in all the reflective surface is one way of crossing into the abyss for finding meaning and answers to questions and for encountering spiritual entities through and beyond the reflection..

Shimmering The art of shimmering or shape shifting is where consciousness transfers into animal form for the purpose of serving the witch physically. Within the European tradition there are accounts where witches kept familiars as helper spirits, or changed physically into hares, cats, mice and rats. In Norse folklore Freya was able to shape shift into a falcon whilst wearing a magical feathered cloak which made her invisible. She was also credited with sending forth the fetch or astral double in spirit travel. Hans Peter Duerr writes that there are records that show South American women chewed the seeds of herbs as a means of travelling into the Otherworld so that they could encounter spirits and transform into animals. 4) The illustrator and wood engraver Claire Leighton records in her book ‘Country Matters’ how the local solitary village witch was seen changing into a hare which was later shot by the local farmer. The artist tells the story that the following day the witch was caught nursing a wound to the side of her body corresponding to where the hare had been hit.5) Shape shifting into animal form is also the subject within the folk song - The Fith Fath song. The words of the song describe changing into various creatures to ‘come home again’ in the name of The Lady or The Horned God. All of these examples highlight how the mind of the witch can shift into different forms to become a part of the wild natural world. It demonstrates how we can interrelate to these worlds as a whole, through the eyes of consciousness. Flying, herbs and salves The use of specific herbs and salves to aid the experience of travel and flight into the Otherworld has often been debated and has been a topic of interest to researchers and witches alike. Hans Peter Duerr in his chapter on Witches Salves, (Dreamtime), gives an

historical report that a woman accused of witchcraft named Agnes Gerhardt, gave an account under confession in 1596 where she stated that she and her companions had rubbed the soles of their feet with a salve prepared from ‘taking tansy, hellebore, wild ginger and frying it in batter mixed with an egg in order to ‘fly to the dance like snow geese’.6) Duerr argues that the recipes collected for flying ointments were originally collected from the writings of physicians, astrologers and scientists who were into ‘natural magic’. Some of these ‘herbal salves’ included plants that were known for aiding sleep by bringing on tiredness. These included henbane, hemlock, mandrake, moonshade, tobacco, opium, saffron and poplar leaves. This list includes some of the herbs known to be popular in witch’s flying ointments today. I should also mention that some of these plants contain poisonous alkaloids which cause death if used indiscriminately. Duerr continues to give more historical examples of these ‘effective’ herbs and ointments. He writes– ‘Andres Leguna in 1570 speaks of ‘a certain green ointment, such as poplar salve’, with which the witches anointed themselves, its oppressive and disagreeable smell indicated that it was composed of extremely cold and soporific herbs, such as hemlock, nightshade, henbane and mandrake’.7) Another salve containing cinquefoil, belladonna, water parsnip, meadow salsify and wild celery and the poisonous aconite was said to make women ‘imagine that they flew’ and caused them to ‘dream of dancing, guzzling, and gorging themselves to music’.8) In this statement the famous belladonna and the extremely toxic aconite are mentioned, although it is possible that the other herbs in the lists may have been used as a spiritual aid to suit the individual? As well as dreaming of flying to the dance, eating and guzzling wine, the witches reported meeting Frau Holda, the Queen of Elphame, and sometimes the Devil himself. The latter especially named as such during torture interrogations by the inquisition. The relationship with specific herbs enables the witch to join-together with the spirit of the plant for the purpose of forming a relationship. It is believed that once a partnership with a plant can be made, (or animal/spirit in general) the witch can tap into its shadow resulting with the plant communicating back to the witch during sleep and dream states. Once again, this is about the nature of consciousness and as with the animal shape-shifters, the witch can transform mind states to relate to plants, spirits of place as well as the elements of otherworldly dimensions. Although travelling across the boundary can be fearful, it can also bring forth exhilarating experiences of flight and sight, transformation and perception of the fetch, or spirit self. The sights seen and knowledge received may arise out of the blue, like a sudden thought, or may appear through spirit contact and symbolic reference with layers of meaning for the witch to translate. I have found that sometimes information

appears like an animated film or as an unfamiliar territory where I am hovering above the scene by about 10 feet in distance. This is just one example, but there are many ways for information to come through before it can be interpreted and used to help a situation. I think it is important to mention that the information received doesn’t always come in simple words or messages, and some knowledge can appear in disturbing and unfamiliar forms. Robin Artisson says in his essay ‘Concerning the Hex and the Hedge Crosser’, -’the unknown is still a reality, as a whole. But the ‘other side’ of life, the reversed world, contains both a dark, chaotic version of this world, as well as other, vaster and stranger powers.’9)

Otherworld frolics

A Summary All of the methods and accounts mentioned give insight into ways of journeying into different realms of alternative reality, the Otherworld, where spiritual and elemental forces, the dead, the dark and the other might be tasted and sought. The hedge-witch travels this hidden road and acts as a bridge between, linking the self to the other, the hidden and the seen, the dark and the light together as one. Contact with the ancestral current belonging to the Otherworld brings about a totality which forms a holistic wholeness in existence with ordinary, everyday life. Like the teachings of the silent Tao, the world of the hedge witch is joined by different parts that are both sides of the whole. It is the development of joining these connections that enables communication and information to travel across the boundary. References – 1) Howard, M. ‘Glossing the Hedgewitch’, The Cauldron 127 Feb 2008 2) Vries de E. Hedge Rider, Pendraig 2008 3) Greenwood, S. Magic,Witchcraft and the Otherworld. Berg 2000 4) Duerr, H.P. Dreamtime, Blackwell 1985 5) Leighton, C. Country Matters, Victor Gallancz 1932 6) Duerr, H. P. ‘Witches Salves’, Dreamtime, Blackwell 1985 7) Duerr, H.P. Dreamtime, Blackwell 1985 8) Duerr, H.P. Dreamtime, Blackwell 1985 9) Artisson R. ` ‘Connecting the Hex and the Hedge Crosser’,

Travellers Tales (The Goblins Diary)

a long long time ago... like yesterday

and they scared everyone,... like just

far far away from hear... like just

one little jonesy

around the corner there was a realy realy big crowd, like

and they spanked him untill he was

zoo... ppl (people)

green all over... in one green spot on his

and very very late at night, like... just


around midnight and there was this huge crowd that every single goblin in the whole

really got pissed

country,... like 3 of them from Dorset

and they all fell asleep just like the

was there

pretty blond Viking ‘king’

with realy realy difficult names like... boogie, woogie and moogie

nd then all of the goblins, like woogie

so) and named themselves something

got a real big piece of rope like 1yard

like emmmm, aah then the ung... just

(or so)

something with stones (or so)

and he put it around his entire body,

and They were ok.

like his ankles and they took all of the wood from the fire some planks just next to the

and we listened for a little while... like 2 hours (or so)

fire and they forced us to come over to and they build a real big castle around

their festival with all those foreigners

him with real real big walls... like 2ft

(or so)


And we had a little fun.....

and they gave him a crown with realy

The And again

expensive gems... like 5 daisies (or so) and he was really doing his best to push


them up, like his chin was on his chest

Hugs and lots of kisses

(or so)

from Germany 200i – John

and in the meantime the was a man who called himself a ‘pirate’, we’re not sure

Queen Bifi-Me You can call me Andrea

Queen Mud Mutti – Loes

but we think hes from Plymouth (or so) ????? who took a few pictures like 940

Rogar Road Kill Scroll – The 1 with the1 leg

and then the king woke up and he was

AKA Barbara

fresh and fruity like NOT (or so)! and then the moon fell out of the sky, and we went to sleep, woke up and did some kind of ceremony and we went home. The And


And by the highway, there were

some humans making some noise with instruments, like music (or so). They were standing around like a henge (or

Poetry From Within the Grove Yuletide Another turn of the wheel And Yule once again is here When summer trees Have lost their leaves Tis the luscious red berry Of the Holly tree That stands proud among them all While the sleepy animals With tummies full Snuggle down from the cold Another log is thrown on the fire And chestnuts roast among the flames Reminding us of bygone days We reflect upon what’s been said and done And those family and friends who have now gone Yet their spirits in our hearts remain So with hope and anticipation I wait for the wheel to turn again By Sarah Sanford

Winter Circle Feeling loved like the harsh winds when I am gloved With the green hills all around me, Using the trees and the wintry breeze to whisper to he. At one with that new rising sun But the warmth is far away, The comfort gets drawn from friendship and faith and the gloves. And then with the beat of a drum and a chant like the fires flame It is day. Till the next time my friends and family Till the next endless line, Our thanks to the North, South, East and West Till the next time May we all be at our best. By Defoe Smith

Threefold Rule Thrice I’ll stir the cauldron, At the setting of the sun, To bid you all good cheer at Yule. Staying mindful of the threefold rule, I ask only that my will be done Remembering the words “Harm ye none!” And incantations of hope I chant, As between the worlds I dance. Banishing demon, ghost and ghoul, Ever mindful of the threefold rule, As I ask that my will be done. Remembering the words, “Harm ye none!” Yet curse I most surely will, Should anybody wish me ill. And your nights will seem longer than your days, For the threefold rule works both ways. And my will shall be done ...A lot!! So remember these words and, “Harm me NOT!!” By Diane Narraway

And Be Done Walk to the old stones and on the right night There in the stillness, with the moon shining bright Summon the forces to carry your will All the way to the door of the one you wish ill And be done Utter the words, with no hint of remorse Use hidden knowledge to tap the force Do what you must and mean what you say Close the circle, then walk away And be done There can be no escape for poor man or rich So woe to the one who wrongs a witch Too late to say sorry and too late to run What will be will be, for eternity And be done By Mark Vine

A cry for unity Why, I ask myself why, Do we hear talk of disunity? Do they not know the truth? That we are all one, One species on one planet, All part of humanity, Each and every one of us, Seeking our spirituality. Why, I ask myself why, Do we hear bickering and insanity? Have they not learnt the truth? That we each have a path A path, for each one of us, But all paths in harmony, Each one responsibly Seeking their truth. Why, I ask myself why, Do egos get in the way? Were they not taught the truth? That we each have to learn Each one learns differently, And starts from a different place. The perfect path for some, Maybe the wrong one for you. When, I ask myself when, Will these false prophets go away And let us all peacefully Follow our paths? How can we learn at all If we’re not free to find, Our own individual paths, Here on this Earth? Now, I shout out loud. Now! Let’s work in unity. Let’s all teach the truth, That we are all one. One species on one planet. All part of humanity, Each and every one of us, Seeking our spirituality. Now, I shout out loud. Now! Let’s stop the insanity.

Let’s teach the world, That many paths are true. All paths that harm none, Working in harmony, Each one responsibly, Seeking their own truth. By Emma Hardy

DIARY OF A HEDGEWITCH The raging winter winds have almost whisked the last of the leaves from the trees, but those of the oak and others still cling, gleaming in a glorious orange hue. The harsh calls of crows and of rooks and jackdaws and the rasping of the magpies loudly pierce the now cold grey stillness; whilst the see-saw notes of the tits, heart-breaking songs of the robins and the liquid melody of the little wrens soothe the icy air with their music; birdsong that seems to dominate the depths of winter. If we look up at the pale winter skies, especially at dawn and dusk, we see the motion of flying, all is in a state of eternal movement and change as winter has again drawn in, altered and transformed.

Bare branches of trees and shrubs stand revealing the growth, colours, forms and movements from the past seasons; unfolding their experiences of life into their surroundings, and into those other dimensions of which also bear their being; as they forever perfect themselves.

In the winter sunlight the yellows and reds of the twisting, spiralling dogwoods leap out in a deep vibrant array of colour, as the motion of the low arc of the winter sun spills brilliant hues of colour as it rises on a cold sunny morning, sparkling on

the glistening white frost. Long shadows are cast upon the earth, only to be cast again in the silvery light of winter’s long moonlit nights in a sublime interplay of reflection and shadow. We are not merely onlookers in this world of dazzling change, colour, and movement. Our gaze, our thoughts, and our inexpressible feelings, all penetrate and flow dynamically of the daily seasonal rhythms, and constant burgeoning of the surrounding world and beyond. The first frosts have turned to brown mush many succulent stemmed plants such as nasturtiums and hostas, finishing off many flowers that were still happily blooming into early December. At the time of writing, however, honeysuckle is still beaming out in ravishing orange-yellow haze, its heady fragrance filling the nostrils with wondrous summer scent on a cold winter’s day, along with that of a few stubborn roses that greet the unwary with their brazen softness, glowing colour on a dull winter’s day, refusing to give-in to the chill and the dark. Fuchsia blossoms still dangle in their deep red shades in the mildness of the winter thus far. Here in Dorset at the time of writing, there has ignited into explosion, early to late spring-flowering camellia blossoms which now pierce the glossy evergreen background with dramatic pinks and whites...A summer scene during the winter depths, with their flowering cycles not influenced directly by that of the sun. |Yet the sun, is now still at the beginning of its gradual return after the winter solstice, and the slow coming of the bitter cold, has brought us inwards, back to the home and the hearth, and back to our more reflective innermost states of being. As the physical world lies resting, we feed from the bounties of the late summer and autumn harvests, and the winter crops of parsnips, swede, brussel sprouts, cabbages that lay in the frozen ground; those processes and experiences of the previous year are digested and gestated, ready to be re-born afresh in the coming spring. As we begin to feel the first awakenings of spring, seeds are laying in silent anticipation under the dark earth for the first warm breath to ignite the stirrings of chaos within that will bring forth new

life; The earth is once again awake, and heavily pregnant, in its processes of preparation of new growth...about to exhale into the lengthening days; seen visually in the gently nodding white snowdrops at the advent of Imbolc. Under layers of rich compost and manure applied in the autumn and early winter, crops and garden plants await heaving in readiness to surge onward to express their myriads of forms and shapes, forever metamorphosing from root, to stem, to leaf, to flower, to seed. Fruit trees, that have been battered by the heavy cropping of their precious jewels and the stormy winds, receive their winter pruning attentions; and badly damaged branches are removed along with those that cross, using our intuitive eye for balance and structure insuring a good crop as the earth again draws in its breath next autumn. As we do this, the tiny wrens and red-breasted robins in the energetic waltz of the cosmos, flit from branch to branch delicately, to feed upon the disgruntled hibernating insect life disturbed by our actions.

Late winter to early spring is the time to propagate plants by methods such as hardwood cuttings, root cuttings, simple layering (when a stem is secured into the soil to take root), trench layering (when a whole plant is placed in a trench and covered with soil, to encourage shoots to take root), root cuttings, division of perennials, and grafting (apples for example are grown from a particular chosen variety that forms the “rootstock”, and a “scion” (cutting) of one particular variety is grafted onto the rootstock. These fuse together, the rootstock determining the size and vigour of

the tree and the scion determining the apple variety). I find it fascinating that what we perceive as one plant is many, from one little twig on a branch will grow a complete tree, and on some plants from one little segment of leaf will grow a complete new plant. Like a hologram, the whole is within the parts, and the growth of individual plants a hologram in time. One is hidden within the many. One plant is still whole when we have snipped a cutting from it, or divided it, and each new plant from these propagations is one whole plant, but they are still the original plant, they are all One, and they are all One and Many at the same time; never manifesting within one in its entirety, but dynamic and unfinished, forever in the process of becoming. We can also see this in strawberry plants that send out runners – each new plant the same plant, and potatoes – each variety all part of one plant. (Interestingly, one variety of bamboo will flower simultaneously, after 120 years, each individual plant blooming as one, wherever it is growing in the world). This is just one of the many things I love about the plant world, the obvious unity of life that lays hidden to our everyday eyes, but that plants seem to express within their physical manifestations well. Whilst growth is dormant during the winter we plant bare-rooted trees placing them in their new position during this vegetative resting period. These will put forth new roots in the spring, to anchor and spread themselves under the earth, joining with the roots of other trees, entwining and interacting and forming communities of myriads of micro-organisms- fungi, bacteria, insects, worms, that all work harmoniously together breaking down nutrients, allowing forever more life. The forms we see arching themselves upwards into the skies have equal structures arching and penetrating downwards, reflecting those above in those below, as the gravitational tug of the earth brings roots downwards, shoots, stems, trunks, strive upwards, straining towards the sun, and beyond. This bending towards the sun as the plant follows its course through the day is seen in herbaceous plants and their shaping into becoming; the past

effects of the sun seen in the lower, older, woody stem of a plant, expressions of form predominately marked by the influences of the sun, interacting with those of the earth, manifesting most strongly within the centre shoots as they bear the plant upwards. In early spring during the beginning of the ascent of the sun, shoots in species such as snowdrop and crocus, remain at the surface of the ground until the lengthening days gather momentum as the sun surges towards its climax at midsummer. It is not only the sun, the central star in our solar system that bears its influences on the forms and gestures of plants, all the planets are interconnected, acting as a single organism. Many of these movements, rhythms and relationships and distances of at least some of the planets influence the plant-world. Although there is far too much to discuss on these planetary relationships to plant form and expression here (it would require an entire book, would be far beyond my comprehension, and I have probably lost many readers already) I have attempted to hint at some of these relationships below. Mercury, the closest planet to the sun and intimately connected to it, tends to be the dominant influence on the forms of many monocotyledons (plants that have only one seedleaf, narrow parallel-veined leaves, and flowers in threes or multiples of three), such as lilies, tulips, corn. Venus, a near planet also connected to the sun but less so than Mercury, strongly influences dicotyledons (flowering plants with usually two seed leaves, net-veined leaves, and petals and sepals in multiples of two four or five). The movements and rhythms of the sun and Mercury reflect their cosmic dances within the shorter-lived annuals. Venus bears some influence on biennials who grow vegetatively in the first year and flower produce seed and whither in their second year, but it is the forces of Mars, a more distant planet with its two year fifty days cycle, that is strongly represented within the forms and rhythms of biennials.

Mars’ influence with its dynamic power as it urges away from the sun can be seen also in the forms and expressions of many shrubs and their vigorous shoots. Jupiter, a far planet with an almost twelve- year cycle, bears an influence on the Umbelliferae family of plants (angelica, carrot, coriander, hemlock, hogweed, parsley....) with their star-like flower structures that bend upwards opened out towards the universe. It is the forms of deciduous trees, though, more so than any other plant-life, that bear expressions of Jupiter with their crowns expanding, stretching, outwards into the surrounding space. Slow maturing coniferous trees, some not fruiting until they reach 100 years, bear the influences of distant Saturn. Each of the above planets also has a particular relationship with each part of each plant throughout its life processes and cycles. However, as I have mentioned already, to go into much detail on planetary influences would require an entire book and not a magazine article. All that remains is to mention that familiar celestial body which ignites the nights with its cold silvery light, the moon. As our ancestors would have been aware, the rhythms of the moon have a strong influence on plant metabolism and growth. The planets and the sun mark their influences on the structures, forms and expressions of plants (sunlight, of course, through a complicated process also providing energy), the moon also influences growth. The waxing/waning cycle of the moon is probably the most recognised, and Roman farmers would have sown seeds, planted crops and sheared sheep whilst the moon was waxing. During the waning moon, harvesting and castration of animals would have been carried out. Simply, the idea is that the waxing moon promotes metabolism, growth and fertility and the waning moon has an inhibiting effect. The vigour of plants increases around the full moon, seedlings sown just before the full moon may grow more strongly, but as the moon wanes, the properties of individual plants are released.

These could be medicinal, nutritional, scent, taste, or other energies of the plant. It is also thought that crops preserve better if harvested at the new moon due to their lower water content. The moon also ascends and descends, a rhythm that is similar to that of the sun passing through the seasons, but where the sun takes 365 days to complete the cycle, the moon takes just a little over 27 days. Like the sun, the moon is ascending when it is in the constellation of Sagittarius to Gemini, and descending from Gemini to Sagittarius (this is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere). Plant sap rises during an ascending moon, so this is a good time for grafting fruit trees. Sap movement is slower, and growth more concentrated in the roots during the descending period, so it is a good time for transplanting, pricking out, pruning, or any work that is done to enhance the soil such as spreading compost. The distance between the Earth and the Moon changes throughout the month, as the moon moves around the Earth in an elliptical orbit. When the moon is at apogee it means that the moon is furthest from the Earth. At perigee it is the nearest to the Earth. The moon remains longer in the sky around apogee (like the summer sun), but appears to move faster around perigee. The effects of the moon are stronger the closer the moon is to the Earth, and it is advised that gardening should be avoided at perigee. The path the sun takes annually is always the same, this is called the ecliptic. The moon’s orbit is at an angle of about 5 degrees to the ecliptic plane and each month the paths of the sun and moon will cross. When this happens, it is referred to as a node, a north node when the moon moves south to north of the ecliptic (ascending) and a south node when it moves north to south (descending). This produces powerful influences and it is suggested not to proceed with any gardening for a few hours around this time. Conjunctions happen when it appears that two planets are behind each other, it is the planet that is closest to the Earth that influences plant growth,

and often the effects are negative. The angles between the sun moon and planets are also taken into consideration. An opposition occurs when it appears from our position on Earth that two planets are opposite each other at 180 degrees apart. The energies of the planets influence seeds that are sown at the time of their opposition. The constellations that the two planets are passing through at this time will also have an effect. When planets are 120 degrees from one another trines occur. When this happens, the planets are often in the same elemental group (for example Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio, all Water constellations) and will influence a particular part of a plant that relates to this (in this case, the leaves). The moon also moves through the Zodiac. Each of these constellations is linked to one of the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are constellations connected to Air and this bears a favourable relationship to flowers. Food crops to sow when the moon is in these constellations would be broccoli, cauliflower and globe artichokes, and, of course, ornamental flowering plants. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are connected to Fire. This relates to fruit and seed development and tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, beans and peas and cereals. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are Watery constellations, bearing positive influences on leafy crops such as lettuce, cabbage, kale, spinach etc. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are constellations connected to Earth. The plant crops to sow favourably when the moon is in these constellations would be root vegetables such as potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips and beetroot etc.

The influence that the moon has as it passes through the zodiac generally outweighs any influence that it has on plant growth during its waxing and waning cycles, the latter tending to have bearing on over-fertilised and weak plants or those grown hydroponically, rather than those in healthy life-brimming soil.

I have comprised a sowing calendar for February based on the information above. Although February is still a little early for sowing many species but as the season gathers momentum the plant world urges to burst forth into the heaving fullness of life and into infinite expressions, and March and April will bear much of the year’s germinations. I find this time of year, after a brief winter pausing, an awaiting with baited breath on the cusp of burgeoning into the stirrings of spring, full of anticipation as energies are on the threshold ready to flood. The sap is ready to rise and the blood to surge, moving forever onwards into those inexpressible moments of early spring, and into a new cycle of coming into being.

Sowing Calendar February 2012 Date Wed 01

Constellation of Moon Taurus (Earth)

Crops to Sow Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Other information Moonset 10.50hrs

Thurs 02

Taurus (Earth)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Fri 03

Taurus (Earth)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Venus opposition Mars 0hrs South (descending) node 20hrs Moon trine Sun 22hrs Moonset 11.30hrs Moonset 12.20hrs

Sat 04

Gemini (Air) from 05hrs

Sun 05

Gemini (Air)

Mon 06

Cancer (Water) from 09hrs

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

Tues 07

Cancer (Water) until 21hrs

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

Wed 08

Leo (Fire)

Moon trine Saturn 05hrs Highest moon 08hrs Moon opposition Pluto 22hrs Moonset 13.20hrs Moonset 14.30

Thurs 09

Leo (Fire)

Fri 10

Virgo (Earth) from 09hrs

Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Sat 11

Virgo (Earth)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Sun 12

Virgo (Earth)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Mon 13

Virgo (Earth) until 14hrs then Libra (Air)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Tues 14

Libra (Air) until 20hrs

Wed 15

Scorpio (Water)

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

Thurs 16

Scorpio (Water)

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

Moon trine Venus 09.30hrs Moonset 15.40hrs Sun conjunction Mercury 09hrs Moon opposition Mercury 23hrs Full moon 22hrs Moonset 17hrs Moon opposition Neptune 18hs Moonrise 07.10hrs Moonrise 07.40hrs

Venus conjunction Venus 02hrs Moon conjunction Mars 05hrs Moonrise 08hrs Moon opposition Uranus 0hrs Moon opposition Venus 01hrs Perigee 19hrs Moonrise 08.20hrs Moon trine Sun 10.30hrs Moon conjunction Saturn 21hrs Moonrise 08.50hrs Mercury trine Saturn 01hr Moon opposition Jupiter 05hrs Moonrise 09.10hrs Mercury conjunction Neptune 07hrs Moon, 3rd quarter 17hrs Moonrise 09.50hrs North (ascending) node 20hrs, so no sowing am Moon trine Venus 16hrs Moonrise 10.30hrs Lowest Moon 09hrs Moonrise 11.30hrs

Fri 17

Sagittarius (Fire) from 02hrs

Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse

Sat 18

Sagittarius (Fire)

Sun 19

Capricorn (Earth) from 07hrs

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Mon 20

Capricorn (Earth)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Tues 21

Capricorn (Earth) until 11hrs then Aquarius (Air)

Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Wed 22

Aquarius (Air)

Thurs 23

Aquarius (Air) until 10hrs then Pisces (Water)

Fri 24

Pisces (Water)

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

Sat 25

Pisces (Water)

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

Sun 26

Pisces (Water) until 13hrs

Mon 27

Aries (Fire)

Tues 28

Aries (Fire) until 14hrs

Wed 29

then Taurus (Earth) Taurus (Earth)

Moonrise 12.30hrs Sun trine Saturn 16hrs Moonrise 13.40hrs Sun conjunction Neptune 21hrs Moonrise 15hrs Moonrise 16.10hrs

Moon conjunction Neptune 19hrs Moon trine Saturn 17hrs Dark Moon 23hrs Moonset 06.20hrs Moonset 06.40hrs Moon conjunction Mercury 01hr

Celeriac in heated greenhouse

then Aries (Fire)

Moon conjuncion Pluto 21hrs

Celeriac in heated greenhouse Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse Broad bean, peppers in heated greenhouse, tomatoes in heated greenhouse Early carrot cultivars, parsnip Early carrot cultivars, parsnip

Moon opposition Mars 2hrs Mercury opposition Mars 11hrs Moonset 07hrs Moon conjunction Uranus 98hrs Moonset 07.20hrs Moon conjunction Venus 19hrs Moonset 07.40hrs Moon opposition Saturn 13hrs

Moonset 08hrs Moon conjunction Jupiter 04hrs Apogee 14hrs Moonset 08.20hrs Moonset 08.50hrs

South (descending) node 23hrs, so no sowing late eve Moonset 09.30hrs

RECIPES Bara Brith Ingredients... 1 cup of cold strong tea 1 cup of dried fruit 1 cup demerara sugar 2 cups of self raising flour Soak the fruit in the tea (pref for at least a couple of hours) Then add the sugar and flour and then mix. This will be a heavy mixture. Put this mix into a greased and floured loaf tin and bake at a low heat for 45 mins to an hour. Gas 3 or 4 or 160 c When pierced with a knife and the blade comes out clean it is ready. I usually leave it in the tin for a bit to cool then turn out onto a wire rack. Serve it sliced up and spread with butter. Hope you all enjoy...It really is very easy to make and I just use a mug as opposed to the american cup measurement - just remember to use the same mug for all the ingredients! As for the fruit you can use all the same fruit ie sultanas or the dried mixed fruit bags. I have also made this with plain flour and added one teaspoon of baking powder for each mug. Enjoy and please let me know what you think!!!! Mandy Edwards

Peppermint and chocolate cake 170g caster sugar 170g butter 170g self raising flour 3 eggs Teaspoon of green food colouring Teaspoon of peppermint essence 200g grated chocolate or chocolate chips 10 inch square cake tin Heat oven to 190C fan/170Cconventional or gas 5. Grease and line a 10 inch square cake tin with greaseproof paper Cream butter and sugar together, using a wooden spoon. Beat in eggs one at a time, adding a little of the flour with each one. Fold in the remaining flour with a metal spoon. Add food colouring, peppermint essence and half the chocolate. Spoon mixture into cake tin and bake for 25 – 30 mins or until the cake springs backwhen pressed. Turn out of tin onto a wire rack and leave to cool. When sufficiently cool, melt the remaining chocolate and spread over the cake. Leave until chocolate is set. Slice into rectangles. Diane Narraway

Green Tomato Chutney 2kg diced green tomatoes (peeling these is better, but they can be left unpeeled) 500g peeled and diced cooking apples 500g diced onions 500g raisons or sultanas 500g soft brown sugar 600ml cider vinegar 50g grated ginger 2 medium sized chillies 1 level teaspoon salt Put all ingredients into a pan, heat gently occasionally stirring once it begins to boil, and leave it to simmer for approximately 3 hours, stirring regularly until it thickens. Place whilst still hot into sterilised jars, seal, and store for 2 months or so before consuming to allow the ingredients to mature. Rachael Moss

Chilli Jelly I have made this recipe without the bell peppers and only chillies, but this depends upon the heat of the chilli peppers. Feel free to change the quantities of each accordingly. 350g hot chillies 400g bell peppers 50g grated ginger 350ml cider vinegar 1kg sugar Pectin (i use quinces (2 small) these contain naturally large quantities of pectin) 2 squeezed lemons or limes 1 level teaspoon salt Remove the seed from the chillies and bell peppers and finely chop or add to a food processor. Add to a pan with the cider vinegar and bring to a simmer. Add the sugar, lemon and salt and stir. Boil for 5 minutes, allow cooling for 10 minutes, and then placing into sterilised jars. Rachael Moss

Borscht 4 large grated beetroots with tops 1 medium sliced onion 1 level teaspoon salt 2 cloves crushed garlic 3 litres water 500g diced potatoes 1 tablespoon cider vinegar Add the beetroot, onion, garlic, salt and water to a pan and bring to the boil, simmering for 20 minutes. Add the potatoes, vinegar and finely chopped beetroot tops, and simmer for another 10 minutes or until potatoes are soft. Serve piping hot. Rachael Moss

The Dolmen Grove Yule Ball

.....And Ceremony

....And Stonehenge

THE MIRACLE OF SILENCE Recently the ceremonial circles held by the Dolmen Grove have seemed to be evolving.....They have become what on the surface may appear more tribal but under closer inspection have simply moved away from the religious aspect of a pagan ceremony to instead focusing more upon the spirituality of the individual. Drumming up energy has become a key part of a Dolmen Grove circle, and more recently they have begun to incorporate a two minute silence. This has become more apparent the closer we got to 2012. Those of us within the Dolmen Grove who have been fortunate enough to attend ceremonies, camps and have heard Taloch speak can’t help but notice the anticipation with which he speaks of the new aeon and raising the consciousness of mankind. Taloch speaks often of ‘new traditions’.....This is not without controversy, as I know that for many this seems strange coming from a pagan. After all the cornerstone of paganism is tradition. I decided that in order to fully understand and appreciate the wisdom behind these changes and breaks from ‘the old ways’, it may help to understand some of the relevant changes that have already occurred. My quest began with the phrase ‘neo – paganism’. I know that for many this is a truly offensive title ...and for some members of the press, a phrase commonly used to make the pagans of today seem less credible than their predecessors but what does it actually mean. Well according to the dictionary its definition is ... A twentieth century revival of interest in the worship of nature, fertility etc.., as represented by various deities. The key phrase is ‘twentieth century’. We know that the new Aeon was first mentioned in the early part of the twentieth century by Aleister Crowley (or more accurately by Aiwaz). Partly because I’m a witch but mostly because it is staring me in the face I am not going to believe that there is any coincidence in the fact that not only was Gerald Gardner a member of the Ordo Templis Orientis (an esoteric order formed by Aleister Crowley) and that he also founded the Wiccan tradition. Perhaps the ‘old ways’ aren’t quite so old after all...but not being old doesn’t mean they aren’t valid. All traditions only ever begin as actions that have a desired outcome. Also it is fair to say that in the previous aeon pagans would have been a very different breed to us. For instance in the first aeon we would have been more reverent of a Matriarchal Goddess, with God/s being of lesser importance. It is often referred to as the aeon of Isis (Although the Goddess would have differed according to cultural needs). This was the aeon of creation where just as Mother Earth gave life to us, so we would have honoured and appeased her with life....But in this aeon life was returned to the Goddess in the form of the blood sacrifice. Some of us would have been born knowing that we would one day be the sacrifice....For many of us who are vegetarian the idea of ritually slaughtering animals is barbaric, yet in this aeon it was part of everyday life. It was a far more simplistic form of paganism focusing more on mans material requirements such as food, clothing and shelter. Mans spiritual needs were of little if any importance. It was not until the aeon of the Patriarch that things would change. This aeon may be referred to as the aeon of Osiris. This is an aeon where mankind is reverent of the Father God, and the blood sacrifice is replaced by self sacrifice. The Aeon of the Patriarch is the time of the ‘dying god’. A God who dies but later overcomes death through his own resurrection. It is in this aeon that mankind tips the scales the other way becoming more focused on the spiritual to the point of neglecting the material. The aeon of the patriarch promotes the idea of material hardship and suffering in exchange for bountiful rewards in the afterlife. It is in this aeon that the concept of heaven and hell are formed. This leads us to the new aeon...The Aeon of the Twins (The Aeon of Horus and Maat).

This is the aeon of duality and equality. An age where death and rebirth are the predominate concept. This is a time of self awareness where mankind no longer needs to suffer as death is not something to be conquered by resurrection.....Nor is it essential to suffer material hardship in order to buy a ticket to heaven......We understand that both birth and death are merely steps along the ever evolving journey of life. It is also a time of realised equality between male and female... A time when men and women work together with love and respect. Perhaps then ‘neo’ (new) – paganism is a more accurate title than it first seemed, and as a new pagan in a new aeon I can feel privileged to witness the birth of some new traditions. Having managed to grasp the aeons, the next thing I turned my attention to was 2012. There has been so much doom and gloom prophesied about this year, yet on Nov 1st I can honestly say I didn’t wake up with any feelings of impending doom, nor am I likely to. However I am aware that it is going to be a very significant year. Taloch has spoken on several occasions about raising mankind’s consciousness....and because I have an inherent need to question everything I asked myself ...Why? After much thought I eventually concluded that just as during the transitory phase between the Aeon of the Matriarch and the Aeon of the patriarch the Romans strongly rejected the idea of self sacrifice, preferring instead to sacrifice the Christians, we too witness a reluctance to move beyond the Aeon of Patriarch into the new aeon. The result of this reluctance can be seen as warlords and terrorists commit various atrocities fuelled by religious, racial and sexual prejudice. We only need to watch the news or pick up a paper to see that mankind’s consciousness is in dire need of raising. The next thing I needed was to understand how this could be achieved. There has been a huge amount of publicity concerning 2012, with reports varying between complete destruction of the world taking mankind along with it to those who view this as a the beginning of a new era etc...etc. The Mayan calendar completes ‘a great cycle’ on the 21st December 2012, and it seems that irrespective of the expectations pretty much all authorities on 2012 are in agreement that whatever is going to happen will have done so by then. As I said before whether it’s the witch in me or just some things are just too obvious to be ignored....but seriously it can’t be a coincidence that... 1. Approximately 100 years into the new aeon something significant is expected to take place. 2. ‘Neo – Paganism’ is evolving spiritually as well as growing in numbers throughout the world. 3. The Dolmen Grove is at the forefront being currently the second largest grove in the world. 4. The Dolmen Grove is unique in the fact that it is made up of a variety of Pagans each following their own path. 5. There will be a ceremony on that date at Stonehenge which was has been a place of ritual since the first aeon. 6. That pagans have free access to Stonehenge on the solstices. 7. Irrespective of whether you expect something good or bad to happen expect something to happen and that anticipation alone will alter your perception of things....your consciousness. I doubt it is a coincidence that there are 7 on my list of ‘non coincidences’! Of course I had grasped the fact that the most important part would be the two minute silence, what I really needed to know was why. How much effect can just being quiet for two minutes really have on the consciousness of the human race? In order to fully understand this it seemed necessary to take a closer look at what silence is. Silence and being quiet are two completely different things. To be quiet implies an absence or reduction in noise. To be silent is a complete absence of sound. In order to be silent one must also be still. Of course that would require the absence of thought as a busy mind cannot be considered neither still nor silent. It is nigh on impossible to stop the mind from thinking. For what tends to happen is as soon the mind becomes still we

realise we are not thinking, and that in itself is a thought. However for most people two minute silences are spent being quiet with random thoughts popping up here and there. This will no doubt be the case at Stonehenge on the Winter Solstice. The thing is it doesn’t matter because for the odd split second the mind will be still and during that split second of silence the real magic occurs. It is in that split second of silence that the divine essence within each of us that transcends space and time can communicate. Whether you refer to it as the soul/spirit/heart/unconscious or super conscious doesn’t matter...What matters is that only in the silence can that true message of enlightenment be heard. If only one person did this, then their silent invocation may well have an impact on not only how they see but also how they treat others around them. Of course that is without any of the other factors that are going to be in place on the winter solstice 2012. Imagine what can be achieved by that many pagans gathered together.... made up of occultists, druids, witches, shamen etc. all stood on one of the most magical sites in the world. It is only through the power of silence can peace become manifest and only through peace can the pain and suffering that mankind inflicts upon each other finally end... That is the true magic of silence. Make Peace manifest in Power that Power shall dissolve in Peace

– Taloch

Dolmen Grove rituals I was asked by new members if I could publish the words to the chants used in our ceremonies and rituals...There seemed little point in just repeating the words without understanding them so I thought a full explanation might be better. The drumming that is so unique to the Dolmen Grove is used to raise the energy prior to the ritual. This is an ancient technique used by the magi, mystics and shamen of old. In the same way that a mantra is recited to create a spiritual awareness and transformation within the individual....The drum beat of the Dolmen Grove is our mantra, used to create the same effect within a group. Mantra is a sanskrit word which when translated literally means ‘instrument of thought’ The chant we all know and love as ‘Not I nor thee’ is in fact the ceremony of creation, which is performed as follows : Taloch chants each line and the circle repeats each one after him. The bits in brackets arent repeated.

Not I nor thee before the trees, Not I nor thee before the earth, Not I nor thee before the seas, Not I nor thee before the fire, Not I nor thee...(But the great Lords of Air) East quarter is called Not I nor thee before the trees, Not I nor thee before the earth, Not I nor thee before the seas, Not I nor thee ....(But the great Lords of Fire) South quarter is called Not I nor thee before the trees, Not I nor thee before the earth, Not I nor thee...(But the great Lords of Water) West quarter is called Not I nor thee before the trees, Not I nor thee ....(But the great Lords of Earth) North quarter is called The ceremony both begins and ends in the North, thus following the double helix which represents the building blocks of life ....Creation! It teaches how at the dawn of time there was neither you nor I, nor, earth, water, or fire but there was air, and then there was fire, water and earth . Finally there was life upon the Earth (trees) The quarters (elements) are called according to the flow of creation.

Aum is vibrated by those in the circle, this is the sound used to communicate with and throughout the universe,and is followed by a two minute silence...(see previous article) What follows will vary according to the time of year. At stonehenge on the winter solstice this was followed by Taloch performing the following ritual, and like all things connected with 2012 this was no coincidence either. "In the years of the Primal Course, in the dawn of terrestrial birth, Man Mastered the mammoth and horse, and Man was the lord of the earth." "He made him a hollow skin from the heart of a holy tree, He compassed the earth therein, and Man was lord of the Sea." "He controlled the vigour of steam, he harnessed the lightning for hire; He drove the celestial team, and Man was the lord of Fire." "Deep-mouthed from their thrones deep-seated, the choirs of the aeons declare the last of the demons defeated, for Man is the lord of the Air." "Arise, O Man, in thy strength! The kingdom is thine to inherit till the high gods witness at length that Man is the lord of his spirit." Written in the new aeon it speaks of aeons past, and mans primordial need. It speaks of how man needed to master the elements in order for food and nourishment. It portrays man as the conqueror of all the elemental forces, but is not yet the master of his own spirit. Now in this aeon it is the time to realise that the God man has sought for so long can only be found within himself.

Other chants you may come across at Stonehenge IAO ...As chanted and interpreted by Rollo Maughling ...Archdruid of Stonehenge. The I is representative of the phallus of the God; The A as the open legs of the Goddess, ready to receive Him; The O the sound of their ecstatic love-making thus creating the Earth. Awen which comes from the celtic for poetic or divine inspiration...It is represented in modern druidry by three lines emanating from three points of light. This is representative of the triple aspect of deity, as well as the points at which the sun rises on the equinoxes and solstices. This is known as the Triad of the sunrises. The Druids vow as recited at Stonehenge by Arthur Pendragon...Loyal Arthurian Warband We swear by truth and love to stand. Heart to heart and hand in hand. Mark, O Spirit and hear us now Confirming this our sacred vow

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