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– A look at the methods of ritual cleansing from a variety of different paths.

Including a profile of Lead Vocalist/musician/songwriter and magician Taloch -


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CONTENTS 1---News – A perfect End to March – Taloch Jameson 2…Bridget – Tracey Payne 3…Aromatherapy – Sandra Wiseman 4…Books - The Devil’s Supper by Shani Oates 5…Ritual Cleansing with contributions from; Wicca – Dave Mercer, Voodoo – Lilith Dorsey, Druid – Cat Treadwell, Spiritualist – Paula Church, Luciferian -Jaclyn Cherie, Chaos Magic – Kevin Groves, Eclectic – Daniel Bran Griffith Heathen – Karen Cooper, Tribal – Taloch Jameson, Trefor Wickens 6…Diary of the Hedgewitch – Rachael Moss 7…Books – Journey of an Empath – A collection of personal stories from Empaths around the world 8…Tansy; Ostara’s Toxic Cure-all – Andrew Cowling 9…Esme Knight – Poetry by Esme Knight and Forever Wild reviewed by Diane Narraway 10…The Books of Nema – A Magickal Soul by Louis Martinie and Black Moon Publishing 11…The Dolmen; 10 Years in Pictures – Sem Vine / The Dolmen 21 years ago – Paul Pearson (Greenmantle) /And Today – Dave Mercer/ Taloch an Interview with Diane Narraway 12… Metaphysics of the Veil - Bill Duvendack 13…Walpurgis Night – Karen Cooper 14… Clan Dolmen Beltane – Spirit of Rebirth Reviewed with contributions from Taloch Jameson, Diane Narraway, Beth Irvine, Marisha Kiddle, Pia Morgan, Lee Brown and Karen Cooper 15…An interview with the Trash Fash Warriors Photos in this issue: Joanna Caswell, Rachael Moss, Daniel Bran Griffith, Joanne O’Hara Boa, Duncan Knifton, Donna Hayward, Jess Brown Artwork in this issue by Sem Vine All Dolmen and Dolmen Grove artwork by Sem Vine Unless otherwise stated all other images are owned by the authors or from the public domain Cover Image Marloes Visser Further information on the Dolmen Grove can be found at: www.Dolmengrove.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/pages/TheDolmenGrove All information is accurate at the time of publication and all articles and images are assumed to be the work of those being credited https://www.facebook.com/DolmenGroveMagazine Editor… Diane Narraway email: dolmengrove@dolmengrove.co.uk Part of the Pagan and Heathen Symposium http://pagansymposium.org/

THE DOLMEN GROVE The Dolmen Grove is a pagan organisation of mixed spiritual paths established in the early 90s by Taloch Jameson, which over the years has grown from one small circle in Weymouth Dorset, to several clans not only across the UK but worldwide. The Spiritual ethos of the Dolmen Grove has remained the same throughout and is based purely upon the Freedom of the Individual. It is the collective belief that in an age where technology can often dwarf our humanity, it is important that we take control as individuals and embrace our own spirituality in order to maintain the equilibrium within an ever-changing world. Although the Grove is not a political organisation preferring instead to focus upon the spiritual, this does not prevent either individual members or the Grove as a collective from playing an active part in humanitarian and environmental issues. There are no hierarchy or titles within the Dolmen Grove as it is our aim to encourage each man and woman to discover their own unique and authentic journey so that their spiritual connection is founded upon that which works for them as an individual rather than a spiritual rule book set for the masses. The key to our success is the Round Table which is made up of around twenty people from a variety of spiritual paths who uphold the spiritual ethos of the Grove. They not only organise their respective moots but also the festivals and events hosted by the Dolmen Grove. Our Moots are regular meeting places which are held once a month in several areas. Although these are organised by and largely attended by Grove members, non-members are always welcome to find out more about the Grove and enjoy the company of other free-thinking people as well as the activities organised by the Moot. There is a membership in place that enables those who wish to be part of this ever-growing Clan to enjoy reduced ticket prices for Dolmen Grove Events, festivals and where stated ‘member only’ Ceremonies and Courses. Although we host many Ceremonies which are open to the general public, to avoid crowding and to allow our members to celebrate free from pressure we also hold a number of ‘members only’ ceremonies throughout the year.


The Dolmen Grove offers a lifetime membership, which simply means a one-off payment of ÂŁ20 for those who wish to embrace and enjoy the freedom, clanship and the right to practice their own spiritual path within the Dolmen Grove family. full Members of Dolmen Grove will enjoy reduced rates for events such as Gatherings like the Beltane Spirit of Rebirth and Tribal Dreams, and to many other events when stated. A full Member, will receive a Membership card and a unique Membership Number that identifies who they are when wishing to attend 'Member Only ceremonies' and other Dolmen Grove events. The Dolmen Grove docs not have a hierarchy, as we do not believe that people need titles or labels to follow a spiritual path; instead the spiritual ethos of the Dolmen Grove is facilitated by a Round Table; a circle of people from all walks of life. For further information on the Dolmen Grove and becoming a member: membership@dolmengrove.co.uk The Dolmen Grove reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership www.dolmengrove .co.uk

The Perfect End to March Having not long returned home from the Dolmen Grove Ostara celebrations in Cornwall March proved to be an exceptional month for celebrations when the following weekend Taloch Jameson celebrated the Handfasting of his 83-year-old father Morris to girlfriend Mary. The ceremony was performed by Taloch & Diane Narraway at the Dolmen Stone circle on Portland the Isle of Wytches. Morris keeping with his own tribal tradition wore a tribal tunic he had personally made and a pure white feather in his head band. The blessing included calling upon tribal ancestors, the spirits nature and the four winds to witness the union. At first it was thought the torrential rain would set back the ceremony especially as Morris was still endeavouring to recover from a long-lasting chest infection. However, he refused to cancel which proved to be a wise choice Four minutes prior to the ceremony the rain stopped and the winds fell still, and adding to the magic of the occasion the sun broke through the clouds just as the chords were tied and vows made making the whole handfasting ceremony perfect.


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Bridget Whether you are new to the Pagan path, or have been journeying for many moons, Bridget is the Goddess that we all associate with Imbolc. She is also known as a triple Goddess, a Fire and a Water Goddess. When you delve into Her story it is evident that she is relevant throughout the whole Wheel of the Year. She was revered by the Celts, a diverse tribal people who inhabited Britain, Ireland and Europe from around 750BC. The term Celt derives from Keltoi from the Greek for barbarians. However, they were traders, craftspeople, with a strong social order where women were treated with equality. Bridgit, Brighde, Brig, Ffraid, Brigantia, Brighid, Britannia, is a Goddess of many names and a mother Goddess of the Celts. Her father is said to be Dagda of the Tuatha de Danna, and her mother, The Morrigan. Her associations to Water and Fire are well known, however she is also associated with: The Forge Smithcraft Brewing Arrows Wells, Springs, Rivers Maiden, Mother, Crone Fertility, childbirth, motherhood

Midwifery The numbers 3 and 19 Shield maidens Swan maidens Law and justice Rights of women The Green Mantle Abundance

Generosity The mirror, grail & spinning wheel Keening The whistle The Cow, serpent, wolf, sheep & swan Hearth fire

This list is by no means exhaustive but illustrates Her dominion over so much of the Celtic life, indicating Her importance as a deity, and how she is applicable to the whole Wheel. The Romans linked Her to Minerva, the Greeks to Athena and it is thought that in order to placate the Pagans the Christians merged Her stories and attributes with St Bridget of Kildare. At Imbolc, we celebrate the awakening of the Land, the returning light and connect with Bridget the Maiden. Bridie Dolls are made to bless the Hearth, Bridget Crosses are hung above doors to bring luck, we Spring Clean all aspects of our lives. We connect with Bridget in playfulness, remembering joy, purity, and innocence. Our new beginnings are echoed in Mother Nature with the emergence of Her Sacred Snowdrop and the birthing of lambs. Hope springs in our hearts, preparing us for the next stop on Bridget’s Wheel, Fire. Tracey Payne, Priestess of Bridget

Aromatherapy If you are new to Aromatherapy or have not read previous articles on this then an insight to it is: - Aromatherapy is the use of organic essences extracted from aromatic plants for healing and maintenance of vitality.

It may help minor ailments, keep us fit whilst still enabling us to be relaxed and at ease with ourselves. The oils work by entering the blood stream via the skin, smells evoke memories and the brain registers the scent via the neurological and the endocrine system. The therapeutic potential of essential oils, like other plant derived remedies, has yet to be fully realized. Although numerous medical herbs have been utilized since antiquity, many of which have become of modern drugs (such as Quinine and cocaine) In order to use an essential oil apart from Lavender and Tea Tree they MUST be blended with carrier oil.

Passion Flower Carrier Oil (Passiflora Incarnata) This is an unusual Carrier oil, very different from the usual Grape seed and Sweet almond oil. It originates from Turkey and is Native to Mexico, Central America, and South Texas. It is a climbing vine, which bears purple flowers, yellowish-orange fruit, and three-lobed leaves. The oil is taken from the seeds and contains the 17 amino acids that are naturally found in plant protein; 74% omega 6, up to 5.4% omega 3 and 19% omega 9. The colour is pale yellow to yellow/orange with a shelf life of 2 years. It is an effective lubricant which has a long-lasting glide when used as a base for massage. Passion flower is most commonly used for treating dry skin conditions. It can also be beneficial when massaged onto the scalp, promoting hair growth and for this reason it is used in many hair preparations. It has healing properties that relieve erupted skin conditions, being especially good for children as it is mild. It also has anti-bacterial properties. Other uses are as a sedative; to promote sleep and it is ideal for blending with other carrier oils and essential oils.

Cardamom Essential Oil (Elettaria cardamomum) I must admit that out of over 50 oils that I own, I do not possess this one. In fact, I have never used this one in the 24 years I have been a practicing Aromatherapist but having researched it I will definitely be buying some in the very near future, because although it can be expensive, the health benefits easily outweigh the cost. Cardamom is a Perennial reed like herb that grows up to 4 metres high. The leaves are alternate forming two ranks and are linear-lanceolate, with

each leaf being 16–24� long, tapering into a pointed tip. The flowers are white to lilac or pale violet and are produced in a loose spike. The fruit is a threesided yellowgreen pod containing several black and brown seeds It is Native to tropical Asia and is used as a domestic spice mainly in India, Europe and Middle Eastern Countries. The Essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the dried ripe fruit where the seeds are. It is a member of the ginger family, the colour of the oil ranges from colourless to a very pale yellow clear liquid, with a sweet, spicy and balsamic smell which gives off quite a strong aroma. The main constituents of this oil are Terpinyl acetate and cineol which can make up half of it. The rest being limonene, linalool pinene and zingiberene to name but a few. The Shelf life is 5 years if stored properly

Some of the health benefits are amazing, such as it can be used to neutralise the adverse effects of chemotherapy, helping to reduce spasms and nausea. It is an antiseptic, is often used to help alleviate the symptoms of anorexia, colic, cramp and other digestive problems, along with bad breath, alleviating the pain of toothaches and because it has a warming effect and promotes urination, it can also be used to boost the metabolism The Psychological conditions that it can assist with are confusion, selfishness mental fatigue and nervous strain. Other benefits include; helping to neutralize the effects of tobacco, insect bites, and even the ingestion of mild poisons. Furthermore, it can be used as an effective laxative for clearing the bowels. SAFETY DATA MUST NOT BE USED IF PREGNANT, ON BABIES OR CHILDREN UNDER 12 Reference: Julia Lawless - ~The Encyclopadia of Essential oils

The Devil’s Supper

by Shani Oates (Maid of the Clan of Tubal Cain) “Always, the Devil is presented as a beacon of decadence, of indulgence, whether fair or foul. And, whether droll or tragic, he does, in spite of his bad press, appear always to have our best interest at heart – perhaps this is why many of us have a soft spot for this notorious rebel, reflecting as he does, the all too human element within. As supreme chimera, he is without peers; his amorphous ambiguity allows him to cross-continents, cultures and time effortlessly, afflicting art and society in ever more creative and challenging ways… To know his works, we must seek what lies beneath the final mask.” The Grande Sabbat Feast, the Night Visitations and the Faerie Rade – This is the sacred and the profane history of a buffoon, a racketeer, demon, daemon, trickster, Faerie King, the Great Opposer and the Lie. From prehistory to post-modern, the bogeyman behind the folk tales and legends tells his long tale in this uniquely historical perspective that explores why Providence is the sacred duty of The Lord of this World. From Carnival to Utopia, and Feast to Famine, the secret traditions of the Devil and all his Works are explored in considerable depth and explained as understood by the people who feared and courted him rather than ecclesiastical authorities. His tools of Arte range from his holy trident to profane hallucinogenics and from sacred cup to holy feast. From Scapegoat to master of illusion, the Devil is ever present as the Grand Opposer, he is the primeval master of disguise and master of ceremonies, grand host of the Sabbat. Through incarnations and paradigm shifts, his coat is of many colours. From Heresy to Houzle, the enigma of the Devil is seductively astute. This narrative is an invitation to sup at his table, to profile him through theology and myth. Tackling the concepts of evil, sin and retribution, what the Devil has to say may just enlighten you! © Oates, Shani, The Devil’s Supper, (Anathema Publishing Ltd., 2017) REVIEWS: The Skeptical Occultist - Nov 6th, 2017 http://skepticaloccultist.com/post/167217771528/the-devils-supper Spiral Nature Magazine - Dec 12th, 2017 http://www.spiralnature.com/reviews/devils-supper-shani-oates To purchase: www.freewebstore.org/anathemapublishing www.anathemapublishing.com


Ritual Cleansing One of the questions that comes up a lot, both at events and online is that of cleansing or consecrating. Usually this takes the form of “What is the best way/ correct way or most effective way to cleanse ritual tools and space?”. There are many different ways of cleansing and consecrating the sacred space and ritual tools used by Witches, Shaman and Ritual Magickians and these will often vary according to the type of ritual. Consider the cleansing properties of the sacred breath, the cool ocean, the raging fire, the deep earth where life is renewed each Spring, the soft moonlight or even the raging storm. Consider too where the many sacred spaces and tools available. There are so many methods which have been employed over the years and so, with that in mind I decided to ask some of those from various paths who have been practising magick and ritual for a long time for their opinions on their preferred method of cleansing. Ultimately the answer lies within the individual, as magick and ritual are profound personal experiences with each spell/ritual being as unique as the individual performing it. Diane Narraway

WICCA Wicca is a very pragmatic belief system, not at all as ritualistic as many outsiders might believe. Sacred space used for ritual is traditionally prepared and cleansed in the probably witchiest way imaginable, by sweeping the area with a besom (witches broom). As a circle is cast for every ritual, sweeping is the only preparation required, as the spiritual element is handled during the actual circle cast. During the casting of the circle, cleansed water is often sprinkled around the perimeter to ritually purify the space. Some traditions also use incense in addition or instead of the water. As you might expect ritual tools and items such as wands, athames, etc are cleansed within a cast circle. While the details of exactly how cleansing is done varies, the most common is the passing of the object through the elements while reciting a simple cleansing charm, such as “clear this <object name> of all outside influences”. Wicca in common with many pagan belief systems uses symbolic representations of each element within the circle. So, a new wand would be passed through incense smoke for Air, a candle flame for Fire, dipped into a bowl of water for Water, and then finally placed on the symbol for the element of Earth, which is normally the pentacle. Some traditions have specific rituals for tools that are considered especially important such as the athame. The rituals may include the cleansing described above plus specific charms to be recited, or actions to be performed, however in solitary Wicca the simple passing of the tools through the elements is probably the most common. A Wiccan may sleep with their newly consecrated and cleansed athame under their pillow for the first night to establish a link between them. Merlyn (Children of Artemis/Witchfest) www.witchcraft.org

VOODOO New Orleans Voodoo and Southern Conjure have a lot of special and unique ways to protect your home and yourself. Red Brick Dust is one of the best. Practitioners put it almost everywhere- the thresholds, the windowsills, the property line… just about anywhere that needs to be cleansed and protected. The most effective dust comes from old houses or buildings. There are several spiritual supply shops that will sell you a bag, or you can make your own from some crumbling bricks that are no longer needed. Just light a white candle, get out your mortar and pestle and grind the bricks down into a fine powder. Extinguish the candle when you are done. The red brick dust is said to create a powerful psychic barrier that nothing harmful can cross. For best results, be sure to lay a complete line across all your thresholds and windowsills on the eve of the full moon. If you are using the dust to cleanse tools, make a circle of it around the items and leave them in the circle

overnight. You can then replace or repeat this monthly, or whenever you feel the need to reinforce your protection When doing a cleansing in the New Orleans Voodoo tradition I also try to cover all the elements, using candles for fire; Holy Water or Florida Water cologne for water; and Palo Santo wood or other incense burned for the element of air. . Lilith Dorsey (Voodoo Priestess and Author) https://lilithdorsey.com/

DRUID Spiritual cleansing isn't so much about getting rid of dirt, as such – because 'dirt' is part of what Druidry is! Earth can be a great cleanser, healing and grounding by its very nature. Spiritual cleansing is more about ridding oneself or an item of unwanted energies: perhaps past associations, a sense of malaise or 'badness'. Often, the best way is to meditate on the purpose of the cleansing ritual first, and then see what is most appropriate, rather than a ritual learned by rote. As Druidry is very practical, it's also a matter of what you have to hand. A full scented bath may not be possible, for example if you're at work or at a campsite. Incense can do the job by smudging, or basic grounding, bare feet on grassy earth. I find all four paws flat down on the ground works wonders! Many people speak of the powers of washing with snow – again, not always possible! - but running water is good if the item isn't harmed by it. Bathing metal items in water isn't always helpful for the metal (rather disrespectful to encourage rust?), so again, see what feels right. Passing an athame quickly through small fire, for example, reminds it of its origins, focus and power. If all else fails, visualisation can be the best and safest option. Imagine light or energy flowing over yourself or your object, like a rain cleansing away all of the unwanted matter and leaving you ready for whatever you're doing. This can be performed anywhere: stepping off a crowded street, ducking into a bathroom... take a private moment, allow yourself to shake off what's not needed or holding you down. Then raise your head, take a deep breath and step out again. Cat Treadwell https://druidcat.wordpress.com/

SPIRITUALIST Cleansing is one of the most fundamental parts of any spiritual work, and its application varies depending on the situation and the tools at hand. For a majority of the work undertaken in my remit would include the use of smudging with either White Sage or Palo Santos, a largely shamanic practise. This can be utilised in the cleansing of spaces, homes, rooms or indeed people; with the burning smudge being fanned around the area being cleansed. An alternative to smudging would be the use of Chalice Wells water, or other ‘blessed’ waters. This would be sprinkled on or around the area requiring cleansing, whilst stating clearly your intention of cleansing negative energies. Crystals are also used for cleansing and clearing, with the placing of amethyst or clear quartz around your home. Furthermore, Reiki symbols such as the ‘Cho-Ku-Rei’ power icon can be drawn on the walls of the area you wish to cleanse. Another option for

clearing is sound, using drums, singing bowls, gongs or even rattles to clear a space. In terms of the cleansing of unwelcome paranormal energies, the area would be smudged in a methodical manner from top to bottom, and salt (black or white) distributed into the corners, onto door thresholds and window sills. A very important part of cleansing such energy is the stating of your intention in a confident manner. The most important tool for ritual would have to be an altar of sorts, whether this is a designated table, placed in a particular place in your home, or a piece of cloth placed on the floor wherever the ritual is to be performed, makes no difference. Likewise, the tools are chosen to facilitate depend largely on what the ritual is intended to bring about, but they would usually be comprised of candles (in carefully chosen colours to represent the intention of choice), a chalice, an athame and some representation of the four elements. Further tools may include a small cauldron (for burning incense or for use in the actual ritual itself), crystals, a wand, a bow-line knife and any other personally valued items. Ritual space is again positioned wherever is best for the practitioner or ritual. However, the space must be cleansed and the quarters called, bringing in the archetypes of the elements to watch over and enhance the ritualistic power. Traditionally, many people like to also open a circle around the space using an athame or a wand, opening the space by drawing the circle clockwise and by closing space at the finish using an anticlockwise circle. Ideally, the circle should not be broken (left) until the ritual is complete and the quarters thanked and released. Paula Church (Spiritualist Medium) https://www.facebook.com/DSParanormalTeam/

LUCIFERIAN As a Luciferian Witch, I use many methods, depending on the item I am charging and what the intended purpose is; my Magick ranges from healing to baneful, and thus my cleansing methods must vary, too. Here are some methods I found to be effective; tweak where necessary. SMOKE BATHS: This is exactly what it sounds like, bathing your tools and/or space with the smoke of Sacred plant allies, and resins. Here are some examples: White Sage (Salvia Apiana), Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens), Cedar (Cedrus), Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris), Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthium) and Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus Santalinus). Dragon’s Blood, Amber and Frankincense Resins are great cleansers as well. MOONLIGHT: This method is perfect for cleansing items. Like all the other methods mentioned, you may use this for your jewelry, tools and crystals. You may leave your items out all night long during a specific moon phase, or simply give them a quick soak in Mother Luna’s light when you feel your tools need it. SUNLIGHT: This method is great for charging items, and should, ideally, be done after a Moon Bath but it’s not essential.

SOUND THERAPY: This is a method where you use chants, singing bowls, and other Sacred sounds to cleanse, clear, and re-charge your tools, and Sacred Space. SALT AND EARTH: This is a method where you mix Earth (dirt) with salt to cleanse your tools. You may create a salt and earth circle around an item and/or space—this keeps the energy of that item within the circle. You may bury an item when you wish to return energy back to Mother Earth. If you want to banish energy and the item cannot be buried, you may place the item in a bowl or container of salt (add dirt if it will not ruin the item, otherwise salt will do just fine). The manner in which you cleanse your tools is not as important as the fact that you do; built up energy can affect your Magickal workings, so it is important to cleanse frequently and appropriately. Jaclyn Cherie (Luciferian Witch/Author) https://www.facebook.com/TheNephilimRising333

CHAOS MAGIC While those that practice Chaos Magic (CM) may appear to often abhor the use of traditional means of grounding and banishment, even to the extent of making a parody of familiar materials, the context can be lost from an outsider’s understanding. Essentially, CM practice can quite freely pull in the methods employed by any suitable traditions the magician feels would work, just like any other practitioner. Equally the magician may employ completely abstract forms, for example, my personal method that I've found applies to all ends is quite simply laughter. It may seem way too simplistic when compared to something grandiose like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram but appearing impressive is not the objective of a CM magician: effective, repeatable success is. The reason I find laughter works for me is that it is an effective way to disperse or otherwise lighten the mood after a tense or eventful experience. In effect, it’s a very personal approach, functioning on the emotional, mental and psychic levels. Not all will benefit from this approach, but in the spirit of Chaos Magic practice, it is about finding a distilled function that provides the specific results. Why go through the motions of some formulaic method without passion or connection? Kevin Groves (Chaos Maigician/Author) https://www.houseofkiya.co.uk

ECLECTIC Consecration of a Sacred Dagger

1: Hold the dagger over the altar or nearby fire saying: “Beloved Blood-Mother of this our clan, Welcome us at this time, with your heart and womb. Let us learn to live in love with all you are, And so, our seeking spirits shall serve the Sacred Blood.” (Pause) “Beloved Father speak to us in vision, And do not abandon us to the grave. Nor hand us over to hard fate utterly, Nor those whom our love protects.” 2: Anoint the dagger with salt-water and oil as appropriate. Then pass the dagger through the incense smoke or the smoke of the fire and say:

“We share thy flesh and thy spirit, And by flesh, blood and bone we call thee.” 4: Pass the dagger to the eldest woman present who should then rub the phallic shaped handle (how exactly I leave to your imagination), while saying: “Blessed be the plough, blessed be the furrow.” The elder woman then passes the dagger to another but younger woman who should ideally be a recent mother. This second woman repeats both action and words before passing the dagger to the youngest woman present, who ideally should not be a mother. This third woman repeats both action and words in the same manner. 5: Take back the dagger and holding it high towards the sky say: “In the name of the Beloved Father and the Blood Mother, The darkness and the bright, the power and wisdom of the all holy, thou art duly blessed.” 6: Drive the dagger into the earth and leave for a few moments. Daniel Bran Griffith (Summoner of the Hearth of the Turning Wheel) https://chatteringmagpiesummonerofthehearth.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/hearth-of-turning-wheel.html References

Artisson R((2006) The Witching Way of the Hollow Hill: the gramaryre of the Folk who dwell below the mound. Owlblink Bookcrafting Company USA. Grey W. (nd.) cited in Jones E.J. (1990) Witchcraft: a tradition renewed. Robert Hale, London. Griffith D.B. (2009) Private BOS. Unpublished. Derbyshire UK. Griffith D.B. (2010) Private BOS. Unpublished. Derbyshire. Jackson N.A. (1994) Call of the Horned Piper. Capall Bann, UK.


Creating a sacred space within heathen traditions is very different from today's ways of practice. Some have been altered to support the age we now live in as well as being influenced by Western mystery traditions. In ancient times permanent outdoor enclosures would have been sacred space and probably dedicated once and considered permanently hallowed. The earth itself is considered holy and inviting the gods would be enough to hallow the area. Today however with the use of temporary spaces many heathens tend to create a ‘holy ground’ before rites of worship. FIRE CIRCLING - is taken from the heathen land claiming and is one method that has evolved for use in hallowing. This involves carrying a fire torch or flame around the area to be hallowed to ward off bad spirits. This often includes a call to Thunor to make the area sacred in the form a chant or song known as a ‘weonde’. (Thor or Thunor is the hallowing God of heathenry) HAMMER RITE - The hammer rite devised by Edred Thorsson is where the area is hallowed either with an actual hammer or by making a hammer sign with your hand. It calls upon Thunor to protect and ward the site before a rite. This is usually done at the four cardinal directions plus above and below. An example would be ‘hammer of Thunor in the north, hallow and hold this holy stead’ or similar. There are various takes on this and although widely used it is inspired by the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram and is the subject of many heated discussions among heathens today. Other sacred space rites in use today are very much dependant on whether it’s for ritual, blót or sumble and vary kindred to kindred. Disir Ring - can be cast by calling upon your female ancestral spirits for protection and can be found in in Odins gateway by Katie Gerrard. The Runic Ring - a galdoring (chant) of the 24 elder futhark runes around your workspace, usually used for rune workings. Dwarves - a hallowing with the Dwarves NordrI, SundrI, Austri, Vestri by using their names at the four cardinal points.

There is also a fire and ice hallowing as these are seen as the most significant elements in norse cosmology and thus called upon for hallowing. And a laguz water hallowing "I sprinkle water to hallow this holy stead, the power of wyrd will ward us now " There are many others, all of which vary considerably, sometimes just a blast of the horn or a calling to the folk will suffice.

Methods of Cleansing. ‘Blood, Fire and Smoke!’ Are the most common methods used for cleansing and blessing, although rune galdoring and signing can also be used to cleanse and to clear. The blood of sacrificial animals sprinkled upon an object, person or area would have been used to cleanse and to bless – Oh how times change! Now hallowed mead is used in the same way. Through flame- passed over or through flame or fire. Passed over a ritual fire three times from East to west, the direction of sunrise and sunset. Smoke - much like the use of herbs for smudging today our ancestors were learned in herb craft and used many sacred herbs for purifying, blessing and cleansing.

Ritual Tools.

Basic tools include: Sax - knife, sharp and used for drawing blood, cutting and shaping wood, carving sigils etc. Never used for harvesting of magical herbs. Gandr - and or staff, made of wood or bone, ash and oak are popular, used for calling up, sending and charging. The staff is used as a link to the world tree, to drum on the earth to wake spirits, provide a link between the world's and for a seer to communicate. Hlautbowl - blot bowl/blessing bowl, for catching sacrificial blood and giving offerings. These are often carved with sigils. Horn - cup, goblet used for drinking of toasts to the gods and spirits. Hammer - heavy club hammer with wooden handle, decorated and carved, used for hallowing and blessing made from iron or steel with an oak handle. Blessing twig - leafy sprig from sacred tree used to sprinkle sacred blood or hallowed mead. The Harrow - altar Generally, set in the north and ideally consisting of heaped stones under an open sky. Nowadays due to temporary spaces and lack of room wooden surfaces or tops are used. But most heathens I know have an outside Harrow if possible. Other items commonly used include candles and incense, gods and goddess images or pictures and of course a bag of Runes. Karen Cooper Reference Thorrson E (1984) Futhark Red Wheel/Weiser Gerrard K (2009) Odins Gateway Avalonia

TRIBAL Ritual cleansing Coming from a tribal path in a modern world I still find ritual an extremely important part of spirituality. Although, I must say there are a considerable amount of ways and ideas that are formulated by varying traditions or individuals content in their own personal path and the main thing is that you as an individual hit your goal. The following method is performed in the sacred chamber of the mind to cleanse and bring about balance within oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s metabolism, muscle and nervous system; a shield against negative energy and a manifestation of positive. ITEMS NEEDED A rattle or shaker - I suggest making one for sacred use but if unable to make it yourself you can always purchase one and personalise it. A bottle or glass of clean water. When sitting or standing comfortably and preferably in a peaceful place, enter your spiritual zone. Holding the rattle in your right or left hand whichever is good for you Visualise a circle around you and see this as a blue swirling mist and as you do so, breathe deeply into the abdomen allowing the breathing to be natural. As you become aware of your breathing, release each deep breath slowly. Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Although the mind is focused upon the breath it will feel the need to wander so add to your breathing a gentle hum which will help to temporarily distract the wandering mind bringing a natural calmness to your muscles and nervous system. By this point you are in a state of natural relaxedness. The wandering mind will again start to roam, so itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to occupy it yet again and this time you will gently move your wrist shaking the rattle. This should not be aggressive nor over enthusiastic just allow the motion of the rattle, your breathing and the continual humming to become its own gentle song. All the while knowing though not necessarily seeing the blue swirling light circling and embracing your body. As you continue you will naturally find the need to become more expressive and so turn up the volume by allowing the hum to become a dream chant (a chant of sounds that come naturally to you.) Allow your voice to ring out and you may even find your feet stamping gently and your body swaying in natural motion. Whilst in this natural state of ritual build yourself up to making a loud shout or cry, during which you open your arms up and hold them towards the sky. Shake the rattle enthusiastically and know that in that moment you cleanse your soul and your body allowing the most positive and beautiful energies of the universe to flow throughout your very being and that each breath you take is a cleansing purifying wave that flows deeply throughout the body. When ready take a mouthful of water and swirl it around your mouth and spit it out, cleansing and spitting out any remaining negative residue.... take another mouthful and swallow allowing the sacredness of water to refresh within you.......and thirdly pour some on the floor as an offering. It is entirely optional if one wishes to invoke spirits or gods if they feel the need to. I personally never feel the need as I never feel alone and consider this ritual cleansing a way of using oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s own Will to strengthen ones individual Magick And to refresh the physical and maintain control over the mind. Taloch Jameson (Founder of Dolmen Grove) www.dolmengrove.co.uk

CUNNINGFOLK A Cunningman’s perspective on creating a sacred space I understood from a child that the realms were always with you and in ritual or spell work, you shared with them calling on whatever spirits good or bad to aid your endeavours’. Likewise, any energy you raised would be directed to your target or placed in suitable object to use at another time. So, no special space is needed for spell or ritual. Those of a natural path seek to escape the barriers of walls, fortresses or magic circles, too commune with our spirited neighbour’s in the woods, parks or gardens We gently invite The Quarter Winds and Lords and Ladies, who are our guides and friends to attend, they are never summoned like some lowly serf or slave to the words of man using elaborate rituals. The simple use of a broom is perhaps all that is used which has a practical purpose outdoors as we sweep three times clockwise; thrice the earth, thrice the middle and thrice the sky for special events or group workings. The broom represents the Axis Mundi and is used ritually to travel between the realms and therefore cleanses the three realms that meet in the ritual space. We wait for signs to show the presence of the Old ones, be it the wind in the trees or another unexpected sound. At times we are honoured by their presence for magic to be undertaken’ at other times especially at the turning of the seasons, if their presence cannot be felt we assume they have been attending their own celebrations. NB Sometime a staff or walking stick is used instead of a broom Trefor Wickens (Shamanism, Herb and Folk Magic) herbsandfolkmagic@gmail.com

THE LEFT HAND PATH CONSORTIUM 2018 Untamed featuring

Speakers, Vendors, Rituals, Oracles, The Lilith Untamed Art Exhibition, Burlesque from Sugar Cyanide & Ami Amore & Exotic Rhythms Belly Dance plus

The Untamed Masked Ball Featuring music from

Beltana Spellsinger Patti & The Hitmen

Taking place under the dark moon in the famously haunted Lemp Mansion From Friday 13th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Sunday 15th July there will also be an opportunity to take part in our Haunted Auction; and win the chance to spend the night in the Mansion along with many opportunities to socialise with the presenters and book signings To purchase tickets and for further information www.lefthandpathstl.com

Be part of the adventure

Diary of the Hedgewitch Spring came, after the seemingly endless spilling of rain and wet sticky, heavy, mud, in a winter that dragged its heavy heels in a bleakness of sodden grey, and then sunshine blazed; sun coloured primroses, celandines, and daffodils unpeeled their blooms to wantonly welcome the warmth and light and passing pollinating beasts. The sky glowed an orgasmic blue, shoots began to lustily thrust up through the earth, and the mating rituals began, in a fire of creative desire, ensuring never-ending continuation of life. Then winter stormed back in, in a fury with its cold screaming winds and blizzards, the world became spectral and white with ghostly snow flurries dancing an ethereal dance; water clenched tightly into ice, mud froze hard. Trees and their limbs came crashing to the ground, newly unfurled blossoms hung their sad heads in dismay, their proudly erect reproductive bits that stood ready for action now wilted and limp and unfulfilled; leaf buds tightly clasped and ready to gently unwind their delicate green shoots lay encased in ice that smashed like broken glass in the raging winds. Newborn lambs struggled from their warm wombs to enter a world full of biting cold, howling gales, and blizzards. Feathered courting dances were paused and instead become a frantic rush for survival, and my birdfeeders heaved with nuthatches, finches, tits and robins. In the wildness and bitterness of the biting winds and the flurrying snow, the slippery silken ice, and rough brittle earth, the days widen and lengthen in the increasing dominion of the sun, and the elements raged with each other. And still, while most were huddled indoors, there were those glorying in the exposure, skin to skin, a tumultuous meeting of extremes in a yearning for freedom, as flesh and blood and bone attune together with the elements in an orgy of longing,

as those ocean-swimmers become wrapped in the shivering body of sea as it shudders and sighs at the freezing shore. The days warmed, snow melted. The sensuality of spring fizzes. Sun and flesh make ecstatic contact; breeze teases hair, prickling skin, mingling with breath; blood pounds and surges in tidal waves, aching for the sweet promises offered; and bones become lighter as we move with more bounce, and spirits swell. The elements dance their creative dance. The melted snow revealed wild garlic springing up, its fresh green leaves thrusting skywards, its pungent scent kissing the nostrils. Crocusâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, hellebores and purple flowered lungwort blossomed into the widening days tantalising bees in warmer moments; but, at the time of writing, winter still had March in its stubborn grip, grappling furiously in the days before the equinox in a sudden tantrum of gales and thrashing rain, more snow and ice, and a plummet of temperature. The mad frolic of life continues ever onwards, friction and equilibrium creating, maintaining, destroying, recreating, with ceaseless desire, love; experimenting, experiencing, exploring, and cavorting each possibility into existence. With nostalgia for lost understanding, with craving and anticipation, we renew ourselves; feeling the power that throbs in our pulse, ready to re-create the worlds, with the recklessness and vitality of spring. Rachael Moss (photos by Rachael Moss)

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Dark Moon

Beetroot, carrot, kohl rabi, onion parsnip, poatoes, radish

Transplant crops, prune, mow lawns

Broccoli, brussel sprouts,cabbage cauliflower, celery and celeriac, chard, kale, leek, parsley, salad greens and lettuce, spinach, flowers and herbs

Aubergine, bean - broad and french, cucumbers, peas, peppers, sweetcorn, tomatoes

Beetroot, carrot, kohl rabi, onion parsnip, poatoes, radish

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Full Moon

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June Fri 1 Sat 2 Sun 3 Mon 4 Tues 5 Weds 6 Thurs 7 Transplant crops, prune, Fri 8 mow lawns Sat 9 Sun 10 Mon 11 Tues 12 Weds 13 Thurs 14 Broccoli, brussel sprouts,cabbage Fri 15 cauliflower, celery and celeriac, Sat 16 chard, kale, leek, parsley, salad Sun 17 greens and lettuce, spinach, flowers Mon 18 and herbs Tues 19 Weds 20 Thurs 21 Aubergine, bean-broad,french,runner, Fri 22 cucumbers, melons, peas, peppers, Sat 23 squash and pumpkins, tomatoes Sun 24 Mon 25 Tues 26 Weds 27 Thurs 28 Beetroot, carrot, kohl rabi, onion Fri 29 parsnip, poatoes, radish Sat 30 turnip, swede Beetroot, carrot, kohl rabi, onion parsnip, poatoes, radish turnip, swede

Carrot, radish, swede, turnip

Transplant crops, prune, mow lawns

Broccoli, chard, lettuce and salad greens, spinach, flowers

Peas, runner beans, squash and pumpkin

Carrot, radish, swede, turnip

It's here! The new book, Journey of an Empath is now available to buy at the special introductory price of just $17.99. Featuring the personal stories of nineteen empaths from around the world, this collection is a must have for anyone who is an empath or knows someone who is. Inside you'll find details of some common challenges that empaths go through, real life experiences and inspiration, and techniques for effectively and positively managing this amazing gift. Being an Empath can be quite challenging, but it also brings beautiful rewards along with it. Journey of an Empath is a collection of personal stories from empaths around the world, who have generously shared their experiences to help raise awareness and assist empaths in understanding how to manage this gift in healthy and positive ways.


Tansy … Ostara’s tOxic cureAll Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare) is a herb associated with Ostara, the Christian Easter and the Jewish Passover. It is linked to rebirth (represented by the green shoots in spring) and the eternal quality of spiritual life at Ostara. It has a long history of association with women and Goddess worship. The name Tansy comes from the Greek Athanaton (immortal) either because of the long-lasting flowers or due to its embalming properties. The common name ‘buttons’ is derived from the shape of its yellow flowers. In the past the leaves and tops were used as an emmenagogue (herbal preparation specifically designed to increase blood flow to the pelvis/uterus) to promote menstruation, as a tonic to strengthen the kidneys, as bitters (alcoholic/medicinal preparation flavoured with plants/flowers) for digestive spasm and flatulence, and for hysteria, depression (the effect of the bitters on digestion being relevant here) and extreme states of emotion. Drop doses of the essential oil were an old remedy for epilepsy although excessive doses were said to provoke seizures and large doses of the plant are an irritant and would cause congestion of the abdominal organs. Intestinal worms were treated either by drinking a cup of the infusion morning and night whilst fasting or by administering it as an enema, while scabies was treated by using the infusion as a wash, applying the pounded leaves to sprains and swelling in order to reduce the pain. Tansy in tea form was used as a treatment for fever. Culpeper recommended the root preserved in honey or vinegar as a remedy for gout; in Scotland they used an infusion of the flowers and seeds as a treatment for this ailment. In Culpeper’s day the plant was used almost certainly considered ‘cure all’; in addition to the uses already mentioned, he recommended it for wounds, to dissolve congealed blood, for bruises, freckles, sunburn and skin diseases, rupture in children (please clarify), sciatica, toothache, loose teeth, sore gums and inflamed eyes. The issue for modern herbalists is that the plant is relatively toxic, particularly when taken internally. Fortunately, there are many other plants which offer similar healing qualities whilst being much safer. The consequence is that tansy is no longer in general use. It has a strong, characteristic smell which in the context of the Doctrine of Signatures1 indicates its power and the need to use it with care. This smell, along with its antiseptic properties mean it was a good strewing herb and like the elder, helped to keep flies away. Meat was protected from flies by rubbing it with tansy leaves. Tansy was eaten around Ostara; tansy cake being made from the leaves mixed with egg. In the Christian tradition this was eaten to purify the humours at the end of the fasting period, Lent. At Easter

tansy cake was given to the victors of a handball game played between Archbishops and Bishops and the men of their congregation. In the Jewish tradition tansy cakes were eaten in remembrance of the bitter herbs eaten at Passover. Tansy pudding was a little more sophisticated, made from tansy juice, eggs, cream, spinach juice, biscuit, sugar, white wine and nutmeg. The herb was also used as an alternative to nutmeg and cinnamon when they were either not available or too expensive. It has a history of use in purification rituals, where it was drunk as a tonic on a daily basis during a full lunar cycle. It can be included in rituals for dying and in death was used in the past used for embalming. As a herb used to celebrate womanhood and the Goddess, flowers were given to oneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mother or other women held in affection and esteem. It is a useful dye plant; the flowers offering a golden yellow colour, the leaves green-yellow and the root green. The plant was often used to dye the ceremonial robes worn at Ostara. Although I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t use it as a herbalist I love to have it in the garden. A tall plant for the back of the herbaceous border, its foliage is a striking green, particularly in spring and it flowers profusely throughout the summer. In my garden in grows vigorously and so needs regular attention to prevent it from spreading too far. ___________________________________________________________________________ 1 The doctrine of signatures was an important aspect of folk medicine dating from the Middle Ages until the early modern period, drawing upon the belief that plants which looked like a part of the body could cure the diseases that occurred there. For example, eyebright, a plant whose flower looks like bright blue eyes, was used to treat eye diseases.

DOLMEN GROVE MOOTS All Dolmen Grove Moots hold regular meetings where people can find out more about Dolmen Grove membership, ethos and upcoming events including camps, workshops and talks Hampshire, Fareham, – The Heathfield Arms 116 Blackbrook Road, Fareham PO15 5BZ First Monday of every month, 7:30pm onwards. https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.dolmengrovehampshir emo ot/?fref=ts Essex and Kent - Scout Hut, Cromwell Road, Grays, RM17 5HT Sundays https://www.facebook.com/groups/dolmengroveessexmoot/?fre f=t Dorset -Weymouth and Portland Weymouth -Old Town Hall High West Street DT4 8JH Weymouth, Dorset Second Wednesday every other month, 7:30pm onwards Portland - The George Inn 133 Reforne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2AP Second Wednesday every month, 7:30pm onwards https://www.facebook.com/groups/435089566582005/ Cornwall - Indian queens pit in the community Hall. TR9 6PB First Wednesday of every month, 7:30pm onwards https://www.facebook.com/groups/460165050682366/?fref=ts Isle of Wight – Venue and times TBC https://www.facebook.com/groups/751767741696777/ All Dolmen Grove moots are advertised regularly on Facebook. www.dolmengrove.co.uk dolmengrove@dolmengrove.co.uk

She Calls to Me

I’m led by a dream To the place of the Ancients

She calls to me

And dance in the twilight

In my blood she sings

To the drum of my heartbeat

When the Darkness comes around

But what is the song?

Through the night

It is sung by the black bird

I walk alone

To herald the lost

Searching for Her embrace

The Man of the Oak Tree

Eyes as wide as an acre of the moon

He knows the cost

Milky Flesh a temple To lay down my sorrow

The water it shimmers

Beg, steal, or borrow

Perilous depths

A heart for my own

Crystal clear glimmers Like a thousand tears wept

It is filled with the wine Of Angels and Demons

Still I am searching

That ride me away

The garden alone

Their song is unheard

Key in my hand

I don’t want to Return

The doorway unknown

Till the Break of Day

Hoping I’ll never Find my way home

A forest unearthed A garden unseen

Esme Knight

Full of rich, vibrant imagery Forever Wild is the new album from Rock songstress Esme Knight. Ahead of its time and long overdue Forever Wild brings to life, heartbreak, sorrow and the path to inner strength, true love and completion. This album honest, raw and alluring with Esmeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vocal ranging from tender and vulnerable to strong and wild. Forever Wild has some genuinely heartfelt lyrics delivered by the almost haunting vocals of Esme Knight cleverly mingled with some of that sassy Esme Knight rock vibe that she is known for. The title track is at times both vulnerable and powerful featuring Martin Jackson on vocals and lead guitar alongside Esme Knight with the additional talents of Matt Tarling on fiddle. Her vocal bewitches and entices throughout this track which is a seductive tale of hunter and prey that is truly captivating. Beautifully produced and exquisitely delivered, Forever Wild is quite simply a stunning album!!

Diane Narraway Written and performed by Esme Knight @EsmeKmusic

With arrangements and additional instrumentation by Josh Elliot Vocals & Lead Guitar on Forever Wild by Martin Jackson Violin and Viola on Forever Wild & The Circle by Matt Tarling Produced by Josh Elliot Recorded at JGE Studios, Dorset UK, 2018 http://www.jgestudios.co.uk/

Nema – A Magickal Soul 16/9/1939 - 9/1/2018

Greatness of heart and a never-failing optimism are the hallmarks of Maggie Ingalls and of her magickal self, Nema Andahadna. Her writings pave a wondrous road to the Great Work. I have known and worked with her in the beginning, middle, and end of this manifestation of her magickal career wearing the names S.M.Ch.H.353 and Frater Lugis Thor. As she has inspired me in my various magickal embodiments, I can attest that she will inspire the reader/practitioner. Her words beckon…the wise, if it be to their will, heed their call. Burn Brightly Sweet Spirit of Maat! Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha! (Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond beyond…awake!) I and all of us at Black Moon Publishing are both pleased and honored to make her work available to the occult community. Dr. Louie Martinie: Black Moon Publishing Content Editor/Bate Cabal The Priesthood is a condition of a soul on fire with love. The Priesthood is a way of life demanded by a certain level of spiritual responsibility, a way of life that focuses action and non-action toward universal enlightenment." Thus, begins Nema's moving exposition on the position, responsibilities and rewards of the spiritual territory known as the "Priesthood." In this writing, she identifies the Priest as a living talisman of the entire human race, a pioneer, an explorer, a trailblazer. Through his/her own experimentations and experiences in self-knowledge the Priest builds a formidable citadel of self-knowledge crucial in bringing benefit to others. The text creates a net in which the Priesthood, and all of it connotations and denotations, is recaptured and placed squarely again within the context of our living, magickal community.

Wings of Rapture takes a nondenominational approach to mysticism. From the initial euphoric experience to the "dark night of the soul" and beyond, this book will serve as a guide as you seek your own path to enlightenment. Learn methods of altering consciousness to open the doors of perception to the metaphysical realms. Discover techniques for creating sacred space conducive to successful meditation and contemplation. If you're currently involved with an established religion, magickal order, coven, or popular guru, it can help you slice through the embellishments of other people's visions to find your own. This is a revised and expanded re-print of the book originally entitled "The Way of Mystery: Magick, Mysticism and Self-Transcendence."

Maatian Meditations covers the ascent of the adept working in a Maatian context through Geborah, Chesed, The Abyss, Binah, Chokmah, and Kether. This is slippery territory and is treated by Nema with practical instruction, advice, and a subtlety proper to the elegantly evasive nature of the terrain addressed. Instructions include pranayama, or breathing exercises, utilizing the four pronunciations of the Maatian mantra IPSOS and possible roles of a "Mask-Dancer." This book can be read many times with new understandings, wisdoms, and points of view manifesting in each reading.

A series of lectures written in the 1990's for a colleague of Nema located in Macedonia for intermediary or advanced students that would focus on Kundalini and its application in Maat Magick. Includes a selection of additional manuscripts covering various topics.

Nema’s chosen practice in keeping this nine-month Magickal Record (19751976) for admittance to the Typhonian OTO was to “maintain an open channel with the Children of Maat, so they may speak through me. This to my own instruction and for the evolution of the Race…” The Magical Record chronicles this instruction, guidance, and the rituals she used to gain and maintain this contact. Carl R. Rogers observed, “What is most personal is the most universal.” Maggie’s attainment and her humanity shines through this record. The MR flows between the emotional heights evident in the praise of Aossic Aiwass to the angst that washes over her, “I am so tired…I wish I could die now.” in a dark night of the soul. The full range of both human and magical experience are richly expressed. The trials and triumphs that swim in the oceans of experience common to all of us all surface in Maggie’s words. Meticulous self-examination and self-appraisal are a significant part of the record demonstrating a profound level of introspection in which the Tao is frequently invoked. Nema’s optimism shines like a Grail for the rest of us. Its brightness beckons us to think and act likewise. I believe we will all be the better for it. Horus-Maat Lodge HorusMaatLodge.com is a working occult Lodge acting as a focal point for the Maatian Current. www.blackmoonpublishing.com

21 YEARS AGO, The Albert, Trafalgar Street, Brighton As the album review of The Dolmen states, The Dolmen are an excellent slice of Pagan music, but of course recordings can be misleading and some bands often fail to live up to their expectations when playing live. This gig, their second in Brighton, gave Greenmantle a chance to judge the talents of The Dolmen. As a live band The Dolmen are excellent. The enthusiasm of the players and the quality of their performance made this gig a memorable one. It is almost impossible not to get caught up in the atmosphere that a Dolmen gig can generate. Playing most of the songs featured on their album and adding more well-known favourites such as ‘The Raggle-Taggle Gypsy’, the band could not fail to win over a firm following. During the break I spoke with the enigmatic Taloch, lead singer and guitarist of the band. His enthusiasm for playing predominantly Pagan gigs is infectious and cannot be denied. To see the band, perform is a testament to their enjoyment. With The Albert audience being primarily Pagan, The Dolmen were on safe ground and the gig was an overwhelming success. Dancing, tapping feet and a heady atmosphere only confirmed their success and acceptance. The only word to sum up The Dolmen is ‘excellence’.

Greenmantle Beltaine1997 AND AT EVENTS TODAY I first saw the Dolmen perform in 1995 at a small festival, I had never heard of them before and had no idea what to expect. They hit the stage and won the crowd over in a single song, and in no time, they had the whole crowd on their feet dancing, a real Pagan party band. To be honest I had never seen anything quite like it, and that unique quality remains today and if anything, it has grown. More recently I have had the good fortune to see them more often and it is testament to their ability to grow and adapt that makes them a band I always look forward to. The musicians in the current line-up are all superb, absolutely top standard for any folk-rock band, and unchallenged in their genre of Pagan Folk Rock. Their musical influences include traditional folk, folk rock, and classic rock, and as skilled musicians they can sound like many popular bands if they choose, but always with that essential pagan twist. Their CD’s are wonderful and I have a large collection, but a recording can only capture a part of the magic that a live Dolmen performance offers. Their recorded music is amazing, but their live performances add something special and easily exceed their own high standards. It is almost impossible to explain the atmosphere to someone who hasn’t experienced it themselves, but it is something which The Dolmen seem able to create at every gig, whether large or small. The Dolmen engage with the audience like no other I have seen, and the audience responds with everyone trying to be as close to the front as possible. If you love a good live Pagan band, and want to dance like no one is watching, then you really need to make sure you see the Dolmen live, you will not regret it!

Dave Mercer (Children of Artemis)

TALOCH Diane - When did you decide you wanted to be a musician … Just how young were you when you knew that’s what you wanted to do?

Taloch - I didn’t really decide it was just always there since I can remember.

Diane - Did you have music lessons as a child?

Taloch - We were very poor and finances

would not stretch to lessons however my Mum was probably the greatest teacher I could have as well as my greatest critic. She had a great mind for music and was also a songwriter. During WW2 she toured with a theatre show where she entertained the troops by singing songs, performing in a dance troupe and acting in plays etc. I cme from a long line of opera singers with all my Mums family being Welsh. So fortunately, I was surrounded or rather I was raised in music from the start.

Diane -Do you have a favourite Dolmen

Album or particular musical Style? Considering the Dolmen are renowned for each album being so different from the last.

Taloch- Each album is a theme focused on a part of what we consider a journey, so each one delves deeply into areas we feel passionate about. I can listen to an old Dolmen song or album and still get exactly the same feeling I had when the song was first born. So, in real terms there isn’t a favourite and the album or individual song I choose to listen to will depend very much on the mood I’m in.

Diane - can you tell me what is was like making the vintage albums compared to the albums you make today?

Taloch - In the earlier days of The Dolmen

we had very limited funds so made our own recordings on very basic equipment and although it was frustrating being unable to produce a highquality sound, it did get our music out there. And in defence of the early albums they have a classic vintage sound which is impossible to reproduce today due to the techniques of basic recording and dodgy equipment capturing the unique atmosphere of the time. Although we are still limited with funds we have managed to invest and upgrade our recording facilities to produce a better quality sound. Although I have to say that the old albums stand their ground as magical and collectible moments of our history.

Diane How much of what you write comes out of ritual, trance or dream state?

Taloch – All of it. Everything I write whether it is instrumental or has lyrics will somehow be related to a dream I have had, a ritual or magickal experience.

Diane -To what do you attribute the Dolmen’s success, given that you are still getting the same fabulous reviews that you were getting 21 years ago?

Taloch – I think like many bands we work

hard at writing and performing and when gigging you meet every kind of person who will in their own way analyse you. So basically, you are on show continuously and the experience of this can be interpreted in varying ways which can lead you in to a false sense of being. Success is simply a matter of accomplishing one’s own dream and being yourself enough to realise it.

Diane – What’s the new album about? Taloch - The new album Wytches and Cunningfolk, is dedicated to those unique and authentic individuals past present and future who are as beacons of light and hope amongst those in need. I have been gigging since I was 13 so my career spans 40+ years and I’ve been involved with the pagan community for well over 30 years, during which time I have studied and witnessed many things. I have seen how people will single out, persecute and bully those they perceive as different. I am a great believer in the natural arts and abilities of a human being and what they are capable of, and sincerely believe that there are individuals born throughout this world who have come to master and use varying capabilities which are considered to be outside the norm....and who are different to the majority. Whilst I believe that all human beings possess the ability to perform magick, and by this, I mean the manipulation of natural and supernatural forces in accordance with their own will, I also believe there is gene a bloodline that for whatever evolutionary reason take precedence in some generations, coming to the forefront in those known for thousands of years as Witches and Cunningfolk,

who because they were recognised as being different were singled out and destroyed. This is something which has been happening for thousands of years and sadly is still happening. Individuals, identified as having these unusual abilities have been bullied, brutally tortured, abused and murdered. The Cunningfolk did not call themselves Witches though they possessed similar abilities and were also singled out to meet a similar fate, escaping only briefly at the beginning of the witch trials. But one must remember that thousands died at the hands of the Romans as well as others before the Christian purge. So, in a nut shell what I’m saying is that there is a certain breed of human beings which carry this bloodline, a lineage that is carried in their genes, stemming initially from a type of early humanoid during the evolution of the human race, which has led to those who we call today ‘Wytches and Cunningfolk’ and which may skip generations or simply pass directly to their children. But the one thing I have noticed is that it is more dominant in the present day and perhaps there is a reason for this. The Wytches and Cunningfolk album is totally, utterly and sincerely dedicated to those people because despite all the tribulation and the persecution they have experienced throughout the years, when you talk to a witch you will find their conviction is still as strong today as it has been for thousands of years. They never change and they never die out and the human race needs them.

Diane - What’s next for the Dolmen? Taloch - The Dolmen have gone through

many different changes and we are currently working on a Celtic album, having decided we would like to work more within the Celtic motion…you could say travelling back to the Mabinogion and bringing to life a few old traditions and a few old songs. So that is currently being prepared at the moment. The wytches and cunningfolk album will be out soon and that is something we will push very hard. And then we are going to fall back on our roots with the magick and the wytchlord as we are putting together The Infernal Theatre which will also tour and which we plan to take to the Netherlands and Germany as well as England. The Infernal Theatre is something new and very different and we will be working together with other artists to produce a wonderful show which will be very eerie, exploring the darker side of magick and which promises to be an interesting show. It is a very new project for us – compiling a repertoire of music and songs together as well as using other artists to make this theatre play happen.

Diane - Who inspires Taloch Jameson? As a

musician?I’m not inspired by other musicians but I love to watch them and enjoy their music. I am inspired by the world in which I live and to be honest my world is considered a fantasy, but to me it is my reality and that’s what really inspires me, it’s where I live and that’s what I write about. I’m not inspired by anyone else because other people have their own dreams and I have my own.

Diane - And as a magician? Taloch - My connection with the magickal

world is purely based on my connection with the spirit world and everything which is pushed in my way comes from the spirit world, so I enjoy seeing others achieve within the magickal world. For instance, there are so many people that have dedicated so much to the pagan revival and although I am not inspired by them, I am interested in their achievements and their teachings. The books of Ronald Hutton are incredibly interesting as he is a great historian and his talks, like his books bring up many valid and interesting points. If anything, I find the honesty of a natural magician inspiring.

thinnest around the time of Beltane. In ancient times this was due to the fact that there were many attributes of spring that were unfolding at this time. According to ancient Celtic and Mexican traditions, the veil between the worlds is thinnest around the time of Samhain, or the Day of the Dead. From a calendar perspective, this is around the time of October 31st through to November 2nd of each year. Other than calendar dates, this time was chosen because of changes in the natural world, and eventually became the time period we now know as Halloween. It is because of the contemporary tradition of Halloween that we know at least a little about the practices associated with this time of year. Turning our attention to astrology, we find that all of this activity is occurring around fifteen degrees of the fixed sign of Scorpio each year. Newtonian scientific principles tell us that if something is true, so is it’s opposite. The opposite of fifteen degrees Scorpio is fifteen degrees Taurus, and the festival that corresponds to that date is Walpurgisnacht/Beltane. We are then led to the fact that if the veil between the worlds is thinnest around Samhain, then it is also the thinnest, we know it is a prime time for spirit contact, and when the veil is the thickest, it is a great time to focus on subjects and ideas that have to do with the physical world and the third dimensional world which forms the paradigm of our belief systems. To fill in the gaps, we turn our attention to Imbolc and Lughnasadha. Lughnasadha is unique because it generally coincides with the rising of the star Sirius, which played a role in many ancient cultures including Egypt and the Dogon to name but a couple. However, it’s opposite, complimentary piece is Imbolc, which is the time of the first returning of light to the Earth. While the veil between the worlds

Further extending the logic, we find that what this also tells us is that the veil between the worlds is the thickest at the times in between these two auspicious festivals, which in this case are the solstices, Summer and Winter. These dates vary based on where you live on the planet, but the concepts are the same. During the Summer solstice the Sun is at its highest point in the southern sky, and at the Winter solstice it is at its highest point in the northern sky. What this means is that when the Sun is at its highest point in the southern sky, it is a time of maximum heat and light, and when it is at its highest in the northern sky, it is a time of maximum darkness and cold. Esoterically, we discover that the teaching given to us through this is that when extremes are present, it is the hardest to contact the plane of spirit, but I digress. When we look at the whole picture, we see a very clear system built by the natural world and available to us through our perception of this rhythm. When the veil is the isn’t the thinnest during either of these festivals, it is worth addressing them here because the veil at both times is certainly thinner than the solstices. The easy way to understand those two festivals is to think of it in terms of the lunar cycle. Imbolc and Lughnasadha would be considered quarter moons, and Samhain and Walpurgisnacht would be considered full moons, while the two solstices would be considered the new moons. I don’t offer this information to confuse people, but rather to show the best parallels I can to the energetic nature of the veil itself. We can apply the same line of thinking and set of correspondences to

the eight- spoked wheel of the year from a veil perspective that we apply to the lunar model that I just shared. The parallels between the two systems reveal to us not only what to expect, but also how to work with them in a proactive manner. The only two points we haven’t addressed yet are the equinoxes, both of which are known as periods of great balancing, so we can see these two as the time that there is a neutrality or nullification present when it comes to the veil. Basically, at the time of the equinoxes it is wise to focus on not only inner balance, but balance with the outside world as well. This is a time of harmony, finding resonance with the physical world we all inhabit, and assessing what has come before and what is still to come. By evaluating where we are now, we clear the mind and gain a clear perspective on our individual journeys.

We now have a fully dissected and logical view of the veil between the worlds. The interesting part about all of this information is that it doesn’t conflict with any other belief system out there. Rather, it fills in the gaps for our understanding. By understanding the rhythm and ebb and flow of the thickness between the veil we can better plan our rituals and experiences to coincide with what is happening energetically. When we time our work empowered with this information, we put ourselves in a position to take what would normally be average successes and turn them into larger successes. To summarize: The veil is thickest between the worlds at Samhain and Beltane. It is the thickest between the worlds at the solstices, and doorways of opportunities exist at the time of the equinoxes. By timing our work in with these, we can tap into the rhythm of the natural world to manifest greater results Bill Duvendack bill@418ascendant.com

Walpurgis Night The riding of the 'Witches' to the sacred mountains, such as ‘the Brocken' in Germany has long been an ancient May Day custom in parts of Scandinavia. They dance, feast and hold wild revelry at the time of Beltane or Walpurgis Night in the Norse tradition. We draw upon the imagery of Odin's astral spirit ride to drum with the Volvas upon the Brocken at this time of magickal ecstasy. We attempt to recreate the spirit of this traditional celebration and work up good energy for the new season through trance and dancing for animal powers, leading up to the seething of the sacred brew. Karen Cooper

Dolmen Grove Gathering of Wytches & Cunningfolk May 25th -28th Borger Netherlands Pagan Tribal Gathering 8th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 10th June Leicester UK Dolmen Grove Tribal Dreams Gathering July 27th â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 30th Dorset UK

Clan Dolmen Beltane Spirit of Rebirth Camp This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Beltane Spirit of Re birth camp was opened by folk singers/songwriters Amy and the Raven. Her warm vocals and pitch perfect delivery complemented by the smooth guitar playing of the Raven saw the weekend get off to a great start! She was immediately followed by some sassy tunes from rock songstress, musician and lyricist Esme Knight whose new album Forever Wild is due for release in May 2018. Esme was accompanied by the unending musical talents of Zero. And bringing the Friday night to a close Dolmen Grove were delighted to welcome the internationally renowned and thrilling Speedfolk band Perkelt. It was safe to say Friday night rocked and that was just the beginning. Saturday saw a full line up of speakers kicked off with a talk by historian, writer and artist Cheryl Waldron on the somewhat auspicious subject of the number 13; the origins and history surrounding our inherent fear and suspicion of the number itself and anything relating to it. After which, Dragon Shaman Esme Knight shared her knowledge on how she works with her fire dragon/serpent through her music and dance and especially when dancing with fire, fire breathing, when she and her dragon/serpent become one as well as how she communicates with her dragon/ serpent through a meditative state. Following a lunch break, Renowned historian Professor Ronald Hutton, who is known for his informative and entertaining talks shared his wealth of knowledge on the roots of the Mabinogion and the great clanship of the welsh. This was immediately followed by Ana Adnan telling the tale of Blodeuwedd and Gwyddion and when Anna relays a story, her enthusiasm and grace in the way she delivers it leads the mind to wander and become lost in the story. Anna's talks have always been informative and fun and Beltane was no different! Dolmen Drummer, Chris Harris ran an educational drum workshop for all levels of drumming, prioritising on us all doing the same beats with our different types of drum but splitting the group so the accents of the beat were emphasised at alternative times. Also, Chris spent time showing those that didn't know how to play our going into ritual rhythm. Saturday night began with the Clan Dolmen Fire Ceremony, as always, a passionate and spectacular event as the crowd mustered to the call of the Drums that notorious sound of Dolmen thunder echoing throughout the Dorset valley the rallying sound of the Clan Bagpipes from German duo Hyttis conjuring the spirits and creating a spine-tingling atmosphere that made one feel deeply connected to the great mother earth as the Clan Dolmen began the ceremonial parade. The ceremony celebrated with the Spirit of Rebirth Blessing and a Norse ritual which recreated an ancient and traditional

method of awakening positive energy for the common season…the climax of the ritual being enhanced by a deafening clap of thunder and a single flash of lightning along with about 30 seconds of rain. Then came the golden moment, the crowning of a new May Queen, Lia Benham while Esme Knight danced with fire, followed by the lighting of the Beltane fire which burned to the sound of pipe & drums as dancers revelled in the twilight. The sound of drums and bagpipes continued as Hyttis opened the evenings musical entertainment with the unique and captivating sound that sings to the heart and soul. They were followed by the internationally renowned Dolmen who as always owned both the stage and audience from the first song as we were treated to tracks from their up and coming album as well many old favourites. Included in their repertoire was their drummer Chris Harris singing ‘The Wild Wind Howled’ with the whole audience joining in. The Dolmen never fail to deliver and this was no exception and while the thunder and lightning returned late Saturday evening, it was nothing in comparison to the Dolmen Thunder! Sunday began with Diane Narraway’s informative talk on tarot cards which showed the use of different decks of cards to demonstrate the differences (and similarities) between the illustrations among tarot cards. The way one card was used to show different people's perceptions was (to me) amazing, I never thought that one card could be read so differently by each person. I really enjoyed Diane's talk and can't wait for the next one. Taloch’s talk on the Sunday was, as always brilliant and informative as he shared his shamanic side and his experience, in a way that was easily relatable! He spoke about how to enter into a meditative state using the noise that surrounds us. For some that have never sat still in meditative state, it was a good way to help people open up and connect to their life experiences and learn how to find their inner stillness. He showed people techniques for relaxation and breathing within his shamanic style of meditation. And Sunday afternoon belonged to the Great Beltane Clan Dolmen Prancersising competition and of course there was no one present who will ever forget the Trash Fash Warriors … They owned the event and the level of professionalism they brought to the event simply had to be seen to be believed!! It was one of the most fun events ever and the ‘Strictly’ style judges were brilliant. Armed with high heels, false spectacles and full prosecco glasses they endeavoured to maintain their composure and remain a professional attitude. Of course, they failed but they tried. It was especially good to see the new May Queen taking part as well as some of the younger children. Whether watching or taking part, all entered into the spirit of the event and the atmosphere was infectious as was the laughter! A fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

The Boarding Crew, a local Pirate band provided a musical interlude between the prancersising and the ‘Land Fund’ raffle and were as always full of wit, charm and piratical saltiness. They captivated the audience with their authentic, raw acoustic pirate energy with their music that got everyone singing along too, even the very young audience. Their style is unique, the music is cheerful and inspirational with jolly banter thrown in while the new drummer perfectly complements their style. A Beltane would not be complete without a classic acoustic session around the fire and this was one pretty classic fire side session with great songs from the Esme Knight accompanied by Zero on guitar (Esme will be releasing her debut album in May 2018 “Forever Wild”). It was a pleasure to welcome back Christopher Sparrow who gave a great rendition of a whole mix of vintage folk tracks creating a beautiful atmosphere of the authentic Busker, before the days of loop pedals and mini guitar amps. The night rolled on beautifully to a melodic sound of various songs and a great debut sung by Herby, who showed he is not just a brilliant artist but also a budding acoustic star. Chris from The Dolmen got the camp howling and yahooing with his first album debut ‘Wild Wind Howls’ Taloch & Kayleigh also jumped in there with a combination of songs reaching a brilliant climax with the Labbi Sifri song ‘It must be Love’ sung by the entire all. The session was closed classily with a beautiful German medieval song played by HYTTIS (of whose pipe and drum had given so much pleasure through the weekend adding to the wonderful Clanship of the Dolmen tribe. https://www.facebook.com/Sorcha67/videos/pcb.1933117683365589/1933108386699852/?type=3&theater

An Interview with the Legend that is Thunder Trash and Lightning Fash AKA The Trash Fash Warriors Diane: Obviously as ultra-fitness gurus you have to adhere to a strict diet and exercise regime could you tell us what this involves? Thunder: Eating crunchy food does both at the same time. Lightning: Yeah it does. Diane: Who or what inspired you to become a fashion and fitness guru? Thunder: Debenhams window manikins they always look so thin. Lightning: Yeah and fit. Diane: Where do you buy your clothing? Thunder: From the back of the lorry people Lightning: And chavs. Diane: How did you hear about the Clan Dolmen Prancercising contest? Thunder: We saw the pretty flags from the helicopter, Lightning: And thought it was a film premier. Diane: Have you been approached by any of the top designers with regards to modelling? Thunder: We don’t do Airfix kits anymore not since we were about 10, Lightning: We just don’t have the time. Diane: I’m sure fans will want to know if there will be a clothing range? A book? Or film due out? Thunder: Yes, we do have a pop-up book over due at the library. Lightning: And we did try to return the video but the man said it was to sticky. Thunder: Yeah it was the liquid toffee that spilt. Lightning: As for clothes, we’re really sorry but we spend all our money on buying our own clothes so can’t afford to buy clothes for everyone else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poliOqNyk7A&feature=youtu.be

Further information on Dolmen Grove can be found www.dolmengrove.co.uk Weymouth and Portland Moot https://www.facebook.com/groups/435089566582005/ Cornwall Moot https://www.facebook.com/groups/46016505068236 Kent & Essex Moot https://www.facebook.com/groups/dolmengroveessexmoot Hampshire Moot https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.dolmengrovehampshire moot/ Isle of Wight Moot https://www.facebook.com/groups/751767741696777/ Dolmen Grove Chronicles https://www.facebook.com/DolmenGroveMagazine/?ref=br_rs Dolmen Grove www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dolmen-Grove/110124449082 Email Diane Narraway (chairman Dolmen Grove/Editor Dolmen Grove Chronicles dolmengrove@dolmengrove.co.uk


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Online Pagan Spiritual magazine aimed at the Pagan, Heathen, LHP and Occult communities

Dg ostarabeltane 2018  

Online Pagan Spiritual magazine aimed at the Pagan, Heathen, LHP and Occult communities


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