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What it means to be Satanist or Luciferian Today ‌. The New CD from Husbands N Knives Virosa Ebriosa PLUS LOADS MORE


THE DOLMEN GROVE The Dolmen Grove is a pagan organisation of mixed spiritual paths established in the early 90s by Taloch Jameson, which over the years has grown from one small circle in Weymouth Dorset, to several clans not only across the UK but worldwide. The Spiritual ethos of the Dolmen Grove has remained the same throughout and is based purely upon the Freedom of the Individual. It is the collective belief that in an age where technology can often dwarf our humanity, it is important that we take control as individuals and embrace our own spirituality in order to maintain the equilibrium within an ever changing world. Although the Grove is not a political organisation preferring instead to focus upon the spiritual, this does not prevent either individual members or the Grove as a collective from playing an active part in humanitarian and environmental issues. There are no hierarchy or titles within the Dolmen Grove as it is our aim to encourage each man and woman to discover their own unique and authentic journey so that their spiritual connection is founded upon that which works for them as an individual rather than a spiritual rule book set for the masses. The key to our success is the Round Table which is made up of around twenty people from a variety of spiritual paths who uphold the spiritual ethos of the Grove. They not only organise their respective moots but also the festivals and events hosted by the Dolmen Grove. Our Moots are regular meeting places which are held once a month in several areas. Although these are organised by and largely attended by Grove members, non-members are always welcome to find out more about the Grove and enjoy the company of other free thinking people as well as the activities organised by the Moot. There is a membership in place that enables those who wish to be part of this ever growing Clan to enjoy reduced ticket prices for Dolmen Grove Events, festivals and where stated ‘member only’ Ceremonies and Courses. Although we host many Ceremonies which are open to the general public, to avoid crowding and to allow our members to celebrate free from pressure we also hold members only ceremonies.


CONTENTS 1…Life, Death and Pi – Richard K Page 2…Properties of Crystals – Cheryl Waldron 3…Imagine No Religion – Sem Vine 4…Book Review of Forgotten Things by Stephen Mullaney-Westwood – Kyrja 5…Connected to Nature – Anna Fallas 6…What it Means to be a Satanist or Luciferian Today – introduced by Diane Narraway and including articles: Church of Satan … Atheistic/LaVeyan Satanism – Vexen Crabtree Theistic Satanism – Sean Witt Luciferianism – Jaclyn Cherie The Greater Church of Lucifer…The Left Hand Path – Jeremy Crow Discomfort of Religion – Laila Roth 7…Diary of the Hedgewitch – Rachael Moss 8… CD Review of Virosa Ebriosa by Husbands N Knives – Diane Narraway 9…Aromatherapy – Sandra Wiseman 10…Dolmen Grove Moot Information 11…The Shaman Mysteries by Nina Milton plus Reviews 12…Self Help Herbal Medicine – Andrew Cowling 13…Pull of the Past – Claire Whiles

Photos in this issue – Scott Irvine, Rachael Moss, Nigel Dugden, Joanna Caswell Photograph of Anton LaVey is subject to copyright and is owned in entirety by Church of Satan. It is used in this issue with their kind permission. Images from Greater Church of Lucifer are subject to copyright owned in entirety by the Greater Church of Lucifer and are used in this issue with their kind permission. Cover photo. Scott Irvine Artwork – Sem Vine, David Cilia, Greater Church of Lucifer and Church of Satan Unless otherwise stated all other images are from the public domain. Further information on the Dolmen Grove can be found at: www.Dolmengrove.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/pages/TheDolmenGrove/110124449082503 All information is accurate at the time of publication and all articles are assumed to be the work of those being credited https://www.facebook.com/DolmenGroveMagazine?ref=hl

Where do we go to when we die? This is the second of the eternal questions of life second only to “why are we here?” The philosophical debate approached by only Science and Religion. Science, of course, can leverage some input into the aspects of physical transformation and degradation of the human body. From Dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return Genesis 3:19. This short biblical quote is akin to the new scientific thought that we are indeed the very same atoms created at the birth of stars billions of years ago, we are by no means new entities. "Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn't be here if stars hadn't exploded, because the elements - the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, and all the things that matter for evolution and for life - weren't created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars, and the only way for them to get into your body is if those stars were kind enough to explode.... The stars died so that you could be here today." -Lawrence Krauss

The Egyptians considered death a part of a journey, they had a cyclic view of eternity, their observations of the universe were all cyclic, and the Sun (Ra) had three phases. Moring created Ra’s appearance as Horus, Horus grew into becoming Ra’s adult phase Osiris, and then Osiris in legend is killed by Set, and taken to the underworld. This creates the three phases of the sun, which as legend tells, Horus takes revenge on Set for killing his father (older self) and defeats Set, creating the new risen sun at dawn on the “horizon” (Horus-Sun). Life was transient between aspects of physicality, life passed from father to sons, mothers to daughters and death was dark as the sun was transient through the underworld of Set, yet arose again each day, and so did the human spirit as far as they were concerned. The respected members of Middle Eastern society were prepared for their journey through the underworld, which all men must face and if well provisioned he would rise again. The Dead were often provided food and tools and offerings to the Gods to ease their passage not into heaven, but through death, until they would return to life. This gave way to the ritual of equipping the Dead and for the greater kings or pharos mummification and entombing in grand tombs such as the pyramids.

The purpose of mummification was to make the body last as long as possible, because it may be desirable after the return from the underworld that one may need the one’s body again. In eschatology (the study of the end of things). There are two real domains that eternity can be broken into, linear or cyclic. Linear means infinity has no beginning or end but is a series of none repeating events. Therefore when one considers the end of life, we imagine a single soul which either ceases to exist or continues in another form. Time would be a good pathway for this concept, you could consider yourself dead forever, or reincarnated into another life in the future assuming time is constant and forward flowing. Possibly you go to some form of heaven? But the point is, you remain you. Cyclic suggests that you return as another incarnation or repeat your life with the prospect of improvement. Time is also cyclic in this consideration again it has no beginning or end, although like the hands of a clock it is destined to repeat itself .Here would be a good point to introduce the Circle and the Square. This piece of symbolism is indicative of the conflict between these two paradigms. Geometry and Esoterica go hand in hand in so much ancient wisdom, and this is the metaphorical philosopher’s stone

purposes is insignificant in how inaccurate it is. To that extent, most people are happy with just using it to two decimal places of 3.14. Engineers may go a bit further but for most uses 3.14 is as near as damn it. Because what Pi effectively is, is the difference caused by curvature, by joining a theoretically perfect ark to a perfect line of infinite length. Imagine rolling a coin along a table, the curve of the coin will always have a minute loss of motion compared to the table, or vice versa.

If you were to calculate the area of a square, it would simply be X*Y=Z. The square in this example represents a linear concept, imagine your square being oblong, representing time and was simply 1x high, but its Y was infinite. Time imagined as an ever increasing scale; life begets new life. Circles are a bit harder to determine the area they cover. We can easily explain a circles size as being 3 inches from the center point to the outer point, and there you have a circle with a 6-inch diameter or a 3-inch radius. But what area does that cover? A 3x3 square is 9 square inches, but what area is a 3-inch diameter circle? The area of a circle is where the wonderful infinite number called Pi comes into play. The area of a circle is calculated using the mathematical principle Area=π r2 which means we multiply the radius-squared of our circle by Pi. However this will never be entirely correct as we could not type Pi into our calculators, nor do our calculators even hold the whole of Pi. Because the number Pi goes on forever, but it becomes so infinitesimally small that for all intents and

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The number Pi is calculated by how many times that the coin (or any circle) completes the distance of its diameter in order to complete a full circuit of it’s circumference; Which should be 3.1415926…infinity. Why am mentioning Pi? Because this to me emphasizes the opposing nature of linear and cyclic time, and this has become fundamental in understanding duality in all existence. The two concepts overlap and exist in unity, but are forever separated. Such is life and death; Pi is the mathematical formula for what lies between.

Richard K Page

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Women of Babalon’ – Edited by Mishlen Linden and featuring a diverse collection of women authors and artists who offer their concepts of the modern day Babalon through rituals, experiences, and artwork. http://blackmoonpublishing.com/

Properties of Crystals Leopard Skin Jasper Leopard Skin Jasper – The Jaguar Stone Sourced from North and South America and Mexico, Leopard Skin Jasper is a stone of visualisation, shamanic journeying and astral travel. It has a strong connection to the animal kingdom and is the crystal to use when discovering and connecting with totem and spirit animals. Leopard Skin Jasper is an ideal crystal to use with your pets and other domestic animals, especially cats for telepathic communication; it strengthens the bond between you and your animal, so if you are thinking of introducing a new animal to your family or want to strengthen an existing bond, hold a tumbled Leopard Skin Jasper in your hand when you talk to and pet your animal Leopard Skin Jasper is a grounding and protective stone, as many of the darker coloured crystals are; it calms during times of stress and induces a tranquil mood, so use when you are experiencing times of chaos or you find yourself surrounded by chaotic energies. It is a good stone for those people who do not have good organisational skills, so keep a piece of it in your workplace or the places you find are often most disorganised. It repels all unhealthy influences from your life and particular individuals who may have dishonourable intentions towards you. It will draw into your life, whatever it is that you need for physical, mental and spiritual healing, so wear it as a necklace to allow this to happen, it will attract what you need as opposed to what you desire. Wear this stone in conjunction with other healing stones to enhance their energies and faster attract their qualities to you, in effect, Leopard Skin Jasper is the ultimate crystal energy booster.

Healing Leopard Skin Jasper eliminates toxins from the body systems and is the perfect choice for all chronic health conditions including those of the Digestive and circulatory systems. Other health issues that Leopard Skin Jasper can be used for include: all skin problems and skin regeneration, excess perspiration, gall stones, insomnia, animal bites and stings, insomnia and sexual dysfunction. Emotionally, it helps to overcome feelings of guilt, fear and all emotional stress.

Spiritual & Metaphysical Associations Astrological signs: Gemini and Scorpio Planet: Mercury Elements: Air and Earth Chakra: Root or Brow chakra – Aligns all of the chakras Environmentally balancing, reveals self-honesty, strength, vitality, reduces insecurities, personal growth and gives clarity. Attracts harmonious energies positive vibrations. Attracts prosperity, rekindles love, and strengthens intent, elemental magick and breaking ties and bonds.

Cheryl Waldron



August Saturday 1st - Castlefest Sunday 2nd - Castlefest Friday 14th - Park Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands Saturday 15th - Park Festival, Eindhoven, The Netherlands/ Ridder Spektakel Amsterdam Sunday 16th - Ridder Spektakel, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Saturday 22nd - Hertfordshire Green Room Saturday 29th - Tribal Dreams September Saturday 5th - MPS Hamburg-Öjendorf Sunday 6th - Hamburg-Öjendorf Friday 11th – Sunday 13th Festival Mediaval Selb Germany Saturday 19th - MPS Borken Sunday 20th - MPS Borken October Saturday 3rd - MPS Hohenlockstedt Sunday 4th - MPS Hohenlockstedt Saturday 17th - Pirate Weekend Weymouth Sunday 18th - Pirate Weekend Weymouth Sat 24th - Samhain Faery Ball, Glastonbury Sat 31st - Halloween, Buxton, Derbyshire



Artwork by Sem Vi

When life begins without a cultural norm, curiosity will soon light fires in the void of the missing. I opened the door, no small feat for a small child, and out of the void stepped a towering figure, who, I imagine, had said they were there to talk about God. 'A natural opening venture into the complexities of religion was a wide-eyed, shock-spurred question, 'Who's God?’ I remember no answer from the travelling salesman, nothing but a shadowed silence, perhaps tinged with a nuance of disgust. They must have been swiftly shushed away, with the question still hanging heavy in the air. Not much later, and unconnected though easily found in such a place and in those times, I discovered a fragile and musty black book, perfectly proportioned to small hands. Within were delicate yellowed pages, frail as insect wings, embroidered darkly with indecipherable hieroglyphs. I decided it held secrets I would know one day, and which, by a burning spell combined of curiosity and anticipation, tied me to it. One day, in a chip shop of all hallowed places, I offered it to my father to touch, to know how it felt to feel it, but he could not bear to hold it long. As if it were a fire hot coal he tossed it between his huge work-gnarled hands, from one to the other. This only served to inflame my wonder at its power. This fascination soon proved to be less about the magic in The Word than the magical enchantment of the words themselves, perfectly packaged in an exquisitely scented leather bound dream. School unlocked those strange, tiny symbols, the representations of the curious worlds of thought, sight and sound, taught the ways to make them

myself. The little book was soon lost in a swelling sea of opening worlds, returned to its place and time. What school also revealed was that the contents of the little black book came in many forms, and its magic profoundly held the affections and indeed, affectations, of not only school life, but the home life of new found friends spellbound. The grownup world outside my experience seemed intoxicated, body-snatched. In response to my blatant bemusement I often felt the return of that original heavy, god-bound muteness emitted by the emissary at the door. I stood an alien on both a dividing and divided line, at the meeting of dualities. To one side was the life of two godless world-wise war children, workaholics, witnesses of atrocity and victims of fundamental violence and loss. On the other, the wider face of appearances, of god and law, the daily dominance of the ancient tales inscribed in that almighty little black book, filled with mercy, magic and miracle, but also with murder, merciless tyranny, massacre and execution. Theirs seemed an existence infused with an inculcated madness I knew I did not have, yet my father's reaction to the hot coal codex was equally perplexing. Why I never asked why, I do not know. What I appreciate, for all that feeling, is that my little black book was never taken from me, nor were the Koran, the mesmerically illustrated, sky-blue skinned Bhagavad Gita, books by Swedenborg, Valiente, Cheiro or Idries Shah nor any spiritual tomes of purported wisdom that peppered the anti-library of my bookshelves, scenting my room. That non-action presented a laissez-faire, an omnipotent and significant

parental permission to explore and question. Though my physicality would know a necessary coming of age, my spirituality was unfettered at birth. In a life begun without religion, my spiritual home remains the divided line, a free non-state both at the edge and in the midst of all things, abstract and full of mysteries, with lands desert dry and forest dense. It is a realm of eternal beginnings. The security of answers is drowned in the throes of a querulous spirit, the diasporic condition of a nomadic mind. It is shaped and reshaped at its bleary borders by gardens swelling with both bitter and sweet fruit. Savour the compote and discern the spikes of dished out opiates from the lessons of mythology. It is not civilised by fences but by sense and sensation, by whatever is carried on the wind amongst and through the shapes that are words, thoughts and things, energised by the conjunctive forces between. Conventions, unbound by seasons in the flux and flow of post-modern times, are disarranged. Formality is thrown off in the name of deeper liberties and myriad expression. It is liberated from the confines of the soil and elemental survival. It is a flight in the face of material peril, however unlikely that peril may seem, in an exploration of modes of being, of what it is to touch the earth and sky together. Yet all the while there is a knowing that the collective human soul is immersed in such creative expressions of living, extraordinary, profoundly consuming works of art, the sublime alchemy of untold masters who knew their kind. The linguistics of that little black book, not its meaning but the artful expression, is its

conveyance, that which transports. It haunts much of our Western communal spiritual poetic voice still, regardless of path, like the smoke from the pyre where one of its poets, pioneer translator William Tyndale, was first strangled then burned by the order of a Christian King. And so it is that a child's question was, is and will be left unanswered, though that answer lies in the mysterious drift of dark matter and in all that which is ultimately immeasurable, effortlessly escaping our human, minuscule, perceptible, measurable universe. It is there, in the vast seas of 'stuff' that pervades the space of ourselves and the space of all things, in the tantalising boundaries which demand other faculties, modes of consciousness, and a consciousness of that consciousness. With such irreligious yet uncensored beginnings, with no enforced spiritual system to resent, no origins to leave undiscovered, the life of the spirit, in the blessing of the new age in which we now live, consists of endless, guardless gateways, ceaseless roads to new understandings, perpetually fresh fields of discovery, a savouring of the free state of a naturally borne, spontaneously intemperate, yet compassionate, heresy. Imagine no religion? Rather the violence on body and spirit in its name, for a dreamer's emptied shelves would signify the loss of dreams and secrets, of fruitful heresies, and toll a bell for the end of history.

Semirani Vine

Forgotten Things is Stephen Mullaney-Westwood's first novel; a spiritual coming of age tale mixing the haunting faery lore of Cornwall with pagan values and a deep love for the natural world. Released in paperback and on Amazon Kindle once in a blue moon... July 31st 2015 http://mullaneywestwood.com/releases/

by Kyrja 'Take your time reading this book. This is not an action-packed thriller to skim through, rushing through the pages to find out what happens. This is a tale to enjoy slowly. To meander through, and to indulge yourself in the richness of the experience. Let yourself see the world through 12-year-old Adam’s eyes. Make his emotions your own, both the excitement and the terror. Feel the wonderment of the hidden world and its mysterious, concealed population all around you as you patiently wait for the story, and its lore, to be revealed. Listen carefully to Grandpa as he shares his secrets with you and maybe – just maybe – you won’t be quite so surprised or dismayed when you finally understand you should have been listening a little more closely all along. Adam meets his grandfather for the first time when he and his parents are forced to move in with the old man after he has a stroke. Leaving behind the city and everything he’s ever known, Adam discovers the world is made up of much more than he ever would have imagined. Set in Cornwall, Adam’s new home is in a small, heavily-wooded, little village on the edge of the sea. Adam’s grandpa is delighted to be able to pass along bits and pieces of his own history and dealings with the local little folk, despite the specific admonishments of Adam’s mother not to do so. The fae, though, are not the delicate-winged creatures of children’s storybooks Adam’s mother had longed to encounter in her own childhood, as Adam soon discovers. Artfully written, this story will take you to a far-away time, while you stand firmly in the present. I was delightfully enchanted – even when I really didn’t want to turn the next page to find out if my fears were true. May you enjoy the journey and your own awareness of the fact that not all forgotten things should stay that way. http://kyrja.webs.com/

Connected to Nature We are all a part of the living whole of nature and share this sacred space with the plants, trees, moon, stars and flowers. We are not external to nature, we are a part of her and this link connects us to the earth and to the heavens.

Nature is a diverse but balanced living entity. Nature shares the fibre that we also share. This fibre connects all living things, it is within us and it is external to us. It vibrates, it is alive and if we damage this fibre, we damage ourselves. The Hindu/Buddhist myth, known as 'Indra's Web', describes the inter-connectedness of the universe. All beings and phenomena are related to each other and connected in a web of life. The moral of this myth is that the compassionate action of a person produces a ripple effect throughout the universe.

The present shift is enabling us realise our link with the earth itself and also with the heavens and we are moving to our rightful position between the heavens and the earth. The illusion of our separateness is fading and we are now able to realise the true nature of reality. The living pulse that connects us, reverberates throughout the cosmic web of the entire universe. This living pulse is our own pulse.it is our lifeline. The following is a simple 15 minute journeying meditation to help enable you to visualise and become more aware of the living link and your connection to it. Find a peaceful, comfortable and undisturbed place to be. Lie on the ground, close your eyes and place hands with palms down onto the ground. Breathing slowly and deeply, move away the chattering mind thoughts. Imagine a pure space, no images, no sounds, no time, only a lightness of being. Experience freedom from the confines of the body. Gravitate slowly to the sacred space where reality shifts and bends. All is balanced here. All is whole. The palms of your hands can feel the energy of the earth. Touching the the pulse of nature, your hands and the earth become one. There is no separation. The pulse of the earth is your pulse. Feel it. The life of the earth is your life. Feel it feed you, nourish you. Allow it to fill you. You are the living link. 'Be' it. Be fully aware of the link and of your connection to deep earth. Realise there is no separation. Slowly bring your awareness back into this reality but allow the realisation of the 'one' to remain in your consciousness. Anne Fallas http://www.annefallas.fr/ photograph Š Nigel Dugdale

What it means to be a Satanist or Luciferian Today With the arrival of the internet information, slowly at first, but soon gaining momentum became freely available and Paganism along with the groups under this umbrella term gained more and more followers. Then came social media and Paganism, witchcraft, magick and all things pertaining to it went viral‌And then came the unending debates as to just who was or indeed wasn’t Pagan. Who should be allowed to call themselves Pagan and the most under fire was and still is Satanism and Luciferianism. Of course over the years many organisations have become more public including those who follow Iblis, Set, Daemons etc., many but not all of whose origins are Satanic or Luciferian. Do they belong under the Pagan umbrella, or are they, as is often suggested Abrahamic in origin? More importantly do their origins matter? Is it not more relevant today how their spirituality has evolved and how todays Satanists and Luciferians see themselves? And of course is there a difference between Satan and Lucifer? It is impossible to include input from all these organisations given the limited space in a magazine, but by including articles from both theistic, atheistic groups and individuals hopefully the following feature will help lay to rest some the myths and misconceptions around these beliefs while providing a greater understanding as to their spiritual place in both the Pagan world and society as a whole today.

Church of Satan: Atheistic/LaVeyan Satanism

Universe, with galactic cataclysms rendering huge destructions on huge scales, means that only Satan can embody the true state of everything that is. Satanists tend to use all the symbols of darkness and evil. There is no heaven, no hell, no afterlife, no angels or demons: there are no gods or saviours apart from ourselves. But if there was a god, it would surely be utterly evil. The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey and as of 2001 its Black Pope has been the powerful and articulate Peter Gilmore. Satanism as religion is highly skeptical, rationalist and philosophical, demanding evidence and strong argumentation, but is otherwise open-minded on magic and some parts of the supernatural.

Satanism is a ferocious religion based on materialism, the empowerment of the self and the ego, the carnal realities of animal life, the questioning of social taboos, the ridiculing of most other religions, and the promotion of tough social justice. Satan is not real but is the most ideal and accurate symbol of reality and nature: The world is full of violence, suffering, stress, striving and death - the life cycle itself requires all these things. It is clear that no symbol of 'goodness' or 'light' can embody it all. The vast, uninhabitable darkness of the

Satanists are often bold, intelligent, demanding; but are also often subtle, cautious, hidden, while others still are outrageous, aggressive, angry and puzzling. It is a religion of fire, drama, depth and forceful progress. The New Age and Satanism do have some things in common such as a belief that spiritual, natural or supernatural forces, where they exist, can be used for practical purposes according to how the self sees fit in accordance with rules of cause and effect. Along with the belief that belief-systems are individual, free, that consolidation of beliefs (i.e., becoming an organized religion with dogmatic beliefs) is a historical error leading to closed minded stagnation i.e., as most world religions become.

Both have gone through, and are going through, processes of emerging from being "underground" and are now capable of being open and direct via internet and bookshops in a way never before possible. This is because oppressive Christian/white light powers are no longer in general control of our culture and both New Age Pagans and Satanists distrust the way the "masses" are made docile and predictable by the mass media, trash culture, etc. and seek to break free from such limitations. That said there are still many fundamental differences between the New Age and Satanism. The New Age Spirituality is infused with concepts of karma which to Satanists is nonsensical, mystical wishful thinking. There is no universal law restoring the balance of justice for all living beings. Lots of bad people get away with stuff, and lots of good deeds go unrewarded. It may hurt, it may be repulsive, but, that's all part of real life and is accepted by Satanists. ‘The self-development strategies we encounter in LaVeyan texts are rarely probable candidates for inclusion in a "New Age"-like environment. Satanic self-help is harsh, demanding, sometimes aggressive, sometimes selfish, etc. There is no pretence that everything we do has to be for the good of others.’ Asbjørn Dyrendal

Is Satanism inherently opposed to the New Age? On the one hand, it is not. This is because there is a cross over, some Satanists' are well versed in New Age concepts and practices through the mutual study of Hindu or other religious beliefs that individuals interested in New Age and Left Hand Path might read up on. Many Satanists' have been, or are, actively interested in various new age shops, people, events, practices and theory. The "worth" of the New Age beliefs is that they still freshen some peoples' minds, forcing the world to accept different ideas and fighting stagnation. But its disadvantages are that it may foster and cultivate gullible stupidity, a potential refuge for sheep who fail to question the whys and hows (of both the practices themselves and the practitioners who take their money). Depending on what a Satanist considers the greater evil (organized religion... or stupidity?) and whether they grant the logic of the various branches of the new age in general any credit will determine whether (s)he opposes, supports or ignores the New Age

Vexen Crabtree. http://www.churchofsatan.com/

http://www.dpjs.co.uk/satanism.html http://www.dpjs.co.uk/index.html

. About the author Vexen Crabtree has contributed chapters to multiple books on Satanism and religious studies, as well as either contributing to or being referenced in over 38 books on various subjects pertaining to religion and society. He was included as ‘Recommended Reading’ forUK ‘A-level’ students and has appeared on various TV and radio programs debating religious philosophy and representing alternative religions and lifestyles. Anton LaVey defined Satanism as a carnal religion and thus did not advocate belief in “spiritual” or “supernatural” forces. Those terms are used in this piece and not explained, but they were not embraced by the founder of the Church of Satan. He considered that what one might loosely term as “paranormal” to be more accurately called “supernormal” aspects of existence. This means that, even though they might not be regularly experienced by most people, they exist in Nature, not outside of it, and may eventually be understood using the methods of science. People typically consider things called “spiritual” or “supernatural” to be outside of Nature and in essence beyond understanding. —Administration, Church of Satan

Theistic Satanism Some Theistic Satanists may move away from Satan and work more personally with Lilith or Cain all of which are part of the Infernal Trilogy of Samael, Lilith and Cain. Others may work with demons or even Tiamat the great draconic Mother. For Me Satan is a God, he is the universal god, a high god that moves in the darkness showing mankind truths not lies, realities not falsehoods. When working with Satan, magick can be done ritually, ceremonially or even at times cunningly as it is very personal on that front but the quarters are always ruled by the four crowned kings Lucifer - Air - East Satan - Fire - South Leviathan - Water - West Belial - Earth - North For me Theistic Satanism is part of Modern Paganism, albeit a darker branch of it, Demons are considered more like Spirits or Gods and Goddesses, so an Infernal Pantheon if you will, which for me is Paganism. Satan is considered to be the ‘All-Father’, a being that created all life but can be worked with under many different guises, Samael, Set, Ahriman to name just three but all of which represent the Adversary as the power behind the names used,. Theistic Satanism can be looked at as a form of Witchcraft also with many Satanic Witches working the same way as a Traditional Witch just using different Deities, Satan when worked with can be seen as either the Great Draconic beast, a Djinn or something else very personal which is why it’s best to work with him outside of other peoples influences. He will show himself to you in whatever way he wishes for you to know him. He is honoured the same as any other Pagan god with offerings which can be as little as incense all the way up to drops of blood on his sigil which are later burned.

Of the four Leviathan is considered to be nether Male or Female and also has no human form when seen or worked with unlike all other demons who are considered to have human forms personal to the practitioner. Also within the confines of theistic Satanism, some of the pagan deities’ darker aspects are celebrated instead of feared, as well as the darker deities in general. When working with Satan you become more truthful, more sincere and less tolerant of the bullshit present throughout society as even being spiritual doesn’t necessarily mean honest! The afterlife is another thing that is seen as a personal event, the general idea is that you're highest or patron deity albeit Satan, Lilith, Hecate, Kali etc. will be the one who escorts you to their domain of the astral, an expansion of that would be their part of the summerlands. Ultimately Satanism breaks down boundaries, fears and promotes individual thought as well as helping you to live life on your own terms

Sean Witt

Luciferianism Within the Luciferian community there are theistic and atheistic Luciferians. A theistic Luciferian, acknowledges the existence of the Gods; for me I believe that there is only one story with different names told over and over again throughout history. An atheistic Luciferian is just like your usual atheist where they do not believe in a God, Gods, Godhead or a supreme power in general. They look at Lucifer and all his archetypes: Satan - the Adversary and Lucifer - the Light bringer as metaphors for being free thinking, rebels against society. Although I think we all kind of fall under that category.

When I was asked to write a piece on Luciferianism I jumped at the opportunity, not that I couldn’t or haven’t written about this topic before for my own blog but because there still seems to be so much confusion about the Philosophy itself. I would like to say that I am not speaking for anyone except myself, I am not an expert on all things Luciferian, and if I have learned one thing since I started walking this path it is that I may meet someone who also identifies as a Luciferian, but our personal Philosophy is likely to be very different. Luciferianism falls under the esoteric Philosophy known as the Left Hand Path, and the most important aspect of Luciferianism for me is the individual--I do not look outside of myself for anything. What does this mean? It means that we do not necessarily worship, some may do rituals to certain deities; some may not do anything ritualistic at all. We do not all look to the Gods to help us, we go within, find our strength, listen to our intuition and make our decision accordingly. There are some of us, like myself who identify as a Witch, and therefore incorporate Magick.

For me, personally, I do not believe in the Devil. I think the whole concept of the Devil is nothing more than fear mongering the masses, and I want no part of it. I see Satan as being an energy more than an individual entity, or even a shadow of Lucifer. I do however see Lucifer as the adversary to the status quo, and to religion itself, as well as the Light bringer (bringer of knowledge and enlightenment). As I mentioned, I am a Witch although I do not necessarily consider myself Pagan. I have always struggled with this title, and if I were to label myself Pagan it would be more so because of my Slavic roots, and my adoration for Baba Yaga than because I actually follow the path. I take bits and pieces from many pantheons and create my own. I think that labels in general do nothing but limit our potential, and the only label we should be concerned with wearing is, I am. Our belief system should be as individualistic as we are, and when the rare opportunity comes that we meet someone who has a like mind, grab onto them. Embrace each-others differences, and always seek your own truth.

Jaclyn Cherie http://thenephilimrising.com/

The Greater Church of Lucifer… The Left Hand Path

One of the first misconceptions people have regarding “Lucifer” is they believe it is a Christian concept. The word “Lucifer” pre-exists Christianity. It is a Latin word that literally means “Light Bearer” or “One Who Brings the Light”. Originally it was a term used by the Romans to refer to the planet Venus when seen as the last bright object or “star” visible in the sky as the Sun is rising. Venus in this context is also referred to as The Morning Star. It is as though this star heralds the rising of the Sun, very similar to the symbolic meaning of the rooster. Light and Darkness have forever been used as an analogy for Knowledge and Ignorance/The Unknown/Taboo. The Light-Bearer is a universal symbol of illumination, or gaining knowledge that comes from the darkness, or that which was previously unknown. It wasn't until the year 1611 when the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible was published that the word Lucifer started to become associated with Satan. This became even more common with the publication of Paradise Lost by John Milton in 1667. A type of extra-biblical folkloric tradition got built up around the interpretation of certain key passages. This folklore has become so popular that the average person thinks of Lucifer and Satan as the same. However, this is a relatively recent invention.

The word Lucifer has been in use for thousands of years by Latin speaking people. Most of that time it had nothing to do with Satan. The Heroic Journey of the Light Bearer Most Luciferians do not worship an entity named Lucifer or anything external to themselves. Lucifer is more often seen as a title or a type of character. The Luciferian takes inspiration from these characters rather than worshipping them. A widely known example is Prometheus, the Greek Titan who rebelliously and heroically brought the forbidden fire of the Olympian gods to humanity and taught them how to harness it for all sorts of arts and sciences. Prior to this, humans were essentially used as cattle or work animals to the gods, particularly Zeus who was King of gods. Zeus would have rather kept humans ignorant and obedient to him. Being angered at Prometheus for upsetting the established order, Zeus binds him to a boulder or mountain and sees to it that he is tortured by an eagle. Prometheus eventually escapes this punishment with the aid of Hercules. Variations on this basic pattern are found all throughout the mythologies of the world, past and present. We can see it in the story of the serpent in the Garden of Eden. If we go back even further, the Sumerians had a character like this called Enki, or Ea to the Babylonians. We call it the Lucifer Archetype. It is found not only in myth, but real individuals can forge their own unique “Journey of the Hero” (another term for the “Left Hand Path” used by mythologist Joseph Campbell) with the actions they take in their lives. Take for example Galileo and Copernicus. Both of these men shared truths about the cosmos which were heretical ideas at the time. They put themselves at great risk to share such radical truths with the world. As Luciferians we seek to make truth and knowledge available to those seeking it to both enlighten and empower them.

Are Luciferians Pagan? There is a strong argument to be made that Luciferians can be considered Pagan. Luciferianism being so eclectic by nature it is difficult to make a sweeping statement, but I think it's fair to say that Pagan is an accurate term for many Luciferians. As previously mentioned, Luciferians typically find inspiration in the myths of various cultures and will often feel a particular resonance with one or two pantheons. Again, there is a great deal

of diversity among Luciferians but it is quite common to perform spiritual practices which are similar or sometimes even identical with practices used among contemporary Pagans. My own opinion is that there is no conflict between considering yourself a Pagan as well as a Luciferian. I am personally comfortable with both terms. Not all Luciferians would consider themselves Pagans, but it is perfectly valid for those who do.

Jeremy Crow

About The Author Jeremy Crow is a Complete Path occultist, author and community organizer. Published books include Initiation into the Left Hand Path and Wisdom of Eosphoros: The Luciferian Philosophy. The latter being a collaboration along with Michael Ford, Hope Marie, Jacob No. Jeremy has been experimenting with the esoteric for most of his life. He was raised to the degree of Master Mason in the Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraïm. Ordained a Gnostic Priest, initiated into Martinism to the degree of S::I:: & Knighted in the Portugal lineage of the Knights Templar Order. He has held officer’s roles in several Esoteric Orders including the Golden Dawn & the Ordo Templi Orientis. In 2002 Jeremy began putting out articles on Gnostic Luciferianism. He joined the Ordo Luciferi and eventually became its new Grand Councilor. He founded the Luciferian Research Society (LRS), a non-hierarchical collective of artists from every branch of the Left Hand Path. Jeremy also founded the International Left Hand Path Conference and manifested the first one in Toronto, Canada. Hedeclared the beginning of New Luciferian Era on December 21st, 2012. Jeremy is one of four Archons (a.k.a. Co-Presidents) heading The Greater Church of Lucifer (GCOL). In addition, he founded the Titanic Order of Prometheus, which is one of the two main Paths for GCOL members interested in learning occultism. The Ziggurat of Enki is another Esoteric Order created by Jeremy and is worked formally as an Inner Order of the GCOL. You tube channel - www.ZigguratOfEnki.org www.JeremyCrow.com http://greaterchurchoflucifer.org/

‘The Discomfort of Religion’ Whatever satanism as an alternative religion is, it’s not a very comfortable one. Religions were invented for the necessary comfort for the solace of disturbed and worried man’s uneasiness and therefore usually were a great success, since that implacability of a continuous need could never find real satisfaction. However, all those myths invented for that purpose, most of all the God absurdity of an old man with beard like some almighty emperor and ruler all totalitarian, have gradually all been discarded and with ridicule, while only the constructive worship of all life and nature has remained convincing as a true religion, mainly since all nature always is so beautiful, there is nothing more convincing than the obviousness of beauty. Still there’s something supernatural transcending nature, unmistakably there is some magic going on in life creating destinies, phenomena and miracles, resulting above all in stories, myths and legends. Satan always lurked behind them all, he could not be exempted or excluded throughout history in human chronicles, while God has been debunked as a political manipulation. Satan is no comfort, though. He is the contrary. He is the downright realism of life and stands for generally inconvenient truths and rather sticks to science than to myths exposing and defrocking lies, deceits and charlatans and leaving you stark naked without comfort. Still, that’s better than to be deceived, buried alive and lost in lies." Laila Roth

Diary of the Hedgewitch

The sensuousness of the world at this time in all its virile greenery and song, encourages us to look into the infinite vastness of our own depths, into our inner Sun, releasing ourselves outwards into the infinite vastness of the twinkling sky, to give ourselves up in the unbridled wantonness of the opened flower and hungry bee as it sips sweet nectar, transforming it into golden honey, liquid Sun, alchemical gold, transforming ourselves into the beauty of the world, expanding with the light, blazing in the flickering of our own flames raging with intensity, creative activity, and burning with an inner impulse. The brilliant round glowing face of the sunflower shines forth at the later part of summer, its outer petals like beaming rays of sunlight or a shaggy lion’s mane, blazing through the hot days that are ruled by the constellation of the great lion beast, Leo.

The rampant frenzied dance of summer pulsated with intense vibrancy of sensation. Warmth ravaged bare flesh, sounds both caressed and plundered, vibrating, weaving creation with their tunes; twitterings and squawkings, mournful melodies, harsh screams of the scythe –winged swifts as they slash the sky, wavering warbles, ecstatic crescendos pummelling into climax over and over and over and over again; and the low deep humming of bees and chirping of bouncing crickets, all a wild symphony in a crazy orchestra, and each but one possible manifestation of infinite possibilities. The arousing gushing of blossom fragrance oozes, the startling hues of flowers dazzle, and the deep blue of the summer sky floods the eyes. The rushing, dashing, hovering, swooping, fluttering and diving of birds and of night time bats and of insects, and the leaping of deer and loping of hare, and our summer-time thoughts and imaginings, festivities and dreams, all thread the fabric of life; throbbing and heaving with mad vitality and unrestrained desire to relentlessly thrust and twist in this whirling, swirling, web, dancing a feverish dance of urgency, ravenous, as that creative force pounds and swells, forever insatiated, in this universe of lust, as the Lord of the Dance grooves his moves.

The voluptuous harvest Moon inflames the fields of ripened wheat and barley, as John Barleycorn stands tall and proud, a willing sacrifice, as the waning Sun polishes him a burnished gold. The harvests swell, the Lammas grain the accomplishment of all that has been, and all that is to come. In each new phrase is a sacrifice, the coming into being, peaking into virility and death to ferment experiences gained, to gestate and stir again in the womb/tomb, of the eternal feminine that receives and gathers in the spurting seed of the dying god.

The dance is played out as throughout the night Osiris/Orion stands resurrected anew upon the indigo skies, destruction and creation spin the tune, dying and rebirth the song, so that the dancing limbs of evolution flay forever onwards.

The summer is fading, and in the heights of wildly abundant ripened lives the sweet scent of death and decay is waiting in the lengthening shadows. The brazen colours of tantalising blooms begin to wither and the fields lay ravaged by the haymaking. My broad beans and peas that gave so abundantly are dishevelled and brown, their remaining pods still clinging; and verdant green begins to fade to yellow, as the dog days approach. In August, the heat of the dog days are upon us as Sirius rises just before the skies of dawn are splashed with blood. Our harvests lay temptingly upon field and garden, bush and tree, and to the ancient Egyptians, this was the start of their fertility cycle as Sirius marked the beginning of the flooding of the Nile so that crops could grow, and also the beginning of the New Year. Sirius, following Orion in the sky, was seen as Isis, and Orion as Osiris, and the creative dance of Isis, fecundant, carrying the seed of her husband, the germ that will become the birth of a new dawning, can be seen upon the night skies as she searches for his scattered remains.

The lust that swells all of creation throbbing within us each, the unwavering boundless strength and determination and the wisdom of past and future that writhes with the power and true passion that beats in our hearts, that of compassion, pounds in our veins, pulsating with possibilities, kindled with the flickering flames of all-embracing love, to climax in rapture, and blossom into realisation. These are our seeds to carry forwards, and are unbound by the tenuous illusions of law and government, unnecessary morals and dogma, for we burn with the receptive intensity of Love, unrestrained, free, and responsible for our power.

Rachael Moss

The Dolmen Grove T-Shirt, (also in a vest design) is available in various sizes at ÂŁ15 from www.dolmengrove.co.uk

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The Leopard as a Totem Animal The Leopard or Panther is an ancient and powerful animal totem; wise, courageous, strong and fearless yet a graceful, patient and nurturing creature, completely comfortable in its own skin. This elusive feline, known by some as a Leopard and to others as a Panther are in fact the same species of big cat. On the African continent it is known as a Leopard, in South America it goes by the name of Jaguar or Panther, whilst in North America, it is known as the Panther of Cougar. There is often confusion to its identity usually because of the difference in colouring; the Jaguar however, is a smaller cousin of the Leopard or Panther. Whether you recognise this animal as a Leopard, golden with brown/black spots or rosettes, or the black Panther, who upon closer inspection does have spots or rosettes, (the creatures habitat determines its colouring and markings) the Leopard is symbolic of somebody on a solitary path, quite often a person that has overcome many obstacles and is at a point in their lives where they are completely comfortable with who they are. The person who the Leopard chooses will often be a private person, especially with their thoughts and possessions; this is symbolic with magickal workings and shapeshifting. The magickal person will usually have a deep connection to the divine feminine and Moon magick; this person will be a lover of darkness and feels as comfortable (if not more) in a darkened space as they do in the light of day and do or will learn how to use the cloak of darkness to their advantage as their magickal creativity comes alive. In ancient times the Leopard was considered a particularly divine creature and it was believed by many that if the Leopard crossed the path of a Human, then that person must possess the highest of spiritual qualities and would forever be known as holy; this made these rare people exceedingly sought after by communities and political leaders as healers, shamans and advisors.

In myths and legends Leopards were revered by royalty, they held the belief that this giant cat held inside of its soul, the energy of warrior Gods and Goddesses and that it would become a guide to the spirits of the dead warriors, leading them to their final resting place. The Leopard is an unparalleled hunter with exceptional sight, hearing and patience it hunts with a furious passion; as a totem animal these strengths can be seen within yourself, it awakens the hunter within you allowing you to strive for what you are searching for and to obtain it with stealth. Having the Leopard as a totem animal gives you the ability to see hidden truths, to see what others cannot see; it will show you how to overcome your struggles, release your fears and remind you of your inner resources so that you may use them to heal your emotions and rebuild your strength and reclaim your personal power. Symbolically, the Leopard’s patience teaches you to see the patterns within the chaos of your life and equips you with the skills to adapt and utilise the symbology within those patterns, empowering yourself as you do. Leopards live in caves in mountainous areas, they are shy and elusive and this is symbolically reflected as a need for isolation and retreat, so if the Leopard is telling you that you need to retreat and hibernate for a while, do not ignore its call, trust in your instincts. The mysterious and spectral feline is patient and persistent, silent and swift, strong and unrivalled; confident and bold in everything that it executes, including stalking, hunting and parenting (which it does alone, so is often drawn to single parents and solitary people as a spirit guide).

The Leopard provides transformative power to the seeker allowing for physical, mental and spiritual strength to manifest, often in the form of language and communication which is why you will often find writers and individuals who are articulate in their writing and have an excellent command of their language will be drawn to the Leopard as either their totem animal or spirit guide.

Fearlessness – Shape Shifting – Agility – Beauty – Shyness – Sensitivity – Perseverance – Self-Respect – Self-Accepting – A Shamanic Path – Plant Medicine – Psychic Sight – Leadership – Clairvoyance – Clairaudience – Integrity – Prophecy - Problem Solving – Bravery – Grace – Trusting Inner Visions – Durability -

Cheryl Waldron

Additional Qualities Independence – Spiritual Vision – Power – Clairaudience – – Strength – Speed Dimensional Communication– Dreams & Goals – Comfort in Darkness – Freedom –

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If you have never experienced punk rock riot grrrl style, then the latest album from Husbands n Knives is certainly one of the best places to start. Virosa Ebriosa is slick, sexy and riddled with occultism. An album that hails the power of both woman and witch. From track one ‘Youre One’ right through to ‘Train of Stars’ it is clearly dedicated to the Goddess Babalon…But don’t be fooled this is not some girlie fantasy, this is proper hard core punk! It sings of oppression, rebellion, lust, the rage of the woman that fuels them. This is an album deserving of its place in any punk rockers cd collection and just so we are clear punk rock is not simply loud music and controversial lyrics, it is a voice that has inspired poets, fashion designers, writers and artists. On top of the raw musical talents of the band, the brutal drumming of John ’Hermit’ McDermott, merciless bass lines of Craig McCracken and Julie Knives vital energy as a guitarist there is a passion that is evident, and can be heard in the vocals of both girls. There is an element of witchcraft in the way lead vocalist delivers the poetry with provocative intensity. Alongside a host of original tracks there is also reverse lyrics, a unique cover version of the Dolmen classic Pyrate Bad which has to be a testament to the versatility of Husbands N Knives as well as a compliment to the The Dolmen, Virosa Ebriosa also offers two secret tracks but they are something you need to discover for yourself! This is not a sit back and enjoy with a glass of wine album but it could well be something that drives you to explore some previously unconsidered possibilities in life. Julie Knives: Guitar and vocals Lou Hotchkiss Knives: Vocals Craig McCracken: Bass, vocals John ‘Hermit’ McDermot: Drums Art: Kate ‘Goldfingers’ Sawyer Photography: Aaron Salmon / Grahame Rickard / Craig McCracken / Holly Monroe / Greenbeanz Photography All songs written and performed by Husbands N Knives except ‘Pyrate Bad’ which is written and originally performed by the Dolmen (Taloch Jameson/ Josh Elliot/ Kayleigh Marchant/ Chris Jones) www.thedolmen.com and is adapted and performed on this album by Husbands N Knives. https://husbandsnknivesmusic.bandcamp.com/music https://www.facebook.com/husbandsnknives?fref=ts husbandsnknives@hotmail.co.uk

Aromatherapy If you are new to Aromatherapy or have not read previous articles on this then an insight to it is: - Aromatherapy is the use of organic essences extracted from aromatic plants for healing and maintenance of vitality. It may help minor ailments, keep us fit whilst still enabling us to be relaxed and at ease with ourselves. The oils work by entering the blood stream via the skin, smells evoke memories and the brain registers the scent via the neurological and the endocrine system. The therapeutic potential of essential oils, like other plant derived remedies, has yet to be fully realized. Although numerous medical herbs have been utilized since antiquity, many of which have become of modern drugs (such as Quinine and cocaine) In order to use an essential oil apart from Lavender and Tea Tree they MUST be blended with carrier oil.

Neem Carrier oil While I had heard of this oil for the hair, it has many other uses but because of the smell (if you like the smell of marmite or yeast this carrier oil is for you) it will need to be mixed other carrier oils or essential oils.

To use neem oil it is best to dilute it 2 -5% of any mixture and is a good oil to use if recuperating after an illness. Neem oil is ideal for therapists working in hospitals as it is antifungal, antiviral anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and much more.

Its origins are from India and Asia and the tree can reach 12-15m. It is an evergreen, and the botanical name is Azadsirchta Indica. Cold pressed from the seed of the Neem plant, it is rich in protein and minerals containing Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin A and D. The colour is brown/green.

As we are coming up to the season where we have a lot of midges there are a few ways to use this‌ 1) In a lamp as 5- 10% oil; burn lamp as normal. 2) To prevent mosquito’s from breeding, mix with water or add normal washing up liquid and spray on all breeding areas. 3) As a mosquito or insect repellent, mix with another carrier oil or Vaseline in a ratio of 1:5 and apply to affected area. This also can help cuts and skin disorders 4) In the house where it can also be used as a carpet cleaner when diluted to kill dust mites.

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Essential oil This essential oil is native to the Mediterranean region, common throughout Europe North Africa and North America but mainly cultivated in Russia, France Germany and Spain. The sweet scented herb grows about 60cms high, is soft, bushy and is a member of the mint family. It is obtained by steam distillation from the leaves and flowers that are white or pink are very attractive to bees. The name `Melissa` is the Greek word for honeybee and is also known as lemon balm or in Hebrew Bal-Smin meaning` 'Chief of oils.' The oil is a pale yellow liquid with a light lemony fragrance and blends well with Lavender, Geranium floral and other citrus oils {Julia Lawless the encyclopaedia of Essential oils} In the 14th century it was included in tonic water made by the French Carmelite nuns and

Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) called this herb 'The Elixir of life'. These days it is used in a vast array of alcoholic and soft drinks. As well as being very popular in the perfume industry, it can also assist with insect bites as well as a repellent. It can also be used to treat other skin complaints, such as eczema. Melissa oil can be used in a burner with water to ward off insects and if you mix 2-4 drops with a carrier oil can help with skin problems or insect bites such as wasp and bee stings. It is also helpful for menstrual problems, digestive problems, Asthma Bronchitis chronic coughs and helps with emotional problems such as Anxiety, depression, shock, nervous tension, vertigo and is also said to support a person through a spiritual awakening. Most commercial Melissa sometimes contains lemon, lemongrass and citronella which can all help with skin problems such as bites and irritations.

Sandra Wiseman

Safety data Non-toxic but must be used in low does as can cause dermal irritation and sensitization. {Julia Lawless the encyclopaedia of Essential oils} For more info or a workshop contact Sandra Wiseman Therapies 4 You 07804 138585 www.therapies4you.com

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Hampshire, Fareham, – The Heathfield Arms 116 Blackbrook Road, Fareham PO15 5BZ Every first Monday of the month, 7:30pm onwards. Essex - Scout Hut, Cromwell Road, Grays, RM17 5HT Weekends Dorset, Weymouth – Old Town Hall High West Street DT4 8JH Weymouth, Dorset (The Dolmen Grove’s oldest and most established moot).Every second Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm onwards Dorset, Portland - The George Inn 133 Reforne, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2AP. Every last Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm onwards Cornwall, St Austell - Polgooth Inn Ricketts Lane, Polgooth, St.Austell, PL26 7DA. Every first Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm onwards Berkshire, Bracknell - The Boot Public House Park Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 2LU. Every 3 third Tuesday of the month, 8:00pm onwards Dorset, Poole - The Kings Head6 High Street, Poole, Dorset BH15 1BD. Every third Tuesday on the month 7:30pm onwards All Dolmen Grove moots are advertised regularly on www.dolmengrove.co.uk With up-to-date information on individual moot facebook pages

The Shaman Mysteries The summer I became an Ovate with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, I had my star chart read at a Rainbow Camp. “Things are on the move for you,” the astrologer told me. “Tremendous changes. I told him I was booked on a Shamanic Training weekend. Maybe that was it? I already knew that once you begin to walk between the worlds, nothing is the same again – you are not the same again. “That’ll be it, then,” said the astrologer. He was right, but neither of us guessed quite how. On a sunny morning that autumn, I shipped up in Bath, at John Matthews’ introductory workshop. Like a lot of the participants, I had read John and Caitlin Matthew’s books, and knew their reputation went before them, but John looked ordinary, sitting cross-legged between us, and he opened the workshop in a quiet, almost

work as a nurse, I was regularly publishing short sto-

muted voice.

ries in women’s magazines, and when my children were born, I began my career as a children’s writer.

He showed us how, by closing our eyes, listening to a

But I’d never had much success writing for adults and

fast, regular drum beat, we could walk between the

sometimes wondered if I ever would.

worlds. I met my spirit ally in the guise of a mole. When I stroked his back with one finger, his coat felt

I had been moving through Caitlin Matthew’s series of

as soft, warm and sleek as any mole of this world.

shamanic workshops, and working with other British

Mole and I would come upon otherworldly presences

shaman too, building up my skills, and using them to

who spoke to me, either in perfectly normal conversa-

some degree in my work as a palliative care nurse,

tions or in mysterious symbols and signs. They often

when a new character walked into my writer’s head.

advised or directed me, or offered a gift of significance. I’d emerge feeling refreshed...amazed.

“Hi,” she said. I was driving to work, at the time, and she seemed almost to plonk herself down on the pas-

I was already a writer at this time. In fact, I think I’ve al-

senger seat. “I’m Sabbie Dare.”

ways been one, ever since, my infant school teacher, Mrs Marsden, read an animal fable to the class, then

She looked like a woman in her late twenties, of mixed

asked us to write a similar sort of story. I was dum-

race, with a cute little gap between her teeth and very

founded – for the first time I realized that the books I

long, almost black hair, which kinked as it fell. “I’m a

loved had actually been written by real human beings.

shaman,” she went on. “A therapeutic shaman. People

Before that, I believed they must have fallen from

come to me, sometimes with their souls completely

some sort of story heaven. But by the time I started

shattered. And some bring me some very...difficult

book is set in Glastonbury, and it was my great delight to be able to use some of the legends of the Vale of Avalon. One thing I love about writing the Shaman Mysteries is the landscapes I’m able to describe. I set the books in the Somerset Levels, a place with a truly fay and mysterious atmosphere, which can turn tricksy and dark, when mists come down, or floods rise. That conversation I had on Druid Camp five years ago, is ringing true. Something did move and shake in my life when I signed up to the Matthews shamanic workshops. Once you access the world of spirits, you don’t know what might happen next. What happened to me was that I now write books I love. Even better; people problems. These are people on the edge. Why don’t

seem to love reading them. It was the one thing I’d

you write about me?”

longed to be able to do, and I am sure that the spirit

So I did.

world brought me this blessing.

The Shaman Mysteries, published by Llewellyn’s Midnight Ink imprint, are thrillers with an edge of spiritually. I’ve discovered that Sabbie is a girl who only wants the best for those she meets, and she’ll regularly put herself on the line for her clients, not only in the spirit world, but also in the apparent world, because of course Not much scares Sabbie Dare, which is just as well, because in a Shaman Mystery things can get very scary indeed. I write these books for pagans and crime fiction lovers alike, so I have to be careful to walk a line between the truth of my own spiritual path, and the fictions I create. I don’t want to spin a line, that shamanism can ‘solve crime’ or ‘get people out of trouble’. And as the series progresses I am trying to introduce some of the aspects of shamanism, and paganism that might enlighten the ‘muggle reader’. Book one, In the Moors, explains shamanic journeying, and introduces Sabbie’s animal ally, an otter called Trendle. In the second book, Unravelled Visions, I begin to develop Sabbie’s otherworld associations, especially her guardian, a river goddess. Book three, Beneath the Tor, uses a theme of transformation, including shape-shifting. This

Nina Milton

In the Moors A body is found buried in the eerie depths of the Somerset Moors. Detective Sergeant Reynard Buckley is sure that shaman Sabbie Dare’s new client, Cliff Houghton—a wounded, broken man— has something to do with the chilling crime, but Sabbie believes Cliff is being set up. Continuing the therapy she'd begun with Cliff, Sabbie uncovers repressed memories hearkening back to a decades-old string of abductions and murders. But after another little boy is abducted, only Sabbie can prove Cliff's innocence . . . and find the real culprit before any more lives are shattered. Sabbie Dare is the most compelling protagonist I’ve met this year, and Milton’s tale is riveting. Perhaps readers will figure things out before Sabbie does, but the visceral suspense Milton creates is commendable, not to mention terrifying. I like pairing her work with Elly Griffiths’s atmospheric English mysteries; Library Journal http://www.amazon.co.uk/Shaman-Mystery-Mysteries-Milton-Paperback/dp/B00JYI43KM/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Unraveled Visions The day after shamanic therapist Sabbie Dare receives a palm reading at the Bridgwater Carnival, she learns that a police detective has been killed and the gypsy fortuneteller has gone missing. Sabbie’s newest client—a scared woman with an angry husband—has also disappeared. Despite warnings from Detective Inspector Rey Buckley to stay away from the investigations, Sabbie can’t ignore the messages of danger she’s received through her shamanic journeys. But as close as she comes to the answers, Sabbie discovers there are people who want to keep the truth buried forever.It’s impossible to refrain from rooting for such a plucky protagonist…Nina Milton skillfully integrates the shamanistic elements into her mystery making in this sequel to last year’s In the Moors - an absorbing tale. The return of Sabbie Dare is awaited with interest–Sheila M. Merritt Mystery Scene Magazine This well-written story is incredible knowledgeable, suspenseful, and a truly cool adventure into the world that lies ‘beyond—Suspense Magazine Review of Unraveled Visions by Nina Milton http://www.amazon.co.uk/Unraveled-Visions-Mystery-Nina-Milton/dp/0738740055/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 ,

Beneath the Tor On a Midsummer night on the Glastonbury Tor, beautiful Alys Hollingberry dies suddenly after dancing away the night. Sabbie Dare and her friends are in shock and when her shamanic guru, Wolfsbane, confesses that Alys may have unwittingly taken drugs during his ritual, Sabbie’s shock turns to horror. After receiving sinister, anonymous emails about Alys, her grieving husband, Brice, approaches Sabbie for help. She turns to the spirit world for guidance, but receives only enigmatic replies. She tries seeking some practical help from her boyfriend Detective Inspector Rey Buckley, but he is embroiled in problems of his own. Sabbie feels isolated, and as she heads closer to the truth about Alys’ death, a deranged killer is also heading towards a final victim, and both are closer to Sabbie than she knows. Nina Milton has created a unique fictional world in her Shaman Mystery Series, featuring Sabbie Dare as a young shaman. They each have a cracking pace and convey the evocative landscapes of Somerset. Always, the depictions of shamanic journeying are vivid and authentic. Reading them kept me up at night much later that I wanted, because I could not bear to miss the next bit–Ronald Hutton author of ‘The Triumph of the Moon’, ‘Shamans’ and ‘Pagan Britain’ http://www.amazon.co.uk/Beneath-Shaman-Mystery-Nina-Milton/dp/0738743828/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1438255998&sr=1-4&keywords=nina+milton

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Self Help Herbal Medicine for Summer Ailments

favourite as an addition due to its antiseptic action, it relieves pain and also smells wonderful! The summer season can bring its own problems for our health, both from our environment and from our behaviour. This article takes a look at how herbs can be used to treat some of these problems. Hay fever -An allergic reaction to pollen, is a common and increasing problem. Often affecting people for prolonged periods, it can be unpleasant and debilitating. Natural healing can remove the allergen e.g. don’t eat shellfish if you react to it, but it is impossible to avoid pollen. The herbal strategy is thus to reduce the allergic reaction and treat the symptoms. A good start is to drink Stinging Nettle tea. Nettles reduce allergic reaction and are sometimes all that is needed to control hay fever. If this is not sufficient then herbs can be taken to relieve symptoms. Nasal congestion responds to anticatarrhals. My favourite is Elderflower; others include Ribwort, Golden Rod and Ground Ivy. Eyebright is special here because it is anticatarrhal and is also a wonderful eye herb. It is taken internally and as an eyebath to soothe itchy and inflamed eyes. If hay fever is more intransigent or affects the respiratory system by causing asthma I often prescribe Ma Huang which opens the respiratory passages and reduces allergic reaction. This herb is restricted under Section 20 of the Medicines Act and can only be prescribed by a qualified herbalist. Insect bites and stings are more common in the summer. Marigold cream is soothing and healing; recovery is aided by adding essential oils of Lavender, Thyme or Tea Tree. Lavender is my

Wasp stings are alkaline so remove the sting with tweezers and soak with vinegar. Bee stings being acid, wash with a solution of bicarbonate of soda.

Herbal treatment outlined above can then be applied. To avoid bites essential oils such as Lavender, Clove, Thyme or Citronella can be applied, either a drop or two behind the ears or where relevant. For example, I once treated someone who only got bitten on their feet. I know someone who uses an infusion of Wormwood as a wash. She swears by it although I think she probably smells like a walking mothball! Sunburn should be avoided but if you overdo it a cool bath containing infusion or tincture of Marigold or Chamomile will help soothe and heal. Applying infused oil of Marigold or St John’s Wort can work wonders; drops of essential oil of Lavender or Tea Tree can be added to prevent infection and reduce pain. As the sunburn heals and starts itching, Chickweed cream will reduce the irritation and hence the need to scratch.

We usually become more active in the summer and this can bring problems such as blisters, bruises and sprains. Blisters can be caused by friction (walking too far in that new pair of shoes) or by sunburn. They should not be burst as this increases the risk of infection. They can be treated by washing with a dilute tincture of Marigold or Witch Hazel or using a footbath. Then apply Marigold cream. Bruises and sprains can be treated using creams of Witch Hazel, Comfrey or Arnica. Arnica is poisonous so must only be applied to unbroken skin (no cuts or grazes) and must not be taken internally.

Relieve temporary muscle aches and pains from excessive activity with a few drops of essential oil of Lavender or Thyme in the bath. We often travel more in the summer and many people have a miserable experience because of motion sickness. My favourite remedy is ginger. Sipping ginger tea, sucking on a piece of fresh root or eating crystallised ginger will relieve the problem, as it will for those who suffer from morning sickness in pregnancy. For those who dislike Ginger, Chamomile or Fennel are alternatives. Most of these herbs are readily available and it may pay you to keep some at home so that you can treat problems as they arise.

Sprains (a damaged ligament) can be treated with Comfrey or Arnica cream; a bruised cabbage leaf strapped over the joint at night will speed recovery. For cuts, grazes and wounds use Witch Hazel to stop bleeding or use a crushed Ribwort leaf. Cleanse the wound with Echinacea tincture and apply Marigold or Comfrey cream to aid healing.


Andrew Cowling BSc(Hons),Dip.Phyt,D.Hyp,RCST,MNFSH,FNIMH. Herbalist, Craniosacral Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Healer. 62 Grove Road Portland DT5 1DB. Tel. 01305 860611.

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Pull of the past So there I was, back in time, what a shock, shivers down my spine. He gave me something, run he said, within a minute the priest was dead.

I fled through woods and my friends were trees, the fear and nausea brought me to my knees, men on horseback chasing, shouting, I had to get away there was no doubting, the abbey protected me I remember the room, I remember what happened and with whom. Then THEY came again what a gut wrenching goodbye. What was given to me I have to ask why??? I sailed to England to be safe and undiscovered but now in this lifetime it all must be recovered. Memories flood back and have done for years, sometimes happy but often more tears this 800 year journey with serpents as guides, I await the next chapter in my lives!

Claire Whiles

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