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Doll Reference Books

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"I want books with research and information I can trust," some collectors told us. "I just want beautiful photographs of dolls," said others. Those two wants merged into the guiding principle of Gold Horse Publishing since its beginning in the early 1980s — the publication of authoritative research on dolls presented in captivating, art-quality books. So the researcher could also enjoy seeing beautiful dolls. And the casual browser might look at a beautiful face and decide to read more about the men and women who created it. As a sister company to Theriault's, Gold Horse Publishing is able to tap into the photographic and research archives of that firm, as well as the expertise of its appraisers. Not only have those appraisers contributed to the fold of books published by Gold Horse Publishing, but they have introduced the publishers to other experts in specialty doll and plaything areas whose works now grace the pages of this catalog. This catalog is sent to you through the courtesy of Dollmasters of Annapolis, Maryland. Whether you are ordering for a gift or for use in your own library, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with your selections. Dollmaster's telephone order department is open 9AM–5PM EST, Monday–Friday. You may order by fax 24 hours daily, 7 days a week. Mail orders welcome. Or visit Dollmaster's website to place your order at

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The Encyclopedia of French Dolls, Volume I & II

T h e E n c yc lo p e d i a o f French Dolls By Franรงois Theimer. English Edition edited by Florence Theriault. Readers will find this book informative and fascinating reading about French doll history of the 19th century up to 1925. This time period encompasses the pre-industrial era, the Industrial Revolution, the dawning of the 20th century, and post-WWI. Thousands of references to doll firms, inventors, stores, and actual dolls are arranged alphabetically within the 600 pages of this work, enabling collectors for the first time to research and document their antique doll treasures. Contains superb photographs of existing examples of actual dolls, many previously undocumented. Well-indexed, more than 4000 illustrations and color photographs. Volume I. BT-216. $79. Volume II. BT-217. $79. Two-volume set. BT-218. $149.

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The Legend Collections

Antique Dolls from the Puppen & Spielzeug Museum of Vienna, Austria The three-decade museum, now closed, was housed in an historic building in old Vienna, and was home to thousands of remarkable antique dolls and playthings. They are all shown in this commemorative hardbound book, in full-color with historic references. 188 pages, with value key. 8 ½" x 12". BT-253. $75.

Grand Notes, The Legendary Antique Doll Collection of Carole Jean Zvonar "I bought my first antique doll for $1 when I was 5 years old", she said. "Antiques are the only dolls I have ever loved." Dr. Carole Jean Stoessel Zvonar has collected antique dolls from the age of 5. Her lifetime achievement of collecting those dolls are all shown in this commemorative hardbound book. 144 pages. Full-color. With value key. 8 ½" x 11". BT-257. $59.


In the Mind's Eye Featuring the Geri E. Baker world class collection of antique dolls, including important examples by French dollmakers Thuillier, Halopeau, Bru, Schmitt, and Jumeau, in superb original costumes, along with an outstanding collection of French poupées highlighted by the famous Blondinette and her trousseau. There are, too, rare German bisque art character dolls as well as early dolls including the very rare one-of-a-kind French wooden court dolls. Over 350 objects. 160 pages, full-color, hardbound, with value key. 8 ½" x 12". BT-260. $75.

Purple Skies, Plum Delights, The Extraordinary Antique Doll Collection of Lucy Morgan The world's rarest dolls were collected by the perspicacious seeker of the finest French and German bisque dolls from the golden age of the 19th century. The 167 page hardbound book in full-color features and describes the complete collection. With price key. 8 ½" x 11". BT-233. $59.

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The Legend Collections A Cherished Collection, Antique Dolls & Doll Costumes of Madame Pet y t Madame Andrée Petyt, the elegant European lady whose collection was visited by Belgian royalty, never played with dolls as a child. She came to dolls, she explained, through a love of fashion and an enduring fascination with doll costumes and the history of clothing those dolls personified. This explains the particular vision of Madame Petyt whose extraordinary collection of rare dolls in exquisite costumes are featured in a full-color commemorative hardbound book with historic references. 188 pages, hardbound with value key. 8 ½" x 11". BT-256. $75.

The Antique Doll, Dollhouse and T o y M u s e u m o f t h e LEGO F o u n d at i o n The first important European antique doll and toy museum sold in America. The landmark Museum, founded nearly a half-century ago by the Christiansen Family of Denmark, includes over 2000 antique dolls, toys, dollhouses, paper ephemera and other childhood objects of the 18th-early 20th century. More than 392 pages, thousands of color photographs, and after-auction prices realized in two hard-cover volumes, luxuriously boxed 2 volumes in slip case. 8 ½" x 12". BT-239. $129.

The Mildred Seeley Collection

For the Love of Dolls The legendary doll collection of Mildred Seeley is featured in this new art-quality book. More than 250 of the world's most beautiful dolls, resplendent in antique costumes and finery, are shown. Hardcover, filled with exquisite photography. With value key. 8 ½" x 11". BT-206. $49.

M a g n i f i q u e , t h e F a m i ly D o l l s o f Mildred Seeley Over several decades Mildred Seeley bestowed many beautiful antique dolls on her son and daughter. Those dolls are featured in this exquisite book. 8 ½" x 11", 140 pages. With price key. BT-238. $49.

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The Doll as Art & Art Books In Perspective, The Gail Cook Collection of Antique Dolls For 30 years, the insightful collector has aimed her sights on the only the rarest of antique dolls, examples so remarkable that, in some cases, no other examples are known to exist. They are all superbly photographed and described in this art volume. The book has been printed in limited numbers, and will not be reprinted, so order quickly. 12" x 12". 156 pages. Hardbound. BT-242. $75.


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800-966-3655 A r c h i v e s : T h e D o l l A s A r t II By Stuart Holbrook. The visual study of the doll as art continues in this super-sized art book, a portable museum filled with the world's most beautiful antique dolls. This book is designed to entrance the reader by presenting the doll in its purest form — stripped of complicated text, thus enabling the reader to fully absorb the beauty and intricate detail of the face. A fascinating book for the doll collector, an indispensable tool for the doll artist. Leave this book handy next to a comfortable chair, because you'll find yourself returning to it often — for pleasure and for reference. 12 ½" x 12 ½". Hardbound. 150 pages. 133 full page color photographs. BT-152. $68.

The Exotic Doll As Art By Stuart Holbrook. German and French dollmakers were fascinated by "exotic" cultures and made many superb dolls representing those cultures. In this volume of his "doll as art" trilogy, Holbrook focuses on these dolls. Examples include superb antique bisque dolls from prestigious French and German doll firms. A special chapter is devoted to American folk and native dolls. In more than 130 full-color photographs the author demonstrates how ethnicity was portrayed through distinctive modeling or more simply, by variations in complexion and costume. 9" x 12". Hardbound. 130 pages. 130 color photographs. BT-125. $68.


In Character By Florence Theriault. Collectors seek dolls with "expression" or character; dolls that for the sensitive collector have an intangible connection with the past, a sense of specific communion with faces and people. How did the antique doll-maker achieve such expression? This book explores that question in a richly pictorial manner, from the idealized beauty of the French bébé, to the whimsy of the German character, to American "celebrity" dolls. It explores development, growth, influences and major themes in the production of character dolls from 1875–1935. The expression of the dolls captured here in 200 exquisite color photographs will fascinate and haunt the reader. The detailed descriptions and information will forever change the reader's perception of character dolls. 9" x 12 ½". Hardbound. 144 pages. 200 color photographs. BT-115. $68.

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The Definitive French Doll Books

The Bru Book Revised Edition By François Theimer. English Edition edited by Florence Theriault. The first edition of The Bru Book has stood at the pinnacle of the antique doll world for years, not only as the finest work on the prestigious French doll firm, but also as the definitive example of what an antique doll book should be: completely detailed history from the people to the patents, fully photographed in every detail. That's half right. The revised edition of the Bru Book contains all this extensive historical background with a wealth of newly uncovered information. New and enhanced photography even more fully illustrate Bru's rich history. Hardbound. 234 pages. BT-198. $75.

The Jumeau Book By François Theimer and Florence Theriault. A remarkable book about the most pivotal firm in doll history. The rise and fall of the French Jumeau family through six decades of the 19th century is fascinating reading for even the non-doll collector. Well-researched technical chapters clearly mark for the first time ever the evolution of various models of the firm. Beautifully detailed color photographs teach the reader how to identify each. Also included are chronologies, early catalogs and advertising, and sections on original costumes. This is the one book for everyone who collects and loves the Jumeau doll. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. 425 pages. 450 color photographs. BT-134. $75.

The Doll As Art By Stuart Holbrook. Considered the classic work that developed the concept of the doll as an art form — an idealized human portrait to haunt, tease and fire the emotions of those who view it. A perennial best seller, this book contains over 100 full page, beautifully detailed color photographs of the finest French and German bisque dolls. This is a must-have reference guide for doll makers, artists, students of fashion design and doll collectors. 9" x 12". Hardbound. 144 pages. 200 color photographs. BT-106. $68. D ollmasters B ook C atalog x Telephone 800-966-3655 x

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Automata & Music Boxes When the Circus Came to Town A fabulous collection of antique dolls, toys, automata and even glass canes is presented in full-color in this art book. Historical background of each piece is given, as well as the actual personal history of many of the objects including the famous "Consuelo's Bridesmaid" and Jumbo the Elephant, a gift of P.T. Barnum to his friend Wesley Redhead. The rare Levitation Man automata, of which only two are known in the world, is also shown with detailed multi-photographs. Handbound with dust jacket. 9" x 12". BT-259. $75. Dolls In Motion By Florence Theriault. Dolls with hidden mechanisms have intrigued doll makers and collectors alike whether it is a French lady, a simple pull-toy which incorporates a movable doll, or even an internal mechanism that causes a doll to walk, talk or cry. More than 100 rare examples of these dolls are shown in this beautiful 104 page book. Included is bonus 30-minute CD of music from the automatons. 9" x 12". Hardbound. Over 200 full-color photographs. BT-195. $49. From the Golden Age of A u t o m ata :  T h e P r i vat e Collection of C h r i s t i a n B a i l ly P l ay i n g T h e i r P a r t s By Florence Theriault. Automata, musical boxes, and singing birds are featured in this fabulous full-color book. Included are detailed descriptions of each of the movements, names of music, and other historical background references. Exceptional for reference, or just to enjoy reading about and seeing these superb antique treasures. 9"x 12". Hardbound. 180 pages. BT-235. $59.

By Florence Theriault. An extraordinary book features 150 exceptional automata from the private collection of the noted Parisian connoisseur. Numerous color photographs and perspectives are offered of each work, along with a DVD exhibiting actual automata in movement and commentary by Christian Bailly. 150 pages. Hardbound, 9" x 12". BT-224. $59.

T he 1898 E rnst H olzweissig M usic B ox and A utomaton C atalog The extraordinary variety of music boxes available to affluent Victorian homes is evident in this fully illustrated catalog. Musical automata, photograph albums, birds in cages, and chairs that play music when sat upon, mechanical photographs, musical photo albums, beer steins and liqueur cabinets, autoharps, accordions and musical sewing boxes are included as well as Symphonium, Calliope and Adler works. This catalog serves as a reference for an astonishing variety of some of the most rare and sought-after in music boxes and automata. An invaluable tool in identifying and dating these items. 7" x 10". 435 pages. Softbound. Thousands of illustrations. BT-169. $39.


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German Doll Reference Books

German Doll Studies: Historic Doll Research from the Published Archives of Cieslik's Puppenmag azin By Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik. The authors of the long out-of-print German Doll Encyclopedia are the publishers of Cieslik's Puppenmagazin, named "The best doll magazine in the world" at an international doll conference in Paris, France. Unfortunately, that magazine was published in the German language and its wonderful research was a "closed book" to English language collectors. Good news! An English language edition of important articles from that magazine is available in this deluxe hardbound edition. Its exceptional research will change many notions of "who made what" as well as solve many old mysteries. This is a musthave book for any serious collector. 9" x 12". Hardbound. 332 pages. Over 400 photographs, mostly color. BT-183. $75.

Cieslik's German Doll Marks By Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik. Luckily for today's antique doll collectors, German doll firms were very careful about placing identifying marks on their dolls. German Doll Marks is the definitive work on every single mold #, word or symbol you will find on an antique German bisque doll. If it's not in this book, it's not German. BT-199. $29.

Hertwig & Co. Books The Ladies of Hert wig The German porcelain firm of Hertwig produced outstanding figurals of children, animals, novelties — and women — for nearly a century. During the early years of the 20th century they produced an annual catalog with drawings and illustrations of their offerings. This fabulous book reprints all "the ladies" from those Hertwig catalog pages. Included are half-dolls, bathing beauties, Art Deco ladies, nudies, and flapper ladies. A fabulous original resource book that will have you dreaming of all the treasures you'd love to find. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. BT-201. $35.

Hert wig & Co. Archives, 18 9 0 – 1937 By Florence Theriault. Locked behind the walls of East Germany, the treasures of the Hertwig Porcelain Factory remained hidden for more than a half century. Now, a book of those treasures has been prepared with photos of 1000s of documented examples from the original archives. Included are all-bisque dolls, Kewpies, snow babies, comic nodders, animals, character dolls, dollhouse dolls, half-dolls, and figurines. 136 pages. Prices included. Hardbound. BT-193. $49.

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Beautiful French Dolls & Costumes The Beautiful Jumeau By Florence Theriault. More than 100 beautiful Jumeau dolls in full-color are featured in this exquisite art-quality book. Face and body photographs and descriptions of bébés, fashion dolls, and characters are included. Completing this treasure trove of Jumeau dolls are over 100 Jumeau doll costumes and related items from couturier works by Ernestine Jumeau; to labeled department store costumes of the 1890 era; shoes, socks and bonnets; advertising booklets and vintage photographs. A fabulous book that includes some previously undocumented models. 10 ½" x 10 ½". Hardbound. 110 pages. BT-173. $49.

French Dolls I n F o l k l o r e C o s t u m e , 1835–1917 By Florence Theriault. If you believe that "costume is language," then these dolls speak volumes — and so eloquently, too. A collection of nearly 100 dolls, each wearing its original costume from various regions of France is presented along with detail photographs showing the numerous elements of each costume. Original engravings, postcards and historical material document the dolls. 10" x 10". 180 pages. Hardbound. BT-185. $49.

T r o u s s e a u o f B l o n d i n e tt e D av r a n c h e s : A H u r e t D o l l a n d Her Wardrobe By Florence Theriault. A remarkable discovery of one little girl's Huret doll, trousseau and furniture was made in a chateau in Rouen, France, in the spring of 1894. In this volume every item of this amazing 150-piece trousseau is shown in full-color and vivid detail — an accurate testimony to the French doll fashions of the years 1862–1867. Detailed descriptions make this book an unparalleled guide for the doll collector of French fashion dolls and a fascinating reference book for the student of fashion. Hardbound. 80 pages. 155 color photos. BT-148. $33.


Lady Dolls of the 19 t h C e n t u r y By Florence Theriault. Throughout history, lady dolls have been both fashion mannequins and children's playthings. In the 19th century privileged children owned lady dolls of paper mache, china and bisque with extraordinary wardrobes and accessories. The objects of childhood dreams, the dolls also served as lessons in proper dressing and demeanor. Hundreds of German and French dolls and their fashions are featured in this hardcover, full-color book. Prices included. 7 ½" x 10 ½". BT-208. $49. Cameos By Florence Theriault. A superb collection of 100 museum-quality cameos encompassing the work of 19th and 20th century artists. The book identifies varieties and materials, themes, dates, and has many helpful tips on just what makes one cameo valuable, and another one not. A quick checklist will aid the reader in selecting his or her favorite. A very informative reference guide for anyone who is interested in cameos. 8 ½" x 8 ½". Softbound. 24 pages. 21 color photographs. BT-156. $13.

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Books About The Bleuette Doll & Wedding Domes

E t r e n n e s : F r e n c h 19 t h C e n t u r y H o l i d ay D o l l s a n d P l ay t h i n g s By Florence Theriault. Etrennes are New Year Day's gifts and they have remained a tradition in France for centuries. Throughout the 19th century French doll and toy shops created fabulous toy objects for this special time of year. Over 200 such items are presented in this landmark book, including a wide array of antique dolls, tea sets, board games, costume ensembles, postcards and even art posters. 10" x 10". Hardbound. 140 pages. 302 color photographs. 82 original catalog illustrations. BT-174. $49.

J 'A i m e M a B l e u e tt e The title is in French, but the book is in English. Included are more than 50 different Bleuette dolls, some with original trousseaux and boxes, along with 150 rare Bleuette costumes offered by Gautier-Langereau. Each is photographed in full-color with complete descriptions and reference to original Bleuette catalogs. With price key. 9" x 9". Hardbound. Color photographs. 88 pages. BT-229. $39. T h e H at s o f B l e u e tt e By Alfred Bazin. English Edition by Nelly Farge-Theriault. What a well-dressed little lady was Bleuette. In this welldocumented book more than 350 original Bleuette hats from the years 1905–1960 are illustrated and described. An invaluable reference guide for 20th century fashion aficionados and Bleuette collectors. 6" x 11". BT-231. $49.

Wedding Globes & Brides A F u l ly P e r f e c t e d G r a c e By Florence Theriault. In 1870, Leon Casimir Bru described his wooden-bodied poupée as having "a fully perfected grace." It is a phrase that aptly describes the entire world of the French fashion doll from 1850–1880. This beautiful hardbound book, with 260 color photographs, gives the reader a detailed glimpse into the world of fashion dolls during this period, including furniture, accessories, chronologies, patents and lists of shops, makers and body styles. 10" x 10". BT-164. $49.

Memories of Marriage By Florence Theriault. The bride doll has a special place in the history of doll collecting. Featured in this full-color 108 page book is a collection of 100 French wedding globes from a private French museum, as well as antique dolls in wedding costumes, and antique cake toppers. Hardbound, 10" x 10". BT-237. $49.

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Kewpies & Small Bisque Dolls In The Palm of One's Hand: S m a l l B i s q u e D o l l s , 1877–1920 By Florence Theriault. In this book the author explores the appeal of dolls less than 12" tall — dolls which can be cradled in the palm of one's hand. Featured in 105 color photographs with detailed descriptions are The French Bébé, The Sonneberg Connection, Mignonettes, German Character Dolls, and All-Bisque Dolls. Spectacular photography brings out their tiny scale and extraordinary detail. This book is a delight for collectors of these little antique treasures. 8 ½" x 8 ½". Hardbound. 80 pages. BT-157. $39.

A W h i s p e r i n g o f D o l l s This is the third in a series of books about little dolls by author Florence Theriault and includes more than 200 rare examples with details of faces, bodies and marks, and heart-stopping vignette photographs. 10" x 10". Hardbound. 112 pages. Full-color. BT-202. $49.

Kewpie K o m pa n i o n By Cynthia Gaskill. Over 325 Kewpie collectibles designed by Rose O'Neill including bisque figures, paper ephemera, and porcelain dinnerware are thoroughly documented. 140 full-color photographs spread over 64 pages. 8" x 8". Softbound. BT-147. $35.

T h e L i tt l e Ones: French and German All-Bisque Dolls By Florence Theriault. Little all-bisque dolls are known by collectors as "mignonettes," "pocket dolls" or simply, "miniatures." This exquisite book includes 150 rare examples ranging from early-1880s period French examples to character kids from the 1920s. Fascinating historical information about the dolls, previously unpublished, is included. Also shown are accessories, furnishings and costumes. 10" x 10". Hardbound. 112 pages. Over 200 color photographs. BT-186. $49.

The Wee Ones, Googlies, Kewpies, and Impish Bisque Dolls Mischief is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes the wide-eyed "who, me?" of the mischief-maker leaves no room for doubt. Meet more than 200 rascals and scamps with twinkles in their eyes or a whistle on their lips. And you'll find snow babies, comic characters, and related novelty dolls, too. Most are wee, but, just for scale, we've included a group of big brother googlies, too! Hardbound, full-color photographs, 72 pages. BT-261. $49. With Kewpish Love A 144 page full-color book presenting more than 450 remarkable Kewpie and Rose O'Neill antique dolls and ephemera. Includes bisque action Kewpies, many never seen before, as well as original O'Neill artwork, letters, and many novelty objects, 1910–1945. With price key. Hardcover, color photographs. 9" x 9". BT-230. $49.


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Dollhouse Books

The Genius of Moritz G o tt s c h a l k By Evelyn Ackerman. Blue and redroofed dollhouses, toy stores, kitchens, stables, theatres and other miniature structures from the late-19th century German firm are presented in beautiful detail. Actual examples of dollhouses and stores from 1880 to the mid-1930s are presented with detailed descriptions. A fascinating and inspiring book for the dollhouse collector and a great source of history for the architectural scholar. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. 224 pages. Over 300 photographs. BT-144. $49.

L i tt l e H o u s e s b y t h e S i d e o f t h e R o a d By Florence Theriault. The dozens of dollhouses in this beautifully photographed book include examples by German firms such as Moritz Gottschalk and Christian Hacker, American firms such as R. Bliss, many other commercial homes by unidentified firms, as well as rare antique one-ofa-kind homes. Close-up detail photographs include porches, gazebos, porticos, and even elevators. Also included are examples of commercial antique dollhouse furniture. 10" x 10". Hardbound. 112 pages. Full-color. BT-203. $49.

Doll & Dollhouse Reference Books

The Body Book By Florence Theriault. Here's a fact that few collectors know — the makers of antique dolls were more absorbed with designing the perfect body than with the head. Finding the perfect body — one that would be sturdy, yet realistic and have good articulation — was their quest. This book presents over 200 different examples with references to their maker, particular features, construction details, and keys to "which bodies match which heads." Softbound. 68 pages. BT-184. $35.

C i e s l i k ' s M o r i t z G o tt s c h a l k By Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik. The Moritz Gottschalk firm of Germany was the premiere dollhouse maker during the late 19th and early 20th century, but collectors have never had a reliable way to identify their dollhouses. Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik, the noted German doll historians, are changing that as they have located the original factory illustrations of Gottschalk catalogs from the years 1892–1931, and are presenting them in their latest book. More than 600 authentic archival illustrations of Moritz Gottschalk are presented, and they are conveniently arranged in order of production. Hardbound. BT-197. $65.

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Antique Doll Fashions & Costumes F i t s a n d S ta r t s By Florence Theriault. This is the seventh in a series of books about antique doll costumes by Florence Theriault. More than 300 antique doll costumes are featured, including gowns for fashionable lady dolls, dresses for French bébés or German bisque children, along with bonnets, shoes and complete trousseaux. Divided into chapters by theme and decade. A value guide is included. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 136 pages. Full-color. BT-254. $49.

T h e W ay T h e y Wore: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 18 5 0 – 192 5 By Florence Theriault. Doll fashion has traditionally mirrored people fashion — in its choice of style, fabrics, colors and construction. For today's fashion student, doll fashion is truly a "model" of the way — and what — they wore. This volume describes and features over 400 French and German antique doll dresses, shoes, parasols, bonnets, baby clothes — many with front and back views, and accessories. Intricate details of construction and trim are explained. This is an invaluable source of information for the doll collector, doll dress-maker, and today's fashion student. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 120 pages. 203 color photographs. BT-128. $33.

P e r f e c t ly F i tt i n g :  Antique Doll Costumes & A c c e s s o r i e s , 18 40–1925 By Florence Theriault. This is the fifth in a series of books about antique doll costumes by Florence Theriault, and the title aptly describes the importance of stylish mode and perfect fit in the clothing of a doll. Includes hundreds of costumes, undergarments and many accessories such as bonnets, parasols, jewelry, and shoes. Each item is carefully photographed, many with front and rear views, and with many detailed close-ups showing construction and decorative techniques. Divided into chapters by various decades, the collector will find the book a useful guide to dressing their doll. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 140 pages. Full-color. BT-204. $39.

T h e R i bb o n i s F r e e : A n t i q u e D o l l B o n n e t s , 1850–1925 By Florence Theriault. What was the secret of 19th century milliners? How could they turn a simple silk ribbon into an artwork? As the 150 antique doll bonnets shown in this book prove, they did just that. Examples in lace, straw, silk, velvet and luxurious woolens are shown, including bonnets for fashion ladies, bébés and children, and even babies. Of special interest are the detail views of many bonnets, showing construction or decorative techniques. 96 pages. 10" x 10". Hardbound. Over 250 color photographs. BT-189. $49.


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Antique Doll Fashions & Costumes F a n c y T h at !  A n t i q u e D o l l C o s t u m e s & A c c e s s o r i e s , 18 5 0 – 19 2 5 By Florence Theriault. This is the sixth in a series of books about antique doll costumes by Florence Theriault. More than 300 antique doll costumes are featured, including gowns for fashionable lady dolls, dresses for French bébés or German bisque children, along with bonnets, shoes and complete trousseaux. Divided into chapters by theme and decade. A value guide is included. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 136 pages. Full-color. BT-223. $39. W h at D o l l s W o r e Before: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 18 5 0 – 192 5 By Florence Theriault. This is the fourth book in the series by the noted author. Nearly 500 antique doll costumes, shoes, bonnets and baby clothes, undergarments and pinafores, mariner costumes and folklore costumes are featured in beautiful explicit photographs. Detailed descriptions help the reader identify materials and construction techniques, how to choose the appropriate costume and how to preserve these rare and fragile remainders of a fashionable past. This is a book for the doll collector and the student of historical fashions. A value guide is included. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 152 pages. BT-172. $39. In Their Fashion: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 18 5 0 – 192 5 By Florence Theriault. Antique doll fashions are not only accurate representations of passing styles, but also useful study tools in construction, materials and fabrics, uses of color and proper draping and accessorizing. In this volume the doll collector will find another 450 antique doll costumes with special chapters on the French fashion doll. Included are also bonnets, shoes, white-wear, jewelry and accessories. Front and rear views and construction details with helpful sketches give the reader a comprehensive view of the garments and accessories. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 144 pages. 275 color photographs. BT-139. $39. M y F av o r i t e P att e r n s

Stitches In Time: Doll Costumes and Accessories, 1950–1925 By Florence Theriault. As collecting of doll costumes becomes more serious, and as prices of these rare little objects increase, knowledge concerning age and authenticity becomes more important. Third in a series of books by the noted author on antique doll costumes, this volume features 400 different antique doll dresses, shoes, parasols, baby clothes, fashion gowns and bonnets. Included are fine French silk bébé costumes as well as simple cotton frocks. A valuable resource book for the doll collector. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 135 pages. 250 color photographs. BT-158. $39.

Dressing Antique D o l l s , 18 6 5 – 192 5 By Evelyn Ackerman. Each volume contains 38 full-size patterns for doll costumes with easy to follow step-by-step instructions. 8 ½" x 11". Volume I. BT-131. $29.95. Volume II. BT-143. $29.95. for

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Paper Dolls, 1790-1960s Era

P a p e r D o l l s , 17 9 0- 19 40 By Florence Theriault. Beautiful hardbound book featuring over 350 paper dolls from the legendary paper doll collection of Shirley Fischer. 9" x 9". 170 pages. Over 600 color photographs. Value guide included. BT-244. $49.

Sand Pails, Toy Stoves, Schoenhuts

Dressing Dolls The estate paper doll collection of the late Janie Varsolona, publisher of Midwest Paper Doll Quarterly, is presented in its entirety. Over 350 paper dolls and toys ranging from mid-1850s to celebrity dolls of the 1960s are included in this breathtaking collection. Prices included. Hardbound. 204 pages. 600 color photographs. BT-205. $49.

L i f e ' s a B e a c h :  S a n d P a i l s a n d S a n d T o y s , 18 8 5 – 195 0 If you love childhood objects, then you will love tin sand pails. Deacorated with vivid lithography, many pails depict girls playing with dolls — a perfect corollary for doll collectors. More than 400 vintage tin sand pails and related toys are presented in this book, featuring the collection of the late Jane Anderson. Prices included. Softbound. 120 pages. 9" x 9". BT-221. $39.

Under The Big Top with Schoenhut's Humpt y Dumpt y Circus By Evelyn Ackerman. Here is a wealth of fascinating information on the history and manufacture of these delightful jointed wooden toys which were produced from 1903– 1935. The reader will learn how to recognize and identify one of the best-selling toys of all time. Animals, performers and accessories are photographed and value-rated in this superbly researched work. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. 169 pages. 423 color photographs. BT-163. $49.


T o y S t o v e s , 1850–1950 By Florence Theriault. The only reference book on antique and vintage toy stoves made in America, Germany and France. Lots of photographic details, historical info, and just a pleasure to browse. Over 200 stoves shown in color, fully described. Value key included. Hardbound. 9" x 9". BT-210. $49.

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Antique Dolls, Toys & Ephemera "3 0 0 I m p o s s i b l e T h i n g s Before Noon" By Florence Theriault. This book pays tribute to the imaginations of doll and toy makers of the past 150 years who have created seemingly impossible playthings. Hardbound. 124 pages. 350 color photographs. 10" x 10". BT-215. $49.

My Life As A Doll By Florence Theriault. A tiny wooden doll, born in 1840, makes a hundredyear voyage through the world of dolls, remarking on dolls and doll history as she travels. The unusual storyline provides a thread to 250 rare and beautiful antique dolls of all sorts that are featured in the book. 112 pages. Hardbound. 8 ½" x 11". BT-207. $49.

Dolls, A Moveable Feast By Florence Theriault. A mouthwatering selection including German character dolls, gorgeous French bébés, rare early china dolls (including some from the Mildred Seeley Collection), all-bisque mignonettes, rare-size impish googlies, 18th-century wooden court dolls (from the private collection of the late Claude Detave of Paris), and superb diminutive furniture. 118 pages. Hardbound. 9" x 11". BT-212. $49.

Penny Toys f r o m H e av e n Featuring the legendary collection of the late Jane Anderson with over 250 rare antique tin penny toys. Themes range from animals to children to early avaiation and automobiles. Collectors will delight in the detail and vibrancy of these tiny objects, none larger than 5". Price guide included. Softbound. 9" x 9". BT-222. $39.

American Gl ass Candy C o n ta i n e r s Introduction by Florence Theriault. Made in smalltown America during the beginning years of the 20th century, candy containers are surely "one of the truest forms of Americana." More than 300 antique candy containers are photographed and described from the 1876–1950 era. Price guide included. Softbound. 9" x 9". BT-220. $29.

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Elegance & The Early Years

M o r e D o l l s , T h e E a r ly Y e a r s By Florence Theriault. In this super-sized volume with large, detailed photographs, the well-known doll researcher examines 166 dolls made from 1780–1910 of wood, paper-mache, china, bisque and cloth, as well as a selection of toys and novelties incorporating the use of dolls. An unusual feature are front, side and rear views of sculpted-hair dolls, which allows the reader to clearly see the intricacies of the model. In all, an astonishing array of decorative variations are shown and it is unlikely the collector will ever say again "Oh, just another china doll." 9 ½" x 12". Hardbound. 111 pages. BT-118. $68.


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Dolls: The E a r ly Y e a r s , 1780–1880 By Florence Theriault. Whether collected for beauty, research or for a sense of connection with our historical past, the early doll is a rare and fascinating subject. This book provides a pictorial and descriptive evaluation of the first commercially-produced dolls from 1780–1880. Chapters include wooden, paper mache, rubber/gutta percha, wax, porcelain and even early bisque dolls. An 8 page appendix provides many illuminating photographs of doll bodies, rear views of heads, and historical comparisons of dolls. A great reference book for the collector of early dolls. 8 ½" x 8 ½". Softbound. 159 pages. 100 color photographs. BT-103. $35. Eras of Elegance: Fashionable C lot h i ng , 1850–1925 By Linda Phipps. This 75-year period provided some of the most phenomenal fashion changes. From cosseted to corseted to independent and free-swinging, one can observe how the role of women changed by the fashions of that era. Historic costumes for "real people" are featured from the fabulous Anna Lee Shetler collection. Included are ladies and children's fashions, undergarments, bonnets and a chapter on beautiful antique beaded purses and shoes. Detail and construction is clearly visible on over 100 color photographs. 8 ½" x 11". 111 pages. BT-154. $33.

La Poupée Modele, Volume Two Authentic patterns from the magazine La Poupée Modele, 1876-1885. For nearly 70 years this French children's magazine issued doll patterns in their monthly magazine. Collectors know they are invaluable but they just can't be found. Now François Theimer, noted French doll historian, has compiled 112 patterns from the magazine for the nine-year period of 1876-1888, which are presented here with English-language instructions. Included are fashion and bébé costumes, as well as delightful accessory surprises for a child to make. A miniature doll book, for example, is re-created here, ready for you to cut and assemble. A musthave book. 9" x 12". BB-635. $75.


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Catalog Reprint Series T h e 1924 – 19 27 K*R C ata l o g Reprints The discovery of two rare original catalogs of the Kammer and Reinhardt firm has made this volume possible. Both catalogs, 1924-1925 and 1926-1927 are combined in this reprint. Bisque child dolls, character models, exotic dolls, babies, googlies, flappers — even half dolls and dollhouse dolls are featured. Other useful sections include body parts, wigs and costumes. An original price list is useful to today's collectors appraising rarity of existing examples. An invaluable reference, but you'll enjoy just browsing, too. 9 ½" x 12". Hardbound. 112 pages. 288 photographs (some in color). BT-167. $39. T h e 1912 S. F.B.J. C ata l o g In 1899 a number of French doll firms merged into a single company to try to save the dying French doll industry. This catalog, issued 13 years later, is evidence of their efforts. Included are examples of the SFBJ Bébé Jumeau, the newly designed character dolls, plus costumes, gift sets, and unusual doll novelties. The reproduction of the original catalog is of immense value to today's collectors wishing to study their dolls from original documents and records. 9 ½" x 12 ½". 72 pages. Softbound. 180 photographs (some in color). BT-166. $39.

E m i l B a u e r s a c h s 1924 D o l l C ata l o g R e p r i n t Emile Bauersachs was one of the most important German doll export firms in the early 1900s. The discovery of a rare catalog from that firm, issued in 1924, offers a wealth of information on bisque dolls, mechanical toys and other playthings. Recognizable in the catalog are dolls from Gebruder Heubach and Franz Schmidt, including child dolls, costumes, making this a great idea source for doll costumes. Hardbound. 56 pages. BT-175. $39.

The Happy Life of a Collector By Florence Theriault. The 50-year-collection of well-known collector Naomi Bryant is featured in this hardcover book that will have special appeal to lovers of French and Germany antique dolls. Other antique playthings in the book include dollhouse, mignonettes, costumes, the 1930s portrait series of ladies by Alexander, and rare artist dolls by Dewees Cochran. Prices included. 8 ½" x 11". BT-209. $49.

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Madame Alexander Books American Dolls from the Golden Years, 195 0 – 19 6 5 By Florence Theriault. Mostlymint rarities from America's premiere dollmakers of Alexander, Mattel, Vogue, and others are offered. Fullcolor catalog. 8 ½" x 11". 136 pages. BT-243. $45. The Legendary Dolls of Madame Alexander By Cynthia Gaskill. Doll rarities by Madame Alexander from the years 1945–1965 are presented in this book, including early portraits and Glamour Girl series. Detailed photographs of exquisite costumes and coiffures are shown. More than 300 dolls are identified and valued. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 96 pages. 198 color photographs. BT-159. $39. The Gl amour of Childhood D ay s : Alexander's Elegant Ladies By Cynthia Gaskill. During the 1950s and early 1960s the Alexander firm produced a line of exquisite fashionable lady dolls whose costumes echoed the Parisian fashions of Dior, Chanel and Schiaparelli. 70 of these glamorous dolls are presented in this volume with full costume descriptions and a special "Closer Look" at wigs, jewelry and accessories. 8" x 8". Softbound. 64 pages. 119 color photographs. BT-176. $25.


A C e r ta i n S t y l e : T h e D o l l s of Madame Alexander By Cynthia Gaskill. Over 400 dolls by the Alexander firm are included in this full-color book. Featured are hundreds of rare early 8" fashion ladies. Composition dolls are included as well as the later hard plastic dolls. Of special note are dolls with unique coiffures and costumes and dolls from the Portrait Series — including the Portrait Dolls of Madame herself. A fascinating perspective of the doll world of Madame Alexander. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 136 pages. 228 color photographs. BT-165. $45.

V i n ta g e A l e x a n d e r By Florence Theriault. Every doll collector will have a new appreciation of the extraordinary work of the American icon doll firm when they view these 250 rare dolls, 1930–1965, in original and near mint condition. 104 pages. Softbound. 8 ½" x 11". BT-213. $39.

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Mid-Century American Dolls American Dolls of the P o s t –W a r E r a By Florence Theriault. A photo-survey of 175 collectible dolls from the post-war years, 1945–1965, includes examples from every prominent American firm. Complete descriptions and price key help you understand which dolls are valuable and why. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 55 pages. 80 color photographs. BT-127. $21. T he G olden A ge of A merican D olls , 1945–1965 By Cynthia Gaskill. Fabulous 1950sera dolls by Mattel, Ideal, Alexander, Vogue, Arranbee, Terri Lee and others are featured here in 126 color photographs with detailed descriptions. Special attention is given to the Ginny Doll by Vogue — over 90 different models are included. With price key. An essential reference guide for the American doll collector. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 72 pages. 126 color photographs. BT-149. $33.

M i d -C e n t u r y A m e r i c a n D o l l s , 19 4 5 - 6 5 Laura Meisner championed the collecting of high-style fashion dolls over a twenty year period. This one-person collection is highlighted by fashion dolls of the 1950s including Barbie, Alexander Cissy and Elise, Miss Revlon, Jill and Jan, and Miss Ginger; along with Ideal Toni, Shirley Temple, and rare Alexander hard plastic children of the 1950s. BT-226. $49.

M ore M id -C entury A merican D olls , 1945-65 Featuring a superb private collection of more than 100 very rare 1950s Alexanderkin fashionable children and Cissettes, an extraordinary collection of fabulous and nearly impossible-to-find early boxed costumes for 1950s Alexander dolls, and a fine group of near-mint hard plastic dolls from various manufacturers. BT-228. $49.

Hi! I'm Ginny By Cynthia Gaskill. 300 vintage Ginny dolls, costumes and accessories from the 1930s through the early 1960s are photographed and described in this just published work by one of America's leading experts in the field. 68 pages. 150 color photographs. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. BT-190. $39.

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More American Dolls f r o m t h e P o s t -W a r E r a By Cynthia Gaskill. From Ginny dolls to Barbies, from Alexander dolls to Horseman dolls, from paper dolls to Campbell Kids-350 different American dolls from 1945–1965 are presented in explicit photographs with detailed descriptions about marks, costumes and value. Rarity features noted. Value key included. 8 ½" x 11. Softbound. 96 pages. 76 color photographs. BT-138. $33.

Cl assic Pl astic: A m e r i c a n D o l l s 19 45– 1965 By Cynthia Gaskill. 300 rare dolls in their original costumes are identified with detailed descriptions. Special emphasis is placed on costume detail, unusual construction features and coiffures. A value key is included to assist the reader in checking what a particular doll has sold for. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 88 pages. 150 color photographs. BT161. $39.

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Barbie Collectors Books & Guides Barbie a Go-Go By Cynthia Gaskill Neenan. Highlighting this fine addition to the works of noted American doll specialist Gaskill Neenan are three high-quality #1 Barbies and an extremely rare 1955 Bild Lilli. 8 ½" x 11". Prices included. Softbound. 60 pages. Over 300 photographs. BT-194. $33.

Barbie Rarities, Limited Edition By Florence Theriault. Long outof-print in its regular edition, we have located 35 copies of the custom deluxe edition, hardbound with deluxe binding and custom book box. Autographed by the author. BT-248. $75.

E x c l u s i v e ly B a r b i e By Cynthia Gaskill. A wonderful group of rare Barbie dolls and ephemera ranging from Bild and Japanese Lilli to early Dressed Barbies and rare gift sets. Of special interest is a comprehensive collection of carrying cases from the 1960s. Many collectible items not found in other references are included here. Helpful price guide included. 8 ½" x 11". Prices included. Softbound. 76 pages. 313 color photographs. BT-177. $39.

B a r b i e I. D. G u i d e By Florence Theriault. If you get confused by the many models of Barbie you'll want this book. Full page photographs of 25 early models, 1959–1972, with quickreference diagrams. Photographs of marks from various periods and tips on "hidden" extra value features you might not notice. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 32 pages. 64 color photographs. BT-132. $19.95.

Barbie Retro By Cynthia Gaskill. Over 320 rare Barbies and Barbie ephemera extras are included in this work of the noted American doll specialist. 8 ½" x 11". Prices included. Softbound. 68 pages. Over 150 full-color photographs. BT-196. $39.


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Classic Modern Dolls Books

T o d ay ' s T r e a s u r e s , Tomorrow's Antiques By Florence Theriault. A treasury of 250 European and American artist dolls, 1970– 2000, highlighted by a collection of early dolls by R. John Wright are featured with well-detailed descriptions and beautiful color photographs of every doll. Important for collectors is a price key to today's values of these beautiful treasures. 120 pages. BT-234. $49.

K at h e K r u s e I . D. G u i d e By Christa and Lotte Xenidis. Doll collectors have only recently realized the importance of these unique dolls. This guide will help the collector identify their early Kathe Kruse dolls in an easy format. Full-color models are shown along with special rarity guide. 8 ½" x 11". 40 pages. BT-145. $19.95.

Lovingly: The Childhood Doll Collection of Jane Withers By Florence Theriault. Being one of the most famous child stars of the late 30s, Jane Withers was in a unique position to assemble a doll collection which perfectly exemplified the popular culture of 1930's America. This book shows 200 of the finest dolls of Withers' collection, alongside black-and-white archival photographs of the child Jane Withers playing with her dolls, or alongside celebrities like Walt Disney and Shirley Temple. There are numerous anecdotes told in Withers' own words. 8 ½" x 8 ½". BT-227. $29. P at s y ' n Pals By Cynthia Gaskill. 150 rare and collectible composition dolls from the famous Effanbee Company of New York are photographed and documented in the beautiful edition. Emphasis on Patsy family dolls. Includes many examples not previously photographed in any other books. Hardbound. 48 pages. 8 ½" x 8 ½". 100 photographs. BT-188. $33. Sasha Dolls Throughout the Years by Dorisanne Osborn. A collector's guide to the superb dolls first designed by the Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler during the 1940s. The volume covers her studio dolls from 1940–1970, and the manufactured Sasha dolls from German and English firms from 1964–1970. Examples of each type are shown with identification clues for ready reference. 8 ½" x 11". 56 pages. Over 200 color photographs. Softbound. BT-182S. $29. Hardbound. BT-182. $35.

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Raggedy Ann & Andy Books

The Collector's World of Raggedy Ann and Andy By Andrew Tabbat. Raggedy Ann has "survived wars, the Great Depression, recessions, Barbie, a TV series and polyester, all with a cheerful smile on her face." So begins this book about America's most classic doll. In Volume I the author follows the Raggedy Ann and Andy years from 1880–1934. Volume II leads the reader through Raggedy Ann and Andy's history from 1938–1982. Included are not only dolls, but many other related Raggedy Ann paraphernalia, from books to dishes, to play sets to cookie jars. Both books as a set will give the reader everything he or she ever wanted to know about this beloved pair. Volume I. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. 128 pages. 249 color photographs. BT-160. $39.

R a g g e d y A n n a n d A n d y I .D. Guide By Andrew Tabbat.An easy to use guide that offers the novice collector a detailed look at dolls made by their first five distributors from 1918–1965. This book will help the collector recognize which model is which — with a guide to their value. 8 ½" x 11". Softbound. 44 pages, all color. BT-171. $19.95.

Volume II. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. 128 pages. 200 color photographs. BT-168. $39.

Specialty Books

Buckskin and Beads: N at i v e A m e r i c a n F o l k Dolls By Florence Theriault. The 77 dolls presented in this book are a single family collection, representing dolls from 1890–1935. Since each doll was identified by source at the time of its collecting, the book is a valuable guide for today's collectors. Included are one-of-a-kind folk dolls as well as those sponsored by cultural organizations such as the Haskell Institute. 8" x 8". Softbound. 50 pages. 83 color photographs. BT-179. $19.


T h i s L i tt l e P i g g y By Cynthia Gaskill. Pigs have been collected throughout the years. They have competed with cranberry mugs and candy containers for space in our homes. In this little book over 150 "pink pig" porcelain figurines of the late 19th century have been gathered with histories and a value guide. This book will change the reader's view of these versatile collectibles forever. 8 ½" x 8 ½". 53 color photographs. 36 pages. BT-124. $16.95.

E l astolin : M iniature F igures from H ausser , V ol . 1 Miniature soldiers, cowboys and Indians, zoo, village and street scenes from the renowned German firm are featured. Vol.I. BT-108. $39. E l astolin : M iniature F igures from H ausser , V ol . 2 Miniature soldiers, cowboys and Indians, zoo, village and street scenes from the renowned German firm are featured. Vol. II. BT-117. $33.

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Assorted Specialty Books A n t i q u e J a pa n e s e D o l l s By Florence Theriault. Largely unacknowledged by collectors — and certainly undervalued — is the vast treasure house of antique Japanese dolls. Here is a gorgeous book that examines this relatively unexplored area of collecting. Fashion dolls, child dolls, character babies, theatre dolls and samurai warriors are among the dolls featured. An introduction to costumes, makers and signatures is included with detailed costume photographs. Tips on identification and a value guide complete this beautiful book. 9" x 12". Hardbound. 159 pages. 282 color photographs. BT-129. $68.


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F r e n c h C h r i s t m a s C ata l o g s From the Great Paris Stores, 1875–1899 are reprinted in this 304 page book. Included are toys, automata, dolls, costumes, tea sets, miniature furniture and games. 9" x 13". Softbound. Limited edition of 1000. BB-455. $25. Madame La Poupée B l e u e tt e Author François Theimer provides complete catalog reprints of this popular French 20thcentury doll, with historical background costume study. English translation included. BB-130. $15.

D o l l s I n M i n i at u r e By Evelyn Ackerman. A book for every person who has treasured tiny dolls, doll houses and doll house furnishings. Chapters include: early wooden and wax, china, cloth, bisque, and even 20th-century examples up to 1930. Dollhouse dolls are highlighted and there are special sections on “occupational” examples and bearded gentlemen. Special attention is also paid to miniature dolls in original costumes. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. 256 pages. 702 photographs. BT-112. $49.95.

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Books About Bears T e d dy B e a r E n c yc lo p e d i a By Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik. Few collectors will dispute Germany's historical preeminence in teddy bear production. So this guide to over 250 German bear manufacturers is long overdue. Collectors will find the historical stories fascinating. And they'll be delighted to identify obscure bears in their collections. Identification is made possible by original catalog photographs and descriptions along with a useful index of trademarks and symbols. 9" x 11". Hardbound. 239 pages. 423 color photographs. 492 black and white photographs. BB-491. $69. Teddy Bear I d e n t i f i c at i o n and Price Guide By Edith and Johan Koskinen. A handy identification and value guide to nine of the most popular German teddy bear makers — including Craemer, Hermann, Clemens, Bing, Schuco and Steiff — plus sections on mystery bears, promotional bears and mechanical bears. Although early valuable bears are well represented in this book, collectors will also cherish the valuable references to examples from the mid-to-late 20th century. 6" x 8". Softbound. 160 pages. 323 color photographs. BT-180. $27.

B u tto n I n E a r , T h e S t e i f f E n c yc lo p e d i a The noted German doll historians Marianne and Jurgen Cieslik tell the story of the German plush toy company from its earliest days. Complete inventory of dolls, teddies and stuffed animals, with value guide, identification clues. 9" x 11". Hardbound. 264 pages. BB-125. $47.

Steiff Price Guide By Edith and Johan Koskinen. Over 400 objects from the German firm are included; each with a color photograph, reference to years of production, Steiff inventory number and sizes. Over 30 pages are devoted to bears and another 30 pages to dogs. Chapters include cats, domestic animals, rabbits, forest animals, PVC figures, dolls and more, from earliest years up to the 1980s. Price guide is included. 6" x 8". Softbound. 190 pages. 406 color photographs. BT-181. $27.

The Bear Book By Cynthia Gaskill. Two hundred vintage teddy bears, 1906–1950, from German, American and English teddy makers. Featuring beautiful color photographs of each with detailed views and complete descriptions, plus value guide. Softbound. 68 pages. BT-187. $29.


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Accessory Books For Doll Lovers Dollmaster’s Exclusive Line of Address Books The friends you meet on the road of collecting can be beautifully recorded in these elegant address books. Five different cover designs of antique dolls available. 14 interior full-page color photographs. 90 pages. Hardbound. 7" x 8". $16.95 each.






" C h e r i s h M e A lway s " – A S e t o f F o u r B o o k s From simple snapshots to formal studio poses, children are captured in timeless photographs, at play with their dolls, toys, teddies and real animal friends in this set of four books designed and written by the Cedar Falls, Iowa couple, Steven and Mary Wikert, based on their personal museum of antique photographs avidly collected over several decades. Nearly 800 photographs of children with dolls and toys from 1870 to 1950 fill the pages of these books that were originally priced at $85 for the four books. We offer them to you at a very, very special price. 8 ½" x 11", each book is about 112 pages. BB-729. $25 set of four books.

Specialty Books

The Doll Lovers Cook Book. BT-135. $14.95.

All I Want For Christmas By Florence Theriault. Over 100 of these 1900 era vintage postcards featuring photographs of children with dolls and toys are compiled in this holiday book. 40 pages. 9" x 12". BT-137. $23.

Doll Departures. BT-116. $6.

Book of M e m o r a b l e D ay s Our weekly perpetual datebook is never out of date. Hardbound. 50 color photos, 52 pages. 5" x 7". BT-101. $9.

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Theriault's Auction Catalogs

Each of the following auction catalogs is available in very limited numbers. Each in full-color with more than 112 pages of more than 300 rare antique dolls with historical descriptions and after auction price keys.

First Blush Superb antique dolls in all categories. CA-1046. $49.

P l ay i n g M a k e - B e l i e v e The rarest of the rare antique dolls are featured. CA-1058. $49.

An Airy Dalliance A wonderful collection including rare Lenci dolls. CA-1064. $49.

Images All original French bébés, early china, paper dolls, poupées with trouseaux. BT-258. $49.

Best in Show The best of the best antique dolls and collections of toy dogs. CA-1053. $49.

P e a n u t B u tt e r P i c n i c s , Rainy Afternoons Antique bisque dolls, Bleuettes, fashions and American-composition dolls included. CA-1051. $49.


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Theriault's Auction Catalogs

Quiet Footsteps A wonderful collection including rare wooden dolls. CA-1031. $49.

Cherries Jubilee Superb hardbound book with the world's most beautiful doll. BT-232. $49.

If Wishes Were Horses A wonderful collection including rare German and French dolls. CA-1021. $49.

And Seem to Walk on Wings and Tread in Air Rare automata and gorgeous French & German bisque dolls. BT-252. $49.

B o n -B o n s f o r t h e Bonnet Ladies Beautiful full-color catalog featuring antique dolls and a superb collection of candy boxes. 8 ½" x 11". BT-245. $39.

M ay I H av e

PleaDance? A collection of French dance fans in a backdrop to beautiful antique dolls. CA-1017. $39.

Pie in the Sky, Cow Over the Moon Mignonettes are featured along with fine French and German dolls. CA-1049. $49.

Two Different Worlds French dolls from Paris Store Au Nain Belu contrast a Collection of Alabama babies. BT-255. $49.

Scenes From the Court Gorgeous 135 pages of French and German Bisque dolls, early French wonders. BT-241. $49.


sure of this

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Books We Recommend From Other Publishers

Fashions for Small Dolls By Rosemarie Ionker. Filled with patterns for 7"–12"dolls, by the noted German designer, Rosemarie Ionker. Softbound. 8 ½" x 11". BB-706. $20.

Dressing Dolls By Rosemarie Ionker. The third book from the renowned doll-clothing designer presents sewing and costume ideas for 7"–18" dolls. Pattern pieces, and easy to follow instructions. 8 ½" x 11". BB-726. $25.

A C lo s e t f u l o f D o l l C lot h e s By Rosemarie Ionker. Filled with patterns for 11 ½" to 20" dolls, by the noted German designer, Rosemarie Ionker. Softbound. 8 ½" x 11". BB-707. $20.

B l e u e tt e C l o t h i n g P att e r n s , 190 5 – 1916 By Louise Hedrick and Barbara Hilliker. A unique collaboration between doll historian and doll costumer, the book presents a 30-piece wardrobe for Bleuette, shown in full-color with close-up detail views. 176 pages. Hardbound. BB-727. $50. Kewpies and Beyond By Shelley Armitage. The life and work of the fascinating creator of the Kewpie doll. Hardbound. 226 pages. Bibliography. Many examples of O'Neill artwork shown. 7" x 10". BB-492. $40.

Kewpies: Dolls & Art o f R o s e O’ N e i l l & Joseph L. Kallus By John Axe. Based on material from the original Cameo company archives this long out-of-print book is being re-published with lots of new information. Hardbound. 180 pages. BB-611. $30. B l e u e tt e , T h e D o l l a n d H e r W a r d r o b e By Barbara Hilliker. More than 200 color photos of Bleuette and her costume as well as original pages from La Semaine de Suzette and other French publications from the doll’s history, make this book a warehouse of information for the beginning and advanced collector. Hardbound. 176 pages 8 ½" x 11". BB-640. $40.


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Automata & Eastern Themes We Recommend From Other Publishers Flights of Fancy: Mechanical Singing Birds By Sharon and Christian Bailly. The superb art quality book is not just pretty pictures – although there are hundreds of those. This is the indispensible reference work on antique mechanical singing birds. CD of mechanical bird music is also included. Hardbound. 376 pages. 10" x 13". BB-641. $249. Chinese Dress by Valery Garrett. Students of costume and textile, as well as doll costumers, will relish this outstanding book that features embroidered robes, children’s dress, wedding attire, and every day wear, as well as accessories from the 17th to early 20th century. 240 pages, hardbound, 100s of color photographs of actual examples with details. BB-751. $65. A u t o m ata by Christian Bailly. Beautiful photography of very rare automata from famous makers, Bontems, Phalibois, Roullet and Decamps, Vichy, Leopold Lambert. Also includes history of automata. Written in French and English. With many color photograph examples. Softbound. 144 pages. BB-714. $49.

The Wonderl and of Music B o x e s a n d A u t o m ata A beautiful book, with numerous color photographs, details the construction and history of automata and music boxes throughout the ages. Hardbound. 9" x 11". BB-642. $95.

J a pa n e s e D o l l s , T h e F a s c n i n at i n g W o r l d o f N i n g y o by Alan Scott Pate. A cornucopia of information about the Japanese doll as art examining how to collect, what to look for when collecting and early Japanese collectors. 272 pages. 8 ½" x 11". BB-746. $75. D ollmasters B ook C atalog x Telephone 800-966-3655 x

Ningyo, The Art o f t h e J a pa n e s e Doll by Alan Scott Pate. A comprehensive study of the Japanese doll as art form, plaything, talisman, theatre and decoration, with superbly researched material and artistic photographs of many rare examples. 268 pages. 9" x 12". BB-745. $75.

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Toy & Modern Doll Books From Other Publishers B e lov e d C h i n a Dolls By Mildred Seeley. A comprehensive study of china dolls and their emphatic impact on family life for over one hundred years. A book to be studied and enjoyed as a resource toll for collecting and reproducing their beloved dolls. 152 pages, softbound book. 8 ½" x 11". BB-626. $39. T h e A r t o f P att i P l ay pa l By Jennifer Kohn, Rita McCloskey & Pauline Yohe. A 175 page hardbound book featuring over 275 full-color photographs of Patti Playpal dolls in all sizes and styles. Useful as an identification guide. Hardbound. 9" x 12". BB-743. $35.

Lehmann Toys By Jurgen and Marianne Cieslik. 220 page masterpiece about the world's most sought-after antique mechanical tin-toy firm. Includes over 700 photographs, 200+ in full-color. Hardbound. 9" x 11". BB-127. $39.

" R. J o h n W r i g h t , The Art of Toys" By Krystyna Poray Goddu. The definitive authorized reference book on all the dolls of the famed American doll artists, R. John and Susan Wright. Fascinating biographical details and in-depth reference facts make this book a must-have. 207 pages. Hardbound, hundreds of color photographs. BB-713. $45.

C i s s e tt e : A Complete Guide to t h e V i n ta g e Alexander Dolls By Marjorie E. Merod. A comprehensive 184 page book about the Alexander Doll Company's 10-inch debutante doll. The book features more than 350 vintage Cissettes presented in color in their original vignettes, as seen in company brochures and catalogs from the late 1950s and the early 1960s, including rare previously undocumented exclusives. Hardbound. 9" x 11". BB-737. $38.


E f fa n b e e ' s D y Dee, The Complete Collector's Book By Barbara Hilliker. One of the earliest drink and wet dolls, Dy-Dee Baby was made from 1934 through the 1950s. This book notes varieties, and includes costume patterns. Hardbound, 144 pages. BB-724. $29. Schoenhut Dolls, A Collector’s E n c yc lo p e d i a by Carol Corson. Long out of print, we have located a few copies of this superbly researched book that identifies models and rarities of the early 20th century American doll firm. 272 pages. 539 photographs. Hardbound. BB-749. $40.

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Composition & Modern Doll Books From Other Publishers The Elegance of E f fa n b e e By Nancy Carlson. In 1939 the Effanbee company introduced a series of Historical Dolls. This linen-bound, gold-edged book celebrates the series. Color photographs of each. Limited edition of 750 numbered copies, these are the last remaining in print. 5 ½" x 9". BB-634. $45. Denise Van P att e n ’ s Official Price Guide to Dolls Rising star among doll historians, Denise Van Patten has produced a singularly definitive book for today’s doll enthusiast. Over 600 pages, Denise examines and values dolls from centuries old wax dolls to contemporary collectibles, with special attention, not only to common pricing, but a comparison between dealer and internet pricing. Over 850 illustrations. Softbound. BB-723. $20.

American Composition Dolls, 1900-19 5 0, V o l u m e I By Ursula Mertz. A highly recommended book that doll collectors have long needed. Over 850 full-color photographs with wellresearched descriptions and historical information. Tips on value and identification, too. Information on proper care and maintenance of these wonderful American dolls will be especially helpful. 8 ½" x 11". Hardbound. BB-498. $24.95.

American Composition D o l l s , 190 0 - 19 5 0, V o l u m e II By Ursula Mertz. Volume II continues the fabulous research on the devoted collector and scholar. 385 pages with thousands of well-documented dolls, and clues to identification. This is a much needed and longawaited book important to every doll library. 8 ½" x 11", hardbound, full-color. BB-721. $30.

Lenci, The History and the Dolls By Nancy Lazenby. The most comprehensive book on the beloved Italian cloth dolls includes chapters on each of the series, with special attention to rarities and identification. More than 450 color photographs, chronology of labels. 12” x 9”. Hardbound, 224 pages. BB-738. $58.

Historic American Indian Dolls a n d t h e C h i l d r e n W h o P l ay e d with Them by Forrest Finn. These precious relics of our American past are superbly photographed, with reference to specific tribes and historical dates and excellent detailing of costume elements. A long-awaited reference. 155 pages, more than 80 fullcolor, full-page photographs. Hardbound. 10” x 11”. BB-750. $50.

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Imagine a Collection of 3000 Rare and Beautiful Antique Dolls That’s what you’ll have at your fingertips when you subscribe to Theriault’s award winning auction catalogs. And while you’re dreaming of the someday you might actually own these dolls yourself, you can study and learn and just bask in their beauty in print. • Each catalog has more than 300 gorgeous dolls. • Each doll is photographed in full color. • Each doll has detailed description with historical references and commentary by noted doll researcher Florence Theriault. • Each doll has pre-sale estimate and, after the auction is over, you receive actual prices realized list. • Many catalogs are hard-bound, making them a permanent art book for your reference collection.

And still more reasons to subscribe: • You save 50% over the cost of single-copy catalogs. • You are assured of receiving a catalog even if the issue is sold out. • You have special privileges such as online research access. • You may qualify for membership in the prestigious Cheval d’Or Society.

The ten-issue subscription is $299 (US) or order the 20 issue subscription at even better savings for $579 (US). Call 800-638-0422 to order your subscription today. Or you can order online at

"I Can't Get Enough of Dolls" Grab Bag Stationery, note cards, binders, coloring book, puzzles, gift boxes, wrapping paper and more — all with a collectible doll theme. Presented in an oversized, nostalgia-themed sack. Over $150 value. PG-116. $38.



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