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A superb collection of cameo jewelry from Kessler, the familyowned Illinois firm, which has been commissioning the finest cameo jewelry from traditional Italian cameo carvers for half a century. Each of these choice pieces will surely become a family heirloom. Each of their signature cameos are certified, hall-marked and registered in Italy and the US. In the early 1980s, Florence and George Theriault opened a small mail-order company, Dollmasters as a companion to their renowned auction house, Theriault's of Annapolis, Maryland. From its beginning the firm specialized in memorabilia from vintage childhoods, designed for the adult collector. Now that it is time for a change, we couldn't pick a better name than "Florence & George." Whatever the name, though, you'll find we have what you are looking for, because we don't just remember childhood, we revere it.

LITTLE GIRL WITH DOLL CAMEO NECKLACE Carved blue agate pendant depicts a little girl clasping her favorite doll, in sterling silver frame and with sterling silver chain. 1"l. JE-256. $130.


Florence & George

CAMEOS By Florence Theriault. 99 beautiful antique cameos are featured in this full-color book, along with a checklist of value points. 8" x 8". BT-156. $10.

WHITE KITTEN CAMEO NECKLACE A beloved pose of a playful kitten is superbly carved in the blue agate cameo, set in a sterling silver frame and with silver chain. 1"h. JE-262. $125.

MOTHER AND CHILD BLUE AGATE CAMEO NECKLACE The classic pose of a loving mother and child is superbly carved in this blue agate cameo, set in a sterling silver frame and with silver chain 1"h. JE-263. $125.

CUPID WITH ARROW CAMEO NECKLACE The carved blue agate depicts a winged cupid with bow and arrow, with sterling silver frame and silver chain. ¾"l. JE-259. $120.

| WOMAN WITH A PARASOL BY MONET A petite blue cameo recreating one of Claude Monet’s most renowned paintings, Woman with a Parasol which depicts the artist’s wife and child outside their home in northwestern France. 1”. JE-307. $135. | toll-free 800-966-3655 |

Spring | Summer 2018

CHARLOTTE TABLE CLOCK This charming table clock may be petite of stature, but it's solid and sturdy presence, due to its heavy cast and machined brass construction, will radiate a glow on your desk. The Charlotte table clock features a unique heavy convex glass lens that magnifies an aged dial that once graced the busy floors of a telegraph office. Clock is battery-operated. 7". GH-630. $109.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD BY NOTED AMERICAN DOLL ARTIST MAGGIE IACONO Though many aspects of the story have changed over time, one thing has always remained in every version; a little girl needs to walk through wolf-infested woods because her Grandmother is intractable about moving closer to the family. Thankfully Red is smartly dressed for the trek. Red’s beautiful strawberry blonde curls peek out from under her beautiful renaissance-inspired cloak, and she wears a dark violet silk-lined vest, a cotton blouse with billowing sleeves, and an apron-skirt with embroidered felt leaves and a bountiful fruit design. Red even carries highly-detailed basked with a cotton liner, fringed red cloth, and a faux book. 15 ½”. SD-1383. $1350. | BEATRIX POTTER TEA SET From the renowned German porcelain firm, Reutters, comes this limited-edition Beatrix Potter themed tea set in its own specially designed picnic basket presentation box. The set is a service for four including four tea cups, saucers, plates, spoons as well as a tea pot, sugar bowl and creamer. 4" teapot. A numbered Limited Edition of 1000, each set comes with a numbered certificate. AT-314. $95

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Florence & George



Wizard of Oz.

La Chat Noire.

California Beaches.


AP-012. $10

AP-013. $10

AP-014. $10

AP-041. $10.



With socks as comfortable as these you’ll never again suffer from the agony of de-feet no matter how long a day of casual strolling you’ve had. Each of our socks is designed specifically for women and each is one-size-fits-all. Additionally they come in two different materials, cotton and bamboo.

Try & Stop Me.

Cycles Gladiator.





Donuts. AP-030. $10.

Yellow Absinthe. AP-029.

Attack of the 50ft Woman.


AP-028. $10.


Florence & George

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Our Bedhead-made stretch pajamas are luxurious cotton two piece ensembles with a buttonup top and a elastic waist-band bottom. Each pajama set is entirely hand-made in America.

UP, UP, & AWAY Small. AP-100S Medium. AP-100M Large. AP-100L X-Large. AP-100XL

TWINKLE Small. AP-102S Medium. AP-102M Large. AP-102L X-Large. AP-102XL

FIFI’S ROMANCE Small. AP-101S Medium. AP-101M Large. AP-101L X-Large. AP-101XL

$140 each.

$140 each.

$140 each.

PINK BLACK-SHEEP BATHROBE } Made from a fleece so soft you’ll swear you’ve owned it for years the first time you put it on, this cozy pink bathrobe features a whimsically cheerful print of sheep, including those special black sheep. Small/Medium. AP-103M. $77. Large/Ex-Large. AP-103L. $77. | FRENCH OVAL POSTCARD NECKLACE "Women Helping Women" presents a pewter necklace featuring vintage French travel imagery which is a symbol for life’s actual journey. JE-250. $25.

The Mom necklace is a small angel. JE-252. $25.

The Sister necklace is a small box with the word "sister" in relief. JE-253. $22.

The Daughter necklace is a simple heart with the word "daughter" etched in it. JE-254. $22.

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Florence & George


R. ForJohn the Wright Kitchen

THREE TIN CHOCOLATE MOLDS The set of three chocolate molds just like the ones your grandmother used to own includes a 10'' rabbit 5 ½'' rooster and a 6 ½'' long leaping bunny. Please note that these are for decorative purposes only and should not be used for cooking. HE-098. $25.

TEDDY BEAR TEA SERVICE The only problem with a Teddy Bear tea set is that he can’t really be invited to the tea party, if he’s the tea pot for said party, can he? Set includes a tea cup, (the teddy bear’s head) a tea pot (the teddy bear’s body), a metal strainer for tea leaves, and a porcelain lid fitting both the cup and the pot. 7”. GH-581. $38.

STACKING FROG TEA SET } Each earthenware set includes two tea cups, a tea pot, a frog-shaped tea leaf reservoir and a metal strainer. All designed to stack neatly. 7 ½”. GH-541. $45.

UPSIDE DOWN APRON } Save your favorite cook book from food-based stains with this full-length apron which has important, but general, cooking information printed on it upside down so you can easily "lift" and read! 34 ½” AP-021. $26. CAT STACKING TEA SET Each earthenware set includes two tea cups, a tea pot, a cat-shaped tea leaf reservoir and a metal strainer. All designed to stack neatly. 7 ½”. GH-547. $45.


Florence & George

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For the Kitchen VINTAGE TEA TOWELS BY CAVALLINI & CO. } Give your kitchen the feel of the old world with these vintagestyle tea towels. Each is 100% natural cotton, soft and absorbent, and made in England using an authentic vintage image from the Cavallini archives. Each towel measures 31 ½" x 18 ½". Fromage. PG-216. $15. Fruits. PG-219. $15.

MATRYOSHKA TEA SET Obviously a Matryoshka-themed stacking tea set is going to open to reveal a second tea cup. The porcelain set includes two cups (the Matryoshka heads), the tea pot, a metal strainer for tea leaves, and a lid for the pot. 8”. GH-584. $43.

FENTON TOPAZ ART GLASS CRUET Every Victorian home had a cruet to store precious vinegar, and now you can, too, although you’ll probably use yours for readymade salad dressing. Unless you decide to simply display it as a fine art object. Ours is from the opalescent topaz collection of the Fenton Art Glass Company and makes a stunning addition to any collection of art glass and so functional, too. Signed on base by the artist. This elegant cruet, adorned with handpainted trumpet-shaped petals and dragonflies, is 8” with stopper. GL-118. $65. | ALICE TEA SERVICE You don’t need to be mad to enjoy this oneperson Alice-themed tea party, but it helps. The porcelain set includes a tea cup, (the Alice’s head) a tea pot (the Alice’s body), a metal strainer for tea leaves, and a porcelain lid fitting both the cup and the pot. 6 ½”. GH-583. $38.

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Florence & George


R. Salt John & Pepper WrightShakers | BETTY BOOP PIANO SHAKERS Salt and pepper shakers featuring Betty Boop sultrily serenading while stretched out on a piano (which she stays connected to by magnets) that Pudgy is happily playing. SP-131. $22.

To Order Call 800-966-3655 or Visit Our Website BETTY BOOP AND PUDGY } Betty Boop is never one to miss an opportunity to imitate famous poses and what's more iconic than the Coppertone girl? Thankfully, her faithful dog, Pudgy is happy to help her and with the magnets, they're guaranteed to stick together. SP-133. $22.

HATCHED EGG Perfect for your breakfast nook, this shaker set, magnetically held together, is a chick hatching free from an egg. 4” when together. SP-122. $16.

PEAS IN A POD A pair of small porcelain peas salt and pepper shakers with smiling rosycheeked faces rests comfortably on their green pod. Magnets in the peas and the pod help to hold them in place. 5" pod. GH-289. $16.

SOPHISTICATED LADIES Sophisticated? Perhaps. Happy? Definitely. And you will be as well with this porcelain salt and pepper shaker set. 3 ½". GH-303. $16.

FROG WEDDING COUPLE } Their first dance will likely include some kind of Hop. The porcelain salt and pepper shakers wear a handsome tuxedo and an elegant wedding dress. 4". GH-301. $11. THE WILD WEST } Features a ten gallon hat pepper shaker and companion cowboy boot with silver spurs salt shaker. 3" boots. GH-425. $15.

WHO'S THE WISEST? Blue owl or red owl? They don't seem to care as they gaze lovingly at each other. 3". GH-341. $12.


Florence & George

| CHILI PEPPERS Perhaps the only salt and pepper set you’ll ever own that is in fact a pepper and pepper shaker. 3”. GH-400. $15.

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Salt & Pepper Shakers BETTY BOOP DINER SHAKER } Betty Boop is a mover and a (salt and pepper) shaker and, apparently, a diner waiter. The shakers are connected by magnets. SP-134. $22.

MONKS You're probably thinking, “but the monastic lifestyle doesn’t allow for condiments, does it?” C'mon, do you think they got be so rotund on plain soup and crackers? 2 ½”. GH-434. $18.

DOVE COUPLE A pair of pleasant pastel doves. 2”. SP-120. $15.

PUDGY'S KISS SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS } Everyone loves Betty Boop (it's kind of her thing) but no one loves her more completely than her dog, Pudgy. Salt and pepper shakers connected by a kiss, and a magnet. SP-132. $22.

BETTY BOOP'S SHOPPING DAY SHAKERS } Betty Boop and Pudgy have clearly been shopping all day, and judging by her red scarf and the matching red beret she's holding, we're guessing she's been shopping in Paris. The shakers are connected by magnets. 3 ½". SP-130. $22. ROOSTERS A pair of rooster heads which can be placed on the table facing certain guests if you so choose. 4”. SP-121. $18.

| WHEN PIGS FLY What fun the first time someone you know says “when pigs fly.” Feel free to show them with as much emphasis as you like, but you probably shouldn’t throw them, they’re porcelain. 3 ½". GH-445. $15.

GAME ON America's sport - baseball - is a home run in this salt and pepper shaker set. The glove shaker rests neatly in the curved glove. 3". GH-426. $12. toll-free 800-966-3655 | |

| COCKER SPANIELS SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS From our collection of whimsical salt and pepper shakers come this endearing set of ceramic cocker spaniels - black for pepper, of course! 3 ½"l. GH-424. $13.

Florence & George


Fifties Nostalgia | KIT KAT KLOCKS 80 years later, same Clock, same American company, same smile. First invented in a small Oregon town by Earl Arnault in 1932, the Kit Kat Klock cheered America during those Depression Years with its signature wagging tail, rolling eyes, and contagious smile. Sure, the decades have seen some changes in the clock; they now run on batteries, are available as either ladies (with eye-lashes and pearl necklaces) and gentlemen (with bowties), and they are now offered in a medley of colors, but the basic design remains unchanged and are still made in America. Purple Kit-Kat Klock. GH-629. $59. Black Kit-Kat Klock. GH-545. $59. Red Kit-Kat Klock. GH-551. $59. PINOCCHIO, AN ENAMELED DISNEY FIGURE BY THE ARRIBAS BROTHERS Florence & George conservators are always on the lookout for privately owned collections to bring you discontinued items and old store stock from around the world. Recently we unearthed a small private collection of enameled metal Disney figures by the Arribas brothers. Charming seated Pinocchio features over 600 Swarovski crystal stones and no strings. Very limited quantity. 2”. BC-004. $200.

TUXEDO MICKEY, AN ENAMELED DISNEY FIGURE BY THE ARRIBAS BROTHERS Florence & George conservators are always on the lookout for privately owned collections to bring you discontinued items and old store stock from around the world. Recently we unearthed a small private collection of enameled metal Disney figures by the Arribas brothers. With the joy he takes in straightening his tie, you can tell that Mickey is spit and polish. Adorned in over 600 Swarovski crystals. We only have three. 5 ½”. BC-002. $475.


Florence & George

WALT DISNEY'S DONALD'S VACATION PUZZLE The popular Disney cartoon Donald is re-created from a vibrant original theatre poster advertising the film featuring over 1000 pieces printed on fine linen paper and firm paper board. 27''X20'' puzzle. PZ-124. $22.

BARBARA ANN BY VOGUE Wears a red and white checkered cotton dress with matching red satin hair bow and red shoes. SD-733. $62.

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Handcrafted Wooden Blocks

Purple Lady Kit-Kat Klock. GH-553. $59.

Blue Lady Kit-Kat Klock. GH-552. $59.

Strawberry Lady Kit-Kat Klock. GH-546. $59.

MICKEY MOUSE, BY R. JOHN WRIGHT One of the most famous animated characters in the world, Micky Mouse, by American artist R. John Wright, is all felt with fully articulated joints including jointed fingers, molded hand painted features, and a leather nose and tail. He wears the trademark red shorts and yellow shoes. 12". SD-931. $595.

OLIVER GAL PRINTS INSPIRED BY ORIGINAL PATENT DRAWINGS Inventors have always understood that a picture - even a simple drawing - is worth a thousand words. Which is why historic submissions to the U.S. Patent Office were often accompanied by illustrations. Inspired by these original patent drawings, Oliver Gal presents a series a framed prints that make art of science and industry. Each print is printed on archivalquality acid free matte paper and is professionally hand-framed in a 10 x 12" premium black wood frame. Each print is entirely made in the U.S.A. 50s Fashion Doll. WA-006. $98

For more R. John Wright Dolls visit us our website! | TOURING THE WORLD There was a time when flights were something we dressed up for and movies portrayed travel as colorful lines streaking across a map. 12�. GH-512. $79.

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Potato Toy. WA-008 $98.

Florence & George


Ridley's Toys Vintage toys are wonderful. Whether they were wooden or plastic, electric or hand-wound, hand-carved or poured from a mold, some child loved it and knew, at the time, that no toy would ever again be as entertaining as this. Strangely as we walk around modern toy stores and we see contemporary toys with sophistication beyond the dreams of youth, we still feel like those toys were better. Ridley’s Toys may not be old, but their originals are. You need look no further than their highly-stylized boxes to see proof of that.

DUELING WATER ZAPPERS A pair of futuristic Space-Zapper water-soakers, one comes in pink, and one in green. 6” Zappers. TY-486. $9.

BALLOON MODELING KIT For experts and beginners, the Balloon Modelling Kit includes a pump, 32 multi-colored balloons, a brief instruction manual showing many different balloon animals and even a few “eye” stickers to help sell the illusion when your balloon sculpting is still in the “beginning” phase. 10 ½” box. TY-484. $18.

SPACE BOUNCER It won’t bounce you up into space, you’ll have to simply use it here on Earth. It does come with Pump-O-Matic though so you can easily inflate it yourself wherever you use it. 24” inflated diameter. TY-485. $29.

DEPUTY SHERIFF RANGER BADGE Bring some law and order to the Old West with this authentic metal Deputy Sheriff Ranger Badge. 2 ½”. TY-488. $8.

| CAT PINBALL It’s a Purrfect cat-themed pinball game that is litter-ally ready to be played right meow. We paw-mise if we sell out we’ll stop with cat puns. 11”. TY-489. $15. | YO-YO A red transparent yo-yo with superior electronic sound and light effects. 2 ½". TY-368. $9.


Florence & George

SPIRAL SPRING TOY You know you owned one. It’s possible at this point it can actually do steps faster than you can. TY-367. $9.

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Ridley's Toys TUMBLE DOWN DOMINOES } Having 200 small wooden dominoes, unpainted and in four pastel colors, would be enough for most sets. But this set also includes wooden stairs, slides and even a small metal bell, to make the effect of your tumbling dominoes even more dramatic. 1 ½”each. TY-463. $25.

THE MYSTIC 8 BALL You know how it works. Ask the ball a question. Shake it. Turn it upside down to get the answer. Get the answer you want, you’re done. Get an answer you don’t want, shake it again until you do. Odds are you know a person you wish you could apply the same technique. 4”. TY-464. $18.

SPACE PINBALL An atomic space-age themed replica of the classic pinball toy that made every car trip of your youth a little more fun for you, a little more annoying for your parents. 11” x 7”. TY-462. $15.

SPIRAL ART KIT Become an instant artist with the Spiral Art kit which includes 4 templates, 7 gears, 3 pens (red, green and blue) and a blank booklet to keep your art. 10 ½”. TY-491. $14. FAMILY BINGO SET } Everything you need to play this game with your family, including a metal wire basket, 75 white numbered balls, bingo cards and tokens. 8”. TY-487. $35.

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Florence & George


Country Pride

LIBERTY GARLAND A peppy red garland, with the appearance of sparklers, featuring seven round medallions featuring letters spelling out "Liberty" and young and playful, but patriotic, children. 3 ½" medallions. HP-009. $15.

UNCLE SAM DIRIGIBLE Held aloft by his suspended red, silver and blue dirigible, paper mache Uncle Sam merrily rides in wicker basket with a full complement of fireworks and flags. 18”. HP-003. $175.

TRIO OF PATRIOTIC BOTTLE BRUSH TREES Christmas might be six months away, but you can still enjoy a bit of the seasonal flair on July 4th with this trio of vintage-style bottle brush trees with red, white, and blue ornaments. Set of three measuring 9", 8" and 7". HP-010. $47.

| CAST IRON UNCLE SAM BANK A satirical take on politicians’ outstretched hands, the Uncle Sam bank drops a coin from his hand into a quickly opened and closed bag at his feet. 11".

| FIRECRACKER MAN By Allen Cunningham. The expression on the face seems to capture the moment when he realizes what will happen when he lights his own fuse. The paper-mache man stands atop a small candy container. 7". HO-985. $43.

TY-381. $45.

STARS AND STRIPES SOCKS } There’s no amendment against being comfortable while you’re being patriotic, and these cotton men’s socks are guaranteed to make you feel both. AP-035. $10.


Florence & George

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Country Pride

PULL TOY UNCLE SAM By Allen Cunningham. Perched atop a wheeled base, the paper-mache Uncle Sam wears a traditional Stars and Stripes top hat and even holds a matching shield. 8". HO-986. $49. AMERICANA STAR-SHAPED WREATH A parade of patriotic children march with flags and drums and other symbols of patriotism in our starshaped wooden wreath. 20”. HP-001. $39.

STATUESEQUE America is the great melting pot and the Statue of Liberty is the giant beacon reminding us of that and greeting new citizens as they arrive. Dressing as the statue is this little mouse's favorite way of commemorating Independence Day. 1 ½". WF-097. $110.

UNCLE SAM, A FLORENCE & GEORGE EXCLUSIVE } By American doll artist, R. John Wright. Uncle Sam, a part of Wright’s Brownie series, is dressed in a patriotic all-felt costume of striped trousers, waistcoat, polka-dotted bow tie, blue swallowtailed jacket, woven straw top hat, and leather shoes. 9”. SD-933. $425.

More R. John Wright Dolls on our website! | SIX FOURTH OF JULY BOXES Nifty little card paper boxes are decorated with vintage-style Americana scenes highlighted with tinsel glitter just like the originals. Each box 3 ½" x 2 ½", six different scenes. HO-953. $32.

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Florence & George


Handcrafted R. John Wright Wooden Blocks UNCLE GOOSE WOODEN BLOCKS

Wooden blocks don’t seem like they should be items that come in “high” quality. It’s just a square block of wood, right? It’s not even that intricately carved, right? Well, wrong. Uncle Goose Blocks of Michigan not only shows that the quality of wooden blocks can indeed be incredibly high, but also that the prices aren’t. Every single wooden block is 100% hand-crafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan from environmentally considerate fast-growing basswood and painted with nontoxic childsafe inks.

STATE OF SOUND The diversity of the United States can be tracked through the diversity of its art, and nowhere is that diversity more illustrative than in our music. Each state has its own musical identity and each block in this fifty-block set represents one state and describes its musical character (i.e. Michigan and Motown, Tennessee and Country, etc.) The set of fifty blocks comes in its own specially-designed wooden frame. Each block is 1 ½” square. TY-499. $95. | SETS OF BLOCKS 28 Blocks. Each of the six-sided blocks possesses a side with an embossed letter, a painted letter, a number, an animal, and even a mathematical symbol. Available in uppercase and lowercase sets. Uppercase Set.TY-465. $39. Lowercase Set.TY-467. $39. "WOMEN WHO DARE" WOODEN BLOCKS BOX SET } "The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do." These immortal words from renowned aviatrix, Amelia Earhart are emblazoned inside the handmade basswood tray which hold the 32 handmade wooden blocks of the Women Who Dare. Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Betsy Ross, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Florence Nightingale, Harriet Tubman, Marie Curie, and, a personal favorite, Eleanor Roosevelt represent merely a quarter of the powerhouse women represented on these handmade wooden blocks. Made in America by the small studio firm of Uncle Goose, each of the 32 blocks is painted in non-toxic child-safe inks making them perfect for women aged 2 to 102. TY-498. $68.


Florence & George

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Handcrafted Wooden Blocks

| THE PLANET Each of the (neatlystacked) nine planet-blocks possesses two carved-inrelief sides showing the planet’s symbol, name, and list of moons, as well as four painted sides with an image of the planet, the diameter of the planet, it’s place in the order of the planets and its distance from the sun in Astronomical Units. TY-494. $25.

UNITED STATES Alabama to Wyoming, Rhode Island to Texas, all 50 states are represented in this grand and beautiful set. Each block features the state’s initials, capital, nickname, state bird, state flower, the date and order in which the state entered the union and even an image of the state’s shape. TY-497. $103.

To Order Call

800-966-3655 or Visit

FLOWER } A bouquet of 14 flower blocks, each of which has two sides allocated to a specific flower while the remaining sides present a salad of letters printed in an Art Nouveau font. TY-493. $25.

NURSERY RHYME Each block in the 28 block set features a different nursery rhyme and has an embossed scene on two sides and the nursery rhyme itself printed on the other four. TY-471. $42. | BIRDS A flock of 14 bird blocks, each of which has two sides allocated to a specific bird (and a close-up of its feathers) while the remaining sides present a selection of letters printed in an Art Nouveau font. TY-492. $25.

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Florence & George




With socks as comfortable as these you’ll never again suffer from the agony of de-feet no matter how long a day of casual strolling you’ve had. Each of our socks is designed specifically for women and each is one-size-fits-all. Additionally they come in two different materials, cotton and bamboo.

Feeling Bubbly.

Time For a Picnic.

Significant Other.

AP-043. $8.

AP-042. $8.

AP-040. $8.

Hold the Phone.

Jane Austen.

Little Prince Blue.

Little Prince White.

AP-039. $8.

AP-011. $8.

AP-015. $8.

AP-016. $8.

Gumby and Pokey. AP-020. $8.

Little Prince Cape.

Avocado. AP-019. $8.

AP-017. $8.

Use Your Noodle. AP-037. $8.


Florence & George

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Vintage-Themed Socks


Rosie the Riveter.

Latte. AP-002. $8.

Tapatio Hot Sauce. AP-003. $8.

AP-001 $8.

Paint the Sky.

Matryoshka .

Sushi Rolls.

AP-038. $8.

AP-005. $8.

AP-006. $8.

Weiner Dog



Art Nouveau.

AP-036. $8.

AP-018. $8.

AP-009. $8.

AP-010. $8.

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Florence & George


R. Earrings John Wright from David Howell | TIFFANY CHERRY BLOSSOMS A benchmark of collecting, the famous "Tiffany lamp" designed as a blossoming cherry tree is the inspiration for this earring pair. 1 ½". JE-286. $29.

The American firm offers jewelry that is a felicitous medley of art and engineering, drawing upon well-known symbolic designs. Made in USA. each presented in gift box with historic background.

GIBSON GIRL HEARTS Earrings inspired by the artistry of renowned illustrator, Charles Dana Gibson. 1 ½". JE-278. $29.

TIFFANY CLEMATIS Three-piece earrings inspired by a classic Tiffany design. 2". JE-287. $29.


ROSIE’S EARRINGS Red hooped earrings with white polka-dots exactly like Rosie’s distinctive bandana. 1”. JE-279. $29.

MONET'S COLORS Featuring Monet's preferred palette on a pair of earrings shaped, naturally, as an artist's palette. 1". JE-293. $29.

Florence & George

TURKSCAP LILY Among the most majestic flowers in the world, the fiery red Turkscap Lily can reach heights of up to 7 feet high. 1”. JE-284.

SULLIVAN BALUSTRADE Inspired by the balustrade in the Chicago Stock Exchange designed by Louis Sullivan and renowned for its combination of geometric shapes and naturalistic plantlike forms. 1”. JE-304.



MOZART’S MAGIC FLUTE Spiral earrings depicting the first few notes of Mozart’s renowned Magic Flute. 1 ½”. JE-289. $29.

G-CLEF Display your love of music with this classic and distinctive note. 1 ½”. JE-303. $29.

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Jewelry from David Howell

MAY HOUSE DETAIL Earrings inspired by the custom-designed rug for the Meyer May House of Michigan. 1". JE-290. $29.

GIBSON GIRL PEARLS Earrings, with faux pearls, inspired by the artistry of renowned illustrator, Charles Dana Gibson. 1”. JE-302. $29.

SULLIVAN STOCK EXCHANGE Based on painted decorations created for the Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room in 1893 by Louis Sullivan. 1 ½". JE-291. $29.

FLIGHT OF BUTTERFLIES NAMI The butterfly woodblock prints by the Japanese artist Kamisaka Sekka are the inspiration for these earrings. 1”. JE-297. $29.

PEACOCK FEATHER The majestic “eye” of a peacock’s plumage is the focus of these alluring earrings. 1”. JE-300. $29.

MONET DOGE’S PALACE Capturing the Monet’s masterful painted reflection of the Doge’s Palace in Venice, these earrings beautifully display the blending of shimmering blues, pinks, yellows and greens. 1”. JE-305. $29.

BROOKLYN BRIDGE Among the most renowned and recognizable bridges in America, the Brooklyn Bridge has inspired designers and architects for over a century. 2”. JE-292.

HOT AIR BALLOONS The world’s first hot-air balloon was launched from a park in Paris in 1783 and among the spectators could be counted the King of France and U.S. envoy at the time, a man known as Benjamin Franklin. 1 ½”. JE-296. $29.


NORTH STAR The brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere is always Polaris, the Northern Star, fixed in position at the tip of Ursa Minor. 1”. JE-299. $29.

LE CHAT NOIR Based on the original art nouveau posters for the famed Parisian cabaret, le Chat Noir. 1 ½”. JE-298. $29.

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BOOKS In case someone is about to interrupt you while you’re reading, one look at these earrings should give them a clear answer as your preference. Red: 2”. JE-301. $29. Blue: 2”. JE-288. $29.

Florence & George


Bookmarks! For the Love of Reading You love reading. You have a favorite chair in a favorite spot. You take the time to get your favorite books in hardcover, because it looks better on a bookshelf than paperback books. So now it’s time to show your love of books with quality bookmarks. Each David Howell bookmark is silver-plated brass with a giclee finished image. BIJOUX, A DOLL AND AUTOMATA AUCTION CATALOG An Important Auction of 19th Century Automata, Dolls and Playthings featuring over 500 lots of rare treasures of childhood past, highlighted by the long-lost collection of Madame X of Texas, with rarities ranging from the exceptional automata to the Kaonis Collection of Palmer Cox Brownies, a remarkable collection of early Steiff pieces, to the extremely rare bejeweled French lady by Rochard. German bisque characters, from a collection of more than 100 rare models, early English wooden dolls, early Kathe Kruse dolls, and stunning French bisque poupées. Softbound. 9" x 12". 256 pages. BT-339. $69.

LE CHAT NOIR Considered the first modern cabaret, Le Chat Noir was a late 19th century Parisian entertainment club and this cat was it's art nouveau poster mascot. 3". GH-623. $12.


| SPRING IN PARIS Ever notice that every Parisianset movie features a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower? Well, this view of the Eiffel Tower is based on the actual real life view of the renowned tower from the Champ de Mars, the large park between the tower and the Ecole Militaire. 2 ½”. GH-602. $12.

MAN RAY'S LE VIOLIN D'INGRES } Man Ray, known for his inventive and eccentric photographs, is perhaps best known for the sensuous blackand-white "Le Violin D'Ingres". 2 ½". GH-622. $12.

GEISHA From a scene painted by Hiroshige Utagawa which is renowned for capturing the essence of the ukiyo-e, or the “floating world” of the 19th century Japanese theater and street life. 3 ½”. GH-620. $12.

Florence & George

IN PERSPECTIVE THE GAIL COOK COLLECTION For 30 years, the insightful collector has aimed her sights on only the rarest of antique dolls examples so remarkable that, in some cases, no other examples are known to exist. 156 pages, hardbound. 12" x 12". BT-242. $75.

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Art Books About Dolls | DEGAS’ SMALL DANCER Degas was well-known for his paintings and sculptures depicting the complex movements of ballerinas. He also did race horses which are beautiful but unsuitable for bookmarks. 4”. GH-604. $12. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT BOOKMARK } Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of the United States for twelve years. Sadly, she spent no years as the actual President. 3 ½”. GH-601. $12. | ROSIE THE RIVETER BOOKMARK World War II did more than introduce American military might to the world, it introduced America to the resourcefulness and strength of its female citizens. 3 ½”. GH-600. $12.

ARCHIVES: THE DOLL AS ART, II By Stuart Holbrook. A super-sized art book filled with the world's most beautiful antique dolls. Leave this book handy next to a comfortable chair, because you'll find yourself returning to it often for reverie or for reference. 133 full-page photographs. 12 ½" x 12 ½". Hardbound. 150 pages. BT-152. $68.

SARAH BERNHARDT } A silver-plated reprint of an original art-nouveau advertisement for the most renowned actress of her age, Sarah Bernhardt, in the 1897 play, La Samaritaine. 3". GH-621. $12.

More Antique Doll Books on our website! | TEDDY ROOSEVELT BOOKMARK The perfect bookmark for anyone who feels they need more exercise. As Teddy will constantly be staring at you over the top of your novel as if to say “Yes, reading is important, but right now you should go for a hike!” 3 ½”.

FASCINATION – THE SAMY ODIN COLLECTION FROM THE MUSÉE DE LA POUPÉE OF PARIS Tucked into a stone-cobbled impasse in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris for the past quarter century has been an exceptional Museum of Antique Dolls, the inspired creation of Samy and Guido Odin. The beautiful dolls shown in this Museum are featured in this book. 10” x 10”. Hardbound. 196 pages.

GH-603. $12.

BT-333. $75.

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Florence & George


Japanese Wooden Kokeshi Dolls From across the vast Pacific ocean, Florence & George presents a series of traditional wooden Japanese play dolls known as Kokeshi. The Kokeshi doll tradition is centuries-old in Japan. The carved wooden dolls seem initially simplistic in design, but closer examination reveals incredibly detailed carving such as hair accents and ruffles in clothing. Most of the Kokeshi dolls are produced from Japanese dogwood trees, well known for their white bark and fine grain. All carving and painting is hand-done by experienced artisans.

TSUKINOSE Resting inside a crescent moon, this adorable little peapod of a fellow serenely waits. 4 ½”. SD-1374. $35.

| KAZAHANA A soft pastel pallet of pink and blue contrast with this Kokeshi’s wind-swept appearance to give her a vibrant and serene appearance. Comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 6 ½”. SD-1368. $59.

SOHSYUN Deeply-carved folds and flowers adorn this Kokeshi doll’s deep warm russet kimono. Comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 10”. SD-1366. $68.

FUJISAN The highest and most renowned mountain in Japan, Fuji, is beautifully and deeply carved into this Kokeshi’s kimono. Comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 7”. SD-1371. $48. BANSHU The pleasant and rotund Banshu, named for the small seaside province of Harima, features deep, yet vibrant blue coloring with vivid gold highlights. 6”. SD-1379. $125.


Florence & George

| OCHYAME She feels no need to be coy about her love of koi. 5”. SD-1375. $35.

YUMEGOKORO Gently cascading flowers cover this Kokeshi, beautiful in its coloring, unique in its sinuous shape. Comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 8”. SD-1369. $55.

| TENYO LADY This cheery little girl wears a peach Kimono, two buns in her hair and a jubilant smile on her face. 3”. SD-1378. $58.

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Japanese Wooden Kokeshi Dolls

EVENING CRANE In Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes long life as it was believed they lived for a thousand years. 7 ½”. SD-1382. $55.

MICHIYUKI The term “michiyuki”, which literally translates to “To go on a road”, refers to the part of a theater production where the characters experience a journey, usually while dancing or conversing. 7 ½”. SD-1380. $85.

DOSHIN The Doshin were feudal era Samurai Police, but in place of a rough personality, this Kokeshi doll just has a rough, hewn finish. 8”. SD-1381. $120.

| YUKIGESYOH Lightly drifting snow and snow-covered roof-tops highlight the two-toned kimono of this Kokeshi. Comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 7 ½”. SD-1370. $47. HARUYOKOI } A simple tranquil smile is all this little girl needs to be the most adorable Kokeshi you’ve ever seen. 4”. SD-1376. $32.

FLOWER SISTERS A pair of Kokeshi sisters wearing kimonos with deeply carved Japanese floral themes. Japanese Iris. 5 ½”. SD-1372. $38. Rindo. 5 ½”. SD-1373. $38.

SHIKINOUTA, THE FOUR SEASONS SET Whether the bundled-up winter, the wind-swept spring, the warm and green summer or the rich red and browns of fall, all four seasons are represented in this set. Set of four that comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 3 ½” each. SD-1365. $129. HANAGOROMO } Deep and detailed carving highlight this Kokeshi from the vast intaglio pattern spreading across the front, which gives the doll a rich a shaded appearance, to the vast waves on individually carved hair strands across her back. Comes with a wooden placard with artist signature. 7”. SD-1367. $98.

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Florence & George


Mullanium Birds Though the phrase "Steampunk" first originated in the 1980s, the roots of the genre were first established in the time period it emulates, the 1890s, with the works of early science fiction giants like H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Mary Shelley. Today the genre and its precepts can be found in every layer of entertainment and now, thanks to Pennsylvanian artists Jim and Tori Mullan, the genre has infiltrated classic American art pieces.

| WHITE OWL So beautifullysculpted and highlycharacterized is the sculpting on the Mullanium White Owl that you can almost hear his soft hooting when you look at him. Like all Mullanium birds, the White Owl is adorned with vintage metal parts like those found on binoculars, clocks, rulers and even the occasional advertising piece. Signed and dated by the artists. 11”. GH-639. $425.

BLUE SONG BIRD She might be blue, but the songs she sings are only the brightest and most cheerful. The bird, with its antique metal adornments rests haughtily atop a matching blue croquet ball. Signed and dated by the artists. 7”. GH-641. $245.


Florence & George

AQUA JAY Yes, he’s a blue jay, but this particular blue jay, from Mullanium Birds of Pennsylvania, doesn’t think that deep, rich blue is his color, so he decided to go with a lighter, more aqua-and-teal color scheme. Don’t worry though, he’s still covered with the vintage metal pieces the artists seek from antique shops just like so many other Mullanium birds. Signed and dated by the artists. 8”. GH-640. $295.

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Mullanium Birds STATELY RAVEN } Exemplifying the proverb that "Time Flies", the Stately Raven is decorated with vintage elements from antique time pieces, as well as vintage metal rulers, metal plates, measuring devices and even a small vintage compass. He is stately, indeed, at 18". GH-442. $675.

MULLANIUM BLUE JAY Jim and Tori Mullan of Pennsylvania were drawn together by their love of antique watches and vintage toys over 20 years, but it was their artistic endeavors that bonded them for life. Artistic endeavors that include carving beautiful and realistic North American birds in wood and adorning them with vintage metal pieces scrounged from antique shops including rulers, clocks, binoculars, and advertising tins. The Mullanium Blue Jay is a perfect and vibrant example of their work. Signed and dated. 8�. GH-599. $345.

GREEN & ORANGE BIRD WITH FEATHER ON BLOCK A vivid and chirpy little song bird prepares for a one-bird block party in this simple, but elegant, wooden bird sculpture. 6�. GH-510. $225.

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Florence & George


R. Let's John Shake Wright It Up! THE FLASKS (AND ETC.) OF TRIXIE AND MILO.

The Oregon-based company of Trixie and Milo are just a small family-owned company that decided to create the products they wished someone else would make, and in this case it's a line of empowering (both figuratively and, potentially, literally based on consumption levels; please drink responsibly) of high-quality stainless steel flasks. Each flask closes with an attached screw-down cap so the top can neither be lost nor accidentally open. Each flask also comes with a small funnel for easy refilling. Each flask measures 4�x6" and holds 8 oz. of fluid. (the equivalent of eight shots!)

Looks and Brains: Who Says You Can't Have It All? GH-633. $29.

Damn Sexy Bitch. GH-632. $29.

Finally, each flask is adorned with a high gloss laminated original illustration by Trixie & Milo themselves.

Cowgirl. GH-634. $29.

Bad Girl: Men Are Such Fools. GH-635. $29.

Call Me The Boss Lady, and We'll Get Along Fine... GH-636. $29.


Florence & George

Medicine (Use As Needed).

Tattooed Mermaid.

GH-637. $29.

GH-638. $29.

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For the Ladies ENAMEL PINS } Designed by the artists of Trixie & Milo, these enamel pins will proudly proclaim your rebellious nature, even if you don't much like doing it yourself.

CANDY STRIPES A sweet red and white striped swimsuit makes this porcelain beauty sweeter than a hard candy treat. 4 ½". GP-025. $29.

Fearless. 2". JE-308. $12.

Love. 2". JE-309. $12.

LIMBER SWIMMER With her incredibly limber pose and her beautifully billowed skirt (which forms a lovely candy tray) it's safe to assume this porcelain beauty is practicing for synchronized swimming. 5". GP-024. $39. READY FOR THEIR PHOTO Since cameras were first invented we've used them to commemorate our vacations with loved ones and it appears these young porcelain beachgoers are posing for just such a photo. 4". GP-028. $28.

PIERRETTE MINI TRAY A pleasant little Pierrette whose white and black polka-dotted dress forms a little coin tray. 4". GP-027. $24.

BATHING BEAUTY BOOKENDS After cookouts and swimming is there a better way to past the time on the beach than with a good book? Perhaps you even spend the rest of your year accumulating books to take to the beach with you, and if you do, we have the perfect porcelain bookends to help you look forward to that beach vacation. 6”h x 4”w. GP-031. $58.

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Florence & George


Bathing Beauties | COUPLE EMBRACING Are they dancing, enjoying a view, or having a private conversation? Whatever the answer, it’s pretty obvious she’s not as much into it as he is. Porcelain. 5 ½”. GP-053. $32.

PLAYING WITH A PUPPY It’s a beautiful sunny day and the water is warm, but all she cares about is playing with her little canine friend. 4 ½”. GP-049. $27.

RED-STRIPED BATHER A blonde-haired porcelain sun-bather poses for a picture in red-striped bathing suit before deciding to soak up some rays. 4 ½”. GP-052. $32.

RED-HEADED PORCELAIN BEAUTY WITH FAN She’s her own biggest fan. Wait, no, sorry, she’s holding her own biggest fan. Porcelain. 4”. GP-051. $27.

PATRIOTIC PORCELAIN BATHING BEAUTY A star-spangled top blends with a red bottom to makes this young lady’s one-piece bathing suit extra patriotic. 5 ½”. GP-048. $32.


Florence & George

BLACK-SUIT BATHING BEAUTY She’s far ahead of the curve by wearing an all black swimsuit on the beach. She’s also, probably, very warm. Porcelain. 5”. GP-050. $27.

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Bathing Beauties GOLD BIKINI BEAUTY With palms facing out in an “ah shucks” expression, this young porcelain flapper is all too proud of her gold conical bikini top. 5 ½”. GP-054. $32.

| LADY WITH COMPACT A vain flapperera porcelain half doll in a yellow polka dotted fashion ensemble daintily checks her "do". 5”. GP-056. $25.

BATHING BEAUTY AND BALL A black-tank-suit clad porcelain bathing beauty, posing in a classic pin-up manner, even manages to balance a beach ball on her feet in the process. 11”. GP-055. $37.

| HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT The dainty porcelain half doll depicts a brownhaired lady who clasps the streamers of her widebrimmed pink bonnet. 4". GP-034. $25. toll-free 800-966-3655 | |

Florence & George


Gifts for Him

THE NORTH AMERICAN P-51 MUSTANG One of the most recognizable symbols of the American military forces in the World War Two, the P-51 Mustang was integral in establishing air superiority and helping to win the war. This oversized and detailed scale model features a fully detailed cockpit with sliding cover, retractable main wheels, a rotating propeller and movable flaps. It's so detailed it might actually fly (we don't know, we didn't try because fuel is expensive). Comes with a decorative stand and a unique historical plaque. 29" wingspan. GH-596. $645.

OLIVER GAL PRINTS INSPIRED BY ORIGINAL PATENT DRAWINGS } Inspired by the original illustrations in U.S. patent submissions, Oliver Gal presents a pair of framed prints that makes art of science and industry. Each is printed on archival-quality acid free matte paper and is professionally hand-framed in a 10" x 12" premium black wood frame. Each print is entirely made in the U.S.A.

Toilet Paper. WA-013. $98.

| CRAYON PENS A trio of pens patterned after the crayons of your childhood. The ink is black though so you can use them to sign checks and no one will ever know how much fun it is to pretend you have tiny hands. Teal. 5”. GH-578. $39. Red. 5”. GH-579. $39. Blue. 5”. GH-580. $39.

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Florence & George

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Gifts for Him FLYING SAUCER TABLE CLOCK } An homage to the Cold-War Science Fiction serials, the Flying Saucer table clock is made of polished case aluminum with brass accents. The Flying Saucer table clock features a unique heavy convex glass lens in the cockpit space giving the saucer not only a vintage look, but showing off the vintage clock face hidden within. Clock is batteryoperated. 9" high, 7 ½" wide. GH-631. $149.

FIRE EXTINGUISHER COCKTAIL SHAKER The origin of the vintage “disguised” Martini shakers was to hide their presence during the Prohibition. With that in mind, this seems a poor attempt at subterfuge since not only is it a bit on the small side for an actual fire extinguisher, but the engravings on the side read, among other things, “thirst extinguisher” and “ to refill, call your host”. Still it will make a beautiful addition to your liquor cabinet. In fine chrome metal. 10”. GH-597. $165. BIG MOUTH GENTLEMEN About 1910 a wonderful series of amusing caricatures was made that are affectionately known by collectors as "big mouths". Our narrow-faced fellows have been wonderfully re-created in the original bisque. Each 5".

Man with Monocle (solid crown). GP-045. $35.

Winking Man (stickpin holes). GP-046. $35.

ROBOT PATENT DRAWINGS Inspired by the original illustrations included in the US patents, the renowned art firm, Oliver Gal celebrates a framed print of the original patent drawings. Printed on archival-quality acid free matte paper and professionally hand-framed in a 10 x 12" premium black wood frame. Entirely made in the U.S.A. 10" x 12". WA-016. $98.

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Florence & George


Pictures for Your Walls OLIVER GAL PRINTS INSPIRED BY ORIGINAL PATENT DRAWINGS Inventors have always understood that a picture—even a simple drawing—is worth a thousand words. Which is why historic submissions to the U.S. Patent Office were often accompanied by illustrations. Inspired by these original patent drawings, Oliver Gal presents a series a framed prints that make art of science and industry. Each print is printed on archival-quality acid free matte paper and is professionally hand-framed in a 10 x 12" premium black wood frame. Each print is entirely made in the U.S.A. Horse Tricycle. WA-007. $98.

Birkin Bag. WA-018. $98.

Sewing Machine. WA-005. $98.

Blue Purse. WA-004. $248.

Blue Handbag. WA-002. $248.


Florence & George

Royal Luggage. WA-001. $248.

Classic #5. WA-003. $248.

| OLIVER GAL FASHION SKETCHES Renowned American Art Studio, Oliver Gal presents the "Fashion Sketch" series of fine art premium canvas prints each with a handbrushed acrylic finish. Each print is entirely handmade and hand framed in the U.S.A. and measures 13" x 13".

More Great Art on our website!

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Pictures for Your Walls

Raggedy Doll. WA-011. $98.

Cookie Jar. WA-012. $98.

Hula Doll. WA-014. $98.

Toy Stove. WA-015. $98.

Hand Mirror. WA-009. $98.

Dressed Doll. WA-010. $98.

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Florence & George


Wee Forest Folk Florence & George is delighted to introduce a family of fanciful miniature mice, handcrafted in the USA by the Petersen family since 1972. Annette Petersen crafted her first little mouse nearly four decades ago, and today is joined in the wee mouse world by Annette, Willy and Donna, the next generation of Petersens. They describe their creative process this way: "We make the mold, cast it, and a little mouse begins to emerge. Meticulous hand-painting and an enormous amount of patience and time brings each sculpture to life". All of the Wee Forest Folks are hand-crafted entirely in the small town of Carlisle in eastern Massachusetts.

FIRST PRIZE PIE It’s only fitting that the Blue Ribbon award goes to the blueberry pie, and judging by the way its mouse-baker is dressed in her festive sundress and jubilant floweradorned bonnet, she also knew she was going to win. 1 ½”. WF-121. $128. | SKITTERISH The moment the little mouse offered the crab her pail as a home was also the moment she understood why the word “crabby” doesn’t mean “full of gratitude.” 1”. WF-087. $95.

A TULIP FOR YOU When offering a free tulip, what other kind of hat would a mouse wear but a Dutch bonnet? 2”.

DAYDREAMER } Does she imagine herself a queen posing on her mushroom throne, or a princess locked inside her mushroom tower? Only this little mouse girl can say. 2”. WF-116. $135.

WF-109. $168.

| LADYBUG CHAT What could be the subject of a cordial conversation between a ladybug, resting regally atop a mushroom, and a lady mouse? 1 ½”.

LITTLE MISS PINK PETALS } We think she enjoys flowers. 1 ½". WF-091. $63.

WF-115. $129.


Florence & George

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Wee Forest Folk PICNIC IN PARK } This year she was determined to win the patriotic baking contest. 3”. WF-112. $325.

BUTTERFLY LOVE He plan is obvious; Dressed as a monarch butterfly, with polka-dots and orange wings, hold aloft a giant blue, and seemingly “delicious” looking flower and wait for a real butterfly to come by. 1 ½”. WF-122. $124. HERE COMES THE FUN } He remembered everything, except to ask everyone else where they were sitting… He’ll find them. Eventually. 2”. WF-086. $99.

HER SWEET TREAT } While she does often dress as delicious cupcakes, on this particular day she’s going to a birthday party as evidenced by the candle on her head. 2”. WF-117. $110.

MY POLKADOTTED PARASOL } A happy young mouse out for a stroll with a basket of flowers and an elegant aqua parasol that’s the same color as the sky above. 1 ½". WF-092. $145.

SHELLEY } She sells sea shells from the seashore. The shells she sells are surely seashells. We sell her. 2”. WF-088. $95.

TAKING FLIGHT } This little mouse’s parents know what he wants to be when he grows up, but his parents really just want him to go to bed. 1 ½”. WF-118. $95.

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Florence & George


Retro Games HOOK, LINE AND SINKER The winner is the person who catches the most fish and drops them in their pot. Its so much fun the only real losers are the fish. 16" x 10 ½" box. TY-478. $16.

| THE BLACK CAT FORTUNE TELLING GAME A game with a collection of 24 cards each of possesses 24 lines which combine in various mysterious—and amusing—ways to tell your fortune. 7" x 5 ½" box. TY-477. $8.

BARNSTORMER! Described as a game of daring deeds for aviators of all ages. 11" x 11" box. TY-329. $9. EGG AND SPOON RACE } The point is simple. Be the first to place your egg carefully in your egg cup using your giant egg spoon. Not as easy as it seems. 4” x 12” box. TY-451. $16.

THE SPEED-BOAT RACE A simple board game about racing boats around the United Kingdom. 12" x 8 ½" box. TY-482. $13.

| LUDO, THE BOARD GAME The first appearance of the classic board game was in England in 1896 and this is a faithful reproduction of that. The lithographed box, which features a vintage image, includes 10 ½" square game board, 16 game pieces and two dice. TY-336. $9. | SWAMI No one ever admits to being the one who moved the wedge, but the wedge always does seem to move around the board, doesn’t it. 21” x 14” box. TY-448. $25. | PUZZLE PEG Fill all the holes except the one in the center by jumping any peg over its neighbor into a vacant hole and then remove from the board the peg that was jumped over. Confused? Don't worry once you are playing it's actually easy to understand. 7" x 7" box. TY-479. $12.


Florence & George

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Miniature Enamel Trinket Boxes

Our collection of tiny trinket boxes are cast metal animals with hand-painted enamel finish embellished with tiny rhinestones.

Hedgehog. GH-493. $21.

Baby Billy Goat.GH-626. $21.

Pug. GH-412. $21.

Skunky. 2”. GH-624. $21.

Fox Kit. GH-496. $21.

Joey. 2”. GH-523. $21.

Little Llama. GH-625. $21.

Seahorse. GH-517. $21.

Hummingbird Honey. GH-575. $21.

Piglet. GH-416. $21.

Brown Dachshund. GH-481. $21.

Jubilee Froggy. GH-488. $21.

Turtle Hatchling. 1 ½”. GH-519. $21.

Roxy the Octy. GH-491. $21.

Flippity Penguin. GH-489. $21.

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Florence & George


Trinket Boxes with a Surprise! Surprise Each of these finely cast metal trinket boxes with hand-painted cast enamel finish hinges open to reveal a hidden surprise. A matching necklace on a gilt chain! | LION The “king of the jungle” subject of this trinket box majestically stands with as much pride as is due his regal standing. Hidden in his torso is a small necklace with its own lion charm. 5”. GH-628. $45.

To Order Call 800-966-3655 or Visit Our Website

SNEAKY FOX From his alert eyes and poised snout down, down his lowered belly, which almost, but doesn’t quite touch the floor, all the way to his bushy two-toned tail, the Sneaky Fox is an elegant and dramatically posed trinket box. Hidden in his torso is a small necklace with a sneaky fox charm of its own. 6”. GH-627. $45.

KING CHARLES SPANIEL That look on a dog's face when you're holding the ball, but you haven't yet wound up to toss it. Opening the container, hidden in the torso, reveals a small but identical necklace. 3 ½". GH-567. $42.


Florence & George

GREYHOUND The Greyhound has seen a resurgence in popularity in the past few years because of widespread efforts to adopt the retired racing Greyhounds. Opening the container hidden in the torso reveals a small but identical necklace. 3 ½". GH-556. $45.

FLAMINGO A flamingo feeds her chick, hoping that it will grow up strong to have feathers beautifully coated in faux jewels just like hers. Opening the container hidden in the torso reveals a small but identical necklace. 3". GH-561. $45.

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Trinket TrinketBoxes Boxeswith withaaSurprise! Surprise

All boxes come with a necklace!

QUARTER HORSE The quarter horse is far and away the most popular American breed of horse and actually gained its name by the ability to outdistance other horse breeds in the quarter mile race. Opening the container, hidden in the torso, reveals a small but identical necklace. 4". GH-560. $49.

ORIOLE The state bird of Maryland (not the mosquito as some people might have assumed). Opening the container, hidden in the torso, reveals a small but identical necklace. 3 ½". GH-557. $42.

YELLOW LABRADOR When America pictures the quintessential family dog, it is invariably a yellow Labrador that is pictured. Opening the container, hidden in the torso, reveals a small but identical necklace. 4". GH-565. $42.

HUMMINGBIRD Frozen in that second when it hovers in front of a flower to feed, the hummingbird poses with wings outstretched. Opening the container, hidden in the torso, reveals a small but identical necklace. 5". GH-562. $47.

SEA OTTER } Just floating lazily on its back enjoying a crunchy-on-the-outsidesalty-on-the-inside starfish, the otter is all too happy to stop and smile at you to brighten your day. Opening the container, hidden in the torso reveals a small, but identical necklace. 3 ½".

| AFGHAN HOUND You can see detail of the Afghan hound's distinctive long flowing hair in every inch of this enamel trinket box's sculpt. Opening the container, hidden in the torso, reveals a small but identical necklace. 4". GH-558. $45.

GH-585. $45.

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Florence & George


Bavarian Pewter Art ... Produced utilizing two-century-old European techniques, each Bavarian pewter piece is cast from hand-sculpted molds (color variations may occur) and is entirely hand-painted on both sides. | FLOWERS FOR YOU Is there a better feeling in the world than discovering that your crush has a crush on you too? Well this young boy and girl, each an independent soft metal figural, have each shown up to give the other a fresh bouquet of flowers. Set of two. 3 ½". PW-001. $145.

WISHING WELL Who knows what wishes these two ducklings are trying to make at this well. Perhaps they are wishing for a shorter well. 3 ½”. PW-036. $79.

FROG PRINCE } In the original tales, the frog prince meets the princess by returning her golden ball to her from the pond. The ending isn’t how you remembered either. 3 ½”h. x 4”w. HO-1004. $89.

MY LITTLE WAGON This little future farmer is taking his feline friend for a ride in a peddle tractor. 4". PW-003. $84.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD } Little Red Riding Hood is seen offering a peace token of a small bouquet of flowers to a wolf. Too bad the wolf didn't accept or the fable might have ended on a happier note for the wolf. 4". PW-004. $90.


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Bavarian Pewter Art ... EASTER DANCE } A pair of jubilant bunnies are dancing around an Easter Egg adorned maypole with a duck and a hedgehog because its not really a maypole dance without a hedgehog. 6". PW-038. $139.

To Order Call 800-966-3655 or Visit Our Website | LITTLE CLOCK SALESMAN Go ahead and ask him if he has the time; just buy a clock from him after you do, cause he's getting a little tired of everyone doing that joke. 3 ½". PW-005. $76. YOUNG LOVE, IN BAVARIAN PEWTER } Limousines might be the traditional means of departure, but this loving young couple have chosen a festive scooter from which hang the traditional celebratory tin cans in this die-cast hand-painted soft metal piece made in Germany. 5". HE-105. $110. LOVE IN THE MAGIC FLUTE } There is only one true love duet in Mozart's opera, The Magic Flute, and it is between Papageno, the lovable but clumsy birdcatcher, and tender and mischievous Papagena. Papagena is promised to Papageno only if he can pass his trials. He fails, and she therefore appears to him as an old crone, until love transforms her into a young and beautiful female birdcatcher. Don't get mad at us, we didn't write it.

Papageno. 4". PW-007. $72.

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Papagena. 4". PW-008. $72.

Florence & George


Bavarian Pewter Art

Florence & George’s Bavarian pewter art pieces allow you to provide the flowers. We provide the background craft your own We and the foreground. The only thing you need to springtime provide is the artistic inspiration. landscape! Produced utilizing two-century-old European techniques, each Bavarian pewter piece is cast from hand-sculpted molds and each piece is entirely hand-painted on both sides. Because of the handpainting some slight variations in coloring from what’s pictured can occur.

ROSE TRELLIS Every fine walking garden must have a rose-adorned trellis entrance. 5”h. x 3"w. HO-997. $68.

WOODEN GATE A classic hinged wooden gate complete with a singing bird and a small bell to announce visitors. 2 ½”h. x 2 ½”w. HO-1005. $43.

WEEPING CHERRY TREE A Japanese weeping cherry tree complete with a small birdhouse and singing bird. 6”h. x 5”w. HO-1000. $65.

RAMBLING ROSE BUSH } A lively and tall rose bush. 3 ½”h. x 3”w. HO-999. $39.

LARGE SUMMER TREE A full vivacious tree which even has a small bird resting atop his perch. 7”h. x 7”w. HO-1002. $99.


Florence & George

SMALL SUMMER TREE A cheerful little summer tree. 3 ½"h. x 3"w. HO-1001. $32.

SUNFLOWERS A small bed of sunflowers. 2 ½”h by 3”w. HO-995. $39.

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Bavarian Pewter Art WHITE SWAN } A regal white swan floats serenely on a placid pond surface. 2 ½”. PW-029. $39.

GEESE FAMILY } Four goslings look up at their devoted parents in this soft metal figural. 4 ½”.

PURPLE WISTERIA ARCH NEW! Purple is the color of royal and an arch of purple Wisteria would make a most majestic opening to any garden. 5 ½”. PW-037. $79.

PW-032. $49.

WOODLAND SUMMER PINE } Summer is the time to prepare wood for the winter as the stacks of cord wood at the bottom of the tree show. 7 ½”.

A VERY DEER FAMILY } A pair of doting does stand guard and playful fawns live up to their names. Fawn Feeding Time. 2 ½”. PW-028. $45.

CATTAILS They’re called cattails when you’re an adult, and corn dog grass when you’re a child. 2”h. x 3 ½”w. HO-996. $39.

PW-034. $79.

Mama Doe. 2”.

Playful Fawns. 2”.

PW-030. $39.

PW-031. $39.

SUMMER FOXES A mother fox keeps a close eye on a sleeping kit, but never lets her playful cubs stray too far from her watchful gaze.

FLOWER GARDEN A festive bed of wild flowers. 3”h. x 3 ½”w. HO-998. $49.

Mama Fox. 2". PW-009. $40.

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Playful Fox Kits. 2 ½". PW-010. $28.

Florence & George


Paper Dolls: When the Grandkids Come to Visit | FUN WITH GRANDMA PAPER DOLLS Wonderfully nostalgic book with two dolls and 32 outfits for shopping, sewing, beach and more. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-384. $12.

| B IS FOR BETSY, C IS FOR CAROL Replica of the 1950s original features two dolls and 24 outfits plus accessories. 9 ½" x 11 ½".

LORETTA YOUNG Drawn by Marilyn Henry, the book features two dolls and gorgeous costumes from her most famous roles including Perfect Marriage and The Farmer's Daughter. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-389. $12.

PD-379. $12.

To Order Call

800-966-3655 | SCHOOL FRIENDS The halcyon days of the 1950s return in this great book with two girl and one boy paper dolls and 36 costumes and accessories. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-386. $12.

PERT AND PRETTY Nine little dolls are pin-up pretties, playfully posed, along with an extensive wardrobe of 55 outfits with sophisticated accessories, replicated from the 1948 replica. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-394. $12.

| SIX LITTLE STEPPERS With original cover art by famed Charlot Byl and 65 piece of clothing, accessories, and toys. Six paper dolls, of course. 8 ½" x 11 ½". PD-336. $12. | THE LOLLYPOP CROWD With four darling children and their little pet lamb plus more than 60 items for cutout fun, a charming replica of the 1940s. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-314. $12.


Florence & George

GOLDEN GIRL Featuring one of the prettiest covers from the classic 1950s paper doll book, with two paper dolls and 8 pages of wonderful styles. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-395. $12.

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Glamour Paper Dolls: From the Golden Years HOLLYWOOD GOES TO NEW YORK CITY } Drawn by David Wolfe, featuring 4 dolls with 27 costumes from 1930s to 1960s. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-392. $12.

GENE TIERNEY Drawn by Marilyn Henry and featuring two dolls and costumes from her classic films including Leave Her to Heaven and Belle Star. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-387. $12.

BETTY BLUE AND PATTY PINK } Two paper dolls friends who never have to worry about loaning each other clothes as Betty only wears blue and Patty wears only pink. 9 ½” x 11 ½”. PD-397. $15.

VERA ELLEN Dancing star Vera Ellen stars in this David Wolfe-drawn book created in the style of Hollywood's Golden Age. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-388. $12.

HOLLYWOOD STYLES OF THE 60S, 70S AND 80S } Drawn by David Wolfe, featured are 3 dolls and 25 vintage outfits from famously fashionable films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Annie Hall, Bye Bye Birdie and more. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-393. $12.

JOSEPHINE BAKER The toast of the Jazz Age is featured in this fabulous book with 3 dolls and 21 spectacular costumes. 9 ½" x 12 ½".

PAPER DOLL WEDDING } A favorite bridal book of the 1940s, the book offers a grand bridal party of 9 paper dolls and more than 70 costumes and accessories. 9 ½" x 11 ½". PD-396. $12

PD-391. $12.

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Kewpie Dolls

KEWPIE CAT Each 8'' Kewpie is a fullylicensed Vinyl doll from Charisma Brands. Perfect for your collection or a gift to friends of any age. SD-1280.

KEWPIE PANDA BABY A fully-licensed Vinyl 8" Kewpie doll from Charisma Brands. Perfect for your collection or a gift to friends of any age. Panda Baby.

KEWPIE FIREMAN Firefighter Kewpie will be sure to add charm to your collection or be a wonderful gift for someone extra hot. 8". SD-1284.

SD-1283. WAS $39. NOW $29.

WAS $39. NOW $29.

WAS $39. NOW $29.

KEWPIE POLICEMAN Policeman Kewpie will keep law and order over your collection. 8". SD-1286.

KEWPIE BLUE FLOWER GIRL Blue Flower Girl Kewpie is ready for spring with her pretty press. 8". SD-1285.

WAS $39. NOW $29.

WAS $39. NOW $29.

KEWPIE KIN The Kewpie Kin prefers a cool pink summer dress with matching pink socks in this full licensed vinyl doll from Charisma Brands. 8''. SD-1293. WAS $39. NOW $29.

| KEWPIE SCOOTLES Wearing a two piece red floral patterned costume with black faux leather shoes in this full licensed vinyl doll from Charisma Brands. 8''. SD-1294.

| CHARMING KEWPIE The Charming Kewpie wears a two piece blue and pink baby doll ensemble in this full licensed vinyl doll from Charisma Brands. 8''. SD-1295.

WAS $39.

NOW $29.

WAS $39.

NOW $29.


Florence & George

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Ginny Dolls by Vogue

RED, WHITE, & BLUE GINNY Classic face shows her true colors wearing a white cotton dress with red and blue embroidery white woven hat red vinyl purse and red shoes. 8''.SD-1111.

BRIDE DOLL A brunette wig highlights that classic Ginny face on this bride doll by Vogue. She wears an elegant white wedding gown complete with tulle veil and floral bouquet. 8''. SD-1233.

BRIDESMAID A blonde wig highlights a classic Ginny face on this bridesmaid doll by Vogue. Wears a stylish peach bridesmaid dress with floral adornments and matching sun-hat. 8''. SD-1234.

WAS $59. NOW $49.

WAS $70. NOW $59.

WAS $70. NOW $59.

BLUE CONFECTION GINNY Curly blonde poodle-cut hair crowns the neatly dressed classic Ginny wearing a blue polished cotton dress with collar, sleeves and skirt border printed in butterfly pattern. Shaded lavender ribbons trim her dress and hair matching the lavender shoes. 8". SD-1056.

LAVENDER CONFECTION GINNNY The red-haired girl from Vogues vintage Ginny collection wears a dainty cotton dress printed with butterflies. The dress is lined with the same lavender fabric as the bodice. Yellow plaid silk sash, yellow shoes and a yellow hair band with lavender flower complete the picture. 8".

CATHY GINNY The vintage re-issue of a 1950's favorite wearing a dainty pink sheer party dress with generous lace and black velvet ribbon trim along with wide-brimmed woven hat that also boasts a black velvet streamer and a colorful cluster of flowers.SD-1059.

SD-1057. WAS $62. NOW $49.

WAS $62. NOW $49.

WAS $62. NOW $49.

CRIB CROWD GINNY, BABY LOVE } Produced by the new Vogue firm to precisely copy the look and feel of the 8" babybodied Baby Love: Wearing a baby’s traditional white gown including matching bonnet and booties.

KIDDY POOL GINNY } She wears a red and white striped swimsuit and perky sunglasses. She carries a blue beach towel with yellow ducky design, and in case the water is too deep, she wears a bright yellow inner tube with yellow ducky head.SD-511.

SD-521. WAS $55. NOW $45.

WAS $39. NOW $29.

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Classic Book Sale! | BUTTON IN EAR, THE STEIFF ENCYCLOPEDIA Hardbound. 264 pages. 9" x 11". BB-125. $90. Special Price $15.

There are many easy ways to place your order: Go Online Visit

| FRENCH DOLLS IN FOLKLORE COSTUME, 1835- 1917 hardbound. 180 pages. 10" x 10". BT-185. $49. Special Price $10.

| CLASSIC PLASTIC: AMERICAN DOLLS 1945/65 Softbound. 150 pages. 8 ½" x 11". BT-161. $39. Special Price $10.

By Telephone

| ANTIQUE NEEDLEWORK, SEWING TOOLS & ACCESSORIES Softbound. 128 pages. 9" x 10".

Call toll-free 800-966-3655 from 8:30AM – 8PM EST Monday through Friday.

BT-309. $49. Special Price $25.

By Mail Send your order along with credit card, check or money order to: Florence & George, PO Box 2319, Annapolis, MD 21404

"Over 75" Classic Doll Related Books On Sale Online at | THE DOLL AS ART 144 pages. Hardbound. 9"x 12". BT-106. $68. Special Price $25.

| IN THEIR FASHION: DOLL COSTUMES AND ACCESSORIES, 1850- 1925 Softbound. 144 pages with 275 color photographs. 8 ½" x 11". BT-139. $39. Special Price $10.

| GLAMOUR OF CHILDHOOD DAYS: ALEXANDER'S ELEGANT LADIES Hardbound. 64 pages with 119 color photographs. 8" x 8". BT-176. $25. Special Price $10.

| WHEN THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN Hardbound. 148 pages. 9" x 12". BT-259. $75. Special Price $25.


| IN CHARACTER 144 pages, 200 color photographs, hardbound. 9" x 12 ½". BT-115. $68.

| DRESSING DOLLS, ANTIQUE PAPER DOLLS, 1850-1965 9" x 11 ½". BT-205. $49.

Special Price $15.

Special Price $15.

Florence & George

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2018 CALENDAR OF DOLLS Now 16 months! November 2017 - February 2019. Sixteen full-color photographs featuring a wide variety of gorgeous antique dolls. 24" x 12". ORDER NOW FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED. PL-150. $22.

KARMA CAT BEDS The quirky “mouse” and “owl” designs of the Karma Cat beds aren’t for the cats, that feature is for you. Every single other aspect of the Karma Cat Beds, though, is designed entirely with your feline family member in mind. The Karma Cat Beds are entirely produced of Himalayan wool which has not been chemically cleansed and uses only safe, non-toxic dyes in an environmentally sustainable low-impact dying process. Furthermore lanolin, a natural oil unique to sheep’s wool, reminds your pet of the scent of their mother while it naturally conditions their paws and helps to keep their fur healthy and shiny. Florence & George has tested a Karma Cat Bed in a real world environment and is proud to report that the cats in question not only climbed in the bed and slept, but they did so within minutes of being presented with one. Owl. PA-102. $78. Mouse. PA-100. $78.

Florence & George - Spring 2018  

Gifts and Collectibles Celebrating Yesterday's Childhood

Florence & George - Spring 2018  

Gifts and Collectibles Celebrating Yesterday's Childhood