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Flower B ar

a bes poke s olution for a unique look


Flower B ar


A bespoke retail solution

A flexible product offer that can be adapted to local market requirements. The product offer is built on a product group balance, price level balance, stock rotation rates and seasonal merchandising flow

a bes poke s olution for a unique look to increas e the profitability of your point of s ale

Candles, … Candle holders containers 1st price

The Flower Bar concept enables independent multi-brand outlets to promote the essence of the SIA offer, in a dedicated area, in a high quality environment : •


The es s ence of the S IA offer :

Self training tools are supplied each season to enable partners to master the SIA style : • Floral mood boards • Visual merchandising guidelines

SIA’s main product expertise : flowers & containers, candles & candleholders. • SIA’s added value : a dynamic offer relying on permanent renewal of course, but also using the relaxed idea of a « bar » : this brings to mind happy hours, daily’s special , etc. •

A dedicated area :

A high quality environment :

and themes.

15 to 20m², to strengthen the visual impact of the product offer.

a flexible concept using retail fixtures which gives value to products


Marketing support • Signage & visuals to liven the product offer • W rapping material


medium to high

flowers high price

Business Formula "Flower Bar"  

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