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One Year Program Fall Semester: Utrecht – September – December Spring Semester: Århus – January – June

Overview The Europe in the World programme will develop your understanding of European and global affairs. The course aims to provide a grounding in politics, economics and society at the European level with a view to the world. The emphasis is on providing the background knowledge necessary, the tools you must have to become capable journalists and the challenges that allow you to grow personally, intellectually and professionally.

Course aims

• Have the competence to cooperate in a team or editorial setting • Reflect on the quality of his work by evaluating his own work and the work of fellow students. • Use sources from various cultures in an efficient way through research methods and by contacting oral sources • Present research in a journalistic product, in several genres and in at least two media: in print and as a multi-media production

• Select relevant topics and find relevant angles concerning Europe and the European Union considering the medium and target group

• Organize journalistic work in a professional way, while planning accurately and communicating effectively with other participants

• Analyze important and relevant developments regarding Europe, the European Union and the individual member-states

• Reflect on ethical aspects of his work and the role of journalism in society and understand the rights and responsibilities of the journalist.

• Working in an international context of news gathering the student should be able to draw up a quality research plan based on the medium, target group, length and deadline

• Have an understanding of the basic literature in the various relevant subject areas and be able to reflect on the information and perspectives that it contains.

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Study loads and credits Utrecht: September – December Course Hours ECTS Introduction and UtrechtViews


Regional Economy


Reporting Europe


European Economics


European History


European Politics/Brussels trip


Introduction to European Law


Europe and the Islam


English Writing (optional) Total ECTS Utrecht


Århus: January – June Course Hours ECTS Introduction and DaneViews


Foreign Policy – World politics




Final exam project and oral exam


Jean Monnet Lectures (optional) Total ECTS Arhus


Teaching Staff The course will be taught by Hogeschool Utrecht and DMJX staff supplemented by teachers from other countries and institutions and guest lecturers from the media.

Level Advanced undergraduate level. Students must have a minimum of two years training in journalism and a high level in English. DMJX 7 and 8 semester journalism students participate in the programme.

Network With this course you hit two birds with one stone; both getting a professional content, and a network of international journalism students from all over the world.

Admission We offer 18 places for international students, mainly from DMJX and Hogeschool Utrecht partner institutions, and only for the whole year.

How to apply See application forms at www.dmjx. dk/international

Deadline for application 15 April. You are welcome to contact Inger Munk imu@journalisthojskolen. dk, or Anna Nejrup for further information.

“The whole experience was the best thing. To have an opportunity like this is unique and I am glad to have been part of the Europe in the world program. To study abroad was one of my dreams and thanks to this study program, it has become true” Francisca Macia Alacid, Spain

“Well, I would need about 20 pages to enumerate all the amazing experiences I have had this year. I was surrounded by 19 fascinating, lively, funny and intelligent people who challenged me constantly and made me laugh. Each of them has added so much to my life and as a group they have helped me mature and develop into an adult” Seth Rosen, USA

THE DANISH SCHOOL OF MEDIA AND JOURNALISM – OVERVIEW Education in journalism, photojournalism, graphic design, interactive design, creative communication, TV and media directing, and media production and management. A wide range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, diplomas, courses and further education programmes within the field of journalism, media and design. Northern Europe’s largest centre for journalism training and skills (UPDATE) with over 100 training courses and other events offered each semester. Cooperates with a large network of international partners to exchange students and teachers. Strategical partnerships with international partners on specific projects. Copenhagen and Aarhus campuses. Approx. 1460 full time students

Europe In The World  

The Europe in the World programme will develop your understanding of European and global affairs. The course aims to provide a grounding in...

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