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Thursday, March 8, 2012 The Showbox SODO 1700 1st Ave S. Seattle, WA 98101

5:00pm 1st show 8:00pm 2nd show $60 Front Row VIP with Swag Bag $40 Reserved Seating $20 General Admission (SRO)

Illustration by: Cindy Marlatt, Fashion Design Student

See for program duration, tuition, fees, and other costs, median debt, federal salary data, alumni success, and other important info.








saturday march 31 10pm

join dlist magazine to celebrate seattle’s own dj tina t for a night of music and friends. for free guest list email Tia Lou’s 2218 1st ave Seattle WA 21+ with id for addition vip accomodations text 206-335-5202 or email for more information

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Cover Photo: Julia Duffy domrose Styled by Jenascia Chakos Hair and makeup by teryl Hawk Clothing: Sweater/elvine/cy's own; white pullover/built for man; jeans/civil society/the finerie; sneakers/supra/cy's own; beanie/h&m/ Cy's own



media group


Seattle’s Favorite Over 40 Years Voted Top 5 Best Late Night Restaurant

in the nation by the Food Network

Join Us for Happy Hour Happy Hour: 7 days a week at 13 Coins Mon-Sat: 4pm-6pm & 10pm-Last Call Sunday: 4pm-Last Call

Enjoy Our Live Music At our Night Owl Lounge View our schedule at:

13 Coins Private Dining This award-winning restaurant offers private dining space and a dedicated setting to suit all private dining needs.

Enjoy $10 Off Your Guest Check when you bring in this ad (NWD) Spend $40 or more at 13 Coins and receive $10 off your entire check! Not valid on holidays or with any other coupon or discount. One discount per table, per visit. Valid through May 31, 2012.

Located Just Outside the Airport Entrance!

Take the Mercer exit, left on Fairview, right on Denny, right on Boren.


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a little obsessed with the ROOM SERVICE story in feb's @DListMagazine (featuring a lil @BYBOE STUDIO!). @Jenascia = new fave stylist.

@DListMagazine got nostalgic for a second thinkin bout golden ticket parties & their DOPE energy!! miss em x)

Tweet of the month! @CYWAITS photo shoot with @DListMagazine :) I have to say that it is an amazing mag and great team behind it!

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Thanks to Pauly Shore for giving us a great interview! He will be at the Parlor Billiards & Ultralounge Nightclub tonight and tomorrow!

Cy Waits getting ready for his March Cover of DList Magazine... 1,148 People Reached 路 3 People Talking About This

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photo fame

photo fame

christopher lawrence @ volume

cc sheffield & fever @ munchbar 1 year





Chris Brown


Fortune MARCH 16

MDNA March 26

On March 16, riding high on his Grammy win for Best R&B Album for ‘F.A.M.E.,’ Chris Brown will drop his highly-anticipated LP ‘Fortune’ as the second part to his last album “F.A.M.E.” The album will include his new club banger ‘Turn Up the Music’ in addition to his sexy R&B single ‘Strip.’ He is also incorporating dubstep into ‘Fortune’ and has collaborated with artists like Wiz Khalifa and Nas.

They don’t call her the Queen of Pop for nothin’! Madonna‘s latest album, ‘MDNA’ and her new single, ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” are at the top of the iTunes charts all over the planet. ‘MDNA’ can be preordered in 51 countries — and is already at No. 1 in a whopping 49 of them! The album recorded in New York and LA, reunites Madonna with former collaborator William Orbit ("Ray of Light").

The Shins


Port of Morrow

the block brochure

march 26

march 30

Psychedelic rockers The Shins have announced their fourth album! The record will be released jointly on frontman James Mercer's Aural Apothecary label and Columbia Records, making it the group's first set to come out via a major label. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and Portland over the past year with producer Greg Kurstin. As with previous Shins records, Mercer wrote all of the songs and played the majority of the instruments.

Bay Area rapper E-40 announces that he will be releasing three full length albums on the same day during March, 2012. He will be taking a stab at some creative marketing, releasing three albums on the same day entitled The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1, The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 2, The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 3. The new projects will feature names like YG, Raheem DeVaughn, Snoop Dogg, 2 Chainz, and Brotha Lynch Hung.

Mass Effect 3

March 6 System: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Street Fighter x Tekken

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

The final battle for earth has b e g u n a nd it i s yo u r j ob, Co m m a nde r S hep ar d , t o protect the fate of human- System: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, ity. “Mass Effect 3” is a diPlayStation Vita rect sequel to the amazingly Over the last three years, System: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 popular Xbox 360 franchise fighting games have made Based on the wide success s et i n t he d i s t a nt f u t u r e. a resurgence in mainstream of both games and movies, Over the years, the series gaming like no other. Missing “Resident Evil” has become has gained momentum befrom this uprising, however, a household name. So I REcause of its impeccable stohas been the historic “Tekken” ALLY hope that the team rytelling and breathtaking franchise. With the major at Capcom doesn’t screw up Ac t i o n - R P G s t y l e g a m e success of “Street Fighter 4,” what could be one of their play. “Mass Effect 3” is set Capcom is looking to bring most anticipated and exciting to bring the story of Comback a classic rivalry in ways games in years. “Operation mander Shepard full circle gamers have never seen before. Raccoon City” takes place in the most anticipated re“Street Fighter x Tekken” will during the events of “Resident lease of 2012, finally giving bring both the beautiful visu- Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 3: players the ability to team al style of “Street Fighter” and Nemesis,” only this time playup with friends and tackle the arcade action of “Tekken” ers are put into the shoes of the campaign cooperatively, together. For the first time an Umbrella Security Service and for the first time, PS3 players will be able to ex- officer, investigating the outand PC gamers will get a perience fights in the worlds break which has been infecttaste of the action the same of both games. This game is ing the residents and workers day as Xbox 360. going to be a surefire hit with of Raccoon City. Giving this younger gamers discovering alternate perspective should fighting games for the first give players a more rounded time, as well as classic fans of view of both sides of the both franchises. outbreak, allowing for more depth and expansion into the future (or past) of the long running “Resident Evil” series.

March 6

march 20



aMy Week With Marilyn March 6

Summer of 1956, Colin Clark, down from Oxford

aJack and Jill March 6

aFootloose March 6

Jack Sadelstein is a successful advertising executive

City kid Ren MacCormack moves from Boston to a small

and determined to make his way in the film busi-

in Los Angeles with a beautiful wife and kids who

town in the South where rock 'n' roll and dancing have

ness, worked as an assistant on the set of “The

dreads one event each year: the Thanksgiving visit

been banned after recent tragedies where five students

Prince and the Showgirl.” Colin's intrigue is met

of his identical twin sister, Jill. Jill's neediness and

are killed. The councilmen and the reverend of the town

when Marilyn invites him into her inner world

passive-aggressiveness is maddening to Jack, turning

respond with the ban and Ren’s rebellious spirit shakes

where she struggles with her fame and beauty.

his normally tranquil life upside down.

up the populace.

aLIKE Crazy

athe muppets

Anna and Jacob fall instantly in love when they meet

The story revolves around The Muppets reuniting

Seduced by the challenge of an impossible case, the

as students in college. But Anna is British and after

after a huge falling out to save The Muppet Studios

driven Dr. Carl Jung takes the unbalanced yet beau-

March 6

March 23

aa dangerous method March 27

graduation she decides to stay and violate her student

in Hollywood. They have to put on a show in the

tiful Sabina Spielrein as his patient in “A Danger-

visa. After a visit home, she is prohibited from Amer-

Muppet Theater and get 10 million viewers to save

ous Method.” Jung's weapon is the method of his

ica. While fighting immigration battles, they must de-

the studios from an evil Texas oil tycoon.

master, the renowned Sigmund Freud. Both men

cide what their relationship is worth.

fall under Sabina's spell.



atim & Eric's Billion dollar movie

Tim & Eric had a very success- and then take a

ful show called, you guessed it, Tim

vid of yourself signing Tim and Eric's

Tim & Eric in a variety of character portrayals along side an all-star team of

March 2

& Eric's Awesome Show that was an

Billion Dollar Movie Pledge. Upload

guest appearances including Zach Gali-

extremely dry humored sketch com-

to Youtube and then send the link for

fianakis, Will Ferell, John C. Reilly and

You may be asking yourself “Who in

edy show that has a cult like following.

your vid to timanderic@timanderic.

Jeff Goldblum to name a few.

the hell are Tim & Eric and why do

After watching a few episodes you will

com and they'll add it to their Youtube

they have a movie coming out and

see why. To see clips visit Tim & Eric's

channel. Poof! You're famous!

why is this DList's illustrious movie of

website at and while

It's so easy even your pep pep

the month?� You poor sheltered thing.

you are there you can take the pledge.

could do it! (You will understand this

Didn't your mother let you watch

Trust me, you need to do this. Here's

soon enough don't worry.)

Adult Swim on Comedy Central?

how; Download the pledge at www.

Hey newbies to Tim & Eric I have one more thing for you to take with you. #Shrim. Learn about it!

The movie will of course feature

aJohn carter

thriller. Man was I wrong!

March 2

cess that needs a savior.

John Carter follows the

Wi t h t h e D i s n e y p o w e r -

simple premise of boy goes to

house team behind this (Direc-

When I first heard the title of

M ar s , b oy g e t s i mp r i s o ne d by

tor Andrew Stanton of Wall-E

this movie I thought it was an-

twelve-foot tall aliens, boy es-

a n d Fi n d i n g N e m o f a m e) i t i s

other George Clooney political

capes and meets beautiful prin-

sure to be a blockbuster.

a21 Jump street March 16

Jump Street TV show. From 1987 to

Jonah Hill has been on a roll

1991 every greasy haired boy wanted

lately and with him taking a lot of

to be Johnny Depp with his trench

the comedy writing under his wing,

If you are under the age of 21 it is

coat. Fast forward to 2012 and we

even he can make Tatum Chan-

very hard to explain the awesome-

have a movie adaptation which I

ning seem effortlessly hilarious. He

ness of what was the original 21

must admit looks pretty funny.

needs it after The Vow.

aWrath of the titans

and Clash of the Titans still has a

dreamier than ever with his curly

special spot in my psyche.

March 30

With that being said, I do have

are sure to be amazing, I hope the

my reservations about a sequel

magic that the original brought is

I'm as much of a sucker for a Greek

to the sequeless original movie.

matched in the sequel.

God period piece as the next guy

Though Sam Worthington looks


locks and the 3-D special effects

APPS WRITTEN BY Glace Bondeson

Green Living Apps feature app



Price: FREE

Price: $2.99

Available: Android

Available: Android, iOS


Price: FREE Available: Android, iOS

A quality farmer’s market isn’t hard to come by in the year 2012 with the vast amount of community gardens sprouting up all over the city these days. But with the abundance of markets comes the hassle of keeping track of them all in your schedule. Locavore for Android and iOS takes care of everything for you. By selecting your location via GPS, you can browse maps displaying all farmer’s markets in your area, finding information about time, date, location and even what vendors will be selling what products. The most useful feature of Locavore might just be its “In Season” calendar which tells you what produce is current in season in your area and how much longer until they are out of season. It also provides information as to what produce will be fresh in the coming months. Locavore is easy to use and is a one-stop resource that all market and local food lovers will enjoy.

GoGreen is an amazing Android app that allows users to vote in the app whenever and wherever they make a purchase, telling other users how green the business is and about their experiences. So when you are looking for your next favorite green hairdresser or café, look no further then GoGreen for Android.

Fooducate is an amazingly simple and helpful app for anybody who easily buys into temptation at the grocery store. Simply scan the barcode of most any item and Fooducate will display a grade (A through F) on the healthiness of the food you are about to purchase. Next time you are in the junk section, scan a few items and see how healthy you really are.

agreen fuel


Price: FREE

Price: FREE

Available: Android, iOS

Available: Android, iOS

For all of those who have a car that can run on diesel fuel, then this is a great app for you. Green Fuel allows users to find the nearest Biodiesel gas station near them and compare prices on the expensive fuel. This app is sure to help the people who rely on this service.


Treehugger is a constant source for great science and tech related news articles and is a great Web site/blog for all things green, which is now bringing its ever popular Web site to the mobile platform. The app is a condensed version of the site, displaying the newest and most popular stores in a clean and easy to read fashion.

DINE 722 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101

the heart of any great restaurant is it's food. after a decade of delictable fare, its easy to see that dragonfish cafe's heart doesn't just lie in it's cuisine but in the things that matter most. - jordan baer Ernie Sapiro



been going back [to help] every other month for Dragonfish Asian Café, owned by Takao Kikuchi, the past six months so I've been going with her is located in the Paramount Hotel in downtown for two or three weeks every time. We've donatSeattle. The pan-Asian café opened in 1997 and has been thriving ever since. With its heart-of- ed a percentage of sales to the Ishinomaki City Seattle location, wide array of dishes, wallet- Chamber of Commerce. We hope the people will ultimately be able to start their lives over again. friendly price points and unbeatable specials, it's We want to create hope for them.” no wonder the café is considered one of the best. Partially as a result of his trips back to Japan, “I came to the United States when I was 20 Kikuchi has been adding more Japanese-inspired years old,” Kikuchi said. “I loved going out to dishes to the menu, but he mentioned that he drink and bar-hopping was my hobby. I started isn't actually much of a cook, surprisingly. “I to think that having my own place would be cool, know taste, but I can't cook,” Kikuchi insisted. but I was a student.” After attending several different schools, “Sometimes I'll bring in recipes to [Chef Mark]. I'll say, 'This is how I make it.' Then he'll make it Kikuchi got a job at a sushi restaurant on Lake and we'll compromise.” Union, which inspired him to finally enroll It seems as though they've reached the most in culinary school. “I did the culinary program and during that time, I did some research,” com- delicious compromise with a menu that could please anyone. From tempura peppered bacon mented Kikuchi. “I had no idea what to do. I met to lime rickey shrimp, lemongrass crusted tofu, with a consultant and we talked about what kind of restaurant I would open. He suggested pan- Asian curried steak fries, garlic ginger chili chickAsian. Originally I had wanted to open up a Japa- en and prawns and a sushi menu that's bound to please, this place has all its bases covered. Meat nese restaurant because I'm Japanese, but he said lovers, vegetarians and gluten-intolerants alike that since we were in America, we should target have nothing to fear because the Dragonfish Americans instead of Japanese.” menu has something for everyone. Although Kikuchi aims to please Americans Rather than adhere to a strict menu of trawith his menu, he's using his profits to help the ditional Asian delicacies, Dragonfish also has a people back home in Japan. “Last year there was number of dishes that incorporate curry and oththe disaster and my wife was from one of the most er less common f lavors for Asian food. In addidevastated areas,” Kikuchi explained. “She's


tion, they offer an all-American breakfast, which includes eggs, bacon and even French toast, starting at 7 a.m. every morning. Not only is Dragonfish open early, but it is open late too, until 1 a.m. Most people don't know it is actually a late night hot spot. With the appeal of small portion sizes and mostly singledigit prices, Dragonfish attracts groups of people who just want to leisurely enjoy small dish after small dish. As for the specials, it doesn't get much better than what Dragonfish has to offer. Happy hour occurs daily from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. If you happen to make it in on a Monday, however, you'll be treated to happy hour all night long. Wednesday is Girlfriends Night Out, during which there are $5 drink specials and amazing raff le prizes that are worth a minimum of $100 each. Finally, there are Sake Cinema Sundays from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. at which time all sakes are discounted 50 percent and movie tickets to local theaters are available for $6.50. With its large, diverse menu and impossibleto-beat specials, you won't be disappointed at the Dragonfish Asian Cafe. So place your reservations now and go experience a true night on the town in the heart of Seattle.


Holy Macaron!

Dainty macarons – with one ìoî - bring Paris to mind as quickly as a baguette or croissant. Unlike the coconut cookies we see in the United States, French-style macarons are pastel meringue-based sandwich cookies that are most commonly filled with butter cream frosting. The texture of the macaron is its most valuable and volatile characteristic. Making it perfect requires a delicate process with many potential pitfalls. Macarons have become increasingly available as of late. Here are your most likely candidates for authenticity.

WEST SEATTLE: Bakery Nouveau 4737 California Ave SW Seattle, WA 98116

THE MARKET: Le Panier 1902 Pike Place Seattle, WA 98101

THE HILL: Ba Bar 550 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122

Don’t let all the other beauties in the pastry case distract you from the macarons here. Every flavor isn’t created equal, but the margarita is enough to keep you sampling. Tart, creamy and dusted with salt, this cookie impressed me so much, I later wished I had bought two. The superiority of citrus in macarons is also showcased in the fantastic blood orange version.

Stick to the twice-baked almond croissants here. Waiting in the constant line for these macarons might not be worth it. They are colder than room temperature, for one thing, suggesting that they were baked on a previous day. And although the texture improves noticeably as they warm up, they remain overly sweet with an artificial flavor.


The French influence in this all-around excellent Vietnamese restaurant can be seen most clearly in its pastry program. A walk-up counter with coffee and treats is open at 7 a.m. daily. In addition to superb croissants and cinnamon rolls, there are, of course, macarons. Flavors tend to be wonderfully quirky; kaffir lime and licorice have made appearances.

It’s Easy Being Green -Delicious Kale Jennifer Martiné

Kale has always been one of those polarizing foods. It hasn’t always been on the top of the shopping list. But the versatile green is making a comeback and not just in the health-food community. This hippy turned hipster green is quickly gaining popularity. It’s high in fiber, iron and other vitamins, is super budget-friendly and is abundant at farmer’s markets. And these days, it’s more than just a side dish. It shines in pasta and adds a touch of green to hearty soups. And kale certainly seems to be the chef’s new menu darling, making appearances in a variety of forms. One of my faves is Capitol Hill hotspot Skillet Café’s Kale Caesar. Now that is some fiber for you! Still have your doubts about one of my favor-

ite foods? Food writer Cynthia Nims will win over even the pickiest palate with her recipe for Kale Chips with Lemon and Ginger, featured in her upcoming book “Salty Snacks: Make Your Own Chips, Crisps, Crackers, Pretzels, Dips and Other Savory Bites.” It hits shelves Oct. 9 in bookstores everywhere. Cynthia has a self-proclaimed salty tooth where most people have a sweet one. I was a lucky recipe taster when she was testing this recipe and it was truly craveable. Whether you’re looking to add something new to your meals or looking for a very hearty green, pick up some kale at your local grocer and get cooking! Cheers - Kathy

Kale Chips Recipe These might taste a bit indulgent, but in fact this is one salty-crunchy snack that’s quite healthy. You can reduce the amount of olive oil to a mere misting from a sprayer if you prefer and certainly you can use less salt to make this snack even healthier. Regular kale is the rather curly relative to flatter lacinato/dinosaur kale; it takes a few extra moments to evenly coat the leaves with the olive oil. Results are equally delicious using either type of kale. The kale takes on a bit of a bitter flavor even when lightly browned, so be sure to keep an eye on things toward the end of cooking and pull the leaves when they’re dry and rigid, but still deep green. 1 bunch (about seven ounces) kale, rinsed and well dried 1 tablespoon olive oil, plus more if needed 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest 1 teaspoon finely grated fresh ginger 3/4 teaspoon kosher salt or flaky or coarse sea salt Preheat the oven to 300°F. Line two baking sheets with parchment paper or silicone baking mats. Set two oven racks at the centermost positions. Trim the tough stems from the kale leaves. Cut larger leaves crosswise into three- to fourinch portions; smaller leaves can be baked as is. Put the kale in a large bowl, drizzle one tablespoon of the olive oil over and toss well with your hands to evenly coat the leaves with oil. The curlier the leaves, the more you’ll want to use your fingers to rub a bit of oil into the nooks and crannies. Just a light gloss of oil is the goal. Drizzle another teaspoon or two over if needed, but avoid excessive oil. Arrange the kale pieces on the prepared baking sheets, the leaves touching each other as little as possible.

Reprinted with permission from Salty Snacks: Make Your Own Chips, Crisps, Crackers, Pretzels, Dips, and Other Savory Bites. Copyright © 2012 by Cynthia Nims. Published by Ten Speed Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, Berkeley, CA.

• • • • •

Combine the lemon zest, ginger and salt in a small bowl and use your fingers to rub the ingredients together well. (Be sure to do this at the last minute.) Sprinkle the salt mixture over the kale leaves. Bake for 10 minutes. Switch the baking sheets and continue baking until the leaves are dry and rigid but not browned, 10 to 12 minutes longer. If some leaves at the outer edges of the baking sheets are ready earlier, transfer them to a wire rack and continue baking the remaining leaves for a few minutes. Use a metal spatula to transfer the leaves to wire racks to cool. Serve on a platter or in a broad shallow bowl. The kale chips are best on the day they are made, but can be stored for up to a day in an airtight container. Makes four to six servings.




Te ry l Ha w k Ha ir & M ak eu p by os ak Ch ia sc M ed ia ) St yl ed by Je na em en t (@ M ai le PR ag an m ds ar w ca br al ed

ro se Ju li a Du ff y Do m Ph ot og ra ph y by fo r le Ca br al Ha ge r In te rv ie w by M ai



DISTINCT Cy Waits is undoubtedly one of the most successful nightlife and club entrepreneurs in the world. Recently, I had the honor of speaking with Cy, discussing his meteoric rise to the top of the Las Vegas and Hollywood nightlife scene. Cy Waits was at one-time an owner and partner at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. XS is located inside the Encore Las Vegas, which is owned by the Wynn Resorts Holds, LLC and it has been widely speculated to be one of the most expensive clubs in the world, with an estimated value of over $100 million. He was also a partner in Tryst Nightclub, also located in the Wynn. Currently his twin brother, Jesse Waits, manages and oversees both of the clubs. However, when Cy was still overseeing operations at XS and Tryst he most notably helped XS Nightclub earn the number one spot in the Top 100 ranking in the Nightclub & Bar magazine's annual list. Early in his career Cy learned the ins and outs of the industry when he was with the historic House of Blues (HOB). Here he learned all the basic elements of nightlife that he would need later in his career. He began building a foundation of knowledge and experience by working every job in the front of the house as well as the kitchen at The House of Blues restaurant, to working within their nightclub, at concerts and even with the Foundation Room. His four year stint with them began when he was hired as a security guard, to work the front door. On his days off Cy would come in and learn about anything he could, from lighting to sound to the kitchen. Eventually, the corporate headquarters saw something special in Cy and promoted him to General Manager and he travelled the United States opening new venues for them. When asked about his successful career with HOB Cy said, “As long as you work hard and work harder than anybody else, you will surpass everyone. You can be anyone you want to be. I came from nothing and look where I got." After his time with House of Blues, Cy’s next stop was as Assistant Manager at Tabu Ultra Lounge in Las Vegas. “At the time, Tabu was very edgy and very fashionable. We were the first to have model waitresses and model staff. It was the first ultra lounge, which is a concept we created. I worked very hard for them and within a year was promoted to General Manager based on my work ethics,” Cy says. Moving from a corporate job with House of Blues to Tabu was risky, but he insists that, “You can’t be afraid to take chances.” He stayed with them for three years. From there, Cy’s professional accolades include a six year partnership with Victor Drai, and helping Drai turn around his afterhour’s club named Drai’s inside Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon in Las Vegas. After a successful turnaround in Las Vegas, Cy helped Victor Drai bring Drai’s to Hollywood and secured a successful opening for the brand in Los Angeles. Cy has also been a managing partner in the past at Botero restaurant inside Encore Las Vegas, which took him from the nightclub industry to the restaurant industry. His most

recent venture is “The Agency” in Hollywood, which is a smaller, invitation only venue built for celebrities. He was even named one of Extra’s “America’s Most Eligible Bachelors”. DList Magazine and I were honored to bring this nightlife mentor to Seattle for an exclusive interview and photo shoot for the magazine. Here are excerpts from the interview with Cy where he talks about his rise in the nightlife industry, how he got started, and even about his relationship and breakup with Paris Hilton. So Cy, how has your visit to Seattle been so far? Cy: Everything has been great so far. I love it! It’s been cold and it rained, but people are still very friendly. It’s a very fashion forward place and a very romantic city. Have you ever visited here before? Cy: No, but surprisingly I have a lot of friends out here. I’m getting a lot of calls and texts from people. Yeah, your friends and your fans are definitely learning through the grapevine that you are in town! How do you feel about having fans here? Cy: I am very appreciative of how I have been treated here. I’m surprised at how many fans I have in Seattle. How did your photo shoot go? Were you nervous? Cy: It was a lot of fun. I have done several photo shoots before and it was very easy and everyone was fun to work with. I loved the energy in the DList Magazine office. So far, you guys are genuinely the favorite that I’ve work with. I was very tired but you guys made it effortless for me. The photographer was great and I wasn’t nervous in front of the camera. Everyone was just easy, no one had attitudes. Most of the clothes at the shoot were a locally created brand called Built For Man by Francisco Hernandez. How did you like the locally based clothing line we styled you in? Cy: His shirts really fit me like a glove. He makes great clothes for me, because I am into fitness. I’m not a body builder but I am a fit guy. He puts a lot of thought and complexity into his designs and its clear he designs for people that are fit and into their health. I appreciate that. For men’s clothing this guy is the best, really he’s a genius. After the shoot you picked up some one-ofa-kind pieces from Built For Man, as well as some of his other pieces which are available at The Finerie, in downtown Seattle. Are you excited about them? Cy: Yes, this city is a great place to go shopping in. I was surprised to see how many talented local designers there are. Have you read DList Magazine before? Cy: I think DList is a great magazine for peo-



ple in the nightlife industry. I’ve read a couple of the magazines and they are very good. They know what is going on, they are very hip and on trend. The magazine is not out in L.A. or Vegas, but from now on, I will watch what they are doing up here in Seattle. Your accolades are pretty impressive. Tell me what getting started in the nightclub industry was like for you. Cy: I started as a security guard at a club in Las Vegas, and moved my way up to Management from there. Really, I dabbled in all aspects of the industry. I’ve worked in every aspect, from security to bar back, to bartender, and even lighting. I’ve never worked exclusively as a DJ, but I watched and learned what they do. I came in on my days off to observe what is going on and put a lot of time in. I would also go out and market the clubs on my own, hand out f lyers and try to bring more business in. So, Seattle’s nightlife has its pro’s and con’s. What advice can you give to anyone about being successful in the nightlife industry? Cy: You have to know your market, and what your market wants. And then, be unique. I also think being honest and cutting out the B.S. is important. Be very motivated and be the best. Make sure you do everything right. Build a great foundation and after that take care of it. Address all the elements you need to be a success. Really, it’s a lot of hard work. What is your key to a successful nightclub? Cy: Keeping it sexy is vital, keeping it warm. The attention needs to be on the club itself and not the entertainment at the club. Having the act is the cherry on top. People want to come somewhere where they know they are going to be treated well, every night and not just when there is a headline act is in town. Your customers need to know what to expect when they come in. They need to feel comfortable. What is the best way to make your customers feel comfortable in your club? Cy: There are many elements that play a role in keeping people comfortable. The venue needs to have good f low. Your staff has to be very well trained and the venue needs to be clean. Organization and communication with your staff and team is key. Be consistent and have the integrity to run your club the same from night to night. Having the lighting just right, and perfect, is really important. You can’t have the wrong lighting no one wants to go into a club that is too dark because it’s scary. You want them to feel safe in your club and when they feel safe, they are comfortable. The colors in the venue also have to be sexy. If you use the wrong colors people will want to leave. They will feel more comfortable with warm colors that make them feel like they are in their own living room. Don’t just paint your club black. What kind of crowd do you want in your

DISTINCT clubs? Cy: A sexy crowd is definitely important. But more than that, controlling your crowd is also key. The patrons you let in the door have to respect the staff and the other patrons. As an operator, you have to constantly stay on top of your crowd. You can’t let hooligans in even if you have a slow night. If the night is slow, accept the fact that it is slow and keep the crowd sexy even if it means less numbers through the door. In Vegas we have to keep a balance between the table and bottle buyers and the ticket buyers who are more of a filler crowd. In Seattle, you would want to make sure to keep the right balance between premium drinkers and your filler crowd drinking the well specials. Do you make an effort to maintain relationships with your guests? Cy: Yes, building and maintaining relationships with customers is crucial. You have to make them feel at home. Everyone wants to be where they feel the most comfortable. Also, I try to be the best at anything I do and I am always open to learning more. You have to really learn the business and be willing to change in order to stay ahead of what’s going on. Otherwise you’ll fall behind everyone else. You need to be ahead of the curve. How do you stay ahead of the curve and keep things interesting at your venues? Cy: It’s a lifestyle. You have to live the nightlife. I think most professionals live the lifestyle of their industry. You have to keep your finger on the pulse. I am involved day to day and am a strong operator. I also observe what is going on. I talk to a lot of people and see what they like and what they dislike. I talk to cab drivers or anyone really and ask them what they think and I listen to their responses. I also travel and watch what other clubs are doing. Do you think nightclub owners in Seattle can be successful? Cy : Ye s , ab s olu t ely. I b r o u g ht a n ig ht c lub to Macau, where a nightclub had never been done before and we were very successful. If you follow the right recipe, you can be successful anywhere. Make sure you hire and keep the right staff. Each of your staff members are key marketing tools for your club. Your waitresses are better than any billboard, and being in touch with your staff is more important than anything. You want to look at your waitress and know that you want that look and you would want their friends to come in too. What’s the biggest mistake other club owners make? Cy: It’s a lot of things. There is a formula and a recipe to a successful nightclub. It comes with the details like the sound and lighting and the temperature of the club. The f low that’s in there is important and the staff and the way people run their door. You can’t let other people run your clubs for you. Marketing is very important and partner with the

right people, the right magazines, the right billboards. Figure out what works best in your city for your demographic. What’s your most important marketing tool? Cy: Employees are your most important marketing. Treating your employee’s right is imperative. You have to dress them well and pay them well. Listen to your employees concerns and have them come up with solutions. They get it, they are right there in the middle of it. Sometimes, their solutions will make sense. When they give you solutions, it’s a win-win situation when you solve something together. Do you use hosts or promoters to boost your business? Cy: Yes, hosting and promoting is a profession in Las Vegas. They make a ton of money and take it seriously. They are very well respected in the community because nightlife is the number one industry in Las Vegas. Vegas and L.A. always gets the world’s best DJs. Who are some of your favorites? Cy: I have several of them. I have so many favorites. I really like all types of music but EDM is everything right now. I love Avicii, a Swedish house music star. I also love Tiesto, Alesso and Rehab. Manufactured Superstars, are good DJs. I really like Morten Breum. This guy Travis Emmons out of L.A. is a great local DJ too. There are really too many to list. I’m really fortunate that I am able to get some of the best DJs in the world, like Deadmau5, to play at The Agency in Hollywood, in such an intimate setting. I’m guessing your Blackberry never stops ringing. How do you deal with all the communications? Do you use an assistant, or do you just attend to everything yourself ? Cy: I like doing it myself because I don’t want a ny t h i ng b e i ng m i s - c o m mu n i c a t e d , w h i c h could be really bad. So tell me, what’s next for you? Are you working on anything outside the nightlife industry? Cy: I have a music studio I’m working on. I’ve been asked to work on one of Jenny McCarthy’s upcoming shows. I love good food so I’m working on a few restaurants. I feel most comfortable staying with what I know best. I wouldn’t mind doing other stuff but it just seems nightlife is what I am best at. K a s s ie a nd I we r e ho no r e d t o at t e nd yo u r charity events you partnered on with Roc Nation after the Grammys this year. The event i nc lu de d p e r fo r m a nc e s f r o m DJ S eb a s t i a n Ingrosso, Rihanna, Chris Lake, Calvin Harris and Deadmau5. How did you feel the event went? Cy: It went great. I’ve worked with the House of Blues so many times before and most of the people or additional staff I brought in were from my new club, The Agency. My management team Misty Mansouri and JP did a great job. Really my entire staff was great. I couldn’t



have done such a great job without them. I appreciate what you do professionally. Can we talk a little about you? I know that you’re a very private person. Have you always been that way? Cy: I try not to blend or mix the two, my personal life and professional life. It’s the lifestyle I live, it’s hard. But I like to come home and protect those small things, the little things that you do have in your private life. I don’t like to be completely accessible. What’s it like when you were single trying to meet people in L.A. and Vegas? Cy: Well it’s not hard, you meet lots of people. But that’s part of the problem is that you meet a lot of people but you never know what their intentions are. I have to ask, are you currently dating? Cy: Yes, I am dating. What do you find most attractive in a woman? Cy: She has to be secure about herself and I like women that are soft and sweet. I know the million dollar question for our female readers is about your relationship and break-up with Paris Hilton. Tell me about that? Cy: Since we broke up, I have never spoken out publicly about our relationship. Today, Paris and I remain on good terms, but our relationship is a chapter in my life that is closed. My family and her family remain friends. Ok, so switching gears, I noticed you haven’t been tweeting much lately, are you taking a break? Cy : N o, I j u s t g e t a n x i e t y i f I d o n’t t we e t people back that tweet me and I feel bad and I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But, I am very busy and it can become a full time job itself and can be very time consuming. Where should your fans follow you on Facebook or Twitter? Cy: I don’t have a personal Facebook page so they can read my article in DList Magazine to learn about my visit to Seattle. Or, tweet with me @CyWaits, which are tweets coming directly from me. Last Question, I promise. So, when are you coming back to Seattle? Cy: I hope soon. There are a couple opportunities here I’d like to get involved in. I’d like to see more of the city and the culture. I would like to have a longer trip, this was such a quick trip. When I come back, I especially want to come in the summer time so I can experience the city when it’s not raining. There are just a lot of great people here, a lot of pretty people.




Sinfully Delicious Flavored whiskys are quickly becoming the "it" spirit in the US. While there have been other cinnamon flavored whiskys on the market, Sinfire is bottled in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Hood River Distilleries) and we think it is superior in taste and profile. Tr y it for yourself at a liquor store near you!

The Taste

The Drinks

The Proof

Hood River creates the much celebrated Pendleton Whiskys which leads us to believe any Whisky based spirit coming out of Hood River Distilleries is going to reign supreme. With a nice Cinnamon flavor profile, it's easy to see why Sinfire is quickly becoming a hit!

Cinnamon is a flavor that is extremely enjoyable but also complex to mix. While Hood River recommends drinking it as a shot or on the rocks we also believe it is great mixed with Jagermeister (50/50) as a shot (Dead Nazi) or in an Oatmeal Cookie (equal parts Sinfire, Jagermeister, Baileys and Butterscotch Schnapps.)

The "Proof" of any liquor is the amount of alcohol in the spirit as measured by a percentage then multiplied by two. Sinfire follows the proof of most all other flavored spirits coming in at 70 proof (35% alcohol by volume.) This allows enough "oomph" but not too much to make it unenjoyable.

Can't get enough cinnamon? Check out these other cinnamon flavored spirits. GOLDSCHLAGGER: Cinnamon Liquer

AFTERSHOCK: Cinnamon Schnapps

FIRE WATER: Cinnamon Schnapps

The original Cinnamon liquer that gained massive popularity due to it's actual gold flakes floating in the spirit.

One of the only products that has sugar crystals growing on the bottom of the bottle.

Though not seen as much anymore, this 100 proof spicy spirit was tough to take.



Oskar's King Kemp on Queen Anne. - Aleko Lilly Anne Cho This is the quintessential sports bar. And that it should be. Oskar’s, recently opened in lower Queen Anne, is Shawn Kemp’s self-styled watering hole. And what about Shawn Kemp doesn’t exude Seattle sports? He is one of our most precious adopted sons. A man from the glory days of SuperSonics hoops who has made this city his home should rightfully own one of the great places to watch sports within it. The walls are lined with flat screens galore, making sure there’s no bad seat in the house; whether you’re sidled up to the bar or slouched down at one of the myriad of comfortable tables. There’s leather, neon, local sports paraphernalia and fish tanks in abundance to complete the lively feel of the décor. The bar is gloss black marble, so everything feels slick and smooth, much like the memory of Kemp’s play for so long on the court. 621 Queen Anne Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109

As for the booze, you’ll find a fine selection of beers on tap, many local, with some choice foreign options to complement. Drinks are decidedly cheap, with double martini’s running in the six-dollar range. Oskar’s signature cocktail, the Reignman, is equally as affordable. It’s a potent blend of over-proof rum, melon liqueur, pineapple and orange juices, served tall and tough in a pint glass. It’s a neon green concoction that will tempt anyone with a sweet tooth and send you into party mode in an instant. Whatever your pleasure, you can expect it will be served up with a smile and a friendly word, making you feel right at home. The food is a reasonably priced accompaniment to the beers and booze. Nothing on any of the menus costs more than 10 dollars, which is great when you’re thinking about spending long hours here in front of your favorite games. The menu ranges from Mediterranean-influenced fare to classic southern dishes and American comfort food, so you never lack for choice. All in all, Oskar’s is ultimately a friendly, fun place. A place where the staff will welcome anyone with open arms, make you feel at home, fill you with hearty, homey food and certainly won’t shy away from serving you a stiff drink. So come down and make this your new neighborhood joint or your go-to sports watching venue. Settle in, find your favorite local team on any of the giant screens and enjoy.



Doug Baldwin IN ONE SHORT SEASON THE SEAHAWK'S '2011 OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR' HAS GONE FROM UNDRAFTED FREE AGENT TO ONE OF SEATTLE'S DEADLIEST OFFENSIVE WEAPONS. - EVAN CARTER Photo by Nate Johnson There were plenty of stories during this 2011-12 NFL season, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Tebow, the almost undefeated Packers, and if you live in Seattle… Doug Baldwin. Starting as an undrafted rookie out of Stanford and ending up as the Seahawks Best Offensive Player of the Year, this consistent, hard working first year starter had a lot to prove… and did. With the Seahawks receiving core plagued with injuries, Baldwin stepped up and took the role of a veteran and became one of Tavaris Jackson’s favorite targets. So you were just named the Seahawks best offensive player for this upcoming season. How did that feel? Doug: It felt, I mean, it’s strange because coming into a new situation, you don’t really know what you’re getting into. I was just anxious to get out there and contribute right away as much as I could, whatever I could do. But they gave me an opportunity and I took that. The Seahawks signed you as a Rookie Free Agent, how did that feel? D: Obviously it was devastating when I didn’t hear my name called out in the draft, because it’s been a dream of mine since I was younger. Everything happens for a reason, that's what I believe, so when my agent was talking to Seattle, once the lockout got lifted, everything started to fall into place and I felt like Seattle would be the best opportunity for me to come in and contribute right away. The whole Tim Tebow thing…is it real? Did he have a lucky year, or is he doing something to make his teammates truly play hard for him? D: Well I think everything he brings to the table contributes to the success that they had. I’m not sure what necessarily it is, but wherever he’s been, he’s won, regardless of what people wanted to say about his throwing motion or his mechanics. He’s not a conventional quarterback, but he’s won in high school, won in college, and he’s obviously shown that he can win in the pro level. Whatever he’s doing, he’s doing it right.

have no problem doing that. But obviously with his competitive nature, he wants to come in and start right away, that's just the competitive side of the game. If I were GM of the Colts I’d sign back Peyton Manning and have a similar situation that Aaron Rogers did when he had Brett Farve in front of him. That worked out pretty well. Obviously you’re not as big and tall as some of these other guys. I know that's been said to you over and over but you play the slot, and you’re going up against linebackers like Ray Lewis. How does that feel taking on some of those guys? D: It can be nerve-wracking. In college it was a whole bunch of guys that you didn’t really know, just because its not marketed the same way in the NFL. But once you get to the NFL and like you said, you’re going up against some big name guys, I look inside and I see Ed Reed or Ray Lewis, its like uh… this guy was on the cover of Madden! It’s that thrill of the competition and the challenge going up against one of the best guys that's ever played the game. And being able to compete with them. What are some of the struggles of being a professional athlete? D: I guess it's the status. When you’re a 21, 22, 23-year-old kid and you’re thrown into a situation where you’re given a lot of responsibility, whether it be with status, with the financial gain that you have. All that stuff is very hard to cope with, especially at a young age and how to manage it. For me, personally, it’s weird to hear “It’s Doug Baldwin, its Doug Baldwin!” because at the end of the day I’m the same person as I was 5 years ago, 10 years ago, you know? I’ve just been blessed with an opportunity to be put in a situation where I can do what I love and I can get paid well while I do it. And the status that comes along with it, that's why I love talking to people on twitter! You know cause it keeps you grounded! And it lets them know that hey I’m a normal person too, just like you are. It relieves the responsibility and the pressure so to speak, that people place on you to do so well, on and off the field.

Since you played with Andrew Luck at Stanford, what do you think is going to happen over in Indianapolis? D: I can’t speak for Luck, but from his perspective when I talked to him he has no problem playing behind Peyton Manning. I mean, we’ve been growing up watching Peyton Manning doing what he does on Sundays, so for him, I know if he has an opportunity to learn from one of the greatest quarterbacks that's ever played the game, he’s going to

What are you’re thoughts on the 2012 Draft for Seattle? D: I know the Management will take the best option that falls to them, whether it is a quarter back, a wide receiver, a running back, an offensive lineman, it doesn't matter. As far as our team, our defense has shown ability to be unbelievable at times, just closing down offenses and not allowing them to do anything. Obviously the problem with our team last year was the inconsistency on offense and special teams. I think, once we fill in some holes that we needed to address this coming off season, that we’ll be fine and the future for this team, and like you said, because we’re so young, we could win Super Bowls for years to come as long as we stay together and get consistent.




Two Central District-bred rappers share their nei

Fatal Lucciauno Creighton Designs

“You do it for the hood, I do it for the family,” Fatal Lucciauno raps on “One Love One Purpose,” the bonus track off his long-awaited LP “Respect.” The cut is a literal family affair, featuring his brothers Cease and Luck (another brother, I Am, appears on “Dr. Love”), but distinguishing between region and relation seems counterintuitive to a man who often claims both as one and the same. Fatal’s family, by blood and by music, is talented and ever-expanding and his ties run deep. At last month’s “Respect” album release/birthday party at Chop Suey, the father of six received beautifully belted birthday wishes from his mother and two sisters. The party was hosted by the most prominent advocates in the scene, Larry Mizell Jr. and Jonathan

Moore. In attendance was a who’s who of local rap talent, many of whom collaborate with Lucciauno. Throughout his set, Fatal repped hard for Sportn’ Life Records, the label that first introduced his husky voice to the rap world with 2007’s “The Only Forgotten Son.” Maybe making the distinction between “hood” and “family” is another way for Lucciauno to transcend gangsta rap and its stigmas, something he has done successfully since the jump. “I'm kind of the exception to the rule,” he explained. “It's like a banker who has five children and a beautiful wife and only wants his kids to go to private school, but loves NWA. I'm not just rapping about standing on the corner, selling dope with


a gun in my hand, and if I am, I'm doing so in an artistic manner.” Don’t expect another four-year wait between Lucciauno projects. He has a quartet ready to drop this year, promising to share more love for his allencompassing - and oft-misunderstood - family. “Not enough people put emphasis on me representing my hood and more emphasis on me being in a gang. I'm representing that something good can come out of the Central District,” he stated. “Without that, they wouldn't have me. Anybody who really does appreciate my music has got to understand, that's why I rep it. That's why I'm proud of it.” And that’s why it’s more than just a neighborhood.



ghborhood through savvy street tales - Joe gustav

Av Young Blaze Nick C. Feldman

Seattle is the city of grunge, but its tastes toward hip-hop have been decidedly less grimy. It’s indicative of a greater shift in Seattle music, from the dirty, impassioned wails of Cobain and Co. to the sweet, tidy ballads of The Head and the Heart. Enter Av Young Blaze, a Central District MC whose upbringing was more Bronx than Bellevue. The son of Russian immigrants, the rapper formerly known as Avatar found his way into a reality given the Seattle freeze by local music and media. “My dad died when I was young and my mom was always away for work, so I was on my own,” he said. “It started out just wanting money for sneakers and then I was pitching crack after school. Then

there were shoot outs every weekend.” The gritty realities of the street inform verses hissed from a jagged rasp, its sharp edges shaped by broken glass and hollow-tip grazes. Av calls his music “grunge hop,” not for any overt rock influence in his beats (they’re polished products from the likes of Dipset MPC maestro AraabMuzik), but as a dual homage to the CD and his idol, Cobain. “I see a lot of these new rappers [around the country] name-dropping Kurt and that's what's up,” Av said. “But I'm really from Seattle. I used to smoke blunts on the bench right by the house where he killed himself.” One reason for hip-hop’s recent embrace of


Cobain is respect for his realness. He 100 percent meant everything he said and did, something Av has had to fight for his whole career. “It's harder to jump into that [gangsta rap] lane being a 160-pound Russian white kid,” he admitted, a reason he tempered the g-ness to explore more introspective themes on his latest freely downloadable street album, “The Humble Villain.” It’s also a byproduct of his move to Los Angeles, the result of a decision to leave the CD streets for good and avoid the fate of his idol. “Word to the frontman of Nirvana; don’t put a period where God put a comma,” he croaks on “Feeding My Flame.”

DISCOVERED Imagine the following answers with what Northwest beat-maker ICUH8N calls “silly unicode symbols.” Lots of silly unicode symbols. While our printers won’t allow you to see them as he intended, it’s easy to imagine smiley faces, chess piece, and stars of all varieties carefully integrated within his own audible pastiches, oftentimes beautiful constructions crafted with one eye obviously winking, the other already looking for the next sample to join the sonic collage. ICUH8N has a lot to say so we’ll let him get to it. Know another Northwest artist deserving to be heard? Let us know @DListMagazine #Discovered Name: ICUH8N aka. Jacob William Teitelbaum. Age: Nobody likes you when you're 23. I just turned 24. From: A fresh water island in the greater 206 area. Sounds Like: What free music should sound like. A crescendo of everything I ever felt, everything I ever listened to and everything real augmented by a digital interface. My newer tunes might be self-described as seapunks having a baby in a traphouse with the “Seinfeld” slap bass bumping next door circa 3 a.m. I am that baby. When I'm Not Making Music I'm: Doing the cooking dance 50 to 60 hours a week in an actual kitchen to pay off student loans. Supporting the DIY whenever possible and going to house shows. Riding on the night bus. Spreading positive vibes. Endorsing the mom and pop shops. What's Next: NYC. I may have jumped the gun too soon, but somehow it feels right. I've lived in Washington my whole life and crave u r b a n a d ve n t u r e. Re c o r d i n g my n e x t a l b u m , “BOOTLEGZ,” which will be uncleared remixes and samples of club bangers and favorite jams (Here's a taste: http://www.mediafire. com/?tldy5qf3ifiedc5). Swapping samples with Kyle from USF in our ongoing side project Trails. ( Making moves.


Catch Me At: IRL on an air mattress in a closet in Bushwick. See me in the second life, URL: or Follow me @I_C_U_H8N.

Get familiar with March's "Discovered" artist. - JOE GUSTAV Jacob Teitelbaum


(Almost) Famous Last Words: Warning, time for shameless shout outs and self-promotion. First off, lots of love and a big thanks to my mother and pops for supporting my judgment, letting me not give a fuck and do whatever I want whenever I want. Second, all the friends and family. You are the world that surrounds you and I am blessed to have surrounded myself with a lot of inf luential positivity and creativity! Third, hi haters. If you're hating, stop. It leads to heart disease, hair loss and decreased sexual activity. Rise above the hate and turn those negative vibes around.




EMP Sound Off! Final Round @ EMP Museum

amarch 13

The Good Sin and Luck-One’s album release party @ The Crocodile

Flogging molly @ the paramount

The annual Sound Off ! competition is a rite of

In all likelihood Flogging Molly never noticed, but 6

The Good Sin is pacing uncomfortably on the sec-

passage for Northwest 21-and-unders who now

years ago I stole their beer at a college show in Walla

ond-tier of Seattle hip-hop, well-respected within

contribute in a major way to their respective scenes.

Walla, WA. After my comrades and I were kicked out

the beats-and-rhymes community but with little

In its 11 years of band battling, Sound Off ! has

for crowd-surfing, we slyly crept behind the audito-

recognition outside of it. If there’s any justice in

brought the likes of The Lonely H, Dyme Def, and

rium and ran off with a cooler of Coronas. Judging

local music, his latest release, The Story of Love

Brite Futures to wider recognition. The finals will

by their music, the Celtic punk seven-piece probably

x Hate, will vault him up a notch. That one, and

feature the winners of three separate semi-finals

would not be mad to learn of the theft: with all their

its earnest talk of love and lust over a stalwart se-

and one wild card chosen by EMP’s Youth Adviso-

tales of pirate plundering, they might appreciate the

lection of soulful beats, is being celebrated at the

ry Board. Our bets to duke it out in the last round:

gain of a few illicitly-earned beverages at their ex-

Croc, along with the latest by the conscious King

the playful Rainier-swilling raps of Brothers From

pense. They’ll be celebrating St. Paddy’s Day early at

of the Northwest, Luck-One.

Another, the spacey shoegaze of Spokane’s Ulrich,

the increasingly open-minded Paramount.

and Cassiopeia’s Beirut-borrowing folk pop from Bellingham.

amarch 17

amarch 22

mark farina @ neumos

Skream & Benga @ neumos

amarch 27

young jeezy @ The neptune

Mark Farina’s music is house for the glasses and

Skream and Benga both made their names by plac-

During the height of America’s economic troubles

goatee crowd, of which he has both. Since helping

ing an emphasis on the “dub” aspect of dubstep,

came The Recession, Jeezy’s millenial hip-hop classic about lurid entrepreneurial survival by any

to establish the San Francisco scene, Farina has

focusing on bass with plenty of reverb and space

spent the past two decades perfecting Mushroom

to wobble, and melodies steeped in a Caribbean pa-

means necessary. That release ended on a high note

Jazz, his blend of the bebop-ing sides of hip-hop,

tois. Since Skream’s undeniably brilliant “In for the

with “My President,” an anticipatory celebration of

disco, and dance music. A Farina set is a dance-

Kill” remix and 2010’s mixed bag Outside the Box,

Barack Obama’s election day victory, of hope finally

able but heady undertaking, a learning experience

as well as Benga’s latest offerings, the sounds have

winning. His latest, TM:103 Ambition, is more thug

even, and offers a more highbrow alternative on

become more Euro-centric and closer to what any-

resignation than motivation -- the hope of Novem-

the most belligerent of holidays which will be only

one going to Lucky 2012 knows as dubstep. Either

ber 2008 is gone, things have not gotten better in

crunker given that it falls on a Saturday.

way, that both artists are playing together -- and

the hood, and the Snowman is still kicking the same

at an intimate venue like Neumos -- is a treat that

trap tales, out of both comfort and necessity.

should not be ignored by any bass music enthusiast.



DJ Tina T FROM WASU TO SIN CITY. THIS NORTHWEST NATIVE IS MAKING HER HOMETOWN PROUD. - Joe gustav Dustin Downing for Sin City is known for a lot of things - taking all your money, oversized replicas of international landmarks, sun, taking all your money - but an overlooked highlight of the adult Disneyland is its club scene. Partygoers the world over pack its upscale clubs year round, dancing away slot machine winnings, and the empty pocket blues, to the scene’s most popular selectors. One of whom is a Northwest girl and DJ battle champion. Tina T went from DJ workshops in Seattle and college gigs at Washington State University to being voted “Best Female DJ” in Las Vegas in 2010 and 2011. She’s spun across the globe and currently holds down a Friday night residency at The Marquee Nightclub in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and somehow finds time in her busy schedule to drop knowledge on the next generation of DJs at her Camp Spin-Off. Tina T is packing her Northface and heading up north to celebrate her birthday right in her hometown. Stay tuned to for details on Tina T’s upcoming birthday bash. Growing up in Seattle, what inspired you to become a DJ?

The moment I was really inspired was when I went to watch a DJ battle at a local church off of Broadway Street on Capitol Hill. I got to meet a bunch of the DJs that were competing and DJ DV One was doing classes there, so I signed up. One thing led to the next, I never stopped and here we are. Time flies when you’re having fun! When you started, did you ever imagine it would become your career somewhere outside of the Northwest? Not in my wildest dreams. It wasn’t until midway through college [at WSU] that I started to travel and take it seriously as a career. I took a music marketing class that changed my whole perspective on things and made me realize I could use my marketing degree to market myself as a DJ. You’re an expert scratcher and that’s a big reason you gained recognition early in your career [among other accolades, Tina won LA Weekly’s first ever DJ Spin Off battle]. With DJing being digitally-based, do you feel that scratching is becoming a lost art?


None of the technology out right now can scratch for you or teach you how. It’s something that takes years of practice, hand-eye coordination and muscle memory. I don’t see it as a lost art, but I do see less DJs taking the time to perfect a scratch. What do you have in the works for 2012? I can’t wait to celebrate my birthday in Seattle with all my friends and family this year! Other than that, planning another Asia trip, working on a few new mixes, doing a clothing collaboration with Fox Girls and looking forward to crazy pool parties in Vegas this summer! Head to the DList blog for Tina T’s favorite places to eat, dance and shop in Vegas.

Come Watch

March Madness With The Reignman

$3 $5 $5 $5 $5

Jeremiah Weed Shots Reignman Cocktail Spicy Chicken Drum Sticks Sliced Angus Beef Sliders Famous French Dip w/ Hand Cut Fries

Live Guest DJ’s Every Weekend Friday & Saturday’s 930PM No Cover Voted 2011 “Best Lounge” 621 1/2 Queen Anne Ave North, Seattle WA 98109


The IN Crowd change is often a good thing, especially in the ever evolving nightlife business. tacoma's newest addition to it's growing night club list is just 'in' time. - ELISA BEALl Anne Cho Tacoma is known for its large, stage-centered venues. It’s ideal for party goers with a fast-paced night in mind. T-town is quite a distance to travel for those in search of a quiet classier atmosphere. Or at least, it was. IN Lounge and Night Club, seated in the heart of Tacoma's downtown district, fulfills the south end's desire for repose. Straying outside of the box, IN creates an eloquent ambiance, unlike those that have come before. While open during the week, it is Thursday through Saturday nights that light up the venue, hosting a large and diverse demographic of young professionals. "Providing entertainment and satisfying customers is our number one priority," noted club owner Suzie Vo. IN has the standard necessities of bottle service, happy hour food and a diverse drink selection, along with a polished interior and comfortable decor. While a relaxing lounge environment is the main focus, IN offers a separate yet attached club-like extension, which is perfect if you are anything like me and halfway through a mellow night, the urge to dance is sometimes unbearable. The three bars and handsomely fitting dance floor are more than enough to curb any music lover's or dance enthusiast's appetite. This nighttime spot has the best of both dine and dance, with a strong emphasis on relaxation. IN Lounge and Night Club separates itself from its piers and branches out on a whim that suggests the idea of a great night out doesn't have to include long trips to Seattle or settling for a typical club. 728 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402



Getting to know: Andrew Duran the newest center back of the seattle sounders brings defensive intensity to the newly redesigned roster. - sheena nguyen provided by Seattle Sounders FC It may not have been the most talked about pick or the showiest one, but this year, Seattle Sounders FC may have made the smartest move when it used its first round draft pick on center back, Andrew Duran, hailing from the best defensive college team in the nation last year at Creighton. Within moments of speaking with Duran, your typical down-to-earth Midwestern guy, it becomes apparent he has an abundant amount of passion for the game of soccer and has gone through numerous trials and tribulations to prove it. “I started when I was around 4 years old,” Duran recalled of when he began playing soccer. According to Duran, the sport just fell into place very naturally as he was growing up and his parents wanted him to be active. He didn’t take to anything else quite like soccer. “I played a single game of baseball and thought it was the most boring thing and thought to myself I never wanted to do that again,” he said. But soccer was different. “I just liked it, picked it up and it was clear to myself and everyone around me that it was the best fit for me.” From there, things took off. Duran earned a number of accolades in high school, including being a two-time All-American, MVP during his senior year and being named the 2006 NSCAA High School

a key addition to the Sounders backline, providing Player of the year, all earning him attention from a youthful energy and enthusiasm to a veteran defense. school with one of the richest soccer traditions in the country, Creighton. It was there during his se- “I’m just going to help the team in any way possible,” he said. nior season that he led an extremely stingy defense As a rookie, he understands that playing time that only allowed 0.2 goals per game and 19 shutouts. is not just given out, it has to be earned, but he is Duran also caught the eye of the Sounders FC at this determined to fight for a spot every day because he time. simply loves the game. “I love the competition,” DuWhen the Sounders called his name with its ran stated. “Just how fun the game can be when it’s pick, Duran was overjoyed. “When my name was free-flowing and you can get in the groove. Obviously called I was just taken aback, I had no idea what to winning is a very fun thing too, but the people I’m say…that they picked me was just amazing [and] it was kind of surprising at the same time,” he commented.” with are invaluable.” With the 2012 season beginning shortly, Duran The shock may have come from the fact that the will get his first real taste of Major League Soccer in Sounders were making a gamble on Duran who has a Sounders uniform in front of the best crowd in the been recovering from multiple injuries in the recent league. “I know it’s now or never here,” he commentpast. ed. And he’s prepared to make it work. “I’m just goIn 2010, he had suffered a season-ending knee injury. Two years prior to that, he tore his ACL. “Re- ing try to improve every day. The biggest thing is just improving. Even if it’s in the smallest part of the game, covery is never easy, but Creighton did a great job to just improve every day,” Duran explained. “Also, I with me,” Duran added. “You’ve just got to keep know I have to keep the love there because once the pushing yourself and the people around you push love’s gone I have to move on. For now, I just love the you as well and you look forward to getting back on game and love everyone around me so I’m going to try the field. It’s just determination that gets you back on and make the game a lifestyle.” the field.” Duran is a player that when he recovers, he comes back a better player, which is what makes him


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NIGHTCLUB • LOUNGE • 728 Pacific Ave Tacoma • 253-722-5489

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Happy Hour (Tue-Wed 8pm-close, Thu-Sat 8-11pm) • Live DJ on Weekends • Bottle Service

et the free mobile app at

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Hazel Salon & Organics

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR TRULY ORGANIC SALON EXPERIENCE, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN HAZEL SALON & ORGANICS. - Loren boyd by Jeff Berg and Mira Poling For a truly organic experience, visit Seattle's Hazel Salon & Organics, where the vibe of an old-school beauty shop meets the expertise of natural hair and skincare professionals. All services use products free of paragons, sulfates and petrochemicals, promoting better health for clients and the environment. Guilt-free indulgence at its finest. Hair services include cuts, color and styling, with organic and no-ammonia color choices available. Sugaring and threading are offered for hair removal, both ancient techniques similar to waxing, but gentler on the skin. Not only do organic products result in healthier, shinier hair and softer, glowing skin, but they are better for the environment. At Hazel, the community benefits as well via charitable donations. With years of experience as a hairstylist and a master's degree in nutrition under her belt, owner Tara Berg opened Hazel almost three years ago in Seattle's Phinney neighborhood. "My motivation stemmed from both my passion to care for others as well as a growing disappointment in the lack of integrity of many salons claiming to be organic that were not using completely organic products," Berg said. "I have always been holistically focused and it is our mission at Hazel Salon & Organics to care for our clients as we desire to be cared for ourselves. This extends beyond our doors to our community and our world." In addition to offering the best in all-natural salon services, Hazel proudly participates in charity work. Last month, purple and pink hair extensions were given to many with 100 percent of proceeds donated in a duel fundraiser for King County Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In June, 100 percent of proceeds from two days of services will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Hazel Salon & Organics is located at 5817 Phinney Ave N near the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Visit for a full list of services or to book an appointment. 5817 Phinney Avenue North Seattle, WA 98103


BOUTIQUE 921 East Pine Street Seattle, WA 98122

Mindful Multiplicity

Nube Green offers an extensive collection of products for you and your home. While diverse, all of the merchandise is united under an eco-friendly and craft-minded philosophy. - STEVEN DOLAN by Danielle Bortone-Holt

It’s fitting that Nube Green calls itself a mercan- by the fact that they are made, milled or sourced in the United States. tile, as the store’s products come from a variety Mike Pham, an employee at the boutique, of places, whether they be found on owner Ruth wouldn’t label the merchandise with a single style, True’s travels or created by artists both local and but suggests every product is in line with an ennational. The various categories of goods, which vironmentally-conscious and artisanal philosophy. include apparel, furniture, jewelry, bath products and dishware, also suit a title historically connect“I think that each piece is different,” he said. ed to trade. The merchandise, much like many of the in- “But they all have a sort of handmade quality to them that’s really important for us.” dividual products, is a collage of sorts. Alongside The space has two separate apparel sections, items like a Codor Design stool sourced from a tree trunk, are glasses recycled from soda bottles, one filled with clothing exclusive to Nube Green and the other with various local designers. The calling to mind Pop Art. All of the items are united


former is a collection called State by Adrienne Antonson, who is a sculptor by trade. Each handmade piece is one of a kind, made from repurposed fabrics. Antonson’s work is sculptural and utilizes assemblage, as in the case of a white pleated skirt with brown leather straps. And though vintage fabrics may be integrated into the clothing, the finished products don’t scream outdated. While surveying the store, a first-time customer exclaimed, “A lot of creativity in here!” Creativity that one can imagine is largely guilt-free at that.


Dressing Room FRESH FACE STACE + ZEBRACLUB = FRESH FASHION Photography by Julia Duffy Domrose Styled by Fresh Face Stace & Nicole Geissler Makeup by Fresh Face Stace Hair by Nikaya Papaya Interview by Steven Dolan

How would you describe your personal style? Stace: Classic, sexy, with a little bit of edge. That’s how I like to dress. I like to always be classic. I don’t like too many crazy elements. I always like to be sexy and I always like a little twist. I’m super OCD, so I like things clean. What inf luences your personal style? S: My emotions. I dress to fit my mood. Picking an outfit is always the last thing I do unless it is an occasion. You know, when I get dressed, I think about everything. I just think about everything around me, my surroundings. My emotions are where I get started, but then I think about where I’m going to be, who I’m going to be around. All of those things play a part in how I dress. How do you feature makeup and hair alongside the way you dress? S: Makeup and hair is a huge part of the way I dress. It’s part of my outfit every day. Dressing isn’t as important as makeup and hair is to me, probably because that’s where my passion lies. It’s so funny, too, because I always end up looking the same every day. Makeup and hair can change everything. They can change an outfit dramatically. Do you ever not wear makeup? S: I actually feel the best when I have no makeup on, but because of everything I went through in my life, so far, it’s important to me to take care of myself. My husband passed away six years ago. That’s how I got into makeup. Makeup means a lot to me because that’s what got me through the first three years. I don’t know if people don’t know how to deal with it or what it is, but they treat you differently. They want to feel sorry for you, but that’s not what you need. That’s not what’s going to help you get through. I always took care of myself because I needed strength more than I needed sympathy and to be able to get strength from everybody around me, I had to look like I was OK. Makeup kept me alive. Even though I didn’t feel alive, I always felt, looking in the mirror, I was OK. Would you say it wa s a type of armor for you? S: Yeah, for sure. It was my armor. It saved my life. This was never meant to be a career. I did it because I needed to find something to do to get my mind off things, to move forward, to give me hope. But then all of a sudden I did a couple jobs and the phone calls just never stopped, because I loved it. And I think when you love what you do, people feel that. For me, I’m so grateful to be doing what I’m doing and I’m so grateful that my passion is my profession. I’m super blessed. I’m sure to another makeup artist, it has another meaning, but to me, it’s a part of me. It’s what got me through. When I say it’s my passion, it truly is a passion.

From Zebraclub: Leopard Pants/OBEY/$58 Stace's own: top, booties, earrings, ring

Photography by Robert McCadden Produced & Styled by Jenascia Chakos Styling Assistants: Nicole Geissler, Jamie Kesselman & Rebekah Rochelle Hair and Makeup by Teryl Hawk Models: Andrea Raave Behind-the-Scenes video by Brett Renville

Cape/Cameo/Zebraclub/$110; Dress/Suzabelle/$102; Earrings/By Philippe/$35; Pave Ball Ring/By Philippe/$70; Three Tier Ring/Rebecca/$295; Flower Ring/By Philippe/$130

Lace Top/Free People/$98; Bra/marlies dekker/$79; Skirt/Mink Pink/$74; Shoes/Bronx/$115; Socks/Stylist's own

(Rose) Dress/Royal Bitch Couture $85, Shoes/Luichiny $79, Bag/krickette by krkt $392, Bracelet/Urban Outfitters $24 (Demetrius) Shirt/Civil Society/The Finerie $75, Pants/The Finerie $125, Shoes/Bronx $129

Dress/Quiksilver/Zebraclub; Platforms/Luichiny/$79; Cuff/Lunaversoul/$60; Earrings/By Philippe/$40

Lace Romper/Dolce Vita/$132; Chiffon Button-Up/Vue Society/$90; Boots/Bronx/$299; Earrings/ Soho Hearts $38; Bracelets (L-R)/Adesso/$90/$45/$45;

Button-up Dress/Quiksilver/Zebraclub/$98; Knot Dress/ Stylestalker/$86; Sandals/Michael Antonio/$76; Necklace/Robindira Unsworth/$325

Dress/Tony Cohen/$799; Wedges/Luichiny/$79

Dress/Cameo/Zebraclub/$132; Wedges/Miz Mooz/$120; Earrings/By Philippe/$55; Necklace/Blue Nile/$210; Ring/Blue Nile/$1,150



Visionary Shaun paterson doesn't just make sunglasses. he makes a difference. provided by SHAUNS SHADES What do you get when you cross an exquisitley made pair of designer sunglasses with the philanthropic heart of a 31-year-old globe trotter? SHAUNS SHADES, the hot new sunglasses company that donates an eye exam for a person in need for each pair sold. We interviewed the wide-eyed founder Shaun Paterson to learn more about this feel good company. SHAUNS SHADES has been getting a lot of great press recently. Was this a brainchild of yours for a while or did you fall into a great business opportunity? With my grandfather and father both being entrepreneurs, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was young. Also, for most of my life, I have been engaged in a decent amount of volunteer work in some capacity. I was searching for a business idea to launch when I came up with this. I would love to say it w a s a c o mp let ely p r e c i s e p r o c e s s I we nt through, but really, I just got very excited about it. I really value great, well-designed products and had an entrepreneurial itch to scratch and was excited to engage consumers in solving a very important challenge. The prospect of chasing all of those passions at once was something I had to take on. The concept of social enterprise through beautiful products feels like a perfectly conceived gift that just fell in my lap. You, yourself have a pretty eclectic background from being raised in Edinburgh, Scotland to traveling the world to eventually getting your MBA from Stanford. How has this helped to form SHAUNS? If I think on a deeper level, being a 3rd generation entrepreneur on one side of my family

with a very working-class/border-line socialist inf luence on the other side probably created some interesting tension about how I perceived success and what I wanted to do with my life. I personally believe that embracing these tensions is where our most exciting expressions come from. SHAUNS really allows me to do that and I’m incredibly lucky for that opportunity. My career path was about building skills and some experience to allow me to do something like this. I guess it looks like I may have taken quite a jump, but I never really viewed myself on a certain trajectory, apart from one that would allow me to create something I was proud of. Stanford played a big part in bringing some of these quite desperate thoughts into a coherent way to approach my career. You use the term “Designed in California, Made in Italy” to describe your sunglasses. How much of a hand do you have in the design of the glasses? There’s a small team that designs the frame from start to finish – I’m personally involved in every part of that process. In the team we included an industrial designer and a psychology major. We wanted the user experience to be really special, as well as to produce a great looking frame. We get told by our customers all the time, that they really enjoyed discovering all the little thoughtful elements in the frame – that makes us happy. Made in Italy is important, not just because I think that the best product is still made there, but because we were able to locate small-scale family owned factories to partner with. Their willingness to engage in the design process was a huge help and I think elevated the product from some of the other

FOUNDER Shaun paterson


frames out there. The philanthropic side of the business is a great bonus to those of us that buy $300 sunglasses any ways. Are there other ways to contribute to your cause without shelling out the bucks for a pair of glasses? Absolutely! Currently we sell “wish-for-sight” bracelets through our web store for $3 each. 100% of the proceeds go to sight focused charities. This came about as we were giving these bracelets away to patients at our sight clinics as a way to thank them for being involved with the program. People started asking me where they could get them and so we put them up on our web store. It’s a very simple design, based upon the Brazilian wishing bracelets. Our collection also covers a decent price range, from $160 to $295. The product is definitely a premium product, but we try and get it to our customers as reasonably priced as we can manage. Have there been any celebrity sightings/endorsements of SHAUNS SHADES yet? Pretty high profile pop stars in the UK were wearing the frames. We’ve gotten great feedback from customers as well as great press. You can check out the publicity we have received on our website. Any other information you would like to share? 285 million people in the world are plagued with visual impairment that need my help as well as yours. If it’s not through SHAUNS, please find a way to help.


M A R C H EVENTS Olympia Mountain Marathon



Runners should expect what organizers say will be a "mud bath" at the early spring running of Olympia's Mountain Marathon & Hillbilly Half Marathon, a 26.2-mile and 13.1-mile trek through the technical trails and woods of Washington's Capitol State Forest

3 Olympia








Sounders vs. Santos Laguna The Seattle Sounders have played in three U.S. Open Cup title games and three MLS Cup playoff series, but the match against Santos Laguna in the CONCACAF Champions League on March 7 may be the biggest match in franchise history!

7 Century Link Field


Kevin Hart: Laugh At My Pain Tour

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Hart debuted on amateur night at a Philadelphia comedy club and was instantly hooked. He quit his job as a shoe salesman and began performing full time at clubs in Boston, NY, and Los Angeles. He now has regular roles in many feature films.

The Parade travels north on 4th Ave starting from Jefferson to the Reviewing Stand at Westlake Park, and officially ends at the Seattle Center with Closing Ceremonies at 2 PM. The Monorail will be free from 1:30 - 2:30 pm for travel from Westlake Park to the Seattle Center.




16 Paramount

17Seattle Center
















DList Magazine presents a handful of the Pacific Northwest's hottest models baring their midriff's in our favorite trend for Spring! Photography by Mike Chard

Styling by Jenascia Chakos Produced by Jenascia Chakos Assisted by Nicole Geissler & Nicole Pile Hair by Hair Assistant: Giselle Gelle Makeup by SK Artistry & Faces by Ja

Seattle Models Guild Natalie English Height: 5'9" Dress: 2/4 Shoe: 7/7.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Makeup by Faces by Ja Dress/Pencey Standard/$102; Necklace/Lunaversoul/$65; Earrings/by boe/$90

Seattle Models Guild Elle Debell Height: 5'8.5" Dress: 2 Shoe: 6 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue-Green

Makeup by SK Artistry Dress/Ark & Co./$50; Shoes/Plomo/$326; Ring/By Philippe/$105

Option Model and Media Arti Danes Height: 5'11" Dress: 2/4 Shoe: 10.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Makeup by SK Artistry Shorts/Rojas/$90; Bustier/Evil Twin/Karmaloop. com/$50; Sheer Top/Evil Twin/$86; Wedges/Jeffrey Campbell/$170; Earrings/Lunaversoul/$45; Rings (L-R)/Sterling Silver Ring/Robindira Unsworth/$175/Black and Crystal Ring/By Philippe/$180/Swirl Ring/By Philippe/$145

TCM Models & Talent Katie Seibel Height: 5'8" Dress: 2 Shoe: 7.5 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Brown Makeup by SK Artistry Bikini Top/Cheap Monday/$30; Pants/Free People/$108; Vest/Free People/$48; Shoes/ Lovely People/$80; Necklaces/Robindira Unsworth/$325; Earrings/Robindira Unsworth/$186; Ring/By Philippe/$80

Option Model and Media Emily Love Height: 5'9" Dress: 0/2 Shoe: 8.5 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Green Makeup by SK Artistry Bra/marlies dekkers/$139; High Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms/Lisa Blue/$103; Lace Top/Finders Keepers/$74; Pumps/Luichiny/$90

Seattle Models Guild Ebonee Davis Height: 5'9" Dress: 2 Shoe: 8.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown

Makeup by Faces by Ja Top/Free People/$38; Shirt/NEUW/Zebraclub/$68; Necklace/Lunaversoul/$145; Bracelets/Lunaversoul/$45-$75

TCM Model and Talent Grace Levy Height: 5'9" Dress: 2 Shoe: 9.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Gray Makeup by Faces by Ja

Top/Reverse/$50; Skirt/Mink Pink/$78; Shoes/Report/$200; Earrings/by boe/$90; Bracelet/By Philippe/$40

Option Model and Media Kristi Sakura Height: 5'8" Dress: 2 Shoe: 8.5 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown

Makeup by Faces by Ja Sweater/RVCA/Zebraclub/$66; Pants/Anchors Away; Necklace/ Taini/$170; Ring/by boe/$53


Win Tickets With


Here is your chance to win a pair of tickets to see Rusko at WaMu Theater presented by USC Events. To enter simply follow @DListMagazine on Twitter and leave a comment about which Rusko track you are most excited to hear and hash tag #DListRusko. All entries must be in by April 12, 2012. Winner will be announced and contacted by April 15, 2012. Must be 18+ to enter. For more info about Rusko visit


DList Magazine | March 2012 | The Hustle Issue  

The March 2012 features exclusive interviews with Cy Waits, Seattle Seahawk Doug Baldwin, DJ Tina T, Seattle Sounder Andrew Duran along with...

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