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editor’s letter I remember my first experience recognizing fall’s arrival. I stepped outside, dressed in my hot pink corduroy pants with my light pink puffer jacket, and breathed in the fresh, crisp Wisconsin air that had a lingering smell of burning leaves. From that day on, fall has been my favorite season. To this day I appreciate the fall air when I step outside in my boots, black leggings, black sweater and red pea coat. I let go of the pinks when I was old enough to buy my own clothes and rock my own style. Fall is the season for style and trends, which is why we have dedicated this issue to every aspect of fashion. Fashion and style go hand in hand, but they are far from the same thing. Fashion is all around you. Style is appearance and presentation. From how a meal or drink is presented in a restaurant to how you dress yourself for a night out. Fashion is the clothes, shoes and jewelry our models wear in the 30-pages of fashion editorials. Fashion is the venue we choose to place those models and every element incorporated, including the chair they sit in or the background they stand against. The finished product you view on the pages is the style we are showcasing.

they way they dress onstage. Artists are recognized as fashion icons in their own right, and a few of them are featured in this issue. Icona Pop, along with being pop icons and releasing a new album this month, have a sense of style that doesn’t go unnoticed. They frequently work with upcoming designers and have an original look admired by fashion lovers everywhere. Dillon Francis has a signature look that got him the title of “Most Stylish DJ” by Complex. ZZ Ward has recently started her own line of hats that you may have seen her rock at every show. Fashion is an appreciation of an art. Without fashion, there wouldn’t be style. Without style how would you express yourself? Your style is what defines you, how people will perceive you from head to toe. “Style is knowing who you are, want you what to say, and not giving a damn.” - Gore Vital CHARITY MAINVILLE executive director @charityanna

Fashion is music, and how each artist represents it differently is their style in reference to their sound or





R O V A L F W E N N E W TH O T L L E B F O ert b b a in G t s u J hef 13 C f 0 o 2 s r r o be av fl m l e a t b p glo Se w g e n n i nn bold i g e h e t B nce

ie r e p x E




Mamnoon’s hospitality and warmth embodies the welcoming nature of Middle Eastern dining. This restaurant, little over a year old, is located right across the street from Melrose Market in Capitol Hill. Mamnoon gives guests the opportunity to experience an integration of Syrian and Lebanese flavors, and even incorporates ingredients found right here in Seattle. The combination of cultural cooking techniques and flavorful ingredients results in impeccable dishes made to share. Mamnoon is where the Middle East meets the Pacific Northwest. 1508 Melrose Ave, Seattle (206) 906-9606 PHOTOS WRITTEN

Drake By Jessica Emily Kang

SIMPLY ELEGANT Mamnoon is refreshingly modern, from its industrial architecture to its dark grey walls and steel accents. This interior reflects the bold twist on their dishes, where modern day meets cultural tradition. Throughout the restaurant are subtle Middle Eastern details, such as Star of David imprints in the walls and copper tables. The simplicity of the dĂŠcor proves that less is definitely more. Dining is an integral part of Middle Eastern culture, so expect tables at Mamnoon to be filled with loud chatter, laughter, and stories from people of all walks of life.




EATS Za’atar- Freshly baked from whole wheat dough, wild thyme, toasted sesame, and topped with olive oil, labneh and olives. Banadura- Not your average creamy tomato soup. This dish is served chilled and made with pickled chili, pistachio, parsley, heirloom tomatoes, and olive oil. Kefta- Savory minced lamb cooked with onion, pistachio, and baharat. Aranabeit Makli- Mamnoon’s most popular dish; made with crunchy fried cauliflower and terrator, this dish is full of texture and flavor. Labneh Bil Seniyeh- A less sweet version of cheesecake; made with labneh cheese, walnut toffee and plums—the result is slightly crunchy and delightful.




FEELTHEBURN This is Chef Jason Stoneburner’s second restaurant in Ballard as Executive Chef, the first being Bastille Café & Bar. This new restaurant on the beloved Ballard Avenue couldn’t be any fresher, with wholesome ingredients coming straight from the Ballard Farmers Market. Stoneburner is a market-focus restaurant, meaning prices will range from $4 to $25; leaving your wallet as happy as your stomach. The menu is simple yet jam-packed with healthy ingredients, such as locally grown veggies and nutrient packed grains. At Stoneburner it’s all about clean-eating and providing guests with gourmet meals that are not only delicious, but healthy. Stoneburner provides sophisticated dishes at an affordable cost. 5214 Ballard Ave NW (Ground Level of Hotel Ballard), Seattle (206) 695-2051 PHOTOS WRITTEN


Drake By Jessica Emily Kang


ROLL WITH US Making pasta by hand is a tiresome job, but somebody’s got to do it. At Stoneburner’s their traditional Italian fare is highlighted by multiple pasta dishes that are all made in-house. On any given day you can catch one of Stoneburner’s pasta-pros kneading, flattening, cutting and drying pasta in plain sight of the guests.


EATS Pastas - Tagliarini with Dungeness crab, saffron, and sumac; this dish is full of intense flavors. Long Ziti with roasted heirloom tomato and robiola, light yet satisfyingly creamy. Veggies - Deliciously sweetened pickled watermelon rind and tangy arugula, with juicy heirloom tomatoes. Crunchy marinated zucchini with pistachios, mint, and Calabrian Chilis for a spicy kick. Greens & Grain Salads Chewy faro grain with leeks, topped with roasted broccoli coated in salsa verde. Earthy salad with carrots, radish, wild rice, topped with ricotta salata, and lime vinaigrette. Pizza Pies - Stone hearth cooked pizza made with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil. Daring and flavorful anchovy pizza baked with tomato, olive oil, and parmesan. Dessert - Anise Hyssop Semifreddo: A heavenly semifrozen custard topped with icy honeydew granite, in a pool of plum consommé.





11:30am ~ Close



WWW.1HUNDREDBISTRO.COM "offer not valid with any other discounts and promotions"

ISLANDIMBIBING Its name means “flavor”, and Ma’ono Fried Chicken and Whiskey stands by that with flavorful Hawaiian and Asian cuisine, as well as hand crafted cocktails. Ma’ono was once known as Springhill, a fine dining restaurant, but switched over to a more

casual dining style over a year ago. For many West Seattleites, Ma’ono is a neighborhood bar with a very loyal following. Some may go for the Fried Chicken or Popcorn Ice Cream, others may go for the selection of over 50 whiskeys, and the rest may go to


hang out with Manin, the bar manager that has been crafting tasty cocktails since the day it opened. She makes all the ingredients from scratch and ensures every garnish is fresh; some are even from her own garden. 4437 California Ave SW, Seattle (206) 935-1075


Ernie Sapiro Charity Mainville










Ma’ono makes all their bitters and grenadines from scratch. Some popular bitters flavors are charred cedar with bourbon, grapefruit with vodka, mint with rum and cascade hops with gin.




Your New Favorite Cocktails


(A) Knox Manhattan: Served in a saucer glass that is spritzed with Fernet Branca, the initial smell of mint and orange will hit your senses and masks the taste of the 2 oz of Old Overholt Rye shaken with 1 ½ oz of Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth. The homemade orange bitters leaves a sweet orange finish to match the freshly cut orange peel twist. (B) Ma’ Tai: You may feel like you are in the tropics after tasting a mixture of an 1 ½ oz of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, a dash of Maraschino, 1 ½ oz of homemade pineapple shrub, fresh squeezed orange juice poured over crushed ice and topped with Maui Brewing Coconut Porter. The porter tones down the sweetness, but the drink still finishes with a fresh pineapple taste. (C) Chartreuse or Dare: Chartreuse is a color between yellow and green, which is the color of this cocktail! It is made with ¾ oz of Chartreuse liquor shaken with 2 oz of Soju, fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup. We dare you to try this fresh, spicy, herbal cocktail that is garnished with a Korean Shiso leaf straight from Manin’s garden. (D) Happy Endings: This one is for the bourbon drinkers who enjoy the taste the moment it hits your lips. The frothy cocktail is blended with 2 oz Bullet Rye, 1 oz B & B, homemade mint and chocolate peppercorn bitters, and egg whites. You will enjoy the creamy, spicy finish after every sip. www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com





Geoffrey Smith Charity Mainville

With five different locations in Alki Beach, Madison Park, South Lake Union, Kirkland and Bellevue Square, Cactus has been serving quality Southwest cuisine and drinks for twenty-two years. All five locations are unique from one another in their design and decor, but they all have one thing in common – delectable cocktail


menus and great happy hours seven days a week. Those who know and enjoy tequila will appreciate the forty plus selections of blanco, resposado and anéjo to the variety of tequila sampler options. Those who prefer their tequila mixed should get excited because Cactus makes homemade sour mix with lemon juice and organic agavé. The vast


selection and high quality ingredients available at Cactus make their drinks award winning. 350 Terry Ave N, Seattle (206) 913-2250 (pictured) 2820 Alki Ave SW, Seattle (206) 933-6000 4220 E Madison St, Seattle (206) 324-4140 121 Park Ln, Kirkland (425) 893-9799 Bellevue Square Mall, Bellevue (425) 455-4321






Available only at the Bellevue location, Cactus has added frozen cocktails to its menu. If you like to drink during brunch, the Peach Bellini Sparkling Frozen Margarita is a perfect fit as it is light and refreshing. For those who prefer something unique and adventurous, try “El Jefé” (The Boss) Macho Margarita topped with Jack Daniel’s and Negra Modelo. A




Muy Perfecto


(A) Patron Agavé Margarita: For those who may not favor the taste of tequila but want the experience of a margarita, this is the drink for you. Served straight up, this margarita is shaken with hand squeezed limes, 2 oz of Patron Blanco (Silver) tequila and 100% organic agavé nectar. The combination of super premium tequila and agavé nectar makes this drink difficult to put down. (B) Mamacîta Skinny Margarita: Ladies (and gents) that are looking to have a great cocktail with less than 150 calories, this one is for you. The Mamacîta is shaken with 1 ½ oz of Olmeca Altos (hand-picked) 100% Blue Agavé tequila, fresh lime juice, organic agavé nectar and agua. You can’t tell it’s skinny by the taste and you won’t be adding those extra inches to your waist. (C) Cactus Margarita: Who wouldn’t like a top-shelf margarita at house margarita price? This classic go-to drink offers premium quality at an affordable cost. The selfnamed margarita features 2 oz of Highland tequila, which is a super premium tequila from Los Altos that is slightly sweeter with a light floral note. A much better alternative to your typical house margarita mixto tequilas. (D) Mojito: A good mojito is light, refreshing, tart and slightly sweet. Cactus delivers just that with an unexpected splash of their homemade sour mix to the classic concoction. Two ounces of Cruzan Rum is shaken with fresh mint, lime and organic agavé -- perfect for quenching your thirst.



It’s More Fun On Top


That’s the tagline for Pinnacle Vodka’s latest campaign; so it is no surprise they would want to make this fall season more fun as well. Pinnacle Vodka is now giving vodka drinkers another option for dessert. Six new flavors that include Caramel Apple, Peachberry Cobbler, Peppermint Bark and Salted Caramel round out the line up along with the featured Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie that are perfect for the holidays. A great alternative to over indulging in baked goods, they will also help you put up with extended family members. Pour yourself a double if needed. SOMETIMES YOU FEEL LIKE A NUT: (PECAN PIE) Just like it came fresh from the oven, a sweet blend of maple sugar, nuts, vanilla and a pie crust flavor that leaves a little holiday magic on your palette.

THE PINNACLE OF FLAVORED VODKAS BECAUSE I’M A WINNER Pinnacle has over 30 different flavors of vodka and launched their first dessert flavor, Whipped, in 2010. The next year this flavor went on to be the topselling flavored vodka in the U.S.

PINNACLE NUTTY ORCHARD 1 part Pinnacle® Pecan Pie Vodka 2 parts Apple Cider Build over ice on a highball glass. Garnish with lemon wedge squeezed and dropped in.

QUI QUI Both flavors are distilled five times with spring water from the northern region of France with the finest wheat grain from the Brie region of France.

HEY PUMPKIN: (PUMPKIN PIE) You don’t need to go to the pumpkin patch to create the sweet taste of pumpkin blended with the smooth, spicy flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. All topped, of course, with a delectable dollop of whipped cream.

THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT Repeaks by Pinnacle Vodka is a mobile app that users can download to capture their nights out with photos, social media posts from all channels to create a highlight reel of the night.

PINNACLE® SPICY PUMPKIN PIE 2 parts Pinnacle® Pumpkin Pie Vodka ½ part DeKuyper® Hot Damn® Liqueur ½ part DeKuyper® Buttershots® Schnapps 2 parts Heavy Cream Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass rimed with graham cracker crumbs. Garnish with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh grated nutmeg. www.DLISTMAGAZINE.com


POP “When one door closes, another opens...” That is a perfect quote for the electro-pop duo, Icona Pop. It all began in 2009 at a house party in Sweden, where a recently broken-hearted Aino Jawo met someone who would change her life forever, Caroline Hjelt. The next day, over a bottle of wine and a laptop, Caroline

LIFE interview by Michele Hann Kang photos by Frederik Etoall

and Aino wrote their first song together. Within four weeks they played their first gig as Icona Pop. When their funky first single “Manners” debuted, the word spread quickly throughout Europe gaining praise from The Staff, Neon Gold and The Guardian, who described it as being “effortlessly cool”. In late 2012, Icona Pop released the

now double platinum hit, “I Love It ft. Charlie XCX” creating a massive shockwave that spread across the globe and became the anthem of the summer. It was the theme song for the reality show, Snooki & JWoww, featured on HBO mega-hit series Girls, The Vampire Diaries, Glee, as well as Samsung and Smirnoff commercials. With their first internationally released album This Is…Icona Pop debuting September 24, the pop icons prove they are here to stay.





DLIST: The tale is you met each other at a party? How did the subject of making music come about?

CAROLINE: I was having a party at my place and with her [Aino] being heartbroken, was forced by a mutual friend of ours to come to my party. We met and just felt – it was love at first site. We went out dancing and we started talking about how we were really into music, and we should really do something together. That’s usually something you say and then usually the day after when you’re a little bit more sober you’re like “No, I’m not sure.” But after that day when we woke up, Aino called me and she goes, “I’m gonna come over to your place, and we’re gonna try and write something”. Without even talking about what kind of music we wanted to do, we wrote our first song and since then we’ve been doing that. DLIST: Didn’t you attend the same music school?

CAROLINE: Yeah we did, we didn’t really know each other, but we did. DLIST: “I Love It ft. Charlie XCX” just hit double platinum, congratulations on that.

CAROLINE: Thank you! DLIST: Is there a story behind the song?

CAROLINE: I mean it’s a song about coming out of a really, really bad heart break. You know when you feel like you’re just so sad and you don’t think you’re ever going to be able to smile again, or ever be happy again. It just takes time. After a while you start feeling a little bit stronger, and then you feel like “You know what I don’t care, I love it.” And you feel better. That’s basically what the song is all about. DLIST: What’s your best breakup advice?

CAROLINE: I think, of course, you have to give yourself time. You have to deal with stuff differently. I think it’s important to surround yourself with people you love, like friends and family, not just be by yourself and think about everything that you had or whatever. Being with friends you end up smiling and having fun again. It is important to realize that you are loved even if that relationship didn’t work out. You need the love from the people you are around. DLIST: You’re [Icona Pop] currently headlining your first North American tour, what’s been your craziest experience so far?

CAROLINE: I don’t know, it’s just been so crazy the whole ride. This whole year has been insane, we’ve been traveling, and we’ve been basically everywhere so it’s hard to pick one. Everything has been a huge crazy whirlwind, and you’re trying to hold on and understand what’s going on. We’re on our bus with ten people, and we’re just having the best crew. Some things just stay on the road. You know,what happens on the road stays on the road. DLIST: I watched in a video interview with Icona Pop and you guys mentioned doing a Star Trek themed spaceship on stage for your tour. What made you choose that theme?

CAROLINE: I mean - that’s stuff that we like. Stuff that we feel like we want to have on stage to give people

the experience that we want to give them. This all started out with us having a lot of gear and setting it up in between us on stage. But then we got bigger and bigger, and bought more weird stuff and put it on there, and then we started calling it the “mothership” because it was like a spaceship. DLIST: What can we expect from your upcoming album, This Is…Icona Pop? Do you have any favorite tracks right now?

CAROLINE: Hmm, it’s so hard because we’ve been writing the album for such a long time. All the songs have a very special place in our hearts. I mean, I remember exactly where we were, how I was feeling, the smell of the studio or hotel room or whatever [we were in] for all the songs. One song I like a lot is “That We Kissed”, and it’s a song about a blurry night in LA when you find a person and they end up being exactly how you want them to be. DLIST: How did you choose what tracks to sample, like the Tupac song you guy used?

CAROLINE: Yeah that was something we were talking about in the studio - how cool it actually is that me and Aino were traveling the world and we don’t have a home... we started singing [sings Tupac’s “Me and My Girlfriend” lyrics] “all I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.” Tupac is more singing about his love, but we’re singing about our friendship. So we ended up sending a letter to Tupac’s mom asking her if we could use that part, and she said yes. DLIST: Your new single “All Night” is out now, and the music video was shot in NYC. Is there anything unique about this video?

CAROLINE: I LOVE this video! I can’t wait to show people. The song is about really expressing yourself, and we met the most incredible people who really represent everything that this video is about. DLIST: With NYC being a fashion capital, and since you’ve lived and performed in multiple areas, do you feel like your styles have been influenced by the trends of each city?

CAROLINE: I mean we’re not very good at following trends, but we love clothes and love when people express themselves through clothes. Of course New York has a lot of good street fashion you know, people just putting on something that they feel for very strongly – which we love. Otherwise we get inspired by so many different things, the whole traveling thing inspires you a lot. If you go to Sweden, for example, people are very sensitive to picking up trends and so a lot of people dress exactly the same. Even though they look very good, they still look the same. DLIST: If you could describe your look in two words, what would they be?

CAROLINE: Um…I would like to say maybe... it’s hard to describe it in two words. I’d say, with contrast. I mean we love harsh, like preppy meets harsh.

“All the songs have a very special place in our hearts. I mean, I remember exactly where we were, how I was feeling, the smell of the studio or hotel room or whatever [we were in] for all the songs.” CAROLINE: We love Acne [Acne Studio], Hood By Air is cool, and we love Givenchy. So many brands! We love to work with upcoming designers, because we always love looking for new brands. DLIST: If you could have any designer create a look for you, who would it be?

CAROLINE: It would be very cool to have Givenchy design a look. DLIST: When you come to Seattle (you’ve been here a few times now in the past) what clothing items do you always have to pack?

CAROLINE: I think our leather jackets…they have super powers. It’s like you always have a lot of good memories in those jackets, and they fit to anything. I think that would be the perfect item. DLIST: Icona Pop performed at a DLIST Magazine event in Seattle a few months ago, at a nightclub called Trinity. I remember you both performing right on the stairs - how was the experience for you?

CAROLINE: I mean it’s always fun to be able to do stuff like that. Usually when we perform live we like to have a lot of gear, and we play instruments, and we just play around. It’s fun to do quick little appearances like that, and we had fun. DLIST: So I saw your post on Instagram, and I’m so sad Icona Pop won’t be at Bumbershoot. Do you have any idea when Icona Pop will be able to return to Seattle?

CAROLINE: We are so sorry, we are just so, so sorry! It’s just sometimes when you get sick there’s nothing else you can do. But we’re coming back very shortly, and we’re working on it right now.

DLIST: Do you have any favorite fashion labels right now?



MANORLIFE Home to socialite and heir, Roy Aston, Maison Tavern and Aston Manor are bringing glamour and sophistication to the industrial district of Seattle. Both venues share one building, but they have unique identities. Maison Tavern is a speakeasy lounge, equipped with house rules and cocktail mixology. Their housemade ingredients, such as bitters and hand-squeezed juices, are of the highest quality. It will soon be

open during the day for guests to get a bite to eat or perhaps enjoy a “three martini lunch.” Lying behind a secret bookcase door in Maison Tavern is the entrance to Aston Manor, the party side of Roy’s house. The décor and style is influenced by the speakeasy look of the roaring twenties. Coming through the bookcase entrance guests quickly encounter a large dance floor with a six foot rotating chandelier and a 6 x 14 foot LED PHOTOS WRITTEN


Drake By Jessica Michele Hann Kang



wall behind the DJ booth. If there is a need to cool down from all the dancing, the manor offers a small patio area where one can mingle and relax. Drinks are available at either of the two bars; there is also table side service in the main floor VIP tables or up in the mezzanine. The nightclub is open for “Privilege” Fridays and “Guys & Dolls” Saturdays, offering free valet for an extra bonus. 2946 1st Ave S, Seattle (206) 382-7866

VA VA VOOM Burlesque models greet you from crushed velvet chairs and a gold rose petal filled bathtub, adorned in pearls and deep red lips.


PARTY ROCKER Who is Roy Aston? Roy Aston grew up in the prohibition era and expanded his family’s thriving bootlegging business, gaining him high social status and a reputation for throwing the best parties.





Opening back in November of 1998, The Last Supper Club will end its run in Pioneer Square after celebrating its 15 year anniversary, closing its doors after New Year’s Eve this December. At the first ever Seattle Nightlife Awards, DList Magazine was honored to present the “Lifetime Achievement Award” to The Last Supper Club; recognizing the impact it has made on nightlife not only in Seattle but the West Coast. Over the years it has set an example of what nightlife should be like for the city and has served as an example of excellence for other nightclubs. Nightlife music trends are ever changing and LSC has stayed current and consistent with their musical choices. Starting with live “experimental”

Last Supper Club Charity Mainville

music when it first opened, moving to electro-jam that was popular in the early millennium, and then being the first to bring Electronic Dance Music from underground to Seattle nightlife masses. LSC booked acts from all over the world and gave some of Seattle’s biggest DJs their start to the big time. Within its three levels of bars and bottle service, partygoers could easily spot a celebrity that came to support their favorite acts. It’s rare for a nightclub to survive for fifteen years while keeping the same look, name, and location, but with its historic Seattle backdrop and loyal guests LSC did it with ease. 124 S Washington St, Seattle (206) 748-9975





Before many of today’s EDM fans even knew who Kaskade was, The Last Supper Club was hosting a “who’s who” of electronic DJ’s alongside some of the biggest legends in open format. Here are a few of the names you could catch at LSC on a weekly basis: Donald Glaude, Bassbin Twins, Sander Van Doorn, Christopher Lawrence, Z-Trip, Kaskade, Sander Kleinberg, Freestylers, Benny Benassi, Ferry Corsten and Grand Master Flash to name a few. Check out some of LSC’s greatest moments in our timeline.

DECEMBER 31, 1998 The Last Supper Club celebrates its first New Years Eve with DJ Quest, Brian Lyons and Nasir spinning.

JUNE 10, 2005 The late DJ AM started his monthly Friday night residency at LSC.

2006 Cabaret trended through Seattle and was featured at LSC every Saturday as “Rewind 1987”, a cabaret show based around the movie, Footloose.

APRIL 16, 2008 DJ Vice spun at LSC with Nick Cannon, Brody Jenner, and Tom (from the once popular MySpace) joining the party.

NOVEMBER 22, 2008 Lady Gaga performed after opening for New Kids on the Block at the Tacoma Dome.



ALWAYS ENJOY RESPONSIBLY. ©2013 Stella Artois® Cidre Premium Cider, produced for Stella Artois Cidre Company, Baldwinsville, NY 13027


Plane: 2 hours 20 minutes. Average round trip ticket $250 - $300 (at least 14 days in advance) Car: 17 hours. 25 mpg at $4 a gallon - $360 Bus: 1 day 10 hours. Average round trip ticket $298 - $335 DESTINATION TIP • Traveling during off peak days (Sunday – Thursday) saves you money on flights, hotel and cover charges at nightclubs. • If you don’t mind the drive to Bellingham, WA, Allegiant Air offers flights to Las Vegas as low as $20 one-way.

You wouldn’t think the city that never sleeps would ever slow down, but even sinners stay home during the holidays. Las Vegas slows its pace from Thanksgiving to the famous MAGIC clothing convention in February, except for New Year’s Eve of course. Hotel rates are lower during this time and you won’t have to fight the huge crowds to get into nightclubs and shows along the famous strip.


Taking a cab seems convenient; however you may be getting ripped off. Some cabs will take tourists on the longest route to make a few extra bucks, so route your time via GPS and tell them which way to go. Car rentals are also a reasonably priced option, just make sure you don’t drink and drive or you will be spending your vacation in the local jail. DESTINATION TIP • If you are simply going up and down the Strip, you can hop on the Deuce or Strip and Downtown Express bus for only $8 for 24 hours.





Las Vegas Fashion Week showcases nationally and internationally known designers every November and May. Las Vegas is also home to MAGIC, the largest most comprehensive global market for contemporary fashion and apparel, sourcing every August and February. The entire fashion industry takes over the city with private parties and celebrities galore during these events. DESTINATION TIP • Las Vegas has every designer store you can imagine times two, but make sure to check out the outlet malls on the north and south end of The Strip. These stores feature brands like Coach, Rock Republic, Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana for much lower prices.





If you are looking for luxury with a side of chic, The Cosmopolitan is top notch. This hotel houses large rooms, mini kitchens, large balconies and the infamous Marquee Nightclub. The hotel was originally planned to be condos and was later transformed to a hotel and casino. DESTINATION TIP • Downtown Las Vegas has also gone under renovations so check out the Golden Nugget, The D, and The Boutiques at El Cortez for rates occasionally less than $50 a night.



Located in the MGM Grand, Hakkasan Nightclub opened its 80,000 sf, five level doors last April. Some of the biggest names in EDM, Deadmau5, Tiësto, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki, have residencies here. The massive DJ booth that can be seen from anywhere in the club and VIP booths come equipped with phone chargers to let you post unlimited social media updates to make your friends jealous. The Light Vegas opened this past Memorial Day weekend, bringing a brand new nightlife experience to the scene. The 38,000 sf venue has state-of-the-art production, theatrics and more big name artists like Zedd, Alesso and Sebastian Ingrosso. Aerialists and costumed acts tell a story each night while partygoers are greeted the moment they walk through the door by performers. For those who want to be VIP, each bottle presentation is different and unique courtesy Cirque Du Soleil.




The Downtown Project, a $350 million renovation, is bringing fashion, technology, art, photography and music to make Downtown Las Vegas the most community-focused city in the world. This is a perfect area for those who want to enjoy Las Vegas with Seattle style and prices. One spot in particular, Commonwealth, is a swanky speakeasy lounge with a huge social scene. The rooftop patio is extremely popular with a view of Fremont along with a semi-secret backroom that is accessible by reservations only called The Laundry Room. DESTINATION TIP • Contrary to popular belief, there is an open container law in Las Vegas prohibiting public drinking, so make sure to finish your drink before leaving the bar.









With two songs peaking at the top of the charts, a new album and a tour across the country – there’s no stopping the sharp-witted songstress ZZ Ward. Last year her fiery-blues hit song “Put the Gun Down”, dominated the Top 10 AAA Radio charts for ten weeks straight. Her music has made appearances on various TV shows, like ABC’s Pretty Little Liars and named by Fuse TV as one of their 30 must-see artists at SXSW. Her powerful voice is a combination of classic American blues with a touch of soulful R&B; she is even dabbling in the world of hip-hop in her single “Cryin’ Wolf” featuring Kendrick Lamar.


You’ve been to Washington a few times this year already, at Sasquatch and now Bumbershoot. What’s been your impression of the Pacific Northwest so far? ZZ: Well, I’m a PNW girl ‘cause I’m from Roseburg, Oregon, so I love it up here. It feels very good to me, from the way that the land looks, the air, the smells and the people. We always have a good time when we come up here. Who first inspired you to become a musician? ZZ: Probably voices like Etta James, Big Mama Thorton, and Tina Turner. I also really like hip hop like Nas, Jay Z, Outkast, Biggie Smalls, Snoop Dogg and Missy Elliot. I like two different kinds of music, but both are very inspirational to me. I was always very moved by music. I’ve always wanted to do this and here I am. Congrats on your single “365 Days” making it to the top 10 on the AAA radio charts! What was your reaction? ZZ: It’s amazing; it’s a really cool feeling. Radio I realized, for a touring artist, is incredibly powerful; it really brings listeners in to find new music. So I’m really grateful. I’ve noticed you have a liking for hats - do you have a favorite designer you get them from? ZZ: Well, you know I would say my favorite designer is me, (laughs) ‘cause I have my own line with Broner’s. So I would say that is my favorite line right now. I just have one design right now, and I sell them at my shows. It has two playing cards and a feather. I have probably around 60-70 fedoras. I have a lot of hats. Besides the fedoras, what’s something in your wardrobe you can’t be without? ZZ: My leather, that stuff holds up for so long. My leather jacket,my leather pants, or my boots. What’s your decision process when it comes to what you wear on stage? What do you feel most sexy in? ZZ: Usually it depends on the weather first and foremost. If I’m inside or an outdoor venue – but I like to switch it up ‘cause sometimes people take pictures of me in one outfit and then I have to retire that outfit. I’ve been really into secondhand shopping lately, like vintage stores. How important do you think fashion is in the music industry? ZZ: So important. Really, really important. I definitely am one of those people who always had style, but I like to be comfy. My friend told me she interviewed John Lee Hooker one time, and she said “Why did you get so dressed up for this interview?” and he said to her “Well, because I respect you, so I dressed up to respect you.” I think that was really an amazing thing he said to her. And I think that’s how I think when I go out and play for people, or perform or do interviews. It’s about putting your best foot forward.





Dillon Francis doesn’t give a f@#k or s@#t! The 26-year-old DJ/producer from Los Angeles has “made-it” in the currently very competetive DJ landscape. Moombahton is the genre of electronic dance music that made Francis famous, but he has quickly shown his versatility and mastery in almost all EDM formats of music. Recently named by Complex Magazine as the #1 “Most Stylish DJ” of 2013, Francis uses his knack behind the tables, nostalgic style of dress and brash sense of humor to keep his fan base growing and laughing.


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Right now I’m wearing JEANS AND A BUTTON UP SHIRT. My favorite thing I love seeing a woman wear is YOGA PANTS. One word that describes my style; MOD-ESQUE. One word that describes my music; PARTY. When I am at home alone, I wear BOXER BRIEFS, and I listen to THE CRAMPS PRESENTS COMPILATIONS. One DJ I’d love to work with; SEBASTIAN INGROSSO. Three words to describe my experience in Seattle this past July; AMAZING, ROWDY, AND DELICIOUS. The best part of being Dillon Francis is: HAVING AN AMAZING RESPONSIVE FAN BASE.


How do you feel music influences the fashion industry? DILLON FRANCIS: Music is a huge part of fashion for certain genres of music. For example, I love rockabilly music and I used to dress very “rockabillyish” and have a pompadour. Different scenes of music have their different styles. Does your own style represent your music in any way? DF: Hahaha I don’t think my style represents my music much but maybe I’m wrong. When you are performing, is there a specific item you must always wear? DF: I always try to wear a suit and tie. You have your own line of merchandise, how involved are you in designing it? DF: I try to be as involved as I can. When I have ideas I will email them immediately, but I am the one that has the final “ok” to whether we are going to release an item or not. If you could have any designer design something especially for you, who would it be and what would it be? DF: I would have Dior design me a line of amazing slim fitted suits. Who is your style icon? DF: I have never had a style icon. I just kinda pick and choose what I like out of magazines or the internet, but David Bowie always wore some pretty amazing suits.





NEXT YEAR’S TRENDS WITH TODAY’S HAIR SERVICES written by Jamei June photo by Matthew Pew

There is no better feeling than knowing your hair has been styled to perfection. At Milagros SalonSpa a client can look around and see each person walking in or out feel this way, as they are given more than just a service. They receive an experience. Staying current with future trends is simple for Milagros because they are already on top of next year’s spring and summer styles. “What sets us apart is that we are very current with what is happening with fashion and celebrities,” Lisa Vann, the salon’s owner, comments. “We are strong with education; whether a stylist has been here one month or five years, we give you quality.” Quality is one aspect, but Vann says their main purpose is to “exceed


expectations.” The salon follows through with their mantra by offering complimentary add-on services with each hair styling. Milagros provides nail services, foot, hand or scalp treatments or makeup touch ups. Milagros can give the foot massage or nail service a client thought they didn’t have time for by doing it while their hair is being processed or dried. “This allows us to give guests a full experience. We give you access to an urban spa- a destination within a destination. One stop for everything,” says Vann. So whether you’re looking to rock a hairstyle that will be trending next year or for an impromptu massage during a haircut, Milagros is a place you want to book an appointment with. 2030 1st Ave, Seattle (206) 441-5511



The Aveda Way When Lisa Vann joined The Marketplace Salon (the former name of Milagros) in 1987, she quickly learned her visions of plant-based ethics and green philosophies were shared with the salon owners at the time, Daniel Keane and Mark Rosen, as they highlighted Aveda products and methods. Over 25 years later Lisa Vann still preaches Aveda’s gospel and travels the world as an Aveda Guest Artist, global educator, and editorial stylist.






This Seattle based company combines masculinity and elegance and delivers sharp, fashion forward clothing. Their vision is to bring apparel that compliments and enhances a man’s personal style. The motto “dress how you feel” has never been truer than with the designer and owner, Francisco Hernandez. Dressing men in the Seattle area, Francisco tailors lightweight, high fashion, and modern pieces for comfortable layering that any “on-the-go” Seattle man can wear. Using luxurious materials like pima cotton, baby alpaca, and silk, Built For Man employs rural communities in Peru, improves their quality of life and continues their ancient traditional looming techniques to deliver great quality clothing. The new collection makes your wardrobe work effortlessly by incorporating lots of in style trends, like leather, print and knitwear. Built For Man is a one-stop destination for all your fashion needs for Winter 2013.


Is it difficult having a male focused clothing line in the Seattle area? FRANCISCO: No. I think out the box, creativity has no borders. What distinguishes a man who wears Built For Man clothing? FRANCISCO: Built For Man is futuristic. We don’t dress guys in the 50’s or the 80’s we dress them for the 21st Century; our guy wants to be current. Tell us more about the Peruvian communities with looms that help you ‘build’ your clothing. FRANCISCO: The Loom Project started as a good society program, the idea, is to help those that help us create our design. This was started in rural Peru, the concept was simple: give the person the tools to work alongside us and create a product that is fashion forward, environmentally focused and created in fare trade. What inspired you to take the fashion forward risk with leather pants for the new collection? FRANCISCO: Leather is imbedded in humanity, before men wore a woven he wore tan and hide leather. I wanted to see how this topic of leather would work in our current society. When I design I think about all the factors, the topic of leather is very controversial and the material is in high demand. How is Built For Man different than any other male retailer in the Pacific Northwest area? How do you stay on top of the competition? FRANCISCO: We think about fashion, we think of how we are going to make it. Not only from the design level but from the strands that build the garment and what social, political and environmental impact it will have. We think ahead and create innovative designs that feature futuristic men with a new perspective on what is fashion.




PAUL MARIE Paul Marie Clothing is not your average street wear clothing line. Established only a few years ago here in Seattle, Michael Paul (co-founder) is a great example of what it means to be a male designer. Initially Paul released the Gold Label of Paul Marie, a basic graphic tee line, which was then followed up with the Black Label which incorporates unique prints, fabrics and hand sewn techniques into his tees. His skills did not go unnoticed, prompting him to create his third label, Tailored Villains. His biggest achievement thus far is supporting and mentoring aspiring male designers. He helps young men to break into the fashion industry and overcome the stereotypes associated with being a male designer by taking them under his wing and teaching them the ropes of the fashion business.


When did you open up your clothing line, and what prompted you to create it? MICHAEL: Paul Marie came about one night in a Seattle café with my old business partner, Jamie Marie, in the summer of 2010. The name Paul Marie name came about by joining our (Jamie and mine) middle names together. Our middle names are also our grandparents names, so they were meaningful to us as well. Paul Marie is currently just myself and my lead designer, Joey Roxville (graphic tee designs). What is the signature of your fashion line? Please tell us more about your custom Black Label? MICHAEL: Our Gold Label is the graphic tee designs. Joey and I try to create a bold but simplistic feel to the eye. Edgy designs with beautiful patterns, like our upside down cross and church tee. The Black Label is my cut and sewn custom pocket tees. I make a limited amount for each design. Also, as a marijuana supporter, I have created a pocket that is just the right size to slide in a swisher or cigarillo. We heard you create custom orders for Tailored Villains? MICHAEL: For my Paul Marie Tailored Villains line, everything is custom made for the client. Nothing I do for Tailored Villains is the same. Denim vests are my signature piece right now. What is your favorite piece in your collection? MICHAEL: My “Teachers Pet” pocket tee. In school kids experience favoritism from teachers, I never was one that was looked at in school to become something or someone. I also really like our new “Church” tee. It’s very bold and catches eyes. What is one thing you want your customers to walk away with after shopping at Paul Marie? MICHAEL: The feeling of exclusivity. We make a limited amount on each run.





What inspired you to start a boho-street chic clothing line? TINA: I’ve always connected with bohemian style, so I thought I would exhaust the possibilities of casual, comfortable, chic, easy to wear, easy to care for wardrobe. The silhouette is flattering, the fit is versatile, and the overall feel is comfort. What type of girl do you see wearing BOHO Republic clothing? TINA: The Boho Republic girl wants to look good no matter what’s on her schedule, and she wants to be comfortable all day long. But most importantly, she doesn’t want to look like everybody else on the street. Tell us about your new fall 2013 collection. TINA: This will be our first fall collection so we’re limiting the line to five key pieces: our signature Market Dress in a wool crepe, a high-waisted skirt with big pockets, loose jersey tunic, a boho-chic layering coat/ wrap and an assortment of recycled suede obi belts. What is the creative process you go through while creating a new collection? TINA: My creative process includes a lot of experimentation. By the time you see an item for sale, I’ve sampled and revised it about six times. I see you like to play around with texture and print. Is there a specific reason why you are drawn to certain designs? TINA: When I first started designing I used recycled textiles exclusively, and what I was drawn to most often was the texture and prints of vintage pieces. I think a one-color, single fabric dress is the most boring thing you can wear. How is BOHO Republic influencing the fashion scene in Seattle? TINA: Seattle is all about layering, so adding tights, knee boots and cardigans, our dresses can be worn 10 months out of the year.

Prints and textures have been everywhere this year, making BOHO Republic a perfect fit for our fall issue. Designer and owner, Tina Witherspoon, combines the essence of Seattle’s boho-chic style with current runway trends. Opening less than a year ago, BOHO embodies the environmentally friendly aspect of Seattle without compromising the glamorous style of the clothing. Witherspoon believes being casual does not mean you have to sacrifice style. With plenty of experimentation and using recycled fabrics, she has released the Saturday Market Collection. This line is a mixture of prints and patterns along with a spin on 1970’s silhouettes. Tina’s handmade, limited run, luxury bohemian clothing is for a Seattle fashionista who is not afraid to be bold and stand out; because a BOHO Republic dress will not let you go unnoticed.



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Opposites attract. The rules of fashion are ever changing, allowing for punk and glamour to coexist with visual perfection. Nothing feels more natural than leather, spikes and floor length gowns.

Photography by Julia Duffy Domrose Production, Art Direction and Styling by Jenascia Chakos Assistants: Courtney “Biscuit� Byrd, Ruby Behlen, Julia Dudko & Michele Hann-Kang Hair by Tisha Turner-Pierce for Milagros SalonSpa Makeup by Katya Gudaeva Model: India Gants for Seattle Models Guild Behind-the-Scenes video by Brett Renville Shot at the Century Ballroom


Leather & Lace Jacket: Luly Yang Gown: Veronica Sheaffer Leather Pants: H & M Shoes: Alejandra G. Collar Necklace: Miss Malwia Accessories Earrings: Prima Donna

Dress: Cicada Bridal Shirt: Stylist’s own Harness: Miss Malwia Accessories Boots and Necklace: H & M

Dress: Misha Collection Harness Skirt: Rehab Clothing for Karmaloop.com Multi-Chain Necklace and Wing Earring: H & M Arrow Necklace: Prima Donna

Gown: Luly Yang Boots: Palos Verdes Footwear Earrings: Lisa Monahan

On Elle: Pearl Corset/Limelight Fashion Crochet Bikini Bottoms/Vivid Haiku Hat/Something Special

Black Cut-Out Dress: H & M Floral Gown: Luly Yang Studded Harness & Tan Studded Bracelet: Miss Malwia Accessories White Earrings: Misha Collection Jeweled Cuff: Nugz Jewelry Silver Cuff: Stylist’s own

Gold Lace Gown: Luly Yang Leather Moto Vest: Threadsence.com Studded Bracelet: Zeffiria Necklace: Stylist’s own

Lace & Leather Studded Corset & Tulle Skirt: Luly Yang Necklace: Prima Donna Sunglasses: Darylynn Eyewear

Mustard Bodysuit: Suzanne Lay Overskirt: Cicada Bridal Boots: Alejandra G. Gold Collar Necklace: Lunaversoul Earring: By Philippe Gold Cuff: Misha Collection Black Leather Bracelet: Buddha to Buddha Yellow Bangle: Color by Amber

Beauty. Confidence. Trust.

Goddess adornment Photography by Isaac Ruiz Production, Art Direction & Styling by Jenascia Chakos Assistants: Courtney “Biscuit” Byrd, Emily Kang, Julia Dudko & Crista Dy Model: Amanda Shepherd Airbrush Body Paint by Dzul Ink Lounge Behind-the-Scenes Video by Brett Renville

Wing Pendant Necklace: Lunaversoul Chevron Bolo Tie, Leather & Amber Earrings: Color by Amber Gold Wire Earring: By Philippe Gold Chain Bracelet & Ring: Pay Me In Gold

Silver Necklace: H & M Turquoise & Silver Hand Chain: Child of Wild Blue Skinny Bangle & Gold Skinny Bangle: Color by Amber Turquoise & Fur Cuff: Lunaversoul

Fan Necklace: Lunaversoul Silver Hand Chain: Child of Wild Red Earrings: Color by Amber Blue Drop Earrings: Robindira Unsworth

Headpiece: Child of Wild Chain-link Bracelet: Misha Collection Earrings: Lunaversoul Stone Necklace: Robindira Unsworth

Silver Belt as Necklace: Child of Wild Hand Cuff: Wren & Glory

Gold & Turquoise Necklace: Lunaversoul Gold Body Chain: Pay Me In Gold Gold Earrings: By Philippe Gold Cuff: Misha Collection Rings: Robindira Unsworth

Gold Multi-Chain Necklace & Tassle Earrings: Lunaversoul Gold Heart Necklace & Gold “yes� Bracelet: By Philippe White Drop Earrings: Robindira Unsworth Purple & Gold Headband: Prima Donna

V LADY M P Photography by Tuffer Videography by Darien Brown Production, Art Direction & Styling by Jessica Delos Santos Assisted by Kayla Dumo & Anton Satichtchev Hair by Katresse Rogers Makeup and Effects by Carmen C. Wilson Models: Vanessa H. & Heather H. for TCM Shot on location at Trinity Nightclub

On Vanessa Dress/Bollaire/TheLineAndDot.com Bondage Collar Glove Wing Set/Jersey Virago Â

On Vanessa Vintage Fur Shoulder Wrap/Stylist’s own Chain triangle top/Jersey Virago Skirt/NastyGal.com Earrings & Necklace/Stylist’s own

On Heather Blazer/Jersey Virago Top/Jersey Virago Ear Cuff/MKL Accessories/Karmaloop.com

On Vanessa Dress/lulus.com/ark Silver chain top/Jersey Virago Shoes/Jeffrey Campbell/Karmaloop.com Earrings/Rose Pierre/Karmaloop.com Bracelet/Stylist’s Own

On Heather Vintage fur/Hudson’s Bay Company Dress/NastyGal.com Necklace & Cuff/Jersey Virago Remaining Jewelry/Stylist’s Own

On Vanessa Jacket/Bollaire/TheLineAndDot.com Pants/Bollaire/Line & Dot/Saks.com Gloves/Jersey Virago Necklace/Stylist’s Own

On Heather Jacket/Stylist’s Own Dress/NastyGal.com Glove/Jersey Virago Jewelry/Stylist’s Own

On Vanessa Top/Ready To Ride/Lulus.com High waisted shorts/Jersey Virago Leggings/ See You Monday/Karmaloop.com Cuff/Jersey Virago

On Vanessa Faux fur hat/Stylist’s Own Vintage jacket/Stylist’s Own Dress/Jersey Virago Fur wrap & Jewelry/Stylist’s Own

every day is a

FINERIE day for men and women


1215 First Avenue Seattle WA 98101

206 652 4664

TIS’ THE SEASON Ask any visiting NFL team if Seattle Seahawks’ fans have team spirit and it’s likely they won’t even hear you. With the roar from the crowd at Centurylink Field resonating in their ears, there’s no denying the 12th man shows up, kicking and screaming! Whether you are lending your voice to a game or you just want to “rock out with your ‘Hawk out” we’ve found some fresh Seahawks gear to enhance your Fall wardrobe. Happy Football Season!

SEAHAWKS SEATTLE SKYLINE HOODIE & TEE Hoodie $39.99 Tee $19.99 nawthwest.com

SEATOWN WHITEHAWK SOCK $13.95 strideline.com

CUSTOM SEAHAWKS NIKE DUNKS $700.00 proofculture.com

LADIES CARDIGAN $44.95 fanatics.com

NATIVE HAWKS SNAP BACK HAT $30.00 cakefaceclothing.com



SEAHAWKS POCKET TANK $17.00 twinvisionfashion.com

fall in love

4701 11th Ave NE, Seattle, WA - (206) 634 - 3322



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