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Sushi this good is worth the wait!



Class and elegance made simple.


Tacoma’s premiere boutique nightclub will have you clapping for more.


Who says Seattle doesn’t have soul?

DESIGN 36 OH YOU SCHMANCY, HUH Bringing out the big kid in all of us.






Beauty inspired by all the sweet treats you love.


Keeping it smooth with these tools of the shave.

54 DRESS CODE -KARMA CHAMELEON Following natures own design.

56 HIGH MAINTENENCE 66 68 70 74 10






Blue Ribbon Sauza -rita ®

• 2 parts Sauza® Blue Tequila • 1 part JDK & Sons™ O3 Premium Orange Liqueur • 1 part lime juice • ½ part agave nectar Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange slice on the rim.

FOR A SMOOTHER, FRESHER TASTE Sauza® Tequila, 40% Alc./Vol. © 2011 Sauza Tequila Import Company, Deerfield, IL. JDK & Sons™ O3 Premium Orange Liqueur, 40% Alc./Vol. ©2011 John DeKuyper and Son, Cincinnati, OH. JDK & Sons™ is an abbreviation for John DeKuyper & Sons.™

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FOLLOW US @DLISTMAGAZINE ON TWITTER I was happy to see that tote bags are back in style. I’ve been seeing girls with tiny little purses lately but I just can’t carry all of my necessities without my giant totes!


Kim, We know how you feel. All the male editors rock the unisex totes. There is such a thing as unisex totes right? We use them mostly to transport our special dumbbells from gym to gym.


Kim, Seattle I had been hearing some great things about Flourish Chiropractic & Spa so I decided to give them a try. I saw Dr. Kristi Smith for my initial consultation and was blown away by how friendly and professional she is!


GINA, SEATTLE Dang DList, what can I do to get $200 to get wasted in Capitol Hill like your new writer, Tyler?!



Gina, Yeah we are huge fans of DK Smith. Flourish has the perfect atmosphere to heal whatever aches you, and the service and respect for clients is the best we have seen.

A Becca, You can work round the clock and not complain about being tired or whine because you didn’t get to interview Lil Jon. Do that for 6 months, then we will see. Love you princess!

A 14

Thanks for the late night dining options after a night out. I can’t decide which spot to hit up first, Tacos Gringos, Lil’ Woody’s, or BA Bar?


DANNY, SEATTLE Once I read the article Burgermania, I was sold on the milkshake that has the option of being spiked! Just one question: What should I spike my chocolate milkshake with?



The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.

Last weekend we hit up all three. We feel like it’s easier to stimulate the economy when you are drunk. Make sure you call up Crown Black Car for a ride though, and don’t spill your tacos in the car…

A Lance, You should spike your milkshake with extra whipped cream and take a shot you wuss. Milkshakes are natures perfect creation.


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ALBUM Releases Written by Kinsey Litton


Jay-Z & Kanye West watch the throne def jam | august 2

With an official release date and gold cover art done by the creative director at Givenchy, Kanye West and Jay-Z are off to a damn good start. Two of the biggest names in hip-hop have managed to coexist as two of the most talented artists in the game for years. The two are good friends and frequent collaborators and guarantee to bring us more amazing music with the release of their newest album, “Watch the Throne.” Featuring collaborations with Swiss Beatz, Bruno Mars, Beyonce and even more huge names, the album is guaranteed to blow any and every fan away.

2 beirut the rip tide pompeii | august 30

Beirut began in 2006 as the solo project of lead singer Zachary Condon and quickly gained more members and even more fans. Their worldly music draws inspiration from countries such Mexico, France and Eastern Europe, despite their New Mexico roots. While previous albums were in different languages and heavily influenced by international countries and cultures, the newest album is said to show that Beirut is slowly starting to find their niche in the Western indie-folk scene. For lovers of music like Iron & Wine and DeVotchKa, make sure to check out Beirut’s newest studio album this month.


3 lenny kravitz black and white american atlantic | august 30

Known for his feel-good, electric guitar-driven music, Lenny Kravitz has been a household name for years. His career began in the late ’80s and his music carried us through the ’90s with songs like “American Woman” and “Again.” After taking a few years off and spending some time collecting inspiration, Kravitz says this new album touches on his childhood growing up in a white/black/ Jewish/Christian household. Along with exploring some deeper topics, Kravitz set out to explore various types of music and introduce some new styles into his ever-growing repertoire.

4 red hot chili peppers i’m with you warner brothers | august 30

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have officially returned from their two-year hiatus. After finishing the last leg of their “Stadium Arcadium Tour” in 2008 and working almost nonstop for 10 years, the Chili Peppers took some time off for their friends, family and a much-needed break. They are back in a big way this year, with the release of their newest album “I’m With You.” The band wrote more than 60 songs during their break and got a chance to develop a more musically appealing and distinct sound to wow their true fans for the first time in almost three years.

2 3

Video Game Releases Written by Glace Bondeson

5 Deus Ex: Human Revolution edios | august 23 | xbox 360, ps3, pc

It seems like everywhere you look, prequels are taking center stage. This month brings a much anticipated series back to life with “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.” When the original was released back in 2000, it was a surprise hit among hardcore and casual gamers. Set in a cyber-punk metropolis, this iteration of the game brings us back to the beginning, in a visually stunning 3-D world spanning across five Earth-based metropolitans. The player will take control of a security officer dealing with the issues of transhumanism, while the overall story displays a message about mankind’s eyes being bigger than its stomach.



6 Lord of the Rings: War in the North warner bros | august 24 | Xbox 360, PS3, pc

If you have ever been a fan of the mighty “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, you are probably aware of the massively successful movies and games that have graced our presence during the last decade. With huge anticipation for the upcoming movie “The Hobbit” due out in 2012, expect to see a barrage of “LOTR” merchandise and promotional material over the next few months, this starts with “LOTR: War in the North.” Unlike previous “LOTR” games, this is a fully open world RPG, featuring fully upgradable character classes, weapons and even some flying surprises. “LOTR: War in the North” is sure to be a hit among fans of the trilogy and RPG players alike.

7 madden football 12 wa sports | august 30 | Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PSP

If you read the review last month featuring “NCAA Football 2012,” you can basically expect the same from the latest installment of the Madden franchise. Still using the winning formula that has provided great success for the franchise over the years, there are slight gameplay and user interface improvements to help players succeed. Madden is surely going to be flying off shelves when it hits stores at the end of August, considering our hunger for football is returning full steam after months of suspense.

6 77




“Last Night,” starring Keira Knightly, Eva Mendes and Sam Worthington, tells the story of a happily married young couple (Knightly and Worthington) accidentally driven apart by a night complicated with temptation. When Michael (Worthington) leaves on a business trip with his stunning business partner (Mendes), Joanna (Knightly) also has a chance run in with her former love, Alex (Guillaume Canet). The night continues as the audience watches both couples struggle to walk the line between love and lust and the concept of being faithful.

Simon Pegg, known for his writing and acting contributions to British comedies like “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz,” has done it yet again. This year’s film, “Paul,” tells the story of two friends (Pegg and Nick Frost) determined to make it across the U.S. to San Diego for Comic-Con when they stumble upon a wrecked car and find Paul, an alien in dire need of some help. Filled with plenty of laughs, an all-star comedy cast (Jane Lynch, Jason Bateman, Kristin Wiig, Seth Rogen), and spot on CGI effects, “Paul” is a must see for everyone in need of a good summer comedy.

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold AUGUSt 23 Morgan Spurlock became a household name around 2004 when he decided to eat McDonald’s for 30 days straight and make a documentary about his experience. The result was “Super Size Me” a movie nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary. His newest feat comes in the form of “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” where Spurlock sets out to expose the dirty underbelly of advertising and product placement by making an entire movie financed through advertising and product placement. With a cameo from Ralph Nader and Spurlock’s classic tell-it-like-it-is personality, the film is a must see for a little bit of summer education.


Beauty, unaccompanied by virtue, is as a flower without perfume.

Your Highness AUGUST 9 From the minds of stoners, “Your Highness” can best be described as an odd combination of “The Princess Bride,” “Shrek,” “Monty Python,” and “How High.” With Natalie Portman, Danny McBride, James Franco and Justin Theroux, “Your Highness” is the story of two brothers, Thadeous and Fabious (McBride and Franco), who couldn’t be more different. When Fabious’ bride-to-be is captured and locked in a tower, the two brothers must overcome their stark differences and combine forces to rescue the girl, get the Sword of Unicorn and other equally ridiculous and entertaining adventures.

PRIEST AUGUST 16 Based on the eponymic Korean comic book, “Priest” is about a world where humans and vampires have been warring for centuries. Paul Bettany plays a veteran warrior priest who has lived among humans in hiding for years. When vampires kidnap his niece, Bettany begins a vampire-hunt to find her and eliminates anything in his path. Though a slight departure for the usually pensive and serious Bettany, Priest provides the perfect amount of thrill and entertainment for a summer action movie.

The Perfect Host AUGUST 30 Originally a short film, ‘The Perfect Host” tells of John, a low life criminal who has robbed a bank and disappeared with $300,000. When details are released on his identity he cons his way into a random stranger’s house for safety. Little does he know the hospitable man who let him in and gave him food and a place to stay is the worst possible choice John could have made. Starring David Hyde Pierce as the perfect psychopathic host with schizophrenic thoughts and frequent violent hallucinations, the tables turn quickly between the two men as they discover who the real bad guy is.

Written By Barlow Payne rise of the planet of the Apes 8/5/11 Directed By - Rupert Wyatt Starring -Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler, Amanda Michalka

Wow, a “Planet of the Apes” film that doesn’t look hokey, lame or just plain stupid. Someone out there loves this franchise enough to have written a decent script with a good enough plot line that it hooked some pretty great actors. If you weren’t aware, this is the prequel to at least six other “Planet of the Apes” movies and a ton of television shows, some of which were fun but all of which were lame. The storyline of the original movie begins with three astronauts coming out of cryo-sleep and find that they have crash landed on a strange planet. A planet where apes have beaten us out in the evolutionary race and men are uncivilized and unintelligent creatures ruled by the apes. *SPOILER ALERT* In the end, the protagonist finds that it is, actually, Earth that he had crash landed on, just in the very distant future.

one day

8/19/11 Directed By - Lone Scherfig Starring -Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess Just another star-crossed lover movie (think “The Notebook,” just nowhere near as good). A pair of people who are obviously supposed to be together are torn apart a number of different times by various circumstances. Either he’s a jerk or she’s too shy or they move away or one is getting married to someone else. You’ve seen it all before. Blah blah blah. Also, may I just touch on my disdain for Anne Hathaway? Blech. I think she just might be the most annoying actress on the planet and that is saying a lot when Andie MacDowell is still alive.

our idiot brother

As I said before, “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is the prequel to these films and it tells the story of how it all came to pass by the testing of a drug on apes. The drug was to help cure Alzheimer’s, but instead it helped increase the brain functions in the animals it was tested on, so much so that they got fed up with how we treated them (medical facilities, zoos, etc.) that they revolted and started a war for social dominance, thus leading to the downfall of man. The title kind of gives it all away on how it’s going to end, but it will still be fun to watch it all unfold. I gotta say, I am pretty stoked about this. I am really happy that James Franco is in this film. He is steadily becoming one of my favorite actors around today. If you haven’t seen him in “127 Hours” yet, do yourself a favor and check it out. Also, if you didn’t already know, the guy that is doing the acting as the lead ape is the same guy that did the motion capture/acting for Gollum (or Smeagol, if you’re so inclined) and “King Kong” so you know he won’t disappoint. If you like Sci-fi, apes and James Franco, then this is a dream come true for you. Stop what you are doing and buy tickets already, I won’t be offended. See you there.

the debt

8/26/11 Directed By - Jessie Peretz Starring - Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel, Steve Coogan

8/31/11 Directed By - John Madden Starring - Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington and Tom Wilkinson

This. One. Could. Go. All. The. Way! I love Paul Rudd and I have a serious crush on Rashida Jones, so this film is a no-brainer. After seeing them both in “I Love You, Man,” I will see anything featuring Jones and Rudd. The story revolves around Ned (Rudd) and yes, he is the idiot brother. An idiot brother with a heart of gold and not a single sliver of hate in his body, but he always seems to do the wrong thing with the best of intentions. The chemistry of all these actors should be a home run. Go check it out.

Another movie with potential to be great. If you like spy, espionage and political assassination thrillers (think “Munich”), then you’re in luck. This film takes place in two different time periods and both revolve around the same three Israeli Mossad spies. First shown as old veterans, then second just as they are starting out in Mossad (Israel’s intelligence agency). Later in life, they are celebrated for carrying out a dangerous mission back in 1966 involving a Nazi war criminal, but not all is what it seems. You’re just going to have to see it to find out.


Written By Glace Bondeson


Android Phone (Price: Free, Version: 1.01 Available: Android, Android Honeycomb We have probably all used or at least looked at a Craigslist posting once in our lives. And as you may know, it can be a little confusing sorting between location, price, item, etc. With Zaarly, some of this confusion and stress is removed by providing real time data within an overhead map, clearly displaying where sellers are located and the differences between items. Described as a more beautiful Craigslist for your mobile device, the app gives buyers the option to post what they want to buy and then will automatically connect them with sellers who have items the buyer is looking for, which is a great upside considering how long it can take shuffling through thousands of pages of postings to find a correct item. If you are looking for specific items or are just addicted to Craigslist, this is a must-have app for you Android owners.


Price: Free, Version: 1.41 Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Android, Android Honeycomb


Price: $1.99, Version: 1.2

Have you ever found yourself sitting in front of your computer or phone, contemplating why you are bored out of your mind? It is probably because you have not yet discovered StumbleUpon. The concept is simple. Download the app to your device of choice, select topics and categories which interest you and stumble away. StumbleUpon will take your selected interests and randomly provide a website which it feels you may find interesting. One of the best features of StumbleUpon is the ability to hear new music, based on your preferences and either watch music videos via YouTube or listen to music via MySpace. The StumbleUpon app has been completely redesigned for the tablet experience and is surely a touchscreen novelty you do not want to miss.

Available: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch So you want to make a GIF image . . . oh wait, you don’t know what I am talking about. Well, a GIF is an animated image which consists of frames compiled by taking multiple pictures and piecing them together in a program such as Photoshop. Now the wait and frustration of creating your own animated GIF is over, with GIF Shop, available now for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The concept of the app is quite simple. You will take multiple images using the device’s camera and then the app places them in the order you want, controlling various aspects of the GIF; i.e. frame rate, speed, transitions, colors et cetera. Your photos are then ready to be uploaded to a social media outlet of your choice or you can share them with family and friends through email and text message. The only downfall is the lack of a free trial version. But the simplicity and ease of use within the app makes it a definite choice for photo buffs everywhere.


There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.


ANDROID TABLET Price: $4.99, Version: 1.1, Available: Android Honeycomb iCookbook is personally one of my current favorite apps. It was one of the first apps I installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and let me tell you, it makes the display sparkle with beauty. Fully optimized for Android Honeycomb Tablets, iCookbook is a one-stop shop for all the recipes you need. Featuring more than 2,000 preinstalled recipes, handpicked by the app developers and professional chefs, you will never at a loss for a dinner recipe again. On top of the preloaded recipes, there are always new dishes added to the library and the option to download packages specified to your tastes. iCookbook is a little tricky to find, as it is only available through the Amazon Android App Store (, which you must install before browsing their immense library of titles and installing iCookbook. If you love your gadgets and have the same passion in the kitchen, iCookbook is a perfect choice for novice cooks and gourmet chefs alike.


Price: Free Available: Android Honeycomb, Android Phones “Pocket Legends” may be a little more intense than the usual mobile game fare, such as “Cut the Rope” or “Angry Birds.” Instead, “Pocket Legends” takes its gameplay from little known titles such as “World of Warcraft” and “Everquest.” Players will initially create an online account and customize their character, with a choice of three classes: mage, warrior or archer. Each is represented by a different animal. After a couple of introductory quests, players get thrown right into the online action, getting to choose from parties, raids, casual conversation and mini-games. Having actually lost a couple of hours while testing for this review, I can easily say “Pocket Legends” may take a little time to get into, but once you do, the experience is rewarding. I think the greatest strength of the game is that it was able to take a winning formula on the PC and console and transfer it to the mobile market with near perfection. Featuring a full 3D world, lush with active players and creatures, you will instantly get lost inside a world of magic and mystery.




DEAL #1 Seattle MINI is proud to introduce Cooper Bikes of Seattle From the racing heritage of the original Mini Cooper comes the iconic British branded bikes See, ride, and receive preferred pricing for DList readers  

1550 Lake City Way NE  206-588-4250

DEAL #3 “The Repo Project” •1.5 Ounce Amigo Repo •1.0 Ounce Lime •.50 Ounce St Germaine •.25 Ounce Homemade •Strawberry Syrup •Garnish with a thin slice of cucumber. This drink recipe was provided by Brian Lee of Tavern Law.

Amigo bf4e is a new 100% Agave Tequila from the family that brought you Aha Toro Tequila! Handmade in the highlands of Jalisco and using only estate grown agave, Amigo tequila is a young reposado that is aged two months in used bourbon barrels.


It’s beauty that captures your attention; personality which captures your heart.

DEAL #2 Get your flirt on with Oasis Spa & Salon lash extensions Woodinville’s full service salon and spa offers DList Magazine readers $50 off a full set. Mention DList Magazine at time of booking to redeem deal on Novalash® luxurious eyelash extensions

18600 WoodinvilleSnohomish Rd NE 425.486.9200

DEAL #4 LILA+LEE For 25% off your own LILA + LEE Feather Hair Clip e-mail and Type “DList Magazine” in the subject line to receive the discount! Good till Aug. 30, 2011.

WASABI BISTRO Written by Jacklyn Tran Photography by Sam Cook


“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

“After 11 months of revamping, Wasabi Bistro doesn’t seem to have skipped a beat, smoothly reopening their doors on May 10 and picking up exactly where they had left off.” Walking along Second near Bell Street a few months ago, it was hard to ignore the great, big missing element to the established row of businesses in the heart of Belltown: Wasabi Bistro! Gone was the glowing sign that once was, gone was the grouping of outdoor seating, gone was the sea of trendy patrons and friendly faces of the staff. Instead there was just signage of what was to come and occasional customers checking to see if their favorite sushi spot was back in action yet. After 11 months of revamping, Wasabi Bistro doesn’t seem to have skipped a beat, smoothly reopening their doors on May 10 and picking up exactly where they had left off. Since the summer of 2000, Wasabi Bistro has provided a menu that includes an extensive assortment of sushi and sushi rolls along with a contemporary, Japanese fusion menu. Today, the new and improved interior has been joined by a handful of new menu offerings for new and returning customers to experience. The updated, super-Wasabi Bistro comes in a fresh and modern form, courtesy of interior design company CLO Design. Modular furniture takes over the spacious dining area where huge, atom-like light fixtures hang and wall art lit by LEDs radiate. A sleek white counter makes up the bar area where some of the yummy cocktails made may include a few fresh blueberries or a lychee fruit. If food conquers drinks for you, however, you can slide on over and take a seat at the wasabi-green colored sushi counter where rather than watching bartenders shake things up, you can view chefs working away at their craft of fresh fish. For a little more privacy, two semi-private areas are available for parties ranging from 12 to 35. On a recent blustery evening—ah, the joy of Seattle’s supposedly summer weather—I opted for a seat at the bar and was able to enjoy a quick conversation with the pleasant bartender and welcoming staff before my meal. Before long, it

was down to business as my first plate came and immediately caught my full attention. A tiny gasp of delight escaped me as a colossally long and beautiful Omasake (Chef’s Choice) sashimi platter ($60, also comes in $40 and $50 options) made its way in my direction. As I eagerly eyed the platter, I caught a glimpse of everything I could have asked for; fresh thick slices of yellowtail, escolar, salmon, flounder, surf clam, periwinkle snails, sweet shrimp, mackerel and marinated salmon with salmon roe. With black cod on the small plate menu, it was a given that I would have to try it. Wasabi Bistro’s black cod kasuzuke ($7) was definitely a treat. Brined

Wasabi Bistro 2311 Second Avenue Seattle, Washington, 98121 (206) 441-6044

in sake lees and then grilled, the richly flavored fish was exquisite, establishing itself as one of the many contenders for favorite dish by Wasabi Bistro’s manager, Terry Hynes. For a little novelty, a choice between Kobe beef or a fatty tuna called toro Ishiyaki ($16) is available. An Ishiyaki stone is heated up to a screaming hot temperatures and set before customers on a burner to grill the meat to their liking. A visit to Wasabi Bistro is never complete without a helping of sushi rolls which I tried a fair share of. The ever popular caterpillar roll ($11) consisted of eel, cucumber, tobiko, teriyaki sauce and was topped with avocado. What’s not to love about this roll? Creamy avocado melts in the mouth as bursts of tobiko are spread throughout with the buttery, sweet and savory eel. The white rabbit roll ($13) was a whimsical mix of strawberry and avocado, topped with sockeye salmon and mango on a layer of blueberry sauce. The interesting addition of natural fruit sweetness was a hit to both me and multiple staff members who raved

about it when seeing my roll choices. The Sinatra roll ($13), an item off of the new menu, included cucumber, tobiko, snow crab, sriracha, with a layer of sockeye salmon, thinly sliced lemon and black tobiko. The freshness of the roll had a perfect hint of heat and a kick of brightness from the lemon that only added to the great balance of textures. Finally, the Godzilla roll ($13) paired the light crispiness of shrimp tempura with avocado, tobiko and eel. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, my overly enthusiastic sushi extravaganza didn’t leave room for any of the house-made desserts. But I’ve got my eye on the crème brulee trio ($5.50) of coffee, citrus and coconut and green tea tiramisu ($6.50); a good excuse for me to return soon. Next time, however, I think I may drop in for happy hour (which goes from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily) when a great pork belly taco is made available and a sashimi set at $6 is a steal. Whether it’s a few drinks, a lunch meeting, a night out on the town or a celebratory meal, Wasabi Bistro’s pleasing ambiance, unpretentious staff and approachable menu is a right fit for it all. To experience more of Wasabi Bistro chef and owner Jun Hong’s creations, visit:

Red Fin 612 Stewart Street Seattle, Washington, 98101 (206) 441-4340

Wasabi Bay

16300 Mill Creek Boulevard #102 MILL CREEK, Washington, 98012 (425) 743-4424


GOURMET BEAUTY Written by Kathy Casey

I love a good facial and I love to cook up new ideas . . . so how about a DIY face mask!

Many everyday



source of antioxidants and can help soothe irritated skin. If you want to get a little more exotic,


try what Indian brides have known for

a few things you probably already

centuries; a mask of oatmeal, milk and



turmeric will leave you soft, glowing


and gorgeous. (It won’t stain your









skin, I promise, but wear an old T-shirt!)

and exfoliants. for

Combine one teaspoon of turmeric

helping to soothe and clear acne,

with 2 teaspoons of finely ground oats

while bananas, carrots and pumpkin

and add milk or cream until you have

help brighten the skin. Avocado is a fab

a thick paste. Smooth it over your

natural moisturizer and brown sugar is

face, let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes,

a gentle way to exfoliate your skin to

rinse with warm water and voila… look

keep it looking its best; mix a little with

at you, gorgeous!




honey for a simple (and tasty) lip scrub.

So go ahead and play with your

Whole milk products such as yogurt

food… you’ll love the time spent

have an ideal balance of moisture and

pampering yourself. Your skin (and your

fat that makes it perfect for using in

day) will be a little brighter for it!

home facial recipes and can help ease

- Kathy

mild sunburns and eczema. Its natural lactic acid helps to brighten and slough

Catch Kathy on Twitter

away dull skin. If you happen to have



or for more Dishing with Kathy Casey

green tea powder around,

make a paste with a little milk and

some honey for a relaxing at-home

or find Sips & Apps on Facebook.

spa session; the green tea is a powerful

D’Lish DIY Refreshing Summer Face Mask (For normal-to-oily skin) After this mask your skin will feel fresh, hydrated and tightened. Makes enough mask for two.

• 1 cucumber • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves • 1 Tbsp. honey • 1 egg white How to make it: Peel and seed the cucumber and cut it into chunks. Place the cucumber, mint and honey in a food processor and process until smooth. Add the egg white and combine until you have a paste. With fingertips spread the paste on your face and neck, keeping clear of your eye area.

(Put a towel around yourself to keep your shirt clean). Lie down and let the mask do its magic for at least 20 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water.


“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” Confucius

MUSHROOMS Written by Kate Opatz

Dahlia Lounge You’ll find mushrooms all over Tom Douglas menus (think the chanterelle and truffle cheese pizza at Serious Pie), but the mushroom dashi at Dahlia deserves the spotlight. With handmade noodles, shaved porcinis and scallions, it showcases the flavor


our area’s adoration of

organic, the number of foods we eat that have been foraged in the wild is extremely small. This, and the fact that collecting them is a tedious and back-straining task, are perhaps why mushrooms have taken a beloved and introspective place on Seattle menus. Cooked in about any way imaginable, here are a few of the most standout mushroom dishes around. everything



RN74 At Michael Mina’s new Seattle

capabilities of mushrooms.

Lark Though the varieties change with availability, sautéed mushrooms have a permanent place on Lark’s menu. Cooked with only garlic, olive oil and sea salt, they’re an amazing complement to any other dish or just as they are.

Artusi While Artusi, Spinasse’s new nextdoor aperitivo bar, offers excellent morels stewed with celery, tomato

incarnation of RN74, maitake

and juniper oil, absolutely do not

mushrooms come tempura fried

skip the stewed truffles. It is most

from the bar menu. Lightly crispy

people’s first experience with truffles

and intended for dipping in a

stewed, but the dish is exceptionally

green onion sauce, they’re the

successful, particularly over polenta

perfect salty drinking snack.

with the optional guanciale.

Delancey Simple yet perfect, the crimini pizza at Delancey needs only mozzarella, thyme and olive oil to enhance the mushrooms. That being said, the addition of sausage will blow your mind.


The Space Needle had the second revolving restaurant in the world, built in 1961.

Identifying mushrooms on a menu can be as difficult as doing so in the wild. But being able to recognize a few of the more common names gives you a serious leg up when trying to understand what it is that you’re ordering. Here’s some you’re likely to see:

Chanterelle One of the more frequently foraged mushrooms in the Northwest, chanterelles have a distinct aroma – somewhat like apricots - and a highly valued flavor.

Porcini With a smooth, meat-like texture and nutty flavor, porcinis are highly regarded in cooking. Though historically Italian, they also grow in the Northwest and are excellent in sauces, pastas, sautéed or shaved and eaten raw.

Maitake Also known as “hen of the woods,” these mushrooms are rich and nutty, with a firm and meaty texture. Clusters of the mushrooms grow at the base of dying trees, often oaks, and have leaf-like fronds in bushy bunches.

Hon Shimeji A small, Asian mushroom that has become increasingly popular with chefs. It has a crisp texture and a nutty and herbal flavor when cooked.

Morel Revered by chefs and eaters alike, morels have a strong flavor and an unusual texture. The first mushrooms to be in season, morels tend to inspire much excitement in mushroom fiends.



Written by Aleko Lilly Photography by Sam Cook

Venik is a neighborhood bar with an upscale hotel’s cocktail list and a spirit-enthusiast’s liquor supply. And it’s incredibly, incredibly good. “Our aim is to focus on the guest and what they wish to enjoy through a WWW.VENIKLOUNGE.COM straightforward and honest approach to cocktails,” said bar lead Matt Bailey. 227 9th Ave N # A This approach has led to both man and SEATTLE, WASHINGTON 98109 bar being the newest stars of Seattle’s (206) 223-3734 burgeoning cocktail scene. Driven by the belief that fantastic cocktail bars do not have to be pompous or unapproachable, Bailey, along with general manager Tim Johnstone, have manicured Venik from the-bar-next-to-Banya-5 into one of the best places to go for craft cocktails in Seattle. Venik poses a warm and comfortable environment; unpretentious, welcoming and undeniably focused on slaking the most testy drinker’s thirst. Johnstone’s concept features a smooth, polished mahogany curlicue bar with rounds at each end for the inevitable grouping of Amazon workers who’ve had enough of Tom Douglas or the explorative Lake Union types. Adjacent to the handcrafted bar is a cozy side room, providing ample space for an intimate date


or highfalutin parties. The atmosphere is conducive to either. Knowing the outdoors-no-matter-the-conditions Seattle mantra, Venik accomadates with a patio on the sidewalk and with plans in the making for all-weather outdoor seating. Behind the bar is an impressive liquor selection, select local beer taps and an imposing glass-doored refrigerator boasting a myriad of infusions from Venik’s ever-expanding selection. If you sit in front of the bartender, which you should, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the days’ selection; fresh, mostly local fruits, herbs and syrups that go into the making of Venik’s cocktails. Speaking of, if there’s any cocktail that’s a must-sip, it’s the Baja Session. The combination of jalapeño, cilantro infusion, reposado tequila, lime, agave, salt, celery bitters and egg white may look like a laundry list of disparate ingredients, but they combine so subtly and awaken every inch of the palate with a dynamic that is truly sublime. Another standout from the list is the Catalan Fizz (a nod to the Mediterranean bent of the dinner menu) that combines gin, saffron, lemon, orange blossom water and Prosecco. And while half the list’s cocktails are house originals, Bailey and other bartenders at Venik know their way around the classics. Part two of the list is home to modern interpretations of the classic cocktail, including Formula #3, Martinez and A Cobbler. As a whole, the cocktail list runs the gamut, from drinks for the adventurous and daring, to cocktails that everyone can and will enjoy. The kitchen at Venik adheres to the same basic affect as the bar and acts as the driving force behind the house’s philosophy on cocktails. Head chef Nikki Erickson strives to use seasonal, local and organic ingredients wherever possible for both the food and the bar’s vast array of infusions. Her food, while simple, complements the cocktails flawlessly. This comes as no surprise, seeing as her infusions make Venik’s cocktails high-caliber and Bailey’s life easy. More than anything, Venik exudes a feeling of home, hearth and altruism. A place for eating well, drinking exceptionally and enjoying life in the company of friends. Venik Hours: Monday 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Tuesday through Friday 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. Happy hour is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every day with 25 percent off house cocktails, draft beer, wine and food and $2 Miller High Life’s.

There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty. That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.

ENCORE, DO YOU WANT MORE... Written by Tyler Huggins Photography by Chris Carino


“The beauty of life, is that you don’t have to be modernly beautiful to live it.” C.S. Lewis

“Release yourself from routine. Go to Tacoma. Go to Encore” I’ve never watched more than four minutes of “Mad Men” without falling asleep. Allow me to explain. I only watch “Mad Men” post-coitally (I should look into why this is) and immediately succumb to inescapable rapturous slumber. Couple my post-coital narcolepsy with a general lack of zeal for jumping into another show and sacrificing my precious hours to absorbing the show’s archetypes, it comes as no surprise that my expertise on their cigarette-smoking, psychological-advertising ways is lacking. Yet, there’s a noticeable aura surrounding Roger Rahil and Jon Tartaglia’s Tacoma concept, Encore, that reeks the “Mad Men” image AMC marketers endeavor to propagate. Rahil and Tartaglia don’t subscribe to the nightclub owner caricature. The two eschew slicked hair, snakeskin jackets and the endomorphic look that predominates the nightclub higher-up culture, as well as the 10 percent administrative tasks, 90 percent make-passes-at-the-female-employees work ethic. They’re businessmen, shrewd and dedicated to raising the bar. 1025 pacific avenue tacoma, WASHINGTON 98402 Encore reflects their drive. The interior, designed by Brazilian architect magnate Marcelo Rocha, depicts a timeless setting, with minimal interruption: dance floor lighting, an inconspicuous DJ booth and mood setting LED wall. Once inside Encore, with off-white walls featuring insipid art and pitch black furniture contrasts, the accidents of corporation and money flirts with every patron’s senses. It’s a powerful opiate. Anyone who frequents Encore or its Pacific Avenue home knows the amount of currency that courses throughout that district. The building Rahil and Tartaglia chose for Encore has a long history of banking and outside of the nightclub, there’s a Key Bank adjacent, a JP Morgan-Chase kitty corner and the Tacoma Chamber of Commerce dead across. Not to mention, the Wells Fargo’s plaza is a stone’s throw away, accompanying investment branches and other enigmatic companies that wheel and deal in the NW economy. As a nightclub, Encore bottles that old school interaction with money; where important meetings are conducted on black leather couches while voluptuous women stalk the smoke-filled halls, done up in “Mad Men” red. Given the large grouping of income in this district, the owners have made Encore a highlyaffordable venue, which, consequently, makes Encore the central hub for poor and rich to rub . . . shoulders.


As every nightclub does, Encore has several features that give the venue a magnetic Friday or Saturday night allure. One is the LED microwall, erected near the southeast side, obscuring the bathrooms and washing the dance floor in an erotic, multi-colored iridescence. LED wall withstanding, what caught this DList writer’s peepers sits to the left of the entrance. Behold a latticed ode to a nightclubbette’s best friend, vodka, more specifically, Grey Goose (write that check out to DList Magazine, thats D-L--i . . .), quarantined by a sit-down bar and the proverbial nightclub LG HD. Speaking of the nightclubbettes, the last installment in our Encore’s feature series is their ballroom-era staircases. Let’s envision a Don Draper ad for these elegant stairs: “Relive life as a debutante. Encore Nightclub” (Fade Out). These stairs demand chicks in gowns and well-heeled shoes and a shitload of practice, as well as some Hanes model type knights or whatever the male debutante is called. Of course, the dress code necessary to ensure gown use is an outdated and draconian concept and Encore plays light with their code (Chucks are welcome), allowing your style to fly as long as you look . . . uh, fly.


“There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” Francis Bacon

Sounds Beautiful

Written by Joe Gustav Photographs by Laura Gehring Styling by Kayleigh Capelle


“There are flowers everywhere, for those who bother to look.” Henri Matisse

Soul-y Matrimony When asked which other local R&B artists they admire most, the answer from our August Decibel features was unanimous. Mario and Malice Sweet are a married couple whose real-life chemistry extends beautifully into their music. Happy 2 Year showcases neosoul stylings including highlight “Speed of Life,” a reserved, loving

Seattle’s soulful side is catching the listening public’s fancy with the help of these four up-and-comers. In a music city known nationally for a genre with unglamorous, even unhygienic connotations, the scene at the then-Salon Novaj (2207 3rd Avenue, which as of print will be Helen Salon & Wax Spa) would have been a gentle gut-check for any misguided soul pigeonholing Seattle music. After pampering and preparation Adra Boo, Dice, JusMoni, and Shaprece peacocked for the camera in commemoration of the R&B/soul music they create, a sound elbowing its way into the local listener’s musical consciousness. “It seems right now a lot of soul singers are coming out of the woodwork,” Adra says. “I think Seattle wants something that’s different, they want something that’s meaty, and soul music is meaty.” The community theater veteran makes her music substantial by keeping it honest. “Be honest and it will move people,” she says. “It might not feel good [to the writer] but it resonates with people.” Fly Moon Royalty, Adra’s group with producer Action Jackson, has consistently connected with audiences and industry peers alike since independently dropping their self-titled debut earlier this year – the album was re-released by local imprint Sportn’ Life Records and the duo earned coveted spots at Doe Bay Fest and Bumbershoot this summer. Fly Moon’s sound is self-described as “eclectic,” drawing on traditional R&B but adding dance influences and a healthy sense of humor, and their descriptor is a good one for characterizing this burgeoning area of the Emerald City’s musical landscape. To say there is a dedicated R&B scene in Seattle may be a bit presumptuous, especially considering how much it co-mingles with the booming hip-hop scene. Dice wears the hats of singer and rapper equally well. She bodies verses on songs with the town’s best, but when faced with the inherently unfair hypothetical situation of choosing one form of vocal expression over the other, she has no hesitation. “Singing in a heartbeat,” she answers. “I just feel like there are things you can emote out of the tones in a singing song that you can’t emote in a rap song. I would definitely be a singer and not a rapper. “But, I can do them both, so why not.” Her summer Only One Dice mixtape is a kind of career retrospective and showcase of her duel talents. She plans her next release, with production assists by the likes of Vitamin D, Brainstorm, and MTK, to focus on singing for a sound more reminiscent of the classic soul talents.

track about moving forward together.

While her brand of hip-hop soul seeks to embody the sultry depth of her inspirations, Shaprece goes for fun future sounds on her Scatterbrain EP. “I’m trying to find a balance between soul music and electronica,” she says of her style, which she categorizes as “electro-soul.” “I’m pretty soulful as far as my vocals go, but I like to make sure my music is current and fun. Everyone likes to dance and hear those synths -- they’re kind of addictive.” Scatterbrain’s narcotic textures are provided by Jay Battle, of hip-hop group Gran Rapids, and P Smoov, musical mastermind behind Fresh Espresso and Mad Rad. Before stepping out as a solo artist Shaprece became known for her vocal cameos on hiphop songs including State of the Artist’s “Hey Hey,” a Smoov production that landed on’s Top Songs of 2010 list. For this generation of musicians, the distinction between hip-hop and R&B diminishes and creators in either vein do not look upon the other with disdain, only mutual appreciation and with an eye toward potential collaboration. It’s all about that beat, and it’s all about using whatever means you have at your disposal to create that connection with the listener, one JusMoni makes firmly with her fans. As a 17-year old single mother Moni released her first album Ready For Life in late 2010, a remarkably mature and polished work for a young artist making her debut. Production duo Tha Bizness (of Chris Brown “No BS” fame) made the beats and Moni made listeners pay attention with emotional and uplifting life lessons. “Not everybody can connect with folks on that level to where it’s personal, and I’ve got people texting me and calling me like, ‘I’m crying right now. Thanks,’” she says, remembering her soldout album release party at Chop Suey. Listeners can thanks her in advance for more tears as Moni is currently at work on a follow-up with 10.4 Rog, a project that is high on this fall’s most-wanted list. Fly Moon, Dice, and Shaprece also are working on projects of varying lengths for release in the near future. Gathered for a quick break from the daily grind, they laughed together, shared new artistic endeavors, and gave one singer a good-natured bad time for her wardrobe choice at a concert with family members in attendance. Though each has their own sound, style, and set of collaborators, they are all huddled somewhere under the umbrella of R&B, one growing in prominence in the Rain City, beautifully emoting life’s ups and downs as only a song sung with soul can.

Dig In Check out our exclusive interviews with Seattle’s soul ladies to learn about upcoming projects, find out who their all-time favorites are, and hear how they got started singing. Listen to choice cuts and get familiar www.dlistmagazine. com/decibel/ august-decibel-dig-in After the stunning results of their hard work on Adra, Dice, Moni, and Shaprece, the hair stylists got some time to model as well. See the bubbly results of their photo shoot over at the DList blog. http://www. decibel/decibelshoot-stylists-get-theirturn


OH YOU SCHMANCY, huh Written by Salvador Redd Photographs by Joemely Feliciano

“THE DREAM OF WRITING YOUR OWN TOY STORY IS COMING TRUE FOR ONE SEATTLE BASED STORE.” Have you ever wanted to put your finger in Ira Glass? How about Bob Ross? Well, the fulfillment or 1932 2nd avenue fix for your indie-fingering fetish is Seattle, Washington 98101 just around the corner. Look for a cozy boutique with cursive script on (206) 728-8008 the corner of Virginia and 2nd that reads: “Schmancy.” The name Schmancy partly comprises the idiom fancy-schmancy. In childish vernacular, the idiom connotes an aura of pretension around someone or something undeserving of such notice. Fancy-schmancy is usually thrown around by the outspoken jealous, wielded at someone that has an object or look they desire. To maintain their pride, they condescendingly refer to the item as fancy-schmancy. You know, something kids say, like homework-schmomework: a.k.a. the ultimate argument. At first glance, Kristen Rask’s Schmancy resembles a kid’s toy store. Personified vegetables stare back knowingly with beaded eyes and stitched upward-u smiles. Boxed toys stand at attention in cubby holes and every plush ham and mutant doll is a throw back to kindergarten nap time and the classroom toys I let sleep with me (I was a selective kindergarten manwhore.) If this is a kid store, then why do throngs of adults cycle in and out of the store, some buying, others gawking?


“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on Simplicity.” Plato

That’s because the target audience isn’t kids, but the twenty-something artists and art collectors that make up a large portion of the Seattle population. They come to purchase unique crafts and see what other plushwork artists are producing. Schmancy isn’t a store, it’s a gallery with exponentially more art pieces than your average Queen Anne affair. The proliferation of her contributor’s art is thanks to two things: G.I. Joe dolls and the indie craft uprising. In 1997, Michael Lau took a G.I. Joe doll action figure and redesigned ol’ Joe with a hip-hop get-up. According to everyone I’ve spoken to in the designer toy game and everything I’ve read, people went fucking nuts. By popularizing designer toys, Michael Lau gained instant fame. Today, designer toys are everywhere, in department stores, on the desks of executives and in the glass cases of serious art collectors. Uglydoll, Hello Kitty and Kid Robot, all designer toy companies, all household names (depending on the household), all featured in Schmancy. From the DIY lifestyle of punk grew indie crafts. Basically, these artists grew tired of buying the same old mundanities from Bed, Bath and Beyond and other crafteries and began making it themselves. Lampshades, finger puppets, whatever lent itself to simple construction. Soon, people (predominantly females) began to meet and show off their crafts, trading their own pins, poems and plushworks for more of the same. Indie crafts popularity grew, giving birth to Renegade Craft Fairs all over the country, the most popular of which is in San Francisco. Now, books such as ‘The Big-Ass Book of Crafts” can be found on even the most mainstream bookstore’s shelving units. Schmancy is an outgrowth of the indie craft uprising, sustaining Rask with more than just kindergarten teachers for customers. To check out her collections or support Rask, you can go on-line or patronize her shop. There you will find finger puppets of Ira Glass, Bob Ross, Steve Zissou and anyone else with enough hipster cred to stick your finger up. You’ll also find plushtaches, because it’s “the next best thing” and duct tape wallets with the typographical logos of Microsoft Word, Twitter and Facebook arranged into txtspeak’s: “WTF.” A phrase you’ll whisper in awe over the creations her shelves feature.


IDENTITY FEST FEATURE: RUSKO Written by Joe Gustav Photograph by Don Monick

The Columbia River Gorge was formed some 2 million years ago when the last remaining glaciers crumbled apart, releasing the ferocious river to bumrush its way through the land, throwing elbows to carve out the canyon that now sits beneath the Gorge Amphitheatre. When the gates to the first annual IDentity Festival’s open at the Gorge on September 10, expect similar activity as those in attendance anxiously push through to join the year’s best touring party dedicated to electronic music. Headliners for the Northwest date, the last of the inaugural tour, include Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, and dubstep’s favorite son Rusko. The Leeds, UK native has seen his star rise rapidly since his 2010 proper debut O.M.G.!, incessantly rocking sold-out shows across the world. Though travel can be wearisome, Rusko loves his job. “I may be tired of the travel involved in getting to venues,” he said via e-mail, “but I never tire of making people dance!” Dance they will at IDentity, as his wobbling bass and rave-influenced high ends have not failed to get crowds moving yet. Rusko goes about his craft with a true musician’s touch, not content to just “melt faces” as is the genre’s trend, but to really write songs with varying textures and influences. His sound transcends dubstep’s more morose tones and has attracted plenty of collaborators, most notably M.I.A., almost Britney Spears, and lately, hiphop legends Cypress Hill. “I feel that my tracks carry a lot of energy in a fun way,” he said. “That helps take [my collaborators] to a creative level they haven’t experienced yet.” Audiences hope to get the same treatment with no artistic effort on their part -- just letting loose to fan favorites like “Cockney Thug” and “Hold On.” At IDentity Fest Rusko promises to play some new tunes, and though he has already released “Da Cali Anthem,” does not yet have an ode to the Pacific Northwest in the works -- but that doesn’t mean he won’t consider it. “That depends on how much Northwest love I get!” he said. Gorge-goers: consider yourselves challenged.


“Beauty is the promise of happiness.” Stendhal

Getting to Know: Aaron Scheidies Written by Sheena Nguyen Photograph by Marcy Browe

AARON SCHEIDIES’S DLIST DRESS - What do you wear for a night out on the town? I am not a dressed up kind of guy. If I can wear jeans and a T-shirt, I will do that.

DINE - What is your favorite food? I love food. I love a good quality pizza with quality toppings.

Drink - What is your signature drink? Long Islands.

Dance - What is your signature dance move? The skeleton, which is a move that I created. Just let your head and arms droop and be a dangly skeleton.

With sweat dripping from your face and adrenaline rushing through your veins, the feeling of reaching the finish line at the end of a race is like no other. For most people who compete in triathlons, just the sight of that finish line after a long hard swim, bike ride and run provides that last extra push required to reach the end. But imagine if you couldn’t see that line. Imagine if all you had to go off of after being drained from three strenuous segments of a race was the memory and instinct of the course. For world champion triathlete Aaron Scheidies, that’s exactly what he goes through for each and every single one of the triathlons he has competed in. And participating in more than 100 triathlons, having held both the title of National and World Champion in the sport, it’s safe to say that Scheidies has been extremely acquainted with that finish line feeling. Fresh from returning from the ESPY Awards last month, one of sports’ greatest honors and where Scheidies was a finalist for an award in the category of Best Male Athlete with a Disability, he has finally had some time to relax back in Washington after months of whirlwind traveling for competitions around the globe and letting everything sink in. “I was elated and I was shocked when I learned that I was a finalist for an ESPY,” Scheidies said. “It’s like the Academy Awards for sports and being a huge sports fan myself, I get how big it is to be a finalist.” Triathlons are an incredibly grueling sport, with the distances used for the Olympics being a .93 mile swim followed by a 24.8 mile bike ride and a 6.2 mile run. Scheidies also competes in the Ironman Triathlon which is a 2.4 mile swim grouped with a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run. He conquers these distances while living with about 10 percent of the vision of a fully sighted person. Scheidies was born with Stargardt disease, a form of juvenile macular degeneration. Although he had full vision at birth, this condition causes progressive loss of vision over time. Now at the age of 29, while doctors say his condition may be stable for the time being, Scheidies is already beyond the legal point of blindness. “I don’t even remember what full vision looks like because it was so long ago,” he commented. “I just see moving blobs.” Around the age of 9 was when Scheidies first started noticing changes in his vision. But it was a mystery to both Scheidies and the many doctors he and his family consulted to figure out the cause. After a visit to the University of Michigan Medical Center, a physician correctly diagnosed Scheidies, but there was nothing that could be done. At that time, growing up with Stargardt’s was seemingly Scheidies’ greatest obstacle. “When I was younger and going through middle school and high school, I was still trying to find myself as a person,” he recalled. “That period was pretty much rock bottom for me when I had everything from OCD to depression.” When he found out that he would be limited in a number of activities, Scheidies’ brother suggested that he try certain sports like swimming, track and cross country. Since then, he doesn’t even consider that the greatest obstacle he’s ever had to overcome. “I’ve accommodated and adapted really well,” Scheidies stated. With his new outlook came a change in wanting to challenge himself instead of waiting for problems to arise. Scheidies finds his biggest obstacle now is the battle the rest of his body is fighting with the constant wear and tear of competing in the sport that saved him. “The repetitive pounding is breaking down my body,” he commented. Although he has tried to increase the amount of swimming and decrease the running time in his training which causes less strain on his body, Scheidies doesn’t see an end to his triathlon career anytime within the foreseeable future. “I’m not going to put a strict end date to my triathlon career,” he said. “It will end only when I stop having fun.” His positive demeanor and infectious attitude have only helped him obtain even greater accolades. Not only does Scheidies hold numerous championship triathlon titles, but he has also been inducted into the Skiing Disability Hall of Fame and has launched the Michigan State Triathlon Club (where he attended college and also had a 4.0 GPA) into one of the top in the nation. Successes in triathlons don’t come easy. They’re long, painful and extremely demanding. For Scheidies, many things run through his mind during these trials, but most importantly, he has an internal motivation and positive energy that keeps him going. “When it hurts really bad I tell myself to smile through the pain and it doesn’t hurt as much,” he said. And that’s pretty much Scheidies; all smiles from start to the finish line.


“The Beauty OF Staying Healthy” Interview by James Zachodni


Beauty is best when it comes mixed with danger.

You are originally from Tacoma Washington. What was life like growing up in Tacoma? What do you miss most about the Northwest? It was great growing up in Tacoma. I played softball, was on a bowling team and loved to go fishing with my family. I really miss the clean air and of course my family and friends. Oh and I miss my Cloverleaf pizza too! You moved to LA after graduating in 1996 (same year as me!). That was a pretty big step for an 18 year old. What prompted you to make such a big commitment? I had always loved California, for the obvious reasons, sun, beach and always fun things to do. I had modeled in high school so I wanted to give it a try in LA. My mom and dad were nervous about me going, but they knew I was responsible. A year after your move, you graced the cover of Playboy (October 1997) What was it like to know you would be on the cover of one of the world’s most famous men’s magazine? I was completely shocked! I didn’t really believe it until the issue actually came out. When I graduated a year earlier I definitely didn’t think I’d be on the cover of Playboy. You then went on to be Playmate of the Month (February 1999.) What is it like to be a Playmate? What kind of opportunities spawned from this exposure?

2005 – St Pauli Girl (what were some of the duties? Do you like beer?) I went on a 16 city tour promoting and hosting events for St. Pauli Girl. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity. I actually do like beer and its fun beating someone beer chugging every once in a while. 2005 – Entourage (PJ Party Girl) – Are you a fan of the show? Sad the show is coming to an end? I am a big fan of “Entourage.” I had a callback for one of the last episodes and I was out of town working. I was so bummed. It’s a great show and the cast is so much fun to work with. 2008 – Tonight Show with Jay Leno I work for “The Tonight Show” pretty consistently, about every three or four months. It’s great having them as a client. Jay Leno is hilarious and the crew is always so pleasant to be around. 2010 – Modern Family (Ed O’Neil – “Married with Children”– did you watch growing up?) “Modern Family” was definitely my favorite show to work on. The cast was very welcoming and Julie Bowen is a sweetheart. I did watch “Married with Children” growing up, but Ed O’Neil wasn’t shooting the day I was so I didn’t get to meet him. Tell us more about Vitamins by Stacy? ( prompted you to start a vitamin line?

Well, at first I declined the offer to be in the magazine, but then I thought about it and decided I’m only young once and Playboy is so mainstream and that’s why so many celebrities pose. I can’t even explain the magnitude of opportunity’s being a Playmate has given me. I’ve been all over the world, the White House and the Oscars. Those are definitely some of the best experiences of my life.

I’ve always been into vitamins and it was challenging for me to find a high quality vitamin without artificial additives or fillers that provided the right vitamin combination. I personally suffered from allergies and sinus problems my whole life. My Complete Multi Vitamin and Super C supplement decrease my symptoms and makes them manageable.

The following is kind of a “highlight reel” of your career in movies/television. Can you elaborate a little bit on each?

You are in your early 30s (sorry, I wouldn’t bring that up if it wasn’t publicly posted) and you look like you are still in your early 20s. What are some of your beauty secrets?

2001 – Shallow Hal It’s funny because I’m only in a small sorority scene that ended up in the DVD, but I was in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a whole week filming. The Farrelly Brothers are incredible people to work with and very personable. Jack and Jason were fun and friendly, Gwyneth was a little more quiet but still very nice.

Vitamins 100 percent. I’m a firm believer that vitamins prevent aging. My mother will be 60 this year, she doesn’t have a wrinkle on her face and she’s been taking vitamins all her life. My Natural Vitamin E and HairSkin-Nails customers are ecstatic when they see the results.

What is your definition of beauty in women? It’s important to remember beauty is only skin deep. To me a beautiful woman is strong, good hearted and takes care of herself inside and out. Who do consider beautiful out there in Hollywood? Reese Witherspoon and Beyonce are two women I admire for their composure, class, as well as there outside beauty. What’s next for Stacy Fuson? Besides Vitamins by Stacy and occasional modeling/acting, I’m working with a company in developing an App. This is a very exciting project and we’ll be launching in Sept/Oct. For updates follow me on Twitter @vitaminsbystacy I’m also currently in the process of completing my bachelor’s degree. I received my associates in business last year and I’m looking forward to attaining my bachelor’s degree.


emerald city

For the Love of Lingerie

“NO PANTY LINES. NO SCRATCHY FABRICS. NO BRA STRAPS FALLING OFF SHOULDERS.” Apparently, state troopers know all about lingerie these days. La Bijou owner Stephanie Percy said she found it hard to maintain her femininity donned in uniform as a former Washington State trooper. “There were no female uniforms at the time and I began to lose touch with my feminine side, so I started wearing lingerie underneath my uniform,” Percy said. “I immediately thought of other women having the same struggles.” Borne from this affair was La Bijou, a highend lingerie experience. The downtown Bellevue boutique is about reconnecting women to their inner

Written by Loren Boyd Photography by Hanne Zak

vixen and re-igniting the passion within for both couples and those flying solo. The boutique’s name, French for “jewel,” was inspired by its fine European garments from designers like Aubade, Simone Perele, Chantelle and La Perla, 10311 MAIN STREET BELLEVUE, Washington 98004 (425)453-0311 “the Jimmy Choo of lingerie,” explained Percy. “In Europe, women buy lingerie for themselves first, second for men. La Bijou is about nourishing the woman inside first,” said Percy.

No panty lines. No scratchy fabrics. No bra straps falling off shoulders. Just soft, romantic pieces guaranteed to please skin and eye alike. From basic bras to fancy corsets and sexy swimsuits, La Bijou has something for everyone, including a wedding line and exclusive collections of men’s briefs featuring designers like Bend the Rules, Punto Blanco, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss. Book an appointment and redefine date night. Percy will select garments for a female to model for her man as they indulge in champagne and chocolate. After the delightful prefunk, voila! The couple is off to enjoy the evening, surely more playful than usual. La Bijou also hosts bridal showers, couple’s nights, female events with male models and male events with female models. Visit for more info.


ROSALINE HAMPTON Written by Kayleigh Capelle Photography by Roman Levitsky

Model styled by Rosaline in Madina Vadache

Hampton’s wardrobe styling reaches many influential people all over the country, while also transforming many people in the Bellevue/ Seattle area on a regular basis. 44

“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

When salon-hunting in the Pacific Northwest, it is often hard to find a salon that gives you the full style package. Many owners form their salons based on very specific treatments, which has proven to be very successful in this region full of loyal small business supporters. However, for those of you who like the experience of accomplishing all beauty procedures with one salon/stylist, we’ve found the place. Rosaline Hampton is a local hair and makeup stylist. But something that separates this salon from others is the option of having a wardrobe stylist.

Hampton’s wardrobe styling reaches many influential people all over the country, while also 188 106th ave ne suite 400 transforming many people in the Bellevue/Seattle area on a regular bellevue, WASHINGTON 98004 basis. Wardrobe styling services (425)-614-6377 include event styling, wardrobe consultation, wardrobe overhaul, personal shopping, bridal shopping and on-location work for weddings, fitness events, runway shows, photo shoots and film sets. Many of her clients not only rely on her for their wardrobe styling, but for the complete styling package, “even down to the nail polish,” she stated with a proud smile. This spring has proven to be a big game-changer for owner Rosaline Hampton when she opened up her new salon location in downtown Bellevue. This is a huge step for her and she is thrilled to be a part of the Bellevue area.

Hampton’s passion for beauty and fashion was evident upon entering the salon and seeing the décor. After picking her brain, it was even more apparent how on point she is in these realms. “I’ve been styling hair and makeup since I was 12,” she explained while designing my new hairstyle. Her passion for beauty and style could inspire even the least fashion-savvy clients. When visiting Hampton in her salon, I was not only inspired by her amazing portfolio work plastered on the walls and the swanky décor, but also by the refreshing humility she is bringing to Seattle’s fashion industry. She is very appreciative of her industry and the people in it, which is why she hosts an annual non-profit charity training camp for those interested in the industry. “Fashion Camp by Rosaline Hampton” is a day camp for young women, mainly high school level, to experience what it’s like working at a full-package styling agency. The girls get hands-on experience in makeup, hair and wardrobe styling techniques. Hampton will continue to inspire Seattle fashion fans and push the envelope in the styling world. For a beautiful hair cut/color, makeup tricks or wardrobe assistance, Rosaline Hampton is the fashionista you can trust.


Written by Tricia Mann

It is never openly talked about, but the media takes notice when a celebrity looks like they have had a little cosmetic pick-me-up. Megan Fox recently posted a photo online making expressions that she claimed proved that she has never had Botox. Some commentaries suggest that a little creative Photoshop was used to create the lines on her forehead. Kim Kardashian has admitted to having Botox. When relying on appearance, it can make huge difference in extending one’s career. A fashion models career used to be over in her early 20’s and now there are many cases of models making it down top designers runways at age 30 or even older. I visited Dr. Jodie Reinertson at CosMedic Skincare to investigate the treatments popular among young Hollywood starlets. Many women start to show the signs of ageing in their early 20s near the cheekbones, under eyes, lips and smile lines. The options for fillers and treatments can be confusing and overwhelming. The most common is a blend of treatments along with Juvederm, Botox and Radiesse because they have no downtime and are noninvasive. Dr. Jodie, as she prefers to be addressed, typically recommends the treatments will give the best result based on the client’s needs. Juvederm is made of hyaluronic acid, a watery substance found in the skin. It is the safest treatment in this category


referred to as dermal fillers. Typically, Juviderm is used around the lip area to restore fullness. The treatment lasts six months to a year and costs about $495 for one syringe. Typically, one half to a whole syringe will do the trick for your first treatment. The good news is that you can buy it in half syringes. Radiesse is a deeper filler that is injected under the muscle. The calcium-based solution is a natural collagen booster. It promotes your own natural production of collagen. Areas that respond the best to Radiesse are the cheek area and smile lines. Typically a syringe is a good starting point, which costs about $595. A single treatment can last for up to two years. Botox is ideal for reducing expression lines around the forehead, eyes and frown lines. It is injected into the muscles to block nerve impulses that cause the muscles to move. $240 per syringe is a small price to pay to eliminate severe lines and creases in the treated area for up to four months. In the time it takes for a lunch break, you are back and looking five to seven years younger. For many patients, the biggest concern is the actual needles themselves, which are actually very small and nearly painless. You may have some minor bruising or swelling, but with a highly experienced doctor that is rare, leaving nothing that you can’t cover with a little concealer.

“Nothing is more beautiful than the loveliness of the woods before sunrise.” George Washington Carver


DIARY OF A DRAG QUEEN Written by Steven Dolan Photography by Samil Peña

The art of drag performance is a thing of beauty. Robbie Turner, well-known for embodying Lady Gaga, takes one writer beyond the makeup and shows what it means to personify “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.” It’s the afternoon of the Seattle Pride parade and I’m sitting among a sea of people joyously celebrating love and personal freedom. A rainbow flag flies above all, sitting atop the Space Needle, a telling symbol of how far the world has come. Another towering shape can be seen, peeking out just behind the main stage. A backcombed pillar of blonde hair arranged in what appears to be part beehive, part glamorous cone head, bobs along the backstage area. After connecting the dots and realizing who the hairdo belongs to, I gasp knowingly, “That’s Robbie!” That is, Robbie Turner, the local drag performer who performs as Liza Minnelli and Lady Gaga at Julia’s in Capitol Hill for the weekend celebrity impersonation show, Le Faux. Turner is wearing a nude leotard covered in white lace, inspired by a Lady Gaga performance at the 2010 Brit Awards. That specific performance was


“I’ve never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.”

an homage to the late Alexander McQueen, a tribute which I hold dear to my heart. Turner performs “The Edge of Glory” and “Born This Way,” (a taste of what’s to come for upcoming Le Faux shows) with audio from a live Lady Gaga performance in between. The attention to detail, as with the relatively unknown outfit reference and the inclusion of Lady Gaga’s raucous live spirit, shows Turner’s passion for his characters. A performance of “Judas” follows later in the evening. All of these performances have the crowd on its feet, especially in the case of “Born This Way,” which was belted out triumphantly by more than a few. It’s this kind of reaction that Turner often stirs up in his professional performance of beauty. It’s not simply humorous to see a man in a mask of makeup, dancing in heels. Drag produces feeling. Drag creates joy.

makeup around 6:30 or 7:00 and is finished at 9:45. “You’re basically painting Turner’s journey to his current life of theater was not a resolutely someone’s bone structure on your face and you need it to be theatrically dark, so straightforward one. I visited the Pretty Parlour in Capitol Hill where he you’re constantly adding to it.” Up close, it takes the concept of stage makeup to occasionally picks up shifts and asked him about his past. He grew up in Centralia as one of six children of two Pentecostal pastors. Apparently aware of his sexuality another level. Turner compares it to clown makeup. With this in mind, I ask if early on, Turner stated matter-of-factly, “I came out to my mom in kindergarten… he feels beautiful made up as such. “Yeah, it’s an odd beautiful,” he said. “I feel beautiful at my show…in low lighting.” A quick transformation between characters kind of.” In a sarcastic schoolgirl-esque tone of voice he explained, “My boyfriend Sean and I, we dated from kindergarten to third grade. We were very serious… takes 15 minutes comfortably, Turner says, but for some of the cast, that time is [We] got married every Monday.” After young love on the schoolyard, Turner closer to five to 10 minutes. The performer’s theater background is apparent as went through high school playing the role of a straight man, emulating his “alpha- he asserts, “I think the makeup is kind of secondary. I feel like the makeup is very, very important, but I think you should have their personality first. People who really male” brother, officially coming out the day after graduation. He attended New follow Gaga will know how she moves her hands.” York University and studied theater and English. Freshly cast in his first Broadway In addition to rehearsing every day, he is constantly researching to further show, he left New York after hearing news of his mother’s uterine cancer. Tuner embody his characters, showing dedication to his work and the women themselves. moved to Olympia to remain close to his parents, but outside of Centralia. A friend who worked for Stonewall Youth, a LGBTQQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Turner emphasizes his work aims to praise women, not crudely parody them. With Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual) activism and education organization, his unwavering optimism, he asserts “I would hope that if Lady Gaga and Liza begged him to be his drag queen host for an event after a last-minute drop-out. Minnelli were sitting together, ideally at my show, that they would be honored that I portrayed them that way and wouldn’t take offense.” Judging by the hoards of Attracting attention at that event, he jumped to Tacoma Pride, Seattle Pride and women who surround him after the show, he’s representing the opposite sex quite then a drag show at the Timberline that with cast and location changes morphed well. “They’ll go to town,” he says. “‘Oh my god you’re so beautiful, your legs, I into Le Faux at Julia’s. Turner and one other cast mate are the only members of can’t walk in heels like you, your ass is amazing,’ and I’m like, ‘You do realize that the original cast. The previous Lady Gaga impersonator was leaving the show as you could look like this? This is all I do.’” His most pointed bit of advice addresses the singer’s fame was increasing exponentially and Turner was asked to take the part and the discostick was passed on. “Now I’m a drag queen,” Turner reflected. self-confidence and not surprisingly echoes the message of “Born This Way.” “Hold your head up high and march forward and march with some sass,” Turner “Who knew? And I live as Lady Gaga.” explains. “Some good honest to goodness sass, not like bitch sass. There is a We walk over to Starbucks on Olive Way where Turner immediately starts difference.” In discussing his own presentation and what makes him feel confident, to banter with several baristas. It’s quite evident he knows all of them. He has an infectious energy that fuels laughter and unabashed smiling. While in line, I Turner champions dressing up, intense color, bowties and vintage pieces, looking a bit like an eclectic modern day dandy. As such, he insists, “Blue jeans are my comment on his long, scarlet red nails, though talons might be a better word, a sweatpants.” Certain pieces carry sentimental significance, such as his father’s souvenir from his Pride performances. He mentions a play fight he had with Le Faux’s Cher during Pride, which left his cast mate’s makeup beneath his nails. I watch and his grandfather’s glasses. It seems as though for Turner both personally laugh and suggest having Cher’s face under your fingernails is the height of beauty. and professionally, beauty goes beyond what can be seen. That will become all the more apparent in about 24 hours, when I see Turner at Le Faux. Without missing a beat, he suggests, “I should have asked her to hold my meat purse.” We sit down to discuss beauty and transformation. Turner reveals he starts


I arrive at Julia’s around 7 p.m. to find Turner’s makeup already in progress, even though the show starts three hours later. The dressing room is a hidden gem beneath the restaurant, with countless wigs and inspiration photos framing the mirrors. Over the next two hours, dancers and cast members arrive, gossip is exchanged and movie quotes are uncannily imitated. The culture of beauty is palpable, as the presentation of a new wig to a performer is an event that captures the attention of the entire room. As we converse through the mirror, Turner dutifully does his face, or rather Liza’s, sometimes disappearing in a cloud of powder. The exhaustive makeup routine has become so normal that he even speaks to his materials at times. One particularly humorous moment involved a tussle with three pairs of false eyelashes that leaves him with glue in his eye. Turner sighs, “The things we do to look pretty.” By 9 p.m., Turner is close to finished, sporting a face so heavily contoured that it seems inconceivable that on stage, he’ll appear as a beautiful woman. I leave the dressing room as instructed by the director, who tells me backstage will be in frenzy in a matter of minutes. I have a morbid giggle at the thought of being trampled under the heels of an army of drag queens. After pop divas like Cher and Madonna have graced the stage, Turner marches down the aisle as Liza in the 1972 musical film, “Cabaret.” Clad in a vest, bustier, panties, thigh-high fishnets and a bowler hat—all of it black—Turner performs “Mein Herr” and “Cabaret.” The set is electrifying. Liza may be the most


“Beauty requires contrast.”

spontaneous queen to take the stage, diving onto the laps of audience members and dragging an unsuspecting young man on stage to serve as a puppet. “When I do Liza, I pretend that lights are coming out of my fingertips, so when I hit a pose, it’s like smack.” Turner describes. “I’m basically shining light on like five people.” During this turn on stage, the room is alight. When Turner returns as Lady Gaga, in a nude, bubble-covered ensemble, hair bow included, he delivers another fantastic set, though it’s appropriately more controlled. Similarly to his Lady, Turner has numerous costume changes. His first is into black hooded cat suit. He ends the set in a metal bra. By the time he hits a final pose at the end of “Bad Romance,” the crowd is absolutely captivated.After the crowd taking photos quells and the queens are free to roam, I say goodbye to Turner, as well as the show’s director and leave Julia’s. Walking down Broadway never felt so good. It is past midnight, but I feel revitalized, striding down the street in tall platform wedges. I recall Turner speaking of the escapism in experiencing Le Faux. “We kind of bring you in, so you can kind of forget about everything that’s happening in your life and you can just have fun,” he said. If fun entails feeling like a warrior queen, then these ladies have achieved it. Check out a review of Le Faux on our blog at



5. 3. 1.

Written by Kristen Puckhaber info for nyx products provided by

1. CUPCAKE GLOSS. $8 For the girl who adores cupcakes (and who can resist them?) comes this set of gourmand-flavored lip glosses. They resemble culinary art, but they also hydrate your lips—deliciously. Lip gloss scents include cherry, chocolate, orange and strawberry.


this leopard printed book shaped box stores palettes that screams beautiful, fun, and sizzle! The palette offers four bronzers to provide a tanned glow through

3. MOOD LIPGLOSS. $4.50 Taking it back to the old school with this unique product and to the days when you couldn’t wait for your day to start with your “mood

the seasons, duo gloss for a va-va-voom kisser, 24 shadows for those “come hither” eyes, and blush to make the boys think they’re in the game!

changing” jewelry. This astonishing lip gloss goes on clear and then self-adjusts in just five seconds to a gorgeous blend of red and pink. NYX Mood Lip Gloss is a real transformer and a reliable performer.

4. TANGO WITH BRONZING POWDER. $12 It takes two to tango but just one of our brilliant bronzing

powders to kickstart your look. Our mosaic bronzer shades create a golden glow on the face and body—like you’ve just returned from a Caribbean getaway. Sun-kissed never looked this sexy or healthy. Available in five versions. (Pictured; leopard gets a tan)

5. GUERLAIN ROUGE G DE GUERLAIN/DEBENHAMS. $45.95 Compact in a case that provides you with the colors you want for this season. this lipstick comes equipt with a mirror to help you guide the rouge that will make your lips pop with perfection.





05 01






KARMA CHAMELEON PHOTOGRAPHY BY JHON CATANO STYLED BY KRISTEN PUCKHABER MAKEUP BY TRICIA MANN HAIR BY MATTHEW LAWRENCE MODEL SARAH SUENSSON Blending in with nature is a beautiful thing. You don’t always have to stand out in your atmosphere if you are comfortable in your own skin. Take your surroundings and build your style based off what you see and dominate your look; beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Photgraphed by jhon catano graphics by brandon palma styled/produced by jenascia chakos & tricia mann hair by kaycie baker makeup by tricia mann model: fledra newstrum (smg) assistants: kayleigh capelle, nicole geissler & rebekah rochelle

miss wax come hither claw ring luly yang turquoise ring

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Michael Kors Black Dress | Neiman Marcus AGL Fox Belt | The Finerie Zia Cocoa Seed Cuff | The Finerie Steve Madden Black Heels | Nordstroms

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SEATTLE | AUGUST Where’s The Party At? MONDAY “MOE BAR MONDAYS” @ Moe Bar The hottest Monday night on Capitol Hill with Tigerbeat & guests and drink specials.

“HOT FUZZ MONDAYS” @ Shotze’s Free Cover. Resident DJ’s Wyld Styleons. Special headline DJ’s every week. Electro/ house/dance/dubstep $5 doubles all night.

“KARAOKE MONDAYS” @ Citrus No cover. Drink specials all night long.




@ Citrus

@ See Sound

@ Last Supper Club

No cover. Drink specials all night long.

A fresh spot for Wednesday night party goers. Hip-hop and Mash-ups all night long.

DJ’s specializing in “Breaks”. No cover charge and drink specials.



@ Belltown Billiards

@ Munchbar

Ladies’ night at Belltown Billiards. Drink specials and the city’s top DJ’s spinning all night.

Rotating DJ’s and other promotions keep this one of the best weeknight parties on the eastside.


“FREEBASS” @ Trinity 3 rooms of music with house/dance in the main, jungle/drum n’ bass in the blue room, and hip-hop in the card room. Free cover.

“LATIN NIGHTS” @ MPulse Tulalip Resort DJ’s Spinning: Top 40, Reggaeton, House, Merengue & Salsa. No cover and drink specials all night.

“LIP GLOSS” @ See Sound Lounge Join Lush Life each Thursday for a night of Top-40 and fashion trend themes. Never a cover charge.







@ MPulse Tulalip Resort

@ MPulse Tulalip Resort

@ The Jet

Guest DJ’s in weekly rotation playing exclusive mixes and classic party joints.

Special guests DJ’s in weekly rotation playing exclusive mixes and classic party joints.



@ Last Supper Club

@ Last Supper Club

Syndicate DJ’s spinning live MashUps, Electro and Club Classics. Top-40 and Hip Hop on level one.

Electro and Dance music with local and national DJ’s in rotation.



@ Trinity

@ See Sound Lounge

Four rotating parties in the blue room each week.

Local and international DJ’s spinning Electro, House and Dance tracks all night.



@ See Sound Lounge Rotating DJ’s spinning Electro, Dance hits and House. Happy Hour 9PM-1030PM. With Johnny Fever, Quest & Tiger Beat.

@ Trinity 3 Rooms of Music With residents Guy VSOP, Victor Menegaux, Jason LeMaitre,Topspin & DJ Tre. Guest list available at

“SATURDAY NIGHT ZU” @ iMusic The biggest club in Seattle hosts the hottest dance party with celebrity appearances and rotating DJ’s.

Industry Night $2 Beers & $2 Shots with DJ Rockbottom. No Cover.

“I LOVE THE 80s & 90s” @ MPulse Tulalip Resort Weekly Industry Night w/ KUBE 93’s DJ Supa Sam playing the best in 80’s & 90’s music!

“BROKEN GROOVES” @ Club Contour Seattle’s most attended Sunday night event. The longest running weekly break beat in the world!

“SUNDAYS @ CITRUS” @ Citrus Happy hour all day.

1 . SEAfair










AUGUST 2011 1 2 3 4 5




the decemberists



south lake washington | august 5-7 This Seattle summer festival has been an annual tradition since 1950 and continues to bring good people and good times to our beautiful city. With several days of various neighborhood celebrations and performances, Seafair includes celebrations friendly for the whole family. The fair will include performances from the ever-entertaining Blue Angles (a navy flight demonstration squadron) and hydroplanes. The celebration is a month long Seattle BBQ with plenty of opportunities to get out to the coast and enjoy the sunlight.

les miserables

5th ave theatre | august 9-27 Possibly one of the most well-known and longest running musicals in the history of theater, Les Misérables comes to the Seattle 5th Avenue Theatre for a summer showing. Les Misérables tells the story of ex-convict, Jean Valjean, who struggles with overcoming his past. The musical has won more than 10 awards and continues to wow audiences with its depth and history. To get tickets for Les Misérables go to


key arena | august 14

san juan islands | august 17-20 And the summer festivals continue! The warm weather is creeping up on us, just like the summer’s load of festivals, fairs and activities. The second week of August brings the San Juan County Fair located just off the coast of Seattle. With a quick ferry ride to the islands, the fair will include booths and entertainment from the islands and surrounding areas. With the feel of an arts festival, people can come from all around to enjoy good food, beautiful island sights and great company.

The Decemberists got their start in 2000 with the release of their first EP. This Portland band started out as collaboration between members of other bands and quickly became a success in the alternative folk music scene. Their most recent gig, a headlining title at Sasquatch Music Festival, proves their musical abilities and distinct sound have not gone unrecognized by listeners. With a sound similar to the vocals from Death Cab for Cutie combined with the instrumentals of Iron & Wine, music lovers should be sure to check out their live show.

janet jackson

sade and john legend

san juan county fair

concerts at marymoor | august 22


seattle center | august 12-14

Known for her soulful voice reminiscent of 1950s female powerhouse vocalists, Sade has solidified her place in the music industry with more than 10 successful albums and the honor of being the most successful female artist in British history. With her beginnings as the lead singer of two British ‘80s bands, Sade’s most recent album, “Soldier of Love,” came out in 2010 and debuted at number one in the U.S. and other countries. After going on her first tour in 10 years, Sade and John Legend join forces to bring their beautiful music to Seattle.

The Emerald City fills with all things green every third weekend in August as Hempfest makes its way into town. Hempfest is a celebration of all things hemp that takes place over the weekend filled with various vendors, food, and performances. Though intended as a political rally against the laws criminalizing marijuana, Hempfest is a celebration filled with good people, good music, and amazing waterfront views. Complete with a performance from the Kottonmouth Kings and other Hempfest friendly bands. Admission is free; more details online at

jeff bridges

seattle tattoo expo

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the Seattle Tattoo Expo, a collection of tattoo lovers set out to expose new talent and share their common love for ink. With shops and artists from all around Seattle and the world, expo-goers will get a chance to meet some of the best tattooists around. Before the expo begins, Neumos will hold an anniversary party for the expo starting at 8 p.m. with a performance at 9 p.m. To get a new addition to your collection or just to see some beautiful body art, make sure to check out the Seattle Tattoo Expo.

seattle waterfront parks | august 19-21


Chateau Ste Michelle Winery | august 28 Jeff Bridges is known for his chameleon-like ability to jump from one skill to the other with seemingly no sweat. In his 2009 drama “Crazy Heart,” Bridges played heartbroken cowboy, Bad Blake, who used music to crawl out of his own problems. Besides playing the various award winning characters in his box office hits, Bridges has recently signed a record deal and has been playing various shows around the country. In one of the oldest and most beautiful wineries in Washington, Bridges will be playing selections from his Oscar award-winning movie “Crazy Heart” and others from his repertoire.

marion oliver mccaw hall | august 29 Janet Jackson, the famous sister from the Jackson Five and pop-sensation since the ‘90s, shows no signs of slowing down. Since releasing her second greatest hits collection, “Number Ones,” she has embarked on her largest ever world tour around the globe. On tour, Jackson will perform 31 No. 1 singles and a song dedicated to each city. Her tour is high energy and dance friendly, complete with a virtual duet on “Scream.” Tickets dates and links are available through her Web site


TRINITY NIGHTCLUB | SEPTEMBER 4 You may know Sasha Grey from HBO’s Entourage, or from her notorious (but brief) career as an adult film actress, or from her roles in feature films, or as an author, as a musician (with the band aTelecine & cameos on Lee “Scratch” Perry’s album). This is your opportunity to see her live, maybe take a photo with her, and catch her rock the party on the turntables. For tickets visit www.brownpaperticke​

For more Seattle events check out


THE LAST SUPPER CLUB Photography by Samil Peña


The Last Supper Club hosted the BoomBox 2 Year Anniversary Party which filled Pioneer Square with an amazing dance crowd. The first 150 people through the doors received a limited edition BoomBox XXV mix. Josh Quest and AJ Sorbello provided the BoomBox beats for the night while the LSC bartenders poured Pinnacle Vodka for all the partygoers.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.” Rachel Carson



Photography by Danielle Bortone-Holt

iPic Redmond hosted the DList Magazine staff for a full night out experience. They started with cocktails at Salt Lounge then moved into one of the theaters for a full dinner and dessert (and more cocktails) while showing “Horrible Bosses”. A small dance party followed. This is how watching a movie should be!








03| JAPAN|

The first archaeological evidence of cosmetics usage was found in Ancient Egypt in the

In Japan, geisha wore lipstick made of crushed safflower petals to paint the eyebrows

year 4,000 BC. Ancient Egyptians had a wide extent of make-up utensils. One of them is

and edges of the eyes as well as the lips, and sticks of bintsuke wax, a softer version

Kohl, which was used to outline the eyes is made up of lead, copper, burned almonds,

of the sumo wrestlers’ hair wax, were used by geisha as a makeup base. Rice powder

soot, and other ingredients. It was believed that eye make-up could ward off evil spirits

colors the face and back; rouge contours the eye socket and defines the nose. Ohaguro

and improve the sight. Ancient Egyptians, created products using materials with danger-

(black paint) colours the teeth for the ceremony, called Erikae, when maiko (apprentice

ous properties like mercury and white lead. It was used so widespread even the poor

geisha) graduate and become independent. The geisha would also sometimes use bird

used cosmetics.

droppings to compile a lighter color.



Cosmetics were used in Persia and what is today the Middle East from ancient periods.

The higher a person was in status, the more leisure time he or she had to spend indoors,

An early teacher & scientist named Abu al-Qssum al-Zahrawi considered cosmetics a

which kept their skin pale. Thus, the highest class of European society were pale resulting

branch of medicine, which he called “Medicine of Beauty” (Adwiyat al-Zinah). In Islamic

in European men and mostly women attempting to lighten their skin directly, or using

law, there is no prohibition on wearing cosmetics, but there are requirements as stated

white powder on their skin to look more aristocratic. A variety of products were used,

above, and that the cosmetics must not be made of harmful substances as to harm

including white lead paint which also may have contained arsenic, which also poisoned

one’s body.

women and killed many.


“It is better to be beautiful than good, but it is better to be good than ugly.” Oscar Wilde

bite me.

never fried (unhealthy). never baked (undelicious). we take a little heat, add some pressure, and pop! it’s a chip so delicious and crispy you won’t notice it’s (we hesitate to say) healthier. and with a craving-crushing 20 chips per serving, 120 calories and 4 grams of fat, who wouldn’t want to pop one in their mouth?

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The Beauty Issue


DList Magazine | August 2011 | The Beauty Issue  

DList Magazine August 2011 Issue #53 presents "The Beauty Issue" Featuring Tacoma's own Stacy Fuson, Wasabi Bistro, & Schmancy Toys!