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‫تشبهك تمامًا‪.‬‬ ‫الفئة ‪ A‬سيدان الجديدة‪.‬‬

‫الرقم املجاني ‪٨٠٠ ٢٤٤ ٣٠٠٠‬‬ ‫‪‬‬

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All of life is but a grand adventure.

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Change is the only constant. Sometimes we find ourselves resisting it because we have grown too comfortable where we are, and sometimes we resist in apprehension of what is yet to come. However, change is a sign of life. Change is what we need to embrace to be able to move on to the next chapter, mature, and grow. Indeed, it does require a great deal of courage, and we hope that this issue makes you more open to the idea. Be bold, be brave, be adventurous and grab life by the horns. If you have a business idea that you have been putting off for sometime now, move beyond your hesitation. Read our articles on making money whilst traveling and local travelpreneurs who lead successful startups and fuel your willpower. Learn from our very own personal stories of travel anecdotes, and marvel at the beauty of hidden gems in Saudi through the lens of those who were willing to put themselves out there and see what more life has to offer. View life in a completely new light with our article on drone pilot and aerial film director Nezar Tash. Live life in appreciation, not in anticipation. Live life to its fullest. Till next time, stay young at heart.


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LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME European Cream & European Pastries

The content of this advertorial represents the views of the author only and is his sole responsibility. The European Commission do not accept any responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains.


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Double cream is especially rich in fat.

False! The term “double” is a synonym of the term “thick.” Double creams are matured and therefore thickened.

Crème fraîche has the least fat of all the creams.


With more than 65% water and 12% to 14% lipids, crème fraîche is the fat with the least calories (less than oil, lard, vegetable shortening, margarine and butter). Compared to the others, crème fraîche is the fat with the most water. Its calorific content (239 kcal/100g) is therefore less than that of other fats (900 kcal/100g for oil; 748 kcal/100g for butter). In addition, cream provides vitamins and nutrients as well as small quantities of proteins and carbohydrates. The nature of fatty acids as well as the proportion of each doesn’t vary with changes in lipid content.

Crème fraîche shouldn’t be cooked.


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Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia DKSA Travel Stories

The Traveler’s Way Saudi Travelpreneurs

Top Riyadh Season Events Umm Jersan Cave Dance to the Beat of Folklore Adventures in Al Bahah Region

76 56 74

THE CREATIVES Eye from the Sky Local Artventures Abroad


STYLE Winter Skincare Tips Gardens of Kings Men’s Fashion Scoop Room Full of Pockets


DNING Food trippin’ From London to Jeddah Succulent Food for Less

WELLNESS No to Burnout One Flip at A Time Going Green

TRAVEL TRENDS The Sights & Sounds of KL Cheese Trippin’ in France New Era of Hospitality


16 4 NOV/DEC 2019





Photographer, “Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia” Page 16 Cody Ryan is an American photographer and videographer, based in KSA. He’s traveling across Saudi Arabia, working with local creators to showcase the beauty and diversity of KSA to the portrait and fashion photography. codyryan


ALI MOHAMMED AL SHEHRI Photographer, “Dance to the Beat of Folklore” Page 46 Abha-based Saudi photographer.

Writer, “The Traveler’s Way” Page 22 “Room Full of Pockets” Page 74 Ayman Tamano is an Award-Winning Film Director, Cinematographer and Writer. Tamano’s writing, scriptwriting and copywriting work revolves within the essence of the Saudi Arabian lifestyle and culture.

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Photographer, “Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia” Page 14 Robert Michael Poole is a photojournalist using Instagram to show parts of the world few venture. From the UK, he has been to 154 countries and is based in Tokyo, Japan robertmichaelpoole

6 NOV/DEC 2019


Writer and photographer, “Umm Jersan Cave” Page 42 After completing two graduate degrees abroad, Mona returned to Jeddah to pursue a career in culture and media, as well as her passion for night photography and exploring natural landscapes of Saudi Arabia. From caves and mountains to valleys around the Kingdom, she was set for journeys of wonder and appreciation for the countless treasures the country offers. monaalzubair


Writer, “Adventures in Al Bahah Region” Page 52 Qairawan is a nonprofit travel community that is determined to encourage and enable everyone to travel around Saudi Arabia responsibly, with minimal to zero cost but maximum fun!


Photographer, “Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia” Page 16 Photographer, Videographer, Vedio Editor mal2at


Photographer, “Hidden Gems of Saudi Arabia” Page 16 Caitlin J. Gibbs is a writer and digital media producer from Huntington Beach, California, now residing in New York. photojunaid

Web: YouTube: qairawancommunity



HIDDEN GEMS OF SAUDI ARABIA Discover the natural wonders within the borders of the Kingdom

From a vast volcanic mountain range to an inviting bright blue sea, Umluj has much to offer. Located in Tabuk, the geographically diverse city is the perfect spot for adventure seekers. Take a trip up to the mountains where the temperature drops and enjoy the weather and scenic views. Make sure to have the proper gear to climb up hills and in and out of caves while maneuvering the volcanic grounds. If you’re not a fan of hiking, take a boat out to the Red Sea – snorkeling gear required! Swim through the underwater forest and meet an array of colorful fish. No matter what you choose to do, Umluj is the perfect destination.

8 NOV/DEC 2019



10 NOV/DEC 2019

crater. Being a good 250 km away from Taif, this destination will be a memorable road trip. Take a journey in the daylight and enjoy the hike around the top to see all the unique rock formations. It takes around an hour to get to the bottom of the crater, as it’s 820-feet deep.



Al Wahba Crater is a remarkable natural volcanic crater, a great hiking spot to enjoy nature in its true essence. While there has been much speculation regarding the origins of the crater, geologists agreed that an eruption caused by groundwater came into contact with hot lava and caused the

Overlooking the province of Tihama, situated at the highest mountain in the Kingdom in the region of Abha, Al Souda village shares stunning views.


Full of dense jungle forests, Abha is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia. What distinguishes Al Souda is that it has a moderate atmosphere throughout the year. Enjoy riding the highest

12 NOV/DEC 2019

cable car in the world at 1,600 meters. Witness panoramic views of the valleys and neighboring villages in the plains of Tihama through the magnifying binoculars that have been installed in some parts of Al Souda. Have a great barbecue in a cheerful and fun atmosphere, or enjoy a delicious meal at one of the restaurants in Al Souda.


14 NOV/DEC 2019

agricultural heartland is also known for its delectable array of figs, mangos, and papaya. Wadi Lajab, a valley situated between two mountains carpeted with thick greenery in Al Reeth governorate, has been often described as “heaven in the desert.” Cool, year-round

flowing water at the valley adds to an already refreshing vibe. Setting up camps and rock climbing there is a great way to unwind and reconnect with nature.


Located at the southwestern edge of Saudi right above borders with Yemen is the Pearl of the South, a true hidden gem – Jazan. Being the perfect summer escape for its cool, mountainous weather, Jazan rarely fails to offer its visitors a serene experience. This large


16 NOV/DEC 2019


Amid a series of overlapping mountains and cliffs lies the first-ever UNESCO’s World Heritage Site of Saudi: an ancient oasis of wonder. Originally known as Al Hijr or Hegra, it’s also called Mada’in Saleh in reference to the story of Prophet Saleh as mentioned in the Qur’an. It’s less than a 22km ride from its famous cousin

Al-Ula, and well worth a visit to see the ruins, magnificent rock-cut tombs carved out of sheer sandstone, and ancient monumental façade. Mada’in Saleh was also the most frequently passed route for trade between southern Arabia, Mesopotamia, the Levant, and Egypt. A highlight of this place is the Jabal Ithlib, a 50-meter

narrow corridor with a large open spacious hall, which is said to have been the devoted diwan for meetings. The site is currently closed to facilitate a major development until 2020.

Here are some accounts for tour guides / groups who can help you plan your trip to these stunning areas and more: masaratclub weekendtrip1 s3aati saudi_arabia_tour ghazi_tours DESTINATION KSA 17


DKSA TRAVEL STORIES Traveling is about expanding your horizons while learning and experiencing different cultures. Along the way you may experience some mishaps and horror stories to laugh about in the future. In this issue, the Destination Team is proud to share some of our very own personal travel stories. By Deena Dakhiel

18 NOV/DEC 2019


Back when I was in Amsterdam, I was at a super fancy restaurant called IZAKAYA with two close friends. I posted where I was on social media and a friend wrote back telling me to ask the waiter for the “secret password”. We were already done with dinner and it felt weird asking for something so odd. But before we left we figured we might as well try. We asked the waiter and with a straight face he told us, “one moment” and walked off. Shortly after, he comes back with a woman who handed us a card with a password on it. Confused, we called back the 20 NOV/DEC 2019

waiter and asked him to explain this situation to us, being that it is our first time. He told us that the password would let us into a place called The Butcher Shop and he lets us know where to find it. We walked out of the restaurant and over to a small burger joint. Still confused, we go in and see a bland door with a camera hanging at the top. We pull out the card and show the camera and the door unlocks. A million assumptions are going through my mind as to what can be found behind this door. I proceed to open it and find a woman dressed up and

behind her a huge lounge with great music and incredible atmosphere. Definitely worth this crazy journey! Moral of the story: always trust a friend when she tells you about a secret password. Ok, maybe not always, but trust your friends regardless.

When I was about 6 years old, my family and I took our annual trip to Switzerland to visit the grandparents. One day, we were roaming around the city of Bern and my mom wanted to go into a shop with my older sister, so she left me with my grandmother. Big mistake… huge! While my grandmother was in one of the shops around the area, she bumped into her friend and got lost in conversation. That’s when I left her and found my way to my favorite toy store which was just around the corner. When my mom and sister reunited with my grandmother, they realized that I was not with either of them. In a panic, they all run out into the streets looking for me, my mom even tries to stop a tram, which many know, you can’t. After a few minutes of panic, my mom looks over to see me walking back to their general area with two teenage boys assisting me. You can say I was having the time of my life while leaving my family in a frenzy. Moral of the story: never leave your kids with your mother. At least that’s what my mom learned. DESTINATION KSA 21


THE TRAVELER’S WAY Make a living while living life By Ayman Tamano

For many, traveling is a luxury, a reward for maintaining our spot on the grid of daily life. We dream of the freedom that comes with being a wanderer, exploring the vast, breathing air from a different part of the world, and experiencing a variety of cultures. It remains a daydream for some of us, but for these people, it is as real as it gets.

Taken at AlUla 22 NOV/DEC 2019

MOATH ALOFI Moath is currently the Head of Cultural Programs at the Madinah Development Authority, a position he was offered after years of traveling and exploring the city. While most of us define traveling as a break from our daily routine, he has made it his job. “I’m always on the road, exploring different places in Saudi Arabia. My work requires me to travel.” Moath makes a living out of his artwork and exploration of uncharted areas in the region of Madinah. “It is a bit hard, but there are ways of earning money. I take photographs and make films that I sell. Sometimes I take a group of people to a destination and get paid for it,” he explains. But more importantly for him, “There is a thrill in being behind the wheel, on the road and reaching destinations, an excitement and a treat for the eyes.”

Madinah Region: Taken while exploring ruins of Ottoman train railway

Madinah Region: Taken while climbing one of Hejaz’s high summits


Moath roams the deserts near Madinah city, exploring and patiently working on his next discovery. moathalofi DESTINATION KSA 23

Vardzia, Georgia: Taken while hiking caves in Vardzia

SARA AL ZAHRANI Budget-traveler and programmer Sara decided to quit her full-time job two years ago and make a living while staying in different countries. “I wanted to travel everywhere like Dania Khatib (Al-Qafilah). The concept of vacations never existed for me.” Working as a freelancer and adjusting to a new, less stable income was scary for her, but her desire to travel remained.

“Realizing that I was free to work remotely gave me the idea to travel while working. I just needed a ticket and a visa, so I sorted those out, packed my bags, and traveled.” Sara took 24 NOV/DEC 2019

on part-time jobs in different countries to cover some of her expenses, including working as an Arabic teacher for children with learning disabilities, a part-time hostel manager, and an employee at a café where she learned how to bake. She earned cash and accommodation in exchange for her work. As a Saudi woman, the most frequent question she’s asked is whether it’s safe for her to travel. “Is anything really safe? We take risks every day, whatever we do, so we might as well take a risk in living our lives.” Web:

Al-Baha: Taken while hiking Aqabah humigah trail

NJOOD FAHAD A great example of a person not waiting for retirement age to decide for her, Njood was a doctor before she decided to pursue the unconventional lifestyle of a traveler.“Leaving my comfort zone, the false sense of security my stable job provided for me in exchange for who I’ll become as a full-time traveler was probably one of the biggest challenges I had to struggle with,” she shares. Now, she is often asked to coordinate, plan, and arrange trips for companies, and when she isn’t doing that, she organizes her own travels where people can sign up to join her.


She is also commissioned to hold talks and workshops in universities about the lifestyle, consulting students on the proper ways of traveling. “I really think it’s a way of life – the thought of meeting people, learning about different cultures and customs keeps me in traveling mode all the time. Living out of a suitcase, moving, the continuous learning process is what I love the most about it.” saudi_wanderlust DESTINATION KSA 25

NADA AL NAHDI Minimalism is the common denominator of most frequent travelers – the idea that we all actually could get by with just the basic necessities. Nada used to be interested in certain luxuries and extravagances but now opts for a simple living after spending most of her time traveling. She goes on allexpense paid trips in exchange for promoting businesses, both as a hobby and as a job. When asked about her traveling style, Nada says she prefers couchsurfing, as it gives her the opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level. “Traveling helps me understand and develop myself. All the different situations that I find myself in while I’m out there broadened my perspective and helped me realize some of my capabilities, strengths that I never knew I had.” Currently, Nada runs Qairawan, a traveling community that aims to encourage more people to travel in Saudi Arabia. “We’re all going to get older, time runs out in a blink of an eye and eventually, we won’t have the energy for the things we want to do. So if you want to, just go for it.” nadaalnahdi

26 NOV/DEC 2019

Perhaps it’s the lack of financial security, the exposure to discomfort, and even irrational fears that hold the rest of us back, but these travelers find opportunities in all of them. When asked if being a nomad scares them, they reply: “Being in one place most of the time, doesn’t that scare you?” It makes one sit back and reflect in search for an answer to a very profound question.


Fayfa: Taken while visiting local’s coffee bean farm and museum



SAUDI TRAVELPRENEURS Ambitious travelers turned entrepreneurs By Dalia Darweesh

Abdulaziz Alzamil 28 NOV/DEC 2019

How would it feel to travel all the time, meet new people, and share your love of traveling with others? Here are some travelers who have experienced just that - they turned their love for traveling into a successful business, and it became a lifestyle as they live their lives through their business

Abdulaziz Alzamil Yoka Tours It wasn’t only his love for traveling that he carried with him, it was also his love for the adventures that he grew up on, shared Abdulaziz Alzamil, the mind behind Yoka Tours. Looking back on his childhood, he remembers how his uncle took him on weekly adventures - fishing trips, deep excursions in the desert, exploring hidden cities in the Kingdom. As Abduulaziz got older, his passion for adventure grew beyond oneday trips. When Vision 2030 was announced back in 2016, Abdulaziz was finishing his studies in the U.S., “I fell in love with the tourism sector. I knew that Saudi Arabia has amazing places.” Abdulaziz planned trips and set camps every winter for his family and friends, and that’s when the idea of taking his interest to another level began.

He knew the locals would love to explore what Saudi has to offer. Through Yoka, he wanted to share the culture with people and allow them to explore their soundings no matter what kind of adventure they were involved in. Organizing trips within Saudi that include live entertainment, water sports, hiking, in addition to fishing is what Yoka advocates.

people to be intrigued about Yoka, which lead to its success this day. “Have an open mind to explore your country. There is no such thing as over-prepared” Abdulaziz shared. Web: yokatours

Planning tours and adventures always requires the trust of people, and this kind of business comes with great responsibility; the safety of the travelers on these trips. Building a brand that people would trust was not an easy thing to achieve in the beginning. Yet, word of mouth of Yoka’s high quality trips that includes expert guides, safe planning, and eventful days with unforgettable memories opened the doors for DESTINATION KSA 29

Saud Aleidi 30 NOV/DEC 2019

Saud Aleidi

Saud Aleidi PANGAEA Club When asked how he started PANGAEA Club, Saud said it wasn’t planned - it began with his love for going on solo trips, and then later asking his friends to join him to explore new places. One day, he stumbled upon a traveling agency that offered adventurous trips such as climbing and hiking. He decided to try it out of curiosity, and with a few trips, Saud realized that what he was learning and doing brought him joy. Thus, he began his first adventure group, Al Rahhal Al Shargi - Eastern Traveler in 2016, which was rebranded as of March this year into PANGAEA Club, focusing on hiking in places like Everest, and Al-Ula. It has been an exciting journey for him, and everyone else that have had the chance to join such inspirational, challenging, and rewarding trips. Marketing a new business in the beginning is always challenging, Saud explains, especially when bringing an unfamiliar concept to your city. People mostly enjoyed visiting new cafes and restaurants. When Saud invited people to come with him on 10 or 15 day-trips to explore a new destination, he didn’t find welcoming reactions. He eventually developed himself through his personal experiences of traveling, in addition to researching, and taking some courses, to be a confident guide.

People came back with different and new perspectives after these “healing trips,” as he likes to call them. Experiencing life on a mountain or in an extremely cold climate can help with altering misconceptions, overcoming fears, and learning new skills. He recommends going solo on such trips to meet a new crowd every time. Saud recently participated in Laffat Al Mamlakah, a show that explores Saudi destinations and their offerings. The activities, the crowd, and the beauty of these cities make Saudi worthy of being explored. pangaeaclub





Since its launch in 2007, Rosewood Jeddah has established a reputation for deluxe service, being the first hotel in the city to offer a 24-hour butler service. With Rosewood’s bilingual secretarial services, the concierge-and-butler team is on duty around-the-clock to offer assistance.

32 NOV/DEC 2019


In a place where the desert and the Red Sea meet, all attractions a leisure or business traveler seeks are close at hand, making it a major cosmopolitan city in the Kingdom. So it’s important to set your accommodation priorities straight when visiting and know exactly where to stay. Situated in the heart of Jeddah’s Corniche, Rosewood lies within easy reach of key districts, and the hotel overlooks the Red Sea from many guestrooms, giving you a scenic view to remember. We were impressed by the complimentary valet parking that is instantly at your service, as well as a chauffeur-driven limousine that drives you to the airport when your visit comes to end.

The hotel is designed to make you fall in love the minute you walk in. Finding the right balance between modern and traditional, Rosewood blends modern design and technology with the Kingdom’s old culture and heritage. Whether for business or leisure, as a corporate company, if you’re planning to stay at Rosewood any time until

the 31st of December 2019, you can enjoy the guestroom at a special price of SR850 per night, including buffet breakfast and constant highspeed internet.Individuals and families get a special package on weekends as well. Try their excellent meeting facilities and book a meeting room that can accommodate up to 80 people, at a very special package rate of SAR 235, including two coffee breaks and lunch.

cut. On Fridays, the restaurant’s special brunch menu from 1-5 PM, features international and regional picks, all accompanied by stunning sea views and immaculate service. Habsburg also hosts a Light Grill Brunch on Saturdays, where you can unwind to end your week. Topping it all off, the hotel provides special cooking classes every Friday from 3pm to 5pm, which end on the 29th November 2019.

Dive into a physical wellness journey by joining Rosewood’s fitness and health club with a %20 annual membership discount. The club offers the latest technology in fitness and training, a rooftop outdoor swimming pool with sauna and steam rooms, incredible massages, and a marvelous rooftop Red Sea view. It’s definitely the ideal venue to revive your body and soul at.

The hotel is recognized for being the ideal destination to organize birthdays and special celebrations. A romantic dinner by the stunning sea view while savoring the most discerning and delicious food is an unforgettable experience at Rosewood jeddah.

A celebrity chef is always on board to make sure your palates relish the best quality dishes; indulge in an exotic seafood night every Thursday at Habsburg Restaurant, where only the freshest fish makes the

We’re on our way, who’s joining?

Location: Corniche st., Al Shatie Dist., Jeddah Tel: +966-12-2607111 Email: rosewoodjeddah DESTINATION KSA 33


DARI Q RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX Your Home, Your Way The more a residence caters to your needs and is tailored to your liking and lifestyle, the more it feels like home. That is in fact one of the many pleasures in life, especially when you’re sharing it with family. Dari Q by Abdul Latif Jameel Lands is a great example. It’s the third residential project by Abdul Latif Jameel Lands, following J | One Residence, the very successful, contemporary, communal living space in Jeddah.

34 NOV/DEC 2019

Located within the Al Salama District up North, a multitude of services like schools, malls, and hospitals are accessible within the vicinity. With that being said, you’d barely need to leave the complex in the first place. The outdoors feature a sitting area, kids zone, and a multi-purpose playground. Say goodbye to arguments about who needs to go out and grab groceries as retail shops are provided, and the best part is you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot because that’s a given.

own home, or at the shared guest lounge, you’re also given the liberty of choosing where you’d like to meet people based on the occasion.

Lavish, contemporary, and elegant interiors bestow a sense of tranquility. Floor to ceiling windows welcoming energizing rays of sun in some unit designs also add to the lively vibe. Not a single dull moment will pass by as gaming fanatics (adults and children alike) bring it on in the shared playroom. Whether in the comfort of your

With all of the above and more, Dari Q stays true to its commitment that stems from an ambition to create a communityoriented environment in line with the growth and development of current times. Not only that, but it also allows for a high quality lifestyle that speaks to the current desires of the Saudi population.


No need for a gym membership or worrying about finding the time for a good workout. Indoor gyms will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with ease. Treadmills aren’t your only way to get a great cardio workout in; rooftop pools are an added feature, and a great way to spend weekends as well.

This is made possible within four buildings, 158 residential units, covering a total of 10,000 square meters of area. Abdul Latif Jameel Lands obtained its pre-sales permit from Wafi program, an off-plan sales or rent initiative by the ministry of housing, and sales commenced. So at very competitive prices, you can now be the owner of any of two, three, or four bedroom apartment arrangements. This is not too good to be true, this is Dari Q! Pay their sales center a visit today to discuss options and price ranges.

Web: Tel: 920014150 aljlandofficial DESTINATION KSA 35


TOP RIYADH SEASON EVENTS Here are the top Riyadh Season events you can visit this winter.

WINTER WONDERLAND From London to Riyadh with endless festive entertainment, activities, plays, along with the biggest skating arena in the Middle East and much more.

For ticket information and other events, visit 36 NOV/DEC 2019

Category: Entertainment Date: Until January 15 Hours: 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland

Thrilling activities and musical events in Thumamah. Category: Entertainment Date: November 24 December 22 Hours: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Sahara

HUMAN CANNONBALL A fascinating and recordbreaking show giving you an adrenaline rush. Category: Live Shows Date: November 21 - 26 Hours: 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show



Enjoy the latest Hollywood movies under starry skies.

Tons of Lego pieces have come together for a monumental Lego Expo in Riyadh.

The biggest ice rink in the Middle East is coming to Riyadh. Enjoy skating or watch live demonstrations on ice performed by talent from around the world.

Category: Entertainment Date: Until January 15 Hours: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland

Category: Entertainment Date: Until January 15 Hours: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland

Category: Entertainment Date: Until December 17 Hours: Daily from 6:00 PM onwards Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Audience: All Tickets: 75 SR - 150 SR




The Winter Wonderland will be featuring a series of spectacular fireworks until January.

A jaw-dropping performance by the professional magicians all the way from Broadway.

Category: Live Shows Date: Until January 15 Hours: 9:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland

Category: Live Shows Date: Until November 17 Hours: 6:00 PM to 12:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland



Hourly 3D fountain show using water, fire, and smoke.

A series of fully immersive, action-adventure experiences with 3D shows of Marvel heroes.

Category: Live Shows Date: Until December 17 Hours: Daily from 5:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Tickets: Free

Category: Entertainment Date: Until January 15 Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland

REAL MADRID INTERACTIVE EXPO An event for Real Madrid fans where they can participate in interactive matches and explore the trophies and history of the Real Madrid team. Category: Entertainment Date: Until January 15 Hours: 4:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland

UPSIDE DOWN GALLERY Where topsy turvy illusions are pictured and framed. Category: Exhibitions & Business Date: Until December 17 Hours: Daily from 4:00 PM onwards Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Audience: All




FERRARI EXHIBITION A special event for Ferrari fans, with visual shows, races, and presentations of the company’s latest tech and designs.

Luna Cinema brings you the wonderful open-air movie experience at the Riyadh Winter Wonderland.

Category: Exhibitions Date: November 24 - 25 Hours: 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show

Category: Entertainment Date: Until January 15 Hours: 6:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Winter Wonderland



Experience racing and technology used by F1 racers.

If you love speed and cars, the Hot Wheels arena brings the thrill you seek.

Category: Exhibitions Date: November 21 - 26 Hours: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show

RIYADH CAR EXHIBITION The event brings a fascinating display of cars. Category: Exhibitions Date: November 21 - 26 Hours: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show

LAYALI AL DARAA Experience Saudi Najdi nights with traditional live music and traditional dishes.



Category: Restaurants Date: Until December 17 Hours: Daily from 4:00 PM onwards Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Contact: For reservations, call +966-530044646 38 NOV/DEC 2019

Category: Live Shows Date: November 21 - 26 Hours: 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show


POLICE CHASES An event bringing the thrill of police chases as the famous comedy movie, Police Academy. Category: Live Shows Date: November 21 - 26 Hours: 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show

MONSTER JAM The arena for competing giants and clashing monstrous cars has come to Riyadh. Category: Live Shows Date: November 21 - 26 Hours: 4:00 PM to 9:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Car Show


An unforgettable culinary experience.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena for all the gaming fans out there.

Category: Restaurants Date: Until December 17 Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Contact: For reservations, call +966-553299934

Category: Gaming Date: December 5 - 7 Hours: 6:40 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard

LAYALI AL MAHROSA CANDYLICIOUS A childhood dream come true with all your favorite candies. Category: Restaurants Date: Until December 21 Hours: 4:00 PM - 1:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Audience: All

Enjoy Egyptian food while vibing to a selection of Egyptian singers. Category: Restaurants Date: Until December 17 Hours: 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard Contact: For reservations, call +966-542802130


ARABIC CONCERTS Sing your heart out with your favorite artists. Category: Music & Performance Date: Until December 12 Hours: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard 40 NOV/DEC 2019

PUBG MOBILE STAR CHALLENGE WORLD CUP Get your gaming on and show your skills as you compete to win the PUBG World Cup.

A hangout with all your favorite anime characters, straight from their hometown - Japan. Category: Entertainment Date: November 14 - 16 Hours: 3:00 PM - 12:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Front

INSOMNIA SAUDI An event for the gaming fans, where the latest classic, digital and mobile games are launched. Category: Gaming Date: November 27 - 30 Hours: 12:00 PM - 2:00 AM Zone: Riyadh Front


RIYADH COMEDY NIGHTS A wonderful array of comedic entertainment. Category: Music & Performance Date: Every Friday Hours: 8:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard

MASRAH AL ARABI A series of great comedy performances and stage shows. Category: Music & Performance Date: Until December 15 Hours: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard

Meet your heroes and favorite characters and show off your cosplay skills at the Stan Lee Super Con Riyadh!


Category: Entertainment Date: November 14 - 16 Hours: 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Front Ticket: 150 SR to 900 SR

Category: Music & Performance Date: Until December 15 Hours: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Boulevard

A series of musical shows by famous Arab stars.

NASSER AL QASABI COMEDY SHOW Nasser Al Qasabi, the Saudi comedy icon, is finally back in a comedy play with several brilliant artists. Category: Music & Performance Date: Until November 23 Hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Front Ticket: 100 SR to 400 SR

PETER PAN Take a flight with the timeless musical before it flies back straight to Broadway. Category: Live Shows Date: Until November 23 Hours: 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM Zone: Riyadh Front

THRILLER LIVE A musical featuring songs by Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 brought to KSA by Broadway Entertainment Group . Category: Live Shows Date: November 29 – December 14 Zone: Riyadh Front



Category: Gaming Date: December 12 - 14 Hours: 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM Zone: Riyadh Front





Journeying underneath the surface By Mona Alzubair

Cave exploration is the next big thing in geological tourism, a major global trend for niche tourists. And here in Saudi we are more than lucky with an abundance of locations across the country for cave lovers to discover and enjoy. 42 NOV/DEC 2019

Driven by a quest for unraveling mystery, I had my first experience of caving a couple of years ago while visiting and camping by the site of Umm Jersan cave. This one is quite unique as it is the largest and most celebrated cave in the

Arabian Peninsula. I revisited Um Jersan recently, and it remains as majestic as it was the first time around. Located in Harrat Khayber, a 14,000 sq.m. lava field North of Almadinah, Um Jersan is a wellknown cave due to its incredible length (1,500 meters) and one-ofa-kind natural formations and occurrences. It has been, in a way, a hospitable refuge to many creatures, including humans, throughout thousands of years. Nowadays, there are local tourist guides who are specialized in caves such as the Cave Exploring Team which is a group of licensed and trained tour guides.


They believe in the value of caves as an economic driver for tourism and maintain strong principles behind their work. Their motto is, when visiting a cave, you should “Leave no trace but of your footprints, no taking anything but photos, and no killing anything but time.� These are solid rules important to create awareness for preserving and appreciating caves as they contain a resilient yet fragile ecosystem of their own.



Caving is a serious matter and it should be approached with diligence. I learned that visiting caves is not a solo adventure and everyone should strictly follow the “Three People Rule” by never getting into a cave alone rather with two other people at all times. No compromise on safety is crucial. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this business of going

44 NOV/DEC 2019

under the surface of earth and into the unknown. But caves do hold within them treasures valuable to scientists, tourists and many others. There lies within remnants of once living creatures, birds, and animals who now use it as a shelter, as well as exceptionally beautiful natural formations and other features within the rocks. The damp air, silence and darkness of the cave

were my opportunity to set my camera on a tripod and on long exposure mode which revealed the cave’s internal rock’s surface and illuminated the awe-inspiring details that took literally millions of years to be in its present form.

Back into the light of day after accessing the cave from the other side, many questions come to mind about the true value of caves beyond other apparent ones, whether scientific or recreational. Why would we care about caves? I think one of the answers could be related to their relationship with time. Given how long it took them to form and the countless stories they carry inside, caves are, in a way, a witness on time itself. Cave Exploring Team cet_2030




FOLKLORE A colorful and enchanting heritage. By Yasmine Mohamed

Saudi folklore arts (known as alfunun-alsha’beyah) are diverse and are greatly influenced by a combination of Beduin practices, Islamic beliefs, and other cultures making their mark through trade. They vary by region and city where individual traditions are called lawn, meaning color in Arabic. Most arts include the chanting of poetry by a leader along with group dancing to a rhythm set by clapping, percussion, wind, or string instruments. Daggers, swords, and long guns are often seen worn or handled by performers as many of these dances were once war dances. Today, these arts can be witnessed during weddings, cultural heritage festivals, and in celebration of major events. Without further ado, we leave you with a list of some intriguing Saudi folk arts: 46 NOV/DEC 2019



48 NOV/DEC 2019



50 NOV/DEC 2019


The Ministry of Culture organized a national folklore competition to revive these arts and preserve heritage. The aim is the documentation of these treasures through video or audio clips in terms of music, dance, or folktales and legends. Registration ends on the 25th of November 2019. Web: DESTINATION KSA 51




Adventures in Saudi Arabia can be the embodiment of dreams. It’s not hard to pack your bag, grab your tent and head for the desert and mountains for a camping trip over the weekend. Many spots all over the country hold places where adventurers can start their journey to a world yet to be discovered. We chose Al Baha region as our destination for the next adventure as it is underrated and less popular among other regions. It is a mountainous area rich in culture and tradition, with a lot to offer. Starting our journey from Jeddah, we hit the road early in the morning to get a head start on the day.


Arriving at Al Baha region, our first destination was AlAtawelah Village. An ancient village where the houses are made of stone, narrow streets that holds the spirit of the past, and corn fields that take the breath away. 52 NOV/DEC 2019

Many of the beautiful old stone houses were turned into museums that display the old heritage of the village – from the way they dress to their common household items. Some museums showed the house as it was in the old times, like the furniture, kitchenware, and bathrooms. What’s really attractive about those houses in the ancient village, was the colorful windows and doors made out of intricate carved wood. They stood out against the dark color of stone and gave life to the buildings in such a mountainous desert. Next, we were on our way to Baljurashi, a city in Al Baha where many of the locals belong to the tribes of Ghamdi and Zahrani. The old houses there are still intact and surrounded by many pomegranate trees. We found a traditional market and a local vegetable market right around the corner where we bought groceries for our night in the cave resort. We chose to spend the night in a cave house resort in Mount Shada where huge, cave-like stones are turned into homes without changing the shape DESTINATION KSA 53


of the natural rocks. Given that it was our first time visiting the region, we relied on Google Maps to reach the final destination until network coverage was cut off. The road to Mount Shada itself is an adventure with its sharp turns and steep roads that our jeeps couldn’t make out of and a sedan car heated to a complete stop at a very low level of the mountain where the rest of us managed to get as close as we could to the top. At sunset, we were left in complete darkness in an isolated area. We attempted to drive further but the terrain was getting rougher and our jeeps couldn’t push through. We had no other choice but to park our cars on the side of the road and carry our groceries, water, and personal belongings and hike our way up the mountain trying to find our way to the cave resort. We didn’t even feel the weight on our shoulders and the difficulty of the hike, we just wanted to arrive to our final destination! 54 NOV/DEC 2019

After a -25minute hike, we finally found our camp resort and got in touch with others who were stuck at a lower level. They managed to find a local who drove them straight to the cave resort. As the sun rose, we found ourselves surrounded by a landscape we never thought existed. It took us back in time, being completely disconnected

from the outside world and surrounded by nature and all its glory like that. We couldn’t help but spend the entire day exploring the rugged giant rocks and farms in the area and cancelled everything else that was previously planned. Saudi Arabia never fails to surprise us with its hidden gems.


EYE FROM THE SKY Meet the professional drone pilot and aerial film director By Dalia Darweesh

56 NOV/DEC 2019

Have you ever wondered about a situation that you have gone through, and how it would look like if you were an outsider, observing the situation? Well, that’s how Nezar Tashkandi views life through aerial photography, with a new and different perspective. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, he moved to the US for 8 years to pursue his degree and career. After graduation, he worked as a paramedic, but also had an artistic interest including directing music videos. Nezar became a licensed aviation medical examiner, and for the nature of his work while being on a helicopter, it gave him an opportunity to view the world from atop, which made him want to try something new; drone photography. When he bought his first drone, he went through many trials and errors and eventually discovered new techniques. The more he learned, the more he wanted to further explore this field.

His first experience in aerial photography was in2018, shooting Rocky Mountain’s National Park in Colorado and showcasing the scenery. He always ensures that the photos look natural and organic; With more projects on his plate, it led him to become an assistant director, and eventually, Nezar became the first Saudi Aerial Director, and the second in the Middle East.

Alongside aerial photography, Nezar does aerial directing, and aerial mapping for surveillance. He advises those who are interested in pursuing the aerial photography field to not be afraid of breaking their drones.

“Keep in mind that you will break some drones to get the perfect shot, so be ready for that.”

He now works as a full-time aerial director, and UAV pilot, and aims to show the world the beauty of Saudi Arabia, and in turn, hopes to be one of the leaders in the community. His vast experience in a short time span shows his dedication and passion for what he does. Some of the projects that Nezar has worked on include the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, Jordan Tourism, car commercials such as Hyundai, and one of Kuwait’s Tourism campaigns. DESTINATION KSA 57



This photo was taken in Al-Ula, on a height of 40M and 2KM far away from the elephant-shaped rock. Close to Madain Saleh and specifically by Jabl Alfeel or Elephant Mountain, it is situated about 11KM North of Al Ula. The Arabian mountains with detailed and uneven rocky shapes always captivate us with their sky-spearing heights. The mission of this project was to develop the tourism site of Saudi Arabia.

58 NOV/DEC 2019


60 NOV/DEC 2019

This magnificent photo has been taken in Jordan over the dead sea, with a height of 110M. A top down view gives us a different perspective on the beauty of nature and how well organized and asymmetrical the sea looks. At the lowest point of land on earth, viewing how the sand meets with the sea and its coral colors is simply breathtaking. The mission of this project was to promote tourism in Jordan. Web: nezartash1






LOCAL ARTVENTURES ABROAD Discovering Saudi artists while traveling around the world By Zahra Anwer

The Saudi artists have always held a mesmeric power in their ability to shine a spotlight all over the globe. In a world where indulging in our passion has become second nature, Jeddah’s Athr Gallery has played a significant role in building the contemporary art scene in Saudi. By valuing exploration of new ideas; Athr Gallery is promoting the artists’ role in the creative process and the impact they can have on local communities. Here are 5 Saudi artists that you can discover while galavanting around the world:

Walking Through Walls, Gropius-Bau, Berlin


Reem was born in 1987 in Jeddah and currently lives and works in Jizan. She received her BA from Jazan University and completed her residency at Delfina Foundation, London, 2017. Reem Al Nasser’s work is enlightened by personal experiences and close observations of movement, mobility and cultural change within her surroundings. Reem’s aphoristic and undeviating 62 NOV/DEC 2019

sensory installations capture and cast back the tension of unsettling complexities within the themes she explores. She focuses on practical social sciences as well as metaphysical ideas about time, space, and history. reemalnasser33

The Caliph Seeks Asylum, Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna (GAM) Sculpture Garden, Torino Saudi artist Muhannad Shono’s work challenges old beliefs through the narration of new stories using ink, paper, sculpture, music, and film. He draws from myths, historical and religious narratives in order to reevaluate the past and its impact on our present.

Muhannad Shono was born in 1977 in Riyadh and graduated from King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals with a degree in Architecture. Muhannad’s work has been acquired by The British Museum in 2017, Art Jameel Foundation, and AlMansouria Foundation in 2018. muhannad.shono DESTINATION KSA 63

Amma Baad, Casa Arabe, Spain Nasser studied calligraphy at the Holy Mosque in Makkah and achieved an Ijaza certificate; the highest form of recognition and authorization to transmit the art of calligraphy. He is the co-founder of Al-Hangar, an artist collective based in Jeddah, as well as a member of the National Guild of Calligraphers and an active fellow of Saudi Arabia’s Arts and Culture Group. studionasseralsalem

Colour Bar at Maraya Art Centre, Sharjah Born in 1991 and raised between England and Saudi Arabia, Ahaad lives and works in Jeddah. She graduated from Dar AlHekma University in Jeddah with a BA in Visual Communication in 2014 and graduated with an MA in Print from the Royal College of Art in 2017. In her research about Saudi’s reforming ethnography, Ahaad’s photography, video, and print installations aim at altering the historical rendition of Saudi Arabia. ahaadalamoudi 64 NOV/DEC 2019

Established in 2015 by Jeddahbased architects Turki and Abdulrahman Gazzaz, Bricklab is dedicated to the analysis of the design discipline as it connects with the social, political, economic, and cultural networks that implicitly form our environment.

Bricklab Studio has been commissioned by Alserkal Avenue to create an intervention to coincide with the Dubai Design Week. Located at the entrance of Alserkal Avenue (Street 6A), the design transforms how the public interacts with the physical environment through a synthetic intervention that funnels visitors through. Bricklab was announced recently the winner of Hayy:Cinema competition by Art Jameel. Hayy:Cinema is the first non-commercial picture house screening local, regional and international films. The competition was launched back in February 2019, and assessment criteria looked for innovative and creative design, sustainable solutions,

and technological excellence. More than 100 architects and designers from around the world entered the competition to design a new kind of cinema for Saudi. A renowned international jury evaluated participants’ proposals via a rigorous, ‘blind’ process. The winning design gave modern day cinemas a revolutionized definition. Inspired by the history of cinema in the gulf, and interviews with Saudi and regional actors, directors and producers, the winning design easily wowed the jury. Besides a 200-seater main screen, Bricklab’s design incorporates an additional community screening room, audiovisual library, archive viewing rooms and educational space. _bricklab


Absolem, Alserkal Venue, Dubai



WINTER SKINCARE TIPS How about that picture perfect skin? By Dalia Darweesh

66 NOV/DEC NOV/DEC2019 2019

Oily Skin: Known to be prone to developing acne, it is recommended to use a facial wash that decreases the oily residue on the skin’s surface, drying it appropriately.

Hello, winter. We’ve all been waiting for the temperatures to drop down, which sadly means no more sundresses and beaches but it’s time for coats and bonfires! With the weather changes during this period, we need to pay more attention to our skincare routines. Here are some tips for healthy, hydrated, freshlooking skin. Recommended by: Dr. Mohammed Kashmar, cosmetic dermatologist 1.Wear sunscreen It’s winter time, which means the weather is dry. Yet sunrays can easily affect our skin even more causing discoloration, and sunburns. It is recommended to use sunscreen before you begin the day. La Roche Posay Anthelios Sunscreen Price: SR 112.35 SR Al Dawaa Pharmacies

2.Moisturize We can’t emphasize how important it is to moisturize, as the humidity decreases during winter. Use a light daily facial moisturizer to defeat dry skin. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream Price: SR 93.45 Al Dawaa Pharmacies

Ladies: Neutrogena Facial Wash - Deep Clean Price: SR 39.97 - Al Dawaa Pharmacies Gents: Garnier Pure Active 3in1 Charcoal Blackhead Mask Wash Scrub Price: SR 15.75 - Al Nahdi

Dry Skin: Prone to looking dry, which can lead to rough and cracked skin, it is recommended to use a moisturizing facial wash, in addition to moisturizers to ensure the skin is hydrated throughout the day. Ladies: Vichy Pureté Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel Cleanser Face Wash Price: SR 80.85 Al Dawaa Pharmacies Gents: Nivea Men Face Wash Price: SR 31.45 - Al Nahdi

Combination Skin: A combination of oily and dry skin on different parts of the face. Use a combination-skin facial wash, and a non-oily moisturizer, where it hydrates the skin, but does not give or develop an oily texture to the skin. Ladies: Garnier Skin Active Refreshing Botanical Wash Price: SR 26 - Al Nahdi Gents: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Price: SR 54.60 - Al Dawaa Pharmacies

General Tips:

-Always use lip balm, keep your lips moisturized. Beesline Lip Care Flavour free Price: SR 17.94 - Al Nahdi -Hydrate, and we don’t only mean your skin. Drink enough water throughout the day.

Dr. Mohammed Kashamr is an American University of Beirut graduate, and has completed his training at Mount Sinai University in New york. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology. Readers holding this copy of the magazine will get a special discount at Cosmoderm Clinics. Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal St., Ar Rawdah Dist., Jeddah drkashmar DESTINATION KSA 67


BABY FRESH Johnson’s® brings an innovative take on baby care Story by Sakan Al Kibsi Written by Dalia El Abd

During the past 40 years, the world has witnessed tremendous changes in parenting. But a lot comes with taking care of an infant and that remains constant. That is why Johnson’s® never stopped raising the bar when it comes to what’s best for your baby. To address parents’ evolving needs while delivering topnotch products, Johnson’s® transformed their entire baby care range. By modernizing their brand, Johnson’s® successfully reformulated and redesigned their products with a complete overtake from manufacturing, to supply chain, to display.

WHAT WE FOUND OUT First, let’s talk numbers. Johnson’s® achieved a 28% reduction in ingredient suppliers via consolidation. They have reduced packaging suppliers by 68 NOV/DEC 2019

89% in order to use packaging sizes that best suit each product, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs. Johnson’s® also invested in new equipment to attain greater efficiency and reduce manufacturing sites by 51%. Johnson’s® then considered and studied the needs of 26,000 parents from around the globe as well as conducted rigorous research and science to shape and enhance their new product range, ultimately offering a gentler experience that creates a stronger bond between baby and parent. Johnson’s® effectively created sulfate-free cleansers that got rid of unnecessary ingredients while maintaining the bubbles all babies enjoy. The formula is packaged in a softer bottle with convenient pumps for one-hand use. This way parents can hold their baby throughout the bath and have an enjoyable time

during the process as well. We could tell that every detail was thought out, making Johnson’s® stand out as a brand. Not only do Johnson’s® new products cleanse and moisturize infants, they also turn everyday routines of care into essential bonding moments, strengthening the connection between babies and parents, which is what the brand entails and strives for. Lucky for us, their vision has become an absolute achievement. Since giving back to the community is an important aspect for the brand, Johnson’s® partnered with Save the Children to encourage the registration of babies at birth and eliminate the disadvantage of not having an official identity.

Web: johnsonsbabyarabia johnsonsbabyme






















Chopard recently launched Gardens of Kings, its third Haute Parfumerie collection, in an immersive and unique event organized by Al Malki Group, a major player in the luxury business scene in the Middle East. The collection includes a quartet of fragrances, skillfully orchestrated by the notable Spanish master perfumer Alberto Morillas who was inspired by trade routes that Oud has followed.

Oud Assafi is the common base note found in all four parfumeries. This type of agarwood particularly is more valuable than gold and the most precious throughout the world. It’s elegantly woody, extremely ambery, and the resin takes around 50 years to ripen, making it today’s priceless reap of ancestral efforts. Produced only in tiny quantities each year in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, Oud Assafi is cultivated by Jalali Agarwood, a family producer that operates on ethical principles. In partnering


with Jalali Agarwood, Chopard stays true to their commitment to sustainable luxury perfumery and responsible sourcing. Wear Agar Royal and you’ll be donning a ceremonial brocade of a great Mughal emperor. With top notes of sambac jasmine and heart notes of tuberose, you’ll be “transported into the intoxicating sensuality and mystery of India” in all its grandeur. Savor spicy top notes of star anise, and as that fades, indulge next in aromatic heart notes of cocoa and vanilla with Or de Calambac. “An

avant-garde Oud freed from its historical heritage, with raw materials that evoke all the natural riches of South America,” as Morillas describes. Soar with the airy Aigle Imperial, whose top notes of green tea, mandarin, and lemon exaggerate “the contrast between pure and intense jadegreen freshness of the Far East’s majestic forests, with the woody resinous heart of Oud Assafi.” Rise to a crescendo of “a time suspended in the exceptional” with the opulent oriental elixir Nuit des Rois. Floral top notes of Orris and Bulgarian rose will send you on a trance to a “sumptuous night in the infinite desert, bathed in golden light.” Make these sensational fragrances your aromatic signature. To test them out, this amazing collection can be found at Harvey Nichols (Riyadh), Robinsons (Riyadh), selected doors of Paris Gallery, and Chopard boutiques.

Web: almalkigroupksa / chopard DESTINATION KSA 71


MEN’S FASHION SCOOP Accessories that’ll ride with your day to day grind By Dalia Darweesh

02 Eyewa

This online eyewear website offers contact lenses, eyeglasses, and sunglasses, as well as eyewear prescriptions. Choose from brands such as Quay, Roav, Fendi, and Ray-Banfor eyewear, and Acuvue and Air Optix for lenses. Web: eyewa

01 Nuun

Inspired by minimalism and intricate Arabian details, Nuun watches bring together seemingly contradicting traditional and modern aesthetics into a harmonious wardrobe staple. Web: nuunofficial 72 NOV/DEC 2019

03 03

MK Leather Craft

Saudi products handmade from natural leather, with high quality materials. We love their carefully crafted bracelets, with ID holders, and unique Subha. mkleathercraft

HOME INSPIRATIONS Elegant, functional, unique and artistic furniture by Teak Woodwork

Immerse yourself in the exclusive handcrafted creations at Teak Woodwork where elegance and quality blend together in a unique and timeless style. Teak Woodwork was founded by Deema AlJaafari when she was unable to find the desired quality of furniture pieces in the local market. This made her put her hand to starting her own furniture business and eventually launched her own store offering exquisite handcrafted furnishings.

Carefully choosing the highest quality materials and no compromise on functionality, the Teak Woodwork collection scores all marks for unique handcrafted furniture; showcasing excellent craftsmanship talents and abilities. The store offers a full range of luxury furniture and interiors that are meticulously designed while maintaining the

unique and recognizable style of the client, making quality its main value. “Everyone has a different taste, so we always recommend our clients to surround themselves with things they love and to have a connection with the place they live in; whether it is their house or workplace,” Deema says. Teak Woodwork prides itself on designing customized, handmade pieces. The master craftsmen mostly work manually with the finest raw materials, adding a personal touch to every piece. “Everyday we do our utmost to deliver the very best of bespoke design and craftsmanship,’’ Deema adds.

Mob: +966500993399 teak.woodwork




ROOM FULL OF POCKETS Minimizing your belongings By Ayman Tamano

Many people have joined the community that owns less. It’s a way of life, stripping us down to what is essential, what adds value to our dayto-day, and how we can live a simple but rich life. The emphasis is on keeping only what you need, and not to go too cheap, although costefficiency is also important. Some ideas on how to pursue a minimalist home life:

74 NOV/DEC 2019

Make sure your furniture is multi-purpose. The most important thing to keep in mind when browsing for furniture is: purpose. Furniture that are intentionally carved for functionality, practicality and efficiency. Declutter. If you haven’t used, seen or thought about it for the past 6 months, you don’t need it or want it enough. Minimalism is not just about keeping your furniture limited, it’s also about only keeping only what adds value to your life.

Strategize. Strategically placing furniture and other items next to each other in a way that’s easy to navigate around your home results in tidiness and a generally more pleasant environment. Recycle or reuse. Check places like Mawakeb Al Ajer or Souk Al Haraj to bargain hunt for used or slightly used furniture, and even items with minor factory defects sold at low prices.

Have it built! If you’re feeling creative and inspired, or have an idea to create a multi-purpose furniture item, have it built through local companies that do custom work.

Visit places like IKEA or HOMEBOX for furniture built with minimalism in mind. Here are some of our favorites: IKEA’s SUNNERSTA A compact kitchen inspired by travelers and people on a budget, it is built with small hooks to hang mugs, attachable cups for silverware and a simple, and a sink with a space underneath for storing dishwashing liquids and essentials. IKEA STUVA/FRITIDS A loft bed and a study table with drawers underneath. HOMEBOX COUCH A couch that doubles as a bed like is not entirely a must but it’s always nice to have multi-purpose furniture. DESTINATION KSA 75


FOOD TRIPPIN’ Your guide to eating and feasting around Saudi Arabia. By Zahra Anwer



Another coffee house that has recently opened in Jeddah, BLACK POTION has already established a loyal customer base. They have a wide variety of sizzling desserts presented fresh out of the oven, as well as highend coffee beans roasted and brewed just for you. Must-try drinks, you ask? Their iced coffees for sure.

CAFÉ BATEEL recently launched a gluten-free menu, with vegan editions to the café’s signature favorites. The menu is packed with delicious soups, pasta, salads, poke bowls, and main courses. There’s also a selection of homemade, gluten-free desserts, available at the confectionary counter.

Location: Al Kayyal St., Jeddah BlackPotion_SA 76 NOV/DEC 2019

Location: Jeddah, Riyadh, and Sharqiya Web: bateelgourmet

To enjoy a satisfying dining experience, come hungry! Try the many dishes that will take your taste buds on an exquisite dining journey. With a modern, industrial feel to the restaurant, TAMU serves tacos and quesadillas, burgers, pastas, and much more. Try their crispy, juicy chicken burger, or their filling potato cheese balls. For desserts, you have many options to choose from, including their cheesecake. Location: King Saud Rd., Al Qashlah Dist., Khobar tamuksa

HIGH-FIVES ALL AROUND A PLACE TO CONNECT The least formal foodie offering at the enormous Fairmont Riyadh Hotel, CAFE CONNECT is a casual grab-and-go style spot has a simple menu of pizzas, baguettes, salads, poke bowl and pastries, plus some decent sandwiches and burgers for lush lunchtime meals. Despite its grand surroundings, it’s still very much a café with a warm and cozy ambience, and a bill that won’t kill. Location: Hotel Fairmont Riyadh, Business Gate, Qurtubah, Riyadh fairmontriyadh

A modish self-styled purveyor of Lebanese and Turkish street food, GIVE ME FIVE offers cozy vibes, good service and, to seal the deal, terrific food. Visit them during breakfast hours to enjoy a wide variety of real Middle Eastern specialties, or graze from the all-day line-up of mezze, charcoal grills, and desserts, with some refreshing mint tea on the side. DKSA Recommended: Kofte Lahm with cheese, Shawarma Alsalateen, and Baklava Alharamlak. Location: The Elite Mall, Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi St., Sulimaniyah, Riyadh givemefiveksa

LATIN SOCIAL HUB Listen up coffee addicts, Jeddah has recently witnessed the opening of a new coffee company called KIAORA, and it’s absolutely smashing. Freshly brewed coffee you can smell from a mile away is something that really excites us and that’s the first thing we appreciate about this place. Captivating interior, mouthwatering delights, and an overall warm ambiance, Kia Ora promises a unique coffee house experience. Make sure to try their Kiaora Frio and Portuguese tart. Location: Ar Rawda Dist., Jeddah DESTINATION KSA 77

ALL-DAY FOOD HUB FRESH FOOD DONE RIGHT ZED offers a menu full of delicious seasonal ingredients. If you live on healthy food, this is the right place for you, and if you prefer to feast on some incredibly juicy burgers, then you have also found your spot here. The chicken and beef burgers are super scrumptious, along with the healthy salad choices. Location: An Naim Dist., Jeddah zed.ksa 78 NOV/DEC 2019

One for the Instagrammers and novelty-seekers, SORS is a vibrant contemporary concept inspired by food markets, serving irresistible treats. From sweet to savory, it features four different food counters under one roof. A neighborhood café serving coffee, sweet and savory baked goodies, a chef-led concept that offers dine-in, grab-and-go poke bowls and artisanal sandwiches, Sors really scores with its refreshing soft-serves at the Frozen Bar counter. Location: Welfare Center, Hittin, Riyadh

CRAVINGS SATISFIED! With a Breakfast at Tiffany’s vibe, LUTE has recently opened in Dammam and it is a perfect spot to have that morning breakfast before heading to work, or the perfect brunch experience on weekends. If you have a sweet tooth, the lemon and saffron cakes will definitely satisfy your cravings. Let’s not forget their latest coffee addition, the Ugandan’s espresso Manansi, with a rich flavor, and a hint of dark chocolate and nuts. Location: Omar Ibn Alkhattab St., Dammam lute.ksa

SAVOR MEALTIME MOMENTS Sandwiches followed up by soft-serve ice cream, because who’s counting calories? This brand new cafe, AUBURN, is a must-visit when you’re in Sharqiya. You would enjoy eating the entire selections on the menu, but we recommend trying the Philly cheese steak and chicken pesto sandwiches, or their hot dog. To end your delicious experience, try the caramel or chocolate party soft serve. Location: Salam Tower, Olaya Dist., Khobar auburn_sa

BRIGHTEN UP YOUR DAY! REAL POWER BOOST Want to grab a quick coffee before work or hang out with friends after work? Do both at ALL IN 7 CAFE. Whether you’re in the mood for iced or hot coffee, try their specialty, the N7 latte. For a splash of refreshment, have some of their fruity, colorful cocktails like the Universo Cocktail and enjoy a variety of filled doughnuts, tiramisu, and a snickers cake. Location: Villagio, 2540 King Saud Rd., Al Andalus Dist., Khobar allin7cafe

Intrigued by the crisp aesthetic and lush greenery behind the glass windows, we decided to try BLACK CARDAMOM’s new vegan plates. Serving up a variety of unique blends, well mastered pancake assortments, and gardenfresh salads, this is the health-conscious person’s dream come true. Their breakfast menu is also divine – we recommend their pancakes, any egg dish really, and their lavender latte. You won’t be disappointed. Location: Al Andalus Dist., Jeddah blackcardamomksa DESTINATION KSA 79


FROM LONDON TO JEDDAH Movenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah redefines modern Indian fusion with Rasoi by Vineet There’s a new Indian fusion restaurant in town, and we are first in line to try it out! On 17th November, Movenpick Hotel Tahlia Jeddah by Accor Hotels announced the opening of Rasoi by Vineet, a new world-class Indian cuisine restaurant envisioned by Michelin star Chef Vineet Bhatia.

Located in Tahlia on Hail Street, the restaurant is within walking distance of the Jameel Square Commercial building and only 30 minutes away from King Abdulaziz International Airport. It is inspired by Chef Vineet Bhatia, who is originally from Mumbai and widely regarded as the chef of modern, progressive Indian cuisine. When he first moved to London, he was disappointed to find out the representation

80 NOV/DEC 2019


of Indian cuisine. Reinventing Indian cuisine, he earned his Michelin star for the first time in 2001. In the early 2000s when Rasoi first opened, it instantly received positive reviews from its critics and has been thriving globally ever since, making its way finally to Jeddah. The chef describes his Indian food as ‘evolved’ as he likes to add his eccentric touch on every signature dish to challenge his perception of native cuisine. You can indulge in signature dishes like the Nawabi Chops, which are lamb chops crusted with pistachio and rose petals served with saffron mashed potatoes. If you’re a fan of chicken then you must have the Chicken Habibi, which is chicken tikka with Zataar and black olives – a true blend of Indian and Saudi kitchens. Sweeten your tooth with the all-time favorite Choco-Mosa dish and understand the concept of Fun Dining at Rosoi. Coming to Jeddah, Chef Vineet took the time to discover the Saudi culture imbedded in its traditional cuisine. His experience with food in Jeddah helped provide him with inspiration to take back to the kitchen and fuse with his native cookery. From tasting different kinds of Saudi dates to unraveling all the distinct

spices in the nation, Chef Vineet gained a lot of insight from the Saudi cuisine to carry out when he ventures onto his next adventure. “You will always find something that you’ll bring back. It’s like a pot of gold,” Chef Vineet described Jeddah.

Location: Tahlia on Hail St. Tel: +966-12-213 2000 rasoibyvineetjeddah



EXPERIENCE BRAZIL AT WILDFIRE Fire roasts, samba beats, and a culinary adventure at Wildfire, Crowne Plaza RDC.

Wildfire restaurant at Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & Convention Center in the AlRaida Digital City is a modern Brazilian culinary adventure. They are delivering a unique experience, serving authentic Brazilian taste and delighting diners indeed. ​ To offer genuine Brazilian flavors, the restaurant is helmed by Chef de Cuisine Eduardo Barbosa, a true Brazilian who has worked in top kitchens including Michelin-starred restaurants. At Wildfire, shares his culinary passion and expertise with meat-loving locals. Staying true to its traditions, Wildfire is a churrascaria, where a

selection of succulent meats slow-cooked over charcoal are served at the table by trained Brazilian passadors (meat carvers), refiling plates with a variety of rotating fresh grills like steaks, ribs, lamb, chicken, and the newly added item to the menu, Hamour. There’s also – in case of meat overindulgence – a salad bar; with freshly prepared salads, pickles, dips, charcuterie, and other Brazilian specialties. The Wildfire restaurant takes you on a culinary journey through Brazil. Experience the sizzling flames in the open kitchen, the alluring aroma, the jungle-inspired interiors, and the upbeat Brazilian vibrant


live music performance, every Friday brunch. The ever-growing F&B industry is an integral part of the Saudi Vision 2030 and t​he highly experienced team of Crowne Plaza RDC is committed to bringing authentic flavors and experiences to the elite local dining scene.

Location: Crowne Plaza Riyadh RDC Hotel & Convention, AlRaida Digital City Web: wildfirerdc


SUCCULENT FOOD FOR LESS Going on an adventure with less than 20 SAR By Dalia El Abd

Food in the Kingdom is irresistible. So many different cuisines are 7/24 on the table. But you don’t need to spend a fortune on gourmet and international restaurants just to please your stomach. We’ve discovered the best restaurants and dishes to devour for less than SR20 for you to check out.


Butter Chicken Wrap Price: 18 SAR First on our list is Kooz Karak’s rich butter chicken wrap. If you haven’t tried indulging yourself in one before, what are you waiting for? Light, filling, and infused with flavors, this butter chicken wrap is a must-try. Location: 3106 Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah koozkarak


Half Grilled Chicken with Rice Price: 16.50 SAR Established in 1997, Al Romansiah has been one of Saudi’s most original restaurants, offering high-quality of Saudi fare at a reasonable cost. Al Romansiah has 30 branches all across the Kingdom; branding the restaurant around the concept of romance, their half-grilled chicken with rice plate will get you head over heels in love with the place. Location: Ar-Rawdah branch, Khaled Bin Waleed, Jeddah alromansiahksa 84 NOV/DEC 2019

ALLOUSH SHAWARMA JOINT Chicken Shawarma Platter Price: 10 SAR

Businesses like Alloush Shawarma have jumped on board with their full-sized meals that don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Our best pick at Alloush is their well-seasoned chicken shawarma platter served with a generous quantity of delicious fries, giving you the gratifying feeling of satiety. Location: Palestine Rd., Al Samer, Jeddah


Sweet Pumpkin Pie Price: 11 SAR Al Malky, a restaurant featuring delicious dairy confectionaries dating back to 1917 in Egypt, has expanded its business and opened a branch in Jeddah. Their sweet pumpkin pie tastes divine. The pie’s rich creamy topping, along with the subtle touch of cinnamon that tingles your taste buds really heightens the flavor. Location: Abdulrahman Al Sidayri, Sari Rd., Jeddah


Sweet Pumpkin Pie Price: 11 SAR DESTINATION KSA 85


Half a Chicken with Rice Price: 17 SAR

86 NOV/DEC 2019


Strawberry with Cream Price: 13 SAR Sneaky Snicker Shake small Price: 14 SAR Sneaky Snicker Shake large Price: 19 SAR With their organic garden-fresh ingredients, 50 Fruits have left quite an impression on the people of Riyadh, becoming a vital part of the community since they opened in 2006. Whether you’re in for healthy juices, dairy iced blends, fruit creams, chocolate shakes or fruit salads, they have you covered. They also have a shawarma corner. Location: Rumah Rd., Riyadh 50fruitsksa

MAMA NOURA SHAWARMA Chicken Shawarma Sandwich Price: 5 SAR

Mama Noura Shawarma promises excellent food quality with an affordable budget. Their famous Shawarmas are definitely here to stay. Our pick is the chicken shawarma sandwich drenched in garlic and spices, although the rest of the menu is quite exquisite too. Location: Al Malik Abdullah Rd., Riyadh

FALAFEL THEMAR Feteeret Themar Price: 10 SAR

This is the ultimate grouping of falafel, eggs, aubergine, and fries topped with a slice of cheddar cheese, pickles and lettuce. Yes, this sandwich does exist, and yes, it tastes as good as it sounds. Take a bite and leave the rest for your taste buds to decide. Location: Uthaman ibn Affan Rd., Al Falah St. Riyadh falafelthemar


Single Hamburgini Price: 12 SAR Cajun Fries Price: 7 SAR Nestled in the middle of Riyadh, Hamburgini gives you a mouthwatering experience from just the aroma of the place upon your entry. Our pick is their original single Hamburgini sandwich along with their perfectly seasoned Cajun fries that we dare you to try and put down. Location: Prince Prince Abdulaziz Ibn Musaid Ibn Jalawi Rd., Riyadh hamburgini


Half a Chicken with Rice Price: 17 SAR Once again, Saudi cookery wins with this half a chicken with rice choice at Shawaya House. Quench your hunger with this flavorsome and very appetizing meal, making you feel right at home. Location: Abdullah Bin Muhammad Rd., Riyadh DESTINATION KSA 87


Boataires Metaktek Fries Price: 16 SAR 88 NOV/DEC 2019


Chicken Shawarma Sandwich with Arabian Bread Price: 6 SAR Beef Shawarma Sandwich with Arabian Bread Price: 8 SAR Whether you’re a chicken or beef person, you are in safe hands with Beiruti’s Lebanese Shawarma sandwiches. Wrapped in soft, homemade Arabian bread that literally melts in your mouth, Beiruti’s sandwiches give you all the food feels. Location: Bir Uthman, Sultana Rd., Medina


Liver and Beef Trotters Price: 20 SAR Al Maamoun, also known among Madinah residents as Al Akhras, serves local food at a very reasonable cost. Get comfortable and make yourself at home as you try their finger-licking liver and beef trotter dish. Location: Al Jumuah, Medina mamon1one

DISEREE KHALIDIYA Diseree Madfoon Price: 10 SAR

Tracing back to African roots, Diseree Khalidiya delights the people in Madinah with their tender, spicy beef cutlets rested on a bed of distinctively flavored rice. This is a must-try restaurant for Madinah visitors – confidently it won’t disappoint. Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St, Al Iskan, Medina


Boataires Metaktek Fries Price: 16 SAR This signature cheese and crispy bacon fries dish is our winner at Dekkan 90. If you’re not an absolute cheese lover, then please exclude yourself from this cheese-filled narrative coming your way! Boataires Metaktek fries is the absolute dream for cheese addicts like ourselves. The crispiness of the bacon matched with the smoothness of the dripping melted cheese topped on their freshly cut potato fries really wins us over every single time. Location: Rabeyah Ibn Khuwailid St., Al Dana Al Shamalia Dist., Dhahran dekkan.90


Eggs in a wrap Price: 8 SAR If you haven’t been properly introduced to Road Pie, you’re missing out. To start your day right, come across their fulfilling aroma and try their eggs in a wrap as it will leave you enamored. It’s a filling meal that is all you need to get you through the day and boost your energy. Location: Othman Ibn Affan Street, Al Jamiyin Dist., Dammam road_pie DESTINATION KSA 89


Half Mandi Chicken with Saudi Rice Price: 16.50 SAR Sama’deeraty is famous for its mouthwatering Saudi rice that has made us all long for their exceptional secret ingredient. Striking a balance between ideal family food and fair expense, our top pick is the Half Mandi Chicken meal. Succulent and juicy Mandi chicken on a bed of perfectly spiced rice will definitely do the trick. The tenderness of the protein gives you the literal melt-in-yourmouth experience. Location: 22nd Rd., Al Aqrabiyah, Al Khobar sama_deraty


Skinny Tuna Sandwich Price: 13 SAR Since healthy is the new happy, Greens is set up to satisfy your nutritious buds and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their skinny tuna sandwich is the perfect combination of fresh and enticing, leaving your tummy full and guilt-free. Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd., Al Hizam Al Thahabi Dist., Khobar

90 NOV/DEC 2019

SOCRAT BURGER Cheese burger Price: 6 SAR Hot dog Price: 5 SAR One needs to be cosseted with a scrumptious meal for flawless closure in Khobar, and we found that right at their oldest burger joint, Socrat. Reinstating good vibes and satisfying collective tastes, Socrat is one place we enjoyed eating at. Juicy, delicious and original, their cheeseburger is their ultimate comfort-food option. Location: Prince Mohammed Rd., Al Khobar Al Shamalia


Socrat Burger is the Socrat Burger is the first burger joint initiated in Khobar and remains very popular. King Abdulaziz Race Track offers incredibly tasty Marasei’ pancakes (small Saudi pancakes.) If you ever swing by, make sure to try this delight! Al Baik was originally called Broast Restaurant.




KEEP WARM & TOASTY WITH THESE COMFORT FOODS When the days get colder, all we want to do is wrap up warm and tuck into all that comfort food. We bring you the seasonal favorites in the Kingdom, from local home-cooked goodness to restaurant must-trys. By Zahra Anwer


This traditional Middle Eastern dish, also a street-food favorite, is a thick porridge made with wheat, rice, and your choice of meat, and topped with kishna (caramelized onions). If you’re in need of a hearty bowl to warm your soul, this one will serve you well. AVAILABLE AT NAJD VILLAGE (RIYADH) AND JAREESH CUISINE (JEDDAH). jareeshcuisine 92 NOV/DEC 2019


A classic dessert favored by Najdis, Hinaini is doughy goodness traditionally made from mixing wheat bread with dates and butter. This winter delicacy was originally made on the open fire out in the desert. AVAILABLE AT: 1. FOOD-TRUCK HINAINI hanini95

2. NAJD VILLAGE Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Olaya Dist. najdvillagesa


Faqa is a desert truffle, sold by local vendors on roadsides during winters. Usually black in color and roughly round in shape. It’s a wellknown delicacy throughout the Kingdom during the cold weather, typically boiled or sauteed and used as a meat substitute in dishes.


A Hejazi favorite during winters, this is a creamy rice dish cooked with broth and served with meat and duggus, a spicy, tomato salsa. AVAILABLE AT: BAIT AL SALEEG Bait_alsaleeg

Harees is also a thick porridge originally made with boiled, cracked, or coarsely-grounded wheat along with meat and spices.Hearty and full of flavor, Harees makes a great meal, especially on a cold, winter’s day. AVAILABLE AT: EYDAAM RESTAURANT

Location: Takhassusi Street, Al Olaya Dist. eydaamksa


At this time of the year, there’s nothing more decadent and indulgent than a steaming hot, sticky pudding. We are particularly in love with the date sizzling dessert – warm cake, hugged by vanilla ice cream and doused with ooey-gooey luscious sauce. AVAILABLE AT: 1. OVER JAR Location: Riyadh Park, Gate 2, 1st floor. overjarksa


Location: Jeddah: Le Prestige Mall, Assila Tower, and Red Sea Mall Sharqiya: AlShaikh Avenue, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Street bateelgourmet DESTINATION KSA 93


NO TO BURNOUT Employees’ guide to engagement and empowerment at work By Esra Ozbay

According to a study done by recruitment agency Robert Half UAE, workplace burnout is an issue for nearly 64% of businesses in the UAE. Workplace stress is highest among mediumsized businesses (74%), and lowest among small businesses (57%). Their studies have also shown that employee stress can be a drain for everyone. As an employee, you keep working for a long time intensely just to realize that your focus levels are deteriorating. As a result of high corporate demands, companies must offset to recover and renew energy. We all know that everyone’s morale is tied to being engaged to their work. To support this concept, innovative solutions can be implemented in ways to increase employee morale to eliminate burnout.

96 NOV/DEC NOV/DEC2019 2019

Being an overachiever is overrated and is counterproductive! This is where you deplete your optimal levels of productivity. When disengagement and burnout indicators activate, watch out for these 10 signs! 1 Sleep deprivation 2 Lack of concentration 3 Unknown physical pains 4 Feeling tired and drained most of the time 5 Feeling your work or contribution is unrecognized 6 Loss of motivation 7 Depression 8 Lack of interest at work 9 Absenteeism from work 10 Thoughts of quitting work or changing your role How do we take preventative measures and properly engage in our work? Here are some tips on how you and your employer can take hands-on actions to eliminate burnout! 1- Perform a job analysis, and eliminate or delegate unnecessary work. MINDTOOLS This online platform will help you with specific work challenges and developing essential skills at your own pace. Web:

2 - Offer workshops and/or expert speakers to employees to aid as a coping mechanism

4 - Provide the necessary resources and skills to meet expectations.

Workshop Space / Team Building Off The Grind CafĂŠ is a contemporary experiential lounge for company events, quarterly meetings, team building exercises, gaming, coffee and bites.

MEIRC Training & Consulting Offers training programs and consulting services in management and technical fields for professional development

Web: offthegr1nd

Corporate Wellness Expert / Health Events / Personal & Family Health Coaching / A collaboration between community partners in health and wellness to optimize employee health. Richard Jordan Web: primalife_wellness

Groupwork Facilitator / Human Relations / Offers consultancy in leadership and organizational development Rozana Al Banawi rozanalbanawi

3 - Modify work expectations by making sure employees understand their role.

E-mail: Tel: +966-12-6061364 Web:

5 - Manage your time to get proper sleep and exercise, and make healthy food choices. 6 - Join local support groups in your community. HUMMING TREE

A local community in Jeddah that facilitates and provides creative activities. hummingtreecommunity


A local creative coworking and events community in Riyadh/ Kharj / Khobar that collaborates by connecting people, ideas, and resources. beehivespace


A local coworking and events community in the Eastern Province, Khobar connecting youth and entrepreneurs to be creative, energetic, inspirational, entertaining in establishing their professional identity. jovia_coworking



ONE FLIP AT A TIME THE RISE OF SAUDI PARKOUR Parkour is an urban, acrobatic sport that involves running, leaping, vaulting, jumping and climbing. It’s not just a visually stunning activity, it is also a natural, training discipline using movement that is applied to every aspect of your movement through life. By Zahra Anwer

As this sport is becoming increasingly popular, more facilities are popping up around the Kingdom. We take you a little bit (or jump!) closer to the current parkour scene in Saudi and speak to Jon Dean, a parkour and free-running guru who studied physical education gymnastics. Inspired by online parkour videos, Jon would stay back in the gym after school and practice maneuvers and tricks. Committed to bringing parkour to Saudi, he formed what is being deemed Saudi’s first and largest youth parkour academy, called Flite Freerun. Located in Rawdah district in Jeddah, the academy features an indoor parkour-specific training zone with a combination of rooms designed to mimic an outdoor urban atmosphere along with a 98

NOV/DEC 2019

The gym also offers one-on-one coaching sessions for Autistic children and soon, a segment for the elderly to help them develop better strength and balance. Parkour can improve mental strength as you apply more skills by running, jumping, rolling, and much more. Parkour is a safe sport mainly when coached in a safe environment and so Jon recommends people to first train with professional coaches before practicing the sport outside on the streets. Jon has approached the Ministry of Education to adopt parkour as part of the curriculum. So far, Flite Freerun is running training programs in Jeddah at Bounce,

Koora Arena, Nun Academy, and American International School. “We are ready to expand to Riyadh and help the capital city teach quality parkour,” says Jon. This year, Jon created a new brand specifically for the parkour academy that will help put Saudi Parkour on the world map. To join them in this venture, Ed Scott, one of the world’s best parkour athletes, will work closely with the coaches to raise the standards and fine-tune the curriculum. Jon’s goal this year is to up their game and launch more competitions and take the team abroad to compete, with the corporation and help of the General Sports Authority and Ministry of Education.

Safety is huge! So before you start rollin’, here are the other places you can practice parkour in: Parkour KSA (Jeddah) parkour_ksa

Bounce KSA (Jeddah, Riyadh) bouncemideast


soft indoor environment. The gym is open to children from four years old and adults.




GREEN Saudi Arabia takes steps towards a greener, more wholesome lifestyle By Deena Dakhiel 100NOV/DEC NOV/DEC2019 2019


A few ways you can reduce this is by simply turning off your lights, carpooling, and planting trees in order to increase oxygen levels.

STOP USING PLASTIC. Our biggest challenge in the Kingdom has been the lack of awareness surrounding global warming. The changes in our climate, such as melting glaciers, forest fires, and accelerated rise in sea levels have been the result of ongoing poor habits that we have accumulated over the years. These habits include clearing land for agriculture, industrialization, and improper waste management. Over time, this has led to the production of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, which lead to rising temperatures. This all may sound a little scary, but to every problem, there is a solution. When tackling this new lifestyle, take things step by step – don’t try to make sudden changes all at once. Ask for help, do your research and start living green. Here are some ways to make this possible.

Minor lifestyle changes, such as taking your own bags to the supermarket rather than using plastic bags. This way, we reduce the decomposition of waste, which in turn reduces the emission of methane into our atmosphere.


iHerb is an online store that sells plastic alternatives such as bamboo toothbrushes, reusable straws, and other great environmentally friendly products. Web: iherb


Mawakeb Alajer in Jeddah takes in recyclable plastic items. They have a proper waste management system in which they sort through the plastics and take the recyclable items to factories. mawakebalajer


Naqaa Sustainability Solutions is a social business in Jeddah that pioneered environmentally sustainable practices by providing waste management consultations and solutions in workplaces and communities across the Kingdom. Since 2012, they have assisted over 200 businesses to start recycling solutions. Web: naqaasustain DESTINATION DESTINATION KSA101 KSA101


THE SIGHTS & SOUNDS OF KL Explore the city with Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur By Nessreen Tamano

102NOV/DEC 2019

I can think of no better place than Malaysia when I feel like immersing myself in a fusion of not two but three different cultures – Malay, Indian, and Chinese – which is the makeup of the country’s population. For the summer holidays, some Saudi friends and I packed our bags and made the 9-hour flight to the Southeast Asian country, and luckily for us, Mandarin Oriental (MO) Kuala Lumpur hosted our stay, ensuring we had the full Malaysian experience at the luxurious hotel.

likes worrying about the trip back after a shopping spree while on holiday!

Nestled at the very heart of Kuala Lumpur, next to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and the refreshing greenery of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre Park located right in the middle of the concrete jungle, the 5-star Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is, not surprisingly, a popular choice for Saudi tourists. The vibrant Little India and historic Chinatown are both a short ride away, and Suria KLCC Mall is just a few steps from the hotel, making shopping a truly pleasant experience – nobody

The rooms are not only a reflection of elegance, comfort, and style inspired by traditional Malaysian motifs, they also offer a spectacular view of the city. We enjoyed a spot of mind-body-soul rejuvenation at the infinity swimming pool overlooking the city skyline, which is also on the same floor of the hotel’s premium gym and indoor sports facilities, along with two outdoor tennis courts. We also enjoyed access to the Club Floor, which houses the MO Club, an exclusive private club that is also Kuala Lumpur’s largest club lounge. Members of the MO Club and special hotel guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the city while having breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and cocktail hour, all at the Club Floor’s exclusive and lavish area. The highlight of our stay of course had to do with food.

Apart from the wide array of delicious Malaysian fare sideby-side cuisines from around the world that the hotel serves for breakfast, we were invited to fine-dine at the Mandarin Grill. The beautifully designed restaurant is headed by Chef de Cuisine Luigi Stinga, who has recently joined MO Kuala Lumpur from his stint at MO Milan’s 2-Michelin-starred restaurant Seta. Chef Luigi served us premium, authentic Italian cuisine with a modern approach, the restaurant’s signature offerings that make hotel guests and Malaysian locals keep coming back for more. If you’re thinking of your next holiday destination, we think you should consider Malaysia, and if you do, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is the perfect host.

Email: Tel: +60-323808888 Web: mo_kualalumpur



THE FROMAGERIE ON TOP The Farm to table journey of French Cheese Story by Jou Pabalate

Written by Deena Dakhiel

104NOV/DEC NOV/DEC2019 2019

There are trips that give you a glimpse of a country’s culture and those that lets you take a dive into people’s way of life. Our recent trip to Lyon, in order to discover their famous affair with cheese, turned out to be both. This gastronomic tour de France turned out to be as much about artisanship, passion as it is about the flavors and wonderful cheese it produces. On the first day of the trip, we made our way to Abbaye de Tamié and met the cheesemaking monk, Bro. Nathaniel. He is at the helm of the abbey’s production of an eponymous soft cheese. The latter has a creamy richness close to reblochon. It is one of three monasteries that make and age their own cheese from scratch. For 36 years, they have used a famous and original monk recipe before pasteurization – a big part of the monastery’s history that has been preserved to this day. Twenty-four monks work to produce 150 tons of cheese per year, and they have maintained their traditional way of cheese making even as they have modernized some parts of the process. Since 2004, they have been converting whey from cheese into energy used to warm their area instead of using oil. We then visited the cheese-making room where cheese is laid out during the ageing process. From the Monasteries caves, we took a turn and found ourselves facing the stunning view of the alps. Our Sound of Music moment was taken to new heights upon meeting Christian. A Cheesemaker whose love for art of Beaufort and the DESTINATION KSA 105

106 NOV/DEC 2019

community is admirable. On this leg, we watched a herd of Taurine cows grazing on the mountainside and partook in milking them. It’s this free reign state that perhaps produces the quality of beaufort unique to the alps of Lyon. Our next stop was the Entremont production site, which is part of the cooperative called Sodiaal, one of the largest French dairy cooperative with about 20,000 farms supplying milk from all over France. Entremont production is located in Annecy, a tiny yet beautiful town in France where the flowers bloom and the lake is ever vibrant. There, we observed as 5,000 large wheels of cheese are received at the site where it is then ripened, cooled, heated, then cooled again. Depending on the cheese, the ageing process differs. For example, it takes 7-8 weeks in the cave for 8kgs of cheese to come out as emmental. My favorite moment on this trip was meeting Mathilde and Fabrice, a young couple who took over their uncle’s farm and started their own business creating fresh, organic reblochon, one of two in the whole of France. We were left unplugged from the world for a few hours and somehow the time passed as we watch in fascination how this couple live their lives every day. Mathilde’s fine attention to detail and dedication to every

step of the process shows in their product. Embracing a low waste, greener lifestyle, they make use of every element when possible, like the tomme blanche, a raw curd that hits the cheese cloths and mold which finds its way on their dinner table. Watching her flip and salt each reel to remove the whey, while her husband, Fabrice took care of the cows, made me realize the idyllic life with all its labors is an underrated craft. Ending our abbey to alps to factory to table journey was Pierre Gay – One of the best Cheese mongers in France, who conducted a cheese-based dessert workshop making a fontainebleau using orange blossom and honey. His wife, Sophie, further completed our session with a unique camembert fused with middle eastern spices. It is through the hands of these artisans that we truly understood what cheese meant to the French. And it is this that translates into the quality of cheeses they produce. The care of terroirs matched with a dedication to meeting regulatory requirements while remaining authentic to the process is something unique to French cheese. Whether it be aged, textured, soft, or hard, what you can be guaranteed of is that it will be done to a standard, defined by French excellence. DESTINATION KSA 107


NEW ERA OF HOSPITALITY Introducing Swiss Hospitality Company to the Kingdom through its youth By Deena Dakhiel

Swiss Hospitality Company (SHC) invited us on a trip to Montreux, Switzerland, where we got to see what the Swiss Education Group (SEG) has in store for Saudi students. SEG consists of five different hospitality management schools throughout Switzerland, while SHC is a local consulting and

108 NOV/DEC 2019

development company aiming to upgrade the quality of services within the hospitality and tourism industry in Saudi Arabia. The two companies have strategically partnered to increase professionalism in hospitality within the Kingdom through educating Saudi students.


I got to know a little more about the workings of SHC at the Swiss Saudi Hospitality Forum hosted by Salman Gasim, CEO of SHC. He gave a speech in which he discussed the company’s leading position in the hospitality industry in Saudi Arabia. SHC has a unique business model that involves major stakeholders such as public sector, private sector, and non-profit. The collaborations aim to achieve common goals that are aligned with the country’s 2030 Vision. He states, “Our offerings are quite broad because we feel responsible to upgrade the service quality in hospitality establishments to a level where it deserves to be, 110 NOV/DEC 2019

the Saudi people are hospitable by nature and we need to reflect that in our businesses with the highest standards.” All sectors share a main goal, and that is to spearhead tourism in the Kingdom. SHC has over 40 collaborations throughout the sectors including some of the Vision 2030 giga-projects. This is also good for the SEG educated students as it provides them with a wide range of opportunities upon their return. SHC’s partnership with SEG has transformed the students into skilled, and sometimes trilingual, professionals. The CEO of SEG, Florent Rondez, said, “ SEG, SHC, and Vision

2030 are all working to reach the same goal. We want to contribute to the Kingdom’s tourism and hospitality industries.” He is also excited for the students coming from a country that is under transformation. “The young generation is so eager to make a difference and show the world what Saudi Arabia can be. We are excited to be a part of that with SHC.” SEG has a recipe for success that includes integrating technology along with theory and application. This means that the students go out into the world well-trained. The students are required to complete two internships pre-graduation.

Finding the perfect fit is made easy at a bi-annual career fair known as the International Recruitment Forum (IRF), where students mingle with industry professionals. At the IRF, I met Yves Givel, vice president of human resources at the Hyatt, who said, “Hospitality requires a lot of customer attention, so we look for people who are up for the challenge while remaining empathetic, who can extend care to our customers and try to understand them while anticipating their needs.” Donya Salahaldin a Saudi culinary student at César Ritz Colleges, shared, “I have always wanted to pursue this field, and after some motivational words from Tanja Florenthal, the academic director at the college, who said I am one of the examples that Saudi Arabia needs in hospitality and tourism, I am now confident that I did choose the right career and I am not stopping here. This gave me the push I needed, because when I first started I was not exactly sure what to expect, but now I am proud and I know I accomplish so much.” Another culinary student, Alanoud Hakami, shared her excitement regarding the new opportunities opening up in the country. “It’s really impressive to watch the changes happening now! Especially for me because I already have a travel and tourism diploma from my previous studies and now I’m following up with a culinary degree from César Ritz, so I’m hoping to match those two within the tourism industry and maybe start my own thing at home and grow from there.” Mob: +966-553554983 Web: swisshoco DESTINATION KSA 111




Salman Bin Abdulaziz












2.52% 13

Mohammed Bin Salman


2,149,690 km²

Makkah & Madinah

GMT +3

Sharqiya, 4.1 million people

Riyadh, 7.3 million people




King Khaled International Airport









Jeddah & Makkah


King Abdulaziz International Airport

Khobar, Jubail Dammam & Dhahran



Madinah & Yanbu



Abha & Najran


King Fahd International Airport

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz International Airport


BUSINESS + BANKING HOURS 8/9 a.m. - 4/5 p.m. (Sun - Thur)

1.00 USD 1.00 Euro 1.00 British Pound 1.00 Indian Rupee 1.00 Philippine Peso

WEEKEND Friday – Saturday SHOPPING HOURS 10 a.m – 1 p.m. 5 – 11 p.m.


112 NOV/DEC 2019

Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport


STC Inquiry information Speaking Clock Mobily STC ZAIN

Al-Ahsa International Airport

905 1222 1100 900 959

EMERGENCY Ambulance General Emergency NAJM (Car Accidents) 920000560

997 911

SR 3.75 SR 4.39 SR 4.82 SR 0.06 SR 0.10



September 23

May 23





April 23

July 25

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1.5 CUPS 1 CUP









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