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RAMADAN KAREEM! The jubilant spirit of the season is taking over Riyadh and we are all smiles. For this issue of Destination Riyadh, we wanted to be part of your season's habit. Yes, we will rejoice, we will have hearty meals with our loved ones and we will enjoy the traditions that have made the Holy Month memorable to us all. But most importantly, we hope that this edition will inspire you to have a meaningful Ramadan. We start you off with individuals who are wonderful examples of faith. From the gentle Imam, Dr. Mohammed Al Sayed to Nada AlBuwardi, the woman behind Bunyan Charity organization; we are proud to be featuring Riyadhis who have made a difference and touched lives in the community. Such stories are bound to warm your hearts and if they’re not enough to push you on the generosity wagon, allow us to give you a nudge with a 30-day guide to good deeds. Afterwards, make Ramadan nights a family funfair with our tips on reviving traditions and creating new ones. As much as this edition is about emptying our stomachs and feeding our souls, we can’t do away with the foodie in us. And so, we’ve come up with interesting recipes to try out in the kitchen. We’re also helping you cool down in this summer heat with a roundup of our favorite ice creams in town. The Holy Month is always filled with reverie and a sense of oneness comes over the entire city. Now if only we can sustain the same throughout the year, it would surely make Riyadh an even more beautiful place to live in. We hope you have a wonderful Ramadan, Riyadhis and till next time; stay grateful, faithful and blessed.

Enas Hashani Editor-in-Chief

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What you don't Know about the Holy Kaa'ba p. 72

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Business • Nada AlBuwardi, the Face of Bunyan Charity • Dr. Mohammad Al Sayed, Gentle Imam

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CYM Forum CYM Forum is considered the largest forum in the Middle East in the area of Academic Major and Career Selection, hosting 52 experts from across the Arab world, including leading figures from various ministries, businessmen, members of the Shura Council, media, experts and advisors. Ithraa Consulting Group organized the initiative in cooperation with Human Resources Development Fund and MOL in Jeddah and Riyadh. More than 18,000 individuals registered for the forum and the number of attendees exceeded 7,500. Secretary General and Founder of CYM Forum, Nuha Al Yousef, highlighted that this 8


event identifies opportunities and challenges for youth in both education and career and helps them to excel in their career as well as provide them with the most important tools to prepare them for the labor market. In addition, it identifies academic and career specialization. The forum introduced more than 35 new and modern jobs needed in the future labor market.

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Family IDs Now Available for Divorced Women

Bride Donates Entire IKEA Introduces Calorie Cost of Wedding to Counts for Cafeteria Village in Djibouti

The Ministry of Interior recently applied new laws that open the chance for divorced women to apply for their own independent family cards. Application is possible through the designated civil affairs department. This is quite an important change that will help minimize the epidemic of unregistered children. For more information, visit for local civil affairs branches or call +966-11-4124701 for the Riyadh Civil Affairs regional office for women.


An enterprising bride from the city of Khobar opted to give away the entire cost of her wedding to the inhabitants of a village that lies in a remote part of Djibouti. The money was used to build a water system for the villagers, and the bride, Baheesa Alarabi, even spent a portion of her honeymoon helping build it. In a time where people spend more than a million riyals on just the one night to make the wedding of their dreams, Baheesa’s overture is quite inspiring for young women and men everywhere.


The Swedish furniture giant, in a bid to introduce healthy eating to society, has taken to including the amount of calories on the lit up signs that advertise meals in their store. From the calories in a shish tawooq to the complete amount a meal would cost your thighs, the gesture is a welcome one. Eat away without much worry!

Cheflr App A Saudi Startup for Food Enthusiasts A social network for food enthusiasts, Cheflr is an app created by a group of Saudis interested in providing a platform where Arabic recipes and reviews can be exchanged. From what we’ve seen, it’s almost like Instagram, but for sharing recipes. Perfect for Ramadan, we think. Happy iftar!





1. Tamer Group Opens First TAG Heuer Boutique in the Saudi Capital

Tamer Group, in their bid to conquer the world of high-end fashion, opened the first TAG Heuer boutique in Riyadh. The luxury watchmaker occupies a space in the affluent end of Olaya Street, and is surely to prove a hit with the dwellers of the city as it already has a five star review on Google from a patron.

2. Alaan Artspace holds Alaan Mini During Saudi Design Week

Joining the spirit of art and design that permeated during SDW, Alaan introduced a cool new concept: Design for kids! From May 9 - 13, the Artspace held a number of activities including art workshops, a reading space, an ice cream cart, as well as a couple of product booths from Linen, Ashyaa, Bagoogoo and Kids Talent.


3. Saudi Design Week Holds Exhibition at Al Faisaliah Resort



Creatives, artists and industry professionals gathered in Riyadh for a week of aesthetic and design appreciation. The event, organized by Oasis Magazine, has become the hotspot for showcasing innovative product design, celebrating traditional and Middle Eastern cultural artistry.

4. Jewelry Salon Opens

The Jewelry Salon opened its doors once again to prospective buyers looking for solid investments. With big giants like Korloff and Moussaieff, as well as homegrown brands like Naval and Lillian Ismail in attendance, the exhibition was a big hit with those who have an affinity for the shinier things in life. The salon was held from April 27-30.


5. Aura Living Reveals Winner of 2014 Design Competition

Aura Living, famed furniture store, held a dinner in collaboration with Alaan Artspace to unveil the winner of their 2014 Design Competition. Noura Alkharashi’s winning chair design was used in the dinner’s set up, and it was also displayed in the opening of Saudi Design Week.


6. Hempel's Largest Flagship Showroom in the Middle East

Hempel Paints opened its newest showroom in Riyadh, its largest in the Middle East. The inauguration fell in parallel to the Group’s 100th anniversary. Hempel’s Group President and CEO, Pierre-Yves Jullien, flew into the Kingdom for the special occasion.

6. 6.

Don't miss out! To stay updated on all the latest events, follow us @destinationryd 12 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015


ALFAISAL UNIVERSITY GAMERS DAY GAMING ain’t OVER Mario party, cosplayers, free food and a place for any gamer there is in Riyadh, it’s official: Gamers Day was one awesome weekend. By Jou Pabalate

In its first edition, Gamers Day, organized by the Social Development Committee at AlFaisal University, opened to the public with fun and excitement. It was attended by the students of the university as well as Riyadhis with a soft spot for videogames.

Attendees had a kick of nostalgia with the 90s throwback station. We admittedly ended up spending our time getting reacquainted with Crash Bandicoot and Sonic. What G-con is complete without Mario? Impromptu teams were created as group of friends battled it out at the Mario Party section. We were incredibly impressed at how hardcore gamers can become when handed a joystick.


Usual favorites were also part of the showcase; you can hear people shouting “goaaal!” at one end of the venue while others were having a showdown at the Just Dance platform on the other. There was a special battle zone for FPS fans compete with camouflage gear. What truly caught our attention are the awesome cosplayers in attendance. It almost felt like a concave of ninjas with the Naruto Shippuden fans sashaying in their full on costumes. Majority of the cosplayers were also in character, the limping zombies, RPG players carrying and waving their magical staffs and of course, the wizards who can impeccably utter spells, you’d think they actually came from Hogwarts. We were impressed. The event would not be possible without the amazing sponsors who went out of their way to

give support. BeStudio, our neighbor during the event was the official creative partner and they did a great job in designing the collaterals for Gamers Day, not to mention they had an eye candy of a booth. Overall, it was a wonderful initiative that will surely make everyone anticipate the next edition. With that said, there is no doubt that the Game ain’t over in the city. Good Job, SDC!



ArtRiyadh Thirty emerging artists give Riyadh a new splash of talents during Saudi Design Week. By Jou Pabalate

The ArtRiyadh fair by Naila Art Gallery opened on May 9 as part of the Saudi Design Week third party events. The project was created to give emerging artists a much-needed opportunity to showcase their artwork. In its inaugural edition, the event featured 33 Saudibased artists, carefully screened and curated by the gallery itself. There is no doubt that the art community in Riyadh is on the rise. Indeed, there is a need for galleries like Naila to host events like these to prop talents to further evolve and come into full cycle. Moreover, the fair gave way for city dwellers to also explore and appreciate different media in the form of installations, sculptures and paintings. 16 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

manaralrawi | Jeddah, KSA | +966(5)69169923 | Tahlia St. +966-12-6686781 Stars Avenue +966-12-2754312 +966-12-2754313







KINGDOM ASSET DEVELOPMENT The forum will cover areas such as wealth management, financial modeling, Islamic products and market feed.

Location: Four Seasons Email:

Location: Novotel Riyadh Al Anoud Email:




specialized specializedin infostering fosteringorphans orphansof of

Open Open your your hearts hearts and and homes homes for for an an orphan orphan

To To Donate: Donate: Al AlAhli AhliBank Bank Account Accountnumber: number:10171995000103 10171995000103 Al AlRajhi RajhiBank Bank Account Accountnumber: number:SA538000042560800337332 SA538000042560800337332

Contact ContactUs Us Tel: Tel:920011334 920011334--Fax: Fax:6977664 6977664

JUNE 7 - 10

AL REDA’AA AL ARABI SHOPPING FESTIVAL Shopping festival specializing in the beauty and elegance of Arab women. Location: Four Seasons Email: Web:



VISIT for more events and happenings around town.

To add your event here, contact us at DR magazine is not responsible for any event cancelation.




Wedad Wedad Charity Charity Foundation Foundation Wedad Wedadisisthe thefirst firstfoundation foundationin inKSA KSA

anonymous anonymous lineage. lineage. ItIthas hasseveral several main mainobjectives objectivesthat thatinclude includeestablishing establishingunits units for fornewborns, newborns,encouraging encouragingthe thesponsoring sponsoringand and taking takingininof oforphans orphansby byworthy worthyand anddesrving desrving families familiesand andworking workingon onaltering alteringsociety’s society’sview view of ofsuch suchcases. cases.

JUNE 2 - 3

SAUDI HEALTH FINANCE AND INVESTMENT FORUM Discussing how technology can improve healthcare in ways never imagined before.

MAY 31 – JUNE 2

JUNE 27 - 28

6TH LADIES WORLD FESTIVAL An exhibition helping to create investment opportunities for women. Location: Riyadh Festivities Palace Email: Web:

BLACKMAGIC DESIGN ULTRA HD ROADSHOW Specialists Richard Lackey and Lawrence Mallari will give two dedicated sessions on cameras, DaVinci Resolve and ATEM Ultra HD workflows. Men only. Time: 5:30 p.m. Location: Al Mashreq Boutique Hotel Tel: +966-11-2604444 Web:





JUNE 6 MAY 31 - JUNE 3

SAUDI TRANSPORT 2015 An exhibition for opportunities in regards to Saudi transportation projects. Location: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center Tel: +966-11-2171788 Email: Web:



CLINICAL NUTRITION AND PN PRACTICE IN SAUDI ARABIA Enhancing hospital pharmacist skills needed to achieve the best clinical nutrition practice and provide important guidelines and nationally approved recommendations. Time: 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Location: Holiday Inn Izdihar



JUNE 12 - 14 JUNE 11 - 13

AL DERWAZA EXPO A women’s only bazaar for small projects.

Time: 4:30 – 11:30 p.m. Location: Nayyara Banquet Hall Mob: +966-530669666

Time: 4 – 10 p.m. Location: Holiday Inn Mob: +966-545889222 Web: Email:

SARA WORLD EXHIBITION An exhbition for women only.

JULY 2015




RAEDA CAMP A camp to improve the entrepreneurial skills of girls aged 14-18. Mob: +966-552441355 Email: Web:



JUNE 21 - 23

FAWANEES EXHIBITION Bringing together designers from Saudi and the GCC to show their collections. Location: Al Khozama Hall Mob: +966-545889222 Email:

22 31 JULY

MAY 22- JULY 22

ALAAN CRATE Phase two of the pop-up marketplace.

HARVEY NICHOLS RAMADAN CARAVAN A fashion pop-up market showcasing local and regional designers.

Location: Alaan Artspace @alaanartspace

Location: Harvey Nichols, Al Faisaliah @harveynicholsriyadh

JUNE 30 - JULY 5

JUNE 6 - 16


MAY 21- JULY 31

THEMAR RAMADAN 2015 A cultural experience through the creative eyes. Location: Maison Bo-M Galeries Tel: +966-11-2021205 ext: 1555 Email:



FINANCIAL PLANNING WITH REEM ASAAD Money in Ramadan We tend to spend more on holidays and special seasons. Here’s how you can prevent overspending this Ramadan.

When it comes to banks, there are a few good pointers to reduce waiting time and avoid unnecessary bank visits:

This is a universal trend but given the increasing life demands and budget requirements, you can experience the fulfilling holiness of the month without the pressures of overspending and timing bumps.

• Keep enough cash safely at home or at the office. ATM machines often malfunction due to excessive usage.

• Most of us pile up extra clothes, kitchenware, unwanted furniture and other home items throughout the year. Call a charity organization to pick up your goods. Book an appointment at least one month ahead. It takes a lot of time and effort to sort through the items and prepare for redistribution. • For Eid, try to plan your gift purchases early. All consumer businesses anticipate high demand and bump up their prices. 20 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

• Check out your account balances if you wish to compute charity dues. The Zakat (Islamic tax) rate is 2.5 percent of net profit on capital gain and idle cash over a one-year cycle. Do the math and set these amounts aside. • Ramadan banking hours are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. (with prayer times in between). It is best to visit in the early opening hours between 10 and 12. Also note that banks usually break by Ramadan 27-28 (mind the weekend) therefore, I recommend that you finish off all pending matters before mid-month.

Islam’s biggest season of the year is the Holy month of Ramadan. Not only do we spend more, but we tend to indulge in almost every aspect of daily living: staying up late, TV, food and shopping. The Author: Reem Asaad is an inspirational Saudi woman. She is a wife, mother, writer and financial adviser. Asaad was ranked the third most powerful Arab Woman in 2012 by Arabian Business Magazine. Email: @Nasi7atreem


• We don’t have to sway off the budget. Instead, plan financially for Ramadan at least two months in advance.

• Limit visits for pressing matters such as cashing or depositing a cheque. Use online banking for transfers, statements and other needs.


WE DO STUFF THAT WE LOVE Design & Art Direction Content Development Strategy & Consulting Brand Identity Publishing


+966 56 357 8291 DESTINATIONRYD.COM 21


A woman who has dedicated her life to helping others, and the face of Bunyan Women’s Charity, Nada Albuwardi is the unseen force behind changing the state of poverty in Riyadh.


By Johara Al Mogbel

The people who change the world the most are normally the ones who fly under the radar. There are people who are so hard at work to push their community to a better place, they never stop to wait for a complimentary word. Nada Albuwardi is one of the finest examples this city has to offer. She is one of our role models and unsung heroes.



How many years have you been in the field of voluntary work? Twenty-three years.

What pushed you into doing charity work?

I visited a poor neighborhood once, and found the situation so deplorable I couldn’t leave it as it is. One thing led to another, and suddenly I discovered I was taking care of 50 plus families at once.

How was Bunyan Women’s Charity established?

After 20 years of voluntary work, I found it necessary to put our efforts under an official foundation so that it could become organized and with clear goals. That’s when we founded Bunyan.

An incident with one of the families that you’ll never forget?

Last Ramadan, we paid the debt on behalf of a man who had ended up in prison for his inability to pay his loan back. And with Allah’s graciousness, he was able to join his family for Eid Al Fitr. What touched me the most was when he performed sujood in front of the prison doors in gratitude to Allah.

What’s the success story that you’re most proud of?

The thing I’m most proud of is the success of Alqardh Alhasan, a program that gives out interest free loans to families in need (and with a vision).

Bunyan visits the home of families to check living conditions.

Give us one hilarious incident you had during your work with Bunyan and the families, and one scary one.

The funny incident: One of the cases, the woman had told me that she had been a mu’alaqah (estranged from her husband) for five years. But when I visited her to check up on her state, I was surprised to find that she was pregnant, and on her ninth month. So I asked her: “Estranged, huh? So where did you get that?” The scary incident: We went to visit one of the families to

do a check, but ended up in the middle of the pregnant mother’s home birth as she didn’t have identification papers to go to a hospital.

What do families need the most, aside from housing?

In a mental capacity, they are most in need for someone to show them the culture of spending money correctly, for the right priorities. In life-related issues, means of affordable transportation either public or private is desperately needed, as well as help with debts and loan-related matters.


Also, hiding the truth, registering at more than one charity and receiving multiple assistances for the same problem, as well as the sense some have for dependency and refusing to work to better their situation.

How do you balance your personal life as a mother and a daughter, your work in the organization, and your job as a teacher? To be completely frank with you, I haven’t been able to reach the right balance just yet. But I try to do the best that I can, even if I fall short of certain obligations.

What’s your advice for someone who’d like to do voluntary work?

To stay away from random activism, and work under a licensed charity organization.

Follow ups are regularly conducted to check on relocated families.

What are the biggest problems that you face with the families that are under the care of Bunyan? Their neglect in education and the hygiene of some of the houses. Being poor does not equate being neglectful and letting your family live in squalor.

Before: Home ceiling of a family Bunyan relocated.


After: New home for families.

One of the biggest problems we get with families is that they depend on the unorganized handouts that some well-meaning members of society give out, which discourages them from learning how to stand on their own feet.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to develop Bunyan to be a foundation that begets other charity organizations that specialize in rehabilitation and training, and raising awareness for proper finance management. Web: @bunyancharity



Dr. The



An imam, father, volunteer, professor and chairman of the WAMY’s Committee of the CIS and Russian Federation.


By Johara Al Mogbel

Tell us about yourself?

I am a faculty member at the University of Shaqraa, head of the Youth Committee of the CIS and Russian Federation Islamic Republics in WAMY, and the imam of Abdulrahman Almuqbil Mosque in AlNakhil AlGharbi in Riyadh.

In your opinion, what are the most important attributes that should be in an imam?

Knowledge in the manners and fiqh required for imams, and from those: modesty, cheerfulness, a love for doing good for others, assiduousness towards building a sense of trust and togetherness in the community, and care towards all that pertains to the comfort of the attendees.

What do you think are the topics that should be talked about in our masajid (mosques)?

Speaking about the purposes behind actions like salat (prayer), zakat and fasting,

and showing that they aren’t merely motions that a Muslim must do but have meaning and purpose when one studies the acts themselves is very important. As well as educational matters that are an intricate part of the lives of the congregation, in their deen (religion), dunya (life) and akhira (afterlife).

From competitions to game nights, there are a number of programs and activities in Alnakheel Masjid. Who usually organizes them?

These are some of the most important activities we do at the mosque. We invest in occasions such as Eid to organize a gathering, as well as meet once a month with the congregation of the masjid and organize games such as table tennis and others. The imam, mu’athen and masjid’s caretaker do the organizing, and it does not require much effort.

In your khutbah, you usually discuss good manners, mosque etiquette or hygiene in Islam. Do you find it important that such matters are talked about in other masjids? It is indeed very important to talk about these matters. I like to especially concentrate on emerging issues and the

stance that sharia takes of them, as well as the purposes of religious rights.

You’ve visited refugee camps before. What was one experience you won’t forget?

I had a number of experiences. The one that stood out the most was a story I had with a motherto-be. She discovered while we were there that the fetus had died in the fifth month, and she spent a week afterwards with the inability to pay for surgery to takeit out. Alhamdulillah, she found assistance.

Would you recommend others to go on volunteer trips to countries in need as well?

Yes, without a doubt. But only after gaining the education and training needed to undertake the effort required in volunteer work, whether in our country, may Allah protect it, or abroad.

How do you balance your life between your work at the university and being an imam, a volunteer and a father?

I try my best to create a balance between all aspects of my life by giving each aspect its due right, while praying to Allah for help and success to reach my goals.



Reviving Traditions Here are some creative ideas to liven your family spirit and put a bit of spin on your Ramadan nights.

By Johara Al Mogbel


Probably best if you leave this till after you break fast. We really wouldn’t want you licking Fudge Mountain.

Learn Something New

Come on, who doesn’t want to be the next Paddleball Champ? It’ll take your mind off iftar, at any rate.

Bond with your Family Over a Game of Monopoly

Even the new generation can relate to the Empire version, buy Beats and Angry Bird instead of Park Lane and Whitechapel.


No reason, sometimes you just gotta have fun.

t: ‘instan Lomo eepsakes K Create ily portrait

fam Take a e first day for th an! Take ad of Ram ne at Eid. ro anothe

Pass Down an Old Tradition

Teach the young’uns Kairam and let’em bruise their fingers getting their men pocketed.


Watercolors and Paper: Get Creative! Draw what you’re thankful for. This way, you can save memories, make a countdown calendar and an Eid banner all at once.


Remember these? They’re easily transportable, which is why they’re perfect to bring with you to keep the kids entertained.








Ramadan is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have while living in Riyadh. If you’re new to the city, here are a few of the things you can expect.

Sambosa, Luqaimat, Vimto and Dates Overflow We don’t need to comment on this one, right? Uhuh.

Ramadan Lanterns Everywhere

Also called Fanoos, the lanterns in the past were used to light the way for people heading to prayer.

Supermarket Rushes

Never ever go to the supermarkets a week before Ramadan. The irony of people stocking up with four months’ worth of groceries on the month of fasting escapes us, but it has become a tradition.

You’ll See Some People Chewing on Sticks

It’s a practice that’s been around for thousands of years. They’re called Miswaks. Chewing on them is a way to keep people’s mouths clean.

Riyadh Becomes a Ghost Town from 6-8 p.m. and Comes Alive After till the Break of Dawn

By five, the streets become empty sans the tumbleweed. Nonetheless, make it a point to drive cautiously.

Cannons Nowadays there’s only one official cannon that fires in Diriyah. You can still mimic the tradition by lighting sparklers, which you can find in Thaibah (look for the women vendors on the sidewalks).









W E,

The art of gahwa pouring can be tricky to master. With so many do’s and don’ts, a majlis can be a pretty dangerous minefield to cross. Which is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to save you from harm and potential shame on the family name. You’re quite welcome.



1 Hold the dalah (pot) with your left hand, and the fanajeen (cups) with your right.

1 It can be hard to see who has run out of coffee, so stay on high alert. Some will make your life easier and raise their fanajeen for you to see, but with others you may have to superciliously check.

2 Pour just the right amount in a finjan. Too much means you want to your guest to leave and too little means you’re stingy with your coffee. Both are deathly offensive. 3 Offer the finjan to your guest with your right hand.


2 It might be easier to wait till the majority of people drink their gahwa then walk around again.

3 If someone puts a hand over their finjan, or shakes it, they mean they’re done. Move the dirty finjan to the bottom of the stack of cups in your hand, continue pouring for others, then hand off the ‘done’ fanajeen to the designated tray. Maneuvering in the Majlis:

Always start with the oldest guests. If you have guests of honor, head first to them too. After pouring for those guests, start on the right of the majlis. Then make your way around.





For as long as we can remember, every Ramadan -without fail- our great grandmother, may Allah have mercy on her soul, would round us girls up and put henna on our hands. We’d sleep overnight

with plastic bags around our hands and wake up with palms that were tinted a beautiful burnt orange. Here’s a DIY on how to paint your hands traditional Najdi style yourself, for maximum nostalgia.

1 Mix the henna. Do this in the morning.

2 Let the mixture steep in the fridge. Take it out just before you go to bed.

3 Spread it on your palms (and on your nails, if you like).

4 Make a fist. Make sure you’re comfortable, as you’ll be sleeping like this.

5 Tie a sandwich bag around your hands to avoid staining any bedclothes.

6 Sleep. Your hands will burn a little but it’s all good.

7 Untie the plastic bags and wash your hands. Nothing will feel as satisfying as that moment, trust us.

8 Admire your hands. Yay! Mission accomplished! If it’s not red enough for you, just repeat. The longer the henna stays on your hands, the darker it will be.


Augmented Reality enabled here S P E C I A L F E AT U R E S

HOW TO DECORATE YOUR HOUSE FOR RAMADAN A few easy steps to making your home more festive for the Holy Month. By Johara Al Mogbel

We’re huge fans of Ramadan. There is an air about it that makes the whole world seem cleaner, we don’t know how to explain it. We’re also fans of decorating everything to the point of distraction and so; we have set on a mission to enlighten you all! Here are a few easy ways to transform your house into a month long wonderland.

Put Up Lights

Everywhere. LED lights, fairy lights, flashing hilal lights, old-fashioned strings of oldfashioned light bulbs, etc. Feel free to use any of them anywhere. Hang them on the palm trees outside the walls of your house, on your doors, by your outdoor seating areas or on balconies and windows.

Illuminating your house in a manner that isn’t routine will mark the month as a different passage of time for you, and will give your kids a nice tradition to look back fondly on.


Hover on the page




BE CAREFUL Just make sure to light them only when there are people around, to prevent fires and curious children from exploring the flames.

Use Traditional Arabic Tent Fabric as Tablecloth

Sometimes you want to go subtle, we get that. Or maybe you just want the general effect of the season without too much clutter. Or maybe you’re just lazy. Either way, the easiest way to make your house more festive is by throwing one of the traditional red hued patterned fabrics Egypt is most famous for. Instant Ramadan vibes, and it’ll protect your table from the mounds of food that will most definitely be heaped on it. Use the fabric for your doorways or as banners as well.

Place Lanterns at the Entrance of the House Actually, place them everywhere. Candlelit lanterns are so soothing and nothing transforms an abode faster than a few well placed ye olde Arabic lighting accessories.


Hang an Advent Calendar

There’s a ton of DIYs online on how to make advent calendars, and all you have to do is tweak them a bit to make it countdown to Eid. Put a little gift in each day for a member of your family to find, or perhaps add a slot where the children can put in a few riyals so that at the end of the month there’s a tidy sum from them to give as sadaqah (charity). Don’t stop here, though, there’s no limit to what you can create. Add in your personal traditions, make new ones, and send us your decorating results. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Check out H&M’s Ramadan special collection! DESTINATIONRYD.COM 33

A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T

Plan Your Weeks

HOW TO SPEND RAMADAN ALONE The beautiful thing about spending Ramadan or Eid in Riyadh for the first time is that you’ll never really have to do it alone.

By Jou Pabalate


Participate in Community Activities

If you’re fresh off the boat and the family is miles away, you can find comfort in taking part in the community. Visit mosques or get in touch with Da’awah centers ran by different expatriate groups. And most charities run events all month long, so volunteering will keep your days busy. Volunteer in the iftar tents as well. It will give you someone to eat iftar with and who knows what kind of interesting people you could meet?

Mark our words; you will get an abundance of invites from friends and colleagues for iftars and suhoors. We recommend having a calendar so you can block days you’d like to do your social calls. And don’t forget to return the favor. Hosting in Ramadan can be easier than you think, we recommend doing a post-iftar or suhoor gathering.


Take a Trip to Makkah and Madinah

Focus On Your Spirituality

Being alone gives you extra time to attend to your good deeds and helps you finish your khatmah. Also, use your time in the evenings to pray taraweeh and tahajjud. Really get into the spirit of what the holy month is truly about.

There’s something about spending a few Ramadan days in one of the holy cities that’s just magical. Makkah especially gets really interesting, with people from all over the world visiting for Umrah. We would recommend doing so during the first half of Ramadan though, so you don’t get stuck in the crushing busyness that tends to spike during the last week of Ramadan.

Don’t Be a Loner, Invite People Over

Okay, so you don’t want to be that friend that’s a forever guest, never a host. You’ll find yourself entertained by preparing for others, whether it’s by actually cooking or simply mastering the art of ordering takeout. Should your accommodation not be visitor friendly, you can always be the instigator of a “iftar foodie” group on Whatsapp and gather your friends for a weekly meal.


A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T



Enroll your children at the nearest camp in the city and they’ll be thanking you for saving summer! By Jou Pabalate

Summer Camp

Ran by Kindergarten teachers, Summer Camp offers cooking, outdoor and indoor games, arts and crafts, puppet shows, storytelling and drama as part of their program. Location: Al Rahmaniyah @summer_cmp

Sunshine Summer Camp

The day camps at My Gym are designed to give children a unique program every time they come in. They offer everything from fitness games, gymnastics, arts and crafts as well as music and other activities. The goal of My Gym is to keep children active and harness physical development through hours of play. Location: Panorama Mall, Takhassussi St.


@sunshine_camp Mob: +966-500831972 / 555097955


My Gym

Also on Instagram and organized by Kindergarten teachers (we’re seeing a trend here), they offer evening camps instead for children 4.5 to 8 years old. They have all the regular activities but also offer Qur’an classes.

The Learning Zone

A favorite after school center and summer camp for Riyadhis, The Learning Zone offers everything from art and science classes to sweet sports. The great thing about it is that the classes are structured in a way that follows a really diverse set of programs to pique any child’s interest. On the other hand, another great way to be creative is through the Nutty Scientists, wherein kids get to do experiments and build stuff using the magic of science. Location: Takhassussi St. Tel: +966-11-4703444

Al Manahil Ladies Center

Thinkers Building Group

Operating under the umbrella of Al Anoud Foundation, Thinkers Building Group has constant programs for all age groups including young adults. The classes encourage children to explore different careers. What we love about this group is that they run their programs all year round and they come up with really unique activities. @Bnaalmofakreen Mob: +966-580158231

SWIMMING! What is summer without hitting the pool? Al Manahil has been running swimming courses for children since forever and has taught a lot of us how not to drown. From beginner to advanced courses, your little ones will definitely learn how to waddle, paddle and stroke. Also, Al Manahil is one of the few places we know that runs tennis and taekwondo classes for your less aquatic children. Location: Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-11-4881069

Gymboree Riyadh

What’s unique with Gymboree is that they’re offering day camp even for babies aged 18 to 35 months called Tots Camp. Location: Al Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4552904


A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T

THE MIRACLE Miracle is an exhibition curated by Saudi artist Hana Almoqbil at Quincy House, the US Ambassador’s Residence.

By Wided Khadraoui

The exhibition falls on the typical regional crutch of reinforcing gender stereotypes, and in doing so limits artistic capacity.

The subject of the exhibition is wrong. Whether by curatorial mistake or lack of genuine development of young female artists, the exhibition overall failed to meet its potential. Gendered language affects perceptions and the exhibition’s name, Miracle, merely reinforces the romanticized notion that women are, as stated in the catalog, “worthy of affection, mercy and generosity.” It’s a trite platitude that is at best pedestrian, and at worst renders women delicate, lace-frilled objects of masculine gaze.


This was an opportunity to really push concepts and explore the idea of women in Saudi society: the venue affords a certain liberty and there’s a wide array of dynamic female artists available. Instead, the exhibition fell flat. This was another of those exhibitions full of artwork relying on the typical clichés that are all too often seen in the region’s gender-specific exhibitions: a heavy-handed reliance on abayas, obscured faces, chiaroscuro, Islamic geometry overlaying photographs of a foreboding sort, darkness and other symbols of ‘oppressed’ Muslim women. I’ve yet to encounter an exhibition built around artists’ physical gender that produces a collection of powerful or



evocative work. Most of the time the pieces are a regurgitation of overused notions and convey a general lack of original thought. The experiences of women in any region are fundamentally different to those of their male counterparts. They are vast and unique, but are undermined by being continuously portrayed with a broad brushstroke by the very people who claim to represent those multitude of experiences. The only exception was an artwork from Wa’ad Almujalli, who had two prints and an associated short film. Her

work is almost like a moving manifestation of Korean artist Yong Ho Ji’s sculptures, which shares the same suggestive creepiness with the distorted body shape. A computer generated animation strips down the human body and overlays voice waves to correspondent with its movement. A recent trend has been an over saturation of gender specific exhibitions that tend to fall flat time and time again, and yet gallerists, curators and other creative incubators fail to alter the clichéd approach. The over reliance on the trend produces middling duplications, and

no new ideas. That such exhibitions are so singularly dismal is of little surprise when one considers that for such an exhibition to go ahead, any notion of artistic merit has necessarily been made frivolous and been replaced with no more than the artists’ gender. Building exhibitions around concepts, and not abayas is critical in furthering the regional creative scene. ART.PIZZA.RESPECT

For any recommendations on up and coming artists, exhibitions, coupons for pizza or anything else you think I should pay attention to, send me a note. Email:


A R T S & E N T E R TA I N M E N T


TO LOOK OUT FOR! New Glow - Matt and Kim Matt and Kim is an American indie dance duo from Brooklyn, New York. The group formed in 2004 and is composed of Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums). New Glow is their fifth studio album released on April 7, 2015.

by Big Hass of Re-Volt

Drones - Muse

Crying Shame Omar Offendum

Various Artists : Re-Volt Cypher Part I

Said You Would Yasmeen


Mario Party 10 Available on Nintendo, SR 229

Story of Seasons Available on Nintendo 3DS, SR 199


Stages - Josh Groban

The elements that make the Devil Survivor series great are back and better than ever with robust, turn-based strategic combat. Choose Your Own Fate: The line between life and death is razor-thin. Actions have their consequences, and in the wake of the apocalypse, a wrong choice can result in the permanent death of a character. Available on Nintendo 3DS, SR 229


The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden By Jonas Jonasson SR 59.99

As delightfully wry and witty as his bestselling debut, ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared’, this is a tale of how one woman’s attempt to change her future ended up changing everything.

12 Years a Slave: A True Story of Betrayal, Kidnap and Slavery By Solomon Northup SR 59.99


Young Sherlock Holmes Stone Cold By Andrew Lane SR 49.99


Big Hero 6

Penguins of Madagascar

Tinker Bell and the Legend of NeverBeast

ELLEN POMPEO SPEAKS OUT AFTER PATRICK DEMPSEY’S GREY’S ANATOMY EXIT Missing McDreamy! Ellen Pompeo is still reeling following Patrick Dempsey’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy. She’s hoping Meredith Grey’s story, following the death of her husband Derek Shepherd, will be inspirational for fans of the show also dealing with loss. “There are so many people out there who have suffered tremendous loss and tragedy. Husbands and wives of soldiers, victims of senseless violence and parents who have lost children,” she wrote.




Month long fashion festivals kick off to signal the start of Ramadan Season. Shopaholics, are you ready? THE RAMADAN CARAVAN AT HARVEY NICHOLS May 22 – July 22

Last year, they brought the best of India in Riyadh and now Harvey Nichols is vetted to draw fashion lovers into their Al Faisaliah Mall department store with top designers from the Kingdom and the GCC. Nadya Hassan, hot fashionista and editor of Fierce Diaries from the UAE have been sourced to host the exclusive launch.


Pre-Ramadan: June 15 – 9 Phase 1: June 27-22 Phase 2: June 30– July 5

Alaan Artspace wowed everyone with their popup marketplace last year and it looks like we’ll be seeing the same enthusiasm in repeat this time around.


We came across a cool new take on the miswak during Saudi Design Week, which we hope would get the young Riyadhis to appreciate and use it more again. What began as a student project by Leen Sadder has turned into a viral design success story. The THIS miswak cutter case was crowd funded through Zoomaal. 42 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

THEMAR RAMADAN May 21 – July 31

Our friends at Maison Bo-M are back with the Riyadhi season staple event: Themar Ramadan. This year, get ready to get transported to Turkey, with a theme inspired by the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Themar Ramadan will present a fine selection of more than 25 designers offering a beautiful range of kaftans, abayas, fine jewelry and accessories, home décor, gift items, handicrafts and more.




Apparel Group, a Dubai based fashion and lifestyle conglomerate, celebrated the launch of the first flagship store in the GCC, located on Olaya Street last April 1. The launch featured two London taxis covered in CK’s iconic prints displayed at the entrance of the shop.


n, The house of fashio cently re t ar d an n sig chic de ar ye celebrated its fifth intimate an th wi ry rsa ve ni an ght on ni ies and elegant lad Wali a sh Ai May 5. Stylist r fo s nd tre e th presented e th w sa d an SS2015 Alnoman launching of Aziz e new flower shop and th yal Saker. La design service of with ed pp to The night was and s re uv oe d’ lovely hors ed wn no re by cocktails n. delicatessen Faucho

Christian Louboutin Boutique


The boutique located in Kingdom Center, introduces Summer Styles that transition from day to night.


Y THE CIT NEW IN rt A e th s ce trodu O-100 In adh of Scent in Riy

FASHION HOT TIP: O-100 is one of the stores carrying the Oliver’s Peoples x BYREDO fragrances and sunnies exclusive editions. They actually managed to debut it before Macy’s, Harrods and Colette.

A game changer is what we’re calling O-100. At Destination, we’re quick to give praise when something new and positive opens in the city. Hence, we couldn’t wait to share with you our latest discovery in the Riyadh luxury shopping landscape. O-100 unveiled its boutique last May to VIP guests and tastemakers who, like us, couldn’t deny the topRiyal experience the boutique has to offer. Located at Aqaria on Olaya St, the ambience is reminiscent of stores in St. Germain, Paris (not making this up, for some reason people were interestingly in consensus and specific). Other than being magically transported outside of the Kingdom, what makes O-100 the It boutique of the year is the brands they have so carefully curated and brought in, much to the delight of well travelled Riyadhis who have for a long time opted to get their “scentses” satisfied elsewhere. What’s our favorite, you may ask? Diptyque, prices start at SR 400 and up, Byredo, Atelier Cologne and Le Labo with their personalized labels, and Tola, with their contemporary take on oriental scents and Bakhoor. The boutique is bound to be a favorite for those wanting to shop for a gift that keeps on giving this Eid. We are impressed. Thank you, O-100.



Keeping up With the Kaftans Stay sharp and fashionable this Ramadan. By Felwa Alhudaithy

Kaftans have always been, and will always be ‘in’ fashion. Women of the orient, the Far East, the Middle East and Africa practically live in them. The effect orientalism had on people’s clothes as well as their homes is apparent in history books, films and museums.


Silk Caftan by Adriana Degreas

But kaftans were not the rage just yet. Christian Dior introduced a modern take on a kaftan-like dress in the late ‘50s. But it was Yves Saint Laurent who created trendy avant-garde kaftans during the ‘60s. It made fashion history because it became the ‘hostess’ dress, worn when you’re hosting a party and it started the hippie chic ‘je ne sais quoi’ effortless look. In the late ‘60s, Elizabeth Taylor was literally on top of the world especially after her tabloid filled relationship with Richard Burton became public. I remember watching a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor’s Christie’s auction a couple of years ago; I was astonished to find out that Taylor loved kaftans. She even got married in one!

However, not any kaftan has an ‘Elizabeth’ seal of approval, only the crème de la crème were her favorites, like Pucci, Emanual and Thea Porter. Her kaftan collection of the latter designer was auctioned off amongst her luxurious jewelry collection. Taylor was clever enough to hop on the trend train from the start.


Ramadan is the one-month of the year where all fashionistas stop wearing European couture in favor of the ever-forgiving kaftan. They give women the freedom to be on trend while wearing something from our culture. Oriental memorabilia became fashionable during the early 1920s when the west immigrated to Istanbul, Cairo, Shanghai and Casablanca. Diana Vreeland famously declared that kaftans are “fashionable for the beautiful people.”

By Chloe Mare

Elizabeth Taylor 46 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

Nicole Richie

In the ‘80s, the kaftan lost its allure among the young and fabulous, but remained strong and essential to the older crowd. Nowadays, after vintage became ‘in’, thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, vintage kaftans are making a big comeback. A lot of stars like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and Alexa Chung, are wearing kaftans to events, premieres, or galas. Whether it is an Ossie Clark, Oscar De La Renta, Pucci, Leonard or Halston, a kaftan is a staple piece in any woman’s wardrobe. Ashley Olsen

Alexa Chung

Rachel Zoe


By Lisa Marie Fernandez

By Malene Birger

Lemlem by Liya Kebede

In the GCC, we have loads of new and emerging designers that are creating wearable kaftans for the modern Khaleeji woman. We like kaftans from the talented Saudi designer Razan Alazzouni. We also like Sheikha Souad J Al Sabah from Kuwait, Naima Bennouna Lyoubi from Morocco and Muzungu sisters, a new ethnic-inspired brand by Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo, wife of Andrea Casiraghi.

Ottoman, Japanese, Indian, Moroccan and Khaleeji influences are always a part of any kaftan. Pick and choose your own and integrate it into your closet, or pair it with lace up sandals for a modern look. A kaftan is timeless, and no matter what, will always retain its glamour amongst the new generations of the west and the Middle East alike.



brought to you by

Joie Monster Push Pops SR 49.99

When the summer heats up, nothing cools you off better than an icy treat. Make homemade popsicles right from your freezer with these monster shaped molds. Fill these frozen treat makers with nutritious fruit juice, pudding, or yogurt for a monster fun time. Kids can place these flat-bottom pops on a table or floor with minimal mess.

Rockstar Guitar Nail Files SR 33.99

Now you can pretend to rock out while filing your nails. Whether a hippie, rock or metal chic this guitar file will give your hands rock star treatment! And truly nail that air guitar solo!


Lemon Tea SR 49.99

Tuck leaves inside this BPA-free wedge of silicone citrus. Tiny holes in the food-safe silicone keep tea in and let flavor out. The wedge floats, so it’s easy to remove when you are finished steeping. Silicone rubber is easy to clean, soft food-safe, and tasteless, so it won’t effect the flavor of your tea, and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

Magic Soap SR 59.99

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to look at with its stainless steel spherical design, it is fully functional as well. After preparing garlic or onions for a meal, even dish soap can’t remove the smell from your hands. Simply scrub and wash your hands with this steel ball in cold water for about 30 seconds and neutralize the smell. It is truly magical.

The Flavor Infusion Cup SR 49.99

Add a splash of flavor and color to your beverages! Fill this Infusion Cup with fruits, citrus wedges, herbs and more. These colorful cups will hold up to 20 ounces of your favorite drinks and come with matching reusable straw. BPA free and dishwasher safe, you can be sure these cups will stand the test of time! ADVERTORIAL DESTINATIONRYD.COM 49





ex p e c t at


For this month, we decided to go with a vendor that’s been popping up in Explore a lot lately! SJ Appetite has a sweet tooth to rival ours, it seems. With the amount of tantalizing options, though, we ended up trying two cakes. One, the Cinnamon Bun Cake, was delicious. It’s hard to get the Cinnabon feel but




Yet another Instagram food business stands before a jury of taste buds.


Brought to you by Najjar Coffee and distributed by Fatayerji, Gia espresso is bound to satisfy refined coffeeholics with a penchant for rich, bold and artisan crafted beans!


SJ caught it perfectly. The other was the basboosa, which looked pretty but wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The prices were a huge factor too, SR 120 for a big cake isn’t too bad. This jury rules in favor of the defendant.


io n s Check Out Radisson Blu’s Ramadan Special SR 185 for iftar in Al Mubarakiah ballroom and SR 100 for suhoor in Brasserie.

Price: Cinnamon Bun Cake SR 120 Basboosa SR 100 Delivery: SR 30-50 Rating Overall: 4 Instagram: @sjappetite

Forrey & Garland, the haute-couture chocolate house, opens its largest boutique at the new Fiorenza La Plaza, Takhassussi Street.


Tucked Away

Indonesian Islands Restaurant By Faris Al Yahya

The place is a perfect hole in the wall. Very small and shabby, with a waiter who can barely communicate. It took five minutes just to get menus. But at least we could see the kitchen through a large window. I tried the mixed lunch platter, it had meat mixed with coconut milk called randang,

boiled egg topped with curry sauce, one big prawn cracker (kerupuk) and denden (dried meat).

The place itself is an ancient relic but I would come again for the sate. I’m not sure if there’s any other place that serves them in Riyadh, really.

My brave companions ordered rice and the chicken and beef sate. Honestly, the food was very average. We all agreed that the favorite was the bean sauce sate.

Whenever, wherever, the answer is China Gate’s Shrimp with Dry Chili. Need to spice up your day? Get your kick of yummy-licious flavors.

C heck Out Their Ramadan Offer Web: chinagateksa


Augmented Reality enabled here DOWNLOAD • DISCOVER INTERACT



Augmented Reality enabled here

I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, we all scream for tons of


Summer is here, with a vengeance. So we decided, being the insane magazine we are, that the best way to celebrate would be to eat ice cream. Spot any of your favorites?


Dark Chocolate Soft Serve

Hover on the page

What normal soft serve would be like if it had to meet a queen. SR 25




By Johara Al Mogbel


CAFFE BENE Cream Cheese Gelato

BASKIN ROBBINS Jamoca Almond Fudge with Hot Fudge Sauce

Tastes like creamy French vanilla, yum.

Classic, you can never go wrong with Baskin Robbins. Hola, hot sauce, come to mama!

SR 10

SR 12


Snickers Mcflurry Most brilliant idea Mcdonald's has ever come up with. Peanuts and caramel sauce in a Mcflurry? Yes please. SR 9

DAIRY QUEEN Double Choco Mini Blizzard

Has little bits of brownie bites in it. What more could a human want? SR 6 DESTINATIONRYD.COM 55


Birthday Cake with Mashed Up Cookies and extra Cookie Dough

SAADEDDIN Biscuit Bouza

There is no such thing as too many cookies. Ever.

You’ve heard of heaven, right? Well, this is (cheap) heaven in a cup. Perfectly creamy.

SR 26

SR 7


Oreo Frozen Yogurt with Crushed Oreo Bits

CIOCCOLATI ITALIANI Pistachio and Chocolate with White Chocolate Sauce

The best frozen yogurt this side of Riyadh, because it doesn’t taste like frozen yogurt. Yay!

The pistachio makes the chocolate subtle, which is a good choice for those that don’t have a sweet tooth.

SR 30

SR 32



Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and Melon Gelato

Refreshing, especially after a meal of pizza. The strawberry is the perfect foil for quattro formaggi. SR 12

COLDSTONE CREAMERY Chocolate Ribbon Fudge in a wafer cup, Crushed Oreo Bits


Ice Cream Sandwich

Commercial, but a little commercial ice cream never hurt anyone, right? Right.

Ah! Our childhoods! These taste just as brilliant as they used to. Saudia for the win!

SR 18



By Yasmine Alfouzan

Rosewater Spritzer Serves 6-8

Here’s a more sophisticated beverage for those who would love to change it up after having Vimto everyday or crave something quite different. It’s very refreshing, easy to put together and it looks beautiful on the dinner table. The longer the drink is infused with lime or lemon slices, the better it will taste. Serve well-chilled. INGREDIENTS

Impress your family and friends with these recipes during Ramadan.


DIRECTIONS - In a large jug, combine all the ingredients. Add more or less sparkling water depending on how sweet you want your drink to be. If you add more, it’ll be less sweet but with more fizz. - Serve over ice and lime or lemon slices.



• 2 cups apple juice, cold • 2 cups pomegranate juice or any clear berry juice, cold • 2 cups soda, such as 7-UP or Sprite • 1-2 cups sparkling water, cold • 2 teaspoons rosewater • Lime and lemon slices, to garnish

Lamb Kofta Wrap with Yogurt-Tahini Sauce Serves 4

These lamb kofta wraps are flavorful, easy to make and that lemony tahini-yogurt sauce takes it over the top. Pair it with a refreshing green salad and you have the perfect light iftar. I always crave something filling but not greasy during Ramadan, and these lamb kofta wraps just fit the bill. INGREDIENTS For the kofta: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

500 grams minced lamb 3 cloves minced garlic 2/3 cup parsley, finely chopped 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon black pepper, ground 1 teaspoon allspice, ground 1 teaspoon cumin, ground 1 teaspoon onion powder, ground 1 teaspoon garlic powder, ground 1 teaspoon ginger paste 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, ground 1/4 teaspoon cayenne, ground 1 red chilli pepper, seeded and finely chopped • 1 tablespoon pomegranate molasses • 1 tablespoon olive oil • 1 teaspoon yellow mustard

For the onion salad: • • • •

1 red onion, sliced finely 1/2 cup parsley, chopped finely 1 teaspoon sumac A squeeze of lemon juice

For the tahini-yogurt sauce: • • • • • • •

2 tablespoons tahini 4 tablespoons yogurt 3 cloves minced garlic Juice and zest of one lemon 1 teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4-1/2 cup cold water

Whole wheat tortilla wraps or Arabic bread, for serving.

DIRECTIONS It is recommended to make the onion salad and the sauce first, so you’d assemble the wraps while the kofta is still steaming hot. - To make the salad, simply toss all the ingredients together. Cover and set aside. - To make the sauce, whisk all the ingredients together except the water, and then use as much water as you like to get the consistency you’re after. Some prefer a thicker sauce, some prefer a thinner sauce. I prefer it on the thin side, so I add more water. Cover and set aside.

- To make the kofta, simply combine all the ingredients for it in a bowl and mix well. Divide the mixture into 12 balls, about 40 grams each, and then flatten them to form the patties. - Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a heavy skillet, use high heat and sear the patties on one side, flip them and finish up cooking them. Don’t overcook or they will be dry. Don’t overcrowd the pan, do it in batches if you had have to. - To assemble, simply warm the tortilla, place the kofta and the onion salad, and drizzle on some of the sauce. Wrap and enjoy. DESTINATIONRYD.COM 59

DIRECTIONS Prepare the sauce first: - Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add in the brown sugar, cream, honey and salt. Bring to boil, and then reduce the heat and let the sauce simmer for 3-5 minutes. Set aside and let cool to room temperature to thicken.

Date Pancakes with Butterscotch Sauce Serves 4-6

Who says you can’t have pancakes to break your fast in Ramadan? In order to make it Ramadan-appropriate, I added in dates and paired it with butterscotch sauce to give it that addictive sweetness we usually love in Lugaimat. Top the pancakes with a scoop of good-quality vanilla ice cream and you’ll have something so delicious and indulgent that you’ll be making it long after Ramadan is over. 60 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

INGREDIENTS For the pancakes: • • • • • • • • •

1 cup sticky dates, pitted 1 cup water 1 teaspoon baking soda 2 cups self-raising flour 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup light brown sugar, packed 3 eggs, separated 1 cup grams sour cream 1 teaspoon vanilla

For the butterscotch sauce: • • • • •

100 grams unsalted butter 3/4 cup dark brown sugar, packed 3/4 cup heavy cream 1/3 cup honey 1/4 teaspoon salt

Vanilla ice cream, to serve

To make the pancakes: - Put the dates with the water in a small saucepan. Bring to the boil, remove from heat, and stir in the baking soda. Set the mixture aside for 5 minutes to let it cool slightly and then puree it. - In a large bowl, mix the flour with the sugar and cinnamon. Make a well in the center and mix in the date puree, along with 3 egg yolks, vanilla and the sour cream. In a separate bowl, whisk the 3 egg whites till soft peaks form. Then, fold in the egg whites into the batter. This will make it fluffy and light. - Heat a frying pan on medium heat and brush lightly with melted butter or oil, pour 1/4 cup of the batter in the pan for each pancake. Cook till bubbles appear on the surface and then flip and cook till the pancakes are cooked all the way through. Repeat with the rest of the batter. - Serve the warm sauce over the pancakes and top with a scoop of ice cream. Enjoy!

Indulge your Ramadan Nights at Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Enjoy a grand Ramadan feast with family and friends embellished with the luxurious ambience and warm hospitality that is Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski. A feast for the senses at every turn, Burj Rafal Hotel Kempisnki transforms the Rafal Ballroom into a contemporary chic Arabic backdrop for guests to break the fast and relax in comfort and style. Staying true to its Najdi roots, the Ramadan tent offers the best cuisines in the region and beyond to satisfy your palate. East meets west in a magnificent extravanganza of flavors. From oriental and international salad stations and bars, a delicate selection of cheese, soup stations offering traditional lentil soup and Moroccan Harira, hot and cold mezza, a sumptuous grill

station, pasta station, ouzi station, European and oriental main courses, Arabic and western favorite desserts; the gastronomic possibilities are endless. End your adventure with traditional beverages that will have you nostalgic with Jallab, Qamar AlDeen, Tamar Hindi, Vimto and Laban. Make new Ramadan memories with your loved ones at Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski, where the spirit of the season comes alive in decadent harmony.

Have the Full Ramadan Night Experience.

Book the Ramadan Package! For the Holy Month, Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski offers an exclusive room package, which includes the marvellous Iftar buffet at the Rafal ballroom, complimentary internet access, complimentary valet parking and late check-out till 3 p.m. (subject to availability). Price: Starting at SR 1,570. Email: Tel: +966-11-5117777


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RAMADAN DESSERTS A New Take on Traditional Favorites

Whether you’re hosting a large group or serving a family of four, when it’s time to eat, everyone wants to know… What’s for dessert?

Hover on the page


By Elizabeth Davis

Om Ali, basboosa, kunafah, luqaimat and halawat el jibn are perennial favorites, but this holiday surprise your guests by veering from traditional recipes and add some modern culinary flair and flavor to your customary confections. “Always start with fresh, quality ingredients,” recommended Rabih Nayef, Executive Pastry Chef at the Abha Palace Hotel, “during Ramadan we serve all the traditional desserts, but add something special.” After 14 years preparing pastry at Abha’s only five-star hotel,

Nayef knows a lot about making superb sweets. Even in the low season, the hotel attracts a big dessert crowd, serving up to 300 slices of cake nightly on the hotel lobby’s tree-rimmed veranda. In the high-summer season crowds flock to this regional favorite, particularly during Ramadan, when city dwellers escape to the Asir mountains to escape the high temperatures in Riyadh and Jeddah. When planning your holiday menu, take a cue from the experts and add a DOWNLOAD • DISCOVER • INTERACT


contemporary sweet, pastry or cake to your table. “After fasting all day, you need something sweet to give your body a boost of energy,” said Nayef, “so in most Arabic desserts sugar is added with syrup.”

From basboosa to kunafah to baklava, these recipes call for sugar to be added in the form of syrup which is drizzled over the final product. To imbue a unique flavor to simple syrup, mix equal parts sugar with rose, orange blossom or chamomile infused water. Boil the sugar mixture until the granules are dissolved.

Here are a few more tips on how to make your homemade holiday confections more delicious.



A Ramadan must-have, the chef’s easy tip will turn this classic dessert into the standout hit of the holiday. Start with a deep dish of homemade puffed pastry, salted butter and fresh cream baked until golden. The chef recommends this Arabicstyle bread pudding be served plain, but with an assortment of chopped nuts, raisins, honey and shaved coconut toppings on the side. Guests will really enjoy accenting their pudding portions by piling on the sweet and crunchy toppings to taste.


Use only fine semolina flour, along with desiccated coconut, sugar and ghee for a richer taste. After baking, for a special pop of flavor brush lightly with lemon salt and an orange blossominfused simple syrup.


Whether you prefer cheese or the sweet cream variety of this Arabic favorite, changeup the filling ingredients for a more unique flavor. For the cream variety of kunafah, add a bit of finely-ground mastic powder to a mixture of milk and cornflower. For a delicious twist on traditional cheese

kunafah, use an assortment of cheeses for broader, richer flavor. Chef Nayef suggests a blend of mozzarella, cheddar and akkawi, a type of Palestinian cheese. Use a blend of finely chopped cashews and pistachios to finish the dish. However you choose to personalize your family’s Ramadan dessert recipes, using fresh ingredients and a bit of culinary creativity are the keys to great food. d Have fun with it ant ha w ow let us kn you come up with @Destinationryd DESTINATIONRYD.COM 63


START TAKING CARE With a little caution and care, we can alleviate the causes of troubled skin. Here are a few tips to consider when you see that little fella on your face.

By Zareen Muzaffar

Note: These tips are for mild acne. For extremely trouble prone skin or severe acne, please visit a dermatologist.

Skip Exfoliation

We usually exfoliate our skin twice a week. But I feel it’s better to skip exfoliation if you are breaking out. Wait till the breakouts subside or at least minimize before returning to your exfoliation regimen for removal of dead skin cells. Recommended: Zein Obago (ZO) Skin Health, Exfoliating Polish available at Boots Pharmacy (Sahara Mall and Olaya St.)




Don’t Touch and Pick

Choose Cleansers Wisely

There are some cleansers that over dry the skin causing more breakouts. Harsh cleansers strip the skin of its protective barrier leaving it exposed to bacteria that causes pimples. Recommended: Use a mild cleanser such as La Roche Posay Derma Cleanser or Bioderma’s Sebium cleansing gel; both available at Nahdi and Boots Pharmacy.

Spot Treatment

For very mild acne or some breakouts, spot treatments can work wonders. Tea Tree oil at Body Shop or products that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can be used to treat the pimple.

Recommended: Danube carries these spot treatments but Whites, Adama, Boots and Nahdi pharmacy specialists can assist you with finding the best one too.

Keep Hair Away:

Keep your hair tied and away from your face, especially if you are breaking out on the forehead, back or neck. Shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that can be harmful for sensitive areas on your face.

Some people believe popping pimples is the best way to get rid of them. Ask any doctor and they will tell you otherwise. Squeezing not only causes irritation and flare-ups, it further aggravates pimples. Please don’t forget squeezing breakouts has more chances of leaving scars on your face.

Avoid Dairy Products

No direct link has been established between dairy products and breakouts but dairy does contain components that may stimulate oil glands. The additional androgen hormones in cow’s milk can potentially cause hormonal imbalances in women that lead to breakouts. Next time you break out try cutting out dairy for a week or two and see if it makes a difference.

Increase Water Intake

Water intake helps improve digestion and flushes out the toxins in your body. All these help in clearing up the skin and gives you a glowing radiance.

Recommended: Replace cow milk with Almond milk available at Danube, Lulu and Tamimi Supermarkets.

Clean your Makeup Brushes

Some of us use makeup brushes as part of daily makeup routine but we tend to forget the bacteria that gets accumulated in those brushes. Wash your brushes at least once a week and leave them to dry. To wash brushes you can use your cleanser mixed in water.




By Rob Seagreen,

Fitness Director at Arena MMA and Fitness Center


you to hydrate effectively too.

Don’t make the mistake of overeating and eating food that lacks essential nutrition, such deepfried foods, high-sugar and high-fat foods and high-fat cooked foods. This will only cause an adverse effect to the training and cause you to become lethargic and lose motivation.

Some people recommend cardio before breaking fast, but I disagree.

From experience, I have found that you only end up walking slowly on a treadmill for an hour and burn the calories equivalent to a two finger KitKat (around 100Kcal).


Achieve great results during Essentially, you should Ramadan, if you eat properly train after iftar. Breaking your fast first will give after breaking fast and you the energy and endurance to train smartly. have a great workout and enable

Some Meal Examples SUHOOR



Steady state cardio is, in my eyes, a sure way to waste a lot of time and very little energy.

You can have a more productive workout by doing resistance training intervals at high intensity. Use that hour to prepare better food for your iftar consisting of healthy foods such as chicken, Basmati rice, vegetables and salads (with olive oil).


The rice will give you the energy burst you crave.

The fat from the olive oil helps absorb vitamins A,D,E and K.




Vegetables and salads will provide you with the balanced vitamins and minerals.

A bowl of shredded wheat or muesli and a pear or orange. Chicken with boiled rice, vegetable curry and mixed salad, followed by fruit salad with single cream. Cheese, then one teaspoon of jam with crackers or toast and a handful of dried fruits. Pasta cooked with vegetables and chicken or fish, and a slice of plain cake with custard. A bowl of porridge with milk, one slice of toast and a handful of unsalted nuts. Pita bread with chicken, salad and hummus and one or two pieces of baklava.

Chicken will help with the muscle breakdown and fill you up. To conclude, enjoy the month of Ramadan for what it is and don’t use it as an excuse for being unhealthy. Approach it with thanks for what you have and build on your progression through disciplined fasting – not feasting - and training smart. DESTINATIONRYD.COM 67


Keep the Weight Off

F O R E V E R!

1 Never Skip Breakfast

By Maya Daaboul

3 Keep Track Keeping a journal handy will help stop you from reverting back to old habits, keeping you aware and conscious of each and every move. How many times have you exercised today? What and when did you eat today? Did you slip up on a certain occasion? Make sure you also keep note of your weekly-weighins to monitor your progress.

Skipping breakfast will only make you eat more and pile up more calories throughout the day. Instead, have your breakfast within one hour of waking to jump-start your metabolism and provide you with the energy boost you need for the day.

2 Lead an Active Lifestyle Along with your regular, sustained exercise, keeping an active lifestyle is a must to help counterbalance the drop in metabolic rate that usually accompanies weight loss. For example, take the stairs and dedicate more time playing sports instead of video games. 68 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

Congratulations! You have now reached the weight you have strived for BUT how will you maintain your new figure?

4 Go for a Balanced and Realistic Eating Plan The key for weight maintenance is to consume fewer calories compared to the amount consumed pre-weight loss. Watch for your portion sizes and opt for low energy dense foods such as soups, fruits, vegetables and whole cooked grains when preparing your meals to control satiety and limit energy intake.

6 Plan for Setbacks 5 Dining Out Avoid appetizers including bread, olives, nuts and butterthey will only fill you up and add unnecessary calories. Start off with a salad and order the dressing on the side to control the amount added. For dessert, go for either a fruit based option or skip it for tea or coffee instead. If you insist on something sweet, share it with someone to have up to three bites only.

Whether it’s stress, not enough support around you or lack of motivation, know that new habits are not easy to adopt but rest assured it will only get easier with time. Have a coping plan set in place such as meditating, talking to a friend or simply taking a walk for some fresh air. Put in place a strategy that will help keep you focused and on track, deterring you from resorting back to food and bad habits for comfort.




DO SOMETHING! There’s a growing social awareness movement going on about major issues in today’s age. Consequently, there is a need to take a stance on becoming an active citizen in your immediate and extended social environment. By Zeyad Haj Bakry

As members of our communities, we see a lot of problems around us, yet only few do something to fix them. Funnily enough, we keep complaining and blaming others. Becoming an active citizen means that each one of us gets out of our comfortzones to tackle social issues, which results in a solution that benefits the overall society. 70 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

So how does one become an active citizen? Social responsibility is at the core of this concept. Any act that fixes a society-level issue is active citizenship. Why don’t we get a little out of our way for the poor and less fortunate people in our community? These are just little examples of how a person can become an active citizen. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it’s gradual and in small steps. Instead of complaining about dirty roads, take a stand and involve the community in cleaning them up. If potholes in neighborhood streets annoy you, call Riyadh Municipality (940); tell them about these conditions and follow-up with them.

networks to communicate about an issue and let others participate.

The other aspect to becoming an active citizen is communication and it is also vital for problem solving. Let others know about problems the society is facing, create groups to educate public about the negative impact of these social problems and encourage people to take initiatives.

Saudi Arabia is one of the top countries in the world in social networks use, and it would work wonders if people would use these networks creatively to inform people on how to contribute to their society. The ALS “ice-bucket challenge” was a perfect example of how active citizens have used social

Active citizens should also take responsibilities for their actions. We can’t tell people about the dangers of reckless driving and then do the complete opposite. We can’t expect everyone to become active citizens overnight, but here’s a thought:

A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.


— Lao Tzu

If you don’t have water, get creative!


Augmented Reality enabled here SPIRITUALITY

Islam’s Holiest Site THE KAA’BA

Hover on the page



Abdullah Ibn Al Zubair (RA) built the shathrawan (the marble foundation circling the Kaa’ba) during his rule over Makkah. It was built in order to protect the Kaa’ba against flooding during the rainy season and also to keep the cloth coverings of the Kaa’ba, or the kiswah, safe. Fifty-five rings of copper were used to attach the coverings of the Kaa’ba to the shathrawan as a means of further protection.


The Black Stone is the sacred stone attached to the southeastern cornerstone of the Kaa’ba. The Stone is 30 centimeters in diameter and is about 1.5 meters off the ground. The Black Stone was originally in one piece but was broken during various raids like the Qarmatian raid in 930 AD. DOWNLOAD • DISCOVER • INTERACT



Although millions visit Makkah yearly for Umrah and Hajj, very few are aware of the rich wondrous secrets housed within its walls.

VIRTUE OF AL MULTAZAM It is sunnah to hold on to the wall of the Kaa’ba in such a manner that a cheek, chest and hands are against the wall. It is reported that Abdullah bin Umar (RA) once completed the Tawaf, performed the salah and then kissed the Hajar Al Aswad (Black Stone). Thereafter, he stood between the Hajar Al Aswad and the door of the Kaa’ba in such a manner that the cheek, chest and hands were against the wall. He then said, “This is what I saw Rasulullah (PBUH) do.”



Black Stone


Previously six wooden columns used to hold up the Kaa’ba but now there are only three, each 44 centimeters in diameter and 9 meters high. Lamps made of copper and silver, dating back to the Ottoman Empire, hang from the roof.


Wooden Columns

Al Multazam is what is between the Black Stone and the door of the Kaa’ba. — Ibn Abbas (RA)

The interior of the Kaa’ba is infused with a mix of musk and authentic sandalwood perfumes, reapplied throughout the year. The floors of the Kaa’ba are made of white marble framed by 4-meter high rosewood marble running parallel to the walls. At the inner entrance located in the back of the Kaa’ba, there is a niche where the Prophet (PBUH) performed his prayers. The area is indicated by a different colored marble.


On the right side of the interior is a staircase leading to the roof accessed through a door known as the Door of Repentance. The stairs that lead to the roof of the Kaa’ba are made mostly of aluminum.



The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Touching the Black Stone and the Yemeni Corner indeed erases sins.” (Narrated by Ahmad from Ibn ‘Umar; classed as saheeh by al Albaani in Saheeh al Jaami’, no. 2194).

Between the Yemeni Corner and the Black Stone one should say the words that were narrated from Abdallaah ibn al Saa’ib, who said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) say between the two Corners: “Our Lord, give us that which is good in this world and that which is good in the Hereafter, and protect us from the torment of the Fire.” (Narrated


On the conquest of Makkah, the Prophet (PBUH) was given the keys to the Kaa’ba and instead of keeping it in his own possession, he returned them back to the Osman Ibn Talha (RA) of the Bani Shaiba family. They had been the traditional key keepers of the Kaa’ba for centuries, and the Prophet (PBUH) confirmed them in that role till the end of time by these words “Take it, O Bani Talha, eternally up to the Day of Resurrection, and it will not be taken from you unless by an unjust, oppressive tyrant.” And to this very day, the keys to the Kaa’ba remain in the hands of the same family. 74 DESTINATION RIYADH JUNE 2015

During the early days of Islam, the Prophet (PBUH) covered the Kaa’ba with fabrics and Yemeni textiles. During Umar Ibn Al Khattab’s era, it was covered with Egyptian linen. Hesham Ibn Orwa said that the first follower who substituted leather coverings for fabrics was Ibn Al Zubair. The first to change the Kaa’ba’s coverings twice in one year was Mowaya Ibn Abi Safyan.


The Saudi government oversees a factory in Makkah, which is the sole manufacturer of the Kaa’ba covers. They manufacture three types of covers: internal covers, external The covers were changed once covers and a special cover for on the 10th of Muharram and once at the end of Ramadan. Ibn the door of the Kaa’ba called Al Zubair was also well known Al Borquoo’o. Over 600 meters of fine black silk weighing for his generosity in using fine 670 kilograms are specially perfumes inside the Kaa’ba. It was common for a sultan, king, made and covered with Qur’anic verses using gold or prince to donate the cover coated silver fibers. of the Kaa’ba.




by Abu Dawood, 1892).


Look for the Destination KSA AR+ logo on magazine pages

Download Destination KSA AR+ app Available on Google play for Android devices through the below QR Code


Augmented reality is an advanced technology that enhances digital information with a live video. In other words, AR utilizes an existing picture and blends new data into it. This technology can offer numerous benefits for businesses; as it helps customers experience what your product has to offer in an entertaining attractive method. Experts refer to augmented reality as an artificial environment presented through the combination of real world and digital data.


Destination KSA AR+ is a mobile application through which Desitnation magazines evolved to Augmented Reality enabled magazines. We believe that through AR technologies the perception of printed media can be altered to the best. Combining printed media with AR technologies will enhance the reader experience enormously through: - Circularity of communication - Dynamic contents

Open the application and point the camera to the page with the AR+ icon and experience the magic.

- High degree of interactivity - Active enjoyment - Multi-mediality So enabling Destination magazines with AR technologies through the use of Destination KSA AR+ will definitely revolutionize the perception of its readers. Follow the instructions below to download the application and enjoy a whole new experience of Destination magazines. Reality has been Updated.

Scan the QR code to download the application from the App Store and Google Play, Destination KSA AR+ Application is developed and powered by Zeedia platform.


TRAVEL NEWS Alila Jabal Akhdar

Alila Jabal Akhdar offers the perfect escape from the heat as it is nestled in Al Hajar Mountains. From mountain top hikes to head-to-toe pampering, the beautiful resort offers an unrivaled experience to those seeking both rest and adventure. Due to its elevated location, the weather is always temperate and the summer heat is no longer an issue.

Etihad Airways’ Second A380 on Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow Route

Dubai Oberoi’s Two-Bedroom Family Suites The Oberoi in Dubai announced the launch of its two bedroom family suites. Each of these suites comes with a private balcony offering breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa. The suites encompass a grand master bedroom, a richly furnished living room, a dining room for six guests and Italian marble bathrooms with a double vanity counter.


Etihad Airways has taken delivery of its second Airbus A380. It introduced the aircraft on the popular Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow route. Two of the airline’s three daily flights to London will now be operated by the A380. Etihad Airways also has eight more A380s on order. CHINA PRESENTS GROWING MARKET FOR SAUDI According to an InterContinental Hotels Group research, Chinese visitors heading to Makkah and Madinah are expected to increase 50 percent by 2023.

Best Western is set for Middle East Expansion

A Week in Sharm Starting from SR 4,030

Best Western International has announced plans for a Middle East expansion with 13 new hotels in the process, including one in Kuwait, two in Qatar and 10 in Saudi Arabia. The hotel brand is adding to its eight hotels in the Middle East with new branches in Kuwait, Doha, Riyadh, Dammam and Makkah.

Spend a week of summer in Sharm El Sheikh. Bask in the warm sun, splash and snorkel in the sea and enjoy a desert safari. Rates are subject to change with added activities. Web:


The Ritz-Carlton, Jeddah, is set to open this summer as the second Ritz-Carlton address in KSA with another property in Riyadh. The hotel will be located at Al Hamra Corniche with 224 guestrooms, including 30 royal suites as well as four dining spaces.

Bvlgari, Dubai’s Newest Luxury Property in Meraas Meraas launched the Bvlgari Resort and Residences in Jumeira Bay Island. The project is set to be completed by 2017. The apartments will range from one to four bedrooms while the mansions will have three to six bedrooms. To add to the luxury, there will be a Bvlgari Yacht Club. Embark on a journey through Britain,s touristic sites. Visit the Roman Baths, vast Hadrian’s Wall, Shakespeare’s Stratfordupon-Avon, quaint Chester and Gretna Green. Enjoy the essence of history everywhere you go.

Explore Britain΄s Past and Present for 8 Days from SR 4,720

Southern Italy and Sicily for 10 Days from SR 8,270 Web:

Braille Services on Saudia Flights Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudia, has become the world’s first airline to introduce a flight guide in Braille for passengers who are visually impaired. The guide will be available on domestic and international flights.

Traveling from Rome to Palermo, the south of Italy reveals the fiery splendors of Sicily. Visit Italy’s largest active volcano to add even more radiance to your adventures.





Travel gets you in touch with yourself and gives you perspective on the world outside your own. Here’s an account of my long overdue trip to Oman. By Sahrish Ali

This was my first solo trip after over fourteen years. My friend greeted me at the airport upon my arrival along with an Omani driver by the name of Ahmed. He proved to be an excellent tour guide during my week there. We made way to our lodgings at Bareeq Al Shatee, which is an apartment and mall complex. Muscat was one of the first inhabited cities of Oman. The Babylonians and Assyrians settled there to control the trade route linking Asia to the Mediterranean shores. Omani empire later expanded


to include the cities of the African coast. Hence the local population is very diverse and full of people who settled from different eras. Sultan Qaboos bin Said brought a dawn of a modern renaissance in the Sultanate. A visitor to the cities of Oman would observe the efforts to preserve the traditional architecture, characterized by its simple lines and color scheme. It avoids high rises, but maintains an understated elegance of its own. During the first day, my friend and I went for a walk along the coastline surrounding area and then to the cinema. It was my first 3D cinema experience. We watched Jupiter Ascending and geeked out over the amazing CGI and women with empowering roles in movies.

Grand Mosque of Qaboos

Close to the road leading to the heart of the capital, Muscat, stands the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Bawshar District, like a radiant lighthouse attracting its visitors to interact with the spirit of Islam as a religion, science and civilization. Its construction took six years and its total capacity is about 20,000 worshipers. The corridors seem like a secure wall surrounding the mosque’s building and meet through the five minarets that delineate the borders of the mosque’s location and symbolize the five pillars of Islam. The mosque’s prayer hall floor is topped with a single piece Persian carpet composed of 1,700 million knots which

took more than two years to make, covering an area of 4,200 square meters. Twentyeight different colors made from plant or natural dyes, in varying gradations, are used in this carpet’s weave. Non-Muslims are allowed to visit the mosque every day, except for Friday, from 8:30 until 11 a.m. Visitors are asked to dress modestly and in a way befitting places of worship. One of the many beautiful sights to see.

The Grand Qaboos Mosque and Islamic Center

Souq Muttrah

Every place has a distinctive flavor and every city has a market that relates its stories, embraces its history and accompanies its evolution. Souq Muttrah is one of the oldest markets in Oman, wdating back to 200 years. The market starts at a gate facing the Sea of Oman and the Muttrah Corniche. The souk is a prototype of old eastern markets, characterized by narrow winding alleys roofed with wood.

Traditional Omani artifacts at Souk Muttrah

The Omanis call it the Market of Darkness due to its myriad alleys and roads lined by shops that block the sun during the day. The Muttrah Souq is

known for its handicrafts like silverware, daggers, traditional cloth, new apparel and shoes, in addition to the famous Omani sweets and spices.


Muscat Festival

The Muscat Festival takes place annually during January and February at Naseem Gardens. We spent about three hours there. You go through a bazaar and then into the main park where all the activities were happening. There was a traditional band singing traditional songs and dancing.

Annual Omani Festival at Naseem Park.

The Green Mountain

Cultural Omani clay figures.

Mountains constitute a large part of the environment of Oman. The Green Mountain (Al Jabal Al Akhdar) is the most noted mountain amongst visitors to Oman. It’s famous for its wide plateau close to the summit. The journey from

Mountain at a Village in Bawshar.


Muscat to the mountain takes about two hours and can only be undertaken by four-wheel drive. There are many Omani villages spread across the mountain. Villagers have dug terraces in some parts of the mountain for growing crops.

Caribou Coffee

Most of my work hours were spent at Caribou Coffee. The place has very cool and homey vibes. There are hand-drawn doodles all over the place; on the walls, napkins and cups. They present you with a question of the day when you enter and if you get it right, you get a free drink.

Doodles everywhere at the Caribou Cafe.

Get a free coffee by answering Caribou᾽s Q of the Day.

The Grand Opera House and Gallery

Entrance to the Opera House

If you happen to visit the beach, try out Mani’s Gourmet Cafe and D’Arcy’s Kitchen for breakfast. Seagulls at the Marina

Al Quram Beach

This lies in Al Quram in the heart of Muscat and extends over a large area. A number of hotel chains are built next to it, such as Hotel Muscat InterContinental and Crowne Plaza. This beach is considered

one of the busiest in Muscat due to its location near shopping centers and restaurants. Walking enthusiasts can enjoy the boardwalk along the beach and then rest on the numerous chairs and umbrellas scattered throughout the place.

I said my goodbyes on the fifth day and headed towards the airport. Fortunately the airport had Caribou Coffee. Walking on the beach with clear blue waters and collecting seashells on the shore is one of my favorite memories of Oman. It’s a place you go to wind down from the hustle and bustle of city life.




The market is open seven days a week, but vendors and crowds swell on Tuesday, which is how the market got its day-of-the-week moniker. Located in the Al Muftaha district off King Khaled Street, the market sits adjacent to the Asir Tourism office and the Al Muftaha Art Village. The circular-shaped souq is flanked by produce vendors that line the surrounding side streets with boxes and crates brimming with regional fruits, vegetables and herbs. Ripened vibrantly-hued mangoes, grapes, tomatoes


and eggplant are among the most common selection of produce for sale but shoppers can also find less pedestrian items like mangosteens, figs, leeks and even small containers of lichens, frankincense and myrrh. A few vendors sell fresh chickens, which are plucked and slaughtered on-site, so it’s recommended that the faint-ofheart steer clear of this area. The main market area is down a few modest stairs which open up to a corral of shops with two rows of free-standing shops in the middle.


When in the market for unique gifts or locally made home décor pieces, a day trip to Abha’s Souq al Thulatha or Tuesday market is a must.

Whether you’re interested in whipped or creamed honey or a kilo of sticky sweetener to add to your chamomile tea, prepare yourself for a bit of sticker shock. Prices range from SR 40 to SR 600. For visitors interested in learning more about the region’s precious nectar, spend the day chatting-up the vendors to learn more about the fragrance, color and consistency of the world’s greatest and most expensive honey. Moving beyond the honey, shoppers interested in handicrafts, jewelry and home goods should stick to the vendors in the outer loop,

as the two center aisles of vendors feature mostly textiles, apothecary-like goods and clothing. Beautifully crafted clay pots and traditional tandoori ovens are sold throughout the market at several vendors with some surfaces colorfully painted with flowers or tribal patterns. Large gourds, traditionally used for water, are adorned with colorful rope and also make great home décor pieces. Bedouin teapots with various shades of patina can be used as home accent pieces, adding a rich dimension to a house’s interior. From petite to grand,

Water Coolers

Bedouin Baubbles

Upon entry, an impressive assemblage of honey traders greet shoppers. Asir honey is world-famous and honey at the Tuesday Market trades hands much like stockbrokers on the New York Stock Exchange. It’s a hotly traded commodity. Not your run-of-the-mill supermarket syrup dispensed from a plastic honey bear, Asir’s tawny humectant fetches top dollar and with good reason. The highly prized Sidr honey has been used throughout history for many medicinal purposes. This rare honey is thought to cure everything from liver disease, skin infections, respiratory illnesses to obesity. DESTINATIONRYD.COM 83

Asir historic building

the variety of brass teapots for sale is plentiful, but can take a little hunting to find something unique or antique. As ubiquitous as Bedouin teapots, handwoven straw baskets are available at many shops. From small and brightly colored boxes with leather tops to large bucket-shaped handbags, there is a strawwoven item for every taste. A short stretch of shops cater to women, and their goods are worth a nice long look. If the shopper can look beyond the made in China necklaces and scarves they are likely to find some truly unique jewelry, but it takes effort. Many of the larger, older Bedouin necklaces and head ornaments get top dollar, so don’t expect to get a steal. Be prepared to pay a fair market price for


jewelry with real stones or made of silver. You can find hand-strung necklaces made of coral, turquoise and a variety of quartz, but it takes patience and time. Smile and ask questions. You will find some very unique pieces for sale if you know what to look for. A good selection of henna powders, Kohl liners, primitive clay vases and locally made animal skin drums are also found in the women section. It may take a full day of perusing stalls, but Tuesday Market offers the opportunity to find one-of-a-kind items, as well as learn more about Asir’s people and history. One of the best ways to learn more about the world around you is to venture into your local market and have fun.




Al Amarah Palace in Linah

Built in 1935, Al Amarah Palace resides in the small town of Linah which is 105 kilometers south of the city of Rafha. The modest palace is one of the scanty tourist attractions in the Northern Borders region.

A mosque stands within the secure confines of the palace that is made from palm trees. In addition to the mosque, the palace also houses an ancient well.

HOW TO GET THERE Coordinates: 28.761059, 43.737916

By Mohammed Mirza

Linah’s souk was a vibrant trade center in the past, sitting in the middle of the trade route between the Najd region and Iraq. King Abdulaziz commissioned Al Amarah Palace in this ancient town soon after the unification of the country. It carries inscriptions that bear testimony to its history and construction year.

Four soaring turrets guard its four corners, while a robust wooden door on the southern side of the palace secures the mud enclosure. In the center of the palace there is a bailey, which has private rooms and stables encompassing it. The number of rooms in the palace amount to a whopping 52.



Built using mud and stone, over the years the palace has fell into disrepair, however it has recently been restored.





BALLOONS BALLOONS TIME Debab St. Derma Clinic Building GOODSHIP LOLLIPOP Prince Muhammad Ibn Abdulaziz Rd. Tel: +966-11-4659521 RIYADH PARTY SUPPLIES STORE Al Nakheel Dist. Tel: +966-11-4702454 WORLD OF BALLOON ART Safwa Center Mob: +966-542233838 VILLAGE GALLERY Tel: +966-11-4631089

BOUTIQUES BACO DESIGN Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2935633 BLANK BOUTIQUE Orouba St. Tel: +966-11-2010033 BRIONI Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-211 2222 HARVEY NICHOLS Al Faisaliah Mall Tel: +966-11-2734444 HOSS INTROPIA Tel: +966-11-4658122 JACADI BOUTIQUE Tel: +966-11-2056949 Garanada Center Hayat Mall Sahara Mall LATI Tel: +966-11-2111078 Ladies Floor, Kingdom Center Web: LA-BOUTIQUE Mob: +966-566369905 Al Nahda Rd. MODERN US DESIGNERS Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4612079 MONTBLANC King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2111080

AL GABA FLOWERS Orouba St. Mob: +966-502017058

SADA SHOP (ONLINE) Tel: +966-11-4411940

ARAWLA Musaed Al Angari St. Mob: +966-508085546

STACHE Eng. Musaid AlAnqari St. Tel: +966-11-4656333

LAMAR Safwa Center Mob: +966-555505441

TERRA ECLAT JEWELLERY Salahuddin Dist. Mob: +966-543768585 Mob: +966-542988187

NARDEEN Mob: +966-507976733

THE ART OF LIVING #4 Serecon Building Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4610533

SPRING’S WEDDING Musaed Al Angari St. Tel: +966-11-2791024


SPRING ROSE Tel: +966-11-2167777

STYLE FLOWER Musaed Al Angari St. Mob: +966-504237071


AL FALAH Tel: 920001678

@ ROOM Tel: +966-11-2298457 King Abdulaziz Rd. North


AYAR Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4612757 Tahliah St. Intersection, Takhassusi St.

BDBA Tel: +966-11-2884807 Olaya St and Gernada Mall BASMA AL JAZAERY Orouba St. Tel:+966-11-2790276 Tel:+966-11-4622670

CITIES Centria Mall Tel: +966-11-2180007 DAR AL HADAYA Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2155550

PRONOVIAS Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4163410

HOSHAN FURNITURE Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2933939

ROSA CLARA Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4652677

IKEA East Ring Rd. Exit 16 Tel: +966-11-2442233

SILVER DEW Orouba St. Tel: +966-11-4197153

JAZIRA INTERIORS King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4632631


JAZIRA PROJECTS King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4632631

AJLAN & BROS Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-4665555 LOMAR THOBE Localizer Mall Tel: +966-11-2170094



QUEEN OF SPADES Al Faisaliah Mall Tel: +966-11-273 4444 www.queenof

KA INTERNATIONAL King Fahad Rd. Tel: 920001216 MILADORA FURNITURE King Fahad Rd. Tel: 920003277

RAZIN Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4660931 THE CLASSICS Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4611888 THE WHITE HOUSE King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4615332 TRADITIONALS King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2012300

SHOPPING MALLS AL FAISALIYAH MALL Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-2730000 AL QASR MALL Al Swaidi St. Tel: +966-11-4515600 Supermarket: Hyper Market AZIZIA MALL Tel: +966-920027707 Off of King Fahad Rd. CENTRIA MALL Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2161111 GRANADA CENTER East Ring Rd., Exit 9 Tel: +966-11-2534990 Supermarket: Carrefour HAYAT MALL King Abdul Aziz Rd. Tel: +966-11-2057401 Supermarket: Danube Hypermarket KINGDOM CENTER Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-2112222 LOCALIZER MALL Prince Mohammed Ibn Abdul Aziz St. Tel: +966-11-2178999 PANORAMA MALL Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-2814950 Supermarket: Danube RIMAL CENTER East Ring Rd. Tel: +966-11-2441004

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FRENCH APETIT KITCHEN Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4656491

ANTHURIUM Abdulla Alhamdan St. Tel: +966-11-4661473 AZZURRO The Ritz Carlton Hotel Tel: +966-11-8028020


CAFÉ LENOTRE Centria Mall. Tel: +966-11-2791108

CENTO PER CENTO Olaya Rd., Behind Jarir Tel: +966-11-4644159

LE BIJOU BURJ RAFAL HOTEL KEMPINSKI King Fahad Road Tel: +966 11 511 7889

DA PINO Al Khozama Center Tel: +966-11-2732222

L’ECLUSE Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4657648

IL GABBIANO Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-4616066

LE RELAIS DE L’ENTRECOTE Almas Plaza. Tel: +966-11-4615058

L’OLIVIO Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4634240


LA CAMPAGNA Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4624339

AL BUSTAN Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-11-4543300

LA CASTA Al Rahmaniya Dist. Tel: +966-11-4198016

AL DANA Holiday Inn Hotel Tel: +966-11-4612000

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AL DIWAN Al Sahara Hotel Tel: +966-11-2204500

LA CUCINA Al Faisaliah Hotel Tel: +966-11-2732222 LA PIAZZA Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-11-4543300

AL ORJOUAN Makkah Rd., inside The Ritz Carlton Tel: +966-11-8028020

LIOLIMPO Al Dabab St. Tel: +966-11-4166222

CAFE CERAMIQUE Sahara Mall Tel: +966-11-4520677 CENTRO Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4658488 COCOS Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2939444

OASIS GRILL Hilton Garden Inn Tel: +966-11-2935533

THE GRAND King Fahad Road Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Tel: +966 11 5117890

PAVILLION Intercontinental Hotel Tel: +966-11-4655000

ELEMENTS Four Seasons Hotel Tel: +966-11-2115500 EQUESTRIAN CLUB King Abdulaziz Racecourse Mob: +966-503008044

LA BRASSERIE Al Faisaliah Tower Tel: +966-11-2732222

SAZIO Kingdom Tower-77th Floor Tel: +966-11-2111180

PANORAMIC Makarem Riyadh Hotel Tel: +966-11-2204500

CRISTAL Al Faisaliah Hotel Tel: +966-11-2732222

HEDIARD Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2173933

MIRAGE Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4834127

RUSSIAN CORNER Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-11-4658387 SENSES Luthan Hotel Tel: +966-11-4807799 SIZZLER HOUSE Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4661133

THE WINDROSE Al Faisaliah Hotel Tel: +966-11-2732222 TRADER VICS Panorama Mall Tel: +966-11-2814782 TSC SIGNATURE Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-11-2939693


MBCO Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-11-2936506 NINO Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2016662 PIATTO Exit 5, Northern Ring Rd. Tel: +966-11-2006868 PIZZA ERA King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4542233 PIZZA INN Dabbab St., Tel: 920001601 PIZZA ROMA Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-11-4629032

AL FORNO King Abdullah Rd. Mob: +966-558442255

PIZZA STOCKHOLM King Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-2811888

AMORE Tahlia St., Tel: +966-11-4653082

PIZZERIA NAPOLI Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St. Tel: +966-11-2172288 DESTINATIONRYD.COM 89

QUATTRO Four Seasons Hotel Tel: +966-11-2115599

AL HAJ DAWOOD Imam Saud St. Tel: +966-11-4943691

AVADH Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4654109

ROMA Mussa Bin Nusair St. Tel: +966-11-4641133

AL MANSAF Al Sulamaniyya Tel: +966-11-4630345

COPPER CHANDNI Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4167000

ROMA WAY Al Rabwah, Othaim Mall Tel: 920000129

AL NAKHEEL Al Khozama Center Tel: +966-11-4654650

CROWN GARDEN Suliamaniyah Tel: +966-11-4616334

MACARONI GRILL King Abdullah Rd. Exit 5 Tel: +966-11-4158322

AL NASEEM Marriott Hotel Tel: +966-11-4779300

DARBAR Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2930249

ROSSO Four Seasons Hotel Tel: +966-11-2115500

CAFE BLANC Prince Mohamad Bin Abdulaziz St. Tel: +966-11-4633426

INDIAN GARDEN Riyadh Gallery Tel: +966-11-2161112

ROSSOPOMODORO Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2939565

EATZAH Al Ghaz St. Mob: +966-531224433

INDIAN STYLE Sheikh Abdullah Al Angary St. Tel: +966-11-4561138

SANTINO’S Hayat Mall Tel: +966-11-2057497

FAIROUZ GARDEN King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2167171

INDIAN SUMMER Suliamaniyah Tel: +966-11-4652328

SPAZIO 77 77th floor in Kingdom Tower Tel: +966-11-2111888 Tel: +966-11-2111181

GAD Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4641212

RED ONION Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2176644

GARDEN BARBECUE Hotel Al Khozama Tel: +966-11-2732222

TAMARIND Prince Faisal Bin Turki St. Tel: +966-11-4738770

SQUISITO King Fahad Rd., Across Ovotel Tel: +966-11-2160111 THE PIZZA COMPANY Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4642952 VECCHIA ROMA Al Sulamaniyyah Z PIZZA King Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4881199

MEXICAN BUFFALO’S Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2792123 EL CHICO’S Exit 5 Tel: +966-11-4640385 FAJITA AVENUE Al Hamra Tel: +966-11-4644999 TAKO HUT Faisaliyyah Mall Tel: 920000129

MIDDLE-EASTERN ABDUL WAHAB Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-2934111



GHOUZI Al Rawdah, Khuraish St. Tel: +966-11-4934162 KARAM BEIRUT Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4161717 KOSHARY EXPRESS Jarir St. Tel: +966-11-4728881 LEBANESE CORNER Olaya (Talateen St.) Tel: +966-11-2170555 MAMA NOURA Dabab St. Tel: +966-11-4622195 MAREEZ King Abdullah St. Tel: +966-11-4508877 SHAWERMA HOUSE Prince Mamdouh St. Tel: +966-11-2191999 SHAWERMAMA Abdullah Bin Rawaha St Tel: +966-11-2936644

INDIAN ALADDIN Kingdom Center Tel: +966-11-2112150

CHINESE CANTON Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4520584 CHINESE GOLDEN PALACE Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-4655127 GOLDEN DRAGON Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-4645136 GULF ROYAL Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4631622 MIRAGE RESTAURANT Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-11-4834127 NOODLE HOUSE Centria Mall, Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2939969 PEKING Suliamaniyah Tel: +966-11-4765250 SEASONS Madina St., Exit 28 TAAL Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-2734383

JAPANESE FURUSATO Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4657648 HAYAT Prince Mansoor bin Abdul Aziz St. Tel: +966-11-4042655 LA SANI King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4655666 MARHABA Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4622070 SAMURAI Faisaliah Mall & Kingdom Mall Tel: +966-11-2734386 SHOGUN Radisson Blu Hotel Tel: +966-11-4791234 SUSHI YOSHI Al Dabab St. Tel: +966-11-8120055 TOKYO Ouruba St. Tel: +966-11-4605672 YOKARI Centria Mall, 2nd Floor Tel: +966-11-2886999

SAUDI AL SUDDA Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4800111 SHAWAYA HOUSE Khalid Bin Al Waleed St. Mob: +966-557819214 SHEIKH AL MANDY Dabab St. Tel: +966-11-4644099

SEA FOOD AMO HAMZA Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-2316148 DOE King Abdullah St. Tel: +966-11-4887080 DR. OCEAN Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-11-4708647 FOUNTAIN FISH Al Malaz Dist. Tel: +966-11-2158888

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KENYA AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4772228


KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4771026

AIR CANADA Tel: +966-11-4772228 AIR FRANCE Tel: +966-11-2885218 AIR INDIA Tel: +966-11-4786409 AIR NIGERIA Tel: +966-11-4626165 AMERICAN AIRLINES–AA Tel: +966-11-4625993

CYPRUS AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4640391 DELTA AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4613688 EGYPT AIR Tel: +966-11-4784004

SUDAN AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4720040

KUWAIT AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4631218

SWISS AIR Tel: +966-11-4789745

LUFTHANSA Tel: 8001245550

TAM BRAZILIAN AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4633133

MALAYSIA AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4784039

ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4782140 ETIHAD AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4197722 GARUDA INDONESIA Tel: +966-11-2937690

GULF AIR Tel: +966-11-4626666 JAPAN AIRLINES–JAL Tel: +966-11-4645056

THAI AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4766766

AL ROMAIZAN TRAVEL AGENCY Tel: +966-11-4652100 AL SARH TRAVEL & TOURISM Tel: +966-11-4941111 AL SAGER TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4827979 AL SARAH TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4647480 AL SARH TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4627000 AL TASHELAT TRAVELS Tel: +966-11-4034477 AL TAYYAR TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4633133 AMJAD TRAVEL & TOURISM Tel: +966-11-41161737

TUNIS AIR Tel: +966-11-4626165

OMAN AIR Tel: +966-11-4733133

TURKISH AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4000287

PAKISTAN INT’L AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4659600

UNITED AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4772228

HAYA TOUR Al Nozha Dist. Tel: +966-11-4507176

YEMENIA AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4039282


QANTAS AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4772228 QATAR AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-21180424 ROYAL AIR MOROCCO Tel: +966-11-47741100

GERMAN WINGS AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4632004

TAROM ROMANIAN AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-5788935


OLYMPIC AIR Tel: +966-11-4644596

PHILIPPINE AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-2160530 www.philippine

EMIRATES AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4655485


KOREAN AIR Tel: +966-11-4658222

MIDDLE EAST AIRLINES BIMAN BANGLADESH AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4614670 Tel: +966-11-4623537 NAS AIR Tel: +966-11-2171800 BRITISH AIRWAYS Tel: +966-11-4645550

SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS – SAA Tel: +966-11-4633133

ROYAL JORDANIAN Tel: +966-11-2180850 SAUDI ARABIAN AIRLINES Tel: 920022222 SINGAPORE AIRLINES Tel: +966-11-4734102

TRAVEL AGENCIES ABC TRAVEL AGENCY & CARGO Tel: +966-11-4631600 ACE TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4648701 AL ABBAD TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4778736 AL AHMADIAH TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4656668 AL MOUWASAT TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4160580 AL NAIEM TRAVEL & TOURISM Tel: +966-11-4655698 AL RAJHI TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4566900

FURSAN TRAVEL Tel: 920000442

MY HOLIDAY TRAVEL & TOURISM Tel: 920010087 RIXON TOUR NETWORK Tel: 920029993 TOP TRAVEL Tel: +966-11-4641969 TRAVEL PORT Tel: +966-11-4163810 ZAHRAN AIR TRAVEL & CARGO CO. Tel: +966-11-4659614 ZAMANI ART GALLERY King Abdul Aziz Rd Tel: +966-11-4613057 ZEKRAYAT FRAMES Tel: +966-11-4661196 DESTINATIONRYD.COM 91

Volkswagen was named the most innovative car manufacturer of the decade at the Automotive INNOVATIONS Award 2015. COURTYARD RIYADH DIPLOMATIC QUARTER Al-Hada Dist., Abdullah bin Hothafa St. Tel: +966-11-2817300

HOTELS AL FAISALIAH HOTEL King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2732000 AL KHOZAMA HOTEL Olaya Rd. Tel: +966-11-4654650 AL MASHREQ BOUTIQUE HOTEL Orubah Road Tel: +966-11-2834777

CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL RIYADH MINHA Old Airport Rd. Tel: +966-11-8749200

LUTHAN HOTEL AND SPA A WOMEN ONLY HOTEL Orubah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4807799

RADISSON BLU HOTEL Al Mubarakiah Plaza King Abdul Aziz St. Tel: +966-11-4791234

MADAREEM CROWN HOTEL King Khalid International Airport Rd. Tel: +966-11-2758888

RIYADH MARRIOTT HOTEL Al Maather St. Tel: +966-11-4779300

MAKARIM RIYADH HOTEL Near To King Khalid International Airport Tel: +966-11-2204500 MENA GRAND - KHALDIA Khazzan St. (Immam Faisal bin Turki) Tel: +966-11-2682222 MERCURE VALUE HOTEL Exit 9, Eastern Ring Rd., Close to Granada Center. Tel: +966-11-2773300 NOVOTEL ALANOUD King Fahd Rd. Tel: +966-11-2882323

RIYADH PALACE HOTEL Ministries Area Tel: +966-11-4054444 SHERATON RIYADH HOTEL & TOWERS Olaya Junction of King Fahad & King Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4543300 THE RITZ-CARLTON RIYADH Hada Area, Makkah Rd. Tel: +966-11-8028020 VIVIENDA HOTEL VILLAS Prince Turki Street Tel: +966-11-4002200 Granada Oasis Tel: +966-11-5118000

FOUR SEASONS HOTEL Kingdom Center Tel: +966-11-2115000

BURJ RAFAL HOTEL KEMPINSKI King Fahad Road Tel: +966-11-5117777

GOLDEN TULIP ANDALUSIA Olaya Rd. Tel: +966-11-4611000

CORAL GULF RIYADH King Abdul Aziz St., Ministries Area Tel: +966-11-4121000

HOLIDAY INN RIYADH IZDIHAR Abdulwahab Bin Abdullah St., Unit One Tel: +966-11-4625000

CORP EXECUTIVE DEIRA HOTEL Al Batha St. Tel: +966-11-4141500

INTERCONTINENTAL RIYADH Al Maather St. Tel: +966-11-4655000

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ENT CENTER Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4802229 MAYIEZ MEDICAL Olaya Tel: +966-11-2169999

BEAUTY CLINICS AL MANIHAL CENTER Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-11-4881069 AL SAFEER Al Naseem Tel: +966-11-2050810

PEARL’S SMILE Sulaimaniya Tel: +966-11-4646334

APOLLO Tel: 920027070 AYAN CONSULTATIVE King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2725555 AYMA CONSULTATIVE King Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-2635555 BEAUTY CORNER King Fahad Rd. Mob: +966-543300557 FOUR SALON & NAIL SPA Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-11-2014444 MALESA Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4888831 MED ART CLINICS Olaya Main St. Tel: 920000045 OBAGI HOSPITAL Makkah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4627111 PLATINIUM Khurais Rd. Tel: +966-11-2097777 THE BRITISH CENTER King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2795555

CLINICS ATTADAWE King Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-2780211 CONSULTING CENTER Tel: +966-11-4555545 CZECH CENTER Infront of King Saud University Tel: 920002737 Tel: + 966-11-4877855

THE EYE CENTER Tel: +966-11-4623094

FITNESS CENTERS KIDS MY GYM Panorama Mall Tel: +966-11-42814870

YIBREEN Off of Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4411115

HOSPITALS ABAS MEDICAL GROUP Rawda-Hamra-Dabab Tel: 920000172

RIYADH MEDICAL Orouba St. Tel: +966-11-4653060


APPLE FITNESS Tel: +966-11-4538800

ADMA Makkah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4660000

SAUDI SUGEONS Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4653030

BODY MASTERS Tel: 920000626 Tel: +966-11-4875531

SSC Tel: +966-11-2335000

FITNESS TIME Tel: 920003131

ALAMAL COMPLEX FOR MENTAL HEALTH Al Khuzami Dist. Tel: +966-11-4804548

URANUS MEDICAL Orouba St. Tel: +966-11-4657000

GOLD’S GYM Tel: +966-11-6912077

WHITE WING MEDICAL Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4834286

DENTAL CLINICS AAGI DENTAL CENTER Tel: +966-11-2080107 DIMA DENTAL Tahlia St. Tel: +966-11-4661200 GAMA DENTAL CLINIC King Abdulaziz Road Tel: +966-11- 4542929 Mob: +966-534542929 NOBLE SMILE Abdullah Al Angary St. Tel: +966-11-4197740 RAMAH DENTAL Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4800931

LIFE FITNESS Tel: +966-11-2061133 UP SCALE CLUB King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4871502


AL JAFEL HOSPITAL Western Ring Rd. Tel: +966-11-4322222 AL MOUWASAT HOSPITAL Western Ring Rd., Exit 114 Tel: +966-11-4455555

AL MULTAKA LADIES Tel: +966-11-4783388

DALLAH HOSPITAL Tel: +966-11-4720777

CURVES Olaya St. Tel: +966-11-4633219

DR. ABDUL RAHMAN AL MISHARI HOSPITAL Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-11-4657700 http://drabdulrahman

KINETICO Tel: +966-11-2815595 Mob: + 966-530034010 LUTHAN HOTEL & SPA Tel: +966-11-4807799 LUMIERE Olaya Tel: +966-11-2169030



MENSHAF EYE CARE Al Rawda Mob: +966-565869059

AL HAMMADI HOSPITAL Khalid ibn Yazid Muawiyah St. Tel: +966-11-4643312

AL MANIHAL CENTER Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-11-4881069

SANAYA DENTAL Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-2174888

AL HOKAMA Mallaz Tel: +966-11-4797777

AL FALAH INT’L Tel: +966-11-4463737

SCENTED Tel: +966-11-2112003 SPECTRUM Mob: +966-552007897 Olaya Main St.

DR. SULAIMAN AL HABIB Olaya Medical Complex Tel: +966-11-4622224 GREEN CRESCENT Abdul Malik Bin Marwan St. Tel: +966-11-4644434 KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY King Abdul Aziz Rd. Tel: +966-11-4775524 DESTINATIONRYD.COM 93

KING FAHAD MEDICAL CITY (KFMC) Makkah Rd. Tel: 8001277000 KINGDOM HOSPITAL Tel: +966-11-2751111 KING FAISAL SHRC Al Zahrawi St. Tel: +966-11-4647272

AL SAGGAF 25 Talatheen St. Tel: +966-11-4645274

NISSAH PHARMACY Al-Rajhi Five Buildings Tel: +966-11-4041573


AL SHAMEEAH Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4880595

NOORANA PHARMACY Al Malaz Tel: +966-11-4785006

AL TERIAQ Prince Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4828289

OLAYA INTERNATIONAL Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-4160349

AL THALATHEEN Talatheen St. Tel: +966-11-4623529

PRINCE PHARMACY Talatheen St. Tel: +966-11-4611418

AL SHAMSIA Jamal Center Tel: +966-11-4057296

RAJAA PHARMACY 2 Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4624942

ARAC HEALTH CARE Talatheen St. Tel: +966-11-4645107 ASIR PHARMACY Prince Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4811629

RIYADH CORNER Jareer St. Tel: +966-11-4780759


KING KHALED EYE SPECIALIST HOSPITAL Oruba Branch St. Tel: +966-11-4821234 KING SAUD MEDICAL CITY Al Imam Abdul Aziz ibn Saud St. Tel: +966-11-4355555 MAGHRABI HOSPITAL Tel: +966-11-4455049 NATIONAL GUARD HEALTH King Abdulaziz Medical City Tel: +966-11-8011111 OBIED SPECIALIZED Al Farazdaq Rd. Tel: +966-11-4767222

ADHWAA AL SEHA Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4887455 AL DIMISHQI Prince Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4707887 AL FARABI Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4880843 AL HOZAIMI Ibn Sulaiman Commercial Center Tel: +966-11-4722054 AL JAZA Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-4642072 AL LIZAM Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-4655595 AL MOWASA 3 Prince Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4568598

PRINCE SULTAN CARDIAC CENTER Makkah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4783000

AL MUTANABBI Jareer St. Tel: +966-11-2910981

RIYADH CARE HOSPITAL Tel: +966-11-4933000 RIYADH MILITARY Makkah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4791000

AL OLAYA Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-46411501 AL RAJA NO 2 Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4624942 AL RAWABI Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4828028

S.B.H King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-4636666 SAUDI GERMAN HOSPITALS GROUP King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-2685555


SPECIALIZED M.C.H King Fahad Rd. Tel: +966-11-41164000

AL RIYADH Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4643108 AL SAGGAF Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4640716

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DAR AL DANA Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al Hamdan Tel: +966-11-4643373 MAZIN PHARMACY Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-4624562 MEDICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICE Dabbab St. Tel: +966-11-4629680

SARA SPECTRUM MEDICAL PHARMACY Akkariya Buildings Tel: +966-11-4601018 SHRAZAD Sitteen St. Tel: +966-11-4787047 UNIVERSITY PHARMACY Akkariya Buildings Tel: +966-11-4191944 UNIVERSITY (2) Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4626338

MEDICINE TIME Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-4569140

WARDAT AL-OROBA Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4622904

MOHAMMMED AL HOZAIMI Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4628758

WHITES PHARMACY Tel: +966-11-2886877 / 4895994/ 4897750 / 4897751

NABRA PHARMACY Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-11-4887329

ZAHRAT AL RAWDA PHARMACY Prince Abdullah Rd. Tel: +966-11-4804935

NAZAAR PHARMACY Al Awais Market Tel: +966-11-4541408 NEO (NEOINTERNATIONAL) Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-11-4615089

ZAHRAT SAMI Oruba St. Tel: +966-11-4653060

BANKS AL INMA BANK Alanoud Tower Tel: +966-11-2185000 AL JAZIRA BANK King Abdul Aziz Branch Rd. An Nafal Tel: +966-11-4317474 AL RAJHI BANK Uthman ibn Affan Rd Tel: +966-11-4603333 ARAB NATIONAL BANK Arrwadah Tel: +966-11-4029000 BANK AL BILAD Prince Bandar Bin Abdulaziz Tel: +966-11-4971905 BANQUE SAUDI FRANSI King Abdullah Rd Tel: +966-11-2899999 NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK Prince Sultan St Tel: 920001000

SABB Northern Ring Branch Rd Tel: +966-11-2764356 SAMBA Alaqiq Dist. Tel: 8001242000 SAUDI HOLLANDI BANK Prince Sultan St Tel: +966-11-2548500

AL FALAH Tel: 920001678

AL OLA NO 7 Tel: +966-11-4608095

AVIS Tel: +966-11-4884887

AL RABWA Al Rabwa Area, Exit 14 close to Nahda Rd. Mob: +966-544096296

BEST RENT A CAR Tel: 8001249955 DIPLOMAT Khurais Rd. Tel: 920008008 EUROPCAR Al Ahsaa St. Tel: 920000153 FAZ Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-11-2912679 ICAR Tel: +966-11-4561099 SAJIL Tel: +966-11-4935222 THEEB RENT A CAR Khurais Rd. Tel: 920000572 UBER Application:


RIYADH BANK King Abdul Aziz Road, Al Murabba Tel: +966-11-4013030


AL MODDARRAJ Tel: +966-11-4779902

ISHBILIA Tel: +966-11-2406000 Mob: +966-593111389 AL HAMRA OASIS VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-2490440 AL ISSA COMPOUND Tel: +966-11-4918400 AL JAZEERA BADER Tel: +966-11-4921135

AL RAYAN RESIDENTIAL Tel: +966-11-2089027 AL WAHA VILLAGE VILLAS ROSSAS Tel: +966-11-4864711 AL YAMAMA VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-4012550 ARAB INVESTMENT Tel: +966-11-4823444 ARIZONA GOLF RESORT Tel: +966-11-2484444 ASASCO VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-4199000 BARADA VILLAGE ARABIAN HOMES Tel: +966-11-4541888 BONITA VILLAGE Mob: +966-597721361 CORDOBA OASIS VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-24834711 DELTA - 11 ESTATE VILLAS ROSSAS Tel: +966-11-4803201 DELTA - 2 ESTATE VILLAS ROSSAS Tel: +966-11-4804084

GREEN CITY Olaya - Rahmaniah Dist. Mob: +966-559623393 www.gccompound. JADAWEL COMPOUND Tel: +966-11-2406000 KINGDOM CITY Tel: +966-11-2750275 NAJD COMPOUND Tel: +966-11- 2481040 PALM COURT Tel: +966-11-4850288 RANCO VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-4924411 RIYADH VILLAGE Khurais Road, off exit 36 Tel: 08111010101 Mob: +966-541362462 ROC COMPOUND Tel: +966-11-2412800 SAHARA TOWERS Tel: +966-11-4625666 SEDER VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-2280000 STAR COMPOUND VILLAS ROSSAS Tel: +966-11-4881139 VILLAS ROSAS AL-WADI Tel: +966-11-4881139


AL MANAR Tel: +966-11-2460100

EID VILLAS Tel: +966-11-2483366

ARABIAN HALA Tel: +966-11-4884887

AL MOHAEYA Tel: +966-11-4821222

EURO COMPOUND Tel: +966-11-4780718

ARAMEX Tel: +966-11-4160353

AL MOSTAQBAL HOMES Tel: +966-11-4816666 www.almostaqbal

FAL COMPOUND Tel: +966-11-2490091

DHL WORLDWIDE EXPRESS Tel: +966-11-4654200

GRANADA VILLAGE Tel: +966-11-2488387

FEDEX Tel: +966-11-4633999


OVERSEAS COURIER SERVICE Tel: +966-11-4647193 UPS GLOBAL Tel: +966-11-4626655





Tel: +966-11-4824055

Tel: +966-11-4804060

Tel: +966-11-4643982




Tel: +966-11-4881515

Tel: +966-11-4887100

Tel: +966-11-4803855



Tel: +966-11-2290753

Tel: +966-11-4429728



Tel: +966-11-4615315

Tel: +966-11-4880606



Tel: +966-11-4646749

Tel: +966-11-4608232



Tel: +966-11-4808822

Tel: +966-11-4887979



Tel: +966-11-4826382

Tel: +966-11-8806700

Ext 9 FRANCE Tel: +966-11-4881255

ALGERIA Tel: +966-11-4887171


ARGENTINA Tel: +966-11-4652600


AUSTRALIA Tel: +966-11-4887788


AUSTRIA Tel: +966-11-4801217 BAHRAIN Tel: +966-11-4880044

Tel: +966-11-4567173

Tel: +966-11-2052158

Tel: +966-11-4880700 GHANA Tel: +966-11-4545122 GREECE

BANGLADESH Tel: +966-11-4195300

Tel: +966-11-4801975

BELGIUM Tel: +966-11-4882888

Tel: +966-11-4881121

BRAZIL Tel: +966-11-4880018 BRITAIN Tel: +966-11-4880077 BRUNEI Tel: +966-11-4560814 BURKINA FASO Tel: +966-11-4652244 CAMEROON Tel: +966-11-4880022


NEPAL Tel: +966-11-4645170



Tel: +966-11-4881291

Tel: +966-11-4880011



Tel: +966-11-4887481

Tel: +966-11-4887988

HUNGARY Tel: +966-11-4546707



Tel: +966-11-4823024

Tel: +966-11-4884144

NORWAY Tel: +966-11-4881904

INDONESIA Tel: +966-11-4882282

Ext 300 OMAN

IRAN Tel: +966-11-4881444

Tel: +966-11-4823120 PAKISTAN


Tel: +966-11-4884111

Tel: +966-11-4882300


CHINA Tel: +966-11-4832126


Tel: +966-11-4822474

Tel: +966-11-4881212


CZECH REPUBLIC Tel: +966-11-4503617


Tel: +966-11-4823559

Tel: +966-11-4881100

DENMARK Tel: +966-11-4880101 Ext 111163



Tel: +966-11-4826964

Tel: +966-11-4880071


DJIBOUTI Tel: +966-11-4543182


Tel: +966-11-4825544

Tel: +966-11-4882484



Tel: +966-11-4811432

Tel: +966-11-4882211




Tel: +966-11-4880146

Tel: +966-11-4801731

Tel: +966-11-4883500

CANADA Tel: +966-11-4882288

EGYPT Tel: +966-11-4810159 Tel: +966-11-4831458



Ext 204

TANZANIA Tel: +966-11-4542833 THAILAND Tel: +966-11-4881174 TUNISIA Tel: +966-11-4887900 TURKEY Tel: +966-11-4820101 UAE Tel: +966-11-4881227 UGANDA Tel: +966-11-4544910 UKRAINE Tel: +966-11-4508536 URUGUAY Tel: +966-11-4620739 USA Tel: +966-11-4801831 YEMEN Tel: +966-11-4881769

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Saudi Arabia  

DR Issue 28 - June 2015

Saudi Arabia  

DR Issue 28 - June 2015

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