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The New Beginnings issue is all about giving yourself a fresh start. It’s about moments that make us better versions of ourselves.


It’s been a remarkable year for women in the Kingdom so far. As we’re celebrating women’s month, we turn your attention to women who are building a strong society for the next generation, the ripple effects of their successes fostering more leaders for years to come. It’s about time we begin to focus on the values we want our society to uphold, so in this issue we shed the light on the relevant and important issue of toxic masculinity. Just in time for mother’s day, we bring you a round up of individuals whose business is about flowers, gifting, and sharing good vibes. Because all our loved ones deserve to be appreciated every single day! Our wellness section is dedicated to incredible top athletes excelling in sports that require absolute grit and discipline. Till next time, dear readers… love generously and stay blessed. Mob: +966-563578291 (9 a.m. - 10 p.m.)


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Writer, “Tackling Toxic Masculinity” Page 22 Ahd Niazy is a PhD student in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on Arab women’s writing and its impact on culture and gender norms in the region. Ahd is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Jahanamiya, an online literary magazine that publishes writing by Saudi women in an effort to elevate their voices and celebrate the diversity that forms our society. ahdniazy ahd_hn Web:



Writer and photographer, “Wadi Zi Ghazal” Page 102 After completing two graduate degrees abroad, Mona returned to Jeddah to pursue a career in culture and media, as well as her passion for night photography and exploring natural landscapes of Saudi Arabia. From caves and mountains to valleys around the Kingdom, she was set for journeys of wonder and appreciation for the countless treasures the country offers. monaalzubair


Writer, “Tackling Toxic Masculinity” Page 20 Youssof is a medical doctor and holds a masters in Public Health from Tufts University. His particular areas of interest include health and fitness, debunking health claims, and bringing awareness to why evidence based medicine works. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Genetics in Boston. youssof



Writer, “Setting Your Priorities” Page 96 An entrepreneur, fitness coach, athlete, banker, and wife, Mai’s passion – and mission – is helping people lead a healthy lifestyle (and stay away from fads). In 2016, she started MFIT, her fitness training brand, to provide a variety of classes and raise awareness on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. This “gym junkie” is an Economics & Political Science graduate and a Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Bootcamp, TRX, Calisthenics, and CrossFit Coach. “Born a pilgrim,” she loves traveling and experiencing different cultures, from their food to architecture and sports. mfit_maikholief





BARA’A SAM cuccibanana


Writer, “Love Yourself, Love Your Hair” Page 76 Ever since she can remember, Hessah has always had an interest in all things beauty, which inspired her to attend cosmetology school in Los Angeles, California at the age of 16. She is still continuously engaged in research and the latest techniques and products, with the aim of sharing her knowledge to help others embrace and unleash their natural beauty. Email: curly.clumsy

Makeup: SAFA ALIREZA safaaalireza


Writer, “Kayaking Through Oman” Page 108 Full-time engineer, part-time traveler, and plane enthusiast. I experiment with unique travel experiences around the world and bring them to light, I document them and post them on my social media to share. azeez_92_dos





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BARA’A SAM cuccibanana


Hair and Makeup: HAMSA BINJABI






WOMEN TO WATCH IN SAUDI ARABIA It’s been a great year for women in the Kingdom, and we continue to feel this forward momentum as more and more women have come out of the woodwork exhibiting the patterns of success: fearlessness, inspiration, commitment, and ambition. Destination presents a list of women in Saudi who are building a strong society for the next generation with their work – the ripple effects of their successes fostering more leaders for years to come. On top of all this, they are mothers, partners, and friends to those around them. In this list, find a woman who speaks to you, who tells you it is safe to climb, to move mountains.

Dania Nassief Film producer By Dalia Darweesh

After getting a degree in Math, Dania obtained her Master’s in Management Information System and then started working at Dar Al Hekma University, which led her to discover her passion for project management. As she was planning to start her own event management company, Danya reached out to her about starting a production company. The two had known each other since 10th grade. “We complemented each other’s personalities, and it worked for us – Danya has the creativity it takes to be a director, and I had the planning skills to be a producer. It made sense to join forces,” Dania says. While they have accomplished a lot in the past decade, Dania admits it’s easy to be frustrated and demotivated when necessary support in their industry is lacking, especially when they strive to produce important films, such as their documentary A Silent Revolution/Rise.


Recently, they had the opportunity to screen the film for a limited time at the King Abdullah Economic City, and the feedback they received from the audience inspired Dania and reminded her of the reasons she is doing this work. “Any work that affects people positively, even adding a bit of knowledge they didn’t know about, or giving them motivation to continue what they’re doing, makes me happy,” she says. “I want the film community to come together, work as a team; we have to create our own umbrella, and support each other.” eggdancer

Danya Alh amrani Film director By Dalia Darweesh

In 2006, she started Eggdancer Productions with Dania Nassief,

and together, they produced Khosh Al Matbakh, a cooking show, in the hopes of selling it to a broadcaster, but that didn’t pan out. Soon after, they started working with international companies on commission, like the BBC and The Travel Channel. They also took on corporate work, including documentaries and TV shows such as Akla W Hekaya on Saudi TV, and Fattabeouni on Iqra.

“One of our challenges with filmmaking is financing,” says Danya. “We like to do documentaries that tell authentic stories of real people, but those aren’t seen as valuable or sellable as other film genres.” One of their passion projects was A Silent Revolution/Rise, a groundbreaking documentary film they worked on for five years, that tells the story of women pioneers in Saudi Arabia. The film not only sheds light on the plight of Saudi women in the past few decades, it is also an important historical record, especially as there isn’t much that exists in archives of Saudi women. “We have to start telling and documenting our stories now – these will be reference points for future generations,” Danya explains.


Danya graduated with a degree in English literature and linguistics, but has always wanted to be in the film industry from a very young age. It was a different time back then – she was told that film could be a hobby but one that doesn’t have a real future. But she pursued her Masters in Counseling Psychology at the University of San Diego, California, and then eventually got a graduate degree in filmmaking from San Diego State University in 2004.


Iman Al Dabbagh Photojournalist By Zahra Anwer

Iman’s interest in photography and documentaries was something she inherited from her elders who kept and told stories behind old photo albums. Growing up she was unaware that this could be considered a profession to master, Iman never connected her passion to a potential career. During her 20’s she started carrying her camera around, capturing ‘real’ moments at work, friends’ weddings, travels, family events and during her walks, and this soon became her signature style.


Studying graphic design and being a self-taught photographer, she took a photography course, and later took workshops in photojournalism to polish her skills. After graduating and working in the graphic design field for several years, she started volunteering at community events to practice her documentarystyle photography. She also volunteered to give a photo workshop in Al-Wehdat refugee camp to Palestinian and Iraqi refugee children. This was when she realized what stories she wanted to tell and for her, this was a way to come closer to home. In 2014, she was invited to contribute to Everyday Middle East’s Instagram project, and shortly after that, she received her first major international photo assignment in Saudi, from German publication GEO Magazin to photograph Sumayya Jabarti, the first female to be appointed as the editor-inchief in Saudi.


A fellow photojournalist in Los Angeles, where she lived for a time, advised her to explore her country, to start from home and work with what she knows best, which she eventually did a few years later when she moved back to Saudi. It was a huge turning point for Iman when she received the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) grant and started a project she titled 3eib, visualizing stories of taboo through photojournalism and documentary film. Her

work is powerful, showcasing the lifestyles and feelings of her subjects. She’s a part of the global ‘Women Photograph’ database and is currently working as a freelance photographer, with her work published in most of the top publications – The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Spiegel, and Zeit, among many others. photosbyiman

Saja Kamal Sports Advocate By Jou Pabalate

London born, Saudi Arabian women sports advocate Saja Kamel didn’t know that she would become a voice for women’s participation in the social sphere when she first started playing football at the age of 4. While Saja worked for every achievement under her belt, she realized that growing up she had access to opportunities most of her contemporaries didn’t have. She feels fortunate that her father and mother supported whatever passion, be it football or going on different leadership exchange programs, she wanted to pursue.

The former senior government consultant has amassed a strong social media following, and she's using her platforms to influence the next generation of Saudis to go after their dreams. While there are those who don't agree with her "live authentically, do what you want (within reason)" philosophy; Saja believes that if what she does inspires a girl to not think twice about taking a shot at her dreams, then yes, it's all worth it. jajozz

A person who tends to make the waves she rides, Saja also pursued her love of cars and had recently hosted a season of Driven on MBC. When the ban on women's driving was lifted, Saja decided to be trained as a driving instructor so she can help more women get on the roads.


Recognizing this, she has made it her mission to walk through doors, so that younger women wouldn't have to open them anymore. Starting as a Saudi female footballer, she attended Arsenal FC's academy and would move on to participate in the first GCC football tournament for women. She played in two world record matches, for the highest and lowest altitude football games. On a streak, she was invited to be an Asia Cup Ambassador for 2019 and became the first Saudi female sports commentator.


Nadine Attar Jewelry designer By Yasmine Mohamed

Nadine comes across as centered, target-oriented, relaxed, and poised when you first meet her. She is very in touch with her core and is very specific about what she likes and dislikes, but like many of us, she has been soul searching. After 8 years in banking, one morning she decided to answer to her true calling – jewelry design. Though she never thought of herself as an artist, she always admired art in all its forms. Her father, a renowned businessman whose trade is centered around luxury watches and jewelry, played a pivotal role in Nadine’s journey. It was when she was jewelry shopping with her father for her wedding that she thought, “Why not create my own? Why not wear jewelry that speaks Nadine?”


So she studied jewelry design in London at GIA, and became a gemologist, a certified diamond graduate, a certified gemstone grader, and an accredited jewelry professional. Treating it as a science and not a mere hobby, Nadine is very meticulous about the fine details.


Rouh (“soul” in Arabic), her first line of creation, was inspired by the story of a mother who wanted to gift her child a pendant with etched Quranic verses. Nadine wanted to make this a timeless memento for the child to cherish for eternity. Pieces in this line are meant to address matters of the Rouh, both spiritual and emotional.

Nadine Jewelry turned heads on the Red Carpet at the 2018 Cannes Film festival where it was showcased by Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, film director Maram Taibah, and TV personality Ola Al Faris. She was also recently awarded Best Local Designer in Saudi Arabia for 2018 by Grazia magazine – a strong start for a strong business model. Web: nadine_jewellery

Maram Taibah Writer

By Yasmine Mohamed

Already an avid reader, Maram was inspired by her 6th grade English teacher to become a writer. The dream was always there, but the route to it took many turns. Following what in her mind seemed to be a logical approach at the time, she went into the film industry hoping to engage with a larger audience through a medium that was more popular than books in Saudi. Maram’s achievements in the world of film are numerous and noteworthy. Munukeer, a short movie written and produced by Maram about a Saudi housewife who tries to reignite a spark in a lifeless marriage, was nominated for the Best Muhar Gulf Short Award in 2015. Don’t Go too Far is her latest release and it screened in the Cannes Short Film Corner, Beirut International Women Film Festival, and Dubai Film Festival’s Cinetec. Working on this film was a dream come true because the story behind Don’t Go too Far is a very personal one, inspired by her older brother.

of security that a job provides, Maram became more dedicated to freelance writing. She is the author of two novellas “The Road to Elephants” and “Weathernose”. Currently, she is a creative writing coach who helps other aspiring authors complete their stories and overcome common problems like procrastination, lack of know-how, and fears of inadequacy and failure. “If the idea doesn’t speak to your heart, it won’t carry you through,” she tells her clients. Being self-employed, staying

motivated and deciding on the direction of a one-woman ship is challenging, and forces Maram to face her inadequacies. Having that sort of insight, however, makes her a better leader for her clients, a more empathetic person, and more in touch with her authentic self. Proudly, Maram just completed the first draft of a fantasy novel that took her 5 years to develop. “I hope that it touches people the way it touched me.” She derives her inspiration from other authors and has been admiring the works of Philip Pullman lately. Web: maram.taibah


She holds much gratitude for all the opportunities she has been presented with and the path she initially chose because it allowed her to discover that she doesn’t belong in the corporate world. It was time for her to fly solo and listen to the nagging voice at the back of her head that kept pulling her towards fiction and creative writing. Finally breaking free from worrying about others’ opinions and the false illusion DESTINATION KSA 15

Dr. Malak Abed Althagafi Researcher

By Zahra Anwer

Diagnosed with a rare autosomal recessive disorder, Dr. Malak spent most of her early years receiving treatment from Dr. Nadia Awni Sakati, the well-known senior pediatrician and consultant for the Genetics Research Center in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


It was Dr. Nadia’s tenacity to serve her patients that Dr. Malak admired as a child, ultimately driving her decision to become a doctor. She was eventually selected for the King Abdullah Scholarship Program in 2010 as an outstanding medical student. Fast-forward to today, she’s currently serving as the chairperson of the Genomics Research Department in King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), Riyadh, and serves as a medical director at The International Holding Company of KFSH&RC’s molecular diagnostic lab. She also holds the designation of Assistant Research Professor at King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST) and is a part-time faculty member at Harvard Medical School. Establishing a Genomics Research Department from scratch, Dr. Malak has been an active investigator in the Saudi Human Genome Program and has successfully established her company in Genomics by getting seed funds from one of the leading companies 16 MARCH/APRIL 2019

in San Francisco. Dr. Malak takes every day as a gift to work on medical problems whose solutions would lead to better health for individuals. She finds it rewarding to work with incredibly strong and resilient young adults at the research laboratories. Aspiring to make medical treatment more accessible and advanced, she wishes to bring forth precision medicine and a national screening program for inherited cancer syndromes.

Dr. Malak believes that leaders are meant to give others a platform. Leading by taking pride in the achievements of her juniors as her own, she advises the younger generation of women to lean in, learn more, and lead by example, and to stop expecting everything be ‘served to them on a plate.’ malakabed

Dina Al Tayeb Ironwoman By Dalia Darweesh

Dina’s love for being active started at a young age, from taking on swimming, bicycling, tennis playing, and even martial arts. Growing up, her dream was to finish medical school, and so after graduating from Dental School at Tufts University, while juggling her studies and her marriage, Dina went back to her hometown Jeddah to open her clinic Dentalia with 3 other partners. She’s a consultant Periodontist and Implantologist. Aside from running her own dental clinic, she serves on the Dental Advisory Board and as a trustee at Tufts University. Yet her passion for sports never waned. In 2002, she entered the world of triathlons. The first Saudi to complete a full distance Ironman Championship in 2005, she does it again in 2018, becoming the first arab woman to complete the Kona, Hawaii Ironman Championship.

and meditation. Between having short and long-term goals, a proper plan, and with the right time management skills, Dina was able to stay motivated throughout the process of having her own business, and being an athlete as well. Dina also enrolled in Ironman Coaching University, and she’s currently a certified Ironman Coach. She wants to help other athletes, to go after their dreams. arabiantrieagle

With 14 Ironman races and 100 triathlons under her belt, she has also won the title of Ironman Athlete of the Year in 2017 and 2018.


Dina goes through serious preparations for all her Ironman triathlons, which may require up to a year, from physical, to mental, and nutritional preparations. Doing daily activities to prepare for a race while having discipline is Dina’s method and lifestyle. Her activities include core and strength training, mobility, yoga,


Nada Al Nahdi Explorer

By Yasmine Mohamed

Half-Yemeni, half-Indonesian, and Saudi-born Nada initially thought that traveling was inaccessible to her because of limited finances, and that traveling solo isn’t much fun. This all changed after a close friend of hers shattered all of her misconceptions and proved her wrong.


A senior account manager by day, Nada seeks freedom from routine during vacations, roaming in search of firsthand experiences untainted by the views of others or the media. She has visited over 30 countries including disputed territories and perilous grounds. She has no fear and tries to keep away from the discouraging words of others and any surrounding negativity. “You’ll never know what it’s really like unless you try it,” she says. Around three years ago, she started blogging about her trips. Nada shares anecdotes of various places she visited and vivid imagery of many sites on her website. Also, she lets her readers in on valuable tips for getting out and about while budget traveling with regards to backpacking, managing expenses, visa related issues and more.


Exploring local Saudi touristic sites has been particularly capturing her attention lately. “There are many undiscovered gems here in Saudi that escape the knowledge of locals because simply the culture of domestic tourism is lacking.” She is working on starting a nonprofit travel community where she can guide people around Saudi, popularising cultural heritage and natural sites and empowering others to try out budget traveling. Web: nadaalnahdi

Al Batoul Kutbi Cybersecurity expert By Zahra Anwer

Al Batoul has worked across a number of prominent cybersecurity roles in Saudi, helping customers in different industries position and raise their security posture in their company. She started working in multinational companies in 2007, and at the time, was often the only female in the team, which came with many challenges in a predominantly male workplace, including being overlooked or even ignored.

Continuous development and learning is a part of Microsoft culture and Al Batoul has kept herself up-to-date with the latest cyber trends to tackle the cyber threats and by taking multiple certifications. Leading through adaptive change and loving that change is the one lesson that Al Batoul constantly applies to her personal and professional life.

Al Batoul powered through all this and focused on her career, exploring different areas of technology from hardware and software to applications. She’s currently responsible for Microsoft’s cybersecurity solutions that cover identity protection, advanced threat protection, and data classification for the end customer across all financial, private and government sectors. She also regularly volunteers and participates in conference talks and training young female tech professionals.


While she has set a lot of milestones in her career, the most memorable one is when she joined a number of specialists in cybersecurity and risk management to avert zero-day cyber attacks when a lot of hacking attempts took place in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries.





Given the current state of the global social psyche, you might have heard of the term toxic masculinity. It’s a controversial term that stirs up both sides of the proverbial debate, but it does encompass an important concept that is often ignored in our region and derided as a social justice issue from the liberal minds of the West. Think of toxic masculinity as that stereotypical ideal of the 80s action hero – dominant in every way, unemotional, perpetually aggressive, and speaks in grunts. But toxic masculinity isn’t a stereotype, it’s the very real actions of certain men to assert their dominance on others. Unfortunately, most of us play a passive role in the development of these individuals. The culture of masculinity that a society allows to perpetuate dictates how we treat women and men that don’t “fit the mold.” “Man up”, “Be a man”, “Am I man enough?”, and, as we would say in Arabic, as-tar-jil, or even describing a capable woman as being ukht rijal (“a sister of men”) – these are historically and culturally established idioms that do more harm to boys and girls, and the adults they grow up to become. Words like these are a product of damaging gender stereotypes. A phrase like “man up” indicates that you have a 20 MARCH/APRIL 2019

deficiency, and the only way to overcome that is by filling the void with the ‘positive attributes’ associated with being a man. It’s even worse when it’s said to a girl or a woman, indicating that these positive attributes are ‘only available to men.’ Be less feminine, be a man. We are nonchalant and oblivious to our choice of words, especially when it comes to idioms. What’s scary is the fact that toxic masculinity is taught through our behaviors; we see it in the boy that attempts to assert his dominance on his mother or sister at a mall – this isn’t instinctive behavior, it’s a taught one, through observation and passively allowing it to happen. And it continues to manifest between boys and men as they attempt to flex “their” alpha male demeanor on each other. I recall preferring a clean shave when I was much younger, never a fan of that most masculine of facial adornments: the mustache. That wasn't as accepted, and you would often hear distasteful comments about the extent of masculinity based on such a choice. You don’t fit in with the boys if you don’t do what the other boys do. It’s not just appearances; these are just a continuation of the dated stereotypes that men suffer in silence, whereas women are allowed

to be more emotional. These expectations start early – when a child grazes their knee, we console a girl and tell the boy to stop “crying like a girl.” I’m obviously generalizing, but these are common instances that reinforce positive attributes to men, and negative ones to women. This suppression of vulnerable emotions leads to men dealing with challenges in life with great difficulty; tackling mental health issues becomes even harder, emotional and relationship issues become frustrating, and masculinity becomes ever more fragile. Because of this, some men assert their dominance in any manner possible – this is what toxic masculinity looks like. Is there an objective definition to masculinity? I don't think there is; I think masculinity is an everchanging concept that stems from both nature and nurture. It's a reflection of the times, it’s simply unfair to force our assumptions and definitions on a new generation of children. What we should be teaching our children is empathy. That’s not an easy task, but through repeated exposure to the thoughts and concerns of others we can get a little closer.

The idea is to have a positive influence on our society to change that zeitgeist by reassessing our behavior and language. Don’t be just a man, be better.


Dr. Youssof Mal



IDENTITY REBOOT Moving Away from Toxic Culture By Ahd Niazy

If you’ve been online in the past year or so, you’ve come across the term ‘toxic masculinity’ – often a touchy subject that inspires heated debates. We examine this cultural phenomenon and how it affects our lives as Saudis.

Contrary to popular belief, toxic masculinity isn’t a criticism of men (Arab or otherwise), but rather the system that subjects them to unfair judgement and expectations simply because of their gender. Rooted in a very narrow definition of masculinity that permeates our society today, this toxicity is based on primitive understandings of “strength” and “manliness,” much like the limiting norms of femininity. These norms are based upon an imaginary binary that considers men as the “stronger” sex and women the “weaker” sex. Putting a spotlight on this toxicity is meant to help us out of a deepseated cultural bind that hurts men just as much as it does women. This imaginary construct impacts our actual lives; it’s the reason we 22 MARCH/APRIL 2019

tell young boys not to cry when they are sad or hurt, the reason we encourage them to “toughen up.” It’s the reason we dismiss and belittle adult men who share their feelings, whether by grieving openly or by showing public affection to those they love. It’s the reason that men who aren’t muscular or tall are made to feel insecure about their masculinity and their worth. Toxic masculinity is the cause behind plenty of self-esteem issues that boys and men suffer from, self-esteem issues that often remain undisclosed (and thus unresolved), perhaps particularly in our Saudi society. Disclosing them – admitting to suffering from them and speaking aloud about this difficulty – would be considered “weak and unmanly” under the unfair rules of our gender discriminatory culture.

Toxic masculinity often conflates violence with strength. It pressures men to express dominance and violence as ways to proclaim their manhood – their worthiness as men. This violence takes place in many forms: from violently staying silent, suppressing one’s emotions and feelings, to violently proclaiming dominance by raising one’s voice, or worse, one’s hand to those they wish to assert power over. Most of us believe that displays of violence are actually displays of weakness. Beyond displaying weakness, however, these assertions of dominance are calls for help. They are admissions of strong feelings of insecurity. They are evidence of the immense amounts of unresolved pain and trauma that men we know and love may suffer from.




Encourage our men to share their feelings. Whether it’s your young son, your teenage friend, or your adult husband, encourage him to share how events he may tell you about made him feel. And if he does show emotion, assure him that it is OKAY and natural to do so!

As a society, there are many things we, as both men and women, can do to help dismantle toxic masculinity, beginning to eradicate these unfair expectations of boys and men from our world and day-to-day experiences.

Don’t’ raise your girls – or encourage your adult female friends – to expect men to be the “strong, silent type.” Know and share that there is absolutely no shame in boys and men experiencing and expressing emotions. After all, there is no biological difference in the ways we, as differently gendered humans, experience emotion.


Stop with the “boys will be boys” rhetoric. Boys are programmed culturally to be violent and suppress needs or feelings, and that’s not fair to them. Let your boys explore their interests and passions outside the discourse of what culture deems acceptable. Support them in exploring new hobbies or subjects, even if they are culturally seen as more “feminine,” such as art, music, nature, performance, etc.





Florists and craftspeople in the business of gifting, paper, and sending happy thoughts. By Zahra Anwer

REEM ALABDULHADI & ABDULAZEEZ HASHANI Florists and Event Designers, Rose Blanche

Reem started off by creating different kinds of floral centerpieces for her house that comforted her and lightened up her mood. She soon developed her own style – typically focusing on what is pleasing to the eye, captivating yet natural. SHIPS IN KHOBAR AND DAMMAM. Location: King Salman bin Abdulaziz Road, Khobar



Abdulazeez and Reem are a husband-and-wife team running an event designing company specializing in flower arrangements, and providing services in venue décor. They eventually opened a flower shop after demand from clients increased. At Rose Blanche, Abdulazeez handles the administration and logistics end, while Reem takes care of design and arrangements.


NOUF AL HABIB Florist, Bella Fiori

Delivering memorable floral arrangements with a personal touch. Nouf’s life revolves around her passion for flowers, art, design, and crafts. In 2014, while still in college, she turned this passion into reality by launching her online flower store. She took flower arrangement courses and drew inspiration from her trips to different countries, people, music, and the worlds of art and fashion, to create pieces that are simple, romantic, and with a personal touch. SHIPS IN RIYADH ONLY. Location: Ubay Ibn Muadh Al Ansari, Riyadh bella_fiori


SAMA AL RASSI Balloon Artist, Sky’s Story


While browsing through a balloon shop to pick up balloons for her sister’s birthday party in Russia, Sama developed an interest in balloon art. She learned the art of balloon printing and came back to Saudi Arabia to start her own venture – designing customized and confetti-filled balloons. Sama feels honored to be a part of people’s happy moments. She is greatly inspired by her clients’ stories, special occasions, and love for the person they’re showering with gifts. With these, she designs exclusive collections based on a client’s preference.





HESSA OMAIR Designer and Craftsperson, Pixels & Prints

Hessa started out as a branding professional in 2016 before branching out and starting her own stationery line. Using her graphic design skills to full advantage, she produces greeting cards and calendars inspired by good vibes and her surroundings, both very popular with those looking to gift creative crafts to others (or to themselves!). SHIPS WORLDWIDE. hessao_



Gift Curator, Raseel Gift

Sara and her partner Albara Alauhali run a company that sends out gift hampers – thoughtfully curated, marblethemed packages that feature luxurious, accessible, and meaningful items catering to the interests and hobbies of the receiver. Sara’s flair for gift-curating and gift-wrapping has resulted an award from Zid Platform as one of the top five best e-commerce websites of 2018. Raseel will soon debut its first physical store in Riyadh, and will also host crafts workshops, events, and activities. SHIPS AROUND THE GCC. Web: raseel_gift DESTINATION KSA 29


RINAN FARHAT Florist, Rinanculus Flower Workshops


A self-taught florist, Rinan is a florist who runs workshops to train others who wish to broaden their floral knowledge. She aims to ignite local talent and creativity among flower enthusiasts. “Our surroundings, along with social media platforms, can inspire and educate us,” she says. “I always encourage looking within ourselves and, less figuratively, looking inside our fridges for fruits and other ingredients to create an artistic bouquet.” WORKSHOPS ARE CONDUCTED IN KHOBAR. rinanculus

SARA AL MOGBEL Gift Curator, Love Mktabk

Each box comes with four to seven goodies that to spice up any stationery enthusiast’s collection. The curated gift items range from paper products and planners to fancy pens and personalized engraved drinkware, all designed to brighten any work


station. Sara likes to pick an artist-of-the-month from her social media followers, featuring their artwork on her platform. SHIPS IN RIYADH ONLY. love.mktabk



Subscription boxes are a great way to personalize gifts, and Sara knows it! A graphic designer by day and stationery friend by night, she curates gift items packaged in a subscription box with minimalistic aesthetics – in her signature black-and-white that don’t immediately give away its contents.


MAHMOUD ALHAJJAJ Florist and Manager, Rose Land


When Mahmoud fell in love with floristry back in 2004, plunging into this career path as he realized his potential and interest in the field. Bouquets created by Mahmoud at Rose Land Flower Shop featured fresh, natural flowers, arranged as elegant, vintage-inspired blooms. He takes inspiration from the flawlessness of nature, believing that flowers are a gift from God. He also believes that flowers are the best gift to both give and receive. SHIPS IN JEDDAH ONLY. Location: Al Fayhaa District, Jeddah rose__land

TAMIM AL KADI Craftsperson, La Creation

It was after his personalized gifts to friends and family became a big hit that Tamim decided to launch La Creation in 2013. The business grew from his basement, with just himself and his wife Lubna. Together they started and did everything from scratch from receiving orders, preparing the products, packaging, and shipping, to managing financials with a startup capital of under US$100. Their team has expanded to 10 members since.



Tamim specializes in crafting personalized messages through adorable figurines that match the identity of the gift-receiver. His love of renovation and renewal are his sources of inspiration. SHIPS WORLDWIDE. la__creation DESTINATION KSA 31


BEYOND BEAUTY A talk with the superwoman behind Manna Center I have no reason to fear failure or competition. Business is risky, you have to be able to stand the heat. Also, there’s enough money and success for everyone. No one can take away from me what is destined to be mine. Manna Redwan

Manna center started small, with only three staff members and Manna Redwan, the founder, as manager. Today, it has around 200 employees and an undisputed reputation spanning 17 years in Jeddah’s beauty center landscape. Their success is no surprise, for growth is the inevitable result of diligence and an unrelenting abidance by firmly established values and core beliefs. As CEO of this ever-growing enterprise, Manna firmly believes that the secret to establishing and maintaining a successful business is a combination of God’s blessings and aiming for mastery. Driven by passion, and after gaining much experience from running previous beauty-related businesses, Manna’s mantra is to invest in the quality of services because that pays off. Working with architects to annex a building to the once smallscale salon for an expansion, 32 MARCH/APRIL 2019 PROMOTED CONTENT/ MANNA CENTER

furnishing it with good quality and durable furniture, hiring very talented coiffeurs, makeup artists, and massage therapists, applying some of the best sanitation protocols and standards, and providing clients with amenities that enhance their overall experience makes Manna Center what it is today – your one-stop parlor for a gratifying day of pampering. Besides the entrepreneurship, Manna is a loving mother and leader. “Give love and you will receive love,” as she always says. She is admired, revered, and is highly regarded by all her employees. It’s one big family, and staff members often find it easy to reach out to her for advice, guidance, and help. “To give me a hundred and one percent at work, they have to have some peace of mind in the other aspects of their lives. That’s why it is important to support them in whatever way possible and create a safe and convenient atmosphere.”

high standards and staying ahead of competition, Manna stands in the face of obstacles armed with courage and faith. Manna Center is well-known for their exceptional mani-pedis. The center also hosts a variety of themed events; you can spend quality time with your little princess and enjoy a special mother-daughter day on the first Saturday of every month when it’s “Kids Day”. Inspired by a touching true story about one of their employees who battled breast cancer, the salon donates hair to charity organizations that make wigs for empowering cancer patients who have lost

their hair to chemotherapy. Manna Center represents beauty for a cause and beauty inside out. When you’re up for a spoiling, you’re in for an unparalleled experience at Manna Center. There’s nothing a fresh haircut can’t fix. Get your fix today!

Location: Abdullah Aba Al Khayl St., Khalidiyyah Dist., Jeddah mannacenter

Manna also ensures that her employees receive periodic training and attend workshops so that there’s progress careerwise. “Mrs. Manna is an inspiration – she is successful, believes in people, makes us feel proud of what we do, and teaches us that nothing is impossible. She is determined, detail-oriented, kind-hearted, down-to-earth, and a mother to all,” says one of her employees. There are some challenges when running a beauty parlor. From obtaining permits from the municipality and finding talented artists, to maintaining

Patrons of Manna Center, be on the lookout for a surprise! DESTINATION KSA 33


HALF AND HALF By Dalia Darweesh

What happens when two people find their balance and perfect mate? They become the best versions of themselves, individually and as a unit. Here are some couples we spoke to who are definitely our #RelationshipGoals.

Dr. Layla Abu Al Saud & Eng. Ahmed Al Khabbaz

Layla went to Medical School at the Arabian Gulf University in Bahrain. Having always had a passion for fashion, she took on the hobby of dress designing while still studying. Upon graduating, she decided to pursue her dream and go on the journey of bridal fashion design, eventually creating her brand Chic Design Bridal. Ahmed graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Jubail Industrial College in 2010. Growing up, he was involved in a family business Vision House, which he later took over to fully lead, handling eyeglasses, optical frames, and sunglasses. In 2011, Ahmed started designing his own frames and glasses under his brand 34 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Rose Du Monde, at four store branches in Sharqiya. Layla and Ahmed admit that they’re both workaholics, and that the secret to their success is loving what they do, fueling their drive every day. However, they do make sure that, especially on stressful days, they take the time to treat themselves to a romantic dinner, watch a movie, or go on a short getaway, and just generally wind down by connecting with each other, talking about their day and what’s on their minds. As a creative couple, Layla and Ahmed both share a love for art. They believe that art is important, and that it contributes to improving the general taste of the society. They plan on opening an art gallery devoted to all kinds of art and artists.


When Layla and Ahmed first met, they didn’t expect that their career paths would one day completely shift, leading them to being genuinely happy and successful in what they do.

Marry your best friend, your intellectual match. Dr. Layla Abu Al Saud


Wael Bin Huraib & Elena Bukaryeva By Yasmine Mohamed

Wael and Elena’s worlds first overlapped lanes at motorcycle event meet-ups in Dubai. They soon became friends after Wael, who is very passionate about rider safety, started giving Elena practical lessons on her motorbike. With time, the bond between them grew stronger, and when the time was right, they tied the knot. Today, they continue to bond over riding Harleys during short trips abroad. After an accident in 2008, Wael realized the magnitude of how different riding a motorbike is from riding a car. This realization pushed him to take several international training courses, and he brought back this knowledge to Saudi and founded the Bikers Skills Institute. Elena took on registering and instructing women at the institute since after the driving ban on women was lifted. 36 MARCH/APRIL 2019

When motorcycles are mentioned, adrenaline comes to mind. Not for these two, though! “I try to avoid the adrenaline rush and stressful situations on the road because that usually means trouble. Wael often teases me for being overcautious,” said Elena with a laugh. Wael admires Elena’s kindness and readiness to offer a helping hand. It warmed his heart that he came home one day to find that she had taken in a street cat. Likewise, Elena thinks that Wael’s greatest assets are his “big heart,” determination, drive, and willingness to execute anything he sets his mind to.

Wael Bin Huraib



Look for your life partner’s happiness before your own.

Success in marriage comes from allowing a safe space for your significant other to grow, dream big, and chase those dreams. Loving one another from a place of surplus due to selflove and satisfaction is also crucial. Dr. Wesam Kurdi


Dr. Wesam Kurdi & Prof. Khaled Al Kattan By Yasmine Mohamed

Two oaths unite them – the Hippocratic oath, and the oath they’ve taken towards one another. Dr. Wesam explains that in a marriage, the husband and wife are like two parallel lines running alongside at a close distance. Dr. Wesam is currently a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist (OB/GYN), and is the head of the Feto-maternal unit at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh. “When I started residency, I’d already had my first child and thought maybe I should choose a nonclinical specialty to dedicate more time for my family. Khaled knew better, refused for me to ‘settle,’ and encouraged me to pursue OB/GYN, which was what I really wanted.” Prof. Khaled is the Dean of the College of Medicine at Al Faisal University, and Consultant Thoracic Surgeon at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh as well. When it comes to Dr. Wesam, he confesses that her intelligence and wisdom are what make her special in his eyes. They’ve recently celebrated 33 years of marriage and have five children they’re immensely proud of. They agree that work-life balance is all about spending quality time together and delegating. The couple enjoys attending weddings together. As a family, traveling is their go-to activity for stress relief and reestablishing connectedness. DESTINATION KSA 39

COUPLES ACTIVITIES IN KSA Date night or quality time with your significant other doesn’t have to be boring! Here are some things you can do together in the city.

Go outdoors. Feeling adventurous? Explore Al Ula, feed off the adrenaline rush of dune bashing, or enjoy a variety of weekend-vibe activities, including volleyball, sandskiing, camel rides, camping, and even a buffet meal in the vast Arabian desert. Try: Saati Adventures located in Rawdah Dist., Jeddah, or head on to Nariyah or As Saffaniyah Desert in Shargiya.

Catch a movie. You can now enjoy some of the latest English and Arabic blockbusters in Jeddah and Riyadh. Sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy a film before or after a meal. Location: VOX Cinemas at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah; AMC Cinemas at KAFD Conference Centre in Riyadh

Have a Spa Date. Time for some R&R together, you don't always have to flyout for a getaway. Plan a weekend staycation and choose a hotel that has amenities that will pamper you both. Location: Assila Hotel, Jeddah Reservations:


Dive and explore coral reefs and the many aquatic wonders of the Arabian Gulf, both in Jeddah and Shargiya.

Take a short road trip and head on to the King Abdullah Economic City, where you can enjoy go-karting, bowling, boat rides, mini gold, and many more, all away from the hustle and bustle of Jeddah. Web:




Broadcast Partner

In association with

Strategic partner



CELEBRATING CREATIVE TRANSFORMATION At Dubai Lynx Thea Skelton, Festival Director of Dubai Lynx, speaks to Destination about the upcoming Dubai Lynx event.


What happens at Dubai Lynx?

Dubai Lynx is the leading celebration of creativity in the MENA region. As a sister festival to Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx brings the MENA creative communications community together to honour creative excellence through the Awards. The 13th edition of the Festival kicks off on the evening of Sunday, March 10th with a party, followed by two days of unmissable content from a range of regional and international speakers from across the creative ecosystem. Running alongside the main stages seminars are young talent competitions, industry hacks, workshops, community meetups, networking opportunities, and c-suite roundtable series. The main theme of this year’s Festival is “Creativity Transforms” and this runs throughout our content programme and all networking opportunities, provoking conversation around a rapidly changing world of creative communications.

What are the highlights of the 2019 edition?

We’ve introduced a new Award, Glass: The Lynx for Change. Winning work in this category

will celebrate culture-shifting creativity through ideas that are intended to change the world. There is compelling evidence that gender diversity is becoming business-critical and we’ve seen many brands in the MENA region producing campaigns that break stereotypes. Just as the industry is evolving and has to continuously innovate, so too does the Festival, and we need to make changes the industry wants. In 2019, the Festival will be a highly-focused two-day event and includes more opportunities for networking and fostering business connections. We’ve got some of the world’s biggest and boldest brands coming to the Festival with speakers from Amazon, Snapchat, Euronews, Emirates Airlines, Mayar Foods, and General Motors taking to Dubai Lynx stages.

Proving creative effectiveness

Understanding the changes sweeping our industry and exploring new agency models Curating connected brand experiences – online and offline Embracing equality and diversity

Discovering opportunities in Saudi Arabia Driving Digital and technological transformation

Some of this year’s speakers include Rob Reilly, Global Creative Chairman of McCann Worldgroup, Caitlin Ryan, Regional Creative Director, EMEA for Facebook and Instagram, Ogilvy’s Worldwide CCO Piyush Pandey

Can you tell us more about what topics will be covered?

The content program is dedicated to exploring all forms of transformation across the MENA region. There are six distinct themes that drill into the issue, and the sessions offer solutions and unearth new questions for us as an industry to confront.

Location: Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Web: dubailynx DESTINATION KSA 43


NÜN ACADEMY: CONSTANTLY FINE-TUNING EDUCATION Interview with the Director of Nün Academy, Nirmeen Alireza Q: What does New Beginnings mean for Nün Academy? A: I believe that new beginnings are often mistakenly associated with a need to re-invent oneself. As humans and organizations founded with a purpose, new beginnings should be more about re-centring oneself than re-inventing. As a valuesbased organization founded with the vision of nurturing compassionate students, empowered to master the challenges of today and motivated to shape the world of tomorrow, we evaluate all new initiatives against the role they will play in helping us move closer to our vision and ultimately achieving our long term goals. Execute, assess, and repeat. 44 MARCH/APRIL 2019 PROMOTED CONTENT/ NUN ACADEMY

Q: Why deciding to move to a bigger building? A: As we prepare to move to our new facility, we look forward to being able to finally service the growing number of families that’ve been patiently waiting for a vacancy for their children. We welcome the larger space and the opportunities that’ll provide to expand our offering. We also welcome the challenge of transforming the building into an environment that’s conducive to learning and that promotes the well-being of those within it. All members of our community know the emphasis that we place on making sure the school environment is designed with the best interest of all its occupants in mind. That’s

something we’ll diligently be working on over the next few months. The facility also represents another new beginning, the launch of our Boys’ School where we’ll be welcoming boys in Year 5 and 6. Having a larger campus that allows us to keep our older boys close by was non-negotiable, as we seek to ensure that they receive the same level of oversight as the Girls’ school. Q: Nün is only three years old, how’s it possible to have a new beginning? A: “New Beginnings” might appear at first glance to not apply to a school as young as Nün Academy, however, it very much defines us, as we are constantly trying to become better versions of ourselves by living the value of “An Ethic of Excellence” where we aspire “to

always be better today than we were yesterday”. For the past three years we have continued to focus on improving the quality of education, asking ourselves at every junction: Are we meeting the needs of all our students? Are we providing the right opportunities for members of our staff to grow? While answers aren’t always “yes”, those questions lead to a course of action that helps us move closer towards, God Willing, one day being able to answer affirmatively.

Book a tour at the current Nün Academy location by visiting our website. Due to our Alzahraa site undergoing renovation works it will be difficult to access the site over the next few months.

Location: 7639 Omair Ibn Abi Waqqas, Al Murjan District, Jeddah 23715 Web: nunacademy DESTINATION KSA 45



Walk into any classroom in the new American International School of Jeddah (AISJ) campus, and you will see individualized learning, student collaboration, advanced technology, and innovation; all features of authentic American education. AISJ opened the doors to its new campus in January, and since then, the students and staff have been enjoying their new space and all that it offers. Not only is the campus more spacious, with enough classrooms for 1,750 students, the classrooms are also much larger. Solaf, a 2nd grade student, enjoys her new classroom because of how much space they have to learn. She also enjoys her teacher's new interactive screen, which she and her classmates are

able to use during lessons. Fully-equipped science labs are placed throughout the school, allowing Elementary, Middle, and High School students the opportunity to work and learn in a lab setting. The two-story Library provides students private study areas, flexible seating, and an extensive collection of books for research and reading. The 650-seat theatre-style auditorium, which is equipped with state-of-theart lighting and sound systems, offers a professional venue for student productions. The number of after-school activities offered to AISJ students has nearly doubled, and now includes cycling, parkour, tennis, and basketball. The Athletics Complex has led to the creation


of more student sports teams, including a swim team and a tennis team. Out of everything the new campus offers their students, Tahera Ahmed, an alumna and current staff member of AISJ, is looking most forward to all the new memories that will be made at the new campus. “The old campus was very close to my heart because as a student, I had lots of fun memories associated with it. I want my students to have the same bond with this campus.� Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is now open for all grade levels.

Web: aisj.jeddah aisjeddah






















If you’re looking for an authentic Korean dining experience, SURA is a must-visit. They serve a good range of Korean dishes in large portions meant for sharing, so make sure you bring your family and friends. Location: Rawdah St., Jeddah sura_ksa

JAP BAKERY For all the cheesecake lovers out there, this is going to be a must stop. Jap Bakery perfects the most scrumptious, soft, and fluffy Japanese cheesecakes that instantly melt in your mouth, without any preservatives. Satisfy your cravings, and order from Jap Bakery.

Your monthly guide to eating and feasting around Saudi Arabia.

Location: Western Region, Riyadh / Janoub jap_bakery

OCEAN’S KITCHEN Wheeling back to softie memories. If you’re looking for a satisfying ice cream, then Nine Soft Serve is the place to hit. With delicious varieties, from salted caramel popcorn flavor, to raspberry vegan softie, and mouthwatering ice cream stuffed in freshly baked donuts; you’ll find choices that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Starting out as passionate students with different majors and backgrounds who all loved food and cooking, the founders of Ocean’s Kitchen opened the gourmet kitchen, combining their educational and experimental knowledge to run a seafood restaurant. Ocean’s Kitchen delivers food, cooked with love and care for a reasonable price.

Location: Strolling on Al Khobar Corniche ninesoftserve

Location: Jeddah



SABEEKA BOOST! We’re always rooting for local brands that take all we love to fill what we need. Sabeeka is a date energy bar that’s au natural and we approve. The health buffs in the office love their Ajwa, Pistachio, and Rose. contfoods


Noodles restaurant opens daily from 12:30 p.m. to midnight except Monday +966 12 260 7111

| |




For all the Sharqawi seafood lovers, and specifically shrimp; you can’t miss out on visiting this restaurant. Get ready to wear your gloves and dig into the juiciest shrimps in town. Come hungry!

This new restaurant offers casual dining in a welldesigned setting – comfortable for sharing a light meal with family and friends. Try out their popular lamb chops, sweet potato fries, potato chips, and specialty coffee, and stay tuned – they will be serving breakfast soon! Location: Al Andalus St., Jeddah diningandco

Location: Abdulrahman ibn Aqel St., Al Khozama, Khobar shrimpnations


Craving sushi? You should, if you’re visiting Rolls Rice in Khobar.Their speciality rolls are not only eye catching, they’re filling, and mouth watering too. Try their spicy Salmon Roll, with special crab mix, topped with salmon mix and crispy tempura shrimp.

We’re loving this quick chick fix that opened in Jeddah recently. Everything is chicken, good value for money, there’s FREE coffee, and the entire place has an interesting hipster farm vibe. We recommend the Chicken Tempura and c’mon, who wouldn’t want to try a blueberry grilled chicken burger and apple fillet chicken burger--- sounds cuckoo but it works so well.

Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd., khdar, Khobar rollsriceksa

Location: Quraysh, As Salamah Dist., Jeddah daj_ksa




THE DESTINATION KSA SPOON AWARDS! True to our promise of being your ultimate guide to eating your way through Saudi Arabia, Destination will be giving a nod to noteworthy restaurants that are elevating the dining scene this 2019. Each issue, we'll be reviewing three restaurants and awarding them with the Destination Spoon of Approval.

Categories: Golden Spoon

Upper to Fine Dining Restaurants From Best Newcomers, People’s Choice to Editor’s Pick

Wooden Spoon

Eateries, Hole in the Walls, Online Instagram Businesses, Food Trucks, etc.

Who do you think deserves a spoon? Email us your nominees at or send a DM to destinationksa

Buon Appetito!

1 SEP/OCT 2018




TOKI Riyadh and Jeddah Cuisine Asian Fusion

By Jou Pabalate

SAN CARLO CICCHETTI Riyadh Cuisine Italian

By Zahra Anwer

Located in the heart of Riyadh, Cicchetti (repeat after us: chiket-tee) is the latest chic concept by the folks behind Nozomi. A new lunch favorite, this Italian concept has refreshing interiors and clever staff on their toes. With its small yet hearty plates laden with high-rolling ingredients, you can either share or eat alone. We particularly have fond memories of the Vitello 52 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Tonnato, lamb cutlets, Truffle and Pecorino Ravioli, as well as our favorite, succulent Filleto Funghi. cicchettiriyadh

When it comes to Asian food, my go to are hole in the walls, hawkers, and streets. Rarely do I seek out fine dining restaurants for them. TOKI, with its revival in Riyadh and the consistency in Jeddah however, is an exception. The sophisticated interiors and bustling ambience already sets the mood and the food rises to the occasion. The service is noteworthy, with staff that I’m close to assuming can read your mind and anticipate your needs without being intrusive. Leave it to Chef Peter, who I have followed since he landed in Riyadh (culinary stalking is okay) to serve dishes that has

OKKU Riyadh Cuisine Japanese Fusion By Jou Pabalate

Shortlisted for Hottest Newcomer just enough fusion in them to elevate the flavors while keeping the authentic core intact. The wasabi prawns and salmon sashimi is a kick and a twist that jumpstarts your experience. The Cod, as always proved to be the star of the table, smooth, silky and divine. I enjoy punctuating my evenings at TOKI with their Lychee bowl, theatrics paired with jasmine tea. What can I say? If I’m going to don my best abaya for a night out of town and feeling a Mulan song coming on; there’s no other place I’d rather chill than this haut. tokiksa

Spread across two floors, Riyadh’s latest Japanese hot spot on busy Tahliya Street has hit its stride in no time. It pacified skeptics, like myself, wary of concept outposts through carefully orchestrated dishes that harmonize texture, theatrics and flavors.

provided the texture I was after, and having that foie gras meet my palate mid-bite was unraveling. For mains, two plates have me craving as I type this: The Zuke lamb, in all its succulent glory, and the moist black cod melts in your mouth.

On an adventurous mood, I skipped the menu, asking Ricky Gracias, restaurant manager for dishes that would satisfy my recent cravings for textured dishes with full-bodied flavors that don’t immediately overwhelm. The wagyu and foie gras kushiyaki managed to do so in one simple solid blow. The tender wagyu

I expect social diners to flock for their mandatory “I was here” stories. But even if we strip away the playful presentations, piquing sushi/ sashimi and mocktail bars, OKKU would still be on the list of any epicurean. okkuriyadh DESTINATION KSA 53


WHAT’S COOKIN’? Exploring cultures through food By Yasmine Mohamed


Whether it’s artisan pizzas, bento boxes, or mooncakes, cooks that have taken an interest in concept cuisines and gastronomy are serving up some culture on plates. Here are some that you can try out.


The next time a heat wave strikes, ‘protest’ with Bingsu! The shaved ice melts instantly in your mouth, leaving behind refreshing creamy richness. The ice itself comes in various flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and matcha.

The creative couple behind loves to experiment with recipes and try out new foods. They hope to remain unique by constantly creating interesting flavor combos, and hope to inspire Saudis to try out Bingsu in future travels to Korea through their franchise. Email: 54 MARCH/APRIL 2019

DISCLAIMER: This is an authentic Bingsu from Korea


You can choose from the menu, the most popular of which is “Ghazal Beirut,” or you can have fun mixing and matching several toppings and syrups. Build yourself a heap of happiness with strawberries, mangoes, cheesecake bits, condensed milk, Nutella, lotus, marshmallows, pistachio, almonds, and more.



Having gathered experience with seafood from running previous restaurants, Abdullah Al Masoud wanted to provide a new concept aimed at satisfying the public’s now more refined palates. His latest venture – 32Grimp restaurant – got its name from the number 32 denoting the direction of the North winds on the compass, while ‘Grimp’ is a play on the two words gambari and shrimp. Despite running for only a couple of months now, the Japanese lobster roll on the menu has taken Riyadh by storm. The hearty roll has top quality lobster, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, butter garlic sauce, a signature sauce, and chives. This English dish is usually best enjoyed during summer time when it’s lobster season. Keep them in mind next time you are in Riyadh, and in future, Jeddah and Dammam when they open braches there. Location: Anas Ibn Malik Rd., Riyadh 32grimp DESTINATION KSA 55



Sakura Topia’s name is no coincidence – the soft Sakura pink readily stands out in Instagram photos of Dango prepared by Rowaida Fuad Oudah. Originally a graphic designer, Rowaida gives you a taste of Bento boxes and other authentic Japanese and Korean dishes. It was the distinct savory taste of Katsuobushi (dried, fermented, and smoked tuna shavings) that catapulted this Japanophile, who is also heavily influenced by the Korean Wave, into East Asian gastronomy. She offers a wide array of delicacies, most of which boast both technical competency and bright, lively, detailed presentations. Sweet Korean honey fried chicken, pickled kimchi, spicy kare rice, and Onigiri are only a few of the 60+ items on her menu.

Beyond the artistry and cookery, she offers various workshops on how to put it all together, and aspires to one day host her own TV show and expand regionally. Email: sakura_topia 56 MARCH/APRIL 2019


“Quality and freshness are top priority. I personally pick out the best ingredients from local specialty stores, and sometimes I even import certain goods, to make sure the Japanese and Korean experience is as genuine as possible,” said Rowaida.

4 BEHIND THE BAO Bao Buns are soft, fluffy, cloudy-white, warm buns stuffed with savory/sweet fillings. “It took four months of experimenting to perfect these steamed buns,� said Youssef Al Youssef, one of five business partners who founded Baozi.

With lots of hard work and over the course of over a year, Baozi is now a restaurant that serves brisket, tenderloin, chicken, and mushroom Baos along with starters, salads, desserts, and drinks. Location: 8592 King Fahad St., Riyadh


Investing in the originally Chinese Bao buns was appealing because there was a gap in the market. That came along with its own set of challenges, however. Customer feedback was seriously taken into consideration, and starting out small behind the shields of a food truck helped the owners execute adjustments to satisfy locals.



GREAT FOOD FOR GREAT EVENTS With Dolphin Catering and Banqueting

Adorable, intelligent, and very social, dolphins appeal to everyone and are endlessly entertaining. Dolphin Catering and Banqueting strives to be just like their namesake – be at the heart of social gatherings and events, not only to fill stomachs, but also to entertain and fulfil their core values of hospitality and responsibility towards the community. Whatever your event – a wedding, private party, public or government-sponsored gala, or even a venue cafeteria – Dolphin can meet your catering and banqueting needs. Their popular ‘pilgrimage campaigns,’ designed especially

for visitors of the Holy Sites, feature Western, Oriental, and Chinese cuisines – proof of their acceptance of guest diversity. They offer eight different set buffet menu themes, each one including enticing appetizers and salads, warm pastries, a variety of delicious main course dishes, mouthwatering desserts, and hot and cold beverages. On top of all this is their live cooking service, providing entertainment to diners while they wait for their meals. With Dolphin Catering and Banqueting, the more, the merrier! Make your next event a well-rounded, all-inclusive experience for your guests.


Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz (Tahlia) St., Faisaliyyah Dist., Jeddah Tel: +966-505676709 / +966-506646870 Web: dolphin.jeddah




Criollo Café You walk into Criollo and are greeted by the sight of a giant doughy cookie lying incognito under a melting ball of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with thick chocolate syrup and sprinkled generously with roughly chopped nuts. You find yourself staring helplessly, tracing the plate with your eyes as the waiter delivers it to a diner. The satisfying

smell of warm cookies mixed with the distinct aroma of roasted coffee in the air stirs up instinctual cravings. You’re instantly hooked – after all, the eye eats before the mouth. The menu is loaded with scrumptious options. You wonder to yourself if you should indulge in their spongy milk cake served with crunchy

biscuits and caramelized popcorn, or perhaps go for their delightful strawberry and berry waffle. Finally, you decide to dive straight into their chocolate fudge cake, filled with ganache ready to slowly ooze out before you and onto the plate as you cut into it. The vanilla ice cream atop that chocolatey mountain is an added bonus, creating a tantalizing burst of hot and cold all in one bite. Criollo celebrates their 9th anniversary this year, along with the re-opening of their newly refurbished branch at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah. In 2016, this particular branch was awarded “Number 1 Cafe” by the mall for attracting the most visitors. They have two other branches at Aziz Mall and Al Salam Mall, where you can most certainly go and enjoy the chocolate galore. Their plates are full with ambitious plans for future expansions across Saudi and the neighboring Gulf countries as they are granting franchises. Reward yourself today with Criollo. You've earned it.

Web: criollocafe





PATTERNED CULTURE Destination collaborates with local Saudi designers to showcase boho tribal chic, celebrating the diversity and patterns that bring us together.


Hindamme (Neon Al Qatt Hoodie) Price: SR 430 hindamme Hindamme (Neon Al Qatt Track Pants) Price: SR 390 hindamme 64 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Hindamme (Multi-Color Al Qatt Hoodie) Price: SR 430 hindamme DESTINATION KSA 65

TorbaStudio (Astronomy Bomber Jacket) Price: SR 660 torbastudio_official TorbaStudio (Ophthalmology Pants) Price: SR 1,130 torbastudio_official 66 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Sleysla, by Sara Al Sudairy (Vest) Price: SR 800 sleysla / haktha90s Tasneem Eshki (Necklace: Serenity Collection) Price: SR 1,750 tasneemeshki DESTINATION KSA 67

Chador (Dress: Ruby A) Price: SR 5,565 chador 68 MARCH/APRIL 2019

May Aboulfaraj (Vest) Price: SR 950 maboulfaraj_ Qumasha (Pants) Price: SR 280 DESTINATION KSA 69

HrkHats (Hat) Price: SR 145 hrkhats Qumasha (Pants) Price: SR 280 70 MARCH/APRIL 2019

HrkHats (Fanny Pack) Price: SR 145 hrkhats Qumasha (Pants) Price: SR 280 DESTINATION KSA 71

TorbaStudio (Patchwork Sweatshirt) Price: SR 660 torbastudio_official TorbaStudio (Pixelized Roses T-Shirt) Price: SR 695 torbastudio_official 72 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Daneh Design (Suit) Price: SR 3,180 danehdesign Sleysla (Bag) Price: SR 600 sleysla Daneh Design (White Shirt) Price: SR 350 danehdesign Daneh Design (Black Arrow Pants) Price: SR 680 danehdesign DESTINATION KSA 73


SIDE PICKS Spice up your day with a hint of culture and give your outfit a kick with these top accessory picks from your friendly neighborhood brands. Live local, Shop local!

HrkHats SR 95

HrkHats SR 145

TorbaStudio SR 250


ACCESS HrkHats SR 95

Sleysla SR 600

HrkHats SR 145


Sara Al Sudairy SR 500

Sleysla SR 200

SORIES Qumasha SR 100

Tasneem Eshki SR 1,750

HrkHats SR 245




By Hessah Hassan

Four years ago, I decided to leave my beautiful curls at peace and allow them to flourish in their best shape: bouncy, swirly, and sometimes a little frizzy. At the time, the idea to go natural was to save me from salon appointments, temporary treatments that left my hair looking sad, dull, and egregiously damaged. I had no idea that a decision so simple was going to lead me to discover and embrace my true self. Accepting my natural hair rather than trying to transform it into something else helped me accept myself. I'm not the only who has this struggle. Every day I see women going through the hassle of chemical treatments and facing unsatisfying results after spending money, time, and effort from trying to conceal a “problem” that isn’t one. I can't remember the exact moment when I woke up and thought my curly hair needed to be fixed, but I do remember that as a young girl, I didn’t pay much attention to the structure of my hair. It didn't bother me that my hair was different from other girls’ but some of the adults around me would sometimes remind me. Today, when I see a little girl that has textured hair, I am the awkward adult who will walk up to her to let her know how gorgeous 76 MARCH/APRIL 2019

her hair is because deep down, I know there is somebody in the background that’s probably telling her otherwise. As women, we face so much pressure to live up to the perceptive beauty standards that are pushed on us and are only meant for us to execute on ourselves. A few months ago, I created an Instagram account to help motivate other "naturals" to embrace their hair. Instead of telling them to change their hair into something else, I give them tips and tricks on how to let their curls be their best, and share product reviews. To me, this is more than just a platform to talk about beauty or hair; it is a community of naturals who can share their experiences and motivate and inspire each other to be true to who they are. Embracing their natural hair is a start to loving all of themselves. I want to empower that little girl who feels she doesn’t fit in or that young lady who is trying to fit in. If there is one recommendation I can give other women who are experiencing something similar, it’s not a hair product, or a hairstyle – it is confidence! You are beautiful, your hair is beautiful, you don’t need fixing. Own it and be it. Today I walk shining from within. My hair doesn’t define me, but my curls are defined.


Product: Heal and hydrate + Shea Butter Detangler Leave In Sold at Manuel, Danube, Boots Price: SR 79 Creamy shea butter is whipped into this hydrating treatment blend along with rich coconut and macadamia oils. This product helps with the everso-painful detangling process, making your hair tangle-free in the shower!


Product: Kiehls Magic Elixir Oil Sold at Kiehls Price: SR 100 10 minutes before washing, add this oil to your hair to help with smoothness and overall health. The product is perfect for all hair types as it is light.


Product: Protect & Style Wide Tooth Comb with Handle Sold at Nahdi Price: SR 15 Every curly-haired person needs a wide-tooth comb to help with detangling without damaging/ripping hair.


Product: Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask Sold at Sephora Price: SR 142 This product is the pick-me-up every curly hair needs after every wash! In 10 minutes, you can have stronger hair that stands against breakage by giving your hair the moisture/ hydration it needs.




EMPOWERING HOMEGROWN TALENT The Passion that Ignites Lo‫ك‬al

The definition of local is relating or restricted to a particular area or neighborhood, and the MENA region is the concept behind Lo‫ك‬al. Set in Oliveto Bahrain, a stunning venue and restaurant, The Lokal Pop Up Shop is the trendiest, most exclusive and edgiest event on the island. The Lokal Pop Up Shop reaches out to locally sourced, inspired, and talented designers to engage and sell their brands directly in a beautiful ‘locale.’ Lokal’s focus is promoting and celebrating talented Middle Eastern designers because their exceptional and distinctive creations are worth exposing and cultivating. The Lokal Pop Up Shop reveals how much

style and creativity exists in this region. The vibe at The Lokal Pop Up Shop is unique and exciting because of the selection of brands presented, it’s niche of only accepting Middle Eastern designers as well as the special ambiance created. In its fourth year, with two events each year, Lokal is becoming more popular amongst designers and regular customers. Hopes are to have the next exhibition in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia; the founder’s hometown. Eventually, Lokal would like to focus on fair trade fashion designers who are committed to creating clothes and accessories in an ethical manner. Lokal wants the designers’ pieces to represent the hard work of skillful men and women


working to improve the livelihood of their families and communities.“We have so much character, creativity and style in our region. I love to wear and use beautiful items designed by Middle Eastern designers. I always get asked what brands I am wearing. We have top-quality and beautiful clothes, jewelry, bags, scents, skincare, etc all designed by exceptionally talented men and women from this side of the world” shared Leila Al-Habbal, founder of Lokal.

Location: Al Adliyah, Manama, Bahrain Web: Lokalpopup



PUT THE SPRING BACK IN YOUR POLO Giordano’s Union Jack Collection Courage. Strength. Wisdom. Embroidered beautifully on the polo’s left chest as part of Giordano’s lion emblem, these words are the essence of Giordano’s 2019 Spring Collection. Red, white, and navy blue - the color blocking combination used for the polo shirts - is an intelligent visual representation complementing these values. The Union Jack Polo Collection is designed to address the needs of the modern day man. It’s casual wear with a statement. Put on apparel that portrays that confidence. Made out of cotton, ensured breathability and durability will leave you feeling comfortable all day long. The spread collar, two buttoned placket, short, cuffed sleeves and tapered fit render an overall sporty and smart look. Coordinated short pants complete the versatile outfit. Giordano is a brand we’ve all grown up wearing. They have been providing relevant, essential, and timeless fashion for everyone, everywhere since 1981. The Union Jack Polo Collection is no exception. Buy your polos this spring from Giordano and wear them proud through the wear and tear.





A review of Bounce Max by Hush Puppies By Zahra Anwer

If you desire comfort and softness on your feet all day long, look no further than Bounce Max, the newly launched shoe line by Hush Puppies. The highly anticipated update features more innovative technology including support, stability, and durability.

gives maximum energy rebound. The shoe gives just the right amount of cushioning – not too little, not too much. The five pods on the sole are made with two unique densities of foam; the soft foam provides superior cushioning while the firm foam provides stability.

From its uber-soft contour cushioned footbed – a blend of air and foam – to its smart knit textile upper, these shoes are the street sneakers with a comfy outdoors attitude!

We also love that its stylish look, something we can transition from office to hangout with friends quite easily with. The neutral colors of the line pair well with an officeappropriate look as well as a casual activity.

The combination of soft polyurethane and a full-length EVA foam midsole chemistry, along with an innovative five-pod outsole, gives ultraresponsive cushioning and

The Bounce Max shoes also feature anatomical arch support that gives a natural feel to the foot curves and better


movement-control. While the insides make your feet cozy, the footwear also provides a dry mesh sock lining that keeps the feet dry and odor-free without skimping on comfort. We find clunky footwear off-putting, especially when it makes walking a tiring and sweaty affair. So when we tried out Hush Puppies’ new Bounce Max sneakers, we were pleasantly surprised by its cushioned comfort, making a long day of being on your feet a lot more bearable.




BAD ASS ATHLETES Some of the top tough athletes in the Kingdom.

SALEH ABOU AL DAHAB, 29 By Zahra Anwer

Dominance in sport goes beyond the physical – consistent, dedicated training requires mental discipline. Here’s a roundup of some of the athletes in Saudi who are testing the limits of their mental and physical strength, agility, and endurance, quietly but steadily kicking serious fitness butt.

At 29, Saleh is a competitive powerlifter with nine years of overall training, four of which he dedicated to powerlifting. He initially started out with the goal of gaining strength, and along the way found himself in the realm of powerlifting. In 2014, one of Saleh's trainers convinced him to join Fitness Time’s Strongest Man competition which, at the time, he didn’t think he was good enough for but tried anyway. Winning the title despite no formal training surprised him, but also made him decide to pursue powerlifting and strive to be good at it. To date, the achievement that means most to him is smashing a 307kg deadlift at 95kgs – an elite weight to lift in his entire weight class and something he could have only achieved after years of hard work and training. When asked what his ultimate goal is, Saleh says there is no “end” to it – he just keeps adding weight to his bar day after day, aiming to find himself stronger than he was the previous year. “The goal isn’t so much to work until I burn out as it is to focus on being consistent; it's all about reps.” Training is never a smooth road; there was a time when Saleh


injured his shoulder and wasn’t able to lift. Instead of quitting, he pushed himself despite the injury, modifying his workouts until he had healed and keeping up a consistent routine. “I strongly believe that growth and success is a direct result of consistency,” he says. Outside the gym, powerlifting has helped Saleh build selfesteem and confidence. Being strength-focused, naturally, translates into being “highly functional” in his everyday life, even if sometimes all he uses his strength for is to help his mother move the couch from one room to the other. dahabpowerlifting

Sport: Powerlifting No. of years in sport: 9 Training time: 2 ½ hours/day Stats: Bench press 170kgs Squat 242.5kgs Deadlift 307kgs DESTINATION KSA 85

NADA ABOALNAJA, 33 By Jou Pabalate

Nada stumbled upon a squash court in 2008 at her local gym. At that time, she was looking for a sport to add to her fitness routine. Little did she know that a decade later, she would become the first Saudi professional female squash player in the Kingdom. Squash ticked off all the checkboxes: she can train alone, it can burn 1,000 calories per hour, and its mental and physical intensity makes boredom unlikely. Nada went from playing for fun to becoming a force on the court when she had her first taste of defeat. “Other players didn’t want to play with me because I was a beginner, so I was determined to be better. Then, I joined the local tournament at my old gym and lost. I didn’t like it, preferred the rush of winning, so ‘become better at squash’ changed to ‘how far can I take this, how can I be the best?’ Yes, I am very competitive,” she ends with a laugh. This jump-started her quest to learn the finer techniques and movements in squash. Spending a couple of years in France, she got her Master’s degree in Marketing while being a squash player in training. When she returned in 2014, Nada reverted 86 MARCH/APRIL 2019

to training solo due to the lack of professional coaches and limited opportunities to compete with other female players. Training for Nada is systematic and requires discipline, a trait she values in all aspects of her life, “I have a goal-oriented training style, and I’m like that at work, too – I set goals and put in the hours and energy needed; I don’t stop until everything is right.” In 2018, the country hosted the first Professional Squash Association tournament in Riyadh, giving Nada the opportunity to meet elite players like Nicol David. As a qualifying wildcard, she also played a match with Camille Serme (currently ranked no. 5 in the world). Earlier this year, she won the first Saudi women squash tournament. Wanting to inspire the next generation of women athletes, she hopes to open the first squash academy in the Kingdom. The fact that she can now think of this as a

possibility, and the rush of millisecond wins in the box, is what fuels Nada to keep on going. saudiwomensquash

Sport: Squash No. of years in sport: 10 Training time: 48 hours/ week, 5K runs before competitions, 6 hours strength training or CrossFit Stats: First Saudi Open Squash Tournament Champion 2019, Saudi PSA Women’s Squash Masters 2018



MAJEED ABDULLAH, 31 By Jou Pabalate

If you see Majeed powering through his runs and slaying burpees with his famous ear-toear smile, it’s hard to imagine the asthmatic little boy he once was, growing up on a farm 100km outside of Riyadh. He was, in his own words, the sickly and weakest among his 14 siblings. After 20 years of regular doctor visits, Majeed decided to quit being sick. When he moved to Canada in 2008, he jumpstarted his transformation – he learned to ski, played varsity table tennis, moved on to bodybuilding, spinning, and running. He also dabbles in gymnastics, football, hiking, and basketball. In 2014, after two years of being back in Riyadh, Majeed was accidentally thrown into the world of triathlons and endurance sports. “I was invited by a friend to join a bi-athlon, I didn’t know what that was, they just said, ‘swim and run.’ I thought, ok, sounds fun… but I’d never swum in my life! So I just tried to survive and not stop. For the run, not knowing how far 3km was, I stopped when I finished the first lap and went

to eat a banana. I heard people yelling at me to keep going.” This misadventure had Majeed hooked. “I Googled what ‘athlons were when I got home and loved it! I just kept joining them. I don’t really train for them, I just train everyday, for injuries (I’ve had all of them), for fun, for relaxation. It is really about a dedication to a routine, regardless if you have a competition next week or next year.” His latest feat is finishing a 140km ultra marathon that took him through mountainous terrain, running for 47 hours without sleep. Despite his achievements, the 31-year-old IT Project Manager doesn’t consider himself an athlete. “I am a screen geek who likes being active. People go on cigarette breaks, I prefer 10 minute pushups. It helps me keep a fresh perspective, and give more in life, because that’s the habit I’ve developed.” Majeed doesn’t have an end game, only because he would take on anything that allows him to redefine the impossible and know his ultimate limit. All he really wants is for people to

share his belief that you can, anywhere, anytime, just go out there and move. In a month’s time, Majeed will be running 600km across the empty quarter. When asked why he’s doing it, his reply: “Well, it sounds fun.” majeedworld

Sport: Ultramarathon, Triathlon, Trail Running No. of years in sport: 5 Training time: Swimming: 156km/year, 5-8 hours/month Cycling: 3,013km/year, 15 hours/month Running: 1,029km/year, 40-60 hours/month Stats: Ultramarathon (140km run, 8,000km elevation) Full-Distance Ironman Tough Mudder 8 Marathons 6 Half-marathons 5 Olympic Distance Triathlon Races 2 Half Ironman Challenges DESTINATION KSA 89



27-year-old Mohammed has been involved in the world of bodybuilding for five straight years when he decided to change gears and pursue pure calisthenics 3 years ago, a sport featuring a variety of movements that include jumping, bending, grasping, pushing, and pulling, while focusing mostly on the athlete’s body weight. Calisthenics, which nurtures health, flexibility, and body strength, is the “street” version of gymnastics, with which it shares similarities. Mohammed’s journey began in November 2015 when he attended The Calisthenics World Cup in Bahrain. Seeing how involved, enthusiastic, and euphoric the competitors were, especially when completing, so inspired Mohammed that he decided to pursue it and reach their level. “I thought, if they could do it, so could I; it’s all about discipline,” he says. In 2017, he achieved his ultimate goal of participating in the GACC (Gulf Amateur Calisthenics Championship) Kuwait, in which he succeeded

and won 1st place. The following year, he won 2nd place in Australia at the ACCS (Australian Calisthenics Championship). Also a physiotherapist, Mohammed aspires to find a lifestyle he truly enjoys, and it includes doing calisthenics, improving himself day by day and working out mostly on weekdays. “My weekends are my days off, which I admit is sometimes the reason I dislike weekends!” On the weekends that he does decide to work out, he keeps it moderate and gives his body some time to recover. “Resting is, in itself, a big part of the training.” crymba

Sport: Calisthenics No. of years in sport: 5 years bodybuilding, 3 years calisthenics Stats: 1st Place at GACC 2nd Place at ACCS DESTINATION KSA 91

AHMED MONSHI, 19 By Dalia Darweesh

Ahmed started on his boxing journey when, growing up in the UK without his father’s presence, he felt the need to learn skills to protect his family. He tried boxing, inspired by his older brother who was also a boxer, and he instantly fell in love with the sport. Ahmed has successfully won the National Championship 3 times so far, and yet the achievement that means most to him is how fighting (in the ring) has helped him get over his fears and deal with issues that were impacting him negatively. “Fighting saved me. If I don’t get punched, I don’t feel good! We fight, we shout, and then we go have a meal together while limping,” he laughs. “The boxing community is filled with so much energy, I love it.” He admits that, because many people believe that fighting is an unnecessary sport, he didn’t get much support in the beginning. “Boxing is an aggressive sport, sure, but when I’m in the ring, the last thing I feel is aggression,” he explains. “Instead I feel passion, a burst of energy. Tough beats 92 MARCH/APRIL 2019

tough, it’s never anger beats anger.” One of the best things he has learned from the sport is self-control, and he hopes that society starts to see all these values as part of boxing, instead of its perceived violence. Ahmed trains hard to improve his boxing technique, and his regimen is diverse; it includes dancing and yoga. He certainly feels more physically capable now than when he first started out, and he is grateful for the growing support of those around him. Training with Nettles Nasser, who participated in the previous Mohammed Ali Trophy competition, Ahmed aims to become world champion, and his journey will start in Saudi. ahmed_monshi

Sport: Boxing No. of years in sport: 4 Stats: 3-Time National Champion National Youth Championship - 2016 National Elite Championship - 2017 National Open Championship - 2018 DESTINATION DESTINATION KSA KSA 93


ASMA AL RAMINI, 31 By Zahra Anwer

Asma is a woman trying to make a name for herself with her punches, kicks, and coaching. Outside of boxing, she is also a volleyball player and was a member of Jordan’s national women’s volleyball team until 2015. The athlete, who snagged gold in women’s kickboxing at the Arab Kickboxing Tournament, has also participated in the Women’s World Championship in Kyrgyzstan in May 2016. For her, fighting in Kyrgyzstan was an amazing opportunity and one she will never forget. Asma was always into boxing even from a young age, and graduating with a major in physical education got her started on her dream sport. She was appointed the first international referee in Thailand for Muay Thai boxing at the age of 23 in 2011, and went on to referee in the Muay Thai world championship. Her pre-tournament training is an intense regime of six hours that pushes her to her limits and prepares her to face the battle in the ring. On lighter days, her training is only two to three hours a day, three or four days a week.

Asma aims to be the best coach she can be for her students, a very realistic goal considering how she strongly believes in sharing her knowledge. She plans to compete in more boxing tournaments and win championships before turning 40. There’s a lot of pressure in being a young professional female boxer, but she deals with the challenges like a champ. asmaalramini

Sport: Boxing No. of years in sport: 8 Training time: Before tournaments: 6 hours Regular days: 2-3 hours Stats: Referee for Muay Thai World Championship boxing in Thailand Arab medal in Kickboxing DESTINATION KSA 95


SET YOUR PRIORITIES Achieve your goals with an action plan By Mai Kholief

Reaching your goals can be exhilarating, whether it is on a personal or business level. Setting priorities that align with your values is a good way to stay focused on the things that matter. The most essential part of goal-setting is prioritizing your goals and having focus. Have you ever decided to accomplish multiple goals at the same time? It is necessary to select and determine which ones are the most important to you and why. People are different; what motivates me might not necessarily motivate you. This is why only you can decide what your goals are and how you are going to achieve them. 96 MARCH/APRIL MARCH/APRIL2019 2019



If you don’t like it, ditch it.

This means setting goals based on what is important to you. What are your priorities? Set goals based on those, and it will act as your motivation. If you don’t like the goal or believe in it, then it shouldn’t be a goal at all.



Yes, you’ve heard it a million times, but it works! Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Clear goals give you direction and focus. Measure your success by creating a timeline. Make sure your goals are achievable; if you have no hopes of achieving them, you will not have confidence.


Write down your goals to make them “real.”

Use positive language, like I “will” instead of “would like to.”


Create an action plan.

Think about your priorities & how are you going to align them with reaching your goals. Think about the small steps you have to take towards your goal.


Be accountable and commit.

Here’s the truth: you will not always be motivated and you will not always be “in the mood.” But you need to always be committed. Being accountable means that you realize that you are the only one in charge of reaching your goals. Discipline and commitment are the keys to success, and through them, habits are created – habits that don’t die out half way through the year, that last you for life, that become a part of you. This is the “secret” to succeeding. DESTINATION KSA 97


THE JOY OF DECLUTTERING The art and business of tidying

Sara Alissa, founder of S.O.R.T.E.D, one of the first companies providing professional home organizing services in the Kingdom, gives us a primer on the lifestyle movement that’s having Saudis purging their homes and spreading joy. A lot of Saudis have become interested in the whole idea of decluttering— how has it become relevant to our culture today? There’s been an entire industry that’s blossomed around organizing spaces and decluttering in the West for many decades, but yes, it’s relatively new to the Gulf. In terms of understanding cultural nuances, it’s important to look back at history to understand where we are coming from and how our collecting habits have evolved as people. The emergence of a consumer culture on a large scale in United States or Europe began with the economic boom after World War II in the 1950s. In the Gulf, a consumer culture on the same scale didn’t start until several decades after the oil boom of the late ‘60s and ‘70s. In the past, whether it’s a Bedouin, city dweller or farmer, 98 MARCH/APRIL 2019

they all faced limited resources so they took care of what they had and passed it down along the generations. When affordable mass-produced goods came to the market, you had more but the habit didn’t change. And also, in the 1950s, the average house size in the Gulf was not only smaller but housed several generations of an extended family. With the advent of the nuclear family came a trend towards bigger houses containing fewer people. There was more room per person and that extra space was filled with clothing, books, papers, and gadgets. We’ve now reached a point where we are reassessing how we live and trying to find ways to conserve and not be wasteful. Part of that movement is understanding how to value and take care of what we already have. I ultimately want to encourage people to surround themselves with what they love. When does it become a time to seek professional help on this front? We generally have two kinds of clients who seek us out. On one hand, we work with people who recently moved into a home or space and need assistance


organizing it so that it’s functional and pleasant to be in. On the other, we’ve been approached by individuals who have accumulated a lot of things over the years and need to downsize or organize their items in a more efficient way. Having a well-organized living space can be both uplifting and energizing for those living there. I’ve also worked with small businesses and startups. Part of our services is a followup after two months to check in on our clients. After de-cluttering and organizing, I also offer them helpful tips to maintain their spaces and rethink the ways they use and consume things. Each client is different, which is why the services we offer are tailored to them. What ignited your passion for home organization? This particular business attracts a certain kind of personality, and people who pursue it tend to come with good organizational skills. I don’t get overwhelmed at the sight of clutter, and instinctively begin mapping out how to organize a space in my head the moment I walk into it. Being a good problem solver and listener are also useful skills to have, because it’s important to take the time to understand what a client’s needs are and how they use their space. Personally, from a young age I always loved to tidy up surfaces and organize books and it’s a habit I got from my mother that carried through into adulthood. It never occurred to me that I could transform these skills into a career. I feel blessed 100 MARCH/APRIL 2019

that I’m able to turn a passion into a profession that I liken to therapy, because I’ve watched clients go through their own positive transformation through the process of de-cluttering. My friend Aljawhara was the first to encourage me to pursue it as a career. She asked me to assist her with the move to her larger home in 2014. She suggested I team up with Yasmin Al Khawashki to launch a proper business and that’s how S.O.R.T.E.D was born five years ago. Her home became our first major project, and through it other friends and family soon began approaching us about organizing their homes or helping with moves. Yasmin later branched out into her own business and I’ve continued to grow S.O.R.T.E.D What’s your method? Did you modify it to fit the culture? Over the years I’ve developed my methods through a combination of researching on the topic, techniques, workshops and hands-on experience. In addition, I’ve taken courses in feng shui, which I incorporate into my approach. My methodology is also influenced by Marie Kondo, who has become a leading force in the industry. Last April 2018, I attended Kondo’s seminar in London, so that I can introduce her method in Saudi Arabia. Kondo’s book, ‘The LifeChanging Magic of Tidying

Up,’ made me realize how life altering the process of purging and organizing can be. She noted that “the question of what you want to own is actually a question of how you want to live your life.” That philosophy informs each job we take on, in order to bring happiness and joy to people in helping them transform the way they live at home and work. Most organizing methods advocate a room-by-room or piece-by-piece approach, which can sometimes be ineffective as it forces one to spend their days picking through stuff. The KonMari Method encourages tidying by category, beginning with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, miscellaneous items, and sentimental items. It teaches one to only keep things that speak to one’s heart and discard items that no longer spark joy. People have been drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness, but also because it places importance on being mindful, introspective and forward-looking. My goal is to work towards becoming a certified KonMari consultant in Saudi Arabia, because I want to tailor my method to meet the region’s specific needs based on our culture. For example, many of my clients tend to live in much larger homes than one would find in Japan, which means adapting some of these methodologies to reflect cultural nuances.

5 tips on tidying up a space or home 1. Stay Focused: Once you start tidying, don’t be overwhelmed by the clutter. It’s best to get through de-cluttering all at once and not stretch it out over several days. 2. Tackle Categories, Not Rooms: Kondo’s first rule is to tidy by category. A good place to start with is clothing, since it’s the least emotionally loaded of one’s things (followed by books, while old photographs or documents should come much later). Make sure to sort similar items together so you know where to find them. 3. Labeling is Key: Once you create zones or storage areas for particular items, it’s important to label storage bins, drawers, shelves, etc. so you can easily find items and place them back in their proper place. 4. Purging is Good: Focus on what brings you joy and purge the rest. This question of joy gives you permission to let go of unworn shirts bought on sale, dresses past their prime, or skirts that didn’t fit right. 5. Spread the Joy: Purging feels good, because it’s also a way of giving back and we often help our clients find ways to distribute purged items to people in need who may find joy in them. sortedksa DESTINATION KSA 101



AL SHAFA The 100-Million-YearOld Mountain By Mona Alzubair

Very few things in life compare to the joy of experiencing nature fully. The list of natural places to visit in our country is quite long, and we are blessed with unparalleled, rich, natural destinations to explore. When I learned from my fellow nature explorers that our next destination was the Wadi Zi Ghazal in Al Shafa, I was 102 MARCH/APRIL 2019

thrilled about the prospect of being in the highest elevation in Al Taif region – over 2,421 meters from sea level. Wadi Zi Ghazal is about 180km away from Jeddah, a mere 2.5 hours by car on a scenic mountain road. Since Al Shafa is locally considered a summer resort destination, going in winter meant we’d face some

extreme cold weather, especially as we’d planned to camp outdoors for two full days. The gracious Granite Mountain, as it is called, is becoming a new destination for the local climbers community. It was recently launched as the newest designated rock-climbing location after the climbing trail and bolts was properly laid down by the climbing community with the guidance of international experts. This sets a totally new era for the valley and the mountain. We were lucky to have a geologist with us who explained how the Granite Mountain came to being – fire stones such as granite form under the earth’s crust in a slow crystallization process of the earth’s magma. The slow movement of tectonic plates over the years creates the pressure upward and pushes the formed granite stones above the surface. This process took approximately no less than a 100 million years. And this is basically what we are looking at today, the awe-inspiring 100-million-year-old mountain residing over the valley. A climbing expert and enthusiast told me that this is a preferable mountain to climb since it is DESTINATION KSA 103

made of granite – it is solid, with minimal danger of falling pieces, and has a vertical surface which is an ideal challenge for the climbers. Climbers have been coming to Al Shafa in a quest to ‘conquer’ the mountain. The location surrounding the mountain is astoundingly beautiful, especially in winter, when vibrant greens are evident everywhere. It was wonderful to know that this beauty is just a couple of hours away from us! My personal reason for camping outdoors is to connect with the

104 MARCH/APRIL 2019

universe with minimal light and sound pollution, providing me with the experience of nature coming to life. Our camping companions follow the “Leave no Trace” principles and strive to respect the ecosystem, keeping the place as we found it. I prepare myself with a specific mindset before going to any camping trip and that is to allow myself to be amazed and surprised, and to anticipate meaningful encounters with people or the natural environment. The universe is

indeed wiser than me, and I am here to learn and be grateful. Given this understanding, nature solidifies the life fact that everything is impermanent and thus we must be fully aware of the moment before us. One of the things I experienced in the two days I spent at the valley is hiking up the maze of rocks and encountering an ancient tree majestically situated and surrounded by young array of various species of green plants. The contrast and interplay between the two created meaning

for me and I felt that closing the year 2018 off, I was ready for whatever comes in my path while bearing in mind this delicate relationship present in nature and in our own lives. I also felt that I was transported into a garden as the birds were singing in the background and the wind made its presence known via the trees – a true gift that deepens our appreciation of the plentiful, available to those who seek it.



SINK OR SWIM EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour 2019 By Yasmine Mohamed

Arriving in Muscat, I experienced Omani hospitality first hand. They are very humble, welcoming, and generous people. You could easily spot how they treasure their heritage and take great pride in it. I felt included and excited for the opportunity to experience the Omani’s deep rooted customs and traditions. We spent our first day enjoying Al Mouj, which is a 15-10 minute drive from Muscat. The marina’s view was breathtaking, so we seized the opportunity and went for a refreshing walk then grabbed a bite. The next morning we headed to the Grand Mosque of Sultan Qaboos first. I was taken aback by the chandelier in the main prayer hall which weighs 8.5 tons and includes 600,000 crystals. The prayer carpet was yet another exquisite work of art and such an appalling display of craftsmanship. Both are the second largest in the world and are major interior design features of the mosque. Next, we visited the beautiful Royal Opera House of Muscat. We took a quick tour of the place and got to witness several instruments that were gifts to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. Noteworthy, is the pipe organ, a masterpiece that spoke luxury 106 MARCH/APRIL 2019

and finesse, truly admirable. Then, we took off to see the National Museum. It was quite educational and I enjoyed the Maritime History Gallery the most. I learned that Oman has a nautical history that dates back to to before the 9th century. All the sightseeing left me feeling famished. We took our lunch at Bait Al Luban Restaurant and had a chance to purchase their famous Luban from Souq Mutrah. Afterwards, I had the pleasure of meeting Mohsin Al Busaidi (the first Arab to sail non-stop around the world) and Saleh Al Jabri (captain of The Jewel of Muscat - a traditional ship that was built using 9th century shipbuilding methods) at Oman Sail’s headquarters.   Oman Sail invited us to attend EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour 2019. They are a national initiative aimed at igniting Oman’s maritime heritage through running sailing programs and encompassing a national sailing squad and other racing teams. The race was a two-week challenge composed of 5 stadium and coastal races that took place at 5 different venues using the standardized Diam 24 trimaran boat. Ten teams participated, three of which were Omani teams. The

French Beijaflore team won the arduous race for the second year in a row. We were able to observe the intense race from afar somewhere along the coastline waters. It was a marvelous trip but sadly all things come to an end and it was time for us to finally set sail back home. Veni, Vidi, Amavi. Web: /




108 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Sand, crystal water, and a refreshing breeze are what you need at the end of a productive week. Muscat, Oman doesn't only offer a fantastic hiking destination like we had recently figured out from social media, but also a breathtaking beach and kayaking destination that is worth the airplane ticket. We started by driving up to Bandar Khayran where we had prearranged with the local boat keepers to borrow their kayaks; once we arrived, we began preparing. It didn’t take long for us to start kayaking to our first destination. The rowing took a bit of getting used to in the first few minutes, but most of us got the hang of it pretty quick. It was easy to get distracted by the sun setting between the mountains as we kayaked through, a scene that no matter how many words I type, I cannot describe. We reached our first pit stop around evening and glowing planktons greeted us onshore. It was a scene I had never experienced in any of my previous travels; every whoosh and splash made the planktons glow for a few seconds, like lucent diamonds dancing on the shore.

The following morning, while our boats were on berth, we decided to do a bit of snorkeling. Oman is home to extraordinary marine life, and the government dedicates a portion of its resources to its ecological preservation.Later on, we kayaked back through the Gulf Sea but closer to shore, as the waves were stronger than they were the previous day. Safety is still the priority for exploratory adventures like this; we even kayaked early morning to avoid the turbulent currents in the afternoon. We camped at our final site and made delicious grilled pineapple and s’mores under the stars. It’s amazing how the view of the sky at night can change the moment you step away from the fuss and noise of the city. In the end, we packed our bags and placed them on the bag-carrying motorboat to avoid getting wet, lest our kayaks flip at the final leg and we are left having to haul wet clothes. Overall, other than the amazing views, great company and being pulled out of my hectic work life, the tranquility and relaxation that cloaked us was indescribable, a once-in-a-lifetime experience I encourage anyone to take. See you soon, Oman. DESTINATION KSA 109



AIRPORT King Abdulaziz International Airport Airport VIP Lounge BUSINESS Abdul Latif Jameel Al Malki Group Ali Reza British Council Bupa Carat EMAAR Equation Media Holland & Barette Jamjoom Phrama KAUST Leo Burnette Agency Nahdi Company OMD Agency P&G PR Boutique Agency Savola Saddik & Attar Sedco Holding The Office Tasamem Agency Traccs Agency Tarfeeh Unilever Shababco Servcorp Company FOOD 19 Century Burger 20 Minute Burger Al Hummus Al Reefi Al Mathaq Al Moltaqa Al Saj Al Reefi American Corner Aseil Bafarat Cafe Bateel Bert’s Bon Bon Brioche Bubble Nation Buffalo Wild & Rings Cappucino Cast & Crew Chicken Republic Chocomood Coffee & People Coffee Bean Cook Shop Cordon Dior Counter Burger Cow Cream Da Le Cream 110 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Criollo cafe Dar Al Qamr Dazzle Deera Cafe Dolci Dots SA FOGO De chao Ful21 Ganache GILT Burger Gold Suchi Club Gulf Royal Chinese I’m Hungry Italian Touch Joffrey’s Kalila Ketchup Kooz Karak Kosebashi La Carrira La Cuisine La Vida Lounge Le Churro Station Le Concheur Leaves Leylati Lusin Restaurant Margharitta Meddcoffee Mugg & Bean Nesspresso Overdose Coffee Pan Jan Panino’s Piatto Pierre Hermes Rai Romero Sandwich Gallery Shababik Shobak Pie Shrimp Anatomy Signature Sofa Lounge Soy Swiss House Taj Mahal TAO Restaurant The Butcher Tim Hortons Toasted Toki TSC Signature Underground Wagamama Wakame Zanjabeel BEAUTY Claw Nail Bar CLAUDE MAXIME Lina Beauty Center

Spa Lounge Evania Spa Lucine Salon Maison De Joelle Manna Center Obaji SCHOOL AL Kawthar School American Int. School British Int. School CBA Effat University Fast Track Kids Nun Academy REAL ESTATE ALJ J-One Gardenia Lifestyle Developers Safqa Sloanes HOTEL Al Hamra Sofitel Hotel Ascott Hotel Aseila Hotel Elaf Hotel Holiday Inn Gateway Intercontinnental Hotel Le Meredien Hotel Movenpick Al Nawras Movenpick Hotel Park Hyatt Hotel Radisson Blu Radisson Jeddah Rosewood Hotel Sofitel Hotel The Hotel Galleria HOSPITAL / CLINIC Andalusia C linic Animal Care Dr. Sameer Abbas Hospital First Clinic Help Center IMC La Pearle Dental Spa My Clinic Solaiman Fakieh SUPERMARKET Danube Tamimi Virgin HOME Distetto Dorchester IKEA Marina Home Murano

Orange Bed & Bath Pottery Barn Kids HEALTH ACT Center Al Nahdi Curves Gym Gold’s Gym HealthyU World Gym FASHION Femi 9 Gardenia Giordano Lamasat Libra Boutique Lomar Rubaiyyat Sindi Thobe Sonia Pena TANAGRA Toby Tous CONSULATE American Consulate Greek Consulate French Consulate Japan Counsulate Korean Consulate Turkish Consulate COMPOUND Al Basateen Al Hajreen Andalus Village Raytheon Compound


AGENCY Ability Communication Me-Mac Ogylvy Magna, UM, PromoSeven BEAUTY Maison De Joelle Little Details Al Multaka Ladies Four Beauty Slim Center BUSINESS Al-Futtaim Group AlNahdi Anoosh BPN Horizon CARAT Crown Relocations Dimam Sa Elixir

Evonik Tasnee Marketing Initiative Kingdom Office Landmark Int. Group Matrix MEDIACOM Memac Ogilvy Mindshare OMD Media Agency Oud Real Estate Riyadh Metro Project SAAB Servcorp Company Starcom Tesaat Ashaar TIME Agency Uber UM7 Zain COMPOUND Al Nakhla Alhamra Cordoba Fal Ishbilia Izdihar Nakheel EDUCATION Alliance Francaise American International Amideast Laureate Riyadh My Little School Prince Sultan University Raffles Institute ELECTRONICS Huawei Izone Jarir Bookstore EMBASSY Australia Czech Republic France Georgia Germany Greece Irland Italy Japan Republic of Albania Switzerland UAE United Kingdom USA FASHION Al Shaya Watches Group Alfa International

Company Ltd. Alshaya Group Azadea Group Etre Eyat LTD Giordano Lomar Thobes Pashmina Boutique FOOD Al Amar Foods Limited Manoosha Alamar Foods Alkaki Group Dactylifera Dactylifera Fruitful Seasons Juice Himmah Group Modern Food Company Nutrition & Dietcenter Yatooq Est. HEALTH Commettee Derma Clinic Dojo Vitality Club Glamour Clinic Innova Pharmacy Saudi Olympic HOME AURA Office Gallery Design Spring Rose HOTEL Al Faisaliah Resort Al Khozama Hotel Al Mashreq Boutique Aloft Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Crowne Plaza Hotel Faisaliah Hotel Four Seasons Hotel Holiday inn Holiday Inn Olaya Hotel in Al-Bustan Hyatt Regecny Intercontinental Riyadh Luthan Hotel & SPA Lzdihar Makarim Riyadh Hotel Mercure Hotel Mövenpick Hotel Riyadh Novotel Alanoud Hotel Radisson Blue Riyadh Marriott Hotel Riyadh Palace Hotel Sheraton Hotel/ Towers The Ritz Carlton Riyadh RESTAURANT Al Faisaliah Group, Alfa CO. Al Zaad Food Bateel Black berry Burger Eight Burj Al Hamam Chopped Domino’s Eggs & Flour

Kalimat La Cour La Cucina Lusin Mira Foods Head Office Nino Nozomi Outback Steakhouse Tea Lounge SCHOOL Misk School SPORT Body Masters Fitness Time Gold’s Gym King Abdulaziz Horse Racing Cource Spectrum Sun & Sand Sports Co SUPERMARKET Danube Virgin Tamimi TRAVEL Altayyar Travel FlyIn Turkish Airlines


BEAUTY Aura Salon Anat Nails Spa Boklah Brush Salon Dessange Salon Dar Najd Salon Glow Care Salon Jolie Dame Moda World She Nail Lounge The Nail Lounge BUSINESS Al Turki Holding Aramco Trading Dhahran Tower Ithra (KACWC) Novotel Dammam Business Park Prince Sultan Fund for Women’s Development Regus (Tamimi Al-Arabia Ltd Co.) Seven Media FOOD Aioli Lounge Bateel Café Beit Misk Big Chefs Bohemia Art Cafe Burger Fuel

Chili’s Chinese Grill Circle Restaurant Coffee Library Caribou Coffee Coffee Coast French Bakery Fushi Fire Grill Five Guys Green Seeds Cafe Grill Shack Gloria Jeans iWish Grill and Cafe La Gondola Madeleine French Bakery & Brasserie Outback Steak House Parker’s Piatto Pattis France Qaf Coffee Signature Juices Factory Soul Kitchen Sushi Yoshi Steakhouse Specialty Bean Seven Restaurant Tower Kitchen Turkistachio Uptown 966 Wafflelicious™ GOVERNMENT Ministry of Culture Society of Art US Consulate HEALTH Al Mana Hospital Al Moaibed Fitness Artal Dental Clinic Academic Dental Clinic Alhokail Dental Al Hugail Clinic Avicena Dental Clinic Central Care Crossfit Wise Wolf Gym FitnessTime Ladies Gulf American Dental King Fahad Specialist Hospital MDC Modern Dental Millennium Dental Milo’s Gym NuYu Ladies Gym Obagi MediSpa Ram Dental Clinic Studio 55 Treat Hair & Nail Spa HOTEL Al Gosaibi Hotel Aloft Hotel Crowne Plaza Coral International Hotel CROM Hotel Golden Tulip Resort Dana Bay Golden Tulip Dammam Corniche Holiday Inn

Intercontinental Hotel Kempinski Al Othman Mercure Mövenpick Hotel Mövenpick Beach Resort Novotel Hotel Park Inn Hotel Radisson Blue Residence Sofitel Corniche Tulip Inn Villa Misk Suites COMPOUND Al Hugayet Al Mohamadiya Canary Village Palm Springs Zamil Village SCHOOLS Aspire Academy Dhahran Ahliyya Doha Academy Dhahran Academy KFUPM Library Lincoln College PMU Library SHOPPING Danube Desert Designs Funn-Tastic Leo’s Boutique Own Design Tamimi Zamil Store


FOOD Amore's Resturant Bun and Patty Selective Resturant HOTEL Bliss Hotel Best Western Coral alahsa hotel Garden Plaza Intercontinantal Plams Lily


HOTEL Al Safwa Royale Orchid Hotel Conrad Hayatt Regency Hilton Convention Center Hilton Suites Marriot Shaza Makkah


HOTEL Dar AlEiman hotel Dar AlTaqwa hotel Hilton Madinah Movenpick Hotel


HOTEL Abha Palace Hotel Abha Air port Hotel Assalam Palace Hotel RESTAURANT Origin Burger Palm Court Cafe


SHOPPING Dana Mall Royal Plaza Mall FOOD Al Jaddaf Restaurant Dolphin Beach Restaurant Fuddruckers Guzel Saray Restaurant Zafran Restaurant


FOOD Coffeacr Lezzet Cafe Selected Coffee


HOTEL Courtyard By Marriot Jazan Inn Marriot Novotel Radison Blue Residance in by


FOOD Al Qariah Al Tarithia Jandofly Restaurant Zahrat Asir HOTEL Hilton Rose Farm MUSEUM Al-Masodi Museam Tabuk Awdh Al-Blewi

MUSEUM Dar Al Madinah Museam





Salman Bin Abdulaziz












2.52% 13

Mohammed Bin Salman


2,149,690 km²

Makkah & Madinah

GMT +3

Sharqiya, 4.1 million people

Riyadh, 7.3 million people




King Khaled International Airport









Jeddah & Makkah


King Abdulaziz International Airport

Khobar, Jubail Dammam & Dhahran



Madinah & Yanbu



Abha & Najran


King Fahd International Airport

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz International Airport


BUSINESS + BANKING HOURS 8/9 a.m. - 4/5 p.m. (Sun - Thur)

1.00 USD 1.00 Euro 1.00 British Pound 1.00 Indian Rupee 1.00 Philippine Peso

WEEKEND Friday – Saturday SHOPPING HOURS 10 a.m – 1 p.m. 5 – 11 p.m.


112 MARCH/APRIL 2019

Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport


STC Inquiry information Speaking Clock Mobily STC ZAIN

Al-Ahsa International Airport

905 1222 1100 900 959

EMERGENCY Ambulance General Emergency NAJM (Car Accidents) 920000560

997 911

SR 3.75 SR 4.39 SR 4.82 SR 0.06 SR 0.10



September 23

June 5





May 6

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DKSA Issue 04 - March/April 2019

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