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FROM THE EDITOR Change is good, evolving is even better.


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It’s been a year since we’ve relaunched as Destination KSA, capturing the new direction of the Kingdom. Since then, we’re pleasantly surprised by the way the country has transformed—ever so rapidly, and confident in building a brighter and bolder future. Destination KSA has always believed that there isn’t one path to succeeding at anything. Patriotism and nationalism have many faces, and our chosen route is by celebrating the Kingdom’s people, traditions, and way of life. Hence, for this issue, we wanted to show our evolution through the two subjects we love: People and… Food. We have partnered up with Goody KSA to bring you the “Toque of the Town,” a special dining feature that recognizes and celebrates good food and the great people who make them. Our teams came across amazing talents who are pushing culinary boundaries. They truly represent the marrying of times--- the fusion of local identity with global culture. There’s something for everyone in this issue, from discovering the great outdoors, visiting the latest season, to finding your health regimen in the city. Peel through our pages for some national nostalgia, read Jumanah Shaheen’s Hollywoord journey and hustle as a brave new Saudi. Thank you for trusting us with your stories, and making us your Destination.

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LA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME European Cream & European Pastries

The content of this advertorial represents the views of the author only and is his sole responsibility. The European Commission do not accept any responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains.


TRUE FALSe There are PDO creams!

True! There are two. One for the region of Isigny (Manche 1986), another in Bresse (Burgundy) from 2012. These crèmes fraîches are thick, pasteurised and characterised by their delicacy. According to the strict production criteria, Isigny cream contains 35 to 40% butterfat. Bresse cream has at least 36%.

Heavy cream is higher in fat than whipping cream.


After pasteurisation, cream either is or isn’t cultured with lactic ferments. Heavy cream undergoes this fermentation, which makes changes in texture possible. If the cream isn’t cultured, it simply remains liquid. A “thick” cream is therefore not higher in calorific value than a “liquid” one.

Double cream is especially rich in fat.

False! The term “double” is a synonym of the term “thick.” Double creams are matured and therefore thickened.

Crème fraîche has the least fat of all the creams.


With more than 65% water and 12% to 14% lipids, crème fraîche is the fat with the least calories (less than oil, lard, vegetable shortening, margarine and butter). Compared to the others, crème fraîche is the fat with the most water. Its calorific content (239 kcal/100g) is therefore less than that of other fats (900 kcal/100g for oil; 748 kcal/100g for butter). In addition, cream provides vitamins and nutrients as well as small quantities of proteins and carbohydrates. The nature of fatty acids as well as the proportion of each doesn’t vary with changes in lipid content.

Crème fraîche shouldn’t be cooked.


Contrary to popular wisdom, crème fraîche can tolerate light cooking. It’s even good to heat it, because when incorporated at the last minute, it is just a liquid sauce. In the first minute of cooking, it liquefies. It then regains its consistency as its water evaporates and this is when the best part can be obtained. Only very high cooking temperatures are to be avoided.


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Saudi Nostalgia Yes, We Can!

Get Hatched A Brave New Saudi: Jumanah Shaheen

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KNOW YOUR KINGDOM To Infiniti and Beyond Beat the Heat Taif Season

THE CREATIVES Going Loco for Local Maram Taibah Reviews


STYLE Patterns of Saudi Arabia The Saudi Fashion Scene Beuty Upgrades The Evolution of Arab Fashion Shows


DNING Toque of the Town Heating Things Up Get a Good Start with a Good Breakfast Competitive Eater: Hussein Sallam Food Trippin’

WELLNESS What the Health are They Up To Comfortable in Your Own skin Free Fit Bits

TRAVEL TRENDS A True Indulgence Entirely Korea Plastic


68 6 SEP/OCT 2019





Photographer, “Incubators” Page 16 Nataliya Mogeemkrainian is a photographer based in Khobar. She came to Saudi to work as a flight attendant, but ended up falling in love, and getting married. This allowed her to follow her old passion in photography. She is specialized in portrait and fashion photography. _soul_photo

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Writer, “The Saudi Fashion Scene” Page 74 Athba is a well-renowned Saudi fashion critic and creative director, considered one of the youngest influential voices in the Saudi fashion scene. Shaping digital media in today’s age, she serves as’s Editor in Chief. is a an online social platform conveying #SaudiYouthCulture with a major focus on the young, creative, edgy and hip. Within its digital pages, it discusses topics of fashion, art, culture, and lifestyle. With a significant industry shift to digital, it is positioned as a pioneer in Saudi digital creative content. shoesanddrama


Photographer, “Goody X DKSA - Hisham Baeshen” Page 26 Abdulkarim Al-Suhaymi has started his photography journey in 2009, and then launched a Photography studio recently, in partnership with Abdulrahman AlAdwan. Andulkarim has developed in this area and believes that he has reached a satisfactory level. However, he still aims to improve and develop within the photography field. 3ainmediasa


Artist, “Hope” Page 16 As long as I can remember I have been a woman and artist. Enraptured by techniques I studied photography in Belgium and worked in various countries around the world. Two years ago I visited for the first time Saudi Arabia. Venturing out I met many fascinating Saudi people, so much so that at the end of my short visit I decided to remain. Witnessing the positive developments that are taking place under the aegis of this government and enjoying this vibrant society so much, I am convinced that Jeddah has all the elements to become the next artist›s hub on par with Berlin and the like. Half a year ago I closed my house in Europe for good and settled long as The Kingdom is willing to have me, of course. aljohara.jeje

8 SEP/OCT 2019


Runner, “Get Fit For Free” Page 96 Ohoud AlQudsi is a member of the well-known all female sports team, Bliss Runners. She has always been into fitness and participated in many challenges recently including clibing 56 flights to the top of a building for breast cancer awareness. Ohoud@82


Writer, “Get Hatched” Page 46 Sarah dived into the world of entrepreneurship 5 years ago and can’t imagine ever going back to a desk job. When she’s not busy working, she’s busy learning and creating. sarahalrehaimi hayahorganics


Photographer, “Goody X DKSA Abdullah Abdulrahman” Page 28 Moath’s photography distinguishes in the area of press coverage and portrait photography, as ight, shadow and the human form intrigue him. He’s 27 years old and believes that he has yet to explore and shoot the most beautiful image of his life. _soul_photo


Writer, “Beat the Heat” Page 58 Qairawan is a nonprofit travel community that is determined to encourage and enable everyone to travel around Saudi Arabia responsibly, with minimal to zero cost but maximum fun! Web: YouTube: qairawancommunity


Writer, “A BRAVE NEW SAUDI” Page 52 Caitlin J. Gibbs is a writer and digital media producer from Huntington Beach, California, now residing in New York. caitlingivvs


Writer, “We hunt the Flame” Page 82 Maram Taibah is a fantasy writer, born in Montreal, Canada. She was raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which, back in the 90’s was the most unimaginative place. This pushed her to escape into books at a very early age and from there into the craft of storytelling. Maram is not only a fiction writer but also a screenwriter and filmmaker. She currently lives in Kingston, Ontario. She loves flowers, coffee, and bike rides along the lake. She wishes she had a cat or a dog. Soon! maram.taibah



SAUDI NOSTALGIA Home is where the heart is By Dalia Darweesh

Feelings of belonging, happiness, and comfort; are all interconnected when we think of the word, home. No matter how an individual defines his home as, there’s no denying that our roots hold a special place in our hearts; and our home is the beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We enthusiastically celebrate the 23rd of September, as it marks the day that Saudi Arabia was founded, back in 1932. We look forward to seeing car parades with traditional Saudi music playing, fireworks, and children and adults dressed in green, every year. On this National Day, we reflect back on the astonishing milestones that the Kingdom has gone through and reached till this day. In April of 2016, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced Saudi Vision 2030; and it has been reshaping the Kingdom ever since then. With a society that shares the same 10 SEP/OCT 2019

national identity, culture, and heritage; education has always been significant. Back in 2005, the late King Abdullah launched a Scholarship Program, sending thousands of Saudis abroad to obtain their degrees, furthering their education. Not only that, but we have been witnessing more opportunities in the Kingdom for Saudi women recently. Back in 1999, only 20 women have attended Al Shura Council for the first time ever in history; now, we have 30 women members in the council. Women first started working in ministries in 2008, and women lawyers were allowed to plead before the courts for the first time in the Kingdom in 2010; both of these decisions marked a great step towards the right direction. And of course, the ban on women driving has been lifted as of the 24th of June 2018. We couldn’t be happier! I remember the day I first heard about the decision of opening the doors to cinemas in the Kingdom; I thought to myself, I don’t have to cross borders to go

to the movies anymore! With the unprecedented amount of concerts, live entertainment, shows, and more, Saudi is being perceived as “brave, transformational, and evolutionary.” With Vision 2030 upon us, it’s creating an ambitious nation, presenting us with the right environment to fulfill our goals, and overcome challenges. While the creative field is being reintroduced, a window has opened to many of us, to pursue


various career paths within this large industry. Nevertheless, Saudi’s interest in Arts and Entertainment isn’t something new. During the mid 60’s and 70’s, it was especially significant. Back in 1965, King Faisal bin Abdulaziz inaugurated the first Saudi TV Channel. Theatre, music, and Art and Culture Associations also followed. Performers and singers from Saudi, the GCC, and Arab countries were also hosted in Saudi to perform live concerts. Consequently, the era of Cinema Al Hoosh - Outdoor Cinemas - in Jeddah began. Some of the very well known ones include Hoosh Mabrook and Hoosh Waheed. Some families that were financially well off, would even have their own in-house cinema set ups. We all carry many good memories of our times during the 70’s and 80’, and even the 90’s, despite the different economical factors the world has gone through. Who else remembers collecting stamps, 12 SEP/OCT 2019

or Pokémon cards, and reading Majid Magazine? Let’s also not forget about our favorite TV programs and cartoons such as Salamatak, Grendizer, Adnan wa Lina, Sesame Street- Efath Ya Simsim and SpaceToon in the early 2000’s. Visiting Toy Town and Toys-R-Us were like going to Disneyland. Who else remembers when dial-up Internet took over our world? Creating your first email address, with names so embarrassing that you can’t help but laugh at today. Going to the mall and sitting at cyber cafes for hours to surf the wonders of the Internet; MySpace was our Instagram, and MSN was our WhatsApp back in the day.

These years with all of their memories were dear to us, and thus will always be cherished. Perhaps, we do long for those simpler times, yet we look forward to new stages of progress, prosperity, and development. We’ve taken the National Day this year as an opportunity for us to cherish old memories, and appreciate and look forward to braver, stronger, newer and better ones.



By Al Johara

Contrasting the old and the new, our Saudi elders paved the way for the country we know today. Built on the strength of our fathers and moving forward with the creative minds of our youth and wise leadership, Saudi is a malleable country with proud roots. Celebrate 89 years of pride as you look forward onto new horizons this Saudi National Day.

14 SEP/OCT 2019




CELEBRATING LOCAL FOOD EVOLUTION The Bold and the Hungry: Culinary Talents evolving Saudi's Food.

:‫مواهب الطاهي الجريئة‬ ‫تطور ثقافة الطعام السعودية‬ 16 SEP/OCT 2019


An ode to good food made by great people.

‫ بأيدي‬،‫في مدح الطعام اللذيذ‬ ‫محبيه‬

Food has always been a way to capture a nation’s identity. And at Destination, we were always fascinated by how it brings people and cultures together.

‫لطالما كان الطعام محطة للتعرف‬ ‫ ولطالما أبهرتنا‬.‫على هوية البلدان‬ ‫قدرة الطعام على لم شمل مختلف‬ ‫األشخاص ومختلف الثقافات سوية‬ .‫على مائدة واحدة‬

We were ecstatic to find out that Goody, one of the luminary brands behind the evolution of food culture, shared our vision of celebrating culinary champions in the Kingdom. For their 50th Anniversary and just in time for Saudi National Day-- Goody has chosen to partner up with Destination KSA to create this special feature.

‫أحد‬- ‫علمنا بغاية الحماس أن قودي‬ ‫أهم الشركات الرائدة والمساهمة في‬ ‫ تشاركنا نفس‬-‫تطور ثقافة الطعام‬ ‫الرغبة باالحتفاء بالطهاة االستثنائيين‬ ‫ وبمناسبة الذكرى‬.‫في المملكة‬ ‫ وبالتوافق مع‬،‫الخمسين لقودي‬ ،‫اليوم الوطني التاسع والثمانون‬ ‫اختارت قودي التعاون معنا في هذه‬ ‫السلسلة التي تسلط الضوء على ما‬ .‫نجتمع على ُح َّبه‬

In Toque of the Town we selected some of the country’s leading food innovators who seamlessly married authentic Saudi flavors with global techniques and cuisines.With five clinching the top ranks and a shortlist of 10 others who share the same merits, we leave you to discover new territories through their creations. 35 other slots remain for you, our dear readers to fill. Let us know who among the rising stars of the culinary scene deserves a spot. May this special edition make you appreciate the gastronomical Goody-ness around you and inspire you to create your soulful masterpieces.

‫كالم على طعام مبادرة تعاونية بيننا‬ ‫ هدفها البحث على نخبة‬،‫وبين قودي‬ ‫من الرواد في مجال الطعام في‬ ‫المملكة يمكنهم خلق وتطوير أطباق‬ ‫خاصة تمزج بين النكهات السعودية‬ ‫ يتصدر‬.‫األصيلة ومطابخ أخرى عالمية‬ ‫القائمة خمسة طهاة وعشرة آخرون‬ ‫تميزوا بمكانة ذوقية رفيعة بناء على‬ .‫إنجازاتهم العملية وإبداع أطباقهم‬ ‫من هنا ندعوكم الستكشاف أبعاد‬ ‫جديدة إلبداعاتهم التي اختاروا‬ .‫مشاركتنا إياها في هذا العدد‬ ً‫ فراغاً شاغرا‬٣٥ ‫ يوجد‬،‫باإلضافة‬ .‫ قرائنا الرائعين‬،‫بانتظار توصياتكم‬ ‫شاركونا برأيكم من هم ألمع نجوم‬ ‫الساحة الذين يستحقون تسليط‬ .‫الضوء عليهم‬ ‫نأمل أن تحفزك هذه السلسلة على‬ ‫ لتصنع‬،‫استمداد اإللهام من حولك‬ .‫وتشاركنا إبداعاتك المشبعة‬


AMMAR ALBARAKATI Ammar Albarakati grew up wanting to be a doctor, but cooking really piqued his interest, too. He ditched the white coat for an apron and traveled to the US to pursue his culinary dreams. In 2011, Ammar got his bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University.

Chef Ammar competed on Top Chef Middle East Season 2. During one of the show’s cooking rounds, he dazzled viewers with Tamerisu; his tiramisu dish made with dates. His fondness for cooking ran deep as he opened his own place, Ammar Restaurant in Jeddah. Representing his talents as he dishes out international classics, the restaurant has brought him national attention.

‫عمار البركاتي‬

‫لطالما كان يريد عمار البركاتي أن‬ ‫ ولكنه كان مولعا‬، ً‫يصبح طبيبا‬ ‫ ولذلك تخلى عن‬. ً‫بالطهي أيضا‬ ‫معطف الطبيب وارتدى مريلة‬ ‫الطهي عندما ذهب إلى الواليات‬ ‫ حصل عمار‬.‫المتحدة للحاق بشغفه‬ ‫على الباكالوريوس في إدارة خدمات‬ ٢٠١١ ‫األطعمة وفنون الطهي عام‬ .‫من جامعة جونسون آند والز‬ ‫التحق الشيف عمار ببرنامج توب‬ ‫شيف النسخة العربية في موسمه‬ ‫ أبهر‬،‫ وفي إحدى المنافسات‬.‫الثاني‬ ‫ طبق التيراميسو‬،‫الجميع بالتمريسو‬ .‫الخاص به والذي يحتوي على التمر‬ ‫نمى حب الطهي لدى الشيف عمار‬ ‫ مطعم‬،‫عندما افتتح مطعمه الخاص‬ ‫ وحظى المطعم على‬.‫أمار بجدة‬ ‫اهتمام وطني لما يقدمه من أطباق‬ .‫عالمية كالسيكية مميزة‬ chef.aalbarakati 18 SEP/OCT 2019


When an Italian delicacy meets a Saudi staple. This tiramisu dish made with dates will have you saying Mi scusi!

‫تمر يسو‬

‫عندما يجتمع الطعم اإليطالي الشهي‬ ‫ طبق التيراميسو‬.‫بالتمور السعودية الغنية‬ ‫المعد بالتمر هذا سيجعلك تنطق‬ .‫باإليطالية‬

.‫ زوروا موقعنا‬،‫للحصول على هذه الصفحة‬ FOR THE FULL RECIPE VISIT DESTINATIONKSA.COM DESTINATION KSA 19

SAMA JAAD Sama Jaad has been cooking her whole life, but only started doing it professionally two years ago. Taking courses, reading books, and watching videos online, Sama managed to advance her skills and techniques. Her passion, love for cooking, and drive to continue to learn new things every day helped her most. She picked the penne matazeez to merge traditional Saudi cuisine with the European one, using pasta rather than the usual dough – inadvertently cutting down on time spent making the dish.

‫سما جاد‬ ‫أحبت سما الطهي ومارسته‬ ‫ لكنها امتهنت‬،‫طوال حياتها‬ ‫ تمكنت‬.‫الطهي منذ عامين فقط‬ ‫سما في وقت قياسي من‬ ‫صقل مهارتها من خالل حضورها‬ ‫للدورات وقراءة الكتب ومشاهدة‬ ‫ كان وال‬.‫البرامج الخاصة بالطهي‬ ‫يزال شغف سما وحبها للطهي‬ .‫أكبر دافع ساعدها على التعلم‬ ‫اختارت سما طبق بيني المطازيز‬ ‫في محاولة لمزج المطبخ‬ ،‫السعودي بالمطبخ األوروبي‬ ‫باستخدام المعكرونة بدل العجين‬ .‫مع احتساب وقت أقل لطهيه‬ sama_jaad 20 SEP/OCT 2019


A beef and vegetable stew prepared with penne pasta instead of dough traditionally.

‫بيني المطازيز‬

‫إيدام اللحم والخضراوات المقدمة‬ ‫مع المكرونة البيني عوضاً عن‬ .‫العجينة االعتيادية‬

.‫ زوروا موقعنا‬،‫للحصول على هذه الصفحة‬ FOR THE FULL RECIPE VISIT DESTINATIONKSA.COM DESTINATION KSA 21

LAMA AL JAHDALI Lama’s Al Jahdali’s passion for creating dishes developed when she was a little girl, observing her mother and other members of her family as they made food and tried different Saudi and international recipes. In high school, she got involved in a community service project of cooking and baking snacks that required making snacks from around the world, serving to those who haven’t had a chance to travel. As she tried to perfect each unique dish, it came to her to pursue this as a career, and ended up studying at Le Cordon Bleu in London. Lama has just successfully completed her tenure at Jeddah Season’s Japanese Restaurant Nobu, and is currently an entrepreneur.

‫لمى الجحدلي‬

‫تأصــل شــغف الطهــي لدى لمى منذ‬ ‫الصغــر عندمــا كانــت تراقب والدتها‬ ‫وهــي تعــد مختلف األطبــاق العالمية‬ ‫ وعندمــا كانت في‬.‫والســعودية‬ ‫ شــاركت في مشــروع للخدمة‬،‫الثانوية‬ ‫االجتماعيــة يتطلــب إعداد وجبات‬ ‫خفيفــة مختلفــة مســتوحاة من مطابخ‬ ‫عالميــة لمنــح تجربــة تلك األطعمة‬ .‫لمن لم يتســنى لهم الســفر لتذوقها‬ ‫وكان لذلــك المشــروع تأثيــر كبير على‬ ‫ إذ قــررت بعدهــا امتهان الطهي‬،‫لمــى‬ ‫ونالــت علــى شــهادتها من لو كوردون‬ .‫بلــو في لندن‬

‫ انتهت لمى من‬،‫في اآلونة األخيرة‬ ،‫عملها بمطعم نوبو الياباني الشهير‬ ‫والذي تم افتتاحه مؤقتاً ضمن‬ ً‫ وتعمل حاليا‬،‫فعاليات موسم جدة‬ .‫في ريادة األعمال‬ 22 SEP/OCT 2019

.‫ زوروا موقعنا‬،‫للحصول على هذه الصفحة‬ FOR THE FULL RECIPE VISIT DESTINATIONKSA.COM

CARDAMOM AND ROSE CHOUX AU CRAQUELIN French fluffy pastries filled with cardamom chantilly cream and a rose-infused crust.

‫حلى الشو بالهيل‬ ‫والورد‬

‫فطيرة فرنسية هشة محشوة بكريمة‬ .‫الهيل وقشرة مشربة بالورد‬


DOUHA AL OTAISHAN Douha Alotaishan started her journey as a self-taught chef, her cooking ethos being all about fervors and flavors. She honed her culinary skills by attending culinary courses, including traveling to Hyderabad for forty days. It wasn’t long before she was appearing on Matbakh Douha on The Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), as one of the first female Saudi chefs to have her own TV show. Also, she founded Majlisna, a restaurant dedicated to Najdi food. She says, “Having new cooking academies in the Kingdom and the involvement of Saudi chefs in the F&B industry is key to the growth and evolution of the Saudi food culture.”

24 SEP/OCT 2019

‫ضحى العطيشان‬ ‫ابتدأت ضحى مشوارها كطاهية‬ ‫ ويمتاز طهيها‬،‫باالعتماد على نفسها‬ .‫ألطباقها بالدفء‬ ‫حضرت ضحى عدة دورات ساعدتها‬ ‫ آخرها‬،‫على شحذ مهاراتها في الطهي‬ .ً‫كان في حيدر آباد ولمدة أربعين يوما‬ ‫تعتبر ضحى أحد أوائل السعوديات‬ ،‫اللواتي يمتلكن برامجهن الخاصة‬ ‫فيعرض برنامجها “مطبخ ضحى” على‬ ‫شبكة إس بي سي الخاصة بهيئة‬ ‫ كما‬.‫اإلذاعة والتلفزيون السعودي‬ ‫تمتلك مطعم “مجلسنا” في مدينة‬ .‫الرياض والمختص بالمطبخ النجدي‬ ‫ «إن المفتاح الرئيسي‬:‫تقول ضحى‬ ‫لتطور ونمو ثقافة الطعام السعودية‬ ‫هو انخراط األكاديميين من الطهاة‬ ‫عامة والسعوديون خاصة في صناعة‬ .»‫األغذية والمشروبات في المملكة‬ chef.duha

TAMEN RISOTTO BALLS A fusion rice dish that elegantly combines Italian Risotto and Hail’s Tamen.

‫كرات ريزوتو التمن‬ ‫طبق مبتكر يمزج بين الريزوتو‬ .‫اإليطالي وتمن حائل‬

.‫ زوروا موقعنا‬،‫للحصول على هذه الصفحة‬ FOR THE FULL RECIPE VISIT DESTINATIONKSA.COM DESTINATION KSA 25

HISHAM BAESHEN Spending most of his time at home and experimenting with food in the kitchen as a kid, Hisham Baeshen didn’t intend to learn recipes, he just simply enjoyed cooking. His first creation, at the age of nine, was basbousa that later – accidentally – turned into a cupcake, he recounts. Hisham is currently a full-time food consultant, developing recipes, menus, and training chefs on Saudi cuisine and preparing fast food. He is currently working on a cookbook – keep a lookout for it! 26 SEP/OCT 2019

‫هشام باعشن‬

‫لم يكن في حسبان هشام أنه سيصبح‬ ‫طاهياً حينما كان يمضي معظم وقته‬ ‫ كما لم‬،‫بالتجارب في مطبخه بالمنزل‬ ،‫يكن ينوي تعلم العديد من الوصفات‬ ‫كل ما كان يبحث عنه كطفل هي‬ .‫المتعة التي وجدها أثناء الطهي‬ ‫يتذكر أن أول إبداعاته كانت في سن‬ ‫ وهي بسبوسة انقلبت‬،‫التاسعة‬ .‫فأصبحت كبكيك‬ ‫يتفرغ هشام حالياً للعمل كمستشار‬ ‫ ومطور وصفات وقوائم‬،‫أطعمة‬ ‫ باإلضافة إلى تدريب الطهاة‬،‫طعام‬ ‫على المطبخ السعودي واألكالت‬ ‫ كما يعمل أيضاً على كتاب‬.‫السريعة‬ .‫الطبخ األول الخاص به‬ misho_baeshen


Risotto rice cooked sayadiyah style.

‫ريزوتو الصيادية‬

‫أرز الريزوتو مطهي على طريقة‬ .‫الصيادية‬

.‫ زوروا موقعنا‬،‫للحصول على هذه الصفحة‬ FOR THE FULL RECIPE VISIT DESTINATIONKSA.COM DESTINATION KSA 27


While studying in Australia, trying new dishes motivated Wedad to learn more about the culinary world, and she found herself recreating them. When she returned home, she knew she wanted to pursue cooking as a career. Wedad is currently a chef at Crumbs Restaurant in Dammam, and strives to become an elite chef with her own restaurant one day.


Chef Abdullah does it all: cooking, styling, and photography. He parlayed his passion for food from working as a food photographer to being a chef. Chef Abdullah forged a career out of a hobby that took root when he wanted handson experience in the kitchen for better photography results. Previously a chef at Steakhouse, Rosh Rayhaan, Marriott, and Fairmont in Riyadh, he currently works as a food consultant.


As an artist and a chef, ever since she was little Afnan loved going into the kitchen with her grandmother and mother. She started her journey in the corporate world for 7 years straight, yet her passion for cooking never died. Back in 2014, she studied in the US to become a pastry chef, specializing in French cuisine. She’s currently operating an online store through Instagram. 28 SEP/OCT 2019

‫وداد فاضل‬

،‫عندما كانت وداد تدرس في أستراليا‬ ‫لفت انتباهها األطباق المختلفة التي‬ ‫ أدى ذلك إلى محاوالت‬.‫كانت تجربها‬ .‫جادة إلعادة صنع تلك األطباق‬ ‫ ازداد اهتمام وداد بالطهي‬،‫وبذلك‬ ‫ عند عودتها‬.‫وسعت إلى تعلم المزيد‬ ‫ أيقنت أنها تود أن‬،‫إلى السعودية‬ ‫ تعمل وداد في‬، ً‫ حاليا‬.‫تحترف الطهي‬ ‫ وتطمح أن‬،‫مطعم كرمبز في الدمام‬ ‫تصبح يوماً ما من نخبة الطهاة وأن‬ .‫تمتلك مطعمها الخاص‬ chef.de2

‫عبدالله عبدالرحمن‬

‫ يهتم‬،‫شيف عبدالله يمارس الطهي‬ .‫ ويحب التصوير‬،‫بتزيين الطعام‬ ‫اكتسب شغف الطهي من خالل‬ ‫تحولت هواية‬.‫عمله كمصور للطعام‬ ‫الطهي إلى مهنة ي عندما كان يريد‬ ‫خوض تدريب عملي في المطبخ‬ ‫ كان‬.‫ليحصل على صور أفصل لألطباق‬ ،‫يعمل سابقاً في مطعم ستيكهاوس‬ ،‫ فندق ماريوت‬،‫روش ريحان‬ ‫والفيرمونت في الرياض وأصبح يعمل‬ .‫حالياً كمستشار لألطعمة‬ beedoo33

‫أفنان الجعدي‬

‫ أحبت أفنان المطبخ‬،‫كفنانة وطاهية‬ ‫ وكانت تتطلع‬،‫منذ نعومة أظافرها‬ ‫دائماً لمساعدة جدتها ووالدتها‬ ‫ بدأت رحلتها‬.‫في مهام الطهي‬ ‫المهنية بالعمل في الشركات لمدة‬ ‫ أعوام ولكن لطالما بقي شغف‬٧ ‫ وفي عام‬.‫الطهي مشتعل بداخلها‬ ‫ ذهبت إلي الواليات المتحدة‬،٢٠١٤ ‫لتتخصص في إعداد الحلويات‬ ً‫ تدير أفنان حاليا‬.‫والمطبخ الفرنسي‬ ‫متجر إلكتروني لبيع الحلويات من‬ .‫خالل تطبيق االإنستاجرام‬ afnanaljaadi


Raneen admires the Italian and French cuisines because “ a few quality ingredients can make up for a quality dish.” Techniques learnt throughout the years show clearly in the fineness of the dishes she puts together. This food blogger has been enjoying every bit of what she does for the past 3 years, after quitting on investments and asset management to run after her dreams.


Ali’s beginnings in cooking started when he was studying abroad. He noticed how those around him enjoyed his cooking, so he decided to improve on his skills. One day, while scrolling through his phone, he stumbled upon Tasty’s account and got inspired to have a social media presence since August 2017. “Cooking is a passion, if you love something, just go for it,” Ali affirms.


Exposed first to cooking during boarding school, seafood held a great place in Amr’s heart since the very beginning, especially when prepared Asian style. This full time banker initially sought cooking as a mere hobby. Today he enjoyes curating menus for a variety of novel restaurants. With his wife standing right behind him in full support, he hopes to one day enroll in a culinary school and go pro.

‫رنين جودة‬

‫تعشق رنين المطبخ اإليطالي‬ ‫والفرنسي ألن بضع من المكونات‬ ‫الطازجة تكفي إلعداد أجود األطباق‬ ‫ تسهل رؤية أساليب الطهي‬.‫وألذها‬ ‫التي تعلمتها رنين عبر السنين من‬ ‫ لطالما‬.‫خالل أطباقها المتقنة‬ ‫استمتعت رنين بكل يوم من األعوام‬ ‫الثالثة الفائتة والتي أمضتها في‬ ‫تدوين تفاصيل وصفاتها بعد أن‬ ‫تخلت عن أعمالها في إدارة األصول‬ .‫واالستثمارات لمالحقة حلمها‬ raneens.table

‫علي باشا‬

‫بدأت قصة علي مع الطهي عندما‬ ‫ إعجابه بسعادة‬.‫كان يدرس بالخارج‬ ‫من حولة عند تناولهم ما يقدمه‬ ‫من أطباق كان حافزاً له للتحسين‬ ‫ قرر‬.‫من مهاراته والتطوير من ذاته‬ ‫أن يكون له حضور على شبكات‬ ٢٠١٧ ‫التواصل االجتماعي في عام‬ ‫عندما كان يتصفح حساب تايستي‬ ‫ إن‬،‫ “ الطهي هواية‬.‫على اإلنستاجرام‬ ‫أحببت شيئاً ال تتردد في مزاولته بكل‬ ”.‫قوة‬

‫عمرو كعكي‬

‫ولدت عادة الطهي في المدرسة‬ ‫الداخلية لدى عمرو حبها والرغبة في‬ ‫ حازت‬،‫ ومنذ ذلك الوقت‬.‫ممارستها‬ ‫المأكوالت البحرية المحضرة بالطرق‬ ‫اآلسيوية المختلفة على إعجابه وجل‬ ‫ في بداية األمر كان الطهي‬.‫اهتمامه‬ ‫ ومع مرور‬،‫مجرد هواية بالنسبة لعمرو‬ ‫الوقت بات يستمتع بتأليف قوائم‬ ‫ وبدعم‬.‫الطعام للمطاعم الجديدة‬ ‫ يأمل بأن يلتحق‬،‫زوجته المستمر له‬ ‫بمدرسة للطهي ويتجه نحو االحترافية‬ .‫يوماً ما‬ amrkaki



‫نهال فلمبان‬

A foodie at heart, Nihal’s life involves exploring new flavors and recipes from traditional cuisines around the world, which inspires other travelers to experience other cultures through culinary experiences. With tantalizing tales of food and a permanent case of wanderlust, Nihal currently works as a TV host on MBC’s Wain Al-heen travel show.

،‫كونها عاشقة للطعام ومحبة للترحال‬ ‫تتمحور حياة نهال حول البحث عن‬ ‫وصفات ممتعة من مطابخ عالمية في‬ ‫بلدان مختلفة لتشجع اآلخرين على‬ ‫تجربة تلك األطعمة وزيارة تلك البلدان‬ ً‫ تعمل نهال حاليا‬.‫بثقافاتها المتنوعة‬ ‫مضيفة في برنامج وين الحين الذي‬ .‫يزاع على قناة إم بي سي‬


‫أنس السليم‬

Anas was not always fond of cooking; the only dish he ever cooked was instant noodles, and that too burnt. In 2012, while he was taking an English language course at Alhokair High Institute, their culinary course fell on his plate, so to speak, and he decided to give it a whirl. He was hired at Four Seasons Riyadh at the age of 23 and has won the Saudi Excellence Tourism Award for Best Young Chef. He also participated in Top Chef Middle East- Season 3, and performed remarkably.


With no formal culinary training, Wed grew up learning from her mother, who was a great cook herself. She stepped onto the first rung of the ladder when she became the commis chef at Hyatt Regency Riyadh in 2016. She was a Top Chef Meddlle East Season 3 contestant and from there, she got an offer to work with celebrity chef Maroun Chedid at Ritage by Maroun Chedid KSA. 30 SEP/OCT 2019


.‫لم يستهوي أنس قط مفهوم الطهي‬ ‫حيث اقتصرت خبرته سابقاً على إعداد‬ ‫ وفي بعض‬.‫المكرونة الفورية فقط‬ .‫األحيان كانت تبوء محاوالته بالفشل‬ ‫ عندما كان يدرس اللغة‬،٢٠١٢ ‫في عام‬ ،‫االنجليزية في معهد الحكير العالي‬ ‫وقع على عاتقه دورة للطهي وقرر أن‬ ‫ تم تعيينه‬.‫يمنح هذه التجربة فرصة‬ ‫في فندق الفور سيزنس بالرياض‬ ‫ حيث حاز‬،‫ عام‬٢٣ ‫عندما بلغ من العمر‬ ‫على جائزة التميز السعودي للسياحة‬ ‫ باإلضافة إلى‬.‫ألفضل طاهي يافع‬ ‫ انضم إلى الموسم الثالث من‬، ‫ذلك‬ ‫برنامج توب شيف النسخة العربية‬ .‫وكان أدائه ملفت لالنتباه‬ anas.alsulayyim

‫ود صالح‬

،‫بدأت ود مشوارها كهاوية للطهي‬ ‫حيث استمدت اإللهام وتعلمت من‬ .‫والدتها التي كانت طاهية بارعة‬ ‫تسلقت بعدها السلم المهني عند‬ ‫تعيينها في فندق حياة ريجنسي‬ ‫ كانت شيف‬.٢٠١٦ ‫بالرياض في عام‬ ‫ود متنافسة في برنامج توب شيف‬ ‫النسخة العربية ومن هناك تسنت لها‬ ‫الفرصة للعمل مع الشيف مارون شديد‬ .‫في مطعم ريتاج‬ wedr

AL MAHA ALDOSSARI A banker by profession and an explorer by passion, Maha Aldossari quit her job and found her calling in the food world. She traveled to London in 2014 and studied at Le Cordon Bleu for three years. In 2017, she returned to Saudi with a masters in Tourism and Hospitality. During this time, she had already transitioned into a vegan lifestyle and this became her ultimate changing point.

‫المها الدوسري‬

‫تخلت مها عن وظيفتها المصرفية‬ ‫لتتمكن من السعي وراء حلمها في‬ ‫عالم الطهي كونها تحب االستكشاف‬ ‫ ارتادت‬،٢٠١٤ ‫ وفي عام‬.‫بطبيعتها‬ ‫مدرســة لو كوردون بلو في لندن‬ ‫ كمــا حازت على‬.‫ أعــوام‬٣ ‫لمــدة‬ ‫شــهادة الماجســتير في السياحة‬ ‫ خالل فترة‬.٢٠١٧ ‫والفندقــة عــام‬ ،‫ تبنــت نمــط الحياة النباتي‬،‫دراســتها‬ ‫وأصبحــت تلــك نقطــة تحول محورية‬ .‫فــي حياتها‬ thebedouinvegan



GO, GUZZLE, GULP! An interview with Hussein Sallam: A Competitive eater, entrepreneur, and an overall nice guy.

Hussain Sallam (aka S7S) lived most of his life abroad. When he moved back to Saudi, he worked for a few companies after majoring in Computer Science, but didn’t quite find himself in that area. He later opened a family-operated café called Cozy in Durrat Al Aroos that has been operating for over eight years now – a hotspot on weekends and holidays serving homemade dishes, the recipes for which are all created by him. During his corporate life, while being focused on work and working out, he started controlling his diet, becoming obsessed with getting thinner. He would get dizzy while walking and would bump into things, and a binge-eating phase would always follow. He quickly realized that he was falling into a trap his own mind created and wanted to 32 SEP/OCT 2019

pull himself out back into better eating habits and overall health. Hussain then decided to implement a cheat day every Saturday. He would work out but eat what he wanted without feeling guilty. Intermittent fasting has also helped him, as did drinking caffeine and 10 liters of water, which helps him with digestion. This became especially useful when he’s preparing for a challenge; he has been a competitive eater for 2 years. On a non-cheat day, Hussain keeps a steady diet of vegetables and chicken breasts. So how does a competitive eater like Hussain spend his day? “I wake up and do 40-30 minutes of cardio on an empty stomach. I’ll have my protein shake or egg whites. I then head to the gym to work out for 2/1 2 -2 hours, go home and do another 30 minutes of cardio, and then finally have

my meal,” he says. He also regularly goes for medical checkups every 3 months. When Hussain started his YouTube channel, he wanted to show people how it’s possible to enjoy food and still stay active and healthy at the same time. It’s true that he wanted people to see that he could eat this much and actually stay within acceptable weight parameters, but it’s also about having a healthy body inside and out. At the end of the day, his goal is mainly to entertain and wow people – if they smile throughout his videos, then he’s happy. On his future plans, Hussain doesn’t want every video to be a new challenge, since challenges are not as easy. He intends to travel the world, taste new foods, and share those experiences with his followers and subscribers.


34 SEP/OCT 2019

CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? Secret menu items inspired by Hussein Sallam’s collaboration with certain restaurants

To the foodies, and adventurous readers that love to try new dishes, we have some good news for you. Hussain has collaborated with some restaurants to create exceptional dishes. Next time you’re in any of these places, why not order off the menu and bite into these secrets:


Think of a burger, but the buns are made out of cheese, and the burger consists of ribs mixed with cheese instead. Yum.


Not your traditional lasagna. Pasta, with a delicious combination of tomatoes, and perfectly seasoned ground meat, topped with ribs and BBQ sauce.

MINI CROISSANTS WITH RIBS Finely grilled ribs, served in a mini, light and sweet butter croissant with a special cherry sauce drizzled on top.


Smoked beef with Arabic spices, wrapped in a crunchy tortilla

bread, served with crispy fries and onion rings, with a side of BBQ sauce.


Smoked, juicy, and tender baby back ribs, drizzled with honey.


For patty maniacs, this burrger will be one crazy ride.


Live the pancake life with a stack of 12 fluffly, fresh pancakes topped with sweet maple syrup and berry mix.




AMARA RESTAURANT: amara_jeddah

THE COUNTER BURGER: thecountersaudi



FOOD TRIPPIN’ Your monthly guide to eating and feasting around Saudi Arabia.

HOSTING GREAT MEMORIES Host by Goody Kitchen is a restaurant where guests experience amazement with their recipes and Goody Kitchen’s hospitality. The ideas of Goody consumers are what inspire every plate prepared by the restaurant’s top-notch chefs. Recently, Host held its first gathering of 30 food passionate’s and influencers who came together to enjoy and experience a meal with all the loveliness of home cooked food in a home-like environment. Location: Abdul Maqsud Khojah, Ar Rawdah, Jeddah thehostksa 36 SEP/OCT 2019


Baos have taken Saudi by storm! BACO, the new addition to Jeddah’s food scene, has been on everyone’s must-try list. Located at Boulevard, Baco has taken the concept of a bao and taco to create a fusion of Central American and Asian cuisine. Try their most popular menu items, which include the brisket bao and the kimchi rice. You can thank us later.

Enjoy an upscale dining experience with a beautiful ambience, from music to soft lighting and carefully designed seating at THE PANTRY, which is fast becoming the hottest dining place in Khobar. With a variety of delectable international dishes like the truffle macaroni cheese, the black Angus Steak, and the zesty pumpkin salad, your dining experience won’t disappoint. If you’re a big group, make sure to reserve in advance!

Location: King Abdulaziz Branch Rd., Ash Shati Dist., Jeddah

Location: King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Rd., Al Bandariyah, Khobar pantryksa


COMFORT FOOD CATCH-UP CATCH22 serves contemporary takes on Western favorites like burgers, lobster rolls, and steak. It has a menu full of hearty mains, fusion starters, crazy shakes, sushi & sticks, desserts as well as healthy options. The interiors fashion some funky and modern artwork on the walls along with a glow-in-the-dark dining experience. Don’t forget to strike a pose at their very own photo booth while you wait for your order! Location: The Zone, Al Muhammadiyah Dist., Riyadh DESTINATION KSA 37



If you have a hankering for a beef brisket, NARMO’S Brisket Bun is a must-try! The tender brisket, pickle, and chili inside a great bun makes it a glorious mouthful of meatiness. The chicken wings are also the thing here: super succulent with their special sauce drizzled over.

AZIZ CAFE has been the talk of the town with its specialty coffee and carefully crafted breakfast menu. Located inside Beauti, the cafe offers delectable breakfast items. Their coffee is great – we highly recommend their cortado served hot or cold. Want to try something new? Try the date shake, which includes iced Arabic coffee.

Craving some light bites, sliders, and salads? INCH is definitely the right place. This newly opened restaurant in Ahsa satisfies those cravings, and delights all your other senses with its beautifully decorated interior. We recommend trying the Chicken and Waffle Slider, and if you love spicy food, get the Buffalo Slider.

Location: One Square Plaza, King Abdul Aziz Rd., Riyadh

Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Branch Rd., Ar Rawdah Dist., Jeddah cafe_aziz

Location: King Abdukkah Rd., Al Mazrooa Dist., Al Hofuf inch.ksa


38 SEP/OCT 2019



A fun and cozy hangout perfect for you and your friends to chill at, ASH CAFE has board games and video games. There’s a mini treehouse, and bean bag chairs make the place super relaxing and ideal for coffee. We recommend their flavored lattes along with the tahini brownie while you’re at it!

FISH FACE offers customizable poké bowls and burritos that you can choose from eleven combos, or build it yourself by choosing from the nourishing flavor-packed ingredients and toppings. Have it all made in front of you and then dig in right away! The sides include Crab Rangoon Rolls worth trying. Soft opening hours: 12:30pm to 11:30pm

Location: Quraysh St., As Salamah Dist., Jeddah ashcafes

Location: Wadi Tawa, Al Nakheel Plaza, Riyadh fishfaceksa

BEST BLENDS CAMEL STEP roastery is now finally in Sharqiya! Enjoy sipping on one of the finest coffees, including Espresso, Turkish, Arabian, and Black blends. With a cozy setting, it is the perfect spot to socialize, or even get some work done. Try their flat white, hot or iced latte, and for a stronger flavor, their cortado. Location: Salah Al Deen Al Ayoubi St., Al Rawabi Dist., Khobar camelstep DESTINATION KSA 39


HEATING THINGS UP The highly acclaimed Celebrity Chef Issa AlLamki at Rosewood Jeddah Rosewood Jeddah recently announced the appointment of their new Executive Chef, Issa AlLamki, who brings with him over 24 years of culinary experiences from various acclaimed five-star hotels, top restaurants, and cooking shows across the Gulf region. His love for cooking started when he was a young boy growing up in Oman; he used to get caught sneaking into the kitchen and trying to cook in his mother's absence, only for her to return and find the kitchen in a huge mess. Chef Issa wasn't much for hitting the books and his parents were shocked at his decision to become a chef. The memory still makes him laugh as he remembers his mother trying to seal the deal by buying him a recipe book only if he gets good grades in school.

40 SEP/OCT 2019


“Don’t let the relentless pursuit of perfection make you focus all the energy on yesterday’s failure – work on what’s in front of you in the kitchen, use creativity to improve and kick it up a notch to build a great dish.” Chef Issa AlLamki

Eventually, he enrolled in a culinary institute and graduated from Miami, USA. Through traveling, he was exposed to different cuisines, and after some experience in the restaurant business, Chef Issa opened up his first famous restaurant in Oman called Ubhar. From there, Oman TV caught word of his talents and signed him for a cooking show. Chef Issa quickly rose to stardom when the Sultan of Oman watched his show and hired him as an executive chef at the palace, where he worked for a year. With years of hard work, tenacity, and extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and international culinary experience of numerous luxury hotels and restaurants, Issa AlLamki is a great asset to Rosewood Jeddah. Chef Issa is at the helm of all culinary aspects of the prestigious hotel, providing guests with memorable food experiences together with his kitchen brigade of chefs. His cooking style takes the spirit of different traditional recipes and adapts them to fusion ingredients that are appealing to the Saudi palate. Chef Issa’s primary goal at Rosewood Jeddah is to train and mentor junior chefs to face the kitchen challenges and build a

team of young Saudi chefs who follow his legacy. In addition, he offers to host a series of culinary classes for interested locals. Feel free to contact Rosewood Jeddah for private/group requests. With Chef Issa, you’ll stand the heat and love the kitchen!

Web: Tel: +966-12-2607111 RosewoodJeddah rwjeddah



GET A GOOD START WITH A GOOD BREAKFAST Here’s an eggs-quisite breakfast roundup to start your day right, at these hot breakfast spots! By Khadija Mohamed


42 SEP/OCT 2019

RIYADH OPLAISIR While it is admittedly on the higher end of breakfast options, indulging yourself once in a while is nothing if not a great idea. With authentic French breakfast fare from eggs Benedict to filled croissants, Oplaisir is the place of choice for an opulent breakfast environment with a Parisian feel. Our Pick: Croissant & Oeufs Brouillees Location: Takhassusi Branch St, oplaisir_ksa

EGGSACTLY In addition to their egg buns, Eggsactly has a variety of appealing breakfast options, such as pancake sandwiches, that will win over the pickiest of eaters. The quirky atmosphere a great bonus; you’ll have many chances to liven up that Instagram feed along with your hearty meal. Our Pick: Truffle Bun

BAGEL O BAGEL Open daily from 6 AM onwards, Bagel O Bagel offers a variety of freshly-baked bagels as well as toppings to perfectly complement them, from the classic cream cheese to a more complex filling like shakshouka. We also love their modern, simple décor and utilization of natural light. Our Pick: Multigrain Bagel with Cream Cheese Location: Prince Abdulaziz Bin Thunayan St., An Nakheel bagelobagelsa

BRUNCHIKA This breakfast spot, decorated with splashes of color and fascinating little details, has the perfect cozy ambience, with menu options suitable for any mood – comfort food for a homey breakfast, or interesting spins on classics if you are feeling more adventurous. Our Pick: Japanese Pancakes Location: Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Rd brunchika8

Location: Sabfa Ibn Saidah, An Nakheel


SHARQIYA SEVEN Decked out in bright pastel shades and embellished with fun paintings of cats, Seven resembles an old-fashioned diner and is too cute to miss out on – even if you’re not a cat lover. Specializing in breakfast and brunch, Seven has options for your sweet or savory preferences. Our Pick: Honeycomb French Toast Location: Salaheddin Al Ayoubi St., Khobar eatatseven




Scramble offers a wide array of dishes ranging from pancakes to foul. Mismatched furniture and a number of houseplants create a warm, cozy atmosphere perfect for friends taking a break from their daily hustle, or for a lowkey family outing. Our Pick: Eggs Benedict

This brightly painted food truck serves breakfast items that (unsurprisingly) revolves around eggs, but there are other options, such as the Salted Caramel French Toast. A seating area is available, with seats in the form of – you guessed it – cracked eggs. Our Pick: The Smash Sandwich

If you’re looking for a break from the traditional waffle, Nouveau Waffles is here to deliver! Their menu items include Avocado Waffles (move over, avocado toast!), Cinnamon Waffles, and the option to create a waffle perfectly suited to you. Our Pick: Butterscotch Waffles

Location: Zaid Ibn Alkhattab St., Al Ulaya, Khobar scramble_sa

Location: Zaid Ibn Alkhattab St, Al Ulaya, Khobar eggsplosion

Location: King Khalid 8386, Khobar nouveauwaffle

44 SEP/OCT 2019

JEDDAH URTH CAFFÉ This trendy, nature-inspired café accommodates most dietary restrictions by offering a pretty good selection of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free items on its menu. Sip on an organic tea and enjoy Urth Caffé’s earthy ambience, which is just as wonderful as its food. Our Pick: Stuffed French Toast Location: Le Prestige Mall, King Abdulaziz Branch Road, Ash Shati Dist. urthcaffesaudi



Both a bakeshop and a café, it has on offer a selection of baked goods and a good variety of hot dishes served in its comfortable, airy space. With its clean, modern atmosphere and the great food it has on offer, Knead delivers on its slogan: “Baking people happy.” Our Pick: Huevos Rancheros

If you’re tired of the usual heavy breakfast fare, begin your day with a light, innovative meal from URB Kitchen. Their beautifully plated food and classy but minimalistic interior will provide you with the energy you need to survive the day. Our Pick: Avocado on Toast

Location: Sari Branch Road, Khalidiyyah Dist. knead_ksa

Location: Zahran Business Center, 2nd Floor, Al Salamah Dist. urbkitchen.ksa




Before you join an incubator, read this. By Sarah Alrehaimi

I remember the day I attended the introductory meeting of a Startup Accelerator. It was filled with inspirational stories from people who started small, with no money; persisting until they’ve now become titans of the business world. Up until that day, I thought that every business had to start with a hefty bank account. As I was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship, startups, and minimal viable products (MVPs), I was excited. I couldn’t wait to get started on the idea that I had and so, I joined the accelerator, got to work, and after 3 months, my idea won the Audience’s Choice award during our final presentations. The world of an entrepreneur is an exciting place with lots of stages and changes. One of those stages may include joining an incubator, and that feels like: “Wow! I’m on my way to success. I’m going to get support, mentoring, access to experts and investors!” First let’s define what an incubator is: In business terms, it’s an entity that promises to help a small business thrive, with support, mentoring, and guidance. It could open doors to new opportunities, introduce the start up to influential people, 46 SEP/OCT 2019

skilled professionals, and even investors. Before you set your sights on joining a startup incubator though, here are a few things you should know:


PROS: Usually at a lower cost compared to renting an apartment or factory, with services such as WIFI, a business center, a coffee station, and meeting rooms. It’s a space for the team to focus on their business, near their mentors, away from their day jobs and their homes. CONS: It’s not free, and it can be expensive. At the end of the day you’re paying rent, and in some cases you may be asked to pay for the services, which can be an unnecessary cost for you.


PROS: The incubator’s address can serve as your work address, which is needed for opening bank accounts, creating a commercial registration, and applications for various licenses. CONS: If you leave the incubator, you should be ready to update all your documents, portals, and accounts to reflect your new address, which is extremely time consuming.


PROS: This presents the opportunity to meet new people, share ideas, and barter services. For example a graphic designer from one team could barter his/ her services for Tech services from another startup. It’s also a great way of reaching new customers and raising awareness about your business via cross promotion: The graphic designer will show off his skills designing the IT company’s logo, and mentioning what kind of services they offer, while the IT company raves about how much they love their new logo. Teams can also merge to form a new business because their ideas complement each other’s. CONS: If the incubator hosts startups with products or services similar to yours, you’ll need to protect your ideas. And sometimes, you can’t help but stress about the competition.


PROS: Usually in an incubator the director has a network of government officials and VIPs that could assist the startups when making decisions or looking for assistance in



48 SEP/OCT 2019

government procedures. It is much easier to contact a person directly than to try to navigate a website, visit a distant location, or try to reach officials by phone or social media. You’ll get your questions answered quickly by the right people, and this can have immense impact on your business. Personally, I couldn’t have gotten my licenses without the people I came to meet through the incubator.


PROS: The incubator will invite professionals for a day or two to meet with the startups. Financial experts, marketing pros, lawyers or branding gurus can come in and meet with the startups answering questions and offering advice. CONS: If the service is free, your time with these consultants is very limited. If the consultant is willing to take you on as a client, they may or may not give you a discounted price for their service, and you may or may not be able to afford it.


PROS: These presentations by professionals are usually very helpful and consolidate a wealth of knowledge and experience in as much as an hour or two. Startups are encouraged to ask questions, and the presenters are usually open to sharing their contact details for future support

or hiring. These presentations can also be inspiring and give you that push to on keep going. CONS: Attending too many presentations and workshops can become a distraction from doing real work. Consider letting one member attend on behalf of the team. Another thing, although presentations are usually free, workshops are usually not. As an entrepreneur you have to consider when and how you’re spending.


PROS: They can help with guidance on procedures, or suggest the right contact person for an issue. In the incubator I joined, there was one friendly lady I could always go to, and if she didn’t have an answer she was nice enough to say: “I’ll find out and get back to you.” She always did. CONS: Like any workplace, you may not always like everyone you work with, and some people might not act professionally. Have you ever been promised a document or a service by someone that you need to do your job, only to have them lead you on for two weeks then simply say ‘sorry, couldn’t do it’? It could happen in incubators too.

The more members you have, the less financial burden there’ll be on each person, and the more work you can accomplish as a team, generating more revenue. Do your research on the incubators in your area, speak to people who have been there. Speak to people who have left. Ask yourself why you want to join, and set a plan with goals that you can measure at the end of the contract. I have been a solo entrepreneur for 4 years now, and for me, joining an incubator did not work out. If I could go back in time knowing what I know now, I would hold back on renting space. Maintaining it distracted me from the core of my business. My experiences have reshaped my perspective on entrepreneurship, and I’ve learned not to rush the process. I’ve learned that being tipped off balance is part of business, and just like one’s physical balance, regaining your balance in business depends on how strong you are at the core. sarahalrehaimi

Do the pros outweigh the cons? I think it depends on your business model, how many team members you have, their skill set, the incubator’s services, and what you hope to gain. DESTINATION KSA 49


HOSPITALITY GURU PETER ALATSAS The Venue Corniche’s General Manager

Born in Greece, raised in Australia, and educated in Canada, the well-traveled Peter Alatsas recently joined the team at the stunning seaside luxury hotel The Venue Corniche, as its General Manager. A globetrotter by passion, Alatsas has traveled to some of the most exotic destinations around the world, immersing himself in different cultures. 50 SEP/OCT 2019

This veteran hotelier’s career spans 40 years in the hotel and tourism industry. He has served as General Manager of several luxury hotels, from Asia Pacific to the Middle East and Europe, and he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from Ryerson University in Canada, and an MBA in Management Consultancy from UK’s Sheffield Hallam University.


Alatsas is also an author of four books to date. His literary work is a reflection of his experience managing luxury hotels in exotic locations around the world, and his unique perspective on philosophy and management. His books are not only entertaining, but also an essential pick for business enthusiasts. Alatsas has guestlectured at various institutions including Drexel University in

Philadelphia, Deree American College in Athens, Kyoto and Ritzsmeikan Universities in Japan, and Swiss Les Roches Hotel School in Shanghai. Now, as the General Manager of The Venue Jeddah Corniche, he manages the overall operations of the hotel while also overseeing brand relations. “We focus more on our values; value for price is very important for us as well as creativity; something out of the ordinary,” he explains. Alatsas leads a group of 500 employees, working closely with the team to meet the ever-changing demands of the hotel’s discerning clientele. “We create a symbiotic relationship – inclusiveness, mutual respect and getting to our targets together so the team at The Venue Corniche is able to deliver service from the heart.” For the upcoming year, Alatsas says that The Venue Corniche will be holding a number of competitions and activities through its digital platforms that will enable the followers to win free hotel stays, a meal at The Venue’s new concept restaurants, or a holiday getaway to incredible destinations for lucky couples.

With his international background and flair for unparalleled and unforgettable service, Peter Alatsas is the ideal person to focus on elevating guest experience at The Venue Corniche, whether it’s for business or for leisure.

Location: Corniche Rd., Ash Shati Dist., Jeddah Tel: +966-12-6139000 Web: thevenuejeddah DESTINATION KSA 51



JUMANAH SHAHEEN Talking Pictures with pioneering visual effects producer, Jumanah Shaheen. By Caitlin Gibbs

Edited by Jou Pabalate

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Jumanah Shaheen, you’ll gravitate towards her unmistakably beautiful, and intensely calming energy almost unknowingly. Her warmth and genuine attention to conversation makes you feel at ease, and you’ll find yourself in a smooth back and forth for hours. That is, if she doesn’t have to hurry away to deal with an almost always looming deadline. Jumanah has made a name for herself as a Visual Effects Producer. She has made significant contributions to numerous award-winning feature films and music videos. She has worked as a visual effects coordinator on major motion pictures such as Fruitvale Station, the directorial debut of Ryan Coogler (Black Panther) and starring Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Black Panther) and Melonie Diaz (Charmed). The 2013 film was a runaway hit, earning critically and commercially, winning the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature, Satellite 52 SEP/OCT 2019

Special Achievement Award for Breakthrough Performance, and the Producers Guild of America Stanley Kramer Award. Her other notable works include international feature films, like Theeb, which won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut in 2016, as well as Academy Award and BAFTA Award nominations for Best Foreign Language Film. Born in Saudi Arabia as the youngest of four, Jumanah spent her early childhood years in Michigan where her parents were in University, until moving back to Saudi at age 10. Quite the prodigy, she graduated from high school at the age of 15. While she wanted to take up film or animation in the States from the onset, her dad asked her to study at a local university before heading abroad. Later on, she would enter the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and complete a Bachelors of the Arts in Animation & Visual Effects production at the age of 21. The choice to get into animation

was one that was cultivated in Jumanah from her early childhood: “I watched cartoons growing up, all the way into my young adult life— For me it was a way to visit and understand different points of views, each story or animation was so far away from who I was and my experience. Storytelling in animation, to be specific, is a chance to build a world completely on its own. Others might get it, or not, but it’s still out there to be understood. It was also a way to send out a message. When you can relate to a character or scenario, you become more empathetic. Give me single person in the world that hasn’t been affected by a movie or cartoon that they watched growing up, or even now. Living between two different places that spoke different languages, visuals were the easiest way for me to communicate with them. Words are powerful, but I

A successful producer takes care of their team, if you listen to them and treat them with empathy, they will be there for you at the project’s worst hour. Jumanah Shaheen


think visuals stick with a person a lot more.” During her time at the Academy however, she quickly realized that although she loved the idea of personally creating her own world in 3D, she didn’t enjoy the actual modeling itself. She saw it as just one step in creating that universe. “I was always the one who took all the notes in class and emailed it to all my friends. I found joy in organizing group meetings, assignments, and being the one people go to, to fix things. Eventually, one of my classmates pointed out to me that I’m not a 3D modeler, I was a producer. At first I got offended, but then I realized--- yes, I think he’s on to something. So I dipped my hands into that, volunteering and working as a production assistant whenever I could.” Her hustle and relentless spirit gave Jumanah the break she needed upon finishing her degree. She managed to get her foot through doors because of her willingness to put in the hard work, sometimes volunteering for projects just to gain experience. When asked what makes a good producer, she shares, “I’ve worked with a lot of amazing producers. It’s hard to say that I do something better or not. The one thing I have noticed that the difference

lies on whether a producer or supervisor has empathy or connection with their team. I’ve worked with a producer who didn’t know the artists names on the project.” Jumanah’s senior portfolio included visual effects coordination for award winning pictures such Fruitvale Station, Adventagrous, and Theeb. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Los Angeles where she went on to produce visual effects for Modern Family, Black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat, Arrested Development, and music videos for Maroon 5, and most notably Taylor Swift’s record breaking music video, Look What You Made Me Do. After spending a decade in Hollywood, Jumanah decided to come back and see how she can put her experience to good use in building the local industry. She sees herself working in between both markets, importing best practices in the Kingdom, while, through various film projects translating her cultural identity for a global audience, she says: “Every kid in Saudi knows that in America you live in suburbia with a white picket fence. There’s that imagery that everyone is familiar with for Paris, Amsterdam, Italy... An image of how that life is lived. I just want for Saudi to have its

own way of life shown too. One that is accurate in its depiction, that shows we’re not the stereotype others assume.” Since her return, Jumanah has worked with local talents and is working with different agencies to see how she can best contribute in developing the Saudi film industry. “Thankfully, Saudi is opening up to the industry and providing all these amazing resources to the younger generation. When you’re trying to do something really good, and perfect it, you try and learn it from someone who has perfected it, then you can make it your own... I feel like LA and California in general, has already an established track record for creating incredible animated series and films. Between here and there, I want to do my best to create that link. It’s really an industry you can’t snooze on, it’s changing on a daily basis. So we’ll see!” From coordinating productions for award-winning films as an undergrad teenager, to producing visual effects side by side with some of industry’s most talented artists in her early 20’s, it’s suffice to say that we haven’t seen the last of Jumanah Shaheen’s mark on not just the Saudi film industry, but also in Hollywood. jumanah_shaheen

54 SEP/OCT 2019



Cruising in the realm of dreams coming true.

“The known is finite, the unknown is infinite.” - Thomas Henry Huxley. Delving straight into the enigma and infinity of the unknown, a group of adventurous elite artists and globetrotters lead by Moath Al Ofi and Rashed Al Shashai went on a cultural and exploratory expedition, discovering heirlooms of Saudi’s past. These locations


are currently off the map for the sake of conservation, however, they are to be publicly revealed when deemed appropriate by the team. “I like to keep all my senses engaged, following any lead that would take me straight to the glory of uncharted lands. There’s an unparallelled thrill that accompanies the revelation of such beautiful sites. The findings will be portrayed via different art mediums soon,” Moath expressed.



The coterie took comfort in the QX80’s luxurious and spacious cabin as they travelled up the winding and arduous road en route to Taif from Jeddah on day one. It’s corner hugging

ability made road sickness a problem of the past; with not a minute to waste, visiting Shubra Palace and camping in the desert was enjoyed to the fullest that day. Climbing Al Shada Al A’la granite massif in Al Baha was next on the bucket list. Vultures were spotted circling high in the sky above, and scattered endemic wildlife was appreciated at the reserve. With a powerful 5.6-liter V8 engine driving both axles, and 400 @ 5800 RPM horsepower, the beast QX80 performed quintessentially, and taking on tough terrains was a breeze. After a one night chill stay at Al Namas, the voyagers sought destination Abha the following day for what remained of the one-week trip. To their luck, Al Soudah festival Season was in full effect at the time. Finally, the trip came to a conclusion

with a stop by Rijal Alma’ Village, a historical heritage site surrounded by fortresses. “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” John Lennon. Hand in hand, Infiniti and the creatives turned young dreams into blooming realities, exploring the mysteries of raw and unseen southern Saudi landscapes. The QX80 crushed the challenge. Afterall, genius is the infinite capacity for taking pains.

Web: infinitisaudi moathalofi rashedalshashai shakersmr


Answering to the group’s ambitions, dreams, and lifelong passion for pursuing the Kingdom’s hidden wonders, Universal Premium Motors Agencies (UMA Premium) - Infiniti’s local automotive dealer - facilitated the experience, providing them with the exceptional Infiniti 2019 QX80 model for the road. UMA Premium is an esteemed organisation that values highend vehicles, top customer and after sales services, and aims to constantly provide a paramount driving experience in the Kingdom; exactly matching the demands of this excursion.




It’s not yet too late to catch the tail end of summer. One of the perks of living in Saudi Arabia is getting an extended game play by the beach. And if you’re looking to go high where the temperatures dip low, the mountainous regions will surely get you ready to break out your farwas.

58 SEP/OCT 2019

and divers alike. Many can be accessed as easily as offshore, while others are deeper, requiring more advanced and professional gear. Corals aren’t the only attraction in the Red Sea, islands also share the fame. They are scattered all over the sea and vary in size, some bigger than cities in the Kingdom, like

Farasan Island for example. The Islands are surrounded by shallow areas with clear waters where swimming looks like floating in air. Diving is an admired sport here, with shipwrecks littering the seabed and coral reefs rising from the seabed to the surface; there are many spots to visit.


The Kingdom is bordered by two totally different seas. On the east coast is the Arabian Gulf Sea and on the west coast is the more prominent and touristic Red Sea, well-known for its widely diverse life forms that are colorful and attractive to the curious minds. Corals are a major part of the Red Sea, making it one of the most attractive sites for snorkelers



Aside from the sea, mountains are a popular destination for those searching for a cool breeze and routine break. Many mountainous destinations exist in different regions of the Kingdom, each with its own unique culture and landscapes. The city of Taif, for instance, is known as the summer capital of Saudi Arabia, with many palaces built throughout the decades by wealthy families to serve as their summer houses. It is also called the City of Roses, for you can smell the fragrances from nearby orchards. There is also Abha, a city rich in culture 60 SEP/OCT 2019

that is embodied in Al Qatt Al Asiri, an Arabic art style that originated from the region. It is home to the highest peak in Saudi Arabia, Jabal Sawda, that is covered in juniper forests and is home to diverse ecosystems. Al Baha is a mountainous region and an underrated destination that has high potential for tourism. Many of its attractions lie in caves and grottos engraved with drawings that go back as far as three centuries. Shada Mountain stands tall in this region and is famed for its caves that have

been preserved for more than 700 million years. As seasons change in the Kingdom, so do our destinations for fun and adventure. You can spend a day in the warm sun on the sandy beaches and snorkeling between corals, or climb the high mountains and enjoy the cool breeze with a hike or just chill with a cup of tea and enjoy the mountainous view.



TAIF SEASON From Outdoor Adventures to Blasts from Saudi’s Past Taif Season is among the many ‘seasons’ transforming the Kingdom into an internationally recognized tourist destination. Famous for its breathtaking mountain range, cool weather, and rich cultural heritage, Taif’s beauty was showcased through the many different events that took place in the city during the month of August. Here are the four main events of Taif’s Season.

62 SEP/OCT 2019


Festival-goers got to see not only the camels circling the area, they also got to try Arabic food served by vendors in traditional outfits at the food court, and also shop in the traditional market, where carpenters, blacksmiths, and other craftsmen had their wares on display. A striking sight was the ‘floating piano,’ which was played on a high pedestal. PHOTOS BY ABDULAH MAHDI

The entire season was an elaborate recreation of the old days in the city, a fully immersive way for visitors to experience and learn about the city’s traditions and heritage. We can’t wait for it to come around again! DESTINATION KSA 63


The biggest national event of the year, Souk Okaz took visitors through a Saudi time capsule. Over 2,000 actors put out shows with snippets of Taif’s history, telling the story of the region dating back to pre-Islamic times. The performances were followed by exciting horse shows and musical talents. Throughout the festival grounds were spaces allocated for other Arab countries, such as the UAE, Kuwait, and Lebanon,

64 SEP/OCT 2019

whose pavilions displayed their cultural foods, dances, and other items representing each of the countries such as mock building and meaningful heritage pieces. There is also a historic bazaar, with diverse stores that imitate historic trading in the region. Circling around the bazaar were camels that would give a feel of the older lifestyle. Some vendors would’nt sell to buyers unless they spoke proper Arabic as part of the character!



66 SEP/OCT 2019

The Sadat Al Beed hiking trail was opened for visitors to take in Taif’s breathtaking views and good weather. Some were treated to a music-themed hiking trip while others took the cable cars and enjoyed a beautiful view of Taif’s mountain range.


Taif is known for its roses, and this festival was the perfect way to showcase them in all their glory. Artists managed to install magnificent sculptures that transformed the flower gardens into an impressive and popular attraction. Vendors sold local foods and rose water, and there were food places and cafes dotting the trails. Mini buses shuttled visitors around the area, and the open fields were free for those who fancied a picnic. Web: taifseason





GOING LOCO FOR LOCAL Our Top Performers and Where to Catch Them By Deena Dakhiel

A physician at King Abdulaziz University Hospital by day and a Spanish flamenco rumba musician by night, Bader Al Naseef is a man of many talents. Inspired by flamenco music as part of his Andalusian family history, Bader Al Naseef grew up listening to Spanish bands such as La Rumba, Mont de Pelier, and the Gypsy Kings. Bader’s musical influence also extends to the compositions of Ziryab, an ancient Iraqi/ Andalusian music composer. The first time Bader picked up the guitar in middle school, he played heavy metal with friends, but eventually went back to his original passion. “I think the 68 SEP/OCT 2019

genre I play really helps my music be accepted because it's a well-known sound loved by many around the world,” he enthusiastically shares. Before public performances were legal in the Kingdom, Bader performed in private spaces, as well as abroad, such as in Spain and Morocco. You can watch him perform in local venues now, including hotels, restaurants, and cafes. Bader’s favorite so far is Lallo Restaurant, which holds a vibrant space for local artists to share their talents. bader_naseef2017


70 SEP/OCT 2019

Nourah is a brand and creative strategist as well as a singersongwriter with a deep passion for music. She started off as a guest performer in her friend Sean’s band before getting into duo and solo performances. She performed at an open mic night in 2018, which made her even more enthusiastic to take on more of the local music scene. In January 2019, the General Entertainment Authority issued public performance permits, and the following week Nourah opened a public Instagram account, which is when Seven Moons, a creative venue in Riyadh, reached out to her and Sean to perform at their venue. She has since performed at many public and private events and venues in Riyadh including Soho Club, a restaurant offering a unique, music-filled dining experience. Nourah is currently working on original content, collaborating with a few local musicians. She enjoys singing covers from different genres such as jazz, pop, and soft rock to honor music that formed her eclectic taste. One of her favorite aspects of the local music scene is seeing artists ‘have each other’s backs.’ There have been more collaborations and more people coming out of their shells creating a vibrant culture. “Everyone’s so insanely talented and we’re all encouraging each other.” nourah.sings

Known for his vibrant voice that will draw in any audience, soul singer Nawaf is making huge strides in the local music scene. After starting out his music career performing in private events, he gracefully moved into the public sphere and has been playing a huge role in evolving the local music scene. He started off performing at open mic nights to pioneering a jazz concert conducted in partnership with the German consulate in Jeddah and embassy in Riyadh, where Nawaf performed alongside the Johannes Brigge Trio band. Another highlight of Nawaf’s career was singing a spontaneous duet with Joss Stone at an intimate concert in Jeddah, pleasantly taking the crowd by surprise by belting out

high notes and keeping up with the famous singer. With all the changes taking place in recent years, Nawaf still finds minor troubles in the fairly new local music scene is fairly new. Finding an established musical institute as well as other talents to collaborate with has not been easy for local artists, and many artists like Nawaf have taken it upon themselves to create the change they want. Nawaf’s favorite performance spot is Draft Cafe in Riyadh, a chill venue with monthly open mic nights to showcase local talents and artists. nawafinity DESTINATION KSA 71

From underground artist to the forefront of the Saudi music scene, Loulwa Al Sharif is becoming a household name, widely known for her soulful, bluesy voice. Loulwa is influenced by music that tells a story, touches people's hearts, and moves the audience. She looks up to Joss Stone and Beth Hart, both soulful artists who she says “sing from the heart; it’s all about being real and delivering what you’re feeling deep inside to the beautiful listeners.” Getting started in the music scene was exciting for Loulwa. With a nudge, she performed her first event at a compound and hasn’t stopped since. She gained more confidence with each performance, and has since opened for Joss Stone’s private concert in Jeddah. She was also 72 SEP/OCT 2019

on the sixth season of Arabs Got Talent, both huge strides for Saudi women. Loulwa believes in making a positive change in the culture and inspiring talented females to step up. She can be found performing in public spaces, her favorite one being Boho Café, a cozy setting with so much character that inspires artists and allows audiences to enjoy a night of music and positive vibes. loulwa_music




THE SAUDI FASHION SCENE: A 2.0 VIEWPOINT By Athba AlMaghlouth, EIC of Shoesanddrama

Yahyah Couture. Ashi Studio. Razan AlAzzouni. The few names in Saudi fashion who were able break into the international fashion world; with even the latter designer admitting certain challenges of working in a region that is “not conducive to artistic creativity". Fast forward to now, where Saudi brands Death by Dolls by Princess Sarah AlSaud and Honayda Serafi dressing today’s top celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber and Priyanka Chopra, and common ground. Even locally we have made attempts to nurture the talent. Saudi Fashion Week, which although having had its fair share of unfortunate misshapes, was still applaudable for its efforts. While prior to #Vision2030, Saudi Arabia was known as an industrial & financial hub—economically relying on oil and petrochemicals, and ultimately reflecting fewer opportunities in the creative sectors. Scholarship programs were tailored to more technically demanding fields. A status quo which defined artistry as a "side-hustle", rather than a career. Thankfully, the Ministry of Culture has stepped in to 74 SEP/OCT 2019

correlate significant initiatives. Earlier this March, the Kingdom issued a new cultural vision which echoed applause all across the nation. Titled "Our Culture, Our Identity", the initiative focuses on building a cultural ecosystem, inevitably strengthening the current economy. The new vision led by HH Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Farhan Al Saud, who described culture as "indispensable to our quality of life", encompasses an intensive focus on 16 sectors; ranging from the Arts, Film, and even, Fashion Design. Industry expert, Marriam Mossalli, comments, "The goal now is to take our local fashion industry and evolve it into a thriving, mature retail industry that includes international interest and investments. We need to develop a sustainable infrastructure, from both a creative and economical perspective.” The only Saudi female on the prestigious Business of Fashion 500 list, continued: “It goes beyond designing the product and then selling it. We must have a holistic approach to all aspects of the fashion ecosystem; including manufacturing, exporting, and licensing.” When it comes to fashion, the ministry

will work on sustaining the traditional and supporting the new. Not only will this vision open up creative educational scholarships, but will also institute a positive reputational image to careers worth investment. John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, the epitome of disruptive genius, and both alumni of Central Saint Martins, London—a melting pot of diversity and intercultural dialogues, helped cultivate their talents. It provided an atmosphere fitted for free-thinkers and aspiring creatives. The Kingdom has always had a continuous eye on its own creatives. With successful strategic planning towards a modern future in hand, now it is time to utilize our local experts that align with the industry’s international standards. Here's to Saudi bringing up its own Gallianos & McQueens!



BEAUTY UPGRADES Here are some gamechanging beauty upgrades to give yourself a spruce-up (short of cosmetic surgery). Important reminder: Always do your research thoroughly and get an expert's advice before taking any treatment!

76 SEP/OCT 2019

CARBON LASER PEEL The carbon peel has proved to be a revolutionary laser treatment that is completely pain-free. A layer of liquid carbon is applied to the skin, where it penetrates deep into the pores and is then exposed to laser in this treatment. COOL SCULPTING AND VELASHAPE Both Cool Sculpting and VelaShape are body contouring and cellulite treatments that use a combination of technologies to trim and smooth out the skin. Cool sculpting is a non-surgical fat-freezing technology that is proven to reduce stubborn fat in trouble spots such as the double chin, flank, and lower abdomen. VelaShape gets rid of cellulite and circumferential mass around the neck, arms, love handles, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. BEST FOR: Cellulite and extra fat layer. HYDRAFACIAL This is the facial upgrade that cleanses, exfoliates, extracts impurities, and then infuses the skin with intensive serums. Instead of poking and pinching the skin with the blackhead tweezer, a pore vacuum is gently glided over the skin to dislodge debris and nourish the skin with intense moisturizers. Suitable for almost all skin types, the hydrafacial is popular during the winter season in the Kingdom when dry skin is the norm. BEST FOR: Acne, oily and congested skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scars, improving texture and firmness of the skin.

BEST FOR: Dark pigments, oily and acne-occluded skin, blackheads, and dull skin. TIP: To maintain the outcomes, limit sun exposure. ULTHERAPY This procedure lifts, tightens and rejuvenates the skin without surgery or downtime. The ultrasound energy harnesses heat produced by precisely targeted sonic waves to jumpstart the regenerative process that produces fresh, new collagen. It promises to activate the skin’s deadbeat collagen and put it on high-speed rewind. BEST FOR: Lines and wrinkles on the brow, neck, chin, and décolletage.


Check out these places for a variety of beauty-upgrade treatments.


Kaya Skin Clinic kayaclinicarabia

Sky Clinic


Al Mada Derme Esthetique Clinique almada_clinic


Les Cliniques lescliniques

Clinica Joelle

FRACTIONAL LASER This fractional skin resurfacing treatment targets troubled skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into your skin to boost the remodeling of collagen along with resurfacing the entire skin tone. The procedure takes some time to heal and has a downtime of typically a week to 15 days of the skin’s recovery. BEST FOR: Scars, age spots, sun spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc.


Jwel Clinics jwelclinics

SHARQIYA: Ram Clinics ramclinics

Dermatique Skin Clinic dermatiquesa

Rawnaq Dental & Derma Clinics Rawnaqkhobar

Med Art Clinics



THE EVOLUTION OF ARAB FASHION SHOWS A Review of Arab Fashion Week By Dalia Darweesh

I seem to have developed an obsession for runway shows – I’m simply fascinated by fashion designers, and feel somewhat proud watching them evolve. The Arab Fashion Week has been one of my favorites so far. Founded by Jacob Abrian in 2015, the platform gathers international, local, and regional fashion designers to showcase the evolution of the fashion industry, especially in the Middle East. 78 SEP/OCT 2019

We saw 29 shows from various designers during the 4-day event, with some prominent brand names from the UAE including Aiisha Ramadan, Yara Bin Shakar, BLSSD, and Arshys, and others from Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, the UK, and the US. One name we were all anticipating this season was Saudi designer Sara Altwaim, who was the only Saudi designer at this year’s Arab Fashion Week. Coming from an artistic family, she attended the College of Art and Design in Jeddah, and then launched her first

collection in 2015, later opening her own boutique. Sara has always been known for her bridal collections and delicate, charming style. Her latest collection, “Meteor,” explores the relationship between nature and astronomy, and “how the aura of nature affects the planets and everything around us,” in her words. We noticed silver, metallic gowns, sheer and white embroidered dresses, shabby chic romantic gowns with ruffles and lace, and some gowns with constellations and stars depicted. Another exceptional show was Dr. Sara Al Madani’s, a designer from the UAE whose latest collection “50 Shades of Black” pushed the boundaries of the

modern abaya, with structured, unconventional pieces featuring bold details, such as fringes. Meanwhile, Lebanese designer Mikhail Chamoun gave a great show with his second collection “World & Co” – rich, out-ofthis-world designs that may not be meant for daily wear, but are definitely meant to showcase his creativity with different materials. While not every piece on the runway is everyone’s cup of tea, these shows don’t always showcase items for the average consumer to purchase – they are also a platform for designers to display their creativity and ideas. And we’re here for it. Arabfashioncouncil DESTINATION KSA 79


Its 8th edition (2019) was held in Dubai’s 1422 (an interesting name that stands for “1 Council for 22 Countries”), a space dedicated for luxury shopping.

GIORDANO CELEBRATES SAUDI NATIONAL DAY A timeless brand for everyone, everywhere.

Saudi Arabia celebrates its National Day on the 23rd of September. Year after year, we’ve been witnessing unprecedented outstanding shifts in the country. Giordano is proudly participating in the celebration of this joyous occasion by providing a vibrant Saudi National Day Collection (SND). SND is a family collection for everyone. In this collection, Giordano presents a new range of seven style Polo T-shirts and seven style in Crew Neck Tees of white, green, and black colors. Fabrics are made of


100% cotton and are of a slim fit style. The ‘I love KSA’ series are available all year round in Giordano shops. “Make sure you grab one for yourself, your family, or your loved ones, and celebrate the National Day this year in style”, says Ahmadullah, Chief Operating Officer, Giordano Saudi Arabia.

Web: Tel: 8001110128 giordanosaudi



82 SEP/OCT 2019


Hafsah Faizal’s debut novel We Hunt The Flame has all the makings of a classical fantasy novel, only it’s steeped in sultry Middle Eastern themes. The kingdom of Arawiya, where magic has mysteriously disappeared, is divided into five caliphates ruled by an evil Sultan. Only one woman – a huntress – can save the kingdom from dark forces and bring back the magic that once throbbed in it. What makes Faizal’s book stand out in the ocean of fantasy is a sweeping fantastical quality to the world she has created, which readers in the region might easily appreciate. For too long, the fantasy genre has been monopolized by Anglo-Saxon or North American motifs. It is almost like the author has quenched a thirst for the Middle Eastern culture to be portrayed as a playground for fantasy. What makes her book unique as well is her poetry and her liberal excursions into human emotion, both of which have been missing from this genre. For example, the heroine, Zafira, struggles with a very relatable modern conflict: fear of being ostracized as a woman doing a man’s job in a country that marginalizes her. She also has intimacy issues – because who

doesn’t? Her love interest, the dark Prince Naser, suffers from childhood trauma and abuse. While they both struggle with their own demons, there are external demons to vanquish in order to bring magic back to the parched kingdom of Arawiya. The premise of this book is fascinating. It’s however slowed down by the pacing of the storytelling and occasional thorny prose. If you wish to read it, you must prepare yourself to be patient with the first half of the book while the author takes her time to expose the workings of the world she’s built. Another thing to keep in mind about the author’s writing is that it excessively includes Arabic words in English prose. Even as a native Arabic speaker, I found this irritating as it interrupts the flow of the writing and comes off as overkill. However, We Hunt The Flame is a fantastic way to get the ball rolling on Middle Eastern fantasy. I personally, would love to see more books like this so kudos to Hafsah Faizal!

huntingtheflame DESTINATION KSA 83


SHOWCASING LOCAL TALENT Assila Hotel strives to be the first Art Hotel in the Kingdom Located on Jeddah’s Tahlia street, the luxurious and wellestablished Assila Hotel was designed to be the first Art Hotel in the Kingdom exhibiting Saudi artists’ work. Assila commits to this goal by advocating for the local art scene, with nearly 2,000 exclusive art pieces displayed around the hotel and about 860 books on Saudi culture. The goal is to create a museum of contemporary art within the halls of the esteemed building while encouraging Saudi’s talented youth to exhibit their work. Visitors can book a tour to view the many different artworks displayed in the hotel. Assila does not only feature established local artists, they 84 SEP/OCT 2019

have also made room for upand-comers to display their artwork. The hotel held its first Art Exhibition in August 2019, co-organized by Violet, with young Saudi artists exhibiting their best art pieces, from acrylic and oil paintings to mosaics pieces and digital prints. Many were heritage-inspired, while others focused on aesthetics and deeper meaning to their work, each unique in their own way and a proud representation of the art Saudi can offer. Attendees of the prestigious event included a few of the Kingdom’s well-known artists, businessmen, influencers, government officials and even Hollywood producers. This



exhibit opened doors for many young artists and truly showed how Assila is remaining true to their vision of creating opportunity for the local Saudi art scene. Assila Hotel will be holding similar events in the coming weeks in order to cover every aspect of art Saudi has to offer.

Location: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St., Al Andalus Dist., Jeddah Web: assilahotel






















PATTERNS OF SAUDI ARABIA When art and culture intertwine By Dalia Darweesh

Traditional handicrafts are an important aspect in our culture. Patterns that we have seen in old photos of our parents and grandparents have our identities and heritage, their steadfastness a strong proof of the Saudi community’s commitment to authenticity.


Born in the heart of the Asir Region southwest of the Kingdom, Al Qatt Al Asseeri is a geometrical art technique usually applied on interior walls of the homes in this region. It consists of lines, squares, circles, and different colorful shapes and symbols. Its simplicity and sophistication have left a mark, as it is still being used to this day.


Known for occasions such as weddings, Eid, and graduations, the Bisht has always been a treasured piece of clothing by men in the Arabian Peninsula as a whole, and the Gulf region specifically. Al Ahsa has been home for Bisht-making since the 1940s. These elaborate “cloaks” usually come in solid dark colors – black, grey, dark brown – and are embroidered with gold or silver threads, exuding formality and luxury.


Zabun originated from the Hijaz Region, west of the Kingdom. It is a distinctively and luxuriously embroidered piece of clothing, worn for weddings by women, embroidered with gold and silver threads detailed within the fabric. It comes in light colors, such as white and baby pink. 86 SEP/OCT 2019


Shalky is also known as “rose” or “garden” for its lively colors and floral patterns printed on cotton fabric. It has been used as a “house garment” ever since its emergence, for its simplicity and comfort. The pattern varies in design, but all have the unified flower symbol, and are usually associated with bright colors.


Previously associated with bedouins in the Arabian Peninsula, Sadu has been renowned as one of the oldest and most famous Saudi patterns, locally and globally. The Jouf Region north of Saudi Arabia, in addition to Taif in the west, are the major producers of the Sadu pattern. Made of sheep or camel wool, it is used for tents, carpets, and winter clothing.


In the past, women in Al Baha, west of the Kingdom, were characterized by a particular dress called Tahreesah, worn on special occasions. It features a distinctive embroidery and stitching on the soft, velvety fabric, located in the chest area, made of golden Swiss or Indian fine threads.




The health community in Saudi Arabia has been thriving in recent years. With endless introductions to an array of diets, the public has been left confused and unsure what steps to take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of the diet you follow, it is important to know what stores carry healthy food options. Two coaches give us their suggestions of where to shop and tell us a little bit about the lifestyle they chose. 88 SEP/OCT 2019

RICHARD JORDAN Richard is a holistic health coach specializing in private, personal holistic health consulting. He also does corporate wellness initiatives for organizations to help improve quality of life in the workplace. The best definition of a holistic lifestyle is approaching the human as a single entity with multiple biological systems working together as one, to help optimize health. Having the mindset, nutrition, fitness or movement, recovery or sleep, and stress management components of your life working together is really the only way to do just that. “What that looks like for one person might be different than the next person, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach. But everyone needs to have all of those pillars working together.” Richard subscribes to the “real food” diet, which means majority of his food does not come with a long list of ingredients. He makes sure all three macronutrients – fat, protein, and carbohydrates from real, non-processed sources – are in his meals. “I eat protein from an animal source as well as fat from an animal or a plant like an avocado or olive oil, and as much vegetable-based carbohydrates as possible, in the form of the most colorful salads as possible.”

Richard shops at Manuel ( manuelmarkets) and Lulu ( luluhypermarkets ), where he purchases fresh salmon and organic produce. One of his favorites is Chopped ( choppedksa ) , a butcher where he finds the best selection of imported meats. primalife_wellness DESTINATION KSA 89

MUNA SHAHEEN Muna is a certified bodybuilding fitness instructor and personal trainer. After suffering with her health for many years, she switched up her diet and started a healthy lifestyle, testing out different eating habits and workout routines until she finally found what her body best responded to. Muna follows the paleo diet, meaning she eats ‘the diet of our ancestors’ – food high in protein, usually from an animal source, followed by carbs from green vegetables. Her paleo diet also includes raw nuts, all different types of vegetables, fruits and grains. Her diet complements physical activities and intensive training sessions. When she is not running her business, Muna indulges in high intensity interval training, CrossFit and more. Not only has she been 90 SEP/OCT 2019

coaching the Bliss Runners, an all-female fitness and running group, she also trains small groups and gives private, personal training sessions.

Muna relies on a few places for fresh, clean food – Danube for meat, poultry, and cheese; L’organic for cultured butter and plantbased alternative milk products; and Abazeer for grains and good oils. Abazeer


Organic foods abazeer

L’organic Imported organic and natural produce. lorganic_shop

Danube Local and imported foods danubeco

CHECK OUT THESE HEALTH FOOD STORES: Biotic Nutritional supplements, dietary alternatives, and organic produce. biotic_sa

Qaf Imported organic produce qaf_sa DESTINATION KSA 91



Edited by Nessreen Tamano


An eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight.

92 SEP/OCT 2019

We go through so much pressure about our physical appearance on a daily basis and, especially in the age of social media where we are exposed to what we now know to be unrealistic and unachievable beauty ideals, this could lead to countless disorders. Eating disorders have, unfortunately, become too common in our generation, but also in teens and pre-teens, who account for a majority of patients diagnosed. In Saudi, the reality is that many people don’t consider these as “serious” disorders, and there remains a lack of awareness what psychological and physical issues, underlying or otherwise, cause and aggravate them. Growing up, I was confident in my own body, but only up until the age of 17. I moved to the US at the time to pursue my Bachelor’s

degree, and the stress of being in a new environment, so far away from home, somehow changed the way I perceived my physical appearance. I started wanting to be as skinny as possible, starving myself, and when people would comment that I looked sick, I brushed it off as jealousy on their part. I would eventually overcome this phase with time and the support of my family, but this is not always the case for many people, even those who manage to control it.


Dr Razan Al Ghassab, Family Medicine Resident at the National Guard Health Affairs in Riyadh, explains that eating disorders are considered chronic problems and therefore are not cured with medication alone. Therapy is also necessary. “It’s important to deal with therapists, psychiatrists, or physicians experienced in eating disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is available locally,” she says.

Location: Jabir ibn Al Numaan St., Al Khalij Dist., Dammam Web:

Riyadh Behavior Modification and Psychiatric Center Location: Unayzah St., Ar Rawdah Dist. Web:

Sharqiya Abeer Medical Center

Jeddah MyClinic Location: Prince Sultan Branch Rd., Al Mohammadiyyah Dist. Web:

Around KSA Middle East Eating Disorders Association (MEEDA) Web: Email: DESTINATION KSA 93


people with bulimia may secretly binge eat and then purge, getting rid of extra calories in an unhealthy way.

The concept of going to therapy for an eating disorder, particularly in Saudi, should be just as normal as going to the dentist, especially as it is a long-term issue and will likely need multiple, regular visits to a therapist. Consistency in managing triggers and developing the right skill set is taught in CBT, which helps patients deal with the disorders. Raising awareness and openly discussing eating disorders and issues also help; being silent about them often cause misconceptions that can hurt both the patient and their loved ones. 94 SEP/OCT 2019


consuming unusually large amounts of food and feeling unable to stop eating.

“Social media is a powerful tool, if used right. Knowing that you are not going through difficult times alone is a great help for many patients,� says Dr Razan. Overcoming the social and cultural barriers associated with eating disorders through sharing knowledge and our own personal experiences can only have a positive impact in our society. Email: DESTINATION KSA 95


FREE FIT BITS No gym membership? No problem! By Dalia Darweesh

Nothing can compare to taking a walk down the streets of your neighborhood, admiring the beauty of nature, getting some fresh air, and releasing that stress. You don’t need to hit the gym if you visit these parks and walkways in Saudi.


Aside from the magnificent views of the green spaces, play areas, and lake, Salam Park also has walkways and jogging tracks. The Park is sectioned into four different areas: Palm Grove, Hillside Zone, the lake area, and an Ecological Zone. Location: Salam St., Salam Dist.

RIYADH HILLS PARK – TILAL AL RIYADH Located in the North of Riyadh in a beautiful and quiet neighborhood of Malqa, here you can take a stroll or go for a jog as you enjoy the views of green landscapes and palm trees spread out in the park.


Location: Tilal Al Riyadh Park, Al Aqiq Dist.

One of the most important tourist attractions, and one of the largest parks in Riyadh, it contains a beautiful artificial lake and a daily dancing water fountain. It also has a 12-meter wide pathway for walking, jogging, and cycling.


Location: Al Ameen Abdullah Al Ali Al Naeem St., Al Malaz Dist. 96 SEP/OCT 2019

Also known as King Abdulaziz Garden, it’s a park distinguished by its beauty and cleanliness. It has a walkway and a children’s playground, which makes it a wonderful outlet for people residing in this neighborhood. Location: Mahayidah St., Wahah Dist.


Edge of the World Location: Makkah Al Mukarramah Rd.


Jabal Qarah Location: Al Dalwah Rd., Al Qarah Village


Moon Mountain Location: Al Kamil Rd., Ghran Al Wadi Al Marwani; Coordinates: 22’‘13.839 N, 39”39.585 E


MURAIKABAT MOUNTAIN PARK A very well-known destination in Sharqiya, this spacious park has grassy green lawns, and a clean, paved walkway. The atmosphere at the park with fellow runners will get you motivated to keep going. Location: Albairuni St., Al Muraikabat Dist., Dammam

KHOBAR CORNICHE WALKWAY Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, visitors can go cycling by the beach, in addition to using fitness equipment along the coast and enjoying the view of the beach. Location: Al Khobar Corniche, Seafront, Khobar

ARAMCO ENVIRONMENTAL PARK 1 This new park is a must-visit! Originally a mountain, it has been structured with lots of uphills and downhills, so be prepared for a killer workout. It also has a football court, gym station, and a vast area to work out in. Location: Al Tabari St., Al Jamiah Dsit., Dhahran DESTINATION KSA 97

JEDDAH CALISTHENICS PARK Located in a mid-sized park with outdoor exercise equipment for calisthenic workouts and bodyweight fitness training, here you can also find parallel bars, high bars, and a pole bar as well. Location: Al Amir Fawaz St., Al Janouby Dist.

PARK AND WALK OF PRINCE FAWAZ NEIGHBORHOOD This walkway south of Jeddah is the longest, with plenty of space to do various workouts, in addition to the park being equipped with a number of umbrellas for shade, in case you want to rest. Location: Sayyid Ash Shuhada, Al Amir Fawwaz Al Junoobi Dist.

CORNICHE WALK TRAIL Walk, run, or jog by the Red Sea Corniche – it’s worth the while when you’re viewing the breathtaking scenery. There are dedicated cycling paths and an outdoor gym – an area equipped with sports machines – for the public. Location: Ash Shatee Dist.

AL REHAB WALKWAY The family-friendly 40-meter wide Rehab Walkway features a spacious path for different types of workouts. You can also find cycling, and jogging tracks, and exercise machines. Location: Al Rehab Walkway, Rehab Dist. 98 SEP/OCT SEP/OCT2019 2019


A TRUE INDULGENCE Experiencing France with Butter of Europe Written by Dalia Darweesh and Zahra Anwer 100 SEP/OCT 2019

Starting in the heart of Paris, the French Dairy Board hosted an exploration trip to witness how dairy butter is made in France, starting off with a workshop on using butter in different dishes. Held at Atelier 750g and led by consultant chef Christophe Dovergne, who runs a catering and consultancy business, the workshop saw the team preparing and enjoying a 3 courses dinner of salmon in orange-flavored butter, chicken breast in tarragon butter with glazed carrots and buttery mashed potatoes and, finally a strawberry tart. In each course the butter was used in different ways, but always sublimating the ingredient and enhancing the taste of each dish. The following morning, the group was taken to the production laboratory of Laiterie La Chapelle in the heart of Paris to meet with owner Paul Zindy and learn about making butter from local raw milk. The secret ingredient to a good butter is just good dairy cream as this is the only ingredient used, each participant had to experience a manual churn and make the magic happen! On the third day, the group visited one of EchirÊ farms and its butter production site. The brand founded in 1984 is internationally recognized for its butter’s quality, taste, and very pliable texture, they are DESTINATION KSA 101

also known to be a “niche” and high-quality brand as they only produce 2000 tons of butter a year. The farm was owned and run by 3 generations of a same family , all moved by the same passion. We were then welcomed at the factory by Guillaume Ribadière, Sales and Marketing director and had the chance to observe the traditional butter making in a wooden churn, turning 25,000 liters into 925 kg of butter before tasting it. The next visit took us to the production site of major butter exporter to the Middle East: Paysan Breton (Laita group), which is located in Brittany where the cows graze in the fields for at least 200 days a year! The yellow color of the natural dairy butter actually come from the milk and originally the grass and flowers that cows eat. Candice Lher, the Export Product Manager, explained to the team the production process of Laita butter, starting with the reception and pasteurization of cream. Maturation follows, and then the preparation of cultures, followed by the churning of butter, cooling

102 SEP/OCT 2019

and finally, packaging, storing and shipment worldwide. An exciting journey to Marais Salants – Salt marshes was also organized to observe the salt and fleur de sel production that are then oftenly used to flavor butters.

flavored butters. The group watched the process of blending and manually molding butter. They had the chance to try amazing creation by Bordier such as vanilla butter, Espelette pepper butter or even yuzu butter.

The day after, the group visited butter artisan Jean Yves Bordier production facility, Bordier is known for its tradition and savoir-faire, their specialty is

The trip ended on high notes with a dinner at Michelin-star Chef Eric Guérin “La Mare aux Oiseaux” restaurant where we understood that butter is also

key in fine gastronomic cuisine as this is a subtle ingredient bringing smoothness and flavor to any dish, actually natural dairy butter can take every dish to the next level!




In Europe, and particularly in France, butter is inseparable from gastronomy. It clearly represents a certain way of life, and despite the evolution of eating habits, it remains essential for cooks and chefs.

Enriched with finely chopped parsley, it was a perfect accompaniment to rib steak. For snails, it was decorated with garlic and parsley. A must-eat among many others that tourists come to taste in bistros during their stay in France.

Enter a kitchen, and look for butter... it is never far away. Trends change, culinary techniques evolve, but it remains the favourite ingredient of chefs. Used for roasting, browning meat or fish, glazing vegetables, ‘putting together’ a sauce, and even as the predominant ingredient when it comes to white sauce or hollandaise, butter has a thousand virtues. Adorned in a golden colour and blessed with a delicate scent, a knob of butter simply slips into a pancake batter or purée. Clarified–in other words, free of whey–it means a fish, such as salmon or St. Pierre, can be slowly cooked, respecting the delicate flesh.

However, butter is far from being limited to French flavors ... Flavoring a butter is extremely simple and can be tailormade in endless ways. Simply add to a butter ointment the ingredient you

Need I remind you that butter is a remarkable flavour enhancer, able like no other of transporting flavours, capturing them, sublimating them. A star of French brasseries in the 1970s and 1980s, “maître d’hôtel” butter was then an icon. 104 SEP/OCT 2019

want to make it taste good: lemon, orange, yuzu zest, fresh herbs, fruit, almost anything can be used to flavour it. In just a few minutes, the butter is reinvented, full of originality. A few pieces of dates, a hint of spice, a few crushed raspberries, and it is transformed. Once flavoured, it can be spread but is also used to cook and flavour fish, white meat or vegetables.


The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is an official European sign of quality and origin. It represents a direct link between a product and its terroir. It guarantees its typicality, and a recognised traditional manufacturing method. In Europe, only five butters have a Protected Designation of Origin. Both Belgian Ardennes butter and Isigny butter were recognised in the same year, in 1996. The very delicate Beurre rose du Luxembourg has had a PDO since 2000, and the last one, is Bresse Butter, which was awarded the designation in 2014. The very first to stand out from the rest was Charentes-Poitou butter, which includes Échiré butter as produced by the Sèvre&Belle dairy since 1894.





100 g sweet butter - 50 g raw hazelnuts

200 g softened butter - 2 tablespoons milk

15 g cinnamon powder - 5 g sea salt

25 g honey - 5 g dried Jalapeno pepper,

7 g sugar (optional) - 5 g rose water - 1 g guar gum

reduced to powder (chipotle)

Roast the hazelnuts for 12 to 15 minutes in a preheated

In the bowl of a kitchen machine equipped with a

oven at 170°C – they should turn light brown in colour. Allow them to cool, then place the hazelnuts in a cloth and rub them to remove the skin.

whisk, emulsify the softened butter and milk until a light and creamy consistency is obtained.

Place the hazelnuts into the bowl of a kitchen aid machine equipped with a blade and reduce to a thin paste. Add the softened butter, cinnamon powder and salt and then turn the kitchen machine on again to blend everything together

Add the honey and whisk for one minute to mix it in perfectly. Finish by incorporating the chilli pepper Pour into a small jar, use immediately, or store in the refrigerator until ready to use.


Taste and adjust the seasoning if necessary. Place the butter in a jar and store it at room temperature or in the refrigerator. You can use it on pancakes, toasts, bread and any other support that goes with honey

100 g softened butter - 75 g ripe avocado flesh 10 g lemon juice, squeezed - 2 g salt - A pinch of pepper 2 g of mastic gum - 2 g truffle oil - 2 g chives Using a hand blender, blend the butter until it is white and slightly frothy. Add the avocado meat and lemon juice, mix again and then add salt, pepper, putty and truffle oil. Mix one last time to bring everything together and finish by adding the finely chopped spring onions and incorporating them with a whisk.

The content of this advertorial represents the views of the author only and is his sole responsibility. The European Commission do not accept any responsibility for any use that may be made of the information it contains. DESTINATION KSA105


Ahmad’s career began in his native Beirut, then he travelled to the Mediterranean basin, Sardinia, Marbella in Spain and even Paris before migrating to Africa, Algeria and Gambia and then to the Gulf countries. He finds in these trips a real source of inspiration to develop his cuisine and develop his creativity. After gaining experience in Dubai and Doha, he now works as a Chef and Consultant at the HFM Hotel in Riyadh.


EN-TIRE-LY KOREA A Tour of South Korea and the Hankook Experience Story by Sakan Al Kibsi Written by Yasmine Mohamed

After an arduous 11-hour trip from our transit in Turkey, all I was looking for was a place to crash. The accommodation in Park Hyatt Seoul, South Korea was truly superior. Not only did I get to sink in one of the most comfortable hotel beds, I also got to enjoy stunning city views from within a crisp, modern interior. After passing out from exhaustion, the next morning we woke up, had an energizing breakfast, then headed straight to business. Who has time for jet lag anyways? Our first stop was the Hankook Technodome, located in Daejeon, a state-of-the-art Research & Development Center established in 2016. It stands six floors and maps 96,328 m2 of floor space. The eco-friendly institute is made from recyclable materials, with water saving and energy recycling, and it utilizes geothermal and solar power technologies. They were even awarded the Gold LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Architecture is high-tech, incorporating the latest technology and materials 106 SEP/OCT 2019

with design. It felt like being toured around a spaceship! We were excited to witness next the manufacturing and quality control process. Geumsan Plant, located in Geumsan-gun and established in 1997, is the world’s largest tire-only production plant, with approximately 22 million tires produced annually. The facility is almost entirely automated, too. We were not going to fly all the way to South Korea without burning some rubber – the first ever female Korean test driver drove us around G’trac, Hankook’s dry and wet (wet summer and icy winter road simulation) proving grounds. It’s where the plant systematically evaluates the tires’ rotational capacity, braking power, grip force, and noise. No wonder Hankook Tires has grown into one of the world’s top 5 companies in the mass production of tires. Their technology leadership makes them the provider of choice for premium automakers such as Mercedes and BMW.

Hankook Technodome

The inside of Hankook Technodome. DESTINATION KSA 107

Hankook Tires has grown into one of the world’s top 5 companies in the mass production of tires.

108 SEP/OCT 2019

After all the hard work was done, it was time to kick back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of South Korea. The following day we stopped at Gyeongbokgung Palace, the most beautiful and largest of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Josen Dynasty, the last one in Korea and its longest-ruling Confucian Dynasty that lasted for five centuries. Next, we were served a taste of authentic Korean culture at Bukchon Hanok Village. Hanoks are traditional Korean houses that function as cultural centers, guesthouses, restaurants, and tea houses

nowadays. Finally, our tour came to a thrilling end, with a visit to the Lotte World Tower, the tallest skyscraper in South Korea and the 6th tallest building in the world. The 117th floor – the beginning of the observatory – had a glass floor and a telescope that allows breathtaking views of all of Korea. It was absolutely a marvel and an exciting experience. Kamsahamnida Korea, land of technology, was definitely hell of a blast.



P-LAST-IC The amazing Conrad Hotels & Resorts, and their continuous efforts to saving the environment. Story by Mayda Hashani Written by Deena Dakhiel

Aerial view of Rangali Island

When I found out about the Maldives trip, I knew I was in for a treat, especially keeping in mind the internationally recognized high standards of Conrad Hotels and Resorts. The entire trip was not only a breathtaking experience but also included educational aspects that left me with a new appreciation for the ocean’s ecosystem. The first day on the trip was an experience on its own – a 30-minute scenic seaplane ride took us to our main destination, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. Watching the other islands pass us by, floating between different shades of blue made me not want to ever land the plane. Setting foot on the island, I felt instantly regal and ready for what’s to come. 110 SEP/OCT 2019

Day two, five meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by coral forests and fluorescent fish, we started off the day – the Conrad Maldives Hotel opened its doors for us to visit the chilling MURAKA. First of its kind, THE MURAKA is a two-story, three bedroom residence with a room that sits just below the surface of the Indian Ocean. Falling asleep to the passing underwater wildlife and shockingly fascinating corals is a site worth traveling for. The designs remain minimalistic as to not distract from the live surroundings. A dedicated team is present at all times to ensure the comfort of all guests. The name “THE MURAKA” means coral in Dhivehi, the native language. The name emphasizes the unity between the people and the ocean. Aside from the stunning infrastructure and 5-star standards The Conrad Maldives is living out the promise of

The Conrad embarks on plastic run with island locals and hotel staff.

One of the most enticing adventures we had was the Water Thrills at Dhangethi Island. We embarked on an island tour to visit the Dhangethi community and witness the ways in which The Conrad Maldives shows support through education and the development of

hydroponic systems to support self-sustaining farming. The Conrad Maldives also hosts plastic runs where locals from the islands run along the beach with the hotel staff and pick up plastic and other harmful trash along the way. The Conrad Maldives is also keen on going as zero waste as possible. Reducing and mostly removing all packaged items in hotel rooms, buffets and all around the hotel. It was impressive to observe first hand how The Conrad Maldives takes care of the communities surrounding the hotel. The prestigious hotel even hosted John K. Melvin, an eco-artist who makes site-specific art, who used plastic bottles to create a chandelier as a move to raise awareness about the overbearing amounts of plastic in our oceans. His work was breathtaking

and showed that anyone can create beauty out of something potentially destructive. From the breathtaking views the islands provide of the Indian Ocean, to the corporate responsibility the hotel has committed to, we can ensure that the Maldives is the place to visit with The Conrad Maldives Hotel. The Conrad Maldives also hosts plastic runs along the beach for guests to pick up any trash. From plastic runs to producing energy, and growing agriculture, Conrad Maldives Hotels around the world are working to create a more sustainable hotel experience, while managing to keep guests engaged and entertained.

Web: conrad_maldives DESTINATION KSA 111


corporate responsibility. The main challenge disrupting the islands’ overall health has been plastic. The problem does not only stem from the plastic being washed up after being constantly dumped into our oceans, but it is also a problem when the islands do not have proper waste management systems in place. It is upto the island locals to manage plastic waste, and so The Conrad Maldives has taken it upon itself to take responsibility for the surrounding ecosystems and communities.




Salman Bin Abdulaziz












2.52% 13

Mohammed Bin Salman


2,149,690 km²

Makkah & Madinah

GMT +3

Sharqiya, 4.1 million people

Riyadh, 7.3 million people




King Khaled International Airport









Jeddah & Makkah


King Abdulaziz International Airport

Khobar, Jubail Dammam & Dhahran



Madinah & Yanbu



Abha & Najran


King Fahd International Airport

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz International Airport


BUSINESS + BANKING HOURS 8/9 a.m. - 4/5 p.m. (Sun - Thur)

1.00 USD 1.00 Euro 1.00 British Pound 1.00 Indian Rupee 1.00 Philippine Peso

WEEKEND Friday – Saturday SHOPPING HOURS 10 a.m – 1 p.m. 5 – 11 p.m.


112 SEP/OCT 2019

Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport


STC Inquiry information Speaking Clock Mobily STC ZAIN

Al-Ahsa International Airport

905 1222 1100 900 959

EMERGENCY Ambulance General Emergency NAJM (Car Accidents) 920000560

997 911

SR 3.75 SR 4.39 SR 4.82 SR 0.06 SR 0.10



September 23

May 23





April 23

July 25




ISSUE 6 SEP / OCT 2019

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