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FROM THE EDITOR Destination KSA is all about bringing the best the Kingdom has to offer and this season it delivered with heart-pumping events and never seen before activities that made us truly believe that in Saudi Arabia, the impossible becomes possible.

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Kicking off with festivals such as the Riyadh Season, Red Sea Film Festival, AlUla Moments and much more, this year has been packed with a spread of fun, and we have the guide to it all! We also heeded to the beat of the drums, as the SOUNDSTORM landed and covered the lands with musical talents and extravaganza that left us in awe.



But it’s not just the events that make the Kingdom an awesome place. So we’re also covering your lifestyle needs--from making sure you’re decked out for the season with our fresh round up of the “wheres of your wears” to our Destination favorite eats of the year. And when you’re done indulging, check out our special wellness guide. Want to have a quick escape from the frost? We bring the sun to you. Flip through the pages of hotels and resorts that you can run away to for a bit of Sunshine retreat. Winter has come, and with Destination KSA in hand, you will be in the know! Maria Mahdaly, Editor-in-Chief

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EVENTS & HAPPENINGS Celebrate the Present The Finish Line Embracing Festivities Chasing the Storm

2 DEC/ JAN 2022


ISSUE SPECIALS Please Don’t Stop the Music A Salute to the World of Film





Different Strokes

Livin la Vida Loca


SHOP Passing the Fashion Baton The 2021 Wheel of Trends Hang, Dine, the Perfect Time


EAT Chef Moudi Al Saud Destination Eats Out


TRAVEL A Desert Treasure Hunt Intro to Maldives



CELEBRATE THE PRESENT In a world where we “imagine more”

Image courtesy : Osama Jouhairi

By Haia Abdullah

This year, Riyadh season is bigger than ever! Travel through and imagine a world never existed before. Packed with loads days of fun, the Riyadh

4 DEC/ JAN 2022

ZONE 1 BOULEVARD RIYADH CITY The zone is housed with eight subsections of festivals, stores, and restaurants. Head to the 500 electronic games where you and your family can enjoy. FINE DINE! Boulevard opens its luxurious gates to expose appetizing restaurants and cafes where you indulge in some delicious cuisines. Satisfy your sweet tooth, Aani and Dani is your delectable spot Jinji along with popular donuts spot, Randy’s THE ENTERTAINMENT SANCTUARY With FIRST FLY, Doos Racing, and Crystal Maze, in Boulevard Riyadh you are destined to the entertainment of a lifetime.

LET’S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAD, SHALL WE? At this Riyadh season, there’s a wide selection of Theatre plays including Cirque Messi, A Family Made of Fire, and more! Are you a magic fan? RAW is presenting Criss Angel and his world of magic. Grab a lesson from the prank master himself, with Ramez Experience. WE HEAR ‘SHOPPING’, WE FOLLOW Nothing is complete without fashion, the Boulevard blessed us with Proud Angeles, Dior, Whites, Sephora, Le Gray, Faces, Pink and Blue, Adidas, Skechers, XIX, MLW, Blank, Azaleas, By Muneeram and much more!


ZONE 2 VIA RIYADH With Via Riyadh Hotel, pamper yourself with its luxurious spots and services. All things Luxury, high-end stores including RS Boutique, Antonia, Richard Orlinski, ASHI, Dior Cosmetic store, and Tecktell are presented to you. TAKE DELIGHT IN LEISURE Spend an entertaining time with the RenaiSsance Theatres and then head to relaxation with some spa and massage services! TREATS OF LOVE For some good food and great ambience, visit Via Riyadh’s Ferdi Paris, Spago, Madeo, Scott’s, Raoul’s, Bianca, Spacca, Manuh Cigar Lounge, and more.

ZONE 3 COMBAT FIELD Challenge your friends with paintball competitions,

meet and greet an all-around thrilling experience. 6 DEC/ JAN 2022

ZONE 4 WINTER WONDERLAND Winter Wonderland carries 103 time. Travel to a new illusion with Dreamland Carnival, Tales of Terror, Haunted Theatres, and Wonder Circus!

ZONE 5 RIYADH FRONT The destination of wonders will take you along the Saudi Anime Show, Riyadh Motor Show, Jewelry Exhibition, and more! Where to go and what to do? Ana Arabia is where alluring designs come to life as 200 designers unfold creativity. Aqai offers jewelry, cool-looking cars, cafes, restaurants, and of course fashion! DESTINATION KSA 7

ZONE 6 AL MURABAA Offering a special culinary experience of international cuisines. With the presence of Chef Pierre Herme’s patisserie and Matthew Kenney’s Folia, you are going to have a surreal experience. For the love of food, you are open to choose from astounding restaurants including Don Julio Parrilla, Beast, Barmasa, Jon and Vinny’s, El Gradas Lounge, and more! You can also check out the National Museum which has now reopened.

ZONE 8 AL ATHRIYAH Music and more music. Opening its doors to luxurious restaurants to serve delectable dishes along with music and performances.

ZONE 9 RIYADH OASIS Explore the wonders of Riyadh’s deserts in the outskirts where you get to live the desert life along with a taste of performances and Saudi music.

ZONE 7 RIYADH SAFARI Riyadh Safari is showcasing the diversity in the animal kingdom. The Safari includes white tigers, 18 species of macaw parrots and more. There are also international cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy your meal with varrious wildlife in full view. 8 DEC/ JAN 2022

You can also shop with 25 brands in which you can tailor or buy ready-to-wear items. Spend a night in the desert, and entertain yourself with Polo, mini golf, buggies, and bowling. Enter the world of food with outposts such as Spanish Memento, Asian and Italian Novikov Hall, Lebanese Antika, French Girafe, and Italian Le Grand Venise.

ZONE 10 THE GROVES The Grooves, located in DQ is perfect for any pet lover. The Zone is open for pets to enjoy a day out. You can also chill out in the cafes and restaurants at the Groves.

ZONE 11 RIYADH PULSE Immerse yourself in futuristic wizardry! The 3D displays will leave you mesmerized.

ZONE 14 KAHLOUHA Time to appreciate the Saudi poetry at the Khalouha poetry festival as you travel on a metrical trip along with poets. Experience activities including AlRiddiyah poetry at Khalouha with art, coffee, and Bukhoor.






Take a trip down memory lane with the history of Saudi. From songs to art, the village celebrates the kingdom’s rich history and progresses the right way.

Take a break from all the chaos and run over to Al Salam Tree for peace and some quality time for yourself to enjoy and take in mother nature.




THE FINISH LINE Checkered Flags, Green Lights, And Racing In Arabia By Karim Taleb

motor racing culture in Saudi, the country has made momentous within the global racing community, with the hosting of racing events Dakar Rally and most notably the Formula One Grand Prix, with its second edition commencing in future racing events in Saudi.

10 10AUG/ DEC/ SEP JAN2022 2021 2022 10 DEC/JAN


SAUDI GRAND PRIX The Saudi Grand Prix is one of the most important events of the year due to its global 1 has been a very popular sporting event for decades and each season holds attracting more followers to this exciting sport.

Jeddah is hosting the F1 race in the newly built track on the city’s waterfront. The track is the second longest circuit after Stavelot in Belgium and has been awarded the fastest track, with 27 turns and an average speed of 250 kmph. 11 AUG/ SEP 2021



SAUDI E-PRIX Furthermore, in 2018, the E-Prix was hosted in Ad as part of the 2019-2018 season, which marked Saudi Arabia other countries who have been hosting these racing events for years. The racing culture in Saudi has always been prominent, with the youth being 12 DEC/JAN DEC/ JAN2022 2022

heavily involved in Go-Karting from a young age, igniting the competitive characteristics found in Formula 1 drivers. Moreover, Saudi has marked its place in the world of racing by hosting the Dakar Rally, one of the most world, which crosses through the desert for longer distances.


DAKAR RALLY The Dakar Rally will be held from January 2nd until the 14th, and it will be crossing through the various deserts of Saudi, exploring the multiple different landscapes and terrains the country has to offer. The race is divided into vehicle categories such as bikes, quads, cars and trucks where they will compete on the roughest terrains of

the world for an exciting and thrilling racing event. This year, the Dakar Rally will kick off in Hail before reaching the Empty Quarter, which is usually the highlight of the race, then cross through the capital of Riyadh, before reaching the With plenty of racing events set to take place in the country, the

future is being shaped to give room for many more racing events to come within Saudi Arabia. This will hopefully ignite a larger interest within the youth of Saudi, motivating them to work towards participating in global racing events in the future. Perhaps, we will see a Saudi team or driver participating in Formula 1 soon. DESTINATION DESTINATIONKSA KSA 13


EMBRACING FESTIVITIES Where dreams and reality merge By Svent Salha

Innovation is one of life’s many need time to unwind and have a laugh or two; this is where AlUla’s many activities and events come to mind. The AlUla Moments is the banner under which four monumental festivals will be held: Winter at Tantora, AlUla Skies, AlUla Arts, and AlUla’s Wellness Festival. 14 DEC/ JAN 2022

From Camel trekking in Ashar, concerts in Maraya, gastronomic experiences in the plethora of restaurants, and immersive experiences in Hegra, Saudi Heritage site, AlUla seems to have it all. But wait… There’s more! Starting the festivities with a bang is the Tantora Celebrations in the Old Town from December 25-21. This will commence the start of the Winter season with an enchanting light and sound show.

From December 31-24, at the UNESCO World Heritage of Hegra, an enticing new event, Hegra Candlelit Classics, will set a captivating atmosphere by illuminating the -2000year-old Nabatean tombs with hundreds of candles. This, coupled with musical performances from adept South African Pianist Stefan Lombard and his international musicians performing classical, contemporary, and Arabic music. This will include violinist David Best, Cellist Dorette Roos, and Oud player Simon Stengel.


Furthermore, the festival will offer a myriad of enthralling experiences at the heritage site. This includes Path of Poets in the Cultural oasis and The Traveller Ibn Battuta in the old town. Happening on two successive weekends in January, AlUla Citrus Festival will celebrate the master crafts of what AlUla is famous for. It will include market stalls, music, and a chance for local farmers to showcase their produce. Cinema ElHoush, in the Aljadid recently shown at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals. The cinema will operate on Tuesday through Saturday, and show two international movies per evening. 16 DEC/JAN 2022

The AlUla Desert Polo event will happen on February 11th and 12th. The Royal Commission for AlUla, supported by the Saudi Polo Federation, is ecstatic to host being in January of 2020. From the masters of Milan to the artisans of Paris and now international high fashion is making its way into Saudi Arabia. Hegra Cavalry Fashion Show, taking place on January 27th, 2022, will show off new haute couture modern-day style amongst ancient ruins. One of the key features of the AlUla Moments is the concert series with an enticing amalgam of regional Arabic artists, and new international names will grace us with a great music program. Such names like Andrea Bocelli, returning to perform once again. With Improvisational composer and singer Abdulrahman Mohammad. The Egyptian composer and pianist Omar Khairat, the Lebanese soprano, and actress Magida El Roumi. All the concerts will be held at the Maraya The Winter festival kicks off with a candlelit symphonic concert at Hegra from December 21st till February 12th and many more events onwards. Please visit the experience AlUla website for more information. DESTINATION KSA




MDLBEAST, as an organization, aims to provide the most excellent foundation conceivable. However, they are more than just an event entertainment and new-media platform focusing on music’s ecosystem and diversifying culture in the region. This year’s MDL Beast resident festival is back, SOUNDSTORM 2021, which and revolutionary- in terms of size and the featured artists. The festival was hosted in 18 18DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022

Riyadh between December -16 19. It featured a world-leading international music line-up with more than 150 global superstars and international dance acts performing alongside local and regional talent. Ramadan Alharatani, the CEO, highlighted the company’s efforts to ensure the health and safety of the attendees and deliver a unique festival, “Our vision is to deliver a unique and positive experience for hundreds of thousands of people as they enjoy some of the world’s biggest stars performing in front of a passionate Saudi audience.”



Nada Alhalabi

With a background in sound treatment, Nada is paving the way for many in the music industry. She is not only passionate about music, but she has seen personally the positive impact it can have on others. She feels lucky to be a woman in the music industry. The lack of women in the music industry is palpable throughout the Middle East and around the world, especially when the industry is undergoing massive upheavals. “Representation is vital, and I am thrilled to be making a difference by

new ways,” she says. Nada urges female creatives interested in working in music to be a part of the industry’s shift. “Of course, there will be hurdles along the way, but we’ll be there to support and encourage people to keep going” She stated that at XP, we would be discussing women in music as one of their primary subjects under their pillar data, policy, and advocacy, researching the

kingdom’s future. “Dream big, work hard, be patient, keep modest, and seek to learn constantly.”

music business. The message that Nada wishes to convey by her participation her inspiring personality. She believes that young people in Saudi Arabia represent the DESTINATION DESTINATIONKSA KSA 19 19

MEET THE STORM CHASERS Let’s peek into the musical minds of this year’s MDLBEAST Soundstrom lineup to understand what makes their

GOT THE GROOVE Dj Baloo DJ Baloo is one of the visionaries behind the creative team at MDLBEAST. He has was a child. He never expected to have the chance to play in Saudi, as he had intentions to play regionally in Beirut, Dubai, and Bahrain. “The music scene in Saudi has grown at a steady pace to become what it is. Baloo added, The music culture in this city is raw, full of passion and originality, yet it is fractured, and it is on its way to becoming a cohesive, sizzling, bursting at the seams scene.” DJ Baloo emphasized the XP music conference and its importance. He said, ‘event entrepreneurs, stage, fashion, and graphic designers, so many professionals will connect. As a result, new chances will be created along with the new economy and ecology that generates employment.” Baloo spoke about SOUNDSTORM, which he claims will allow everyone to be themselves, causing societal transformations, increasing interest in public performance, and providing possibilities for the music ecosystem. Dj Baloo’s inspiration behind making music is that he enjoys spreading joy, and I can see it on people’s faces when I perform. “I play and compose music because I want to dance.”

20 20DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022

CREATIVE COSMICAT Cosmicat Nouf, also known as Cosmicat, is an incredible artist who was born with a fantastic ear and acquired a passion for collecting, learning, and creating music as a child. Cosmicat began with no prior musical instruction or expertise and only a sense of rhythm. She was always a part of the local underground DJ culture, which piqued her interest in the profession by allowing her to idolize DJs such as Vinyl and Dish Dash.


Nouf explained that the creative community in Saudi Arabia is enormous and that everyone has access to all resources. That›s how she learned all she knows by researching online and then applying it by adding her magic to it. MDLBEAST, she said, is a beautiful celebration to share that promotes the local community and the genre of music around the world.

highly inspiring. “I was nervous, couldn’t look up at the crowd for more than a few seconds, sweating in January, but had a tremendous adrenaline rush instantly after seeing the crowd’s support,” she said of her participation in a cultural exchange event with guest German female musicians. Despite her extensive stage experience, she adores her audience; her most recent tech zone, attracting many teenage and young visitors. DESTINATION DESTINATIONKSA KSA 21 21

DJ’ DUO Dish Dash Hassan and Abbas both grew up in a musical family where music was a lifestyle for everyone. As a result, they began attending many events and developed an interest in electronic music. Even though the DJ scene was not as big, they mostly listened to western performers who sparked their passion for music. Since its debut edition in 2019, they feel MDLBEAST has been generating enthusiasm in the local music business that is culturally evolving. The festival offers like-minded people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dance and listen to phenomenal music. Plus, as MDLBEAST aims to do, it›s always nice to see local talent share their ideas with the world. Music production and DJing began as a hobby for the DJs a few years ago, which they began doing in front of others. “We’re inspired by different people, different places, and different emotions. Portraying the authentic Saudi sound is one of the most critical aspects of our music-making. We try to showcase our heritage and culture with a modern electronic twist.” Their favorite stage memory is performing in front of a large crowd on a massive stage in their homeland“We’re pleased we got a chance to be among the huge lineup at MDL Beast 2019” they enthused. 22 22DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022

SAUD IN THE CITY Saz Aka SAÜD Saz has always been a music fanatic, inspired by the local underground DJ community, and this has always pushed him to both produce and connect with those behind the Saudi music industry. When we asked Saz what he thought about being a part of SOUDNSTORM2021, he responded, “I feel MDLBEAST helped bring this already existent community together in one global music platform and undoubtedly helped push local artists to develop and play among the greatest names in the music business today.” His best stage moment was performing


fans from his home of Saudi of White Oasis & MDL Beast. In the future, he would want to collaborate with his favorite musicians, Mihai, Dennis Ferrer, Apolonia, and Traumer, and combine his music style with theirs. Saz enjoys expressing music to the audience and can’t wait to see you all at this year’s SOUNDSTORM. DESTINATION KSA


FLYING FREE Birdperson

Lujain, better known by her stage name Birdperson, is a a huge Doors fan and is heavily She further said that music has been a big part of her life since she was a kid and that it has grown through the years. MDLBEAST has developed a forum for young underground local musicians like herself who have seen the rise of electronic music in Saudi. She added how MDLBEAST is developing a vital mechanism through their record label to connect all of the great individuals in the country, allowing the music scene to grow. Lujain is a quick learner, and through photographing her DJ buddies at every party, she gained the desire to become a DJ. She began to compose new songs to create sensations that motivated her. “My music is usually motivated by how I feel and my mood at the time,” she my music; every set I mix has a narrative, a sentiment, and an expression.” with emotions, but she was ecstatic. When she overcame her nervousness, it gave her to overcome the fear and shift your state of mind, you have to challenge yourself and do crazy things that are beyond your usual comfort zone,” she added. 24 24DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022


Adnan, Popularly known as Spaceboi, is an outstanding multitasker with extraordinary and inspiring talents. He learned about DJing and music production via online YouTube lessons, but he recently attended training online from an instructor in London. Adnan is exceptionally fortunate to have had someone who performance, about four years ago when he was getting into the DJing scene. As he was contacting venues to play, his girlfriend suggested contacting the organizer of a small popup market that was generally happening in Bahrain and was interested in his mix. That night, he played for six hours straight. He would have given up DJing a long time ago if it hadn’t been his wife.


Adnan is excited to see artists like Hats & Klaps in Saudi and hopes to work with them; he considers their devotion to their sound and production technique incredibly motivating.


Spceboi enjoys connecting with the audience when playing, and he enjoys engaging with people through his music. His favorite moment is when he plays music that he knows the audience isn›t anticipating and surprises them. He claims that comedians do the same thing. DESTINATION DESTINATIONKSA KSA 25 25



Majid has been performing music since early 2009, beginning his journey in the United States. Being self-taught and meeting DJs willing to share their skills with him was the pivotal experience that led him to music. “Passion goes a long way when learning a new talent.” He has always been passionate about music and liked to discover, collect, and share music from an early age. In his own words, “I was always very interested and keen on supporting, pushing and introducing people to the magic and power of music.” Majid loves being on the stage; he ecstatically shares with us his favorite stage memory, “it was to see me play and recorded me with his phone. It was something I had never seen him do before.” He is currently also an active part of the MDLBEAST, saying that, “They (MDLBEAST) are playing an essential role in identifying and advancing local talent, which they are doing this year through the XP conference. In the future, Majid would love to work with big international names that inspire him, like Vega, Moodymann, Delano Smith, and Herodot. Adding that “local artists, Baloo, Vinylmode, and Dish Dash are a considerable inspiration to many of us.” 26 26DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022


Zayed, who goes by his stage name Zone+ has always adored playing for a crowd, especially in Saudi. He most especially loves to share his music with them and the rest of the world.


This year, his association with MDLBEAST and being a part of the SOUNDSTORM will be pretty intriguing. He’s especially excited to see people enjoying, getting together, making music, and learning about what MDLBESAST has to offer. He always wanted to be part of a band and play music. With music production software, he got to achieve his dream. He created music individually, like a one-person band with software like Ableton, which helped him express his music.

was wonderful; he was anxious but felt compelled to offer the most exemplary music possible. “I really didn›t know if I performed well or not, but everyone was pleased, and it made me understand afterwards that I get this sensation in every event because I always want to create the greatest vibe and party for everyone who comes out, which motivates me to do his best,” he explained. DESTINATION DESTINATIONKSA KSA 27 27


K.LED’s primary motivation for creating music and fueling his journey is to discover, create, and share sounds and music as producers and electronic music performers. His return to the nation taught him the Saudi music culture in a private and personal context, where there was room to rehearse and develop among seasoned and like-minded artists. Following his ambition in Saudi, with a passion for sound and music, K.LED is exceptionally fortunate to have discovered himself as an electronic music producer. K.LED is enthusiastic about SOUNDSTORM this year and feels that MDLBEAST is playing an essential part in changing the entertainment business in Saudi Arabia by bringing music fans together and recognizing and promoting local talent. “MDLBEAST is undoubtedly making a lot of people’s aspirations a living reality, including mine,” he added. K.LED’s music career began with a fascination and enthusiasm for music and sound design whereas DJing started in his teenage years. When questioned about his

played on SOUNDSTORM 2019. 28 28DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022

DANISH FLAIR AT THE STORM MORTEN MORTEN was born and raised in Denmark but now resides in by the underground dance music culture and co-founded “Future Rave” with David Guetta in 2019. MORTEN and DAVID, the dynamic duo have been friends for many years; in 2019, they began composing music together and have strived to develop music ever since. “We wanted to develop our own perspective on the dance scene and build a trend,” he added. We spoke with MORTEN about the motivation behind Future Rave and the New Rave EP with David Guetta. He says,


the underground dance culture and are devoted to bringing that sound and vibe into our more mainstream environment.” He added, “The indie producers from Scandinavia back in the early 2000s also inspired us a lot in our music,” Furthermore, we discussed his visit to the country for SOUNDSTORM and his followers in Saudi Arabia. «You have no idea how delighted I am! I can›t wait to play my music for the fans there and introduce them to “Future Rave” MORTEN said. Their imaginative thinking is inspired by their love of the music they wish to play on their sets. They are creating “Future Rave” for fans and DJs to appreciate the music as much as they they do. DESTINATION DESTINATIONKSA KSA 2929 29

Image courtesy : Osama Jouhairi

A SAFE SPACE FOR EVERYONE With great fun comes great responsibility

30 DEC/JAN DEC/JAN2022 2022




With the amount of fun that can be had at concerts, we must remember the possible effect of the loud music and noises present. MDLBEAST aims to raise awareness on Tinnitus, a common condition caused by loud noises that affects many people including many artists at MDLBEAST. As the countdown to the festival began, Hearful was born.

With Tinnitus, you experience ringing, buzzing, humming, or hissing in either one or both ears. You might think this is caused by outer sound, but that is not the case. Tinnitus is a common problem that affects almost %20 of people yearly. Earbuds, standing away from speakers and more can help prevent it, which is made clear through the Hearful initiative.



Catalysts of the music scene By Karim Taleb

The booming music scene in Saudi has reached the surface and moved from the underground to the main stage. Today, this underground scene not only surfaced, but boomed and highlighted the need for it within the Saudi youth. The immense presence of musical talents in Saudi has been hidden for years and is now ready to showcase their talent and pave the way to a shift in the way we understand music. 32 DEC/JAN 2022

The music scene in Saudi in previous years was mostly limited to the khaleeji genre with plenty of spaces catering for such events and concerts. In recent years, our understanding of music and live performances has somehow shifted and we were introduced to various forms of music and genres and discovered a hidden Saudi talent that took

the country by storm with Saudi Djs and producers that have now reached the global stage. The alternative music scene on the other hand has still not reached the level of popularity as electronic music in Saudi. The rock scene has been deep in the underground for so long that its resurfacing is not as

easy as people think. However, when the talent is there, the shift is inevitable. Saudi bands that started on Youtube now have a chance to showcase their music to the public. The potential of the alternative music industry in Saudi is at its peak since the supply of bands matches the increasing

demand for live music across the kingdom. The more we allow musicians to perform, the more we will have musicians forming bands and exploring their musical talent. It gave birth to new genres of music that borrow traditional elements of music and modernizes it to match the alternative music scene.

The path to success

The country's music scene is thriving and evolving; we look into a record label, a budding band, a space perfect to appreciate the art form that highlights why it’s time to pass the mic to the indie genre in the country. DESTINATION KSA 33

WALL OF SOUND Homegrown Record Label

Wall of Sound is a new record label in Saudi that opened for business in October 2020. They focus mostly on alternative artists pushing the boundaries of music in Saudi and guide them to grow bigger within the country and the MENA region. “We are here to support, give guidance and inspiration, we believe so much in the artist’s creativity, it’s very crucial and a priority to us,” Ahmad, the founder of Wall of Sound said. At the moment, Wall of Sound represents 10 artists in Saudi Arabia, 2 in Egypt and one in Jordan. When they represent an artist, Wall of Sound provides them with a high end recording studio in order to record the instrumentals, vocals and percussions. They also provide them with the mixing and the visuals and promotional 34 DEC/JAN 2022

material. When all that is ready, the tracks are then released on music apps and youtube. The the artists play their music in front of a live audience. When asked on the importance of giving a chance to young talented musicians to shine within the music scene in Saudi, Ahmad answered, “It is very important because it is undeniable. We didn’t do it because we have to, we did it because we want to. Because if we have the tools to put it out

there, then why are we waiting.” “The indie music scene must leave the underground and be shared. It is contemporary culture. And culture is undeniable, we are simply shedding light on it. We hope it inspires all musicians and creatives to put their efforts into something they love to enrich the whole community and keep it alive and vibrant.” One of Wall of Sound’s most exciting bands at the moment is Ana N7n, a Saudi rock band based in Jeddah. “Ana.N7n is


SONGS OF PETRICHOR a futuristic band! This band represents the new Saudi’s sound, new Saudi’s vision when it comes to lyrics, speech, freedom of thoughts, being different and tackling exquisite topics that have not been widely discussed, their music is aggressive, wild and very oriented to where they came from, which is Jeddah. They are the future of music, check them out!” Ahmad said.



wallofsoundsa wallofsounddarkmode DESTINATION KSA 35


Reviving Rock and Roll

Music and storytelling go hand in hand, one may only try to thrive without the other, but in the end, they’re two sides of the same coin. As the art is passed down from generation to generation the youth of today has a new take on the rich tapestry that is musical storytelling. Ana N7n uses alternative rock as their medium and has taken the forefront in this art. In 2013 Abdulmalik Zubailah, one of the founding fathers of Ana N7n was invited to join a band, and when asked to sing he did. It was then and there that he knew he had the makings of a rock vocalist. He would then go on to meet his future bandmates and in 2019 Ana N7n was formed led by himself and Maan Balila, who is also the band’s drummer. They collectively decided on expressing themselves in their own dialect since they believe their music is for the people and needs to be understood by everyone. “When it comes to writing lyrics, I usually handle vocal melody responsibilities, but I’m very bad at writing Arabic” stated Abdulmalik. But he has other tricks up his sleeves, what I do is count all the melodies 36 DEC/JAN 2022

and write lyrics in English, I then send it to Maan and he just does his own Hijazi Arabic thing.” As they progressed, Ana N7n needed a way to solidify their presence in the music scene, so they went in search of a record label and were approached by Wall of Sound. “What I like about them is, unlike most record labels where you have to speak to a representative to get through to another representative, you can just speak to the representative you need, Wall of Sound is literally a phone call away.” When asked about how Wall of Sound understands the music

scene in the country, Abdulmalik responded: “People are more aware of music that demands attention nowadays, and when it comes to commercial music or major artists, they don’t necessarily go through the process of making music that demands attention.” Ana N7n are certainly traversing musical spaces, when asked where they see themselves in the future Abdulmalik said: “I sincerely have no idea, the scene in Saudi is so unpredictable that For Ana N7n, if I had to dream, I would like to expand a bit, not globally but within the Middle East.” ana.n7n

MORE PLACES LIKE THIS JEDDAH Makan Pro: Chill lounge: chillcafeksa

RIYADH Library Club: Piano Lounge:


A Space for all Music

Providing a space for musicians to perform is the catalyst for the recent boom in musical talent we have witnessed in Saudi. Live performance is the essence of each and every band. It allows them to understand where they need to focus in their music and also get an instant response to their music from the crowd. Founded by Kaswara Alkhatib, The Music Space strives to be the one-stop spot where

The Music Space began a spiral effect when it comes to live music spaces wherein since its emergence, many places began including live performances in their event schedules giving a chance for the alternative music scene to properly grow. “I believe many people will follow The Music Space’s idea, but that only means we did something right. We will



music lovers can go for highquality, intimate, live musical experiences giving talented musicians a chance to perform and showcase their talents and in turn, develop their skills and unique styles while building

Lido Cafe: lido.ksa Creo media hub: creomediahub

feed off each other and help the music community grow in Jeddah and the Kingdom.” As long as we have spaces for musicians to explore their talents, the more the musical talent we will witness in the upcoming years. The increasing musical talent amongst the idea of live performances and we can hope to someday see live street performances from the public to the public. themusicspace.ksa



A SALUTE TO THE WORLD OF FILM Marking the Red Sea International Film festival By Haia Abdullah

It is all about location, journey, and experience! This season, the Red Sea International Film and international alongside 38 DEC/JAN 2022

artists to the city of culture and history. Held in the city’s old town, the Chairman Mohammed Al-Turki opened the festival with his wise and inspiring speech.

THE OPE N IN G As soon as the black ties and ball gowns were on, the star-studded red carpet was and incredible VIPs. From Yousra, Nelly Karim, and Fatima Al Banawi to Catherine Deneuve, Clive Owen, and Anthony Mackie, the opening of the International Film Festival was phenomenal! directed by Joe Wright starring

Peter Dinklage and Haley Bennett enthralled the crowd. During the opening ceremony, three phenomenal actresses were awarded for their hard work and dedication to the industry. Saudi multi-winning Filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour, Academy award and BAFTA nominee French actress Catherine Denueve, and the Egyptian actress Laila Eloui were the light of the night.

Opening Ceremony performance, Jeddah


Catherine Deneuve , RSIFF, Jeddah

We discovered the world of cinema with the Red Sea Film Festival that was created for the purpose of introducing industry to the Saudi sphere. The Saudi community got the


before anywhere else. The festival aimed to shed light on by granting awards to exceptional talents for their beyond-compare contribution to the world of cinema.

Mohammed Al Turki, RSIFF, Jeddah

Youssra, RSIFF, Jeddah



countries in 34 languages. The festival featured world pre-

were separated into 11 categories of competition, Short Film Competition, International Spectacular, Arab Specular, Festival Favorites, New Saudi/ New Cinema (Feature), New Saudi/New Cinema (Shorts), Treasures, Next Generation, Immersive and Episodic

THE FILMS Al Balad raised the curtains off the large screens revealing featured and premiered in the festival including Brighton 4th, Hit the road, Neighbors, From the mountain, Zawal, Lovesick in the West Bank, Competition, The Stranger, The Gravedigger’s Wife, and much more with Red Carpet premieres The Color Room, Huda’s Salon, The Lost Daughter, Memory Box, Casablanca Beats and more. 40 DEC/JAN 2022

T H E C O N C E RT S The Red Sea Film Festival was swarmed with concerts from the contemporary Disco Misr, and the DJ and music producer and director Elfuego and DJ Viva, to the Lebanese Greek highpitched singer Pavo and the musician Ash.

Ed Westick, RSIFF, Jeddah

Naomi Campbell, RSIFF, Jeddah

THE CLOSING C E R E MO N Y Just as we welcomed the festival Hend Sabry with open hearts, we closed it with a phenomenal night. As the red carpet began, a rush of international celebrities made an appearance. Whether from Hollywood or the Middle East, Raya Abirached, RSIFF, Jeddah

Cynthia Khalife, RSIFF, Jeddah

as guests including Naomi Campbell, Ed Westwick, Alex Gonzalez, Bassel Khaiat, Yasmin Sabri, Hind Sabri, and many more attended. As part of the closing ceremony, Raya Abirachid and Yasir Al Saggaf hosted the award ceremony


actors for their hard work that surely paid off including actor Adam Ali, actress Arwinda Kirana, director Haidar Rashid,

Fatima Albanawi, RSIFF, Jeddah

Khaled Saqr, Elham Ali, RSIFF, Jeddah

of Hit the Road, Neighbors, Tala’vision, Brighton 4th, and more! DESTINATION KSA 41


DIFFERENT STROKES A Look into the contemporary artist in Saudi By Rama Maad

In a fast-developing country, the only way to keep up is to innovate. This is mirrored within the Saudi art scene with a recent boom in contemporary artists who are exploring the limits of the traditional art we are used to. More and more Saudi artists are pushing the boundaries of art through exhibitions and galleries spreading all over the country. 42 DEC/JAN 2022


Ftoon’s artwork is inspired by many aspects of her life. Still, she tends to gravitate towards painful moments in life that release a creative expression, and this connects her to a deeper understanding of the way in healing, which she often portrays in her artwork. Ftoon’s journey began after suffering an intense loss because of which she decided to utilize art as a way to express herself and deal with her pain. After graduating art school, Ftoon has begun a new phase

where she is looking at her work through a different perspective. Her work is now more focused on the research she does and integrating new materials such as light and metal, which is helping her explore and grow as an artist. Amongst her many works of piece Chanting, 2019 stands out from the crowd, where the challenge of exploring a different art form allowed her to grow as well as combine materials from her culture and use it to tell stories. With this, Ftoon hopes to continue to grow as a multidisciplinary artist and expand her horizons further. fnoon.ftoon



Originally from Al Ahsa, and now residing in Jeddah, Mohammad is a multidisciplinary artist focusing

His inspiration is largely derived from tradition and culture and the tension that occurs as a result. Mohammad’s artistic style focuses on people and their stories, struggles, hopes, and 44 DEC/JAN 2022

dreams. To portray this, he collects materials from nature environmental elements, which he then uses within his artwork. Materials such as leftovers and discarded materials are used to create his collage of stories with a mosaic of elements. Another notable work of Mohammad’s is an ATHR Gallery project that has been a few years in the works and is continuing until now. It is titled Fossils of Knowledge 2019, and was exhibited in Jeddah

and Italy. The artwork consists of recycled materials that have been repurposed to look like and are made up of environmental traces. Now, Mohammad continues to collect materials that he will use in his future projects, focusing attempting to create more 3D art and perhaps combining the two mediums to create something extraordinary. mohammadalfaraj


Sara started as an illustrator of anthropomorphized melancholic human beings deal with inner journey, she has used the ideas behind her early illustrations to create art through the stories stemming from her personal experiences and life moments. Prominent themes in Sara’s artwork are mortality and immortality, memories and

dreams, home, the conscious and unconscious mind, which she portrays through different mediums that help give meaning to each piece. Her art style involves a lot of repetition, which often dominates the visual appearance of her work. She will sometimes start with some free verse lines from her poetry, which then translates into visuals. Thus, much of Sara’s work involves an interplay between language and form. The process of creating art is Sara’s favorite

aspect of any of her art pieces as she greatly appreciates being able to articulate her thoughts through her artwork, which is clear in her last solo show titled I Only Meant to Visit (2021). The exhibition was held at this year’s 2021 ATHR Gallery in Jeddah. It consisted of seven mnemonic installations that allow the audience to participate in a meditative and poetic process of reconciliation and remembrance. citizen_saraabdu



Starting out as a freelance graphic designer, Abdullah began his journey while in college after delving into the online Saudi art scene in 2009. 2012, a wheat-paste poster of the athlete Sara Attar, which it was posted online by artist Abdulnasser Gharem leading to titled #COMETOGETHER. Inspired by making a statement and the research behind his artwork, Abdullah is currently working on a project that has been in development since 2017, where he’s using different materials collected over the years, such as memorabilia and different discarded objects sold online, to create collages, videos and sculptures. A favorite piece of art of Abdullah’s is Trade of: Sanctuary for Food (2019), a multimedia installation and video where he used Afghani bread to create an Afghan bread, covered with a layer of fabric and topped off with Captain America’s shield. shaweesh_ 46 DEC/JAN 2022


Inspired by the different shapes in his surroundings, Abdulmohsen asks himself why certain shapes have been from this he has curated many imagined shapes and patterns that he has turned into art emerged from experimenting with merely marking his school books by drawing lines and dots with a black pen, which later developed into the source behind his inspiration. Abdulmohsen is currently working on a collection titled Memories Collection in collaboration with wood artist Mohammed Alnujam, which revolves around memories and asking oneself if memories can be controlled. Abdulmohsen hopes to continue to deliver more messages through his art and inspire others to do the same. abdulmohsen_alrowais

DO NOT MISS Diriyah Biennale (DEC 11 2021 - MARCH 11 2022) Make sure to check out the biennale exhibition. With 29



LIVIN’ LA VIDA LOCA The ladies behind Jeddah’s very own circus of fitness By Rama Maad

It’s time to unleash your inner diva and your inner loca! What better way to do so than through some physical activity that nourishes the body and the soul. At the new Loca are both wildly unique as well as popular. Co-owners Nouf Khayatt enjoy your time by incorporating exciting and relatively novel and many others. Read about some of Loca Studio’s special and it is. 48 48DEC DEC/ /JAN JAN2022 2022


GHADA ALTURKISTANI Classes: Yoga, Mobility, HITT, Gymnastics, Rehabilitation

With a master’s degree in physical therapy, Ghada Al Turk has taken her education as well as her interest in rehabilitation and incorporated it into exercise while also focusing on mindfulness, mobility

With a journey that began with many different trials of

and awareness in her own body, as well as determination to Ghada, acrobatic sport improves speed and agility, as it requires upper body and

50 50DEC DEC/ /JAN JAN2022 2022

NOUF KHAYYAT Classes: Zumba, Zumba Strong, Pound Fitness, TRX, 4D PRO® BUNGEE, 305 Fitness, Barre, Strong Nation, and Spining.

SARAH ALTURKISTANI Classes: Yoga, Aerial Yoga, TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercise), and Meditation.

Co-founder Sarah Al Turk,


ROAA AL SAHHAF Classes: Pole, Aerial Fitness and yoga, and Burlesque

Representing Aerial Arts dancing classes and workshops

taken her childhood dream of being a circus performer and made it a reality by practicing and teaching aerial yoga and

The classes Roaa teaches, includes Burlesque, which empowers women to embrace their femininity and power while simultaneously improving

FIORI ARAIA Classes: Zumba, Afrobeat Instructor & Choreographer

When her passion for dancing chimes in, Fiori takes you to up, Fiori watched as her father danced, she always questioned her vision of the future, never realizing this is what her passion Afrobeat became a huge part of

Being an instructor made her realize how empowering her job is, the added funk to Fiori’s classes elevated the appreciative comments and positive energy or Afrobeat class from those who participate and that is her ultimate motivation to keep 52 DEC / JAN 2022

MARIA CIKOVA Classes: Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton, Fitness Jumping & High Heels

Maria sees dancing as a lifestyle, making sure to start every morning with a dance

dancing energy through the

These types of exercises release stress and increase energy and

While burning calories, you also uncover your feminine energy, which is physically Through this, Maria has seen many participants of her classes transform right in front of her, with these classes bringing out

DOLLY Classes: Belly Dancing

Dolly has loved to dance from a to make it her career in 2016 with Ancient Egyptian culture, was constantly inspired by the

Belly dancing has given Dolly a different outlook on life, where possibilities are endless, making

has provided her with others, and she does this through the different belly dancing classes



PASSING THE FASHION BATON Meet the new face of Tima Abid Haute Couture By Syeda Inas Inayath and Karim Taleb

54 54DEC DEC/ /JAN JAN2022 2022

evolving with new designs

eponymous brand, Tima Abid passes the baton to her brilliant and fashionable daughter

Tima Abid started her brand 17 was only 4 then, she was always with me in the atelier watching me work would place a mannequin and give her some fabric and let her design whatever her imagination

with what my mother gave and stitch them for my little

21 her vision and ideas to reality amping up the creative direction for the haute couture brand applying her knowledge of fashion communication gained from Conde Nast College of

designed and made sure about the process of creation and that the age of 10 working with my mom when

years later of heading her DESTINATION KSA 55

After returning to Jeddah, she took her time to understand their brand’s base, analyzing how the market had changed, including

This made her look into the brand beyond the numbers, making her analyze why few of the brand’s customers weren’t mother-daughter duo devised a new strategy together, one that would take the brand to new heights

sees things a bit differently aiming to understand the latest changed in the last 5 or 6 it affected me as well so we had to take this very realistic look at what’s actually going on and where the brand’s positioned right now, and where we want to

developed further for the brand was their social media presence with a new bold strategy with their newer posts being distinctly different from their

but all the credit goes to Abeer Ahmed, who is a is a professional retoucher who

56 DEC / JAN 2022

As we moved into a conversation on one of the designs, we began comparing the aesthetic of the brand in its entirety to the new Demi Couture line launched by and each dress is made for the practical woman that likes to be stylish and embrace their femininity, it’s ready to wear but the Demi-Couture line is to stay but works in parallel with the Haute Couture is blindsided or

our identity also revolve around by encapsulating their inner and outer beauty, Because fashion is also construction and you have to understand the body that you’re dressing in and the way

Towards the end of our conversation we spoke about how it feels to be handed over a business that was spearheaded by her mother, and if she was

strength, she was a symbol of strength, of beauty, and so much, but she taught me so both think alike when it comes to fashion” DESTINATION KSA 57


THE 2021 WHEEL OF TRENDS A winter Fashion round-up By Haia Abdullah

fashion trends come and go but the innovation by local designers is revolutionising the contemporary scene. Here is out for this winter.


ORANGE BLOSSOM A brand catering to working women who follow the vision Orange Blossom designs its pieces by keeping up with the latest trends and where locally manufactured items are affordable! orangeblossomksa

58 DEC / JAN 2022

LOMAR been recognized for its exquisite abayas and thobesrevolutionizing traditional

their cozy and stylish winter collection that encompasses the


SO ATELIER Their winter collection is one way to stay stylish this season


2D2C2M Designer Ahmad Alwohaibi’s streetwear brand Too Dark to doors to contemporary, stylish, and modern outerwear creating 2d2c2m

URBN LOT Are you looking to spice up hoodies and more that will live They import their selected

urbnlot 60 DEC / JAN 2022

LEEM creating sophisticated, modest

is a selection of cozy and comfortable pieces to keep the urban touch in your fashion sense!

THE POP UP STORE The store is home to a wide selection of unique wear from hoodies, sweatshirts, and

popupstoresa DESTINATION KSA 61

PATTERN The best of all worlds! Pattern presents art, fashion, and its fashion sense, each piece portrays its own character symbolizing uniqueness oushing patterns_sa

QORMUZ Keeping culture alive with fashion! Contemporary and still close to home, Qormuz is a brand that merges modernity in Bishts, while still maintaining collection this year focuses on


ELCHE Winter is cozy this year with Elche! Bishts and coats with different shades and styles are brought to us this winter with

occasions and will uplift your fashion game elche.line 62 DEC / JAN 2022


comfortable jewelry that makes each woman stand out with her can rock every style giving you llusthebrand

BY NOORA SHAWQI The brand is highly inspired by the eyeful beauty of places from Maldives, and more, you will



woman of wonders, her royal

dedicated to empowering as they express themselves with With its unique and contemporary pieces, you are instantly elevated with the mksjewelry DESTINATION KSA 63


HANG, DINE & THE PERFECT TIME An exploration of the hangout spots in Saudi By Haia Abdullah

Are you looking for a fun outing with your friends? We bring to you some of the most aesthetic and contemporary spots where you can indulge in their mouth watering menus and socialize the night away!

JEDDAH BOULEVARD This luxurious complex is home to a myriad of brands from Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Versace to many more. It is home to restaurants and cafes such as Circa, Baco, Dots, and more. King Abdul Aziz Rd, Ash Shati boulevardksa 64 DEC / JAN 2022

EDEN STRIP Nestled within the Al Andalus most popular hang-out spots in Jeddah, where young locals spend their evenings in the

Black Cardamom, Pink Camel, Bistro, Mr. Hakan’s and more. Al Andalus District, Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz

CITY YARD PLAZA City Yard Plaza is home to some along with the new and exciting House Hotel, with a stunning view of the majestic fountain and cafes like Cosmo, L’eclair de genie, Cereal protocol, and the Indian restaurant Kumar. Abdul Maqsud Khojah, Ar Rawdah,

LE PRESTIGE The prestigious entry way to Le prestige. This luxury fashion and dining house is here to offer you the classiest experience with Rolex, Tudor, Chopard, Swarovski, and more! Take a break from shopping and have yourself a good cup of coffee with Signature, Cafe Bateel, or a palatable meal with Sama Jaad’s Tomillo. Al Andalus District, Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz leprestigemallksa

RIYADH THE BOULEVARD RIYADH the Boulevard, your eyes immediately go to their contemporary designs. You’ll get to enjoy shopping in the upscale concept stores housed here, alongside dining to spas and hotels. Al Amir Turki Bin Abdulaziz Al Awal Rd theboulevard_riyadh



Enjoy some luxury shopping and have a great time at the Zone’s cafes and such as Catch 22, The Lebanese Em Sherif Cafe, Laderach Chocolate Coffee serving Swiss chocolate coffee and much more. You can explore the Zone further and visit Tihama Library, Shi Nail Spa, the Theo Exhibition and much more.

Experience a shopping experience like no other! One of Riyadh’s most visited spots, including luxurious brands such as Balmain, Blue Age, Adidas, Coach, and American Eagle. This destination is also packed with must-visit restaurants from Wagyu, Lucca Steakhouse, to Kashounat Al Bait, Lahma and Fahma, and Burj Al Hammam.

Al Takhassusi, Al Mohammadiyyah

AL THAGER PLAZA Al Thager Plaza is an outdoorsy boulevard that has anything and everything you need. Furniture stores, hardware and retail stores, cafes, dining, and fashion all in one place. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Rd

66 DEC / JAN 2022

Airport Road, King Khalid International Airport riyadhfront

SHARQIYAH PATIO With a setting both serene and tranquil, this outlet brings you nothing but the best! Are you looking to satisfy your taste buds? Patio houses unmissable cafes and restaurants including Dose, Aghatti, and Picniq, with other amenities such as Tony Veyz’s men’s care salon and many more. Location: Al Hizam Al Thahab, Al Amir Homoud Bin Abdulaziz, Al Khobar

AWAN GALLERY Head to Awan Gallery for a special treat for your palette! The packed pathway is covered with cafes and dining spots that will enrich your trip. With Spell Coffee, Bastah Karak, Abnormal, Oxford 13, Da Vinci’s, and more, you have any craving. Location: Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, Al Khobar

MATAL The luxury spot is home to spots with picturesque views. With restaurants like La Comida, Texas Roadhouse, as well as The Hub and Samra stunning views of the sea. Enter this magical atmosphere and take in its beauty. Location: Alkurnaish, Al Khobar


CHEF MOUDI AL SAUD Breaking the glass ceiling with her unique flavors. By Syeda Inas Inayath

68 DEC / JAN 2022

The country is evolving; the new voices are loud, proud, and ready to take center stage. One such star is Chef and Food Consultant Moudi Al Saud. We had the pleasure of interviewing her and getting an insight into what made her choose to study the culinary arts. HER BACKGROUND Growing up in Jeddah, Chef Moudi has always been a fan of cooking since she was a child. As she was growing up, she felt like she had lost touch with her passion for cooking, stating, “When I was about 14, my mom enrolled me in cooking classes in California. It was a one-week thing for kids. That’s when I just fell in love with it all over again.” These classes made Chef Moudi realize how much she loves cooking. “I couldnt leave the kitchen anytime I wanted to do something. I would always be in the kitchen. My free time was in the kitchen, and then my mom had a little kitchen made for me, and it was perfect. All My friends would always come over. I started with sweets, and I moved on to savory foods.”

This did not deter her from the journey she wanted to embark on, as she went on to study at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. She added that joining the culinary institute was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. “I got to know a whole other side of cooking.” After working as a Commis Chef Le Baron, Ferriers, and Chef De Partie at the Al Faisaliah Tower in Riyadh, she worked as an FNB consultant with various businesses, which taught her many things.



Her Saudi roots made her realize that everyone around her loved food and shared the same love for food as her adding, “My parents have been supportive of me ever since I told them that I wanted to do it; it’s the most important thing to me. I wouldn’t do what I do without their support, especially when they told people that I wanted to become a chef.

Chef Moudi is incredibly proud of the younger generation who want to become chefs. “Growing up,” she recalls, “I wanted to be a doctor; I don’t know how it turned into wanting to become a chef, but I’ve never been happier.

older” said, ‘oh I want to be a race car driver, oh I want to be ever, a little 7 year old said, ‘Oh I want to be a chef like Moudi,’ which I never thought would happen.“It’s crazy to think that the newer generation has more to look up to,” adding that the younger generation is more headstrong, which makes her happy to see as it’s clear that their work ethic is fantastic. A passionate food blogger, her only advice to those who want to pursue a career in culinary arts is, “To follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.” thetravelingmenu

My nieces and nephews to whom I once asked, “what do you want to do when you’re DESTINATION KSA 69


DESTINATION EATS OUT Our top pick of restaurants in 2021 By Svent Salha

The country has been booming with new restaurants and coffee shops in recent years. It almost seems that a new restaurant or cafe opens every day! With the abundance of spots to eat and drink available. Here are our top picks.



Burgo gives a classic American vibe while employing a modern feel to the interior design. It’s the kind of place you call a burger joint and restaurant at the same time. Located in Ar Rawdah, Burgo boasts a simple menu with a few variations to a pleasant degree. They’ve even got fried corn!




At Beit Ward, enjoy the traditional yet lively atmosphere

Burgers, fries and cerelac? A strange combination, but it surprisingly works. Specializing in Tex Mex cuisine The Plan takes you back to your fondest childhood memories in the form of enjoyable deserts, which is their signature item. Located in Ash Shati, The Plan is a little slice of home away from home.

With an aesthetically pleasing interior, Paplos not only pleases the eye but also the taste buds. Pastel pinks all around the interior, the Italian themed cuisine is both wholesome and soothing for anyone stepping in. With quite the selection of dishes, there’s never a dull culinary moment at Paplo’s.

establishment will have you coming back for more. The elegant interior, the contrasting colours, the relaxing atmosphere has a rustic feel to it. Be sure to pass Ash Shati district if you’d


70 DEC / JAN 2022




tranquil atmosphere and a rich interior, but also a unique dining experience giving you the feel of an elevated food court. Make sure to check out Tacoville.

Brought to you all the way from London, this award-winning restaurant is a memorable experience in and of itself. This Japanese Robatyaki restaurant, located in Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Road has quickly become one of Riyadh’s most visited dining locations.

Immerse yourself in a 3D dining experience where visual illusions are used to enhance everything within your grasp. Located in the Marriot Hotel, prepare yourselves a a 2-hour 6-course meal that’ll entice your senses. Treat your tastebuds and enjoy the interactive dining experience.




For an authentic and fresh experience, indulge in Finka Rosalia’s meals, brought to you directly from the farm to your plate. With their Rosalia Farm located in Vizmalo in Northern Spain, the restaurant provides

Serving traditional Morrocan dishes, Kasbah allows you to experience the Morrocan culture while enjoying a high end dining experience. It is located in Riyadh Boulevard and is overlooking the beautiful

With a name that refers to the historical Italian city of Palermo during Arab rule of Sicily, this Italian restaurant is rich in Italian history mixed with Arab heritage, as well as authentic and unique Italian cuisine. Discover the rich history of Palermo and

highly renowned Wagyu beef.

dining experience.

HUNA Located in Panorama mall, you





It is where contemporary architecture meets classical Levantine interior design but modernized. The food follows the same route. Located on 22nd Street, Al Khobar Al Shamalia, Sikka 22 is truly hard to miss.

Friend dough circles covered in a sauce and toppings of your choice is an art. This donut shop gives off a homestead vibe that invites you to become one with the donut. This colorfully uplifting shop is located on Prince Sultan Road, Khobar.

Fronds and Mats specializes in traditional Saudi Arabia cuisine with their own added twist. Located on An Nada street, Dammam, Fronds and Mats would like you to know that you are welcome any day for a traditional Saudi experience




Sandwiches, salads, sides and sweets are categories that make for a refreshing menu. Tan, located on Prince Saad St, Khobar, specializes in the art of brioche toast sandwiches, meaning the contents of the sandwich complement the bread, which is rich and thick.

Located on Khalid Ibn Al Walid, Khobar, The Chicken Bar is where all of your chicken needs are met. Their menu consists of a single sandwich, a couple of salads, a trio of sides, several main course items, a selection of burgers, and sauces to to compliment your meals.

Sushi Library caters to the palate uniquely by preparing your taste buds for a thrilling experience that will linger in your memories. Located in Al Manar, Dammam, Sushi Library, with its pleasant aesthetic that both soothes and invigorates the senses, is there to serve you with style.


72 DEC / JAN 2022


Leila, all around! Today the restaurant has four branches in Lebanon and 12 branches across the Arab world, spreading the taste of Lebanese food across UAE, KSA, Kuwait, and Bahrain.

An authentic Lebanese experience

The authenticity of the country of Cedars! Creating a fusion between the authenticity of the traditional and the sincerity of the present and keeping the strongholds of our Lebanese culture while makes Leila Restaurant the Lebanese dining ambassador to the world. From the mountains to the city, we embody the art of Lebanese cuisine from the aromatic kitchens of Lebanon,

sifting through recipes passed down from generations, and adding the twist of unique ingredients. A blend of the past and presents. The décor continuously

Leila is expanding in Jeddah, and a new branch is about to see the light in Makkah Province by 2022. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you, Leila!

the contemporary guest. Leila differentiates itself by connecting the traditional concept with a modern one through innovation in design. PROMOTED CONTENT/ LEILA RESTAURANT



DINE, STAY AND SOCIALIZE AT THE HOUSE HOTEL JEDDAH Jeddah’s first communityfocused lifestyle HUB

The House Hotel Jeddah CityYard, part of Jeddah’s Yard – a vibrant and connected community home to upscale gourmet venues, community events, and entrepreneurial networking – has become the attraction point in the city since it opened in September with its curated events, guest speakers and VIP hotel visitors.

This is the destination that invites both guests and the local community to relax, work, exercise, socialize, stay, and dine. With an impeccable architectural plan by Ayman AlMehmadi and interiors from Studio Noor, The House Hotel Jeddah City Yard is now open for discovery as the city’s new jewel. The House property where lifestyle and exist, and its opening marks the Middle East debut of The House


Hotels, a Kerten Hospitality’s lifestyle brand known for its distinctive properties that tell a story. Marrying art and culture with a blend of classic and contemporary styles. Maria Bou Eid, GM of The House Hotel Jeddah CityYard, said, “We are thrilled to have since we opened doors for guests in September having hosted Formula 1 champions, celebrities, and VIP travelers from the region and the world. Our team is thrilled to show

the brand new, urban, and entertainment center in Jeddah. Other property highlights include a Baker & Spice food shop and restaurant focusing on artisan food that serving breakfast at any time throughout the day. An authentic is another culinary gem at the Plazza where diners have been be spoilt with a variety of options, such as Akiba Dori – the place where Japanese Street Food meets Tokyo Neapolitan Pizza, Kumar the place to sample sumptuous Indian cuisine and Alsayed – one of Kingdom, that offers a culinary trip into the local tradition, in de Genie Café offering gourmet French food – to mention some of the food outlets in the venue.

authentic hospitality and personalized experiences in that is part of such a dynamic by our visionary owners – that now offers experiences to stay, connect, dine and have a place to be inspired. This has become the space where interaction between local and international guests creates meaningful connections and lasting memories.” focal point of the trendy City Yard complex – Saudi Arabia’s

in the city’s upmarket district, hospitality. The hotel venue is part of the vision of Pure Houses, City Yard owners, to bring transformative brands together that build a destination and create, local community and events. staircase has become a social focal point for colleagues, friends, and business meetings. CityYard is at the heart of

A private pool area surrounded by real Olive trees shows a glimpse of Jeddah’s view and is the favorite rooftop terrace for live music and entertainment in the city. Watch this space as food markets pop up retail, weekend organic markets and entertainment activities, music and art festivals will be adding more entertainment options to the residents and visitors in Al Rawdah. The House Hotel City Yard was recently awarded Project of the Year KSA 2021 by Construction Week magazine. @ thehousehoteljeddah +966 55 051 1641 DESTINATION KSA 75


A DESERT TREASURE HUNT Book your next tour with Horizon Tours The Arabian Peninsula contains many treasures, including the preserved remains of ancient Arabian kingdoms. Among the ancient Arabian Kingdoms are the famous Thamud and Nabatean sites, with their i.e. Hegra in Al Ula and the scattered rock art that can be seen all around Saudi Arabia more predominantly in the North and North-West. But, along with this, are many other geologic wonders waiting to be discovered?

Continuing with that same philosophy, “Aafaq” Horizons Tours’ specialty is organizing tours, accompanied by Western and Saudi subject-matter experts, that explore evidence of ancient civilizations present in this country, with many openair museums like Jubbah and Shuwaymis to view.

In almost every region in Saudi Arabia, you will inevitably monument or archeological site displaying drawings and texts artfully engraved on rocks by ancient humans who somehow knew which rocks would hold their messages for centuries. With the help of experts in ancient inscriptions, we can decipher these inscriptions. 76 DEC / JAN 2022


Western explorers who traveled around this vast country published fascinating accounts drawings. Later, Saudi explorers deciphered ancient texts and passed on this knowledge to educate others about the inestimable historical value it holds. Horizons Tours say with over the world that if they want an enjoyable, educational tour dates back to the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, then traveling to Saudi Arabia and traveling with Horizons Tours’ “Saudi Desert Wanderers” is an excellent choice. the_horizons_tours Twitter: Horizons_Tours W: +966 551626319



A PORTAL TO THE AVANT-GARDE Yas Island, a one of a kind utopia! The island is a gateway to special and unique day-to-day experiences that will elevate your stay and create magical everlasting memories. The turquoise seas, theme parks, F1 race track, award-winning golf course, luxury-based shopping spree and much more will upgrade your holiday to a 5-star experience!

SHOWBIZ AND LEISURE Slide into the whimsical aura that is created by the countless entertaining activities! From the movie-like world of Warner Bros to the highly exclusive manor of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Emirati-themed waterworld, award-winning theme parks, and let’s not forget, theme park. As you enter the island, you are destined for a festive, and jovial atmosphere. 78 DEC / JAN 2022 PROMOTED CONTENT/ YAS ISLAND



Along with countless fun, Yas island and its glorous race track give you an opportunity to witness races like the Abu Dhabi Grand prix and other local and international races.

On the Island, you are exposed to days of unlimited fun and activities! The touristic island has assembled a bus trip that transports you and your family from one stop to the next.

SERVICES OF LUXURY With 8 hotels including Hilton and W Abu Dhabi, 2,000 suites, and luxury services, you are destined for a trip of a lifetime. From 3-star to 5-star hotels, Yas Island makes sure to offer all social classes escorted by luxury services for a fun and satisfactory trip all located short distance to all the fun and thrilling activities.

DESTINATION CHECK! The mother of multiple yearround events and activities, Yas Marina Circuit is home to countless entertaining services including F1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and #GoYas. Located in the heart of Yas Marina is Yas Mall which is the home of shopping, dining, and entertainment. Linked to the mall is Ferrari World and Yas coastal golf in the Arab world. Yas Links offers accessible experience with their eighteenhole course.

IT’S TIME FOR SOME BEACH FUN! Yas Beach opens its doors for full-services of water activities, delicious food and drinks as you tuck into a delicious heap of meals! Yas marina is the entry to a dock of luxury yachts with 7 restaurants and cafes.

ETIHAD ALL THE WAY The new Emirati monument, Etihad Arena is an entrance to a world of amusement with the largest indoor entertainment arena with 3,565sqm main bowl and a 1,188sqm elegant grand ballroom. The largest outdoor venue in the Middle East, Etihad park is dedicated to exclusive and elite sporting and music events. The unmissable park has previously welcomed Coldplay, Beyonce, and The Killers! yasisland Twitter: yasisland Whatsapp: +971 56 997 3960 DESTINATION KSA 79



Why the Maldives? This island is a portal to the marvels of the world. Whether you are planning a luxurious, pampering getaway or low-key stay, the Maldives brings all its wonders to you. with sea creatures, the tropical resorts including W Maldives, Taj, and sub-islands, you are bound to have an experience like no other. This is the island’s high season! December all the way through April is the perfect time to enjoy the island and its hospitality. a selection of delicious seafood curry,sea food BBQ, fried calamari, and more! End your nights with the exclusive Maldivian afterdinner mint, consisting of the aceca nut wrapped in aceca leaves. Delicious! Do not depart the island before appreciating the island’s coconuts and enjoying the sunny tropical feel!

80 DEC / JAN 2022



SUN, SAND & SERENITY Experience the breathtaking views and tranquil atmosphere of Taj Exotica Resort & Spa.

Explore the beauty of the Maldives at the stunning Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, an awardwinning resort located on Emboodhu Finolhu Island, which is a 20 minute speedboat trip from the Velana Airport.


The resort offers 64 beautiful and extravagant sea view villas and suites where visitors can unwind in absolute luxury. Surrounded by crystal blue seas and rich tropical foliage, the resort gives visitors limitless options to enjoy the haven through tailor-made stays and special activities. Guests can enjoy an elite spa treatment at the famous Jiva Grande Spa, a plethora of beverages at the Equator Bar, decadent seafood at the Deep End. Or simply but luxuriously enjoy delicious in-room and private dining experiences in the privacy of their room throughout their stay. In addition, guests can also unwind with unique activities like therapeutic spa treatments, kids’ activities, seaplane excursions, water sports, and scuba diving classes that provide the ultimate relaxation for the entire family. The resort is fully equipped with highly trained personnel, best practices, and high-grade protective equipment and disinfectants to ensure visitors’ safety and comfort. Furthermore, technology has been used across many visitor points and procedures, including check-in, check-out, non-invasive thermal screening, dining, and digital payments, to offer smooth but personalized experiences. +960 400 6000/ +960 3317530 TajMaldives tajmaldives Twitter: TajMaldives Mail: DESTINATION KSA 83


THE ENCHANTING WORLD OF W MALDIVES A getaway dipped in luxury Enter a world of elegance and exclusivity as you step into W you are welcomed to boundless happiness and lush vibes!

A PALACE OR A 5 STAR RESORT? LUXURY! The more, the merrier. With W Maldives, you are destined for a voyage packed with relaxing and pampering activities. From your check-in to your check-out, you will inevitably be spoiled with their unlimited services.


LUST FOR LIFE Enter your paradise-like living with a contemporary island architectural interior that guides you to the dreamlike white sands and turquoise beach.Other exceptional in-room services include a BOSE sound system, 46” plasma screen TV, indoor and outdoor living areas, private pool, outdoor tropical shower, and daybeds. What more could you need? Beach access, Overwater oasis, Lagoon Oasis, WOW Ocean Escape, or Extreme WOW Ocean Haven, Pick the room according to your liking.

SPA DAY IT IS With W Maldives’s Away Spa, you are exposed to a ‘relax and refresh’ mechanism with their traditional Maldivian spa that whisks you to a whole new world as you embark on their signature treatments of body wraps, sunburn soothers, tropical therapies, and steam baths along with a mesmerizing ocean view.

TASTES OF HAPPINESS The 6 bars and restaurants delight you with their oceanto-table Maldivian-South East Asian cuisine! KITCHEN® is your go-to for a range of different barbeque palettes. For a quick snack, swim your way to WET®’s in-pool bar! Do not forget to enjoy the sunset along with the drinks at SIP®’s overwater bar. Are you in for a bit of a seafood meal? FISH® opens its doors for an elegant seafood experience on the beautiful lagoon.

THE ADVENTURE AWAITS In the hands of W Maldives, we above and undersea adventures from ‘ESCAPE’ yacht sailing, whale shark sightseeing, underwater diving, and thrilling water sports! wmaldives WMaldives DESTINATION KSA 85


THE RIGHT ATMOSPHERE Indulge in a five-star experience at Oblu Select Sangeli, Maldives

The Maldives’ Oblu Select Sangeli a 50-minute speedboat journey from Velana International Airport to North Malé Atoll. For a hassle-free getaway, dining, premium beverages, non-motorized water sports, snorkeling, and other holiday essentials for a hassle-free getaway.A Banyan Island connected by a jetty of overwater villas adds an extra layer of privacy and romance.

is the ideal place to learn to dive or schedule dive tours in the area. And if you are looking to unwind, head to ELENA The Spa, where you can relax and rejuvenate with a complimentary spa treatment. Among other holistic therapies and rituals and a salon, try the Maldivian Sand Massage.

session, sail away on a moonlight

The luxury lodgings come with a chic design, luxurious amenities, and a mini-bar replenished daily.

snorkel in the marine rich waters, or Kayak. So whether you are a lover of adventure or just someone who wants to sit back and relax, there is something for everyone.

The Courtyard, Sangeli’s main all-day restaurant, offers live cooking stations, bountiful seafood delights, and made-toorder grills along with special theme nights during the week.

For those traveling with children, the resort offers a kids club with daily activities such as indoor games, art and crafts, and an edutainment program specially crafted for our youngest guests.


With amenities and activities for all ages and interests, the Maldives very own Oblu Select Sangeli resort is the perfect Maldives getaway. Location: Sangeli Island, North Male’ Atoll, The Maldives obluselectsangeli oselectsangeli





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What is it that drives someone to greatness? To take on the unknown, venture into the unseen and dare all? This is the spirit that gave birth to TUDOR. This is the spirit embodied by every TUDOR Watch. Some are born to follow. Others are born to dare. 43 millimetre case in bronze

Snowflake hands A hallmark of TUDOR divers’ watches since 1969

Manufacture calibre MT5601 with 70-hour “weekend-proof” power-reserve, silicon hair-spring and COSC-certification

Five-year transferable guarantee with no registration or periodic maintenance checks required