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Issue 58 Nov 2013

FROM THE EDITOR EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Enas Hashani

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Art Director

Walaa Al Attas

Senior Graphic Designers Halah Gandeel Mohammed Rashad KK

Graphic Designers Dina Al Amoudi Mazin Al Maimani


Anousha Vakani Bassma Al Toaimi Rayan Khayat

Editorial Associate Swalah Eshki

Fashion Editor Nour Kelani


Tarek Abdullah

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Engr. Ahmad Al Huwidi Jill Calvert Lama Alem Mohammed Faris Sabina Marini Zareen Muzaffar


Mohammed Rashad KK


Mishaal Al-Madani

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Welcome to the Good Life. Whether it is our way of life or not, in this issue we invite you to explore with us the world of fine living. From putting together Destination’s luxury picks to giving you a tour of the most luxurious hotels in the Middle East, this issue will give you an exclusive front row seat to everything elegant and fabulous. Since living the good life isn’t just about the big purchases, we balance this issue with an insightful word on finding contentment. At the end of the day, the most important things in our lives are those that money can’t buy. With that, we wish you for now one thing and that is… to live happily.

Enas Hashani


my picks for this


Dior Bar Large, P. 54

Kempinski Hotel Dead Sea, P. 73

Dr. Hytham Jamjoom, P. 88


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Fly Dubai Business Class, Godiva Ice Cream


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Jeddah’s Top Luxury Services


Arts & Entertainment Hekayat Ashara, Sami Al Turki


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This is All About Your Weight!

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Cronuts are NOW in Jeddah!!! The New Kid on the Block! By Rosewood Corniche Hotel.

Happy Eid Poster

SPOT & TAG the National Day celebration

Saud Iqbal Nice one, love you read the foodie issue. Get to know about more male and female chef.. Love reading it from beginning to end. thanks Mack Ali Yes ofcourse! It was a lot beneficial especially those Prophetic Diet and more... It’s like i learn every month in every issue. Best wishes destination jeddah. @SaadiyaSabir i loveeeddddd this edition.... its so awesome! Great job! thumbs up destination team bwali1 No one deserves the cover more than @pinkcamelksa pinkcamelksa Thank you destination jeddah I love it DJ: Thank you all for the nice words, we strive to always give the reader the best :)


Why don’t we have dolls dressed in traditional men’s attire? Where’s our Arabian Fulla Ken!

Where is Fulla Ken??!! 10 DESTINATION JEDDAH




Be content with what you have

This is the luxury issue and we’ve opened the doors to all things top notch, from the world’s most expensive yacht to the crème de la crème of fine dining. However we want you to consider this; enjoying life is a state of mind that does not have to be restricted to materialistic objects that break your bank.


How is it a state of mind? Well, we won’t deny that when you buy that fashion forward Chanel Boy Bag you will feel those happy tingles. But really, how long does that feeling last? Until Chanel releases the next it bags you desperately want? A well-deserved splurge here and there can be guilt free, as long as your basic necessities are covered. But when you find yourself digging for an excuse to spend SR 15,000 on a leather bag even if it means you wont be able to cover your bills that month, it’s time to stop. Real satisfaction comes with contentment with having what you need and enjoying it for your own sake and not for the sake of social pressures. Buying the new bag, phone or even car or vacation spot with the intention of social status becomes a never-ending chase motivated by insecurity and fueled by wasted money. However, buying the bag because you genuinely love the way it looks will bring much more contentment than just wanting the latest and Keeping up with the Kardashians. Once you realize that you can feel just as fabulous without showing off the price tag, you will live a much simpler, much more meaningful life. And hopefully continue on that principle of living for the sake of future generations to come. We don’t know about you, but we can’t keep up with the latest on demand Chanel bag that makes us a “social A-Lister.”

Financial literacy is the ability and skill to manage and spend money effectively. Due to the rise of fashion trends, gadgets and easy means of traveling, consumers need to be smart to avoid falling into debts and a financial crisis. For this reason the concept of financial literacy is very important. TO MANAGE YOUR FINANCIALS YOU CAN CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING SIMPLE STEPS: • First, buy what you need and not what you want. Spend your money on something you will utilize. It is easy to buy items you like but not need, so try to buy the items you know will not end up in the back of the closet. • Second, it’s all about budgeting. Budget your financials by balancing between the essentials, entertainment and experiences. All these things will add value to your life, but through budgeting wisely you will be able to have everything in accordance to your ability and not just desires. • So what you have to keep in mind is to distinguish between what you want and what you need, find something that will add value to you and finally plan and priorities your budget. This will allow you to live the plifestyle you aim for.


Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Center

A MUST DO before saying I DO Rejuvenate, revive and restore your glow with our exclusive bridal beauty offers Bridal Package (SR 5,500): 5 mesotherapy vitamin injections 2 Laser hair removal sessions 2 crystal peeling sessions Laser hair removal session (SR 1,500)

For booking and more details, please call +966 2 650 9000 Ext.: 9005


November Weather


Country Fact Sheet

Min Temperature: 24°C-75°F Max Temperature: 37°C-99°F Sunshine Hours: 9 Probability of Rain: 0% Humidity: 68%


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Capital: Riyadh

Head of State:

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Population: 29.207.277 (72% Saudi, 27% foreign)

Population Growth:

1.75% (approx. 2% per year) (55% are under the age of 20)

Birth Rate: 28.29 births/1,000 population (2010 est.) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities:

Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam

Holy Cities:

Makkah, Madinah

International Airports:

Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport (Airport Code: JED) Madinah: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport / Riyadh: King Khaled Int’l Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Int’l Airport

City: Jeddah Head of Region:

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal


West coast of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea Distance between Jeddah & Makkah: 80km Distance between Jeddah & Madinah:405km

Inhabited Area:

Major Arabic Newspapers:

Al-Watan, Al Hayat, Al-Iqtisadiya, AlMadinah. Okaz & Alsharq Al Awsat.

1,500 sq. km - Largest urban center in the Makkah province.

4.3 million and the second largest city in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah Population:

Major English Newspapers:

Official Language:


Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice):

Saudi Gazette, Arab News.

National Day: Sept 23, 2013 Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): July 9 - August 7, 2013

Eid Al-Fitr (The Feast of Fast-Breaking): August 8, 2013 14 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Arabic. English is the second official language.

October 15, 2013

Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1434/2013)

Mini McArabia ©2013 McDonald’s Corporation and Affiliates.

Sujuk Chicken Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy an authentic Arabic taste at a lipsmacking price? Bite into a lot more for a lot less with the deliciously new Mini McArabia Sujuk and the succulent Mini McArabia Chicken.





Fact Sheet

Business & Banking Hours: 8/9 a.m. - 4/5 p.m. Sun - Thu

Weekend: Friday - Saturday Shopping Hours:

10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 5 p.m. - 10/11 p.m.


Saudi Riyal (SR) - divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 US Dollar (USD) = SR3.75 1.00 Euro (EUR) = SR4.99 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = SR5.86 1.00 Indian Rupee (INR) = SR0.067 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = SR0.036 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = SR0.085

Electricity: 110V and 220V Country Code: +966 City Codes: Riyadh: 011 3 GMT+

Time Zone:

Jeddah and Makkah: 012 Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 013 Madinah and Yanbu: 014 Abha and Najran: 017

Emergencies : Information/ Maintenance: International Information.......905 Telephone Maintenance.........904 Telephone Directory.................905 Speaking Clock.........................1222 Mobily..........................................1100 STC...................................................902 Zain..................................................959


Ambulance...................................997 Electricity Emergency...............933 Fire Fighters..................................998 Natural Disasters.........................988 National Security........................989 Nijm “Insurance Company for Car Accidents“......................920000560 Road Security..............................996 Traffic Accidents.........................993 Water Emergency......8004411110

TV: National TV: Saudi Channel 1/ Saudi

Channel 2 (English)/ Saudi Channel 3 (Sports)/ Al Ekhbariya News Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: OSN (Orbit Showtime Network): Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian Entertainment www.artonline. tv

Radio: Stations FM Channel Rotana Qur’an Jeddah Radio AFN Panorama MBC FM Mix FM Alif Alif

88.0 89.9 92.6 93.7 102.0 103.0 103.9 107.0 105.5 101.0

Type Arabic Pop Religious National News Western Music Arabic Pop Khaliji Music Western Music Techno Music Westren & Arabic Pop Arabic mix

Telephone, Mobile & Internet:

The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: To block commercial SMSs for STC users: Call 800-2444455 toll-free (24 hr. service SunThu) or e-mail: Internet Service Providers: *Orbit Satellite Internet: *, *, *, *, *, *, *Nesma:


Air: Saudi Arabian Airlines - Nas Airlines Land: Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi cities. Inside the city: Taxis and Chauffeur companies. Railroad: Only one passenger train service in KSA between Riyadh and Dammam.

Hertz Partners with

AIREP AVIATION & TOURISM The Hertz Corporation appointed AiRep Aviation and Tourism, one of Turkey’s largest travel management companies, as its outbound General Sales Agent (GSA) representative for the travel trade in Turkey.


Chocoholics and ice cream fans, this is for you. Within the month of November keep an eye out for Godiva. They’re introducing a variety of ice cream flavors, beginning with their delectably rich dark chocolate flavor.


Sufrati App!

Sufrati, one of our favorite restaurant guides, now has an app available to download. Install it right there on your phone and get restaurant reviews with just a few clicks.


INTRODUCES BUSINESS TEAM Flydubai recently launched their business class service, welcoming the first business class passengers in October last month. The first flight carrying business class passengers took off to Kiev’s Boryspil Airport, Ukraine. 18 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The Second Forever 21 IN JEDDAH

The American-based fashion retailer Forever 21 opened their second store in Jeddah, located at Salaam Mall. The store consists of a mindblowing collection and provides customers once again with their many choices!

We Raise The Standards Own your new home at 568 Alzahra Residences by Lifestyle Developers - an exclusive address for upscale living, tucked away in Al Zahra District of Jeddah. The modern six story building offers spacious three bedrooms apartments, ranging from 212 square meters to 230 square meters. The complex is topped with a five bedrooms, 460 square meter, state of the art penthouse. With a grand elegant lobby and designer features, 568 Alzahra Residences offers a variety of high end services, including a concierge service, in-house maintenance, indoor parking, 24 hours security with surveillance cameras, and controlled access cards.

‫ﺗﻤـﻠﻚ ﺷـﻘﺘـﻚ اﻟـﻤﻤﻴـﺰة ﻓﻲ‬


Abdullah Jasir

Prince Sultan Street


Ahmed Al Attas

uk So

King Abdulaziz Road

Khadr Afandi

Abdul Aziz Al Khurayji



‫اﻟﺰﻫﺮة رﻳﺰﻳﺪﻧﺴﻴﺲ‬

Muhammed Ibrahim Al Ghazzawi




For sales & inquiries



012-284-1012 | 055-441-4120

Jamie Oliver and Philips Join Forces Renowned chef Jamie Oliver and Philips, the electronics giant, joined forces to launch the Philips HomeCooker. This new product is specifically designed to offer an innovative approach to home cooking and is a comprehensive tool to meet every family’s daily cooking requirements.

HAJJNET LAUNCHES UMRAHSALAM Ali Dabaja, CEO of Hajjnet, launched UmrahSalam, an application for smartphones, after hearing too many stories about the challenges pilgrims face during umrah or Hajj. The UmrahSalam application will guide you from preparing up until the haircut at the very end. REACHED K.S.A, the region’s leading online food delivery portal, continues its expansion throughout the Middle East and finally launched in Saudi Arabia in October 2013. 20 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Papabubble Now Open!

October 2013 marked the opening of Papabubble in Jeddah, located on the second floor at Red Sea Mall. This sweet shop provides customers with a variety of delicious customized candies with endless flavors.


Events & Happenings







1. THE NEW AFAS CENTER IN JEDDAH: September 29, 2013 marked the official opening of the new Alliance Francaise d’Arabie Saoudite (AFAS) Center in Jeddah. AFAS Center is a non-profit organization under the sponsorship of the French Embassy, with centers in Riyadh, Khobar and Jeddah. The organization is committed to provide students with high-quality educational programs for learning French. 2.IKEA - 30 YEARS AND COUNTING: IKEA Saudi Arabia revealed its latest “More Inspiring than Ever” IKEA catalogue in celebration of its 30 year presence in the Kingdom. IKEA’s 2014 catalogue focuses on making the house design experience a more convenient one via its interactive functions that allow owners to mix and match with the best choices of furniture. With designs and colors to suit all tastes, “More Inspiring than Ever” provides customers with endless possibilities. 3. BMW GRAN TURISMO DEBUTS IN KSA: The all-new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo made its debut in Saudi Arabia. Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors, the official BMW Group importer in KSA, launched the new

Gran Turismo at exclusive events in their showrooms throughout the Kingdom. 4. FEMI9’S “THE PINK ENVELOPE” INITIATIVE: Femi9 recently launched “The Pink Envelope” initiative at Park Hyatt Hotel through the exclusive ladies’ event ‘femi9 cares.’ Femi9’s participation in the Breast Cancer Awareness Month encourages women to adopt healthy lifestyles and “The Pink Envelope” is the primary tool in the campaign. Women receive special envelopes with their Femi9 purchases through which they can play a role in supporting the case and raising awareness for it. 5. MAXUS LAUNCHES IN KSA: Haji Husein Alireza & Co. Ltd. launched the new Chinese car brand, Maxus, in Saudi Arabia. Maxus produces multipurpose commercial vehicles of international designs and produces a variety of models including V80, which was revealed by the company during the launch ceremony.


Send us your events and happenings to

Mark Your

Calendar November 2013



Mubadarat Forum Event covering business start-ups and franchises. Location: Jeddah Center for Forums and Events Date: November 2 – 4








Marc Jacobs Tulip Fest Take home personal caricature drawings and plant your own tulip while shopping the fall collection. Location: Stars Avenue Date: November 5 Time: 8:30 PM INDEX KSA Exhibition Manufacturers, designers and distributors of interior and design industry. Location: Jeddah Center for Forums and Events Date: November 12 – 14

10 11 Environmental Infrastructure Forum Environment and waste management. Location: Jeddah Hilton Date: November 17 – 19

New, Hot, and Happening Now


13 14

PMP Certification Exam Training Project Management five-day workshop. Location to be decided one week before training date. Price: USD 1,199 Organizer: Vinsys Information Technology Consultancy Date: November 16 – 20



Minor and Advanced Surgical Skills (MASS) Topics include drain insertion, hand and bowel anastomosis. Location: Sohba Hall, Park Hyatt Hotel Tel: +966-12-6240000 Ext. 21225 Email:, BialaNS@ Date: November 27

* DJ magazine is not responsible for any event cancellation.


To Add your event here, Contact us at





2 8

World Diabetes Day "Steps Towards A Sweeter Future" Time: 4:45 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. Email: Mob: +966-505642422 FB: Diabetes support twitter: DiabetesGroupSA Date: November 15


Decofair One of the most highly rated annual furniture and interior design exhibitions. Location: Jeddah Center for Forums and Events Web: Date: November 29 – December 2

Makeup Workshops Makeup education workshop by Beauty Guru Nilo Haq, sponsored by MAC. Twelve hours of make up training and a certificate. Email for Registration: workshops@ Date: November 2, 9, 14, 16.



Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Location: Ibn Sinaa Hall, MC-1 Tel: +966-12-6240000 Ext. 21476 Email: lifesupportcenterwr@ Date: November 23 – 24




TOPSERVICES LUXURY With work, busy schedules and day today tasks, people tend to forget to pause and take some time off to pamper themselves and indulge in certain luxuries. Whether these luxuries are self pampering with massages and tending to your beauty needs or redecorating and even installing home theaters, Jeddah has got you covered!

ORIANA SALON AND SPA We all know and love Oriana! Both of their branches (Attalah Center and Tahlia) are unique in their own ways. In addition to the services they provide us with on our visits, they even offer house visits in which they come and pamper you in the comfort of your own home. Note: Book in advance and you can even enjoy their services if you live in other cities in Saudi such as Taif or Madinah they’ll come to you! JUST A THOUGHT perfect surprise for your loved ones. Tel: 920002132

UDG DESIGN OFFICE Urban Design Group (UDG) is a creative architecture and interior design company based in Jeddah. With absolutely no limitations, UDG will transform any vision you have in mind into reality. They deliver creative and innovative solutions using nothing but luxurious up to date materials and will take care of your project from planning to execution stage down to the minimalist details. Looking to redecorate? Look no further!

QUINTESSENTIALLY Quintessentially Lifestyle is the leader in the field of luxury lifestyle and concierge services. As soon as you become a member, you are provided with their award-winning lifestyle management and concierge services for more than ten years, including advice from specialists and additional exclusive benefits such as taking care of your time-consuming day to day activities and providing you with unlimited access to exclusive privileges.

SIT BACK watch UDG transform your life!

THINK OF IT THIS WAY Someone can do it all for you.

Tel: +966-12 - 6503044


Tel: +966 -12 - 6634512

When it comes to occasions, surprises and creating beautiful memories, THINK N CUBES. N CUBES BY NOUF AL SABBAN Speaking of luxurious services, N Cubes by Nouf Al Sabban provides services that ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. Al Sabban is one of Saudi’s leading florists, known for her tasteful touch and exquisite floral arrangements. One of her services include marking her calendar with your special occasions so you never miss out on delivering flowers in a timely manner. Mob: +966 551406813


LITERALLY one of the most convenient services in town. SALAM MEDICAL Salam Medical is your full-fledged medical care on the go! With just one call, they will come to you in the comfort of your own home and provide you with a full check up. They have a medical staff on stand-by at all times and will cater to you until you’re feeling all better. Tel: 920001153

ARCHIMEDIA Archimedia is the leading provider of highend home entertainment solutions in the Middle East with showrooms in Riyadh, Cairo, Dubai and Manama. Good news for Jeddahwis is that although they don’t have a showroom in Jeddah, they still offer their services here. Visit their website if you want to transform your home by installing home theater, lighting control, or interior design solutions in addition to their many exclusive offers. Web:

Plan an unforgettable movie night with your friends or family. PRIMA CINEMA Picture yourself sitting in front of a theatrical screen in the comfort of your own home, watching literally just-released Hollywood movies, or imagine owning a private theater. Better yet, don’t imagine it – get it! Email: DESTINATION JEDDAH 27

Arts &


Hekayat Ashara – THE STORY OF 10

Zaynab Odunsi, founder of Hekayat Ashara Photography Project, is a photography teacher at Dar Al Hekma College in Jeddah. After a visit to Al Ruwais district last year, Odunsi felt that the best way to help improve a community is by educating them. This sparked the idea for a photography project featuring the work of local women. The ten chosen ladies were Sara Bunsoy, Maha Moussa, Hayat Ali, Ashwag Al Muwallad, Nehal Al Harbi, Sahar Hejazi, Burkeya Eid, Samar Al Ammari, Deema Al Quraishy and Nouf Al Hindi.

“I want to teach these girls a creative skill, like photography, that has an undeniable power to communicate to a varied and wide audience.”



Al Ruwais district is one of the oldest areas in Jeddah, dating back to over 300 years. The streets of Al Ruwais represent 300 years of Jeddahwi heritage, traditions, history and culture. Ten women residing in Al Ruwais district have been chosen to participate in a photography project that will, through photography, tell the Story of Ten.

The definition of hekaya (plural: hekayat) in Arabic is story, and ashara is the written word for the number ten. The Hekayat Ashara photography project is a community service initiative aimed at empowering ten selected women from Al Ruwais district by giving them a voice through the art of photography. These ten women consist of five Saudi

nationals and five legally resident foreigners whose only common ground is their residential area.

“I’ve always been an ambitious dreamer and when people put me down I was still determined to make a difference someday. Hekayat Ashara is giving me that opportunity.”


The main objectives of this project are a) to document the proposed redevelopment plans for Al Ruwais district, b) develop the skills and improve the lives of women through education, and c) provide them with an opportunity to grow and enjoy a promising future. Through their photographs, the girls aim to preserve their residential district with its graffiti and street art, fashion and social and community gatherings.

Simultaneously, the girls are directly and indirectly encouraging the young Saudi generation to care more about their community by showcasing its beauty.

“The Hekayat Ashara photography project allowed me to expand my horizons, increase my knowledge and experience in the art of photography and meet brilliant people.” – HAYAT ALI

Once selected, each woman was given her own professional DSLR camera (thanks to the generosity of the Canon Al Quraishy group) and began their ten weeks of photography orientation and classes, in addition to a one-month English language course from Dar Al Hekma College. Along with the photography course, each of the ten participants also worked alongside a student from the school of Design and Architecture at Dar Al Hekma. The student acted as the participant's mentoring figure. For a certain number of weeks the group of participants, mentors and instructors met on a weekly basis to conduct photo shoots in Al Ruwais district, after which the participants were given constructive feedback on their photography.


By the end of the project, the desired outcomes are a special outdoor photography exhibition showcasing the ten participants' artwork, a published book designed by Najla Bassam entailing the background of the project, interviews, data and images compiled from the participants and the Dar Al Hekma students they worked with, an interactive website by Nada Zaidan and an educational program for local schools regarding art within the community. “The Hekayat Ashara photography project is one of the best experiences I’ve ever lived.” – BURKEYA EID

While the participants are continuously developing their hekayat through the art of photography, the interactive website is being designed simultaneously and exhibition is being planned. The website is due to be launched in the first week of November 2013; it will display sneak peeks into the lives of the ten participants, will include a blog and updated artwork, and will include information regarding the upcoming exhibition which is due to take place on December 5, 2013. Mark your calendars! Email: Web: Facebook: Hekayat10


Arts &

Sami Al Turki,


Bringing it Home

SAW, 2013

Sami Al Turki was born and raised in Jeddah but splits his time between here and Dubai where he studied at the American University. In the past four years the artist has enjoyed many successes exhibiting his work worldwide. He enthusiastically captures and delivers desolate rubble-ridden landscapes, strong highlighting and exhibiting the wasteland of civilization within nature. Last month, Sami put up a solo show for Jeddah, about Jeddah. 32 DESTINATION JEDDAH

At Athr Gallery, in an exhibition titled From There, To Here & Inevitably Into Eternity, Sami gave us an idea of how he sees the current living situation in our city. Home is where the heart is and he expresses that recently there has been a gap, an unfulfilled dream and a life that is out of reach for the new generations. It isn’t even the dream of extreme wealth - just one of contentment, comfort and a wholeness within our hometowns.


GOUGE, 2013

The pieces are blunt, stark, and diagramlike, while a few others are dreamier. Abandoned and jarring looking housing projects reflected onto themselves, the effect is doubled and intensified. There are pieces showing suspended gray cinder block structures and jagged piping. Sami expands on this and shares American homes and shows how this isn’t just a local issue. The artworks don’t necessarily read as alarming but instead are more ethereal and hard. The exhibition as a whole is one piece of art with different parts completing the story. Sami reconciles the conflict in the last pieces of the exhibition. Housing projects are superimposed onto cloudy skies, and are meant to remind the viewer of a higher and more worthwhile afterlife. DESTINATION JEDDAH 33

Fashion & Shopping

Fashion & Shopping

with NOUR

Nour Kelani

Nour Kelani; a fashion designer, stylist, traveller, wife and on top of all a mother. She’s a big believer that fashion is our daily dose of art. Loves animals and owns a pug named Tamis.


News Versus and M.I.A. Collaboration

Kate Moss for Topshop returns!

The latest fashion celebrity collaboration comes from the house of luxury Versace (their funkier slightly more affordable Versus line) and M.I.A. The direction of the collection is bootleg-fashion... expect some crazy prints, patterns and colors!

Kate Moss is back for Topshop! Work is almost done for the upcoming collection which is a 40 piece collection ranging from clothing to accessories. Her previous collaboration with the high-street favorite has been a real success, let’s hope history repeats itself.

How to



Wear ankle boots!

Checkers and Plaid!

Extremely cold weather is rare in Saudi, but you can still look stylish and wintery. Just learn a few tips to help you achieve the look.

By Najwa Al Dadeer Image Consultant

Short & Sweet

whats your favorite

Wear long socks with midi skirts!

Feather your wardrobe!

Growing up with four sisters allowed me to witness the transformation of beauty, beautiful dresses and style. It also deepend my fascination with fashion. After my studies of visual arts, I decided to gain experience starting in Lebanon and the GCC. Shortly after, I guess it was my fate to stay in Dubai, establish and launch my brand.

From left to right: Mismatched earrings by Lanvin SR 6,300, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag SR 2,820, Dress by Moschino SR 6,750, Shoes by Stella McCartney SR 3,200, Dress by Saint Laurent SR 17,550, Ring by Saint Laurent 6,000, Pouch by Givenchy SR 1,100, Dress by Issa SR 3,600, Ring by Lanvin SR 2,500, Boots by Valentino 5,100, Boots by Givenchy SR 9,400, Necklace Rosantica Pegaso SR 2,700, Bag Joseph Shearling SR 3,570, Skirt Christopher Kane SR 3,250, Top Christopher Kane SR 37,000, Oscar De Le Renta Brooch SR 1,600 From left to right: Sweater by Delpozo SR 3,400, Glasses by Illesteva X Zac Posen SR 1,350, Skirt by Victoria Beckham SR 5,100, Lanvin cuff SR 8,300, Knee high sock H&M SR 40, Jimmy Choo sandals SR 7,770

Rami Al Ali

Color: Blue Print: Arabesque Item of Clothing: Jil Sander jacket Jewelry: Gatsby ring by Tiffany Stone: Diamond Bag: Goyard Shoe Brand: Chanel Dish: All Persian Movie: La Fills sur le Pont TV Show: Six Feet Under Flower: Freesia Art Piece: Any impressionism piece Artist: Monet Singer: Fairouz Actor: Meryl Streep Song: The Windmills of Your Mind by Noel Harrison Nail Polish Color: I don’t wear one, but I like dark colors on girls. Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker Designer: Martin Margiela Workout: Gym Beauty Must Have: Grace Favorite City: New York City


love of the month

Ralph Lauren SR 47,125

Christian Dior SR 2,100

Tom Ford SR 4,340

Valentino SR 2,750 Vintage Hermes Kelly SR 29,300

Charlotte Olympia SR 4,000

Tabitha Simmons SR 5,000


Ek Thongprasert SR 3,300


Balenciaga SR 5,770

Erickson Beamon SR 3,210

Fendi SR 14,200

Givenchy SR 2,750

Saint Laurent SR 6,100

Oscar De La Renta SR 2,760

Oscar De La Renta SR 1,500 DESTINATION JEDDAH 37

Saint Laurent SR 5,350


man |man| noun ( pl. men |men| ) 1 an adult human male. • a male member of a sports team: Johnson took the ball past three men and scored. • a husband, boyfriend, or lover: The two of them lived for a time as man and wife.



Tom Ford For Men (Skincare, ranging from SR 100 - SR 600)

by Mazin Al-Maimani

Mazin Al-Maimani is our in-house Graphic Designer and a fashion enthusiast. Here are his picks for our luxury issue. Fine detailed luxurious picks and some pure bling!

Dolce & Gabbana Martini suit SR 6,800 Marwood tie SR 700

Lanvin pin SR 600

Cutler & Gross Elton John Aids Foundation SR 1,950

Saint Laurent SR 6,000

Audemars Piguet extra thin (price upon request)

Jimmy Choo SR 2,250

Pierre Hardy SR 3,500

Charlotte Olympia SR 3,600

JUUN.J SR 3,700

Saint Laurent SR 4,350




Fashion & Shopping

BIG ove PURCHASES L OR et r g e THEY R A “big purchase” can represent many sums of money and will differ from one person to another. For this article, let’s call anything that greatly affects your bank account a big purchase- it could be a car, a vacation or even a pair of shoes. After you make a purchase is when you realize whether you love it or hate and regret it. Let’s see what people have loved and hated recently! LOVE: Name: N.M.B. Female 40 years old

Tods crocodile handbag, the original price is 67,077 SR but I got it on a discount for 20,700 SR. I am in love with it and I carry it all the time.


Dolce & Gabbana dress worth 6,600 SR. I fell in love with it but when I wore it, I hated it and never wore it again.

LOVE: Name: N.A.S. Female 50 years old

A Graff ring worth 145,000 SR. It’s worth every penny!


A Van Cleef and Arpels ring worth 85,000 SR. I fell in love with it and I still like it but I regret buying it because I can only wear it on certain occasions.

LOVE: Name: B.E.A. Female 29 years old

A yellow diamond necklace worth 45,000 SR. I just love it!


Chinchilla coat worth 19,000 SR. Even though it was a bargain, I didn't get a chance to wear it.


Name: A.S.A. Female 25 years old

A property in King Abdullah Economic City worth 700,000 SR.


A pair of Moss Lipow Ostrich leather sunglasses worth 14,300 SR. I lost it after wearing it just a few times and since then I decided I would never purchase expensive glasses.

BEFORE A BIG PURCHASE, CONSIDER… -Realistically, can you afford it?

-Is it really worth what it costs?

-Can you live without it?

-Will this item be on sale any time soon?

-Did you research and read reviews?

Share with us a BIG purchase that you Love or Regret using #DjBigPurchase @DestinationJed 40 DESTINATION JEDDAH


Fashion & Shopping




Leather Dress 15,154 SR

How to look the part without breaking the bank! This month, we’re showing you how to spree and steal the look.

By Sabina Marini

STYLE TIP! The statement necklace says it all, no need to over accessorise! If you really can’t help it, just wear diamond studs.


Leather Fitted Amis Dress 2,150 SR


Empire gold-plated Swarovski crystal necklace 5,460 SR


Mawi Gold Tone Watersnake Bracelet 3,000 SR



Brown tortoise shell curb chain

Black and Gold Bangles Pack

75 SR

99 SR




Ester Cutout Suede Ankle Boots

Cabas Chyc Large Leather 7,750 SR

4,168 SR



Pointed Ankle Booties

Arizona Medium sized, zip fastened Bowling Bag 1,450 SR

259 SR



Pigalle Safki

Man Wool and Cashmere-Blend Coat

2,500 SR

3,230 SR

STYLE TIP! Wear your coat over your shoulders for a very sophisticated look


Platform Leather Court Shoes 399 SR


Masculine Double Breasted Coat 699 SR DESTINATION JEDDAH 43

Fashion & Shopping

FINDING THE PERFECT FURNITURE So you’ve found an apartment, can’t wait to leave the hotel room, and are well on your way to settling into the city. But the question of furniture still lingers and you’ll only settle for the best. Below is a list of our favorite places to shop for everything from light fixtures to whole bedroom sets here in Jeddah.

AND SO TO BED The artists behind the wonderful And So To Bed, have worked hard to create the best of everything from the simplest designs to grand furniture that screams luxury. You can’t go wrong with a selection from this store. Location: Tahliya St.


If your style is vivid and exotic then Masina House may just be your one-stop shop. The theme is floral, and you will immediately be amazed at the print couches and cushions sweeping underneath beautiful wall hangings. Location: Behind Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel, off Palestine St. Tel: +966-12-6675304


BO CONCEPT BoConcept won us over with their contemporary designs and clean-cut minimalist motifs. The best part is that if you know exactly what you want you artsy types can even design your own furniture from scratch! Location: Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6141418

HOME CENTER Well stocked with everything from furniture to cutlery, Home Center is a no frills resource for all your household needs. It embodies quality and convenience, and is guaranteed to please. Location: The Dome, Prince Sultan St.

FENDI CASA A firm believer in minimalism, Fendi Casa brings the best of sleek, classic designs that define the wonderful and inventive furniture store. Location: Elegant House Center


MIDAS FURNITURE Midas Furniture offers everything from classic designs to sleek cuts. Go for a traditional style living room to entertain your guests but fill your study with pieces of futuristic designs to inspire you as you work. Location: King Abdul Aziz St.



Another flawless store brimming with art and inspiration, Elegant Home brings you the best of whatever you’re looking to beautify your home with, whether you’re going for ethnic or modern.

You don't have to do all the work yourself, why not hire an interior designer and put your heads together to create the ultimate home? Here are a few places to start:

Location: Rawdah Dist. near King Fahad Road Tel: +966-12-6577177


A graduate of London Metropolitan University, Dara Al Sayyed brings in all the experience and artistic vision that you need. With a vast portfolio and an eye for detail, Dee Interiors is a guaranteed success.


Bringing you all the creativity of Nawaf Nahar Al Nassar, 3N Jeddah is art and professionalism from the start. From your first visit to their website to your final satisfaction with the beautiful interiors created by the company, your experience is bound to be excellent. Email: Web:

Email: Mob: +966-532643987


With a spot-on acronym, JIDA guarantees perfection in your new home in the city. Innovative and professional, JIDA has all the right tools and expertise to turn your house into your dream home. Email: Web:



Design Unit brings in the expertise of Architect Ali Khalid Abuzarfah. Providing extremely sophisticated and contemporary design solutions to every project, this firm is bound to bring out the best in your new home. Email: Tel: +966-12-6525522


Fashion & Shopping

Fashion Week Special

After all of the instagram photos, the gallery slideshows and runway videos - we are not disappointed! The 2014 looks are minimalistic and elegant, with no fuss but plenty of modern silhouettes and cuts. And hair and makeup left an innovative but sophisticated impression. Check out some of the highlights of one of the best fashion weeks ever.


MARCHESA The new line was for the modern romantic, polished looks with great movement and white and gold embroidery.


NARCISO RODRIGUEZ The line is all about sharp clean lines, leather embellishments and black, white and beige, all with an easy going but highly polished feel.

WES GORDON Long dresses, loose sweaters and clashing colors that don’t seem to clash. The details are luxurious but the looks are carefree.

THE ROW Clean but complicated at the same time. Their looks are innovative and editorial but in some ways completely wearable.

CALVIN KLEIN Modern and minimalist with mainly white and gray. The dresses were loose, had plenty of attitude and are great for Spring.

THEYSKIN’S THEORY They reinvigorate the midi dress with color blocking, half sleeves, and layers for a slightly grungy look. DESTINATION JEDDAH 49


RODARTE A front wave is created with a large barrel curling iron, then deeply parted to the side and pinned back. The sections in the back from both sides were pinned into a twist.

DKNY The model's lips were rimmed with Maybelline lip liner in nude and filled in with Maybelline Manadarin Rapture lipcolor. 50 DESTINATION JEDDAH

COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA The model’s eyes were dusted with either soft citron green or violet shadow and the lips were covered with a clear high-shine gloss.

MICHAEL KORS The rising star designer’s models sported tousled and romantic up dos with rumpled tendrils framing their faces.


DIOR The crowd sat in a magical indoor garden that matches their soft and elegant style.

CHANEL Their ready-to-wear line was shown from one side against a backdrop of modern art.

LOUIS VUITTON The show was set in a dark land with a large clock, a black fountain, a carousal and escalators.

KENZO The models stood behind a thin waterfall veil and walked out one-by-one. DESTINATION JEDDAH 51

Fashion & Shopping

The Goods destination luxury picks

BANG & OLUFSEN A9 Airplay Wireless Speaker Taking a bold approach to home audio, B&O Play's award-winning A9 speaker makes a striking addition to your home. SR9,000


CARTIER Panthère de Cartier A truly wild animal, the Panther is more than a mere symbol for Cartier. It is a timeless icon that is both predatory and elegant. SR 110,000 (approx)


CHRISTIAN DIOR Dior Bar Large From

the fashion house that needs no

introduction comes another iconic design, the



charm itself alone is breathtaking.

SR 16,000 (approx)

DÄ’LONGHI Pre-Madonna Exclusive The mother of all coffee machines is Cappuccinos, Lattes, Americanos and

here. your

own saved presets at the touch of a button.

SR 11,500


Fashion & Shopping

GADGETS Utility Charge Tool 99.99 SR For several years now, it’s been possible to buy Swiss army knives with flash drives. The USB Utility Charge Tool, while it’s obviously inspired by the Swiss army knife, it’s a little different – it contains four foldout plugs for charging or syncing your electronic devices.

Birdie Foot Back Scratcher 44.99 SR You’re a rare bird, there’s no denying that, but the way you scratch those hard to reach itches has become embarrassing! Rubbing your back against a tree, sticking pens down your shirt or wiggling around in your chairs. Use our Birdie Back Scratcher and even the most annoying itch in hardest to reach places won’t go unscratched!

Straight Edge 59.99 SR Cut a straight line every time with these laser-guided scissors! Simply turn on the laser and let the beam guide your line. Laser beam guided scissors perfect for craft projects, gift-wrapping, sewing and scrapbooking. Measures 3.25 x 8.31 x 1.12 inches. Requires two LR44 batteries.




105.99 SR

Are your pockets out of control? Your iPhone’s jumbled up with cash, cards and receipts - but you still don’t want to carry around a bulky wallet? The iWallet will restore pocket order! Snapping closed with a svelte magnet catch, the slim-line iPhone 5 case serves as gadget protection while conveniently organizing your pocket clutter!

Magnetic Vase

204.99 SR

The Magnetic Vase is a single bud vase that gives the illusion that it is a freestanding vase, yet the magnetic base gives it stability. DCI product offers design oriented gift and stationery products. DCI’s products stand out with fun colors and unique designs combined with the practical functionality.

59.99 SR

Powered by your iPhone, this mini blimp fan will keep you cool at home or on the go. Compact size will easily fit into a pocket or bag. On/off switch. Powered by the built-in battery of the iPhone. No external charging required. Use with your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Assorted red or white colors. P ROMOTION

brought to you by

Blimp Fan




Dining Around Town

Fine Dining IN JEDDAH

The term fine dining refers to full-service restaurants with high quality décor and meal courses, exquisite atmosphere and highly trained staff. Jeddah’s streets are filled with a variety of restaurants and all types of cuisines. There are so many in fact, sometimes it’s hard to decide on where to dine! However, in terms of “fine dining,” it would be great if we raised the bar a bit higher than what it currently is. Nonetheless, we gathered some of the finest hot spots in Jeddah for your next fancy outing.





Aromi, situated on the second floor at Jeddah’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel Qasr Al Sharq, is your ultimate and ideal destination for any occasion, be it a business meeting or an intimate gathering. Indulge in their exquisite food while enjoying the breathtakingly beautiful spacious Venetianthemed restaurant. Note: Try their tomato soup – it’s served in both green and red, and with popcorn! Tel: +966-12-6599999


An oasis of calm overlooking the pier of the South Corniche, Salmontini impressed us with its creative and colorful sushi and unique take on the veal filet. Notable for importing its salmon all the way from Scotland, this restaurant has already taken off in Dubai and Beirut. Our only warning is to not become obsessed with the salmon and try the rest of their diverse menu. Tel: +966-12-2830850





The main factor that allows Byblos to stand out, in addition to its purely Lebanese cuisine, is its interior. The lights, ambience and environment beautifully complement your dining experience. You’re in for an authentic Lebanese treat, from appetizers, drinks to dessert. Note: Make sure you have enough cash or bring your credit card! Tel: +966-12-6697655



This reputable contemporary Indian restaurant will make you feel like you walked into a traditional Indian dining spot. Although the décor and the menu are innovative and contemporary, the staff is dressed from head to toe in traditional Indian attire. The attire combined with the charming music and the excellent meals will have you planning your next visit. Tel: +966-12-2753944


Hidden on AbdulMaqsud Khuja Street is a huge building that looks like an Andalusian Palace. Well it’s not an actual palace. That building is Romero, a restaurant that serves the finest of Mediterranean cuisine. When you walk in you’ll be overcome with a cozy feeling and once you taste the food prepared by the brilliant chefs, you’ll be going back for more in no time. Tel: +966-12-2630263


Dining Around Town





This little treasure is one of Jeddah’s oldest and most loved restaurants. La Cuisine is hidden on Palestine Street, and offers nothing but the best French cuisine in Jeddah. Their décor is tasteful and their food is presented luxuriously. Guests can enjoy their dining experience with live piano notes in the background. Note: Their crème brulee and soufflé (both chocolate and vanilla) are a must! Tel: +966-12-6630363

Located at the beautiful Bellevue Complex in Al Shate district is the hidden jewel, Lumiere. It is a French restaurant known for taking fine dining to a completely different level. If you’re looking to enjoy an exotic meal, elegant surroundings, the kindest hosts and an excellent meal, Lumiere is your ideal choice. Note: Don’t expect to spend less than an estimated SR200 per person.



Mob: +966-547173661

One of the most expensive dishes in Jeddah is… “ROSSINI” CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF TENDERLOIN AT LUMIERE: Alsace rosti potatoes, confit vegetables and black Trumpet mushroom sauce for

SR 198


At first Toki is visible only with a sign in front of Leylaty’s renowned wedding hall on Malik Road. You’ll be impressed from the second you step inside and find yourself surrounded by lavish décor and beautiful Arabian pillars. Toki’s menu offers nothing but the best all-Asian cuisine. Tel: +966-12-6060606



Situated on the second floor at the Rosewood Corniche hotel outlooking the Red Sea is Ginza-i-Chome. Sushi fans need to look no further and think of no other than Ginza-i-Chome! Tel: +966-12-2607111


This restaurant is not only special due to the fact that it’s Leylaty’s signature restaurant, but also because no other restaurant can be compared to it. Their menu is deliciously creative with a variety of offerings including interesting salads. With a pianist setting the mood in the background, you’ll surely experience fine seafood dining. Tel: +966-12-6066666


The Fine in Fine Dining How would you categorize a fine dining restaurant from a simply posh one? Is it the crisp white linens and tablecloth? Waiters in Tuxedos? Or the number of forks on the table? What particular qualities does it need to have to set it apart from other restaurants? Fine dining, as the name suggests, refers to the FINEST food, service and ambience, along with the highest standards of quality and cleanliness. All these aspects determine the overall quality a diner must experience in fine dining. As far as food goes, it should offer diners an experience they cannot find anywhere else. The menu should be creative, exquisite and original. Special attention to detail should be given to dishes; which use quality ingredients and are carefully and thoughtfully plated, pleasing both to the eye and palate. Service: Diners expect exemplary service, which must be attentive but never invasive. Staff should be expertly trained, enthusiastic and professional. Starting from the host who meets guests in a friendly manner, to the waiters who crumb tables between courses and leading up to the speed of valet parking, no detail is ever too small. Ambience: environment and decor should match the restaurant's vision. Aesthetics such as staff uniform, lighting, china, glassware and silverware should be spotless, elegant, tasteful and exclusive.


Dining Around Town

By Lama Alem

AND THE MICHELIN STAR GOES TO… When planning a trip, we usually get overwhelmed with the amount of guidebooks and “places to see” lists. This is where the Michelin guide steps in. It is an annual guide published by the French company Michelin for the last hundred years.

THE HISTORY: It all started in 1900; the Michelin brothers André and Édouard, founders of the wellknown tires company, decided that the best way to boost the demand for tires was to create free maps for French motorists in order to make traveling around and finding places to refuel an easy task. At the time, there were around only 3000 cars in France. Shortly, they started creating more guides to different countries from Tunisia to Portugal. During World War I, the production of the guides had to be suspended. One day, one of the brothers saw a man using one of the guides to prop up a work bench, and so decided to charge for the guides, as he believed that people only value what they paid for. During World War II, the guides had to be suspended once again, but then the Allied Forces asked the company to produce guides for military use, as they were believed to be the best up-to-date maps available.


When the company realized the popularity of the restaurants section, they started hiring “inspectors” to review restaurants. The anonymity of these inspectors is very important to the company. They are even discouraged from revealing their jobs to their families! Based on the inspectors’ reviews, a restaurant may receive one to three Michelin stars. Gaining or losing a Michelin star can dramatically affect the restaurant’s success, and these stars have been called the “Oscars” of restaurants. The Michelin guide has also been awarding “Rising Star” to restaurants that could potentially gain stars in the future. What’s better than a guide that has lived over one hundred years and survived two world wars to tell you where to go?

Michelin Red Guides are mostly for restaurants or hotels, while Green Guides include more tourist attractions and a variety of cultural destinations.

personalised catering excellent service delightful dishes a special day to remember

Park Hyatt Jeddah Offsite Events Catering. Let us bring luxury and sophistication to you for a more unique and special event. Park Hyatt Jeddah offers an exceptional services for any off-site event you wish to plan. Grace your tables with exquisite and delightful dishes through the consultation of various menus. Catering to various events from cocktail receptions to intimate family gatherings to make your event a memorable one.

For reservations, please call our Event Sales Department on: Tel: +966 12 263 9618 Fax: +966 12 263 9633 The Equestrian Club, Southern Corniche, Al Hamra District, P.O. Box 5863, Jeddah 21432, KSA 2013


MICHELIN STAR RATINGS: One star indicates a very good restaurant in its category, offering cuisine prepared to a consistently high standard. A good place to stop on your journey.



Two stars denote excellent cuisine, skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality. Worth a detour. Three stars reward exceptional cuisine where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. Distinctive dishes are precisely executed, using superlative ingredients. Worth a special journey.






Spirituality Let us firstly explore both concepts from a linguistic point of view.


There seems to be an age-old struggle between two forces in people’s mind that is hindering many from achieving their full potential. This is the apparent contradiction between being ambitious versus being content. Both qualities are well respected and even encouraged to have, however when they are brought together in one person’s mind or heart, there seems to be a conflict. More importantly, this dilemma has infected the ummah (society) with the disease of laziness; some say ”Alhamdulillah, I’m content with what I have, why should I be ambitious and strive for more?” I translate this into: “I can’t be bothered to do anything, I just want to live within my comfort zone.” As you can expect, this mind-set is dangerous for the ummah’s growth.

Ambition: Drive, determination, enterprise, initiative, eagerness, motivation, resolve, enthusiasm, zeal, hunger, commitment, a sense of purpose; aspiration, intention, goal, aim, objective, object, purpose, intent, plan, desire, wish, design, target, dream. Contentment: Contentedness, content, satisfaction, gratification, fulfillment, happiness, pleasure, cheerfulness. ease, comfort, well being, peace, equanimity, serenity, tranquility. As you can see, from a definition point of view, there isn’t much of a contradiction between the two concepts. The states of being “ambitious” and “content” seem to serve different aspects of our drive to be the best – one is driving us (ambition), the other is making us enjoy the ride (contentment)! WHERE DOES THE CONTRADICTION LIE? The contradiction lies in our misunderstanding that being content means not wanting to achieve more, and that being ambitious to achieve more is a sign that you’re not content. This is definitely not the case. SO HOW CAN WE RESOLVE THIS IDEA? Let us look into the Quran and Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) to answer this dilemma: Regarding ambition, Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) says in the Quran what means: “And those who pray, “Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.” [Surat 25 Al-Furqan, Verse 74] And our Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him) said: “The distance between every two levels of Paradise is like the distance between the sky and the Earth, so if you ask Allah for anything, ask Him for the Firdaus, for it is the last part of Paradise and the highest part of Paradise, and at its top there is the Throne


of Beneficent, and from it gush forth the rivers of Paradise.” [Bukhari, Book #93,

Hadith #519]

Furthermore, in numerous places throughout the Quran, we are told that to achieve Jannah we have to: 1) Have imaan 2) Do righteous works We can now understand that we should be ambitious; however this ambition is to serve the person’s ultimate goal and that is to gain Allah’s pleasure and entering the highest part of Jannah (Paradise). Regarding contentment, Allah says in the Qur’an what means: “Nor strain thine eyes in longing for the things We have given for enjoyment to parties of them, the splendor of the life of this world, through which We test them: but the provision of thy Lord is better and more enduring.” [Surat 20 Taha,

Verse 131]

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said what means: “Riches does not mean, having a great amount of property, but riches is self-contentment.” (Sahih Bukhari, Book #76, Hadith #453)

The above clearly demonstrates that contentment should be related to the dunya (life) matters and can be reconciled with being ambitious in this life.


The following hadith narrated from Abu Hurayrah (May Allah be pleased with him) expresses this balance between ambition and contentment succinctly: “People say that I have narrated many Hadiths (the Prophet’s narrations). Had it not been for two verses in the Qur’an, I would not have narrated a single Hadith, and the verses are: “Verily those who conceal the clear sign and the guidance which We have sent down.. (up to) Most Merciful.” (2:159-160). And no doubt our Muhajir (emigrant) brothers used to be busy in the market with their business (bargains) and our Ansari brothers used to be busy with their property (agriculture). But I (Abu Huraira) used to stick to Allah’s Apostle, content with what will fill my stomach and I used to attend that which they used not to attend and I used to memorize that which they used not to memorize.” (Book #3, Hadith #118) This example of Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him) shows that he was ambitious enough to memorize the ahadith (sayings) of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him), yet he was also content with his restricted provision in this world. So in summary, to resolve the dilemma is as follows: Be content with your provision in this dunya (life). But be ambitious about your akhirah (after-life) and never be complacent about your good deeds done for Allah. Aim to achieve more in order to please Allah, in your own practice of Islam and in your service to the ummah (society)– strive for more sincerity, quality and quantity.


Travel Trends

King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) is gearing up to roll-out the first hotel in the city with the soon to be launched Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina. With its contemporary and streamlined interiors, the new hotel is characterized by its “business class” comfort and luxury service offering. It is the first hotel in the Bay La Sun district of the innovative economic city and it overlooks the magnificent Red Sea on one side and the economic city’s lagoon and mangrove on the other. The Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina is positioned to be a superior urban business and leisure hotel that redefines standards of hospitality within the Kingdom through its distinctive service offering, unique design and architecture, and ample amenities and hotel features. With the extensive developments being undertaken north of Jeddah such as KAUST, PetroRabigh’s expansion and the growth of KAEC itself, there is a tangible need for a variety of hospitality products in the area, and KAEC is the ideal location for such products. The hotel is to be managed by Al Khozama, a hotel management company with a deep-rooted sense of traditional Saudi hospitality. The lobby is warm, elegant and welcoming. Comforting shades of beige and white surround you, and marble, wooden finishes and modern accents adorn the furniture. Once you enter the lobby, you’re overwhelmed with a feeling of openness in the expansive atrium and skylight. 72 DESTINATION JEDDAH


The rooms are designed in a highly functional and modern way integrating lovely traditional Arabic embellishments and come with a luxury range of amenities. The hotel holds 189 deluxe rooms, and six suites with floor-to-ceiling windows revealing breathtaking panoramic sea views. The Bay La Sun Hotel & Marina offers unparalleled banqueting and meeting facilities, suitable for all corporate functions, including training programs, meetings, conferences and off-site retreats.The hotel features seven large lavishly appointed meeting rooms, a 55-seat state-of the-art auditorium and a 1,500 sqm banqueting and pre-function area. Several of the meeting rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows with inspirational views, the perfect ambience for productive meetings. The hotel is also a perfect venue for weddings and other social functions with its views of the sea and accessibility to the waterfront. Guests and visitors can dine at the colorful Seasons, an

all-day-dining restaurant perfect for busy travelers and leisure visitors. The restaurant features a fine blend of Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian and European cuisines, and themed nights perfect for a unique experience. Also, businessmen can enjoy conversations over cigars at the hotel’s cigar lounge Corojo, a relaxing and chic cigar room with an unrivaled collection of renowned cigar brands and a terrace seating with canal and marina views. Other amenities include fitness centers for both men and women, perfect for a healthy start to your day. A full marina is planned as part of phase two which is currently under development. This will offer boat charter, fishing, diving as well as mooring services. Transportation amenities include a city shuttle, limousine and rent-a-car service. This is the first hotel in KAEC and it has been lauded and well-received by those who have had the opportunity to visit the hotel during its pre-opening. It is designed to be the event venue of choice, the perfect retreat from the everyday congestion and limitations of existing offerings in Jeddah, and a great spot for corporate and social users to meet within the Kingdom! Bay La Sun Hotel and Marina is the new hospitality destination that is dedicated to bringing the new generation of business leaders and leisure visitors the highest standard in service, comfort and a pleasurable travel experience. Location: King Abdullah Economic City Email: Web: P ROMOTION


Travel Trends

LAVISHNESS Around the Middle East

The 10 Best Luxury Resorts

By Zareen Muzaffar

If you have limited amount of time before work or school starts and you want to get away from the hectic pace of life, consider some of the beautiful resorts that are not too far away. Make use of the proximity and indulge in the beauty, luxury and decadence these popular resorts have to offer.

1. EMIRATES PALACE, ABU DHABI: Whether it’s for business or for leisure, Emirates Palace is such a beautiful sight. Many international events, conferences and exhibitions take place in this breathtaking resort. With the opulent decor, a range of suites and relaxing spas, Emirates Palace is the perfect place to be for a well deserved getaway.

2. BURJ AL ARAB, DUBAI: Who isn’t familiar with the famous Burj tower. You can enjoy the view up close and personal by staying at the Burj Al Arab. A symbol of power, modernity and beauty, this palatial resort is repeatedly voted as the worlds most luxurious hotel. 3. SHANGRI-LA BAR AL JISSA RESORT, MUSCAT: Muscat, Oman’s capital is just 15 minutes away from this resort. Beautiful deep blue water of the sea of Oman will not let you wander anywhere. Three hotels await you within this resort, all offering their own exceptional services. You can relax at any one of the hotels overlooking the marvelous view.


4. QASR AL SHARQ, WALDORF ASTORIA, JEDDAH: Situated in Jeddah, this beautiful destination offers nothing but the best. With the ladies only spa by Clarins, visitors can relax and enjoy the great services. Treat your taste buds to the exquisite menu offered at Aromi and Mataam Al Sharq. Indulge in the opulent style at Qasr Al Sharq and retreat into private bliss.

5. AL AREEN PALACE AND SPA, BAHRAIN: The resort is only 35 minutes from Bahrain International Airport and five minutes away from the world-famous Bahrain International Circuit. Al Areen Palace and Spa is the only all-villa private pool resort in the Arabian Gulf and one of the Middle East's most luxurious hideaways. 6. BAB AL SHAMS DESERT RESORT & SPA, DUBAI: Nestled in the dunes of Dubai, this private resort will take you away from the commotion of city life. Children can enjoy the unique activities lined up for them such as Aladdin’s kids club and Fun for Children. 7. SIX SENSES ZIGHY BAY, OMAN: Do you want the best of both worlds? Look no further because Zighy Bay is the “rugged beauty” of Oman that allows you to experience the culture of Oman and the buzz of UAE. These include a range of traditional and modern attractions from both countries.

8. THE CHEDI MUSCAT, OMAN: The Chedi is the perfect place to be if you want to experience Oman’s uniqueness and beauty. Surrounded by souqs, the desert, dunes and forts, Chedi allows visitors to enjoy leisurely activities, arts and culture, sightseeing and with the newly opened Royal Opera House in Muscat, your trip is guaranteed to be memorable. 76 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Ready for Romance ? LIGHT A CANDLE ! Your One Stop to Candle Shop!

9. KEMPINSKI HOTEL ISHTAR DEAD SEA, JORDAN: This hotel is located perfectly for the adventurers who want to experience the history and learn more about Jordan. Less than three hours away from the hotel is Petra, considered to be Jordan’s most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction. There’s a lot more: the Ancient City of Jerash, The Wadi Mujib Gorge, Mount Nebo and Wadi Rum. A wealth of information and knowledge awaits visitors!

10. MÖVENPICK HOTEL & RESORT AL BIDA’A, KUWAIT: Movenpick Resort is located close to Kuwait Airport and Kuwait’s largest shopping malls. Surrounded by 200 meters of white sandy beachfront, this resort features some of the best things to do like visiting the Aqua Park, National Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, Scientific Centre and Liberation Tower. Go ahead and experience the range of activities in the heart of Kuwait. ALMAZAJ Al-Rawdah Street Tel: +966-12-264-111-95 DESTINATION JEDDAH 77 Fax:+966-12-264-111-92 P.O Box 12518 Jeddah 21483 Saudi Arabia

Travel Trends

GLAMPING The Luxurious Outdoors Inhaling the refreshing piney scent, feeling the soft mud under our shoes and biting into sweet s’mores, then dealing with strange slimy bugs, humidity, heat and cooking over an open fire… sounds nice at first but perhaps a little too stressful for us fulltime urban-dwellers. As modern times progress and less people are used to less than comfortable living conditions, a niche has opened up around the globe for nature lovers who aren’t quite used to nature. Glamping (glamorous camping) is the latest way to enjoy the great outdoors in a cozier way. Check out some of the different and unique ways glamping can be an amazing experience.


The Top Glamping Sites • • • • •

1. SAFARI TENTS For a romantic, out of Africa type atmosphere, check out the safari tents. They are much more spacious than other accommodations and luxuriously furnished with proper beds and flooring. 78 DESTINATION JEDDAH





2. PODS AND CUBES These futuristic structures take glamping even further and almost eradicate the rustic feel associated with camping. Some are equipped with wood burning stoves or are coolly built for stargazing. 3. TREE HOUSES Yes, tree houses. What could be cooler than being up there with your friends or family, Swiss Family Robinson style enjoying the view, with electricity and running water of course. 4. TIPIS AND YURTS With a small carbon footprint, tough durable fabric, a central wooden fire, these are great alternatives to the basic tent. They’re more spacious, safer against the elements and they're well heated. 5. CARAVANS The caravan is stationary and is luxuriously furnished with a kitchen and bathroom. They can also look like anything from a regular VW van to a wooden gypsy-style caravan cart. DESTINATION JEDDAH 79

Red Sea Coast

Hit the Waves in Style

Yachts have been a sign of luxury and wealth for as long as we can remember. In addition to the fact that most of them are absolutely gorgeous indeed, yachts are also significant quality luxury vehicles that provide years of easy breezy getways and leisure. Rent a yacht, go on a cruise and let us know how you feel onboard!

Significant Yachts and Boats: WALLY//118 • Only one person in the world owns it. • It is the most distinctive and fastest motor yacht in the world. • Luca Bassani Antivari is the founder of Wally.

WIDER • Opens from right and left. • Extremely beautiful! • Established by Tilli Antonelli in 2010.

Blue Limits

Price Range for Yacht Rental: 3,750 SR per hour 2,000 SR – 7,000 SR per hour depending on size and year of manufacturing. Location: Auto Mall, King Road Tel: +966-12-2150943 Web:


Jeddah Yacht Marina

Price range for Yacht Rental: 30,000 SR for 8 hours, including drinks and snacks. Location: Obhur, Nakheel Village Tel: +966-12-6560004

One of the most interesting yachts worldwide: Streets of Monaco - $1.1 billion The Streets of Monaco yacht is one of the largest in the world. It is a 500-foot yacht that can feature a go-kart track on deck (inspired by the Monaco Grand Prix). Streets of Monaco can accommodate 16 guests and 70 crewmembers, including a 4,800 square-foot suite with three floors for the owner.

PASSION 50 • Belongs to American company, Statement. • Fastest boat in the world, (goes up to 260 kilometers per hour). • Priced at 2.1 million USD.

BAIA ONE HUNDRED • Made almost entirely of tempered glass. • Unique Mohican-style exterior. • Priced at 11 million EUR.

RIVA 122 MYTHOS • Largest aluminum yacht ever produced by Riva. • Panoramic views.


Did you know? • Until the 1950’s, most yachts were constructed of wood. • Luxury yachts are also known as super yachts. • Yachts are usually classified into the two following groups: sailing yachts and motor yachts. • Yachts have been a sign of luxury since Charles II owned one and used it as a personal vessel to catch pirates with the Dutch navy.


Healthy Living

SALAM MEDICAL: “Be Our Guest In Your Home” The fact that people usually tend to avoid hospitals and clinics is no secret. The long waiting time, the queues and the crowd are just a few contributing factors as to why people, specifically at an older age, avoid hospitals. When you reach a certain age in life, you need to go to your doctor for regular check-ups every once in a while, even if you aren’t feeling ill. Unfortunately, when faced with simple obstacles, people give up and postpone their visit to the doctor. Simply stated, the solution is Salam Medical.

Salam Medical is a unique and renowned company that has always provided homecare medical services with the utmost proficiency and expertise. Their name, Salam (meaning peace in Arabic), represents what they believe in and what they are about: safety, accountability, leadership, access to quality care, and management of unique needs of the client and family. Their wide range of services includes physicians, nurses, physiotherapy, respiratory therapy, dieticians and social workers in addition to services available upon request and according to patient’s needs. Constantly developing, Salam Medical now has the ultimate and ideal solution that will save the elderly from the hassle of physically going to hospitals. They are now providing yet another life-altering program called the 50+ Medicine Home



Health Program. This program was created with the main purpose being to aid the prevention of illness and medicines for the elderly. With a team of experts including Dr. Mohammed Basheikh, a consultant and assistant professor internist, geriatrician and memory problems, and Pearl Echauz, case management nurse, the program has proven to be highly effective. As people grow older, they tend to become more cautious regarding their health; however, a significant percentage still refuse to go for regular check-ups due to the assumption that since they don’t feel specific symptoms, they don’t need to see a doctor. One of the many benefits of 50+ Medicine Home Health Program is how easily accessible it is. All patients need to do is call and ask for a visit. Yes it’s just that simple. A team of experts will visit you in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your loved ones and you can have your check-up right then and there. Dr. Mohammed Basheikh specifically conducts complete and thorough check-ups in order to ensure that medicines are avoided and illnesses are prevented beforehand. The geriatric assessment the doctor conducts is an instrument designed to collect data on the medical, psychosocial and functional capabilities and limitations of elderly patients. This assessment is also vital as it effectively addresses the most widespread problems faced by the elderly. In some cases where a patient requires extra attention, Salam Medical provides a specialized team to take care of patients in their own homes. This is an added benefit because being in a hospital surrounded by illnesses could negatively affect the patient’s health and wellbeing, and simultaneously could add to the patient’s feeling of illness. The benefits of utilizing Salam Medical’s services are countless and significant improvements in the patient’s attitude towards medical care have not only been seen, but also felt.

One of the many benefits of 50+ MEDICINE HOME HEALTH PROGRAM is how easily accessible it is. All patients need to do is call and ask for a visit. Tel: 920001153 Web: Facebook: SalamHHC Twitter: @SalamHHC P ROMOTION


Healthy Living Beauty

DR. HYTHAM JAMJOOM Where Art Meets Medicine

Dr. Hytham Jamjoom is a renowned Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons, an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a member of the Saudi Society of Plastic Surgeons. 84 DESTINATION JEDDAH

At what age did you first develop an interest in plastic surgery? I developed an interest in plastic surgery when I was first exposed to it in medical school. I found it had a strong relationship with art, which was my interest in school. Plastic surgery is a combination of beauty, art and medicine—learning that fact was just the beginning for me.

"You are beautiful in the eyes of others in different ways, But to be beautiful in your own eyes is what matters." - Dr. Hytham Jamjoom

What are the most common cosmetic surgeries demanded in Saudi Arabia by men and women? The top five procedures I conduct here for women are breast, abdomen, nose, liposuction and finally the non-surgical Botox and fillers. A major bulk of plastic surgery for women is in the breast and abdomen due to pregnancy. The most common procedures I perform for men here are hair transplant, Botox filler, liposuction in the abdomen area and gynecomastia (benign enlargement of breast tissue in males). Why is there a relationship between plastic surgery and psychiatrists/psychologists?

When did you move back to Saudi, and did you face any challenges here? I moved back to Saudi in 2007 and rather than facing challenges, I found that society was and still is eager to improve their image by seeking new plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery was somewhat frowned upon within our society. In your opinion, when and how did that change? I grew up in Riyadh, which is more conservative than Jeddah. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I’ve always been told that plastic surgery is haram (prohibited in Islam). When I got exposed to plastic surgery in medical school, I personally realized that plastic surgery is not about changing the way we were created by Allah. We’re merely boosting selfconfidence by improving our image, features and body. Are most of your patients men or women? Ninety percent of my patients are women and ten percent are men. I mean worldwide, not just in terms of Saudi.

Your image as a person and the way you see yourself depends on your psychological state. If you think you look good and you are confident, then you don’t need surgical improvements. In some cases a patient can disapprove of their image before and even after surgery and therefore become depressed. Why do you think plastic surgery is growing in popularity? People are growing in terms of awareness and level of education whether it's via social media or TV. That’s in addition to accessibility, which is also a main factor contributing to plastic surgery’s growth in popularity. Any word of advice for young plastic surgeons out there? Plastic surgery is not what it seems; it requires long hours of hard work and dedication. Media only focuses on cosmetic surgery, but it's a lot more than that. The bulk of plastic surgery is reconstructive surgery, which is the toughest. Don't be disappointed during your training and stay determined. Mob: +966-558647700 Web:


Healthy Living



Dear Destination Readers, As a fitness professional the number one question I get asked by all is…

WHAT DO I EAT? That is a million-dollar question and one that never has the same answer. Before we start I must state that there is a lot of information, research and diets out there today. Yet our population is still getting larger and nutrition based diseases such as diabetes and obesity are rife! WHY? Well in my opinion a diet is not a long-term choice that you want to be in forever. When a person follows a so called diet they will normally outlive it, then return to their old ways and regain and possibly gain more fat than they started with. It is a slippery slope and a dangerous one as well! But that’s another story.

SO FOR THIS MONTH I WANT TO SHARE MY PROFESSIONAL OPINION ON THE FOLLOWING: 1-How to lose weight successfully through nutrition, NOT DIET! 2-How to eat for performance and maintenance. 3-How to eat to gain muscle.


By Jill Calvert

HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT? Formula- Expend more calories than you consume. Simple? Not so much. Too often I see clients on a severely low calorie diet of as little as 500 calories and are working out two hours a day on the treadmill, (sigh). WRONG WRONG WRONG! You need to eat the right food and do proper, not excessive exercise.

TIPS • Track calories, energy over two weeks before changing, then adjust with small changes. • Don’t skip breakfast as this may help with overall reduction in daily calories. • I’ve had clients who were snackers and never consume a proper meal. I often try to set that they eat three meals and two snacks. • Exercise the minimum amount initially. I strongly suggest resistance and metabolic training. Short and intense bursts. • Eat more healthy fats and reduce the amount of sugar they consume. Opt for starchy vegetables over grains and keep fruit for after workouts only.

HOW TO EAT FOR PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE? Formula- Eat adequate calories to support daily functions and training. SO now that you have reached your goal weight and you are very happy with your shape, you want to maintain this. Again this can just be hard especially if you have been a yoyo dieter!

TIPS • Monthly checks of body fat. • Daily tracking of intake and how your energy was during your training. This is a great tool and one that I do personally. If my energy is low on the same day each week I can go back to my schedule and see why. Maybe my training has been too much in the run up. So I either reduce training or supplement with more food to support and trail this. Bear in mind it is about trial and error. What works for one may not work for another! HOW TO EAT TO GAIN MUSCLE? A situation that I’m sure everyone reading wants to be in! Well believe it or not, to successfully gain quality weight is EXTREMELY hard. Formula for quality weight gainconsume more calories than required and TRAIN SMART.

TIPS • Daily tracking of intake and how your energy was during your training. If you are not gaining muscle and improving then make small adjustments, increase calories and look at your strength-training program. • Consume more whole foods in the form of starchy vegetables such as sweet potato, parsnips and rice after training. I tend not to encourage weight gain powders, however I do think that a protein supplement can aid recovery and performance. • Eat calorie dense foods such as nuts, meats and starchy vegetables as they are higher in calories than lettuce, for example. A lot of salad yes will fill you but will not add quality calories to your daily intake. • Train SMART! Resistance training minimum three times a week, working out the whole body with challenging weights to stimulate muscle growth. Adequate recovery and adequate cardiovascular work. Even though you want to gain weight don’t shy away from cardio, just don’t do it everyday. Try two to three times a week for 30 minutes. Opt for HIT training! DESTINATION JEDDAH 87

WHEN I MEET A CLIENT WHO WANTS TO LOSE WEIGHT THIS IS WHAT I HAVE THEM DO: For one week track and monitor what they normally eat, track the times and how they felt before and after and also how they feel when they are working out. From there I can gauge how many calories they are consuming and where they are getting them. It is also interesting for them to see either how much or little they are eating. Then I will ask them if their weight has stayed the same for a few weeks. If it has then this is my benchmark of how many calories their body is using to maintain their weight. Their aim is to lose fat. So I initially suggest small changes and reduce calories very little and train SMART. The reason why I aim to make small manageable changes is if you suddenly reduce calories to 500 and exercise seven days a week two hours a day, yes, you will lose a lot of weight, but at some stage it will stall. Why? Because your body got used to it. SO where do you go from there? You have not reached your ideal fat percentage and your muscle mass has dropped. What do you do? You can’t really exercise more or eat less‌ So in my opinion slow steady steps are key.

Stay Healthy,


SO you have heard me say track your intake. There is an application that I recommend called MYFITNESS PAL. There you can input all food and exercise for the days. It breaks down your intake in how much carbohydrate fat and protein you consume and you can also input your exercise. Also you can share it with your friends and Personal Trainer for added support.



Caviar is defined as the salted eggs (roe) of sturgeon. The sturgeon is a very large fish with bony plates on its body and this fish species is known for its caviar. It is no secret that caviar is one of the most expensive foods in the world. In fact, centuries ago it was only served to royalty and upper class citizens. Caviar is not only a luxury for your palate but also for your hair and skin. Caviar speeds up the rejuvenation process of your skin, decreases the process of aging and protects your skin from the damage caused by make up, the sun and weather. Some would say that caviar should be your skin's main source of protein due to the fact that it is rich in amino acids that are directly absorbed into the skin. Facial treatments utilizing natural products such as gold and caviar are growing in popularity due to their many benefits. Oriana Salon and Spa offer fresh caviar facial treatments that are developed along the following three distinct lines: moisturizing, nourishing and firming. Their treatments consist of pure extracts of fresh caviar cells and fluids with light and smooth textures. Due to caviar's high oil and protein content, it is not only beneficial for the face but also hair, body and even nails. After just one session, results such as hydration and nutrition will be felt immediately.

Caviar consists of omega-3 fatty acids, collagen and keratin, which are highly beneficial for repairing dry, damaged hair, healing split ends, and they contribute to the beautiful, healthy appearance of hair. One of the most popular hair treatments offered at Oriana is Kerastase Chronologiste which consists of fresh caviar extracts and leaves the hair feeling incredibly soft, deeply nourished, strengthened and hydrated. Location 1: Attalah Branch Tel: +966-26220773 Location 2: Le Chateau Branch Tel: +966-920002132 Web: Facebook: /OrianaSalonAndSpa Instagram: oriana_spa



Music LISTEN TO WHAT YOU LOVE Girl On Fire Alicia Keys

Bad 25th Anniversary Michael Jackson


Pioneer The Band Perry

Books READ WHAT YOU LOVE | LOVE WHAT YOU READ Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson Price: 64 SR

After reading Everything Bad is Good for You, you will never regard the glow of the video game or television screen the same way again. Think and Grow Rich Every Day by Napoleon Hill Price: 57 SR

With 365 quotations from Napoleon Hill's most important works on success and abundance, this daily guide serves as a companion for everyone who wants to experience more prosperity in their lives.


How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clayton M. Christensen Price: 57 SR

From the world’s leading thinker on innovation and New York Times bestselling author of The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, comes an unconventional book of inspiration and wisdom for achieving a fulfilling life. Something from Tiffany's by Melissa Hill Price: 45 SR

Doesn't every girl dream of getting... something from Tiffany's? On 5th Avenue in New York City, two very different men are shopping for gifts for the women they love.


12 Rounds 2: Reloaded



Super Mario 3D World

Price: SR 249 Coming this November for the Nintendo Wii U

Wii Party U

For the first time ever Nintendo has created a fourplayer Mario game set in a 3D world. Each character has its own unique characteristics.

Price: SR 219 Coming soon for Nintendo Wii U

Enjoy board games and mini-games on the TV using the Wii U GamePad controller or transform your living room into a game show floor.

Wreck-It Ralph

Games OF THE MONTH The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Price: SR 179 Coming this November for the Nintendo 3DS

This game takes place after the events and in the same world as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Link can now become a drawing to move along walls.




Must do's MUST DO'S OF THE MONTH!!! Trouble with the Curve An ailing baseball scout in his twilight years takes his daughter along for one last recruiting trip. Listen in as Amy Adams and Justin Timberlake dish on getting to know each other, secretly identifying with their characters, and falling in love on-screen.

Screw Business As Usual Price: 58 SR Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group. Screw Business As Usual isn't just another book about business; it's a book about changing the world.

brought to you by

Talk a Good Game Kelly Rowland The fourth solo album from the former Destiny's Child member. The album features collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Pharrell Williams, Mike Will, Harmony, The Runners, The-Dream and her former bandmates Beyonce and more.


THEY ARE THE 99! 99 Mystical Noor Stones carry all that is left of the wisdom and knowledge of the lost civilization of Baghdad. But the Noor Stones lie scattered across the globe - now little more than a legend. One man has made it his life’s mission to seek out what was lost. His name is Dr. Ramzi Razem and he has searched fruitlessly for the Noor Stones all his life. Now, his luck is about to change - the first of the stones have been rediscovered and with them a special type of human who can unlock the gem’s mystical power. Ramzi brings these gem - bearers together to form a new force for good in the world. A force known as ... the 99!


recruiter is unhappy with Savage being cowed down. He brings in a new fighter to fight Shadow Cloak. Can Razor’s Edge defeat the Arena Champion?

Visit for exciting games featuring THE 99! /THE99FanPage



The 99 ® and all related characters ® and © 2013, Teshkeel Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

Inside the locker room, Savage is furious after being defeated. Savage threatens another fighter and lifts him by the collar. Shadow Cloak warns him to calm down. Savage cringes on hearing Shadow Cloak’s warning. Mr. Al-Dahaam, the fight



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MORINO Tel: +966-12-6643453 Miss Chocolate Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6638989 Nesma Chocolates Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6947790 Tel: +966-12-2150141 Arafat St. Tel: +966-12-2845820 Patchi BRAZILIAN Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6525961 Brasa De Brazil Voila Chocolate Andalus St. Mob: +966-549865555 Millenium Ctr. Tahliah St. Rio De Janeiro Tel: +966-12-6684343 Sari St. Stars Avenue Mob: +966-502330914 Tel: +966-12-2754411 Spears InterContinental Hotel Tel: +966-12-2295555 Tel: +966-12-6633333 Tony Roma’s Mall of Arabia Tel: +966-12-6123534 Uno’s Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6221320 Wing Zone Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6067233

COFFEE & CHOCOLATES TEA SHOPS Al Pina Arafat St. Tel: +966-12-6637005 Anoosh Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6832209 Bon Bon Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6697655 Bostani Tel: 920011994 Caramel Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6688527 Chocolat Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6068830 Chocolate Corner Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6630449 Chocolate Studio Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6985222 Chocoline Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-2842846 Chocotala Arafat St. Tel: +966-12-6644284 Dactylifera Prince Sultan St. Tel: 920008182 Edible Arrangments Hamra Dist. Tel: 920024070 Ganache Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6601390 Godiva Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-2616630 Maison So Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6901598

360 Cafe InterContinental Hotel Tel: +966-12-2295555 Annafora Cafe InterContinental Hotel Tel: +966-12-2295555 Campioni Sports Cafe Batarji St. Tel: +966-12-6395695 Cilantro Cafe Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-2611191 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Khaldiah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6928142 Coffee Republic Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6688712 Costa Coffee Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6067741 Craze Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-6653065 Crusty Khalideya Dist. Tel: 920026633 Deera Cafe King Rd. Tel: +966-12-2754491 Joffrey’s Coffee Tahaliah St. Tel: +966-12-6677234 Melange Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6695619 MillenniuM Tahlia St. Bugshan Center Tel: +966-12-6614664 Pearls Cafe Rawadah St. Tel: +966-12-6642233 Soleil

Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-12-2607111 Tea Amo Tahliah St. / Coral Mall Tel: +966-12-6601738 Tea Gschwendner Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2150695 Tea Rose Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6688233 Teatro Lounge Cafe Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-2610150 Teayana Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6062646 The Lounge Park Hyatt Tel: +966-12-2639666 Uromshi Cafe Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6066668


Al-Alwani & Memoni Tel: +966-12-6986222 Bateel Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2150144 Kingdom of Dates Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-6590838 Salheya Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-2634612 Talah Dates Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6837887 Tamraty Al Murjan St. Tel: +966-12-6637995



16 Hundred Le Chateau Mall, Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-2614415 19th Century Burger Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-920019819 20 Minutes Burger Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6113187 Americano Burger Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6976357 American Corner Khalideya St. Tel: +966-12-6060188 Applebees Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6610012 Blue Burger Grill Rawda St. Tel: +966-12-2614234 Chili’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6634760 Crown Grill Crown Plaza Tel: +966-12-6611000 Flap Jacks Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-6681191 Fuddruckers Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-12-6590000 Mugg & Bean Al Faisaliya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6573333 ext. 334 Outback Steakhouse Tahliah St. Tel: + 966-12-2892990 Ruby Tuesday Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6501999 Square Meater Burger Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6061441 Steak House Etoile / Al Malik Rd. Tel: +966-12-6829955 Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2151200 T.G.I Friday’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6529330 The Counter Etoile / Al Malik Rd. Tel: +966-12-2754266 The Texan Meridien Hotel


Al-Baik Tel: 8002442445 Al-Tazaj Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6674154 Big Bite Rawdah St. Tel: +920001219 Burger King Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6394375 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6836062 Capo Grillo Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6161263 Domino’s Pizza Shate’e Tel: +966-12-6065633 Obhur Tel: +966-12-6561777 Forn Wa Saj Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-12-2574747 97 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 97 DESTINATION

Herfy Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6829276 Hot Waves Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6164744 Hush Pizza Sari St. Mob: +966-564028330 Hardee’s Tel: 920001213 Jan Burger Hera’a St. Tel: 920006765 Joe’s Diner Khalideya Dist. Tel: 920005637 Jollibee Khalideya Souq Tel: +966-12-6984043 Kaddoura Palestine St. Tel: +966-12-6683844 KFC Tahliah St. Tel: 920021111 Kudu Khalidya Market Tel: 8001240061 Little Caesar’s Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-6823018 Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6749657 Maki Burger Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6687354 McDonald’s Rawadah St. Tel: +966-12-6510291 Migalgal Wa Mafroom Al-Zahrah Dist. Tel: +966-12-682-6324 Mister Burger Al-Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6822223 Mr. Saj Hamra Dist. Tel: 920024333 New York Cab Pizza Mohammadyah Dist.


Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-2567196 Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6303672 Le Traiteur Corniche Tel: +966-12- 6556022 Mirador Tel: +966-12-6900127

INTERNATIONAL Al-Amwaj Hilton Jeddah Tel: +966-12-6590000 Al-Safina Rest. 02-6832276 Hilton Hotel Delivery 02-6832128 Tel: +966-12-6590000 Al-Shurafa Sultan Al Burger Al-Hamra Dist. Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6602743 Tel: +966-12-6677344 Al-Shurafa Lounge Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-12-6599999 FINE DINING Amara Lumiere The Bellevue - Al Shatee The Bellevue - Al Shatee Tel: +966-55-5354139 Mob:+966-547173661 Andalusia Park Hyatt La Cuisine Tel: +966-12-2639666 Palestine St. Tel: +966-12-6630363 Barnie’s Tahliah St. Le Ciel Tel: +966-12-6696201 Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6525354 Beaux Arts Soy Tahliah St. Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6983028 Tel: +966-12-6643414 Black Rose Ginza i Chome Rawdah St. Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-12-6672953 Tel: +966-12-2607111 Blue Diamond Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-6605301 FRENCH Bubbles Bert’s Andalus St. Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-6697655 Tel: +966-12-6606633 Café Aroma Cafe Lenotre Al-Hamra Dist. Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6605160 Tel: +966-12-2611222 Cappuccino Grand Champs-Elysées Cafe Andalus St. Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-2845454 Tel: +966-12-2891009 Crêpe Café Cast & Crew Roshana Mall Rawdah St. Tel: +966 -12-2634989 Tel: +966-12-2616770 Stars Avenue Dardasha Tel: +966-12-2754709 Park Hyatt Delifrance

famous b World skender keba I Tel: +966-12-6947972 Panino’s Obhur Tel: +966-12-6561911 Arafat St. Tel: +966-12-6654264 Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6064717 Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6676991 Peruvi Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-12-6923393 Philly’s Kayyal St. Tel: +966-12-6394146 Pizza Hut Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6513113 Al-Naeem Dist. Tel: +966-12-6548890 Obhur Tel: +966-12-2341962 Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6672917 Quiznos Sub Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6068014 Subway Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6063493 Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-12-6120513 Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6651377

Tel: +966-12-6995676 Toasted Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-2616747 Baghdadia Dist. Tel: +966-12-6517883 Uptown 966 Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6995911 Vertigo Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6633241 White Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6068171 Zodiac Palestine St. Tel: +966-12-6607548


Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6688712 Angelicos Pizzeria La Villa Hamad Al Jaser St., Tahlia St. Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6622964 Tel: +966-12-6673434 L’Olivo Aldente Arafat St. Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6970220 Tel: +966-12-6687494 Luigi Al-Forn iI Villaggio Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6612874 Tel: +966-12-6688233 Maggianos Aromi Tahlia St. Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-12-6599999 Tel: +966-12-6606625 Margherita Balsamico Khaldiya St. Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6633115 Tel: +966-12-6061100 Monta Rosa ICE CREAM Balsamico Too Prince Sultan St. Baskin Robbins Malek Rd. Musaediyya Mob: +966-538911100 Tel: +966-12-6391393 Olio Tel: +966-12-6640574 Castello Stars Avenue Fresh Berry Khaled Ibn Tel: +966-12-6077479 Tel: +966-12-2754811 Al-Waleed St. FrostBite Frozen Ozone Yogurt and Smoothies Tel: +966-12-6652281 iI Villaggio Ciao Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-6688223 Mob: +966-549353316 Andalus St. Pane Caldo Frozen Yogurt Factory Tel: +966-12-6653710 Red Sea Mall Al-Khalidiya Dist. Filicori Zecchini Tel: +966-12-2150393 Mob: +966-593162440 Red Sea Mall Piatto Gelato Tel: +966-12-2345999 Etoile- Al Malik Rd. Palestine St. il Gabiano Tel: +966-12-6922501 Tel: +966-12-6635524 Corniche Rd. Maison So Pizza Fusion Tel: +966-12-6587042 Prince Sultan St. Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-6901598 il Gusto Tel: +966-12-2616933 Marble Slab Creamery Palestine St. Pizza Lenou Mall of Arabia Tel: +966-12-6600337 Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-2906803 il Porto Tel: +966-12-6140663 Marcel’s Al-Hamra Dist. Pizza Napoli Tahliah St. / Red Sea Tel: +966-12-6501024 Rawdah St. Mall / Basateen Mall il Villaggio Tel: +966-12-6927796 Tel: +966-12-2613899 Andalus St. Pizza Wafi Movenpick Tel: +966-12-6688233 Tel: +966-12-6616711 Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6676655 Isabella Portofino Pink Berry Al-Zahrah Dist. Rawdah St. Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2566008 Tel: +966-12-6655855 Tel: +966-12-2250436 Lallo’s Rossopomodoro Stick House Tahlia St. Etoile- Al Malik Rd. Al-Khaldiya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6614719 Tel: +966-12-6926318 Tel: +966-12-6064676 Obhur Sbarro Venchi Tel: +966-12-6561113 Rawdah St. Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-6067449 Tel: +966-12-6996512 La Promenade Café


Tel: +966-12-2639666 Fratelli Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6907217 Habsburg Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-12-2607111 Java Lounge Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6693393 Mob: +966-507533090 Lite Bite Madinah Road Tel: +966-12-2901424 Lolita Café Obhur Tel: +966-12-6562369 Lost City Alhamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6655773 Mayrig Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-2616060 Melange Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6636214 Montarosa Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6391393 Papaya Next to Sawari Mall Tel: +966-12-2753425 Pearls Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6642233 Promenade Cafe Tahliah St. Tel: +966-12-6688712 Salad Boutique Alhamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6515656 Romero Tel: +966-12-2630263 Salmontini Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-2830850 Mob: +966-593251111 Tel: 920001281 Shadow Lounge Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-2614777 Tche Tche Cafe Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6223091 Tenidor Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-12-2754144 Terrace Lounge Corniche Rd.


Scalini Habitat Hotel Tel: +966-12-2578800 Tartufo Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6638248 Vera Pizza Batarji St. Tel: +966-12-6621116

MIDDLEEASTERN Abu Shakra Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6645111 Abu Zaid Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-6936633 Al Cazar Farsi Plaza Tel: +966-12-6514444 Al-Dawwar Al-Masri Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2150390 Al-Fairouz King Fahad St. Tel: +966-12-6703911 Al-Nakheel Corniche Rd. Tel:+966-12-6066644 Al-Rausha Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-6541460 Al-Seekh Sari St. Mob: +966-500422255 Al-Wada’a Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6555550 Al-Zawaqa Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6916004 Aseil Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6062349 Bab Al Yemen Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-12-2899090 Bait Al-Buff Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6917578 Beiruiti Obhur Tel: +966-12-6562606 100 100DESTINATION JEDDAH

Belajio Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6222784 Bhar Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6916674 Byblos Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6697655 Chez Siran Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-2616910 Cusine Halawani Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6688900 Fareej Bin Agool Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-2616680 Ghouzi Hera St. Tel: +966-12-6900004 Goodies Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6657721 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-12-2754527 Green Island Café Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6990090

Kalila Khaldiya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6061723 Kanz Obhur Obhur Tel: +966-12-2902888 Khayal Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6629999 Manuosha Sari St. Tel: +966-12-2565275 Mataam Al-Sharq Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-12-6599999 Mathag Zaman Khaldiya St. Tel: +966-12-6067553 Mezza Maison Corniche Hamra Tel: +966-12-6501089 Nafoura Park Hyatt Tel: +966-12-2639666 Palm Beach Salamah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6394007 Redan Heraa St.

Tel: +966-12-6542949 Roody Opp. Al-Shatee Souk Tel: +966-12-6919126 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-2388488 Saddah Tel: +966-12-6055982 Semsom Khaldiya St. Tel: +966-12-6068600 Shami Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-12-6065353 Shawarmatac Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6688994 Sheesh Kabaab Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6712047 Sheikh Manqoush Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6837330 Shobak Pie Tahlia St. Mob: +966-536884433 Shoro Quraish St. Tel: +966-12-6626246 Sindian Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6678189 Sofrat Diritna Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-12-2562222 Studio Masr Tel: +966-12-2615752 Tawook Basha Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6834036 Tooty Basha Baterji St. Tel: +966-12-2906699 Yemeni Delights Mob: +966-559559445 Yildizlar Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6531150 Zaman Naheem Dist. Mob: +966-544866979


On the Border Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-2906754 Tex Mex Sultan Mall Tel:+966-12-22758905

Gado Gado Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6514774 Obhur Tel: +966-12-6560787 Putri Sri Wijaya Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-12-6526206

Nosh Lounge Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-6543888

ORIENTAL CHINESE: Bamboo Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6642999 Baytote Chinese Rawdah Dist. Tel: 920007741 Be One Maa’adi St. Tel: +966-12-6143753 China Gate Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6970672 China Hut Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6502762 Chopsticks Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6907575 Durrat China Prince Abdullah St. Tel: +966-12-2616885 Golden Palace Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6690377 Gulf Royal Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6653335 Noodles Rosewood Corniche Tel: +966-12-2607111 Orient Pearl Hail St. Tel: +966-12-6442231 Toki Laylati- Al Malik Rd. Tel: +966-12-6060606 Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-12-6992212

FUSION: Ajji The Bellevue - Al Shatee Mob: +966-555356519 T.Y. Lounge Al Malik Rd. Tel: +966-12-6905848


Osumi Tel: +966-12-2632137 Roshana Mall, Tahlia St. Shezan Tel: 920009522 Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6621086 INDIAN: Taj Mahal Asia Restaurant Khalideyah Dist. Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6828525 Tel: +966-12-6979698 Chennai Darbar Bharat Safaa St. Sari St. Tel: +966-12-2754606 Tel: +966-12-2872090 Lasani India Gate Mohamadia Dist. Sharafiya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6440276 Tel: +966-12-6510162 Mumtaz Mahraja Waly Al Ahad St. Al Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6656558 Tel: +966-12-6511015 Shadab Kohinoor Al Aziziyyah Ramada Hotel Tel: +966-551583905 Tel: +966-12-6670777 Marhaba INDONESIAN: Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6636201 Bait Al-Jawi Raj Hera’a St. Tel: +966-12-2367666 Tahlia St.

Benihana Sands Hotel- Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6686014 Gold Sushi Club Sari Gate- Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6068069 Hakkaido Tel: +966-12-6521234 Kome Al Marina- Hamra St. Tel: +966-12-6141616 Le Japonais Westin Jeddah Tel: +966-12-6588200 Mizo Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6649883 Ohayo Al-Kayyal St. Tel: +966-12-6836789 Sakura Crowne Plaza Tel: +966-12-6611000 Shogun Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6062288 Sushi Yoshi Attallah Center Tel: +966-12-6944419 Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-12-2616734 Obhur Tel: +966-12-6561566 Wakame Rawdah St. Tel:+966-12-6682003 Bougainvillea CenterMalik Road Tel: +966-12-61242034 Zn Lounge Roshana Mall- Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-2634889




THAI: Thai Thai Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6913808

PERSIAN Al-Khayam Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-12-6590000 Jahan Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6571427 Sultani Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6693898 Tikka Express Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6631825

Fish Market InterContinental Hotel Tel: +966-12-2295555 The Manhattan Fish Market Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6141900 Sayadiyah Express For Delivery Tel: +966-12-6981144


Al-Emad Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-2575268 Al-Forn Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6642388 Hail St. TURKISH Tel: +966-12-6612874 Prince Sultan St. Mado Tel: +966-12-6990352 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6901149 Al-Mahawi Web: Sari St. Tel: +966-12-2575739 Tike Al Nabulsi Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6832128 Al Musaideyya Tel: 920001345 Turkish Meshwiyat Al-Samadi Sweets Salama Dist. Rawdah St. Tel: +966-12-6621910 Tel: +966-12-6642424 Berry Land SEAFOOD Tahlia St. Mob: +966-566912922 Al-Danah Web: www.berry-land. Corniche Rd. com Tel: +966-12-6990090 Connoisseur Al-Hori Mob: +966-502724033 The Bellevue - Al Shatee Mob: +966 5 55358890 Al-Multaqa Cake-a-licious Al Malik Rd. Tel: +966-12-6066666 Al-Batarji St. Al Safina Tel: +966-12-2889926 Jeddah Hilton Cheesecake Factory Tel: +966-12-6590000 Tahlia St. Al Segala Tel: +966-12-6690895 South Obhur Tel: +966-12-2890575 Charlotte Rawdah St. Al Zahra Tel: +966-12-6622391 Crowne Plaza Tel: +966-12-6611000 Crepe Factory Al-Shate Dist. Amou Hamza Safa Dist. Tel: +966-12-6995676 Tel: +966-12-6677070 Tamraty La Mer Rawdah Dist. Roshana Mall, Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6637995 Tel: 920009522 102DESTINATION JEDDAH

Al-Baterji St. Tel: +966-12-64105855 Crunchez Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2150145 Crusty Rawdah St. Tel: 920026633 Fab Sweets Stars Avenue Tel: +966-12-2754204 Gelato Tahliya St Tel: +966-12-2632032 Helen’s Kitchen Kayyal St. Tel: +966-12-6977729 La Fraise Andalus St. Tel: +966-12-6511312 La Mamma For Delivery Mob: +966-550087444 Le Croissant Shop Khaldiya Dist. Tel: +966-12-6065184 Le Gourmet Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-6605061 Le Notre Tahlia St. Tel: +966-12-2611222 Le Vendome Al Malik Rd. Tel: +966-12-6924606 Lite Bite Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-12-2901424 Moon Milk Tel: +966-12-2887050 Munch Bakery Arafat St. Tel: +966-12-6605010 Pink Camel Tel: +966-12-6982175 Mob: +966-504456245 Lite Bite Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-12-2901424 Munch Bakery Arafat St. Tel: +966-12-6605010 Mashrabia Crown Plaza Tel: +966-2-6611000 Paul Tahlia St.

Tel: +966-12-26671633 Pie Sweet Pie Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-533888959 Pink Berry Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-12-2150436 Pink Camel Tel: +966-12-6982175 Mob: +966-504456245 Rania’s Cheescakes Red Sea Mall Mob: +966-553358556 Shake Licious Khalidiyah Tel: +966-12-6928208 Shobak Pie Tahlia St. Mob: +966-536884433 Sweet & Savory Sari St. Tel: 920001626


Sea View Shisha Play Area Delivery Wi-Fi Outdoor Seating



AIRLINES Airport Information Tel: +966-12-6855526 Air Algerie Tel: +966-12-6613410 Air Arabia Tel: 920013322 Air Elaf Tel: +966-12-6641233 Air France Tel: +966-12-6512000 Air India Tel: +966-12-2632994 Ameco International Travel Tel: +966-12-6651333 Bahrain Tel: +966-12-6196725 Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel: +966-12-6652733 British Airways Tel: 920002215 Cyprus Airways Tel: +966-12-6658278 Dallo Airlines Tel: +966-12-6513008 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-12-6570555 Emirates Airlines Tel: 920000176 Ethiopian Airlines Tel: 8008140018 Egypt Airlines Tel: +966-12-6449007 Etihad Airways Tel: +966-12-6640026 Garuda Indonesia Tel: +966-12-6656121 Dnata Travel Hotline: 920000000 Tel: +966-12-6923244 Gulf Air Tel: +966-12-6680303 Jet Airways Tel: +966-12-6602332 Kenya Airways Tel: +966-12-2633009


Kuwait Airways Tel: +966-12-6694111 Iran Air Tel: +966-12-6656975 Lufthansa Airlines/ Swiss International Airlines Tel: 8001245550 Malaysian Airlines Tel: +966-12-6670011 Middle East Airlines Tel: +966-12-6437982 Nas Air Tel: 920001234 Oman Airlines Tel: +966-12-6577979 Pakistan International Airlines Tel: +966-12-6422642 Qatar Airways Tel: +966-12-6652942 Royal Air Moroc Tel: +966-12-6502222 Royal Jordanian Airlines Tel: +966-12-6652195 Saudi Arabian Airlines Tel: 920022222 Singapore Airlines Tel: 920019091 Syrian Arab Airlines Tel: +966-12-6513077 Tunisia Airlines Tel: +966-12-6530889 Turkish Airlines Tel: +966-12-2619795 Wafeer Tel: +966-12-4202510 Yemenia Airlines Tel: +966-12-6445564

HOTELS AB for Elaf Hotel Co (5-star) Tel: +966-12-2150525 Al-Almin Hotel (2-star) Tel: +966-12-6482874 Al-Aziziah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6492900

Al-Bader Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6310000 Al-Bay’ah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6444446 Al-Bustan Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6692164 Al-Bilad Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-694 4777 Al-Dar Al-Baydaa (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6827771 Al-Fayrouz Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6270696 Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6602000 Al-Haya Jeddah Continental (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6633332 Al-Hofouf Hotel Tel: +966-12-6520100 Al-Janoub Hotel (2-star) Tel: +966-12-6486844 Al-Kaki Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6310071 Al-Malekah Hotel Tel: +966-12-6751764 Al-Manea Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6823509 Al-Msaadeyah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6603116 Al-Nahdha Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6471158 Al-Nakheel Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6475127 Al-Saaha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6514121 Al-Waha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6715043 Ascor Co Tel: +966-12-6066425 Avail Grand Tel: +966-12-6599000 Darbaida Tel: +966-12-6622791 Cairo Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-12-6483870 Crom Airport Hotel (5-star)

TRAVEL AGENCIES Ace Travel Tel: +966-12-6056002 Al-Tayyar Group Hotline: 920012333 Tel: +966-12-6577333 Al-Zouman Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6512525 Alireza Travel & Tours Tel: + 966-12-6481360 Anan Tours Tel: + 966-12-6659916 Attar Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6611222 Areen Travel Tel: +966-12-6516524 Dareen Travel Tel: +966-12-6691831 Dnata Travel Hotline 920 000 000 Tel : +966-12-6923244 Ejazati Tel: +966-12-6530055 Elaf Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6646559 www.elaf Fernas Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6677472 Haqeeba Travel Tel: +966-12-6604500 Intercontinental Travel Company Tel: +966 -12- 6677988 Tel: +966 -12- 6834845 ITL World Tel: +966 -12- 6147222 Tel: 8001180222 Intercontinental Ticket Tours & Travel Tel: +966 -12- 6610274 Mansour Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6672214 Mosaid Holiday Tel: 920022244 Mirag Travel Tel: +966-12-6634488 Nile Travel Agency Tel: +966-12-6645999 Nesma Travel Tel: +966-12-2833102 Portfolio Travel Ltd. Tel: +966-12-6604500 T & TS Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6914465 Saudi Travel & Tourism Bureau Tel: +966-12-6513350 Sakkap Travels Co. Tel: +966-12-6060018 Zahid Group Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6525670


Tel: +966-12-6852222 Crowne Plaza (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6611000 Habitat Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-2578800 Jeddah Hilton (5-star) Tel: +966-12- 6590000 Holiday Inn (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6314000 InterContinental (5-star)   Tel: +966-12-2295555 Jeddah Marriott Hotel (5-star)   Tel: +966-12-6714000 Jeddah Orchid (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6070777 Le Meridien (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6633333 Moon Light Suites Tel: +966-12-6679393 Movenpick (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6676655 Park Hyatt Jeddah (5-star) Tel: +966-12-2639666 Qasr Alsharq (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6599999 Radisson SAS (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6521234 Ramada (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6670777 Red Sea Palace (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6428555 Rosewood Corniche (5-star) Tel: +966-12-2607111 Sands Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6692020 Sand Dunes Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-2562020 Sheraton Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6992212 Sunset Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-12-6605000 Westin (5-star) Tel: +966-12-6588200

TOUR OPERATORS Al-Samaklky foundation Tel: +966-12-6640662 Arabian Camp Tel: +966-505664137 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-12-6794022 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel: +966-12-6575266

To ADD YOUR BUSINESS to the listing, please e-mail the name and number to



CLINICS Al-Gadeer Polyclinic Tel: +966-12-6722535 Al-Hamra Clinics Tel: +966-12-6655588 Al-Haramin Polyclinic Tel: +966-12-6474850 Al-Madina Medical Clinic Tel: +966-12-6881288 Al-Quds Polyclinic Tel: +966-12-6970224 Alaa Bahri for artificial Eyes Tel: +966-12-6927792 Andalusia Dental Center Tel: +966-12-2611111 Bin Laden Tel: +966-12-6722315 Dr. Edrees Podiatric Clinics Mob: +966-500506507 Dr. Effat Daghostani Clinics Tel: +966-12-6601729 Dr. Nashwa Radwan Clinic Tel: +966-12-6633737 Mob:+966-560000702 Dental Spa La Perle Tel: 920011663 laperledentalspa First Clinic Tel: 920029090 First Scan Tel: +966-12-6925640 IC Center Mob:+966-552200922 Ideal Clinics Tel: +966-12-6635444 IPC Clinic Tel: +966-12-6921212 Mob: +966-506673533 Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic Tel: +966-12-6480792 Magrabi Eye & Ear Clinic Tel: +966-12-6655200 Orthopaedic Specialty Clinics Tel: 9200001210 Saudi American Clinic Tel: +966-12-6605050


Curves Gym Tel: +966-12-6638806 Tel: +966-12-2064570 B Well Gym Tel: +966-12-6066477 Body Zone Fitness Tel: +966-12-6611000 Fitness Time Tel: +966-12-6226369 106 106DESTINATION JEDDAH

Fitness First Tel: +966-12-6900881 Gold’s Gym Tel: +966-12-6912077 Hiltonia Gym Tel: +966-12-6590000 Power In Gym Tel: +966-12-6061516 Ryan Polyclinic Tel: +966-12-6316548 Seba Tel: +966-12-2639791 Z-Club Tel: +966-12-6690204


Ba’Azem Body Building Tel: +966-12-6448844 Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu Mob: +966-567295881 Chamelle Plaza Gym Tel: +966-12-6634355 Henaa Center Tel: +966-12-6714619 KAI Gym Tel: +966-12-6694466 Tel: +966-12-2753942 Olympia Center Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-12-6655000 Ext. 1501 Sport Tech Tel: +966-12-6071129 Star Power Club Tel: +966-12-6776177 The Lift Tel: 8001247775


Friends Zone Tel: +966-2-6224345 Mob: +966-533657700 Junior Gym Tel: +966-12-6911347 Mob: +966-560666108


Abdul Latif Jameel Hospital Tel: +996-12-6770001 Abuzinadah Hospital Tel: +966-12-6510652 Al-Ansar Hospital Tel: +966-12-6825105 Al-Hamra Hospital

Tel: +966-12-6653939 Al-Hayat Hospital Tel: +966-12-6367778 Al Mashfa Hospital Tel: +966-12-2292222 Al-Safa Tel: +966-12-6937262 Bakhsh Hospital Tel: +966-12-6479666 Dar Al-Shifa Saudi Tel: +966-12-6822900 Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Tel: +966-12-6038888 Dr. Ghassan N. Pharaon Tel: +966-12-6823200 Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-12-6655000 Hai Al-Jamea Hospital Tel: +966-12-6806666 International Medical Center Tel: +966-12-6509000 Jeddah Clinic Hospital Tel: +966-12-6313131 Jeddah Institute for Speech & Hearing Tel: +966-12-6675311 King Abdul Aziz University Tel: +966-12-6401000 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-12-6677777 /6365028 Magrabi Eye & Ear Hospital Tel: +966-12-6365000 Mostagbal Hospital Tel: +966-12-6875255 Mushrifah Medical Center Tel: +966-126738641 Naseem Jeddah Hospital Tel: +966-12-6721763 New Al-Jedaani Hospital Tel: +966-12-6368100 New Jeddah Clinic Hospital (NJCH) Tel: +966-12-6675000 Salam Medical Services Co.- Home Health Care Tel: 920001153

www.salammedical. com Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-12-6829000 United Doctors Hospital Tel: +966-12-6533333


Abo Dawood Tel: +966-12-6877210 Al-Ajuwad Tel: +966-12-6473436 Al-Ameera Tel: +966-12-6055638 Al-Atta Tel: +966-12-6445940 Al-Azizeyah Tel: +966-12-6206981 Al-Huzami Tel: +966-12-6693976 Al-Nahdi Tel: +966-12-6658687 Al-Sudais Tel: +966-12-6737679 Tel: +966-12-6058962 Al-Wasfah Tel: +966-12-6826198 Amal Tel: +966-12-6429486 Amira Tel: +966-12-6746001 Asia Tel: +966-12-6390553 Bin Muteab Tel: +966-12-6890964 Balhi Tel: +966-12-6727784 Daan Tel: +966-12-6284405 Faisal Tel: +966-12-6475106 Habib Tel: +966-12-6427766 Jehhar Tel: +966-12-6973401 Ibn Nafees Tel: +966-12-6482434 Noura Tel: +966-12-6685500 Sari Tel: +966-12-6823584 Tawafoq Tel: +966-12-6646906

Al-Megayena Tel: +966-12-6655763 Alexandre Zouari Tel: +966-12-6656161 Bijou Tel: +966-12-2611250 Bouthaina Tel: +966-12-6631809 /6691901 Carmen Center Tel: +966-12-6648122 Chamelle Plaza Tel: +966-12-6656807 Cinderella Tel: +966-12-6989176 Claude Maxime Mondial Tel: +966-12-6637450 Dr. Edrees Foot Spa Mob: +966-500506507 E Spa Tel: +966-12-2632093 Evania- Ladies Spa Tel: +966-12-2639792 EVE Salons & Spa Tel: +966-12-6581977 Tel: +966-12-6581455 Future Tel: +966-12-6391341 Garra Rufa Tel: +966-12-2635018 Henna Beauty Lounge Mob: +966-550352226 Tel: +966-12-6587091 Jamalouki Tel: +966-12-6651888 Lamasat Tel: +966-12-6834002 Lucie Saint Clair Tel: +966-12-2832020 Mana Center Tel: +966-12-6066628 Mayara Home Spa Tel: +966-12-2345499 Mermaid Tel: +966-12-6616644 Mervat Center Tel: +966-12-6630676 Nail Art Tel: +966-12-6675511 Nail Care Mob: +966-544426264 Nawara Salon Tel: +966-12-6610606 Oriana Tel: +966-12-6220773 Tel: 920002132 Planet Beach Tel: 8001247776 Rima Center Tel: +966-12-6915423

Soleil d’Or Spa Tel: +966-12-2842233 Spada Tel: 920010099 Spa Lounge Tel: +966-12-2630904 Spa to Go Mob: +966-544408585 The Spa by Clarins Paris Tel: +966-12-6599999 Toni & Guy Tel: +966-12-261 6230 Mob: +966-537859588 Viva La Vie Tel: +966-12-6929163 7L House Tel: +966-12-6532812


Rozana Tel: +966-12-6652749 Sahara Beauty Center Tel: 920026267 Sara Jolie Beauty Center Al-Khalidiyah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6901431 Tel: +966-12-6901480 Tel: +966-12-6901485 Tel: +966-12-6901486 Seba Gentelman’s Sports & Wellness Center Tel: +966-12-2639791 Serenity Center Tel: +966-12-6648353



Al-Seleouly Veterinary Tel: +966-12-6312169 Fayfa Pet Center Tahliya St. Tel: +966-12-6695669 European Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-12-6676330 Emergency: +966-506530565 Happy Pet Vet Clinic Tel: +966-12-6164030 Jeddah Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-12-6912896 Mob: +966-552186863 Nemo Pet Store Al-Rawdah St. Mob: +966-562168128 North American Veterinary Mob: +966-562111786 Tahliah International Tel: +966-12-6695554 Emergency: +966-504698810 Veterinarian@yourservice Mob: +966-562111786 Waleed Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-12-6656084

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Al-Bilad Bank

Tel: 8001230000 Al-Inma Bank

Tel: 8001208000 Al-Jazira Bank

Tel: +966-12-6518070 Al-Rajhi Bank

Tel: +966-12-6644568 Arab National Bank

Tel: 8001244040 Banque Saudi Fransi

Tel: 8001242121 Islamic Development Bank

Tel: +966-12-6361400 National Bank of Kuwait

Tel: +966-12-6036300 National Commercial Bank

Hessen for Rent Car

Tel: +966-12-6430295 Khozama Est.

Tel: +966-12-6317177 Key Rent a Car

Tel: +966-12-6856251 Tel: 920005555 Smart Care

Mob: +966-533500077 V. Cool

E: Tel: +966-11-4887788


E: Tel: +966-11-4801217


E: Tel: +966-11-4880044 C: Tel: +966-12-6076770

Tel: 920027447


Tel: 920009191


Tel: 8003450000 Tel: +966-12-6714636 Tel: +966-12-6338400 UPS

Saudi Hollandi Bank


Saudi Investment Bank

Talabak La Baitak

Tel: +966-12-6531010

Tel: 920004522



Tel: +966-12-6580000


Abu Diyab Est.

Alo Sayyara

Alpha Rent a Car

Apex Luxury Chaffeur Service


London Taxi

Tel: +966-12-6677779

Mob: +966-505657387

Tel: +966-12-6974459

Tel: 920011755

Tel: +966-12-6677379 Budget

Tel: 920010068 Mob: +966-593251401


Tel: +966-12-6481217




Venue Executive Club

Tel: +966-12-6719219 Tel: +966-12-6714475


Tel: +966-12-6718712

Tel: +966-12-6061010

Tel: +966-12-6621213


Tel: 920001844


Tel: +966-12-6040339


Formula Hanco Hertz


E: Tel: +966-11-4652600


Tel: +966-12-6901122

Tel: +966-12-6927070

E: Tel: +966-11-4887171 C: Tel: +966-12-6985035 C: Tel: +966-12-6985034 AUSTRALIA

Tel: +966-12-2751495




TNT Express

Tel: +966-12-6607700

E: Embassies C: Consulates


Riyadh Bank

Tel: +966-12-2368844


Tel: +966-12-6396969



Tel: +966-12-6824556


Tel: 8002441005 Tel: +966-12-6470019


Tel: +966-12-6976663 Ext: 3011 Tel: +966-12-2567998


E: Tel: +966-11-4195300 C: Tel: +966-12-6878465 BELGIUM

E: Tel: +966-11-4882888 C: Tel: +966-12-6278676 BRAZIL

E: Tel: +966-11-4880018 C: Tel: +966-12-6670653 C: Tel: +966-12-6603866 BRITAIN

E: Tel: +966-11-4880077 C: Tel: +966-12-6225550 BRUNEI

E: Tel: +966-11-4560814 C: Tel: +966-12-6724343 BURKINA FASO

E: Tel: +966-11-4652244 C: Tel: +966-12-6744547 CAMEROON

E: Tel: +966-11-4880022 C: Tel: +966-12-6804541 CANADA

E: Tel: +966-11-4882288 C: Tel: +966-12-6530434 CHINA

E: Tel: +966-11-4832126 C: Tel: +966-12-6062076 CZECH REPUBLIC

E: Tel: +966-11-4503617 DENMARK

E: Tel: +966-11-4880101 C: Tel: +966-12-6672222 Ext 1163 DJIBOUTI

E: Tel: +966-11-4543182 C: Tel: +966-12-6827669



E: Tel: +966-11-4881100 C: Tel: +966-12-6670676

E: Tel: +966-11-4884111 C: Tel: +966-12-6692371



E: Tel: +966-11-4880071 C: Tel: +966-12-6607630

E: Tel: +966-11-4823559 C: Tel: +966-12-6670925



E: Tel: +966-11-4882484

E: Tel: +966-11-4826964



E: Tel: +966-11-4882211 C: Tel: +966-12-6681990

E: Tel: +966-11-4825544 C: Tel: +966-12-6594777



E: Tel: +966-11-4883500 C: Tel: +966-12-6597999

E: Tel: +966-11-4811432 C: Tel: +966-12-6659212



E: Tel: +966-11-4804060 C: Tel: +966-12-6690599

E: Tel: +966-11-4880146 C: Tel: +966-12-6690275



E: Tel: +966-11-4887100 C: Tel: +966-12-6727740

E: Tel: +966-11-4643982


E: Tel: +966-11-4803855 C: Tel: +966-12-6073980


E: Tel: +966-11-4801731 C: Tel: +966-12-6740592 ETHIOPIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4824055 C: Tel: +966-12-6653444 FINLAND

E: Tel: +966-11-4881515 C: Tel: +966-12-6438235 Ext 9 FRANCE

E: Tel: +966-11-4881255 C: Tel: +966-12-6681544 C: Tel: +966-12-6681563 GABON

E: Tel: +966-11-4567173 GAMBIA

E: Tel: +966-11-2052158 C: Tel: +966-12-2573193 GERMANY

E: Tel: +966-11-4880700 C: Tel: +966-12-6996436 GHANA

E: Tel: +966-11-4545122 C: Tel: +966-12-6601429 GREECE

E: Tel: +966-11-4801975 C: Tel: +966-12-6674088 GUINEA

E: Tel: +966-11-4881121 C: Tel: +966-12-6637540 HUNGARY

E: Tel: +966-11-4546707 INDIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4884144 C: Tel: +966-12-6603779 INDONESIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4882282 C: Tel: +966-12-6711271 IRAN

E: Tel: +966-11-4881444 C: Tel: +966-12-6676132 IRELAND

E: Tel: +966-11-4882300 ITALY

E: Tel: +966-11-4881212 C: Tel: +966-12-6421451

E: Tel: +966-11-2290753 C: Tel: +966-12-6514940 MALTA

E: Tel: +966-11-4615315 C: Tel: +966-12-6991599 MAURITANIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4646749 C: Tel: +966-12-6297722 MEXICO

E: Tel: +966-11-4808822 C: Tel: +966-12-6495332



E: Tel: +966-11-4429728 C: Tel: +966-12-6060299 SPAIN

E: Tel: +966-11-4880606 C: Tel: +966-12-6525222 SRI LANKA

E: Tel: +966-11-4608232 C: Tel: +966-12-6065414 SUDAN


E: Tel: +966-11-4887979

E: Tel: +966-11-4826382 C: Tel: +966-12-6495332



E: Tel: +966-11-4645170 NETHERLANDS

E: Tel: +966-11-4880011 NEW ZEALAND

E: Tel: +966-11-4887988 C: Tel: +966-12-6512109 NIGERIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4823024 C: Tel: +966-12-6716865 NORWAY

E: Tel: +966-11-4881904 C: Tel: +966-12-6611222 Ext 300



E: Tel: +966-11-4810159 E: Tel: +966-11-4831458 C: Tel: +966-12-6655462

E: Tel: +966-11-4827796 C: Tel: +966-12-6069005 Ext 204 SWITZERLAND

E: Tel: +966-11-4881291 C: Tel: +966-12-6510772 SYRIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4887481 C: Tel: +966-12-6605801 TANZANIA

E: Tel: +966-11-4542833 C: Tel: +966-12-6691317 THAILAND


E: Tel: +966-11-4881174 C: Tel: +966-12-6655317

E: Tel: +966-11-4823120 C: Tel: +966-12-6996838

E: Tel: +966-11-4887900



C: Tel: +966-2-6605328 TURKEY

E: Tel: +966-11-4820101 C: Tel: +966-22-6601607 UAE

E: Tel: +966-11-4881227 C: Tel: +966-22-6670307 C: Tel: +966-22-6515436 UGANDA

E: Tel: +966-11-4544910 UKRAINE

E: Tel: +966-11-4508536 URUGUAY

E: Tel: +966-11-4620739 C: Tel: +966-22-6633300 USA

E: Tel: +966-11-4801831 C: Tel: +966-22-6670080 YEMEN

E: Tel: +966-11-4881769 C: Tel: +966-22-6898555

COMPOUNDS Al-Andalus Luxury Villas

Tahliah St. behind Suzuki Showroom Tel: +966-12-6695154 Al-Aoun Village

Al Bawadi, near Al-Mirabi Mercedes Benz Tel: +966-12-2563381 Al-Basateen Village

Next to Continental School, Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6944015 Al-Hajrayn Village

Al-Salam Compound

Al-Rehab, Palestine St., between Dallah Tower & Makkah Highway Tel: +966-12-6717121 Arabian Homes

Al Bawadi Dist. Tel: +966-12-6822201 Aromary Village

Hera’a St., behind Al-Rajhi Tel: +966-12-6940086 Belleview Executive Compound

Al-Amal St., near Jeddah Preparatory School Tel: +966-12-6547666 Belleview 12 Compound

Near King Faisal Specialist Hospital Tel: +966-12-6642636

M&M Compound

North Obhor, near Amir Abdullah Mosque Tel: +966-12-6562544 M.M Al-Rumaih Compound

Al Shatee on Corniche Rd., 3KM North of Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-12-6991231 Mura Bustan Compounds

Tel: +966-12-6910041 Nada Village

Prince Majed St., near Baud Telecom Tel: +966-12-6920099

Binzagr Villa Compound

Nueva Andalucia

Al Azizeyyah, Madinah Rd., one block after Lexus Showroom Tel: +966-12-6672064

Raytheon Compound

Elite 12 Compound

Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-12-6681111 Elite Compound

Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-12-6610930

Corniche, near Al Bilad Hotel Garden City Compound Palestine St., behind AlTel: +966-12-6943464 Nakheel Bldg Tel: +966-12-6607590 Al-Manar Compound Al Safa, Prince Metab St., Hiba Compound near Al-Jedani Hospital Al-Hamraa, Ibrahim Adham Tel: +966-12-6938770 St., near Tarik Binladen Al-Mubarakiah Village East Jeddah, King Abdullah Hospital St. near Abraq Al-Raghama Tel: +966-12-6650819 Kindi Housing Compound Tel: +966-12-6400158 Al Rabwah, North Jeddah Al-Najia Compounds Tel: +966-12-6910884 Madinah Rd., near SAS Lotus Compounds Radisson Hotel Contact PMDC Tel: +966-12-6518178 110DESTINATION JEDDAH 110

Lotus 1: Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6692111 Lotus 12: Al-Nayeen Dist. Tel: +966-12-6541107 Lotus 3: Al-Khobar - the Eastern Province Lotus 4: Al Naeem Dist. Tel: +966-12-6548808

Al-Rawdah, Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6823434 Opp. Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-12-6915380 Reem Compound

Al-Salamah, Saqr Al-Quraish St. Tel: +966-12-6829195 Salamia Compound

Al-Sulaymaneyyah, near Carrefour Hypermarket Tel: +966-12-6400253 Sari Palms

Sari St. Tel: +966-12-6063342 sa/property/saripalm.html Saudia City

Al-Khaldiah Dist. Tel: +966-12-6820030

Shaker Village Compound

Al-Hahdah, Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-12-6991840 Sharbatly Village

Prince Majed St., North of Brayman

Civil Services

Al-Rawdah, near Saudi Bin Laden Group Tel: +966-12-6426431

Tel: +966-12-4043000

Siham Compund

Sunset Residence

Tel: +966-12-6604000 Communication & Transportation

Tel: +966-12-6620051 The British International School

Economy & Planning

Tel: +966-12-6990019


Coral International School

Tel: +966-12-6651366 Tel: +966-12-6723028/ 6444305

Tel: +966-12-6832002

Tel: +966-12-6100000

Cambridge English Academy


Tel: +966-12-6047000

Dar Al Fikr School

Tel: +966-12-6988827

Information & Culture

Tel: +966-12-6311118 (Boys) Tel: +966-12-6311117 (Girls)


Dar Al-Hanan School

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

Al-Ruwaad International School

Al-Rowdah St., near Jeddah Int. Market Tel: +966-12-6604276

ABC School

Ambassadors School

Tel: 8001249000 www.ambassadors-schools. com Apple Tree Montessori School

Tel: +966-12-6824350 Building Blocks

Tel: +966-12-6060755 Mob: +966-541525616

Creative Childhood Summer School

Tel: +966-12-6077224 Mob: +966-504390998 Enchanted Garden

Mob: +966-546916812


Foreign Affairs Health

Tel: +966-12-6970006 Tel: +966-12-6514060/ 6476222 Tel: +966-12-6684000

Tel: 920001799 Ext:402

Tel: 920029669

Tel: +966-12-6515111

Tel: +966-12-6682431


Tel: +966-12-6655811

Dar Jana International School

Petroleum & Minerals

Tel: +966-12-6648310

Religion & Islamic affair

Global International School

Tel: +966-12-6674800 Tel: +966-12-6191134 Water & Electricity

Tel: +966-12-6725349

Tel: +966-12-6523444 Tel: +966-12-6144101 ( KG ) Jeddah International School

Jack N Jill


Jeddah Pre-School

Advanced Generation School

Jeddah Knowledge School

Future Experts

Tel: +966-12-6061500 Mob: +966-507369963 Tel: +966-12-2385994 Kids Campus

Mob: +966-596080131 Kids Time Nursery

Tel: +966-12-6543111 Mob: +966-569693794 Mama et Moi

Mob: +966-550569333

My Little Kingdom School

Tel: +966-12-6393951 Tel: +966-12-2575909 My Little Step

Tel: +966-12-6831299 Tel: +966-12-6831795

Tel: +966-12-6620174


Jeddah Preparatory & Grammar School


Tel: +966-12-6542354

Tel: +966-12-6060811

Manarat Jeddah School

Al-Faisal International School

Tel: +966-12-6730225

Tel: +966-12-6761955

My Little House

Sunflower Kids Day Care

Al-Waha International School

Sunshine School

Tel: +966-12-6729660

Tel: +966-12-6654398 Mob: +966-551321644 Tel: +966-12-6060958

MINISTRIES Agriculture & Water

Tel: +966-12-6210002

Tel: +966-12-6061253

Tel: +966-12-6165596 Tel: +966-12-6611004

Hera International School

Tel: +966-12-6655411 Tel: +966-12-6688568 The American International School


Tel: +966-12-6910828

Tel: +966-12-6652490 Thamer International School

Tel: +966-12-6977033 Wall Street Institute

Tel: +966 -12- 2566316 Tel: +966 -12- 6523200 DESTINATION JEDDAH 111


Charitable Society for Memorization of the Qura’n

Tel: +966-12-6627186

Tel: 8002442777

Charity Society in Jeddah

Al-Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-12-6391100 Charitable Services for the Care of Cancer Patients

Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-12-6511373

Committee for Social Services and Health

Tel: +966-12-6369652

Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners and their Families

Tel: 920006065

Disabled Children’s Association

Tel: +966-12-66224080/ 8001241118 Enabling Marriage & Family Support Foundation

Al-Nozla Dist. Tel: +966-12-6311111 Fab Lab Arabia

Dallah Tower Tel: +966-12-6710000 Ext. 1365 Faisaliah Women’s Charitable Foundation

Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-12-6535000 Friends of the Heart Foundation in Jeddah

National Charitable Foundation for Blood Donation

National Society for Human rights

Tel: +966-12-6222261

Tel: +966-11-4778888


King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

Tel: +966-12-6400000

Murjaan Dist.

Wedad Charity Foundation

King Abdulaziz University

Prince Sultan Aviation Academy

Tel: 920011334

Tel: +966-12-6864163

Al-Nazla Dist Tel: +966-12-6369652

Tel: +966-12-2844425 Tel: 920016165

Women’s Charitable Foundation in Jeddah Zahra Organisation for Breast Cancer

Tel: +966-12-2840425

Zamzam Foundation for Volunteer Health Services

Al-Sulaimaniya Dist. Tel: +966-12-2600000

UNIVERSITIES College of Business Administration (CBA)

Tel: +966-12-2159009 (Boys’ section) Tel: +966-12-6900671 (Girls’ section) Batterjee for Medical College

Tel: 8001180022

Effat College

Ministry of Social Affairs

Tel: +966-12-6914620

Saudi Environmental Society

Tel: +966-12-6369891

Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-12-6656218

Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-12-6062959

Jeddah Teacher’s College

Tel: 920001128

Dar Al-Hekma College

Majid Bin Abdulaiz Foundation for Development & Social Services

Tel: +966-12-2870026

Princess Fawziah Center for Women & Children

Behind Al-Tahlia Station Tel: +966-12-6658384 Maharat Center

Jeddah Community College

Tel: +966-12-6303333 Tel: +966-12-6364300

Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies

Tel: +966-12-6356555

Jeddah College of Technology

Tel: +966-12-6370387

Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Hotel Sciences

Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy

Tel: 920023032 Tel: +966-12-2345505

NOTICE If you have any complaints about services around Jeddah such as: * Pricing irregularities * Expired Items * Denied coverage of warranted items e.g. a mobile, car, etc. * Refusal of service * Unhygienic food / working conditions Complaints can be filed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry website or to their hotline.

Hotline: 8001241616

website: english/

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