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Issue 39 April 2012

EDITORIAL And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. (Quran 30:21) Jeddahwis eagerly anticipate DJ’s annual April issue – more popularly known as ‘The Wedding Issue’! Young girls’ hearts beat a little faster, brides-to-be pore over each page as they imagine their fairytale wedding, and married women of all ages enjoy reliving their bridal memories as they flip through the pages. Men have even been known to study this issue in the hopes of learning about the secrets to love… Planning is the key to success – in any new venture; be it a new job, a new house, or a new vacation destination. Why would planning a lifelong union between two people require any less preparation? In actuality, deciding upon the myriad details necessary to ensure a successful wedding can be half the fun – friends and family all enjoy the anticipation of sharing in the process! So if you or anyone you know is considering taking this momentous step into marriage, share the tips in this issue with those who are nearest and dearest to your heart. Enjoy the journey to the big day, make sure that you’re marrying the right person, and ensure that equal parts laughter and forgiveness figure prominently in your married life together. Flowers, cakes, gowns, jewelry…don’t despair if you feel that you can’t cope with the details. Jeddah’s wedding planners are at your disposal, as well as wonderful choices of venues, menus, and all the items in between. The new Rumman publication The Essential Wedding Guide is the perfect beginning point for a successful wedding – available April 15, 2012 at Virgin Megastores and other outlets.

Editor-in-Chief Enas Hashani

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Walaa Al Attas

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This issue also includes business news, restaurant reviews, and a Settling In about compound living which is sure to make this a ‘must-save’ issue for Jeddahwis who aren’t touched by wedding fever. Enjoy! Enas Hashani Editor-in-Chief

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WHERE CAN YOU FIND ALL YOUR LATEST WARDROBE MUST-HAVES FOR THE SPRING/SUMMER SEASON? Dorothy Perkins has a new look and has something for every taste and style. The sports luxe trend makes a return giving you that feminine yet laid back edge. Dorothy Perkin’s new generation sporty look uses clean, colour blocked, tailored separates mixed with bold, primary accents. Mixed metallics are a must-have for this season’s take on safari, where animal print denim, sheer knits and summer parkas are all must-have staples. Tailored blazers and smart wear take a walk on the wild side, and are updated in snake print fabrics for a glam traveller chic style. Throw together sequin embellishments and rich fabrics with soft biker jackets and coloured denim to give a modern twist to your occasional wear. Embroidered mesh, cotton lace and crochet trims are key to add texture against painterly garden florals.

Dorothy Perkins has something for every taste to get you dolled up for the warmer seasons ahead.


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Don’t be a Bridezilla! For some girls, as their wedding day approaches… their anxiety and stress hits record levels. When it’s time to finalize all of your wedding preparations, you may feel the urge to pressure the wedding planner, your fiancée, your mum or your best friends, thinking it’s how to get things done. Well, you are completely wrong; stressing yourself and nagging all the people who are trying to help you is a big mistake, you will get nothing done efficiently this way. And you may alienate some of the people who really care about you, leaving you alone, tired, and exhausted on your big day.

To avoid this, start your wedding planning early and think of assigning a trusted person to take charge and make some decisions for you. Relax, go to the spa, or do whatever calms you down. Everything will be great, and if something doesn’t turn out as you expected, you probably won’t even notice. Just have fun and enjoy your special night; you will only remember the exuberant faces of the people who love you surrounding you with their good wishes. So stop acting like a Bridezilla and start acting like the lovely, beautiful princess that you are.

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Women Finally Working at Lingerie Shops

After much discussion and protest, we are finally starting to see women working at lingerie shops. The ban was lifted last year because of unavoidable complaints and protests from women who claimed that it was awkward and unhelpful to deal with a man when shopping at these stores. The wait was due to professional training of employees, perhaps inspired by the Victoria’s Secret team’s experiences in Riyadh. Hopefully this means a much more professional and comfortable shopping experience for us women.

Thumbs Down to...

Late Weddings for Women!

A significant amount of social gatherings in our community are held late in the evenings. Weddings tend to begin particularly late and continue well into the early morning. For some reason, women tend to stay much longer at weddings than men. But it’s too exhausting to stay up that late! And it destabilizes the entire family’s daily routine when the mother/wife is AWOL the next day. It also seems to apply to funerals, hospital visits and other similar gettogethers. Sure, a wedding day is special and requires plenty of preparation, but couldn’t the celebration work equally successfully around a healthy and convenient schedule? 10 DESTINATION JEDDAH


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April Weather


Country Fact Sheet

Min Temperature: 22°C - 72°F Max Temperature: 35°C - 95°F Sunshine Hours: 9 Probability of Rain: 0% Humidity: 57%


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Capital: Riyadh

Head of State:

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz Population: 29،207،277 (72% Saudi, 27% foreign)

Population Growth:

1.75% (approx. 2% per year) (55% are under the age of 20)

Birth rate: 28.29 births/1,000 population (2010 est.) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities:

Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam.

Holy Cities:

Makkah, Madinah.

International Airports:

Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport (Airport Code: JED) Madinah: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport / Riyadh: King Khaled Int’l Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Int’l Airport.

City: Jeddah Head of Region:

Prince Khalid Al-Faisal


Western coast of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea Distance between Jeddah & Makkah: 80km Distance between Jeddah & Madinah:405km

Inhabited Area:

Major Arabic Newspapers:

Al-Watan , Al Hayat, Al-Iqtisadiya, AlMadinah. Okaz & Alsharq Al Awsat.

1,500 sq. km - Largest urban center in the Makkah province

3.4 million and the 2nd largest city in Saudi Arabia.

Jeddah Population:

Major English Newspapers:

Official Language:


Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice):

Saudi Gazette, Arab News.

National Day: Sept 23, 2012 Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): July 20 - August 18, 2012

Eid Al-Fitr (The Feast of Fast-Breaking): August 19, 2012 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Arabic. English is the second official language.

October 26, 2012

Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1433/2012)



Fact Sheet

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Business & Banking Hours:

8/9AM - 4/5PM Sat-Wed, some are open on Thursdays for half a day 8/9AM - 1/2PM.

Weekend: Thursday- Friday. Shopping Hours: 10AM - 1PM 5PM - 10/11PM


Saudi Riyal (SR) - divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 US Dollar (USD) = SR3.75 1.00 Euro (EUR) = SR5.23 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = SR5.94 1.00 Indian Rupee (INR) = SR0.079 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = SR0.047 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = SR0.08

Electricity: 110V and 220V Country Code: 966 City Codes: Riyadh: 01 3 GMT+

Time Zone:

Jeddah and Makkah: 02 Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 03 Madinah and Yanbu: 04 Abha and Najran: 07

TV National TV: Saudi Channel 1/ Saudi

Channel 2 (English)/ Saudi Channel 3 (Sports)/ Al Ekhbariya News Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: OSN (Orbit Showtime Network): Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian Entertainment www.artonline. tv

Emergencies : Information/ Maintenance: International Information.......905 Telephone Maintenance.........904 Telephone Directory.................905 Speaking Clock.........................1222 Mobily..........................................1100 STC...................................................902 Zain..................................................959

Radio Stations FM Channel

Rotana Quraan Jeddah Radio AFN Panorama MBC FM Mix FM Alif alif

88.0 89.9 92.6 93.7 102.0 103.0 103.9 107.0 105.5 101.0

Ambulance...................................997 Electricity Emergency...............933 Fire Fighters..................................998 Natural Disasters.........................988 National Security........................989 Nijm Insurance Company ( car accidents)........................920000560 Road Security..............................996 Traffic Accidents.........................993 Water Emergency......8004411110

Type Arabic pop Religious National News Western Music Arabic Pop Khaliji Music Western Music Techno Music Westren & Arabic Pop Arabic mix

Telephone, Mobile & Internet:

The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The Main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: To block commercial SMSs for STC users: Call 800-2444455 toll-free (24 hr service SatWed) or e-mail: Internet Service Providers: *Orbit Satellite internet: *, *, *, *, *, *, *Nesma:


Air: Saudi Arabian Airlines - Nas Airlines Land: Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi cities. Inside the city: Taxis and Chauffeur companies. Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam. DESTINATION JEDDAH 13

DJ NEWS Contemporary Art Book

This lavishly illustrated book explores the extraordinary contemporary art and culture of the Kingdom, with contributions from art historians, curators, gallery owners, collectors and patrons. This book centers on a group of groundbreaking and relatively unknown artists. The book launch took place on March the 22nd, at Art Dubai.


A Perfume With Historical Roots Opus VI is the newest and the sixth volume in the House of Amouage’s Library Collection of perfumes. The re-formulated amber tone is perfected with the use of Periploca, conjuring an almond-like undertone. Frankincense along with Sichuan Pepper add intensity and the base radiates with the opulent golden warmth of Ambranum, rounded off with legendary fragments of woody, leather and cistus notes.

Discover KSA on OSN Explore the untouched landscapes of our country from the comfort of your own home on this exciting, ground-breaking series. Discover KSA airs every Friday at 19:30 KSA on OSN Yahala!


Sahar Madani’s Women Empowerment Group to Tour GCC

The Women Empowerment Group (WE Group) is a non-profit organization founded by Ms. Sahar Madani that launched in Dubai and is expected to tour the GCC and beyond to showcase accomplishments made by women. By creating a network and offering a platform for growth and development, the goal is to encourage women to achieve success and value their work.

Fitness First

Coming to Jeddah

Fitness First ME has announced the opening of Rabwah Club, a first-rate and luxurious fitness club that offers the latest training innovations. The club can already be deemed a success with over 350 registrations ahead of its official opening! Rabwah Club will open on Sitteen St. Spring 2012.

DJ NEWS Lancôme Reinvents the Nail Polish

Beauty Tips For Mums On-The-Go

Ponds Arabia, together with their brand ambassador, makeup artist, and our own beauty editor Nilo Haq are giving moms some beauty and makeup tips, as moms are always on the go, so their makeup rituals need to be quick and effective. Nilo is offering some tips on how to apply natural makeup quickly and how to take care of your skin and face using Pond’s products.

Hip-Hop On Saudi Radio!

Mix FM has officially launched Saudi’s first-ever hip-hop radio show! Hip-hop enthusiast, Mr. Hass Dennaoui, has created a radio show that actually plays Arabic hip-hop and is dedicated to discussing the positive influences of the genre and its true essence. ‘Laish Hip Hop?’ airs every Thursday (9-10) PM on Mix FM. 16 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Lancôme’s new “Technicolor” nail polish line, Vernis In Love, has innovatively made nail polish application faster and easier by suiting the shape of your nail. The polishes come in 24 colors and are empowered with micro-mirrors that reflect light to create a dazzling shine.


Boutique Arrives in Style Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer in coffee, opened a chic and innovative coffee boutique in Jameel Square, Tahlia St. The store boasts a tasting room, a Discovery Room to learn about the world of Nespresso, and an exclusive club with additional benefits. Nespresso’s range of personal coffee machines and patented capsules are a great way to enjoy worldclass coffee from the comfort of your own home.


Useful Information Settling In

A Compound

to Call Home By Yousra Elwi

Settling into a happy life in Saudi Arabia can depend on your housing choice, especially if you are here with your spouse and children. Rental opportunities are plenty: palatial villas, chic penthouse apartments, or townhouse compounds are all popular choices that depend on your budget and lifestyle.

neighborhood setting. Most compounds also provide transportation services (mainly to and from major schools and malls), and some even have their own mini-markets, restaurants and hair salons. In these walled up micro-cities, residents find a myriad of social circles that offer friendship, leisure and a home.

However, compounds are usually the one to opt for if you are looking for a relatively constraint-free lifestyle. They offer a certain amount of freedom that is unavailable at other residential options. Abayas are not obligatory, there are mixed-gender facilities (pools, sport courts, recreation centers, etc), and children can safely play in a

This being said, the above perks come with a price, but it may be worth it for your overall quality of life. There are the top-notch compounds, which are mostly covered by company housing allowances while some budget-friendly options are available for self-financed pay schemes. We’ve complied a list of some of the best our city has to offer.


Al-Hajrayn Village

Quite a neat, upscale compound with a particularly prime location near the Corniche. With comfortable units and sophisticated facilities, this village is home to many working non-Arabs. It is also favored by the Lebanese and Egyptian communities who seek a luxurious and relaxed lifestyle. What is remarkably distinctive about Al-Hajrayn Village is that it offers a tasteful interior style. AlHajrayn does not leave out any anticipated amenity or service; 8 pools, numerous tennis, football, basketball, volleyball and squash courts. There’s also a gymnasium, recreational hall with table tennis and billiards, a beauty salon, a restaurant and a mini-market. All of which definitely justify the price tag. Location: Corniche, Near Al Bilad Hotel. Tel: +966-2-6943464

Al Basateen Village

A resort-like compound with fantastic landscaping and greenery, Al Basateen Village tops the list when it comes to luxury and refinement. The villas are relatively new and well-maintained with comprehensive 5-star services. Social activities and events are constantly being held there and aside from the guaranteed sports and leisure facilities, Al Basateen has a high-end clubhouse. There’s

Useful Information Settling In also a terrace restaurant with ascenic view and a tea garden. Residents are friendly at the village and outdoor activities are popular, hence socializing and networking is easy. Although, management is quite selective when it comes to residents; tenants are mostly employees of top multinational companies and there’s rarely an availability. Location: Next to the Continental School, off prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6944015

Arabian Homes Village

One of the earliest expatriate housings in Jeddah, Arabian Homes is an all-time favorite for most Europeans and Americans moving to this city. With four ‘villages’ catering to different residential preferences, Sierra, Andalus, Marbella and Madina Road, this real estate powerhouse gives home-seekers many property alternatives to choose from. The sports facilities are impeccable, with fully-equipped gymnasiums, tennis and squash courts with professional coaching for both sports, and numerous swimming pools and bowling alleys. There are also banquet halls, beauty salons, restaurants with home delivery, school and shopping buses, mini-markets and playgrounds. Sierra, the largest and most popular Village offering extra services like a nursery. However all of the villages’s facilities are available for all Arabian Homes residents, and transportation between them is ongoing. Location: Al Bawadi Dist. Tel: +966-2-6822201


Mura Bustan Compound

If you want to live amongst a mixed Middle Eastern community, Mura Bustan is the place for you. Nevertheless, the lifestyle itself is predominantly Western. Most villas have a patio and a backyard, and refreshing greenery covers the entire compound. Mura Bustan is spread out across 6 interconnected divisions, each offering different unit types and facilities; compounds 2 and 6 are usually the busiest as they feature the minimarket, the restaurant and the recreation center. As for sports facilities, Mura Bustan’s management ensures that each compound has the basics to avoid any inconvenience for the tenants. For instance swimming pools are at a walking distance to any villa, the largest being in compound 6. With the exception of its heavy Medina Rd traffic, Mura Bustan is qute the pleasnt place to live. Location: Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-2-6910041

Elite 3

Peaceful, tranquil and exclusive, Elite 3 is more like a group of neighboring private villas with connected compound facilities; each villa has its own direct entrance and carport, and another gate leading into the compound itself. Elite 3 is composed of fairly new, spacious and identical duplexes. Each unit features 3 floors with 3 bedrooms, a laundry room, storage space, a maid’s room and a driver’s room. This compound did not plan to go mass, it has a limited number of units for a ceratin clientele. Their

Useful Information Settling In

clubhouse is remarkable, a great place to host an event or a gathering. The swimming pool is beautifully landscaped with lush surroundings and pergola lounges where residents can enjoy their afternoon tea. Sports facilities are premium and wellmaintained, designed to ensure comfortable exercising. But if there is one thing that guarantees comfort for residents of Elite 3 versus other compounds, it is the location. Situated between Rawdah District and Tahlia Street, this compound is strategic in terms of ease of access to Jeddah’s key entertainment and shopping areas. Location: Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6610930

Sharbatly Village

More of an independent city, Sharbatly ranks amongst the largest walled complexes in Jeddah and the space is wisely used. The landscaping is executed with picturesque designs featuring plenty of refreshing gardens and pools that beguile you to plunge in. Convenience at its best, Sharbatly has almost all of the desired facilities: a gymnasium, sport courts, aerobics classes, recreation center, library, beauty salon, superstore, Italian restaurant, language classes and the list of services continues. The transportation service comes with extra privileges, in addition to driving tenants to and from schools and malls, buses are also arranged to take them to the beach. When it comes to the actual housing, Al Sharbatly offers 6 different unit types suiting varying budgets and requirements. Starting from around SR50,000, the units go from cozy 1-bedroom studios to sizeable 6-bedroom house. Location: Prince Majed St. Tel:+966-2-6392020

Nada Village

Almost all families combing compound directories searching for budget-friendly options have come across Nada Village. This compound has been around for a long time and has built its credentials. The facilities are comprehensive and the landscaping is pleasant. The properties range from 1 to 4 bedrooms, with prices going from around SR60,000 for a 2-bedroom unit to approximately SR85,000 for a 4-bedroom house. However, the popularity of Nada Village has recently been shaken by 3 key issues: higher prices, inefficient maintenance services and overall wear & tear factors, but they have begun renovating. Regardless of some concerns, a lot of residents have been happy in Nada Village home for their entire stay. Although, availability is always limited and their waiting list is quite long. Location: Prince Majed St., near Baud Telecom. Tel: +966-2-6920099

Gardens Compound

One of the most budget-friendly options with 2 and 3 bedroom units costing around SR35,000 and SR42,000 respectively. Gardens compound features 32 units and facilities include a swimming pool, a fitness center, buses and other necessities commonly found in other compounds. Located in Hera’a District, this compound is conveniently close to several international schools and shopping malls. However, its affordability comes at a lifestyle price - the houses are fairly old and require a total revamp. Nevertheless, like most compounds, all units are full and you need to keep following up for possible availability. It seems that perhaps the tenants of Gardens compound have gotten a bit too comfortable to leave! Location: Al Na’eem Dist. Tel: +966-2-6607590



Useful Information Settling In

M & M (Al Meem) Compound

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, Al Meem Compound can be a great residential getaway. Located near Batterjee Medical College in North Obhur, M&M’s housing complex features around 100 villas, with up to 3-bedrooms, comfortably spaced out with front patios and small gardens that give them a cheerful welcome. All the sought after facilities are available: a gymnasium, a swimming pool, sport courts, playgrounds, a recreation center and a mini-market. the layout of the compound encourages outdoor activities like jogging, cycling and such. In general, this is one of the most affordable options amongst compounds, you can actually get a 1-bedroom unit for SR30,000. Considering the fresh air of Obhur and the nearby popular restaurant chains and beaches, Al Meem is definitely a place to consider. Location: North Obhur, near Battarjee Medical College Tel:+966-2-6562166

Kindi Housing Compound

Averagely sized and priced, Kindi Housing is the home of many multicultural young families living in Jeddah. The architecture of the compound is quite simple and neat, with units lined up in symmetrical order. Each unit stands separately with its own front garden and parking space. Kindi offers up to 3-bedroom units, all with security, maintenance, satellite channels and internet. As for the facilities, the compound brings all that is needed for a healthy lifestyle, a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, squash court in addition to a clubhouse and a nursery. However, you’ll have to be willing to compromise on unit size and novelty. Kindi Housing offers a decent value, starting at around 45,000 SR, you can rent a 1-bedroom furnished unit.


Location: Sitten St. near the junction with Hera’a St. Tel:+966-2-6910884

Al-Gandool Compound

Nestled in a small street behind Haifa Mall, Al-Gandool compound is a relatively new compound in an unexpected area.The architecture is composed of Mediterraneanstyle landscaping and stucco units, each one featuring 2 duplexes and 2 apartments. Prices are around SR50,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment and SR60,000 for a duplex, quite reasonable considering the novelty of the compound. There are 2 fenced swimming pools, one for children and the other for adults, and an elevated outdoor seating area overseeing both pools, it’s quite a pleasant architectural setup. The blueprint of the compound is quite convenient and safe for cycling or strolling around, although not particularly spacious. Al-Gandool is one of the most appealing, budget-friendly options if you are looking for something new, clean and cozy. Location: Behind Haifa Mall, Palestine Road


Jeddah’s Who’s Who

Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Kader Attaia : An Icon to Jeddah’s Weddings By Noha Youssef

Profile: Who: Dr. Mahmoud AbdelKader Attaia What: One of Jeddah’s most famous Ma’azouns Education: Bachelor Degree in Islamic Studies, PhD in Architectural Engineering Family: Happily married for over 30 years 26 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Not many people are fully aware of the job description of the Ma’azoun (Islamic Marriage Officer). Some people think of him as a Sheikh or a preacher; some think he is just a government employee. In fact, he is a mix of both - he is an authorized bureaucrat hired and trained by the government to perform marriage contracts and to register marriages, but at the same time there is a further, spiritually related side to his job description. He is the one who makes the holy bond of marriage official. His presence adds a touch of blessing and tranquility to the joyful event. It gives both the couple and the family and guests a pleasant feeling of piety and comfort - that finally this love between these two human beings is acknowledged and blessed by God. Choosing the Ma’azoun is a crucial matter for Hijazi families. It is common that they reschedule the wedding date according to their preferred Ma’azoun’s availability. In addition, families feel blessed to have the same Ma’azoun perform all their children’s and even their grandchildren’s weddings. Dr.Mahmoud Abdel Kader holds a PhD in Architectural Engineering from Scotland, but upon moving back to settle in Jeddah, he preferred to follow in his late father’s footsteps as a Ma’azoun. His father had the privilege to be one of the most famous Ma’azouns in Jeddah. The late Sheikh Abdel Kader Attaia had performed almost all the big wedding contracts for all of the aristocratic families in the city. Not only his father but also his late grandfather, his uncle, and his cousin are all Ma’azouns as well. The Attia name is a prominent one in Jeddah’s wedding scene. DJ: What is the Ma’azoun’s task? MA: The Ma’azoun is the person who is responsible for protecting both the bride and the groom’s legal rights and registering the marriage contract at the court. The marriage contract is the holiest contract in the world, as our beloved Prophet once said “Marriage is the basis for blessings and children are an abundance of mercy.” In the time of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and his blessed companions, the Ma’azoun’s profession never existed, as they

used to go to the Prophet himself or the Imam of the Mosque or sometimes to Amir El Mo’mnen to perform the marriage ceremony, mainly to seek their blessing. But with the many responsibilities and the many conflicts, that started to appear as the community grew, the job of the Ma’azoun was fashioned. Now the Ma’azoun is the person authorized by the legal court and the Ministry of Justice to perform marriage contracts. DJ: What is the criteria to become a Ma’azoun? MA: In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ma’azoun has to attend the college of the Islamic Studies either in King Abdul Aziz University or in Um El Quraah University. He has to acquire full knowledge of the Islamic culture and teachings, specially the Islamic Marriage Studies. Moreover, one thing the Ma’azoun has to be fully aware of is the rules of the divorce, the waiting period, and when the contract can be terminated; this issue confuses most of the people and can cause severe problems. DJ: How have marriage traditions changed since your late father’s time? MA: 20 years ago, weddings were always held at the bride’s parents house, where all the couple’s acquaintances and neighbors used to go. Hence, everyone will know that they got married and share the joy and happiness with the newlyweds. Nowadays, a girl can marry and many of her relatives will not even know. When I was studying abroad, in college one of my professors used to tell us that as cities became bigger and more civilized, the more the inhabitants became detached from each other and actually became less social.

the wife is obliged to do If she isn’t willing, it would be because she wants to, not because she has to. Also, she can mention that if her husband remarries, their wedding contract could be cancelled. Islam is a beautiful religion that ensures women all of their rights. DJ: Do you have to see the bride, to seek her approval, or is just her signature enough? MA: No, I don’t have to see her; I just need to hear her approval, as usually she is concealed by a curtain. Because many problems happened before, the court now states that the two witnesses have to come from the bride’s side, people who know the bride personally, or better yet, are related to her, like her uncle, her brother or a cousin. The Prophet (PBUH) said, “There is no marriage without a guardian and two witnesses.” DJ: Based on your experience, do you feel the age of the bride and groom has changed over the past 20 years? MA: Yes, of course. In our old days, the boy graduates high school at 18 and finishes college by the age of 25, so by the time he starts thinking about marriage, he will be in his mid-20s. But thanks to Allah and our amazing King Abdullah’s scholarship program, youth can now pursue marriage by the time they finish high school, and can then go abroad together to continue their studies. That’s really a very successful program that has helped a lot of young couples build a new life together without doing that which angers Allah.

DJ: Do you think pre-marital agreements are Islamic? MA: Islam gave the right for women to state down anything they want to mention in the marriage contract. For example, she can mention that she wants to continue her education, or that she wants to remain financially independent, or even if she wants to have a maid, as housework is not a thing that DESTINATION JEDDAH 27


Saudi Saudi Entrepreneurs Showcase at EW Greece

Entrepreneur Week is a global event series bringing seasoned entrepreneurs, accomplished thought leaders, and early-stage investors to local entrepreneurial ecosystems. In the face of economic, social, and political turmoil Entrepreneur Week initiated its first parlay into Europe with Greece entrepreneur week to educate more than 650 aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs. A group of young Saudi Entrepreneurs among other international delegations from all over the world received invitations from Dimitris Tsigos the Founder and the CEO at Virtual Trip Group, which is a leading entrepreneurial group of eleven dynamic companies. The Saudi delegation of Young Entrepreneurs included Maria Mahdaly, the Co-Founder of Rumman Company. Lateefa AlWaalan, founder of Yatooq. Abdullah AlMunif, the founder of master local brands, and a technology investor in Twitmail and Southwind Telecom. Abdullah Al-Mutrif, the founder of Protech, and Osama Natto, founder of Innovative Business Solutions. Osama Natto from the Saudi Delegation participated in a panel and explained how the Saudi Arabian Government supports Saudi Entrepreneurs by various programs. Like SFG100, which is a list organized by Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA). Osama also explained the support available for science and technology Saudi entrepreneurs. Badir (an Arabic word meaning “Initiate”) is a


national program aimed at accelerating the growth of emerging science and technology based businesses in Saudi Arabia. Osama summarized the different challenges that face the young Saudi entrepreneurs; into three main points; the availability of growth funds for entrepreneurs who have passed the start-up phase, the access to skilled talents in the sciences, as well as the access to government contracts which makes up the majority of the cash cycle in Saudi Arabia. On a different note, Entrepreneur Week CEO, Gary Whitehill, Said: “ I believe that Greece is moving toward significant change culturally and economically, now is the best time to create a presence, because unstable times always create incredible opportunities. History is quite telling, the Greeks were the first explorers of the world - entrepreneurship is in their DNA. Our mission is to develop a local brick and mortar presence, drive global partnerships, and educate the Greek startup community on building scalable and actionable outcomes through the tools and resources of our platform.”

BRING THE PERFECT TOUCH TO YOUR EVENTS Whether you're planning a business breakfast, a stylish formal dinner, your own wedding or a relaxed outdoor get-together, let the culinary team at the Jeddah Marriott Hotel impress your guests with their inimitable expertise that will bring quality and excellence in food, style and service directly to your home or work place. Your events will be transformed into magnificent occasions that will foster the most special memories for you and your guests!

Jeddah Marriott Hotel | Palestine Street | Jeddah | Kingdom of Saudi Arabia | Tel +966 2 671 4000 |

For more information, events, catering reservations please contact us at: +966 2 671 4000 or email to




JEF By Rayan Khayat

The 12th Jeddah Economic Forum, under the theme “Beyond Borders: Building Tomorrow’s Economies,” was held at Jeddah Hilton Hotel from March 3rd-6th. Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal opened the much-praised event, which hosted more than 3,000 leading economists, businessmen from Saudi Arabia, the GCC and around the globe.

Preceding the opening, a session was held titled ‘Cooperation for the Sake of the Pioneers’ SMEs (small and medium enterprises), which was exactly the main goal of the forum this year. An agreement was signed between the JCCI and Shell International Company to supports SMEs as part of the chamber’s amazing Intilaq “launching” program aimed at enabling young Saudi men and women to start their own private businesses. Aimed at 18-40 yearolds, this program offers training programs and qualification through workshops and study courses for achieving success. The speakers also focused on improving the state of the Saudi citizen’s role in the workforce. Prince Turki Al-Faisal Bin Abdulaziz claims that there are unfortunately too many foreign workers, 8 million to be exact. He hopes to bring about a large growth in the job market over the next 15 years. Other talks covered the complexities of our modern economy and the disparity between the public and private sector, and the needs for it to be more balanced. 30 DESTINATION JEDDAH


Day1: ‘Beyond Borders’ focused on communication and goal-alignment.


• Seeking Economic Growth in an Era of Debt Beyond Borders • Building Blocs: A global re-focus on models of regional cooperation • GCC Consolidation: Analyzing the economics of greater GCC integration

Day 2: ‘Regional Priorities’ focused on the resulting changes from the Arab Spring.


• Transforming Education: (Enabling the next generation) • Transforming Employment: The Job Creation Imperative • Transforming Entrepreneurship: Accelerating Regional Entrepreneurship

Day3: ‘Arabian Future’ focused on growth of the Saudi brand and the people’s involvement in the community.


• Brand Arabia: Globalizing Regional Value Creation • Arabian Philanthropy: Enhancing the art of ‘giving back’ to society • Arabian Generation: Harnessing the positive impact of social networking among the youth.


Events & Happenings

WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON... THE 1ST CONTEMPORARY ISLAMIC ART EXHIBITION OF SAUDI ARTISTS IN JEDDAH: Saudi artists showcased 60 innovative paintings and modern art at the 1st Contemporary Islamic Art Exhibition in Jeddah, under the auspices of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information at the Saudi art center. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Saeed Al Seraihi, assistant editor-in-chief at OKAZ newspaper who said that Saudi artists proved that they could go for the contemporary or modern style of art, by keeping their identity as Muslims.

BLACK AND WHITE, A JOURNEY OF LIFE: Famous Saudi artist Nasir Al-Turki from Riyadh brought his solo art exhibition to the people of Jeddah. The 10-day solo exhibition held at Al-Alamiah Art Gallery Jeddah with the theme, “Throne of Light” featured black and white shades, throwing light on the shades of life’s journey. His paintings showed how we could fight the hardships and problems of life, which resemble darkness, with hope and faith, which resemble white light. TOYOTA MAKES DREAMS COME TRUE FOR 15 TALENTED KIDS: Toyota Marketing Communications has announced the winners of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest 2012 in Saudi Arabia, and attracted over 30% more entries than in 2011. Entries from the Kingdom’s Western and Central regions were the highest with increases of 45.8% and 48.6% respectively. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of 46 countries participating in the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest; the competition was organized by ALJ, sole agent of Toyota in the Kingdom. Held under the theme “Your Dream - the Car of the Future” the contest aims to create an opportunity for children to draw pictures of their dream cars, utilizing their creative skills in a way that makes them understand the joy and importance of having a dream.



The 13 Asian countries Asian Consul Generals Club (ACGC club) organized a food festival with the conclusion of 5th Asian film festival on Indonesian CG residence Wednesday. About 700 guests packed the venue.The event kicked off with the welcoming Indonesian traditional dance, the screening of the Indonesian Movie Di Bawah Lindungan Ka’bah (Under the Protection of Ka’bah), then each one of the 13 countries presented a variety of their cuisine, putting their traditional food stalls to entertain the audience for the last night of the film festival. DREAMZ CATCHER LAUNCHES THEIR FIRST CHILDREN BOOK , TALA AND FRIENDS: MAY THE SECRET BE REVEALED: Dreamz Catcher has launched their first children’s book in bookstores. The event was held on March 7th at Virgin Tahleya. Children had the chance to meet Hamsa Motabbagni, the author of “Tala and Friends: May The Secret Be Revealed”. The little ones got their books signed by her, and listened to her talking about the fascinating creation of this magical story. To complete the festive atmosphere and to have the kids indulge in the world of fantasy and dreams, there were celebrations with balloons, bubbles and yummy cupcakes. CELEBRATING WOMEN’S DAY WITH FEMI 9’S FEMALE BASKETBALL TOURNEMENT: Jeddah hosted the Femi 9’s Female Basketball Tournament, held in a private school in Jeddah to celebrate International Women’s Day. In the midst of a remarkably high attendance that surpassed 300 Saudi females, a competition took place that wasn’t dominated by the fear of losing. 20 female basketball teams from different colleges and private schools participated and enjoyed a sports day in a friendly spirit. Excitement heightened when the bull’s eye shooting contest started, and players lined up to compete. Winners received gift vouchers presented by Femi 9.


Explore KSA

“I pass by these walls, the walls of Layla And I kiss this wall and that wall It’s not Love of the houses that has taken my heart But of the One who dwells in those houses.” Qays ibn al-Mulawwah

On the Trail of



By: Fouzia Khan

Imagine a timeless love story about two star-crossed lovers called Qays and Layla. Their thwarted love doomed Qays, a Bedouin poet, to go mad as he wandered the desert in search of the memory of Layla (hence his appellation ‘majnoon’ which means ‘mad‘ in Arabic), while Layla was forced to enter a loveless marriage. Their poignant story echoes throughout Middle Eastern, Persian, and South Asian literature...such was their connection that legend relates that when Qays was beaten, Layla bled for his wounds. If this heartbreaking story stirs your curiosity, head to the oasis of Teyma and wander down the ruins of the town where it is rumored that Qays lived. As you gaze out upon the barren desertscape, you can imagine the freedom he sought in the vast reaches of sand where the Nefud Desert begins. 34 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Teyma is located 264km south-east of the city of Tabuk and about 400 km north of Madinah. An oasis which sprang up on the incense route between Madinah and Dumah, signs of early habitation date back to the 8th century BC. The Tayma stele, an engraved rock slab dating back to the 6th century BCE, was discovered by Charles Huber in 1883, now resides at the Louvre in Paris. Ongoing German archeological teams continue to excavate and categorize fragments from tombs, walls, and burial sites. Bir Haddaj is a famous well in Teyma, as well as the ruins of Qasr Al-Ablaq castle, and the remnants of Qays’s house. Scattered remains of ancient buildings tell the story of their former residents. The small rooms are made up of mud and stones - this residential quarter was occupied during the 3rd- 4th centuries CE. Teyma has traces of a boundary wall around three sides of the old city which was probably built in the 6th century BCE. Remains of the wall are preserved up to 8m in height in sections, with rectangular towers hinting at

the impressive fortifications once in place. Corridors and staircases can be seen on the interior side of the wall. Between the outer and inner walls are remains of tombs constructed as rectangular stone chambers. One of these sites contained objects of wood and ivory as well as carbonized remains of grapes and barley, offering a fascinating glimpse into a bygone civilization. Further graves, probably from the Nabatean period, have been discovered in the remains of the outer wall. The Teyma City Museum which is located in the new city has an impressive collection of ancient stones and fragments on which different figures and writings are carved, and statues which gave a brief account of the history of Teyma’s civilization. Thousands of other inscriptions of pre-Islamic Thamudic script have been found in the area and are displayed in the City Museum as well as the famous Teyma stones inscribed in the ancient Aramaic of two millennia ago. DESTINATION JEDDAH 35

Special Features

Journey Through a Hijazi Wedding By Dalya Bajunaid

In every culture on the globe, there is the celebration of the holy union between a man and a woman. Jeddahwis are no different. Although some of our traditions can be found elsewhere, the Hijazis have a unique approach to that special day where the bride walks down that long aisle arm-in-arm with her new life partner. It is no easy journey (nor cheap!), however this map will hopefully provide some much needed guidance for those find the whole process strange and overwhelming. As with most traditions in Jeddah, or in Saudi Arabia in general, Islam is the fundamental backbone of the Saudi culture and its social practices. Below is the traditional arranged marriage set-up between the families, and although not everyone decides to go through each and ever step, a few milestones are a must. So kick back and enjoy the ride…and don’t forget your map!

Start Here: The Hunt

Once the man or woman comes of age and starts to express interest in pursuing marriage, families begin by tapping into their networks for appropriate matches. This process is usually hit-or-miss, as some luck out and find each other from the first try, while others spend years trying to find that perfect someone. This is a complicated process since Jeddahwi families are extremely social and when a couple gets married, it is not merely the merging of two people, but rather the joining of two entire families. 36 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Shofa or “First Sight”

Success! The family has prospered in finding a potential match! Usually in this case, the mother of the groom visits the prospective bride-to be at her home, bringing along her son for the all important first meeting. Customarily, she comes bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers. If the families hit it off, the man and woman in question meet for the first time. Here, they are given time to get to know one other briefly. This is traditionally known as the Shofa or “first sight”. If all goes well and the groom approves, he presents a simple piece of jewelry symbolizing the desire to begin their journey together, which brings us to the next step.

Men’s Milka Engagement

Assuming all has been going well since the Shofa, the couple then gets engaged. At this point, it is an agreement between all parties that this marriage will take place, and to symbolize this, the groom-to-be usually bears a gift. Traditionally, it is a piece of jewelry such as a watch or a bracelet, which she accepts if she agrees to the engagement. To formalize this agreement, the families recite Surat Al-Fatihah to bless the union. Usually, this is an intimate occasion only involving immediate family; however, lately couples have been known to request that a few more of their friends or family members are present in order to share this joyous and overwhelming milestone with them.

Government Approvals

If either the bride or the groom is not a Saudi national, government permission is needed. Since this is quite a long process, the application begins once the couple agrees to the marriage.

Now everything becomes legit…the men of the family get together and have a hearty dinner along with the sheikh who will be officiating the union. The dowry is given to the bride at this point. During this event, documents are prepared and signed by the couple and she legally becomes his wife. Customarily, the man and woman have the freedom to see each other as desired, yet they do not live together.

Women’s Milka

Here is when it starts to get fun, as basically we start to party! Think of this as a preview to the actual wedding ceremony. Traditionally, this event takes place to announce to society the joining of two families. Although not a necessary part of the process, many brides still choose to have one. Some will have it cozy and intimate, while others have it in a grand hall inviting all whom they know. During this ceremony, the groom presents the bride with the “Shabka” which is a lavish jewelry set with diamonds along with the “Milka box”, which is as a large treasure chest full of luxurious goodies. DESTINATION JEDDAH 37

Bridal Shower

What did we just say about being a melting pot of different traditions? Although the “bridal shower” is usually a more Western custom, with all of the diversity in Jeddah, it was only a matter of time until this tradition found its way into the modern Jeddahwi family’s life. Not yet recognized as the norm however, its popularity is increasing as more and more friends of brides are throwing them lavish parties. The female relatives of the bride-to-be go on an extravagant shopping spree preparing their beloved sister/daughter/granddaughter/niece for life after the wedding ceremony.


Ghumras are traditionally a throwback to the brides’ Hijazi origins and are also called lailat al-henna or “night of henna”. Muslims from all over the world have been coming to Jeddah to visit Makkah and many have wound up residing here in search of prosperity. Hence, many Hijazi families have origins other than the Saudi Arabian desert, be that Indian, Turkish, Yemeni or North African. Due to this cultural diversity, the bride and her close friends and family can choose to celebrate the engagement with a selected “theme” by dressing up in traditional costumes complete with jewelry and music from faraway lands. Most commonly, it is Indian, as it gives those involved a chance to get dressed up in lavish Indian wear and have intricate henna designs done. Just as some Westerners have the “spa day” for the bride and bridesmaids, this event is considered to be a combination of both, a relaxing experience and an opportunity to bond. 38 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Dabash or Tajheez Al-Arousa (Preparation of the Bride)

In preparation of the new couple’s life together, the families have a get together at the new house to see how their life at home will work out. The bride’s family visits her future house, and brings her belongings while the groom’s family prepares dinner. This is usually an indication of how prepared and organized the families are and how ready the bride is to reign in her new home.

Sabha or “The Morning After”


Yay! You finally made it to the actual wedding ceremony, but don’t be fooled… it’s not over yet. HIjazi weddings have come a long way over the past generations, and foreign influences have been noted in more modern weddings. Whether having the ceremony in a private home, at the beach during the daytime, or at a hotel wedding hall, enjoyment and the celebratory feel is sure to be evident.

Don’t oversleep. Even though you may have stayed up until dawn dancing the night away at the wedding party and stuffing yourself at the over-the-top dinner buffet, there is still one last step. Customarily, the newlyweds have breakfast with the family of the bride the next day; informally known as, “the morning after.” Some families nowadays are choosing to have this as a dinner as opposed to a breakfast as some people are admittedly way too exhausted for such an early morning commitment. Almost like the cherry on top, this is a tradition that may be considered a preview to their new lives. Two families, officially bonded as one… and in Hijazi culture, nothing is more important than family. DESTINATION JEDDAH 39

Special Features

Moments in Wedding H istory By Rayan Khayat


The wedding photograph captures a truly honest moment and feeling, one of undeniable strength, confidence and beauty. The couple glows with assuredness and when enough consideration has been put into enriching the wedding experience, it sometimes produces an enchanting result and it becomes difficult to look away. We have collected some moments from weddings of royals and public figures across history that inspire and share the joys of matrimonial union.


Audrey Hepburn walked down the aisle between misty forests towards a small Swiss chapel when she married Mel Ferrer. Her dress was designed by French designer Pierre Belmain, it was uniquely and perfectly constructed in a fairy-like style. Jacqueline Kennedy married John under high ceiling windows and ivy-covered archways whilst wearing an ivory silk Taffata bouffant dress designed by Ann Lowe. Farah Pahlavi was 21 years old when her friends couldn’t guess who proposed to her, and that the only person left was the Shah. Farah became royalty in a dress designed by Yves Saint Laurent when he worked for Christian Dior. Queen Rania wore a gold trimmed, short-sleeved gown by British designer Bruce Oldfield, who took inspiration from formal Syrian dresses he studied. The couple rode in a convertible to greet their guests, and then used a sword to cut their cake.


Grace Kelly became more than a movie star when she married Prince Rainer III of Monaco. She wore an incredibly influential lace covered dress designed by Helen Rose, her MGM studios costume designer. Kelly carried a lace and pearl encrusted prayer book when she walked down the aisle. At a glamorous affair attended by movie stars, Elizabeth Taylor married Conrad Hilton in a dress also designed by MGM’s Helen Rose .The white satin gown was embroidered with seed pearls and beads. Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales in a dress by British designers David and Elizabeth Emanuel with an 8m train billowing behind her. She did not promise to «obey» the Prince; that traditional vow was left out at the couple's request, which caused a sensation at the time. Queen Elizabeth II wore a dress by Norman Hartell, and before leaving for Westminister Abbey, tragedy struck as her Cartier tiara snapped. Luckily, the court jeweler was on stand by and t is the same tiara her grand daughter-in-law, Catherine Middleton wore to her wedding to Prince Charles. These photographs are undeniably a pleasure to look at and the stories interesting to hear. Perhaps it’s because the wedding is the only part of fairy tales that exist in reality, but there isn’t much that produce quite the same moving feeling.



In ‘Up Close and Personal’ DJ will interview a fresh, young talent from amongst Jeddah’s youth every month. Read about the young and dreamy wedding planner, Sarah Al Dabbagh, founder of Lace Events, our first featured personality.

DJ: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF… SD: Well, I am a 24 year-old Saudi. I finished

high school in Jeddah, then traveled to the U.S where I attended Simmons College in Boston and studied early childhood education. I’ve been back in Jeddah for the past two years now.

DJ: HOW DID LACE EVENTS START? SD: Since as far back as I can remember, I have

always wanted to be a wedding planner! I used to cut pictures out of bridal magazines, take a photo with every single bride at weddings I attended etc. My mum noticed that throughout my childhood, I would always comment on parties and what I liked and didn’t like about them - I was always the one to host my friends’ birthday parties and graduation parties. So I decided to start a wedding planning business. I started with my cousin’s wedding party. I did everything from A to Z, I enjoyed every moment on the way, and it turned out to be great! Thank God. So that success gave me the push to start.

DJ: WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT JEDDAH? SD: I love a lot of things about it - it’s home.

I love the people of Jeddah, I love that it is always changing and improving and that the people are always willing to make Jeddah better You can feel that year after year, Jeddah is moving forward. They always say “Jeddah Ghair”, which is completely true.

DJ: FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOP? SD: I love to go to Al Balad, and El Hendwaya

to get things for my work; I also love to shop at Ikea and buy things for my room.



DJ: FAVOURITE PLACE TO HANG OUT? SD: My bedroom, I love having friends come

over. Also I am in love with the new place called The Store, it’s beautiful and very cozy - I just love to hang out there.

DJ: FAVOURITE LOCAL DESIGNER? SD: Razan Al Azouni, she’s a great Saudi

designer who has gone international now.

DJ: FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW, WHAT’S IS JEDDAH IS MOST HIDDEN GEM? SD: El Balad, it is a great place for bargain shopping and also gives a great way to see the true old people of Jeddah.


Is it even a question, of course it’s Al Baik! I am a diehard Al Baik fan.


It used to be cupcakes, till my friend introduced me to Pink Camel’s Nutella Macaroon.


Something in between, I love weddings to start at sunset and continue into the night.


I don’t mind coloured abayas, but I love to stick to the black.

Arts & Entertainment


Open for Registeratar for septamber 2012!


Directory SunShine SUNSHI NE Healthy Day was a great event for students and parents to celebrate a great education while promoting a healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyle through a fun-filled day event... T: +966 2 6060251/ 60601553 F: +966 2 6060958 E: W:



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Fashion & Shopping

Elie Saab (A-Line)

WHITE Wonderland By Carol Keyrouz

Your wedding day is the day that you’ve been dreaming of…while all eyes are on you. Select wisely in a style which suits you and your personality. You are the only one who can decide which dress style and cut will reflect your unique personality. Luckily brides are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing that special white dress. So whether it’s an ‘A-line’, ‘Ball gown’, ‘Column’, ‘Little White Dress’, ‘Mermaid’, or ‘One Shoulder’ style, try them all on before selecting the perfect one for you!

Dany Atrache Mermaid


Choose your dream dress that will flatter your body shape, reflect your personality and transform you into a radiant princess. You can add your own personal touches to match the theme of your wedding and play with material to give you the look you desire.

Abed Mahfouz (Ballgown)

Choose your dream dress that will flatter your body If you’re petite, and want

to look a little taller, create an illusion by choosing a gown that has long, vertical flowing lines with an empire waist. This will elongate your body and legs and make you appear taller. Stay away from ball gowns that will overwhelm your small frame, and drop-waist dresses that will make your legs look shorter.

Vera Wang (One Shoulder)

If you are apple-shaped, choosing a sweetheart neckline is a flattering choice. Avoid empire waists, which don’t flatter a larger bust. On the bottom, look for a skirt with a moderate fullness that will balance your top-heaviness. A drop waist will help elongate your waist and therefore minimize your bust. If you’re pear-shaped, look for a dress with an A-line skirt that will highlight your waist and chest and skim over your hips and thighs. A V-neckline will draw the eye up toward your neck and face and away from your lower half. It also will balance the narrowness of your shoulders with your relatively wider hips. Avoid a column dress. If you’re an hourglass, look for

an A-line gown which will make you look taller and accentuate your waist. Make sure your dress isn’t too loose. The fit is crucial because an ill-fitting gown will only make you look bigger.

Elie Saab (A- Line)

Robert Abi Nader (Column)

If you’re a rectangle, the trick is

to enhance your femininity by creating the illusion of a curvier figure. To do this, pick a gown that has a defined waistline such as a mermaid silhouette or ball gown that flairs out from the waist as the ideal shape. Also look for an open neckline, a cutout back or a plunging V-neck. (Little White Dress)


Heart Cut

Round Cut


Pear Cut


There is no doubt that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and their friendship forms a special bond on this special day! Choosing your wedding bands and engagement rings can be confusing as the styles, cuts and choices are endless. However, try to choose something classic and simple in cut that will last you a lifetime without ever getting bored of them. Jade Jewelry


Princess Cut

Alexander Mcqueen

Aruna Seth

Jimmy Choo


Badgley Mischka

Didn’t Cinderella’s glass slipper change her life?

Brian Atwood

Choose shoes that will match your wedding dress and the theme of your wedding, but most importantly, choose shoes that you feel comfortable in! You will have a very long day ahead, so just in case, keep a spare pair of white ballerina flats close by. Trust us, you will need them. So whether you decide to go for crystals, flowers or spikes, make sure your shoes are as special as your day will be.

Giuseppe Zanotti

Charlotte Olympia

Christian Louboutin


’S H A D D





Launches her SS’12 collection at Maison BO-M

Harley Davidson - Clothing line

Harley-Davidson delivered an exciting collection, boasting functionally and style. New technology is a key feature of the FXRG range, natural sources such as recycled coconut shells and minerals, are used to create fabric that delivers waterproofing, breathability and odor control to help the riders feeling more comfortable.

The new line of Fyunka handbags debuted at Maison Bo-M boutique with a fun, interactive event, hosted by the designer herself Ms. Alaa Balky. Guests took photos with cute props, watched a backstage video and enjoyed delicious cupcakes and macaroons.

spring/summer 2012

New look New collection


UK retailer New Look has launched its new S/S 2012 collection, that is available region wide. The new line for men and women is colorfully chic and casual with vintage nuances.

Is expanding

The newly launched and affordable REDTAG fashion and home stores are poised for a large expansion in the retail world and plan to open at least 12 new stores per year.

Lady Fozaza

Marni for H&M

Lunches in Jeddah for the First Time

Every season H&M collaborates with the biggest and most prestigious names in the fashion-designing world, to deliver to their clients an incredibly designed collection with very affordable prices. On March the 7th; H&M launched their newest collection in cooperation with Italian fashion house Marni, at the Mall of Arabia and the Red Sea Mall.

At Cream Boutique

Cream Boutique is launching designer Ms. Alanoud Badr’s Lady Fozaza line of fabulous blazers on April 10th! Don’t miss the event hosted by the designer herself who will be sharing her styling tips.


Creative Collaboration Made in Jeddah

Sotra & Lace Events presented their first creative collaboration “A state of Lemonade” with hints of Summer, pastel colors and the sweet childhood memories. The event took place at Sotra’s store in Ana Special Mall.


Fashion & Shopping

Where Modernity Meets Tradition Visit ARWA boutique for the perfect wedding shopping experience, where a bride and her guests can shop for evening gowns and stylish abayas to match. The boutique features original regualar abaya designs and unique bridal abayas for something extra special on your wedding day. ARWA considers the whole look for their clients and feature shawls and accessories to complete the look. The boutique’s style is for both fashion savvy and conservative clients, taking in styles from the modern and colorful international style scene and adding a Saudi-Oriental touch. The pieces are chosen from the top Indian and American designers who showcase in Paris and New York fashion weeks. All of the dresses are available in only one piece but in all sizes, and are adjustable at the boutique’s free tailoring service. Every woman wants to look perfect, stylish and unique on that special day, from the small accessories to the briefly worn abaya, and ARWA is just the place to help you do that. Mob: + 966-505602685 E-mail: Location: New Town Mall



Gifts & Souvenirs UNIQUE GIFTS Unique Gifts offer the latest range of stylish and modern gifts from around the world. Your one-stop shop for innovative gadgets and homeware you won’t find anywhere else.

Location: Qurtobah center, Arafat Road, Al Hamra’a dist. Mob: +966-500257579 Web:

HAMED CARPETS Hamed Carpets has an amazing sale of up to 50% off of everything! From handmade carpets to ornaments, jewellery, textiles and furniture made from wood, brass, camel bone and more. Sale ends April 15th.

Location:2nd Floor, Dome Centrepoint, Prince Sultan St. Mob: +966-50-568 3859 Web:

SAFFA Al Khaira Whether it’s a gift for a friend from out of town or decorative items for your home, you’ll find fun and creative cultural items at Benevolence Leaf. The store encourages the appreciation of Saudi culture and specializes in products that are a cross between modern and traditional. Location: Ana special. Mob: +966-556868053


Fashion & Shopping




Photo Jojo Lens Dial for iPhone SR 1,199 The iPhone Lens Dial is an innovative new gadget perfect for passion iPhonegraphers. It features three optical-quality coated glass lenses: wide angle, fisheye, and yelephoto -- all wrapped up in a slim aircraftgrade aluminum jacket equipped with two tripod mounts (for portrait or landscape shots). To switch between lenses just rotate the dial! Available at Memega



Disposable CAMERA Favors SR 225 Use the camera on your table to take candid pictures of all of your friends and family. Snap the special moments, and of course the unforgettable spontaneous ones. Pass the camera around, let everyone enjoy the fun. When all the pictures are taken, just leave the camera on the table Available at



Electronic Dictionary Bookmark SR 120 This tiny bookmark has been crammed full of 38,000 definitions from the Collins Gem English Dictionary 15th edition so you will never be lost for words again. Plus, it’s really easy to use. When you come across a word you don’t know, simply press the power button to begin, type in your word on the keypad and press OK to find out what it means. Available at Virgin Megastore




44 Signature Mat Picture Frames SR 113

The Memories Signature Mat Frame is the new version of the autograph book. Choose between the 2 designs and place a photo of the couple in the middle. While displayed at the party, friends and family will be able to write a special message on the white mat using any pen. Available at


Griffin Share + Play Pack SR 129 Griffin TuneBuds are a definite step up from regular earphones. The design delivers bigger bass, crisper highs and pillow-soft ear cushions in 3 sizes that seal out external noises. And SmartShare lets you use two earphones at the same time each with its own volume control! Available at Virgin Megastore

66 DCI Fondue For Two SR 105

If you’re a fan of fondue, be sure to check out this cute home fondue set. The unique porcelain mug holds up to 4oz of your melted chocolate and comes with two fondue forks and one tea-light. The mug is microwave safe if you want to melt the chocolate directly into it. Available at Virgin Megastore




Discover the best place for your wedding/honeymoon by answering some quick questions which help you focus your search. Questions cover the wedding vibe you want, the type of ceremony, your budget etc. - a list of unique ideas will leave you spoilt for choice!

Hair 411 by The Knot

Noeeva Wedding Planner

From the creators of the #1 wedding website,, this FREE iPhone app is for brides who are looking for the perfect wedding hairstyle. Part gallery and part community forum, this application allows brides to browse through 100s of beautiful wedding hairstyle images, it’s the ultimate onthe-go wedding hair resource for brides.

Noeeva allows you to create To Do lists, plan your budget, send a save the date, manage your guests, keep photo notes, follow the best wedding blogs on the web, find vendors and keep your friends in the loop with the Bridetalk messaging system. Noeeva is the way to plan your wedding and packing your bags for your honeymoon.


REVIEWS Naruto Generation The latest in the smash hit Ultimate Ninja Storm series of games has been upgraded with faster gameplay and additional battle modes. The story will cover both Part I and Part II of the series and feature favorite characters like Sasuke, Zabuza and Haku. Available on PS3 & Xbox 360

Mass 3 Effect Mass Effect 3Â is an RPG/Third-Person Shooter hybrid set in a Science Fiction universe. Join Commander Shepard as he battles the latest threat from a race of machines called the Reapers. Inventively, you can also import decisions made in the first two games to help shape your story. Available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC 56 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Fashion & Shopping

Dimos Tel: +966-2-2830302 Domvs Tel: +966-2-6611447 Estikbal Tel: +966-2-6687511 Haba Tel: +966-2-6687084 Home Plaza Florists Tel: +966-2-6913659 IKEA Arabian Flower Tel: +966-2-6644403 Tel: +966-2-6633000 Boutiques La Maison Colonial Azhar Rima Tel: +966-2-2564001 Tel: +966-2-2616800 Tasmeem Al-Jadila Boutique Ligne Roset Eshrak Tel: +966-2-2841249 Tel: +966-2-6519014 Tel: +966-2-6643035 Tel: +966-2-6634158 Baby Fityani Toby Mazar Florina Tel: +966-2-6673971 Tel: +966-540576639 Tel: +966-2-6670719 Tel: +966-2-6642626 Cugini Yahya al Bishri Mourastarr Center Tel: +966-2-6612099 Tel: +966-2- 6604595 Flowers Tel: +966-2-6607391 Tel: +966-2-6980498 DADU MilaDora Flowers Queen Tel: +966-2-6633699 Tel: +966-2-6621779 Tel: +966-2-6615152 Jasmine Box Fashion Designers NV Gardenia Tel: +966-2-6685533 Tel: +966-2-6684686 Jungle Blue Tel: +966-2-6609220 Afaf Baflah Options Tel: +966-505660175 Jannati Tel: +966-505325251 Tel: +966-2-6824888 Lollipop Tel: +966-2-6984852 Amal Engawi Roche Bobois Tel: +966-2-6643295 Al-Khidra Landscaping Tel: +966-503613314 Tel: +966-2-6647272 Life Tel: +966-2-6913946 Visionnaire Basma Abuljadayel Tel: +966-2-2844266 Tel: +966-506634000 Alwan Tel: +966-2-6988591 Nawal Al-Maimani Tel: +966-2-6837239 Wahat Basma Al-Mouawad Tel: +966-2-6606502 Nado Tel: +966-533653333 Tel: +966-2-6636267 Noukies Tel: +966-2-6915335 Diala kabbara Tel: +966-2-2611200 Orkidia Tel: +966-508704799 Ext: 110 Tel: +966-2-6833136 Shopping Center Eman Joharjy Ondas Tel: +966-535687773 Nargis Flowers Est. Tel: +966-2-2611200 Tel: +966-2-6673008 Al-Khayat Center Fatima Abed Ext:105 Mob: +966-5535079744 Tel: +966-554369993 Petals Tahlia St. Gardenia Hafez Tel: +966-2-6642519 Tel: +966-2-6655558 Paris & Oliver Tel: +966-506666230 Rabya Tel: +966-2-2611210 Shops: BOSS, Burberry, Tel: +966-2-6602856 Chanel, Christian Dior, Mob: +966-5535079744 Hanaa Samman Tel: +966-505350958 Spring Flower Sabine Coach, DKNY, Dolce & Maha Ghalayeni Tel: +966-2-6651572 Tel: +966-2-6519684 Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Tel: +966-506661634 Sendian Flowers Sotra Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Manar Al-Rawi Tel: +966-2-6915082 Tel: +966-2-6835679 Gucci, Jacques Dessange Tel: +966-569169923 Sultan Garden Center Salon, Jamalouki, Louis The Neverland Circus Tel: +966-500398181 Meriam Arab Tel: +966-2-6686666 Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Pink or Blue Tel: +966-503333128 Rubaiyat, Sergio, Tiffany & Tel: +966-2-6634452 Mona Abulfaraj Co. & Co., Tods, TOUS , Yves The Wedding Shop Tel: +966-505652018 Furniture Saint Laurent Tel: +966-2-6690808 Nawal Maimani Abdul Latif Tel: +966-2-6606502 Tel: +966-2-6913750 Ana Special Niyaah Prince Sultan St. Custom Thobes Tel: +966-500545455 Al-Alameya Tel: +966-2-6649155 Tel: +966-2-6915188 Rania Khogeer Shops: Al-Mohra, Almayass, Al-Amer Bazerkaan Tel: +966-555532571 Basics, Buttons, Diva, Fox Tel: +966-2-6977767 Tel: +966-2-2560044 Rana Ismail Fibre, I Love Hishma, Kash Al-Fakhama HM Tel: +966-556666881 Kash, Vaniti, Lilies, Little Tel: +966-2-6355043 Tel: +966-2-6828064 Rotana Alhashimi Blossoms, Only For You, Al-Sabban Lomar Tel: +966-554598449 Sotra, Set Al-Hoson, Tefa, Tel: +966-2-6919900 Tel: 920000554 Sahar Serafi Flash Flare American Gallery Omar Azure Tel: +966-505622515 Tel: +966-2-6676031 Tel: +966-2-6921773 Salma Rudwan Aziz Mall SAB Thobe Tel: +966-504627012 Batal Design Prince Majed Rd. Tel: +966-2-6983288 Tel: +966-2-6162222 Tel: +966-2-6100009 Samah Khashoggi Sindi Tel: +966-505311588 Bin Shayhoon Supermarket: Panda Tel: +966-2-2574815 Shops: Accessorize, Adams, Tel: +966-2-6678587 Shaza Khayali Siraj Sanad Tel: +966-500909321 Bo Concept Al-Maghrabi, Al-Sawani, Tel: +966-2-6141418 Aldo, Aldo Accessories, Sue Abaya Tel: +966-2-6979720


Tel: +966-541151595 Thanaa Addas Tel: +966-504664288 Turki Jadallah Tel: +966-506677800 Wed Bogary Tel: +966-504634001


Ann Harvey, Athletes Foot, Aussino, B.Bush, Baby Shop, Barratts, Bata, Behavior, Bershka, Bhs, Camieu, Celina, Celio, Charles & Keith, City Max, Claire’s, Damas Jewelry, Dorothy Perkins, Etam, Faces, Femi.9, Gap, Giordano, Howard, Kids, Kotton, La Senza, La Senza Girl, La Vie En Rose, Mango, Mexx, Mikyaji, Milano, Miss Selfridge, Mothercare, Naomi, Nectar, New Look, Next, Nine West, Okaidi, Orchestra, Pans & Co, Paris Gallery, Pom Cherry, Promod, Pull & Bear, Pumpkin Patch, River Island, Riyadh Bank, SGT Major, Showtime, Sports City, Starbucks, Stradivarius, Swatch, Tape A L’Oeil, Terranova, The Body Shop, Urban, Vero Moda, Xanka, Zara, Zoppini Badriyah Towers Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6062777 Shops: Babooche, Basket of Pearl, Blend, Boutque Mix, BSX, Denim, Diesel, DKNY, Entra, Free Days, Hawanim, Infiore, Kurta Boutique, Le Style, Levi’s Store, Nowar, Optics2020, Pharmwacy, Samuel and Kevin, Suite 966, T Shirt & Jeans, Tony G’s, U Right, Zearuci Basateen Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6611721 Shops: Al-Ghazali, Al-Moalim, Al-Sawani Department Store, Anne Klein, Baby Fitaihi, Bakhashwain, Bali, Benetton, Betty Barkley,


Esprit, Courier, Glitter, Guess, La Perla, Max & Co., Max Mara, Noon, Opticals, Replay, Rubaiyat, Swish, XOXO Coral Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6607624 Shops: Adawliah (Yamaha), Armani Jeans, Beach & Beyond, Calvin Klein, Color Be Mine, Ecko, Ed Hardy, FCUK, Geox, Killah, Lacoste, Lindex, Lola et moi, Marlboro Classic, Miss Sixty, Patch Work, Primo, Quick Silver, Serb, St.Dupont, Sun Spot Etoile King Rd. Tel: +966-2-6973428 Shops: Al-Romaizan, Boss, Canali, Come As You Are, Emad Rizq, Fitoshi, Gentle Man, Lomar, Lo Spazio, My Fair Lady, Rawasy, Hera’a Avenue Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6942236 Shops: Adams’ Kids, Aldo, Alhomaidhi, Barrats, Bershka, Camieu, Charles & Keith, Faces, Early Learning Center, Jennyfer, La Senza, La Senza Girl, La Senza Shop, La Vie en Rose, Marks & Spencer, Mikyaji, Mansoon, Nayomi, Nine West, Sergent Major, Sports City, Spring, Swatch, Tape A Loeil, The Body Shop, Wallis, Zain, Zara Kids. Hera’a Intl. Souq Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6540097 Supermarket: Danube.

Rubaiyat (Bags & Shoes), Showtime, Springfield, Swatch, The Body Shop

Shops: Adams, Al-Attar, Al-Dahham, AlHumaidi, Al-Maghrabi, Al-Mualim, Barkley, Benatton, Bershka, Bhs, Celio, Claire’s, Diesel, Esprit, Faces, Giordano, Guess, Health Lines, Jacadi, La Moda, La Senza, Mango, Milano, Mothercare, Naomi, Nectar, Next, Next Kids, Nina, Nine West, Panasonic, Paper Moon, Promod, Quick Silver, River Island, Sisley, Sony, The Body Shop, U2, Zara, Zain, Zimas

Mall of Arabia Al-Haramein Rd. Tel: +920009550 Supermarket: Panda Shops: Abu Sharaf, Accesorize, Adams, Adidas, Ahmad Abdulwahed, Alpha Opticals, Alshaya, Balad, Bershaka, Blue Age, Bonia, Boots, Brics, BSB, BSX, C&B, C&K, Cameui, Camille’s Sidewalk, Carters, Celio, Chad Valley, Coast, D-F-P-T, Debenhams, Diesel, Desigual, Dorthy Perkins, Forever21, Evans, Exit, Faces, Gap, GBK, Girls, H-Flow, H&M, Hokair, Hush Hush, I Style, Jennyfer, Kikik, LaSenza, La Senza Gril, La Vie En Rose, Lady Bird, Life Kids, Limited Too, Liz Claiborne, Lynnes, Mango, Maghrabi Kids, Mini Modu, Miss Selfridge, Miss Whatever, Mothercare, Nectar, New Yorker, Next,Nike, Nil Yarz, Nose, Oasis, Okaidi, Opt. Centre, Party Princess, Pride of Kashmir, Principle, Pull & Bear, Puma, Pumpkin Patch, Quiz, Ribbon, Rina, Salhiya, School, Sgt.Major, SIA,Spring, Stradivarius, Sun & Sands Sports, Swiss Corner, Tally Wejil, TCF, Terranova, Terranova Kids, The Body Shop, The Museum, TPC, Twaila, Vero Moda, Vertbaudet, Viss, Wallis, Warehouse, White Company, Zahoor Al-Reef, Zara,

Jeddah Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6678666 Shops: Al-Musali & AlRaies, Barakat Jewellery, Damas, Elite, Eye2eye, Faces, Gosh, Karen Millen, Kipling, Luxury, Maria Pino, Naomi, Swatch, Trussardi, WAIPAI La Promenade Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688737 Shops: Budget, Chic Boutique, Chole, Femi.9, Lerre, Lifestyles, Mavi, PaperMoon, Quik Sliver, Roxy, Sport Look Le Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6600111 Shops: Accessorize, Claire’s, Fitaihi Jeweley, Karen Millen, la Senza, Musalli, Nine West, Rizq Jewellery, Rosyblue, Ana Special Mall

Tel +966 2 6649199

Al-Basateen Center Tel +966 2 6656219


Zoppini, ZYNG Nojoud Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2571217 Shops: Adidas, Al-Badr Optical, Alcott, Alhomaidhi, Bonia, Cortefiel, Emad Rizq, Faces, Feni 9, Gerry Weber, GS Big & Tall, I Zone, Pumpkin Patch, Lora Lina Sfera, Magrabi, Mango, Mobily, Women’s Secret, Sarafia, Shalky , Smash,Tanagra, Vincci

, Next, Noon, Nokia, Oasis, Obaji, Occasions, Occulis, Optic Center, Panasonic, Paris Gallery, Patchi, Puma Watches, Replay, Rubaiyat, Rolex, Rouj, S & K (Samuel & Kenvin),Samsonite, Sephora, Sergio Rossi, Sony, Sports Wear, Swatch, Tea Gschwender, Tiffany & Co., Tihama (Stationery), Top Shop, Top Man, Versace, Vision Express, XOXO, Zuhur, Zoopini

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Roshan Mall Malek Rd.

Tel: +966-2-6226720 Supermarket: Hyper Panda Shops: Abdul Samad AlQurashi, Axiom, Bonia, Callem, Cavlo Rino, Cell Com, Cinnzeo, Claire’s, Colombia Sports Wear, Fendi, Gerry Weber, Giordano, Grand Optics, Gucci, Herffy, Ikks, It’s Mine, Jacqueline Riu, Kashmir, Lingo, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Maghrabi, Mango, Mikyaji, Miss Fashion, Missha, Mothercare, Nayomi, Nectar, Panda, Royal Mandaina, Samuel & Kevin, Sayadyah Express, Sensi, Show Time, Stadivarious, Sun & Sand Sports, Swatch, The Body Shop, Timberland, Tom Tailer, Toys R Us, U-Qote, Vavavoom, Versace Serafi Mega Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2844886 Supermarket: Danube Shops: Al-Sawani, Baleno, Claire DK, Claire’s, Faces, Go Sport, Life Style, Maghrabi, Pepe Jeans, Samuel & Kevin, Sensi, Swatch, Voyage Stars Avenue Mall Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-2754522 Super market: Carrefour. Shops: Agatha, Al-Ghazalo, Al-Humaidi, Al-Mutahajibah, Al-Othaim, Al-Shayiya Accessory, Arabian Oud, Argeterie, Art of Idea, Axiom, Baby Fitaihi, Batteel, BCBG, Benetton, Body Shop, Bonpoint, Borbonese,

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Teen2Teen, The Counter, Tiffany, Tipity Toes, Tumi, Vertu, Victoria Casal, Voila, Waed, Wahat Al-Jalabiya, Wazer Pharmacy, XOXO, Zanotti Tahlia Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2634662 Shops: Al-Humaidi, Al-Rayes, Armani Exchange, Bakhsh Jewellery, Birkenstock, Coach, Claire’s, Cope Copine, Daniel Hechter, Du Pareil Au M’em, Emad Rizq, Esprit, Evans, Giordano, Lacoste, La Moda, Laura Ashley, LoraChilli, Laurel, Limited Too, Longines, Make Up Forever, Mac, Mikyajy, Milano, Moawad, Naoumi, Nectar, Omega, Paris Gallery, Pierre Cardin, River Island, Rolex, Rubaiyat,Sanrio, Sephora, Swarovski, Swatch, T.S. Dupont, Terranova, The Body Shop, Tiffany &Co., Tina Tailor,Top Shop / Top Man

To add your business to the listing, please e-mail the name and number to

DRIVE TO La Tierra Mall, Opp. Sultan Mall, Prince Sultan Street, Jeddah, 21523 PO. BOX 50096, Saudi Arabia TOLL FREE NUMBER 800 11 66 555


Jeddah's Ultimate Dining Destination

For reservation: 02-2891009

For reservation: 02-6501024

For reservation: 02-6517527

JEDDAH 62 DESTINATION For reservation: 02-6501089

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Dining Around Town

Creative Creations for your Wedding from Jeddah’s Bakers! By Noha Youssef

The three-tiered, white wedding cake with its distinctive shape and mini-bride and groom cake toppers has been a permanent fixture at most weddings for the past 100 years. It’s classic and elegant…but a bit boring. Today’s brides demand the latest wedding gown styles, the trendiest honeymoon resorts, and the newest music mixes on their special day – so why shouldn’t their wedding cake reflect the latest culinary aesthetic as well? With the rapidly growing popularity of cupcakes towers, macaroon pyramids, and other novel dessert ideas, the traditional round-tiered wedding cake has been pushed into the background. Many couples ask for a feminine bride’s cake which matches her gown or reflects her jewelry, while the groom selects a cake festooned with his favorite sports or hobby designs. Matching cakes, cakes with different shaped-tiers, colorful cakes, or cakes decorated with edible flowers or real diamonds – the wedding cake industry is stretching imaginations. If giving up the traditional cake will upset your family, but you still want to add a hip touch to your wedding dessert menu; you can always have a traditional wedding cake, and add a candy bar/ice-cream station or a chocolate fountain to the buffet. Here are some of the ways you could change it up!



Cute, colorful, miniature…what’s not to love about the new-fangled cupcakes? It’s no wonder that the cupcake craze has invaded the wedding scene all over the world, they look great, taste great, and can be easily customized to match your wedding theme. Whether you replace the cake with a cupcake tower or present them separately, every guest is ensured of a heavenly bite of decadence. Plus they come in a mind-boggling variety of flavors, from traditional chocolate to cheesecake to rose, or you can create your own flavors to reflect the personalities of the newlyweds.


* Check Helens, Munch, and Crunchies


Chocolates are consistently associated with weddings, engagements, and milkasThe trend in Jeddah now is the delicate truffles, that are being produced locally using the finest chocolates in the world. Don’t forget to ask your chocolatier to have both your names and wedding date engraved on them as a personal touch. *Check Chocolat, Voila, and Bon Bon

Pink Camel


These Parisian specialties have become the more sophisticated alternative to cupcakes. If you are planning a refined and elegant wedding, nothing will add a touch of class more than a macaroon tower. Their pale, pastel colors and exotic flavors are sophisticated and classy. *Check Pink Camel, Fab Sweets, and Bon Bon

Mini Cakes

They can be stacked to create a tower, or displayed on fanciful cake stands/table displays to lend a unique touch to each table or the dessert buffet. Offering cakes in a variety of flavors can satisfy even the most particular guest, while allowing the couple leeway to experiment with different icing colors and decorations. Combining nonedible accessories such as ribbons, crystals, or jewels to each cake is also a novel way to present little gifts to each guest if you choose to offer individual mini-cakes. *Check Fab Sweets and Munch

Fab Sweets



They may not replace the wedding cake, but ‘made to order’ cookies can be a great addition to the buffet or the engagement or milka party. Serving warm cookies is a challenge, but freshly baked, decadent cookies topped with gourmet ice cream is a simple, yet popular dessert choice which will leave guests marveling over your willingness to break tradition by serving your favorite comfort dessert. Tamraty

*Check Anoush and Nestle Toll House Cafe


Adding a touch of the authentic traditions to your modern wedding can be tricky, but customized dates filled with a mixture of your favorite nuts or chocolates will be appreciated by guests of all ages, especially the older generation. Caramel-covered dates, dates stuffed with peanut butter, or gourmet dates assembled in individual boxes will all reflect your modern style with a nod to tradition. Rania’s Cheesecakes

*Check Tamraty , Dactylifeara and Tallah

Cake Pops

Cake balls molded onto lollipop sticks can be created in a myriad of flavors, fillings, and designs. You can have them at a special corner, served together with the finger food, or even used as a fanciful, edible centerpiece. Unleash your inner child by adding some unexpected color and whimsy to the occasion. *Check Rania’s Cheesecakes and LoLi Cake Pop

Ice-cream Bites Dactylifera

Melt in your mouth ice-cream bites are a popular wedding treat, but they require precision for serving them at the optimal temperature. The last thing you want is a melted mess on your dessert buffet. Ask the caterer to serve these tempting little treats while guests are waiting for the couple to make their’ll keep them happily in suspense. *Check Dactylifera and Bon Bon

Check directory page 68 for contact info 66 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Sweet & Savory:

Not your ordinary bakery!

One of Jeddah’s premier bakery shops, Sweet & Savory is the mini-food lovers’ dreamland. As the name says, they uniquely have both a sweet and salty menu. The macaroons, the cookies, the cake jars and the sweet cups are alongside the unbelievably tasty mini sandwiches, mini burgers, mini falafel and mini steak sandwiches. Also, their creative creations include the musttry konafa and green tea cupcake. Sweet & Savory also offers to customize your baked good however you like. Are you all excited yet? Order line: 9200012626 Twitter: SweetandSavory_ | Facebook: Sweet & Savory Location: Sary Street |

La Mamma Catering: The art of flavor starts at home

With an ounce of passion, a pinch of love, and a swirl of precision, La Mamma catering brings the art of flavor to your wedding day. Celebrate in taste with the city’s finest gourmet bakery. Order line: +966-550087444 Facebook: La Mamma Catering

Rania’s Cheesecakes: Cheesecake with a twist

Home made cheesecakes with different new flavours, shapes & sizes. They are specialized in pop shaped Cheesecakes which are suitable for weddings and all special occasions. In addition they are the only ones in town who makes dark chocolate cheesecake crown. Available at  Delicacy Lounge “ Soufflé and Tea”, 2nd floor, the Red Sea Mall Order line: +966-553358556 Twitter: R_Cheesecakes Facebook: Rania’s Cheesecakes


Dining Around Town


Since its opening just over a year ago, Belajio Resort has took over the corniche with style, quality and a uniquely enjoyable atmosphere. They have also established their ability to create the perfect dining event you’re looking for. Belajio Resort offers a complete and professional catering service. The team is able to serve an unforgettable dining experience for any type of event: weddings, graduations, dinner parties and the like. Their team is flexible and able to work in whichever way clients desire. It’s a great option for creative wedding locations and tastes. The catering service is able to reach anywhere within the Jeddah area. The chefs’ resourcefulness and expertise is demonstrated in their culinary abilities. Clients can choose from Belajios’ fabulously long menus of international cuisines or ask for a specific menu in mind. The catering service is also equipped at delivering the food at its freshest with their transportation system. The chefs can also perform an exciting cooking show for your guests! Belajio features a group of restaurants and event halls situated on little islands connected by charming bridges. Some of which include the lavish Crystal dining hall 68 DESTINATION JEDDAH


where you can host your events weddings, fashion shows, product launches..etc. Layalina is their elegant Lebanese restaurant that’s also a hall to host upscale events. In addition, Their Tea Garden is a tranquil greenhouse-like area perfect for business luncheons and a relaxing and aromatic cup of tea, and Dar Al Qamar is a lush terraced section with a lovely sea view. And under construction is a magnificent banquet hall that will surely be a success. They also provide entertainment for your events, such as DJs and fun activities for children’s parties. So if you’re looking to create the perfect event, Belajio will help you achieve exactly what you want!


Venice By the Red Sea Dining by the canals of Venice is a dream to many of us and it's actually much closer than you would dare to think. The recently opened Doppio is an upscale restaurant that has become the talk of the town with its magnificent, show-stopping Venetian decoration; it makes you feel like you are taking a gondola cruise through the Mediterranean waves of Italy. The walls are decorated with a modeled replica of old Venetian buildings with vibrant colors and beautiful flowers. In order to create an elegant romantic atmosphere, the place is lit by huge, glowing stars dangling from the ceiling. Their suede covered chairs are huge and comfortable, the tables are lit by candle lanterns, and, drum roll here, a piano graces the room! What else can be more dreamy or romantic than dining on fine, gourmet food whilst listening to some classical tunes played live by a talented pianist? Though the place looks like it’s painted out of an Italian postcard, Doppio’s menu isn’t Italian based; but they have an Italian menu with various dishes coming from different cuisines. Starting with the beverages that occupy a decent part of the menu, Doppio excels at the coffee blends and the fruit cocktails. The food is something else, it’s simple, yet scrumptious. Culinary experts, this is the place to be. their steak is something you won’t find anywhere else, not only in Jeddah, but even in the Middle East. It’s specially imported from the U.S. Their mushroom fettuccini is luscious, even better than a lot of the pastas served at authentic Italian restaurants, the noodles themselves are handmade in Italy, coming straight from an old bistro in a tiny Italian city. Doppi shined in literally no time. With attention to the detail, from the decorating elements to the food ingredients, Doppio is just perfect. Location: Prince Sultan St., next to Alandalusia. Tel: +966-566974610




Annafora Cafe Intercontinental Hotel Tel: +966-2-6611800 Avezzano Cafe Serafi Mega Mall Tel: +966-595122266 Spears Campioni Sports Cafe Intercontinental Hotel Batarji St. Tel: +966-2-6611800 Tel: +966-2-6395695 On The Border Cilantro Cafe Malik Rd Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-22150891 Tel: +966-2-2611191 Chai & Ba Chocolates Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6642084 Al Pina Coffee Bean & King Rd. Tea Leaf Tel: +966-2-6905885 Al-Shate’e Dist. Anoosh Tel: +966-2-2753914 Sari St. Coffee Republic Tel: +966-2-6832209 Corniche Rd. Bon Bon Tel: +966-2-6637575 Andalus St. Costa Coffee Tel: +966-2-6697655 Sari St. Chocolat Tel: +966-2-6067741 Khalideya Dist. Craze Tel: +966-2-6068830 Rawdah Star Center Chocolate Corner Tel: +966-2-6653065 Rawdah St. Deera Cafe Tel: +966-2-6630449 King Rd. Chocolate Sense Tel: +966-2-2754491 Tahlia St. Doppio Tel: +966-2-2847740 Prince Sultan St. Chocolate Studio Tel: +966-566974610 Sari St. Joffrey’s Coffee Tel: +966-2-6985222 Tahalia St. Ganache Tel: +966-2-6677234 Rawadah St. Melange Tel: +966-2-6601390 Tahlia St. Caramel Tel: +966-2-6695619 Rawdah St. MillenniuM Tel: +966-2-6688527 Tahlia St. Chocoline Bugshan Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6614664 Tel: +966-2-2842846 Pearls Cafe Dactylifera Rawadah St. Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6642233 Tel: +92008182 Soleil Miss Chocolate Rosewood Hotel Rawda St. Tel: +966-2-2578888 Tel: +966-2-6638989 Tea Amo Nesma Chocolates Tahlia St./ Coral Mall Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6601738 Tel: +966-2-6947790 Tea Gschwendner Red Sea Mall Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-2150141 Tel: +966-2-2150695 Arafat St. Tea Rose Tel: +966-2-2845820 Andalus St. Patchi Tel: +966-2-6688233 Tahlia St. Teayana Tel: +966-2-6695858 Andalus St. Voila Chocolate Tel: +966-2-6681660 Millenium Ctr. Tahlia St. Uromshi Cafe Tel: +966-2-6684343 Prince Sultan St. Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-6066668 Tel: +966-2-2754411

Directory American 16 Hundred Le Chateau Mall,Tahlia St Tel: +966-2-2614415 Tel: +966-549302320 19th Century Burger Tel: +966-920019819 Americano Burger Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6728488 American Corner Khalideya St. Tel: +966-2-6060188 Applebees Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6610012 Chili’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6634760 Roshan Mall Tel: +966-2-6046800 Flap Jacks Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-2-6681191 Fuddruckers Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Mugg & Bean Serafi Megamall Tel: +966-2-6573333 ext. 334 Outback Steakhouse Tahlia St. Tel: + 966-2-2892990 Ruby Tuesday’ Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6501999 Steak House Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-6829955 Red Sea Mall. Tel: +966-2-2151200 T.G.I Friday’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6529330 The Texan Meridien Hotel Tel: +966-2-6633333 Tony Roma’s Mall of Arabia Tel: +966-2-6123534 Uno’s Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6221320 Wing Zone Rawda St. Tel: +966-2-6067233

Brazilian Rio De Janeiro Sari St Tel: +966-502330914


Coffee & Tea Shops


Bateel Tahlia St. 360 Cafe Tel: +966-2-6630373 Intercontinental Hotel Kingdom of Dates Tel: +966-2-6611800 Hera’a St.

Tel: +966-2-6590838 Salheya Prince Sultan St. Tel: +96 s6-2-6973281 Talah Date ss Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6837887 Tamraty Al Murjan St. Tel: +966-2-6637995

Fast Food Albaik Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6060244 Al-Tazaj Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6683371 Big Bite Rawdah St. Tel: +920001219 Burger King Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6394375 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6836062 Capo Grillo Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-69829152 Domino’s Pizza Shate’e Tel: +966-2-6065633 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561888 Forn Wa Saj Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-2574747 Herfy Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6829276 Hot Waves Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-2757241 Hush Pizza Sari St. Mob: +966-564028330 Jan Burger Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6924679 Joe’s Diner Khalideya Dist. Tel: 920005637 Jollibee Khalideya Souq Tel: +966-2-6984043 Jeddah Intl. Mall Al-Balad Al-Qetar Square Kayyal St. Kaddoura Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6683844 KFC Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6613356 Kudu

Khalidya Market Tel: +8001240061 Little Caesar’s Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6823018 Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6749687 McDonald’s Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6560017 Mister Burger Al-Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6822223 Migalgal Wa Mafroom Al-Zahrah Dist. Tel: +966-2-682-6324 New York Cab Pizza Mohammadyah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6947972 Panino’s Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561911 Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6654264 Khalideya Dist. Marina Hyatt. Tel: +966-2-6064717 Next to Cappuccino Grand Cafe. Tahlia St. Al Hamra Corniche. Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6676991 Tel:+966-2-6501089 Peruvi Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-6923393 Tel: +966-2-6606633 International Philly’s Cafe Lenotre Kayyal St. Tahlia St. Al-Amwaj Tel: +966-2-6394146 Tel: +966-2-2611222 Hilton Jeddah Champs-Elysées Tel: +966-2-6590000 Pizza Hut Andalus St. Al-Safina Hamra Dist. Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6513113 Tel: +966-2-2845454 Tel: +966-2-6590000 Crêpe Café Al-Naeem Dist. Al-Shurafa Tel: +966-2-6548890 Roshana Mall Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966 -2-2634989 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6602743 Tel: +966-2-2341962 Stars Avenue Al-Shurafa Lounge Tel: +966-2-2754522 Tahlia St. Qasr Al-Sharq Delifrance Tel: +966-2-6672917 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6599999 Quiznos Sub Andalusia Tel: +920009950 Prince Sultan St. Sari St. Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6063210 Tel: +966-2-6068014 Tel: +966-2-2567196 Andalusian Cuisine Subway La Cuisine Park Hyatt Khalideya Dist. Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-2639666 Tel: +966-2-6063493 Tel: +966-2-6630363 Barnie’s Madinah Rd. Le Ciel Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6120513 Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6696201 Tel: +966-2-6525354 Tahlia St. Beaux Arts Tel: +966-2-6651377 Le Croissant Tahlia St. King Rd. Sultan Al Burger Tel: +966-2-6983028 Tel: +966-2-6222861 Rawdah Dist. Black Rose Le Traiteur Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6677344 Corniche Tel: +966-2-6672953 Wonder Burger Tel: +966-2- 6556022 Blue Diamond Delivery Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-2-6694348 MoonMilk Al-Shatee, Prince Naif St. Tel: +966-2-6605301 Tel: +966-2-2886229 /6605310 French Paul Bubbles Bert’s Andalus St. Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-2-26671633

Brunch Malik Rd.,Dinner Square. Tel : +966 5609 89762 Café Aroma Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6605160 Cappuccino Grand Cafe Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-2891009 Cast & Crew Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2616770 Chilli Grill Khalediya St. Tel: +966-2-6928383 Dardasha Park Hyatt Tel: +966-2-2639666 Grand Prix Café Tahlia Majra Alsail Tel: +966-2-2631846 Fratelli Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6907217 Harley Café Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6651010 Habsburg Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Java Lounge Andalus St. Tel: +966-507533090 Tel: +966-2-6642330 Kick Zone Tahila St. / Solidaire Mall Tel: + 966-2-2613364 Mob: +966-540573729 Le Notre Coffee Shop Alhamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6517527 Lolita Café Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562369 Lost City Alhamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6655773 Mayrig Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2616060 Melange Tahliah St. Tel: +966-2-6636214 Montarosa Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6391393 Oro Malek Rd., Dinner Square Mob: 0566630538 Papaya Next to Sawari Mall Tel: +966-2-2753425 Pearls Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642233 Promenade Cafe Tahliah St. Tel: +966-2-6688712 DESTINATION JEDDAH 71

Salad Boutique Alhamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-2895427 Shadow Lounge Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2614777 Tche Tche Cafe Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6223091 Tenidor Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-2-2754144 Terrace Lounge Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6995676 Toasted Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2616747 Baghdadia Dist. Tel: +966-2-6517883 Uptown 966 Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6995911 Vertigo Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6633241 White Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6068171 Zodiac Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6607548

Ice Cream Baskin Robbins Musaediyya Tel: +966-2-6640574 Fresh Berry Tel: +966-2-2847443 Gelato Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-2631820 Marble Slab Creamery Mall of Arabia Tel: +966-2-2906803 Marcel’s Tahliah St. /Red Sea Mall / Basateen Mall Tel: +966-2-2613899 Movenpick Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6823366 Stickhouse Tel: +966-2-6927878 Mob: +966-515047184

Italian Angelicos Pizzeria Hamad Al Jaser St., Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6622964 Aldente Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6970220 Al-Forn Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6612874 Aromi 72 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Balsamico Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6633115 Balsamico Too Malek Rd., Dinner Square Tel: +966-565345317 Castello Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed St. Tel: +966-2-665228 Ciao Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6653710 il Gusto Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6600337 il Gabiano Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6587042 il Villaggio Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6688233 il Porto Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6501024 Isabella Al-Zahrah Dist. Tel: +966-2-2566008 Lallo’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6614719 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561113 Makaronah St. Tel: +966-2-2906441 La Promenade Café Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688712 La Villa Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6673434 L’Olivo Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6687494 Maggianos Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6606625 Margherita Khalediya St. Tel: +966-2-6061100 Monta Rosa Prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6391393 Olio Stars Avenue Tel:+966-2-2754811 Piatto Etoile / Al Malik Rd. Tel:+966-2-6922501 Pizza Fusion Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-2-2616933 Pane Caldo Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-2150393 Pizza Lenou Corniche Rd.

Tel: +966-2-6140663 Pizza Napoli Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6927796 Portofino Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6655855 Rossopomodoro Etoile/ King Rd Tel: +966-2-6926318 Salues Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6680335 Sbarro Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6067449 Scalini Habitat Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578800 Vera Pizza Batarji St. Tel: +920003213

Bhar Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6973420 Byblos Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Chez Siran Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-2-2616910 Cusine Halawani Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688900 Crunchy Square Rawdah St. Tel:+966-2-6672977 Ghouzi Hera St. Tel: +966-6900004 Goodies Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6657721 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754527 Green Island Café Corniche Rd. Middle-Eastern Tel: +966-2-6990090 Kanz Obhur Abu Shakra Obhur Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-2902888 Tel: +966-2-6645111 Khayal Abu Zaid Prince Sultan St. Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6629999 Tel: +966-2-6936633 Manuosha Al-Dawwar Al-Masri Sari St. Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-2565275 Tel: +966-2-2150390 Mataam Al-Sharq Al-Fairouz Qasr Al-Sharq King Fahad St. Tel: +966-2-6599999 Tel: +966-2-6703911 Mathag Zaman Al-Nakheel Khalideya St. Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6067553 Tel:+966-2-6066644 Nafoura Al-Wada’a Park Hyatt Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-2639666 Tel: +966-2-6555550 Palm Beach Al-Rausha Salamah Dist. Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6394007 Tel: +966-2-6541460 Redan Al-Seekh Tel: +966-2-6542949 Sari St. Roody Mob: +966-500422255 Opp. Al-Shatee Souk Al-Zawaqa Tel: +966-2-6919126 Sari St. Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6916004 Tel: +966-2-2388488 Bab Al Yemen Saddah Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-6055982 Tel: +966-2-2899090 Semsom Bait Al-Buff Khalediya St. Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6068600 Tel: +966-2-6917578 Shami Beiruiti Corniche Rd. Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6065353 Tel: +966-2-6686354 Shawarmatac Obhur Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6562606 Tel: +966-2-6688994 Belajio Sheesh Kabaab Corniche Road Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6222784 Tel: +966-2-6712047 Tel: +966-2-6222779 Sheikh Manqoush

Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6837330 Shoro Quraish St. Tel: +966-2-6626246 Sindian Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6678189 Studio Masr Tel: +966-2-2615752 Taktaka Khalideyah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6064148/ 6060790 Teen Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6689531 Yemeni Delights Tel: +966-5-38372874 Yildizlar Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6531150

FUSION: Soy Rawadah St. Tel: +966-2-6643414 TY Lounge Malek Rd.,Dinner Square Tel: +966-2-6905848

INDONESIAN: Bait Al-Jawi Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-2367666 Gado Gado Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6514774 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6560787



Nosh Lounge Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6543888

Benihana Sands Hotel / Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6686014 Ginza i Chome Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Hakkaido Tel: +966-2-6521234 Kome Al Marina on Hamra St. Tel: +966-2-6141616 Le Japonais Westin Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6588200 Ohayo Al-Kayyal St. Tel: +966-2-6836789 Oishii Sushi Al-Baterji St. Tel: +966-533575162 Sakura Crown Plaza Tel: +966-2-6611000 Sushi Yoshi Attallah Center Tel: +966-2-6944419 Rawdah Star Center Tel: +966-2-2616734 Obhur Tel: +966-2-656156 Wakame Rawdah St. Tel:+966-2-6682003 Zn Lounge Roshana Mall, Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2634889 Mob: +966-535598855

Oriental CHINESE: Be One Maa’adi St. Tel: +966-2-6143753 Baytote Chinese Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6164442 China Gate Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6970672 China Hut Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6625898 Chopsticks Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6907575 Durrat China Prince Abdullah St. Tel: +966-2-2616885 Golden Palace Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6690377 Gulf Royal Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6653335 Noodles Rosewood Corniche Tel: +966-2-2578888 Toki Laylati, Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-6060606 Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6992212

THAI: Thai Thai Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6913808 DESTINATION JEDDAH 73


We’re Hungry.. are You?

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Al-Khayam Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Jahan Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6571427 Sultani Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6693898 Tikka Express Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6631825

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Turkish Tike Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6832128

Seafood Amou Hamza Safa Dist. Tel: +966-2-6677070 Al-Danah Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6990090 Al-Hori Tel: +966-502724033 Al-Multaqa King Rd. Tel: +966-2-6066666 Atlantis Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6611800 El Bengala Tel: +966-2-6166332 Fish Market Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6611800 The Manhattan Fish Market Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6141900 Sayadiyah Express For Delivery Tel: +966-566640660

Sweets/Dessert & Bakery Al-Emad Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-2575268 AL-Forn Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642388 Hail Street Tel: +966-2-6612874 Prince Sultan St. 74 DESTINATION JEDDAH

dcaoh jeod od. m f Tel: +966-2-6990352 Al-Mahawi Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2575739 Al-Samadi Sweets Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642424 Atayeb Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642150 Berry Land Tahlia St. Tel: +966 2 661 6711 Cake-a-licious Al-Batarji St. Tel: +966-2-2889926 Cheesecake Factory Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6690895 Crepe Factory Al-Shati Dist. Tel: +966-2-6995676 Crunchez Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-2150145 Crusty Rawdah St. Tel: +920026633

Edible Arrangments Batarji St. Tel: +920024070 Fab Sweets Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754202 Helen’s Kitchen Kayyal St. Tel: +966-2-6977729 La Fraise Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6511312 La Mamma For Delivery Mob: 550087444 Le Croissant Shop Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6065184 Le Gourmet Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6605061 Le Notre Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2611222 Le Vendome King Rd. Tel: +966-2-6924606 Lite Bite Sari St.

Tel: +966-2-6989081 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562262 Minimoonz Tahlia Center Tel: +966-507702501 Munch Bakery Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6605010 Pie Sweet Pie Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-533888959 Pink Berry Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-250436 Rania’s Cheescakes Red Sea Mall Tel: 553358556 Shake Licious Khalidiyah Tel: +966-2-6928208 Sweet & Savory Sari St. Tel: +966-2-0001626

South-Asian Asia Restaurant Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6828525 Bharat Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2754606 India Gate Sharafiya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6440276 Mahraja Al Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6656558 Kohinoor Ramada Hotel Tel: +966-2-6670777 Marhaba Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6636201 Raj Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2632137 Shezan Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6621086 Taj Mahal Khalideyah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6979698 Sea View Shisha Play Area Delivery Wi-Fi Outdoor Seating

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A Trip to Remember By Noha Youssef

The honeymoon – an essential finale to the wedding. The custom of newlyweds departing for a romantic getaway trip after their wedding is de rigueur these days. This concept first originated in the 19th century in Great Britain; it was adapted from an old Indian tradition where upper-class Indian couples would take a bridal tour across the country to visit their relatives who had been unable to attend the wedding. This tradition soon spread to the rest of Europe and throughout the world. For many couples the honeymoon is the trip of their lifetime as it cements their new relationship in a private setting. Not only will couples relive these memories for a lifetime, the love and romance established during these early days will remain etched upon their hearts forever.

CANADA: The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Who would have thought that freezing Canada can be one of the top places to spend your dream honeymoon?! The Canadian Rockies contain some of the best and most spectacular scenery in the world, so for those who want to celebrate their marital love with a bit of adrenaline while enjoyinf the thrills of nature without ruining the romance, the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is the perfect destination. Nestled in the middle of Banff National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site, this amazing hotel is perfect for both summer and winter honeymoons. In the summer you will be dazzled by the majestic 76 DESTINATION JEDDAH

beauty of the scenery, the mountains, and the forested valley - you can enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, fishing and horseback riding. In winter, it is a snowy winter wonderland. It feels like you are in a Disney movie or a fanciful dream, the scenery is jaw-dropping spectacular. You can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, and many other snow-related activities. Fine dining and glam shopping awaits you in the evenings, or you can simply unwind in a steamy Jacuzzi sipping on snowy vistas by moonlight. Best for: Adventure seekers.

MEXICO: The One and Only Palmilla Where else but on your honeymoon can you escape the pressures of life in unadulterated luxury? Show yourself and your new spouse some mutual love, and disappear in a private corner of serenity on the Pacific Ocean. The One and Only Palmilla resort lies on the tip of the famed Baja Peninsula in Cabos San Lucas. Accessible only by a private jet or a yacht, this resort carries a lot of history between its beautiful walls together with the richness of the Mexican heritage. This combination makes it a vibrant experience for the beach and culture-loving couple. There is nothing

like the warm, Mexican waters to wash away all your worries. Each private villa overlooks the ocean with its own private beaches, and the underwater spa treatments are not easy to describe in words...they’re sublimely relaxing. After spending the morning and afternoon in pampered relaxation, get ready to salsa the night away to live Mariachi bands. Outstanding Mexican cuisine featuring regional dishes and international dishes will have you eagerly anticipating the next meal. Best for: Sun and Sea seekers/Culture lovers

EGYPT: The Dakhla Oasis, Al Tarfa Sanctuary lodge This can easily be the trip of your lifetime, not only just your honeymoon. Located in the south, it is a mix of beauty and purity. Al Tarfa is an eco-friendly lodge and a boutique hotel sited in the Dakhla oasis, rated one of the best 100 hotels and resorts in the world. It is built with local, natural materials with Saharan architecture -the amazingly designed lounges and huge rich library full of rare books about the Arabian desert will keep you spellbound for hours. The spacious suites are furnished with antique, classic French furniture in a tasteful style. Each suite has its

own plunge pool inside and private garden with terraces and fireplaces. The lodge overlooks magnificent white desert dunes and, at the same time, lush, green fields – a perfect blend of desert and countryside in one panoramic vista. Indulge in a Thai massage, go horseback riding by moonlight, or enjoy a candle-lit, dinner in the pristine desert. Visits to the Pharaonic/ Persian temples, the ruins of Coptic cities and monasteries, the old mosques and the historic palaces can also be arranged. Best for: Romantic adventure seekers



Directory Airlines Airport Information Tel: +966-2-6855526 Air Algerie Tel: +966-2-6515232 Air Arabia Tel: +920013322 Air Elaf Tel:+966-2-6641233 Air France Tel: +966-2-6512000 Air India Tel: +966-2-2632994 Ameco International Travel Tel: +966-2-6651333 Austrian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6644222 Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel: +966-2-6652733 BMI-British Midland Tel: +966-2-2633009 British Airways Tel: +92000 2215 Continental Airlines Tel: +966-2-6693376 Cyprus Airways Tel: +966-2-6696304 Dallo Airlines Tel: +966-2-6513008 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-2-6570555 Emirates Airlines Tel: +966-2-6106698 Ethiopian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6512996 Egypt Airlines Tel: +966-2-6449007 Etihad Airways Tel: +966-2-6640026 Garuda Indonesia Tel: +966-2-6656121 Dnata Travel Hotline: 920-000-000


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(4-star) Tel: +966-2-6633332 Al-Hofouf Hotel Tel: +966-2-6520100 Al-Janadreia Apartments Tel: +966-2-6173824 Al-Janoub Hotel (2-star) Tel: +966-2-6486844 Al-Kaki Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6310071 Al-Malekah Hotel Tel: +966-2-6751764 Al-Manea Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6823509

Al-Msaadeyah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6603116 Al-Nahdha Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6471158 Al-Nakheel Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6475127 Al-Saaha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6514121 Al-Waha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6715043 Ascor Co Tel: +966-2-6066425 Avail Grand Tel: +966-2-6599000 Cairo Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6483870 Crom Airport Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6852222 Crown Plaza (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6611000 Dourat Cornich Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6561225 Habitat Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-2578800 Jeddah Hilton (5-star) Tel: +966-2- 6590000 Holiday Inn (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6314000 InterContinental (5-star)   Tel: +966-2- 6611800 Jeddah Marriott Hotel (5-star)   Tel: +966-2-6714000 Jeddah Orchid (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6070777 Movenpick (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6676655 Park Hyatt Jeddah (5-star) Tel: +966-2-2639666 Qasr Alsharq (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6599999 Radisson SAS (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6521234 Ramada (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6670777 Red Sea Palace (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6428555 Rosewood Corniche(5-star) Tel: +966-2-2578888 Sands Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6692020 Sand Dunes Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-2562020

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Tour Operators Al-Samaklky foundation Tel: +966-2-6640662 Arabian Camp Tel: +966-505664137 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6794022 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel: +966-2-6575266

To add your business to the listing, please e-mail the name and number to DESTINATION JEDDAH 79

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How to Choose

a Bridal Makeup Artist

By Nilo Haq

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. The day you dream of looking your best and all eyes will be on you. Choosing a makeup artist for your wedding is an important task. You want to ensure you look, feel and photograph to your best advantage. Here are some tips to ensure your success:



Like many things in life, makeup prices vary from SR500 to SR4000, so it is important for you to find out the average rate of the bridal makeup around town. If you are not sure where to begin, start by calling some popular salons or asking your friends. Then decide a budget as to how much you are willing to spend on your bridal makeup and hair to avoid wasting time with salons or makeup artists who are over your budget.


2 5

First decide if you would like to have your bridal makeup done at the salon, at home or at the venue. If you like the convenience of having someone come to you directly on your wedding day, then perhaps freelance makeup artists would work better or a salon that would send the makeup artist to you. It’s important to note that salons generally charge double to come to your place.



Ask your friends, family and coworkers if they can recommend a good makeup artist whose work they have seen before. A referral is the best way to find a good makeup artist. You can also search on Facebook or Google for makeup artists who do bridal makeup at your city.



Once you’ve narrowed down a few makeup artists, who you like. Ask to take a look at some of their work or portfolio, to get an idea of their style and how their makeup photographs.


It is vital to get a trail done before the wedding day, to test and try out some different looks, and to see if the makeup artist 80 DESTINATION JEDDAH

can create the look you want to achieve. Be specific in what you want and try to bring pictures from magazines or from the Internet of bridal makeup looks that you like. It is also a good idea to bring a picture of your wedding dress to give the makeup artist an idea of the style you want to create. Remember! A trail is a time to play, try different styles and colors. Don’t be afraid to say what is on your mind, especially if you don’t like something. Once you achieve a look you are satisfied with, take a picture and ask your makeup artist to note down the colors she used. Also write down the shade of lipstick she uses so that you can purchase the same one and can then use it for touch ups at the event.



Freelance makeup artists and salons require a deposit to book the specific day of the event. If you are satisfied with your makeup after the trial, confirm your booking by paying a deposit.

Must Have

Bridal Beauty Products Teeth Whitening Strips You will be the star of the show on your wedding day. So don’t forget to smile! To make sure you are prepared, buy some teeth whitening strips from the pharmacy. These clear plastic strips really make teeth look whiter! You can further enhance your smile by using whitening or “smoker’s toothpaste”.

False Lashes

Even if you already have long and thick lashes, false lashes are still a MUST. False lashes enhance all eye shapes, look great in pictures, and give a glamorous look. There are so many different styles to choose from – natural or diva - don’t make the mistake of skipping them!

Long Lasting Lipstick

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is touching up your lipstick especially in between guests and pictures. Many brands have long lasting lip colors that last for more than 8 hours. Spend time enjoying your evening, eating, laughing, and sipping on drinks without worrying that your lip color will fade away.

WaterProof Mascara

Whether the tears are of sadness or joy... most brides do cry on their wedding day. To avoid raccoon eyes, find yourself a reliable waterproof mascara (most salons don’t keep them.)


Primers are a bridal must-have, as they allow your foundation to last longer. They absorb oil, even out the complexion, and fill in any fine lines and wrinkles. What’s not to love? DESTINATION JEDDAH 81

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Beauty Checklist

Planning your beauty treatments well in advance will allow you to look and feel your best on your big day. With so many things to remember, creating a checklist for your beauty regimen will help to organize your busy life.

3 Months

Begin your skincare treatments, and keep on continuing them every 4 weeks. Begin your permanent hair removal appointments with your esthetician (if needed). Enhance and strengthen your nails with a fortifying manicure twice a month.

1 Month

If you want to color your hair, do it now! Begin hair-conditioning treatments to strengthen your hair. Book your trial makeup session, with your makeup artist and confirm your booking. Get a hair cut, if needed.

1 Week Before

Get your facial a week in advance to ensure your skin recovers from any new bumps or irritations.

2-3 Days Before

Waxing – Body, Face, Bikini Eyebrows – Threading, Waxing or Bleaching Manicure & Pedicure – without color (wait to put on a fresh coat) The bridal spa day: Massage, Hamam Magrabi, Paraffin, Hair Mask, etc.… If you need some more color, consider getting air brush tanning.

The Wedding Day

Pick up flowers from the florist, that is if you plan to wear them in your hair. Make-up application/Hair styling. Nail polish application.




Bridal Hairstyles Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day is a tough decision. It’s not just about what looks good on you, it is also about what compliments your dress. It’s vital to get a trial done before your wedding day to try out some different styles to see what will accentuate your dress and suit your theme. Let’s take a look at some contemporary favorites.

1. The Classic Chignon

The classic chignon looks great on all face shapes and is a timeless look. Add a modern twist to your chignon by accessorizing with some elegant flowers or some sparkly pins.

2. The Half-Up/Half-Down

Half-Up/Half-Down is a youthful, yet elegant hairstyle which looks great with a tiara. Perfect for a fairytale wedding.

3. The Hollywood Wave

The Hollywood Wave works best on longer hair and on brides who want a natural, yet glamorous look.

4. The Top Knot – The “Audrey Bun” The Topknot is for the trendy bride who wants to achieve a modern look. Balance it out by wearing dangling earrings.

5. The Tousled Tease

This elegant style is a soft and unstructured look which enhances a gown that shows off your shapely neck and back.


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The Body Shop: Pioneering Values-Driven Business for New Generations of Fans The Body Shop launches its Values Report – “Striving to be a force for good”. This report provides an insight into how ethics and social responsibility are integrated into the workings of The Body Shop. The report demonstrates that businesses can act responsibly, be pioneers of social issues, achieve long-term change and still thrive commercially.

The Values Report Highlights • Expansion on the pioneering approach. The Body Shop takes to Community Fair Trade

• Quality Sourcing Program that benefits over

300,000 people in marginalized communities worldwide • Leading position on ethical sourcing – recognized in 2011 by the Ethical Trading Initiative as among the best in the beauty industry • On-going commitment to animal welfare • Achievements in protecting the planet • On-going human rights campaigns

in its supply chain. The Values Report also highlights projects carried out by The Body Shop Foundation, which is funded by an annual donation from the company, and was created to support innovative grass roots projects across the globe concerned with positive changes.

NGO Support “The Body Shop is leading the way with its progressive thinking on the subject of ‘beyond audits’…providing an example to others across all industries.”

Commenting on the bi-annual Report, Sophie Gasperment, Executive Chairman of The Body Shop said:

- Patrick Laine, Director of Corporate Partnerships, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Further highlights of the report include details of innovative Community Fair Trade projects supported by The Body Shop, ranging from sesame oil producers in Nicaragua to the growers of peppermint and hemp oil in the UK. The Body Shop Ethical trading program is focused on positive engagement, looking to improve the livelihood of the workers

- Thomas Schultz-Jagow, Director at Oxfam GB

“The Body Shop is about pioneering the standards in sustainability issues that lead the way in ethical Brand behavior. We champion an integrated business model where tangible values and strongly adhered to ethics are inherent to a commercial approach… [consumers] have an acute awareness of the behaviors they expect from the Brands that count for them”.



“In an environment in which customers and key stakeholders alike require full transparency and convincing proof points…the company has impressive plans in place to turn commitments into measurable and meaningful outcomes.”

For more information, please contact Tel: +96626746611 Ext # 188 E-mail: @TheBodyShopJed


Interior Design Visual Communication

Fashion Design








Hana Alamuddin Shahira Fahmy Anna Klingmann Amr Abdel Kawi Lyndon Likim Neri Ahmad Angawi Tarek Atrissi Reema Bandar Al-Saud Abubakir Balfaqih Joe Cornish Kameel Hawa Hilda Mecharrafie Paula Scher Timba Smits Anne Swartz Yahiya Al Bishri Mohammad Ashi Alexandra Cabral Aiisha Ramadan



Jeddah, Saudi Arabia April 7-11, 2012

Dar Al - Hekma College +966.2.630.3333 ext. 370

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n e e r G My

Wedding By Rayan Khayat

Weddings are always the perfect occasion for a joyfully extravagant celebration, and a great amount of energy and matter go into creating the scene the couple has idealized. Lavish decorations are set up, and a sublime feast must be prepared, all for a large number of invitees. Unfortunately however, this could result in a lot of excess and waste. There’s the overabundance of food to consider, decoration items become unusable afterwards, and a high amount of electricity and power is used. So it’s definitely an occasion worth some environmental concern. If a couple and their families are committed to the cause, there are some multi-beneficial ways to care for the environment on their special day - it’s only a matter of making it part of the overall planning strategy. This is a guide for the eco-friendly couple who wants to celebrate their marriage without forgetting to invite Mother Nature.



Inform the organizers and whoever is helping you of your goal. Ask them to keep the environment in mind each step of the way. You could also give someone the sole job of eco-supervising. Weddings are costly so be sure that your money is going towards eco-friendly and ethical companies and services. This includes everything from supporting a caterer who uses local grown foods and buying ethically mined jewelry.

Reduce Energy:

For a naturally bright and romantic feel, have the reception during the day and use sunlight instead of excessively using electricity. You can also use solar lanterns that continue to be lit towards the evening. Keep in mind the acoustics of the venue for a naturally amplified sound instead of using too many inconvenient speakers that are near your guests. Choose a venue that’s most convenient for your loved ones to attend to reduce gas mileage. Encourage car-pooling and fewer trips to the reception hall for guests and movers. Choose flowers that are local and in-season, avoiding long-distance shipping.

Reduce Waste:

Investigate the venue’s waste methods before making a commitment. To minimize inevitably wasted paper, have a graphic designer create a creative and interactive online invitation. For guests who aren’t accustomed to the Internet, you could use a single sheet envelope-letter. Use fresh fruit juices in reusable glasses and minimize the packaging being wasted, otherwise make sure they are recyclable. Ahead of time, choose an organization or impoverished area and deliver the rest of the food immediately after the wedding or early the next morning. This way the food will remain as fresh as possible. (Contact Fa’ed Ta’am for help donating your leftovers. Mob: +966554053053) Unfortunately, it’s very common for people to get rid of wedding favors and a lot of material is wasted. Consider giving out

edible favors, such as a jar of honey or some chocolate. The favors could also be part of the table arrangement, such as a flower with a card or a small candle. Donate tablecloths, chair sheets and similar items to cloth shops instead of throwing them out. Or make sure the planner is re-using them in other events.


To avoid receiving unwanted gifts or the same gift twice, the couple could either use a wedding registry or have their family and friends consult each other. Instead of making a whole new dress for yourself, consider using your mother’s or someone else’s and make the proper adjustments. Try using a designer who uses sustainable natural fabric.

Mawakeb Al-Ajer is a notable charity organization that kindly offers a wide range of wedding decorations, dresses and a lot more. Check out their selection and donate your items for someone else’s special day. and Naqaa Enterprise will help any event be greener. DESTINATION JEDDAH 87


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Green Living

rganic Shops

Supermarkets: Danube, Panda, Carrefour, Manuel, Geant, Bin Dawood Shops: GNC: Tahlia St. - Tel: +966-2-6641185 Abazeer Organic Products Souk Al Mussadia, No. 3, Madinah Road Tel: +966 2 6612285 Bait Al Seha (House of Health): Rawda St. - Tel: +966-2-6691003 Watania: Abdul Rahman Al Sudairi St. Tel: +966-2-6915082 Nofa Holdings: Al Shoalla Center, Madinah Road Tel: +966-2-6073890 Reyhan Gourmet Shop Al Andalus St. - Tel: +966-2-6688233 Body & Soul: Organic bath & Body care brand - Mall of Arabia Yves Roche: Natural Beauty Cosmetics Mall of Arabia - Red Sea Mall - Roshan Mall - Serafi Mega Mall - Aziz Mall Clothes: Giordano: Badriyya Towers - Mall of Arabia - Aziz Mall - Serafi Mega Mall - Roshan Mall Fox Fiber: I’m Special Mall (Ana Gher), Prince Sultan St. crossing Tahlia St. Kissy Kissy: Organic Babies clothes Rawda St., Pink or Blue shop Tel: +966-2-6634452 You can order online Bubs Boutique: Organic Babies clothes

ws Green GNe OFF!!

IKEA SWITCHIN IKEA stores in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran will switch off their non-essential lights in support of Earth Hour on 31st of March 2012 for one hour starting from 8.30pm. ETIHAD AIRWAYS GOES ORGANIC Etihad Airways has partnered with Abu Dhabi Organics Farms to offer its first class passengers organic food products including eggs, vegetables and honey. 88 DESTINATION JEDDAH

EC -Gadget USB Cell SR 66

USBCELL AA Rechargeable Batteries work just like normal rechargeable batteries, but instead of plugging into a charger, simply pop off the lid to recharge with any powered USB Port. Ideal for use with wireless mice, keyboards, game controllers, and other household products with no need to find a separate charger - can be charged hundreds of times, saving you money and helping reduce environmental waste! Available at Amazon

Green rganizations

Alnabta Tel: +966-2-2632013 Facebook: Alnabta Website: Email:

Friends of Jeddah Parks Tel: +966-2-6579572 Facebook: Friends of Jeddah Parks Website: Email: Saudi Environmental Society Tel: +966-2-6996193 Website: Naqaa Tel: +966-2-2834507 Facebook: Naq’a Environmental enterprise Website:

The Light Bulb Vase Don’t throw away those old light bulbs just yet! This easy DIY project will brighten up your home decor or workspace. Materials: A light bulb (any shape or size will work), pliers and gardening wire.

Method: Remove the little silver layer on the bottom of the light bulb by working the pliers under the layer to create a little lip, and then carefully peel it right off.


2. Now remove the black cap from the bottom of the

light bulb. DEFINITELY wear safety goggles and be extremely careful as it is glass. Work the pliers into the hole left after you removed the silver cap, and snap the glass. Use the pliers to tap the rest of the black glass off the bulb.  Do this outdoors or over a hard surface so you can sweep up the bits of glass.

3. Once you remove the black glass it will be easy to

remove the little glass tube and wire from the inside of the bulb. Then cover your empty light bulb with an eye-catching piece of fabric.

4. Add flowers and water and hang it up using the gardening wire!



Directory Clinics

Fitness Time Tel: +966-2-6226369 Al-Ansar New Clinic Gold’s Gym Tel: +966-2-6933379 Tel: +966-2-6912077 Al-Gadeer Polyclinic Hiltonia Gym Tel: +966-2-6722535 Tel: +966-2-6590000 Power In Gym Al-Hamra Clinics Tel: +966-2-6061516 Tel: +966-2-6655588 Ryan Polyclinic Al-Haramin Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6322848 Tel: +966-2-6474850 Seba Al-Madina Medical Clinic Tel: +966-2-2639791 Tel: +966-2-6881288 Z-Club Al-Quds Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6690204 Tel: +966-2-6970224 Women Andalusia Dental Center Bugshan Outpatient Tel: +966-2-2611111 Tel: +966-2-6691222 Clinic 21 (Specialized on Ext. 899 Physiotherapy) Henaa Center Tel: +966-2-6067202 Tel: +966-2-6714619 Mob: +966-506673533 Chamelle Plaza Gym Tel: +966-2-6634355 Dr. Edrees Podiatric Clinics Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-500506507 Tel: +966-2-6655000 Dr. Effat Daghostani Clinics Ext. 1501-1503 Tel: +966-2-6601729 The Lift Dr.Nashwa Radwan Clinic Tel: 8001247775 Tel: +966-2-6633737 Ba’Azem Body Building Mob:+966-560000702 Tel: +966-2-6448844 Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic Tel: +966-552065722 Tel: +966-2-6480792 B Well Gym Hera’a Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6066477 Tel: +966-2-6920724 Ideal Clinics KAI Gym Tel: +966-2-6694466 Tel: +966-2-6635444 Tel: +699-2-2753942 IC Center Sport Tech Mob: 0552200922 Tel: +966-2-6071129 Star Power Club Magrabi Eye & Ear Clinic Tel: +966-2-6776177 Tel: +966-2-6655200 Kids Orthopaedic Specialty Clinics Junior Gym Tel: +966-2-6922298 Tel: +966-2-6911925 Saudi American Clinic Sporty Kids Tel: +966-2-6605050 Tel: +966-2-6993586

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Tel: +966-2-6510652 Tel: +966-2-6603555 Al-Ansar Hospital www.salammedical. Tel: +966-2-6825105 com Al-Hamra Hospital Saudi German Tel: +966-2-6653939 Hospital Al-Hayat Hospital Tel: +966-2-682-9000 Tel: +966-2-6367778 United Doctors Al-Safa Hospital Tel: +966-2-6937262 Tel: +966-2-6533333 Bakhsh Hospital Tel: +966-2-6479666 Pharmacies Bugshan General Hospital Abo Dawood Tel: +966-2-6691222 Tel: +966-2-6877210 Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Al-Ajuwad Tel: +966-2-6820022 Tel: +966-2-6473436 Dr. Ghassan N. Pharaon Al-Ameera Tel: +966-2-6055638 Tel: +966-2-6823200 Al-Ansar Dar Al-Shifa Saudi Tel: +966-2-6050010 Tel: +966-2-6822900 Al-Awad Dr. Siddiqa Hospital Tel: +966-2-6591800 Tel: +966-2-6721763 Al-Atta Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-2-6773314 Tel: +966-2-6655000 Al-Azizeyah Hai Al-Jamea Hospital Tel: +966-2-6206981 Tel: +966-2-6806666 Al-Hamra International Medical Tel: +966-2-6440108 AlCenter Marzouki Tel: +966-2-6509000 Tel: +966-2-2717136 Jeddah Clinic Hospital Al-Nahdi Tel: +966-2-6313131 Tel: +966-2-6658687 Al-Sudais Jeddah Institute for Tel: +966-2-6737679 Speech & Hearing Tel: +966-2-6058962 Tel: +966-2-6675311 King Abdul Aziz University Al-Wasfah Tel: +966-2-6401000 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 /6365028 Magrabi Eye & Ear Hospital Tel: +966-2-6365000 Mostagbal Hospital Tel: +966-2-6875255 Mushrifah Medical Center Tel: +966-2-6654366 New Al-Jedaani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6368100 New Jeddah Clinic Hospital (NJCH) Tel: +966-2-6675000 Salam Medical


Tel: +966-2-6826198 Alya Tel: +966-2-6449254 Amal Tel: +966-2-6429486 Amira Tel: +966-2-6746001 Asia Tel: +966-2-6390553 Bin Muteab Tel: +966-2-6890964 Daan Tel: +966-2-6284405 Jamjoom Tel: +966-2-6081111 Jehhar Tel: +966-2-6973401 Noura Tel: +966-2-6685500 Rana Tel: +966-2-6984972 Remedies Tel: +966-2-6563048

SPA & Beauty Al-Megayena Tel: +966-2-6655763 Alexandre Zouari Tel: +966-2-6656161 Beauty Alliance Tel: +966-2-6681381 Body Line (men only) Tel: +966-2-2631859 Bouthaina Tel: +966-2-6631809 /6691901 Carmen Center Tel: +966-2-6648122 Chamelle Plaza Tel: +966-2-6656807 Ciate Tel: +966-2-2611250 Dar Al-Moda Tel: +966-2-6526660 Dr. Edrees Foot Spa Tel: +966-500506507 E Spa Tel: +966-2-2632093 Evania- Ladies Spa Tel: +966-2-2639792 EVE Salons Tel: +966-2-6581977 Tel: +966-2-6581455 Garra rufa Tel: +966-2-2635018 Jamalouki

IC CENTER Dental Professionals

Our Services - Preventive and Routine Dentistry Hygiene and Scaling - Restorative Dentistry - Filling, Root Canal Treatment - Gum Treatment - Prosthetics - Crowns, Bridges, Implants - Cosmetic Dentistry- Bleaching, Veneers, Ortho Treatment - Oral and Maxillofacial surgery - Pediatrics Dentistry IC Center, Jeddah, Bougainvillea Center, 3rd Floor, King Abdulaziz Road Cell:+966 (0)5 220 0922 Tel: +966 (0)2 2606610 E-mail: Website:

Tel: +966-2-6633972 Tel: +966-2-6651888 Nail care Lamasat Tel: +966-544426264 Tel: +966-2-6834002 Nirvana Lila’s Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6681634 Tel: +966-2-6622676 Oriana Lucie Saint Clair Tel: +966-2-6220773 Tel: +966-2-2832020 Seba Gentelman’s Mana Center Sports & Wellness Tel: +966-2-6066628 Center Massage on line Tel: +966-2-2639791 Tel: +966-530116729 Planet Beach Mervat Center Tel: +8001247776 Tel: +966-2-6630676 Serenity Center Miracle Parlour Tel: +966-2-6648353 Tel: +966-2-6739597 Soleil d’Or Spa Mayara Home Spa Tel: +966-2-2842233 Tel: +966 2-2345499 Spada Tel: +920010099 Nadoleen Center

Spa Lounge Tel: +966-2-2630904 Spa to go Tel: +966-544408585 The Spa by Clarins Paris Tel: +966-2-6599999 Toni & Guy Tel: +966-2-261 6230 Mob: +966537859588 U Beautes Tel: +966-559891555 Viva La Vie Tel: +966-2-6929163 Tel: +966-2-6060338 Zowaina Tel: +966-2-6656311 7L House Tel: +966-2-6532812

Veterinary Clinics Al-Seleouly Veterinary Tel: +966-2-6312169 Ext 103 European Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6676330 Emergency: +966-506530565 Happy Pet Vet Clinic Tel: +966-2-6164030 Jeddah Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6912896 North American Veterinary Tel: +966-503671822/ 0562111786 Tahliah International Tel: +966-2-6695554 Emergency: +966-504698810 Veterinarian@yourservice Mob: +966-562111786 Waleed Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6656084

To add your business to the listing, please e-mail the name and number to DESTINATION 91 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 91


Our Recommendation

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander is the first in a series…read this one and you will be hooked! It combines romance, historical fiction, adventure, and excellent writing all in one package. Gabaldon’s attention to details and realistic character development makes the story entirely believable and thoroughly mesmerizing.


Married Away follows two couples, their families and wedding planners across the world in search of the perfect wedding, capturing all the joy and unpredictability of getting married somewhere far away like Buenos Airs or Puerto Rico. When unfamiliar languages and cultures come into play, executing a wedding can be quite a challenge! Catch it on OSN The Style Network

Make it or Break it (Season 2)

American Idol (Season 11)

On: FOX Showing Time: Every Monday 11:00 am KSA

On: OSN Showing Time: Every Thursday - Friday 08:00 pm KSA

Arab Got Talent (Season 2)

Missing (Season 1)

On: MBC 4 Showing Time: Every Friday April 6,2012

On: OSN Showing Time: Every Sunday 09:00 pm KSA

Samurai Girl (Season 1)

How To Make It In America (Season 2)

On: FOX Showing Time: Every Friday 11:00 am KSA


Married Away

On: OSN Showing Time: Every Monday 10:30 pm KSA

MUST -DOS OF THE MONTH! Coming Soon The Avengers This much-anticipated superhero movie features Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow, who form S.H.I.E.L.D. and must fight Loki, Thor’s adoptive brother, who has returned to tyrannize mankind.

LISTEN TO Pomplamoose - Bust Your Knee Caps Pomplamoose is a California indie duo consisting of Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. Their retro pop/folk songs are fun and catchy and their covers of popular songs like ‘Beat It’ are inspiringly creative.

READ Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland

This cookbook is an indispensable reference for modern couples looking to spend quality time together in the kitchen. Inside are more than 130 recipes for both classic and contemporary cooking. This beautiful and sophisticated contemporary cookbook is the new go-to for newly weds.


Bad Bride...Bad Bridesmaid? A hilarious video about the complicated relationship between brides and their bridesmaids! Do they support each other or sabotage each other...see what can happen when friends with a wicked sense of humor get together to plan the Wedding Day!

A drama-romance which explores the meaning of love, the power of memories, and the implications about a life-time promise. A car accident puts Paige (McAdams) into a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win her heart again. What would you do in this situation?


DJ Staff Pick of the Month DJ staff are out and about bringing the best of Jeddah to DJ readers. Here are some of their latest picks – maybe you’ll spot something you have been looking for!



Tissot Watch

The braun satin brush

My pick of the month is the Tissot wristwatch, with its accurate brand signature ‘Innovators by Tradition.’ It’s technologically advanced while maintaining a sophisticated look. Its lightweight and good for rough usage with its un-scratchable sapphire front. The watch features a chronograph function and a tachymeter scale to measure time and speed. All this and it comes at an amazing price.

Thanks to Nilo Haq, our beauty editor, I read about that amazing product in the last March issue of DJ. If you suffer from frizzy and dull hair, then this brush will be a lifesaver to you. After using this brush you will instantly notice how smooth and shiny your hair will become, without even using hair serum. It’s definitely a product that will make you say good-bye to bad hair days.



I have been hooked on, since a co-worker recommended to me. It is a handcrafted Internet radio that offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through a short mix, of 8 tracks. On 8tracks you can listen or create a mix. Listeners can search for a mix by artist or genre and stream it in a legal, radiostyle manner, or they can follow others who make compelling mixes.

A Dubai based online shopping website, that have very good discounted brand clothing items. It is updated daily and you get your order delivered via Aramex (shipping costs only SR19) and what is great about them, is that they offer cash upon delivery service (they charge extra SR19). The only thing, which they need to improve, is the delivery time, as it can take a whole month.


Send us your picks at

General Directory Banks

Auto Care Technology

Al-Bilad Bank

Tel: +966-2-6576217

Alinma Bank

Tel: +920005555

Al-Jazira Bank

Tel: +966-533500077

Al-Rajhi Bank

Tel: +966-2-6396969

Arab National Bank


Tel: +8001230000


Tel: +8001208000

Smart Care

Tel: +966-2-6518070

V. Cool

Tel: +966-2-6422111


Tel: +966-2-6741497 Banque Saudi Fransi

Tel: +8001242121

Islamic Development Bank

Tel: +966-2-6361400

National Bank of Kuwait

Tel: +966-2-6036300

National Commercial Bank

Tel: +800 2441005 Riyadh Bank

Tel: +966-2-6474777 SABB

Tel: +966-2-6512121 Saudi Hollandi Bank

Tel: +966-2-2368844

Saudi Investment Bank

Tel: +966-2-6531010 Samba

Tel: +966-2-6533555

Car Services

Tel: +920027447 Clex

Tel: +920009191 DHL

Embassies & Consulates ALGERIA

E: Embassies C: Consulates

E: Tel: +966-1-4887171 C: Tel: +966-2-6985035 C: Tel: +966-2-6985034 ARGENTINA

E: Tel: +966-1-4652600 AUSTRALIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4887788 AUSTRIA

Tel: +8003450000

E: Tel: +966-1-4801217

Tel: +966-2-6714636

E: Tel: +966-1-4880044 C: Tel: +966-2-6076770


TNT Express

Tel: +966-2-6678888 UPS

Tel: +966-2-6392393

Delivery Autlob w Atmanna

Tel: +920001120

Khedmaty Khedmtak

Tel: +966-500777773 Yalla Utlob

Tel: +920011755 Tedalal

Tel: +966-2-6580000



E: Tel: +966-1-4195300 C: Tel: +966-2-6878465 BELGIUM

E: Tel: +966-1-4880044 C: Tel: +966-2-6076770 BRAZIL

E: Tel: +966-1-4880018 C: Tel: +966-2-6603874 C: Tel: +966-2-6603866 BRITAIN

E: Tel: +966-1-4880077 C: Tel: +966-2-6225550

Tel: +966-2-6677779

Ground Transportations

Tel: +966-2-6974459

Alo Sayyara

E: Tel: +966-1-4652244 C: Tel: +966-2-6744547

Apex Luxury Chaffeur Service

E: Tel: +966-1-4560814 C: Tel: +966-2-6724343

Abu Diyab Est.

Alpha Rent a Car

Tel: +966-2-6855544

Tel: +966-2-6677621 Tel: +966-505657387

Tel: +966-2-6914693

Tel: +920011755


Al-Zaman Group Daleel

Tel: +966-2-6719219 Discovery

Tel: +966-2-6714475 Fernas

Tel: +966-2-6595000


Tel: +966-2-6474900 Te’le’ Car

Tel: +966-2-6679689 Tel: +966-534050910


Business Services


Venue Executive Club

Tel: +966-2-6621213



E: Tel: +966-1-4880022 C: Tel: +966-2-6804541 CANADA

E: Tel: +966-1-4882288 C: Tel: +966-2-6530434 CHINA

E: Tel: +966-1-4832126 C: Tel: +966-2-6605113

Tel: +966-2-6061010



Hessen for Rent Car


Khozama Est.

Tel: +966-2-6839333

E: Tel: +966-1-4880101 C: Tel: +966-2-6672222 Ext 1163

Tel: +920001844 Tel: +966-2-6040339 Tel: +966-2-6430295


Tel: +966-2-6317177


Tel: +966-2-6856251

Tel: +966-2-6824556

Key Rent a Car

Tel: +966-2-2567998 SPS

E: Tel: +966-1-4503617 DENMARK


E: Tel: +966-1-4543182 C: Tel: +966-2-6621938 DESTINATION JEDDAH 95


E: Tel: +966-1-4810464 E: Tel: +966-1-4831275 C: Tel: +966-2-6605205 ERITREA

E: Tel: +966-1-4801731 C: Tel: +966-2-6740592 ETHIOPIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4824055 C: Tel: +966-2-6653444 FINLAND

E: Tel: +966-1-4881515 C: Tel: +966-2-6438235 FRANCE

E: Tel: +966-1-4881255 C: Tel: +966-2-6681544 C: Tel: +966-2-6681563 GABON

E: Tel: +966-1-4567173 GAMBIA

E: Tel: +966-1-2052158 C: Tel: +966-2-2573193 GERMANY

E: Tel: +966-1-4880700 C: Tel: +966-2-6996436 GHANA

E: Tel: +966-1-4545122 C: Tel: +966-2-6601429 GREECE

E: Tel: +966-1-4801975 C: Tel: +966-2-6674088 GUINEA

E: Tel: +966-1-4881121 C: Tel: +966-2-6637540 HUNGARY

E: Tel: +966-1-4568644 INDIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4884144 C: Tel: +966-2-6500104 INDONESIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4882282 C: Tel: +966-2-6711271 IRAN

E: Tel: +966-1-4881444 C: Tel: +966-2-6676132 IRELAND

E: Tel: +966-1-4882300 ITALY

E: TEL: +966-1-4881212 C: Tel: +966-2-6421454 JAPAN


C: Tel: +966-2-6670676 JORDAN

E: Tel: +966-1-4880039 C: Tel: +966-2-6607630


E: Tel: +966-1-4884111 C: Tel: +966-2-6692371 PHILIPPINES

E: Tel: +966-1-4882484 C: Tel: +966-2-4881238

E: Tel: +966-1-4880835 C: Tel: +966-2-6696797 C: Tel: +966-2-6693254



E: Tel: +966-1-4882211 C: Tel: +966-2-6681990




E: Tel: +966-1-4883500 C: Tel: +966-2-6604898 LEBANON

E: Tel: +966-1-4804060 C: Tel: +966-2-6690599 MALAYSIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4887100 C: Tel: +966-2-6727740

E: Tel: +966-1-4826964 E: Tel: +966-1-4825544 C: Tel: +966-2-6945666 RUSSIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4811432 C: Tel: +966-2-6659212 SENEGAL

E: Tel: +966-1-4880146 C: Tel: +966-2-6690275 SIERRA LEONE


E: Tel: +966-1-4643982

E: Tel: +966-1-4195640 C: Tel: +966-2-6514940



E: Tel: +966-1-4615315 C: Tel: +966-2-6991599 MAURITANIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4646749 C: Tel: +966-2-6297722 MEXICO

E: Tel: +966-1-4808822 C: Tel: +966-2-6495332 MOROCCO

E: Tel: +966-1-4811858 C: Tel: +966-2-6695234 C: Tel: +966-2-6695238

E: Tel: +966-1-4803855 C: Tel: +966-2-6073980 SOUTH AFRICA

E: Tel: +966-1-4429728 C: Tel: +966-2-6060299 SPAIN

E: Tel: +966-1-4880606 C: Tel: +966-2-6607000 SRI LANKA

E: Tel: +966-1-4606906 C: Tel: +966-2-6065414 SUDAN


E: Tel: +966-1-4828857 C: Tel: +966-2-6475108 C: Tel: +966-2-6471273

E: Tel: +966-1-4645170



E: Tel: +966-1-4883100 C: Tel: +966-2-6529615 Ext 204

E: Tel: +966-1-4880011 NEW ZELAND

E: Tel: +966-1-4887988 C: Tel: +966-2-6512109 NIGERIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4823024 C: Tel: +966-2-6716865 NORWAY

E: Tel: +966-1-4881904 C: Tel: +966-2-6611222 Ext 300 OMAN

E: Tel: +966-1-4823120 C: Tel: +966-2-6996838


E: Tel: +966-1-4881291 C: Tel: +966-2-6510772 SYRIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4887481 TANZANIA

E: Tel: +966-1-4542833 C: Tel: +966-2-6657528 THAILAND

E: Tel: +966-1-4881174 C: Tel: +966-2-6655317


E: Tel: +966-1-4887900 C: Tel: +966-2-6605328 TURKEY

E: Tel: +966-1-4820101 C: Tel: +966-2-6601607 UGANDA

E: Tel: +966-1-4544910 UKRAINE

E: Tel: +966-1-4508536 UAE

E: Tel: +966-1-4881227 C: Tel: +966-2-6670307 C: Tel: +966-2-6515436 USA

E: Tel: +966-1-4801831 C: Tel: +966-2-6670080 URUGUAY

E: Tel: +966-1-4620739 C: Tel: +966-2-6633300 YEMEN

E: Tel: +966-1-4881769 C: Tel: +966-2-6896444 C: Tel: +966-2-6898555

Tel: +966-2-6547666 www.belleviewcompund. com

Belleview 2 Compound

Near King Faisal Specialist Hospital Tel: +966-2-6642636 Binzagr Villa Compound

Al Azizeyyah, Madinah Rd., One block after Lexus Showroom Tel: +966-2-6642636 Elite 2 Compound

Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6681111 Elite Compound

Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6610930 Fatima Compound


Near Corniche, Behind Business Park Tel: +966-2-6515416

Abir Compound

Garden City Compound

Prince Sultan St., Near Saudia City Tel: +966-2-6522358

Al-Andalus Luxury Villas

Tahliyah St. behind Suzuki Showroom Tel: +966-2-6695154 Al-Aoun Village

Al Bawadi, Near Al-Mirabi Mercedes Benz Tel: +966-2-2563381 Arabian Homes

Al Bawadi Dist. Tel: +966-2-6822201 Aromary Village

Hera’a St., Behind Al-Rajhi Tel: +966-2-6940086 Al Basateen Village

Next to Continental School, Off Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6944015 Belleview Executive Compound

Al-Amal St., Near Jeddah Preparatory School

Palestine St., Behind AlNakheel Bldg Tel: +966-2-6607590

North Abhor, Nr, Amir Abdullah Mosque. Tel: +966-2-6562166 M.M Al-Rumaih Compound

Al Shatee, On Corniche Rd., 3KM North of Hotel Sheraton Tel: +966-2-6991231 Al-Manar Compound

Al Safa, Prince Metab St., Near Al-Jedani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6938770 Al-Mubarakiah Village

East Jeddah, King Abdullah St. Near Abraq Al-Raghama Tel: +966-2-6400158 Mura Bustan Compounds

Tel: +966-2- 6910041 Nada Village

Prince Majed St., Near Baud Telecom Tel: +966-2-6920099 Al-Najia Compounds

Madinah Rd., Besides SAS Radisson Hotel Tel: +966-2-6518178 Nueva Andalucia

Al-Rawdah, Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6823434 Raytheon Compound

Opp. Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6518178 Corniche, Near A-Bilad Hotel Tel: +966-2-6943464 Reem Compound Al-Salamah, Saqr Al-Quraish St. Hiba Compound Tel: +966-2-6829196 Al-Hamraa, Ibrahim Adham Al-Salam Compound St., Near Tarik Binladen Al-Rehab, Palestine St., Hospital Between Dallah Tower& Tel: +966-2-6650819 Makkah Highway Kindi Housing Compound Tel: +966-2-6717121 Al Rabwah, North Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6916219 Al-Hajrayn Village

Lotus Compounds

Al Hamra, Al-Naeem, AlRihab, Contact PMDC Lotus 1: Al-Hamraa Dist Tel: +966-2-6980145 Lotus 2: Al-Nayeen Dist Tel: +966-2-6541107 Lotus 3: Al-Nayeem Dist Tel: +966-2-6548808 M&M Compound

Salamia Compound

Al-Sulaymaneyyah, Near Carrefour Hypermarket Tel: +966-2-6400253 Sari Palms

Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6607590 sa/property/saripalm.html 97 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 97 DESTINATION

Saudia City

My Little Kingdom School

Al-Khaledeyyah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6820030


Sunshine School

Coral International School

Shaker Village Compound

Al-Hahdah, Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6991840 Sharbatly Village

Prince Majed St., North of Tel: +966-2-6910828 Siham Compund

Al-Rawdah, Near Saudi Bin Laden Group Tel: +966-2-6426431 Sunset Residence

Al-Rowdah St., Near Jeddah Int. Market Tel: +966-2-6604276

Tel: +966-2-6393951 Tel: +966-2-2575909

Tel: +966-2-6060958 Up and Away

Tel: +966-2-6614791 Ministries

Dar Al-Ruwaad School

Disabled Children’s Association

Tel: +966-2-6648315


Tel: +966-2-6523444 Tel: +966-2-6144101 ( KG )

Tel: +966-1-4042928 Tel: +966-2-66224080/ 8001241118 Tel: +966-2-6723028/ 6444305 Health

Building Blocks

Tel: +966-2-6060755 Mob: +966-5-41525616 Childhood Spring

Tel: +966-2-6607533 Creative Childhood Summer School

Tel: +966-2-6077224 Mob: +966-5-04390998 IPS (Innovators Private School)

Tel: +966-2-6980685 Mob: +966-569490403 Jack N Jill

Mob: +966-507369963 Junior’s & Mom’s

Mob: +966-504313440 Mob: +966-551796254 Kids Campos

Tel: +966-2-6642351 Kids Time Nursery

Tel: +966-2-6543111 Mob: +966-569693794 Little Smarties

Tel: +966-2-6061913 Mama et Moi


Tel: +966-2-6311118 (Boys) Tel: +966-2-6311117 (Girls)

Communication & Transportation

ABC School

Tel: 800-124-9000 Web:

Dar Al Fikr School

Dar Al-Hanan School

Tel: +966-2-6210002

Foreign Affairs

Ambassadors School

Tel: +966-2-6832002

Agriculture & Water

Kindergartens Tel: +966-2-6988827

Tel: +966-2-6990019

Tel: +966-2-6047000 Tel: +966-2-6970006 Information & Culture

Tel: +966-2-6514060/ 6476222

Tel: 920029669

Tel: +966-2-6592225

Dar Jana International School Global International School

Jeddah International School

Tel: +966-2-6061253

Jeddah Knowledge School

Tel: +966-2-6620174 Jeddah Preparatory & Grammar School

Tel: +966-2-6684000

Tel: +966-2-6542354

Tel: +966-2-6515111

Tel: +966-2-6730225


Jeddah Chamber of Commerce

Manarat Jeddah School

Water & Electricity

My Little House

Schools & Institutes

Thamer International School

Tel: +966-2-6725349 Al-Bayan

Tel: +966-2-6611004 Al-Fasial International School

Tel: +966-2-6761955 Al-Waha International School

Tel: +966-2-6729660 Hera International School

Tel: +966-2-6655411 Tel: +966-2-6688568

The American International School

Tel: +966-2-6620051

The British International

Tel: +966-2-6652490 Tel: +966-2-6680747

Young Entrepreneur School

Tel: +966 -2- 6127670 Mob: +966 -5-60735670 Wall Street Institute

Tel: +966 -02- 2833094 Tel: +966 -02- 2833095

Mawakeb Alajar Department of

Environmental Protection Receives waste:

Paper - Cardboard Canned - Plastic Nylon - Metal Aluminum - Tin +966 2 6062430 +966 5522412167

Social Services Organization Charitable Society for the memorization of the Qura’n

Tel: +8002442777

Charity Society in Jeddah

Al-Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6391100 Charitable Services for the Care of Cancer Patients

Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-2-6511373

Committee for Social Services and Health

Tel: +966-2-6875521

Committee for the Welfare of Prisoners and Their Families

Tel: +966-2-219 7767 / 920006065 Enabling Marriage & Family Support Foundation

Al-Nozla Dist. Tel: +966-2-6811168/ 920000900 Faisaliah Women’s Charitable Foundation

National Society for Human rights

Tel: +966-2-6222261

Princess Fawziah Center for Women & Children

Tel: +966-2-6369891

Saudi Environmental Society

Murjaan Dist. Tel: +966-2-6996193

Madinah Rd. Tel: +966-2-6656218

Majid Bin Abdulaiz Foundation for Development & Social Services

Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-6062959

Ministry of Social Affairs

Tel: +966-1-4778888 National Charitable Foundation for Blood Donation

Tel: +966-2-6905008

King Abdulaziz University

Tel: +966-2-6400000 Prince Sultan Aviation Academy

Tel: +966-2-2844425 Tel: +920016165

Tel: +966-505558703 Wedad Charity Foundation

Tel: +966-2-2753377 Women’s Charitable Foundation in Jeddah

Al-Nazla Dist Tel: +966-2-6369652

Zamzam Foundation for Volunteer Health Services

Al-Sulaimaniya Dist. Tel: +966-2-2600000

Tel: +966-2-2159000/2159009 (Boys’ section) Tel: +966-2-6900671/6900238 (Girls’ section)

Maharat Center

The School of Etiquette

Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6919999

Behind Al-Tahlia Station Tel: +966-2-6658384 Tel: +800116066

(KAUST)King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

Tel: +966-2-6862997


King Abdul-Aziz Shelter for Abused Women & Children

Tel: +966-2-6914620

Society Friends Charitable Foundation

Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-2-6535000 Friends of the Heart Foundation in Jeddah

Jeddah Teacher’s College

College of Business Administration (CBA)

Dar Al-Hekma College

Tel: +966-2-6303333 Effat College

Tel: +966-2-6364300

Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies

Tel: +966-2-6355882/6356555 Jeddah College of Technology

Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Hotel Sciences

Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy

Tel: + 966-2-0023032/ 02-2345505 Ext. 555-121

NOTICE If you have any complaints about services around Jeddah such as: * Pricing irregularities * Expired Items * Denied coverage of warranted items e.g. a mobile, car, etc. * Refusal of service * Unhygienic food / working conditions Complaints can be filed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Web Site or to their hotline.

Hotline: +8001241616 website: english/

Tel: +966-2-6370387

Jeddah Community College

Tel: +966-2-2870026


h a d d e J t u o b A E 10 Things We LOV and expats will Every month locals different things they brainstorm all the . love about Jeddah to p 10 every month We’ll select the to tes ori fav ur eck out if yo showcase in DJ - ch me so r ve co you’ll dis make the list! Maybe alize how many re or es ur as hidden tre Jeddah the thriving, amazing things make it has become. bustling metropolis


I love BBQ by the seaside


I love designing my own abayas at the local tailor shops in Macaroona Street.

3 4

I love drinking chocolate-flavor milk Almarai

I love eating shakshouka/foul

7 5


I love the Fish Nuggets from Al-Baik

I love the pistachio cake at Caramel Bakery



I love watching sunset from Park Hyatt


I love shopping at the Store, it makes me feel as if I am at a clubhouse


I love those women's charity craft bazaars

I love the Young Saudi Artist group show

Saudi Arabia  
Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 39 - April 2012