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Issue 3 May 2013

FROM THE EDITOR EDITORIAL Editor-in-Chief Enas Hashani

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Art Director

Walaa Al Attas

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Anousha Vakani Bassma Al Toaimi

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Mohammed Al Deghaishim Reham Saeed

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May brings the final stretch of the school year and builds up excitement for the summer holidays as the planning begins. This month’s issue of Destination Riyadh is packed with articles that will help you plan for the summer. Let Destination Riyadh suggest exciting travel destinations for you and your family, or flip through the pages for tips on road trips or local activities and sight seeing options. Take a good look at Destination Riyadh’s travel suggestions for summer 2013 before you plan your vacation, or perhaps a list of the most unusual restaurants in the world might help you make your choice. Pore over the tips for light and healthy traveling, or go the extra mile and use the list of award-winning luxury airlines for an utterly relaxing trip. Riyadh is truly a cosmopolitan city brimming with different cuisines, different languages, and a melting pot of cultures. We continue to marvel at the many sights and activities that Riyadh has to offer from dining options and new stores to emerging artists. Riyadh will be buzzing this summer so if you’re staying in town, stay busy. Ladies, get serious about getting in shape this summer by joining one of the top gyms in town, and then relax with a day at the spa. Take a look at reviews and list of things to do in other cities in the Kingdom and head out of Riyadh for a few weeks. No matter what your itinerary for the summer, you’ll want to keep this issue of Destination Riyadh as a reference guide for the next few months. So bring down your suitcase and dig out your beach shorts and flipflops as you use this summer to explore new territories with Destination Riyadh.


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Settling In Shopping in Riyadh



Winners of WAM’s Initiatives Award 2013! Glowork, A Step Ahead Women Career Fair


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Al Aan Palace Top 10 Things to do in Abha & Around


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Hotels (46 hotels in Riyadh) Al Khozama Hotel Al Mashreq Boutique Hotel Holiday Inn Riyadh Izdihar Intercontinental Riyadh Luthan Hotel & SPA Makarim Riyadh Hotel Novotel Alanoud Hotel Radisson Blu Hotel Riyadh Marriot Hotel Embassies and Compounds Alhamra Compound Cordoba Compound alrwabi Compund The British Embassy German Embassy French Embassy Italian Embassy American Embassy Health and Fitness Kaya Clinic Derma Clinic King Faisal Specialist Hospital Les Cliniques Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital The Clinics Czech Center Uranus Medical Center Ayan Consultive Center Malesa Med Art Clinics Rama Dental Center

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To all ice cream lovers Marble Slab NOW opened in Riyadh... YUM

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D PON Pay It Forward -- Get Suspended!

There’s a good will phenomenon that’s taking the world one coffee shop at a time. In the cafes of Cairo, Milan, Paris and Ontario; people are saying it, “COFFEE SUSPENDED!” The stories that have reached our desks were simply heartwarming. The idea behind Coffee Suspended originated from an old Naples tradition of gentlemen purchasing an extra coffee for war-stricken veterans who couldn’t afford to buy their own cup of coffee. Fast forward to 2013; the simplicity of the gesture has spread worldwide.

Cairo: A man stops by a coffee shop before heading off to work and orders two cups of coffee- one regular and the other he refers to as “suspended.” He pays for two, gets only one and exits. Another person walks in, asks the barista, “Can I please get a suspended coffee?” The barista gives the customer a cup of coffee. Toronto: A group of teenagers order frappes and three suspended coffees. A homeless man passes by; the barista comes out with one of


the suspended orders in hand, “Excuse me, sir, looks like you could use some coffee.” Paris: A local grocery has a sign on each of its checkout points, “Suspended Items Available.” A customer asks for his change to be used for suspended bread. The cashier puts a bottle cap in a jar outside the entrance. A less fortunate woman takes the bottle cap, brings it to the counter and she’s given bread and some other items. Social Media users have joined forces to make sure that the word gets to both establishments and people. There are now reports of businesses offering suspended meals, drinks, and basic goods. Surely, Suspended Coffee has a place here in the Kingdom. A good portion of the city dwellers enjoy an abundance of blessings and sometimes we purchase more than we can consume. Imagine how many people each of us can reach out to and help by simply paying it forward and getting “Suspended.”

Thumbs Up to...

Al Saraya Turkish Restaurant Al Saraya Turkish Restaurant for promoting a new way of giving back to the people of Riyadh and helping the local community’s fight against hunger by providing no cost meals to the less fortunate. Any person in need of charity can visit their restaurant located on Olaya Road and simply push the button on their door and wait for their free breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their feeding program is available throughout the year and open to all nationalities. What does Al Saraya request in return? Don’t forget them in your prayers.

Thumbs Down to... Leftovers

Thumbs down to gluttony or ordering more food than we can consume. You’ll often come across food courts and restaurant tables in the city with so many leftovers, some of them even untouched! If you think about it, this does not only put unnecessary dents in our pockets, it’s also simply wasteful. When dining out, it wouldn’t hurt for us to order just enough. You can always buy more if you’re still unsatisfied after your first meal or come back next time to try something else. Unless that’s a “suspended” order you’re getting, think twice before buying more than you can chew. DESTINATION RIYADH 5


MAY Weather


Country Fact Sheet

Min Temperature: 27°C-81°F Max Temperature: 40°C-104°F Sunshine Hours: 9 Probability of Rain: 3% Humidity: 13%


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Capital: Riyadh

Head of State:

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Population: 29،207،277 (72% Saudi, 27% foreign)

Population Growth:

1.75% (approx. 2% per year) (55% are under the age of 20)

Birth Rate: 28.29 births/1,000 population (2010 est.) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities:

Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam.

Holy Cities:

Makkah, Madinah.

International Airports:

Riyadh: King Khaled Int’l Airport Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport (Airport Code: JED) Madinah: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdul Aziz Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Int’l Airport.

City: Riyadh Head of Region:

Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz.


The center of the Arabian Peninsula on a large plateau Distance between Riyadh & Jeddah: 853 km Distance between Riyadh & Dammam: 386 km

Inhabited Area:

Major Arabic Newspapers:

Al-Watan, Al Hayat, Al-Iqtisadiya, AlMadinah. Okaz & Alsharq Al Awsat.

Riyadh Population: city in Saudi Arabia.

5.4 million and the largest

Major English Newspapers:

Official Language:


Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice):

Saudi Gazette, Arab News.

National Day: Sept 23, 2013 Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): July 9 - August 7, 2013

Eid Al-Fitr (The Feast of Fast-Breaking): August 8, 2013 6

2,815 - Largest Urban Center in Riyadh Province.


Arabic. English is the second official language.

October 15, 2013

Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1434/2013)

TV: National TV: Saudi Channel 1/ Saudi

Channel 2 (English)/ Saudi Channel 3 (Sports)/ Al Ekhbariya News Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: OSN (Orbit Showtime Network): Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian Entertainment www.artonline. tv

Business & Banking Hours:

8/9AM - 4/5PM Sat-Wed, some are open on Thursdays for half a day 8/9AM - 1/2PM.

Weekend: Thursday- Friday. Shopping Hours: 10AM - 1PM 5PM - 10/11PM


Radio: Stations FM Channel MBC FM 102.0 Saudi Qur’an 100.0 UFM KSA 90.0 Star KSA 99.0 Radio Riyadh 97.7 Alif alif 94.0 Mix FM 98.0

Type Arabic pop Religious News Sports Pop Top 40 Varied program Arabic mix Western

Telephone, Mobile & Internet:

The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The Main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: To block commercial SMSs for STC users: Call 800-2444455 toll-free (24 hr. service Sat-Wed) or e-mail: Internet Service Providers: *Orbit Satellite Internet: *, *, *, *, *, *, *Nesma:


Air: Saudi Arabian Airlines - Nas Airlines Land: Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi cities. Inside the city: Taxis and Chauffeur companies. Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam.

Saudi Riyal (SR) - divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 US Dollar (USD) = SR3.75 1.00 Euro (EUR) = SR4.85 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = SR6.01 1.00 Indian Rupee (INR) = SR0.067 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = SR0.039 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = SR0.091

Electricity: 110V and 220V Country Code: 966 City Codes: Riyadh: 01 3 GMT+

Time Zone:

Jeddah and Makkah: 02 Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 03 Madinah and Yanbu: 04 Abha and Najran: 07

Emergencies : Information/ Maintenance: International Information.......905 Telephone Maintenance.........904 Telephone Directory.................905 Speaking Clock.........................1222 Mobily..........................................1100 STC...................................................902 Zain..................................................959

Ambulance...................................997 Electricity Emergency...............933 Fire Fighters..................................998 Natural Disasters.........................988 National Security........................989 Nijm “ Insurance Company for Car Accidents “......................920000560 Road Security..............................996 Traffic Accidents.........................993 Water Emergency......8004411110


FORD Goes Further

at the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour Dubai Stop Ford was one of the official sponsors of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour in Dubai this April. Various activities leading up to the event include a unique challenge on the Burj Khalifa steps and exclusive VIP seats with unique view to the X-Fighters action. The event also included a unique drifting display by Saudi star Abdul Hadi Qahtani from JFR Team with the Mustang RTR-D.

Samsung launches

Two New Service Centers Samsung has officially opened two new service centers in Riyadh and Jeddah entirely dedicated to mobile phone services. Mr. Kyung Tae Bae, Samsung MENA’s regional president, said “Samsung’s success in the Saudi market has been continuous over the last years. Again, this is thanks to our customers’ ratings that placed us as the number one brand in Saudi Arabia on the YouGov Brand Index.” 8


PEPSI partners with Beyoncé

Beyoncé and Pepsi have collaborated in a Global Advertising Campaign to produce an act debuted on, followed by airings in more than 70 countries. The act includes a new track by Beyonce, “Grown Woman.”

Jamie Oliver and Philips


Jamie Oliver and Philips have collaborated to launch the revolutionary Philips Home-Cooker, the first multi-functional device that prepares ingredients and cooks food unattended. It stirs, steams, fries, sautés and even chops for you. It comes with a cookbook of recipes developed by Jamie Oliver. For more information visit:

WISHALBAS is an online retail store connecting designers and brands with a wide range of consumers from the comfort of their own homes.With Wishalbas you can have your shopping delivered to you with the click of a button.

Top 10

KIT KAT Comedy

Break Competition Announced

I.ZONE expands

e-commerce in KSA I.ZONE expanded its online service with the addition of financing, cash on delivery and bank transfer as forms of payment. The introduction of the Enwani service and their training videos on YouTube makes purchasing online much easier.

TURKISH AIRLINES launches flights from KSA to Houston

Turkish Airlines has added Houston as the 220th destination in its international network of 98 countries. Four flights to Houston will be operating weekly from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Taif, and Yanbu. Turkish Airlines has introduced promotional round trip fares starting at 3,984 SR in Economy Class. To view flight schedules visit

The top 10 finalists of the Kit Kat Comedy Break Contest will compete in the final round to be the next big Arab comedian for $40.000 worth of prizes. More than 115 entries from 13 countries were submitted in just five weeks, judged by four world-class comedians. New episodes will be featured on www.

NEW LOOK SS13 New Look launched their new menswear and women’s wear SS13 collection, including eyecatching accessories and a denim collection. The SS13 collection provides shoppers with a wide selection of must-haves including denim shorts, dresses, classic jackets, among many other items.

MARIOTT HOTEL Unveils Upgraded Rooms

Riyadh Marriott Hotel announced the completion of Phase I of its newly renovated rooms, representing one third of the hotel’s 391 rooms. The rooms have been designed to offer the highest levels of comfort and convenience with upgraded technology including the Picture in Picture (PIP) functionality, 32” LCD TV screens with a swiveling base and IP features and upgraded internet with super-fast connectivity. DESTINATION RIYADH 9

Events & Happenings



1. POND’S INSTITUTE KSA: Pond’s Arabia Brand Ambassadors makeup artist Nilo Haq and dermatologist Dr. Lillian Khan along with several beauty advisors visited Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah for the launch event of the Pond’s Institute. Attendees were able to enjoy personalized skincare sessions with Dr. Lillian Khan and beauty Q&A’s with Nilo Haq. Guests were also pampered with skin analysis and mini-facials by the beauty advisors exclusively using Pond’s products.



2. AURA SS13: Aura launched its SS13 collection in partnership with Riyadh Bank in a VIP event in their flagship showroom at Panorama Mall. Guests were treated to personalized showcase tours and a raffle giveaway. Aura drew its inspiration for SS13 from natural woods, bold 1960s palettes and monochromatic prints. 3. OASIS POP UP SHOP: On their fifth anniversary, Oasis Magazine partnered with Harvey Nichols and Niche Arabia to organize a two-week Pop Up Shop. The Pop Up Shop showcased Middle Eastern creativity and displayed items by more than 20 artists and designers including Fyunka and Amal Haliq. The various items for sale were beautifully and on occasion humorously tinged with an Arab flavor like the T-shirt by Haraka imprinted with a middle-eastern Mona Lisa in a shemagh.




6 8

4. PARK HYATT ROADSHOW: The Park Hyatt Roadshow was held from April 6-11, 2013 in Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha and Abu Dhabi. A few of Hyatt’s strategic partners were visited in each city and cocktail receptions were held during the evenings. 5. EDEN NATURAL JEWELRY LAUNCHES NEW COLLECTION: Lady Nancy Jenkins, wife of the British Ambassador, launched the new “True Colors” collection of Eden Jewelry on the16th of April 2013 at Areej art cafe in Centria mall, Riyadh. Eden was founded by Ranyah Seraj and her husband, Stephen Elliot. Their collection consists of concept art jewelry derived from nature; organic gems, meteorites, rare fossils and real butterfly wings to name a few. 6. PECHA KUCHA VOL #2: The aim of Pecha Kucha is to bring artist and creative minds together through 20x20 presentations, 20 images x 20 seconds each. In its second installment, Pecha Kucha featured both Saudi artists and expatriates. From graphic design, jewelry design, the art of furniture up to the art of human body perfection showcased through the Iron Man; it was truly a night for creative sharing. Stay tuned for their 3rd volume.

7. ART DE VIVRE: France showcased its finest interiors, decors and luxurious living on April 1st, 2013 through the efforts of the French Trade Commission – UBIFRANCE. Held at Faisaliyah Hotel, the event represented the best French artisans in the areas of furnishings, lightings, textile and even the art of table decorations. Also participating in the event is the illustrious House of Dupont and the world-renowned jewelry craftsmanship of Chaumet. A true ambassador of refinement, the 3-day event truly was a walk through the first-class living offered by the best of Paris. 8. FORD TAURUS RACES TO 40% GROWTH IN KSA: Taurus, Ford’s flagship sedan, contributed to a 40% increase in sales in KSA as customers in the Kingdom are made increasingly aware of its unique features. Sales Director of Ford Middle East, Thierry Sabbagh said, “Since Ford Taurus debuted in the region, it has consistently become a favorite among Ford customers with its array of safety, infotainment and fuel-saving technologies which even more expensive sedans cannot match.” DESTINATION RIYADH 11

Mark Your

Calendar May 2013



Thursday Saudi Women Show Location:

Four Seasons Hotel Date: May 4 - 6 Tel: +966-509808082 E-mail:







METAL & STEEL SAUDI ARABIA 2013 Location: Riyadh

International Convention & Exhibition Center Date: May 18 - 21 Tel: +966 546 825 539



Content Arabia Location: Rosewood Hotel Date: May 5 Contact: +966-1-2153989 Web: www.contentarabia.


Saturday 4th Annual Middle East Rail Opportunities Up close and personal with the initiative owners. Date: May 6 - 7 Tel: +97-1-4609 1570 E-mail: tanaya.priya@






Largest international healthcare event in KSA Location: Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center Date: May 12 - 14 Tel: +97-1-4407 2750 E-mail: info@ Web: www.

The Saudi International Real Estate Conference

The third edition builds on the success achieved in its first and second editions.


Intercontinental Hotel Date: May 19 - 20 Tel: +966 558 871 892 Web: www.iktissadevents. com/events/SAIREC/3



Saudi Energy 2013 Location: Riyadh



Saudi Health 2013

State of Art

One place for all Saudi artists to show their work. Date: May 11 - 12 E-mail: stateofart@ Web:


New, Hot, and Happening Now

International Convention & Exhibition Center Date: May 26 - 29 Tel: +966-1-229 5604 Web:

Makinat Saudi Arabia Location: Riyadh

5th Annual Kingdom Hotel Expansion Summit Date: May 26 - 27 Location:


Intercontinental hotel

International Convention & Exhibition Center Date: May 26 - 29 Tel: +966-1-229 5604


Monday Lam Art Gallery

A A Solo Solo Exhibition Exhibition by by Abdulaziz Abdulaziz Ashour. Ashour. Date: 1-28 May 1-28 May Contact: +966-1-2810906 +966-1-2810906 Email:


1 8

The Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference 2013

A must-attend event for all financers and investors working in and with the Kingdom. Location: Al Faisaliah Hotel Date: May 7 - 8 Telephone: +852 2842 6961





by the visual artist: Teresa Emanuele This event is in support of BMG Foundation’s “Safe Driving, Life Saving” campaign Date: May 1 - 21 Contact: +966-2-6681777

9 saudi.html


Recruitment, Training, Assessment International Exhibition Location: Riyadh

Exhibition Centre Date: May 21 - 23 Tel: +966-505 453 718 Web:


15 Oriental Exhibition Location:

Intercontinental Hotel Date: May 22 - 24 Tel: +966-500 431 320 Web:


Kingdom Human Asset Management Summit

RHIZOMA Exhibition

A two-day conference programme featuring industry leaders, case studies, interactive panel discussions, round tables, and a networking cocktail reception. Date: May 28 - 29 Location: Novotel Al Anoud Hotel

Edge of Arabia presents Saudi art Date: May 29 Contact: +966 555 425 600 Web:


* DR magazine is not responsible for any event cancellation.

16 23



To Add your event here, Contact us at


Useful Information Settling In


Shopping in Riyadh is a sport. Especially for the ladies, who are the experts in this field. With a cosmopolitan selection to purchase from, Riyadh has everything from organic to imported, from local to international and from cheap to the most luxurious. And just like in sports, you need a strategy to come out in the winning end.






Before anything else, you need to eat. And to do that, you need to shop for food. One of the most notable groceries in the city is Tamimi Supermarkets, which offers a variety of established trusted line of ingredients, canned foods and other grocery products, both local and imported. If you’re looking for a grocery store that offers a lot of promos, there’s Azizia Supermarkets, Euromarche and Lulu Hypermarket. All these groceries have an organic selection as well. However, if you like the idea of a wet n’ fresh market, you can always visit the street vendors of Batha and Rawdah area. That, or just wait every Thursday morning when local farmers park their pick-up trucks by the roads and sell their produce at a wholesale price.


Need some furniture to shape up the shack? For the modern touch, there’s a major IKEA store down at Exit 16 that will cater to all your home furnishing needs. They have everything from beds, tables, toilet seats and bean bags! (Tip: They also house a cafeteria that has a loyal following amongst its customers). Home Centre and Citymax also offer home décor in many baroque and bohemian styles. For a shabby-chic look, you may want to try the Princess Souk (called ‘Haraj’ by some locals) where you can find new/barely-used living room sets at a very reasonable price. You just have to set aside a budget for the upholstery’s cleaning though.


If you’re on a budget, interested in local brands and would like the feel of some traditional flair, you can try out Kuwaiti Souk (Souk Al Owais) off at King Fahad Road. Their stores are still styled after the Middle East’s “souk” theme and are housed in large, ceramic-tiled halls. Deira is also a famous souk area that sells a lot of typical Saudi wear, souvenirs and other items for wholesale (fragrances, toys, school supplies). If you

need to know where Deira is, just ask the driver to take you by the place where they conduct public executions. No kidding!


It wasn’t until less than 10 years ago that international brands were becoming household names here in the Kingdom. You can find global favorites such as H&M, Topshop, MNG, Zara, American Eagle, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and many more at the most frequented malls in the city such as Riyadh Gallery, Kingdom Mall, Faisaliyah Mall, Granada Mall, Sahara Mall and Hayat Mall.


Admittedly, there are hardly any men’s section at the stores I’ve mentioned earlier. However, our fashion-forward men need not to worry as there are a few malls that do cater to their needs. The Localizer Mall at Tahlia St. houses


Useful Information Settling In

stores that has styles for men like Gap, Celio, Giordano and Pull & Bear. Panorama Mall also has a Zara for men along with Massimo Dutti, among others. There is also a strip along Olaya Road (in front of Al Akaria Center) that has a lot of clothing stores for men such as Lacoste, Nike, and El-Faleh (for sportswear).


If money is not an issue but luxury is, then your royal feet should be whiffed off to places like Saks Fifth Avenue (Kingdom Mall), Harvey Nichols (AlFaisaliah Mall), Centria Mall and/ or Nujoud Mall. In Centria Mall, you can find brands such as Manolo Blahnik, Fendi, Oscar dela Renta, Balenciaga and Cartier just to name a few. Nujoud Mall (located behind the Intercontinental Hotel), on the other hand, has several high-end local brands along with a fashion house called Maison Bo-M, which sells exclusive items like the Cambridge Satchels.


There is a time and season for everything. And in this case, sensing and knowing when the Sale Season emerges can work in your favor. The usual year end clearance sales happen on the last week of January and go on for a month. After Eid Sales are also common in celebration of the holidays and of course, there is always the mid season Sale, which usually happens every four months. WARNING: extremely low prices of even the mainstream brands can cause hyperventilation and palpitations (I know I have experienced them).


If you want what’s best for your wallet, it helps to be color-blind during the said seasons (because everything you’ll see in the malls will be red). If you plan to attack during the sale season, make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes, hire a nanny for the kids and be armed with lots of patience at the check out line.


N OW ,A GAM RE YOU R E PL A EADY N Best o T f luck ? EXCITED O MAKE Y . OUR Ready TO SH Here’s ... Get O set... G to counting P NOW? yo O!



u off.. .


Outdoor Activity





Jog /Jogging

Aharwel/ Harwala



















Amusement Park
































On a Picnic



Winners of WAM’s

Growing Initiatives Award 2013! By Yousra Elwi

For the past couple of years, April has been marked as the month for celebrating women’s achievements in Saudi Arabia; Women Appreciation Month (WAM) is a dedicated initiative led by femi9, which aims at supporting women and raising public awareness for this cause. The Growing Initiatives Award is this year’s manifesto; the core idea of this activation is supporting women in the start-up phase of entrepreneurship, ensuring that they receive the planned funding, consultation and media exposure needed to take their initiatives to the next level. Three exceptional growing initiatives were selected by the WAM Jury, whose members are: Mr. Eyad Mashat, CEO of Fad International, Dr. Arwa Al a’ama, Vice Mayor of Women’s Section and IT Affairs at the Jeddah Municipality, and Dr. Abdulla Al Ghaddooni, Board Member of Glowork.

THE GROWING INITIATIVES AWARD WINNERS ARE… Ghada Maghrabi Ahazeej (Weddings & Decorations), Petals (Flower Boutique) and Ghada Maghrabi Contracting Company • Tell us about your business, or businesses in your case. Ahazeej and Petals are the tangible manifestation of my passion: art. I love design and décor and found that I have a talent in this field. Ahazeej is a wedding planning company that I started 13 years ago, when this practice was considerably novel in the country. Ahazeej offers personalized event planning services starting from the general aspects to the most specific details, with premium quality and expertise. As for Petals, I launched it six years ago, with a European floristry concept; all flowers are imported, with an exquisite range of both natural and illusion flowers. I have acquired the franchise of the renowned French designer, Emilio Robba, who works with the principle of floral art. I also run a contracting company, which mainly provides interior design services. • How did you start? In addition to my passion for décor, I got exposed to the field of wedding planning at a young age from my aunt, Areej Al Jifri, who 18 DESTINATION RIYADH

was a wedding planner herself. I got even more interested and started organizing events for friends and family and it rolled from there. As for Petals, I’ve always had a deep admiration for floral art, and I actually took several courses in floristry. • What are your future plans? I’ll be opening Petals in Riyadh soon, serving as both the flower boutique and wedding planner. My vision is to grow Petals regionally and internationally. • What encouraged you to apply for the Growing Initiatives Award? I applied to learn; I believe that we live to learn. I wanted to discuss my business potential with experts and professionals who can offer me substantial consultations.

Reema Engawi and partners Omama Sairawan and Amal Al-Sibai Athr Al Shabab • Tell us about your initiative?

• What are your future plans?

The word Athar means trace or mark, and we believe that every young Muslim should leave a positive mark in his/her society. So this youth club or group performs volunteer work on a regular basis. The youth in the club attend many educational and skills development workshops in order to gain the tools they need to succeed in life and to help others. We also offer our members a variety of courses including time management, photography and Arabic calligraphy. We are a non-profit organization and all courses are offered free of charge.

We plan to visit the pediatric ward of a hospital every month and on a continuous and sustainable basis, with a schedule of events and activities for children facing illnesses. • What encouraged you to apply for the Growing Initiatives Award? We felt this would be our opportunity to learn a lot and to get the head start and support that we need so our project can succeed.

• How did you start? We started Athr Al Shabab two years ago, with the key objective being the practical application of the Islamic teachings. Our aim is to promote volunteer work in the society and elevate public interest for it throughout the community.

Nahid Al Hubail Sky Touch • Tell us about your initiative? Sky Touch is an original idea for gifts and gift-wrapping, offering customers personalized items based on their requests. We are currently located in the Western region where such services are still hard to find. • How did you start? I started Sky Touch six months ago, offering the tailored products and delivery. Before that, I have been creating and wrapping gifts for friends and family for ten years.

• What encouraged you to apply for the Growing Initiatives Award? My strongest motivation was my interest in going through this new experience and getting a chance to fulfill my dreams. At this stage, media exposure is very important for the growth of my business, as well as professional consultations and funding in the right direction.

• What are your future plans? I plan to expand in Saudi Arabia and across the Gulf Region. I am also planning to provide more creative services for personalized gifts and become an integrated gift consultancy firm. DESTINATION RIYADH 19



A Step Ahead Women Career Fair By Hana Jazzar

In this day and age, you don't necessarily have to take to the streets in rallies and marches to be heard, all you need is a website, an idea and one smart and ambitious 29 year old. Khalid AlKhudair, Founder and CEO of Glowork, saw the obstacles women face when wanting to enter the work force and decided to finally do something about it and he actually succeeded! Glowork is the Kingdom's first all-female online recruitment company that is dedicated to helping women find careers across the region, thus empowering them by providing equal opportunities in the workplace. Moreover, Glowork has grown from a mere website, to an enabler for motivated women pursing successful careers, and an influential platform for the industries they want to penetrate. Coincidently, it came in perfect timing with the Saudi government's strong step towards "Saudi-zing," motivating and improving women employment conditions in the market. Last 15-16th of April 2013, Glowork held their first ever career fair; aptly called A Step Ahead. The event was a multi-faceted collaboration between Glowork and multiple private sector companies aiming to connect the education sector with the labor market, hoping to pave the way towards the successful integration of women into the professional world. 20 DESTINATION RIYADH

As speaker Shahd Attar, (Cisco Marketing Manager and Co-Founder of CellA network) mentioned, "Glowork is a great initiative for women's talents. Women need to assert themselves in the labor market, they should learn how to equip themselves with certain skills and talents in addition to their education, to be able to confidently advance in the workforce." Speakers throughout the day discussed engaging topics which included Visualized Success, Centered and Women leadership, and the Importance of Diversity in the workplace. Muna Abusulayman, partner and board member at Glowork stated, "It is very important to hold these sort of events here in Saudi, which bring together success stories of female leaders in various fields and sectors, driven by diverse interests and talents, coming from different pasts and backgrounds; nevertheless they all spell success! Proving to determined young women that with deep passion for their work and a strong belief in themselves, they too can be leaders." Ghada AlJarboua, Head of Direct Channels at SAAB talked about diversity saying: "We have traveled a long way since the days

when high ranking and successful positions were exclusive for men; nowadays women have it much easier, there are no more bias in gender or salaries, jobs opportunities are filled purely on merit. On the other hand girls have to understand that opportunities are taken, not given. So with great inspiration, determination, and perseverance there is a bright future ahead for the next generation of female leaders." Numerous workshops were held on both days, which aimed to familiarize women with means and skills to secure job positions, offer specialized insights on how to enhance their career opportunities, and overcome obstacles that may arise while searching for a position or after employment. Nadia Malaika, Assistant Manager in Leadership Development from Unilever said, "We look beyond a female's academic GPA, we want to see her personality, does she have "street smarts?" Was she active in any intellectual clubs and programs at her university? What were her initiatives in creating them if they didn't exist? All these traits give her an edge when applying for a job, and make her more marketable anywhere in the world." DESTINATION RIYADH 21

Moreover at the fair, the feedback from over 35 companies, businesses and organizations was overwhelming. The sheer volume of women seeking jobs, who came ready with their printed CVs, eager attitudes and enthusiastic outlook, delighted many of them. From major retailers, local schools and fitness gyms looking for sales and marketing managers, teachers and fitness trainers, to banks, international corporations and firms recruiting females for their CO-OPs, leadership and entrepreneurship programs. Beyond the A Step Ahead Career Fair, companies like Oracle, Silatech and GE expressed their pride in their ongoing partnership agreements with Glowork. It truly reflected these organizations’ commitment to their corporate social responsibilities by supporting and boosting women's employment in the Kingdom, as well as showcasing their commitment to strengthen the skillsets of Saudi female students and prepare them for rewarding professional careers. Ultimately, employers were matched with the program attendees, 22 DESTINATION JEDDAH

and these workshops, seminars and programs will continue onto a long-term basis, and could eventually lead to potential jobs across various organizations. After all the hard work and combined efforts from the speakers, coordinators, and volunteers, A Step Ahead was a great success; not only did it provide new platforms from which women can grow, but it also raised their communication skills and elevated their professional standards. Hand in hand, Glowork and women continue to strive for a brighter future. AKhalid's sincere care and passion is evident in the way he talks about Glowork:

"Glowork is an organization that listens, and we will continue to listen until we reach our goal and hope to be the change in building families by providing suitable and comfor table working solutions for our sisters."


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THROUGH OUR LENS The Janadriyah Festival

Riyadh is the center for the Janadriyah Annual Heritage and Culture Festival, and for a fortnight every year the city comes alive with a celebration of culture and history. The festival features Arabian songs and dances, traditional sports, markets and live displays of carpet weaving and woodcarving, among many other exhibits. Flip through the pages of Destination Riyadh for a view of the brilliance of the Janadriyah.





Special Places


Ushaiger Village is located approximately 180km NW of Riyadh and is one of the oldest mud villages in the Najd region. What makes Ushaiger special is the fact that some of the local families treasured their heritage so much that they decided to renovate some buildings and parts of the town to return them to their former glory. The fact that they paid for these renovations from their own pockets is a testament to their love for their village. Ushaiger, which means “the little blonde,” was named after the red mountain that stands next to it. The first inhabitants settled here around 1500 years ago and the village served as a common stopping point for pilgrims going for Hajj. Visiting Ushaiger is well worth the approximately 1 ½ hour drive from Riyadh. The entire day can easily speed by as you wander around the narrow streets and seemingly endless alleyways. In addition to the myriad of different types of mud houses, the village has two schools, a marketplace, a museum, a heritage house, and many picturesque mosques, some of which are still in use.


Ushaiger is surrounded by an oasis and ancient farmlands which the inhabitants utilized by creating a complex irrigation and water collection system. The aim was to preserve and distribute the precious water derived from one of the many interconnected wells around the village.

The people of Ushaiger are known to be very friendly and here you can experience the famous Saudi hospitality at its best. The locals can regularly be seen sitting on benches chatting and reading newspapers. The villagers are always willing to help visitors and show them around their much adored little town. Visitors will often be invited into one of the renovated mud houses for Arabic coffee and dates or if you’re lucky and they have time, guests are welcomed to join in on the family dinner. The interiors of these mud and straw houses are astonishing in detail and architecture; here one truly gets the feel of stepping back in time. Natural light enters the houses from the open air roofs and the many triangular windows distinctive to the Najdi style. Antique lanterns and traditional fireplaces further create a mysterious atmosphere inside the humble homes of the Ushaiger people. Take time to browse the museum which the villagers have set up from various artifacts and old relics collected from the inhabitants. The museum keepers will be more than happy to guide you around and explain in detail the history of each item. They have a superb collection of traditional clothing including old Abayas which are surprisingly colorful and intricate in detail. There’s a small outdoor restaurant near the entrance overlooking the palm tree oasis which makes for a nice ending to the day. It’s recommended to drive up the nearby mountain for magnificent views down to the village. Ushaiger Village is a peaceful, beautiful and serene spot where visitors can step back in time for a humbling and enlightening experience.


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Located at the southern tip of the Kingdom in the desert oasis city of Najran lies the splendid Al Aan Palace, which is in fact the best existing example of traditional Najrani architecture. Najran is situated at around 900 kilometers from Jeddah. The most ideal route to reach it is through the Sarawat mountain range passing through Abha. After driving for over 12 hours, we finally reached Najran at night and were extremely tired so we rested overnight at a local hotel.

The architecture of Najran has been greatly inspired from Yemeni architecture.

The next morning we headed towards the western part of the city where the Al Aan Palace is located and once there, we found our way to the palace without much trouble as the palace dominates the skyline.

The main tower of Al Aan Palace is five storeys high and overlook the oasis from the summit of a rocky outcrop. This palace was built of mud on stone foundations in an architectural style which is the characteristic of the area surrounded by a wall made of mud. This palace has only been around since 1942. Built as a self sustaining complex, it has around 60 rooms, including livestock pens and its own mosque.

The first view that we had of the palace was absolutely amazing coming from the main road, as we saw small charming buildings with traditional Najrani architecture and the remarkable Al Aan Palace located high above on a hilltop in the background.

We walked around the palace and tried to get a view of it from all four corners as we were not allowed to enter. None the less we enjoyed just sitting by it and admiring its beauty. The best view one can get of the palace is from the car park over the oasis.

The Najrani building architecture is very unique. They have a distinctive architectural style compared to the rest of the Kingdom.

Next up we head off to the famed traditional souks of Najran. The traditional souks of Najran have always been one of the


favorite spots for tourists. Just wandering around the narrow lanes of the souk trying to fit in with the locals and viewing the different products up for sale was the most memorable part of our trip. Of the many souks in Najran, the most famous one among them is Souk Al-Jambiyah. This is one of the last places in the Kingdom that you will find merchants selling authentic Jambiyahs "traditional short curved daggers" which are worn by men and come in many shapes and sizes. Although in today’s modern world a Jambiyah may not be required, but it can be a great souvenir to take back as they come with very intricate designs carved on them. Other popular souks are Souk Al Kharrazeen in which varieties of leather goods can be found, Souk al Nisa'a selling items ranging from clothing and textile weavings to spices. There are also many other smaller souks that sell traditional baskets, fresh fruits, jewelry and miniature versions of the typical Najrani buildings. These souks seem to be the most lively places in the otherwise dreary city of Najran. After a memorable walk down the souks we were heading back towards Jeddah, and on our way back we saw some honey sellers near the highway, so without thinking over it twice we bought it. Apparently this region is famed for its honey and a bit of bargaining may even get you a great deal. The honey really lived up to the expectations we had from it. On the whole, the trip was amazing; it was a fantastic experience just sitting by the palace and admiring its beauty. It could have been better if we could have actually gone into the palace and had a guide to help us explore it. The souks were absolutely astounding; a walk down these souks was a very memorable experience with the intense sights and sounds, the sellers vying for attention and the juxtaposition of colors and scenery.


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TOP 10 THINGS TO DO In Abha & Around By Layla

Abha region is a very popular holiday destination in the summer due to its beautiful scenery, the famous misty mountain tops and cooling breezes. Tourists from all over the GCC flock here to escape the sweltering summer heat. At an elevation of 2200m above the Red Sea, the area enjoys pleasant weather year round. Asir region has plenty of activities to do, and it might be a challenge to decide between all of the activities. Here is our top ten to-do list from Abha and around:




9 1. The New Abha Resort and The Abha Lake Dam are a must-see. Stroll around the lakeside in the 300,000 square-meter garden and dine at the luxurious Abha Palace Hotel with peaceful views of the lake and city. You can take a scenic cable car ride from the resort to the Green Mountain.

2. Learn about the village by going on a thrilling cable car ride down to Habala, the Hanging Village. This ancient village was built halfway down a cliff face, and it used to be only accessible by ropes. It’s believed that the villagers fled the Ottomans here and lived in isolation completely self-sufficient until they were rediscovered by a Saudi army helicopter. The site is a unique piece of Saudi history but unfortunately it has become quite commercialized in the last few years, however still worth the visit. 3. Drive up to the Green Mountain in

the middle of Abha city. The “mountain” is actually a hill overlooking the city which is beautifully lit with green lights


in the night. There’s a restaurant and café at the top with an outdoor terrace where visitors can enjoy views of Abha. Try the mint tea and sheesha while enjoying the sunset and the cool breeze on the terrace. On the way up be sure to stop at the excellent souvenir shop. There’s also a small restaurant decorated like a traditional Asiri mud house in the basement of the shop.

4. Take a bird watching tour with the Asir Tourism Board to the various parks inside Asir National Park such as Al Qara’a, Al Souda, Al Wardeh, Dalafan, Al Jarrah, and Al Hassab. Wander around the juniper forests and spot some of the 170 bird species that make this region their home. 5. Take in the jaw dropping scenery in Soudah and marvel at the highest mountains in Saudi Arabia including the tallest peak, Jebel Soudah, rising to 2910 meters. The mountains are famous for the mist covering the mountain tops which makes the atmosphere almost mystical. It’s always cool



7 and serene up here. Enjoy a picnic in full privacy with only the wildlife to interrupt the silence.

6. Take the Al Soudah cable car ride down

to Rijal Al Ma’a mud brick village. While you’re there, you should visit the museum, library and the traditional food restaurant or enjoy a stroll in the beautiful valley.

7. Try some extreme sports such as

paragliding or mountain biking down the Soudah Mountains. A French group organizes these in the summer months in addition to rock climbing near Habala.

8. To discover Asir region’s traditional architecture, visit the Shada Palace, Al Milfa Palace and the old mud houses dotted around Abha. The Al Miftaha village turned museum portrays how people lived back in the day.


9. Meet the famous Arabian Baboons that can be spotted beside most of the mountain roads. There’s a population of them near the Soudah cable car ride scavenging food from tourists. Be mindful of children with food in their hands, the baboons might attempt to grab it! 10. Explore the legendary Asiri souqs that

have been named after the days they’ve been held on for centuries; Abha’s Tuesday market (Souq Al Thulatha) and its sister city Khamis Mushayt’s Thursday Market ( Souq al Khamis). The Tuesday market has a separate women’s souq run by all female vendors and the Thursday Market boasts some of the best gold and silver Bedouin jewelry in the region. Other finds are white or gold honey, colorful straw baskets and hats, traditional embroidered women’s dresses, Jambiyah (daggers), frankincense and ‘shabba’ white powder used by locals as a natural deodorant and antiseptic.

CURIO ART SUPPLIES Every artist has their medium and regardless of what your tools are, you’re sure to find them in Curio Art Supplies here in Riyadh. A one-stop shop for creative solutions, Curio imports high end and quality materials for all aspects of art – painting, sketching, graphics, designs and more. Housing top artistry brands including Krink, Walter Foster, Sakura, Art Bin, and Connoisseur grazing their shelves. The Curio Art Supplies store is located on Imam Bin Abdulaziz Road, and the moment you walk through their doors, you’ll immediately get the art vibe going. The staff is also very friendly and familiar with the products so they’re well equipped to assist you. Artists and anyone wanting to explore their creativity and splash their ideas on a canvas are sure to spend a good amount of their time just looking through the specialty products Curio offers. I also recommend following them through their different social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You'll get updated with their latest products, and it’s a must-follow for any art enthusiast living in Riyadh. Tel: +966-1-2290790 Web: Facebook: /Curio-Art-Supplies Twitter: /curioksa DESTINATION RIYADH 35

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Picture this: Look! Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s YOU! Saudi Arabia, particularly Riyadh isn’t the first place you would think of when you want to partake in recreational aviation and air sports. But recently, Destination Riyadh has discovered that thrill seekers and simply anyone living in Riyadh can have the ultimate sky-high experience! If you ever had the dream to fly a plane or jump off one, we hope this will help you get started, and it's all within the comforts of the Kingdom limits.

FLY SOLO All of the private aviation activities you’d want to take up can be found at Thumama Airport. Saudi Aviation Club (SAC) and the Saudi Aviation Flight Academy (SAFA) have made it possible for any dreaming aviator to get a personal license to fly their plane. If you’re interested to first experience the thrill of flying, you could avail of the discovery flight offered by SAFA. According to Captain William Roe, Managing Director of SAFA, “You will be given the chance to fly with a certified instructor in a state-of-the-art advanced aircraft at a cost of 1,000 SR, which includes a briefing session and actual flight for an hour.” 36 DESTINATION RIYADH

SAFA’s doors are open to any nationality with a proper residential permit who would like to acquire their very own Private Pilot license. In fact, Capt. Roe mentioned to us that numerous students have come to them wanting to earn a license for both personal and recreational purposes. The following are certain requirements that candidates have to meet in order to register for the courses they offer: English communication skills, undergoing the screening programs as well as passing the aptitude tests, and getting medically cleared by the Saudi Aviation Authority (GACA)’s medical examiner. The whole course will take around four months to complete inclusive of the lessons and if you want to study part time,

SAFA is flexible and you can learn at your own pace. If you already have a foreign certificate, SAFA also offers a License Conversion Course to help you convert it to a GACA license. Hence, if you’re an avid aviator who has been missing the excitement and pleasure of cutting through the clouds, this is definitely something you would want to consider. SAC will also be assisting you for any of the procedures that you would need to undergo to get your license. They are currently partnered with SAFA and once you’ve finished your flight school, SAC will be processing your paperwork to get your license, which is by the way accredited by and is in compliance with international standards.


UP, UP and AWAY! For the truly adventurous at heart and people who have a passion for aeronautical sports, the SAC and its members are continuously adapting and standardizing activities like parachuting, paramotoring, paragliding, gyrocopter flying and RC Aircraft flying throughout the Kingdom.

For now, why not try your hand at Paramotoring? It’s basically parachuting but with an attached engine to help you maneuver yourself. There are already two schools in Thumama Airport offering paramotoring courses, and you can also get the equipment from these facilities.

The SAC Executive Director, Abdullah Al Jawini shared with us the amazing work their doing for passionate aviators and air sports enthusiast. The primary requirement for anyone who wants to practice air sports in the Kingdom is to be a member of the Saudi Aviation Club – you can easily register online through their website and submit the requirements.

If you love airplanes but would rather stay on solid ground, you can take up RC flying as a hobby. There are a lot of RC hobbyists in the Kingdom, and they fly their models at Thumama. According to the SAC, the international standardized RC airport in Jeddah is a must try.

Parachuting or skydiving, paragliding and gyrocopter flying are now more commonly done in Assiri and Jeddah. You would need to first enroll in The SAC accredited schools but once you’ve finished the course, you can easily apply for your license through the club itself. A gyrocopter will soon be available in Riyadh as well, so it will only be a matter of time before you’ll be able to do that and the other sports in the capital.


In my conversation with Mr. Jawini, the Saudi Aviation Club has substantially grown in terms of the activities they are making more accessible to the public. To date, they have opened up seven new flight and air sport schools all throughout the Kingdom. You don’t have to go far in order to have some aviation fun and get that sky high rush. Happy flying! Web: Web:


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Sahar Al Hashani

VINTAGE IN BURSTS OF COLOR "I have always found beauty and potential where no one else around me saw it, from the worn down magazine to my shaggy old dress. My mom used to think that I was possessive about my old stuff, but for me, I saw something else: potential." - Al Hashani


Imagine an intricately designed wooden chair upholstered with the softest satin in a majestic pale gold, luxurious enough to star in the finest drawing rooms. Now imagine the portrait of a striking woman from the 80s, cigarette holder fashionably in hand imprinted on the backrest of the very same chair. Such are the designs of Sahar Al Hashani: artist, wife and mother of three. Using an everyday object as her canvas, Al Hashani paints a fusion of art and culture by using popular images, celebrities or icons. A particularly loud piece of hers is a wall hanging with a messy Afro and hipster glasses

right in the center of a vibrant background. Al Hashani believes that her work with disabled children, her personal experiences, traveling and exposure to different cultures and backgrounds have inspired her to find her inner potential and be the artist she is today. Al Hashani currently lives in Riyadh and works on her designs from her studio at home. She mainly works on furniture and home accessories. Mob: +966-553949488 Instagram: Saharhashani E-mail: DESTINATION RIYADH 41

Fashion & Shopping

Fashion & Shopping



My name is Nour Kelani; I am a fashion designer, stylist, traveller, wife and on top of all a mother. I am a big believer that fashion is our daily dose of art. I love animals, and I have a pug named Tamis.



Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

“A hot and trendy summer” at CREAM Boutique The New Spring/Summer 2013 collection from the fashion capitals has arrived to Cream! The trendiest and most exclusive brands such as Manoush, Maria Lucia Hohan and many more. If you’re looking for elegant evening or daytime dresses, funky bags, clutches, colorful accessories, statement blazers and everything a fashionista needs this summer, it is all available in one place! 3


The Birthday Shoes and Zodiac Pandora collections are available in Charlotte Olympia boutiques, as well as online at and at Net-a-Porter.

What›s in





7 8


Using her surroundings as an inspriation for her shoes, Charlotte Olympia has turned her attention to the zodiac for two new capsule collections of clutches and ballet flats, available in 12 new designs, one for each star sign. The hand-painted Swarovski crystal embellishments simply made me fall in love.





Rawan Alsahsah Rawan Alsahsah Interior Designer, Founder and Owner of RIS group. A social light with a flair for fashion. Let’s check out what she keeps in her beautiful Lanvin Purse...

1 Thomas Sabo Agenda + Sharpie marker 2 Louis Vuitton Wallet 3 Lancôme kohl 4 Helena Rubinstein mascara 5 Canon S95 6 Lanvin bag 7 Labello lip balm 8 Bottega Veneta pouch 9 Sisley Sunglow blush 10 Measuring tape 11 Bottega Veneta Sunglasses

Najwa Aldardeer is an image consultant based in Riyadh and Jeddah. This month she will provide her expertise on how to wear a denim shirt.


wear a denim shirt...


2 On top of a cocktail dress...

Pair it with hot shorts...

H&M SR 120

H&M SR 50

Melissa SR 540

Fendi SR 6,500

Ralph Lauren SR 950

Isabel Marant SR 3,200 Michael Kors SR 1,850

Vivienne Westwood SR 1,600

Mango SR 240

Balenciaga SR 2,900

River Island SR 360

Topshop SR 150

H&M SR 120

3 Pair it with an assymetrical skirt... 4 Play with different denim shades...

Jil Sander SR 6,000 Forever 21 SR 150

Toms SR 220

See by Chloe SR 1,240

5 Denim shirt with fun trousers... Roberto Cavalli SR 2,460

Proenza Schouler SR 6,500

Michael Kors SR 1,600




Topshop SR 160

Tabitha Simmons SR 3,200

Yosi Samra SR 409

Kate Spade SR 750 Charlotte Olympia SR 5,970


Zara SR 279

Stella McCartney SR 2,700

Zara SR 490

Mont Blanc (at Gazzaz) SR 2,300

Thierry Lasry SR 1,700



Miu Miu SR 6,600


Sofia Al Asfoor SR 14,000 and upwards



Balenciaga SR 2,060

Christopher Kane SR 10,800

Kenzo SR 225

Saint Laurent SR 4,260

Red Nose by Stella Mc Cartney SR 90

3.1 Philip Lim SR 2,400





Life After Denim SR 375


RetroSuperFuture/APC SR 940




Katie Eary SR 1,300

Paul Smith SR 1,300



Gucci SR 1,570

Crooks & Castles SR 120

Staple SR 285

Yazbukey -brooch- SR 450

Lazy Oaf SR 200

Maison Martin Margiela SR 1,200

Saint Laurent SR 1,750

J. Crew SR 190

Stubbs & Wootton SR 1,700


Pierre Hardy SR 800

By Mazin Al-Maimani

Mazin Al-Maimani is our in-house Graphic Designer and a fashion enthusiast. Here are a few of his current favorite items and looks to update every guys wardrobe.

Christopher Shannon SR 1,200


man |man| noun ( pl. men |men| ) 1 an adult human male. • a male member of a sports team: Johnson took the ball past three men and scored. • a husband, boyfriend, or lover: he two of them lived for a time as man and wife.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas SR 375

Raf Simons SR 1,500

Alexander Wang SR 3,250 46 DESTINATION RIYADH

Kris Van Assche SR 1,700

Top Man SR 100

Christian Louboutin SR 3,200



GIORDANO’S Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

This season it’s all about smart casuals. Revamp your wardrobe for the season with lightweight, climate-friendly khakis and pair them with classic yarn dyed plaids or striped shirts. Or pick up a pair of equally lightweight denims with trendy color block shirts all starting from a mere 170 SR. Bring preppy back this season with Giordano’s smart urban casuals, perfect for evening meetings and relaxed work days. Location: Al Faisaliyah Center and Granada Center Hotline: 800 244 0128 Email: Web: Facebook: /giordanoksa



Fashion & Shopping


DAYS: By Reham Saeed


2013 Summer Edition #RFD13

From April 14th to the 18th, Nujood Mall’s Maison Bo-M Gallery hosted Riyadh Fashion Days (RFD). It was quite a treat to view such a beautiful variety of summer collections. RFD in their third installment featured the works of several impeccably talented mix of up-and-coming as well as established designers from around the gulf region. Continuously attracting many great designers, photographers and artists alike, Maison Bo-M is rapidly being known as the perfect venue for creative recognition.

“We like to encourage young talented women, help take their creativity to the next level, and eventually push them to get international recognition,” said Maison Marketing coordinator, Raneem Meknas. Meknas introduced two inventive young talents hired for the evenings’ festivities; photographer Duaa Salim and stylist Mashael Alnafe.

of Maison Bo-M’s very own contemporary designers. Guests were definitely treated to five nights of sartorial feasting. Among the collections presented was Alanoud Al-Hajri’s summer line, ALANOUD. What she told us about her brand most echoed what we saw from this RFD, brands that meshed modern femininity with classic sophistication:

“I wanted to create a brand that embraces femininity and balances modern designs with traditional elegance.”

RFD has been connecting local designers to a clientele that’s hungry to patronize designs In this Spring Summer collection, RFD featured a dazzling array of fashion artisans, that are close to home. RFD will be here next season too in case you missed this one. overall consisting of around 30 brands. From the elegant yet practical jewelry Location: Nujood Center of Mar Mar, stylish bags of Lya lya, the Tel: +966-1-202 1205 sporty chic ensembles by Butterfly and Web: Alia Abayas, to the special fashion show DESTINATION RIYADH 49

Fashion & Shopping

GADGETS iBaby Monitor 1500 SR Are you always stuck at home because you can’t leave your baby alone? Well, with this awesome gadget at hand feel free to go anywhere you want. This smart baby monitor offers a convenient and effective way to keep an eye on your baby from your iPhone. It offers a high resolution video, and the camera rotates and pivots to follow baby’s movement. Availbale at Itsy Bitsy Baby store

Empty Memory: Structure USB 375 SR Empty Memory is a jewelry collection that works as 4 GB USB memory sticks. Every piece is caste in high-quality stainless steel, hand-polished by craftsmen and finished with various colors. Each design contains a physical emptiness in its sculptural form, giving the metaphor that you can fill the space with your own memory. Availbale at

Neon Green iPad case by Fyunka 215 SR Keep your iPad safe with this edgy graphically designed iPad case inspired by our Saudi culture. This cool cotton canvas case features multi illustrations of burqaa and a famous phrase often said in saudi. Availbale at


Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker 225 SR Stay fit with Fitbit; this tiny device keeps track of your steps, distance, and calories burned throughout the day. It then automatically syncs the data to your Fitbit account. This will keep you motivated to reach your fitness daily goals. Available at

Newspaper Press 400 SR This paper log maker produces a fire-ready brick shaped log that is a cost-effective solution to buying firewood, chopping down someone else’s tree, or planting a tree and waiting 20 years. You get everything you need to make clean burning, low-smoke logs out of newspapers, wrapping paper and more. It is easy to use, environmentally friendly and built to last. Availbale at

Thuraya’s SatSleeve Stay connected in the most remote places, even without mobile service reception with Thuraya’s SatSleeve. Slip it on to your iPhone 4 or 4S and you can make calls from virtually anywhere via the company’s own satellite network. It can also charge your battery and place emergency calls without the handset. Availbale at Farhan commercial Co. +966 1 219 2000 DESTINATION JEDDAH 51

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If you ever wondered what to get for a newborn baby, visit Itsy Bitsy Baby store. In this cute store you'll find all your babies necessities from baby monitors and strollers to plates with matching bibs. Itsy Bitsy Baby is no ordinary baby store. Location: 119 Prince Muhammad ibn Abdulaziz Rd. (Tahliya), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 4396 Tel: +966-1-4164515 Email: Web:


Candella is a store specializing in unique candles and artistic home accessories. You will find graphic printed trays with matching mugs, coasters and a tea box that will satisfy your style and intended theme. Candella is the right place for candle lovers, offering a wide variety of beautifully hand crafted candles with nice arabic phrases like duaa andayat from the Holy Qur’an. Location: Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz St. ( AlThalatheen ) infront of AlTamimi Market Tel: +966-1-4641841 Mob: +966-595400200 Intagram: candella_craft



Handmade in Makkah using recycled palm leaves and fronds, Liyano’s products are as traditional and artistic as they are environmental friendly. Liyano aims to spread local heritage through their products that range from decorations items and household requirements to stationery and miscellaneous gift items. Mob: +966-504630137 Web:


Strokes n Scribbles specializes in homemade gift items including personalized magnets and coasters, canvases, baby albums and gift baskets. You can rest assured that your order will arrive on time, giftwrapped to absolute perfection. Although Strokes n Scribbles is based in Riyadh, they offer shipping worldwide and free delivery to Jeddah based customers. Email: Web:


Dining Around Town


...where to please your palate this summer

Fun and food are undoubtedly the two most amazing things about being on vacation, but what could be better than an eccentric combination of the two? Whether you’re looking for drama, breathtaking scenery or just a little relaxation, there are a number of bizarre restaurants tucked away in the best vacation spots in the world that cater to both your palate and your entertainment needs.

Dans Le Noir – Paris, France Literally meaning “in the dark,” diners at the Dans Le Noir restaurants treat four out of five of their senses to a matchless experience. Diners are served in a pitch-black dining room where they feel around for their food and drinks, relying solely on their taste-buds and sense of smell to figure out the contents of their plates. To top it off, the waiters leading visitors through this overwhelming experience are actually blind! If you happen to be in Paris this summer, challenge your senses and sentiments by dining at the Dans Le Noir. Other branches of Dans Le Noir are located in New York, London, St Petersburg and Moscow.

Alice – Tokyo, Japan Quite literally a wonderland for bookworms, this Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant is located in Ginza, Tokyo. Surrounded by a magic forest, life-sized pages from the novel and heart-shaped chandeliers, diners are served by waitresses dressed in Alice costumes. Even the food is served with Alice in Wonderland motifs, complete with heartshaped bowls and little messages instructing the diner to "Eat Me." So whether you're a Lewis Carroll fan or a Disney movie-buff, the Alice restaurant is one way to jump into the pages or movie reel of this timeless classic.


El Diablo – Lanzarote, Spain What’s not to love about Spain - with the flamenco, Zorro and a volcanic barbecue. The El Diablo restaurant located in the Timanfaya National Park on the island of Lanzarote is built on top of a volcano. The El Diablo restaurant offers a range of fish and meat, and visitors can watch their meals being cooked on a grill directly over the volcanic heat. If you’re a barbecue lover and the idea of a volcano-grilled meal induces your curiosity, El Diablo is the place to be this summer.

Ninja – NYC, USA Ninja New York is a Japanese ninja themed restaurant in Manhattan. The restaurant is made to look like an ancient castle, including drawbridge, tunnels and caves. The servers are not only dressed in traditional ninja attire but are also trained to perform special “ninja magic tricks.” It isn’t unusual for ninja waiters to suddenly appear at a table and pull out the menu inked on giant scrolls. Some dishes are even written with a “ninja star” next to them indicating they are served with a special magic trick. If you’re the type to be entertained by an (almost) genuine “HIYAH” as you dine, New York Ninja should be your first stop the next time you’re in Manhattan.

Ithaa – Conrad, Maldives Literally meaning “pearl,” the Ithaa Restaurant encased in acrylic is located five meters below the Indian Ocean. The Ithaa Restaurant serves European food with a Maldivian kick and promises to stun diners with a clear and breathtaking view of the underwater world. DESTINATION RIYADH 55

Dining Around Town


A PLATE Would you like to go on a gastronomical adventure? Ever wanted to go on a food trip that would literally take you around the world in 80 plates all in one day? Okay, 80 may be a tad bit too much but you’ll definitely get the chance to have a taste of the North, East, South, and West hemisphere through the mouthwatering international cuisines served buffet-style in Riyadh. If you’re looking to tickle your taste buds with some variety, then these buffets should give you some options to begin with. Whether you’re planning a business dinner, treating your family to a hearty meal or simply want to dip your palette in an explosion of flavors, buffets have something for everyone. Just a word of advice, if you’re thinking of trying any of the eat-all-you-can dining options below, it’s best to ready yourself. Build up your appetite so you can be sure to enjoy the feast from appetizers all the way to dessert.


Price per person:

Lunch – 225 SR Dinner – 245 SR Monday Seafood Night – 300 SR

If you want to take your dining experience to a global level then Elements will definitely satisfy your cravings. Located at the Four Seasons’ Riyadh lobby, their restaurant setup gives you a culinary walkthrough from the moment you step in. In true world-class fashion, you’re sure to enjoy their Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Middle-Eastern delights. It’s also quite a treat, and adds to the dining experience, that the friendly staff would prepare some of the 56 DESTINATION RIYADH

dishes right in front of you, sophisticatedly plated in true five-star hotel fashion. I personally recommend their Friday brunch. Note that their restaurant gets a lot of local patrons during seafood Monday nights so it helps to reserve a table ahead of time. For Reservations: Tel: +966-1-2115500 Email: Attire: Smart Casual

Al Orjouan, Ritz Carlton Riyadh

La Brasserie, Faisaliyah Hotel

Price per person: Lunch – 225 SR Dinner – 250 SR Friday brunch – 295 SR

Price per person:

Lunch – 225 SR Dinner – 250 SR Friday brunch – 295 SR

The Ritz Carlton chain of hotels is well renowned for the restaurants it houses; Al Orjouan is no exception. The luxurious ambience paired with a buffet serving the finest and in-season ingredients is one of the many reasons this restaurant is getting some great reviews. From the extravagant table-settings, excellent wait staff and a feast of Lebanese and international cuisines, Al Orjouan is quite a treat for locals and it’s becoming a hit among city guests too. It’s a total VIP experience, from the moment you enter the Ritz Carlton gates and satisfy your gastronomic desires with their offerings, up to when they bid you farewell after your meal. And yes, it’s a very family-friendly restaurant complete with a Kids Play Area. For Reservations: Tel: +966-1-8028333 Email: Attire: Local traditional wear or smart casual

Great atmosphere and delectable cuisines from all over the world collide at La Brasserie. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you want, the friendly chefs and wait staff of this restaurant will work round the clock to serve scrumptious offerings throughout the day. If you’re thinking to visit them in the evening, it’s best to know ahead of time what the theme is for the night. From the exotic and foreign to the local and familiar, you can choose from the following cuisines: Arabic Night (Saturday), Night of Raj (Indian Sunday), Lime, Coconut and Lemongrass (Thai Monday), Chocolate and Chilli (Central American Tuesday), South Eastern Spice Bazaar (South East Asian Wednesday), Moroccan Souk (North African Thursday). To top it off, La Brasserie also has live stations where you can watch while the chefs cook your dish in front of you. Parents, you’ll appreciate the kids’ entertainment area with a matching kid-friendly buffet. For Reservations: Tel: +966-1-2732222 Email: Attire: Smart Casual

There are other restaurants and hotels offering international buffets around the city. Some of them are only during weekends or on certain designated days. What’s your favorite buffet so far? Tweet us and we would love to check it out too. Happy Eating!


Travel Trends



Summer is around the corner, and like a lot of people in Riyadh, we can't wait until school is out to get "out" of this heat and into a summer vacation. First question is: Where to go? Secondly: Will everyone in the family have a good time? Therefore to ensure your vacation is both unique and enjoyable, you'll have to think of an ideal place that will get everyone involved (not necessarily all at the same time) and draw up a plan that combines fun, activity and some much needed rest and relaxation. Read along as we serve up supercool destination ideas and all the information you'll need in regards to planning the perfect summer vacation.


DISNEY MAGIC CRUISE Embark on a journey to the Mediterranean, a region rich with ancient cities, historic landmarks, and diverse cultures and people, all the while enjoying the magical "floating" world of Disney, on the Disney Magic cruise ship. Sail the brilliant blue seas starting from Barcelona, Spain, and going through a number of ports such as Italy, Greece, Turkey and the French Riviera, depending on your itinerary. Disney Cruises offer the highest standards of services. The roomy cabins are ideal for families and there’s an abundance of dining options to satisfy all palettes. Facilities include exclusive adult-only areas such as the spa, fitness center, pool and Palo restaurant which give grown-ups a chance to enjoy their time as well. Of course there are also huge spaces all around the ship devoted to kids. Youth clubs provide interactive programs, activity centers and daycares all designed to keep little cruisers having fun 58 DESTINATION RIYADH

every moment possible. There's even a teenexclusive club where "young" adults can lounge and play in their own way. The fun continues with a deck that has three pools- for adults, for kids and for families. You can even splash away while watching a Disney feature film on a huge outdoor screen. A whole deck called the “Wide World of Sports” offer fitness and recreational sports activities for all age groups. Spectacular live shows of your favorite Disney characters are performed nightly in two theatres, which at times also feature a cinema showing Disney original movies on a giant screen. Adding to all the enjoyment are deck parties, fireworks, and exciting land excursions at all ports of call. Overall fun and entertainment for adults, kids and teenagers, you will definitely feel like super-parents when your kids say "This was the best vacation ever!"


SOUTH AFRICA For any child who loves animals, Africa is the one destination that fulfills their wildest dreams. For many grown-ups too, safaris, savannahs, mountains and jungles offer legendary adventures. Not to mention the fabulous beaches, friendly people, great food and fascinating cultures. Begin your South African getaway in the scenic city of Cape Town, visit the aquarium, experience the townships, and ride a cable car to the top of the magnificent Table Mountain. Your next stop should be Sun City in the North West Province, with accommodations ranging from family-friendly hotels to the famous


DUBAI For families who don't want to travel long hauls with their kids, Dubai has everything you want out of a vacation in less than a two hour flight away. Dubai has become famous for everything big, bold, and extravagant. Boasting the world’s tallest building, largest mall and dancing fountain, biggest indoor Ski Park, and award-winning family-friendly resorts, you can expect a luxurious yet fun-packed time. For the kids, start off with some popular attractions like the aquarium,

5-star Palace of the Lost City you'll be spoilt for choice. Kids activities include fun visits to the zoo and Waterworld; a waterpark which in addition to slides, offers you a chance to go water-skiing and parasailing as well. Grown-ups can enjoy golfing, and the Pilanesberg National Park is right next door. For the outdoor adventurers, visit the crocodile sanctuary. Of course, your trip to South Africa would be incomplete without going on a safari, or a hot air balloon, an elephant back safari, or the traditional wild safari tours into premiere game reserves. underwater zoo, Kidzania and ice rink at the Dubai Mall. Visit Atlantis and appreciate the incredible facilities which include the waterpark, Dolphin Bay and the Lost Chambers. The Dubai Dolphinarium is a fun place to experience dolphins up-close. Their interactive shows aim to educate and entertain at the same time. Venture beyond the numerous water and amusement parks to discover a wealth of activities, experience a thrilling desert safari, take 4x4s to the top of dunes, ride a camel or go sandboarding. Head to Children's City, a museum offering activities and interactive displays on science, biology, space, communication and cultures. Active adults can enjoy world class golf courses, ski diving and water sports or just lounge and relax around the pools and sandy beaches. All pleasure and play without the jet-lag! DESTINATION RIYADH 59


SINGAPORE Modern skyscrapers and sleek architectural wonders, that's what you'll see in the Singapore skyline, but don't let them intimidate you. Singapore is becoming a popular family vacation destination. You can start off with the many kid friendly hotels like Marina Bay Sands featuring the stunning rooftop SkyPark, an infinity pool perched 200 meters above ground with a spectacular view of the city below. For rainy days, head down to the Marina Bay Sands Mall, catch a boat ride through the mall, or go skating in the ice rink. Escape to the beautiful island of Sentosa where you can stay at the famous Resorts World, home to the Universal Studios movie theme park featuring rides and attractions from the animated world of Shrek and Madagascar to the adventures of Jurassic Park and Battlestar Gallactica. Explore the beaches while gliding on a Segway, visit Marine Life Park the world's largest oceanarium and stop by the Sentosa 4D magix for a great show. For the adventurers, take a cable car ride, whizz through the trees at the MegZip Adventure Park, or try the thrilling Luge and Skyride. If that’s not enough to keep your vacation fun-filled, you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife, shows and fine dining scattered abundantly around the city. The "guys" in the family will particularly enjoy shopping for the widest range of electronic gadgets priced 10%-20% cheaper than other commercial outlets, all clustered up in the two huge malls Funan Digitalife Mall and Sim Lim Square. 60 DESTINATION RIYADH


BALI In addition to being an exotic paradise, Bali is one of the friendliest destinations for family vacations. The Balinese adore children and accommodate them with warm smiles, guaranteeing a relaxing and fun holiday for everyone. There are a variety of hotels and resorts to choose from, as well as popular apartment- style resorts (one, two or three-bedroom apartments or villas with a separate lounge room and kitchen) which are a great alternative to hotel accommodation allowing families to stretch their riyals further. If the natural panoramic sites, white sandy beaches, fields of greenery, tropical waterfalls, serene rivers and ancient Balinese temples aren't enough of a thrill for you, you can choose from a range of exciting attractions around the island. Kuta is the heart of the tourist area, offering gorgeous beaches, great shopping, and a variety of accommodation and dining options. Waterbom Park is an exciting water park that’s fun for both kids and adults. Visit the exotic Bali bird and reptile park, or go on an Elephant safari to get an up-close experience with animals and nature. After all the running around with the kids, the adults deserve to be treated to a traditional Bali massage, a pampering deep tissue massage that’s guaranteed to melt away your tension. Whether you are feeling pumped up or laid back, you'll end up having an amazing summer.



Most families won't consider a 16 hour flight to Vancouver much fun, but once you get there you'll certainly understand why it's worth it! It’s known for being one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of its majestic mountains, sparkling oceans and beautiful foliage. Vancouver offers a unique combination of action-packed city fun and endless outdoor activities. The diverse cultures and people offer distinctive dining experiences seen in trendy Yaletown and Gastown that’s side by side a variety of urban amenities like Pacific Mall and the Science World Museum. Fill your days connecting with Mother Nature, stroll through Stanley Park where you can visit the Vancouver Aquarium and Children's Farmyard. Go on a hike through the mountains up to the picturesque Vista Point, then hit Kitsilano or Jericho beach for a fun day of barbecuing and swimming.

Take the Aquabus or drive to Granville Island; this dynamic area is fun for the whole family. The Kid's Market has a giant indoor Adventure Zone, and free outdoor waterpark, and the Public Market samples the freshest flavors from farmers, bakers and butchers. The fun continues when you grab a bite to eat by the pond or wander around enjoying numerous theatres and local art studios. Additionally, drive up to North Vancouver and take the Grouse Mountain Skyride up to the peak of Vancouver, or dare the kids to look down as you walk across Capilano Suspension Bridge for a thrilling experience above the river. Undoubtedly you are guaranteed an exciting vacation and unforgettable memories. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @whywander DESTINATION RIYADH 61

Travel Trends

Air Charter International

Air Charter International

Saudia Private Aviation


Ease and comfort are two of the most important factors travelers look for whether they are traveling for business or pleasure. Everyone wants their journey to be devoid of any discomfort or problem. So whether you are taking a business trip, a summer vacation or going on a honeymoon, consider one of the following award winning luxury airlines based in the Middle East:

Chocks Away:

It offers private jet charter solutions for corporate and private clients looking for flexibility, privacy and luxury. And it has also been nominated for Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter for the past three years. Tel: +44 (0) 1252 835794 62 DESTINATION RIYADH

Royal Jet


Saudia Private Aviation:

Founded in 2009 by Saudi Arabian Airlines, SPA promises luxury, privacy and the highest standards of safety. SPA’s fleets can hold between 6 to 16 passengers and are ideal for luxury travel no matter what your itinerary.

Tel: +966 920013310 Web:


NasJet is the largest and fastest growing private jet operator in the Middle East and one of the top ten in the entire world. NasJet offers large and midsize jets with the capacity of 7 to 14 people. While NasJet is the ideal option for any business trip (city-to-city or transcontinental), they also offer honeymoon, summer, Hajj and Umrah Jetcards for varied travel options. Tel: +966 1 2172070 Web:

Vista Jet:

VistaJet was founded by Thomas Flohr in 2004 with the aim of redefining private aviation. He wanted to start a revolution in the skies that would offer clients unrivalled choice, luxury, a simple business model and of course, safety. Tel: +44 (0)207 0 605 700

Vista Jet

Air Charter International:

Established in 1994 in Dubai, ACI provides aviation services including aircraft lease and charter services. ACI believes in providing reliable, cost effective service and has been nominated for Middle East’s Leading Private Jet Charter award every year since 2009. Tel: +971 4 8070707 Web:

Royal Jet:

Royal Jet is an award-winning international luxury flight services provider based in Abu Dhabi. It has been awarded not only Middle East’s but also the World’s Leading Private Jet Charter and was named the Business Jet Provider of the Year in 2010. Royal Jet guarantees a matchless experience in luxury travel. Tel: +971 25051777 Web:

Al-Tayyar Group:

It is one of the largest companies in Saudi Arabia with prominent local and international branches and has been awarded the best tour operator in the Middle East. Al-Tayyar ensures competitive prices and prompt reservations. Web:


Travel Trends



By Zareen Muzaffar

Last minute gathering small things, and endlessly thinking of ‘something important’ that we might be forgetting. Summer is here and if you are planning to travel anytime soon here are some tips to gather the most important stuff which can help you travel light and worry free.


Make sure you bundle all your chargers for the phone and camera even before you put your clothes in your suitcase. There are some good travel chargers available in the market for all phones, PDA’s and smart phones. What you don’t want is the inconvenience of finding out you forgot your chargers at home when you unpack after reaching your destination.


Most smart phones have applications for travelers for booking hotels, cars, and for checking in before arriving at the airport. Booking hotels in advance using apps such as and can save you time and worry. And checking in using your smart phone or laptop will save the hassle of lining up at the counter for a long time unnecessarily. 64 DESTINATION RIYADH


If your trip is short, why not take your tablet instead of carrying a bulky laptop. These days thanks to the plethora of options available, if you feel taking a laptop is necessary and if you are a frequent traveler, invest in a Microsoft Surface. A powerful PC in tablet form, it has the security and manageability you expect from a PC. Best of all, its extremely light and durable.


Are you one of those who can not travel without a book? It is an essential friend for most travelers so pack wise and take an e-reader instead. You will not only travel light but an e-reader can store hundreds of books and you can chose whatever you’d like to read instead of limiting yourself to one.


Make copies of all your important documents and keep them safe in your carry on. You never know where you might need a copy of your visa or passport. A better idea is to keep copies of your important documents in an encrypted file on your laptop or tablet.


Make sure you leave any credit/ bank/ identification cards you won’t need on your journey at home. Take only the essential ones and make sure you keep your wallet or purse with you at all times. Being mindful can save you from bigger worries. SAFE TRAVELS!


Healthy Living



By Hana Jazzar

Staying active and working out aren't just ways to lose weight or help you get into a smaller dress-size, they are in fact lifestyle commitments which make you stronger, healthier and yes, ultimately thinner. Now if these reasons have convinced you to join a gym, the important question left to ask yourself is: which gym? We've done thorough research into Riyadh's most famous female gyms and gathered all the info you need to know in order to make an informed decision. Hopefully when you sign up with one of these centers your money will be an actual membership and not just a donation!


ALMANAHIL Located at the Diplomatic Quarters Al Manahil Ladies Center is airy and bright, and spreads over two levels with views looking over an outdoor tennis court. The ground floor supports the cardiovascular equipment whilst upstairs you'll find the circuit and weight training area. Their vigorous class schedule offer everything from the latest Les Mills classes including Bodypump and Body 66 DESTINATION RIYADH

Attack to others like TRX, spinning, dance, pilates, mat and yoga. In addition to the popular Martial Art (Taekwondo) and Tennis classes, members have access to the steam room and can sign up for water exercises and swimming lessons in the heated indoor swimming pool. They are also in the process of adding the latest equipment to the gym, and expanding

in space, and are working on becoming the largest Pilates Studio in Riyadh. When you are done with your work-out, you can have a healthy drink from the juice bar or take advantage of the rest of the center by stopping at the spa, salon, boutique or restaurant. Tel: +966 1 4881069 Email:


NUYU The modern and hip Loft-like gym located in Northern Riyadh (AlYasamien district) is a pure fitness center with a great mix of studio and gym space. Studio 1 on the ground floor is where all the group workouts take place from Bodycombat and circuits, to Zumba, Boot Camp and Cross Fit classes. The Holistic Studio is a serene space designed to integrate body, mind and spirit through yoga and pilates. As for

spinning, NuYu's invigorating theatrical studio, together with lively music will transport you into another zone.

sessions give you a warm up, resistance work, cardio and a cool down and massage all in 30 minutes.

Front and center is the gym area where you'll find state of the art machines, AMT striders and an amazing "functional zone" which has all the latest fitness accessories and gives you space to work out individually or under the supervision of qualified personal trainers. Last but not least, the Power Plate

NuYu's facilities include a retail store featuring Pure Lime fitness apparel. Additionally, they offer a range of membership options that are likely to suit your budget and needs. Tel: +966 1 8104111 Web: Email: DESTINATION RIYADH 67 67

LUTHAN Luthan Gym is nestled inside Luthan hotel and spa, which is an exclusive ladies hotel located in AlRaed District. Their elegant wellness center is the best place to rejuvenate, revitalize and unwind. Luthan fitness and yoga studios are calm, intimate and zen spaces, reflecting a cozy yet energetic atmosphere.

Luthan fitness have 3, 6 and 12 month elite memberships which offer many benefits including discounts on the spa treatments, salon services and restaurant, as well as complimentary health and fitness assessments and unlimited use of fitness equipment within the gym and spa facilities.

Besides yoga and pilates classes, which strengthen the core and balance both body and mind, they also have classes that are fun, energetic and help burn calories and improve overall wellness (i.e. Zumba, dancing, spinning and AquaFit).

Their classy facilities include a state-of-the-art gym, a meditation room, an indoor heated swimming pool, a relaxing jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. Tel: +966 1 4807799 Web:

KORE KORE is a "fitness boutique" located in AlKhozama district that brings a new spin to traditional gyms by providing an innovative approach to fitness. Two studios in their facility hold a variety of classes such as yoga, pilates, spinning, Zumba and belly dancing. Members can choose the Focused or Mix & Match packages for group classes or the personal training package for private one-on-one classes. The Circuit training program involves the Milon machines, a smart technology system of strength and endurance training in only 17.5 minutes, resulting in a focused, guided and well recorded work out. Uniquely enough, they also have a Water 68 DESTINATION RIYADH

Bike which is an individual aqua-physiotherapeutic cycling system with 16 hydro massage jets to help reduce cellulite. KORE facilities are also suitable for physiotherapy training, and KoreKids offers classes for children ages 4-12 including ballet, yoga, basketball, Taekwondo and gymnastics. Adding to all these is a luxury Spa that is opening soon. Conveniently, they are open on Fridays if you'd you like to "burn" away weekend boredom (and calories) on the machines.

Tel: +966 1 4820003 Web:

CURVES This world-renowned fitness and weight loss center promises to give you a complete work out in just 30 minutes. The Curves system is simple. It is circuit training using hydraulic resistance machines (set up in a circle) which is adjusted to the strength level of each woman. Consequently, this special design helps effectively train and strengthen muscles while reducing soreness and the potential for injury. Once you join, your weight and measurements are taken to create your personal record, which is updated with your monthly assessments so

you can track your progress. Annual memberships give you many benefits, like access to customized fitness and weight management programs and plans, and exclusive Curves retail and nutritional products. Joining one of their fitness centers automatically entitles you to use your membership in any of the 10,000 Curve outlets across the globe. So wherever you may be, there’s no excuse not to workout! Tel (Al Olaya): +966 1 4633219 Tel (AlRayyan): +966 1 4452876 Tel (Panorama): +966 1 2814853 Web:

ALMULTAKA Located in AlMalaz district, AlMultaka is a multi purpose ladies center aiming to connect women with art, design, fashion, beauty and fitness all in a contemporary and charming environment. AlMultaka Fitness Centre promotes wellness and vitality through dynamic programs and attractive services. Their brightly lit gym, with floor to ceiling windows and cardio theater, radiates a sense of freshness and energy. The Studio classes offer a variety of group fitness programs including certified Spinning, TRX, body combat and the popular Fight-do to, as well as numerous cross- training activities like mega dance, swimming and aqua aerobics

classes. For the union of body, breath and mind, there are yoga, pilates and Fit ball classes. AlMultaka is a STOTT Pilates Certified fitness center, hence you are ensured a safe and effective work out every time. The Stott Pilates courses are given in a specialized studio using reformers and the latest 3-in-1 machines. Members can also continue on to the rest of the center and enjoy the spacious and airy FontainBleu restaurant, serene spa or beauty salon. Tel: +966 1 4783388 Web: Email:


Healthy Living


Kohei Hagio

The introduction of the humble sneaker forever changed the footwear industry. A comfortable, casual shoe which could be worn to work or at play soon proved to be the essential item in everyone’s closet. The past 25 years have witnessed an explosive surge in styles; however, one factor remains a constant. Customers demand comfort above all else. Puma is one of the leaders in the athletic shoe category. Kohei Hagio, Team Head of Global Running PLM Footwear, shares his enthusiasm for Puma’s latest release: the Mobium Elite. What was the inspiration for the PUMA Mobium Elite?

take shape a little under a year ago.

Why is PUMA Mobium Elite so revolutionary?

The Mobium Elite was inspired by the cat, the planet’s most efficient running machine. We looked at what makes cats so efficient and fast, and how the human foot moves in similar ways.

The three main features that work together to adapt to the foot in motion include the Expansion Pods, Mobium Band and Windlass Chassis. Together these three features are designed to expand with your foot in three directions -longitudinally, laterally and vertically.

We found through extensive research that the marketplace was driven by static running shoes. There were no products on the market that would adapt to the runner’s foot or motion until now. We strongly feel that the PUMA Mobium Elite is a game-changer in the Running category and for performance products alike. It literally introduces a new category of running – Adaptive Running™

Can you talk us through the design process and the important materials that are used on the PUMA Mobium Elite running shoe? The original research into the physiology of the puma cat and other big cats began almost three years ago, yet the idea behind Mobium had been in the works for the last two-and-a-half years. There were several different designs and a lot of prototype trials during the process. The final product – Mobium Elite started to 70 DESTINATION RIYADH

Why is ‘adaptive running’ technology important? Is it for improved comfort or improved performance? The technology incorporated into PUMA’s Adaptive Running™ footwear adapts with the body in motion, encouraging a more natural and efficient mid-foot strike. Mobium’s cushioning, protection and flexibility encourages a more efficient stride and offers runners a smoother transition.

What’s next on the drawing board from PUMA? Next on the drawing board from Puma is releasing additional styles in upcoming seasons, and the Mobium line will further expand into the Training and Fitness categories.

Healthy Living


Few things are more exasperating than not being able to take your favorite and most essential beauty items in your carry on luggage. If they are in containers that exceed the liquid limit of the aircraft then you have to leave them behind as they are too heavy to carry. Traveling in style is just as important as traveling light and neither needs to be sacrificed for the other. WHITES pharmacy is your one-stop shop for a trendy range of travel-sized cosmetics and storage options.

WHITES Travel Set Sealed in a plastic zipper bag complete with a travel checklist and containers of different shapes and sizes for all your beauty items, WHITES travel set will send all your problems packing. The containers are designed to hold your essential liquid beauty products from face wash and moisturizers to shaving cream and hair masks. WHITES travel set is customizable, light, easy to use and includes: • Three 100 ml squeezable bottles with different caps (pop cap, flip cap and pump cap) • Two 20 ml cream/pills containers • One liquid pumper • Two plastic spatulas • A travel checklist

Travalo - Travalo is a new patented and aircraft approved 8 cm fragrance atomizer. Travalo ensures that your favorite perfumes go with you everywhere and refills in seconds with a very simple repeated pump action (No funnels, no spills!). It is a unisex product available in different colors and a must-have accessory for any traveler. 72 DESTINATION RIYADH


Make-up Travel Bag The make-up travel bag by WHITES has multiple inner compartments that can hold a large number of different makeup items along with makeup brushes and other tools. These compartments unfold to give you a full view of all your cosmetics so you can easily pick whatever you need. The make-up travel bag not only fits perfectly into your luggage but also makes for efficient storage during hurried makeup sessions on your trip.

Travel Section in WHITES Pharmacy WHITES pharmacy has dedicated an entire section to travel sized products that guarantee minimum size and maximum convenience and are designed for the smart traveler. WHITES currently carries shampoos, hair masks, hair conditioners, body lotions, hand creams, lip balms, toothpastes, hand sanitizers, wet wipes, day and night creams, makeup removers and many other travel sized products by different brands. Travel sized products are very convenient to store in your carry on and may even last you the entire duration of your time away.



Praying rug / Quraan / Books

Contacts / Case / Solution / Glasses (sun + sight)

Passport / Tickets / City information

Face cream / Face cleaner

Cash / Credit cards

Hair brush / Hair dryer / Hair spray

Laptop / Cell phone / Camera / Chargers

Make-up / Lotion / Sunscreen

Shoe comfort pads

Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Dental floss

Put all gels and liquids into one plastic bag

Deodorant / Shampoo / Conditioner / Shower gel


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Healthy Living


Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen can be tough enough when we’re back home. But when we’re either traveling on business or simply on a fun getaway, it can be even more challenging.

Here’s a few tips you can bring in your luggage to squeeze in some healthy routines while you’re away: 1. Start by finding an outdoor area, perhaps a park or footpath. Go for a run or a brisk walk. If it’s a lovely day (or evening), always take advantage of the nice weather to soak up some fresh air.’s CEO, Carolyn Pearson, confirms that this is also a great way to get to know your new surroundings. TIP: Explore new surroundings on foot or bicycle, a healthier and better way to get acquainted with a place than in the back of a taxi.


2. Another option for those who would rather stay in is to look into at-home workout videos. When staying in a hotel, get into the habit of using on-site gym facilities as often as possible, even if it’s just for 20 minutes. Exercise doesn’t have to be time consuming. But speaking from experience, anything less than 20 minutes won’t do you any good. That is guaranteed. Here’s a rule of thumb, the shorter the workout, the more intense it has to be. And vise versa. Vacation Specialist, Janet DeVito, suggests joining a few workout sessions. “Take a fun Zumba class, play golf or Bocce Ball. There are so many fun ways to keep moving!” How to Stay Motivated PR Specialist, Katie Dally of TripIt and Concur Traveler Services, insists on staying organized during her trips. Inefficient traveling leads to stress, which can lead to the need to relax and feast on unhealthy foods as a way of coping. Stats on show the following most stressful issues for travelers: 1. Exercising at 67%, eating healthy at 66% and airport security at 59%. Keep an itinerary. If need be, have free days set aside to relax. Engage in low-key physical activities if you’re not up for a high intensity workout.

Now here’s what to do in terms of dieting! .“Carry healthy portable snacks like whole almonds or bananas to curb cravings. When ordering from a menu, substitute an appetizer or small plate for the entrée,” Dally adds. . Stop by an Applebee’s here in Riyadh, which actually offers an ‘Under 550 Calories’ menu. Piatto also has a rather exceptional grilled veggie and goat cheese appetizer. . No matter what, always maintain portion control. Restaurants tend to offer overly generous proportions. Pack half to take home with you. . “Making sure to include more healthy options and smaller portions of other foods, will help keep off those extra pounds from traveling,” said Dietitian Amber Ketchum. So there you go, staying healthy while you’re jet setting and city hopping may not be easy but it’s not impossible. Start including these simple tips and so enough, they’ll be part of your traveling habits.

2. Take advantage of TI’s services by signing up online through According to Dally, using this mobile travel organizer helps keep flight, hotel and other trip details all monitored and kept in one place, which could be particularly useful to business travelers. Once all necessary tasks are efficiently set aside, time put into getting (and staying fit) shouldn’t be a problem.


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Brazilian Beats

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Whether you're making the most of the illustrious nightlife or discovering California's history in the museums of San Francisco, this guide provides all the insider tips every visitor needs.

Lonely Planet: Morocco

Morocco exudes Maghrebi mystique, with medina lanes leading to souqs and riads, camels disappearing into the Sahara and Berber villages perched in the High Atlas. Grab a mint tea and enjoy the show.



Jeeran is an app designed to help you find the best places and services in your city whether you’re looking for the greatest restaurant, closest ATM, or the most talented mechanic!


Zello Walkie Talkie

Join millions of people who use Zello instead of texting. You can use it one-on-one with a friend, for a live group call with your family or soccer team. The Zello app can even replace 2-way radios at work.


Timehop brings together your old photos and updates from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, flickr and your camera roll. It makes all these memories into easily sharable items, helping you tell the stories of the past.



1000 Places To See Before You Die

Around The World In 80 Days

Egypt : Rediscovering A Lost World

Monty Dons: Italian Gardens

MOST ADDICTIVE TV SHOWS TV shows House of Cards (Season 1)

The Americans (Season 1)

On: OSN First HD Time: Tuesday 20:00 KSA

On: OSN First HD Time: Tuesday 21:00 KSA

Must do΄s book




Phoenix - Bankrupt!

Phoenix has returned with an album as fruitful as their last. Music like this could pull a generation of people out of the ‘house clubs’ to return back onto the indie dancefloors in no time. Cool and effortless, Phoenix is most certainly back.

Oz the Great and Powerful A small-time magician is swept away to an enchanted land and is forced into a power struggle between three witches.

Entertainer Jeddah

Explore Jeddah’s best with over 350 buy one get one free vouchers to the best restaurants, casual dining, cafes, informal dining, leisure activities and more. DESTINATION RIYADH 77

THEY ARE THE 99! 99 Mystical Noor Stones carry all that is left of the wisdom and knowledge of the lost civilization of Baghdad. But the Noor Stones lie scattered across the globe - now little more than a legend. One man has made it his life’s mission to seek out what was lost. His name is Dr. Ramzi Razem and he has searched fruitlessly for the Noor Stones all his life. Now, his luck is about to change - the first of the stones have been rediscovered and with them a special type of human who can unlock the gem>s mystical power. Ramzi brings these gembearers together to form a new force for good in the world. A force known as ... THE 99!

THE SPELLBINDING STORY OF THE 99 It’s the debut of a whole new kind of superhero! Discover the secrets of the DAR Al-HIKMA and the powers of the mysterious Noor stones. After centuries lost to antiquity, the gemstones have re-emerged. Nawaf Al-Bilali has become JABBAR, the first of the 99. But he is not alone. A young Emirati girl named Dana Ibrahim has escaped her kidnappers, thanks to the help of a mysterious jewel. Will she be the next member of THE 99? Read the Exciting story of The 99 every month.





Writer: Fabian Nicieza Art: John Mccrea with Jason Dennis Colours: Monica Kubina

78 DESTINATION RIYADH Letters: Comicraft



Tuttie Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4613976


Alem Al-Ibdaa King Abdul Aziz Road Tel: +966-1-4552273 Alfa Cassettes Batha Commercial Center Tel: +966-1-4034828 Anamel Arts of Ceremics Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4629441 Art Line Gallery Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4622573 Arts Al Andalus Center Tel: +966-1-4602668 Dar Al Maskukat Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4651166 Eastern Gift House Oruba Plaza Tel: +966-1-4195422 My Home Flower King Abdul Aziz Road Tel: +966-1-4544577 China Town Euromarche Tel: +966-1-4647371 Cool Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4502960 Fantastic World Thalatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4645782 Gift House Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4661316 Glft Village King Fahd Road Tel: +966-1-4620219 Heritage Touch Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al Hamdan Tel: +966-1-4612930 Konouz Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2934163 Magic Art Sahara Mall Tel: +966-1-4520540 Occasions Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4654555 Papermoon Sahara Mall Tel: +966-1-4520393 Party Time Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4659101

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MUSEUMS & ART VENUES 7 Star Art Gallery Akkariya Buildings Tel: +966-54405188 Lamsa Exhibition Al Faisaliah Tel: +966-1-2734239 Art Vision Kingdom Centre Tel: +966-1-2112412 The Art Of Photography Abu Bakr Al Sedeeq Road Tel: +966-1-4944614 The Bazaar Akkariya Buildings Tel: +966-1-4601130 The Orientalist House Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4634228 Tunisen Antique House Euromarche Tel: +966-1-4825247 Village Gallery Thalatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4631089 Wonder Castle Corporation Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-2790482 Zamani Art Gallery Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4613057 Zekrayat Frames Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4661196


Al Raqeem Bookstore Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-2085792 Al Shagrey Bookstore Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4611717 Al Sharq Bookstore Al Malaz Tel: +966-1-4720538 Al Wataniyah Bookstore Aswaq Al Majd Tel: +966-1-4450619 Al-Maktaba Bookstore Sitteen St. Tel: +966-1-4761597 Dar Al Minhaj for Used Books Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-2631622 Dar Al Shawaf Library Thalatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4622667 Dar Al-Hdrama Jareer St. Tel: +966-1-4788510 Dar Al Qasem King Fahd Road Tel: +966-1-4092000 Dar Elem Bookstore Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4544072 Golden Pages Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4631917 Islamic Book Center Sitteen St. Tel: +966-1-4779241 Jarir Book Store Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4626000 Jarir Bookstore Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-2645807 Medical Bookstore Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4881498 Najd Bookstore Jareer St. Tel: +966-1-4788642 Obekan Bookstore King Fahd Road Tel: +966-1-4160018 Reema Bookstore Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4705228




Al Faisaliah Rosewood Hotel King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-2732000 Hotel Al Khozama Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4654650 Holiday Inn Olaya Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4612000 Madareem Crown Hotel Airport Road Tel: +966-1-2758888 Marriott Riyadh Airport Road Tel: +966-1-4779300 Nayyara Al Raed St. Tel: +966-1-4806655 Sheraton Riyadh King Fahd St. Crossing King Abdulla St. Tel: +966-1-4543300


World of Balloon Art Safwa Center Tel: +966-542233838


Al Falah Tel: +920001678 Airebarcelona Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-2884807 Basma Al Jazaery Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-4197153 Mystique Kingdom Mall Tel: +966-1-2112592 Princess Fashion Olaya St. Rusais Center Tel: +966-562289459 Pronovias Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4163410 Silver Dew Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-4197153 Rosa Clara Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4652677


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Tel: +966-1-2935633 Balenciaga Centria Mall Tel: +966-1-2885600 Bijou Boutique Tel: +966-1-2882601 Blank Boutique Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-2010033 Brioni Olaya St. Harvey Nichols Al Faisaliah Mall Tel: +966-1-2734444 Hoss Intropia Tel: +966-1-4658122 Jacadi Boutique Garanada Center Hayat Mall Sahara Mall La-Boutique Al Nahda Road Facebook: La-Boutique Riyadh La Coquette Kingdom Centre (Ladies Floor) Modern Us Designers Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4612079 Montblanc Boutique King Fahed Road Tel: +966-1-2111080 Queen of Spades Al Faisaliah Mall Tel: +966-1-2734444 www.queenofspadesstore. com Sada Shop (online) Tel: +966-1-4411940 Stache Tel: +966-1-4656333 The Art of Living #4 Serecon Building Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4610533 Z Boutique Garanada Center Olaya Mall

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Tel: 966-1-4665111 Glamour Shots Panorama Mall Tel: 966-1-2814326 Souvenir Prince Sultan St. Tel: 966-1-2199919

SHOPPING CENTERS Al Faisaliyah Mall Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-1-2730000 http://alfaisaliahmall. com Shops: Harvey Nicolas, Al Sawani, Guess, Guess Kids, Renederhy, Replay, Al Homaidi, Armani Exchange, Mango, Nine West, Massimo Dutti, Disgual, Aldo, Sirmass, Nitha, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, Micheal Kors, Swarovski, Hugo Boss, Anne Klein, Bally, Rubaiyat, Juicy Couture, Coach, Al Moallim Jewelry, Versace, Red Valentino, Paris Hilton, ZARA, Promod, Max Cafe, Toy Town, Water Lemon, Ganache, Entrecote, 11 A Restaurant, Globe Restaurant Al Qasr Mall Al Swaidi St. Supermarket: Hyper Market Tel: +966-1-4515600 Azizia Mall Off of King Fahad Road Centria Mall Olaya St.

Tel: +966-1-2161111 Shops: Cosmetics/ Perfumes: Bassem Al Qassem, Yas Perfumes Lifestyle &Home Accessories: Amira Travel, Apple, Areej Art Café, Art Of Heritage, Arte Idea, Cacao et Chocolat, ciate, Cities, Frette, Global Store, MCM, Nespresso, Oliviers & Co, Oscar de, Larenta, Selections, Tanagra, TeaGschwendner Jewelery / Watches: Baby Fitaihi, Cartier, Chaumet, Fitaihi Junior, Pink diamond jewelry, Van Cleef & Arpels Ladies Fashion: Atelier Aimee, Athaa Couture, Avanti, Balenciaga, Blumarine, Burberry, Catherine Malandrion, Celine, Chaumet, Era Boutique, Fendi, Gucci, ICE BERG, Koftan, Liu Jo, Marc Jacobs, Paul & Shark, Perdu, Shalky, Vibe Gent’s Fashion: Burberry, Fendi, Gucci, ICE ICEBERG, Marc Jacobs, Paul & Shark, Porsche-design Children’s Fashion: Armani Junior, Burberry, Fendi, Petit Bateau, pynkiss, Rubaiyat Fashion Accessories: Anya Hindmarch, DESTINATION RIYADH 81

Jimmy Choo, LUCIANO PADOVAN, Manolo Blahnik, Nomination, Porschedesign, Sergio, Tods, Vibe Fine Dining: Laduree, La Vella, Le Notre, Lusin, The Noodle House Garanada Center East Ring Road, Exit 9 Tel: +966-1-2534990 www.granadacenter. Supermarket: Carrefour Shops: Abaya: Luxury Fashion, Style Way, Bokanan, Bedoon Essm, Twaila, Hirayer, Strass, Sky Star, Night Bird, Marent, Justice Accessories: Alexi Androtti, Golden Accessories, Lady Selection, Parfois, Tatto Tatti, Danat, Dalya Accessories, Zerga, Claries, Extra, H & M, Paris Gallery, Tchibo prozente, Debenhams, Red Tags, Zara, Marks & Spencers Children Wear/ Maternity: Okaidi @ Obaibi, Okyce, Pumkin Patch, Benetton, Tape Aloel, Sarjent Major, Sun Kids, Coccodrillo, Nino Felis, Why and 1/2, Al Sawani Kids, B-Bush, Calvin 82 DESTINATION RIYADH

Klein Kids, DU Pareil Au Meme, Biscoti, Ikks kids & Junior, Jaccadi, Guess Kids, Idexe, Mother care, Orchestra. Coffee shop: Coffee Lawien, Cinnabon, Costa Coffee, Dr Cafe, Dippingo, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Cinnzeo, Manuel Cafe Cosmetic/Perfume/Body care: Al Shaya Perfumes, Arabian Oud, Al Majid perfumes, Anfasic Dokhoon, Body Shop, Body center, Cinma, Eva Rocheh, Faces, GNC, MAC, Mikyajy, Natural Care, Natural Looks, Nectar, L’occitane, Sensi Kids, Shuks, Vava Voom, Zohoor Alreef Fashion: Adolfo Dominguez, Attitude, Express, Esprit, Evans, F&F, Origem, Pocho, Bershka, BSB, Giordano, Jacqueline RIU, Dorothy Perkins, Guess, Callipoe, Lacoste, Natural treasure, Oasis, Al Yashmac, Qasmyah After 11, Etam 123, Body action, Bella Donna, Promod, Top Shop, Top Man, Top tato, Trucco, Timberland, Terranova, Goelia, Jaa Elina, Gerry weber, Derhy, River island, Rafid, Reds, Samueal & Kevin, Salsa Jeans, Stradivarius, Sheyar, Fruscio, Feel Free, Coast, Cache Cache, Liz clairborne, Marwah, Marahel Alamomah, Socks Collection, Destination Maternity, Montania, Malameh Sharqeyah, Mexx, NEXT, New Look, Wahat Algalabia, Adidas, Atheletes Foot, Go Sport, Sun & Sand sports, Columbia Sports, Barakat

Optical, Magrabi Optical, Sunglass Exchange, Vision Express, Etam Lingerie, Oysho, Bodique, Flower, Nayomi, La Senza, Womens Secret, Milano, Geox, Payless, Bonia Fast Food: Alsaje Alreafe, Baskin Robbins, Pizza Inn, Bliss House, Burger King, Broasted Expresss, Paninos, Tuscan, Tako Hut, Trios, Texas Chicken, Taji indian, D Ocean, Dajen, Sbarro, Shawarman, Aladdin, Crepe World, Fresh Berry, Canton Express, Kudu, Cone Zone, London Fish & Chips, Mcdonalds, Mongo, Herfy, Anatolia, Steak House, Yogen Fruz, The Yummy cookie, Jello for sweets, Pink Berry Hayat Mall King Abdul Aziz Road Tel: +966-1-2057401 Supermarket: Danube Hypermarket Shops: Popular brands (Hayat: New Look, Zara, Lacoste, Al-Sawani, Paris Gallery Applebee’s, Best Fish & Chips, Fresh & Tangy, Tony Roma’s, Santino’s Kingdom Center Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-1-2112222 www.kingdomcentre. Shops: Fashion: Debenhams, Saks Fifth

Avenue, Just Cavalli, BLoom, Konplott, Emporio Armani, Givenchy, Feminine Lingerie, Lulu Abaya, Claire’s, Tara 2, Franchisco Piazzia, Malhas, Podium, Kenzo, D & G, Reminiscense, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Abait Aldar, Boudoir, Sara Fashion, La Senza, Oysho, Nine West, Rubaiyat, Eclat, Mystique, Cortefiel, CUSTO BARCELONA, Moschino, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Burberry, Salvatore Ferregamo, Etro, Zara, Sirmass, Al Marose, Hamilton, Voyage, Nine West, Bottega Veneta, Coach, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Loewe, Aldo, Zara Home Jewelery: PG Watch Gallery, Al Moallim Jewellery (Tiffany’s), Al Fardan Jewelry, Claire’s, Al Rokn Al-Mamiez, La Mia Casa, Hanine Jewelery, Joly Food: Retro Lounge, Poplars, RLounge, Tango Coffee, Starbucks, Planet Hollywood, PAIND’OR, Parados, House Of Iranian Cuisine, London Fish N` Chips, Kabab-ji, Samurai, Aladdin, Crepe De La Cream, KFC, Diet Center, Tako hut, Baskin Robbins, Little Caesar, Herfy, Patchi, Bateel, Tarwia, Panino’s, Canton,

Kudu, Italian Corner, Crispy Cream, Tout Gouter, Swarmer, Dippingo, Erbario Toscano, Paeonia, Fresh As Fresh, Saadein, House of Donuts, Surf City Squeeze, Fat Burger, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Hagen Dazs, Cookies N` Cream, Al Reefai, Tea Geschwender, Looz & Jooz, Gold Gourmet, Paeonia Localizer Mall Prince Mohammed ibn Abdul Aziz St. Tel: +966-1-2178999 Shops: Amore, Appetit Kitchen, Armani Exchange, Bateel, Bepiano, Buffalo’s, Celio, Fitness First, Flutter Of Flurry, Lomar Thobe, Manoosha, Outback Steakhouse, Outlet Moda, Pastalita, Quick Silver, Second Cup, Super Fresh, The Blue Age, The Diamond Cafe, Vapiano, Zyng Panorama Mall Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2814950 Supermarket: Danube Shops: Cacao Sampaka, Cafe Pascucci, Coach, Curves Gym, Etre, Glamour Shots, Global Store, Home Sweet Home, iZone, McDonald’s, Papparoti, Sephora, Tommy Hilfiger, Tous, Trader Vics, Uterque, Rimal Center East Ring Road Tel: +966-1-2441004

Riyadh Gallery King Fahd Road Supermarket: Hyper Panda Tel: +966-1-2078111 Shops: 4ever 21, Accessorize, Al Gazali Jewlery, Al Qurashi Jewlrey, Baby Fitaihi, Body Action, Banana Republic, Bershika, GAP, Centrepoint, Cinabbon, Citymax, Cortifiel, Costa Coffee, Debenhams, Disugual, H&M, Krispy Kreme, La Senza, Marks & Spenser, Massimo Dutti, Mexx, Mikyajy, Mother Care, Nectar, New Look, New Yorker, Next, Koton, Oysho, Pierre Cardin, Promod, Samuel & Kevin, Sephora, Starbucks, Swatch, Swiss Corner, The Body Shop, The Crepe Cafe, Zara, Zohoor Alreef Sahara Mall National Guard St. Tel: +966-1-4520300 Supermarket: Tamimi Market Shops: Aldo, Al Saaj Al Reefi, Arabian Oud, Auntie Annies, Barber, Baskin Robbins, Bebe, Ben’s Cookies, Bershka, Blanco, Burger King, Cafe Ceramique, Canton, Cheese Cake, Cinnabon, Claires, Coffee Taste, Corn in a Cup, Costa Blanca, Debenhams, DKNY, Esprit, Etam, Evans, Express, FG4, Fuddruckers, Guess, H&M, Mama & Papa, Mango, Miss Selfridge, Toy Town DESTINATION RIYADH 83



Applebees Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-2190305 Chilis Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-2934849 Fuddruckers Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2781322 Grilled Bell Pepper Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2814747 Johnny Rockets Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-2016667 Outback Steakhouse Localizer Mall Tel: +966-1-2174633 Steak House Al Thalateen St. Tel: +966-1-4649638 TGI Fridays Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4827821 The Pancake House King Fahd Road Tel: +966-1-2016816 Tony Romas Hayat Mall Tel: +966-1-4649178

COFFEE & TEA SHOPS Areej Art Cafe Centria Mall Tel: +966-1-4162990 Bateel Localizer Mall Tel: +966-1-2936240 Cafe Blanc Prince Mohamad Bin Abdulaziz St. Tel: +966-1-4633426 Cafe Pascucci Panorama Mall. Tel: +966-1-4620555 Coffee Maker Cafe Al Ta’wun, Abu Bakr St,Exit 6. Tel: +966-1-2253242 Colony Coffee Sultan Bin Salman St. Tel: +966-597452311 Diwan Cafe Olaya St. 84 DESTINATION RIYADH

966-1-4833595 Java Cafe Old Airport Road Tel: +966-1-4773582 Joffreys Tahlia St. Maui Wowi Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4616363 Papparoti Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2936452 Pardon Cafe Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4160933 Richony Makkah Road Tel: +966-1-8801062 Shangai Cafe Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-2934734 Super Model Cafe King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-2112472 Tea Lounge King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-2115000 The Crepe Cafe King Fahad Road The Diamond Cafe Localizer Mall Tel: +966-1-2170125 Tutti Cafe Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2160666 Versai Cafe King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-4703853 YmmY Riyadh Gallery Mob: +966-553333998

SWEETS/ DESSERTS & BAKERIES Al Hallab Tel: +966-1-4725559 Anoosh Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4609588 Al Rabwa Tel: +966-1-4971649 Al Hamra Tel: +966-1-2784297

Al Bade’ah Tel: +996-1-2679686 King Abdul Aziz Exit 5 Tel: +996-1-4505363 Khurais Road Tel: +996-1-2080833 Bake Fresh Al Sulimaniyyah, Hilal bin Badr St. Tel: +966-565601805 Ben’s Cookies Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2084862 Cinnabon Faisaliyah Center Tel: +966-1-2734861 Cookies N’ Cream Faisalyah Mall Tel: +966-1-4609558 Crepaway Bustan Center,Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2010505 Crepe World Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-562081606 Diplomat Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-4652411 Dixie Cream Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4661192 Edible Arrangements Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-1-4643131 French Corner Dabab St. Tel: +966-1-4645322 Golden Brown Bakery Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz St. Tel: +966-569337314 Kabbani Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4816892 Kitsch Cupcakes Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4633838 Krispy Kreme Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4610409 Laduree Centria Mall Tel: +966-1-2885075 Le Croissant Shop

Sulaimania, AlAmeer Mamdouh St. Tel: +966-1-4655328 Maya Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2113311 Munch Bakery Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +920015010 Pane Piatto Al Thalateen St Tel: +966-1-4168882 Petit Gâteau Al Amal Tel: +966-562084093 Salehia Dates King Fahad Road Tel: +(800) 430-8888 Sugar Dreamin Khurais Road. Tel: +966-553383749 Sugar Sprinkles Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2290505 Talah For Dates Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-2173303 Tmreya Prince Sultan St. Tel: +920000652 Torta & more Al Hassan Ben Ali St. Tel: +966-1-2080003 Wooden Bakery Intersection of Saleh El Din Al Ayoubi St. Tel: +966-1-4725559 Yummy Tummy Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4538720

INTERNATIONAL Al Bustan Sheraton Riyadh, King Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4543300 Al Dana Holiday Inn Hotel Tel: +966-1-4612000 Al Diwan Al Sahara Hotel Tel: +966-1-2204500 Al Orjouan Makkah Road Tel: +966-1-8028020 Centro Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4658488

Cafe Ceramique Sahara Mall Tel: +966-1-4520677 Cocos Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2939444 Cristal Al Faisaliah Hotel Tel: +966-1-2732222 Elements Four Seasons Hotel Tel: +966-1-2115500 Hediard Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2173933 Ketchup Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-2192428 La Brasserie Al Faisaliah Tower Tel: +966-1-2732222 Lobby Lounge Four Seasons Hotel Tel: +966-1-2115591 Living Colors Faisaliyah Tower Tel: +966-1-2734410 Mirage Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4834127 Oasis Grill Hilton Garden Inn Riyadh Tel: +966-1-2935533 Panoramic Al Sahara Hotel Tel: +966-1-2204500 Pavillion Intercontinental Hotel Tel: +966-1-4655000 Planet Hollywood Kingdom Center Tel: +966-1-2112333 Russian Corner Olaya, Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-4658387 Senses-LuthanTel: +966-1-4807799 Sizzler House Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4661133 Spazio Kingdom Tower-77th Floor Tel:+966-1-2111180 The Globe Al Faisaliah Tower Tel:+966-1-2732222 The Lounge

Nino Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2016662 Pastalita Localizer Mall Tel: +966-1-2811163 Piatto Exit 5, Northern Ring Road Tel: +966-1-2006868 Pizzeria Napoli Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St. Tel: +966-1-2172288 Pizza Era King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-4542233 Pizza Inn Dabbab St., Opposite Medical City Tel: +920001601 Pizza Roma Abdullah Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-4629032 Pizza Stockholm King Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-2811888 Quattro Four Seasons Hotel Sheraton Riyadh, Olaya Road, Behind Jarir Tel: +966-1-2115599 Roma King Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4644159 Mussa Bin Nusair St. Tel:+966-1-4543300 Da Pino Tel: +966-1-4641133 The Windrose Al Khozama Center Roma Way Al Faisaliah Hotel Tel: +966-1-2732222 Al Rabwah, Othaim Mall Tel:+966-1-2732222 L’Olivio Tel: +920000129 Trader Vics Tahlia St. Rosso Panorama Mall Tel: +966-1-4634240 Four Seasons Hotel Tel:+966-1-2814782 Il Gabbiano Waterlemon Tel: +966-1-2115500 Olaya Dist. Tahlia St. Rossopomodoro Tel: +966-1-4616066 Tel:+966-1-2194444 Tahlia St. La Campagna Tel: +966-1-2939565 Tahlia St. Santino’s Tel: +966-1-4624339 ITALIAN Hayat Mall L Casta Al Forno Tel: +966-1-2057497 Al Rahmaniya Dist. King Abdullah Road Squisito Mob: +966-558442255 Tel: +966-1-4198016 King Fahad Road, Across La Cucina Amore ovotel Al Faisaliah Hotel Tahlia St., Olaya Tel: +966-1-2160111 Tel: +966-1-2732222 Intersection SPAZIO 77 La Piazza Tel: +966-1-4653082 Sheraton Riyadh, King 77th floor in kingdom Anthurium tower-Riyadh Abdulla Alhamdan St. Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-2111888 Tel: +966-1-4543300 Tel: +966-1-4661473 Tel: +966-1-2111181 Liolimpo Azzurro The Pizza Company Al Dabab St. The Ritz Carlton Hotel Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4166222 Tel: +966-1-8028020 Tel: +966-1-4642952 MBCo Bepiano Vapiano Abdullah bin Sulaiman Localizer Mall Localizer Mall. Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-2179402 Tel: +966-1-2179403 Tel: +966-1-2936506 Cento Per Cento DESTINATION RIYADH 85

Vecchia Roma Al Sulamaniyyah Tel: +966-1-4661144 Z Pizza King Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4881199

ORIENTAL KOREAN: Korean Palace Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4198878

INDIAN: Aladdin Kingdom Center Tel: +966-1-2112150 Al Taj Garden Suliamaniyah Tel: +966-1-4616334 Avadh Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4654109 Copper Chandni Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4167000 Darbar Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-2930249 Indian Garden Riyadh Gallery Tel: +966-1-2161112 Indian Style Sheikh Abdullah AlAngary St. Tel: +966-1-4561138 Indian Summer Suliamaniyah Tel: +966-1-4652328 Red Onion Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-2176644 Tamarind Prince Faisal Bin Turki St. Tel: +966-1-4738770 Tandoor Al Ahsa St Tel: +966-1-4734531 TOI Al Batha St. Tel: +966-1-4091333 Tulaitelah Al Wazarat Dist. Tel: +966-1-4082988 86 DESTINATION RIYADH


Beejing Al Malaz Dist. Tel: +966-1-4790626 Canton Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4520584 Chinese Golden Palace Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-1-4655127 Gate of Jazeera Palace Off Moosa Bin Nusair St. Tel: +966-1-4613734 Golden Dragon Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-1-4645136 Golden Lobster Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4162150 Gulf Royal Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4631622 Hong Kong Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-1-2172247 Mirage Restaurant Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4834127 Noodle House Centria Mall, Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-2939969 Peking Suliamaniyah Tel: +966-1-4765250 Seasons Madina St., Exit 28 Tel: +966-1-4362200 Taal Olaya Dist. Tel: +966-1-2734383 Yummy Wok Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4889166

Tel: +966-1-2734386 Shogun Radisson Blu Hotel Tel: +966-1-4791234 Sushi Yoshi Al Dabab St. Tel: +966-1-8120055 Tao Lounge Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4653020 Tokyo Al Ouruba St. Tel: +966-1-4605672 Hayat Prince Mansoor bin AbdulAziz St. Tel: +966-1-4042655 Khan’s Abdullah bin Sulaiman Al Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-2937880 La Sani King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-4655666 Marhaba Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4622070

ASIAN: Zyng Localizer Mall Tel: +966-1-4530000


Abdul Wahab Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-2934111 Al Andalus Al Mutlaq Hotel Tel: +966-1-4760000 Al Haj Dawood Imam Saud St. INDONESIAN: Tel: +966-1-4943691 Intermezzo Al Mansaf Imam Saud St. Al Sulamaniyya Mob: +966-541174181 Tel: +966-1-4630345 JAPANESE: Al Nakheel Al Khozama Center Furusato Tel: +966-1-4654650 Tahlia St. Al Naseem Tel: +966-1-4657648 Marriott Hotel Oi Lounge Tel: +966-1-4779300 Tahlia St. Cafe Blanc Tel: +966-1-4644641 Prince Mohamad Bin Samurai Abdulaziz St. Faisaliah Mall and Tel: +966-1-4633426 Kingdom Mall

Eatzah Al Ghaz St. Mob: +966-531224433 Fairouz Garden King Fahad St. Tel: +966-1-2167171 Gad Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4641212 Garden Barbecue Hotel Al Khozama Tel: +966-1-2732222 Ghouzi Al Rawdah, Khuraish St. Tel: +966-1-4934162 Karam Beirut Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4161717 Koshary Express Jarir St. Tel: +966-1-4728881 Lebanese Corner Olaya (Talateen St.) Tel: +966-1-2170555 Mama Noura Dabab St. Tel: +966-1-4622195 Mareez King Abdullah St. Tel: +966-1-4508877 Shawermama Abdullah Bin Rawaha St Tel: +966-1-2936644 Shawerma House Prince Mamdouh St. Tel: +966-1-2191999 Sit AlSham Prince Sultan St. Tel: +920000399 Yamal Al Sham Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4613292

ARMENIAN Al Mayass Oasis Complex, Orouba Road Mob: +966-503753333 Lusin Restaurant Centeria Mall. Tel: +966-1-2939800

MEXICAN Buffalo’s Tahlia St.

Tel: +966-1-2792123 El Chico’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4640385 Fajita Avenue Al Hamra Tel: +966-1-4644999 Mexican Corner Abdullah Al-Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-4653330 Taco Bell Kingdom Tower Tel: 800-822-6235 Tako Hut Faisaliyyah Mall Tel: 920000129

Exit 10, Junction of King Abdullah Road Mob: +966-500912200 Fatburge Bustan Center, Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2154176 Funky Franky Bustan Center Tel: +966-1-8123400 Golden Saj Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4807441 Hardee’s Takhasoussi St. FRENCH Tel: +966-1-2929900 Apetit Kitchen Herfy Tahlia St. Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4656491 Tel: +966-1-4816826 Cafe Lenotre Centria Mall. Hotdog Express Tel: +966-1-2791108 Al Ahsaa St. L’ecluse Tel: +966-1-2912565 Tahlia St. Hungry Burger Tel: +966-1-4657648 Le Relais de l’Entrecote Tel: +966-1-5485999 Almas Plaza. Jan Burger Tel: +966-1-4615058 King Abdul Aziz St. Tel: +920006765 TURKISH Jollibee 2nd Floor, Alrajhi Anatolia Turkish Grill Building Granada Mall. King Fahad Road BRAZILIAN Tel: +966-1-2535527 Tel: +966-1-4057420 IL Terrazzo Tel: +966-1-4874477 Assaraya Johnny Rockets Al Faisaliah Hotel Burger Hut Thalateen St. Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-2732222 Al Munisiyah, Al Tel: +966-1-4649336 Tel: +966-1-2016667 Caravan FAST FOOD Thumamah Road KFC Takhassusi St. Mob: +966-545356463 Al Tazaj Tel: +966-1-4658856 Takhasoussi St. Burger King Köşebaşı King Abdullah Road Tel: +920021111 Tahlia St. Al Ahsaa Road Tel: +966-1-2254769 Kudu Tel: +966-1-2886418 Tel: +966-1- 4732506 Baby Burger Al Muhamadiyyah Dist. Corndogs Imam Road Tel: +920006999 SAUDI Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4941129 Little Casars Al Sudda Breakfast to Breakfast Tel: +966-549409437 Al Ahsa St. Oruba St. Domino’s Pizza Tel: +966-1-4800111 Tel: +966-1-4765112 Tahliah St. Shawaya House Tel: +966- Mama Noura Tel: +966-1-2178233 Khalid Bin Al Waleed St. Elevation Burger Dabab St., Suleimania Buffalo’s Mob: +966-557819214 Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-4628144 Tahliah St. Sheikh Al Mandy Tel: +966-1-2885859 Manoosha Dabab St. Tel: +966-1-2792123 Tel: +966-1-4644099 Falafoul Localizer Mall Burgerizzr DESTINATION RIYADH 87

Tel: +966-1-2190491 McDonald’s Al Ahsaa Road Tel: +920000001 My Burger Imam Mohamed bn Saud Road-Exit 9 Tel: +966-1-4503324 My Way Uruba St. Tel: +966-1-4643824 Panini Prince Turki Al’awl Road Tel: +966-1-4809909 Panino’s Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-2734388 Penguin Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4829843 Pizza Hut Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4657688 Quiznos Sub King Saud University Tel: +966-1-4824741 Romanaty King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-4534085 Saj Al Balad Jaber St., King saud Universty Shuneez Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-4648989 Subway Tahliah St. Tel: +966-1-4664281 Texas Chicken Turki bin Abdulaziz Road Tel: +966-1-2545454 The Sandwich Company King Abdullah Road Mob: +966-558442255 Wraps Riyadh Gallery Mall Tel: +966-1-4602705 88 DESTINATION RIYADH


Amo Hamza Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-2316148 Best Fish & Chips Hayat Mall Tel: +966-1-2811968 Dr. Ocean Takhasoussi St. Tel: +966-1-4708647 Doe King Abdullah St. Tel: +966-1-4887080 Fountain Fish Al Malaz Dist. Tel: +966-1-2158888 London Fish & Chips Tel: +966-1-2102480 Jasmin White Palace White Palace Hotel Tel: +966-1-4787800


Pizza Fusion Thalateen St. Tel: +966-1-4633329

CHOCOLATES Alpina Chocolate King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-2013452 Cacao et Chocolat Centria Mall Tel: +966-1-4647261 Cannelle Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-1-4664491 Chocolate Dream Candy Bouquet Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4197237 Chocolate Studio Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4657476 Chocoline Olaya Main Road Tel: +966-1-4641172 Ganache Faisaliyyah Mall Tel: +966-1-2734337

Kalimat Thalateen St. Tel: +966-1-2885511 La Bouchee Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-1-2190099 Lateen Tel: +920011999 Le Notre Boutique Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-1-4651465 La Reine Chocolate Ubadah bin Samit St. Tel: +966-1-2272000 Patchi Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4834464 So Thalateen St. Tel: +966-1-4629229 Synphytun Chocolate Tel: +966-1-2931813

ICE CREAM Baskin Robbins Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4801138 Fresh Berry Garnada Mall Tel: +966-1-2535587 Fresh & Tangy Hayat Mall Mob: +966-559333344 Pink Berry Garnada Mall Tel: +966-1-2534783


Sheraz Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Bin Hamdan St. Tel: +966-1-4655886 Sea View Shisha Play Area Delivery Wi-Fi Outdoor Seating


Tel: +966-4-829-1111

Durrat Andalus Hotel (4-star) Al-Ameen Crom Hotel (4-star) King Fahad St. Tel: +966-4-829-1114 Markazeyah al Gharbiyah Green Palace Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-4-819-8000 Abi Zar St. Al-Ansar Golden Hotel (4-star)

Tel: +966-4-826-9040

Tel: +966-4-829-0177

Tel: +966-4-818-0050

Few steps away from Al-Haram Al-Ansar New Place (4-star) Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-7770

Al-Haram Hotel (5-star) Abi Zar Rd

Hotel Elaf Taibah (3-star) Saad Bin Maaz St. Hilton Madinah (5-star) King Fahad Road Few steps away from Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-820-1000

Tel: +966-4-818-2300

Le Meridien Madinah (4-star) Khalid Bin El-Waleed St.


Tel: +966-4-846-0777

Al-Madinah Crom Hotel Markazeyah Al-Gharbiyah Tel: +966-4-819-2020

Al-Karam Hotel (4-star) King Abdulaziz St. Tel: +966-4-815-5500

Andalus Classy Hotel (4-star) King Fahad St.

Marriott Madinah (5-star) Omer Ibn Al-Khatab St. Tel: +966-4-818-0000

Movenpick (5-star) In front of Al-Safeya Bridge Opposite Al-Haram

Tel: +966-2-570-8586

Elaf Kindah Hotel (5-star) Al-Messyaal St. Tel: +966-2-574-5555

Hilton Makkah & Towers (5-star) Hijrah St. Tel: +966-2-534-0000

InterContinental Dar Al-Tawhid (5-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil St. Tel: +966-2-541-1111

Le Meridien Makkah (5-star) Ajyad St. Tel: +966-2-575-1111

Le Meridien Towers Hotel (5-star) Rawabi Ajyad Road Tel: +966-2-539-9999

Manazel Al-Ain Mesrcure (4-star) Al-Azizia St. Tel: +966-2-557-8000

Makkah Clock Royal Tower (5-star) King Abdulaziz Endowment Tel: +966-2-571-7777

Tel: +966-4-818-8888

Tel: +966-4-829-0000

Ramada Al-Hamra (4-star) Abi Zar St.

Mercure Grand Um Al-Qura (5-star) Al-Jamaiza St.


Tel: +966-4-820-8084

Tel: +966-2-570-2212

Tel: +966-4-818-1114

Tel: +966-4-816-0008

Tel: +966-2-549-8855

Tel: +966-4-828-2222

Tel: +966-2-571-7888

Andalus Dar Al-Khair Hotel Few steps away from Al-Haram Anwar Al-Madinah Movenpick (4-star) in the Courtyard of Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-818-1000

Barakat Andalus Hotel (4-star)

Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-8884

Dallah Taibah Hotel (4-star) King Fahad St., crossing Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-829-0180

Dar Al-Hijra InterContinental (4-star) King Fahad St. Tel: +966-4-820-7777

Dar Al-Iman InterContinental (5-star) Off Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-6666

Dar Al-Taqwa InterContinental (5-star) Off Al-Siteen St.

Ramada Al-Qibla (5-star) Islamic Court St. The Madinah Oberoi (3-star) Abi Zar St.

Mercure Hibatullah Hotel (4-star) Um Al-Qura St. Raffles Makkah Palace (5-star) King Abdulaziz Endowment


Swissotel Makkah (5-star) King Abdulaziz Endowment

Ajyad Makkah (4-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil St.

Zam Zam Grand Suites (5-star) Adjiad St.

Tel: +966-2-572-0500

Al Jaad Crom Hotel Naqa Al-Sulaimaneyah St. Tel: +966-2-570-5555

Al-Shohada Hotel (5-star) Ajyad St.


Accommodations Close to the Two Holy Mosques:

Tel: +966-2-571-8000

Tel: +966-2-571-5555

Hajj & Umrah Visa:

Useful websites:

1- 2- Dar Al-Manasek Hotel (4-star) 3- Ibrahim Al-Khalil St. 4- Tel: +966-2-539-4444 5- Elaf Ajyad Hotel (4-star) 6- Al-Masafi St. 7- 8- Tel: +966-2-572-2200 9- Elaf Al-Sud Hotel (4-star) 10- Ajayad Al-Sud St. Tel: +966-2-574-4401




Tel: +966-1-4782140

Nas Air

Air Arabia

Tel: +966-1-2171800

Etihad Airways

Tel: +966-1-4197722

Olympic Air

Tel: +966-1-4644596

Garuda Indonesia

Tel: +966-1-4642900 Air Canada Tel: +966-1-4772228 Air France Tel: +966-1-2885218 Air India Tel: +966-1-4786409 Air Nigeria Tel: +966-1-4626165 American Airlines–AA Tel: +966-1-4625993 Biman Bangladesh Airlines Tel: +966-1-4623537 British Airways Tel: +966-1-4645550 Cyprus Airways Tel: +966-1-4640391 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-1-4613688 Egypt Air Tel: +966-1-4784004 Emirates Airlines Tel: +966-1-4655485 Ethiopian Airlines


Tel: +966-1-2937690

Oman Air Tel: +966-1-4733133 Germanwings Airlines Tel: +966-1-4632004

Pakistan International Airlines

Tel: +966-1-4659600

Gulf Air

Tel: +966-1-4626666

Philippine Airlines

Tel: +966-1-2160530

Japan Airlines–JAL

Tel: +966-1-4645056

Qantas Airways

Tel: +966-1-4772228

Kenya Airways

Tel: +966-1-4772228

Qatar Airways

Tel: +966-1-2180424

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Tel: +966-1-4771026

Royal Air Morocco

Tel: +966-1-4774100

Korean Air


Tel: +966-1-4658222


Royal Jordanian Airlines

Kuwait Airways

Tel: +966-1-2180850

Tel: +966-1-4631218

Saudi Arabian Airlines


Tel: +920022222

Tel: +966-1-2202686

Singapore Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Tel: +966-1-4734102

Tel: +966-1-4784039

South African Airways – SAA

Middle East Airlines – MEA

Tel: +966-1-4633133

Tel: +966-1-4614670

SriLankan Airlines

Tel: +966-1-4788935

Tel: +966-1-4055900

Tel: +966-1-4507176

Al Ehsan Travel & Tourism

Kingdom Wings Travel Agency

Tel: +966-1-4537049

Tel: +966-1-4625544

Al Fursan Travel & Tourisam

My Holiday Travel & Tourism

Tel: +966-1-4612020 Al Mouwasat Travel

Tel: +920010087

Swiss Air Tel: +966-1-4789745

Tel: +966-1-4160580

Rixon Tour Network

Al Naiem Travel & Tourism

Tel: +920029993

TAM Brazilian Airlines

Tel: +966-1-4655698

Tel: +966-1-4633133

Al Rajhi Travel

Travel Port

Tel: +966-1-4566900

Tel: +966-1-4163810

TAROM Romanian Airlines

Al Sarh Travel & Tourism

Tel: +966-1-8787272

Tel: +966-1-4941111

Zahid Travel Group

Tel: +966-1-4602829

Thai Airways

Al Sager Travel Agency

Tel: +966-1-4766766

Tel: +966-1-4827979

The Orientalist House

Al Sarah Travel

Tel: +966-1-4634228

Tunis Air

Tel: +966-1-4647480

Top Travel

Tel: +966-1-4626165

Al Sarh Travel Agency

Tel: +966-1-4641969

Tel: +966-1-4627000

Tunisen Antique House

United Airlines

Al Tashelat Travels

Tel: +966-1-4825247

Tel: +966-1-4772228

Tel: +966-1-4034477

Village Gallery

Al Tayyar Travel Group

Tel: +966-1-4631089

Yemenia Airways

Tel: +966-1-4633133

Wonder Castle Corporation

Tel: +966-1-4039282

Tel: +966-1-2790482

Al Rasheed Awnings Factory

Zahran Air Travel & Cargo Co.

Tel: +966-1-4059031

Tel: +966-1-4659614 Sudan Airways Tel: +966-1-4720040


Al Romaizan Travel Agency

Zamani Art Gallery

ABC Travel Agency & Cargo

Tel: +966-1-4652100

Tel: +966-1-4613057

Tel: +966-1-4631600

Zekrayat Frames

Ace Travel

Amjad Travel & Tourism

Tel: +966-1-4661196

Tel: +966-1-4648701

Tel: +966-1-4161737


Al Abbad Travel Agency

Fursan Travel

Al Faisaliah Rosewood Hotel

Tel: +966-1-4778736

Tel: +920000442

King Fahad Road

Al Ahmadiah Travel

Tel: +966-1-2732000

Tel: +966-1-4656668

Haya Tour

Al Khozama Hotel

Al Ajmi Travel Services

Alnozha District


Tel: +966-1-4654650

Tel: +966-1-4807799

Al Mashreq Boutique Hotel

Madareem Crown Hotel

Orubah Road

King Khalid International

Tel: +966-1-2834777

Airport Road

Coral Gulf Riyadh

Tel: +966-1-2758888

King Abdul Aziz St.,

Makarim Riyadh Hotel

Ministries Area

Next To King Khalid

Tel: +966-1-4121000

International Airport

Corp Executive Deira Hotel

Tel: +966-1-2204500

Al Batha Street

Mena Grand - Khaldia

Tel: +966-1-4141500

Khazzan St.

Courtyard Riyadh Diplomatic

(Immam Faisal bin Turki)


Tel: +966-1-2682222

Al-Hada Dist., Abdullah bin

Novotel Alanoud

Hothafa St.

King Fahd Road

Tel: +966-1-2817300

Tel: +966-1-2882323

Crowne Plaza Hotel Riyadh

Radisson Blu Hotel


Al Mubarakiah Plaza -

Old Airport Road

King Abdul Aziz St.

Tel: +966-1-8749200

Tel: +966-1-4791234

Four Seasons Hotel

Riyadh Marriott Hotel

Kingdom Center

Al Maather St.

Tel: +966-1-2115000

Tel: +966-1-4779300

Golden Tulip Andalusia

Riyadh Palace Hotel

Olaya Road

Ministries Area

Tel: +966-1-4611000

Tel: +966-1-4054444

Holiday Inn Riyadh Izdihar

Sheraton Riyadh Hotel &

Abdulwahab Bin Abdullah St.


Unit One

Olaya Junction of King Fahad

Tel: +966-1-4625000

and King Abdullah Road

InterContinental Riyadh

Tel: +966-1-4543300

Al Maather St.

The Ritz-Ca rlton Riyadh

Tel: +966-1-4655000

Hada Area, Makkah Road

Luthan Hotel And Spa -

Tel: +966-1-8028020

A Women Only Hotel Urubah Road 92 DESTINATION RIYADH


To ADD YOUR BUSINESS to the listing, please e-mail the name and number to


Euromarche, Danube

Al Bir Charity

Carrefour, Tamimi Markets

Tel: +966-1 4056666 Al Nahda Organization


Tel: +966-1-4650029

BIO Best Cercon Bldg no. 5, Moosa bin Nusiar St., Olaya Tel: +966-1-4631030

Available ONLINE! Start browsing

Arabian Plastic Factory Tel: +966-1-4634411 Charity Committe For Orphans Care

Organic Food Est.

Middle East Waste

Al Oruba St.

Managment Ltd.

Tel: +966-1-4197992



Tel: +966-1-2447174

Batha St.

Tel: +966-1-4041800

Saudi Recycling Company

Ibn Sulaiman Commercial

for Paper Waste


Al Tawfiq Buildings

Tel: +966-1-4041800

Tahlia Road

Yves Rocher

Tel: +966-1-4626888

Natural Beauty Cosmetics

Tel: +966-1-2935045

Ghurnatah Dist. - Rabwa Dist.



Tel: +966-1-2535388


CLOTHES Giordano “ The same of Jeddah “ You can order online

Al Faisaliyya Mall - Localizer Mall - Riyadh Trading Center - Lulu Mall - Azizia mall -


Venecia Center - Garanata mall - Hayat mall - Manila Plaza - Rimal Center Tel: +966-1-4647272



Research Centre Al Zahrawi St. ABAS Medical Group Tel: +966-1-4647272 Al Rawda-Al Hamra-Al Dabab Tel: +920000172 King Khaled Eye Specialist ADMA Hospital Makkah Road Oruba Branch St. Tel: +966-1-4660000 Tel: +966-1-4821234 Alamal Complex for Mental Health King Saud Medical City Al Khuzami Dist. Al Imam Abdul Aziz ibn Saud St. Tel: +966-1-4804548 Tel: +966-1-4355555 Al Falah International Maghrabi Hospital Hospital Tel: +966-1-4455049 Tel: +966-1-4463737 National Guard Health Al Hammadi Hospital King Abdulaziz Medical City Khalid ibn Yazid ibn Muawiyah St. Tel: +966-1-8011111 Tel: +966-1-4643312 OBIED Specialized Hospital Al Jafel Hospital Al Farazdaq Road Western Ring Road Tel: +966-1-4767222 Tel: +966-1-4322222 Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Makkah Road Al Mishari Hospital Tel: +966-1-4783000 Tel: +966-1-4657700 Al Mouwasat Hospital Riyadh Care Hospital Western Ring Road, Exit 14 Tel: +966-1-4933000 Tel: +966-1-4455555 Dallah Hospital Riyadh Military Hospital Tel: +966-1-4720777 Makkah Road Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mishari Tel: +966-1-4791000 Hospital Olaya Dist. S.B.H Tel: +966-1-4657700 King Fahad Road http://drabdulrahmanalmishari. Tel: +966-1-4636666 Saudi German Hospitals Group Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib King Fahad Road Olaya Medical Complex Tel: +966-1-2685555 Tel: +966-1-4622224 Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Green Crescent Hospital Humanitarian City Abdul Malik Bin Marwan St. Exit 6, Banban, Qassim Highway Tel: +966-1-4644434 North Tel: +966-1-5620000 Kingdom Hospital Tel: +966-1-2751111 Specialized M.C.H King Fahad Road King Abdulaziz University Tel: +966-1-4164000 Hospital King Abdul Aziz Road Tel: +966-1-4775524 King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) Makkah Road Adhwaa Al Seha Tel: +8001277000 Takhassusi St. King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Tel: +966-1-4887455




Al Dimishqi Pharmacy Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4707887 Al Farabi Pharmacy Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4880843 Al Hozaimi Ibn Sulaiman Commercial Center Tel: +966-1-4722054 Al Jallab Pharmacy Jamal Center Tel: +966-1-4022417 Al Jaza Pharmacy Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4642072 Al Lizam Pharmacy Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4655595 Al Mowasa 3 Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4568598 Al Mutanabbi Jareer St. Tel: +966-1-2910981 Al Olaya Pharmacy Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4641501 Al Raja Pharmacy No 2 Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4624942 Al Rawabi Pharmacy Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4828028 Al Riyadh Pharmacy Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4643108 Al Saggaf Pharmacy Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4640716 Al Saggaf Pharmacy 25 Talatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4645274 Al Shameeah Pharmacy Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4880595 Al Teriaq Pharmacy Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4828289 Al Thalatheen Pharmacy Talatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4623529 Al Shamsia Pharmacy Jamal Center Tel: +966-1-4057296 Arac Health Care Talatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4645107 Asir Pharmacy

Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4811629 Dar Al Dana Pharmacy Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al Hamdan Tel: +966-1-4643373 Mazin Pharmacy Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4624562 Medical & Pharmaceutical Service Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-4629680 Medicine Time Pharmacy Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4569140 Mohammmed Al Hozaimi Pharmacy Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4628758 Nabra Pharmacy Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4887329 Nazaar Pharmacy Al Awais Market Tel: +966-1-4541408 NEO (Neointernational) Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4615089 Nissah Pharmacy Al-Rajhi Five Buildings Tel: +966-1-4041573 Noorana Pharmacy Al Malaz Tel: +966-1-4785006 Olaya International Pharmacy Olaya Main St. Tel: +966-1-4160349 Prince Pharmacy Talatheen St. Tel: +966-1-4611418 Rajaa Pharmacy 2 Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4624942 Riyadh Corner Jareer St. Tel: +966-1-4780759 Sara Spectrum Medical Pharmacy Akkariya Buildings Tel: +966-1-4601018 Shrazad Sitteen St. Tel: +966-1-4787047 University Pharmacy Akkariya Buildings Tel: +966-1-4191944 University Pharmacy (2)

Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4626338 Wardat Al-Oroba Pharmacy Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4622904 Whites Pharmacy Tel: +966-1-2886877 / 4895994/ 4897750/ 4897751 Zahrat Al Rawda Pharmacy Prince Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-4804935 Zahrat Sami Pharmacy Oruba St. Tel: +966-1-4653060


Attadawe King Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-2780211 Consulting Center Tel: +966-1-4555545 Czech Center Infront of King Saud University Tel: +920002737 ENT Center Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4802229 Mayiez Medical Center Olaya Tel: +966-1-2169999 Pearl’s Smile Center Sulaimaniya Tel: +966-1-4646334 Riyadh Medical Center Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-4653060 Saudi Sugeons Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4653030 SSC Tel: +966-1-2335000 Uranus Medical Center Orouba St. Tel: +966-1-4657000 White Wing Medical Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4834286


Al Safeer Tel: +966-1-2050810 Apollo

Tel: +920027070 Ayan Consultative Center King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-2725555 Ayma Consultative Center King Abdullah Road Tel: +966-1-2635555 Beauty Corner King Fahad Road Tel: +966-543300557 Malesa Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4888831 Med Art Clinics Olaya Main St. Tel: +920000045 Obagi Hospital Makkah Road Tel: +966-1-4627111 Platinium Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-2097777 The British Center King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-2795555

EYE CARE Al Hokama Mallaz Tel: +966-1-4797777 Menshaf Eye care Al Rawda Tel: +966-565869059 The Eye Center Tel: +966-1-4623094


Aagi Dental Center Tel: +966-1-2080107 Dima Dental Tahlia St. Tel: +966-1-4661200 Ramah Dental Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4800931 Sanaya Dental Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-2174888


Apple Fitness Tel: +966-1-4538800 Body Masters Tel: +920000626 / Tel: +966-1-4875531 Fitness Time Tel: +92003131 Gold’s Gym Tel: +966-1-6912077 Life Fitness Tel: +966-1-2061133 Up Scale Club King Fahad Road Tel: +966-1-4871502


My Gym Panorama Mall Tel: +966-1-42814870

WOMEN FITNESS CENTERS Al Manihal Center Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-1-4881069 Curves Olaya St. Tel: +966-1-4633219 LUTHAN HOTEL & SPA Tel: +966-1-4807799 Kinetico Tel: +966-1-2815595 Tel: + 966-530034010 Lumiere Olaya Tel: +966-1-2169030 Scented Tel: +966-1-2112003 Yibreen off of Takhassusi St. Tel: +966-1-4411115

BEAUTY CENTRES Al Manihal Center Diplomatic Quarter Tel: +966-1-4881069

To ADD YOUR BUSINESS to the listing, please e-mail the name and number to DESTINATION RIYADH 95



National Commercial Bank

Tel: 920001000

Overseas Courier Service

Tel: +966-1-2185000

Tel: +966-1-4647193 www.ocstracking. com / www.

AlJazira Bank

UPS Global

Tel: +966-1-4317474

Tel: +966-1-4626655

Alinma Bank

Al Rajhi Bank

Tel: +966-1-4603333 Arab National Bank

Tel: +966-1-4029000 Bank Al Bilad

Tel: +966-1-4971905 Banque Saudi Fransi

Tel: +966-1-2899999 National Commercial Bank

Tel: 920001000 Riyadh Bank

Tel: +966-1-4013030 SABB

Tel: +966-1-2764356 Samba

Tel: 8001242000 Saudi Hollandi Bank

Tel: +966-1-2548500

COURIER Arabian Hala Company

Tel: +966-1-4884887 Aramex

Tel: +966-1-4160353 DHL Worldwide Express

Tel: +966-1-4654200 FedEx

Tel: +966-1-4633999 96 DESTINATION RIYADH

DSL Net Arabic Computer Systems (ACS)

Tel: +966-1-4763777


Tel: +966-1-4193000 SaudiNet

Tel: +966-1-2180300 Saudi Internet Company

Tel: +966-1-4603031 Shabakah Net

Tel: +966-1-4193193 www.shabakah.

Advance Telecom Company (ATC)


Tel: +966-1-4601877



Tel: +966-1-4198000

Tel: +966-1-4887171 ARGENTINA

Tel: +966-1-4652600



Tel: +966-1-4600111

Tel: +966-1-4887788 AUSTRIA



Tel: +8001248124 DigiNet

Tel: +966-1-4192009

Tel: +966-1-4801217 Tel: +966-1-4880044 BANGLADESH

Tel: +966-1-4195300 BELGIUM

Tel: +966-1-4882888



Tel: +8111011180


Gulfnet KSA

Tel: +966-1-4628562 Nesma

Tel: +966-1-4633100

Tel: +966-1-4880018 Tel: +966-1-4880077 BRUNEI

Tel: +966-1-4560814 BURKINA FASO

Tel: +966-1-4652244 CAMEROON

Tel: +966-1-4880022

Nour Net


Tel: +966-1-4728900


NTG National Technology Group

Tel: +966-1-4763777 Oger Tel

Tel: +966-1-4889826

Tel: +966-1-4882288 Tel: +966-1-4832126 CZECH REPUBLIC

Tel: +966-1-4503617 DENMARK

Tel: +966-1-4880101 Ext 1163 DJIBOUTI

Tel: +966-1-4543182


Tel: +966-1-2290753


Tel: +966-1-4810159 Tel: +966-1-4831458


Tel: +966-1-4615315

Tel: +966-1-4887481

Tel: +966-1-4801731

Tel: +966-1-4646749



Tel: +966-1-4824055


Tel: +966-1-4808822



Tel: +966-1-4881515 Ext 9



Tel: +966-1-4881255 GABON

Tel: +966-1-4567173 GAMBIA

Tel: +966-1-2052158 GERMANY

Tel: +966-1-4880700 GHANA

Tel: +966-1-4545122 GREECE

Tel: +966-1-4801975 GUINEA

Tel: +966-1-4881121 HUNGARY

Tel: +966-1-4546707 INDIA

Tel: +966-1-4884144 INDONESIA

Tel: +966-1-4882282 IRAN

Tel: +966-1-4881444 IRELAND

Tel: +966-1-4882300 ITALY

Tel: +966-1-4881212 JAPAN

Tel: +966-1-4881100 JORDAN

Tel: +966-1-4880071 KENYA

Tel: +966-1-4882484 KOREA

Tel: +966-1-4882211 KUWAIT

Tel: +966-1-4883500 LEBANON

Tel: +966-1-4804060 MALAYSIA

Tel: +966-1-4887100 MALI

Tel: +966-1-4826382 Tel: +966-1-4645170 NETHERLANDS

Tel: +966-1-4880011 NEW ZELAND

Tel: +966-1-4887988 NIGERIA


Tel: +966-1-4542833 THAILAND

Tel: +966-1-4881174 TUNISIA

Tel: +966-1-4887900 TURKEY

Tel: +966-1-4820101 UAE

Tel: +966-1-4881227 UGANDA

Tel: +966-1-4544910 UKRAINE

Tel: +966-1-4508536

Tel: +966-1-4823024



Tel: +966-1-4620739

Tel: +966-1-4881904 Ext 300


Tel: +966-1-4801831


Tel: +966-1-4823120


Tel: +966-1-4881769


Tel: +966-1-4884111 PHILIPPINES

Tel: +966-1-4823559 PORTUGAL

Tel: +966-1-4826964 QATAR

Tel: +966-1-4825544 RUSSIA

Tel: +966-1-4811432 SENEGAL

Tel: +966-1-4880146 SIERRA LEONE

Tel: +966-1-4643982 SINGAPORE

Tel: +966-1-4803855 SOUTH AFRICA

Tel: +966-1-4429728 SPAIN

Tel: +966-1-4880606 SRI LANKA

Tel: +966-1-4608232 SUDAN

Tel: +966-1-4887979

MINISTRIES Agriculture

Tel: +966-1-4016666 Civil Service

Tel: +966-1-4026900 Commerce

Tel: +966-1-4012220 Industry

Tel: +966-1-4772722

Communications and Information Technology

Tel: +966-1-4637225

Culture and Information

Tel: +966-1-4014440 Defense

Tel: +966-1-4785900 Education

Tel: +966-1-4042888 Finance

Tel: +966-1-4050000 Foreign Affairs

Tel: +966-1-4067777



Tel: +966-1-8806700 Ext 204

Tel: +966-1-4022200 Health


Higher Education

Tel: +966-1-4881291

Tel: +966-1-4012220 Tel: +966-1-4644444 DESTINATION RIYADH 97


Tel: +966-1-4011944

Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance

Tel: +966-1-4730401 Justice

Tel: +966-1-4057777

Labor and Social Affairs

Tel: +966-1-4771480 Municipal and Rural Affairs

Tel: +966-1-4415434 Transport

Tel: +966-1-4042928 Water and Electricity

Tel: +966-1-4016666

COMPOUNDS Al Hamra Oasis Village

Tel: +966-1-2490440 Al Issa Compound

Tel: +966-1-4918400

Al Jazeera Bader Compound

Tel: +966-1-4921135 Al Manar Compound

Tel: +966-1-2460100

Al Mohaeya Compound Tel: +966-1-4821222 Al Mostaqbal Homes

Tel: +966-1-4816666 Al Nakheel Residence

Tel: +966-1-4704191 Al Ola No 7

Tel: +966-1-4608095 Al Rabwa Compound

Al Rabwa Area, Exit 14 close to Nahda Road Tel: +966-544096296 Al Rayan Residential Compound Tel: +966-1-2089027 Al Waha Village Villas Rossas Tel: +966-1-4864711 Al Yamama Village

Tel: +966-1-4012550 Arab Investment Compound Tel: +966-1-4823444 Arizona Golf Resort

Tel: +966-1-2484444 98 DESTINATION RIYADH

Asasco Village Compound Tel: +966-1-4199000 Barada Village Arabian Homes

Tel: +966-1-4541888 Cordoba Oasis Village

Tel: +966-1-2483471

Delta - 1 Estate - Villas Rossas Tel: +966-1-4803201 Delta - 2 Estate - Villas Rossas Tel: +966-1-4804084 Eid Villas

Tel: +966-1-2483366 Euro Compound

Tel: +966-1-4780718 FAL Compound

Tel: +966-1-2490091

Tel: +966-1-2280000

Star Compound Villas Rossas Tel: +966-1-4881139 Villas Rosas Al-Wadi

Tel: +966-1-4881139


Tel: +966-582657594 Birds of Hope

Tel: +966-569754506 British Islamic

Tel: +966-1-4649666 Busybee

Tel: +966-1-2193900 Dazzling Stars

Granada Village

Tel: +966-545682945

Green City Compound

Tel: +966-500320566

Tel: +966-1-2488387

First Step

Olaya - Rahmaniah Dist. Tel: +966-559623393 http://gccompound.tripod. com/greencitycompound/ index.html

Kids World

Tel: +966-1-2406000 www.jadawelinternational. com/index2.html

Tel: +966-569598011

Jadawel Compound

Kingdom City

Tel: +966-1-2750275 Najd Compound

Tel: +966-1- 2481040 Palm Court

Tel: +966-1-4850288 Ranco Village

Tel: +966-1-4924411 Reef Compound

Riyadh Village Khurais Road, off exit 36 Tel: +966-1-2462400 / Tel: +966-541362462

Tel: +966-1-4006000 Little Rosas

Tel: +966-1-4865128 My Home Play House

Tel: +966-556365035 Play n Learn

Tel: +966-564684094 SM Nursery

Tel: +966-558391591

Tel: +966-564460167 www. Tarbia Pre-School

Tel: +966-1-4199017 Tiny Tots

Tel: +966-580473602 Twinkle Kindergarten

Tel: +966-559268188

ROC Compound

White Rose Play

Sahara Towers


Tel: +966-1-2412800 Tel: +966-1-4625666 Seder Village

Super Kids

Tel: +966-563296205

Al Abeer National Boys School Tel: +966-1-4824019 Al Alameen International School

Tel: +966-1-4649666

Al Amjad National School Tel: +966-1-2494188 Al Andalus National School Tel: +966-1-4936585 Al Khaleej National School Tel: +966-1-2012112 Al Noor National School Tel: +966-1-4647808 Al Nukhba National School Tel: +966-1-4463343 Al Olaya National School Tel: +966-1-4538867 Al Rowad International School

American International School

Tel: +966-567990096

British International School

Tel: +966-1-2482387 http://www. Dar Al Maarefah

Tel: +966-1-2314010 Dar Al Safwa

Tel: +966-1-4850912

École française internationale de Riyad Elite International School Tel: +966-1-4627224 Fursan Al Jazeerah Tel: +966-1-5457505 Future Window

Tel: +966-1-2063371

International Indian School Boys Section

Tel: +966-1-4934688 Girls Section

Tel: +966-1-2323248

King AbdulAziz International School (KAIS) King Faisal School

Tel: +966-1-4820802

King Khaled International School

King Saud International School

Tel: +966-1-4633180 Kingdom School

Tel: +966-1-2755555 http://www. Manahel Al Elm Tel: +966-1-4770419

Manarat Al-Riyadh

Tel: +966-1-4509916 Middle East Modern Education

Tel: +966-1-4622815 Najd National School

Tel: +966-1-2521300 Prince Sultan University

Tel: +966-1-4948979 Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy

Tel: +966-1-2481222 Sikkim Manipal University

Tel: +966-1-4914434

Tel: +966-1-4141845

Tel: +966-1-4028411


Nour Al Maaref Riyadh Schools

Saudi Arabia Multinational Schools

Tel: +966-1-2751751

UNIVERSITIES Alfaisal University

Tel: +966-1-4401626

Al Yamamah University

Tel: +966-1-2242222 Arab Open University

Tel: +966-1-2742277

Dar Al Uloom University

Tel: +966-1-4949000

Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Tel: +966-1-2580000 Institute of Public Administration

Tel: +966-1-4768888 King Saud University

Tel: +966-1-4670000

King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences

Aberr Charity Society

Tel: +966-1-5448654

Al Bir Charity

Tel: +966-1-4056666

Al Nahda Organization

Tel: +966-1-4650029 Al Wafa Organization

Tel: +966-1-4650029 Charity Committe For Orphans Care

Charity Ibn Baz Organization

Tel: +966-1-2293333

Charitable Society for the memorization of the Qura’an

Tel: +920011799

Disabled Children’s Association

Tel: +966-1-4543913

Enabling Marriage & Family Support Tel: +966-1-4765369 Learning Disabilities Organization

Tel: +966-595131466



Tel: +966-1-4660044 BG

Khurais Road-Exit 30 Tel: +966-1-2300000 BMW

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-2391000 Cadillac

Tel: +966-1-4924048 Chevrolet

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4454040 Chrysler

Khurais Road and Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-2332222 Dodge

Khurais Road and Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-2332222 Fuso

Tel: +8002440060 GMS

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4454040 Harley-Davidson

North Ring Road-Exit 5 Tel: +966-1-4554499 Honda

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4454646 Isuzu

Tel: +966-1-2300000 Jeep

Khurais Road and Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-2332222 Lexus

King Fahad Road Exit 9 Tel: +966-1-4566600 Mazda

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4968888 Mini Cooper

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-2391000 Mitsubishi

Khurais Road


Tel: +8002440060

Tel: +920000153

Khurais Road and Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-2332222

Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-1-2912679





Tel: +966-1-4561099


Tel: +966-1-4935222


Khurais Road Tel: +920000572

Tel: +966-1-4666614 Tel: +966-1-4667788 Khurais Road and Dabbab St. Tel: +966-1-2332222 Renault

Khurais Road Tel: +8002445050 Rolls Royce

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-2391000 Seat

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-2301515 Skoda

Tel: +966-1-2301515 Subaru

Tel: +966-1-2300000 Toyota

Tel: +966-1-2486777 Volks Wagen

Tel: +920000380 Volvo

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4923539 Unic

Tel: +966-1-2300000


Tel: +920001678 Al Moddarraj

Tel: +966-1-4779902 Avis

Tel: +966-1-4884887 Best Rent A Car

Tel: +8001249955 Diplomat

Khurais Road Tel: +920008008 EuropCar

Al Ahsaa St.


Theeb Rent a Car


Tel: +966-1-2884135 Auto Gard

Tel: +966-1-2924343 Llumar

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-2912929 Red Cap

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4913212 Solar Control

Khurais Road Tel: +966-1-4966633 Unique Your Car

Tel: +966-566225544


Tel: +966-1-2713377 Blue Connect

Tel: 920004948 London Cab Club

Tel: +966-1-4966670 SAPTCO

Tel: +966-1-2884400

BLUE CONNECT Any trip inside Riyadh for only 49 SR

CALL 920004948

Saudi Arabia  

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