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Issue 18, July 2010

Surviving The Heat Jeddah is witnessing one of its hottest summers but we will not let the heat stop us from enjoying our vacation, and we are here to help you do that too. In this issue, we’ve put together some suggestions on how and where to spend July in Jeddah. What better way to beat the heat than to indulge in the best frozen desserts in town, such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, shakes, popsicles, gelato and more? Jeddah has got it all, and we here at DJ have paid a high price of adding extra kilos to ourselves in order to provide you with exciting reviews on some of the best frozen treats available - a price that will take us a few weeks to lose! Never mind, maybe we should make use of the coupons at the back and workout for free at Golds Gym or take advantage of Concept 1010, 20 minutes workouts. Traveling is becoming more complicated and stressful with new security measures, and one needs to be aware of airline policy changes to avoid unnecessary delays and long checkpoint lines. For those who are planning to travel this summer, we’ve put together some suggestions on how to pack light and make the best out of a few items, when packing think in terms of what you can do without rather than what you think you might need on your trip. For those of you who are already dreading the impending “I’m bored!” from your children this summer, we’ve compiled a list on page 32 of summer camps around Jeddah. It can be just what your child needs to stay occupied during the long hot summer days, and give you peace of mind! Speaking of children, on those pages you will find amazing art pieces done by young students from both Jeddah Knowledge School and Jeddah Private School. Not only that, but this special cool summer issue is jam packed with entertaining articles and news. Don’t forget to check out our monthly updated directories for all the latest information about Jeddah. I will leave you to crank up your AC to combat this sweltering heat, put your feet up and enjoy our latest offering of Destination Jeddah! Enas Hashani Editor-in-Chief



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Useful Information Word on the street


We asked our readers for any thoughts or stories they might have on the topic, here are some of their replies... Aisha Siddiqi Once i missed my international

flight by the confusion of 2200 or 11 p.m. and i could not do anything except booking up myself on the next possible flight to the destination. Checking in for a local flight, the airport security suspiciously scrutinized by small suitcase (supposedly cabin luggage) & found out a pair of toy scissors (part of a hand loom showpiece). The security personnel permitted me only when i removed and left it on the counter. Check twice for your travel essentials. Place passport, tickets, boarding cards etc., Travel light, wear less jewelry!Be patient and don’t get panic.Wear casual comfortable dress rather than formal wears. Keep your camera handy, may be you will get striking snapshot your friends love to see.

Mary Ann S I’m going to see Eric Clapton in Chicago. After checking the best rates on Expedia, I went to Luggage allowance is 2 for free instead of paying fees on the other airlines. They also have several options available for fully refundable tickets. Always take a snack with you in case your flight gets delayed.

Mohanned Dawood Once i was going to Dubai from Malaysia in the ticket it was written 21:00 and we went to airport on :00 pm exactly first they tol the flight just went no then others told on morning sometold yesterday so we decided to stay there more days but this year we are going to SouthAfrica to watch FIFA WORLDCUP

Hifz Habib I am staying here i love Jeddah’s heat I can go swimming scuba diving , ride on my harley , but my folks are going to salzberg austria.

Reader’s Feedback Dear Readers, In reference to several emails and calls we received (plus when we tried to follow it ourselves), It has come to our attention that our sources for the World Cup schedule weren’t very accurate. Due to time zone conversions, the times we printed weren’t the correct ones. We hope this hasn’t affected anyone’s viewing time or caused anyone to miss a long anticipated game !! We will continue to try to deliver only the best and most accurate information, our motto being “double check, double check, double check!!! “.

sincerely, DJ staff

Dear Ms Hashani, I have recently moved to Jeddah from London, UK and am now an avid reader of your magazine, picking up back issues wherever they lay. Patrick Gallagher

‫مو طبيعي الغالف فكرة جبارة‬ ‫تدل علي بعد نظر (فعال انتم‬ ‫في املقدمة)مبروك في كل‬ ‫عدد تثبتون انكم متفردون‬

Sahar F

Translation: «The cover Idea is an unusual and strong concept that indicates great insight. Congratulatios, with every issue you prove your uniqueness.” Dear Mrs. Enas Hashani, As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah! As a British convert who has lived in Jeddah for almost eight years now with my family, I must congratulate you on the quality of Destination Jeddah and the information that is provided. I was pleased to see that the publisher is based in Coventry, UK although I’m from London! ... Once again, congratulations on the success of what is a very informative magazine. Regards, Anthony Please send to



Destination Jeddah’s RTM: (Recommendation of The Month)

Best Mango soft ice cream in town

“Koshk” Number 3!

“Koshk”, an Arabic word stands for a small kiosk; Koshk# 3 is located right in front of Rosewood Hotel, Corniche Road. This little kiosk sells one of Jeddah’s most delicious mango frozen yogurt ice creams! The richness and exquisiteness of the mango flavor, which is perfectly blended with vanilla milk is so delicious and refreshing. Price? An unbelievable three Riyals! We strongly recommend all our readers to

give this Jeddawie’s secret place a visit and try it yourself, but we have to warn you - don’t blame us if you get addicted!

Thumbs up to... The National Commercial Bank (NCB) for supporting Jeddah’s families through their Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. Recently, we attended the graduation of more than 30 students in three different programs. Programs included “How To Start Your Small Business”, “How To Advance Your Small Business” and finally, “ Business From Your Own Home!”. These programs enrich the community with ideas and businesses that might turn into big corporations. NCB support comes from the management awareness on the demand of Saudi Arabia residents for more independence. Through a focused strategy and a clear vision, we will be always together as one!

Thumbs down to...

Saudis not being allowed into certain beach resorts Last time we checked, this is, indeed, Saudi Arabia. So what is up with these discriminatory policies that purposefully exclude Saudis from entering certain beaches. While it is the prerogative of the management of that certain beach resort, it is difficult to understand why a Saudi would not be allowed to enter a Saudi beach in Saudi Arabia. The reasoning behind this partisan policy is unclear. Are Saudis commonly expected to stir up trouble? Does holding a green passport automatically make you distasteful to foreigners? While this may be the symptom of a greater problem, it should be noted that anyone, regardless of gender or the color of your skin or passport, should be able to enjoy their country freely.


Q: Whats your summer destination this year?

a-Europe 25% b- North America 13% c- Middle East 21% d- Eurasia (turkey) 13% e- Staying in Saudi 29%

Next Month’s Question: Q: What’s the most difficult part of fasting for you? send the answer

to feedback@destinationjeddah. com or go to the Destination Jeddah Magazine group on facebook.


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Fact Sheet

Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - KSA Capital: Riyadh Head of State: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Population: 28.7 million (72% Saudi, 27% foreign) Population Growth: 3.39% (approx. 3% per year) (55% are under the age of 20) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam. Holy Cities: Makkah, Madinah International Airports: Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport (Airport Code: JED) Riyadh: King Khaled Int’l Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Int’l Airport Name: Jeddah Head of Region: Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Location: West coast of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea Inhabited Area: 1,500 sq. km Largest urban center in the Makkah province Jeddah Population: 3.4 million and the 2nd largest city in Saudi Arabia. Official Language: Arabic. English is the second official language. Major Arabic Newspapers: Al-Watan , Al Hayat, Al-Iqtisadiya, Al-Madinah Major English Newspapers: Saudi Gazette, Arab News Important Dates: National Day: 23rd September Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): August 11 - September 9 2010 Eid Al-Fitr (The Feast of Breakfast / End of Ramadan): September 10 -12 2010 Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice): November 16 - 19 2009 Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1430/2009) Time Zone: UTC+3 6


Currency: Saudi Riyal (SR) - divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 20 (twenty), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 200 (two hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 United States Dollar (USD) = SR3.75 1.00 India Rupee (INR) = SR0.079 1.00 Euro (EUR) = SR5.23 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = SR0.047 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = SR5.94 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = SR0.08 Business & Banking Hours: 8/9AM - 4/5PM Sat-Wed, some are open on Thursdays for half a day 8/9AM - 1/2PM. Weekend: Thursday- Friday. Shopping Hours: 10AM - 1PM 5PM - 10/11PM Telephone, Mobile and Internet services: The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The Main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: To block commercial SMSs for STC users: Call 800-2444455 toll-free (24 hr service Sat-Wed) or e-mail: Internet Service Providers: * Orbit Satellite internet: *, *, * www.naseej. com, *, *, *, *Nesma: National TV: Saudi Channel 1/ Saudi Channel 2 (English)/ Saudi Channel 3 (Sports)/ Al Ekhbariya News Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: Showtime Arabia: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. Orbit: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian Entertainment Major Sport: The most popular national sport in Saudi Arabia is Football (Soccer). The two main football clubs in Jeddah are Ittihad and Ahli. Electricity: 110v and 220v. Transportation: Air: Saudi Airlines - Sama Air - Nas Airlines Land: Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi Cities. Inside the city: Taxis and Chauffer companies. Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam. Country Code: 966 City Codes: Jeddah and Makkah: 02 / Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 03 / Riyadh: 01 / Abha and Najran: 07 / Madinah and Yanbu: 04

Emergencies : Information/ Maintenance:

International Information.......905 Telephone Maintenance.........904 Telephone Directory.................905 Speaking Clock.........................1222 Mobily..........................................1100 STC...................................................902 Zain..................................................959

Ambulance...................................997 Electricity Emergency...............933 Fire Fighters..................................998 Natural Disasters ........................988 National Security .......................989 Nijm “ Insurance Company for Car Accident “.........................920000560 Road Security...............................996 Traffic Accidents .........................993 Water Emergency.......................939


Useful Information Settling In

Illustrations by Maha AlKhalawi

isit V


By Sobia Javed

Over the past couple of issues of DJ, we’ve brought you this new section, dedicated to expats in Jeddah. We’ve provided many tips, which will have, hopefully, have eased your transition to life in Jeddah. Iqama? Check. Apartment? Check. Transport? Check. Job? Check. Excellent! So, what’s missing? Is there a deep down feeling niggling inside you, and you can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Well, if you’re like most expats, you’re probably experiencing a large dose of homesickness. Living in Jeddah is great, and DJ has proved time and time again that there is just so much to do, from diving, to horse riding, to indulging your taste buds in any food that takes your fancy. One thing that you’ll never be able to substitute here, though, is your family. What can you do combat this feeling of homesickness? Maybe you’ve realized that Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networking sites can only do so much for you. What you need now, is a personal visit from your nearest and dearest. “How can I arrange this?” you ask. Easy! (well....kind of!). Why not apply for a family visit visa?

Who is eligible? Your parents Your in-laws Your children Your spouse

This will allow designated members of your family to visit you here in Saudi Arabia. The validity of the visa ranges from one month to three months (the actual time permitted to you is decided by the person processing your application. You can, however, renew the visa if you are only permitted a one month visa)

How do you apply? First things first – you will need to get the help of an Arabic speaking/reading/writing friend (time to pull in those favors!) • Go to and fill in the form. Only the names of your family members must be typed in the passport language. The rest of the form needs to be in Arabic.

Important points to remember:

• YOU are the sponsor of your family member, NOT your employer. • The purpose of the visit should be filled in as “family visit” in Arabic



• Once you click “submit”, a reference number will appear on the screen. Take a print out of this. • Print out your completed application, and sign and date it. Take the form to your employer, and get a company stamp and signature on the form • Obtain the following documents: • Your Iqama • A photocopy of your passport (if this is with your employer, get a copy of the back page as well as the page with your visa stamp on it) • A letter from your employer detailing your salary • A copy of the passport of the person that you are sponsoring to visit you • If you are sponsoring your in-laws, you will also need a copy of your marriage certificate (translated into Arabic, and attested by the Saudi consulate) • A copy of your spouse’s passport • A copy of your birth certificate (if you are sponsoring your own parents) or a copy of your spouse’s birth certificate (if you are sponsoring your in-laws) • Take your completed application form, a print out of the online reference number, as well as all of the above documents to your nearest Ministry of Foreign Affairs office (you can locate this on their website, which is cited at the end of this article) • These documents MUST be submitted within three days from the day you submit the online form. If you are unable to do this, then you will need to complete the online form again and obtain a new reference number • Go back to VisaFamilyApp/FamilyApp.asp and type in your Iqama number and reference number. If your application has been processed, you will be directed to a screen showing you a “yellow slip”. Take a few color copies of this. As a further precaution, “print screen” the page and save onto your computer so that you have a copy of the URL address.

• Get the following documents together: •A color print out of the “yellow slip” •A copy of your Iqama •A copy of your marriage certificate (if you are sponsoring your in-laws) •A print out of the last 3 months of your bank statement •A letter in English, addressed to the Saudi Embassy/consulate of your HOME country stating your sponsoring intentions •A letter, in Arabic, from your employer detailing your salary • Use a reputable courier service such as DHL ( to send the above documents to the person that you are sponsoring • The above documents will need to be submitted to the Saudi Embassy/Consulate in your home country, as well as the ORIGINAL passport of the person that you are sponsoring. If you are sponsoring your in-laws, a copy of your spouse’s passport will also need to be submitted • Wait for your family member’s visa to be stamped into their passport, and have a frantic spring clean of your apartment, ready to receive your long awaited guests!

This is just a simple guide to help you - please be aware that the application process may vary on a case by case basis. Please refer to the following websites for further guidance. Best Wishes! References: visit_visa.aspx http://workinginsaudiarabia.blogspot. com/2007/12/family-visit-visa.html passport_visa/Middle-East/Saudi-Arabia.html


In The

A New Breed Of Artists In The Making


By Dina Ismail

Yara Ghouth Grade 7D - JKS

Recently, Jeddah was introduced to a new breed of artist through two exhibitions held at Jeddah Private School and Jeddah Knowledge School. 10 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The JPS exhibit showcased over 300 paintings ranging from realism to cubism and from elementary school to high school. What’s more, after studying the Mona Lisa, students recreated the masterpiece as according to the movements mentioned. The event was supervised by Mrs. Mirfat Madani, graduate of the College of Art Education in Jeddah. Jeddah Knowledge School’s recent student art exhibition on May 30th revealed a form of expression that transcends age or gender. Under the tutelage of Visual Art Teacher, Helen Hong Ding young artists at JKS discovered Islamic Art, Fauvism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and portraiture.

Artwork of Grade:10 - JPS

Taleeda Atmar Grade:4 - JPS

Ranging from Grade 6 to Grade 10, the paintings captured a kind of innocent expression rarely seen in the Jeddah Art Scene. Ding herself, with her paint stained lab coat and animated features, expressed her enthusiasm and excitement about the work exhibited. “I think the artists deserve an opportunity to exhibit their work. There’s a whole process behind each piece. The students research the movement and paint a famous piece, than create a masterpiece of their own. The process is much more important than the piece,” explained Ding. Ding’s vision is to eventually establish a gallery affiliated with Jeddah Knowledge for visual arts that will exhibit the work of the artists. Ding is optimistic that the extraordinary pieces will garner regional and even international attention.

Artwork of Grade:5 - JPS Artwork of Grade:9 - JPS

This outpouring of art and expression through the youth is newest addition to Jeddah burgeoning arts scene which has slowly become a rich and varied slice of the city’s modern culture.


Through our Youth’s Paintbrushes 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Dina Hawandaji Grade:12 - JPS

Joud Maher Zaki Al Saleh Grade:7B - JKS DESTINATION JEDDAH 13

Lujain Arab Grade:11 - JPS Jawaher Al-Sukki Grade:12 - JPS


Noor Maher Al Saleh Grade:10 C - JKS Zaina Abu Al-Jadayel Grade:11 - JPS


Yara Rehaimi Grade:12 - JPS

Khadija Alem Grade:12 - JPS

Noura Wazna Grade:12 - JPS

Nouf Al-Mishary Grade:12 - JPS Dima Al-Fadl Grade:12 - JPS

Deema Turki Grade:10 - JPS


Deena Tarek Abdulaziz Dakhiel Grade:9 A - JKS

Beauty by Nahla Murad Grade:7


Beauty by Nahla Murad Grade:7 18 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Ghadah Hassan Assiri Grade:6 D - JKS

Loulwa Alireza & Sara Al Shumesi Grade:9 A - JKS

Saja Alesayi & Dina Al Dakheel Grade:9 A - JKS

Malak Mohammed Alesayi Grade:9 B - JKS

Nouf Maher Al Nowaiser Grade:9 B - JKS

Shadin Nazieh Nassief Grade:9 B - JKS

Dima Saleh Ibrahim Al Dakheel Grade:9 A - JKS


Events & Happenings Events & Happenings KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY OPENS THE FIRST INSTITUTE OF TOURISM IN SAUDI ARABIA: Under the patronage of His Royal Highness, Prince Mishaal bin Majed bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Jeddah, King Abdulaziz University launched its Institute of Tourism where classes started in the second semester of this year. A group of academics and instructors from top hotels operating in Saudi Arabia provide academic and practical lessons to 14 students. Prince Mishaal was

impressed, saying: “Our confidence in the Saudi youths is significant and commended the relations between King Abdulaziz University and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne - Switzerland. Dr. Osama Sadiq Tayeb, President of the University, expressed thanks and appreciation to HRH Prince Mishaal for patronizing the opening ceremony of Institute of Tourism and cited the statistics of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities this year that indicate job opportunities were forecast to reach about 974,000 thousand jobs.

PHOTOGRAPHIC FLASHES: Under the patronage of Dr. Bakur Baqader, Deputy Minister of Culture and Information, the group “ House of Lens” opened a photography exhibition under the name of “Flashes of House of Lens”. The exhibition is supervised by the Saudi Arabia Council of Culture and Arts with the sponsorship of both Jeddah Principality and the Abullatif Jameel Corporate Social Responsibility Program. The exhibition took place at Jameel’s Art Center located at Bab Rizq Jameel, Al Tahlia Rd,

Jeddah. According to the photographer Salem Basabeen, Chief of the Group, the exhibition hosted 35 art works for 32 photographers around the kingdom. The group is dedicated to enrich the Saudi community with photos that show the beauty of the beloved Kingdom. The group was established in 2009 and has more than 3,000 members. The group was inaugurated by HH Dr. Abdulaziz Khoja, Minister of Culture and Information at King Abdullah Economic City, where it held the group’s first exhibition

LIGHTEST EVER FOOTBALL BOOT BY adidas: On June 9, a presentation ceremony of F50 adiZero by adidas, was held at Intercontinental Jeddah. The lightest, fastest adidas boot ever made in history weighs only 165 grams, and will first be worn by Lionel Messi at 2010 FIFA World Cup. This chameleon purple, white and electricity colorway boot is available in all adidas Sport Performance stores. 20 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Photo by Silwan Eskhi

CONNECTING POINT: Under the sponsorship of HRH Princess Basma Ben Saud Ben Abdulaziz, The Saudi Arts Center hosted a 7 day exhibition under the name “Connecting Point” at their main center in Jeddah. At this exhibition, The Saudi Center introduced new artwork by Yousef

PEPSICO LAUNCHES H2OH! SPARKLING WATER: PepsiCo International has given consumers a new way to enjoy their water with H2Oh! Sparkling Water. This innovative sugar-free, low-calorie beverage is available in two flavors, Lemon-Lime and Tangerine. Available in an attractive 500 ml sized bottle and in a six-pack, “This is refreshment at its best, and in fact, PepsiCo has succeeded in ALUCOBOND: Alucobond, the world market leader for aluminum composite panels, now offers its services in cities over the Kingdom. Last year, Alucobond won “Aluminium in Renovation Award 2009” for work done on the University of Fine Arts in Dresden.

Ibraheem, Nawal Al Seeraihi, Mohammad Bantan and the famous Yemeni Artist, Zaki Yafie. Bantan described the exhibition saying, “Between dancing letters, truthful faces, quiet whispers and the granularity of the soul, a connecting point has evolved. A point among different directions and far distances”.

making ordinary water jealous of its new rival, sparkling, sugar-free, low calorie H2Oh!” said Rashid Sharaf, Flavors Marketing Manager. The launch will be accompanied with a TV campaign throughout the GCC.


SACO WORLD OPEN ITS FIRST STORE IN JEDDAH: The first flagship SACO World store opened in Jeddah which is the second SACO World in the Kingdom as part of the company’s ambitious expansion program, bringing the total number of SACO outlets to 18 spanning 11 cities across the Kingdom. EMAAR MIDDLE EAST WINS BEST URBAN DESIGN AND BEST RESIDENTIAL PROJECT: Awards for Jeddah Gate at Cityscape.Emaar Middle East, a subsidiary of global property developer Emaar Properties PJSC, has clinched two top honors for its prestigious Jeddah Gate development, at Cityscape Jeddah 2010, the premier property expo. Jeddah Gate won the awards for ‘Best Residential Project (Future)’ and ‘Best Urban Design & Master-planning,’ highlighting the world-class standards that Emaar Middle East is delivering in Saudi Arabia. The Awards were chosen by a panel of eminent industry professionals. LG UNVEILS “FIRST FULL LED 3D TV” IN KSA AT ROSEWOOD HOTEL: Boasting LG full LED 3DTV technology with superb contrast,expansive picture and indescribable experience of 3D world,LX9500 goes beyond mere viewing to take you to the heart of the action-a two time award winner at this year’s CES and a winner of the Reddot Design Award 2010. The event was held at Rosewoood hotel Jeddah with all top management from LG electronics,Naghi and Rosewood and news editors from Premium media.The customers who are interested can experience the 3D in the NAGHI showroom soon. 22 DESTINATION JEDDAH

“BOOK SIGNING CEREMONY FOR COLORFULL EMOTIONS BY SALEH A BOGARY AT BRIDGES”: On Wednesday 9th June, a book signing ceremony for “Colorful Emotions” by Saleh A Bogary was held at Bridges which is a cafe, bookstore and a library. Mr Saleh A Bogary was head of the house of contemporary artists for three years in Jeddah. He recited some of the contents from his book and talked about

the paintings. He responded very well on the reviews. People took great interest in buying the book and paintings and got signed them by him. He dedicated this book to his father.

Photo by Silwan Eskhi

KING ABDULAZIZ UNIVERSITY WINS FIRST PLACE IN PAN ARAB WEB AWARDS ACADEMY CLASSIFICATION : King Abdulaziz University outshined many at the internationally recognized Pan Arab Web Awards Academy in collaboration with the Arab Administrative Development organization-Arab League. The University won the Best Educational Academic Website, while the Dean of Information Technology at KAU, Dr. Khalid Mohammad Sami Hussein, was bestowed the title of “Man of the Year” during the same occasion. The University also joined the world’s First Top 500 Universities as classified by the renowned Spanish Webometrics Classification. JEDDAH UNITED UNITES THE FAMILY: With the aim of bringing the family together through sports, Jeddah United held its 4th Annual Father & Son Basketball Tournament in June. The event was sponsored by Al-Baik and held at the Ka’aki field in Tahlia. The winners were awarded medals, and the event left families happy and in demand of more frequents events like this. DESTINATION JEDDAH 23

Photo by Mokhtar Chahine

CITYSCAPE : From June 7 to 9, Jeddah hosted Cityscape, the premier International Real Estate Investment and Development Event. Cityscape attracts real estate developers, investor, government authorities, and key decision makers and many more from around the Middle Eastern region. Of the many prominent exhibits in this event was Sama Beirut, “a skyscraper soon to grace the skies of Lebanon.”

HEALTHY WORK, HEALTHY WORKER: Bulubaid Group of Companies (BGC) is considered one of the biggest local companies in Saudi Arabia, but that hasn’t changed its care for its employees. In continuation with this, BGC joined hands with the International Medical Center (IMC)


CREAM: THE CRÈME DE LA CRÈME OF FASHION: Cream is a lifestyle boutique that focuses on the modern and the feminine, and with handpicked collections from around the world, Cream is easily in touch with high-end fashion and the catwalks. Cream held a very successful open house in June, prior to its opening, which will be in July, in Stars Avenue. So get ready for a major wardrobe revamp

to hold a health seminar for BGC employees and their families in June 2010. Director Dr. Ashraf Amir conducted the seminar, which lasted for 2 hours. BGC has more of these activities planned to continue the vision of “healthy work, healthy worker.” TAL NAZER: PREFERRED CEO OF THE YEAR 2010: Tal Nazer, CEO of Bupa Arabia, was awarded Preferred CEO of the Year during the second annual Kingdom of Saudi Arabia HR Gathering & Awards event, which took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Jeddah in June 2010. This award can be added to the many Bupa has achieved in recent years, such as 4th Best Work environment (2010) and Best Working Environment for Women (2008).

3 20



July 2010 ‫االحد‬


15 2

8 25

1 18

23 10

16 3

9 26

2 19


22 9


1431 ‫رجب شعبان‬ ‫االربعاء‬


Rajab Sha’aban 1431 ‫الثالثاء‬


7 24 14 1 ‫شعبان‬ 21 8 28 15 4 22

5 23

29 16

6 24

30 17



Mark Your Calender 2010 ‫يوليو‬ ‫االثنني‬


6 23 13 29

5 22 12 28

20 7 27 14

19 6 26 13

3 21


4 21 11 27 18 5 25 12

2 20


10 27 17 4 24 11 1 Aug 19

* *

* 13 July-22 July: Exhibit for Saudi publisher in Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry. *22 July-9 Aug: The Kingdom Is in Our Hearts 2 Exhibit at Arab Mall Contact #: 0558464747 *7 July-11 Aug: Jeddah Summer Festival opening (fireworks, traditional dances and patriotic songs. *13 July-23 July: Food festival at the Rosewood Corniche,celebrating the cuisine of the Pacific Rim at Habsburg restaurant. *12 July: Training session for initial emergency response (ladies only) from 4-9 p.m. at Elaf Training Center Contact #: 0569132105 *4 July: Celebrating the safe return of HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz; Henna Night around the country is exhibited for charity at Park Hyatt Contact #: 0505608307 *25 July-26 July: The 3rd Medical Nutrition Therapy for Pediatrics and Adults Conference hosted by medical Nutrition Department at KFSH at Hilton hotel.

31 18


* *


Special Places

Summer ’10: What To Do? Summer is approaching, and as most Jeddah residents know, this is usually the time when most of us are packing our bags to escape the heat. But how about changing it up this summer? Rather than appreciating the beauty of other cultures, focus on this one right here! Discover Jeddah all over again with these family-friendly outings




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10 8 6 2 7


1.Go native! Take the family for an evening drive along the Corniche to enjoy what is possibly the best baleela on the planet. Don’t forget to partake in the SR 1 ice cream from the roaming trucks, which are a staple of Corniche. While the kids enjoy placid pony rides, breathe in the gorgeous sea air and enjoy being outside for a change! 2.Revisit Jeddah’s history. There are so many hidden treasures in Jeddah that most residents never see. Check out the Abdul Raouf Khalil Museum, which displays artifacts dating back to the Ottoman Empire in 1517. Entertaining enough for the kids, yet educational enough for parents, the museum is not be missed. 3.Mallrat Culture. Jeddah enjoys an abundance of quality malls and shopping centers, so why not make a day out of it and enjoy a day at one Jeddah’s premier malls. At centers like Red Sea Mall, the little ones can enjoy the indoor amusement park while Dad sips on coffee and Mom eyes those designer shoes she’s been coveting. Something for everyone! 4.Visit a completely new place. Visited every mall in Jeddah? Seriously? Wow… no judgment, though. Well then, what’s next? Restaurants becoming repetitive? Then refresh your outlook on Jeddah and visit a completely new place. How about leaving the kids at home one evening and visiting Jeddah’s art scene. A variety of exhibitions will be taking place throughout Jeddah’s art galleries (Check ‘Mark Your Calendar’ and Arts Directory) 5.Thrill-Seekers Unite! For those whom need a completely new scene, visit one of Jeddah’s amusement parks for a muchneeded adrenaline rush. Al-Shallal on Corniche is a popular destination but try Jungle Land for a more comprehensive experience,

which includes a 3D Theater, and waterrides. Another advantage is if you have young children, they will be eternally grateful for this trip. (Check Arts Directory) 6.Red Sea Adventure. Introduce your children to the beauty of the Red Sea by taking a trip to Al-Lith. Operated by Dream Divers (see Directory), take a mini-break and stay at their resort, the Al-Lith Dive Village for some snorkeling and diving. A great activity that anyone at any age will be sure to enjoy. 7.Ice, Ice, Baby! If you’re itching for cold weather, than the skating rink at Iceland may fulfill your needs. Take ice-skating lessons and fall spectacularly on the ice – there is no better way to beat the heat. 8.Strike! Bowling is the ultimately familyfriendly activity and fortunately, there are a lot of venues for just that in Jeddah. Try the bowling lanes at the Hilton Corniche or at Sawary Landmark. 9.Arcade All The Way. Pay a visit to the numerous arcades in Jeddah, like Funtime Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese located on Corniche. While the idea of spending two hours in a large room full of ecstatic kids may not appeal to some, surprisingly, the pizza at both venues is actually quite good, so something to keep in mind. 10.Food As Art. With Café Ceramique taking off as a great place to enjoy a great meal and let out your inner artist, other similar places are following suit. Color Me Mine at Coral Mall allows diners to indulge both their gastronomical and artistic desires. A messy, fun way to spend your weekend.


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The Art of Unconventionality By Afifa Jabeen Quraishi

Jeddah-based American artist, April Tosch is an unconventional artist in every sense of the word. Give her a paintbrush and a canvas, and no, she cannot draw. Her solo exhibition entitled ‘Mughal Delights’ at the Park Hyatt last month could have been every artist’s dream debut. Inaugurated by Princess Johara bint Khaled bint Misaed and Sunita Mainee Ahmad, wife of Indian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, on its Ladies Gala Opening Night, on show was an ethnic blend of the Mughal to vintage with an eclectic touch reflected in the textile grand-scale wall hangings, luxurious framed prints and magnificent designer furniture – all digitally designed and printed by Tosch. “If Michelangelo had access to Photoshop, he would have used it too. Some people say what I do is not art. This is art because I have to put it together, clean it up, etc. all from the scratch. It’s just availability of technology that has made things different now,” said Tosch, addressing some of the criticism she gets while also admitting that she is indeed a “very unconventional” artist. So how does she do it all? “I go the Internet, search library images, get inspired by, for example, the colors or the paint, then open up a bunch of images and cut out sections that I really like – such as a motif – and then I use them with elements from other images, making sure the colors and everything else looks good together – it’s never going to be right on,” explained Tosch, who has built up an image library of over 80,000 pictures over just a year. 28 DESTINATION JEDDAH

A sophisticated digital printer (about two meters long) is used to print out the preparation on a fabric, which is then worked upon with beads and embroidery by in-house Indian artisans. She said the response in terms of actual sales was not as she had anticipated. “The economy is suffering. There weren’t much sales and it’s not because they didn’t love the art, I got enormous feedback, it’s just that they don’t have the pockets like before,” said Tosch. For someone who has had an adventurous life in Miami, Florida, a brief stint in the military, then has worked as an auditor in Egypt, and not forgetting her management credentials from Harvard, Tosch is surely not someone you would associate with the

imperial power that ruled the Indian subcontinent in the 16th-18th century. “The Mughal history is so rich, I saw videos on youtube, the perfection of the little miniatures, the amazing borders, look at how it affects me,” said Tosch, showing goose bumps on her arms. It was a chance inspiration though, she admits. “I was looking at Persian miniatures and found them to be a bit too heavy. I have visited many boring exhibitions, that is why I wanted to add some cultural significance to my exhibition,” said Tosch. What next? “It will be a cultural theme for sure – can be Persian, Turkish or Australian – I don’t know,” she said. On the second day of the exhibition, Tosch hosted around 150 children from the Jeddah Knowledge School – whose knowledge of art as reflected in their questions to Tosch could have put any decent art enthusiast to shame. She thanked her “very generous sponsor” Nadia Al-Zuhair Zahid. Ask the artist of her artistic message, and comes the reply: “I don’t have a message. I just like to make pretty paintings. Sorry, I cannot give any philosophical answers. The pieces look nice, end of story”. Unconventional? Need we say more?


Arts &


Saudi Art comes to The Louvre this Summer By Michael Bou- Nacklie

For the first time in the history of the Louvre, 300 rare artifacts from Saudi Arabia will go on display in Paris as part of an exhibition entitled ‘Roads of Arabia Archaelogical Treasures from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’. The exhibition is under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. The event will be cosponsored by French petrochemical company Total and fashion giant Rubaiyat. According to a press statement, the exhibit offers ‘journey through the heart of Arabia’; giving visitors a chance to see a part of the Kingdom not often seen even by locals. Setting up in the Napoleon Hall of the world’s most famous art gallery, the artifacts will be on display from July to September. At a press conference held in the Rubaiyat branch on King Abul Aziz road, Rubaiyat CEO 30 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Abdullah Binzager said the exhibition was a celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary “of bringing French and Italian culture to the Kingdom”. Binzager said he hopes that the exhibition will “be a catalyst to promotion of Saudi culture” externally but as also to bring the deserved attention to historical sites through domestic tourism. The items selected have never left the


The Power of Now By Sharia Walker

The Power of Now written by Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual book described by many as “a book of clarity, understanding and beauty”. Although this book is an easy read and its content relates to every one, its ideas are profound and timeless truths. The format, which Tolle has selected, is of questions and answers. This contributes to the books style of being accessible and an easy read. Tolle’s message is very basic: live in the Now and detach from the yesterday and the tomorrow.

Kingdom, Binzager said. Reaching as far back as early Babylonian settlements all the way up to modern Arabia, Director of Cultural Development, Gaele Abecassis, said the 60,000 sq. m. former palace has long been a symbol of universality and cross cultural communication and the exhibition is geared towards doing just that.

According to Tolle, spiritual enlightenment is being completely and utterly present, in the Now. Enlightenment is being free of the minds constant preoccupation with past sufferings and joys or future anxieties and fulfillments. Tolle believes that enlightenment is our original state of begin, which is later cluttered by past and future excess emotional luggage. Tolle explains that a more fulfilling way to live our lives is to get into the habit of being and living fully in the moment. No constant chattering in the mind, no continuous planning, and no continuous replaying of past hurts. But rather establishing a state of inner silence, putting the rational mind to use only when needed and then shutting it off. The Power of Now is one of those books that you can read over and over again and discover new levels of understandings each time.

Preceding this three-year plan of coordination between the Louvre and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA), the French museum sent an exhibition of Islamic Art to the Riyadh museum in 2006. Abecassis said there are plans to have the exhibition opened by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and King Abdullah but nothing definite has been set up. DESTINATION JEDDAH 31

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Entertainment Family Fun

Kids’ Summer Camps Staying in Jeddah doesn’t have to be a boring summer for you or your children after all! Enroll your kids in one of these summer schools and get them to enjoy their time while learning something new! Month

Age Group

Main Activities

Contact Info


Pure Crafts


3-8 9-13

Arts & Crafts


Al-Zahra Dist.

My Library

July, August


Book Reading, Story Telling, Arts & Crafts and Drama

263 1709

Al-Rawdah Dist.

Enchanted Garden



“Tomorrow’s Leader” All About Leadership


Kid Designers

July, August


Fashion Design Interior Design


Al-Fayha’a Dist.


July, August


Graphic Skills Using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator


Al-Shati Dist.

Color Kids Center

July, August

3 M-12Y

Variety of Activities Indoor & Outdoor-Sports, Languages, Art & Reading

6061639 ext. 102-107 0546369465

Khaldya Dist.

Kai Fitness Centers

July, August


Focus on Better Health, Thinking Skills, Drawing & Fun Activities


Serafi Megamall

Fine Arts Workshop

July, August

6-10 12-15 16+

Story, Cooking & Play Time, Arts & Crafts, Fine & Gross Motor Skills Development

Dynamic Code Physiotherapy Center



Dancing, Gymnastics

Ebdaa Gallery Center


4-10 11-14

Little Smarties



Jack N Jill

July, August

Up & Away


Name of Camp




Al-Rawdah Dist.



Oil on Canvas, Photography

2154470 0500558166

Behind Hera’a Avenue

Variety of Activities Ballet, Karate, Qura’an, Story Time & Trips

920000646 6079646

Al-Shati Dist.


Variety of Activities Singing & Dancing, English Conversation, Swimming


Khaldya Dist.


Variety of Activities Swimming, Cooking, English & Trips





Fun & Recreation

Museums & Art Venues

Arts & Entertainment

Directory Bookstores Al-Fanous Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6553897 Al-Khair Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6936318 Al-Maktaba Stores Tel: +966-2-6713143 Al-Obeikan Bookstore Tel: +966-2-6927018 / 920020209 Dar Al-Mareekh Bookstore Tel: +966-2-6524682 Jarir Bookstore Sari Street Tel: +966-2-6827666 Prince Sultan Street Tel: +966-2-4202050 Little Book Roshana Center Tel: +966-2-2634817 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754689 Madina Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6659045 Mamoun Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6446614 Mansour Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6985376 Tihama Bookstore Tel: +966-2-6444444 Rawaea Al-Maktabat Tel: +966-2-6827730 Virgin Tel: +966-2-2635084 Libraries CBA Library Tel: +966-2- 6900671

Dar Abdul-Qasim Tel: +966 2-6714793 Effat Library Tel: +966-2-6364300 Jeddah Public Library Tel: +966 2-6363920 Mirza Library Tel: +966-2-6726773 My Library Tel: +966-2-2631709 Fun & Recreation Al-Hokair Tel: +966-2-6836666 Al-Shallal Theme Park Tel: +966-2-6063993 Bowling City Tel: +966-2-6690800 Bowling World Tel: +966-2-6744545 Chucky Cheese’s Tel: +966-2-6062608 Color Me Mine Coral Mall Tel: +966-2-6640710 Funtime Pizza Tel: +966-2-6555992 Ice Land Tel: +966-2-6626666 IN10SO Tel: +966-2-2844992 Jungle Land Tel: +966-2-2881111 Kid’s Castle Tel: +966-2-6988000 Moon Toon Tel: +966-2-2844855 Oceanica Tel: +966-2-2150723 Smart Kid (Al-Hokair) Tel: +966-2-4202370

Sparks Tel: +966-2-6162144 Stationery Fantasies Tel: +966-2-6827730 Museums & Art Venues Al-Alamia Gallery Tel: +966-2-6635107 Art Frame Trading Est. Macarona st. Tel: +966-2-6722339 Al-Tayebat International City Museum for Sciences & Knowledge Al-Jazeerah st. Tel: +966-5-03601376 Darat Safeya Binzagr Tel: +966-2- 6571030 Ebdaa Gallery Center Tel: +966-2- 2154480 Jeddah Atelier Tel: +966-2-6640710 Jeddah Gallery of fine arts Tel: +966-2-6640710 Mansoojat Foundation

Darat Safeya Binzagr Art Gallery Tel: +966-2-6571030 Call or email to check opening and closing times. DESTINATION JEDDAH 33

Fashion & Shopping

Style under 23KG

YES! You can still be a fashionista traveler without paying your life savings in overweight baggage!

A typical scene at baggage counters the world over, are flushed fashionistas wondering how on earth to get their extra three pieces of designer luggage onto the plane without risking bankruptcy due to overweight fees. With baggage restrictions getting more and more stringent, the smart traveler knows that packing a few key pieces is what will guarantee you a stress-free and stylish trip. Will you really need that fabulous trench coat? Or those knee-high boots you’ve been dying to try out? In the summer? Probably not. It makes much more sense to pack light clothes in comfortable materials (silk, cottonweave, linen) that travel well and come out of your suitcase looking ravishing rather than rumpled. By Dina Ismail

An ideal item would be this silk-chiffon jumpsuit by Chloé. Effortlessly chic yet still completely wearable, this versatile piece can easily take you from day to night with a few well-placed accessories. Pair with summery espadrilles for the more casual look or go all-out glamorous with this pair of strappy Louboutins. If the jumpsuit craze has passed you by, try a maxi dress with interesting details like this one by Hoss Intropia. A pair of pretty flats, such as these by Rupert Sandersons, will go with everything and save you a lot of shoewear indecisiveness. Of course, nothing says ‘vacation’ more than a versatile pair of capris. (opposite page). These cropped pants, a few inches shorter in length than traditional styles, exude summer style and with the lightweight cottons in these models, will keep you feeling cool. The 2010 version of capris are ‘jeggings’ - jean leggings. More comfortable than jeans, these are the trend for summer nights. Try this style by Citizens of Humanity (far left). For the more fashionably conservative crowd, these versions of capris by Miu Miu will appease you, as will these elegant stretch-wool pants by Michael Kors. So far, everything recommended has been floaty and easy to pack. To continue this low-maintenance theme, throw in a couple of no fuss dresses, such as this 34 DESTINATION JEDDAH

gorgeous fuschia silk-georgette wrap dress by Donna Karan, perfect for evening outings. For a more beachy feel, pack a kaftan for ultimate comfort but don’t compromise your style! This printed silk Lotta Stensson kaftan is fashionably functional. Finally, the must-have for summer 2010 is this white maxi-dress (Alice by Temperly) which can be taken anywhere with the right accessories, including these adorable Chloé ballerina flats. Bring a neutral cardigan like this one in a cashmere-blend Jil Sander, as the perfect stylish cover-up.

As for the accessories, this slouchy black leather tote (Jil Sander) is a stylish addition to any outfit. One pair of evening shoes should be enough, these Stella McCartney fish scale double platform sandals are a bit extreme, but the black and gold combo is always an easy match. For jewelry, don’t be afraid to bring bold pieces... bringing to mind the rule, ‘If you can’t match it, clash it!’ These statement pieces, (gold disk earrings by Monica Vinader, pearl drop earrings by Bijoux) will make your look complete. Packing smart is a must have skill for any jetsetting diva. Follow these simple rules and you’ll never be caught looking anything other than absolutely fabulous. DESTINATION JEDDAH 35

Carpet Store: Turkish Kilims

Sarah Islam, a Saudi Business Woman, has recently enriched Jeddah Art Lovers with a new addition to the world of fancy carpets. The young entrepreneur has recently brought an exquisite collection of hand made rugs. These rugs are called Kilims. The word is originally derived from Iran as it means, “to spread roughly�. Many designers and factories produce Turkish Kilims. Sarah has carefully selected her collections from a new entrant called EthniCon, which has specialized in a new approach in producing contemporary yet ethnic Turkish Kilims. EthniCon is rapidly gaining market share in international markets of New York, London, Paris, San Francisco, Madrid, Milan and Tokyo. The process of producing unique kilims includes more than 25 different steps. First, the journey starts on a horse, where an EthniCon collector visits villages to collect rugs. Villages are usually located in mountains where horses are the best mean


of transportation. Second, rugs are sorted and inspected at the EthniCon facility at Malatya. Based on the rug textile and colors, experts can easily identify when and where the rug was made. Later, good rugs are shipped to EthniCon Shop at

Istanbul where the cleaning process begins. Cleaning a rug requires more than 6 steps of burning, rinsing, washing, disinfecting, spinning and drying. Later, the ready to cut rugs are taken to the design floor where specialized designers cut and match several rugs together. After that, homogenous pieces are compiled and stitched together. Finally, Turkish kilims are double stitched for added strength and comfort. Backing is attached as well with special glue applied using hot iron. Every kilim is scrutinized and inspected. Turkish kilims come in four different shapes. The EthniCon Antique Rug maintains the color of all original rugs. Pieces are carefully chosen to ensure homogenous color combination. The second type is EthniCon Decadent Rug where the whole rug goes into an extra step of washing and dying using old techniques. The result is a monochromatic look that emphasizes shades and tones. The third type is EthniCon Vintage Kilims, where material used is collected from different Eastern regions of Anatolia. Finally, the EthniCon Traditional kilims, which can separate from the rest through their flat weavings and unique colors that are distinguished by bold patterns and designs. Location: Sabine Nada, 2nd Floor behind Chamelle Plaze. Tel: +966-2-6651572 DESTINATION JEDDAH 37

Fashion & Shopping


& S



photo by Mokhtar Chahine





Idée Art offers you a wide range of relics from around Europe and America. These handcrafted tokens are not only eye-catching, given that most are encrusted in Swarovski crystals, but also on limited offer, making buyers the unique owners of these unique items. One example is an assortment of goldplated charms for the price of 513 SR as well as small boxes ranging from 1,000 SR to 3,000 SR. You can also buy decorated water jugs with matching cups for 380 SR. Location: Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754581


Hamed Carpet Corporation has once again made it into our list of souvenir shops, and it’s not hard to see why given the wide range of souvenirs available from around the world. What caught our eye this time is an assortment of small boxes made out of precious stones and silvers with prices ranging from 30 to 50 SR. Also on our mustbuy list are small Moroccan containers made from silver and camel bones used for fragrance. These are priced at 99 SR apiece.


Showroom: Dome City Plaza (2nd Floor) Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-63900086 Tel: +966-5-06365488

After a very long waiting, Cream has finally opened in Jeddah! This Lebanese boutique brings together the crème de la crème of young and trendy designers from around the world. The handpicked collections come from Paris, London, Milan, New York, Brazil, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq, and recently from Saudi Arabia. It is a lifestyle store that focuses on modernity and femininity of contemporary fashion. On offer are Manoush wallets with a price range of 1,400 SR to 1,600 SR, vanina bracelets for 112 SR, spring clip on earrings for 180 SR, and long wooden necklaces priced 619 SR alongside many other trendy items.

Fashion & Shopping

TechTamer’s Gadgets

Hi, TechTamer here. I love gadgets and new technology designed to make everything a little bit easier. From Star Wars toasters to the latest smartphones, I’m all over it. If it blinks, bleeps or whistles I’ve probably seen it and played with it a little. Here’s a small selection of stuff that’s caught my eye this month.

The Girlie Pink Travel Kit - SR 135

This girlie travel kit comes in a shocking pink colour and boasts a collection of useful travel products for the lady who loves pink! This is an ideal gift for the girl who is always on her travels and spending their weekends away. Perfect for the lady who needs to take the essentials in a hurry without spending an hour finding and packing them. Keep this travel kit to hand and you’ll be ready to go at the last minute! Available at

Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale - SR 83

The first scale used horizontally,a lot easier to lift and helps prevent wrist strain. The digital screen is on the top side to allow visiblity while lifting.Wait for the beep and then set the luggage down before checking the weight.Batteries included along with one year manufacturer warranty.This scale is certified to lift up to 100 lbs. You can use it to weight children’s backpacks or even packages you plan to mail.It make great gifts for newlyweds or parents. Available at

FreeLoader Solar Charger - SR 188

Free Energy on Demand.FreeLoader’s internal li-ion battery can be charged in as little as 5 hours by its solar panels or via a computer USB socket in 3 hours (charge cable supplied).Power can then be transferred in double quick time to give 2 hours of talk time on a mobile phone,18 hours running time on an iPod or 2 1/2 hours play time on a PSP.Use FreeLoader as a charging hub.Freeloader can be charged by its USB cable while powering up your devices at the same time. Available at 40 DESTINATION JEDDAH


TechTamer’s Alex eReader - SR 2,999

Read Me. Alex gives you easy access to more than a million books from eBook vendors today to read online or download to build your personal offline library.It expands,enriches and personalizes your reading experience by using Alex eReader to explore the Web. Browse Me. The Alex Duet Navigator™ Browser brings you the entire Web in true color. Alex’s desktop quality browser is optimized for dual screen browsing and reading.The LCD screen allows readers a natural way to discover new articles and is ideal for web browsing, watching videos and viewing pictures, while the revolutionary EPD screen produces printed page-like views for reading.   Love Me. Designed for the future, Alex grows with you. More books,more media, more applications! Alex’s versatile open Google Android operating system and responsive on-screen keyboard let you use popular applications. Available at MeMega

Harley the Ladybug Trunki SR 229

Harley the Ladybug Trunki luggage for kids that love to travel! Trunki essentials comes with Carry handle, Locking catches, Key,Internal pouch,Horn grips, Stabilisers,Integrated wheels, Comfortable saddle, ID tag,Towing handle,Strong hooks and a Strap.Trunki the award-winning luggage for kids that travel. They can ride on it when tired or be pulled by parents! When not in use can be shoulder carried.Nick Jr. Family Magazine Best Toys and Gifts Award 2008 Practical Pre-school Award - Gold Right Start Best Toy Awards - 2007 FQ Top Gear Award.

Available at Witty Shop (Serafi Mega Mall )

150-Country Travel Adapter - SR 55

If you’re traveling overseas with a laptop,you’ll want to make sure you pack more than just a simple travel adapter for plugging it into non-US outlets.Protect your appliances with the 150-Country Travel Adapter from Hammacher-Schlemmer. It has a built-in surge protector so you don’t have to worry about the quality of power.These travel adapters work in more than 150 countries so you can plug in almost anywhere. It has a built-in USB port to charge cell phones,digital cameras and other devices while you use the AC socket. Available at Have something you want to share? E-mail me at : DESTINATION JEDDAH 41

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Shopping Malls Al-Khayat Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6655558 Shops: BOSS, Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Coach, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Jacques Dessange Salon, Jamalouki, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Rubaiyat, Sergio, Tiffany & Co. & Co., Tods, Yves Saint Laurent.

Fashion Designers

Ana Special Prince Sultan St Tel: +966-2-6649155 Shops: Al-Mohra, Almayass, Basics, Buttons, Diva, Fox Fibre, I Love Hishma, Kash Kash, Vaniti, Lilies, Only For You, Set Al-Hoson, Tefa. Aziz Mall Prince Majed Rd Tel: +966-2-6162222 Dining: Al-Saaj Al-Refi, AlThawaaq, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, Cinnabon, Conton, Durrat China, Fish World, Hardee’s, Harfi, Indian express KFC, Krispy Kreme, Kudu, McDonald’s, Mongo, Panino’s, Roma way, Sheesh Kabab, Shawermar, Starbucks, Sushi King, Taco Hut,Trios. Supermarket: Geant. Shops: Accessorize, Adams, Al-Maghrabi, Al-Sawani, Aldo, Aldo Accessories, Ann Harvey, Athletes Foot, Aussino, B.Bush, Baby Shop, Barratts, Bata, Behavior, Bershka, Bhs, Camieu, Celina, Celio, Charles & Keith, City Max, Claire’s, Damas Jewelry, Dorothy Perkins, Etam, Faces, Femi.9, Gap, Giordano, Howard, Kids, Kotton, La Senza, La Senza Girl, La Vie En Rose, Mango, Mexx, Mikyaji, Milano, Miss Selfridge, Mothercare, Naomi, Nectar, New Look, Next, Nine West, Okaidi, Orchestra, Pans & Co, Paris Gallery, Pom Cherry, Promod, Pull & Bear, Pumpkin Patch, River Island, Riyadh Bank, SGT Major, Showtime, Sports City, Starbucks, Stradivarius, Swatch, Tape A L’Oeil, Terranova, The Body Shop, Urban, Vero Moda, Xanka, Zara, Zoppini Al-Haddab Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6942888 Shops: Center Point (baby shop, Splash, Shoe mart, Lifestyle), Home Center, Koton, Mobily, Natuzzi, Sedar, Warde. 44 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Florists, Plants


Shopping Malls

Badrya Towers Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6062777 Dining: Le Croissant shop, Quattro Café. Shops: Babooche, Basket of Pearl, Blend, Boutque Mix, BSX, Denim, Diesel, DKNY, Entra, Free Days, Hawanim, Infiore, Kurta Boutique, Le Croissant Shop, Le Style, Levi’s Store, Nowar, Optics2020, Pharmacy, Quattro, Samuel and Kevin, Suite 966, T Shirt & Jeans, U right, Zearuci.

Alhomaidhi, Barrats, Bershka, Camieu, Charles & Keith, Faces, Early Learning Center, Jennyfer, La Senza, La Senza Girl, La Senza Shop, La Vie en Rose, Marks & Spencer, Mikyaji, Mansoon, Nayomi, Nine West, Sergent Major, Sports City, Spring, Swatch, Tape A Loeil, The Body Shop, Wailis, Zain, Zara Kids.

Basateen Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6611721 Dining: Assaj, Baskin Robbins, Krispy Kreme, La Cerpelrie, Nutellina, Takada. Shops: Al-Ghazali, Al-Moalim, Al-Sawani Department Store, Anne Klein, Baby Fitaihi, Bakhashwain, Bali, Benatton, Betty Barkley, Esprit, Courier, Glitter, Guess, La Perla, Max & Co., Max Mara, Noon, Opticals, Replay, Rubaiyat, Swish, XOXO.

Women’s Blouses & sweaters

Coral Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6607624 Dining: Goodies , Tea Amo. Shops: Adawliah (Yamaha), Armani jeans, Beach & Beyond, Calvin Klein, Color Be Mine, Ecko, Ed Hardy, FCUK, Geox, Killah, Lacoste, Lindex, Lola et moi, Marlboro Classic, Miss Sixty, Patch Work, Primo, Quick Silver, Serb, St.Dupont, Sun Spot. Etoile King Rd Tel: +966-2-6973428 Dining: Steak House. Shops: Al-Romaizan, Boss, Canali, Come As You Are, Emad Rizq, Fitoshi, Gentle Man, Lomar, Lo Spazio, My Fair Lady, Rawasy, Rubaiyat, The Wall. Hera’a Avenue Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6942236 Dining: Agadir, Baskin Robbins, Cinnabon, Hot & Crispy. Shops: Adams’ Kids, Aldo,

Sizing Chart US 23 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 Europe 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

Women’s Shoes US Europe UK Japan

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

Women’s Dresses US Europe UK Japan

4 6 8 10 12 34 36 38 40 42 6 8 10 12 14 7 9 11 13 15

14 44 16 17

16 46 18 19

18 48 20 21

Men’s Shirts US/UK Europe Japan

15 15.5 16 16.5 17 37 38 40 41 42 97 102 107 113 117

Men’s Suits, Coats & sweaters US/UK Europe Japan

34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 68 S --- M L ---- LL ---- ----

Men’s shoes US Europe UK Japan

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32

Children’s Clothing: US Europe UK Japan

2 4 6 8 10 12 16/18 20/22 24/26 28/30 32/34 36/38 40/45 50/55 60/65 70/75 80/85 90/95 90 100 110 120 130 140

Children’s Shoes (Toddlers/Children) US UK Europe Japan

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 20 22 23 24 25 27 28 30 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Children’s Shoes (Youth) US UK Europe Japan

13 12.5 31 19

1 13.5 32 20

2 3 4 5 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 33 34 36 37 21 22 23 24

* Japanese sizes are measured in centimetres


Hera’a Intl.Center Jamjoom Souq Hera’a St. Street Palestine Tel: +966-2-6540097 Tel :+966-2-6685388 Dining: Al-Musbah, AlDining: Ice Cream Umda, Baskin Robbins, Movenpick. Cinnabon, Hot & Crispy, Shops: Abd Al-Samad Juice Island, Starbucks. Supermarket: Al-Qurashi for Danube. Perfumes, Shops: Adams, Al-Attar, Celio and Longen and Al-Dahham, Al-Humaidi, Dior, Cileo, Claire’s , Al-Maghrabi, Al-Mualim, Fareed Musalli for Gold Barkley, Benatton, Bershka, and Jewelery, Gazzaz Bhs, Celio, Claire’s, Diesel, for Perfumes and Make Esprit, Faces, Giordano, Guess, Health Lines, Jacadi, Up, Geox, Jennyfer, La Moda, La Senza, Mango, Kuwait Airlines, La Senza, Milano, Mothercare, Naomi, Malaysian Airlines, Marks Nectar, Next, Next Kids, & Spencer, Mikyaji Nina, Nine West, Panasonic, Milano Shoe, Promod, Mother Care, Paper Moon, Nayomi, Next, Nectar, Quick Silver, River Island, Sisley, Sony, The Body Aldo, Promod, Raymond Shop, U2, Zara,Starbucks, Zain, Zimas. Weil Watches, The Body Shop, The Jama’a Plaza International Jama’a Dist for Watches, Tokyo Games. Tel: +966-2-6024580 Shops: Adams, Camaieu Jeddah Charles Mall & Keith, Giordano, Tahlia Guess,Street La Senza, Mikyaji, Tel: +966-2-6678666 Nayomi, Promod, Sergent Major, A Loeil. Dining:Tape Al-Tajin, Basket of Cookies, Baskin Robbins, Jamjoom Center Costa Café, Cinnabon, Palestine St. Hawaii, Hijaziyat , Hot Tel: +966-2-6685388 & Crispy,Ice Joffrey’s, Dining: Cream Le Gadin Suzette, Mongo, Movenpick. Shops: AbdPanino’s, Al-SamadSteak AlPadovana, Qurashi for Perfumes, & Bake, Sushi King. Celio and Longen and Dior, Shops: Al-Musali & Al-Cileo, Claire’s , Fareed Musalli for Raies, Barakat Jewellery, Gold and Jewelery, Gazzaz Damas, Elite, and Eye2eye, for Perfumes Make Faces, Gosh, Karen Millen, Up, Geox, Jennyfer, Kuwait Airlines, La Senza, Malaysian Kipling, Luxury, Maria Airlines, Marks & Spencer, Pino, Naomi, Swatch, Mikyaji Trussardi, WAIPAI. Milano Shoe, Mother Care, Nayomi, Next, Nectar, La Promenade 2 Aldo, Promod, Raymond Tahlia Street Weil Watches, Starbucks, Tel: +966-2-6688737 The Body Shop, The Dining: Al-Forn, International for Carmel, Watches, Tokyo Gelato,Games. La Promenade Café, Lifestyles Café. Jeddah Mall Chic Shops: Budget, Tahlia St. Boutique, Chole, Femi.9, Tel: +966-2-6678666 Lerre, Lifestyles, Mavi, of Dining: Al-Tajin, Basket PaperMoon, Quik Sliver, Cookies, Baskin Robbins, Costa Café, Cinnabon, Roxy, Sport Look. Hawaii, Hijaziyat , Hot & 46 DESTINATION JEDDAH

LeCrispy, Mall Joffrey’s, Le Gadin Suzette, Mongo, Padovana, Tahlia Street Panino’s, Steak & Bake, Sushi Tel: +966-2-6600111 King. Dining: Cerebe Express, Shops: Al-Musali & Al- Raies, Layla’s, Le Croissant Barakat Jewellery,shop, Damas, Cinabbon, Starbucks. Elite, Eye2eye, Faces, Gosh, KarenAccessories, Millen, Kipling, Shops: Claire’s, Luxury, MariaKaren Pino, Naomi, Fitaihi Jeweley, Millen, Trussardi, WAIPAI. la Swatch, Senza, Musalli, Nine West, Rizq Jewellery, Rosyblue, La Promenade 2 Rubaiyat (Bags & Shoes), Tahlia St. Showtime, Springfield, Tel: +966-2-6688737 Dining: Al-Forn, Carmel, Swatch, The Body Shop. Gelato, La Promenade Café, Mall of Arabia Lifestyles Café. Shops: Al-Haramein Road Budget, Chic Boutique, Tel: +966-9-2000-9550 Chole, Femi.9, Lerre, Lifestyles, Mavi, PaperMoon, Dining: Al-Saaj Al-Refi, Quik Sliver, Sport Look. Brioche Doree,Roxy, Burger King, Café Larica Espresso, Café Le Mall Verganano Tahlia St. , Cinnabon, Charley’s, Conton, Costa Tel: +966-2-6600111 Coffee, Hardee’s, Krispy Dining: CerebeKFC, Express, Layla’s, Le Croissant Kreme , Kudu, London shop, Starbucks.McDonald’s, Fish&Chips, Shops:Pans, Accessories, Claire’s, Mongo, Roma way, Fitaihi Jeweley, Karen Millen, Shawermar, Starbucks, la Senza, Musalli, Nine West, Sushi Taco Hut, Thai RizqKing, Jewellery, Rosyblue, Express, The(Bags Pizza&Company, Rubaiyat Shoes), Showtime, Springfield, T.G.I Fridays, Tony Roma’s, Swatch, The Body Shop. Zyng (Asian Grill). Supermarket: Geant. Mall of Arabia Shops: Abu Sharaf, Al-Haramein Rd Accesorize, Adams, Adidas, Tel: +966-9-2000-9550 Ahmad Abdulwahed, Alpha Dining: Al-Saaj Al-Refi, BriocheAlshaya, Doree, Burger Opticals, Balad, King, Café Larica Café Bershaka, BlueEspresso, Age, Bonia, Verganano , Cinnabon, Boots, Brics, BSB, BSX, C&B, Charley’s, Conton, Costa C&K, Cameui, Camille’s Coffee, Hardee’s, KFC, Krispy Sidewalk, Celio, Kreme , Carters, Kudu, London Chad Valley, Coast, D-FFish&Chips, McDonald’s, P-T, Debenhams, Diesel, Mongo, Pans, Roma way, Shawermar, Starbucks, Disigula, Dorthy Perkins, Sushi King, Taco Hut, Thai Forever21, Evans, Exit,Express, Faces, TheGBK, Pizza Company, Gap, Girls, H-Flow,T.G.I Fridays, Tony Roma’s, Zyng H&M, Hokair, (Asian Grill).Hush Hush, I Style, Jennyfer, Kikik, La Supermarket: Geant. Senza, LaAbu Senza Gril, La Vie Shops: Sharaf, Adidas, EnAccesorize, Rose, LadyAdams, Bird, Life Kids, Ahmad Abdulwahed, Alpha Limited Too, Liz Claiborne, Opticals, Alshaya, Balad, Lynnes, Mango, Maghrabi Bershaka, Blue Age, Bonia, Kids, MiniBrics, Modu, Miss Boots, BSB, BSX, C&B, Selfridge, Miss Whatever, C&K, Cameui, Camille’s Mothercare, Nectar, Celio, New Sidewalk, Carters, ChadNext,Nike, Valley, Coast, Yorker, NilD-F-P-T, Yarz,

Debenhams, Diesel, Disigula, Dorthy Perkins, Forever21, Evans, Exit, Faces, Gap, GBK, Girls, H-Flow, H&M, Hokair, Hush Hush, I Style, Jennyfer, Kikik, La Senza, La Senza Gril, La Vie En Rose, Lady Bird, Life Kids, Limited Too, Liz Claiborne, Lynnes, Mango, Maghrabi Kids, Mini Modu, Miss Selfridge, Miss Whatever, Mothercare, Nectar, New Yorker, Next,Nike, Nil Yarz, Nose, Oasis, Okaidi, Opt. Centre, Party Princess, Pride of Kashmir, Principle, Pull & Bear, Puma, Pumpkin Patch, Quiz, Ribbon, Rina, Salhiya, School, Sgt.Major, SIA, Spring, Stradivarius, Sun & Sands Sports, Swiss Corner, Tally Wejil, TCF, Terranova, Terranova Kids, The Museum, TPC, Twaila, Vero Moda, Vertbaudet, Viss, Wallis, Warehouse, White Company, Zahoor Al-Reef, Zara,Zoppini, ZYNG. Nojoud Center Tahlia St Shops: Adidas, Al-Badr Optical, Alcott, Alhomaidhi, Bonia, Cortefiel, Emad Rizq, Faces, Feni 9, Gerry Weber, GS Big & Tall, I Zone, Pumpkin Patch, Lora Lina Sfera, Magrabi, Mango, Mobily, Women secret, Sarafia, Shalky , Smash,Tanagra, Vincci. Red Sea Mall King Rd Tel: +966-2-2151551 Dining: Apple Bee’s, Al- Baik, Al- Nabulsi, Baskin Robbins, Bonnon Cup, Burgerino, Burgerking, Café Larica, Canton, Cheese Cake Factory, Chinese Pearl, Crepe Suzette, Cup & Cino, Hagen Duz,Hardee’s, Hijaziyat, House of Donuts, Indian Express, KFC ,Krispy Kreme, Kudu, London Fish, Magic Wok, McDonald’s, On the Broder, Pana Caldo, Pan’s & Co, Roma Way, Santino’s, Second Cup, Shamiana, Starbucks, Steak House, Swensen’s, Taco Hut, Tajin, Tea Amo, Teayana, Trios. Supermarket: Danube. Shops: Adidas, Aigner, All Star Converse, Al-Mussali, Al-Refaie, Al-Sawani, Axiom, Barove, Beach &Beyond, Benetton, Bhs,

Body Action, Body Shop, Bomby, Bonia, Boroue, Boss, Burberry,Calvin Klein, Change, Claire’s, Coach, Coast, Diesel, Diorucci, Divisage, Dorothy Perkins, Early Learning Center, Elaf (Travel Agency), Escada & Loriel, Esprit, Etre ea, Evans, Eye Fashion, Faces, Faith, Fanateer, Fashion Top, FCUK, Ferragamo, Fetaihi, Foot Locker, Giordano, Givenchy, Go Sport, Guess, Guess Accessories, Guess Kids, G2000, Izzue,Lacoste, Laperla, Lazourdi, Levis, Life Line, Life style, Limited Too, MAC, Mac PC’s, Maghrabi, Maghrabi kids, Makyaji, Milano, Mommy me, Montblanc, Mother care, Naomi, Next, Nokia, Oasis, Obaji, Occasions, Occulis, Optic Center, Panasonic, Paris Gallery, Patchi, Puma Watches, Replay, Rubayat, Rolex, Rouj, S & K (Samuel & Kenvin), Samsonite, Sefora, Sephora, Sergio Rossi, Sony, Sports Wear, Swatch, Tea Gschwender, Tiffany & Co , Tihama (Stationery), Top Shop, Top Man, Versacie, Vision Express, XOXO, Zuhur, Zoopini, Al-Reef. Roshana Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2635114 Dining: Cinnabon, Crepe Café, Virgin Restaurant & Café. Shops: 4U4Ever, Abdul Ghafour Amin Co.Shoe, Abo Moammar, Abotche, Adawliad, Adnan Jewelery, Adolfo Dominguzs, Ahmed Abdulwahed, Ahmed Adgaish Electronices, Al-Falona Stores, Al-Hamary, Al Garmooshi for Matches, Al-Togbi, Al-Yasr, Al-Arabi Optics, Al-Dawliyah, AMH, Baby Fitaihi, Bajsair, Bayana, Blanco, Change, Courir, Damas, Extra Ordinary, Fayrooz, Fityani, Giordano, Guess, Halawani Audi Visual, Hamza Abd El Rizk Jewelery Damas, Home Appliances & Electronics, Hussain Trading Co., Jeddah International

Market, Jollibee, Korloff, LG, Light, Linen Chest, Mohsen, My Fair Lady, Nof Jewelery, On Time Plus, Orange Bed Bath, Plug Ins, Pretty Shoes Yalghi Couture Qeuess, Said Ahmed Al-Ajou (JVC), Saloon Tamim, Samsung, Sandwich, Sarwat, Scholl, Sid, Sony World, Sunglasses Hut, Tamim Shoes, The Wall, Littel book Bookstore, Tuctuc, Zoppini, Zumorrodah. Roshan Mall King Rd Tel: +966-2-6226720 Dining: Al-Baik, Baskin Robbins, Chilis, Donut House, Fish World, Fuddruckers, Hardees, KFC, Kudu, McDonald’s, Second Cup. Supermarket: Hyper Panda. Shops: Abdul Samad AlQurashi, Axiom, Bonia, Callem, Cavlo Rino, Cell Com, Cinnzeo, Claire’s, Colombia Sports Wear, Fendi, Gerry Weber, Giordano, Grand Optics, Gucci, Herffy, Ikks, It’s Mine, Jacqueline Riu, Kashmir, Lingo, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Maghrabi, Mango, Mikyaji, Miss Fashion, Missha, Mothercare, Nayomi, Nectar, Panda, Royal Mandaina, Samuel & Kevin, Sayadyah Express, Sensi, Show Time, Stadivarious, Sun & Sand Sports, Swatch, The Body shop, Timberland, Tom Tailer, Toys R Us, U-Qote, Vavavoom, Versace.

Rawdah St. Tel: 02 6643295 Fax: 02 6643269

Serafi Mega Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2844886 Dining: Al-Baik , Baskin Robbins , Blend , Burger king, Costa Coffee, Gelato , Hot & Crispy , Krispe Kreme , Kudu, Mc’Donald’s , Mugg & Bean, Seatle’s Best, Subway. Supermarket: Danube. Shops: Al-Sawani, Baleno, Claire D K, Claire’s, Faces, Go Sport, Life Style, Maghrabi, Pepe Jeans, Samuel & Kevin, Sensi, Swatch, Voyage. Stars Avenue Mall King Road Tel: +966-2-2754522 DESTINATION JEDDAH 47

Cracking the vault

of US purchases Buying online from the US has never been easy. Saudi Arabia’s lack of a real postal service and the limited compatibility of local credit cards both don’t help when you try to make an online purchase. But even if that goes through you might still get the dreaded US billing address requirement! Got a US Aramex address? Even that’s starting to become a problem as more and more companies are refusing to ship to package forwarders.

Think there’s no way out? Think again.

With you have a way to get all those fascinating items and latest gadgets delivered straight to you. How it works: Simple. Register with the Web Site and you can apply for your own prepaid US debit card or use their personal shopping service, but the great thing about it is that USunlocked also gives you a US billing address. So ordering that those hard to get items couldn’t be easier and are now within your reach in Saudi Arabia. Once you make your purchase your order is shipped to the address at USunlocked and then its repackaged to reduce costs and reshipped to your local address. If a store wont let you access it’s website because you don’t have the right IP address, USunlocked even lets you download a program to help with that. What more could anyone want! 48 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Sultan Mall Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-2758992 Dining: Al-Baik, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, Capo Grillo, Casper & Gambini’s, Cinnabon, Coffee Maker, Conton, Hot & Crispy, Kudu. Shops: Al-Mashat, AlSaadami, Al-Dham Watches, Athetes Foot, Attitude, B-Bushh, BGN, Bossini, Cardial, Casa Rossi, Cerruti Argeterie, Art of Idea, 189, Chin Chin, Coton, Cute Axiom, Baby Fitaihi, Make Up, Dadida, Dearson, Batteel, BCBG, Benetton, Eyat, F&f, Fashion Shop, Feel Body Shop, Bonpoint, Free, Giordano, Go Bo, i2 Borbonese, Breil, Carolina Telecom, International Styles, Herrera CH, Champion, R&R, Kodak, LA Lanidar, Coach, Cole Haan, Lamar, Life Style, Lolet, Collci, Courier, Custo Lora Lina Paris, Mag, Majed, Barcelona, Cute, Derby Majesty, Manash, Mastiha X, Destination Maternity, Mikyaje, Nayomi, Orbit, Paris Faces, Faith Connexion, Gallary, Parkadello, Passion Farsi Jewelry, Fayandra, De Mode, Pierre Cardin, GBK, GC Watches, Geox, Pretty Fit, Rieker Antistress, Guess Accessory, Guess by Riyadh Lady, Samsonite, Marciano, Hang Ten, Issam Sayadyah, Simi, Skin Bujoux, Jamal, Jarkas, Jasmine Soccer Scene, Spring Field, Box, Jimmy Choo, Kanz Teen o Teen, The Body Shop, Al-Sahra, Karon Millen, Tokyo Games, U-mark, Vincci. Khider Rizek, Kohar, Kurt Geiger, La Perla Tahlia Center Palace, Lacoste, Lide X, Tahlia St. Liujo, Loccitane, Lyne’s, Tel: +966-2-2634662 Magrabi, Majesty, Mama’s Dining: Al-Nabulsi Sweets, and Papa’s, Mark by Mark Burger King, Canton, Hot & Jacobs, Masagh, Max Crispy, Indian express, Krispy Mara, Mikayaji, Mimosa, Kreme, Kudu, La Creperie, Moschino, Mutamiez, Mana’ish, Manarat Marakesh, My Accessory, Nayomi, Minimoonz, Mirador, Nectar, New Look, Panino’s, Starbucks. Odd Molly, Oliver and Shops: Al-Humaidi, Al-Rayes, Company, Painegonda, Armani Exchange, Bakhsh Patchi, Paul and Joe, Jewellery, Birkenstock, Coach, Paul Smith, Penny Black, Claire’s, Cope Copine, Daniel Petit Bateau, Pomellato, Hechter, Du Pareil Au M’em, Paul Frank, Pucci, Quick Emad Rizq, Esprit, Evans, Silver, Replay, Rubaiyat, Giordano, Lacoste, La Moda, Rumaizan, Saks Fifth Laura Ashley, LoraChilli, Avenue, Samuel and Laurel, Limited Too, Longines, Kevin, Sensi, Shalky Make Up Forever, Mac, Mikyaji, QQ, Space Toom, Stella Milano, Moawad, Naoumi, McCartney, Swarovski, Nectar, Omega, Paris Gallery, Swatch, Tara Jarmon, Pierre Cardin, River Island, Teen2Teen, The Counter, Rolex, Rubaiyat,Sanrio, Tiffany, Tipity Toes, Sephora, Swarovski, Swatch, Tumi, Vertu, Voila, Waed, T.S. Dupont, Terranova, The Wahat Al-Jalabiya, Wazer Body Shop,Tiffany &Co., Pharmacy, XOXO, Zanotti. Tina Tailor,Top Shop / Top Man. Dining: Bert’s Restautant, Café Italia, Café Ceramique, Cerepe Café, Deera Café, Goodies, Haagen Dazs, Joe’s Diner, Krispy Kreme, Lina’s Café, Little Book, Olio. Supermarket: Carrefour. Shops: Agatha, AlGhazalo, Al-Humaidi, AlMutahajibah, Al-Othaim, Al-Shayiya Accessory, Arabian Oud,

Clean Water is our passion Plant operation

Operation and maintainance of municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment facilities

Plant operation, technical assistance, plant design and optimization, consulting, R&D

High standard German technology with localized service

Environment P.O. Box 27173, Safat 13132, Kuwait DESTINATION JEDDAH Tel.: 24829973/6, Fax: 4829975,,


Red Sea Coast

Float the Night Away on

Al Ahlam Floating Restaurant

Bring the Red Sea to you with Al-Ahlam Tourism Group, the countries only full service dive marina operator offering everything from boat sales to off-road buggies to a full range of scuba diving equipment. Fancy a dinner on the Red Sea? With Marsa Ahlam’s floating restaurant you can. Seating over 220 people, complete with an air conditioned hall, terrace and special VIP deck for dignitaries this floating restaurant is the ideal getaway from the monotony of Jeddah’s dining scene.

An upper deck with an uncovered hall with the capacity for 120 people.

Fully equipped medically for every outing you can rest assured that if anything happens you’ll be in good hands.

‫ يت�سع‬.‫�أول و �أفخم مطعم عائم متحرك يف البحر الأحمر‬ ‫ ويتكون‬، ‫ �شخ�ص‬220 ‫مطعم الأحالم العائم لعدد‬ ‫من �صالة مكيفة الهواء و�صالة علوية وترا�س علوي لكبار‬ ‫ وهو جمهز ب�أجهزة مالحة عاملية ونظام �صوتي‬.‫ال�شخ�صيات‬ ‫ومرئي يتنا�سب مع منا�سباتكم ال�سعيدة وذلك ب�إقامة‬ ‫ كما �أنه جمهز بخدمة طبية جلميع‬.‫احلفالت والعزائم‬ ‫الرحالت بالإ�ضافة �إىل رحلة الع�شاء وال�سهرة ليوم اخلمي�س‬ .‫ لي ًال �إىل الواحدة و الن�صف �صباح ًا‬12 ‫من‬ Al-Ahlam Marine Tel: +966-2-4209590 - Fax: +966-2-4209592 Contact: Marketing Manager Ahmad Al-Disoqi, Mobile: +966-504385223 Website: 50 DESTINATION JEDDAH

An airconditioned hall wide enough for more than 150 people.

Dive Shops

& Dive Resorts

Directory AL-KHORAYEF YAMAHA MARINES EQUIPMENT Location: King Rd. next to Auto Mall Tel: +966-2-4202666  Opening hours:  Sat - Wed: 8 AM - 12.30 PM, 5.30 PM - 9 PM Thu: 8 AM - 1.30 PM Fridays closed! BLUE REEF DIVERS Location: Behind Danube, off Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6613931  Opening hours: Sat - Wed: 9 AM - 11 PM Thu - Fri:   7 AM - 11 PM Branch: Durrat Al-Arous (50km north of Jeddah) Tel: +966-546154356

DESERT SEA DIVERS Location: On North Obhur Rd. (Creek), near Rose Village Compound GPS: N21°43.685’, E39°06.449’ Tel: +966-2-6561807 Fax: +966-2-6561288 Opening hours Sat - Wed: 10 AM - 8 PM Thu - Fri: 7 AM - 8 PM Mondays closed!

Jeddah’s dive shops are the city’s resource for water sports and activities. They are in the know about the latest rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and offer sound safety advice with a smile.

DREAM DIVERS Location: King Rd. next to Auto Mall Tel: +966-2-2150019 Fax: +966-2-6644892 (for boat trips)  Opening hours:  Sat - Thu: 9 AM - 11 PM Fri: 6 PM - 11 PM RED SEA DIVERS Location: Opposite Danube, off Tahlia St. GPS: N21°32.743’, E39°09.727’ Tel: +966-2-6606368 Fax: +966-2-6602064 Opening hours:  Sat-Wed: 9 AM - 11 PM Thurs & Fri 7.30 AM - 11 PM THE ARAB CIRCUMNAVIGATOR Location: Behind Danube, off Tahlia St. GPS: N21°32.790’, E39°09.802 Tel: +966-2-6651304 Fax: +966-2-6608224 Opening hours: All week: 9 AM - 10 PM

Beach Resorts Andalus Resort: +966-2-6561444 Blue Beach: +966-2-2341900 Coral Beach: +966-2-6561343 Crystal: +966-2-656 8888 Dive Village: +966-2-6561980 Durrat Al-Arous: +966-2-6180000 Fal: +966-2-656 0033 Movenpick: +966-2-6555550 Nakheel: +966-2-6066644 Obhur Resort: +966-2-6563030 Remal: +966-2-6561880 Reem Riviera: +966-2-2342332 Sheraton: +966-2-234 2264

Dive Resorts Dive Village: +966-2-6561980 Dream Beach: +966-2-2342266 Durrat Al-Arous: +966-2-6180000 Fal Diving: +966-2-6560033 Ext. 624 Red Sea: +966-2-6562199

Jeddah Marinas Dream Beach: +966-2-2342266 Al-Nakheel Village: +966-2-6562101 Red Sea Marina: +966-2-2340117

Hans Sjoeholm Dive Coordinator

Looking for the basics or instructor level courses? Hans, a 25-year-veteran diver, is the most qualified in the Kingdom for you to learn from. Contact: +966551070190 51 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 51 DESTINATION


Around Town

If you have been looking for a place that serves traditional Italian cold dessert and not the conventional ice cream, then look no further! From taste to presentation, Gelato offers uniqueness at every step by taking all the extra measures to make sure you get more quality and less fat.



Ever since, the Traditional Italian Gelato is considered to be the most delicious cold dessert in the world. At Gelato, we bring you this unique temptation in creamier & tastier sensation.

Low in fat combined with natural fruit flavours makes Gelato The Choice for hot climate countries; like Saudi Arabia. Gelato products are produced fresh using modern manufacturing technology in hygienic atmosphere. Only premium natural raw materials are used from the best Italian sources. Our team is well trained both in the production area and behind the counters because they “believe in utmost satisfaction of customers”. Get cool treats in 24 yummy flavours that range from the traditional to the innovative: Strawberry, Blackberry, Azzuro, Dolce Latte, Mecrocher, Nocciolosa, Limoncello, Cookies,

Magnum, Tiramisu and much more. Whether you are looking for a sweet pick-me-up or a festive cold torte, Gelato does the whole nine yards: Tortes , dessert orders for parties, take-away family packs, cones & coppas. It is a treat to the whole family, even if you are planning to arrange a summer party, Gelato flavours will add up fun to your party. Don’t forget to try out this month’s flavour; Strawberry Cheese Cake, so just chill out with Gelato. Gelato is available at the following branches: -Al Salamah Dist., Sakr Quresh St., Near Al Ansar Hospital, Tel: 6397452 -Al Tahlia St., near Pizza Hut. Tel: 2632032 -Gelato obhur, North obhur, Al Samaka Station, Tel: 2892558 -Gelato, Al Deyafa Shopping Center, Al Zahr Dist, Makkah. Tel: 5497711 ext. 2001 COMING SOON: -Gelato Al Rehab, Prince Metab St. besides House of Bakeries. -Gelato Yanbu: Royal Commission, Al Bathnah Centre.




We Heart

Stick House

Guilt-Free Ice Cream?! Genius!

With a hot sunny summer at our front door, we will all be on the look out for ways to keep ourselves cool. What better way to do so then having a delightfully fresh ice cream? Ice cream always takes us back to some of our favorite childhood memories. So get back in touch with your inner child this summer and explore some of the newest ice cream places in town. Everyone knows how mouth watering Italian gelato is. It is fresh, low in fat and sugars, and full of natural sweet and zesty flavors. Stick House now offers a stick of rich gelato as opposed to the traditional scoop. But what makes this more fun is that you can dress these sticks up in crushed nuts, pistachio, or coconut and drizzle it with liquid chocolate. The flavors vary from berries to pina colada, coffee, chocolate and many more. Although you will be paying above average price, it is well worth it. This is a one of a kind must try place. Price: Starts from SR 9 (Varies according to toppings and syrups.

Location: Red Sea Mall – Ground floor near I Zone


By Samar Al-Shami

Muhalabiah (Pudding)

Häagen-Dazs Ode To Flavor

When out shopping, it would be well worth the visit to sample of the creamiest ice-cream available at Häagen-Dazs. A nice change from the usual offerings in Jeddah, HäagenDazs is well worth the slightly longer journey and definitely a cut above the rest. A Häagen-Dazs sign had been sitting forlornly on Corniche for quite some time, perhaps signaling a new location in the not so near future. The familiar logo was next seen at Red Sea Mall where Häagen-Dazs is now available for all of your ice-cream needs. This is the only location in Jeddah and although quite small, seats both families and singles. Along with the eternal conundrum of ‘Cone Vs. Cup’, are cakes and ice creams by the gun. The flat screen TV in the corner plays Häagen-Dazs adverts on a loop, making sure to refresh all of your senses.

Muhalabia (or rice pudding) is one of the favorite Ramadan desserts. Light on the stomach and heavy on popularity, this dessert is one of the few delicacies most Arab cultures share.


1 liter of liquid milk ½ cup of sugar 3 tbs of rice flour 1 tbs blossom water Grated almonds Grated pistachios

Preparation Method:

Mix the sugar, flour, and blossom water in the milk while heating over a medium flame. Mix until the mixture reaches the desired consistency. Place in tray. Decorate with grated almonds and pistachios. Place in refrigerator.

9.00 am to 12.00 am SR. 1 to 25 Location: Red Sea Mall Website:


Fresh Berry

Frozen Delights! Frozen Yoghurt is a simple, refreshing and healthier (compared to the alternative) treat. It should be a simple, easy one to find. Alas, until recently, it was more like an impossible task. Until we found Fresh Berry, that is. Located in the top right corner of Stars Avenue, Its a bit isolated in the relatively new mall. Yet every time we are pulled over there by cravings stronger than ourselves, we find other customers with the same eager anticipation for their next fix. Not only is their frozen yoghurt creamy and smooth, its also so lightly sweetened it reminds you of what you find abroad- before they modify it for middle eastern consumption. They have four basic flavors: Sugar-free vanilla, berry tart, chocolate, and strawberry. If you want to stick to the healthier, less sweet option, you have a selection of fruity toppings to chose from. We recommend the passion fruit and raspberry toppings! For those of you who entertain a stronger sweet tooth, you can top your frozen yoghurt off with chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, and many other candy toppings. Other selections on the Fresh Berry menu is Smoothies and popsicles. Whatever your preference is, it all sounds more and more appealing as the thermometer numbers start rising. Location: Stars Avenue mall, 3rd floor


Al Muhannad: Al Muhannad is a well known local born shop. There is always a queue outside waiting to be served from the small glass window. Al Muhanad has the traditional milk based vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, mango, and melon flavors. Don’t let the simple interior of the place fool you. This is probably the best place you will find for soft ice cream, which has a similar texture to yogurt ice cream. Location: Hera’a st. corner of Hera’a and Siteen st. Tel: +966-546433555

Mystery Diner Osaka It is well known that getting to the top is easy, but staying there is hard. A few years back, whenever Jeddah’s residents craved a flavor of Japan, Osaka Restaurant was the only name that indulged all senses. In a very recent visit, we were shocked with some serious quality issues! Wear and tear is very clear on tables, chairs and dinning sets. The restaurant’s dark theme clearly covers other residents living at Osaka! There were clear signs of cockroach manifestation! We were able to spot cockroaches in many areas inside Osaka. We were afraid that our beloved California Maki would soon be served as a “Roach” Maki. It is an utter disappointment to see one of Jeddah’s best sushi houses falling apart. Osaka definitely needs a complete overhauling!


Shake Up

Calling all milkshake lovers! The Shake Up milkshake stall is here! This small stall on the second floor of Red Sea Mall displays a wide range of chocolate bars, fruits, ice cream, and cookies. You can mix and match any combination of ingredients then...shake it up! The all time favorite is the combination of Ferrero Rocher Maltesers shake.   This creative stall was started up by four Saudi boys who must have had an all time obsession for sweets. Although this is not the healthiest place to indulge in, it’s probably worth it for the taste and flavor alone. Location: Red Sea Mall

TW ist fluffy specials How many times have you or your children had that craving for that traditional cotton candy and you had no clue how to fulfill this desire? Perhaps, your best shot would have to be to to drive aimlessly around Corniche, hoping to catch a cotton-candy vendor at a traffic light. You will be glad to know that the solution is now much simpler, with Twist at Red Sea Mall, which offers delicious swirled cotton candy. There is just something fascinating about watching your cotton candy being made. The process of turning sugar crystals into a fuzzy cotton texture, which grows on your stick as you swirl it round and round is so satisfying, and even more so to eat! Location: Red Sea Mall 58 DESTINATION JEDDAH


Crêpes with a Twist @


Crêpe & Café:

New in town, MoonMilk may not exactly be a name that conjures up images of yummylicious crêpes. However, serving as a crêperie and café, this eatery takes its name from the owners’ idea that a conventional crêpe, made up of milk as its major ingredient, looks like a moon. Launched early last month and currently in its soft opening stage, MoonMilk on Rawdah Street is the second branch, its first start up being on Prince Naif Street, which opened in February this year to great reviews.


Around 30 different crêpes line the menu in the sweet and savory categories – each unusual and innovative and fits perfectly well either as a salad (Caesar Salad style), a light meal (Labneh & Zater, cheddar cheese...etc), a main meal (Chicken Fajita, Lasagna Style, etc.), or a dessert (Nutella – our favorite!, maroon chestnut, etc).

and plans to introduce, in Ramadan, crêpes with a traditional twist, such as; foul, tahina and hummus crêpes. On public demand, MoonMilk has added a line of Panini sandwiches – sweet and savory – and fresh juices to its already impressive menu, and on the cards is also a delivery service by the year end.

The interior is fresh and bright to reflect the mood of its target customers – youth and others dropping in from nearby schools and offices.

Using natural ingredients and a no-oil formula, these crêpes are light on the stomach, and the restaurant’s competitive prices make it light on your pocket too!

Unlike usual restaurant franchises here that stick to rigid international menus, MoonMilk tweaks its offerings according to local tastes

Locations: Al-Shatee, Prince Naif St. Tel: +966-2-2886229 Al-Rawda, Al-Kayal St. Tel: +966-2-2887050


Welcome to

Southwestern heritage is present every day at Chili’s. Chili’s food, based on the traditional flavors of America’s Southwest (New Mexico, Arizona and Texas), appeals not only to the sense of taste, but also to the smell and sight of their clienteles. Considered one of the oldest cuisines in the United States, it represents a mixture of the culinary heritages of Spain, Mexico and Native American tribes. Chili’s menu offers a great variety of fresh, flavorful, multi-sensory, and innovative food and beverages for all tastes, where everyone can find something craveable and delicious to eat. Some of its dishes have become classics such as its Boneless Buffalo Wings, its Molten Chocolate Cake, its famous Baby Back Ribs, its Big Mouth Hamburgers, and its Fajitas. Chili’s concept is to offer 3D food: different, delicious and distinctive. It is also recognized for its grilled food, a fresh and delicious choice to eat. In addition, Chili’s offers a casual and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for sharing with family and friends every day of the week.

Chili’s spices up everyday life



Chili’s delivers high value for your money - Everyday value - It offers high quality products - It guarantees an international standard in food and service

NOW … Check out Chili’s latest Limited Time Offer “FIRE IT UP” and choose from their new sizzling flavors: Feta Cheese Filet, Sweet Chile Cedar Salmon, Stackhouse Pepper Chicken, Grilled Shrimp Salad, FireGrilled Wings, and chill your summer with the new Strawberry Pineapple Sundae and Garden Fresh Lemonade. Chili’s is proudly operated in Saudi Arabia by Arabian Food Supplies – a subsidiary of Naghi Group of Companies. Location: Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6634760

feta cheese filet


Nesma Markets is your local neighbourhood grocer & baker. They offer an extensive range of vegetables and imported fruits, a selection of poultry and meat, pre-packed for freshness and for your convenience, an in-store bakery, a unique selection of their own private label items and an extensive range of groceries for your everyday to-up shopping needs. 64 DESTINATION JEDDAH


The in-house bakery at Nesma Markets offers a generous range of freshly-baked breads, both local and international, from Arabic and Lebanese bread, to croissants, muffins, Danish, cookies and much, much more! There is even a wide selection of made-to-order items, such as all types of Manageesh pies. You will not find a better baker located so close to your home. In fact, in addition to the cleanliness and sleek design of their stores, that is exactly what sets them apart from all the rest. No other local neighbourhood supermarket or convenience store has the know-how or skill to offer such an extensive range of bakery products. Nesma Markets takes the product offering one step further by combining the in-store

bakery with all your daily top-up shopping needs. You’ll find all your favourite chocolates, sweets and biscuits, including some which are especially imported from abroad. You can also search through a range of those old, hard-to-find chocolates and sweets from years past. You’ll find everything you need for your everyday cooking from their grocery department, and everything you’ll need to do the cleaning afterwards! You’ll find all your favourite juices and soft drinks, including Dr. Pepper, Cherry Coke and other imported soft drinks from the USA. Nesma Markets also have their own unique private label items, like sandwiches, salads, jams, cold cuts, olives and hummus. P ROMOTION


From Premium Swiss to Finest Camel Milk Chocolates are a staple of any Arab occasion, offered at weddings and casual dinners alike. Hosts will often pre-order a chocolate arrangement as a sweet treat for guests to enjoy with Arabic coffee. The kind of chocolate offered is reflective of a host’s hospitality, and the chocolate itself often becomes the topic of conversation. Opening its first boutique store in 2009, Nesma Chocolate is quickly becoming Jeddah’s premier chocolatier. With three locations at Prince Sultan St., Red Sea Mall and the just-opened store on Arafat St., Nesma Chocolate offers a delectable 66 DESTINATION JEDDAH


selection to satisfy even the sweetest tooth. You’ll find all your favourite chocolates, such as premium Swiss milk chocolate, filled with bits of wafer, for that sweet, soft crunch, as well plain milk and dark chocolates for those who like their chocolate simple.

If you’re into experimenting, then you’ll definitely appreciate the exclusive range of fruitflavoured milk chocolate, including strawberry, orange and banana. Also among the in-house specialities at Nesma Chocolate is the milk chocolate with cotton candy filling and the “Trio” line: milk chocolate filled with almond, hazelnut and peanut butter cream. Continuing with the not-so-ordinary, Nesma Chocolate carries the Al Nassma line, which is the “first and finest camel milk chocolate” in the region. A truly exquisite product, Al Nassma stems from a unique blending of camel milk and genuine ingredients such as Bourbon vanilla, the finest acacia honey and the highest grade cocoa nuts. Al Nassma camel milk chocolate is available in the form boxed sets of 9 and 18 pieces of chocolate, filled with three different fillings: hazelnut nougat, Arabic coffee cream and pistachio marzipan. There are 5 chocolate bar flavours: whole milk, Arabi (made up of an Arabian mixture of spices), macadamia orange, date and 70% cocoa. If you’re looking for a tasteful gift, then consider the “Camel Caravan,” which is an elegant wooden casket with 18 miniature camel-shaped chocolates, or you might prefer the hollow camel figurines made of 130 or 170 grams of the finest camel milk chocolate.

Whatever the occasion, or your chocolate inclination, make Nesma Chocolate your destination! Locations: -Red Sea Mall (Gate 5) Tel: +966-2-2150141 -Arafat St. Mob: +966-502335557 -Prince Sultan St., north of Hera’a St Tel: +966-2-6947790




Directory American

Americano Burger Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6728488 American Corner Khalideya st. Tel: +966-2-6060188 Applebees Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6610012 Chili’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6634760 Flap jacks Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6605020 Fuddruckers Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Muchos Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6613111 Mugg & Bean Serafi Megamall Tel: +966-2-6573333 ext. 334 On The Border Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2150841 Ruby Tuesday Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6501999 Steak House Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-6829955 T.G.I Friday’s Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6529330 The Texan Meridien Hotel Tel: +966-2-6633333 Tony Roma’s Mall of Arabia Tel: +966-2-6123534 Uno’s Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6221320

Asian Fusion

Voila lounge Millenium center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6684343



Al-Emad Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-2575268 Al-Zawaq Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6605061 Atayeb Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642150 Bonbon Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Cheesecake Factory Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6690895 Crusty Rawdah St. Tel: 920026633 Helen’s Kitchen Kayyal St. Tel: +966-2-6977729 La Fraise Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6511312 Le Croissant Shop Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6065184 Le Gourmet Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6605061 Le Notre Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6602803 Le Vendome King Rd Tel: +966-2-6924606 Lite Bite Sari St Tel: +966-2-6989081 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562262 Munch Bakery Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6605010 Samadi Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642424


Hanviv Sultan Mall Tel: +966-594276234 Spears Intercontinental Hotel Tel: +966-2-6611800


Al Pina King Rd Tel: +966-2-6905885 Anoosh Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6832209 Chocolate Corner Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6630449 Ganache Rawadah St. Tel: +966-2-6601390 Caramel Rawda St. Tel: +966-2-6688527 Chocoline Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2842846 Dactylifera Prince Sultan St. Tel: 92008182 Miss Chocolate Rawda St. Tel: +966-2-6638989 Patchi Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6695858 Studio Chocolate Khalideya St. Tel: +966-545426500 Voila chocolate Millenium center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6684343 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754411


Baytote (Chinese Delivery) Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6164442 China Gate Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6970672 China Hut Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6625898 Durrat China Prince Abdullah St. Tel: +966-2-2616885 Golden Palace Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6690377 Gulf Royal Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6653335 Noodles Rosewood Corniche Tel: +966-2-2578888 Toki Laylati Complex, Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-6060606 Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6992212

Coffee & Tea Shops

Best Cup Khalideya St. Tel:+966-2-6063619 Book cafe Prince sultan St. Tel:+966-2-66831830 Campioni sports cafe Batarji St. Tel: +966-2-6395695 Cappuccino Grand cafe Hamra Dist. Tel:+966-2-2891009 Cilantro cafe Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-2611191 Chai & Ba Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6642084 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-2753914 Coffee Republic Corniche St. Tel:+966-2-6637575 Costa Coffee Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6067741 Craze Rawda Star Center Tel: +966-2-6653065 Deera cafe King Rd Tel: +966-2-2754491 joffrey’s coffee Tahalia St. Tel: +966-2-6677234 Melange Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6695619 MoonMilk Al-Shatee, Prince Naif St. Tel: +966-2-2886229 Soleil Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Starbucks Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6067790 Tea Amo Tahlia St./ Coral Mall Tel: +966-2-6601738 TeaGschwendner Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-2150695 Teayana Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6681660 Tea rose andalus St. Tel:+966-2-6688233 Uromshi cafe prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6066668


Bateel Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6630373 Kingdom of dates Tel: +966-2-6590838 Salheya Tel: +966-2-6973281 Talah Dates Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6837887 Tamraty Al Murjan St. Tel: +966-2-2902385

Fast Food

Al-Tazaj Tahlia St Tel:+966-2-6683371 Big Bite Rawdah St. Tel: 920001219 Burgarino Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6647928 Burger King Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6394375 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6836062 Capo Grillo Khalideya Dist. Tel:+966-2-69829152 Domino’s Pizza Shate’e Tel: +966-2-6065633 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561888 Forn Wa Saj Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-2574747 Gado Gado Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6514774 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6560787 Hardee’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6528338 Herfy Corniche Road Tel: +966-2-6829276 Hot Waves Corniche Road Tel: +966-2-2757241 Jan Burger Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6924679 Joe’s Diner Khalideya Dist. Tel: 920005637

Discover the Oriental Cuisine Enjoy our daily fine dining lunch and dinner at Mataam Al Sharq. for reservation please call 02 659 9999 Ext 7266

Refined Italian dining at its best. Come and enjoy BiCE daily Business Lunch starting from SR. 130* * Prices are subject to 15% service charge

For reservation please call: 02 659 9999 Ext. 7155

Jollibee Khalideya Souq Tel: +966-2-6984043 Kaddoura Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6683844 Tel: +966-2-6683844 KFC Tahalia St. Tel: +966-2-6613356 Kudu Tel: 8001240061 Little Caesar’s Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6823018 Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6749687 McDonald’s Rawdah St. Obhur Tel: +966-2-6560017 Mister Burger Al-Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6822223 Panino’s Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561911 Arafat st. Tel: +966-2-6654264 Khalideya Dist. Tel:+966-2-60647171 Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6676991 Papa John’s Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6999624 Pizza Hut Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6513113 Al-Naeem Dist. Tel: +966-2-6548890 Obhur Tel: +966-2-2341962 Quiznos Sub Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6068014 Subway Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6063493 Wonder Burger Delivery Tel:+966-2-2830808 DESTINATION JEDDAH 69


Bert’s Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6606633 Black & White Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6610611 Cafe Lenotre Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2611222 Champs-Elysées Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2845454 Crêpe Café Roshana Mall Tel: +966 -2-2634989 Delifrance Prince Sultan St. Tel: 920009950 La Cuisine Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6630363 Le Ciel Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6525354


Al-Amwaj Hilton Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6590000 Al-Safina Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Al-Shurafa Al-Hamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6602743 Al-Shurafa Lounge Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Andalusia Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6063210 Barnie’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6696201 Beaux Arts Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6983028 Black Rose Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6672953 Blue Diamond Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6605301 /6605310 Bubbles Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 70 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Café Aroma Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6605160 Café Céramique Malek Rd. & Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2754668 Cast & Crew Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2616770 Gelato Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6635524 Chilli Grill Khalediya St. Tel: +966-2-6928383 Green Island Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6941234 /6940999 Harley Café Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-6651010 Habsburg Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Java Lounge Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6693393 Joooss Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-2757090 Le Chalet Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642330 Le Notre Café Alhamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6517527 Lolita Café Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562369 Lost City Alhamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6655773 Montarosa prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6391393 Pearls Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642233 Sibon Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6063143 Tche Tche cafe Prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6223091 Toasted Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2616747 Vertigo Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6633241

White Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6068171 Zodiac Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6607548

Not Just fine Chocolate

Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins Musaediyya Tel: +966-2-6640574 Gelato Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6635524 Movenpick Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-6823366

Experience the Business Lunch

Everyday except Fridays from 1:00 pm till 6:00 pm 110 SR per person service charge included. Location: Inside Teatro Mall on Tahlia Street Tel: +966-2-2611222

Italian Angelicos Pizzeria Hamad Al Jaser St in Rawdah Dist Tel: +966-2-6622964 Aldente Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6970220 Amore Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2847779 Al-Forn Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6612874 Balsamico Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6633115 Balsamico Too Malek Rd Tel: +966-565345317 Bice Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Casper & Gambini’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6672020 Castello Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed St. Tel: +966-2-6652281 Ciao Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6653710 Il Gusto Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6600337

Now Open in Jeddah for reservation: 02-2891009

Il Gabiano Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-6587042 Il Villaggio Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6688233 Il Porto Westin Hotel Tel: +966-2-6588200 Isabella Al-Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-2-2566008 Lallo’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6614719 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561113

Il’Olivio Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6687494 La Promenade Café Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688712 La Villa Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6673434 Maggianos Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6606625 Olio Stars Avenue Tel:+966-2-2754811 Pizza Fusion Rawda Star Center Tel: +966-2-2616933

Pizza Lenou Corniche Rd Tel: +966-2-6140663 Pizza Napoli Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6927796 Portofino Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6655855 Salues Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6680335


Benihana Sands Hotel / Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6692020 Ginza i chome Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Le Japonais Westin Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6588200 Ohayo Al-Rawda, Al-Kayal St. Tel: +966-2-6836789 Osaka Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6645956 Shogun Lounge Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6062288 Sushi Yushi Attallah Center Tel: +966-2-6997854 Tempura Yakituri Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6392468 Wakame Rawdah St. Tel:+966-2-6682003

Middle-Eastern Abu Shakra Al-Hamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6645111 Abu Zaid Hera’a St Tel: +966-2-6936633 Al-Dawwar Al-Masri Red sea mall Tel: +966-2-2150390 Al-Fairouz King Fahad St. Tel: +966-2-6703911 Al-Nakheel Cornhice St. Tel:+966-2-6066644 Al-Wada’a Corniche Rd Tel: +966-2-6555550 Al-Rausha


Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6541460 Al-Zawaqa Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6916004 Areej Zaman Sultan Bin Salman St. Tel:+966-2-6597122 Bhar Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6973420 Bait Al-Buff Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6917578 Beiruiti Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6686354 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562606 Byblos Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Café Blanc Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2848777 Cusine Halawani Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688900 French toast Tel: +966-2-6397773 Goodies Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6657721 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754527 Grand Prix Café Corniche Tel: +966-2-2631846 Green Island Café Corniche Tel: +966-2-6990090 Kan Ya Makan Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6697777 Manuosha Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2565275 Mataam Al-Sharq Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Palm Beach Salamah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6394007 Redan Tel: +966-2-6542949 Roody Across from Al-Shatee TSouk Tel: +966-2-6919126 Free Delivery: 8007555544 Saddah Tel: +966-2-6055982 Shami Corniche St.

Tel: +966-2-6065353 Shawermatak Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-6688994 Sheesh Kabaab Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6712047 Sheikh Manqoush Imam Malik Rd off Sari St.

Tel: +966-2-6837330 Shoro Quraish St. Tel: +966-2-6626246 Taktaka Khalideyah Tel: +966-2-6064148/ 6060790 Yildizlar Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6531150


Nosh Lounge Herra St. Tel: +966-2-6543888


Al-Khayyam Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Jahan Andalus St.

Tel: +966-2-6571427 Sultani Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6693898 Tikka Express Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6631825

Sea Food

Al-Danah Corniche Rd Tel: +966-2-6990090 Al-Hori Restaurant & Amusement Park Tel: +966-502724033 Al-Multaqa King Rd Tel: +966-2-6066666 Atlantis Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-6611800 El Bengala Tel: +966-2-6166332 Fish Market Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6611800 The Manhattan Fish Market Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6141900


Al-Mahawi Sari St.


Yo ngry, Are u H e ’r e W

h a d d je foo

Tel: +966-2-2575739 Al-Samadi Sweets Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642424 Cheesecake Factory Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-6690895 Crunchez Red sea mall Tel:+966-2-2150145 Dactylifera Prince Sultan St. Tel: +920008182 Dunkin Donuts Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6919652 House of Donuts Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6675224 House of Kunafa Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6918125 Krispy Kreme Stars Avenue Mall Tel: +966-2-2754744 Sa’d Al-Deen Sweets Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2752600 Shakuna Desserts Rawdah Dist Tel: +966-540409144 La Vendome Tel: +966-2-6924606


Mahrajah Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6656558 Marhaba Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6636201 Raj Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2632137 Shezan Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6621086 Taj Mahal Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6979698


Papaya Next to Sawari Mall Tel: +966-2-2753425 Thai Thai Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6913808 Delivery Outdoor Seating Play Area

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Shisha Sea View Wi-Fi



Travel Trends

Destination Fun! N

esma Airlines is the brand new airline of the Middle East, operating a fleet of modern Airbus 320 aircraft out of its commercial hub in the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Flying with Nesma Airlines is the safe, affordable and convenient way to explore all the wonders that Egypt has to offer, from ancient sites and villages to fabulous beaches and breathtaking dive sites. At present, Nesma Airlines operates flights from cities in several European countries, such as Italy, Spain, France and Poland, to the many popular destinations in Egypt, which, in addition to Sharm El Sheikh, include Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Luxor and Alexandria. The airline plans to offer flights from Jeddah to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada in the near future, possibly as early as summer 2011.

These flights out of Jeddah will be scheduled in conjunction with Nesma Travel, which is their own travel agency, as well as other travel agencies, and will be combined with accommodation and ground transport to offer a variety of complete travel packages to meet all budgets and travel preferences. In terms of safety, Nesma Airlines has partnered with Lufthansa Technic, the leading provider of technical support to the world’s best airlines, including Lufthansa, BMI, Iberia, Alitalia and Air France-KLM. Location: Serafi Mega Mall Commercial Centre, Showroom Number 223, 2nd Floor, Intersection of King Fahad St and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz St. Tel: +966-2-2833102 Fax: +966-2-2833107 74 DESTINATION JEDDAH




Travel Trends

Travelling 2010: Maintaining Your Security, Health, and Sanity. As summer approaches, and the mad dash for reservations and flight schedules ensues, the smart traveler knows that the only way to survive and actually enjoy your vacation is to “Be Prepared.” This applies to the three most stressful aspects of vacationing; security, health, and overall sanity. By Dina Ismail



With new restrictions on air travel popping up almost every week, the best the intrepid traveler can do is to be as aware as possible of the details of your travel. The first thing to do is to check luggage restrictions, for each leg of your flight. For example, your flight is as follows:

For more exotic travels, check the Internet for any vaccinations you may need before traveling. Although many of these are taken care during the medical examinations needed for visas, you should always double check in order to be safe. Also, travelers should check with their health insurance providers to ensure that their coverage is valid overseas.

Jeddah – London (via British Airways) London – Washington, D.C. (via United Airlines) For this specific flight plan, both British Airways and United Airlines have a luggage weight restriction of 23 kg (50 lbs). A maximum of two pieces of checked luggage and two small pieces of carry on (e.g. one trolley bag and a purse/ laptop bag) are allowed. In addition to packing according to the weight restriction, keep in mind that if you are carrying liquids, they must be under 100 ml (3.4 ounces). At least they make traveling light easy!


As for entering the US encountering TSA agents, remember to remain calm, polite and cooperative. However, it is important to be aware of your rights. A female has the right to request the security search in a more private area as well as to ask for a female officer to perform the pat-down. Being aware of your surroundings and rights at all times will ensure a smooth trip through any airport.

Travelling can be a surreal situation to find yourself in. Airports are a world unto themselves and the best defense is preparedness. Keep photocopies of your health and travel documents, visas, and other important papers with you and at home. Familiarize yourself with airport layouts to avoid tight layovers as well as with the local laws and conditions of your destination. A wonderful resource for travelers is

Finally, make sure to check in with your embassy or consulate immediately upon arrival in case of any emergencies.

Although aimed at American travelers, the site provides useful information about whatever country you are headed to.




Directory Airlines Airport Information Tel: +966-2-6855526 Air Algerie Tel: +966-2-6515232 Air Arabia Tel: 920013322 Air Canada / United Airlines Tel: +966-2-2632959 Air France Tel: +966-2-6512000 Air India Tel: +966-2-2632994 Air Sahara Tel:+966-2-6641233 American Airlines Tel: +966-2-6651333 Ariana Afghan Airlines Tel: +966-2-6611222 Austrian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6644222 British Airways Tel: +966-2-92000 2215 Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel: +966-2-6652733 BMI-British Midland Tel: +966-2-263 3009 Cathay Pacific Airways Tel: +966-2-6670224 Continental Airlines Tel: +966-2-6693376 Cyprus Airways Tel: +966-2-6696304 Dallo Airlines Tel: +966-2-6513008 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-2-6570555 Ethiopian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6512996 Egypt Airlines Tel: +966-2-6449007 Etihad Airways Tel: +966-2-6640026 Garuda Indonesia 78 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Tel: +966-2-6656121 Gulf Air Tel: +966-2-6680303 Jet Airways Tel: +966-2-6602332 Kenya Airways / Korean Airlines Tel: +966-2-2632959 Ext. 108 Kuwait Airways Tel: +966-2-6675415 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Tel: +966-2-6512000 Ext.43 Iran Air Tel: +966-2-6656975 Lufthansa Airlines/ Swiss International Airlines Tel: +966-2-6514000 Malaysian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6670011 Middle East Airlines Tel: +966-2-6449150 Nas Air Tel: 920001234 Nesma Airlines Tel: +966-2-2833102 Oman Airlines Tel: +966-2-6577979 Pakistan International Airlines Tel: +966-2-6422642 Phillipine Airlines / Singapore Airlines Tel: +966-2-2632959 Ext.100 Qatar Airways Tel: +966-2-6652942 Royal Air Moroc Tel: +966-2-6502222 Royal Jordanian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6652195 Sama Tel: 920005588 Saudi Arabian Airlines Tel: 920022222 Syrian Arab Airlines Tel: +966-2-6513077 Thai Airways Tel: +966-2-6613524

Turkish Airlines Tel: +966-2-6636787 Wafeer Tel: +966-2-4202510 Yemenia Airlines Tel: +966-2-6445564

Hotels AB for Elaf Hotel Co(5-star) Tel: +966-2-2150525 Al-Amin Hotel (2-star) Tel: +966-2-6482874 Al-Andalus Toppna Delux Villas

(4-star) Tel: +966-2-6632369 Al-Aziziah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6492900 Al-Bader Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6310000 Al-Bay’ah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6444446 Al-Balad Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6442179 Al-Bustan Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6692164 Al-Bilad Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-694 4777 Al-Dar Al-Baydaa (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6827771 Al-Fayrouz Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6270696 Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6602000 Al-Haya Jeddah Continental

(4-star) Tel: +966-2-6633332 Al-Hofouf Hotel Tel: +966-2-6520100 Al-Janadreia Apartments Tel: +966-2-6173824 Al-Janoub Hotel (2-star)


Tel: +966-2-6486844 Al-Kaki Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6310071 Al-Malekah Hotel Tel: +966-2-6751764 Al-Manea Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6823509 Al-Msaadeyah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6603116 Al-Nahdha Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6471158 Al-Nakheel Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6475127 Al-Saaha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6514121 Al-Waha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6715043 Ascor Co Tel: +966-2-6066425 Cairo Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6483870 Crown Plaza (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6611000 Dallah Airport Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6857788 Dourat Cornich Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6561225 Habitat Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-2578800 Jeddah Hilton (5-star) Tel: +966-2- 6590000 Holiday Inn (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6314000 InterContinental (5-star)   Tel: +966-2- 6611800 Jeddah Marriott Hotel (5-star)   Tel: +966-2-6714000 Jeddah Orchid (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6070777 Le Meridien Jeddah (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6633333 Movenpick (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6676655 Park Hyatt Jeddah (5-star) Tel: +966-2-2639666 Qasr Alsharq (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6599999 Radisson SAS (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6521234 Ramada (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6670777


Red Sea Palace (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6428555 Rosewood Corniche

(5-star) Tel: +966-2-2578888 Sands Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6692020 Sand Dunes Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-2562020 Sheraton Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6992212 Sunset Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6605000 Westin (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6588200

Travel Agencies Ace Travel TEL: +966-2-6056002 Al-Tayyar Group Hotline: 9200 12333 Tel: +966-2-6577333 Al-Zouman Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6512525 Alireza Travel & Tours Tel: + 966-2-6481360 Anan Tours Tel: + 966-2-6659916 Attar Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6611222 Bin Raffah Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6644111 Bin Mahfoudh Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6481055 Ejazati Tel: +966-2-6530055 Elaf Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6646559 www.elaf Fal Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6838999 Fernas Travel & Tourism

Travel Agencies

Tour Operators

Tel: +966-2-6677472 Intercontinental Travel Company Tel: +966 -2- 6677988 Kanoo Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-2632959 Mansour Al-Masaad Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6647066 Mawasim Tours Tel: +966-2-6657700 Miraj Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-5-4514266 Nile Travel Agency Tel: +966-2-6645999 Portfolio Travel ltd. Tel: +966-2-6604500 T & TS Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6914465 Top Adventure Travel & Tourism Tel: 920022216 Saudi Travel & Tourism Bureau Tel: +966-2-6633737 Sakkap Travels Co. Tel: +966-2-6060018 Speed Flight Travel & Tourism Agency Tel: +966-2-6440100 Yasin Travel & Tourism Agency Tel: +966-2-6476276 Zahid Group Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6525670

Tour Operators Al-Samaklky foundation Tel: +966-2-6640662 Arabian Camp Tel: +966-2-6900059 Arabian & Expat’s Tours Tel: +966-2-6580663 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6794022 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel: +966-2-6575266 DESTINATION JEDDAH 79



Accommodations Close to the Two Holy Mosques:


Al-Ansar Golden Hotel (4-star) Few steps away from Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-829-0177

Al-Ansar New Place (4-star) Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-7770

Al-Ansar Silver Hotel (4-star) Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-7117

Al-Haram Hotel (5-star) Abi Zar Rd Tel: +966-4-818-2300

Al-Karam Hotel (4-star) King Abdulaziz St.

Hilton Madinah (5-star) King Fahad Road Few steps away from Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-820-1222

Le Meridien Madinah (4-star) Khalid Bin El-Waleed St. Tel: +966-4-846-0777

Marriott Madinah (5-star) Omer Ibn Al-Khatab St. Tel: +966-4-818-0000

Movenpick (5-star) In front of Al-Safeya Bridge Opposite Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-818-8888

Ramada Al-Hamra(4-star) Abi Zar St. Tel: +966-4-820-8084

Ramada Al-Qibla(5-star) Islamic Court St. Tel: +966-4-816-0008

The Madinah Oberoi (3-star) Abi Zar St. Tel: +966-4-828-2222

Tel: +966-4-815-5500


Tel: +966-4-829-0000

Ajyad Makkah (4-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil St.

Andalus Classy Hotel (4-star) King Fahad St. Andalus Dar Al-Khair Hotel (4-star) Few steps away from Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-818-1114

Anwar Al-Madinah Movenpick (4-star) in the Courtyard of Al-Haram Tel: +966-4-818-1000

Barakat Andalus Hotel(4-star) Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-8884

Dallah Taibah Hotel (4-star) King Fahad St., crossing Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-829-0180

Dar Al-Hijra InterContinental (4-star) King Fahad St. Tel: +966-4-820-7777

Dar Al-Iman InterContinental (5-star) Off Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-820-6666

Dar Al-Taqwa InterContinental (5-star) Off Al-Siteen St. Tel: +966-4-829-1111

Durrat Andalus Hotel (4-star) King Fahad St. Tel: +966-4-829-1114

Green Palace Hotel (4-star) Abi Zar St. Tel: +966-4-826-9040

Hotel Elaf Taibah (3-star) Saad Bin Maaz St. Tel: +966-4-818-0050 80 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Tel: +966-2-572-0500

Al-Kadesia Hotels (3-star) Ajyad St. Tel: +966-2-570-8066

Al-Shohada Hotel (5-star) Ajyad St. Tel: +966-2-574-4401

Dar Al-Manasek Hotel (4-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil St. Tel: +966-2-539-4444

Elaf Ajyad Hotel (4-star) Al-Masafi St. Tel: +966-2-572-2200

Elaf Al-Sud Hotel (4-star) Ajayad Al-Sud St. Tel: +966-2-570-8586

Elad Kindah Hotel (5-star) Al-Messyaal St. Tel: +966-2-574-5555

Hawazen Hotel (3-star) Gazzah St. Tel: +966-2-575-5575

Hilton Makkah & Towers (5star)

Hijrah St.

Tel: +966-2-534-0000

InterContinental Dar Al-Tawhid (5-star)

Ibrahim Al-Khalil St.

The Ultimate Guide To Umrah, Abu Muneer Ismail Davids

Tel: +966-2-541-1111

Le Meridien Makkah (5-star) Ajyad St.

By Abu Muneer Ismail Davids The Ultimate Guide To Umrah, based on the famous book “Getting the Best out of Hajj”, with special chapters on Umrah in Ramadaan & Visiting Madinah. After Hajj, a Muslim considers Umrah to be the most significant worship that brings the opportunity of rewards and the blessings of visiting Ka’bah and the Prophet’s Mosque along with other sacred places one wishes to visit, and try to feel the atmosphere present at the time of Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) and the hardships he had to bear while preaching Islam.During such a visit, a newcomer has to face many difficulties because of lack of knowledge about the rites and places.To provide complete details about everything, a pilgrim wants to know, first time this book has been compiled with utmost care and research so as to make it useful in every respect.

Tel: +966-2-575-1111

Le Meridien Towers Hotel (5-star) Rawabi Ajyad road Tel: +966-2-539-9999

Manazel Al-Ain Mesrcure (4-star) Al-Azizia St. Tel: +966-2-557-8000

Mercure Grand Um Al-Qura (5-star) Al-Jamaiza St. Tel: +966-2-570-2212

Mercure Hibatullah Hotel (4-star) Um Al-Qura St. Tel: +966-2-549-8855

Mouta Hotels (4-star) Asshibikah Jobal St. Tel: +966-2-543-5553

Ramada Makkah Hotel (5-star) Ajyad St. Tel: +966-2-577-1448

Ramada Makkah Shubaika (5-star) Al-Shubaika St. Tel: +966-2-546-0024

Sheraton Makkah Hotel and Towers (5-star) Gazzah St. Tel: +966-2-576-0000

Zam Zam Grand Suites (5-star) Adjiad St.

Available at Jarir Book Store Tel : +966-2-6827666

Tel: +966-2-571-5555

24 hours Islamic Call Centers:

Tagalog Tagalog Tagalog Tamil

If you have any questions, need a certain Fatwa, or are just curious about Islam in general, the Cooperative Office for Call and Guidance at Al-Badiah under the supervision of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs offers a 24-hour call service in several languages.

Useful websites: Mohammed Moshfiq Al-Rahman

Asadullah Othman



Hajj & Umrah Visa:


1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- DESTINATION JEDDAH 81

Healthy Living

A Leader in Skin Health Obagi Jeddah was established in the year 2001 to cater to the needs of skin health.Their objective is to give the best care to the needs of the society to discover the beauty of healthy skin. Skin health includes the basic of OBAGI method and philosophy.To compliment their philosophy ; among many services they have; Laser for hair removal, Fillers, Botox, Carboxy Therapy, Medsculpt for body contouring, Omnilux for Photo dynamic therapy, Micro Derma brasion (crystal), and Fractional Laser for Skin tightening to name a few. They have a team of 8 top notch Doctors in the field of Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Dentistry who are well trained and meet international standards. Dr. Zein Obagi a member of the team and an internationally renowned Dermatologist and educator is an expert in skin care. The Training/Workshops are conducted by experts and International Doctors at the Centre to upgrade new techniques. This is an ongoing feature. The patient records have shown a very steady and healthy increase purely on the premise of results. In addition they have 14 well trained Nurses, 5 Receptionists, 2 Medical counselors, a Public relations Officer, an Administrative manager and a Finance manager and 5 Rank and file staff, all who are professionals and meeting very high standards. Obagi Medical is a specialty pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and sells, and is the leading provider of, proprietary 82 DESTINATION JEDDAH

topical aesthetic and therapeutic clinicallyproven skin care systems in the physiciandispense market. The systems are designed to prevent and improve the most common and visible skin disorders in adult skin. Because Obagi systems and products contain prescription-strength formulations, the systems are only available through physicians, primarily dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical spas and other skin care and medical specialists. Over the years, the company has developed clinically-proven skin health products and systems primarily for the dermatology, plastic surgery and related aesthetic markets. Using its Penetrating Therapeutics™ technologies, the company’s products are designed to improve penetration of prescription and cosmetic agents across the

skin barrier for common and visible skin conditions in adult skin including premature aging, photodamage, hyperpigmentation (irregular or patchy discoloration of the skin), acne, sun damage, rosacea and soft tissue deficits, such as fine lines and wrinkles. Obaji treatments include correction, optimization, prevention, protection, restoration, lightening, clearing and balancing

PRODUCTS Nu-Derm System - The Nu-Derm System penetrates below the surface of your skin to transform skin cell functions at the cellular level and correct the damage within.

Condition & Enhance System - The Condition & Enhance System utilizes Penetrating Therapeutics™ and is only available through your skin care professional such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Obagi-C Rx System - With Obagi-C Rx, you’re on your way to healthier, refreshed, revitalized skin from cell to surface.

Profesional-C Serums - Your skin deserves all the protection you can give it from daily exposure to the sun’s damaging rays and environmental conditions

that cause premature ageing.

ELASTIderm Eye Treatment - You found it! The eye treatment that works to reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

ELASTIderm Décolletage - The skin on your décolletage is particularly vulnerable to these visible signs of aging, since it tends to be thinner, less moisturized, and often overlooked in the sun protection regimen.

CLENZIderm M.D. System - Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. Systems are the only prescription-strength acne treatments that contain a patented, solubilized form of 5% benzoyl peroxide (BPO) to penetrate deep into the follicle and treat acne where it starts.

Rosaclear System - It is the first and only complete therapeutic system developed specifically for treating the signs and symptoms of rosacea. Location: Al-Hamra St. P.O. Box 4330 Jeddah 21491 Tel: 6614000 Fax: 6614004 Email: Fax: 562-628-1008


Healthy Living

Green Living


Going-Green Tips

It’s important to realize that green living shouldn’t really be a second thought in today’s world, with ever-improving technology and a wealth of resources available to those who are interested.

How to keep your home cooler during the hot summer days!

“There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed. “ - Mohandas K. Gandhi

1. Abandon the kitchen. Your oven and stove generate a lot of heat. That heat causes your AC to turn on more frequently. Consider cooking outside on the grill to help keep the heat where it belongs, outside. If you must cook indoors, turn on the over-the-range hood to vent the heat 2. Pull the shades. Closing your blinds on your house can make a world of difference during the day. 3. Be aware of the lighting around your home. Switch out those standard incandescent bulbs for compact florescent bulbs (CFL). Not only will this save you energy, but CFLs burn cooler, helping you keep the temperature in the house down. Another great way to reduce heat in the house is to turn off your computers. You might even want to consider opting for hang drying your clothes outside instead of using the dryer.

A way of life.

Green Quote of the month

EC -Gadgets Smencils

Pencils made from recycled newspaper, instead of the typical wood, Smencils are great for the environment too. You can enjoy yummy scents such as watermelon, cherry, grape, root beer, bubble gum and more! Price: SR 55 Available at

Getting eco-friendly from an early age

We all know how hot Jeddah gets during the summer heat, and even while we are indoors its sometimes too hot and we turn on the AC as high as it goes. Well with these few simple steps you can get the room cooler as well as avoid over working the electricity in the house:

rganic Shops

Stores in Jeddah that provide organic food:

Bait Al-Seha (House of Health)

Rawdah dist. Tel: +966-2-6691003 Mob: +966-54608108

Organic Bakery

Mob: +966-500571717 Tel:+966-2-6707111

Watania Organic Products

(fruits & vegetables, dairy, meat, seeds, and manufactured products) Abdul Rahman Al- Sudairi St. Tel: +966-2-6915082

Abazeer Organic Products

Tel: +966-2-6612285 / +966-2-6676157

Al-Shoula on Madineh Road Tel: +966-2-607 3890

Organic Shop Nofa Holdings

Provides a variety of organic products Alshoalla center - Madinah Road Tel: +966-2-6073890

Danube, Bin Dawood Supermarkets Provides a varietyof organic products 84 DESTINATION JEDDAH

World Environment Day Saudi Aramco celebrated “The World Environment Day” through an exhibition showing Saudi Aramco’s role in protecting the environment. Every year this exhibit conducts in Dhahran and for the first time this year in Jeddah.

By Serene Feteih

One of our corporate values “Stewardship = protecting our resources”. In this exhibition, Fuad Asaad, Supervisor and representative to all Aramco diving projects, presented Marine Department’s role in protecting the environment and its responsibility in assuring clean sea by inspecting offshore platforms and inshore facilities.

The Exhibit’s theme is «Help Preserve Our Natural Resources.» The event aimed at encouraging families to participate in programs and activities that help instill good environmental practices.

The main guest was Abdulmajeed Albatati and from Saudi Aramco Mr. Nabil Baashan Manager of Saudi Aramco Affairs WP.

The event was also open to professionals who are involved or interested in the protection of the environment. The Exhibit featured environmental videos and posters, and highlight the company’s recycling program, with demonstrations on food safety and public health, tips on energy conservation, water conservation and treatment, environmental technologies, oil spill response equipment, as well as an environmental education program.

The event was held from June 2nd to 5th with a lot of fun for kids and family.

Competitions and prizes were featured for different age groups.

Asaad presented Diver Module with one of the latest diving helmets used in commercial diving.


Health & Beauty

Directory Clinics Al-Ansar New Clinic Tel: +966-2-6933379 Al-Gadeer Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6722535 Al-Hamra Clinics Tel: +966-2-6655588 Al-Haramin Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6474850 Al-Madina Medical Clinic Tel: +966-2-6881288 Dr. Edrees Podiatric Clinics Tel: +966-5-00506507 Dr. Effat Daghostani Clinics Tel: +966-2-6601729 Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6480792 Hera’a Polyclinic Tel:+966-2-6920724 Ideal Clinics Tel:+966-2-6635444 Magrabi Eye & Ear Clinic Tel:+966-2-6655200 Orthopaedic Specialty Clinics Tel: +966-2-6922298 Saudi American Clinic Tel: +966-2-6605050

Gym & Health Centers Fitness Time Tel: +966-2-6226369 Gold’s Gym Tel: +966-2-6912077 Hiltonia Gym Tel: +966-2-6590000 Hummer Gym Tel: +966-2-6671212 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 Power In Gym 86 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Tel: +966-2-6061516 Ryan Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6322848 Z-club Tel: +8001255552 Women Bugshan Outpatient Tel: +966-2-6691222 Ext. 899 Henaa Center Tel: +966-2-6714619 Chamelle Plaza Gym Tel: +966-2-6634355 Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-2-6655000 Ext. 1501-1503 The Lift Tel: 8001247775 Men Ba’Azem Body Building Tel: +966-2-6448844 Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu Tel: +966-552065722 B Well Gym Tel: +966-2-6066477 KAI Gym Tel: +966-2-6684466 Spot tech Tel: +966-2-6071129 Star Power Club Tel: +966-2-6776177 Kids Junior Gym Tel: +966-2-6911925 Sporty Kids Tel: +966-2-6993586

Hospitals Abuzinadah Hospital Tel: +966-2-6510652 Al-Ansar Hospital Tel: +966-2-6825105

Al-Hamra Hospital Tel: +966-2-6653939 Al-Hayat Hospital Tel: +966-2-6367778 Al-Safa Tel: +966-2-6200129 Al-Quds Medical Dispensary Tel: +966-2-6970224 Bakhsh Hospital Tel: +966-2-6479666 Bugshan General Hospital Tel: +966-2-6691222 Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Tel: +966-2-6820022 Dr. Ghassan N. Pharaon Tel: +966-2-6823200 Dar Al-Shifa Saudi Tel:+9662-6822900 Dr. Siddiqa Hospital Tel:+966-2-6721763 Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-2-6655000 Hai Al-Jamea Hospital Tel: +966-2-6806666 International Medical Center Tel: +966-2-6509000 Jeddah Clinic Hospital Tel: +966-2-6313131 Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing Tel: +966-2-6675311 King Abdul Aziz University Tel: +966-2-6401000 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 /6365028 Magrabi Eye & Ear Hospital Tel: +966-2-6365000 Mostagbal Hospital Tel: +966-2-6875255 Mushrifah Medical Center Tel: +966-2-6654366 New Al-Jedaani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6368100 New Jeddah Clinic Hospital (NJCH) Tel: +966-2-6675000 Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6829000 United Doctors Hospital Tel: +966-2-6533333

Gym & Health Centers

Pharmacies Abo Dawood Tel: +966-2-6877210 Al-Ajuwad Tel: +966-2-6473436 Al-Ameera Tel: +966-2-6055638 Al-Ansar Tel: +966-2-6050010 Al-Awad Tel: +966-2-6591800 Al-Atta Tel: +966-2-6773314 Al-Azizeyah Tel: +966-2-6206981 Al-Hamra Tel: +966-2-6440108 Al-Marzouki Tel: +966-2-6780538 Al-Nahdi Tel: +966-2-6976208 Al-Sudais Tel: +966-2-6737679 Tel: +966-2-6058962 Al-Wasfah Tel: +966-2-6826198 Alya Tel: +966-2-6449254 Amal Tel: +966-2-6429486 Amira Tel: +966-2-6746001 Asia Tel: +966-2-6390553 Bin Muteab Tel: +966-2-6890964 Daan Tel: +966-2-6284405 Jamjoom Tel: +966-2-6081111 Jehhar Tel: +966-2-6973401 Noura Tel: +966-2-6685500 Rana Tel: +966-2-6984972 Remedies Tel: +966-2-6563048

Spa & Beauty Centers Al-Megayena Tel: +966-2-6655763 Alexandre Zouari



Dip yourself in something irresistable this Season



new & exclusively in Lamasat spa

Lava Shell Massage Location: Prince Sultan st.Tel:+966-2-6834002

Beauty: Dermalogical, Hair Care, Manicure, Pedicures: Nailtique products, Gel & Arcrylic nails: Young Nails. Eye care, Massage, Waxing. Home Service available. Al-Rawdah Dist. Al-Kayal st. Tel: +966-544408585

Tel: +966-2-6656161 Beauty Alliance Tel: +966-2-6681381 Body Line (men only) Tel: +966-2-2631859 Bouthaina Tel: +966-2-6631809 /6691901 Carmen Center Tel: +966-2-6648122 Chamelle Plaza Tel: +966-2-6656807 Dar Al-Moda Tel: +966-2-6526660 Dr. Edrees Foot Spa Tel: +966-5-00506507

E Spa Tel: +966-2-2632093 EVE Salons Tel: +966-2-6985787 Garra rufa Tel: +966-2-2635018 Jaques Dessange Tel: +966-2-6695458 Jamalouki Tel: +966-2-6651888 Lamasat Tel: +966-2-6834002 Lila’s Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6622676 Lucie Saint Clair Tel: +966-2-2832020 Mana Center

Spa & Beauty Centers

Tel: +966-2-6066628 Mervat Center Tel: +966-2-6630676 Miracle Parlour Tel: +966-2-6739597 Nadoleen Center Tel: +966-2-6633972 Nail care Tel: +966544408585 Nirvana Tel:+966-2-6681634 Oriana Tel: +966-2-6220773 Planet Beach Tel: +8001247776 Serenity Center Tel: +966-2-6648353 Soleil d’Or Spa Tel: +966-2-2842233 Spada Tel: 920010099 The Spa by Clarins Paris Tel: +966-2-6599999 Viva La Vie Tel: +966-2-6929163 Tel: +966-2-6060338 Zowaina Tel: +966-2-6656311 7L House Tel: +966-2-6532812

Veterinary Clinic Al-Seleouly Veterinary Tel: +966-2-6312169 Ext 103 European Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6676330 Emergency:+966-506530565 Happy Pet Vet Clinic Tel: +966-2-6164030 Jeddah Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6912896 North American Veterinary Tel: +966-503671822/ 0562111786 Tahliah International Tel: +966-2-6695554 Emergency: +966-504698810 Veterinarian@yourservice Mob: +966-562111786 Waleed Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6656084 DESTINATION JEDDAH 87

GAMES SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive

Test your Perception! Locate the origin of this photograph cut-out within the magazine pages

Crosswords ACROSS

2. helps you find your way in a new city 3. what happens to your skin if exposed to too much sun. 4. A refreshing drink that is made of a sour fruit. 5. another name for natives of a city. 6. garment for swimming. 9. an important form of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 10. if you don’t speak the same language, you need someone to----------. 11. to change money, you need to go to a --------exchange. 13. a nice placeto sit in to avoid the sun. 14. another name for flight attendant. 15. the name given to people visiting other countries for fun.


1. a cool, light summer treat. 5. taking one’s time, relaxing, enjoying a vacation. 7. when your skin takes on a darker shade dute to sun exposure. 8.trill- seekers look for ---- when they travel. 9. a fashion accessory for your eyes that also protects them. 12. you can’t leave the country without it. 88 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Puzzle Words Find the listed hidden words, the words may be hidden in any direction. Once you have found all the words, the remaining letters will spell a secret message.

August Beach Boating Camping Diving Fans Fishing Hiking Holidays Icecream July Mosquitoes Movies Painting Park Picnic Pictures Summer Camp Sunburn Sunglasses Suntan Swimming Vacations

Test your knowledge! 1- In which country would you find the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat? 2- What three colours appear on the flag of Thailand? 3- What peace treaty was signed on June 28, 1919, between Germany and the Allied Powers? 4- In which English city is the Old Trafford football stadium? 5- What is the capital of Slovakia? 6- Which country in south-east Europe is also called the Hellenic Republic? 7- What country was created from the remains of the Habsburg Empire? Crosswords: Across : Map, Burn, Lemonate, Locals, Bathingsuit, Translator, Currency, Shade, Steward, Tourist. Down: Popside, Leisure, Fan, Adventure, Sunglasses, Passport. Test Your Perception: pg. 52 Education knowledge: 1. Cambodia , 2. Red, blue and white , 3. The Treaty of Versailles, 4. Manchester, 5. Bratislava , 6. Greece. , 7. Austria DESTINATION JEDDAH 89

Useful Arabic Words & Pronunciation It’s known worldwide that pronunciation is one of the most challenging steps in learning different languages. For example, Arabic has many dialogues, slangs and accents. Some of these dialogues can’t be understood by all Arabs. The most common dialogue is the Egyptian dialogue and the Lebanese dialogue. In this article we attempt to shed some light on the traditional Saudi dialogue. To illustrate that, we added a picture of a throat to show the pronunciation of different Arabic letters.

Useful Traveling Questions - At hotels

What is the room rate per night?

Bekam al alghorfa fe alyoum?

Is there another hotel near by?

Fe fondog gareeb men hena?

Can somebody bring my cases up, please?

Momken ahad yetalle’ al shenaat, law samahtoo? Fee mawagef sayyara?

Is there a car parking? Can I have a non smoking room, please?

Momken Al Ghorfa tekoon le gayer al modakhneen, law samaht?

At what floor is my room located?

Fe ayyat door al ghorfa?

























Hot weather

Jaw Haar





Swim suite




Swimming pool





Naddara Shamseyah









Amusement Park






Air plane






Seat belt


Want to learn more? 15-Minute Arabic

By DK Publishing Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business, learn Arabic in only 15 minutes a day with this situation-based and easy-to-use course and ready-reference. The book and CD’s follow a single lesson plan, and the text and recordings are crossreferenced to each other.

Spoken Arabic Made Easy

By Amanullah Vadakkangara A unique course in spoken Arabic for beginners helps you to practice reading, writing and speaking in just one month. The introduction of useful phrases and structures along with a communicative approach will enable all language learners to acquire the necessary skills, even without the assistance of a teacher.

Your First 100 Words Arabic

By Jane Wightwick This book is designed to teach the beginner a basic vocabulary of 100 Arabic words-covering 8 everyday topics: around the home/ clothes/ around town (including transportation)/ countryside/ essentials/ opposities/ animals/ parts of the body.

Available at Jarir Book Store Tel : +966-2-6827666 DESTINATION JEDDAH 91


Directory Banks Al-Bilad Bank Tel: 8001230000 Alinma Bank Tel: 8001208000 Al-Jazira Bank Tel: +966-2-6518070 Al-Rajhi Bank Tel: +966-2-6422111 Arab National Bank Tel: +966-2-6741497 Banque Saaudi Fransi Tel: 8001242121 Islamic Development Bank Tel: +966-2-6361400 National Commercial Bank Tel: +966-2-6609265 Riyadh Bank Tel: +966-2-6474777 SABB Tel: +966-2-6512121 Saudi Cairo Bank Tel: +966-2-6608820 Saudi Hollandi Bank Tel: +966-2-2368844 Saudi Investment Bank Tel: +966-2-6531010 Samba Tel: +966-2-6533555


Abu Diyab Est. Tel: +966-2-6677779 Alpha Rent a Car Tel: +966-2-6974459 Avis Tel: +966-2-6855544 Al-Zaman Group Tel: +966-2-6914693 Daleel Tel: +966-2-6719219 Discovery Tel: +966-2-6714475 Fernas Tel: +966-2-6595000 Formula Tel: +966-2-6621213 Hanco Tel: +966-2-6684666 Hertz Tel: +966-2-6040339 Hessen for Rent Car Tel: +966-2-6430295 92 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Khozama Est. Tel: +966-2-6317177 Key Rent a Car Tel: +966-2-6831236

Car Wash

Modacar Tel: 920005555 Smart Care Tel: +966-533500077 V. Cool Tel: +966-2-6396969


Aramex Tel: +920027447 TNT Express Tel: +966-2-6678888 DHL Tel: 8003450000 Fedex Tel: +966-2-6714636


Tedalal Tel: +966-2-6580000 Yalla Utlob Tel: +966-2-6580000 Ground Transportation Alo Sayyara Tel: +966-26677621 Tel: +966-505657387 Apex Luxury Chaffeur Service Tel: 920011755 SAPTCO Tel: +966-2-6474900 Te’le’ Car Tel: +966-2-6679689 Tel: +966-534050910

Business Services

Venue Executive Club Tahlia street Tel: +966-2-6061010

DSL NET Atheer Tel: +966-2-6839333 Nesma Tel: +966-2-2567998 SPS Tel: +966-2-6824556

Embassies & Consulates E: Embassies C: Consulates ALGERIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887171 C: Tel: +966-2-6985035 C: Tel: +966-2-6985034 ARGENTINA E: Tel: +966-1-4652600 AUSTRALIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887788 AUSTRIA E: Tel: +966-1-4801217 BAHRAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880044 C: Tel: +966-2-6076770 BANGLADESH E: Tel: +966-1-4195300 C: Tel: +966-2-6878465 BELGIUM E: Tel: +966-1-4880044 C: Tel: +966-2-6076770 BRAZIL E: Tel: +966-1-4880018 C: Tel: +966-2-6603874 C: Tel: +966-2-6603866 BRITAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880077 C: Tel: +966-2-6225550 BURKINA FASO E: Tel: +966-1-4652244 C: Tel: +966-2-6744547 BRUNEI E: Tel: +966-1-4560814 C: Tel: +966-2-6724343 CAMEROON E: Tel: +966-1-4880022 C: Tel: +966-2-6804541 CANADA E: Tel: +966-1-4882288 C: Tel: +966-2-6530434 CHINA E: Tel: +966-1-4832126 C: Tel: +966-2-6605113 CZECH REPUBLIC E: Tel: +966-1-4503617 DENMARK E: Tel: +966-1-4880101 C: Tel: +966-2-6672222 Ext 1163



DJIBOUTI E: Tel: +966-1-4543182 C: Tel: +966-2-6621938 EGYPT E: Tel: +966-1-4810464 E: Tel: +966-1-4831275 C: Tel: +966-2-6605205 ERITREA E: Tel: +966-1-4801731 C: Tel: +966-2-6740592 ETHIOPIA E: Tel: +966-1-4824055 C: Tel: +966-2-6653444 FINLAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881515 C: Tel: +966-2-6438235 FRANCE E: Tel: +966-1-4881255 C: Tel: +966-2-6681544 C: Tel: +966-2-6681563 GABON E: Tel: +966-1-4567173 GAMBIA E: Tel: +966-1-2052158 C: Tel: +966-2-2573193 GERMANY E: Tel: +966-1-4880700 C: Tel: +966-2-6996436 GHANA E: Tel: +966-1-4545122 C: Tel: +966-2-6601429 GREECE E: Tel: +966-1-4801975 C: Tel: +966-2-6674088 GUINEA E: Tel: +966-1-4881121 C: Tel: +966-2-6637540 HUNGARY E: Tel: +966-1-4568644 INDIA E: Tel: +966-1-4884144 C: Tel: +966-2-6500104 INDONESIA E: Tel: +966-1-4882282 C: Tel: +966-2-6711271 IRAN E: Tel: +966-1-4881444 C: Tel: +966-2-6676132 IRELAND E: Tel: +966-1-4882300 ITALY E: TEL: +966-1-4881212

Embassies & Consulates

C: Tel: +966-2-6421454 JAPAN E: Tel: +966-1-2881100 C: Tel: +966-2-6670676 JORDAN E: Tel: +966-1-4880039 C: Tel: +966-2-6607630 KENYA E: Tel: +966-1-4882484 C: Tel: +966-2-4881238 KOREA E: Tel: +966-1-4882211 C: Tel: +966-2-6681990 KUWAIT E: Tel: +966-1-4883500 C: Tel: +966-2-6604898 LEBANON E: Tel: +966-1-4804060 C: Tel: +966-2-6690599 MALAYSIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887100 C: Tel: +966-2-6727740 MALI E: Tel: +966-1-4195640 C: Tel: +966-2-6514940 MALTA E: Tel: +966-1-4615315 C: Tel: +966-2-6991599 MAURITANIA E: Tel: +966-1-4646749 C: Tel: +966-2-6297722 MEXICO E: Tel: +966-1-4808822 C: Tel: +966-2-6495332 MOROCCO E: Tel: +966-1-4811858 C: Tel: +966-2-6695234 C: Tel: +966-2-6695238 NEPAL E: Tel: +966-1-4645170 NETHERLANDS E: Tel: +966-1-4880011 NEW ZELAND E: Tel: +966-1-4887988 C: Tel: +966-2-6512109 NIGERIA E: Tel: +966-1-4823024 C: Tel: +966-2-6716865 NORWAY E: Tel: +966-1-4881904 C: Tel: +966-2-6611222 Ext 300 OMAN


Social Service Organizations

E: Tel: +966-1-4823120 C: Tel: +966-2-6996838 PAKISTAN E: Tel: +966-1-4884111 C: Tel: +966-2-6692371 PHILIPPINES E: Tel: +966-1-4880835 C: Tel: +966-2-6696797 C: Tel: +966-2-6693254 PORTUGAL E: Tel: +966-1-4826964 QATAR E: Tel: +966-1-4825544 C: Tel: +966-2-6945666 RUSSIA E: Tel: +966-1-4811432 C: Tel: +966-2-6659212 SENEGAL E: Tel: +966-1-4880146 C: Tel: +966-2-6690275 SIERRA LEONE E: Tel: +966-1-4643982 SINGAPORE E: Tel: +966-1-4803855 C: Tel: +966-2-6073980 SOUTH AFRICA E: Tel: +966-1-4429728 C: Tel: +966-2-6060299 SPAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880606 C: Tel: +966-2-6607000 SRI LANKA E: Tel: +966-1-4606906 C: Tel: +966-2-6065414 SUDAN E: Tel: +966-1-4828857 C: Tel: +966-2-6475108 C: Tel: +966-2-6471273 SWEDEN E: Tel: +966-1-4883100 C: Tel: +966-2-6529615 Ext 204 SWITZERLAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881291 C: Tel: +966-2-6510772 SYRIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887481 TANZANIA E: Tel: +966-1-4542833 C: Tel: +966-2-6657528 THAILAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881174 C: Tel: +966-2-6655317 DESTINATION JEDDAH 93

TUNISIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887900 C: Tel: +966-2-6605328 TURKEY E: Tel: +966-1-4820101 C: Tel: +966-2-6601607 UGANDA E: Tel: +966-1-4544910 UKRAINE E: Tel: +966-1-4508536 UAE E: Tel: +966-1-4881227 C: Tel: +966-2-6670307 C: Tel: +966-2-6515436 USA E: Tel: +966-1-4801831 C: Tel: +966-2-6670080 URUGUAY E: Tel: +966-1-4620739 C: Tel: +966-2-6633300 YEMEN E: Tel: +966-1-4881769 C: Tel: +966-2-6896444 C: Tel: +966-2-6898555

Compounds Abdullah Compound North of Jeddah, Near British Consulate Tel: +966-2-6515416 Abir Compound Prince Sultan St., Near Saudia City Tel: +966-2-6522358 Al-Andalus Luxury Villas Tahliyah St. behind Suzuki Showroom Tel: +966-2-6695154 Al-Aoun Village Al Bawadi, Near Al-Mirabi Mercedes Bens Tel: +966-2-2563381 Arabian Homes Al Bawadi Dist. Tel: +966-2-6822201 Aromary Village Hera’a st., Behind Al-Rajhi Tel: +966-2-6940086 94 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Al Basateen Village Next to Continental School, Off Price Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6944015 Belleview Executive Compound Al-Amal St., Near Jeddah Preparatory School Tel: +966-2-6547666 www.belleviewcompund. com Belleview 2 Compound Near King Faisal Specialist Hospital Tel: +966-2-6642636 Binzagr Villa Compound Al Azizeyyah, Madinah Rd., One block after Lexus Showroom Tel: +966-2-6642636 Elite 2 Compound Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6681111 Elite Compound Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6610930 Fatima Compound Near Corniche, Behind Business Park Tel: +966-2-6515416 Garden City Compound Palestine st., Behind AlNakheel Bldg Tel: +966-2-6607590 Al-Hajrayn Village Corniche, Near A-Bilad Hotel Tel: +966-2-6943464 Hiba Compound Al-Hamraa, Ibrahim Adham St., Near Tarik Binladen Hospital Tel: +966-2-6650819 Kindi Housing Compound Al Rabwah, North Jeddah

Tel: +966-2-6916219 Lotus Compounds Al Hamra, Al-Naeem, AlRihab, Contact PMDC Lotus 1: Al-Hamraa Dist Tel: +966-2-6980145 Lotus 2: Al-Nayeen Dist Tel: +966-2-6541107 Lotus 3: Al-Nayeem Dist Tel: +966-2-6548808 M&M Compound North Abhor, Nr, Amir Abdullah Mosque. Tel: +966-2-6562166 M.M Al-Rumaih Compound Al Shatee, On Corniche Rd., 3KM from Hotel Sheraton toward north Tel: +966-2-6991231 Al-Manar Compound Al Safa, Prince Metab St., Near Al-Jedani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6938770 Al-Mubarakiah Village East Jeddah, King Abdullah St. Near Abraq Al-Raghama Tel: +966-2-6400158 Mura Bustan Compounds Tel: +966-2- 6910041 Nada Village Prince Majed st., Near Baud Telecom Tel: +966-2-6920099 Al-Najia Compounds Madinah Rd., Besides SAS Radisson Hotel Tel: +966-2-6518178 Nueva Andalucia Al-Rawdah, Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6823434 Raytheon Compound Opp. Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6518178 Reem Compound Al-Salamah, Saqr AlQuraish st.


Tel: +966-2-6829196 Al-Salam Compound Al-Rehab, Palestine St., Between Dallah Tower& Makkah Highway Tel: +966-2-6717121 www.alsalamcompound. com Salamia Compound Al-Sulaymaneyyah, Near Carrefour Haypermarket Tel: +966-2-6400253 Saudia City Al-Khaledeyyah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6820030 Shaker Village Compound Al-Hahdah, Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6991840 Sharbatly Village Prince Majed st., North of Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6910828 Siham Compund Al-Rawdah, Near Saudi Binladen Group Tel: +966-2-6426431 Sunset Residence Al-Rowdah st., Near Jeddah Int. Market Tel: +966-2-6604276

Kindergarten ABC School Tel: +966-2-6988827 Ambassadors School Tel: 800-124-9000 Web: Building Blocks Tel: +966-2-6060755 Mob: +966-5-41525616 Childhood Spring Tel: +966-2-6607533 Creative Childhood Summer School Tel: +966-2-6077224 Mob: +966-5-04390998


IPS (Innovators Private School) Tel: +966-2-6980685 Mob: +966-5-69490403 Junior’s & Mom’s Mob: +966-5-04313440 Mob: +966-5-51796254 Kids Campos Tel: +966-2-6642351 Kids Time Nursery Tel: +966-2-6543111 Mob: +966-5-69693794 Little Smarties Tel: +966-2-6061913 My Little Kingdom School Tel: +966-2-6393951 Tel: +966-2-2575909 Thinker Tinkers Young Skills Development Tel: +966-2-6923715 Up and Away Tel: +966-2-6614791

Ministries Agriculture & Water Tel: +966-2-6210002 Communication & Transportation Tel: +966-1-4042928 Disabled Children’s Association Tel: +966-2-66224080/ 8001241118 Education Tel: +966-2-6723028/ 6444305 Foreign Affairs Tel: +966-2-6047000 Health Tel: +966-2-6970006 Information & Culture Tel: +966-2-6514060/ 6476222 Interior Tel: +966-2-6684000 Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Tel: +966-2-6515111 Water & Electricity Tel: +966-2-6725349



Schools Al-Bayan Tel: +966-2-6611004 Al-Fasial International School Tel: +966-2-6761955 Al-Waha International School Tel: +966-2-6729660 The British International School Tel: +966-2-6990019 Coral International School Tel: +966-2-6832002 Dar Al Fikr School Tel: +966-2-6311118 (Boys) Tel: +966-2-6311117 (Girls) Dar Al-Hanan School Tel: 920029669 Dar Al-Ruwaad School Tel: +966-2-6592225 Dar Jana International School Tel: +966-2-6648315 Global International School Tel: +966-2-6523444 Tel: +966-2-6144101 ( KG ) Jeddah International School Tel: +966-2-6061253 Jeddah Knowledge School Tel: +966-2-6620174

DESTINATION 95 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 95 Jeddah Preparatory & Grammar School Tel: +966-2-6542354 Manarat Jeddah School Tel: +966-1-6730225 www. My little house Tel: +966-2-6652490 Thamer International School Tel: +966-2-6680747

Social Service Organizations

Society Friends Charitable Foundation Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6919999 The School of Etiquette Tel: +966-505558703 Women’s Charitable Foundation in Jeddah Al-Nazla Dist Tel: +966-2-6369652 Zamzam Foundation for Volunteer Health Services Al-Sulaimaniya Dist. Tel: +966-2-2600000


College of Business Administration (CBA) Charity Society in Jeddah Tel: +966-2-2159000/2159009 Al-Zahra Dist. ( Boys’ section ) Tel: +966-2-6391100 Tel: +966-2-6900671/6900238 Charitable Services ( Girls’ section ) for the Care of Cancer Patients Dar Al-Hekma College Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-2-6303333 Tel: +966-2-6511373 Enabling Marriage Effat College & Family Support Tel: +966-2-636 4300 Foundation Al-Nozla Dist. Ibn Sina National College for Tel: +966-2-6811168/ 920000900 Medical Studies Faisaliah Women’s Tel: +966-2-6355882/6356555 Charitable Foundation Al-Rowais Dist. Jeddah College of Technology Tel: +966-2-6535000 Tel: +966-2-6370387 Friends of the Heart Foundation in Jeddah Jeddah Community College Behind Al-Tahlia Station Tel: +966-2-2870026 Tel: +966-2-6658384 Majid Bin Abdulaziz Jeddah Teacher’s College Foundation for Tel: +966-2-6914620 Development & Social (KAUST)King Abdullah Services University of Science and Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-6062959 Technology National Charitable Foundation for Blood King Abdulaziz University Donation Tel: +966-2-6400000 Tel: +966-2-6905008 National Society for Human Prince Sultan Aviation Academy rights Tel: +966-2-6862997 Tel: +966-2-6222261 96 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Hotel Sciences Tel: +966-2-2844425 Tel: 920016165

NOTICE If you have any complaints about services around Jeddah such as: * Pricing irregularities * Expired Items * Denied coverage of warranted items e.g. a mobile, car, etc. * Refusal of service * Unhygienic food / working conditions Complaints can be filed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Web Site or to their hotline. Should the company not respond to the complaint from the Ministry, all transactions with the government in the labor office, the passport department and the Chamber of Commerce will be stopped.

Hotline: 8001241616 website: sa/english/

NOTICE To report any issues that concern the Jeddah Municipality, such as: * Road Maintenance * Dumping sites * Illegal Building

Please call 940


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Saudi Arabia  
Saudi Arabia  

DJ Issue 18 - July 2010