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Issue 17, June 2010

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World Cup Mania

What is it with men and soccer?! It seems like the whole world revolves around the world cup these days, men, women and kids, all you hear is the names of the players and the teams. I have to admit I am not a big soccer fan, but I love the Soccer season as I receive numerous benefits from my lovely husband who is a huge fan to the sport as most Saudis are. Long ago my husband and I came to an understanding that I am free to do anything as long I leave him in peace during the broadcasting of the World Cup matches. Throughout the years I learned to use this agreement to my benefit, it is a great time to cross our many pending items on my to do list, including those overdue family/friends visits. Sometimes I go as far as extorting money from him and going on endless shopping sprees with my girlfriends. One of the greatest advantages however is the down time and the chance to pamper myself on his account. To all the husbands out there; if you want to enjoy the WC make your wife happy. To all the ladies, if you don’t use this period to your benefit and get what you want, then you never will. I recommend that if you are a soccer fan yourself, pretend the opposite and go watch it with your friends after you accomplish your list of postponed demands.

Happy Soccer Season.

Enas Hashani Editor-in-Chief



ACTING CREATIVE DIRECTOR Maha Alkhalawi GRAPHIC DESIGNER Mohammed Rashad KK EDITOR Dina Ismail FASHION EDITOR Marriam Mossalli EDITORIAL ASSOCIATES Silwan Eshki PHOTOGRAPHY Effat Sabban Hans Sjoeholm Hashim Ainousa Maria Mahdaly Rayan Nawawi Silwan Eshki Yousef Kurashi CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Afifa Jabeen Quraishi Hans Sjoeholm Khalid Doula Serene Feteih Sobia Javed Turki Shoaib ACCOUNT MANAGER Saleem Zeidan

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It’s strong, its fast, and its all-consuming. Here are some of our readers’ thoughts... Hass Dennaoui

My team has always been SPAIN - (& not only becuase they won the European Cup recently) i have been a SPANISH Fan since the age of Zero. Anyway to answer your Question.


VAMOUS - bring on the world cup ! Viva la Espgana !!! Aladdin Mogeem

I’ve always been and always will cheer for


just bought the new German shirt to cheer with!

Mohammad Bakhoz Italy, they have good

control on the defendant level. No one can go through!

Mohammad Khalil Al-Homsi

Netherlands (Hollanda).. Viva

Hollanda, Forza Netherlands, Oranje Op Weg Naar.. ^_^

Annie Pett


BRAZIL Since I was born till now BRAZIL BRAZIL BRAZIL

Niyaz T Koorad i’m sure...


Because of undercontrol by Diego Maradona

Reader’s Feedback Dear EIC, I would like to begin by congratulating you and your team on such a wonderful and inspiring achievement. Jeddah Destination is a magazine I keep in my hand bag. I have shared it with family members and friends. It keeps us informed and entertained with the happenings in Jeddah. For so long we have complained about there being nothing to do in Jeddah but now your magazine has provided us with an entire spectrum of cultural, entertaining, and travel options. Thank you ...

Sincerely, Sharia

Hello, ... I’ve come across your magazine all over Jeddah, and I was taken in by its originality and up-to-date events. Actually, I’ve been to many places thanks to the reviews I’ve found in Destination Jeddah. Salma Al-Amoudi Dear Ms Rukhsana, Thank you for your lovely feedback. Its always heartwarming to receive such praise. As to your inquiry, one place the provides Arabic for non-Arabs is the Cultural Exchange Center in Jeddah. Another is the Berlits institute, which has several branches in Jeddah. Both can be found online for contact information.



Hello, I am glad to have my photography photo as the cover, but wish yiou had my name right inside the magazine... it is Ghadeer Attallah not chadeer ! Dear Ghadeer, Please accept our sincere apology! someone forgot to wear their glasses!

Saudi Women start shooting

Photography Through Fresh Eyes


Settling In Shape up

Fashion Christian Louboutin

Travel Trends World Cup Deals

Issue 12, Jan 2010

Dear DJ team, Asalamulaikum. I just finished going through the magazine and my heart is full of prayers and admiration for you and your team. I wish there was something like this for us 25 yrs back when my children were young. How I longed for all this information that u all have collected at one place. I am still excited however! For sure u have a future subscriber right here. Thanks. Please could u give us some information about where to go to learn proper spoken arabic. As a lady as I am ashamed of my broken nanny-taught sentences! Thanks once again. Regards, Rukhsana Kamran

Please send to

Destination Jeddah’s RTM:

(Recommendation of The Month)


Never run out of snacks during the World Cup, be prepared! As World Cup is knocking doors, families are building up their snacks stock. Snacks include chips, melon seeds, candies, jellies and salted pretzels. Goods are available in almost every supermarket in town. Other ideas include freshly made sandwiches and sweets. Many options are available from the healthy subs to the most delicious gourmet wraps. Of course, this meal is never complete without drinks. Again, drinks can be homemade or ready of the shelf cans. Be sure to keep DJ in handy so you don’t run out of ideas. anytime!

Thumbs up to... Raising the price of cigarettes

New tariffs have been imposed on cigaretts, effectively raising their price. World nations took in the fight against smoking, and hopefully responses are the same over here. By raising cigarette prices, smokers will be more conscious of their cigarettes consumption. One exercise we recommend to all smokers is to calculate how much money they spend on cigaretts a day, a week, and a year. What might have seemed as an insignificant amount in the beginning can really add up. So instead, try putting away the same amount you would spend on a pack of cigaretts in a “burn-box”, and at the end of the year, buy yourself something nice with the money that would have otherwise been set on fire and polluted your (and your loved one’s) lungs. Say no to the “cancer stick”.

Thumbs down to...

Smoking parents & restaurants that allow it

Picture this: A group of women socializing in a restaurant, puffing out white rings of argila smoke, while children and infants around them breath in the contaminated air. An imminent health hazard lingers with currently no prohibitions against argila (hubbly bubbly) or shisha-smoking adults, especially mothers, accompanied by children, in restaurants and cafes. Second-hand smoke from argila is a dangerous mix of tobacco and smoke, putting non-smokers – namely children – at great risk. If mothers do not care, or for some reason ignore the peril that their favorite pastime poses for the little ones, then restaurants and cafes providing argila should take it upon themselves to impose stringent regulations banning all sorts of smoking in family sections or have separate smoking zones, which are necessarily kids’-free.   The same applies to all smokers in general.

POLL OF THE MONTH Q: Who are you rooting for this world cup?

a- Brazil b-Italy c- England d- Spain e - Germany f-Argentina g- Other Next Month’s Question: Q:What’s your preffered summer destination? Send answers to or go to the Destination Jeddah Magazine group on facebook. DESTINATION JEDDAH 5

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Fact Sheet

Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - KSA Capital: Riyadh Head of State: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Population: 28.7 million (72% Saudi, 27% foreign) Population Growth: 3.39% (approx. 3% per year) (55% are under the age of 20) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam. Holy Cities: Makkah, Madinah International Airports: Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Int’l. Airport (Airport Code: JED) Riyadh: King Khaled Int’l Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Int’l Airport Name: Jeddah Head of Region: Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Location: West coast of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea Inhabited Area: 1,500 sq. km Largest urban center in the Makkah province Jeddah Population: 3.4 million and the 2nd largest city in Saudi Arabia. Official Language: Arabic. English is the second official language. Major Arabic Newspapers: Al-Watan , Al Hayat, Al-Iqtisadiya, Al-Madinah Major English Newspapers: Saudi Gazette, Arab News Important Dates: National Day: 23rd September Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): August 11 - September 9 2010 Eid Al-Fitr (The Feast of Breakfast / End of Ramadan): September 10 -12 2010 Eid Al-Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice): November 16 - 19 2009 Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1430/2009) Time Zone: UTC+3 6


Currency: Saudi Riyal (SR) - divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 20 (twenty), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 200 (two hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 United States Dollar (USD) = SR3.75 1.00 India Rupee (INR) = SR0.079 1.00 Euro (EUR) = SR5.23 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = SR0.047 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = SR5.94 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = SR0.08 Business & Banking Hours: 8/9AM - 4/5PM Sat-Wed, some are open on Thursdays for half a day 8/9AM - 1/2PM. Weekend: Thursday- Friday. Shopping Hours: 10AM - 1PM 5PM - 10/11PM Telephone, Mobile and Internet services: The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The Main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: To block commercial SMSs for STC users: Call 800-2444455 toll-free (24 hr service Sat-Wed) or e-mail: Internet Service Providers: * Orbit Satellite internet: *, *, * www.naseej. com, *, *, *, *Nesma: National TV: Saudi Channel 1/ Saudi Channel 2 (English)/ Saudi Channel 3 (Sports)/ Al Ekhbariya News Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: Showtime Arabia: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. Orbit: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian Entertainment Major Sport: The most popular national sport in Saudi Arabia is Football (Soccer). The two main football clubs in Jeddah are Ittihad and Ahli. Electricity: 110v and 220v. Transportation: Air: Saudi Airlines - Sama Air - Nas Airlines Land: Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi Cities. Inside the city: Taxis and Chauffer companies. Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam. Country Code: 966 City Codes: Jeddah and Makkah: 02 / Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 03 / Riyadh: 01 / Abha and Najran: 07 / Madinah and Yanbu: 04

Emergencies : Information/ Maintenance:

International Information.......905 Telephone Maintenance.........904 Telephone Directory.................905 Speaking Clock.........................1222 Mobily..........................................1100 STC...................................................902 Zain..................................................959

Ambulance...................................997 Electricity Emergency...............933 Fire Fighters..................................998 Natural Disasters ........................988 National Security .......................989 Nijm “ Insurance Company for Car Accident “.........................920000560 Road Security...............................996 Traffic Accidents .........................993 Water Emergency.......................939


Illustrations by Maha AlKhalawi

Useful Information Settling In



By Sobia Javed

In this month’s issue, we are going to highlight the main cultural differences that expats come across between the West and Jeddah. We will draw attention to these to help you avoid making any embarrassing faux pas. * Having guests over

* Soles of feet

Remember that residences are usually designed to cater for gender segregated events. Don’t expect to sit with your wife at a new friends house if you’re invited for tea or a meal.

The sole of your foot is found to be culturally offensive if it is facing an individual.

* Shaking hands with women

You’re not married, which means you’re... yes, single. But that doesn’t mean you can sit in the ‘singles’ section in restaurants if you’re a women. The single section normally refers to men without any female companions. Women always get the luxury of sitting in the ‘families’ section which is usually more comfortable and better laid out anyway.

There are several styles of greetings used; it is best to wait for your counterpart to initiate the greeting. Women shaking hands with a woman is fine, but the opposite gender, especially if they aren’t immediately related, can become a very offensive situation. Stay safe and keep your hands to yourself! A more traditional greeting between men involves grasping each other’s right hand, placing the left hand on the other’s right shoulder and exchanging kisses on each cheek.

* Asking a man about his mum/wife’s health Be wary of asking how a man’s female relatives (mother, wife, etc.) are doing. It might be best to remain general and ask how the ‘family’ is doing, rather than mentioning names.

* Men and malls During the evening s and especially weekends, groups of young male adults may be refrained from entering shopping malls. Women won’t be stopped so shop till you drop! 8


* ‘Singles’ Section

* Driving! The authorities are always thinking of different ideas to improve the driving around Jeddah, but until then, just take with a pinch of salt, it’s just the way people drive! You may see a few heated arguments but it will very rarely get into a full on brawl, unlike the West!

* If they flash you, they are not giving way! In the West, you’re normally flashed at by another vehicle if they want to give you way. Here, it’s the opposite, you could translate it to ‘don’t you dare!’

* The left hand The left hand is considered unclean - avoid gestures with the left hand. Do not point at another person and do not eat with the left hand.

* Hand in hand You may have seen this many a time; men walking hand in hand, this just means friendship here.

* Gifts Gifts are not necessary, but appreciated. Avoid admiring an item too much, you host may feel obligated to give it to you. If you find yourself in this situation, be careful not to accept too readily as this may be considered rude. However, if the giver is insistent, it is impolite to refuse.

* Men should not wear shorts (although many do!) You may have heard this many a time that men aren’t allowed to wear shorts. Men wearing shorts is becoming more common but to stay on the safe side, wear 3¼ lengths that cover your knees. So there you have it, based on the cultural differences highlighted on various consulate websites, we’ve narrowed them down to a few which you need to keep in mind. Remember that Jeddah is a very cosmopolitan city and the people are very welcoming to foreigners, which mean they expect you to make some unintentional mistakes. It’s always best to be on the safe side though!

If you’ve already come across some, or made some cheek reddening gaffes yourself, do write in to us at , and we will publish them (pseudo names used if you prefer!) DESTINATION JEDDAH 9

In The


The Presidential Summit On Entrepreneurship: A New Beginning By Dina Ismail

On April 26 and 27th, five Saudis began a journey to Washington D.C. The purpose of this journey was not only to celebrate their entrepreneurial accomplishments and meet other like-minded individuals; but also to meet President Barack Obama at a two day event entitled ‘The Presidential Summit For Entrepreneurship.” The concept of the summit was introduced in President Obama’s “A New Beginning Speech”, which took place in Cairo in 2009. Aimed at creating bridges and strengthening relationships between the United States and Muslim-majority countries, the summit invited 150 delegates from around the world to represent their countries, industries, and communities.

Jerry Yang, CEO and Chief Yahoo 10 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Maria Mahdaly, Muna Al-Amer, Lamees Al-Mufti, and Waleed Banawi were among those selected to represent entrepreneurship within the Kingdom. In the spirit of a diverse market and community, each of these individuals has contributed to their communities in very different ways but all have left their mark as forces to be reckoned with in the business future.

Session with Mr Fadi Ghandour founder of Aramex and Dr Naief Al Mutawaa, founder of “The 99” comics

The Saudi delegates

Mahdaly is the founder of, an organization that promotes the development of a youth culture based on social responsibility and organizes events based on this concept. Al-Amer is the head of the recycling and Model United Nations club at Dar Al-Hekma College. Her colleague, Lamees Al-Mufti is the founder of “Be The Change”, a home-based business that aims to improve the motivation and morale of the youth by creating t-shirts with motivational sayings and quotes. Waleed Banawi, noted Saudi businessman, is the Vice Chariman of Banawi Industrial Group, a product of entrepreneurship reaching back into the 1980s. President Obama spoke about the unifying motivations of entrepreneurship and how these motivations are universal – not restrained by race, religion, or ethnicity. “But we’ve come together today because of what we share -- a belief that we are all bound together by certain common aspirations. To live with dignity. To get an education. To live healthy lives. Maybe to start a business, without having to pay a bribe to anybody. To speak freely and have a say in how we are governed. To live in peace and security and to give our children a better future.”

With Dr Iman Bibars, Vice President, Ashoka

With Professor Muhammad Yunus

With Secretary Hillary DESTINATION JEDDAH 11

In The


A Man & His Camera:

Yann Jules Gayet

By Dina Ismail

Saudi Arabia is a kingdom of far-reaching history and forgotten heritage. Many Saudis are sadly unaware of the historical and geographical treasures our country has to offer, which is why it is such a pleasant surprise that French photographer, Yann Jules Gayet has delved into the mysteries of Saudi Arabia perhaps more so than many before him. Through his photography, Gayet has produced some of the most stunning works that Destination Jeddah has had the pleasure of sharing with readers. 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Handcraft, worker’s hand, restoration of an old house, Al-Balad, Jeddah

Drawn to the Kingdom by his love for Arabic and sense of obligation to correct his perceptions of this much-misunderstood culture, Gayet laughed as he recalled the circumstances that brought him to Jeddah. “I remember telling a friend, that as much as I enjoy the Arabic language and Arab countries, that Saudi Arabia was the last place I wanted to visit in the Middle East. Two weeks later, I was offered a job by the French consulate in Jeddah and I didn’t hesitate in coming.” Gayet’s images, spanning the remotest areas of the Kingdom, from Hofuf to Taif, and from Jizan to Jebel Shada, are at times hauntingly beautiful, dramatic, and humorous but above all, they are thoughtprovoking. His work captures the layers of Saudi Arabia that are not seen in everyday life, or are taken for granted by those who live here. Images we’ve all seen before, such as Farasan Islands or the ruins of Mada’in Saleh are captured through his lens and given new life. In his three years in the Kingdom, Gayet has explored regions of the Kingdom armed only with his camera and directions from Google Earth. The soft-spoken Frenchman professed his love for landscapes and wildlife, but admitted that he prefers portraits. Initially shy when it came to portraits, Gayet

discussed how his time in Jeddah has helped him to tackle them head on. “In Saudi Arabia, you are forced to make contact with people in order to take their photograph for a portrait. [You must] create confidence in order to ask their permission and this teaches you to create straightforward contact. [This skill] is among the most precious I have learned in my travels.” Gayet returns to France this month with three years worth of images to add to his memories of his time here. With his departure, he leaves a message: to honor the past through preservation and remembrance, not just simply through one-dimensional restoration. “Patrimony is not just stones. It is skills, and culture, and a way of life. It cannot be accomplished merely through photography or restoration, and it means a lot to a people’s identity. This heritage is very fragile.” As Saudi Arabia bids farewell to this extraordinary individual, we would do well to remember that some of our most valuable resources in maintaining our heritage are just as likely to be found in the perceptions and experiences of others as they are in stones and mortar. Perhaps along with his images, this is the real gift that Gayet leaves us with. DESTINATION JEDDAH 13


His Lens


Adenium arabiscum, Jebel Shada, province of Al-Baha


Bani malik, Wadi Lajab, Jizan province


Ruppell’s weaver, Dhee ‘Ayn, province of Al-Baha

Birkat al-Khuraba, Darb Zubayda (old pilgrim’s route from Iraq to Mekka). This pool was used for ritual bath at the entrance of the Miqat of Mekka.



Bani Zahran, oasis of Dhee 窶連yn, province of Al-Baha


Events Events & & Happenings Happenings

GIORDANO: 15 YEARS IN SAUDI ARABIA: Leading casual wear brand, Giordano Fashions recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in the Kingdom through a fundraising campaign to support the Disabled Children’s Association. The campaign, which lasted one month, offered customers gift cards in values of SR 5 for every SR 100 spent in-store which they could choose to to spend at Giordano or to donate to the Disabled Children’s association. The campaign raised SR 125,000 for the Association, emphasizing

ANNUAL CHILDREN’S BAZAAR AT HELP CENTER: The Help Center held its annual bazaar on May 11 - 12 and show-cased the many of the children’s artwork including pottery,drawing, handicrafts, weaving. Open to the general public as well the children and parents, this event celebrating a child’s creativity was enjoyed by all. The Help Center is a private non-profit center dedicated to welfare of children with mental disabilities from birth to 18 years of age.

‫ حيث مت‬، ‫ ابريل البازار ال�سنوي‬12 ،11 ‫عقد مركز العون يف‬ ‫ت�سليط ال�ضوء على العديد من الأعمال الفنية للأطفال مبا يف ذلك‬ ‫ ما متيز به بان�ضمام‬.‫ احلرف اليدوية والن�سيج‬،‫ الر�سم‬،‫الفخار‬ .‫العديد من الأطفال والأباء والأمهات‬ 20 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Giordano’s commitment to social responsible. “With our success, we do not forget that we have to do our part in sharing with the community. It is our pleasure to go hand-in-hand with our customers to raise funds in support of the Disabled Children’s Association,” said Mr. Ishwar Chugani, Executive Director of Giordano MENA.

‫ عام ًا بوجودها يف ال�سعودية ب�إن�شاء‬15 ‫احتفلت جيوردانو مبرور‬ ‫حملة جلمع التربعات ل�صالح جمعية الأطفال املعوقني �ضمن‬ .‫اجلهود التي تبذلها ال�شركة لتقدمي الأف�ضل دائم ًا للمجتمع‬

PANASONIC: LUMIX CAMERAS CATER TO EVERY LEVEL OF PHOTOGRAPHER: Al-Esayi Electronics, exclusive agent for Panasonic in the Kingdom, recently launched its newest range of LUMIX digital cameras and full-HD camcorders in Saudi Arabia. The new LUMIX range boasts unique technology developed by Panasonic including the new high quality Leica lens, GPS technology, and HD video-recording, among other groundbreaking features. LUMIX cameras takes the hassle out of taking pictures and videos and truly appeal to every kind of photographer, JUFFALI TO SUPPLY MERCEDES-BENZ CARS TO SAPTCO LIMO: Juffali Automotive Company, the exclusive dealer of Mercedes-Benz cars in Saudi Arabia, signed an agreement with the Saudi Public Transport Company (SAPTCO) for the delivery of 20 Mercedes-Benz cars model S-Class 2010. The deal includes the supply of Maybach cars and Mercedes-Benz cars models R350, GL450, and E300. Services are now available in the Western Region (Jeddah, Makkah, Madina) as part of SAPTCO luxury coaches services provided to pilgrims, Umrah performers and other tourists from inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

LINDT CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE - THE BIGGEST CHOCOLATE CAMEL: Vienna Cafe hosted Lindt Chocolate Festival, where visitors experienced the smooth, silky, sweet and sumptuous flavors of Lindt Swiss Chocolate. At the venue, Lindt Master Chocolatier

from amateur to professional. “The new cameras are packed with features that allow customers to take high quality videos and photos with ease,” said Hidfomi Kawakita, General Manager, Panasonic Marketing Middle East, KSA Office. “Stylish, compact and easy to use, we recommend these cameras for anyone who wants to enjoy HD image quality.

‫ الوكيل احل�صري لبانا�سونيك يف‬،‫�أطلق العي�سائي لاللكرتونيات‬ ‫ جمموعة من �أحدث كامريات لوميك�س الرقمية وكامريات‬،‫اململكة‬ .‫الفيديو عالية الدقة الكاملة يف اململكة العربية ال�سعودية‬

‫وقعت �شركة ابراهيم اجلفايل و �شركة �سابتكو عقد ًا يتم مبوجبه‬ ‫�سيارة مر�سيد�س لتن�ضم �إىل �أ�سطول �سابتكو ليمو التي مت‬20 ‫توفري‬ ‫ت�أ�سي�سها لتوفري ال�سيارات الفاخرة بال�سائقني للعمالء الراغبني يف‬ .‫احل�صول على خدمة مميزة‬

demonstrated his art of making chocolate through an unforgettable experience. Visitors have also enjoyed the biggest chocolate camel with a life size of 2.5 meter tall. The festival was inaugurated by The General Consul of Switzerland.

.‫ حيث ا�ستمتع الزوار بتذوق �سال�سة و نعومة نكهات �شوكوالته ليندت ال�سوي�سرية‬،‫ا�ست�ضاف مقهى فيينا يف فندق الهيلتون مهرجان �شوكوالته ليند‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 21

SONY ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF CREATIVE SCIENCE AWARDS: On May 19th, the awards ceremony of the 6th annual Sony Creative Science Award was held at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce. An initiative launched by Sony Gulf Co. and Modern Electronics Company Ltd. in 2005, the contest requires participants to invent a game that reflects at least one scientific principle. Sarah Al-Omari from Al-Jazirah Schools received the first prize for her robotic

coffee-serving waiter and Mohannad AlSherif (Al-Shoura School) placed second with his Electric Tissue Dispenser. The event was held under the patronage of HRH Prince Mohammad Khaled Al-Abdullah Al-Faisal, president and CEO of Al-Faisaliah Group and was attended by Bader Al-Swailem, MD, Modern Electronics Company Ltd. and Mr. Taro Kimura, GM of Sales and Marketing of ME Company Ltd. and Sony representative in the Kingdom.

ROYAL RACER: PRINCE ABDULAZIZ TURKI AL-FAISAL TESTS IN FORMULA 2: Red Bull driver, Prince Abdulaziz Turki AlFaisal has recently completed testing of the Formula 2 car in Bedford, United Kingdom. This is following a successful season in the Porsche GT3 Middle East Challenge. Formula 2, which is the stepping stone to Formula One,

is the future of high-end motorsport racing; Al-Faisal tested the Williams JPH1B F2 Car, which features ground effect aerodynamics and a sophisticated composite survival cell. AlFaisal completed 74 laps (almost 2 full races) in a single day and as the first Saudi Red Bull athlete, has passed an important milestone in his racing career.

‫ وهي مبادرة �أطلقتها �شركة �سوين اخلليج‬.‫عقد �سوين حفل توزيع اجلوائز ال�سنوية ال�ساد�س جائزة الإبداع العلمي يف الغرفة التجارية بجدة‬ .2005 ‫والإلكرتونيات احلديثة املحدودة يف عام‬

‫ حيث كان بعد مو�سم‬.‫ اململكة املتحدة‬، ‫ يف بيدفورد‬2 ‫ م�ؤخ ًر اختبار لل�سيارة الفورموال‬،‫ �سائق ريد بل‬،‫�أجنز الأمري عبدالعزيز تركي الفي�صل‬ .‫ حتدي ال�شرق الأو�سط‬GT3 ‫ناجح يف بور�شه‬ 22 DESTINATION JEDDAH

HRH PRINCE NAWAF BIN FAISAL INAUGURATES DAIHATSU - ALRIYADI NEWSPAPER SPL WINNERS: HRH Prince Nawaf Bin Faisal has inaugurated Daihatsu-Alriyadi Saudi Premier League (SPL) 2010 winners. The best goal keeper was Waleed Abdullah from Al Shabab. Best defender title was given to Osama Hawsawi from Al Hilal, while best med-field player was awarded to Mohammad Noor from Al Ittihad. Best offender went to Vector from Al Ahli. SPL 2010 Season Scorer was awarded to Mohammad Al Sahlawi from Al Nasr.

‫ �سيارات (دايهات�سو‬8‫توج �صاحب ال�سمو امللكي الأمري نواف بن في�صل بن فهد الفائزين بلقب جنوم املو�سم الكروي اجلاري يف ال�سعودية بـ‬ .‫عبد اللطيف جميل) بح�ضور كوكبة من الريا�ضيني‬-‫ترييو�س) وك�ؤو�س ذهبية خالل احلفل اخلتامي مل�سابقة (دايهات�سو‬

CASTROL INAUGURATES WINNERS OF THE SAUDI STARS PROGRAM: After days of hard work, the perseverance has finally paid off. The Saudi Stars Team won the game against the Brazilian Coaches Team, which led the Saudis to secure an astonishing total of six seats in the Annual Training Program of Brazilian Football Skills. Castrol, the sponser of the event, will support the winners during their journey to be a world-class football players. This program is supported by HRH Prince Khalid Al Faisal, Makkah Al Mukarramah Principal.

‫ الذي قاد ال�سعوديني لت�أمني من جمموع �ستة مقاعد يف برنامج‬،‫ فاز جنوم املنتخب ال�سعودي املباراة �ضد فريق املدربني الربازيلي‬،‫بعد �أيام من العمل ال�شاق‬ .‫التدريب ال�سنوي ملهارات كرة القدم الربازيلية‬

EVERY TEAM NEEDS A SHIRT WITH A STORY: Sports apparel giant Adidas has launched the new federation kits for the world’s top football teams participating in the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup, which will also be available for purchase for all football enthusiasts in the region. The kits for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ display the official attire of European teams – Germany, France and Spain – in addition to Argentina and Mexico from Latin America and the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ hosts, South Africa. Each kit tells

a story woven into the design of the jersey. All of this is done without jeopardizing the comfort level of Adidas signature of CLIMACOOL®, the technology which keeps heat and sweat off the player’s skin.

‫�أطلقت �شركة اديدا�س املالب�س الريا�ضية العمالقة يف جمموعات جديدة‬ ‫الحتاد فرق كرة القدم يف العامل امل�شاركني يف قمة املقبلة ك�أ�س العامل‬ ‫ والتي �سوف تكون متاحة �أي�ضا ل�شراء جلميع ع�شاق‬، ‫ لكرة القدم‬2010 .‫كرة القدم يف املنطقة‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 23

A TOUCH OF FINE ITALIAN JEWELERIES IS AT JEDDAH’S FINEST MALL: Pomellato, a renowned Italian jewelery company, had held an exclusive event at its boutique on Star’s Avenue. The venue had a complete VIP setup from a red carpet to a violinist playing classical compositions.

Attendees were encouraged to to play dress-up as they decorated themselves with the latest in European jewelry design. Two new collections were introduced at this venue, Capri and Bahia. Capri presented two new gemstones in the delicate shades of a translucent light blue while the Bahia presented bold, colorful cocktail rings and earrings.

.‫ لعر�ض جمموعتيها كابري و به ّية‬،‫ منا�سبة خا�صة يف البوتيك الواقع يف �ستارز �أفينيو‬، ‫ �شركة املجوهرات الإيطالية‬،Pomellato ‫�أقامت‬ .‫حيث مت ا�ست�ضافة الكثري من كبار �شخ�صيات �سيدات املجتمع‬

IZONE’S SIXTH STORE IN SAUDI ARABIA OPENS IN RIYADH : On May 20th, Izone has inaugurated it’s first retail store in Riyadh opened at Panorama Mall. Located in the heart of the city’s shopping district, the store features a unique modern design, the full Apple product range and the best

accessories available in the market. In addition, a service center will offer training courses, and much more to the Riyadh community.

‫ حيث‬.‫ الريا�ض‬،‫ �أول متجر له يف جممع بانوراما‬Izone ‫افتتح‬ ‫ظهرت املالمح الع�صرية الفريدة يف ت�صميم املعر�ض الذي يقدم‬ .‫جميع منتجات �آبل و �أف�ضل االك�س�سوارات املتاحة يف ال�سوق‬

A TOUCH OF ELEGANCE WITH FENICI: On May 16th, Riyadh had a touch of exotic elegance with the World Famous Designer, Michael Fenici. Fenici, who is originally Lebanese, had launched his new suits line at Al Faislaiyah Hotel. All designs are made with top notch exquisite materials. The venue was attended by Royals and selected press members.

‫ بع�ض من‬،‫ مايكل فينيت�شي‬،‫عر�ض اخلياط العاملي اللبناين الأ�صل‬ ‫ خالل حفل‬،‫يف الريا�ض‬ ،‫ت�صاميمه التي ات�صفت بالطابع الكال�سيكي‬ ‫ والأقم�شة النادرة التي‬،‫تد�شني جمموعة �شركة فينيت�شي بال�سعودية‬ .%100 ‫تتميزبن�سيجها الطبيعي‬ 24 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Mark Your Calendar June2010 June 1 - 2 ‘Mughal Delights’

A themed mélange of custom fabric art ranging from Mughal to vintage, an ethnic blend with an eclectic touch, is a solo art exhibition created by Jeddah based artist April Tosch. The Mughal Court Boutique, which is part of the exhibition, will offer a truly immersive experience. Venue: Park Hyatt Jeddah - Andalusia Restaurant. Email:

June 1 - 2 Sponsorship Opportunities

Venue: Jeddah Hitlon. Website:

June 1 - 10 Illuminating the Word Exhibition Invitation

Under the patronage of Barakat Trust and the Maharat Center ,Tajammul Hussain is presenting his stunning pieces which visually interpret the verses of the Quran. Proceeds of exhibition will go towards supporting artists research and documentation work on the art of illumination of the the Quran. Venue: ATHR Gallery 5th floor Business Center – Wing B, Serafi MegaMall. Tel: +966-2-2845009 Mob: +966-568658888 Website: Email:

June 1 - 19 An Art Exhibition From The Arab World

Jeddah Atelier will be holding an exhibition of pieces inspired by the Arab world. Backed by Nadia Al-Zuhair Zahid, the exhibition will take place over twenty days, beginning on Sunday, 30 May at 8:30 PM Venue: Jeddah Atlier - Nazer Center, Tahlia St. (1 PM - 10 PM) Tel: +966-2-664 0710

June 2 Sotra Opening Don’t miss the official opening of Sotra store. It will take place on Wednesday, 2 June at Ana Special Mall. They will be featuring their 2010 Pre-Ramadan thobe collection along with other casual and formal clothing. Sotra’s new working hours will be Saturday to Thursday from 6 - 10 PM Venue: Ana Special Mall.

June 7 - 9 Cityscape Saudi Arabia 2010 Cityscape Jeddah is an annual networking exhibition and conference focusing on all aspects of the real estate development cycle. The event will provide a platform for international real estate projects to showcase themselves to Saudi Arabian investors. Venue: Jeddah International Exhibition & Convention Centre. Website: Website: Tel: +966-2-6546384

June 9 The Book Signing Ceremony for Colorful Emotions by Saleh A. Bogary Interested in an autograph by a famous writer? Then you are cordially invited to attend the book signing ceremony for colorful emotions by Saleh A. Bogary on Wednesday, June 9th at 9:15 PM. (Seating for females is available). Venue: Bridges - Arafat St. , next to Al Hamra hospital. Email: Mob: +966-504310060

June 11 - 13 The Soft Hands Are Back to Jeddah! This venue supports producing family. You can find a wide collection of home-made products including garments, home accessories and novelties. Venue: Jeddah Hilton. Email: Mob: +966-561177280

June 22 - 24 The First Safety Symposium in Skydiving In the Middle East and Asia

This event will cover safety policies and procedures as related to skydiving and will feature lectures and demonstrations. Contact: Mubarak Al-Swilim Email: OR Register through the website DESTINATION JEDDAH 25

By Rayan Nawawi

Special Places

Beiut Al Badiyah: Where Bedouin culture, comes to life

As you step inside ‘Beiut Al Badiyah’, which roughly translates into ‘houses of (the desert?)’, you are greeted with a splash of colors. On a closer look, the colors transform into distinct Bedouin handicrafts comprising useful day-to-day articles as well as those for home furnishings. By Afifa Jabeen Quraishi

Specializing in traditional Arabic style wedding décor, this store on Sitteen Street is packed with vibrant collections of wall clocks, handbags, curtains, necklaces, water bottle bags, jewelry boxes, cushions, TV stands, coffee pots, table covers, etc. – all done in traditional style.

what exactly was ‘Bedouin’ about the cloth, the storekeeper explained that only its design (or print) is Bedouin and that the material is actually imported from Syria and China. A variety of such clothing is available for individuals to choose from when ordering for their custom-made tents and other products.


‘Bayt shaar’ or out-of-doors tent – the size of a room or more – is perfect for an outdoor event and comes with a ‘guarantee’ against rain and storm.

By Hashim Ainousa

By Rayan Nawawi

What first caught our attention was the ‘khaima’ – a nomadic tent style of Bedouin tribes – used even today, especially in weddings. The tent is made of traditional hand-woven Bedouin clothing, which sells for SR120-180 per meter. On enquiring

By Silwan Eshki

By Silwan Eshki

Small multicolored squares of embroidered mats used for holding hot dallah pots and trendy bread baskets are a good buy if you want to make a statement at your next tea or dinner party.

By Rayan Nawawi

to the storekeeper, a popular item with the locals; ‘girba’ – original goat’s skin water bags used for making laban, ghee, etc. Though none of these are used for their actual purposes today, they are no less than pieces of art and hence make a potential collector’s item.

By Rayan Nawawi

Preserving ancient heritage and culture, the exquisite antiquities in the store were the highlight of our visit. Some of these include: ‘karoon’ – a golden chest adorned with Arabic verses that was used for smoking hookah, cooking meat, etc. in the olden days, and these are priced at SR1000, SR4000 and SR10,000 depending on the size; ‘mehmaas’ – a special metallic pan that was used to toast coffee over coals; ‘zeer’ – a clay pot that keeps food and water cool and according

All in all, Biout Al Badiyah is worth checking out. However, you will be in for a disappointment if you are looking for authentic Bedouin stuff because all articles in the store are imported from Syria, Pakistan, China and India, and so lack the touch of the ‘real’ thing.


Al-Rawi A Saudi Story-teller with a new dimension By Serene Feteih

Fahmi clearly has a talent for expressing vivid descriptions and surreal settings in his book, moving from one chapter to the other leaving you with thoughts to meditate on. The characters on the other hand are inspired from Fahmi’s real life in one way or another, and one can relate to one or more of the characters as you read along through the chapters.

“It was a quiet night. All were asleep in the mansion with the exception of one. No one wandered the dim-lit halls apart from the young boy creeping down the large stairs, making his way to the ground floor.” I received a Facebook invitation to join a group named “The End of The Fall.” The title on its own led to my curiosity. Upon reading the first paragraph of this novel I was immediately glued to the screen.

Mostafa Fahmi, a 29 year old employee in a business company, raised by parents to have a passion and love for reading books, is ‘AlRawi’ or ‘The Storyteller’.

At the age of 20, inspired by all his readings and imagination, Fahmi started writing “The End of The Fall.” Working on this project for the last 7 years as a personal hobby, Fahmi was encouraged to go public with his writings after sharing it with several friends and family members. “I never really planned to go public with it, but after creating a Facebook group and hundreds of fans joined within a matter of days, I reconsidered the idea”. 28 DESTINATION JEDDAH

“I hope that this book will encourage our teens and society to enjoy reading and make it a daily habit.” Fahmi said, “Reading outside of school should be mandatory. Reading since I was a child has made me the person that I am today.” Fahmi shares his personal thoughts and stories in this book with a vision to convey certain meanings and morals, especially to teen readers. The book clearly resembles some style from the stories of “The Lord of The Ring” and the Harry Potter series, but this book has our Arab culture, our morals our traditions. Although having had offers from Egypt and Lebenon to publish his book , Fahmi insists on having it published from Saudi. “It was quite disappointing to see this novel rejected by several publishing houses here in Jeddah with the excuse that fantasy novels are not big here and that we are not a reading society”. Yet Fahmi remains confident and optimistic that his novel will open a door of inspiring young creative writers in our society and the Arab world. After reading several of his chapters, I can say that we will no doubt see “The End of The Fall” on the bookstore shelves one day…soon.

Be sure to join the group on Facebook: “The End of The Fall.”

Arts &

Entertainment Gallery

Tajammul Hussain

ILLUMINATING THE WORD Mohammad and the Four Khalifas


The Jeddah art world is in for treat this month with the visit of Tajammul Hussain, a calligrapher, who is holding an exhibition entitled ‘Illuminating The Word’ at Athr Gallery.

Through the 33 pieces that will be featured in the exhibition, Hussain aims to express the verses of the Quran visually and connect calligraphy and illumination through the traditional Arabic scripts (kufic, thulth, muhaqqaq). His pieces are tactile, as Hussain often utilizes different papers, and textures and wrought with the symbolism of colors. Geometric shapes and intricate patterns frame the verses, rather than detracting from them and the calligraphy is truly beautiful to behold

Hussain is a lecturer in the art of Quran and teaches at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, both at graduate and postgraduate levels in the UK- quite a change from his initial callings a Chartered Accountant. Taught the art of Arabic calligraphy in 1978, Hussain has had numerous exhibitions all around the world including the UK, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia.

The exhibition will start on May 18th, 2010 until June 10, 2010. Location: 5th floor Business Centre, Wing B. Serafi Mega Mall. Tahlia St. Tel/Fax: +966-2-2845009 Mob:+966 56 865 8888 Website: Email: Surrah Alfatiha


Arts &


To Read or Not To Read?

By Naeema Faroogi

That is the question…but from the perspective of Jeddah’s population it is certainly not the case! Although the first words which came to us through Quran were Iqra, read, we are far from following the golden words. We would do anything else but read. Shopping is a passion which is fervently followed for instance! This is followed closely by bbming Next to follow is networking, talking or just engaging in useless girgir about who is doing what, where and when. Jeddawis follow the mantra: my business is what is your business! Keeping up with these full and hectic lifestyles who has the time to open a book, sit and read when there is so many more exciting things going on? Yes, books and reading are not valued enough and under marketed and unfortunately to be seen reading is a dying trend. Come on, let’s be honest, how many people in our daily lives in Jeddah do we see reading? (We are not counting people pretending to read in coffee shops here!). If reading was a trend catching, which I wish it was, then I would dream. I would imagine in that dream to see a bookstore in every mall we have in Jeddah or better still even a small library in every mall. Imagine just by this one sentence how many bookstores I just established already! We could have these bookstores brimming with Arabic and English books. This place would be a haven of knowledge, conjuring up images and stories in our minds to go with words transporting us to different parts 30 DESTINATION JEDDAH

of the world in a variety of time zones. Building a rich base of information on which we could base our experiences and have in depth conversations. This would be strictly a place for book lovers and those who have potential for exploiting it…but without the expensive coffee! Better still, if you are a student, then maybe a 25% discount will be given to encourage you to visit often. As I drift off into this dreamland I also see some old bookshops too, like we had back home in my city Islamabad. It was not 3eb, (aeb) to buy used books, and in fact it was a very lucrative business for those running it. As a teenager and later as a professional I used to frequent these bookshops and it was always busy with loads of customers. I would find books on design, textbooks, recipe books, novels, magazines and so much more. Knowledge was to be kept in circulation so when I would finish I could go back and resell them again….and someone else could benefit from them too! Books and reading here may need better positioning yet, we need to encourage more reading too, supply and demand has to be created because to lead: we must read. We need to turn the page over from being a goods-driven economy to a knowledgedriven economy and realize that books will help us get there. Not all answers can be found on Google and Wikipedia, some thoughts have to be dug deep by discovering the wonders of the written word whether it is on paper or on Kindle.


Jeddah’s Talent Show 2010 By Rima Al-Mukhtar

Supporting talents and gifts, Effat University held a talent competition for female students from all colleges and universities sessions on Thursday.

The event was a competition between eighteen different talents where at the end The University distributed gifts to the top five winners. Effat University acknowledged Destination Jeddah’s and support for undiscovered young talent and asked the CEO of Rumman Company, Enas Hashani to be the Judge of this competition. The show was sponsored by which is a group that focuses on developing a socially responsible youth culture through events and its interactive website. The talent show was a nonstop stage performance where the students sang, danced, acted, and played on different instruments and other activities to showcase their unique talent. The performers were full of energy and joy which made this event fresh and alive. The audience was very impressed of the hidden talents performing before them, so they cheered, applauded and whistled at every session. However, it would have been much better if they had paid more attention to the performance rather than talk and make noises all the time. The number one winner was Lorean, a student at Dar AlHekma, who played the piano and received a crystal microphone trophy. “We thought that this young lady played the piano beautifully and she might have a bright future of playing this classic music instrument,” said Hashani. “There should be more talent shows like this. It is a great way that young Saudi women can spend their time developing their gifts and talents while sharing it with people who would appreciate it.” she added.

Smart Women Finish


By Sharia Walker

Are you ready to become more financially independent? Are you ready to take control over your own finances? David Bach is a financial planner who knows how to get women interested in becoming financially independent through a series of practical and doable steps. If you are looking for answers to all your moneyrelated questions, this may be just the book for you. Smart Women Finish Rich is different from other financial books in that it offers wise insight about both the intellectual and emotional relationship women have with money. Most of us believe in the fallacy that we need more money to have more money. However, Bach provides practical checklists, financial plans and addresses issues of saving, investing, writing wills, insurances and retirement plans. One thing that is evident when reading this book was that, how much you get from this book depends on how much you put into it.

So when you’re reading this book make sure you have a pen and a note pad with you. Although the book may not make you an instant millionaire, it will definitely set you on the path. An aspect of the book that will really appeal to the financially clueless is how to save money by cutting out little things that you don›t need (e.g. a daily cup of coffee and muffin from a café will come to a total of SR 800 per month, or SR 9600 a year!). The book also asks that you identify why money is important to you. What are you hoping to achieve by making more money or organizing your finances? By identifying your motivations, you can determine which areas you need to focus on.


Arts &

Entertainment Family Fun

JeddahUnited Sporting a cause By Serene Feteih

Learning to love sports is one of the most priceless values parents can instill in their children’s life. Not only will it result in a healthy life, but also discipline, teamwork, patience and ambition. Lina Almaeena, who comes from a family who love sports, has played basketball since high school. She said she was inspired by her uncle at a young age and meeting sports celebrities like Mohammad Ali, Imran Khan and Hakeen Olajuwon. “After (my) marriage, moving back to Saudi and having my first baby in 2003, I suffered from postpartum depression. My husband was very supportive and arranged for a private family court where I could play basketball with my family and friends under the name of Jaguars,” Almaeena said. “In 2005, I started Jeddah United (JU), with a bigger vision in mind. We grew from a women’s team to (a) league of both girls and boys of different ages to the first sports company that trains hundreds of players to promote sports, sportsmanship and organize sports events with social messages like the Anti-Smoking Sports Day, Drink Milk Tournament, Father and Son Tournament and Friends of Hawazin Cancer Compassion Tournament.”

Photos courtesy of Jeddah United

“Of course with every dream (there is an) obstacle (to) overcome. Mine was a lack of qualified coaches, limited referees and facilities. Also, media and our society view (female) sports as immoral or not part of our religious culture. My aim is to promote sports nationwide, within the framework of our religion and change the stereotypes of women’s sports locally and of Saudi women internationally,” she said. In addition to her family’s support several companies sponsored JU’s events such as; Pepsi, Mazda, Al-Baik, Al-Shifa Honey, Luna, Watani and Aramex. JU was the first Saudi team featured on TV to play overseas in Jordan against Shabab Al-Udrun and Al-Riyadi Aramex Club.


Almaeena has started the Khobar United branch with partner and executive director Nasreen Almaeena. Lina Almaeena said she plans to promote the culture of sports for men and women Kingdomwide, as well as establish Saudi women’s basketball on a national level. Recently, Almaeena spoke to the French Parliament about female sports options in Saudi Arabia and how they contribute to society at large. For more information please visit: Email: Facebook group: Jeddah United Sports Co.



Fun & Recreation

Museums & Art Venues

Arts & Entertainment

Directory Bookstores Al-Fanous Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6553897 Al-Khair Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6936318 Al-Maktaba Stores Tel: +966-2-6713143 Al-Obeikan Bookstore Tel: +966-2-6927018 / 920020209 Dar Al-Mareekh Bookstore Tel: +966-2-6524682 Jarir Bookstore Sari Street Tel: +966-2-6827666 Prince Sultan Street Tel: +966-2-4202050 Little Book Roshana Center Tel: +966-2-2634817 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754689 Madina Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6659045 Mamoun Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6446614 Mansour Bookstores Tel: +966-2-6985376 Tihama Bookstore Tel: +966-2-6444444 Rawaea Al-Maktabat Tel: +966-2-6827730 Virgin Tel: +966-2-2635084 Libraries CBA Library Tel: +966-2- 6900671

Dar Abdul-Qasim Tel: +966 2-6714793 Effat Library Tel: +966-2-6364300 Jeddah Public Library Tel: +966 2-6363920 Mirza Library Tel: +966-2-6726773 My Library Tel: +966-2-2631709 Fun & Recreation Al-Hokair Tel: +966-2-6836666 Al-Shallal Theme Park Tel: +966-2-6063993 Bowling City Tel: +966-2-6690800 Bowling World Tel: +966-2-6744545 Chucky Cheese’s Tel: +966-2-6062608 Color Me Mine Coral Mall Tel: +966-2-6640710 Funtime Pizza Tel: +966-2-6555992 Ice Land Tel: +966-2-6626666 IN10SO Tel: +966-2-2844992 Jungle Land Tel: +966-2-2881111 Kid’s Castle Tel: +966-2-6988000 Moon Toon Tel: +966-2-2844855 Oceanica Tel: +966-2-2150723 Smart Kid (Al-Hokair) Tel: +966-2-4202370

Sparks Tel: +966-2-6162144 Stationery Fantasies Tel: +966-2-6827730 Museums & Art Venues Al-Alamia Gallery Tel: +966-2-6635107 Art Frame Trading Est. Macarona st. Tel: +966-2-6722339 Al-Tayebat International City Museum for Sciences & Knowledge Al-Jazeerah st. Tel: +966-5-03601376 Darat Safeya Binzagr Tel: +966-2- 6571030 Ebdaa Gallery Center Tel: +966-2- 2154480 Jeddah Atelier Tel: +966-2-6640710 Jeddah Gallery of fine arts Tel: +966-2-6640710 Mansoojat Foundation

Darat Safeya Binzagr Art Gallery Tel: +966-2-6571030 Call or email to check opening and closing times. DESTINATION JEDDAH 33

Photos by Rayan Nawawi & Hashim Ainousa

Fashion & Shopping


A place for Trendsetters Jeddah’s favorites fashion boutique is all grown up! After four years in Le Mall on Tahlia Street, Newbury has waved goodbye to its original location and opened a brand new boutique at the upscale Stars Avenue. Situated alongside major international brands such as Carolina Herrera, Emilio Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Stella McCartney, Newbury is showing off its new face. 34 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The boutique has been completely redone. Going into the boutique you feel you have been teleported to Europe with its funky chandelier, feminine centerpieces, grand hot pink table and unique floral wallpapers. Since their days as college roommates back in Boston, Ghazal Kurdi & Nada Baeshen have always dreamed of opening a fashion boutique and bringing back to Jeddah a piece of Boston. That dream became a reality in 2006 when Newbury was born. “With age comes maturity and the design of the new boutique at Stars Avenue reflects our new mature style. Chic feminine, while maintaining the fun and edgy styles we are known for” said the girls of Newbury. The boutique offers shoppers an eclectic range of women’s fashion clothing and accessories. It is targeted towards trendsetters who are looking for the latest brands and are always up-to-date with what is happening in the fashion world. Even with its new look and upscale feel, Newbury’s long time fashionistas can continue to expect the original favorites such as Rachel Pally, Rebecca Taylor, Mara Hoffman, Prairie NY, Paige Denim, Saint Grace, T-bags, Velvet and more. The boutique is also introducing new tantalizing chic brands from Beyond Vintage, Halston Heritage, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Dress Gallery, Miss Ferriday and many more. Without a doubt, NEWBURY will continue to be the shopping heaven for Jeddah’s fashionistas.   Visit Newbury & indulge yourself...

Location: Stars Avenue, 2nd Floor, Sari Street & Al-Malek Road, Opening Hours: Sat - Thu: 10:00am - 12:30pm; 5:00pm - 11:00pm Fri: 5:00pm – 11:00pm DESTINATION JEDDAH 35


Payless ShoeSource: The Original Bargain Calling all bargain hunters/shoe-lovers! Payless, the famous discount footwear retailer, has come to Jeddah. By Dina Ismail

Known for its huge varieties and walletfriendly prices, Payless has made a foray into international expansion, recently opening at two new locations in Jeddah and one in Riyadh. In partnership with leading retail group, Alshaya Co., Payless is well known for its speciality family footwear and offers such brands as Airwalk®, Dexter®, Champion®, American Eagle by Payless and Zoe&Zac®. Collective Brands, Inc., owner of Payless ShoeSource, expressed their excitement in entering a new market. “We are excited to open our first-ever stores in the Middle East and to bring shoppers in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia all that Payless has to offer - great style, quality, and brand names - all at a great price,” said Matthew Rubel, Chairman, CEO, and president of Collective. Stylish shoes that won’t result in buyer’s remorse? Sounds pretty great to us! Payless ShoeSource is located at Hera’a Mall and on Tahlia St.


Destination Maternity:

Yummy Mummies


By Dina Ismail

Nothing beats the excitement of expecting a child. The joy of the first ultrasound, the awe of the first kick, the luminous glow. Nothing except discovering that your jeans no longer move up past your knees, and those cute little tanktops may as well be slingshots. Enter Destination Maternity! This leading maternity apparel retailer has finally touched down to Jeddah, much to the relief of fashionable expectant mothers everywhere. Offering speciality maternity brands such as A Pea in the Pod®, Destination Maternity®, and Oh Baby!™, this store will ensure that all mother-to-bes will look as good they feel. Stylish maxi-dresses, full coverage swimwear, maternity pants and more, being pregnant has never looked this good. Destination Maternity is located in Stars Avenue on Malik Rd.


SportsMANIA A Haven For Football Fans

By Dina Ismail

The aptly named Sports Mania store is not the first store in Jeddah to sell sports memorabilia to avid sports fans. However, it is the first to cater a new level of football fans, those whose passions for football run deep and true.

First opened in 2008 by enterprising siblings, Yasmin and Turki Bassri and Yasmin’s husband Mohamed Hefni, Sports Mania has a unique range of specialized merchandise that will send any respecting football fan reaching for his/her car keys and wallet immediately. With kitschy football player figurines and vintage jerseys, the store prides itself on providing fans with one of a kind merchandise.

“As the first specialized sports store in the Kingdom that caters exclusively to fans, Sports Mania has everything the football fan needs,” said Bassri. This is no empty statement – in addition to jerseys and figurines, Sports Mania also features the COPA collection, a line offering retro jerseys, printed football-inspired T-shirts, leather footballs and even watches. In short it is everything a football fan could want… and even a few things he or she didn’t know they want! Photos by Effat Sabban

Yasmin Bassri explained how the concept of Mania came to be – when returning from abroad, her husband and brother would often bring back the kinds of things now found in Sports Mania. Friends and family

became intrigued by the merchandise and quickly began requesting other football accessories from their next trip.


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The most specialized selection of necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks. The store designs are produced in and imported from Lebanon and Italy. Stones in Tones only uses semiprecious stones. Necklaces are priced at SR1400 while the silver cufflinks are priced at SR 550. Bracelets are priced at SR400 Location : Sabine ,Behind Chamelle Plaza, Villa 15, Al Shuhada St., Al Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-665-1572




Des Ottoman, the shop where one visit is never enough, has brought nicely crafted tea cup collections, home accessories and jewelry. The collection has tea cups and a sugar box. Prices range from SR250 to SR800 depending on the shape, color and style. In addition, the store imports unique souvenirs that will definitely garnish any house.

Location : Sabine ,Behind Chamelle Plaza, Al Hamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6651572

Every year, an exhibition named Maison Et Objet, takes place in Paris and offers luxurious collections of many types of accessories and home solutions. Only the most unique home accessories are displayed at the exhibition. Nada, the owner of Sabine, makes it her mission to visit this exhibition and personally select pieces to feature at Sabine. Drawn to beauty and rarity, Nada makes sure all of her offerings are unique and functional. So to avoid the hassle of travelling all the way to Paris, why not experience the beauty at Sabine, right here in Jeddah. Cups are priced at SR 400, the salt shakers are priced at SR 170 and the handle is priced at SR 120


Fashion & Shopping

TechTamer’s Gadgets

Hi, TechTamer here. I love gadgets and new technology designed to make everything a little bit easier. From Star Wars toasters to the latest smartphones, I’m all over it. If it blinks, bleeps or whistles I’ve probably seen it and played with it a little. Here’s a small selection of stuff that’s caught my eye this month.

50FPS Waterproof Sports Action Camera - DV-SPORT-H300 – SR 260

Dirt, Snow, Rain, or Shine, capture all the action with the ultimate, all-terrain digital video camera! It’s even WATERPROOF up to 3 meters with NO additional casing! With a new expanded 48 degree Field of Vies, the hands free digital video and audio captures all the thrill of your adventure in 640X480 VGA resolution (up to 30 frames per second) with the 32 MB internal memory (expandable to 2GB with built-in SD drive). Available at

Iomega eGo BlackBelt Portable Hard Drive - SR 649

Kick your digital storage up a notch with the new super-rugged Iomega eGo BlackBelt Portable Hard Drive. The Iomega Drop Guard Xtreme feature provides unparalleled ruggedness and protects your drive from a 7’ drop, over twice the industry average. And with 500GB of capacity, you’ll have lots of room for all your photos, music, and important files. Plus, the Iomega eGo BlackBelt Portable Hard Drive requires no external power supply and includes Iomega’s Protection Suite software to protect both your computer and data. Available at MeMega

Power Ball – SR 92

Powerball is the world’s most powerful hand gyroscope, generating speeds of over 16,000 rpm! Simply by starting up the Powerball in your hand and rotating your wrist faster you can develop incredible speeds and increase your strength. Powerball is seriously addictive for all ages, making it ideal for play, exercise, or fun competitions. Powerball is a dynamic and completely revolutionary new gyroscope that literally explodes with mind-numbing torque and inertia once you activate its internal rotor. Available at



ClamCase™ for iPad® - Hands free movie viewing Improve the “Magical” iPad® experience by enhancing protection, efficiency and ease of use with the ClamCase™ the all-in-one: keyboard, case and stand… with a sea of features under its shell. The chiclet style Bluetooth® keyboard offers a tactile feedback allowing you to compose and type quickly. The 360-degree torque hinges enable greater flexibility and fixed angles for featured modes of operation as the simple and sleek design of the ClamCase™ protects your iPad® from dents and dings. Designed to enhance the iPad® experience by providing a you-decide stand with an endless combination of positions to accommodate your desired tasks.

Nokia N8 Nokia’s latest smartphone, intuitively connects to the people, places and services that matter most. With the Nokia N8, people can create compelling content, connect to their favorite social networks and enjoy on-demand Web TV programs and Ovi Store apps. Available in selected markets during the third quarter of 2010, The Nokia N8 introduces a 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash and a large sensor that rivals those found in compact digital cameras. Additionally, the Nokia N8 offers the ability to make HD-quality videos and edit them with an intuitive built-in editing suite. Doubling as a portable entertainment center, people can enjoy HDquality video with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound by plugging into their home theatre system.

Horizon Fitness -SR 2950

Heavy-duty, 7 kg flywheel for fluid motion and 16 electronic resistance levels. The console provides you a specialist user friendly interface. A clear BlueBacklit console for all key feedback data, 12 programs, contact heart rate grips and wireless heart rate monitoring. 16 - inch stride (adjustable), with non-slip footpads. Available at Health Lines Tel: +966-2-6691849

Have something you want to share? E-mail me at : DESTINATION JEDDAH 43

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Sizing Chart US 23 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 Europe 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52

Women’s Shoes US Europe UK Japan

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27

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14 44 16 17

16 46 18 19

18 48 20 21

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Men’s shoes US Europe UK Japan

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5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 4.5 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 20 22 23 24 25 27 28 30 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Children’s Shoes (Youth) US UK Europe Japan

13 12.5 31 19

1 13.5 32 20

2 3 4 5 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 33 34 36 37 21 22 23 24

* Japanese sizes are measured in centimetres


Hera’a Intl.Center Jamjoom Souq Hera’a St. Street Palestine Tel: +966-2-6540097 Tel :+966-2-6685388 Dining: Al-Musbah, AlDining: Ice Cream Umda, Baskin Robbins, Movenpick. Cinnabon, Hot & Crispy, Shops: Abd Al-Samad Juice Island, Starbucks. Supermarket: Al-Qurashi for Danube. Perfumes, Shops: Adams, Al-Attar, Celio and Longen and Al-Dahham, Al-Humaidi, Dior, Cileo, Claire’s , Al-Maghrabi, Al-Mualim, Fareed Musalli for Gold Barkley, Benatton, Bershka, and Jewelery, Gazzaz Bhs, Celio, Claire’s, Diesel, for Perfumes and Make Esprit, Faces, Giordano, Guess, Health Lines, Jacadi, Up, Geox, Jennyfer, La Moda, La Senza, Mango, Kuwait Airlines, La Senza, Milano, Mothercare, Naomi, Malaysian Airlines, Marks Nectar, Next, Next Kids, & Spencer, Mikyaji Nina, Nine West, Panasonic, Milano Shoe, Promod, Mother Care, Paper Moon, Nayomi, Next, Nectar, Quick Silver, River Island, Sisley, Sony, The Body Aldo, Promod, Raymond Shop, U2, Zara,Starbucks, Zain, Zimas. Weil Watches, The Body Shop, The Jama’a Plaza International Jama’a Dist for Watches, Tokyo Games. Tel: +966-2-6024580 Shops: Adams, Camaieu Jeddah Charles Mall & Keith, Giordano, Tahlia Guess,Street La Senza, Mikyaji, Tel: +966-2-6678666 Nayomi, Promod, Sergent Major, A Loeil. Dining:Tape Al-Tajin, Basket of Cookies, Baskin Robbins, Jamjoom Center Costa Café, Cinnabon, Palestine St. Hawaii, Hijaziyat , Hot Tel: +966-2-6685388 & Crispy,Ice Joffrey’s, Dining: Cream Le Gadin Suzette, Mongo, Movenpick. Shops: AbdPanino’s, Al-SamadSteak AlPadovana, Qurashi for Perfumes, & Bake, Sushi King. Celio and Longen and Dior, Shops: Al-Musali & Al-Cileo, Claire’s , Fareed Musalli for Raies, Barakat Jewellery, Gold and Jewelery, Gazzaz Damas, Elite, and Eye2eye, for Perfumes Make Faces, Gosh, Karen Millen, Up, Geox, Jennyfer, Kuwait Airlines, La Senza, Malaysian Kipling, Luxury, Maria Airlines, Marks & Spencer, Pino, Naomi, Swatch, Mikyaji Trussardi, WAIPAI. Milano Shoe, Mother Care, Nayomi, Next, Nectar, La Promenade 2 Aldo, Promod, Raymond Tahlia Street Weil Watches, Starbucks, Tel: +966-2-6688737 The Body Shop, The Dining: Al-Forn, International for Carmel, Watches, Tokyo Gelato,Games. La Promenade Café, Lifestyles Café. Jeddah Mall Chic Shops: Budget, Tahlia St. Boutique, Chole, Femi.9, Tel: +966-2-6678666 Lerre, Lifestyles, Mavi, of Dining: Al-Tajin, Basket PaperMoon, Quik Sliver, Cookies, Baskin Robbins, Costa Café, Cinnabon, Roxy, Sport Look. Hawaii, Hijaziyat , Hot & 46 DESTINATION JEDDAH

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Debenhams, Diesel, Disigula, Dorthy Perkins, Forever21, Evans, Exit, Faces, Gap, GBK, Girls, H-Flow, H&M, Hokair, Hush Hush, I Style, Jennyfer, Kikik, La Senza, La Senza Gril, La Vie En Rose, Lady Bird, Life Kids, Limited Too, Liz Claiborne, Lynnes, Mango, Maghrabi Kids, Mini Modu, Miss Selfridge, Miss Whatever, Mothercare, Nectar, New Yorker, Next,Nike, Nil Yarz, Nose, Oasis, Okaidi, Opt. Centre, Party Princess, Pride of Kashmir, Principle, Pull & Bear, Puma, Pumpkin Patch, Quiz, Ribbon, Rina, Salhiya, School, Sgt.Major, SIA, Spring, Stradivarius, Sun & Sands Sports, Swiss Corner, Tally Wejil, TCF, Terranova, Terranova Kids, The Museum, TPC, Twaila, Vero Moda, Vertbaudet, Viss, Wallis, Warehouse, White Company, Zahoor Al-Reef, Zara,Zoppini, ZYNG. Nojoud Center Tahlia St Shops: Adidas, Al-Badr Optical, Alcott, Alhomaidhi, Bonia, Cortefiel, Emad Rizq, Faces, Feni 9, Gerry Weber, GS Big & Tall, I Zone, Pumpkin Patch, Lora Lina Sfera, Magrabi, Mango, Mobily, Women secret, Sarafia, Shalky , Smash,Tanagra, Vincci. Red Sea Mall King Rd Tel: +966-2-2151551 Dining: Apple Bee’s, Al- Baik, Al- Nabulsi, Baskin Robbins, Bonnon Cup, Burgerino, Burgerking, Café Larica, Canton, Cheese Cake Factory, Chinese Pearl, Crepe Suzette, Cup & Cino, Hagen Duz,Hardee’s, Hijaziyat, House of Donuts, Indian Express, KFC ,Krispy Kreme, Kudu, London Fish, Magic Wok, McDonald’s, On the Broder, Pana Caldo, Pan’s & Co, Roma Way, Santino’s, Second Cup, Shamiana, Starbucks, Steak House, Swensen’s, Taco Hut, Tajin, Tea Amo, Teayana, Trios. Supermarket: Danube. Shops: Adidas, Aigner, All Star Converse, Al-Mussali, Al-Refaie, Al-Sawani, Axiom, Barove, Beach &Beyond, Benetton, Bhs,

Body Action, Body Shop, Bomby, Bonia, Boroue, Boss, Burberry,Calvin Klein, Change, Claire’s, Coach, Coast, Diesel, Diorucci, Divisage, Dorothy Perkins, Early Learning Center, Elaf (Travel Agency), Escada & Loriel, Esprit, Etre ea, Evans, Eye Fashion, Faces, Faith, Fanateer, Fashion Top, FCUK, Ferragamo, Fetaihi, Foot Locker, Giordano, Givenchy, Go Sport, Guess, Guess Accessories, Guess Kids, G2000, Izzue,Lacoste, Laperla, Lazourdi, Levis, Life Line, Life style, Limited Too, MAC, Mac PC’s, Maghrabi, Maghrabi kids, Makyaji, Milano, Mommy me, Montblanc, Mother care, Naomi, Next, Nokia, Oasis, Obaji, Occasions, Occulis, Optic Center, Panasonic, Paris Gallery, Patchi, Puma Watches, Replay, Rubayat, Rolex, Rouj, S & K (Samuel & Kenvin), Samsonite, Sefora, Sephora, Sergio Rossi, Sony, Sports Wear, Swatch, Tea Gschwender, Tiffany & Co , Tihama (Stationery), Top Shop, Top Man, Versacie, Vision Express, XOXO, Zuhur, Zoopini, Al-Reef. Roshana Center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2635114 Dining: Cinnabon, Crepe Café, Virgin Restaurant & Café. Shops: 4U4Ever, Abdul Ghafour Amin Co.Shoe, Abo Moammar, Abotche, Adawliad, Adnan Jewelery, Adolfo Dominguzs, Ahmed Abdulwahed, Ahmed Adgaish Electronices, Al-Falona Stores, Al-Hamary, Al Garmooshi for Matches, Al-Togbi, Al-Yasr, Al-Arabi Optics, Al-Dawliyah, AMH, Baby Fitaihi, Bajsair, Bayana, Blanco, Change, Courir, Damas, Extra Ordinary, Fayrooz, Fityani, Giordano, Guess, Halawani Audi Visual, Hamza Abd El Rizk Jewelery Damas, Home Appliances & Electronics, Hussain Trading Co., Jeddah International

Market, Jollibee, Korloff, LG, Light, Linen Chest, Mohsen, My Fair Lady, Nof Jewelery, On Time Plus, Orange Bed Bath, Plug Ins, Pretty Shoes Yalghi Couture Qeuess, Said Ahmed Al-Ajou (JVC), Saloon Tamim, Samsung, Sandwich, Sarwat, Scholl, Sid, Sony World, Sunglasses Hut, Tamim Shoes, The Wall, Littel book Bookstore, Tuctuc, Zoppini, Zumorrodah. Roshan Mall King Rd Tel: +966-2-6226720 Dining: Al-Baik, Baskin Robbins, Chilis, Donut House, Fish World, Fuddruckers, Hardees, KFC, Kudu, McDonald’s, Second Cup. Supermarket: Hyper Panda. Shops: Abdul Samad AlQurashi, Axiom, Bonia, Callem, Cavlo Rino, Cell Com, Cinnzeo, Claire’s, Colombia Sports Wear, Fendi, Gerry Weber, Giordano, Grand Optics, Gucci, Herffy, Ikks, It’s Mine, Jacqueline Riu, Kashmir, Lingo, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Maghrabi, Mango, Mikyaji, Miss Fashion, Missha, Mothercare, Nayomi, Nectar, Panda, Royal Mandaina, Samuel & Kevin, Sayadyah Express, Sensi, Show Time, Stadivarious, Sun & Sand Sports, Swatch, The Body shop, Timberland, Tom Tailer, Toys R Us, U-Qote, Vavavoom, Versace.

Rawdah St. Tel: 02 6643295 Fax: 02 6643269

Serafi Mega Mall Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2844886 Dining: Al-Baik , Baskin Robbins , Blend , Burger king, Costa Coffee, Gelato , Hot & Crispy , Krispe Kreme , Kudu, Mc’Donald’s , Mugg & Bean, Seatle’s Best, Subway. Supermarket: Danube. Shops: Al-Sawani, Baleno, Claire D K, Claire’s, Faces, Go Sport, Life Style, Maghrabi, Pepe Jeans, Samuel & Kevin, Sensi, Swatch, Voyage. Stars Avenue Mall King Road Tel: +966-2-2754522 DESTINATION JEDDAH 47

Cracking the vault

of US purchases Buying online from the US has never been easy. Saudi Arabia’s lack of a real postal service and the limited compatibility of local credit cards both don’t help when you try to make an online purchase. But even if that goes through you might still get the dreaded US billing address requirement! Got a US Aramex address? Even that’s starting to become a problem as more and more companies are refusing to ship to package forwarders.

Think there’s no way out? Think again.

With you have a way to get all those fascinating items and latest gadgets delivered straight to you. How it works: Simple. Register with the Web Site and you can apply for your own prepaid US debit card or use their personal shopping service, but the great thing about it is that USunlocked also gives you a US billing address. So ordering that those hard to get items couldn’t be easier and are now within your reach in Saudi Arabia. Once you make your purchase your order is shipped to the address at USunlocked and then its repackaged to reduce costs and reshipped to your local address. If a store wont let you access it’s website because you don’t have the right IP address, USunlocked even lets you download a program to help with that. What more could anyone want! 48 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Sultan Mall Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-2758992 Dining: Al-Baik, Baskin Robbins, Burger King, Capo Grillo, Casper & Gambini’s, Cinnabon, Coffee Maker, Conton, Hot & Crispy, Kudu. Shops: Al-Mashat, AlSaadami, Al-Dham Watches, Athetes Foot, Attitude, B-Bushh, BGN, Bossini, Cardial, Casa Rossi, Cerruti Argeterie, Art of Idea, 189, Chin Chin, Coton, Cute Axiom, Baby Fitaihi, Make Up, Dadida, Dearson, Batteel, BCBG, Benetton, Eyat, F&f, Fashion Shop, Feel Body Shop, Bonpoint, Free, Giordano, Go Bo, i2 Borbonese, Breil, Carolina Telecom, International Styles, Herrera CH, Champion, R&R, Kodak, LA Lanidar, Coach, Cole Haan, Lamar, Life Style, Lolet, Collci, Courier, Custo Lora Lina Paris, Mag, Majed, Barcelona, Cute, Derby Majesty, Manash, Mastiha X, Destination Maternity, Mikyaje, Nayomi, Orbit, Paris Faces, Faith Connexion, Gallary, Parkadello, Passion Farsi Jewelry, Fayandra, De Mode, Pierre Cardin, GBK, GC Watches, Geox, Pretty Fit, Rieker Antistress, Guess Accessory, Guess by Riyadh Lady, Samsonite, Marciano, Hang Ten, Issam Sayadyah, Simi, Skin Bujoux, Jamal, Jarkas, Jasmine Soccer Scene, Spring Field, Box, Jimmy Choo, Kanz Teen o Teen, The Body Shop, Al-Sahra, Karon Millen, Tokyo Games, U-mark, Vincci. Khider Rizek, Kohar, Kurt Geiger, La Perla Tahlia Center Palace, Lacoste, Lide X, Tahlia St. Liujo, Loccitane, Lyne’s, Tel: +966-2-2634662 Magrabi, Majesty, Mama’s Dining: Al-Nabulsi Sweets, and Papa’s, Mark by Mark Burger King, Canton, Hot & Jacobs, Masagh, Max Crispy, Indian express, Krispy Mara, Mikayaji, Mimosa, Kreme, Kudu, La Creperie, Moschino, Mutamiez, Mana’ish, Manarat Marakesh, My Accessory, Nayomi, Minimoonz, Mirador, Nectar, New Look, Panino’s, Starbucks. Odd Molly, Oliver and Shops: Al-Humaidi, Al-Rayes, Company, Painegonda, Armani Exchange, Bakhsh Patchi, Paul and Joe, Jewellery, Birkenstock, Coach, Paul Smith, Penny Black, Claire’s, Cope Copine, Daniel Petit Bateau, Pomellato, Hechter, Du Pareil Au M’em, Paul Frank, Pucci, Quick Emad Rizq, Esprit, Evans, Silver, Replay, Rubaiyat, Giordano, Lacoste, La Moda, Rumaizan, Saks Fifth Laura Ashley, LoraChilli, Avenue, Samuel and Laurel, Limited Too, Longines, Kevin, Sensi, Shalky Make Up Forever, Mac, Mikyaji, QQ, Space Toom, Stella Milano, Moawad, Naoumi, McCartney, Swarovski, Nectar, Omega, Paris Gallery, Swatch, Tara Jarmon, Pierre Cardin, River Island, Teen2Teen, The Counter, Rolex, Rubaiyat,Sanrio, Tiffany, Tipity Toes, Sephora, Swarovski, Swatch, Tumi, Vertu, Voila, Waed, T.S. Dupont, Terranova, The Wahat Al-Jalabiya, Wazer Body Shop,Tiffany &Co., Pharmacy, XOXO, Zanotti. Tina Tailor,Top Shop / Top Man. Dining: Bert’s Restautant, Café Italia, Café Ceramique, Cerepe Café, Deera Café, Goodies, Haagen Dazs, Joe’s Diner, Krispy Kreme, Lina’s Café, Little Book, Olio. Supermarket: Carrefour. Shops: Agatha, AlGhazalo, Al-Humaidi, AlMutahajibah, Al-Othaim, Al-Shayiya Accessory, Arabian Oud,

Clean Water is our passion Plant operation

Operation and maintainance of municipal and industrial water and waste water treatment facilities

Plant operation, technical assistance, plant design and optimization, consulting, R&D

High standard German technology with localized service

Environment P.O. Box 27173, Safat 13132, Kuwait DESTINATION JEDDAH Tel.: 24829973/6, Fax: 4829975,,


Red Sea Coast

Peter Forsskål’s Adventure Travel to


Felix Arabia By Hans Sjoeholm


odern Jeddah is an international travel hub like many other major cities around the globe. It has a modern transportation infrastructure with airports, sea ports and highway systems able to efficiently process millions of travelers in a very short time. Let’s be honest, crossing long distances today travel is easy, and yet we somehow still find ways to complain about the most trivial of things; a flight delay, a lukewarm coffee, inconvenient volcanic ash. There was a time when adventurers endured great hardships in their travels. They made huge personal and financial sacrifices to visit lands and people that were novel to them, and documented these trips for the benefit of their communities and professional disciplines. What these intercontinental adventurers had to put up with is so far removed from us today that it’s worth revisiting both their legacy and how Jeddah was a part of these achievements. Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778), the father of modern taxonomy inspired 17 of his scholars to travel to distant corners of the world to document local nature and culture. Among the members of a journey called the Felix Arabia expedition that began in Copenhagen inn January of 1761 was Peter Forsskål (1732-1763), a scientific genius and renowned Swedish naturalist. The Felix Arabia expedition included trips to Egypt, Malta and Yemen, and brought Forsskål all the way down to Jeddah by late 1762 to survey the terrain, collect samples and study wildlife both on land and in the sea.

Unlike today’s luxury filled sojourns, the participants in this journey endured many challenges. The trip from Cairo to Jeddah alone took about three weeks to complete and the crossing of the Red Sea set them up against unpredictable rough seas, and challenging unchartered waters. Upon arriving, one can only imagine what it was like to walk around in the historic city of Jeddah, hearing many foreign tongues, being offered freshly roasted coffee, and experiencing the scents of frankincense, myrrh, cassia and cinnamon in the spice markets (In Arabic, frankincense is called luban, which is natural gum extracted from trees on the Southern and Eastern corners of the Arabian peninsula). During his survey of Red Sea marine life, Forsskål spent time with the fishermen of Jeddah and incorporated many Arabic names of the Red Sea flora and fauna into the scientific taxonomy identifications. The examples below demonstrate Jeddah’s legacy in the naming of many of these fascinating creatures in today’s scientific classifications. Peter Forsskål used a binomial taxonomy system. He combined a scientific name with a local name for the creature or plant in question to arrive at the taxonomy. For example, the Sohal Surgeonfish (‫) سحل‬ became Acanthurus sohal, Abudefduf (‫أبو‬ ‫ )دفدف‬became the Sergeant major damselfish. Both of these colorful reef dwellers can be found often in huge numbers of coral-rich areas and on seaward reef slopes in the shallows of Jeddah’s Red Sea.

Abudefduf (‫ )أبو دفدف‬Sergeant major damselfish


Scolopsis ghanam is the scientific name of the Arabian monocle bream (‫)غنم‬. This friendly and easy to approach fish swims in short bursts and feeds on small invertebrates picked from sand or rubble. Arabian monocle bream ( ‫ ) غنم‬Scolopsis ghanam

Orangespotted Trevally ( ‫ ) بياض‬Carangoides bajad

The Orangespotted Trevally (‫ )بياض‬was named the Carangoides bajad. It can be yellow or silver to grey with orange spots and is found in lagoons and seaward reefs. The Orangespotted Trevally is a curious fish that closely investigates approaching divers.

Common on reefs and over sand where they feed on filamentous algae are the Indian longnose parrotfish (‫)حريد‬, which received the name Hipposcarus harid. In April they congregate in huge numbers around Farasan Island. This is marked locally by the Harid festival and also later on in other locations further north along the coast. The Blotcheye Soldierfish (‫ )مرجان‬was classified as the Myripristis murdjan. This seemingly armored shade-seeker hovers in caverns and under overhangs by day, but disperses at night to hunt for small crabs, shrimps and larvae.

Indian longnose parrotfish (‫ )حريد‬Hipposcarus harid

The Crescent-tail Bigeye (‫ )حمرور‬is know in taxonomy as Priacanthus hamrur. It feeds on zooplankton and has the ability to change color from silver to dark red. The Arabian Angelfish (‫)عصفور‬, or Pomacanthus asfur, is a curious and friendly fish that normally inhibits areas with turbid water, but is also commonly seen on the coastal seaward reefs in north Jeddah.

The Blotcheye Soldierfish (‫ )مرجان‬Myripristis murdjan The Crescent-tail Bigeye (‫ )حمرور‬Priacanthus hamrur


Forsskål also classified several types of Red Sea grouper. The Summan Grouper (‫)سمانة‬, for example, was named the Epinephelus summana. The Lunartailed Grouper (‫)لوتي‬ was named the Variola louti. The latter is a Arabian Angelfish (‫ )عصفور‬Pomacanthus asfur

The Sohal Surgeonfish (‫ ) سحل‬Acanthurus shoal

colorful specimen that has a yellow margin around the fins, is usually found on slopes at a depth of 12-150 Meters and predates on smaller fish and crustaceans. Peter Forsskål also classified several types of sharks and rays. For example, the Rhynchobatus djiddensis is the now rare Bowmouth guitarfish. The name Djiddensis, or “of Djeddah”, is a specific reference to the city of Jeddah where Forsskål collected and identified many of his specimens. This type of Sand shark is more commonly known as the Giant guitarfish or Whitespot giant guitarfish. It is also found in the Western Indian Ocean. The Guitarfish typically inhabit reefs and have a depth range of 2 to 50 meters. The largest recorded Rhynchobatus djiddensis was 310 centimeters long. The heaviest specimen weighed 227 kilograms. Sadly, this docile animal is included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened species and is rarely seen anymore. One major contributing factor in the threat to this species is the general demand in East Asia for shark fins. This sand shark is sensitive to over fishing and other environmental threats since they reproduce very slowly. Their minimum population doubling time is 4.5 years, and is often closer to 14 years. The legacy of Peter Forsskål on the world of taxonomy was so significant his name was used in the classification of a Red Sea reef dwelling fish after his death. The Red Sea Goatfish,

classified as the Parapeneus forsskali, was posthumously given the scientist’s family name in 1780. This Goatfish has barbels under its chin containing chemosensory organs that are used to probe sand and holes in the reef for prey (primarily benthic invertebrates and small fish). In addition to animals, Forsskål also classified and collected many samples of Arabian Flora. The Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica (1775) is Forsskål’s most important botanical work. It contains a large number of Arabian plants such as the Commelina forsskalei. This plant carrying Forsskål’s family name is a herb with 25 cm long stems and bright blue flowers 1 cm wide. This plant is widespread in the southern mountains and can be found near Taif up in the Wadi Kharar ravine amongst rocks. Forsskål’s notes were published and funded by his travel companion the German-born mathematician, surveyor and astronomer Carsten Niebuhr (1733-1815). The work was titled, Flora Aegyptiaco-Arabica, Descriptiones animalium and Icones rerum naturalium. Neibuhr published Forsskål’s work in 1775, a full 12 years after Forsskål’s death. Niebuhr surveyed and produced the first map of the Red Sea during the period 1762-1763. Niebuhr was the only surviving member of the expedition. Peter Forsskål’s journey ended in Yemen in 1763. He fell ill and died in the city of Jerim. The Lunartailed Grouper (‫ )لوتي‬Variola louti


Red Sea Coast


Adventure in the Kingdom Jacques Yves Cousteau once observed about the shorelines of Saudi Arabia and Sudan - “Life abounds in bank after bank of exuberant coral structures, second only to those of the Great Barrier Reef in extent and exceeding it perhaps in splendor. Here there is deep clarity, blazing color, and active fauna living under the most arid and least populated of coasts.” By Dina Ismail

Follow in Costeau’s footsteps and take visit to Al-Lith Dive Village. The Al-Lith Dive Village is much more than a hotel; it is one of the most beautiful and unique dive bases in the Kingdom and Red Sea. Located 180 km south of Jeddah, Al-Lith is the starting point for one of the world’s last diving frontiers and a wonderful place for fishing and observing sea life, particularly sharks.

develop and operate a 23,000 square meter yacht club in the Bay la Sun Village in King Abdullah Economic City. Prince Abdullah bin Saud bin Mohammad Al-Saud, President of Al-Ahlam Marine Tourism Group and Board Member of the Tourism Development Council in Jeddah signed the agreement Emaar, The Economic City.

Rich with sea-life and coral formations rising majestically above the surface, AlLith acts as a port to the Farasan Banks, an archipelago representing a whole new world of pioneering divers. A unique feature of this region is the multitude of sea turtles that descend upon the shores of the island during breeding seasons. Recently, Emaar E.C. has signed an agreement with Al-Ahlam Marine Tourism Group (operators of Al-Lith Dive Village) to build,

‫ رئي�س اللجنة ال�سياحية بالغرفة‬،‫و ّقعت جمموعة الأحالم لل�سياحة البحرية التي ير�أ�سها �سمو الأمري عبداهلل بن �سعود بن حممد �آل �سعود‬ .‫ مع �شركة اعمار املدينة االقت�صاديةعقد ًا مبدئي ًا يف نادي يخوت البيل�سان‬،‫التجارية بجدة و رئي�س جمل�س ادارة جمموعة الأحالم‬ Dream Diver Head Office - King Road King Road +966-2-2150018 Tel: +966-2-2150023 Corniche +966-2-6949942 Fax: +966-2-2150021 Yanbu: Tel: +966-4-3574333 Al-Lith: Tel: +966-7-7425800 54 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Al-Ahlam Marine Contact: Marketing Manager Tel: +966-2-4209590 Ahmad Al-Disoqi Fax: +966-2-4209592 Mobile: +966-504385223 Website:

Dive Shops

& Dive Resorts

Directory AL-KHORAYEF YAMAHA MARINES EQUIPMENT Location: King Rd. next to Auto Mall Tel: +966-2-4202666  Opening hours:  Sat - Wed: 8 AM - 12.30 PM, 5.30 PM - 9 PM Thu: 8 AM - 1.30 PM Fridays closed! BLUE REEF DIVERS Location: Behind Danube, off Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6613931  Opening hours: Sat - Wed: 9 AM - 11 PM Thu - Fri:   7 AM - 11 PM Branch: Durrat Al-Arous (50km north of Jeddah) Tel: +966-546154356

DESERT SEA DIVERS Location: On North Obhur Rd. (Creek), near Rose Village Compound GPS: N21°43.685’, E39°06.449’ Tel: +966-2-6561807 Fax: +966-2-6561288 Opening hours Sat - Wed: 10 AM - 8 PM Thu - Fri: 7 AM - 8 PM Mondays closed!

Jeddah’s dive shops are the city’s resource for water sports and activities. They are in the know about the latest rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and offer sound safety advice with a smile.

DREAM DIVERS Location: King Rd. next to Auto Mall Tel: +966-2-2150019 Fax: +966-2-6644892 (for boat trips)  Opening hours:  Sat - Thu: 9 AM - 11 PM Fri: 6 PM - 11 PM RED SEA DIVERS Location: Opposite Danube, off Tahlia St. GPS: N21°32.743’, E39°09.727’ Tel: +966-2-6606368 Fax: +966-2-6602064 Opening hours:  Sat-Wed: 9 AM - 11 PM Thurs & Fri 7.30 AM - 11 PM THE ARAB CIRCUMNAVIGATOR Location: Behind Danube, off Tahlia St. GPS: N21°32.790’, E39°09.802 Tel: +966-2-6651304 Fax: +966-2-6608224 Opening hours: All week: 9 AM - 10 PM

Beach Resorts Andalus Resort: +966-2-6561444 Blue Beach: +966-2-2341900 Coral Beach: +966-2-6561343 Crystal: +966-2-656 8888 Dive Village: +966-2-6561980 Durrat Al-Arous: +966-2-6180000 Fal: +966-2-656 0033 Movenpick: +966-2-6555550 Nakheel: +966-2-6066644 Obhur Resort: +966-2-6563030 Remal: +966-2-6561880 Reem Riviera: +966-2-2342332 Sheraton: +966-2-234 2264

Dive Resorts Dive Village: +966-2-6561980 Dream Beach: +966-2-2342266 Durrat Al-Arous: +966-2-6180000 Fal Diving: +966-2-6560033 Ext. 624 Red Sea: +966-2-6562199

Jeddah Marinas Dream Beach: +966-2-2342266 Al-Nakheel Village: +966-2-6562101 Red Sea Marina: +966-2-2340117

Hans Sjoeholm Dive Coordinator

Looking for the basics or instructor level courses? Hans, a 25-year-veteran diver, is the most qualified in the Kingdom for you to learn from. Contact: +966551070190 55 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 55 DESTINATION


Around Town Photos by Effat Sabban

GRAND PRIX Diners, Start Your Engines

Jeddah has a long-held tradition of sports-inspired cafés and restaurants, but Café Grand Prix takes the prize for really committing to a theme and sticking to it. It is evident to anyone who walks in that this restaurant is homage to the fast-paced world of Formula 1. From the portraits of F1 drivers lining the walls to the menu consisting of meals named after BMW and the like, it is obvious that Café Grand Prix is a carlover’s paradise. But will it appeal to everyone else? For all its vehicular glitz and glamour, Café Grand Prix is at heart a place that caters happily to the masses. Offering a selection of sandwiches and chicken and beef dishes as well as the typical dessert menu consisting of brownies with ice cream and a variety of other sweet delectables, Grand Prix doesn’t really race ahead of the pack in terms of its food offerings. What makes this café stand out is the attention to detail, evident in its décor and customer service. Attentive waiters and the inspired interior are notable features of this café.


Although some diners may not appreciate the effort taken with Café Grand Prix, most will definitely enjoy the simple no-frills menu. Café Grand Prix provides a perfect environment to enjoy a game over a quick meal and a flavorful shisha with your fellow sports fans.

Location: Majra Al Sail, behind Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2631846

Photos by Effat Sabban

Campioni Café: Nothing But Sports

Yet another addition to the growing list of Jeddah’s sports-inspired cafés and restaurants, Campioni Café invites wouldbe diners to ‘feel the sport mood’. A good place to relax and enjoy the latest match - what Campioni lacks in originality is more than made up for with a sense of enthusiasm and positive spirit. Combining the great Arab traditions of football and shisha is usually a tried and tested recipe for success and on that front, Campioni does not disappoint. Their selection of juices and shisha flavors will appeal to casual diners – those who are more interested in keeping tab with the latest scoroes than what is on the menu. Although it doesn’t break any boundaries in cuisine, Campioni offers a casual spot to enjoy a shisha and a football match. Service here is offered with a smile, although it can get a bit strained on game nights, when it becomes a little crowded.

By Samar Al-Shami

Tamarind Juice

Tamarind, or as it is known here ‘tamr hindi’, is a widely used ingredient in many dishes here in Jeddah. Often served as a dressing with fish dishes, it can also be made into a refreshing drink. Tamarind is usually quite sour so sugar is added to it in drink form. Always a favorite during summer, why not try your hand at making this uniquely delicious beverage?


1/2 cup seedless tamarind fruit 4 cups water 1/2 cup sugar

Preparation Method: Boil the tamarind for approximately half an hour and filter the mixture into a jug. Add the sugar and refrigerate, then add ice cubes to maintain temperature. Serve cold and enjoy!

Campioni is sure to win over casual diners and die-hard football fans, who are looking for simple food, a great shisha and some fresh juice to go along with a soccer game. Location: Batarji St. (Opposite Golds Gym). Tel: +966-2-683-8354 DESTINATION JEDDAH 57

T.G.I. Fridays: Food, Fun, And Family

T.G.I. Fridays is an old favorite which is constantly adding new selections to its tried and tested and menus. So why not try out some of the newest favorites in Friday’s Classic Sports Bar inside the Mall of Arabia? I visited this family favorite with a friend and we were seated next to a huge open window with a shade available for those who prefer more privacy. The entertaining décor included a huge screen T.V. with every kind of sporting equipment hanging on the wall that one can imagine.  At 7 p.m. on a Friday night, it was fairly quiet, but by the time we left, the Mall was packed.

The iced drinks were refreshing with free refills throughout the meal. Of the two appetizers, the Fried Macaroni and Cheese Nuggets with their crunchy exterior and creamy interior were by far our favorites.  By the time they cleared the appetizer dishes away, we were delighted that we had decided to split the main course. Three huge BBQ Ribs arrived on a platter with a slab of the most tender, juicy beef you can imagine. The steamed vegetables were a bit too crunchy for our tastes and were the only complaint of the night. The fried onion rings were a nice change from the usual French fries which we had specially ordered.   Just when we thought we couldn’t eat another bite, our delicious looking desserts arrived. Each plate was drizzled with chocolate fudge and caramel sauce beneath a mound of ice cream coated in a thick Oreo cookie topping. I’d rate this meal 5/5 stars including excellent service. 58 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Location: Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6529330

Mystery Diner My Experience at Maggiano’s

Manhattan Sports Diner

A Taste of American Tradition When there is a full-on motorcycle resting casually in the middle of a restaurant, it’s pretty obvious that this is no normal diner. The Manhattan Sports Diner brings back the kitsch and nostalgia of the 60’s American diner - from the vibrant glass booths to the brightly-decorated walls. Manhattan provides you with all the yummy staples of American cuisine from juicy steaks and burgers to fresh pizzas and juices. The concept behind Manhattan is that of a sports diner. Along with tucking into a delicious meal in a fun environment, sports fans will also be able to enjoy all those not-to-be missed matches on the large plasma TVs dotted around the diner. With the FIFA World Cup coming up soon, what better way to cheer on your favorite team than with a group of your friends at this adorably eclectic diner? Manhattan Sports Diner will be featuring the televised FIFA World Cup Championship matches.

On a Friday afternoon , I visited this authentic Italian cuisine at Al-Tahlia Street (nice location). Upon arrival, I was welcomed and seated in a warm and friendly atmosphere with classic Italian music playing in the background. I was welcomed with fresh bread and olive oil dipping. I ordered the Apple Cooler, which was quite refreshing, and a Caesar Salad, Bruschetta, and a Mozarella Marinara as appetizers. The salad and bruschetta were lovely; however the Marinara left something to be desired. Soggy and overflowing with cheese, this hard to mess up dish was unavoidably, messed up. For a main course, I ordered a baked ziti & sausage, which sounded quite promising. This classic dish of Italian sausage, pomodoro sauce and ziti pasta, topped with a layer of melted provolone and parmesan cheese sounded like the perfect choice. And while the presentation and general taste did not disappoint, the pasta and sauce were not mixed very well which was easily rectified. For dessert, I couldn’t resist the suggestion of tiramisu. Although this traditional Italian dessert made of ladyfingers soaked in espresso and coffee layered with mascarpone cheese, cocoa powder and chocolate sauce, is usually one of my favorites, Maggiano’s tiramisu could have been a little softer.Overall it was a nice experience and I advise you to give it a visit. Wait for my next experience which will be something local and traditional.

Location: Lower Lobby - Jeddah Hilton Hotel North Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6590000 DESTINATION JEDDAH 59


Chilli Grill Manchester:

Flamin’ New Place in Town

Opening last month on Khaldiya Street, Chilli Grill Manchester didn’t suddenly appear. It is the well-planned pet project of Saudi nationals, Mohammed A. Salamah, his wife Mishkat A. Hafiz and an uncle, who took their time – over a decade - trying out 1000’s of chickens across the globe, all in the name of research. And it shows. Salamah claims an eclectic mix of seven ‘secret’ sauces – all prepared by Salamah and his wife - for marinating ribs, wings, steak, fish, sausage, chicken and burger is the USP of their restaurant. From the African Peri Peri to the American Buffalo, Mexican Sweet Jalapeno, Indian Tandoo & Masa, Middle Eastern Peppercorn and Portugal Mango & Lime – the choice is entirely yours. Their dessert specialty is a homemade chocolate brownie with syrupy marshmallows. A well-intentioned initiative, one of the main features of the Chilli Grill includes disposable tablemats with meaningful messages in Arabic scribbled on it, along with thoughtprovoking questions, such as, ‘Did you pray Fajr today?’ or ‘Would you choose for others what you choose for yourselves?’ with empty ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ side boxes for answers. Some food for thought, eh?

A single screen in the hall features only sports and will broadcast the World Cup, while the orange walls dotted with pictures of sports cars and the likes keep the sports fan in you happy. A healthy no-oil menu, a bookshelf, Internet access, warm décor and soothing Algerian and Turkish music in the background makes Chilli Grill a wholesome experience that is beyond just dining. Location: Saudi Center Al-Khalidiyah st. Tel: +966-2-6928383 60 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Brioche Dorée: A French Pâtisserie in Arabia The fusion of casual food and French tradition seems to have touched a chord with many in Jeddah, as at any time of the day you can find patrons at Brioche Dorée enjoying a variety of freshly-baked golden breads and tarts, among other quintessential French delicacies. Located opposite the ladies branch of Zara on the ground floor of Mall of Arabia, the café attracts everyone from exhausted shoppers to those wanting to spend some quality time over French fast-food and snacks. Keeping up with the French bakery tradition, Brioche Dorée specializes in breakfast formulas, bakery and pastry products and French gourmets. All raw ingredients are imported from France. For around just SR30, you get a pretty good deal for breakfast consisting of a crisp, flaky croissant, baguette, two eggs cooked to your choice, a side salad, jams, and your choice of fresh juice and hot beverage. Commenting on its Jeddah clientele’s

response to the café, Nicolas Abourizk, regional director of operations and development for Brioche Dorée in the Gulf, said: “Mall of Arabia is not yet fully developed to receive many customers; it will take some time. We are positive.” Brioche Dorée has been around in the Kingdom for nearly a year now (opening first in Al-Khobar and Jeddah in July and September of 2009 respectively) and is all set to open shop in Riyadh this September. A warm ambience, cozy seating (though the tables are spaced too close for comfort), amiable staff and a reasonably fast service ensures that you make a mental note to visit the café again. Location: Mall of Arabia, infront of Zara.



Directory American

Americano Burger Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6728488 American Corner Khalideya st. Tel: +966-2-6060188 Applebees Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6610012 Chili’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6634760 Fuddruckers Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Muchos Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6613111 Mugg & Bean Serafi Megamall Tel: +966-2-6573333 ext. 334 On The Border Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2150841 Ruby Tuesday Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6501999 Steak House Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-6829955 T.G.I Friday’s Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6529330 The Texan Meridien Hotel Tel: +966-2-6633333 Tony Roma’s Mall of Arabia Tel: +966-2-6123534 Uno’s Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6221320


Asian Fusion

Voila lounge Millenium center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6684343


Atayeb Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642150 Bonbon Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Cheesecake Factory Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6690895 Crusty Rawdah St. Tel: 920026633 Helen’s Kitchen Kayyal St. Tel: +966-2-6977729 La Fraise Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6511312 Le Croissant Shop Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6065184 Le Gourmet Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6605061 Le Notre Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6602803 Le Vendome King Rd Tel: +966-2-6924606 Lite Bite Sari St Tel: +966-2-6989081 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562262 Munch Bakery Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6605010 Samadi Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642424


Hanviv Sultan Mall Tel: +966-594276234 Spears Intercontinental Hotel Tel: +966-2-6611800


Al Pina King Rd Tel: +966-2-6905885 Anoosh Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6832209 Chocolate Corner Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6630449 Ganache Rawadah St. Tel: +966-2-6601390 Caramel Rawda St. Tel: +966-2-6688527 Chocoline Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2842846 Dactylifera Prince Sultan St. Tel: 92008182 Miss Chocolate Rawda St. Tel: +966-2-6638989 Patchi Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6695858 Studio Chocolate Khalideya St. Tel: +966-545426500 Voila chocolate Millenium center Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6684343 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754411


Baytote (Chinese Delivery) Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6164442 China Gate Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6970672 China Hut Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6625898 Durrat China Prince Abdullah St. Tel: +966-2-2616885 Golden Palace Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6690377 Gulf Royal Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6653335 Noodles Rosewood Corniche Tel: +966-2-2578888 Toki Laylati Complex, Malek Rd. Tel: +966-2-6060606

Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6992212

Coffee & Tea Shops

Best Cup Khalideya St. Tel:+966-2-6063619 Book cafe Prince sultan St. Tel:+966-2-66831830 Campioni sports cafe Batarji St. Tel: +966-2-6395695 Cappuccino Grand cafe Hamra Dist. Tel:+966-2-2891009 Chai & Ba Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6642084 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-2753914 Coffee Republic Corniche St. Tel:+966-2-6637575 Costa Coffee Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6067741 Craze Rawda Star Center Tel: +966-2-6653065 Deera cafe King Rd Tel: +966-2-2754491 joffrey’s coffee Tahalia St. Tel: +966-2-6677234 Melange Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6695619 Soleil Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Starbucks Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6067790 Tea Amo Tahlia St./ Coral Mall Tel: +966-2-6601738 TeaGschwendner Red Sea Mall Tel: +966-2-2150695 Teayana Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6681660 Tea rose andalus St. Tel:+966-2-6688233 Uromshi cafe prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6066668

Dates Bateel

Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6630373 Kingdom of dates Tel: +966-2-6590838 Salheya Tel: +966-2-6973281 Talah Dates Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6837887 Tamraty Al Murjan St. Tel: +966-2-2902385

Fast Food Al-Tazaj Tahlia St Tel:+966-2-6683371 Big Bite Rawdah St. Tel: 920001219 Burgarino Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6647928 Burger King Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6394375 Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6836062 Capo Grillo Khalideya Dist. Tel:+966-2-69829152 Domino’s Pizza Shate’e Tel: +966-2-6065633 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561888 Forn Wa Saj Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-2574747 Gado Gado Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6514774 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6560787 Hardee’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6528338 Herfy Corniche Road Tel: +966-2-6829276 Hot Waves Corniche Road Tel: +966-2-2757241 Jan Burger Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6924679 Joe’s Diner Khalideya Dist. Tel: 920005637

Discover the Oriental Cuisine Enjoy our daily fine dining lunch and dinner at Mataam Al Sharq. for reservation please call 02 659 9999 Ext 7266

Refined Italian dining at its best. Come and enjoy BiCE daily Business Lunch starting from SR. 130* * Prices are subject to 15% service charge

For reservation please call: 02 659 9999 Ext. 7155

Jollibee Khalideya Souq Tel: +966-2-6984043 Kaddoura Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6683844 Tel: +966-2-6683844 KFC Tahalia St. Tel: +966-2-6613356 Kudu Tel: 8001240061 Little Caesar’s Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6823018 Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6749687 McDonald’s Rawdah St. Obhur Tel: +966-2-6560017 Mister Burger Al-Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6822223 Panino’s Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561911 Arafat st. Tel: +966-2-6654264 Khalideya Dist. Tel:+966-2-60647171 Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6676991 Papa John’s Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6999624 Pizza Hut Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6513113 Al-Naeem Dist. Tel: +966-2-6548890 Obhur Tel: +966-2-2341962 Quiznos Sub Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6068014 Subway Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6063493 Wonder Burger Delivery Tel:+966-2-2830808 DESTINATION JEDDAH 63


Bert’s Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6606633 Black & White Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6610611 Cafe Lenotre Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2611222 Champs-Elysées Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2845454 Crêpe Café Roshana Mall Tel: +966 -2-2634989 Delifrance Prince Sultan St. Tel: 920009950 La Cuisine Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6630363 Le Ciel Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6525354


Al-Amwaj Hilton Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6590000 Al-Safina Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Al-Shurafa Al-Hamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6602743 Al-Shurafa Lounge Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Andalusia Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6063210 Barnie’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6696201 Beaux Arts Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6983028 Black Rose Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6672953 Blue Diamond Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6605301 /6605310 Bubbles Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 64 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Café Aroma Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6605160 Café Céramique Malek Rd. & Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2754668 Cast & Crew Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2616770 Gelato Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6635524 Chilli Grill Khalediya St. Tel: +966-2-6928383 Green Island Corniche Rd. Tel: +966-2-6941234 /6940999 Harley Café Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-6651010 Habsburg Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Java Lounge Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6693393

Joooss Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-2757090 Le Chalet Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642330 Le Notre Café Alhamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6517527 Lolita Café Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562369 Lost City Alhamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6655773 Montarosa prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6391393 Pearls Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6642233 Senses Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6514375 Sibon Prince Sultan St.

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Crusty Bakery

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Tel: +966-2-6063143 Tche Tche cafe Prince sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6223091 Toasted Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-2616747 Vertigo Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6633241 Waterlemon Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2848999 White Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6068171 Zodiac Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6607548

Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins Musaediyya Tel: +966-2-6640574 Gelato Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6635524 Movenpick Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-6823366


Angelicos Pizzeria Hamad Al Jaser St in Rawdah Dist Tel: +966-2-6622964 Aldente Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6970220 Amore Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2847779 Al-Forn Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6612874 Balsamico Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6633115 Balsamico Too Malek Rd Tel: +966-565345317 Bice Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Casper & Gambini’s Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6672020 Castello Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed St.

Tel: +966-2-6652281 Ciao Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6653710 Il Gusto Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6600337 Il Gabiano Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-6587042 Il Villaggio Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6688233 Il Porto Westin Hotel Tel: +966-2-6588200 Isabella Al-Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-2-2566008 Lallo’s Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6614719 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561113 l’Olivio Arafat St. Tel: +966-2-6687494 La Promenade Café Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688712 La Villa Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6673434 Maggianos Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6606625 Olio Stars Avenue Tel:+966-2-2754811 Pizza Fusion Rawda Star Center Tel: +966-2-2616933 Pizza Lenou Corniche Rd Tel: +966-2-6140663 Pizza Napoli Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6927796 Portofino Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6655855 Salues Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6680335

Now Open in Jeddah for reservation: 02-2891009


Benihana Sands Hotel / Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6692020 Ginza i chome Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578888 Le Japonais Westin Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6588200 Shogun Lounge Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6062288 Sushi Yushi Attallah Center Tel: +966-2-6997854 Tempura Yakituri

Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6392468 Wakame Rawdah St. Tel:+966-2-6682003

Middle-Eastern Abu Shakra Al-Hamra Dist Tel: +966-2-6645111 Abu Zaid Hera’a St Tel: +966-2-6936633 Al-Fairouz King Fahad St. Tel: +966-2-6703911 Al-Nakheel

Cornhice St. Tel:+966-2-6066644 Al-Wada’a Corniche Rd Tel: +966-2-6555550 Al-Rausha Hera’a St. Tel: +966-2-6541460 Al-Zawaqa Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6916004 Areej Zaman Sultan Bin Salman St. Tel:+966-2-6597122 Bhar Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6973420 Bait Al-Buff Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6917578 Beiruiti Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6686354 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562606 Byblos Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Café Blanc Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-2848777 Cusine Halawani Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6688900 French toast Tel: +966-2-6397773 Goodies Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6657721 Stars Avenue Tel: +966-2-2754527 Grand Prix Café Corniche Tel: +966-2-2631846 Green Island Café Corniche Tel: +966-2-6990090 Kan Ya Makan Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6697777 Manuosha Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2565275 DESTINATION JEDDAH 65

Mataam Al-Sharq Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Palm Beach Salamah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6394007 Redan Tel: +966-2-6542949 Roody Across from Al-Shatee Souk Tel: +966-2-6919126 Free Delivery: 8007555544 Saddah Tel: +966-2-6055982 Shami Corniche St. Tel: +966-2-6065353 Shawermatak Tahlia St. Tel:+966-2-6688994 Sheesh Kabaab Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6712047 Sheikh Manqoush

Does It


to see leftover food THROWN AWAY? Now you can make sure someone benefits from it.

Fa’ed Ta’am is a local charity association that will visit your home to collect leftover meals. For more information please call: 0554053053

Sea Food

Al-Danah Corniche Rd Tel: +966-2-6990090 Al-Hori Restaurant & Amusement Park Tel: +966-502724033 Al-Multaqa Imam Malik Rd off Sari St. King Rd Tel: +966-2-6837330 Tel: +966-2-6066666 Shoro Atlantis Tahlia St. Quraish St. Tel:+966-2-6611800 Tel: +966-2-6626246 Taktaka El Bengala Khalideyah Tel: +966-2-6166332 Tel: +966-2-6064148/ Fish Market 6060790 Al-Hamra Dist. Yildizlar Tel: +966-2-6611800 Andalus St. The Manhattan Tel: +966-2-6531150 Fish Market Andalus St. Moroccan Nosh Lounge Tel: +966-2-6141900 Herra St. Tel: +966-2-6543888 Sweets/Dessert Al-Mahawi Persian Sari St. Al-Khayyam Tel: +966-2-2575739 Hilton Hotel Al-Samadi Sweets Tel: +966-2-6590000 Rawdah St. Jahan Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6642424 Tel: +966-2-6571427 Cheesecake Factory Sultani Tahlia St. Andalus St. Tel:+966-2-6690895 Tel: +966-2-6693898 Dactylifera Tikka Express Prince Sultan St. Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6631825 Tel: +920008182 66 DESTINATION JEDDAH


Dunkin Donuts Rawdah St. Tel: +966-2-6919652 House of Donuts Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6675224 House of Kunafa Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6918125 Krispy Kreme Stars Avenue Mall Tel: +966-2-2754744 Sa’d Al-Deen Sweets Sari St. Tel: +966-2-2752600 Shakuna Desserts Rawdah Dist Tel: +966-540409144 La Vendome Tel: +966-2-6924606


Mahrajah Palestine St. Tel: +966-2-6656558 Marhaba Andalus St. Tel: +966-2-6636201 Raj Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-2632137 Shezan Sari St. Tel: +966-2-6621086 Taj Mahal Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6979698


Papaya Next to Sawari Mall Tel: +966-2-2753425 Thai Thai Prince Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6913808

Delivery Outdoor Seating Play Area Shisha Sea View Wi-Fi


Travel Trends

Holiday planner: Summer escapes 2010 By Afifa Jabeen Quraishi

In all probability, the time you take to reach a holiday spot of your choice is probably less than the hours you spend in deciding on that destination. Such it goes! But fret not; Destination Jeddah comes to your rescue as it takes you through the most favorable summer 2010 holiday spots. Go ahead, choose your pick and bask in the glory of summer!

Egypt For ages, travelers from around the world have journeyed to Egypt mainly to visit the many sites and artifacts associated with the country’s legendary pharaohs. Today, more visitors come to relish Egypt’s many beaches and coastal areas, located around the Sinai Peninsula and Red Sea areas, where you can enjoy some of the world’s finest deep sea diving, sun-kissed beaches and luxurious accommodation.  

PACKAGES 1. Cairo, Egypt 14 nights/ 15 days

South Africa This place will have the sporting world’s attention as it hosts the 2010 World Cup this year. With a flurry of new stadiums, high-end hotels and safari lodges, a South African holiday offers a diverse range of holiday experiences – from soccer to stunning beaches, historical tours and exotic cuisine. While much of the sports action takes place across nine cities, you can safely place your bet on Cape Town for all the off-the-field fun.


Johannesburg / Cape Town 8 days/ 7 nights (Alireza Holidays) – SR 1034 68 DESTINATION JEDDAH

(Top Adventure Travel & Tourism) – 4 stars - SR 4000, 5 stars - SR6800 - Price is per person in double room with breakfast (5 star: Pyramisa , 4 star: President) - Price is for 14 nights stay and includes ticket on Saudia Airlines - Price includes round trip transfer AirportHotel-Airport 2. Cairo 8 days/ 7 nights (Alireza Holidays) – SR 672


A sought after holiday spot with much to see and do, Turkey captures the best of Eastern and Western influences in its buzzing capital city - Istanbul. Its proximity to the rest of Europe and the Middle East makes it an accessible destination for tourists the world over. This year, Istanbul has been named the 2010 European Capital of Culture (a designation it shares with Essen, Germany, and Pecs, Hungary), which means there will be a series of events, gallery shows and stage performances throughout the city to mark the occasion. All the more reason to experience the city’s charms!



Most of us in this part of the world have always been enthralled by the exoticism of Asia and the fantastic tales and adventures spinning around Asia. Malaysia – with its multicultural environment of friendly people, gorgeous nature reserves, enchanting history as well as modern high-tech cities – offers you a glimpse into what it means to be in a “truly Asian” world. Kota Kinabalu is a perfect holiday spot for those looking to unwind in luxury but enjoy the vibrancy of a city.


1. Malaysia 14 nights/ 15 days (Top Adventure Travel & Tourism) – 4 Stars SR 8400 5 Stars - SR 12000 - Plan is as follows: 4 nights Penang, 3 nights Langkawi, 2 nights Genting, 5 nights Kuala - 4 stars: Paradise Sandy Bay, Berjaya, First World, Dorsett … - 5 stars: Park Royal Penang, Langkawi Lagoon, Maxim Club Genting, Westin Kuala - Price is per person in double room with breakfast, and includes all air travel (Qatar Air+ Malaysian) 2. Malaysia 11 days/ 10 nights (Alireza Holidays) Special Honeymoon offer – SR5450 - Four nights in Kuala Lampur - Three nights in Penang - Three nights in Langkawi - Offer valid for one person

1. Turkey - 5 nights Istanbul, 5 nights Antalya (Top Adventure Travel & Tourism) - 4 stars - SR 7,485, 5 stars - SR 10,260 - Price per person in double room with breakfast, in Antalya with breakfast and dinner (4 star: Grand Anka / Corinthia Excelsior, 5 star: Grand Javaher / Sheraton Voyager Antalya) - Package includes: international tickets on Saudia, domestic tickets on Turkish Air, return transfers in each city. - Full day tour to Bursa including lunch is included in the package. 2. Istanbul 8 days/ 7 nights (Alireza Holidays) – SR 1095



Summer is here and with soaring temperatures, it would be perfect cooling down with some fun in the water. The Maldives is your ultimate tropical getaway. The primary activity on the Maldives is scuba diving; and for good reason. Water clarity is excellent and underwater life is abundant. Above the water line, the Maldives is a land of brilliant white sand and crystal blue waters. Nature lovers will be thrilled to find this hidden treasure is renowned as being one of the top international destinations for whale and dolphin watching.

Maldives 8 days/ 7 nights (Alireza Holidays) – SR 2405

Paris & Geneva

From the magnificent Geneva, set on the shore of Lake Leman between the Alps and the Jura Mountains, to the stunning and impressively stylish Paris – the perfect recipe for a classic holiday. Access the best skiing areas in the Alps, float down Seine on a river boat and admire magnificent art collections in Paris or unwind in Jardin du Luxembourg’s manicured gardens to escape the crowds on your holiday in Paris – the choice is yours!


1. Paris & Geneva 10 nights (Top

Adventure Travel & Tourism) – 3 stars SR 7480, 4 stars - SR 9400 - Price is per person in double room with breakfast (3 star: Hotel Eiffel Capitol/ Hotel Strasburg Universe, 4 star: Royal Elysees/ Bristol) - Package includes 5 nights stay in each city, economy train ticket from Paris to Geneva, Economy Saudia ticket JeddahParis & Geneva-Jeddah 2. Paris 7 days/ 6 nights (Alireza Holidays) – SR 2165 

London When it comes to Saudis and expats heading abroad, London has always dominated their summer travel choices. Seasoned travelers across the globe are united in their opinion that when it comes to enjoying space, privacy, comfort and easy accessibility to tourist hot-spots, there’s nothing that even comes close to the much-feted London. The city is filled with a number of iconic historical attractions, magnificent modern structures, various beautifully landscaped Royal Parks and much more.


London 8 days/ 7 nights (Alireza Holidays) – SR 1890 Footnotes:

Includes – tax, service charges and breakfast, travel medical insurance for seven days and transport for airport-hotel-airport by private car. - Inclusive of all tax and service - Offer is valid from 10 June to 30 July 2010 70 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Financially-friendly flying Air Arabia: With a whole host of new low-cost carriers making their mark across the Middle East, Air Arabia stands out as not only the first, but also the largest. While Sama and Nas dominate the low-cost carrier industry here in the Kingdom, Air Arabia is unique in that it offers flights to destinations outside the Middle East - all the way from Kathmandu to Amsterdam.

Launched in 2003, Air Arabia is based on the concept: “Pay Less, Fly More.” Since its inception, the airline has carried over 11 million passengers. According to its website, Air Arabia’s primary focus has been on “offering comfort, reliable and value for money air travel [and] aims to make your travel journey more convenient through Internet bookings and offering the lowest fares in the market along with the highest levels of safety and service standards.” As the first publicly owned airline in the Middle East, this no-frills airline offers the low-cost solution to flying both in and out of the Arab region. Based in Sharjah, the airline boasts a fleet of 20 Airbus A320 aircrafts, with an order for 49 coming in the near future. While Air Arabia may not be the ideal choice for domestic trips (i.e. between Jeddah and Riyadh) due to its base being in the UAE, it is a cost-friendly solution to the frequent flyer seeking an inexpensive flight to select business

hubs in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Air Arabia’s travel agent in Jeddah is Al-Tayyar Travel located on Malek Rd. Online flight booking is also available.

For further information: DESTINATION JEDDAH 71


Directory Airlines Airport Information Tel: +966-2-6855526 Air Algerie Tel: +966-2-6515232 Air Arabia Tel: 920013322 Air Canada / United Airlines Tel: +966-2-2632959 Air France Tel: +966-2-6512000 Air India Tel: +966-2-2632994 Air Sahara Tel:+966-2-6641233 American Airlines Tel: +966-2-6651333 Ariana Afghan Airlines Tel: +966-2-6611222 Austrian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6644222 British Airways Tel: +966-2-92000 2215 Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel: +966-2-6652733 BMI-British Midland Tel: +966-2-263 3009 Cathay Pacific Airways Tel: +966-2-6670224 Continental Airlines Tel: +966-2-6693376 Cyprus Airways Tel: +966-2-6696304 Dallo Airlines Tel: +966-2-6513008 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-2-6570555 Ethiopian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6512996 Egypt Airlines Tel: +966-2-6449007 Etihad Airways Tel: +966-2-6640026 Garuda Indonesia Tel: +966-2-6656121 Gulf Air Tel: +966-2-6680303 Jet Airways Tel: +966-2-6602332 Kenya Airways / Korean Airlines 72 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Tel: +966-2-2632959 Ext. 108 Kuwait Airways Tel: +966-2-6675415 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Tel: +966-2-6512000 Ext.43 Iran Air Tel: +966-2-6656975 Lufthansa Airlines/ Swiss International Airlines Tel: +966-2-6514000 Malaysian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6670011 Middle East Airlines Tel: +966-2-6449150 Nas Air Tel: 920001234 Oman Airlines Tel: +966-2-6577979 Pakistan International Airlines Tel: +966-2-6422642 Phillipine Airlines / Singapore Airlines Tel: +966-2-2632959 Ext.100 Qatar Airways Tel: +966-2-6652942 Royal Air Moroc Tel: +966-2-6502222 Royal Jordanian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6652195 Sama Tel: 920005588 Saudi Arabian Airlines Tel: 920022222 Syrian Arab Airlines Tel: +966-2-6513077 Thai Airways Tel: +966-2-6613524 Turkish Airlines Tel: +966-2-6636787 Wafeer Tel: +966-2-4202510 Yemenia Airlines Tel: +966-2-6445564

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Al-Andalus Toppna Delux Villas (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6632369 Al-Aziziah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6492900 Al-Bader Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6310000 Al-Bay’ah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6444446 Al-Balad Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6442179 Al-Bustan Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6692164 Al-Bilad Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-694 4777 Al-Dar Al-Baydaa (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6827771 Al-Fayrouz Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6270696 Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6602000 Al-Haya Jeddah Continental (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6633332 Al-Hofouf Hotel Tel: +966-2-6520100 Al-Janadreia Apartments Tel: +966-2-6173824 Al-Janoub Hotel (2-star) Tel: +966-2-6486844 Al-Kaki Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6310071 Al-Malekah Hotel Tel: +966-2-6751764 Al-Manea Hotel (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6823509 Al-Msaadeyah Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6603116 Al-Nahdha Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6471158 Al-Nakheel Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6475127 Al-Saaha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6514121 Al-Waha Hotel (4-star) Tel: +966-2-6715043 Ascor Co Tel: +966-2-6066425 Cairo Hotel (3-star) Tel: +966-2-6483870 Crown Plaza (5-star) Tel: +966-2-6611000


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Tel: +966-2-6900059 Arabian & Expat’s Tours Tel: +966-2-6580663 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6794022 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel: +966-2-6575266

Tour Operators Al-Samaklky foundation Tel: +966-2-6640662 Arabian Camp DESTINATION JEDDAH 73

Healthy Living

LYMPIA Center: By Rima Al-Mukhtar

JEDDAH: As people become more aware of their health needs, many are turning to gyms to achieve their fitness goals – ranging from maintaining fitness, losing weight and toning up, or a combination of all three. You may have noticed that in order to keep up with this trend, countless new gyms have popped up in and around Jeddah. However, one of the longest running gyms here, and coincidentally, the largest fitness center in Jeddah is none other than Olympia fitness Center.


Having been established in 1999, Olympia is a Health Promotion Center at Fakeeh hospital. Encompassing an impressive eight floors, Olympia gym and spa has a lot to offer to men, women and kids; from two indoor tennis courts and two indoor swimming pools to two spas (including steam rooms, saunas and massage rooms), two cafes and a shop. The shop stocks stylish and practical items including bathing suits, sunglasses, vitamins, beauty products, skin care products and nursery Items for mothers to be. There really is something for everyone here. So no more excuses about gyms being aimed at “trendy youngsters” or “gym bunnies” anymore! Firstly, let’s have a look at what is offered for men. You will find a range of the latest fitness machines, specialized bodybuilding machines, a Professional sized boxing ring and a squash court. And after pumping serious iron, you can relax in the indoor swimming pool, hot tub or Jacuzzi. For those of you who like to be pampered, you’ll be pleased to know that Olympia has an onsite men’s spa offering massages and other spa treatments. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a barber, so you can leave the gym looking perfectly groomed. As for what’s offered for women – well, you won’t be disappointed. Similarly to the men, there is a whole floor dedicated solely for women, which includes top of the range fitness machines as well as a Pilates studio. Aerobics, spinning and yoga classes also have their own dedicated spaces. Additionally, there is an indoor swimming pool and a spa.

The spa itself is enough to get any woman to join up. It has massage rooms, a Moroccan bathroom, rooms dedicated to LPG (a non invasive treatment to combat the dreaded cellulite), G5 (cellulite and body slimming wrap), skin care and facials. The beauty salon there also offers all the other standard treatments such as waxing, manicures, and make up services. While the adults are having their fun, children can have their own fun in a dedicated multi activity center, ensuring that kids can have fun and exercise at the same time. Not only are there after school activities, there’s also a day care center run by qualified staff. If your kids are up for more adventure, you can sign them up to the private karate and squash or tennis lessons on offer. For those of you who want to partake in sports alongside your children, take advantage of the “mommy and me swim” and indulge in some fun bonding with your child. Since summer is around the corner, there’s a special sports camp running from June 19th to August 7th. It’s for kids aged between 7 and 12, so make your child’s summer fun and exciting, and sign them up! If the above is not enough, Olympia is having a “shape up for summer” sale, giving members 25% off their yearly membership. So what are you waiting for? Join now and start having fun! For more information: Tel: +966-2-6655000 Ext : 1501/ 1503 Website:


CONCEPT 10 10 The future of exercise What is Concept 1010?

By Naief Arab

Concept 10 10 is a special training concept that is based on 25 years of scientific research and experience. It is a high intensity Personal & Private Training. The training is so effective that you only need one session of 20 minutes once a week to reach a high level of fitness andwell-being. The above statement is what I first read about Concept 1010. My initial thoughts were, Ya right! Another one of those! Curiosity however got the best of me and so I decided to do some research.

personal instructor through 6 different exercises using unique equipment. The resistance in each exercise is moved very slowly 10 seconds each way, hence the name Concept 10 10.

The program is done each time with a

These intensive exercises, which combined, cover the whole body, have an optimum effect on your muscles and last only 1-2 minutes each. The combined effect also gives maximum improvement muscle’s ability to take up oxygen from the blood, which improves the cardio-vascular condition

Concept 1010 was founded by Dr. Dreisinger whose background includes 30 years of clinical experience in rehabilitation, orthopedics and physical medicine. His vast experience in the field has earned him numerous awards and vast recognition.


Photos by Rayan Nawawi

Healthy Living

Major benefits include: - Treatment of back pain. - Treatment of neck pain - Increase muscle strength - Significantly improve cardio-vascular condition - Combined with proper calorie intake helps burn fat and weight loss. Once the research was done it was time for a field test. I called the gym and set an appointment with the instructor. Upon arriving to the location (Salama Center Building Entrance B4) at the set time, the instructor was waiting with a chart and was ready to go.

All I could remember during the workout was the word”INTENSE!” Being that I am no stranger to conventional gyms/workouts, I can say that the intensity felt during the 20 minute time frame was equivalent to a two hour session of lifting weights or a 1 hour session of aerobics. The exercises

are extremely simple and basic (No fancy positions or techniques included), however the machinery used is designed and set in a manner that locks in the body tightly in order to maximize intensity on the intended muscle. Aftermath: Upon finishing the workout, I felt as if I had been running for an hour or so. Out of breath with my heart beating at a serious pace. I could feel that something had definitely shocked the system, in a good way however.

Three weeks into the new workout, any minor back and neck pains I previously had have totally disappeared and my body feels a bit leaner. It’s too soon to fully judge however, but I will definitely get back to DJ in a month or so and share the outcome. So far, it seems that we won’t be disappointed. Location: Prince Sultan St. Salama Center Tel: +966-2-6165665 Website: DESTINATION JEDDAH 77

Healthy Living

Jeddah Sports:

Alternatives To Old Favorites

Tennis: Mind over matter

Everyone knows that Tennis is a good workout especially if you do it regularly. But what most people don’t know is that it’s a real workout for your mind as well.  Long time tennis professional Zulfiqar Ahmad, 58, has been teaching tennis since 1984 and has loved the sport ever since he was four-years-old thanks to encouragement from his grandfather.  “Tennis is a workout for your entire body but it is also a workout for the mind,” Ahmad said through his bristly moustache. The former Saudi National team player still has the same passion burning in his gut as he did over 46 years ago when he picked up his first racket.  The Pakistani national explains that tennis, like most sports, requires a high level of concentration. “When you’re in the game, you focus on the ball and you forget everything on your mind,” he said. “If you want to relax, tennis is a great way to de-stress and put everything else on hold. After the game you feel recharged, relaxed and ready for life once again. Ahmad teaches at the Sahara Sports Complex on Sari St., behind the UPS building near Madinah road. For more information: Mr. Thou Al-Faqqar Mobile: +966504655159


Photo by Miachael Bounacklie

It’s pretty well known that here in Saud, soccer is king. It is the national pastime, the national passion and practically no sport can ever hope to achieve the popularity that football enjoys in the Kingdom. In the interest of expanding our sports horizons and finding new ways to keep healthy, DJ brings you some very different alternatives to soccer. Tennis, the sport of royalty, has recently been making a splash here in Jeddah. Nipping at its heels is the family friendly bowling which has become more and more available around the city. How about enjoying the calmness of a golf game in the midst of the desert? For the more laid back, yoga is the perfect complement to an active sportsman’s (or sportswoman) schedule. And finally, just to shake things up a bit, get acquainted with the noble sport of fencing - weren’t expecting that one, were you?



You’re probably thinking ‘is it really a sport? All you do is hit a ball as far as you can!’ In fact, there’s a lot more to this sport than expected. As an average, 18 holes involves walking between 6 and 7 kilometres and there’s a lot of thought and skill required to firstly hit the ball and secondly to move in the direction you require. This involves coordinating the power used to hit the ball, determining the wind direction and speed, and which club you use to attain your objective. Jeddah has its own golf course and club adapted to suit the desert climate. Traditionally golf is played on grass but at Desert Lakes Golf Course you have a backdrop of sand to play against. This place is quite popular among expats and tourists in Jeddah.

Photo by Rayan Nawawi

Bowling in Jeddah is quite popular among shabab and families. Jeddah Lanes located in Al-mosadia on Madineh Road are one of the branches that get quite crowded at night with youth. If you’d like to go with the whole family for a fun game of bowling, Al-Shalal Theme Park is the place to go. For more intense action and other games with bowling, you might want to pay a visit to In10so Arcade in Serafi MegaMall. You can sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee while watching your little ones play games and bowling, stop by FunZee at Coral Mall, Tahlia.

Visit their website for more details DESTINATION JEDDAH 79

Photo by Miachael Bounacklie

Yoga: A workout for body and mind There are many different ways of getting into shape. But if a gym or kicking a ball is not your thing then there is one less stressful alternative.  Yoga is more than just a physical exercise and has been shown to relieve stress and muscle aches. Yoga can be used to treat injuries like sciatica and is used in physical rehabilitation programs around the world. As a discipline itself it encompasses several different styles, or poses, with each offering something slightly different.  Even if you are in good shape it is a good idea taking a beginner’s class to learn the poses and avoid the risk of injury. Nouf Marwaai, a yoga master (yogacharienie) based in Jeddah said the discipline uses different techniques of breathing and stretching to give your muscles a high level of oxygen. “In other


exercises you aren’t taught how to breathe. Using breathing techniques provide your body with a high level of oxygen which feeds your autonomic nervous system which in yoga is the most important part of the nervous system since it is connected to your organs and the subconscious.” Today’s modern lifestyle is very fast paced and consequently more stressful. Marwaai said part of the brain takes over the automatic processes like breathing but that leaves the emotional part of the brain open to stressful influences which in turn lead to panic attacks and emotional frustration. While yoga is complex as a workout regimen, it has varying degrees of difficulty for every skill level. There are yoga classes available in Jeddah for everyone. From kids to beginners to moms-to-be, you’ll be able to find a class to suit your needs. For more information visit


For anyone seeking a unique adventure, why not give fencing a try? When fencing is mentioned, most people conjure up images of the Three Musketeers, or Zorro, but there’s a lot more to it than glamorous Hollywood films. Not only is it a skill, it’s a sport, a martial art and a career for some. So what exactly is it? Modern day fencing is a form of sword fighting in which the object is to touch your opponent with the tip of a sword. There are three types of weapons used in fencing,

namely the sabre, the foil and the Epee. It is a perfectly safe sport, where protective gear is worn, and thankfully, the aim of the game is not to kill your opponent as it was in years past! To find out more about this sport, In Jeddah, fencing classes are available at the Be Well gym (for men only). Prices start at around 300SAR per month. Contact the gym on 0507700424 for details of class times, and also for special offers.


Just like tennis, squash has gained a number of fans and lovers. You can find squash available in almost every gym you join. Al-Bilad, Hilton Jeddah, Faqeeh Gym and Gold’s Gym are places to go play this fast sport. As any sport, squash has rules and guides to follow. I personally enjoy playing this sport because you concentrate on the ball which helps you de-stress as well as burn a lot of calories, but most of all it’s a sport you can play solo if there’s no friend or partner around. DESTINATION JEDDAH 81

Healthy Living

Green Living


Going-Green Tips

It’s important to realize that green living shouldn’t really be a second thought in today’s world, with ever-improving technology and a wealth of resources available to those who are interested.

Plan Summer differently this year! Be Green. Be Smart. Be Responsible!

A way of life.

Green Quote of the month “Everyday is Earth Day” author unknown “Man must feel the earth to know himself and recognize his values...God made life simple. It is man who complicates it.” - Charles Lindgergh, Reader’s Digest, July 1972

EC -Gadgets Solar Light Cap

A lightweight, solar-charged headlamp, cleverly integrated into a stylish cap. This innovative personal lighting system is environmentally friendly and extremely practical. This 2C Solar Light Cap is made from highest quality brushed cotton, with a brass swing buckle at the rear, a soft sweatband and detailed label. The SLC100 is the optimal selection for both moderate and cool climates. Ideal for fishermen, hikers, campers, boaters, dog walkers, security and festival goers. Price: SR 150 Available at

Getting eco-friendly from an early age

With summer just around the corner and everyone getting ready for fun in the sun and booking hotels and flights, we tend to forget that we can still live green while vacationing. Here are some tips to practice responsible tourism: - Don’t over pack. Avoid excess baggage that can cost you and the environment. Don’t take clothes that require heavy laundering. - Put your house into “energy hibernation”. Whether you are away for a weekend or for a month, remember to switch off all lights. Unplug all electrical appliances. You will save energy and your house will be safer. - Make it a paperless vacation! Forget collecting a bundle of brochures from travel agents and hotel receptions. Instead, use the internet to plan and book everything online. You will save time, paper and resources. - Connect with local cultures. Help generate income and employment for local communities. Enjoy and learn about food from local markets and street vendors rather than eating at our hotel.

rganic Shops

Stores in Jeddah that provide organic food:

Bait Al-Seha (House of Health)

Rawdah dist. Tel: +966-2-6691003 Mob: +966-54608108

Organic Bakery

Mob: +966-500571717 Tel:+966-2-6707111

Watania Organic Products

(fruits & vegetables, dairy, meat, seeds, and manufactured products) Abdul Rahman Al- Sudairi St. Tel: +966-2-6915082

Abazeer Organic Products

Tel: +966-2-6612285 / +966-2-6676157

Organic Shop Nofa Holdings

Provides a variety of organic products Alshoalla center - Madinah Road Tel: +966-2-6073890

Danube, Bin Dawood Supermarkets Provides a varietyof organic products 82 DESTINATION JEDDAH

EARTH DAY The Saudi Presidency of Meteorology and Environment took a positive and proactive step on the occasion of Earth Day. The goal was to create a clean-up campaign along the scenic shores of Corniche Road. Photos by Rayan Nawawi

This year marked the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day. While the environmental challenges we face today are perhaps some of the greatest challenges of our time, they also present us with the greatest opportunityan unprecedented chance to unite and create a better world for generations to come.

and Environment. A three-day conference and exhibition on environmental issues was held at Jeddah Hilton from April 25th- 27th under His Royal Highness patronage in coordination with the US Consulate General, the Jeddah Municipality along with several public and private companies.

Gaylord Nelson, a Senator from Wisconsin and Dennis Hayes, who was then a young graduate student, initially established Earth Day in 1970 in the U.S.A. Since then, this initiative has been supported by governmental and non-governmental agencies around the world.

The objective of these activities were to show the community how such simple initiatives and a little effort can make a significant impact on reducing waste that could harm our planet.

A number of related events took place throughout the week initiated by HRH Prince Turki Bin Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz, the head of the Presidency of Meteorology

Jeddah Hilton and Qasr Al Sharq with over 100 managers and team members covered an area of approximately 1000 meters alongside the beach, filling over 50 bags of recyclable and non-recyclable refuse.


Healthy Living

Green Living

SAUDI WATER SAVERS: Saving Water for a Better Tomorrow

By Serene Feteih

Water. The essential element of life. We can’t live without it. And we have grown to take it for granted. But with little steps and actions, Saudi can make a change for a better tomorrow.

Research has shown that on average, each person in Saudi Arabia consumes 286 litres of water per day! Laundry being the number one cause of water wastage brought LG and Ariel with the support of the Ministry of Water and Electricity to Launch the Saudi Watersavers Campaign. The campaign is held to drive awareness on water wastage and give tips on how to prevent it for a better tomorrow. With simple habits such as closing the tap while brushing one’s teeth and fixing leaky faucets, Saudi can make a big difference. The campaign also focuses on explaining to individuals how switching from top loading washing machines to front loading automatic washing machines saves up to 1000 litres of water per month per household. According to research, Dr. Riyadh Alokran, LG Retail Manager said that if only 10% of Saudi houses switched do frontloading machines, this would save the Kingdom 4 billion litres of water every month. In order to be an active Saudi Water Saver, log on to the website and make a pledge. You will also find tips on how to save water and join the Facebook group or follower on Twitter. Invite your friends to make a pledge and do what you say. As your part of responsibility, educate those living with you in the house; helpers, drivers, children and siblings on how to save water with little steps. For more information, please visit


Gym & Health Centers



Health & Beauty

Directory Clinics Al-Ansar New Clinic Tel: +966-2-6933379 Al-Gadeer Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6722535 Al-Hamra Clinics Tel: +966-2-6655588 Al-Haramin Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6474850 Al-Madina Medical Clinic Tel: +966-2-6881288 Dr. Edrees Podiatric Clinics Tel: +966-5-00506507 Dr. Effat Daghostani Clinics Tel: +966-2-6601729 Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6480792 Hera’a Polyclinic Tel:+966-2-6920724 Ideal Clinics Tel:+966-2-6635444 Magrabi Eye & Ear Clinic Tel:+966-2-6655200 Orthopaedic Specialty Clinics Tel: +966-2-6922298 Saudi American Clinic Tel: +966-2-6605050

Gym & Health Centers Fitness Time Tel: +966-2-6226369 Gold’s Gym Tel: +966-2-6912077 Hiltonia Gym Tel: +966-2-6590000 Hummer Gym Tel: +966-2-6671212 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 Power In Gym Tel: +966-2-6061516 Ryan Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6322848 Z-club Tel: +8001255552 Women Bugshan Outpatient Tel: +966-2-6691222 Ext. 899 Henaa Center Tel: +966-2-6714619 Chamelle Plaza Gym 86 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Tel: +966-2-6634355 Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-2-6655000 Ext. 1501-1503 The Lift Tel: 8001247775 Men Ba’Azem Body Building Tel: +966-2-6448844 Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu Tel: +966-552065722 B Well Gym Tel: +966-2-6066477 KAI Gym Tel: +966-2-6684466 Spot tech Tel: +966-2-6071129 Star Power Club Tel: +966-2-6776177 Kids Junior Gym Tel: +966-2-6911925 Sporty Kids Tel: +966-2-6993586


Spa & Beauty Centers

Hai Al-Jamea Hospital Tel: +966-2-6806666 International Medical Center Tel: +966-2-6509000 Jeddah Clinic Hospital Tel: +966-2-6313131 Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing Tel: +966-2-6675311 King Abdul Aziz University Tel: +966-2-6401000 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 /6365028 Magrabi Eye & Ear Hospital Tel: +966-2-6365000 Mostagbal Hospital Tel: +966-2-6875255 Mushrifah Medical Center Tel: +966-2-6654366 New Al-Jedaani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6368100 New Jeddah Clinic Hospital (NJCH) Tel: +966-2-6675000 Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6829000 United Doctors Hospital Tel: +966-2-6533333

Pharmacies Abo Dawood Tel: +966-2-6877210 Al-Ajuwad Tel: +966-2-6473436 Al-Ameera Tel: +966-2-6055638 Al-Ansar Tel: +966-2-6050010 Al-Awad Tel: +966-2-6591800

Abuzinadah Hospital Tel: +966-2-6510652 Al-Ansar Hospital Tel: +966-2-6825105 Al-Hamra Hospital Tel: +966-2-6653939 Al-Hayat Hospital Dip yourself in something Tel: +966-2-6367778 this Season Al-Safa Tel: +966-2-6200129 Al-Quds Medical Dispensary Tel: +966-2-6970224 Bakhsh Hospital Lamasat Spa Tel: +966-2-6479666 Bugshan General Hospital Tel: +966-2-6691222 Dr. Erfan & Bagedo Tel: +966-2-6820022 Dr. Ghassan N. Pharaon Tel: +966-2-6823200 Dar Al-Shifa Saudi new & exclusively in Lamasat spa Tel:+966-2-6822900 Dr. Siddiqa Hospital Tel:+966-2-6721763 Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Location: Prince Sultan st.Tel:+966-2-6834002 Tel: +966-2-6655000


Lava Shell Massage

Al-Atta Tel: +966-2-6773314 Al-Azizeyah Tel: +966-2-6206981 Al-Hamra Tel: +966-2-6440108 Al-Marzouki Tel: +966-2-6780538 Al-Nahdi Tel: +966-2-6976208 Al-Sudais Tel: +966-2-6737679 Tel: +966-2-6058962 Al-Wasfah Tel: +966-2-6826198 Alya Tel: +966-2-6449254 Amal Tel: +966-2-6429486 Amira Tel: +966-2-6746001 Asia Tel: +966-2-6390553 Bin Muteab Tel: +966-2-6890964 Daan Tel: +966-2-6284405 Jamjoom Tel: +966-2-6081111 Jehhar Tel: +966-2-6973401 Noura Tel: +966-2-6685500 Rana Tel: +966-2-6984972 Remedies Tel: +966-2-6563048

Spa & Beauty Centers Al-Megayena Tel: +966-2-6655763 Alexandre Zouari Tel: +966-2-6656161 Beauty Alliance Tel: +966-2-6681381 Body Line (men only) Tel: +966-2-2631859 Bouthaina Tel: +966-2-6631809 /6691901 Carmen Center Tel: +966-2-6648122 Chamelle Plaza Tel: +966-2-6656807 Dar Al-Moda Tel: +966-2-6526660 Dr. Edrees Foot Spa Tel: +966-5-00506507 E Spa Tel: +966-2-2632093 EVE Salons Tel: +966-2-6985787

Garra rufa Tel: +966-2-2635018 Jaques Dessange Tel: +966-2-6695458 Jamalouki Tel: +966-2-6651888 Lamasat Tel: +966-2-6834002 Lila’s Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6622676 Lucie Saint Clair Tel: +966-2-2832020 Mana Center Tel: +966-2-6066628 Mervat Center Tel: +966-2-6630676 Miracle Parlour Tel: +966-2-6739597 Nadoleen Center Tel: +966-2-6633972 Nail care Tel: +966-544408585 Nirvana Tel:+966-2-6681634 Oriana Tel: +966-2-6220773 Planet Beach Tel: +8001247776 Serenity Center Tel: +966-2-6648353 Soleil d’Or Spa Tel: +966-2-2842233 Spada Tel: 920010099 The Spa by Clarins Paris Tel: +966-2-6599999 Viva La Vie Tel: +966-2-6929163 Tel: +966-2-6060338 Zowaina Tel: +966-2-6656311 7L House Tel: +966-2-6532812

Veterinary Clinic

Al-Seleouly Veterinary Tel: +966-2-6312169 Ext 103 European Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6676330 Emergency:+966-506530565 Happy Pet Vet Clinic Tel: +966-2-6164030 Jeddah Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6912896 North American Veterinary Tel: +966-503671822/ 0562111786 Tahliah International Tel: +966-2-6695554 Emergency: +966-504698810 Veterinarian@yourservice Mob: +966-562111786 Waleed Veterinary Clinic Tel: +966-2-6656084 DESTINATION JEDDAH 87

GAMES SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive

Test your Perception! Locate the origin of this photograph cut-out within the magazine pages

Crosswords ACROSS

2. Usually given to the winning athlete in the olympics. 4. The name of the leader of a team. 6. Another word for weights. 8. Do this to cool off feel refreshed after a hard sweaty workout 12. An exercise that can be done any where as olng as the weather is tolerable. 13. To prevent dehydration. 14. Paired with exercise to induce weight loss or gain.


1. Mixed ...... arts 3. An important practice before any physical exercise. 5. What you want to build more of by exercising. 7. The practice of supporting a team or athlete. 9. Usually associated with “En grade�. 10. The person that trains the team. 11. The animal essential to playing polo. 88 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Puzzle Words Find the listed hidden words, the words may be hidden in any direction. Once you have found all the words, the remaining letters will spell a secret message.

balance ball cast field fishing fore glasses glide goal golf hat hole jump kick putter score share shout sneakers stretch touchdown t-shirt yoga

Test your education knowledge! 1 - Which country hosted the 2008 Olympics? 2 - What is the most popular indoor sport in the US?   3 - What is the most common non-contagious disease in the world? 4 - Which sport permits a headlock as part of fairplay? 5 - What sport can you be out ‘leg before wicket’, or ‘hit a six’? 6 - When did baseball originate in the US? 7 - What is the sport where you would use a ‘sand iron’? 8 - Which golf player’s mother is from Thailand? Crosswords: Across :Medal, Captain, Dumbbell, Shower, Jogging, Water, Diet Down: Martial, Stretching, Muscle, Cheer, Fencing, Coach, Horses Test Your Perception: pg. 26 Education knowledge: 1. China; 2.  Basketball; 3. Tooth Decay; 4. Wrestling; 5. Cricket; 6. 19th Century; 7. Golf; 8. Tiger Woods DESTINATION JEDDAH 89

Useful Arabic Words & Pronunciation It’s known worldwide that pronunciation is one of the most challenging steps in learning different languages. For example, Arabic has many dialogues, slangs and accents. Some of these dialogues can’t be understood by all Arabs. The most common dialogue is the Egyptian dialogue and the Lebanese dialogue. In this article we attempt to shed some light on the traditional Saudi dialogue. To illustrate that, we added a picture of a throat to show the pronunciation of different Arabic letters.

Health club



Coach / Trainer


Weight Machines

Ajhezat hadeed


Malabes Reyada
















Takheen or Sameen








So’araat Harariah


Darabaat Algaleb

Burn fat

Harrg Dohoon













Korat Gadam


Korat Sallah


Kora Taera




Mashe ala Jebaal








Rokoob Darraja

Want to learn more? 15-Minute Arabic

By DK Publishing Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business, learn Arabic in only 15 minutes a day with this situation-based and easy-to-use course and ready-reference. The book and CD’s follow a single lesson plan, and the text and recordings are crossreferenced to each other.

Spoken Arabic Made Easy

By Amanullah Vadakkangara A unique course in spoken Arabic for beginners helps you to practice reading, writing and speaking in just one month. The introduction of useful phrases and structures along with a communicative approach will enable all language learners to acquire the necessary skills, even without the assistance of a teacher.

Your First 100 Words Arabic

By Jane Wightwick This book is designed to teach the beginner a basic vocabulary of 100 Arabic words-covering 8 everyday topics: around the home/ clothes/ around town (including transportation)/ countryside/ essentials/ opposities/ animals/ parts of the body.

Available at Jarir Book Store Tel : +966-2-6827666 DESTINATION JEDDAH 91


Directory Banks Al-Bilad Bank Tel: 8001230000 Alinma Bank Tel: 8001208000 Al-Jazira Bank Tel: +966-2-6518070 Al-Rajhi Bank Tel: +966-2-6422111 Arab National Bank Tel: +966-2-6741497 Banque Saaudi Fransi Tel: 8001242121 Islamic Development Bank Tel: +966-2-6361400 National Commercial Bank Tel: +966-2-6609265 Riyadh Bank Tel: +966-2-6474777 SABB Tel: +966-2-6512121 Saudi Cairo Bank Tel: +966-2-6608820 Saudi Hollandi Bank Tel: +966-2-2368844 Saudi Investment Bank Tel: +966-2-6531010 Samba Tel: +966-2-6533555


Abu Diyab Est. Tel: +966-2-6677779 Alpha Rent a Car Tel: +966-2-6974459 Avis Tel: +966-2-6855544 Al-Zaman Group Tel: +966-2-6914693 Daleel Tel: +966-2-6719219 Discovery Tel: +966-2-6714475 Fernas Tel: +966-2-6595000 Formula Tel: +966-2-6621213 Hanco Tel: +966-2-6684666 Hertz Tel: +966-2-6040339 Hessen for Rent Car Tel: +966-2-6430295 92 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Khozama Est. Tel: +966-2-6317177 Key Rent a Car Tel: +966-2-6831236

Car Wash

Modacar Tel: 920005555 Smart Care Tel: +966-533500077 V. Cool Tel: +966-2-6396969


Aramex Tel: +920027447 TNT Express Tel: +966-2-6678888 DHL Tel: 8003450000 Fedex Tel: +966-2-6714636


Tedalal Tel: +966-2-6580000 Yalla Utlob Tel: +966-2-6580000 Ground Transportation Alo Sayyara Tel: +966-26677621 Tel: +966-505657387 Apex Luxury Chaffeur Service Tel: 920011755 SAPTCO Tel: +966-2-6474900 Te’le’ Car Tel: +966-2-6679689 Tel: +966-534050910

Business Services

Venue Executive Club Tahlia street Tel: +966-2-6061010

DSL NET Atheer Tel: +966-2-6839333 Nesma Tel: +966-2-2567998 SPS Tel: +966-2-6824556

Embassies & Consulates E: Embassies C: Consulates ALGERIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887171 C: Tel: +966-2-6985035 C: Tel: +966-2-6985034 ARGENTINA E: Tel: +966-1-4652600 AUSTRALIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887788 AUSTRIA E: Tel: +966-1-4801217 BAHRAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880044 C: Tel: +966-2-6076770 BANGLADESH E: Tel: +966-1-4195300 C: Tel: +966-2-6878465 BELGIUM E: Tel: +966-1-4880044 C: Tel: +966-2-6076770 BRAZIL E: Tel: +966-1-4880018 C: Tel: +966-2-6603874 C: Tel: +966-2-6603866 BRITAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880077 C: Tel: +966-2-6225550 BURKINA FASO E: Tel: +966-1-4652244 C: Tel: +966-2-6744547 BRUNEI E: Tel: +966-1-4560814 C: Tel: +966-2-6724343 CAMEROON E: Tel: +966-1-4880022 C: Tel: +966-2-6804541 CANADA E: Tel: +966-1-4882288 C: Tel: +966-2-6530434 CHINA E: Tel: +966-1-4832126 C: Tel: +966-2-6605113 CZECH REPUBLIC E: Tel: +966-1-4503617 DENMARK E: Tel: +966-1-4880101 C: Tel: +966-2-6672222 Ext 1163



DJIBOUTI E: Tel: +966-1-4543182 C: Tel: +966-2-6621938 EGYPT E: Tel: +966-1-4810464 E: Tel: +966-1-4831275 C: Tel: +966-2-6605205 ERITREA E: Tel: +966-1-4801731 C: Tel: +966-2-6740592 ETHIOPIA E: Tel: +966-1-4824055 C: Tel: +966-2-6653444 FINLAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881515 C: Tel: +966-2-6438235 FRANCE E: Tel: +966-1-4881255 C: Tel: +966-2-6681544 C: Tel: +966-2-6681563 GABON E: Tel: +966-1-4567173 GAMBIA E: Tel: +966-1-2052158 C: Tel: +966-2-2573193 GERMANY E: Tel: +966-1-4880700 C: Tel: +966-2-6996436 GHANA E: Tel: +966-1-4545122 C: Tel: +966-2-6601429 GREECE E: Tel: +966-1-4801975 C: Tel: +966-2-6674088 GUINEA E: Tel: +966-1-4881121 C: Tel: +966-2-6637540 HUNGARY E: Tel: +966-1-4568644 INDIA E: Tel: +966-1-4884144 C: Tel: +966-2-6500104 INDONESIA E: Tel: +966-1-4882282 C: Tel: +966-2-6711271 IRAN E: Tel: +966-1-4881444 C: Tel: +966-2-6676132 IRELAND E: Tel: +966-1-4882300 ITALY E: TEL: +966-1-4881212

Embassies & Consulates

C: Tel: +966-2-6421454 JAPAN E: Tel: +966-1-2881100 C: Tel: +966-2-6670676 JORDAN E: Tel: +966-1-4880039 C: Tel: +966-2-6607630 KENYA E: Tel: +966-1-4882484 C: Tel: +966-2-4881238 KOREA E: Tel: +966-1-4882211 C: Tel: +966-2-6681990 KUWAIT E: Tel: +966-1-4883500 C: Tel: +966-2-6604898 LEBANON E: Tel: +966-1-4804060 C: Tel: +966-2-6690599 MALAYSIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887100 C: Tel: +966-2-6727740 MALI E: Tel: +966-1-4195640 C: Tel: +966-2-6514940 MALTA E: Tel: +966-1-4615315 C: Tel: +966-2-6991599 MAURITANIA E: Tel: +966-1-4646749 C: Tel: +966-2-6297722 MEXICO E: Tel: +966-1-4808822 C: Tel: +966-2-6495332 MOROCCO E: Tel: +966-1-4811858 C: Tel: +966-2-6695234 C: Tel: +966-2-6695238 NEPAL E: Tel: +966-1-4645170 NETHERLANDS E: Tel: +966-1-4880011 NEW ZELAND E: Tel: +966-1-4887988 C: Tel: +966-2-6512109 NIGERIA E: Tel: +966-1-4823024 C: Tel: +966-2-6716865 NORWAY E: Tel: +966-1-4881904 C: Tel: +966-2-6611222 Ext 300 OMAN


Social Service Organizations

E: Tel: +966-1-4823120 C: Tel: +966-2-6996838 PAKISTAN E: Tel: +966-1-4884111 C: Tel: +966-2-6692371 PHILIPPINES E: Tel: +966-1-4880835 C: Tel: +966-2-6696797 C: Tel: +966-2-6693254 PORTUGAL E: Tel: +966-1-4826964 QATAR E: Tel: +966-1-4825544 C: Tel: +966-2-6945666 RUSSIA E: Tel: +966-1-4811432 C: Tel: +966-2-6659212 SENEGAL E: Tel: +966-1-4880146 C: Tel: +966-2-6690275 SIERRA LEONE E: Tel: +966-1-4643982 SINGAPORE E: Tel: +966-1-4803855 C: Tel: +966-2-6073980 SOUTH AFRICA E: Tel: +966-1-4429728 C: Tel: +966-2-6060299 SPAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880606 C: Tel: +966-2-6607000 SRI LANKA E: Tel: +966-1-4606906 C: Tel: +966-2-6065414 SUDAN E: Tel: +966-1-4828857 C: Tel: +966-2-6475108 C: Tel: +966-2-6471273 SWEDEN E: Tel: +966-1-4883100 C: Tel: +966-2-6529615 Ext 204 SWITZERLAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881291 C: Tel: +966-2-6510772 SYRIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887481 TANZANIA E: Tel: +966-1-4542833 C: Tel: +966-2-6657528 THAILAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881174 C: Tel: +966-2-6655317 DESTINATION JEDDAH 93

TUNISIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887900 C: Tel: +966-2-6605328 TURKEY E: Tel: +966-1-4820101 C: Tel: +966-2-6601607 UGANDA E: Tel: +966-1-4544910 UKRAINE E: Tel: +966-1-4508536 UAE E: Tel: +966-1-4881227 C: Tel: +966-2-6670307 C: Tel: +966-2-6515436 USA E: Tel: +966-1-4801831 C: Tel: +966-2-6670080 URUGUAY E: Tel: +966-1-4620739 C: Tel: +966-2-6633300 YEMEN E: Tel: +966-1-4881769 C: Tel: +966-2-6896444 C: Tel: +966-2-6898555

Compounds Abdullah Compound North of Jeddah, Near British Consulate Tel: +966-2-6515416 Abir Compound Prince Sultan St., Near Saudia City Tel: +966-2-6522358 Al-Andalus Luxury Villas Tahliyah St. behind Suzuki Showroom Tel: +966-2-6695154 Al-Aoun Village Al Bawadi, Near Al-Mirabi Mercedes Bens Tel: +966-2-2563381 Arabian Homes Al Bawadi Dist. Tel: +966-2-6822201 Aromary Village Hera’a st., Behind Al-Rajhi Tel: +966-2-6940086 94 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Al Basateen Village Next to Continental School, Off Price Sultan St. Tel: +966-2-6944015 Belleview Executive Compound Al-Amal St., Near Jeddah Preparatory School Tel: +966-2-6547666 www.belleviewcompund. com Belleview 2 Compound Near King Faisal Specialist Hospital Tel: +966-2-6642636 Binzagr Villa Compound Al Azizeyyah, Madinah Rd., One block after Lexus Showroom Tel: +966-2-6642636 Elite 2 Compound Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6681111 Elite Compound Near Jeddah International Souk Tel: +966-2-6610930 Fatima Compound Near Corniche, Behind Business Park Tel: +966-2-6515416 Garden City Compound Palestine st., Behind AlNakheel Bldg Tel: +966-2-6607590 Al-Hajrayn Village Corniche, Near A-Bilad Hotel Tel: +966-2-6943464 Hiba Compound Al-Hamraa, Ibrahim Adham St., Near Tarik Binladen Hospital Tel: +966-2-6650819 Kindi Housing Compound Al Rabwah, North Jeddah

Tel: +966-2-6916219 Lotus Compounds Al Hamra, Al-Naeem, AlRihab, Contact PMDC Lotus 1: Al-Hamraa Dist Tel: +966-2-6980145 Lotus 2: Al-Nayeen Dist Tel: +966-2-6541107 Lotus 3: Al-Nayeem Dist Tel: +966-2-6548808 M&M Compound North Abhor, Nr, Amir Abdullah Mosque. Tel: +966-2-6562166 M.M Al-Rumaih Compound Al Shatee, On Corniche Rd., 3KM from Hotel Sheraton toward north Tel: +966-2-6991231 Al-Manar Compound Al Safa, Prince Metab St., Near Al-Jedani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6938770 Al-Mubarakiah Village East Jeddah, King Abdullah St. Near Abraq Al-Raghama Tel: +966-2-6400158 Mura Bustan Compounds Tel: +966-2- 6910041 Nada Village Prince Majed st., Near Baud Telecom Tel: +966-2-6920099 Al-Najia Compounds Madinah Rd., Besides SAS Radisson Hotel Tel: +966-2-6518178 Nueva Andalucia Al-Rawdah, Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6823434 Raytheon Compound Opp. Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6518178 Reem Compound Al-Salamah, Saqr AlQuraish st.


Tel: +966-2-6829196 Al-Salam Compound Al-Rehab, Palestine St., Between Dallah Tower& Makkah Highway Tel: +966-2-6717121 www.alsalamcompound. com Salamia Compound Al-Sulaymaneyyah, Near Carrefour Haypermarket Tel: +966-2-6400253 Saudia City Al-Khaledeyyah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6820030 Shaker Village Compound Al-Hahdah, Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6991840 Sharbatly Village Prince Majed st., North of Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6910828 Siham Compund Al-Rawdah, Near Saudi Binladen Group Tel: +966-2-6426431 Sunset Residence Al-Rowdah st., Near Jeddah Int. Market Tel: +966-2-6604276

Kindergarten ABC School Tel: +966-2-6988827 Ambassadors School Tel: 800-124-9000 Web: Building Blocks Tel: +966-2-6060755 Mob: +966-5-41525616 Childhood Spring Tel: +966-2-6607533 Creative Childhood Summer School Tel: +966-2-6077224 Mob: +966-5-04390998


IPS (Innovators Private School) Tel: +966-2-6980685 Mob: +966-5-69490403 Junior’s & Mom’s Mob: +966-5-04313440 Mob: +966-5-51796254 Kids Campos Tel: +966-2-6642351 Kids Time Nursery Tel: +966-2-6543111 Mob: +966-5-69693794 Little Smarties Tel: +966-2-6061913 My Little Kingdom School Tel: +966-2-6393951 Tel: +966-2-2575909 Thinker Tinkers Young Skills Development Tel: +966-2-6923715 Up and Away Tel: +966-2-6614791

Ministries Agriculture & Water Tel: +966-2-6210002 Communication & Transportation Tel: +966-1-4042928 Disabled Children’s Association Tel: +966-2-66224080/ 8001241118 Education Tel: +966-2-6723028/ 6444305 Foreign Affairs Tel: +966-2-6047000 Health Tel: +966-2-6970006 Information & Culture Tel: +966-2-6514060/ 6476222 Interior Tel: +966-2-6684000 Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Tel: +966-2-6515111 Water & Electricity Tel: +966-2-6725349



Schools Al-Bayan Tel: +966-2-6611004 Al-Fasial International School Tel: +966-2-6761955 Al-Waha International School Tel: +966-2-6729660 The British International School Tel: +966-2-6990019 Coral International School Tel: +966-2-6832002 Dar Al Fikr School Tel: +966-2-6311118 (Boys) Tel: +966-2-6311117 (Girls) Dar Al-Hanan School Tel: 920029669 Dar Al-Ruwaad School Tel: +966-2-6592225 Dar Jana International School Tel: +966-2-6648315 Global International School Tel: +966-2-6523444 Tel: +966-2-6144101 ( KG ) Jeddah International School Tel: +966-2-6061253 Jeddah Knowledge School Tel: +966-2-6620174

DESTINATION 95 DESTINATION JEDDAH JEDDAH 95 Jeddah Preparatory & Grammar School Tel: +966-2-6542354 Manarat Jeddah School Tel: +966-1-6730225 www. My little house Tel: +966-2-6652490 Thamer International School Tel: +966-2-6680747

Social Service Organizations

Society Friends Charitable Foundation Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6919999 The School of Etiquette Tel: +966-505558703 Women’s Charitable Foundation in Jeddah Al-Nazla Dist Tel: +966-2-6369652 Zamzam Foundation for Volunteer Health Services Al-Sulaimaniya Dist. Tel: +966-2-2600000


College of Business Administration (CBA) Charity Society in Jeddah Tel: +966-2-2159000/2159009 Al-Zahra Dist. ( Boys’ section ) Tel: +966-2-6391100 Tel: +966-2-6900671/6900238 Charitable Services ( Girls’ section ) for the Care of Cancer Patients Dar Al-Hekma College Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-2-6303333 Tel: +966-2-6511373 Enabling Marriage Effat College & Family Support Tel: +966-2-636 4300 Foundation Al-Nozla Dist. Ibn Sina National College for Tel: +966-2-6811168/ 920000900 Medical Studies Faisaliah Women’s Tel: +966-2-6355882/6356555 Charitable Foundation Al-Rowais Dist. Jeddah College of Technology Tel: +966-2-6535000 Tel: +966-2-6370387 Friends of the Heart Foundation in Jeddah Jeddah Community College Behind Al-Tahlia Station Tel: +966-2-2870026 Tel: +966-2-6658384 Majid Bin Abdulaziz Jeddah Teacher’s College Foundation for Tel: +966-2-6914620 Development & Social (KAUST)King Abdullah Services University of Science and Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-6062959 Technology National Charitable Foundation for Blood King Abdulaziz University Donation Tel: +966-2-6400000 Tel: +966-2-6905008 National Society for Human Prince Sultan Aviation Academy rights Tel: +966-2-6862997 Tel: +966-2-6222261 96 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Prince Sultan College for Tourism and Hotel Sciences Tel: +966-2-2844425 Tel: 920016165

NOTICE If you have any complaints about services around Jeddah such as: * Pricing irregularities * Expired Items * Denied coverage of warranted items e.g. a mobile, car, etc. * Refusal of service * Unhygienic food / working conditions Complaints can be filed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Web Site or to their hotline. Should the company not respond to the complaint from the Ministry, all transactions with the government in the labor office, the passport department and the Chamber of Commerce will be stopped.

Hotline: 8001241616 website: sa/english/

NOTICE To report any issues that concern the Jeddah Municipality, such as: * Road Maintenance * Dumping sites * Illegal Building

Please call 940


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