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FROM THE EDITOR With the boom of the creative field, we are seeing more people exploring multiple passions. In this era of borderless learning and unbound connectivity, we no longer need to define ourselves by one thing or pursue a singular path of being. This issue of Destination KSA explores the breadth and depth of how many ways one can become. Headlining this issue is a cover story that captures the passion of Saudi women pioneers and their journey. Visionaries on a voyage sum up the essence of this edition, celebrating the triumph of female leaders and community champions who saw beyond the horizon and continue to forge their path for the Kingdom’s tomorrow. This theme continues as we see that there’s more than one way of becoming. From hyphenated individuals showing us how you can be professional and personally fulfilled on multiple fronts to innovators and visionary leaders charging into the future frontiers of science, NFTs, gaming, and entertainment— we cast the spotlight on industry shapers and passioneurs. If you to feel overwhelmed by it all, head to our wellness section, packed with ways to meditate, breathe, and retreat. Flip through these pages for a well-rounded issue for our well-rounded readers. There’s something in it for everyone. Maria Mahdaly, Editor-in-Chief 2 FEB/MARCH 2022

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Abdulelah Al-Tamimi is a breathwork and yoga instructor based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and currently teaching at Mantra Studio. He obtained his 200hr YTT qualification in Goa, India in 2016, and is also an internationally certified health coach. seeking_abi



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4 FEB/MARCH 2022


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SIGNALING THE FUTURE An interview with innovator and technologist Hadeel Ayoub By Syeda Inas Inayath

Boosting female representation in technology has been a key goal of Saudi Vision 2030, with the country’s innovative minds at the helm of the quest. We had the honor of interviewing one such great mind, Hadeel Ayoub, founder and inventor behind Bright Sign, a company developing assistive technology that empowers speech-disabled individuals via a smart glove that decodes sign language through a mobile application. A former medical school student, Hadeel has always wanted to improve the lives of others. Instead of becoming a doctor, however, she realized being part of the healthcare innovation sphere to develop tech solutions is how she’d best be able to help. As we started our conversation, Hadeel had the brightest smile that lit the room. We began with a simple question, 6 FEB/MARCH 2022

How did she advance her journey into technology? Hadeel shares, “I was focusing on digital design and creating virtual spaces, thinking of a way to sell my designs to clients and show them what it looks like in reality before I spend any time building it, but the more I used the design software, the more frustrated I became with the tools and menus. This made me think, ‘How can I fix this? adding, “The natural progression from that is studying coding and programming to write my design software. I believed that it was time for designers to write design programs.” How does one begin with design and wind up at the precipice of assistive technology? Hadeel stated “It’s not that far off, “I was only studying things relevant to the design world at that time. Then I wanted more. I wanted to interact with the

software on it to be able to manipulate whatever it is I’m doing in the software within a 3D space.”

To learn more visit www.brightsignglove. com


Hadeel adds, “This was when I started looking at gesture recognition. How can a computer understand what my hand was doing in 3D space? I started looking at data gloves, sensors, visual recognition, etc. Everything kind of led me to the other. I never actually decided to go with the tech; you could say tech chose me in a way,” she said with a wide grin. It all started when IBM chose Hadeel to represent her university at a global hackathon in South Korea. “BrightSign started when I was doing gesture recognition programs to translate hand movements in 3D space. It was called artificial intelligence for social care therefore whatever I did need to have an output on the community. Because my program already worked to 8 FEB/MARCH 2022

translate hand movements, I could tell it what I wanted it to translate. So I tried sign language because I spoke sign language.”Adding “And it was very quick, it picked it up, it was accurate, right from the beginning, I added letters, and then words and then sentences, and then like a full conversation. And then I started adding in different languages. So I started having the Glove translate to Korean, French, English, and Arabic,” with a subtle, proud smile, Hadeel added, “I won that global competition.” When the hackathon ended, the invention garnered international attention, getting featured in Forbes, Guardian, Financial time and Discovery Channel, “BBC got me on their BBC One Show, which is primetime TV, for a two-minute segment Live on TV. That also meant that many people now knew that there was this glove that translates sign to speech and this is when people started getting in touch asking us how they can get what we had for someone they know.

What are the other possible applications of the bright glove? Hadeel replied, “These are what we call the parallel markets. For example, we’re doing it for divers underwater to communicate. That’s one of the things on the roadmap, where we’re also working with defense contractors. So there are a lot of different parallels.” The next step for Hadeel was to transition her invention from an academic project to a commercial endeavor– a shift that always proves to be challenging for STEM innovators. “I had to develop 11 different cycles of prototyping, software hardware design until I got something that is acceptable, and I can test it,” she says.




“I tested it with schools with special educational needs programs for students who are either deaf or can’t speak.” When you have that kind of proof and take it to an investor who understands the need, someone will pay for it if it works. Hadeel’s experience is slightly different: “I didn’t approach investors with an idea, then with a prototype. I had something ready and proven. ”The journey was arduous, but eventually, Hadeel got Bright Sign Glove out in the market. “I set up the company in London two years ago, I brought on a co-founder, and together we took it to market. My co-founder and I traveled between two countries to sign off distribution deals. So in every country, we need a distributor familiar with the system technology space who

knows what healthcare innovation looks like. So we now have six European countries sign off. We’re in Saudi, of course, and liaising with the government to see how we can make things work. For now, the primary application focus here is Education. What does the future of BrightSign look like? “I guess my roadmap would be expanding, penetrating new markets, my ultimate goal is to make a great design much cheaper, so that I can enter less developed market markets such as Africa, India, Asia, even Egypt, at the majority can’t afford this; South Africa, South America, for example, with one glove you can buy a car. Even if I find a distributor, there’s no way I can access it,



except if I reduce my prices. So that’s next. Once you scale up anyway, organically, when your units multiply, the cost should equally be reduced. So my ultimate goal is to be able to offer it at half the price so that I can access even more.”

Brightsign brightsignglove BrightSignGlove Hadeel Ayoub hadeel_ayoub HadeelAyoub DESTINATION KSA 9


THE T ABOUT NFT’S Nuqtah tells the fable of the non-fungible By Syeda Inas Inayath

As you scroll through your phone, you must have read the words NFTs, Blockchain, Bored Apes, and possibly all in one sentence at some point, making you wonder if you’re still navigating the same reality.

“We are merely scratching the surface of a market that is expected to grow 1000x in the next few years, sooner or later every creative asset in the world will be digitalized and as Nuqtah, we are making it our mission to lead the revolution for our region”

10 FEB/MARCH 2022

With the constant change in economics and banking and many hailing, “NFT’s are the future,” we spoke to expert Salwa Radwi the founder and CEO of Nuqtah, Saudi Arabia’s first NFT Marketplace to give you a primer and ready you for the next frontier:

Zena Abo Khatwa Made by Zena NFT available on

LET’S BEGIN WITH THE BASICS, WHAT DOES NFT EXACTLY STAND FOR? A non-fungible token, not to be confused with any form of fungus no! OKAY, BUT WHAT DOES NONFUNGIBLE TOKEN MEAN? Stay with us for a minute. Something that is a non fungible basically means it’s one of a kind. Content, art & digital media such as photographs, movies, and music may be connected with several types of tokens on the blockchain. Thanks to a group of cool tech geniuses we now have a clear mechanism to give any item on the internet a non-changeable number to own and track, an NFT. These are the “tokens” that the NFT abbreviation stands for – see it now? When something is dubbed as an NFT, it all of a sudden becomes super scarce, and that’s because there’s literally just one of it out there. In contrast, an example often used in the same context, cryptocurrency like bitcoin for example is not the same as an NFT. Purely fungible, meaning you can exchange one for another and get the exact same item over and over.For the sake of better understanding let’s humanize the concept. DESTINATION KSA 11

Noor Binladen Light Eight Art NFT available on

Today, when you upload your images on Instagram, you instantly give Instagram ownership on that image. That’s part of the terms you agree to most of the time without reading, right at the beginning when you signed up to the app. So today, Instagram owns and is making money off your content. It sounds unfair, right? So, in essence with NFTs, you as an individual get back to right to not only, move and track your assets own but also capitalize on your images with a clear token number. WHY DOES ALL THIS EVEN MATTER? With the first form of the internet, we were only able to view data online, then came web 3, which allowed us to view and engage broader with a new line of content creators and digital artists. However, a crucial gap remained in sustaining this new 12 FEB/MARCH 2022

creator economy, and that’s where web 3 comes in; allowing these artists to monetize, grow, and own their online assets. As for the buyers of these NFTs, this is a brand-new space for investment, as supply remains low, and demand continues to rise, now is the time to get your hands on these assets. It is only a matter of time before NFTs become a primary mechanism of not just owning assets online but also being a one collective space for validated governed data. ARE NFTS ONLY FOR ART? Not at all, although NFT’s popularity stems from meme culture, art, and collectibles, its potential applications, and areas it can be utilized in are vast. Some major markets are gaming, fashion merchandising and luxury goods. Louis Vuitton for example, is now moving into NFTs. Let’s say they release a new bag, what is a mechanism

to differentiate between real and fake one? NFTs assigned to original bags with clear numbers on the blockchain available for everyone to view is the game changer. Gamers who spend insane dollar values on skins and weapons online, often lose access when the game turns off. Not anymore, with NFTs these skins remain under your ownership and transferrable across all outlets thanks to blockchain. This is just one way the market is adapting it. WHAT ROLE DOES NUQTAH PLAY IN ALL OF THIS? Nuqtah first started as Salwa’s Masters’ Degree thesis that soon turned into a full-fledged startup. “As an artist myself and someone who has been heavily invested in enabling startups, I wanted to combine both, and shift the focus towards enabling fellow creatives.”

Zena Abo Khatwa Made by Zena NFT available on

I wanted to create a platform where artists could showcase their work and validate it, with no middleman and through the transparency and power of NFTs on the Blockchain. Today, Nuqtah is powering the region’s hunger for NFTs, starting with creators. With the Nuqtah marketplace, we were able to adapt this new technology to function best for the region. We are merely scratching the surface of this new technology; we are truly witnessing the beginning of what could be the future where corporations will be forced to migrate and reposition from web 2 to web 3, Facebook’s rebrand

to Meta is a prime example. The process within the Nuqtah marketplace is at the center of how they are able to have a clear focus on the region. Saudi Arabia currently ranks third in the highest number of content creators in the world. Nuqtah is currently the first and largest NFT marketplace in Saudi Arabia and committed to getting this region web 3 equipped for this evolution. Nuqtah will serve as a worldwide platform for customers interested in purchasing the newest NFTs by recognized and rising MENA artists, allowing local creatives to publish and sell their work.

We have closed our pre-seed round led by Shorooq Partners and 500 Global back in October. We have a big round of announcements from Nuqtah coming up; really setting the tone for what web 3 SME’s will be worth in the region and around the world. The Nuqtah team is led by Salwa Radwi, founder and an award-winning talanted artist herself, Wajd Badawi, Marketing and Web 3 Consultant, Nouf Alghamdi UX/ UI lead, and Noura Rajab and Shahm B, Community Managers. nuqtahnft DESTINATION KSA 13


GAME CHANGERS The evolving gaming sphere in Saudi Arabia



Manager of Gaming, NEOM

Essam Alghamdi has been a part of the Saudi gaming industry for numerous years. In his current capacity as Manager of Gaming at NEOM, he is witnessing the sector expand and shares with us his insights on its direction. We began the conversation by exploring where the gaming ecosystem currently stands in Saudi Arabia Essam gladly guided us by sharing “The Saudi video games market has generated USD 1 billion in revenue as of 2021 and is currently the 19th largest gaming market globally. 14 FEB/MARCH 2022

Over 60% of the Saudi population is under 24, translating into a vast target audience for game developers.” He added, “Another major supportive factor is the Kingdom’s investment in creating the ideal digital environment that underpins innovation across various sectors. This has cemented Saudi Arabia as a key growth area for game development companies globally.” Given these factors coming into play, how far the gaming industry evolved? And he said

“I would say the main launchpad for the evolution Saudi Arabia is witnessing is Vision 2030. Economic diversification paired with the deployment of next-generation digital infrastructure allowed for the emergence of a 5G ecosystem, further empowering digital-based industries. Driving them to exponential growth as the gaming market over the past years. As a result, we have seen more investment and support for the gaming space across the value chain, from game development to esports.” Hence, we asked what Essam


SAUDI GAMER sees are the challenges that need to be overcome, and he replied,“The primary challenge facing the games industry at large is talent development and enablement. Luckily, these challenges are being adeptly addressed as more companies rally to cement their position in the market.” Adding “Therefore, we are seeing more Saudibased entities invest in talent development to enable this market to grow”So what does the future of gaming look like? “As the adage goes, content is king. So investment in content and talent development will enable Saudi Arabia’s market to grow substantially and contribute to creating a new economic driver. Being one of the largest gaming markets in the region, hosting large-scale gaming events, and planning for a AAA gaming studio, we are already leading the way in MENA. Now it’s a matter of leveraging that position to create the next generation of creators.”

It is ultimately in our hands how we want to create impact, and I firmly believe that in Saudi Arabia we are wellpositioned and beyond capable of creating the next generation of visionary game developers and professional gamers. ess4malghamdi

Saudi Gamers began in 2009 as a website created to display a podcast by Mashhour Aldubeyan. With the love, appreciation, and support shown to the podcast, the large platform turned into a media outlet unfolding gaming news and trustworthy reviews using slang Saudi before moving into proper Arabic. Being on the top 5 of Apple Podcasts, Extra Dose releases weekly episodes. The podcast is divided into several categories in which guests immerse themselves for around two hours, where they discuss games they've played, the topic of the week, and answer fan questions. Moreover, they have a website that offers an array of informative articles to guide their fans to their games. With the rapid and substantial podcast growth, they expanded onto all social media platforms, including YouTube and Twitter. The charismatic and professional Mashhour Aldubeyan hosts the podcast, and through this platform, he was able to inspire and influence many gamers across the region. During this period, Mashhour has caught the attention of many investors, including Webedia Arabia adding recognition to Saudi Gamers within its first year. Upon other successes, Saudi Gamers was also chosen as the gaming news source on Amazon Alexa, recently launched in the Middle East with Arabic support.

Currently, the Saudi Gaming ecosystem is living its best period in history. The growth is due to Saudi’s increasing interest in gaming. According to Saudi Gamers, a financial report recently considered Saudi as the number one market for gaming in the region, listing the country as the most important market for the gaming industry in the region economically. Saudi Gamers add “We must increase support to the region’s game developers. This is a topic where Saudi is doing its best through initiatives and programs aimed towards developers to improve skills and provide them with the best tools.” TOP 4 PREDICTIONS FOR THE GAMING INDUSTRY IN 2022 - HIGHER EARNINGS - INCREASED INTEREST IN THE MENA REGION, ESPECIALLY IN ESPORTS - MORE SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT - MORE GAME RELEASES


Be a part of the community, understand what they like, and deliver it with your own style. If you want to be part of the industry as a media outlet, you must find a way to please all sides, which requires you to be part of them in the first place. saudigamer DESTINATION KSA 15

THE VIRTUAL PLAYGROUND KAFU GAMES The biggest online tournament website in Saudi

Dedicated to all E-sports lovers, the locally grown gaming platform is home to esports tournaments with an immersive online gaming experience. The Kafu team is a family of gamers, nerds, techies, and dreamers who bring their expertise to the table by offering its competitive hub for a broad spectrum of gamers from across the region and beyond. You can either join a competition or play anytime and anywhere you want. Gamers can play as many matches to collect points within a week where the leaderboard shifts every Sunday for a refreshed competition. The gaming platform arranges Esport tournaments for upcoming games in a fully

16 FEB/MARCH 2022

automated system with tools that allow players to up their skills. The Kafu games competitions include a wide range of games from PUBG, FIFA, Fortnite, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Rocket League, and Call of Duty. Kafu games are constantly working on creating and building a community and a network for gamers in Saudi, a place where everyone feels at home. They have also created their own blog talking about the gaming industry while also initiating social impact campaigns, ‘Save humanity with #gameforgood and help make a better change with #gameforgood.

LET’S TALK NUMBERS Kafu Games has 12,000 games, 398,943 gamers, 78,883 teams, 103 champions, and SR 10,000,000 worth of prizes.

WHATS NEXT FOR KAFU GAMES? Get ready to be introduced to the Kafu Games mobile games launching soon. Brace yourselves for the ultimate challenge. KAFU Gaming Festival is here with SR 100,000 prize pool. Ends on 05 MARCH kafugames


GAME NET Sari Br Rd, Ar Rawdah, Jeddah games2net


Al Andalus Rd., As-Samer Dist. glitchcenter


RANK ONE Al Malqa Dist.


Al Sheikh Bin Hussein Bin Ali Rd., Al Malek Faisal Dist. duelarenasa



King Khalid Rd., Al Khuzama Dist. Khobar xtimecafe


King Saud Bin Abdulaziz Rd. Dammam clix_sa



In the picture Lina Malaika, Abeer Sinder, Lana Nazar, Hanouf Talal and Marriam Mossali 18 FEB/MARCH 2022

WOMEN ON THE HORIZON The Wavemakers turning tides

March marks the celebration of International Women’s month, the perfect time for us to explore narratives from Saudi women on the crest of moving the country forward in extraordinary ways. From breaking glass ceilings to embracing their inner power, these women are admirals of their fates. This year the MSC Bellissima in collaboration with UnderTheAbaya is embarking on a unique women’s retreat celebrating the latter’s 5th Anniversary. A first of its kind, the event will host a plethora of activities ranging from panel discussions, holistic wellness, a film screening, and more. Here are the inspiring ladies leading the charge and embarking on this maiden voyage that embraces and celebrates Womanity.

Known for being an instrumental player in elevating the fashion industry in Saudi; businesswoman, entrepreneur and author Marriam Mossali is the founder of renowned Saudi fashion consultancy Niche Arabia. Marriam is also the instigator of the Saudi Style Council, and is author of ‘Under the Abaya’, a street style book and non-profit organization promoting women empowerment through academic scholarships from 100% of the book sale profits. An advocate for female empowerment, Marriam never ceases to stress how important it is for women to put themselves out there, and take initiative in making their dreams a reality. Her key words for women are: ‘Never take no for an answer’! Abeer Sinder, mother, wife, business owner and content creator was super excited to celebrate women and all that they are accomplishing in the country stating “I am so excited to be a part of celebrating women and our aachievements. I believe that we are individually strong but together we’re powerful and when one of us rises, we all do!”

Lana Nazar who is hailed as the owners of one of the first yoga studios in Saudi Arabia Karma Yoga states, “Being part of the MSC X Under The Abaya cruise to celebrate international women’s day is an honor and I cannot wait to be surrounded by all these inspiring women. I’m proud to be Saudi and even prouder to be a Saudi woman” Visionary artist and filmmaker Lina Malaika who will be screening her movie “MASKOON” on board the cruise ship stated,“Nothing brings me more inspiration than being amongst motivated and passion driven women! I’m really excited about screening my film on board and taking part in all my colleagues’ activities!” Fashion and Lifestyle connoisseur Hanouf Talal shared that,“as a breast cancer survivor, I feel a responsibility to spread awareness and encourage early detection, helping other female warriors through their journeys until they become survivors like me. For that I feel so honored and proud to be a part of this event on MSC Bellissima cruise celebrating all women!” DESTINATION KSA 19


Reham Afandi Warrior Reham Afandi has beaten breast cancer and is now flourishing as a personal trainer. Afandi is also a group exercise instructor for 10 year and one of the founders of FAIT Bootcamp and a member of the Saudi Archery federation. After winning her battle, she discovered the new and real Reham ‘the challenger’ and that led her to help, inspire, and support other women living with this disease. Being part of the UTA cruise community, Reham Afandi will be sharing her thoughts and perspectives about women’s empowerment, and how dynamic and dominant women’s bodies tend to shine through their strength and successes. “This event achieves one of the objectives of Vision 2030, and it shows the importance of women as an integral part of society”, said Reham. She continued explaining how when they see the support and care given to women in Saudi, it gives them the motivation to participate in all societal roles. Sharing her personal experiences beating cancer, Reham will be speaking at a panel titled Her survival journey. reham.afandi 20 FEB/MARCH 2022


EILAF SABBAGH Makeup artist, mother of two, and mental health advocate, Eilaf Sabbagh is making waves by encouraging women to embrace their beauty and feel good about themselves. Growing up in a family interested in the arts in different aspects, Eilaf always had a passion for art and where she felt most like herself. After seeing her late mother return home from salons transformed and different, Eilaf realized that she wanted to use her passion for the arts to help women feel beautiful in their own skin without entirely changing their natural beauty. From this concept, Eilaf went on to do just that by becoming a makeup artist that is renowned for her ability to make women feel confident, beautiful, and uniquely themselves Eilaf believes that Saudi women are flourishing in recent times with their newfound ability to confidently showcase their individuality, power, and beauty to the world! On the cruise Eliaf will be hosting a make up masterclass, sharing all her tips, tricks and beauty secrets. eilafsabbagh DESTINATION KSA 21


Samara Ashour Samara Ashour is a 23-years-old fitness trainer working at Sweat Army gym. She is passionate about sports and functional training. She likes to employ her unique style when it comes to the classes she conducts ensuring she adds a level of fun and challenge. It was in 2018 that she received her first certification and now in 2022 she has 7 certifications in the field of sport and fitness. Samara states, “That fitness helps in changing your mood, making you feel happier, strong and fit” and her one piece of advice to anyone who has recently started their fitness journey is “Don’t stop, keep going, you’re amazing, you will do it and you’re strong enough.” Onboard, Samara will be highlighting the importance of fitness. Samara will also be leading Sweat Army classes alongside Rania Zahran. Samarafit_

22 FEB/MARCH 2022


Yasmin Khayyat Yasmin Khayyat is a trained yoga educator and a senior graphic designer. Having discovered yoga in 2017 and being attracted to how everything is connected to the nervous system. Yasmin notes, “I found beauty and growth in the physical postures through accessing new stages of body openness, I was amazed by what my body is capable of, and that is what kept me motivated to learn more about Yoga and movement.” In 2018 she decided to expand her knowledge in body movements and travel to Bali to study and learn about Yoga sharing “creating is a part of my life whether through design or body movements. The human body and body movements are my main source of inspiration.” Adding, “It is never too late to discover the range of abilities you have. Yoga and wellness will help you to cultivate awareness, exploration, and build a healthy balance between mind and body.” Yasmin Khayyat will be teaching Vinyasa Flow classes, a fluid practice with dynamic movements open for all levels aboard the MSC Bellissima Cruise. yasminwkhayyat DESTINATION KSA 23


Bayan Abuzinadah

Bayan Abuzinadah is a holistic sound healing practitioner, breathwork facilitator, and yoga instructor. Throughout the years, she studied, practiced, and adopted different sacred healing arts empowering her “to transform her life, sustain joy, and find love and light in the heart of everything.” Bayan said. Her teachings are based on her journey, inspiring healing, growth, and compassion. Throughout the years, she has grown into a dedication to finding her truth and it inspired her to create workshops, ceremonies and retreats to service other women in finding their purpose. “Wellness is all about self-care, slowing down, just being present and living life mindfully.” According to Bayan, investing in wellness improves your chances of living a healthy life where you will be able to look at life from a broader perspective. “I am genuinely happy to see all of those amazing, super, and powerful women! All sharing our gifts, empowering one another, and being part of one event in one place!”

(Read more about Bayan and her journey in Sound Meditation head to Page no.76)

Bayan will lead moonlit meditation sessions on the cruise, which will include sound meditation with sound baths and chanting. tantric.mantra

(Read more about Bayan and her journey in Sound Meditation head to Page no.76) 24 FEB/MARCH 2022

The perfect UTA Cruise itinerary!

ART EVENT TO KEEP AN EYE ON Keep an eye out for the launch of Alia Ahmad's solo show “Tracing the Placid.” The art exhibition will run from March 3rd to April 14th, 2022, and coincides with the opening of 2139 Jeddah Arts. The exhibition will be curated by Nora Saud AlGosaibi.

The event requires registration Hafez Gallery hafezgallery alia.ahmd_ goinggoss




With showcasing creativity and embracing community as core values behind the project, Hayy Jameel is open to all who wish to explore their inner creativity and drive the art scene in Saudi even further. A space where all can join wor witness the abundant talent present right in our very own community. We had the privilege to interview the minds behind the space's conceptualization, art, and architecture.

26 FEB/MARCH 2022




Antonia Carver currently leads the Art Jameel teams in Saudi Arabia and UAE after joining in 2016, when Hayy Jameel was already 20 years in the making. Through her years in the Middle East, Antonia has seen the evolution of the art scene firsthand and has witnessed the great strides the Middle East has made in embracing the creativity and talents of its people. Antonia believes that Hayy Jameel would be special in any city, but especially so in Jeddah, due to its potential to be a real game-changer. As the first bespoke home for the arts in

Jeddah, Hayy Jameel can open doors for creatives and become a hub for creatives from various aspects of the field. Antonia believes what makes Hayy Jameel is the very community in Jeddah. “From day one, Jeddawis have poured in the doors, embracing and enthusing about the architecture, exhibitions, workshops, tours, learning and public programs, and our collaborative approach. Our partners locally and globally share this idea that the arts can offer an extraordinary capacity and unique opportunities for all ages and sectors to come together, learn and engage.

At Art Jameel, we believe in “arts for all;” Hayy Jameel is for everyone.” Antonia emphasizes how Saudi has a great depth of history, tradition, and culture. For the first time, this field has governmental support that allows the arts community in Saudi to flourish by supporting ground-up projects such as Hayy Jameel.It’s important to note, she added, that although it’s great to see how the internet has been a useful connector, there is no replacement for physically getting together and enjoying art in person - which is the beauty of Hayy Jameel. DESTINATION KSA 27

building being a ‘blank canvas’ emerged from, as not only will the building act as a blank canvas by showcasing various types of artwork, but also as a way to connect to the city through the facade. Thus, the Hayy Jameel Facade Commission program was created to do just that. Wael described the facade materials as pearlescent; therefore, like a pearl, it utilizes similar features. “This ‘blank canvas’ is not static and constantly changes with the sun and the weather. It is contextual to the Jeddah environment where the sun shines most of the time.” In terms of the interiors, Wael claims that the general idea of looking inwards is incorporated into the courtyards or Sa7a.



Wael Al Awar is the Principal Architect of the international award winning firm waiwai that was commissioned by Art Jameel to design the Hayy Jameel complex, We had the opportunity to discuss the architectural process with Wael. Wael explains how the building program essentially started with the desire to design a space that brings together a diverse program of cultural and arts activities that would be unique to Saudi Arabia. Within this diverse program was a space that was perceived as a black box, now the Hayy cinema designed by Brick Lab. 28 FEB/MARCH 2022

The architectural concept essentially derives from the fact that it is located within a residential neighborhood. Therefore, considerable importance was put on respecting the privacy of the houses surrounding the complex Keeping in mind the municipality’s request not to have windows and facades on the sides that look outwards into the rest of the neighborhood, they, therefore, had to figure out a way to connect with the community and thought to instead, have facades that look inwards. Wael claims that this is where the idea of the

The community courtyards allow people to communicate but also encourage escape if need be. When you first walk into the Hayy, you will find the courtyards in the center, but with very easy access to the exhibitions and rooms. Wael discusses how the rooms all have a lot of natural light. Although there are no windows, all the rooms have skylights, which was a way to connect with the outside while keeping in mind the culture. The wind flows through the corridors of the Hayy and was designed that way intentionally, with the direction in which the wind flows utilized to ensure that the breeze can flow easily into the Hayy and provide cool air all year round.







‘Contours of Collective Consciousness’ by Nasser Almulhim and Tamara Kalo



An illuminating art gallery with different immersive installations by 11 different Saudi artists.

(Until April 30, 2022)

A co-creation between Art Jameel and Delfina Foundation explores the connection between food, tradition, industrial production, and the environment. “PAUSED MIRROR: THE SAUDI ARTISTS’ OSAMA ESID: COMMISSIONED EXHIBITION”

An exhibition commissioned by Saudi Artist Osama Esid, this collection of wet plate portraits can be seen throughout the three storeys of Hayy Jameel.

(Coming soon)

- AlComedy Club - Athr - Homegrown - Riwaq Dahr FENAA HAYY

Community multi-purpose space HAYY CINEMA (Coming soon)

A variety of film genres are available to the public, coming soon in April 2022.

(until March 31, 2022)

ROOF HAYY STUDIOS Production, residency, and workshop spaces.

HAYY RESIDENTS (Coming soon)

Aysh Academy


INAUGURAL COMMISSION ARTIST NASSER ALMULHIM Nasser Al Mulhim, a painter and sculptor based in Riyadh, was commissioned to create the inaugural artwork that would go on the main facade of the Hayy Jameel building in collaboration with fellow artist and architect Tamara Kalo.


Concentrating primarily on the interaction between geometric and organic shapes and their connection to one’s psyche, Nasser incorporates these ideas into the facade artwork he created for Hayy Jameel. The created piece is derived from a Saudi fable, “The Dove, the Partridge, and the Crow.” The fable takes place in a time of crisis when food and water supplies of the Bedouin tribe called ‘the Benzene’ were scarce. The moral of this fable is to be truthful and to want the betterment of one’s community as a whole rather than be selfish and individualistic in one’s pursuit of well-being. 30 FEB/MARCH 2022

In the context of the pandemic, this fable is an important lesson that applies today. To take care of the community and its collective care and have a sense of compassion for one’s community. By using colors and shapes inspired by this fable, Nasser intends for the sculpture to activate the facade of the building and seek engagement with the audience by bringing joy and positive energy into their lives. In addition to this, Nasser aims to capture some sense of playfulness using the bright colors and shapes while also starting the conversation of collectivism and unity, which is another thing that Hayy Jameel stands for.

Having the opportunity to share his artwork and showcase his creation with the community has this effect on Nasser himself as he claims that this will lift his spirits and push him further to become more engaged, both energetically and psychologically, with those around him. Nasser hopes that sharing his creation with the community will bring a sense of joy and happiness to those who witness it. After one year, the installation will then be replaced with another commissioned artist’s work. Therefore Nasser hopes that in the year that his artwork will be public, it will create a lively community and one that will be filled with joy and creativity. DESTINATION KSA 31


RISE OF THE SLASHIES The tales of the hyphenated We now live in a world where versatility is celebrated and diversity is embraced. An era where you truly can be anything you want you to be; all at the same time. Explore with us as we dig deep into stories of passionate souls that are mixing interests, hobbies, and skills into an amalgamation of talent and grit and creating a more hyphenated world.

DOCTOR/ROCKSTAR Nayel Helmy, moved to Saudi in the 80’s only to one day become a well known doctor who is also a passionate musician!

Born to a Saudi father and a German mother he grew up in a household surrounded by healthcare professionals.Due to the lack of opportunity in the music industry at that time Dr. Nayel decided to pursue the medicine, however music was always a significant part of his life. In the 80’s, the main musical genre he loved the most was Rock. When MTV was first introduced to Saudi, Dr. Nayel was inspired by rock band and other muical artists, like Skid Row and Ozzy Osborne. At 15, his passion and talent for music overflowed after starting his band; Zodiac. This is when he decided to never let go of music. When the music community was comparatively small in Jeddah, it was difficult to pursue his passion. Reaching out to his old friend, Ayman Taufeeg they eventually formed Volfram, with his nephew Yusuf Taufeeg and Mansour Ali Reda. 32 FEB/MARCH 2022

“It's an all-Saudi rock band that aims to not only share our art as musicians but also to help jump-start a rock scene that is in its infancy here.” While Dr. Nayel has a time-consuming profession, he always manages to find time for music in his day. Admittedly though, pursuing two seemingly divergent paths does require a bit of juggling. For example, Dr. Nayel would sometimes leave the clinic to go to a studio recording, only to go right back at any moment if an emergency occurs at the hospital. Nonetheless, being an OBGYN and musician have shared attributes and skill sets that benefit both practices, including having nimble fingers, a strong memory, and the ability to analyze details. Dr. Nayal plans to focus on his two major passions and develop them further. He is considering opening a live rock music venue. While currently, he’s working on opening the Jeddah Obstetrics Clinic (Jobs), which will specialize in OBGYN and aesthetic medicine.

“2022 is a big year where I aim to make a small difference in Saudi Arabia. Time to rock the desert!,” he shared. Stay tuned for Volfram’s album ‘No name’, coming soon to all platforms and the opening of Dr. Nayel’s new clinic. doctor_nayel volfram_official

THE DOCTOR Dr. Nayel Helmy



34 FEB/MARCH 2022

WOODWORKER / BMX RIDER Naif Hubaysh is passionate about athleticism in all its forms. From riding his BMX bike and freestyling in a skate park, to competing in endurance marathons all over the Gulf. He’s got lungs of steel! Naif has competed in several regional competitions in both BMX and running races all over the region, while also winning a a few! His biggest accomplishment was finish 27th place out of hundreds, during the 70 km marathon in Oman, crossing through some of the toughest landscapes in the region. In more recent days, he competed in Al Marmoom Ultramarathon in UAE stretching 50 km, and finishing 7th. “When it comes to running, I can keep running for days without getting tired. It is a gift from God that I’m using to explore the most beautiful regions of the Gulf”. In the BMX world, accompanied by his close friend Yussef, they won first and second place in the first-ever BMX competition in Saudi organized by the Saudi Sports Association. They practice mainly in the new skatepark on the Boulevard and also explore the skateparks around the city.

“BMX is therapeutic to me. I gather around with my friends and we just practice together teaching each other our secrets and enjoying the community that was built through the BMX.” During the quarantine in 2020, he decided to create a makeshift workstation in his house where he can doodle his ideas and build different things using wood.

“When I’m building something, I never think of the beauty of it but more of its practicality since these are things I’m using in my house. I leave the art to the artists.” naif_bin_hamad

He began with small wooden elements but moved on to creating ramps that allowed him to have his own skatepark that he built himself. When he got the full hang of it, he couldn’t stop. He decided to build any missing furniture in his house and started giving a few of his built things to his close friends. “When I build things, I like to do it for my own house, I see something missing like a shelf or a table, I build it and put it in the house as a reward.” Naif is planning to push his woodworking skills further and expand his creativity by exploring different elements. He has mostly focused on everyday materials and moved away from artistic work that requires strong attention to detail. DESTINATION KSA 35


36 FEB/MARCH 2022

DENTIST/JEWELRY DESIGNER A renowned operative dentist by day, and a jewelry artist and founder of Luda Jewelry by night, Khlood Arab is making waves by exploring her passions in different fields. Khlood resides in Riyadh where she works at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center. She started Luda Jewelry with the launch of her first signature bracelets. While both professions seem to be miles apart, they are more similar than one might think, Khlood compares operative dentistry to jewelry making by stating how the physical act of putting things together is present in both.

Excelling in her dentistry career, she was the very first Saudi female in her field to receive the American Board Certificate in operative dentistry. Excelling in her dentistry career, she was the very first Saudi in her field to receive the American Board Certificate in operative dentistry. While Khlood loves being a cosmetic dentist and has excelled in the field, she is equally as passionate about fashion and creativity, which is where her initial interest in her jewelry began.

Though juggling both lives may be difficult at times, Khlood has found a way to manage by making sure her creativity thrives through the creation of her jewelry, using it as a way to change up her life whenever she feels stuck in a routine. With both her operative dentistry and jewelry making, Khlood can “create smiles”, through both of her passions. ludajewelry

While operative dentistry allows Khlood to work technically, there is an aspect of creativity involved. Similarly, the act of putting jewelry together utilizes much creativity while incorporating technicality. This allows her to utilize her unique eye for beauty within both of her respective fields. Khlood started with Luda Jewelry in 2017, beginning with her first signature bracelets which launched the rest of her flower-themed jewelry brand. Khlood states that her brand revolves around the ‘language of flowers’ and believes that flowers showcase intimacy, sensitivity, and personalization; the essence of Khlood’s concept. DESTINATION KSA 37


THROUGH THE VIEWFINDER A roundup of top photographers in Saudi By Karim Taleb

behind the camera was a hobby she engaged in besides her fulltime job. It was only in 2016 that she decided to shift it into a profession. Her favorite thing to shoot is fashion. She believes it gives her a lot of room to be creative in different ways. Her distinctive photography style emerged with experience and understanding of what she enjoys shooting the most. Seeing her work printed for the first time made her jump like a kid. “The feeling is almost indescribable,” she said. When asked what's the most important aspect of photography is, Lina answered, “In my opinion, the most important thing in photography is your vision, how you see things. This makes your art unique and different from other people’s art.” linamo

CLICK BAIT “Photography is a fun art. Try to enjoy it, and you will achieve it along the way”

38 FEB/MARCH 2022

SINCERE & SELF-TAUGHT LINA MO Born and raised in Jeddah, Lina has two bachelor’s degrees in engineering and business and is now working as a freelance photographer alongside her day job inevent management. A firm believer of self-learning, Youtube and online articles allowed her to expand her knowledge in photography and help her achieve the pictures she’s imagining. With extra help from her friends, Lina’s training was complete. Her first six years



As the renowned photographer, Ansel Adams once said, “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” A photograph is a portal to a million stories that don't need words. In Saudi Arabia, photographers are framing and capturing narratives from the lively streets to fashion runways, all the way to dynamic landscapes and more. Let us introduce you to a few of them.

SHARP & SKILLED MUHANNAD DESIGNLESS Born and raised in Saudi with a bachelor's in Science in Information Technology, Muhannad works as a freelance photographer in Jeddah. Growing up as a curious kid, he found it difficult to answer the infamous question of what do you want to become when you grow up. His curiosity paved the way into becoming the photographer he is today. After testing his creativity in various fields of arts, Muhannad gained experience in music, videography, animation, design, and finally, photography. His curious mentality pushes him to understand the processes of how things work and try it himself. His photographic journey began by borrowing a film camera from his friend’s grandfather and testing it on a few rolls. He was amazed by the results, pushing him to dive



deeper into it. The first type of photography he explored was portraited photography, which automatically branched into editorial photography since he was drawn to working with the human element.

sharpen his skills around, but even when he has a shoot that requires a different direction, he always wants to add his touch.

His photography process is very distinctive and unique because he believes that when shooting, one should break the pattern of the plan. “I tend to try things on the spot even if it wasn’t in the initial plan because sometimes you’d see a different angle of the location you scouted while you’re shooting, or you’d see the light hitting nicely in a place that wasn’t planned.” Muhannad has a specific style of photography that he likes to



“Stay curious and always ask questions, ask other photograpers, ask google, ask Youtube, ask Reddit and ask YOURSELF. The answers you'll get will lead you to progress and development”



ABDURAHMAN ABDULLAH With a background in architecture engineering, Abdulrahman Abdullah branched out and gained good experience working in content creation and operations and production management. He was able to work with various artists through direct contacts, or the Banafsajeel foundation shedding light on local artists and facilitating artistic collaborations.

This is where Abdullah was able to travel around the Kingdom, meet many local artists, and document how they translated their talents to their different mediums of art. He says, “This was part of the conversation that has built up through the past period into shaping the photographer I am today.”


He also played a major role in the development of the Arabian Housing Building Architecture Firm (AHB), where he was able to utilize both his expertise and talent. Photography for Abdulrahman began as a form of expression

and documentation medium. He taught himself through extensive research, allowing him to grasp it and develop a style that resonates with what he connects with. “I discovered myself when I started focusing on both the human element and its architecture.” He is mostly drawn to street photography or street-like editorial shoots due to the candid and natural element to them. Abdulrahman believes that to truly advance your skills in photography, one should most immediately find themselves in it all.



CLICK BAIT “Read, learn, and keep experimenting” 40 FEB/MARCH 2022

FILM & FUNCTION FAYAD FULANI Born in Jeddah and raised in Yanbu, Fayad has a diploma in machining processes and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He currently works as a flight attendant and a freelance photographer. Growing up, photography was nowhere near his plan for the future.


He began in 2013 by helping out his brothers who had been involved in music and offered to take pictures for their mixtapes covers. In 2020, he took photography seriously after discovering that films are still being produced until this day, which kickstarted his photography career. He almost always shoots on film and develops his roles at home, creating a specific style that he has complete control over. “I had to buy developing chemicals for B&W and color negative films. I set up my darkroom and developed them at home.” Although he’s a versatile photographer, his heart lies in street photography. When preparing for a shoot, Fayad usually follows his gut. In some cases, he doesn’t need to prepare much, but in other cases, he feels the need to research online and scout the locations to get inspiration for the day of the shoot. His photography style began taking shape when he laid hands on film. It allowed his creativity to bloom, develop his style, and embrace his inspirations. When taking a photograph, Fayad believes that it is important to


be creative with angles, and to master lighting. fayadfulani

CLICK BAIT “Keep it easy and simple, just grab the camera, start practicing, and remember, it's the mind, not the equipment. Do some research on Youtube about every single thing you can learn, get ideas and inspiration. Don't go with the flow, try to be different, and don't compare yourself to someone else” DESTINATION KSA 41

POISED AND PASSIONATE KINZY After graduating with a degree in studio arts, Kinzy Alsaheal is a fashion editorial photographer who occasionally dabbles with digital collages. She started her professional career in a PR agency in Dubai, but within a year, she was back in Saudi starting her full-time career as a freelance photographer. Her passion for photography dates back to her school days when she would shoot portraits of her trips abroad, a habit that dragged to her university days.

Kinzy 42 FEB/MARCH 2022

absolutly exhilarating. When preparing for a shoot, besides the equipment, Kinzy believes that the most important element is energy. “I need to embody the spirit of what I’m about to capture to do it right. For days before shooting, I’m constantly envisioning what my images are going to look like, flooding my brain with ideas, and manifesting the best outcome.” Part of Kinzy’s journey to discovering her photography style was the practice in which she started, by accepting projects she was not too keen on shooting to

develop her portfolio. With time, she became much more selective with her shoots and enjoyed working with avant-garde art directions that pushed her creativity further. kinnzzzz

CLICK BAIT “Start with building a portfolio and working on personal projects. You can start reaching out to your favorite MUA's, stylists, set designers, etc., and expand your creative circle. Most importantly, never stop shooting!!”


To advance her skills in photography, Kinzy approached it with a trial and error mentality. Trying out different cameras, from film to digital, and a few university classes to strengthen her technical knowledge made her the photographer she is today. With a soft spot for all types of photography, her heart lies in shooting people and finds it



Mohanned Al Yahya, a multifunctional artist, combines photography, painting, and design in his talent drawer. A firm believer in the power of passion and creativity, Mohanned decided to extensively research the demands of the fast paced tourism industry and how one can digitally market the country through various mediums. With an initial plan to seek a degree in architecture, Mohanned quickly realized that his passion lies in photography and artistic practice. He began his creative journey through the art of painting, and in 2009, he found an old camera that belonged to his grandfather and was passed down to his father,



and decided to follow their path in documenting the world. Starting photography as a hobby, Mohanned decided to switch it to his profession and opened a studio for arts and photography services. He is also planning on opening a souvenirs and paintings shop where he sells posters and framed photographs of Khobar and different parts of the Kingdom. He enjoys landscape photography more than any other type. He shares, “I love landscapes because they are full of beautiful sceneries worth photographing.” Mohanned’s biggest achievement in photography was when his work reached a great number of

accounts on Instagram. He presented his photos in many art exhibitions, participating in various initiatives by local and international associations and governmental agencies. mohannedalyahya

CLICK BAIT Mohanned believes that to be a great photographer, one must “define their goal

clearly and precisely then set the appropriate time to achieve their goals.“



With a degree in nursing, Abdullah Al Ede combines his job with the Ministry of Health with his passion for photography. Owning his first camera at the age of 9, photography started as a hobby for Abdullah, but in 2013, he decided to pursue a career in photography and began shooting commercially. Learning the art by researching other people’s works, he picked up his camera and tried to recreate the expert’s works until he could master the art of photography. With a soft spot for landscape photography, he decided to focus on aerial photography and trying to capture angles that the human eye cannot capture. With love for all forms of photography, Abdullah doesn’t believe he has a specific style of photography, stating that he loves

When asked how he felt when he saw his work printed for the first time, Abdullah said, “It is a beautiful feeling for any photographer to see their work printed in a book, or exhibited on the streets or TV, and this is something I am always proud of.” His advice for aspiring photographers is to start it as 44 FEB/MARCH 2022

a hobby and a passion before jumping into photography as a profession. He argues that it is also essential to be patient when creating a photograph and wait for the right opportunity, especially when shooting in nature. abdullahaledey

CLICK BAIT “It is crucial to listen to experts’ advice, they probably know more than you.”



photography in all its forms. For Abdullah, a good photograph combines an understanding of lighting and the willingness to try exciting angles, but they are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

MAN AND HIS ART MOATH ALOFI Born in Madina, Saudi Arabia, Moath Alofi is a multihyphenated artist, researcher, and explorer. With a degree in environmental management and sustainable development, he is currently the Exhibitions and Programs Manager at Diriyah Gate Development Authority. Moreover, the founder of studio Al-Mthba, and the Co-Founder of Erth Team, a production group trained and specialized in safari trips, aerial photography, and travel documentation. Although photography was not his initial plan for his career growing up, he quickly realized it was “One of the best ways to capture my thoughts and feelings.” After being reunited with his hometown Madina after a long time apart for education, photography began as an adjustment mechanism. Although photography is not at the heart of Moath’s professional career, it plays a

major role in his development. He is recently enjoying photographing abandoned buildings and antique finds alongside some portraits. When preparing for a shoot, Moath likes to explore the locations and brainstorm different approaches to the project.


He takes a few pictures on his phone to visualize it, and after more profound analysis, he brings out his camera and produces the needed work.


When taking photos, you should mostly focus on what you believe in and what you want to deliver to the audience. It doesn’t matter if one has the

best equipment, it’s what you believe you can deliver. When Moath saw his pictures printed and published for the first time, he felt empowered and motivated to do more. moathalofi

CLICK BAIT “As usual, I really advise them to experiment with taking the first ten thousand photographs as Henri Cartier-Bresson once said, it's the first step in photography.“ DESTINATION KSA 45


TEMPTING THE TEMPO Merging genres and the 21st Century tune By Karim Taleb

Gone are the days when things were boxed in categories forced to conform to definitions coined ages ago. Especially in the realm of music, with its versatility and universality, new-age musicians are molding genres together to create fused tunes reminiscent of the diverse societies that exist today. Jazz with a bit of R&B, Hip-hop with Oud, or a Guitar modified to sound like something it›s not the sky›s the limit. Groove with us as we introduce to you the fresh melodies of the Kingdom, showcasing raw talent and cross-genre combinations that are sure tomake their way to your playlist. 46 FEB/MARCH 2022 46


With no musical background growing up, the twins Duaa and Neda Al Turk picked up the art of music-making as they grew older. Stemming from their love for music as a whole, they decided to seek their passions and make music that makes them proud. Duaa is a DJ and music producer, whereas Neda is a professional oud player. They combine these two elements to create fascinating sounds that leave listeners shocked almost every time. “Our music genre is a combination of Arabic and English together. We combine the oud with the electric music whatever we can make, whatever we play, from techno, deep house, electro.” It all started for fun where Duaa would be mixing her music, and Neda would try to match the tempo and notes with her oud as practice, and then they realized that they were creating exciting sounds that can relate with many. When creating music, the twins don’t necessarily have a specific process but rather jam together and try to combine tunes,

experimenting with the music they are playing. With Neda focusing on anything related to the Oud, Duaa is the mixing master and utilizes her mixing programs to add beats and loops to the music being played. They combine their powers making room for creativity and experimentation in music. The exponential growth in the music industry in Saudi comes from freedom, according to Duaa. She believes that the advancement of the country gave room for many women to explore their talents, giving them a chance to breach the male dominated industry, thus expressing themselves artistically. Duaa decided to quit her job and put her full effort into music production with hopes to reach the highest levels within the music industry. “Our first time performing was during an interview with the SBC channel. We played for 5 mins, and it was amazing. Even the interview after was great.” When the twins are preparing for a live performance, they usually sit together

and discover which key suits the event they’re playing at beforehand and practice. When on stage, the twins have similar energy and impressions, doubling their impact on the audience. When performing live, they focus a lot on the element of shock, where listeners are almost always surprised with the music fusion they play. They are now creating their own studio where Neda focuses on lyrics and utilizes her talent in poetry and writing. At the same time, Duaa specializes in the mixing and matching in post-production. This will allow them to create their music from A to Z at home. All they need is a singer to complete their band. “We are starting now as music production. I really hope to see us having our own production company in the future. We see ourselves on the biggest stages playing for the public. We want to create our own industrial music company.” dood_altruk nedaaturk DESTINATION KSA 47

48 FEB/MARCH 2022



Abdullah Faisal and Maram Abdullah combined their forces and created the AlternativeElectro-Khaleeji band playing the most exciting tunes. The band’s name stems from merging the words Arab and Abstract. “We knew we wanted something with Arab in it, but also some weird or unpredictable element, so I merged the words which also works phonetically: we are Arabastract,” Maram said.


Abdullah is a music composer, producer, and percussionist. After listening to rock and metal music growing up, he decided to learn the instruments and has been playing for 14 years now. On the other hand, Maram always told her parents she would become a singer, which was not a fathomable career choice until a few years. She began her musical journey in 2018 with her old band, Orange Tree. “I’m grateful to see more females encouraged & supported to pursue their musical passions and help undo the taboo mindset surrounding music.” The musical duo was brought together by a common

friend at an event and automatically saw the musical chemistry between them and decided to explore it further together. Maram does a lot of wordplay that compliments the band’s identity when making music. In contrast, Abdullah tries to approach Khaleeji music from a completely different approach and creates tunes out of it. Performing live means everything for musicians in which they get a unique experience that in most cases sticks with them forever. For Abdullah, “Performing live for the first for me was probably the spark of this life I'm living right now.” It allowed him to see life from an adventurous and artistic perspective, thanks to taking his passion for music more seriously. Another crucial element when creating music is that as long as the musicians speak their feelings through their compositions and that people are resonating with it, it doesn’t matter how it's done. However, for musicians who want to truly stand out and create their music, it is crucial to

experiment and push the boundaries of music. When asked about their most popular song ‘waNASA’, they said they wrote it in a phase of fascination with Khaleeji rhythms and beats and decided to experiment with them and incorporate an alien-ish electronic approach. From a lyrical point of view, “I came up with the first line (Alo nasa wain il WaNASA?) as a joke with a friend and promised her I’d make a song out of it, so I went further and made it about Saudis coming to Bahrain after a long closing of borders due to the pandemic,” Maram said. Arabastract is the sound of the future and the past simultaneously. From merging musical cultures to experimenting in musical sounds, they are creating music that resonates with many, which pushes forward the evolution of musical genres as a whole. Their last performance was in Desert X in AlUla - a truly magical. Check out their music for a pleasant surprise. DESTINATION KSA 49

TOGETHER IN 2022 Jotun launches the new color trends and Fenomastic Wonderwall Lux

50 FEB/MARCH 2022


Are you looking to transform your spaces to a minimalistic aesthetic by picking a new color scheme? Then Jotun, the region’s leading paint brand, has you covered! With the release of the new color trends collection Together, Jotun’s color specialists worked on a range of hues before handpicking the new tones for 2022. The series strives to provide you with long-lasting, gorgeous walls that appear just as good as the first time you saw them. Lisabeth Larsen, global color manager for Jotun, says, “For many of us, there has never been a time when we felt the need to connect more deeply than we do now. To talk, laugh, gossip, or even just to share a moment of companionable silence.

At Jotun, we are fascinated by how the shades we surround ourselves with shape our everyday lives.” She adds that this year’s color themes were designed to reflect and intensify different aspects of individual identities and lifestyles this year. The Together collection consists of Natural colors and elements that help you make room for memories with rustic earth and stone shades that give you a homey feel grounded in nostalgia and a rich sensory environment. Jotun also debuted a new interior collection this year consisting of washable matte paint and is both colorful and simple to maintain all due to its washable nature. Wonderwall Lux sets new benchmarks for interior elegance and trends by combining a

stunning and smooth matt finish with no need to forego maintenance. This revolutionary product received the Greenguard Gold accreditation by utilizing technology that enhances the air quality in your house while also having no odor so that it does not interfere with your daily life during the painting process. Every individual yearns for a beautiful home without compromising between something beautiful and something easy to maintain. With Fenomastic Wonderwall Lux, we can proudly have beautiful homes that last. Jotunsaudi Jotunsaudi



GET THE LOOK Circling the aesthetic fashion cores

52 FEB/MARCH 2022

UNVEIL YOUR “INDIE”PENDENCE A nod to the 2000s fashion for bringing back the small crop tops, flared/oversized jeans, chunky sneakers, bucket hats, hair clips, and the skater lifestyle. Indie Kids highlight activities like skateboarding with friends or buying food from gas stations. This fashion aesthetic rose to fame after the breakthrough of the globally famous Tiktok. DESTINATION KSA 53

54 FEB/MARCH 2022

THE ‘RACHEL GREEN’ TO THE 90S. The one where you rewind back to the 90s! To the days where accessories were big, slouchy denim was a trend, shoes were chunkier, flannels were oversized, leather was all in, and bomber jackets were worn by all; yes to the vintage.


AN OXFORD DRESS CODE Can you imagine that right now there over 1.4 million #darkacademia posts on Instagram? If this core sounds like your cup of tea, grab your favorite vest and boots! Up to roam the halls of Hogwarts? With the tailorbound core, consider teaming a white shirt with a sweater or vest. Hence the ‘academic’ touch, this fashion style reflects education, learning, reading, and writing. 56 FEB/MARCH 2022


58 FEB/MARCH 2022

ART IN BEL AIR Have you ever opened your eyes to a world ‘flippedturned upside down’ with colors? Imagine entering the artistic haven with a touch of a paintbrush whisking you to a fashion style so uniquely dressed with colors and baggy wear. Whether it be your oversized colored shirt or your graphic pants, this core is one for the books!



HAND & HEART Handicrafts, Heritage and History By Karim Taleb

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a unique creative legacy that stems from its diversified culture and environment, reflecting its own vivid identity. One of the most visible aspects of the country’s heritage is the handicrafts and industries steeped in the aromatics of history spanning and thriving in an era where word of mouth often prevailed. The importance of these crafts lies in being part of the nation’s identity and an element of its culture. These practices are often generational, characterized by originality and creativity, which the children inherited with honesty, sincerity, dedication, and precision from the grandparents. It is also a vital economic resource that should be taken care of as a humanitarian duty and a message with deep goals that must reach present and all future generations.


Atharna, an organization in Saudi playing an essential role in preserving and keeping the locally made handicrafts and handmade industries. Atharna has always sought to instill a culture of innovation among the emerging generation of artisans as the main engine and expand their knowledge in crafts while preserving originality and reflecting 60 FEB/MARCH 2022

identity in the product. This contributes to strengthening national identity, developing the national economy, and stimulating the production and all market movement. Through their research, Atharna realized a strong receptiveness from the new generation for these handicrafts and traditional patterns as they’re included in their everyday lives through their clothing and accessories. Moreover, some of these handicrafts and patterns are making their way to the International market where people from all over the world are finding beauty in them and incorporating them into their everyday lives. Atharna’s plans finding creative designers to present modern and advanced models for craftsmen and benefiting from university faculties of art and design. Atherna is raising the level of interest in the art of decoration and the aesthetic of products and improve production. They plan on training craftsmen with various modern techniques and the production of innovative artworks. Lets learn a bit more about the popular crafts in the kingdom and learn the ways they were practiced and the purpose behind them.

SADU | WEAVING Weaving is a craft that is considered to be the oldest and has been appropriated in civilizations all over the world; however, in Saudi, it has its own identity and was used for specific purposes that are appropriate to its landscape. It is called Sadu which describes an embroidery form specific to the bedouins where they’d use

colors and geometrical elements to decorate their weaving. When the bedouins lived in the deserts, the tents that sheltered them utilized weaving to shield them against the harsh temperatures, a thread created from the fur of regional wildlife was often incorporated into the weaving. Craftspeople would extract pigments from

plants found around them by crushing them and then use them to dye the threads and create inscriptions and designs. Later on, bedoiuns moved to live in big cities, they still make traditional tents in their houses Today the art of Sadu has been added to UNESCO’s intangible heritage list. DESTINATION KSA 61

POTTERY A craft that has no specific origin and has been practiced worldwide, pottery is the essence of a lot of the things we see today. In Saudi, the soils are quite different from one region to the other, creating various clay forms that differentiate each region from the other. In Al Ahsa, a family has been working with clay and practicing pottery as an inherited craft in the family. Dougha Handmade Pottery Factory opened in Jabal Qarrah, a popular attraction in the region, where they create

62 FEB/MARCH 2022

the most beautiful shapes using their expertise in pottery and ceramics. Today, they are shedding light on this old craft to teach the younger generations about it and get them engaged in it. Although historically, working with clay was predominantly done by men, it is a universal craft that everyone practices in today’s world. Moreover, it is being taught in universities allowing everyone to learn this beautiful art form.

LEATHER MAKING To make leather, bedouins would utilize their bounty from hunts to extract the leather from their skins. After killing the animal, they would skin it and dip the skin and the fur in a liquid formula made of dates, salt, and water and bury it for four days. After that, they would take it out, and the fur would fall off on its own, leaving the skin. They would place it on a rock and begin

extracting the leather. After that, they would sink it in another solution made out of dried plants mixed with water for another four days. When this step is done, the leather is clean and is ready to use. They folded it and began cutting it into the shape they needed, creating everydays items. They used it to make hammocks for babies that would allow

women to carry them around and made thick clothes out of them to protect themselves from the desert cold. Another use for it was to create durable bags and belts. Today, Atharna is working with designers that are using leather that has been processed traditionally and made modernized clothing pieces and bags. DESTINATION KSA 63

PALM TREE WEAVING With the Kingdom’s abundance of palm trees and the sustainable culture of the civilizations, the leaves of these trees were utilized to create a variety of everyday items. When working with these leaves, people had control of the thickness of the threads they produced, allowing them to shape it into whatever thickness they needed. People would create baskets, bags, crates, brooms, hats and make durable ropes

64 MARCH 2022

that is used to pull water from water wells. After harvesting the leaves, the next step is to moisturize them to make them easier to manipulate. In this step, they usually mix some coloring extracted from plants to dye the leaves in the appropriate color. After that, they engage in weaving and creating shapes that will help them in their everyday life. This craft has been modernized to create stylish, sustainable bags and more.

QATT AL ASIRI A craft that women predominantly did, it is engraved in the culture of the Asir region. In older civilizations, and some cases until this day, the men would finish building homes using rocks and concrete, the women would then step in and beautify the houses using thetraditional Asiri patterns. They sprinkle their touch of creativity into the decoration of the houses, starting with the

men’s seating area. To create the beautiful colors, women would head to the mountains to collect a specific type of white rock which is then melted and mixed with a color dye that has been extracted from plants to form a colorful paint that can last a long time on the rocks. Each pattern is specific to the Asiri culture, where the choice of colors and variations matter. After the beautification of the house is done, the men invite the

rest of the village to show them their wives’ work and show them how proud they are of their work. This created a sense of healthy competition between the women that wanted to have the best patterns and colors so their husbands could show it off. When incorporated in the modern world, these patterns are used on many clothing items and also create rugs out of them that are sold all over the world.



FUSE THE FLAVORS Chefs and their uniq ue flavors

By Rama Maad


Between an international chef bringing his unique gastronomical touch to Saudi and a local Saudi family cultivating their roots within their cuisine, these chefs have embraced the idea of fusion cuisines and showcased their inner creativity through their creations.


From a family consisting of three generations of chefs, Chef Simone D' Elia was born in Florence, Italy, and has traveled the globe learning and sharing his gastronomical talents. Through his many travels, including traveling around Italy, Spain and even training in London, Chef Simone has been inspired by international cuisine and has incorporated the different flavors learned into his dishes. Coming to Jeddah to open Kaktos in Boho the Beach, Chef Simone brings a fusion of flavors to the city. He considers his cuisine to be Pan-Asian and international, with influences from many different cuisines all over the world. He claims that the members of Boho the Beach often come to him with a certain craving, and the chef will come up with an international fusion creation according to their

requests. Thus, Chef Simone continues cultivating creativity into his unique, fusion cuisine. Among his most popular dishes are the Tacos. Many come to Kaktos specifically to have these delicious and bite-sized delights. Like the rest of his dishes, the tacos are just the right size and flavor for a beachside indulgence. Also included in his most popular dishes are the Bohemian Ceviche and the Yakitori Chicken Skewers,

all delicious, unique, and topped with the Chef’s special touch. Kaktos started as a pop-up restaurant at Boho the Beach in Jeddah but is now on its way to staying for the long run. Chef Simone hopes that his fusion dishes will continue to delight and inspire even after he departs from Jeddah on to his next adventure.

kaktos.byboho chef_simoned DESTINATION KSA 67





An interdisciplinary and talented family consisting of two sons, a daughter, and their Chef mother, are behind the Doulmat Omy eatery in Riyadh. Starting in 2013 as a simple delivery service by their mother, Maryam Alsowina, the business soon expanded when her children Omar, Haneen, and Abdullah Aldayel became involved. Haneen is an artist and majored in the Visual Arts with a specialization in Print. When she began pursuing baking and making pastries, hers and her mother's talents were combined to make Doulmat Omy.

normal for all kids to love their mothers cooking, but we believe our mother has a special touch.” The name of the restaurant ‘Doulmat Omy’ was created by their mother, Mariam, who was influenced by her own mother, as she was known in their family for being an incredible cook, and from whom Mariam learned her skills. Speaking to Omar, their cuisine is described as Najdi Zubairi, which is Najdi cuisine fused with influences from the Zubair

region in Iraq, that were Najdi in origin and migrated to Zubair before returning to the Najd region in Saudi. Although very prevalent, this particular cuisine is quite elusive, and thus the Aldayel family aims to shed more light on the unique type of Najdi food that derives from this small tribe in Iraq. Their cuisine can therfore showcase that side of their identity in every dish. doulmhomy

Each family member has a role to play in the business, highlighting the family aspect of what makes the restaurant special. The meals are created by their mother Mariam, while the pastry baking is handled by artist daughter Haneen, who also makes the ceramic plates and bowls. The photographer son Omar handles the brand marketing and visual aspects, while his brother Abdullah helps out with administrative tasks. They all come together to create a harmonious family business. Although the children are all very involved in the restaurant, they each have their own and separate careers and hobbies that they partake in. Omar claims that working with his family is a very beautiful experience, where they have all learned the special touches that each of them can provide to a business. Omar adds, “It's DESTINATION KSA 69


TABLE TRAVELS E xplore glob al cuisines Saudi Arabia’s thriving food scene allows you to travel the ends of the earth through gloriously scrumptious plates of food. So, how about a quick roundup of our best-loved international restaurants? With the new eateries being welcomed in Saudi, we can not help but get excited about the mixed cultures, histories, and flavors!







From its delicious burgers and Guacamole to its delectable Shrimp Konafa and Shakshooka, Historia’s menu flows with deliciousness! The atmosphere brings a mix of both cultures.

70 FEB/MARCH 2022

Love, Smith! The restaurant is hosted by an elegant interior beautifying Smith with its walls, furniture, and paintings. From its Lasagna, Pizza, American Chicken Kiev, Smiths Burger, to the more.

Wadi Wej, Jubrah


+966 5007 76596








Dedicated from the hearts of Chefs Hakim Bagabas and Ebraheem Hashem! Fresh Oyster and Grilled Octopus, Maillard grants all your culinary wishes with stunning views of the formula circuit and the Red Sea.

Merged with luxurious aura lies magical flair. Mosaic De La Mer, Truffle Ravioli, and more, Koa serves its deliciousness on a plate served by the friendly employees in a stunning environment.

Corniche, Jeddah Promenade

Atelier La Vie, King Abdul Aziz Rd.

+966 55 826 3355

+966 12 6629 999






Novikov is known for all things fused; from its cuisines to its contemporary interior, It merges high-end ambiance with diversified color, aromatic flavor, and excellent culinary taste creating an eclat of yummy dishes.

Whisking PanAsian recipes with rich Mediterranean flavors. Located in the aesthetic Boho Beach, Kaktos hosts a seaside ambiance. The menu varies from PilPil Prawns, Sea Bream, and more.

Ali Abou Al Ola St., Ash Shati

AZ Zomorod Dist.


+966 55 663 5001


kaktos.byboho DESTINATION KSA 71



The Latin American restaurant adds a touch of Japanese with its Wagyu, Sushi, and Maki! Mnky Hse serves dishes including Kamchatka Crab and Lamb chops, in an aura of luxury.

Unveil the rich culture of Colombia! With Hotel Cartagena, you immerse into its naturelike interior hosted by dishes from all over Columbia including Lobster and Ceviche, and Chuleta Asado.

6927 Prince Turki Ibn Abdulaziz Al Awwal Rd., Hittin Dist.

Al Ameer Turki Abdulaziz Rd., An Nakheel Dist.

+966 8004 4000 41 mnkyheska

+966 9200 33801 hotelcartagenariyadh





A slice of South Korea at the heart of Riyadh Boulevard. Jinji is reminiscent of Seoul’s downtown KTVs and BBQ halls, serving authentic dishes such as Korean pancakes, tteokboki, and Bingsu.

Incomparable European culinary experience from Italy, Greece, Spain, and France! Villa Palma tells tales with its architecture from arches to natural sunlight, handmade Italian linens, delicious Veal Milanese.

Boulevard Riyadh City

72 FEB/MARCH 2022


Abdullah Bin Hamdan, As Sulimaniyah

+966 80044 00041

+966 9200 35500







Passing through countries, Rove created its delicacies in memory of each place visited including Morocco, France, Greece, Spain, and Italy! With Rove’s plates, you are taken on a journey experiencing the culture.

It’s a sibling’s world! La Forchetta is created and run by Chef Walaa and her brother each having a designated culinary specialty in Italian dishes, steaks, and grilling on the Asado grill and a lot more of the mix.

Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Rd., Al Hada Dist. Khobar

Al Ashraa St, Al Mazrouiya Dist. Dammam

+966 5473 99611






Sakana House brings in flavors from Asia into one dish! Sakana House is home to a collection of appetizing goodies served to you in a dish including Unatama rolls and Truffle Gyu Don and more.

That’s Amore! Mixing palatable flavors of Italy and Mexico, Ocean Pearl is the spot for options originating from two cultures by the hands of the Chef. Quesadillas, Risotto, and a wider deliciouslycooked variety.

3266 Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques Rd., Olaya Dist.

Prince Muhammad bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz Rd., Ash Shati Al Sharqi




the ocean.pearl21 DESTINATION KSA 73





Originating from the Greek idiom and progressing in the Arab culture, Arkoon represents a menu spectrum of Sambosa, Fettuccine, and Awsal. The restaurant features view of Abha’s rocks.

Merhaba! With Tolie’s Mutabbal, Hummus, Ali Nazik, and Cheese Borek, Tolie flavors us with local seasonings of our beloved Turkish and Arabic cuisines honoring its cultures and traditions in the attractive surrounding.

King Abdul Aziz Rd., As Sarawat

Al Malik Faisal Rd.






Tobiko Nigiri, Shrimp Bisque, and Curry Pasta, Atoll serves you with cultures merged in a singular spot blending flavors and seasonings compèred by its special ambiance and the bistro’s interior. King Abdullah Rd. +966-6364999 atoll_ksa 74 FEB/MARCH 2022

DRINKS DONE RIGHT, FROM A TO ZED Your new go-to grab and-go With a variety of fresh treats and eats prepared on the daily, affordable prices and specialty coffee, Zed is Saudi’s new hub for a quick pick me up! Found all over the Jeddah districts, including branches in Corniche, Obhur, Khalidiya, Naem, Hamra and King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Zed aims to provide their unique touch of exceptional coffee and fresh food as convenient for all as possible. Spotlight on Zed’s wide range of drinks are prepared keeping in mind

quality and flavor to produce a unique result that aims to energize and satisfy. Zed’s drink options include Black Coffee, Hot Spanish Latte, Hot Chocolate, Ice Pistachio Latte, Iced Spanish Latte, Iced Tea, Rasberry Mojito and more. When you need to grab and go head to Zed and you will find what you are looking for. @ +966-559940448 zed.ksa PROMOTED CONTENT/ ZED



SOUND MEDITATION Exploring the power of sound on the mind

With the growing wellness community in Saudi, the importance of meditation is being highlighted for its mental and physical benefits. Different types of meditation are practiced, including silent meditation, barefoot walking meditation, body scan meditation, and more. In particular, Sound Meditation is a form of meditation sweeping the nation for its ability to calm the mind and heal the soul through instruments.

BAYAN ABUZINADAH Bayan Abuzindah began her journey with sound meditation in 2016, which opened the door to an entirely new stage in her life. This new stage was filled with peace, love, gratitude, and abundance. Bayan says that no matter her mood or physical state, clarity, joy, and alertness come over her when she begins with her sound meditation practice. Chanting is her preferred method of meditation, as chanting every day has made her more attuned to herself and everyone around her. The more she chants, the more she knows what she’s capable of through the ongoing strengthening of her voice. Bayan believes that the growing meditation community in Saudi Arabia is very fitting with the environment, as Saudi is an ancient land with rich 76 FEB/MARCH 2022

landscaping, including hot springs that are known for their high mineral content and medicinal properties, as well as mountains and caves where the air is purer which increases the energy and emotional and mental control. Bayan took Music theory classes and piano and vocal training classes, which ultimately benefited her on her sound meditation journey. Bayan claims the benefits of sound meditation are endless, “But the main benefit of meditation is that it makes me more in tune with myself as a whole. It helps me clear the clutter in my mind and access my heart’s wisdom, intuition, and inner knowing.” tantric.mantra


The main benefit of meditation is that it makes me more in tune with myself as a whole. It helps me clear the clutter in my mind and access my heart’s wisdom, intuition, and inner knowing.



78 78 FEB/MARCH FEB/MARCH 2022 2022

GHALIA ALMADANI After completing her master's degree abroad, Ghalia Almadani began looking for activity communities to readjust to life back in Saudi, “I did yoga for a whole year for its physical benefits. Without noticing, I became a bit calmer and more relaxed and was able to achieve more in life.” After that, her instructor recommended she attend a retreat with her, and after spending two weeks living with the most basic necessities, she noticed a change in her perspective on life. Ghalia realized her passion and pursued her journey in sound meditation after witnessing another instructor's practice. She first learned how to play sound meditation instruments–

the bowl, the ocean drum, the chime, and the gong. After that, Ghalia began teaching sound meditation and even introduced it within her place of work by leading a wellness campaign describing sound meditation as a journey of different instruments being played live and guided with fullbody relaxation. The instruments generate a specific frequency that vibrates the liquids in our body, creating a tingling sensation that releases all the stress and tension from these areas. Her advice for sound meditation beginners is to experiment and not to put too much pressure on yourself. “The wellbeing journey is never one size fits all. What works for me

might not work for others.” Today Ghalia is the founder of Mindsai Journeys focusing on local wellness retreats and exploring the most beautiful sceneries the country has to offer. In Saudi, the moment the Ministry of Sports gave licenses to yoga studios, the underground wellness community flourished and gave room for many opportunities for businesses to grow and paved the way for the future vision of Saudi. This also allows for the introduction of wellness tourism with yoga and meditation as the center of the plan. ghaliaofgaia DESTINATION KSA 79


When you start meditating, many thoughts will arise, the key is to not engage with the thoughts, be the observer and let it pass, surrendering to the dance of the atoms.

80 FEB/MARCH 2022

ARA SEFERIAN Born and raised in Lebanon and of Armenian origin, Ara Seferian now resides in Riyadh and has immersed himself in the healing world of sound meditation. From an early age, Ara was fascinated by sounds. He formed his first (alternative rock) band at the age of 14. By 16, he began to be intrigued by ancient cultures and their rituals. By the time he was a theater major at university, he had decided to leave it all behind and travel the world with his backpack and instruments, getting one step closer to realizing his true passion. “One semester before graduating, the world felt a little too big to stay in one place.” By visiting holistic ancient sites and learning about the different cultures and religions, Ara realized the effects of ancient instruments and healing modalities.

to him, sound meditation is based on the different frequencies of activation and rejuvenation of the 7 chakras, using ancient Tibetan singing bowls, Chinese gongs and Sufi frame drums, with more recent tuning forks, hand pans and even often being backed up by some electronic sounds. Ara claims that sound has always been his medicine, calming his mind and paving the way to meditative states of consciousness. Ara feels blessed to be part of yoga community in Saudi that is rapidly growing, especially so in the vast and magical landscape of the desert, which Ara believes can provide a conducive potential for deep meditative states. ara_tunes

He recognized the impact of sound on the human psyche, which he believes is “The only modality that spears into any form of resistance.” According DESTINATION KSA 81


On the other hand, when we are stressed, the muscles around the chest, back, and sides of the body tense up, making it difficult to take long, deep breaths. Instead, our breathing becomes shallow and rapid, which starves our cells of precious oxygen and induces chronic stress.Since many of us lead lives filled with stress and unresolved emotional baggage, it is no surprise our breathing becomes strained.Therefore, let’s now dive into what breathwork is and how you can harness its potential to transform your life.

BREATHE EASY How to use your breathing to transform your life By Abdulelah Al-Tamimi

Abdulelah Al-Tamimi is a breathwork and yoga instructor based in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and currently teaching at Mantra Studio. He obtained his 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainer qualification in Goa, India in 2016, and is also an internationally certified health coach. Abdulelah is passionate about the mind-body connection, as well as finding new ways to boost mental and physical well-being. 82 FEB/MARCH 2022

When you breathe in, oxygen flows from your lungs to your body’s cells to provide energy and nutrients. When you breathe out, carbon dioxide flows out of your lungs to eliminate waste. Most of the breathing you do is involuntary, which is crucial for survival. But beyond survival, you can use your breathing to transform your life. So, why don’t most of us breathe well? The answer lies in our breathing patterns, which are a direct reflection of the quality of our living. When we are relaxed, we naturally take deep and nurturing breaths.

Fundamentally, breathwork is any form of intentional controlled breathing. Breathwork is also viewed as an active form of meditation, in which the breath is used to elevate your emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences. In yoga, breathwork is referred to as pranayama. When you alter your breathing pattern, you calm your nervous system down and enter a more relaxed state. Advanced breathwork techniques take things a step further and can change your body chemistry and open you to altered states of consciousness. There are many breathwork techniques, some ancient and others are modern. This article will introduce you to three powerful techniques I use and teach.

BELLY BREATHING BENEFITS Belly breathing relaxes your nervous system and helps you fall asleep. HOW TO DO IT

1. Sit or lie down and close your eyes 2. Relax your body and place one hand on your belly and the other on your chest 3. Inhale slowly through your nose and into your belly for five seconds (you should feel your belly rise slightly) 4. Exhale slowly through your mouth for five seconds 5. Repeat a couple of rounds until you feel a shift in your state

4-7-8 BREATHING BENEFITS This technique helps you slow down and calm the body, especially when stressed or overwhelmed HOW TO DO IT

1. Close your eyes when possible 2. Inhale for four seconds 3. Hold at the top of your inhale for seven seconds 4. Exhale for eight seconds 5. Repeat a couple of times DESTINATION KSA 83

THE WIM HOF METHOD (WHM) BENEFITS Many advanced techniques and yogic pranayamas use controlled hyperventilation, the most popular being the Wim Hof Method (WHM). WHM breathwork sessions commonly last 20 to 30 minutes and use a sequence of controlled hyperventilation and breath retention. This method is supported by several scientific studies and has thousands of followers worldwide. HOW TO DO IT

1. Reduced inflammation in the body 2. Reduced stress and increased stress resilience 3. Reduced Anxiety and depression 4. Improved quality of breathing 5. Enhanced oxygen delivery during physical exertion

Since this is an advanced breathwork technique, I do not recommend beginning on your own and encourage you to check out the official Wim Hof Method online training program. In addition to the Wim Hof Method, you can check out Soma Breath, a fantastic breathwork program created by Niraj Naik. Breathwork is very versatile. You can build a dedicated practice, integrate it into your meditation practice, or use it on the go anytime you need to calm and ground yourself. There are many yoga studios throughout the country. 84 FEB/MARCH 2022





920 001 434

055 541 7550






+966 12 667 8573

920 007 576







055 3564 122

053 3088 498



Strong, beautiful and smooth are just a few of the many feelings women experience using Venus hair removal products. For many years, Venus has inspired women to maintain empowering everyday routines by providing them with simple and easy ways to feel their best.

Venus believes in wellness, which begins with taking care of your body and mind. It’s about making time to prioritize your health and paving the way towards being the best version of yourself. Venus joins the movement to reduce the fear and social stigma

associated with breast cancer by encouraging women to get screened regularly. It’s time to break the “it can’t happen to me” mentality by ensuring women feel comfortable and empowered to participate in regular screenings. Breast cancer is a global concern, accounting for 25% of all cancer cases. Screening regularly for breast cancer enables treatment and care to be provided as early as possible. When detected early, women actually have a 95% higher chance of recovery within the first 5 years.

year long. Venus reminds you that everyday is a great day to put your health first. Be a queen and get yourself screened! gillettevenusarabia

Although October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness month, it should be a priority all PROMOTED CONTENT/ VENUS



HOLISTIC WELLNESS Venture Out to Take A Journey Within By Hani A. Haq


With everything going on in our daily lives, it’s easy to lose touch with ourselves. To reset, we need to take a break, which can be a challenge when you continue to be immersed in your day-to-day life. A retreat allows us to unplug, step back, and rediscover our inner strength by assisting us in assessing what provokes us and what we can conquer and achieve in our journey toward inner change.


TRAVEL AND WELLNESS IN SYNC Traveling for holistic reasons is far more important than ordinary travel plans; it allows you to reenergize and fill your head with great experiences that will last a lifetime. According to Sarah Bohairy, you enter a particular realm outside of your routine and comfort zone when you attend a holistic retreat. You detach from your surroundings and take time to delve into yourself.

WELLNESS TRAVEL IN SAUDI ARABIA Yoga and fitness enthusiast and trainer, Thea Frommenwiler has lived in Saudi Arabia for two years and shared her experience promoting the concept of wellness in the Kingdom. “There are so many sites inside Saudi Arabia that all offer radically varied landscapes and unspoiled wildlife to be explored.” “There is no better way to enjoy it all than with a well-organized wellness retreat that focuses on connecting with oneself, appreciating one’s natural surroundings, and having the chance to be present, develop, and heal.” DESTINATION KSA 87


TAKING A BREAK FROM USUAL ROUTINE So, how might holistic retreats assist you in breaking free? According to Sarah Bohairy, an expert in Yoga and meditation, what frequently causes stress is the demand of our time occupied with other things in our routine. Even what we like doing with ourselves and others needs attention every day. Retreats give a space for people to reconnect with nature and care for themselves. Typically, retreat centers ask that we refrain from using our phones and limit our internet usage, which allows you to disconnect from your routines, external sources, and demands and take time to connect with the scenic beauty around you, manage your time, and engage in activities such as yoga, hiking, and meditation. 88 FEB/MARCH 2022

BENEFITS OF A BETTER TREATMENT Thea Frommenwiler, a successful wellness retreat must include exercise, stimulation, and rest. “It should provide us the chance and time to escape the monotony of our daily routines by physically and intellectually being in a new and unfamiliar location,” she added. Retreats assist you in learning new skills and developing healthy habits, allowing you to take your newly acquired knowledge home with you and

incorporate some wellness into your everyday routine. “This comes from the immediate change of surroundings, but also what we are exposed to: various aromas, noises, tastes, texture, and people,” We also chatted with Ghalia Khaldi about her experience attending retreats; Ghalia has extensive expertise in the yoga industry, including over 600 hours of YYT. “Every retreat experience is unique and unusual in its way. Every time I go to a retreat, I’m at a different place in my life, so every retreat caters to where I am in my journey of growth and self-discovery.”



Ghalia Khaldi told us about “Connect retreat,” a recent retreat she participated in on reserved land in Urayara. In addition to working with Hawy Tours and Modie Aljarbou, an ICF recognized life coach. This retreat is unique because it focuses on explaining and exploring how we are all related (humans, animals, plants). This retreat will include daily yoga and meditation, group coaching sessions, eco-art therapy, contemplative trek, tree planting, rejuvenation, and grounding. “Sometimes, we forget that if Earth didn’t exist, we humans would probably not have existed either, and so we are part of Earth as much as Earth is part of us,” she added. Dani Bogari, a Multi-talented yoga instructor, emphasized that meditation can come in the form of physical exercises if that includes indulgence to the sounds of nature within it. Even if the activities vary, all main concept of retreats is that they have nature and simplicity in common. “When you’re in nature, and away from the daily hustle and routine, there is a fantastic sensation. Your state of meditation and disconnect starts the minute you embark on your journey towards the retreat.” he says. Dani, who is also a DJ, combines music with wellness travel, saying, “Choosing the right music to play at such retreats can increase the state of happiness and nature indulgence, music that resonates with the moment and the surroundings.” DESTINATION KSA 89

90 FEB/MARCH 90 FEB/MARCH 2022 2022

PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES IN RETREATS Retreat allows us to undertake health-enhancement exercises in addition to rejuvenating in a friendly environment. Yoga, pilates, walks, and light resistance stretching workouts can help you achieve a natural sense of physical balance and wellness. In terms of physical activities in retreats, such as yoga, Sarah Bohairy added, “Yoga can help produce more peace to overcome stress, often through movement combined with breathing. So it’s not just exercise, yoga is a holistic practice that includes posture and stretching the body that helps us strengthen the breath.” She also stated that, in addition to yoga, a basic diet, generally consisting of whole foods, is an important aspect of self-awareness on the holistic path.

RETREAT TO RENEW The communal aspect of retreats inspires Dani Bogari to find and encourage individuals to go on a holistic path. “When you see folks in these wellness programs, you see them in a new light,” he says. Retreats allow them to rediscover themselves and bring out the best in people.

MEET THE EXPERTS SARAH BOHAIRY Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500, YACEP, RYS 200 Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Himalayan Meditation prana_shakti_siva



While on this holistic journey, harmonizing our energy is essential to benefit from it. Learning to balance our energy will result in improved health and happiness. “The activities at the retreats are meant to make us balance our highs and lows,’ said Sarah Bohairy.

600 hours of Yoga teacher training; Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Dhyana Meditation, Iyengar Yoga Immersion, Lunar Elemental Prana Vinyasa, and Yin yoga. As well as Mat Pilates, Sacred Science of Sound Crystal Alchemy, and Theta Healing.

We feel more connected to ourselves and the environment around us when we are in the balancing stage.




DANI BOHAIRY Yoga instructor - Ashtanga YTT (Yoga Teacher Training)200 Music artist - organic afro and downtempo house Advanced level hiker Intermediate level surfer danibogari





KARAMA YOGA karama_yoga

TERATAI CANTIKA FROMMENWILER (THEA) 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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YOUR PALACE IN THE SKY IS READY Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh Unveils Newly Renovated Royal Suites

If there were any doubt that Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh at Kingdom Centre is the high point for hospitality, one look at the luxury and design of its newly reimagined Royal Suites would re-emphasize the Hotel’s commitment to offering an incomparable hospitality experience. Taking the towering Hotel’s guest experience to new heights, the two spacious suites located on the 44th and 46th floors, respectively, are palaces in the sky. Fashioned by renowned hospitality design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates, as part of an overall renovation of the 276 room address, each Royal Suite plays out with indulgent comforts, lavish appointments, contemporary interpretations of historic motifs, and locally produced artworks to create welcoming spaces for family travelers, and groups of friends, high above the heart of the city.

On the 44th floor, the Royal Suite pays tribute to the local oasis of Riyadh – with a palette of soft green and turquoise hues, while on the 46th floor the Royal Suite draws from Saudi heritage with deep red color tones. The designs of each incorporate historic tribal patterns on walls, sliding bathroom doors, carpeting, and various other elements. Each Royal Suite is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features such as marbletopped bedside tables and upholstery. Additionally, each royal suite has its private gym and a dining room with seating for ten people. A full bathroom just off the

The Royal Suites can be styled as a one- to two-bedroom suite via a connecting room layout. 92 FEB/MARCH 2022


master bedroom is arrayed in beige marble, with dual vanities, mirror TVs, a separate shower, and an extended tub. Each Royal Suite is also a feast for the eyes and the senses with carefully curated artworks from emerging local artists including handmade sculptures, installations, and wall hangings styled in the spirit of Saudi Arabian heritage. As throughout the property, the artworks added during the renovation were created in partnership with Alwaleed Philanthropies Foundation. fsriyadh +966-11-2115888



AN OASIS OF TRANQUILITY At Atmosphere Kanifushi Escape to where the blues are a shade brighter, the sunsets sparkle longer, and heaven is just a little bit closer. Atmosphere Kanifushi in the Maldives is a perfect slice of paradise. An exhilarating 35-minute seaplane transfer from Male’s Valena International Airport brings you to the palm-fringed shores of Kanifushi island, in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Clear turquoise waters, pulsating Boduberu drumming, and a smiling team greet you at the jetty.

STAY CLOSE TO NATURE Gorgeous beachside villas dot the postcard-inspiring shoreline offering spacious interiors with plush furnishing and vast open-air bathrooms. Water lovers can opt for the luxurious villas over the alluring lagoon and experience nature in all its glory. The option of private pools adds to the indulgence. Revel in space and exclusivity at the newly launched Kanifushi Grand Pool Villa and Kanifushi Residence, which is ideal for large familiesand has thoughtfully curated services for a truly unforgettable stay. 94 FEB/MARCH 2022

CAPTIVATING ISLAND EXPERIENCES Experiencing the natural beauty of the ocean is a highlight of your stay. Daily snorkeling boat trips, unlimited access to water sports like kayaking, Indian Ocean excursions, and sunset fishing allow you to explore the ocean and its abundant marine life. Every element of a luxurious tropical holiday is seamlessly blended into your plan, from yoga, island trips, yoga, beach to live entertainnment.


A MEMORABLE CULINARY JOURNEY Relish delicious meals paired with gorgeous ocean views at the resort’s all-day restaurant and two poolside bars, one with a serene adults-only pool. You can also enjoy a buffet, fine dining, and theme night dining. Don’t miss out on a breadth of dining experiences, ranging from authentic Sri Lankan street food at Ceylon Bliss, to the delights of the east with AKM’s very own teppanyaki outpost at Pier Six. While the signature restaurant, Just Veg is a must-try that redefines contemporary vegetarian cuisine. At Atmosphere Kanifushi, you can reconnect with nature through the perfect blend of sea, sand, and warm hospitality. There is something for everyone, from couples and honeymooners to young families and friends. atmospherekanifushi +960 6620 066





Salman Bin Abdulaziz

Mohammed Bin Salman







2,149,690 km²





Makkah & Madinah

GMT +3





Sharqiya, 4.1 million people

Riyadh, 7.3 million people





King Khaled International Airport

Al-Ahsa International Airport




Jeddah & Makkah


King Abdulaziz International Airport

Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Khobar, Jubail Dammam & Dhahran




King Fahd International Airport

Madinah & Yanbu



Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz International Airport

Abha & Najran



Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport



1.00 USD SR 3.75 1.00 Euro SR 4.39 1.00 British Pound SR 4.82 1.00 Indian Rupee SR 0.06 1.00 Philippine Peso SR 0.10

Business + Banking hours 8/9 a.m. - 4/5 p.m. (Sun - Thur) Weekend Friday – Saturday Shopping hours 10 a.m – 1 p.m. 5 – 11 p.m.

INFORMATION / MAINTENANCE STC Inquiry information Speaking Clock Mobily STC ZAIN

96 FEB/MARCH 2022

905 1222 1100 900 959

EMERGENCY Ambulance General Emergency NAJM (Car Accidents) 920000560

997 911





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