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Celebrating summer and weddings There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to the month of June –– it marks the beginning of summer as well as the start of the weddings season in the country. This issue of Destination Jeddah is a special gift to newlyweds as we share their newfound excitement. We have pieced together a variety of feature articles we feel could be beneficial for the newlyweds as well as for those still planning to take this bold, beautiful step in their lives. Summer and traveling are synonymous which is why we have compiled a list of the top romantic destinations for honeymooners-to-be as well as couples looking to renew their marriage and return ready to start the year rejuvenated. The bride of the Red Sea will embark on an exciting 20-year redeveloping project inaugurated on May 18th by the governor of Makkah, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. This project, a dream in its own right, will radically change the face of Jeddah for years to come and improve the lives of everyone in the city for the better. Jeddah recently witnessed a different kind of change; the first ever design conference at Dar Al-Hekma University featuring world renowned experts on design as well as regional pioneers in the design world. This wedding issue is dedicated to the recent marriage of my eldest son, Majed as well as the coming July marriage of two of our staff members, Motaz Bahri and Ghada Nour. May God bless them and all the other newlyweds. Congratulations from Destination Jeddah!


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20 Year Facelift Kicks Off Saudi Arabia’s First Design Conference



Al-Lith Island


Hanging in the Saudi Desert


Rabe’eyat Art Exhibition 2009


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Country Code: 966 City Codes: Jeddah and Makkah: 02 / Dammam, Dahran, Alkhobar and Jubail: 03 / Riyadh: 01 / Abha and Najran: 07 / Madinah and Yanbu: 04


Air: Saudi Airlines - Sama Air - Nas Airlines Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi Cities Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam. Important Numbers: Directory for Businesses and Individuals (905) Emergency Services Telephone Numbers: Police (999)/ Fire (998)/ Ambulance (997)/ Highway Police (996)/ Special Police (995) Desert Police (994)/ Car Accident (993)/ Report an illegal person (992) Standard International Emergency Number for GSM Mobile Networks: (112) DESTINATION JEDDAH 5

In The Spotlight

Year 20 Facelift Prince Khaled Al-Faisal

Kicks Off by Michael Bou-Nacklie

The Jeddah municipality will kick off a 20-year development of Jeddah which has been in its planning stages for the last three years. The plan, inaugurated by Makkah governor, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal and Jeddah governor Prince Mishaal Bin Majed on May 18th aims to improve many of the city’s problems with the construction of more affordable housing to combat the growth of slum areas dotting the city’s landscape outside the city limits.



The news, announced at the Construction Week Saudi Arabia Conference by Abdulgader Amir, vice president for strategic planning and management of land and property for the Jeddah Development and Urban Regeneration Company. “Real estate in Saudi Arabia is considered one of the biggest untapped resources in the region so far,” he said. “There’s a strong demand from the Saudi population for residential development and there’s strong support from the government for these projects.” He said the plan’s major objective is to provide affordable housing for Jeddah’s low income population. He said the Jeddah Municipality aims to drastically reduce the number Prince Mishaal Bin Majed of slum dwellers through the implementation of the strategic plan. “We want to make Jeddah a modern city that can compete with international cities, providing a high standard of living and protecting the environment,” Jeddah Mayor Adil Fakieh said. Two of the planned projects are a new city centre, which covers 12 million meters squared on a vacant site next to Old Airport that will provide a “downtown and dense environment,” reported. The Jeddah Town Centre reconstruction project, announced last year, covers 6 million sq m and encompasses the historic Old City and the construction of a new waterfront property. Fakieh said the underdeveloped areas in Jeddah cover 4,800 hectares where 35 percent of people live. “There is shortage of land allocated for low income housing,” he said.

Adil Fakieh

Close to 250,000 people without homes are living in planned residential districts in addition to 1.2 million people living in underdeveloped areas. In order to meet Jeddah’s growing needs another 670,000 new housing units would be needed.

:‫الخطة االستراتيجية لتطوير محافظة جدة‬

‫ و بح�ضور �صاحب ال�سمو امللكي الأمري خالد الفي�صل �أمري منطقة مكة املكرمة و �صاحب ال�سمو امللكي‬،‫يف م�ؤمتركبري بقاعة ليلتي‬ ‫ حيث‬.‫ �أعلنت اخلطة اال�سرتاتيجية لتطوير حمافظة جدة للأعوام الع�شرين القادمة‬.‫الأمري م�شعل بن ماجد �أمري حمافظة جدة‬ .‫ مع �أنها ال تزال م�شروع ًا مقرتح ًا قيد التطوير‬.‫القت اخلطة ا�ستح�سان اجلميع‬


Our Guests

Saudi Arabia’s

First Design Conference Dar Al-Hekma hosts Tawasul with international design experts Text and photos by Michael Bou-Nacklie

The concept of graphic design as a profession is still young around the world but that didn’t stop Dar Al-Hekma University from hosting the first conference dedicated to graphic design in the Kingdom featuring internationally renowned graphic designers and typographers. 8


The design conference dubbed “Tawasul� comes from the Arabic word meaning connection, communication and progression, so its only fitting that names like Jonathon Barnbrook, Mohammad Harib (of Freej fame) and Tarek Attrisi were participating.

Ramadan series Freej and Tarek Attrisi who worked to create several of the six-second MTV Arabia promos all discussed their experiences and some of their work over their careers in great detail to show just how diverse the field of graphic design is.

For those not involved in the design world, these names may not mean much however, names like Barnbrook are synonymous with creating new typefaces by using historical inspiration. Harib, creator of the animated

From typographers like Barnbrook to animators like Harib the students at Dar Al-Hekma were privy to a presentation few other graphic design students can lay claim to. Not all the speakers were strictly confined

Mohammed Harib speaks about the process it took to bring the Jonathon Barnbrook teaches students about hit Ramadan series Freej on the air. typography during a workshop.

Nadim Karam, architect & painter, speaks to an assembly about his experiences conducting workshops with Dar Al-Hekma students.

During the conference student films were screened. DESTINATION JEDDAH 9

to publication design. Nadam Karam, a Lebanese architect discussed his projects in places as far-flung as Melbourne where a mechanical display of art representing different ethnic migration styles from around the world. His design ethos centers on “whether a city can dream,” he said in his presentation to students. One of his projects is incorporating a public space high up amongst the skyscrapers of the Dubai skyline.

Nadim Karam

“The concept is to give the very private space of a skyline a public center. As buildings go higher and higher things become more and more private,” he said. The project would resemble a cloud hovering between buildings in order to bring some sort of community to the Dubai highrise lifestyle. His work focuses on migration and change which he says is what the Lebanese people have been struggling with socially. “I try and express that in the work I do, but it’s a problem our contemporary world is going through, these shifts and movements,” Karam said. Barnbrook, said the main problem with the design that he’s seen during his brief stay in the Kingdom was that most if not all was being done by advertising agencies. “What these students need to do is go out and start their own design companies, which will give design in this country a possibility to become better, but they need to have the courage to do it.” For him, design holds a firm basis in making people think about things, “not so much as promoting social change but more so just getting your ideas on the agenda so that people can talk about them.” Others discussed the challenges of creating a new identity to an already known brand. Tarek Attrissi, a Lebanese and Dutch 10 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Jonathon Barnbrook

Anja Lutz discussing newspaper design with students

designer, was approached by MTV to create six second ‘bumpers’ for the MTV Arabia channel. A bumper is a six-second clip that goes in between shows to remind viewers what channel they are watching. “We tried to keep the look and feel of MTV international, we didn’t want to force the feel,” he said in the breakroom at Dar AlHekma. “The bumpers were used between shows that were visibly Arabic in nature. That’s where we did something visibly Arabic, more to illustrate the content rather than the environment.”

“I realized that as Arabs we have very few icons to look up to unlike the West which has characters like Superman and Spiderman.” Drawing on his roots he created a strong female character to represent the hard work which ancestrally Emiratey and Arab women had to do. Being the child bearer, the mother, the cook and then having to work as well, “these really were Super-Women.” Adding to the idea that design should be a tool to help social development, Will Brown,

Will Brown

Tarek Atrissi

In conjunction with the work he did on MTV Arabia he says the most important part of design to him is that the design “is local, it needs to reflect the environment its produced in. Also does the design promote a purpose.”

Art Director for Ad Busters and designer Douglas Haddow discussed how their work ims to keep things like excessive consumerism in check.

By far one of the most interesting speakers, Mohammad Harib described how his hit animated show, which debuted during Ramadan in 2006, first began as a cartoon character he designed for an animation class in college.

Ideas like ‘Nike: Just dousche it’ and spoofing World War 2 Norman Rockwell paintings with ads like ‘America: open for business’ are all in the arsenal of Adbusters to keep their points of view “one step ahead of the contemporary,” Haddow said. DESTINATION JEDDAH 11

Events &


Prince Khaled Al-Faisal

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Yousef Hamidaddin, Dr. Benten, and the Minister of Communication Mohammed Mullah

ARAB DIRECT MARKETING ASSOCIATION LAUNCHED: The Arab Direct Marketing Association (ADMA) launch marked the opening session of the three-day Arab Direct Mail and Marketing Forum’ 09, inaugurated by Makkah governor Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. “We are taking an important step toward building a world marketing community,” said New-York-based Direct Marketing Association (DMA) President and CEO John A. Greco, Jr. at a press conference at the Jeddah Hilton Hotel. ADMA CEO Yousef M. Hamidaddin is the founder of Direct Marketing Services (DMS) in the Middle East. ADMA will assist members in exploring growth opportunities and cost saving benefits in currently untapped markets from Saudi Arabia to Rabat.

Anwar Ibrahim, Yousef Hamidaddin, and Dr. Benten surrounded by speakers and Participants of the forum

‫ قام بافتتاحها �أمري منطقة مكة املكرمة‬.‫ ب�إطالق دورة ملدة ثالثة �أيام عنوانها الربيد العربي املبا�شر و الت�سويق‬ADMA ‫قامت‬ .‫�صاحب ال�سمو امللكي الأمري خالد الفي�صل‬ 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

French Consul General Christian Nakhle (right) with CEO Jean-Pierre Corgnet

THE CREPE CAFE OPENS IN JEDDAH: The world’s largest The Crepe Cafe franchise opened in Roshana Mall on Tahlia street. It was inaugurated by French Consul General of Jeddah Christian Nakhle as well as Assistant General Manager Crepe Cafe, Moaaz Hashem. The new restaurant works to combine the most authentic French dish, the crepe, commonly eaten as a breakfast treat, and bring it to Saudi Arabia. Consul General Nakhle said he still remembers gathering with his family as a child to have crepes every Sunday night, because of their importance in French culture. The Crepe Cafe CEO, Jean-Pierre Corgnet

said this is not “your average creperie, its fast-casual style of dining,” with most items costing roughly SR15-20.“We make both sugar and (savory) crepes, waffles, the American style pancakes all with a special flour mix” while remaining true to the original crepe concept. The newly opened creperie is the 8th in the Middle East franchise as well as the largest out of all the chains which debuted in Australia. Other locations include Bahrain then Oman, Kuwait and next month one is scheduled to open in Riyadh, Hashem said.

.‫ يف رو�شانا مول ب�شارع التحلية بجدة‬Virgin Megastore ‫ الأكرب يف العامل بجوار‬Crepe Cafe ‫افتتح‬

Kareem Domloge, Walid Sanchez and Abdul Aziz Al-Abdullah

LAUNCH Of SUFRATI.COM WEB SITE: In an exuberant ceremony at the Jeddah Hilton Hotel, Nowayrah Group launched, a Web Site that makes dining at home or at the office a much easier experience with its comprehensive listing of dining possibilities in Saudi Arabia, including restaurants, cafes and bakeries. Sufrati means “my dining” in Arabic and the word was selected for its catchiness as well as for its popularity amongst people of all ages in the Middle East. According to Abdul Aziz Al-Abdullah, vice-chairman of the Board of Directors of Nowayrah Group, is not just about dining convenience and saving time, but in in time it hopes to raise the standards for outdoor dining.

‫ املوقع الذي يجعل تناول الطعام يف‬ ‫ ب�إطالق موقع‬Nowayrah ‫ قامت جمموعة‬، ‫يف حفل �ضخم يف فندق هيلتون جدة‬ .‫ مبا فيهم املطاعم واملقاهي و املخابز‬، ‫ و هو يتيح االختيار من قائمة طويلة بجميع مقدمي الطعام يف اململكة‬، ‫املنزل او املكتب جتربة �سارة‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 13

LIFE’S MUNNY ART EXHIBITION: In an attempt to spice up the idea of an arts exhibition, organizers from the distributor of the British brand Kidrobot held an event allowing people to decorate a small Munny doll with arts and crafts supplies provided at the Life store on Rawdah street on April 24th. Close to 50 people attended each creating their very own little Munny character which will be on display for a limited period of time. Yasmeen AlSudairy, one of the main organizers said art is taken too seriously in the Kingdom, “People see art exhibitions as a place where there isn’t much interaction. Most events in retail stores focus heavily on ‘the new collection’ we just want people to have fun,” she said. “We need these kinds of events here.” Munny ‫ �إبريل لتزيني دمية‬24 ‫ ب�إقامة ن�شاط يف‬Kidrobot ‫ قام موزعي‬،‫يف حماولة لإ�ضفاء الإثارة على فكرة املعر�ض الفني‬ ‫ �شخ�ص ًا ك ٌل �إبتكر دميته اخلا�صة و التي �سيتم عر�ضها يف املتجر لفرتة حمدودة‬50 ‫ ولقد ح�ضر ما يقرب من‬.‫ ب�شارع الرو�ضة‬Life

“Families only”

3POINTS’ NEW IDENTITY: 3Points advertising agency launched its new corporate identity to mark its ten-year anniversary of creativity since the company’s inception. The new logo will reflect the vision and concept of its mission in the field of contemporary advertising. Recently it was honored in the top 100 Fast Growth companies list in Saudi Arabia. Culture, knowledge and innovation; these were the three factors that laid the foundation of the company by several young Saudis ten years ago. Today the 3points team provides creative advertising to clients within a framework of excellence to achieve the goals of its clients and provide access to competition in the market.  (3 points) ‫هوية جديدة لوكالة‬

‫ منذ بدء ت�أ�سي�س‬.‫ هويتها اجلديدة يف احتفالهم بالذكرى ال�سنوية بعد ع�شر �سنوات من الإبداع‬3 points ‫�أطلقت وكالة �إعالنات‬ ‫ال�شركة‬ 14 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Ali Ramdani, aka Lilou

RED BULL’S BREAKDANCING NIGHT: One of the leading members of the renowned breakdancing group, Pokemon crew: Ali Ramdani aka Lilou, an Algerian, arrived in Jeddah to demonstrate his abilities in a community which has only recently started to embrace breakdancing. The breakdancing night, sponsored by Red Bull, took place on a crowded Thursday at a local café with a small dance area set-up for Lilou. Several local breakdancers joined Lilou during the performance, something he says he enjoys as it brings a dynamic flair to the performance. So far Lilou has traveled to several parts of the region and for him Saudi Arabia ranks in the top three in breakdancing ability. “The dancers here are still at a beginners level. They are very good but still learning, but they dance for the love of

Lilou posing with local breakdancers

breakdancing not just for show.” Lilou started his competitive career with the creation of his widely acclaimed dance troupe in 1997, now one of the best crews globally. The humble Lilou admitted that he wasn’t out for fame when he started, but it wasn’t by chance that he’s risen to the ranks of the world’s best breakdancers. “I was just doing it because I liked it, I worked hard at it.” Lilou joked that the name for his crew came from the fact that all the other breakdancing group or ‘B-Boys’ had serious sounding names. His crew, all between the ages of 12-14 years, made them the new kids on the block on the competition circuit. He attributes part of their success to the synergy of the group being more of a family than just a dancing team. “Some members of my crew are closer to me than my own brothers.”

‫ ال�شهرية‬Breakdance ‫و �أثبت قدراته �أمام اجلميع يف ممار�سة رق�صة‬.‫ �إىل جدة‬Lilou ‫جاء علي رم�ضاين املعروف ب‬ NOKIA N97 MEDIA WORKSHOP: Henri Mattila, Head of Go to Market Nseries Sales Middle East and Africa, held a Media Workshop on April 28, to talk about the Nokia N97, which is an attractive looking handset and comes with a vibrant high-resolution screen. The premium quality N97 is also equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, a 5 mega-pixel camera, a GPS and many more exceptional features. Mattila highlighted these main features of the device to local and Pan Arab media representatives. (N97) ‫ورشة عمل لوسائل االعالم عن نوكيا‬

‫ ور�شة عمل ملمثلي و�سائل الإعالم العربية حتدث‬،‫ ال�شرق الأو�سط و�أفريقيا‬N-series ‫ مدير املبيعات ملنتجات‬،‫عقد هرني ماتيال‬ ‫فيها عن تكنولوجيا هواتف نوكيا النقالة‬


MERCEDEZ E-CLASS LAUNCH: The launch of the new Mercedez E-Class hopes to establish the new model as the benchmark in safety and environmental friendliness. With features ranging from a system which can automatically detect collisions, newly designed seats, a more fuel efficient engine and a more rigid frame designed to increase passenger safety in the cabin. The launch was a laser light extravaganza accompanied a chocolate fountain manned by a Swiss chef from Lindt the gourmet chocolate company. “We expect the new E-Class to be a firm favorite with our customers and build an even stronger following than the outgoing model,” said Safi Kobeissi, Juffali General Manager in a statement. The engines on the E-200 CGI and the E-250 CGI, scheduled to arrive later this year will boast a 6.8 liter

mileage per 100 km’s reducing emissions from the four cylinder 1.8 liter engines by up to 20 percent. Impressive features include a system of sensors to monitor over 70 parameters of the drivers behavior such as making minor steering errors with rapid corrections, in order to monitor if the driver is falling asleep at the wheel. Another feature includes an early collision detection system which activates when an imminent collision is detected and applies partial brakes should the driver not respond. If there is still no response the vehicle then activates full emergency brakes. Other features include a reinforced frame which is 30 percent more rigid as well as improved seats and a smarter suspension system; all designed to absorb damage from collisions in order to keep drivers and passengers safe from injury.

،‫ طرحت �شركة �إبراهيم اجلفايل و�إخوانه‬:‫ في السوق السعودية جدة‬E ‫ بنز الفئة‬-‫الجفالي تطرح مرسيدس‬ ‫ اجلديدة‬E ‫ �سيارة الفئة‬،‫ بنز يف اململكة العربية ال�سعودية‬-‫ الوكيل احل�صري ل�سيارات مر�سيد�س‬،‫طرحت �شركة �إبراهيم اجلفايل و�إخوانه‬ .‫التي ت�ضع معايري متقدمة لفئتها يف ما يتعلق بال�سالمة والراحة والتوافق البيئي‬


Colonel Al-Qahtani of the Traffic Directorate discusses advantages SAHER will provide to motorists.

SAHER DISCUSSION AT LAYLATY: With a new system to monitor traffic, the Ministry of Interior hopes to reduce the number of traffic-related deaths which occur ever half hour according to ministry statistics. The SAHER system, discussed at an introductory meeting at Laylaty, will work via a network of automated cameras to aid the Traffic Directorate to both monitor traffic directly as well coordinating responses to traffic accidents all with the aim of increasing safety on the Kingdom’s roads. Prior to the system going into effect next year, a six-month awareness campaign will be launched to educate motorists on how SAHER works and how it will improve driver safety.

‫العرض التعريفي بحملة ساهر‬

Mohammed Al-Sharif, critically injured in a car accident explains the ordeal of how reckless driving landed him in a wheelchair.

‫ �أقيم حفل كبري يف قاعة ليلتي بح�ضور كبار‬،٢٠٠٩ ‫يف اخلام�س من �شهر مايو‬ ‫و�أعيان مدينة جدة ولقد كان احلفل مبثابة حمطة �أخرية وختامية للحملة التوعوية‬ .‫للنظام املروري اجلديد «�ساهر» والذى �سيطبق فى اململكة العربية ال�سعودية قريب ًا‬

CHRISTAL’S DONATION CEREMONY: Christal, a subsidiary of Modern Industries Company, adopted a humanitarian approach by allocating a total of 10% of their “Ssanova” soap product sales for a period of three months (Jan-March) in 2009 and then donate it to various beneficiaries through the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. Partnering with major distribution outlets of their products namely Panda, Alotheim, Danube, Bin Dawood, and Raya, through the participation of all of its distributors, was able to collect SAR 847,640. The cheque for the amount was handed over in a ceremony held by the company in the presence of a number officials and journalists at the headquarters of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth.

‫في بادرة انسانية لدعم ابناء الشعب الفلسطيني‬

‫قامت �شركة كر�ستال العربية لل�صناعات احلديثة مببادرة مباركة جمعت من خاللها تربعات مببلغ ثمامنائة و�سبعة و�أربعني �ألف‬ .‫و�ستمائة و�أربعة و�أربعني ريال �سعودي‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 17

Mark Your

CalendarJune 2009

May 30 – June 6

Cilantro Photography Competition

Participants are required to take photos inside the café only. The photographs will then be displayed at Cilantro from June 7–10 and visitors will be able to vote for the best photograph. The winning photograph will be announced on June 11. To participate, send your name and mobile number to Organized by: XO Advertising Contact XO Advertising: 02-6532266 Venue: Cilantro Café

May 31 - June 2

International Spa Resorts Exhibition

The objective of this exhibition is to showcase spas and their beneficial services as well as their economic viability in the Saudi market. Venue: Hilton Hotel

June 1 - 2

CBA 3rd Career Fair Hand to Hand in Building Leaders

The career fair aims to bring students closer to work opportunities at various companies and will also feature workshops throughout its duration. Venue: CBA Dahban Campus

June 20 3 LOL April - 21;) Comedy Tour Ahmed Ahmed and Maz Jobrani Comedy Tour. Tickets are available at Coffee Republic, Corniche. Venue: To be announced Ticket Price: SAR 350 Family Section: 5pm – 8pm from Saturday till Thursday Singles Section: 7pm – 10pm Contact Info (Mai): +966 - 561722465 Contact Info (Ala’a): +966 - 555611979

June 5

World Environment Day (WED)

World Environment Day (WED) was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. The theme for WED 2009 is ‘Your Planet Needs You-UNite to Combat Climate Change’.

June (Throughout) Training courses by RUBICS Business Solutions Graphic Design (Prints): includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign Web Design (Web & Multimedia) Photography (Photo-editing included): Several courses and levels are provided Contact Info: +966-2-6143169 / +966-59-5345901 Email: Website:

June 13 - 14

Jeddah Shooters Headquarters ~ A Senior Project

Jeddah Shooters Headquarters is a conceptual project dedicated to all photographers who need such a place to exchange their experiences and to express their artistic imagination. This event is an invitation to witness the process of creating the project and to attend its final exhibition (TBA). Venue: Dar Al-Hekma University Contact Info: Aya Jibreal Email:

June 13 - 14

Cityscape Saudi Arabia

The Proleads database of active civil projects under construction will illustrate the extent of which Saudi Arabia’s property development industry is booming with an estimated value of $200 billion. Venue: Al-Harthy Center of Exhibitions

June 15 - 17

Jeddah Commercial Forum

The conference will be held under the patronage of Prince Khaled Al-Faisal and its aim will be to simplify laws and regulations concerning the economy. The conference will be followed by discussions and workshops. Venue: Laylati


Cycling 4 Gaza

Making a difference for children in Gaza

Cycling for Gaza is an initiative put together by a group of deeply concerned young people, who wish to raise awareness of the plight of Gaza's people and help raise essential funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians. A group of Londoners, including Saudis, Palestinians and British men and women, will be cycling from London to Paris from 2nd to 5th July--2009 covering around 300km in just three days. The young people behind this initiative are Lulu Saka, Seif Sammkieh, Tamara Ben-Halim, Misha Vaswani, Thamir Kutbi.

TO SPONSOR OR JOIN: Web: Email: Tel: +44 (0) 752 828 1105

A Project of Hope

“Fatima Centre” is an orphanage in Malawi, Central Africa that is still under development. It was inspired by a group of ladies in Jeddah in February 2008, who began gathering funds for the project through the sale of “ZarAn” designer abayas, charity bazaars and various events, the British International School Jeddah, and private donations.

In addition to the orphanage, the “Fatima Centre” will also be a sanctuary for abused women and a place where everyone can acquire skills in farming, carpentry, sewing and baking; the aim being that each individual becomes a self-sufficient member of society. Islamic studies will also be taught at the centre. For more information and for sending donations, please contact: Zarina Maleki Mobile : (+966) 050 161 7706 E-mail :

Ann Meredith Mobile : (+966) 050 561 1957 E-mail : DESTINATION JEDDAH 19

Explore KSA


Jeddah’s Southern Paradise Text and photos by: Rania Razek

It all started when several of my cousins and I discussed how we (Saudis) don’t see enough of what our own country has to offer; whereas people who visit the Kingdom actually see more than we do. As an Arab-American, I have always been fascinated by the historical and cultural aspects of the Kingdom, a sentiment which my cousins shared and consequently invigorated our spirit for exploration. Not long after, we came across DoMore National Tourism and chose Al-Lith Island as our adventure destination.


An endangered whale shark (largest fish) swimming by the dive boat

Al-Lith island is part of the Farasan Banks chain; divided into two areas, between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, named Farasan Banks and Farasan Archipelago. The islands extend south from Jeddah all the way down to the coast of Yemen.

submerged reefs like the Island of Marmar, is one of the choice spots in addition to being a night mooring location. Other islands nearby dot the horizon like Dohra, Jadir and Malathu and Gorgonia, Bandu and Long reefs.

The port of Al-Lith is a 2 hour drive (230 km south) from Jeddah followed by a brief boat ride to get to the island itself.

Roughly 25 miles to the south are several reef islands are home to large schools of fish like the big eye jacks, barracudas, mantas and rays. Sharks have been known to frequent the region even the larger tiger sharks, hammerheads and on occasion dolphins can be seen.

The diving locations are found close to three hours away from the port itself amongst alternating islands some partially


Day 1 Dawn Our trip took 2 hours by bus from Jeddah, included a 5am Fajr stop and later for snacks and random accessories like pillows and sunglasses. At at Al-Lith we took a 2-hour boat ride to Marmar island where a cool sea breeze kept us company and some dolphins and even a whale shark joined our boat ride to the islands. Morning Getting off the boat we saw the crystal clear blue water surrounding the island, many of us jumped out of the boat to feel the fine white sands between our toes. In our first snorkeling around the remote island the abundance of sea life was evident right away, with little to no effort we saw stingrays and tortoises gliding around on the sea bed. Noon The boat crew began to pitch our tents for the night as well as preparing our barbeque lunch. With the sea breeze keeping the severe Saudi heat at bay several of us took a stroll around the island while others took the opportunity to sleep off the exhaustion from the snorkeling and diving earlier in the day or play some beach volleyball.

Midday As we walked around the island we saw the local crab residents also taking part in a brief walk. Hundreds of crab burrows dotted the beachside accompanied by tiny crab tracks, but we knew much larger crabs were hiding out until nightfall. 22 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Night As sunset came, our ears were greeted with the sounds of waves softly crashing on our little island. Meanwhile we could breathe and taste the cool air filling our lungs, giving us freshness and vitality which was missed from the smoggy skies of Jeddah. A full moon hovered over us, lighting our sandy home so well that very few lights were needed. As the men tried to get the bonfire going, each pitching in their own “ideas” as to how to get the fire going, I thought of Tom Hanks in Castaway; only with lighter fluid and matches.

Day 2 Morning We had to end our little stay on the island but with the sunrise giving us the most beautiful wakeup call; one with unobstructed rays of sunshine slowly filling our tents, hardly anything less than the perfect end to the perfect trip. I just hope my next trip will be as memorable as this one.

:‫جزيرة الليث‬

‫ كم جنوب ًا وتتميز‬230 ‫جزيرة تبعد عن مدينة جدة م�سافة‬ ‫بوجود �أنواع من الأ�سماك النادرة والدالفني و ال�شعب‬ ،‫ وحتتوي علـى مناطق �صاحلة للغو�ص‬،‫املرجانية اجلميلة‬ .‫كما �أنها تعترب موقع للر�سو الليلي‬

Despite missing a Wilson from aforementioned movie, we had a DJ playing music on the beach and our entertainment for the night consisted of someone performing magic tricks.

Artist: Bassem Al-Sharqi DESTINATION JEDDAH 23

Arts &


Yousef Kurashi A Passion for Photography

by Syed Shabbir Siraj

Robin’s Eggs

Yousef Kurashi, a young photographer and painter, has an eye for capturing nature, wildlife, architecture, and always prefers to preserve the images in their original rendition unlike the heavily altered photos which permeate the photographic world today. 24 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Visitors at Rida Art Gallery

“Conveying a sense of being there is what I want from each of my shots,” Kurashi said. Sharing his work and giving others a slice of his own experiences through images is Kurashi’s driving force. His family’s support is also monumental in his debut into photography in 2003. Starting with black and white film in college, he jumped on the digital photography bandwagon a year later and has never looked back. His first photography exhibition recently took place at the Rida Art Gallery and was called “Digital Photo America” because of its focus on photos taken in the US. Rida Ghazzawi, the art gallery owner, was thrilled to feature Kurashi’s work in her relocated gallery which is now found on the second floor of Elegant Homes on Al-Rawdah Street. Walking around the exhibition with guests in tow, Kurashi explained many of the photographs on display. A close-up shot of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce, the latter mixed in the ice-cream making an attractive design was a well-loved shot for many visitors.

Yousef Kurashi with his parents at the exhibition

“This is something I experimented with because I thought it was decent. I took a bite and swirled, took a bite again and swirled and kept doing so until I got the right mixture,” said Kurashi delightfully about the photograph titled “Tasty Abstract”. Other photos in the exhibition included sunsets and sunrises, monuments, and macro shots of flowers amongst others. An image of a robin’s nest with three eggs inside made you think about the process through which Kurashi obtained that perfect shot; how high was the tree? How did he manage to stabilize the camera? And what was he feeling as he pressed the shutter release? Elation was the one word he used to describe the feeling. There is a certain dynamism in Yousef Kurashi’s photography that makes one feel a mix of emotions; surely a sign of an emerging photographer with an international scope.

‫ شغف التصوير‬- ‫يوسف قرشي‬

‫ له نظرة‬،‫م�صور�شاب �أقام معر�ض فني �ضم جميع �أعماله‬ .‫ الإعمار و�أكرث‬،‫ احلياة الربية‬،‫جميلة عند التقاط �صور الطبيعة‬

Tasty Abstract


RABE’EYAT ART EXHIBITION2009 by Syed Shabbir Siraj

Celebrating the spirit of springtime and the joy it brings to everyone through its lively colors, the Al-Alamia Gallery was adorned with works of art by twenty-nine artists of Saudi and Somali origin.


The art exhibition took place from May 3-9 and was organized by Roi’ya Art Consultancy; this being their fourth year in bringing to life a spring themed exhibition in Jeddah. Even though the theme of springtime was not visible in many of the works, it was the complimenting colors and compositions that made their inclusion apt for this exhibition. A majority of the paintings were abstract in nature and artists like Ibrahim Al-Khabrani, a graduate from a Bahraini art academy, took the time in explaining the idea behind their work. “Many abstract paintings in this city are only created for the sole purpose of turning a profit, many of them have rich relatives who can push their name in Jeddah’s artistic community,” Al-Khabrani said. “My abstract work has a technique and a concept which gives an art enthusiast something to think about as they observe it.” A painting by the artist Mona Al-Qasabi garnered attention for its beautiful rendition of a female form composed of water in a paradiselike garden. The vibrant painting had a quality

about it that was mesmerizing in its vision and execution. Other fine paintings included two works of abstraction by Eetidal Etewi and a mosaic made up of small canvasses depicting people by Abdulaziz Ashar. A serene scene showing date trees bearing fruit by Reem Nazer and Waheeb Zagzoog’s painted upon wooden squares, with their fantastic texture, were also interesting art works at the exhibition. The wonderful art scene of Jeddah is further given a boost through art exhibitions like Rabe’eyat. Apart from becoming a source of inspiration for art lovers, these exhibitions tend to give artists a supporting audience that appreciates and understands their work.

:٢٠٠٩ ‫معرض فنون الربيعيات‬

‫ وال�سعادة التي ي�ضفيها على‬،‫�آن االحتفال بروح ف�صل الربيع‬ ‫ فازدان معر�ض العاملية للأعمال‬،‫اجلميع من خالل �ألوانه احلية‬ ‫الفنية ب�أعمال ت�سعة وع�شرين فنانا من اململكة العربية ال�سعودية‬ ‫ مايو‬٩-٣‫ �أقيم املعر�ض الفني يف الفرتة من‬.‫و الدول املجاورة‬ ‫من قبل منظمة ر�ؤية لال�ست�شارات الفنية وهو الآن يف �سنته‬ .‫الرابعة لإعادة �إحياء ف�صل الربيع يف جدة‬


Arts &

Entertainment Music

The Boys Pine Leaf

Bringing Cajun Music to Jeddah

Text and photos by Syed Shabbir Siraj

The symphonies of Mozart and Bach still sweeten the ear buds every time they are played on the radio, inside hotel lobbies or on personal music players; their universal appeal is undisputable. Even then, the many types of other archaic music are now lost to time, seldom being heard ever again. Folk music from around the world, which is immersed in the cultural roots of its native place, now seeks an audience that has almost forgotten it –– time and innovation having been unfavorable to the genre.

Drew Simon, Guitars Courtney Granger, Fiddle Wilson Savoy, Accordian Jon Bertrand, Percussions Thomas David, Bass 28 DESTINATION JEDDAH

This was the impetus for The Pine Leaf Boys, who play traditional Cajun music going back a few centuries, to introduce the world to the music they grew up listening to.

say, “My passion for hip-hop has given me the strength to create this kind of music in Saudi Arabia and I count my blessings for the positive response which I have received”.

Wilson Savoy, accordion player and front-man for The Pine Leaf Boys, remarked how unexpected this visit was for all of the band members yet it was remarkable because they were given the opportunity by the US State Department to tour the Middle East and be ambassadors of American culture through their music.“Our first stop was Riyadh and we were taken aback by the genuine enthusiasm with which our music was received. What we see on the news back Once in Jeddah, The Pine Leaf Boys were brought home is only the violent and disturbing things straight to the auditorium of Sierra Village where but not the whole picture,” said Savoy. “We will they were joined by Qusai and Mourad of Jeddah be telling people back home about our pleasant Legends, a Saudi hip-hop group. experience here and how great our trip has been,” added Thomas David, the band’s bass guitarist. Residents, journalists and photographers were part of the audience and were enthralled by The same night, The Pine Leaf Boys were in the performances of both musical entities as they spotlight at the Abraq Al Reghama (King Abdul alternated after each song and shared with each Aziz Cultural Center), playing their folksy other their musical gifts. Clapping and tapping dance tunes from a bygone era while sharing their feet along to the danceable fiddle and acthe stage with a local Hijazi dance troupe. It was cordion melodies, it was evident that the boys cultural exchange by means of the universal lanfrom abroad had acquired new-found fans in guage of music. The band’s one day in Jeddah Jeddah. It was the same for Qusai, who was did not give them a chance to tour the city, but appreciated by everyone present for his poetic, it did give them the desire to set foot on Arabian laid-back flow words which prompted him to soil another day. The Grammy nominated band is made up of Wilson Savoy, Courtney Granger, Drew Simon, Jon Bertrand, and Thomas David, and hail from Lafayette, Louisiana where Cajun music quintessentially took root. Feeling the onset of jet lag but staying upbeat, the band boarded a plane from Riyadh (arriving there three days earlier) to Jeddah on the afternoon of 9th of April to take part in a music workshop.

The Pine Leaf Boys

.‫ و ذلك لتقدمي املو�سيقى التي ن�ش�ؤوا عليها‬.‫ تعزف مو�سيقى الكاجن بطابع خا�ص بهم‬،‫فرقة �أمريكية جاءت من منطقة لويزيانا‬

Arts &

Entertainment Family Fun

AL-HORI Seafood Restaurant & Amusement Park by Syed Shabbir Siraj Photos by Maria Mahdaly

Taking its name from the armada of small fishing boats that plow through the bodies of water around the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Hori is a seafood restaurant and amusement park all rolled in to one and is similar to the places that are in abundance to the north of Jeddah, near the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport. But what makes Al-Hori different is its seafood; cooked with passion as is evident by its numerous tasty dishes.

The restaurant centers on open spaces and has the perfect atmosphere for an evening of food and enjoyment. The main dining area is made up of individual, boatshaped enclosures that can seat at least a dozen people and come equipped with TV sets. Just ahead of the dining area is the amusement park, replete with a ferris wheel and other rides meant for the children in the family.

in the center, and art depicting old Jeddah displayed on the walls.

The adjacent dining room is where your party is seated at a well laidout long table. Neatly dressed waiters bring in one dish after another and place them on the buffet table under the supervision of the friendly chef, who then personally serves the guests. The appetizers include salad, hummus, deep fried calamari, and grilled fish fillets. Then comes the If you really want to do something fish shorba (soup), Dawood basha special or want to celebrate with tajin, seafood curry tajin, shrimp your friends and family, then Al- sayyadeyya, and grilled lobster. Hori’s VIP area is definitely worth Lastly, two waiters haul in what a try. The exterior radiates an old resembles a small golden trunk; world charm and becomes an even only it is a cooking grill that keeps more pleasant sight when fully lit the jumbo shrimps inside hot. at nighttime. Inside the grand VIP space, you’ll find traditional sofas All in all, a delightful evening lining the walls, sparkling tiles, meal at Al-Hori can be a treat for intricately crafted carpets laid out everyone.

‫�أ�سماك الهوري هو منتزه ومطعم للم�أكوالت البحرية يتميزعن غريه بوجود مالهي للأطفال و غرف كبرية مزودة بجميع و�سائل الراحة‬ .‫ كما يتميزبجودة الطعام و مذاقه الرائع‬.‫و الرفاهية للعزائم و لكبار ال�شخ�صيات‬ 30 DESTINATION JEDDAH



Fun & Recreation

Museums & Art Venues

Art & Entertainment

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Arts &

Entertainment Family Fun

AL-HORI Seafood Restaurant & Amusement Park by Syed Shabbir Siraj Photos by Maria Mahdaly

Taking its name from the armada of small fishing boats that plow through the bodies of water around the Arabian Peninsula, Al-Hori is a seafood restaurant and amusement park all rolled in to one and is similar to the places that are in abundance to the north of Jeddah, near the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport. But what makes Al-Hori different is its seafood; cooked with passion as is evident by its numerous tasty dishes.

The restaurant centers on open spaces and has the perfect atmosphere for an evening of food and enjoyment. The main dining area is made up of individual, boatshaped enclosures that can seat at least a dozen people and come equipped with TV sets. Just ahead of the dining area is the amusement park, replete with a ferris wheel and other rides meant for the children in the family.

in the center, and art depicting old Jeddah displayed on the walls.

The adjacent dining room is where your party is seated at a well laidout long table. Neatly dressed waiters bring in one dish after another and place them on the buffet table under the supervision of the friendly chef, who then personally serves the guests. The appetizers include salad, hummus, deep fried calamari, and grilled fish fillets. Then comes the If you really want to do something fish shorba (soup), Dawood basha special or want to celebrate with tajin, seafood curry tajin, shrimp your friends and family, then Al- sayyadeyya, and grilled lobster. Hori’s VIP area is definitely worth Lastly, two waiters haul in what a try. The exterior radiates an old resembles a small golden trunk; world charm and becomes an even only it is a cooking grill that keeps more pleasant sight when fully lit the jumbo shrimps inside hot. at nighttime. Inside the grand VIP space, you’ll find traditional sofas All in all, a delightful evening lining the walls, sparkling tiles, meal at Al-Hori can be a treat for intricately crafted carpets laid out everyone.

‫�أ�سماك الهوري هو منتزه ومطعم للم�أكوالت البحرية يتميزعن غريه بوجود مالهي للأطفال و غرف كبرية مزودة بجميع و�سائل الراحة‬ .‫ كما يتميزبجودة الطعام و مذاقه الرائع‬.‫و الرفاهية للعزائم و لكبار ال�شخ�صيات‬ 30 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Fashion & Shopping

Rotana Al-Hashmi photos by Hashim Ainousa

Adding life and vibrance to traditional abayas Rotana Al-Hashimi, a passionate designer, has been designing an attractive line of traditional, vintage abayas since 2007 and she works out of her home in Jeddah. Her creations have a mystical aura about them, making each abaya seem like a part of a fairy tale.


Her design approach is a blend of Arabic tradition and modern elegance along with a unique palette of colors. With a bright future ahead, she foresees a genuinely novel approach to dressing the modern Muslim woman. Style, elegance and personality represent this new and exciting line of abayas. Tel: +966-554598449

Fashion & Shopping

Bride SAR 300

French maid SAR 300

Opening its doors to the ladies in Jeddah, Bana Boutique is the first and only specialist boutique to feature Brazilian products. Their collection is mainly focused on costumes and they are the sole distributors of Brazilian manufacturer Sapeka. Sapeka brand products are available in more than 25 countries around the world and are popular due to their high quality, creative designs and fair prices. Sapeka is famous for its high-spirited string collection that is probably the widest line of strings you can find in the market. Bana Boutique carries a wide range of bras, corsets, cami sets and baby dolls in their daily wear collection and come in vivid and trendy colors which appeal to a woman’s sensuality 34 DESTINATION JEDDAH

–– enhancing the form of the woman, yet never failing to provide comfort and the sensation of freedom. Always taking care to provide customers with new materials and trends is what the folks at Bana Boutique do best and that’s why they are constantly launching new items, offering clients the newest and best in the market. They also have a sizzling collection of Brazilian bikinis and swimsuits which are of high quality and come in beautiful colors.

Red corset SAR 550

The boutique is excited to present for the first time in KSA these two exquisite items: The Face Wrap If you are considering a face lift, Botox, Restalyn, Collagen procedure or laser treatments, then do consider this natural facelift approach first. This is the all-natural, non-surgical, mini face lift. It tightens the skin and sculpts the face as it draws out impurities from beneath the skin. It’s a mini face lift and deep cleanse that you can do at home. The Face Wrap is likely the best non-surgical method for achieving a fresh and more youthful look without surgery and making

Nurse SAR 250

Bunny SAR 220

40 look 30, 50 look 40, 60 look 50.   Are you ready to add The Face Wrap to your anti-aging toolkit? Andro Vita perfume for women It is the strongest, most inviting pheromone blend ever created. This formula is a combination of pheromones which create a human version of “in heat” that can be detected by others. It gives a sensual appeal and encourages people to treat you with the gentle kindness you deserve. Location: Rawdah Street, behind LIFE store. Tel: +966 2 6600781

School Girl SAR 240

Magician SAR 300


Fashion & Shopping

TechnologyLatest Gadgets

Sony Clock Radio for iPhone: A stereo clock radio which supports an iPhone, makes for one amazing device by Sony. The stylish and functional ICF-C7IP clock radio comes with a remote control with full access to iPod and iPhone menus and can also tune the radio and control the volume. When not holding an iPod or an iPhone, the sliding docking tray can be conveniently hidden away inside the clock. Price: SAR 367-450

Sony Webbie HD Camera: This pocket size HD camera is a perfect partner for recording moments at a seconds notice. The Webbie features a unique lens system that can swivel up to 270 degrees for easy self-shooting and captures every frame in High Definition MP4 through its 5 mega-pixel sensor that can also capture still images. Compatibility with the web gives you the freedom to effortlessly upload pictures and videos to popular websites. Price: SAR 637-707 Canon PowerShot SX200IS: Uploading videos to the web couldn’t get easier; with the web compatible PowerShot SX200IS, users can upload videos directly to the web without using a computer. It is elegantly designed and available in a range of colors and has a 12 megapixel sensor, 12x optical zoom and a 3 inch LCD. Features also include enhanced face detection and HD video recording. Price: SAR 1309


HTC Touch Diamond 2: Successor to the innovative original, this new HTC Touch is already being called the best touch screen phone since the iPhone 3G. The HTC Touch Diamond 2 does more than just look great thanks to its amazing features. This compact size phone with its sleek body comes with a 5 mega-pixel camera, a second VGA color camera, TouchFLO interface and it works with other applications because of its Window Mobile Base. Price: SAR 2100

Mosquito Lamp

LG’s Trumotion: Only 0.23 inches thick, the LG Trumotion is the world’s thinnest LCD yet. Trumotion produces a rich range of natural looking colors and boasts a 120Hz tech to stop motion blur and refreshes 480 images per second. A different model of the world’s thinnest LCD with reduced power consumption will be introduced in the second half of 2009. Price: SAR 3750-8996

Palm Pre: The anticipated competitor to iPhone, this phone will have arrived by the time you read this. It’s a full featured smart phone made with sleek glossy plastic and equipped with a 3.1 inch touch screen. The Pre includes a 3 megapixel camera, 3G internet access, a keyboard and a touch screen. Price: TBA

This product can be used indoor & outdoor It is repelling Mosquitoes by light-waves and has no harm to human body Dureid Supplies Hamad AL-Jasir St. Tel: +00966-509187015


Fashion & Shopping

Fashion & Shopping

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Special Places

appily H Ever After

A Look into Jeddah’s Mall For Brides

by Marriam Mossalli Photos by Hashim Ainousa

Every woman has dreamed of it since they were little—maybe even more than the day itself. You’ve imagined the pleats, the ruffles, and the delicate embellishment of hand embroidery. You’ve run your fingers over the silky fabric as you admire yourself in the mirror. The wedding dress is the centerpiece of one of the most memorable days of your life. We all want the details to match the dress we dreamed up when we were 10 years old. 44 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Kandara Mall located in the district of the same name is the city’s haven for wedding dresses. Like Santa’s elves who have perfected their skill of toy-building, Kandara’s tailors have been in Jeddah making little girls’ dreams come true. The in-door shopping mall stands out with its electric blue exterior. Within its walls, is a bride’s paradise with the top reminiscent of an arcade alley featuring booths of tailors specializing in different techniques. Whether you desire heavy beading, corsetstyle bodices, or a one-shoulder gown with rouching that appears as if it’s icing on a cake, there’s a tailor who can materialize the ideal gown for your special day. The mall also contains small boutiques that offer all the other stuff to help accessorize that perfect bridal look. From make-up to lingerie, Kandara Mall is definitely one of the must’s for a blushing bride to be. Readyto-wear bridesmaid dresses and mini flower

girl dresses are also available, or you can design them if you haven’t already exhausted every creative effort on your own gown. Whether you’re on a small budget or just want to let out the hidden fashion designer within you, Kandara Mall is a great place to achieve the physical manifestation of your design. It’s also fun to just go and explore— you don’t have to have a ring on your finger. The local accessories are ideal for this year’s summer trend, as an ethnic city girl wouldn’t be complete without funky colored shomaghs and cute clutches made golden with Arabic calligraphy. Kandara is just one of the many hidden gems this city has to offer.

: ‫الكندرة مول‬

‫مركز جتاري متخ�ص�ص بالأعرا�س يجمع كل متطلبات‬ ‫العرو�سة لتزيني مظهرها من املكياج و املالب�س الداخلية‬ ‫كما يوفر‬.‫والإك�س�سوارات و ف�ساتني الأعرا�س يف مكان واحد‬ ‫ وغريها من الهدايا‬.‫املالب�س الالزمة لتجهيز العرو�س‬ .‫و احللويات لكافة املنا�سبات‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 45


Around Town

Lavish Dining & Decor Made at Home

by Majda Abdulshakur - A local gourmet veteran Photos by Micheal Bou-Nacklie & Syed Shabbir Siraj

As a nation, many of us eat to live, as opposed to living to eat as is often said about the French. Around the world, markets open, people buy produce all the while discussing the freshness of cheeses and vegetables. Unfortunately this rarely happens here and I think it is because we have not sought out an appreciation for good food. 46 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Cooking and eating is a way of life. I want to see open markets under one roof. That way people will be encouraged to buy fresh food as well as local produce in order to both promote healthier cooking as well as local produce. Once you’ve changed the way you shop, you will also change the way you and your family cook and eat. For instance instead of ready-made meals or restaurant take-away families should cook seasonal foods so cooking becomes a journey through the four seasons. When cooking you being by following recipes but as you progress cooking becomes more and more about feeling the recipes and less about the text. The recipes in my book are designed to help you do just that. By treating food with respect and love you will reap the benefits.


I am often asked where my passion for food comes from; to be honest I’m not sure. All I do know for sure is that the kitchen is where I get my inspiration to create and innovate. A good meal is like a well-orchestrated piece of music; a diversity of sounds working together to create a multi-dimensional experience. After a good meal you feel as if you’re on top of the world. Another important factor in enjoying a meal is the ambiance created on the dining room table and on the plate. As the old proverb goes, “When enjoying a meal the eyes indulge first.”


Another great pleasure of mine is flower arranging, an art in itself, but with practice you can develop an eye for color combinations and textures. From choosing the best vase for flowers to finding the one that expresses the most artistic expression without sacrificing control over all the elements of the art that are involved. If you buy flowers from a florist, cut the stems with a knife from the top town as it puts less stress on the stem. Also, to keep the flowers looking and appealing to the eyes, place them in lemon soda or aspirin; they need the sugar to survive. When planning an event: spending money isn’t the solution to a great dining experience. Style, taste and elegance can be achieved even at a bargain price, provided you know which elements you want and you implement them with a passion. A great meal should indulge every sense, which if properly done will keep any party memorable.



Cast & Crew Café

Around Town

by Syed Shabbir Siraj Photography by Badr Al-Hthell

Anggi Makki (left) and Adil Makki

Jeddah finally has a place for film buffs to share their passion for cinema all the while enjoying good food; that place is the fantastically conceptualized Cast and Crew Café. While brainstorming for an entrepreneurial opportunity, brothers Anggi and Adil Makki forged the core concept of a laid-back, stylish restaurant with a love for cinema forming the basis of the idea. The May 4th opening for the café was as red carpet as they come, at least in Saudi Arabia, with the carpet forming a permanent fixture at the café and giving each guest the feeling of being a star. Attention to detail gives the C&CC its distinct flair with director chairs at the bar and menus being presented inside plastic film canisters, as well as studio lights that illuminate the seating area. The C&CC serves an eclectic mix of food and its menu will undoubtedly please everyone. From starters, soups, and salads to sandwiches, pasta, and steaks, there’s a finger licking selection on offer. Transporting customers to the world of films is what C&CC is all about and the passion with which it has been brought to life is truly inspirational for food enthusiasts as well as film lovers. Location: Rawdah St. Tel: +966 -2- 2616770 50 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Toasted The Gourmet Sandwich Makers

If you are looking for an international-level brand serving healthy and quality food then Toast Ed is the right place for you. Already a popular gourmet sandwich supplier to the corporate world, it was only a matter of time when Toast Ed ventured into creating a chic place a year ago for serving quality food and delivering to all of Jeddah. Once inside the eatery, you realize that a lot of effort has gone into its interior design; a futuristic look with bar seats and a few tables that can seat two.

Toasted caters to both the meat lovers and the vegetarians. The menu, which is in the process of being upgraded, is funky and is chock full of mouth-watering sandwiches, soups and salads, and a few sweet items including traditional ma’soub and halawa chocolate sandwiches. If you are in the mood for the classic old school club sandwich then do order the Toasted Club; this triple-decker delight is a fulfilling meal with grilled chicken, and crispy beef. For beef lovers we recommend the Toasted Burger. Though the name is simple, the burger itself is 200gm of grilled Angus beef served in a bun with pickles, onions and their very own cocktail sauce. To finish our meal with something sweet, we ordered the Chocolate Banana Quattro packed with melted

Nutella chocolate spread, dark chocolate and mashed bananas to take a bite out of it and then taste the mushy chocolate and bananas is pure bliss. The prices are on par with gourmet eateries across the world and for freshly made sandwiches that come in a neat package, it is money well spent.The bottom line is that Toasted is a good place to drop in with friends for a snack or a full-fledged meal. anytime of the day. Location: Rawdah St. Tel: +966 -2- 616747 DESTINATION JEDDAH 51


Around Town


Jeddah’s first Brazilian cafÊ

For the first time in Jeddah, one can now experience the great and popular dishes and sweets of Brazil at Hanviv. The eatery offers typical Brazilian dishes ranging from meat, chicken, fish, shrimp and even has the traditional Brazilian delicacy: black beans or feijouada. Hanviv is also home to the original, flavorful carioca coffee which comes straight from Brazil, the largest coffee producing country in the world.


Hanviv serves their exotic food, the Brazilian way which is prato feito or fixed plate with dishes selectable from the mouth-watering buffet. Traditional ingredients make the food come alive and the use of spices add an authentic touch to it. Another interesting thing is that you pay by kilo, just like in Brazil. Brazilians are fond of cofe and subremesa (coffee and desserts) and Hanviv leaves no details in bringing the flavors of Brazil to Jeddah food.

Location: Prince Sultan St. - Sultan Mall Tel: +966 -594 276 234 52 DESTINATION JEDDAH




Great bakes, great cakes! photos by Rayan Nawawi

Upon entering Helen’s Kitchen, your sense of smell will thank you for the delightful aromas which are in abundance at this bake shop; sweet vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, and warm chocolate aromas waft throughout the interior. This bakery is an enjoyable treat for the tummy as one can savor real home baked cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, and more. Even the coffee they serve is really great! One irresistible sight that will make you feel like a kid again is counters stocked with blueberry and chocolate chip muffins and lots and lots of cookies. From the assortment of cakes, there is the wonderful Tropical Carrot Cake and a special Helen’s Chocolate Cake that is sure to satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Freshly baked each day, the selection of goodies at Helen’s Kitchen is bound to be a hit with kids and adults alike for their top-quality taste. Each bite of the sweet delicacies here will have you coming back again and again. Their original recipes are guaranteed to make your mouth water. Location: Khayal St. Tel: +966 -2- 6977729

The hidden Shehrezad Tandoor restaurant located off Tahlia street across from the Danube supermarket, is discreet in everyway, both in its presence but also in its Indian flavor which it purports to be. Delivering more misses, the restaurant failed to satisfy many of the basic needs for Indian food such as small portions and food that was either bland despite it being designated spicy, or lacking in taste altogether. The menu boasts the traditional Indian dishes of chicken, beef, seafood and vegetarian options which included the time tested Palak Paneer. However almost all shared one thing in common; a lack of fiery taste which South Asian cuisine is known for. In addition to the lax attention to detail such as the supposed ‘refreshing’ lassi being served at room temperature rather than chilled. Another disconcerting factor is that the feel of the restaurant, aside from the sparse décor and several dozen images of the Taj Mahal dotting the walls, is the choice of music best described as eclectic. But realistically, 70’s folk rock has no place in such a restaurant. Despite its shortcomings, service was relatively fast, with food arriving to our table via wheeled trolley a half hour after our order was placed with the friendly and knowledgeable staff in tow. All in all Shehrezad Tandoor deserves a mediocre rating for failing to achieve what its name implies; an Indian restaurant with flavor. Instead you get a mix of bland taste and drab décor with little to offer patrons who enjoy tasting food rather than eating it. Location: Andalus Dist, off Tahlia St. Tel: +966-2-6673434 DESTINATION JEDDAH 53

The Crêpe Café


by Michael Bou-Nacklie

The idea of a crepe is still new in Jeddah and the Kingdom at large but the opening of The Crepe Cafe hopes to bring quintessential French Cuisine to the masses of the Arabian Peninsula. The Jeddah opening on April 30 marks the 8th opening in the Middle East with chains in Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain with another chain opening in Riyadh next month. With an assortment of both sweet and salted crepes The Crepe Cafe brings an infusion of French cuisine into an atmosphere which is both soothing and serene despite it being in the middle of Roshana mall. The location boasts a strong black and yellow color scheme combined with fresh flowers at the cashier gives Crepe Cafe a very fresh feeling.

To my pleasant surprise the quality of the 54 DESTINATION JEDDAH

crepes combined with the knowledgeable staff as well as the quality of food for an establishment which aims to be “fastcasual” according to Jean-Pierre Corgnet, CEO and chain creator. Most of the crepe options come with a side of ice-cream complimenting the crepe taste. With a range of crepes spanning from the ubiquitously rich Nutella crepe to a Steak crepe and the traditional Crepe Suzette, with lightly grated orange and lemon. Location: Tahliya St. - Roshana Mall Tel: +966-2- 2634989

Sands LOCAL RECIPE Sandwiches Text & Photos by Michael Bou-Nacklie

With the number of shawarma places in Jeddah it’s hard to imagine that some places are famous above others. However the shawarmas at Sands Hotel are amongst the top tier of this special group. With a diverse range of choices, Sands Shawarma rises to the challenge of meeting the demands of its customers without compromising on quality.

Hareera Soup Ingredients: • Half of a vinegarmarinated chicken cut into small pieces • A cup of cooked chickpeas • ½ cup black lentils • A little saffron • 2 cups tomato juice • 2 medium onions, sliced Touted as the best shawarmas in Jeddah, which only start serving at 5pm but an entire sandwich and juice section are constantly dolling out sandwiches to a full restaurant feature some of the most interesting flavors in the usual blitz operations seen at most shawarma establishments. Sandwiches come in a variety of meaty favorites such as kofta (beef), sheesh taouk (chicken), spicy sausages, steak, goat brains, chicken liver. Each can come laden with sauces or not at all; for example, the sheesh taouk sandwich is jammed with tasty garlic-mayo sauce whereas the kofta sandwhich lacks any kind of sauce. The location itself lacks seating space but customers can use a counter-top space spanning the length of the rectangular establishment. Location: Sands Hotel, Al-Hamra District Tel: +966-2-6692020

• One small spoon of soft black pepper • A bundle of green parsley • 2 spoons of celery • 3 cups water • ¼ cup oil • ¼ cup flour • 4 tablespoons water

Preparation Method: * Fry the onions in oil, then add the chicken. * Add hot water and tomato juice and saffron and leave the mix to boil. * Wash the lentils, drain and add to the mix. * Leave until it ripens and add pepper and salt. * Mix the flour with water and as you add the water, keep stirring. * Peel the chickpeas and add it along with saffron and celery. * Leave the mix to boil for 10 minutes. * Serve hot. DESTINATION JEDDAH 55



100% Organic Leisure by Marriam Mossalli

Papaya Restaurant is a hidden oasis situated in Zahra District. The second creation from the proprietors of Café Aroma, it is the perfect tropical escape for both food and shisha. An enormous greenhouse, Papaya utilizes its large, clear glass ceiling to epitomize natural sunlight, giving you the illusion that you’re outside, yet without the intense Saudi heat and Jeddah mosquitoes! Following a Far-Eastern motif, the restaurant/café is beautifully decorated with only natural plants and flowers and lush fountains. The wooden tables are embellished with a hand-painted floral design that reflects this tropical interior. The atmosphere is relaxed and organic, calming and invigorating. The cuisine of Papaya is an Asian-Mediterranean mix, which presents patrons with inventive alternatives, such as the Indo Mix and Hummos Fusion a dish of Oriental versions of the Arab appetizer. At Papaya, everything is fresh; from the 56 DESTINATION JEDDAH

flowers to its food ingredients, down to its bread, which is made in its own bakery. Even their ice cream is made in-house and with real fruits. At Papaya, you get the richest flavors, from the initial breadbasket all the way to your final course dessert. The ambiance encourages you to sit and relax, while enjoying nature’s voice of the rainforest and the calming flow of water. A lightshow takes over the natural lighting as the sky falls dark, giving you another reason to stay at Papaya for hours on end. Whether you’re there to enjoy their tropical pizza, or to just unwind and smoke some of the best shisha in town, Papaya is soon to be discovered and cemented as a local favorite. Location: Zahra Dist, Next to Sawary Mall Tel: +966 -2- 2753425

Restaurant Directory


Applebee’s Andalus St. +966-2-6610012 Chili’s Andalus St. +966-2-6634760 Fuddruckers Andalus St +966-2-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel +966-2-6590000 Muchos (Latin Grill) Tahlia St. +966-2-6613111 Ruby Tuesday Andalus St. +966-2-6501999 Spears (Latin Grill) Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6614042 Steak House King Road +966-2-6829955 T.G.I. Fridays Andalus St. +966-2-6529330 The Texan Meridien Hotel +966-2-6633333 UNO Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6221320

Bakery Atayib Rawdah St. +966-2-6642150 Bonbon Andalus St. +966-2-6697655 Crust Rawdah St. 920026633 Cheese Cake Factory Tahliya St. +966-2-6690630

La Fraise Andalus St. +966-2-6511312 Le Gourmet Tahlia St. +966-2-6605061 Le Notre Tahlia St. +966-2-6602803 Le Vendome King Road +966-2-6924606 Merador Tahlia St. +966-2-634828 Munch Bakery Arafat St. +966-2-6605010 Samadi Rawdah St. +966-2-6642424


Spears Hamra Dist. Intercontinental Hotel +966-2-6611800 Hanviv Prince Sultan St. Sultan Mall +966 594 276 234

Chocolates Anoosh Sari St. +966-2-6832209 Chocolate Corner Rawdah St. +966-2-6630449 Chocolate Sense Boutique Tahlia St. +966-2-2847740 Mobile: 00966 506355811 Galler Khalideya Dist. +966-2-6063259

Ganache Rawdah St. +966-2-6601390

Coffee & Tea Shops Best Cup Khaledeya St. +966-2-6063619 Chai & Ba Rawdah St. +966-2-6642084 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Al Nidd St./Al Shate’a +966-2-2753914 Coffee Republic Corniche Road, Attallah Center Costa Coffee Sari St. +966-2-6067741 Starbucks Sari St. +966-2-6067790 Tea Amo Tahlia St. / Coral Mall +966-2-6601738 Teayana Andalus St. +966-2-6681660

Chinese Baytuti (Chinese Delivery) Rawdah Dist. +966-2-6164442 China Gate Sari St. +966-2-6970672 Durrat China Prince Abdullah St. +966-2-2616885 Golden Palace Tahlia St. +966-2-6690377 Gulf Royal Rawdah St. +966-2-6653335

Toki Rawdah St. +966-2-6642819 Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel +966-2-6992212


Bert’s Rawdah St. +966-2-6606633 Black & White Palestine St. +966-2-6610611 Delifrance Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6171555 La Cuisine Palestine St. +966-2-6630363 Mushroom Andalus St. +966-2-2845454

Fast Food Big Bite Rawdah St. 920001219


Burgarino Tahlia St. +966-2-6647928 Burger King Sari St. +966-2-6394375 Capo Grillo Tahlia St. +966-2-2635015 Dominos Pizza Obhur +966-2-6561888 Forn W Saj Rawdah Dist. +966-2-2574747 Gado Gado Obhur +966-2-6560787 Joe’s Diner Khaledeya Dist. +966-2-20005637 Hardee’s Tahlia St. +966-2-6613360 Kaddoura Palestine St. +966-2-6683844 KFC Tahlia St. +966-2-6613356 Kudu Tahlia St. +966-2-6610236 Le Croissant Khalideya Dist. +966-2-6062000 Little Ceaser Heraa St. +966-2-6823018 Mcdonald’s Obhur +966-2-6560017 Paninos Obhur +966-2-6561911 Hamra St. +966-2-6654264 Khaledeya Dist. +966-2-6064717 Tahlia St. +966-2-6676991 58 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Papa Johns Heraa St. +966-2-6999624 Pizza Hut Obhur +966-2-2341962 Al-Tazaj Tahlia St. +966-2-6674154 Subway Khaledeya Dist. +966-2-6527010 Quiznos Sub Sari St. +966-2-6068014 Wonder Burger Delivery +966-2-2830808

International Al-Safina Hilton Hotel +966-2-6590000 Al-Shurafa Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6602743 Al-Shurfa Lounge Qasr Al Sharq +966-2-6599999 Andalusia Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6063210 Barnies Tahlia St. +966-2-6696201 Beaux Arts Tahlia St. +966-2-6983028 Black Rose Rawdah St. +966-2-6672953 Bubbles Andalus St. +966-2-6697655 Cafe’ Aroma Hamra Dist. +966-2-6632509 Gelato Palestine St. +966-2-6635524

Java Andalus St. +966-2-6693393 Le Chalet Rawdah St. +966-2-6642330 Le Harly Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6654632 La Rissa Tahlia St. +966-2-6063143 Le Notre Café Tahlia St. +966-2-2611222 Lolleta Café Obhur +966-2-6562369 Pearls Rawdah St. +966-2-6642233 Senses Andalus St. +966-2-6514375 Toasted Rawdah St. +966-2-2616747 Vertigo Andalus St. +966-2-6633241 Waterlemon Andalus St. +966-2-2848999 Zena Café Sari St. +966-2-6620117

Ice Cream Baskin Robins Tahlia St. +966-2-6991703 Moven Pick Corniche +966-2-6293366

Italian Aldente Sari St. +966-2-6970220

Amore Tahlia St. +966-2-2847779 Alforon Obhur +966-2-6561566 Balsamico Tahlia St. +966-2-6633115 Balsamico Too King Road +966-2-6633115 Bice Qasr Al Sharq +966-2-6599999 Casper & Gambini’s Andalus St. +966-2-6672020 Castello Khalid ibn Al-Waleed St. +966-2-6652281 Ciao Andalus St. +966-2-6653710 Il Gusto Palestine St. +966-2-6600337 Il Gabiano Corniche +966-2-6587042 Il Villaggio Andalus St. +966-2-6688233 Il Porto Westin Hotel +966-2-6588200 Lallo Tahlia St. +966-2-6614719 Obhur +966-2-6561113 L’Olivio Arafat St. +966-2-6687494 La Promenade Café Tahlia St. +966-2-6688712 La Villa Tahlia St. +966-2-6673434 Pizza Lenou Andalus St. +966-2-6615599

Pizza Napoli Rawdah St. +966-2-6927796 Portofino Rawdah St. +966-2-6655855 Salues Tahlia St. +966-2-6680335

Japanese Benihana Sands Hotel / Tahlia St. +966-2- 6692020 Ginza i chome Rosewood Hotel +966-2-257888 Le Japonias Westin Jeddah +966-2- 6588200 Osaka Rawdah St. +966-2-6645956 Shogun Lounge Prince Sultan St. +966-2-6062288 Sushi Yushi Attallah Center +966-2-6997854 Tempura Yakituri Sari St. +966-2-6392468 Wakame Rawdah St. +966-2-6682003

Middle-Eastern Abu Shakra Al-Hamra Dist. Dist.+966-2-6604049 Al-Mashi Shawerma Rawdah Dist. +966-2-6224788 Al-Nakheel Corniche Road +966-2-6066644 Al-Rausha Heraa St. +966-2-6541460

Al-Segala South Obhur +966-2-2341442 Al-Wada’a Corniche Road +966-2-6555550 Al-Zawaqa Sari St. +966-2-6916004 Abu Zeed +966-2-6551234 Bait al Buff +966-2-6917578 Beiruiti Tahlia St. +966-2- 6686354 Obhur +966-2-6562606 Byblos Andalus St. +966-2- 6697655 Café Blanc Andalus St. +966-2-2848777 Cusine Halawani Tahlia St. +966-2-6688900 Goodies Tahlia St. +966-2-6657721 Falafel Express +966-2-2845019 Green Island Café Corniche Road +966-2-6990090 Kan Ya Makan Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6697777 Kanz Obhur Corniche +966-2-2341666 Mataam Al-Sharq Qasr Al Sharq +966-2-6599999 Manuosha Sari St. +966-2-2565275 Mataam Al Sharq Qasr Al Sharq +966-2-6599999

Palm Beach Salamah Dist. +966-2-6918896 Redan +966-2-6542949 Saddah +966-2-6055982 Shami Corniche +966-2-6065353 Shawermatak Malik Road +966-2-6696777 Yildizlar Andalus St. +966-2-6531150


Casa Inn Sari St. +966-2-6390006


Al-Khayyam Hilton Hotel +966-2-6590000 Jahan Andalus St. +966-2-6571427 Sultani Andalus St. +966-2-6693898

Sea Food Atlantis Tahlia St. +966-2-6604300 Al-Danah Corniche Road +966-2-6990090 Fish Market Al-Hamra Dist. +966-2-6611800 The Manhattan Fish Market Andalus St. +966-2-6141900 Al-Multaqa Malik Road +966-2-6566666


Al-Amoudi Sweets Rawdah St. +966-2-6642424 Al-Emad Desserts Al-Jamaah Dist. +966-2-6329918 Al-Mahawi Sari St. +966-2-2575739 Cheesecake Factory Tahlia St. +966-2-6689666 French Desserts Palestine St. +966-2-6605021 House of Donuts Tahlia St. +966-2-6675224 House of Kunafa Heraa St. +966-2-6918125 Sa’d Al-Deen Sweets Sari St. +966-2-2573333


Maharaja Palestine St. +966-2- 6656558 Marhaba Andalus St. +966-2- 6636201 Raj Tahlia St. +966-2- 2632137 Shezan +966-2-6621086 Taj Mahal +966-2-6979698

Delivery Outdoor Seating Play Area Shisha Sea View Wi-Fi


Religious Tourism

Weekend Umrah Hotels Near Holy Haram

It is a blessing for Muslim residents in Jeddah to be so close to the city of Makkah, the site of the Holy Kaaba, allowing an Umrah pilgrimage whenever the heart desires. Named “the gateway to Makkah,” Jeddah also welcomes a large number of religious tourists each year and provides them with all the amenities and services relevant to their onwards journey to Islam’s holiest city. The ever evolving city of Makkah has seen an astonishing development over the span of a decade and now modern hotels overlook the Holy Kaaba and offer pilgrims a place that is a stone’s throw away from their objective. Here is a selection of hotels that are close to the Holy Haram and popular amongst guests. (Rates quoted are during off-season only) 60 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Ajyad Makkah (4-Star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street Guests will find all of the finest amenities in each of the 447 rooms in this popular 4-star hotel which is ideally located within a walking distance from the Holy Mosque (300 meters). This charming property has long been a favorite in Makkah for both business and leisure travelers. Standard Room rate per night: 860 SAR Phone: +966 2-572-0500 Web: Email: TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3.5 of 5

Elaf Kindah (3-Star) Al-Mesyaal Street Despite its three star rating, the hotel’s location and nice rooms make for a pleasant stay. The hotel has a swimming pool and a passage connecting it to the second floor of the Marwa from where you can see pilgrims completing their Umrah. Standard Room rate per night: SAR 300 Phone: +966 2-574-5555 TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3.5 of 5 stars

Hilton Makkah & Towers (4-Star) Hijrah Street Just a few steps from the Holy Haram, the Makkah Hilton Hotel & Towers is a part of the largest, most prestigious complex in the city and close to many historical landmarks. All the suites and majority of the rooms have a majestic view of the Holy Haram. Standard Room rate per night: SAR 575 Phone: +966 2-534-0000 TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3.5 of 5

InterContinental Dar Al-Tawhid (5-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil Street The Hotel is located in front of the Holy Mosque and a short walk away from the

lobby will take you into the courtyard of the Holy Mosque. Hotel amenities include 24-hour room service, newsstand, guest laundry, safe deposit box, free parking and a business center. Onsite dining options include the Rehab Restaurant, ZamZam Cafe and AlTayebat Restaurant. Standard Room rate per night: SAR 875 Phone: +966 2-541-1111 E-mail: TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4.5 of 5

Sheraton Makkah Hotel (5-star) Al-Ghazah Street The Sheraton Makkah Hotel and Towers faces the Masjid Al-Haram and is only a few steps away from Al-Marwah Gate. The hotel features 433 guest rooms and offers the latest in modern amenities. In addition, guests can enjoy onsite the finest cuisines prepared by its master chefs at its highly acclaimed restaurant. Standard Room rate per night: SAR 800 Phone: +966 2-576-0000 TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 4 of 5 stars

Zam Zam Grand Suites (5-Star) Adjiad Street Zam Zam Grand Suites is home to 31 floors which have 1200 luxurious suites and the hotel overlooks the Holy Mosque. It is right at the doorstep of the Holy Mosque and has a 70,000 square metre shopping area and an expansive food court. Standard Room rate per night: SAR 800 Phone: +966 2-571-5555 TripAdvisor Traveler Rating 3.5 of 5 stars

ّ ‫مطلة على المسجد الحرام‬ ‫فنادق‬

‫ترحب جدة كل عام بعدد كبري من �ضيوف الرحمن فتعمل على‬ ‫توفري جميع �أ�سباب الراحة واخلدمات التي ت�سهل رحلتهم �إىل مكة‬ .‫املكرمة‬ ‫هنا جمموعة خمتارة من الفنادق القريبة من احلرم املكي واملعروفة‬ )‫ (الأ�سعار املعرو�ضة يف غري مو�سمها‬.‫بني ال�ضيوف الرحمن‬


Healthy Living

Dive into an ocean of beauty with the Mermaid

The Mermaid Beauty Center and Spa, an upscale, classy salon and spa, established in 2007 by Rania Al-Sulaimani. A business-savvy individual, Al-Sulaimani came up with the concept of a boutique salon that would give clients a great deal of comfort and the best facilities under one roof and thus the idea took root and has now become a reputable place for a luxurious makeover. 62 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The name of this boutique salon and spa was also given much thought before being selected. “I call it the Mermaid because mermaids usually represent the beauty of females as a figure and they have beautiful hair. Also, Jeddah is called the ‘Mermaid of the Red Sea’, and being in Jeddah it has a connection to this city,” explained Al-Sulaimani. Stepping inside the Mermaid, one is greeted to a patio-like atmosphere and a walkway leads up to the main entrance of the actual salon which has a colorful décor and a welcoming environment. The color combination of white and turquoise has been used throughout the premises, giving it a vibrant look. The reception area is an appealing place to become comfortable and has plenty of reading material to browse through while you wait to be served. Professionalism and politeness is the real heart of the Mermaid’s services thanks to its employees who also have years of experience in this field. As a first class salon and spa, the services at the Mermaid include hair styling and coloring, make-up, massages and body care, nail art and care, skin care and special bridal packages. Apart from normal membership, they also offer full day spa packages for individuals, groups and business professionals. Pamper yourself at the Mermaid Beauty Center and Spa where you will definitely feel renewed in a blissful way!

Special offer for Bridal Packages at The Mermaid

Full packages for Milka - SAR 1,500 Full packages for Wedding - SAR 2,000

‫ أنيق‬spa ‫مركز ميرميد للتجميل صالون و‬

‫ طرحت املفهوم‬.‫ من قبل رانيا ال�سليماين‬٢٠٠٧ ‫�أن�شئ يف عام‬ ‫اجلديد بوتيك �صالون و الذي من �ش�أنه �إعطاء زبوناتها قدر ًا‬ .‫ و�أف�ضل الت�سهيالت حتت �سقف واحد‬،‫كبري ًا من الراحة‬ Location: Tahliya St., near Rimal Hotel Tel: +966 -2-6616644 DESTINATION JEDDAH 63

Healthy Living Sport

Hanging in the

Saudi Desert Text and photos by: Michael Bou-Nacklie

Halfway between Makkah and Jeddah, residents indulge in something not often seen in the desert: surfing.


in the 5 car convoy getting stuck in loose sand, the large dune which we would abuse became visible. Standing approximately 100 meters high, close to 20 people hiked up the massive dune to sit down and start polishing Local tourism organizations like Saudi Sinbad the bottom of the provided sandboards with organize trips into the harsh desert climate none other than the bottom of a candle. for small groups. The idea is simple: stand up slide downhill, try not to make too much of a Most boards are made of wood, fibre glass or a plastic composite and can be waxed with a fool of yourself when you fall. paraffin-based sandboard wax prior to a run Many parts of the Saudi desert are to give it the slickness needed to glide down incompatible with sandboarding but major swaths of the desert are sandy with large the granual sandy surface of a dune. The dunes perfect for the activity. fastest ever speed recorded on a sandboard was 87km/h by professional snow and sandboarder Erik Johnson according to the As we arrived to the location roughly half an hour away from Jeddah, with several cars Guiness Book of Records website. This kind of surfing is less of a hang ten variety and borders more on the simpler aspects of surf culture, trying not to get too beaten up as you fall off your board.

‫ركوب الرمال في صحراء السعودية‬

‫ فرمال �صحراء هذه املنطقة‬.‫ وهي التزلج على الرمال‬:‫بني طريق مكةاملكرمة وجدة ميار�س ال�سكان هواية الترى عادة يف ال�صحراء‬ .‫تتكون من كثبان رملية �ضخمة مثالية لركوب الرمال‬


Healthy Living

Health & Beauty

Directory Gym & Health Centers

KAI Gym Tel: +966-2-6691866

Al-Mansoor Club Tel: +966-2-6934129 Gold’s Gym Tel: +966-2-6655225 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 Power in Gym Tel: +966-2-6061516 Ryan Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6322848 Star Power Club Tel: +966-2-6776177 Women Only Al-Bedaya Center Tel: +966-2-6655225 Al-Nisf Al-Akhar Tel: +966-2-6710754 Bugshan Outpatient Clinics Tel: +966-2-6691222 Ext. 899 Chamelle Plaza Gym Tel: +966-2-6634355 Henaa Center Tel: +966-2-6714619 Men Only Al-Shabab Building Tel: +966-2-2600236 Ba Azem Body Building Tel: +966-2-6448844 Body Master Tel: +966-2-6652772 Fitness Time Gym Tel: +966-2-6226369 Hiltonia Gym Tel: +966-2-6590000 Hummer Gym Tel: +966-2-6671212



Al-Amal Hospital Tel: +966-2-6544293 Al-Hamra Clinics Tel: +966-2-6651487 Al-Hamra Hospital Tel: +966-2-6653939 Al-Hayat Hospital Tel: +966-2-6374854 Al-Jad’ani Hospital Tel: +966-2-6367136 Al-Madina Medical Clinic Tel: +966-2-688 1288 Al-Salaam Hospital Tel: +966-2-6970000 Al-Zahra Hospital Tel: +966-2-6823331 Bakhsh Hospital Tel: +966-2-6510555 Bugshan Hospital Tel: +966-2-6691222 Dr Siddiqa Hospital Tel: +966-2-672 1764 Doctor Deya’a Clinics Tel: +966-2-6687699 Dr. Suliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-2-6655000 Eid Clinic Tel: +966-2-6398858 Erfan & Bagedo Hospital Tel: +966-2-6820022 Future (Daghestani) Tel: +966-2-6875255 General Medical Center Tel: +966-2-6973452 GNP Hospital Tel: +966-2-6823200

Hai Al-Jamea Hospital Tel: +966-2-6806666 Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6480792 Ideal Clinics Tel: +966-2-663 5444 International Medical Center ( IMC ) Tel: +966-2-6509000 Jeddah Eye Hospital Tel: +966-2-6939034 Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing Tel: +966-2-6675311 New Jeddah Clinic Hospital Tel: +966-2-6675000 King Fahd Hospital Tel: +966-2-6650005 King Faisal Specialist Hospital Tel: +966-2-6677777 Magrabi Eye and Ear Hospital Tel: +966-2-6365000 Maternity & Children’s Hospital Tel: +966-2-6651636 Mushrifah Medical Centre Tel: +966-2-6702250 Orthopaedics Specialty Clinics Tel: +966-2-6922298 Saudi American Clinic Tel: +966-2-6605050 Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6829000 United Doctors Hospital Tel: +966-2-6533772

Gym & Health Centers

Pharmacies Al-Ajuwad Tel: +966-2-6473436 Al-Ameera Tel: +966-2-6055638 Al-Atta Tel: +966-2-6773314 Al-Ayoubi Tel: +966-2-6436257 Al-Azizeyah Tel: +966-2-6206981 Al-Hamra Tel: +966-2-6640108 Al-Nahdi Tel: +966-2-6320022 Al-Sudais Tel: +966-2-2716792 Abo-Dawood Tel: +966-2-6877210 Asia Tel: +966-2-6390553 Amal Tel: +966-2-6429486 Amira Tel: +966-2-6746001 Ayman Tel: +966-2-6896912 Daan Tel: +966-2-6284405 Jamjoom Tel: +966-2-6081111 Kilo 7 Tel: +966-2-6881640 Noura Tel: +966 2-6685500 Ohod Tel: +966-2-6540112 Orient Tel: +966-2-6480071 Remedies Tel: +966-2-6562847 Sahar Tel: +966-2-6715852 Salamatak Tel: +966-2-6724401 Shamsan Tel: +966-2-6434874 Sharafiah Tel: +966-2-6530891 Yassir Al-Geddani Tel: +966-2-6365380 Wejdan Tel: +966-2-6613010


Spa & Beauty Centers Alexandre Zouari Tel: +966-2-6656161 Beauty Alliance Tel: +966-2-6681381 Body line (Men only) Tel: +966-2-2631859 Bouthaina Tel: +966-2-6631809 Carmen Center Tel: +966-2-6612987 Dar Al-Moda Tel: +966-2-6526660 E Spa Tel: +966-2-2632093 EVE Salons and Haute Couture Tel: +966-2-6985787 Hena’a Center Tel: +966-2-6714619 Jack Dessange Tel: +966-2-6695458 J.F Lazartique Tel: +966-2-6659594


Spa & Beauty Centers

Miracle Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6739597 Nadoleen Beauty Center Tel: +966-2-6633972 Oriana Tel: +966-2-6220773 Serenity Center Tel: +966-2-6648353 Soleil d’or Spa Tel: +966-2-2842233 Spada Tel: 920010099 The Spa by Clarins Paris Tel: +966-2-6599999 Zowaina Tel: +966-2-6656311 7L House of Beauty & SPA Tel: +966-2-6534898


Special offers Full packages for Milka SAR 1, 500 Full packages for Wedding SAR 2, 000

Jamalouki Tel: +966-2-6651888 Lilas Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6622676 Lucie Saint Clair Tel: +966-2-2832020 Majestic Tel: +966-2-6609940 Megayena Tel: +966-2-6655763 Manna Center Tel: +966-2-6066628 Mervat Beauty Center Tel: +966-2-6630676 Tel: +966-2-6630676


Red Sea Coast

Giving a turtle a helping hand

Text and photos by Hans Sjoeholm

Mohsen Angawi returning a Hawksbill turtle to sea

Just after midnight my good friend Ghassan Ajaabnoor calls me bursting with news, “Guess what i’ve found?” he said excitedly. Ghassan is a self professed animal aficionado and often visits Jeddah’s pet stores looking for exotic animals. So his late night question stirred up a fair share of difficult responses. “I went to a pet store this week and found a suffering sea-turtle that someone had brought in to sell.” What he was referring to was an emaciated juvenile Hawksbill Turtle which had been kept in a small glass tank for five days without enough water and was suffering from malnourishment and severe distress. Thankfully the shopkeeper was more than willing to part with the dieing turtle because nobody was willing to buy it. Sea turtles are protected by Saudi law and it is a punishable offense to either hunt them or bring them out of the sea, in addition the Hawksbill Turtle is on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) threatened species list Ghassan said he took the turtle home, bought it some fresh sardines which were immediately scarfed down by the malnourished turtle. 68 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The next morning when we arranged to meet up along with our friend Mohsen S Angawi, to release the tired creature on Jeddah’s North Corniche close to the Rosewood Hotel.Angawi being a keen conservationist was more than willing to come and help this turtle start its life again in its newly rediscovered home, the Red Sea.

Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata)

Once on the beach Angawi carefully lifted the turtle out of the box we had placed it in and placed it down onto the sandy shore. Almost instantly we could see the turtle getting excited shoveling sand around its body and getting ready for a dash (at least in turtle terms) into the water. We carried her over the rocks down to the water and placed her into the water. In less than a second she transformed from a clumsy land creature to was evident and we assumed it was the new a water gliding sea creature. Her excitement found freedom she felt from being cooped up in her water deprived tank with no food. After her blitz swimming she calmed down and took a dive down to the reef coming face to face with Sohals, Snappers and Wrasses as if to say, “its good to be home again,” then she went on to find scouring the reef looking for her first meal in her newfound freedom. What was interesting is every time she surfaced for air she came up near to where we were, comfortably taking a quick snack on floating sea grass assured we were not going to hurt her, she even swam with us staying in close proximity as we dove down with her to the reef for close to 20 minutes. Once she swam off, back on shore we met someone who said several nights ago they had seen a large sea turtle coming up for two consecutive nights on the same beach to lay eggs which could mean we have a genuine turtle nesting ground in the middle of Jeddah.

Ghassan Ajabnoor with a lucky Hawksbill turtle

‫( إنقاذ السالحف البحرية ) وجد �أحد املواطنني‬ ‫�سلحافاة بحرية تعاين من �سوء التغذية واحلب�س يف حمل يبيع‬ ‫ فقام مع جمموعة من �أ�صدقائه ب�شرائها‬،‫احليوانات الأليفة‬ .‫و �إطالق �سراحها يف الكورني�ش املقابل لفندق روزوود‬


Red Sea Coast

Newly Wet Learn to Dive before a Tropical Honeymoon

Text and photos by Hans Sjoeholm

Popular honeymoon destinations from KSA are the Seychelles, Mauritius, the Maldives, Indonesia and Malaysia and they all have one thing in common; they are all wonderful locations to scuba dive. Many newlyweds arrive at their tropical destinations without knowing beforehand the thrilling experiences they could have had if they were properly prepared to enjoy the underwater world. Spending precious vacation time attending classes, taking tests and doing underwater skill drills is a waste of time. But with the Red Sea at your doorstep, being a resident of Jeddah makes learning to scuba dive before you tie the knot very convenient. With a little information and some prior preparation, your honeymoon can include some underwater adventures.

Newly weds at 27m below the propeller of the Ann Ann Wreck - Abu Faramish Jeddah


Top: Red Sea Bannerfish (Lat. Heniochus intermedius) Bottom: Lyrtail Anthias (Lat. Pseudanthias squamipinnes)

What does it take learning to dive? If you don’t suffer from Hydrophobia, can swim 200 Meters non-stop (any style–not on time), walk a mile in less than 10 minutes, have the ability of a10-12 year old to read and write and don’t suffer from Medical Conditions i.e. ear problems, asthma, diabetes, circulatory, pulmonary and respiratory disorders, then you are a candidate for learning to scuba dive. Some advantages of Scuba Enjoy a meditative cruise over the reef with your significant other. It is a truly relaxing experience. Underwater there are no phones or fax machines, and you will enjoy a smoke free environment where the no-smoking rule cannot be broken. Scuba diving is also a social activity and a great way to chill out and clear your mind. Discover a semiweightless experience, and like an astronaut underwater, you will be able to make acrobatic moves that are reserved for the likes of Jackie Chan and Circe de Solei performers on land. Popular misconceptions Breathing from a Scuba regulator underwater is difficult and feels strange. It’s an exhilarating experience for a new diver to easily breathe compressed air underwater and get a personal record of staying underwater for more than a few seconds. Just breathe slightly deeper and slower than you do on land and you will soon feel relaxed. The most important rule in SCUBA diving is to breathe continuously and never hold your breath! This is for your safety.

Masked Butterfly (Red Sea & Gulf of Aden only)

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish Pomachantus imperator


Diving gear is really heavy Well, yes and no. On the surface, once all the gear is assembled and donned, it might seem cumbersome. When broken down into their individual units the gear is very manageable. Most importantly, underwater you will notice the gear doesn’t seem to weigh anything. Your Instructor will teach you precise buoyancy skills that give you control to change your depth whilst ascending and descending and to remain at a constant depth at will, very much the way a helicopter can changes altitude, going up and down, and hovers. If you get water in your facemask you have to surface. Not at all, clearing water from the mask underwater is a piece of cake, and this will soon become second nature to you by simply applying slight pressure on top of the mask skirt, bending your head forwards, taking a breathe of air from the regulator, then exhaling from your nose whilst tilting your head back. Just like that your mask will be purged of water.

Tying the knot underwater

Aside from saving time, what other reasons are there to train before I travel? While diving in Jeddah before your honeymoon, you will get the chance to learn more about the denizens of the sea. Being able to compare aquatic life between different locations is a rewarding experience. For example, when you are doing your Fish Identification Course, you will discover the endemic Red Sea Picasso fish (a member of the triggerfish family). This is often a favorite fish among scuba divers, but just wait for the next treat when on your vacation you meet his cousin the Indo-Pacific Picasso fish, you’ll again find yourself immensely impressed and amused the way it is designed by our Creator. A general caution for new divers Remember not to scuba dive 24 hours before flying or going to an altitude above 300 Meters. You can finds lots of useful information about dive safety from DAN (Divers Alert Network) on their website: Begin your new adventure immediately! There are lots of new friends on the other side of the reef that you haven’t met yet but who are waiting to meet you. Living in Jeddah is unique. Here you have the possibility to dive 24/7, before and after going to work, day and night 12 months a year. So while you might be learning to dive for your honeymoon, these skills will come in handy when you return and will give you a lifetime of adventures. 72 DESTINATION JEDDAH

ّ ‫تعلم الغوص قبل شهر العسل‬

‫معظم رحالت �شهر الع�سل التي يقوم بهاحديثي الزواج‬ ‫يف اململكة تتجه �إىل املناطق اال�ستوائية مثل جزر املالديف‬ ‫ وذلك لتمتعها باملناظر الطبيعية اخلالبة‬.‫وماليزيا‬ ‫ ولكي حت�صلوا على �أكرب قدر‬.‫واملناطق اخلا�صة بالغو�ص‬ ‫من الإ�ستمتاع برحتلكم نقدم لكم بع�ض الدرو�س املتوفرة يف‬ .‫املناطق املخ�ص�صة للغو�ص يف جدة كما هو مبني يف املقال‬

Dive Shops

& Dive Resorts

Jeddah’s dive shops are the city’s resource for water sports and activities. They are in the know about the latest rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and offer sound safety advice with a smile. AL-KHORAYEF COMM SUN & SEA DIVING  CENTER On Wale-Al-Ahd Street Tel: +966-2-6526003 


Opposite Danube supermarket on same side as Sands Hotel, off Tahlia street Tel: +966-2-6644707 

DESERT SEA DIVERS On North Obhur Road (Creek), after big mosque, near Rose Village Compound Tel: +966-2-6561807 New Dive Academy Jeddah Yachts, Auto Mall

Beach Resorts

Crystal:+966-2-656 8888 BLUE REEF DIVERS Nakheel:+966-2-606 6644 Behind Danube supermarket, Remal:+966-2-656 1880 off Tahlia street Dive Village:+966-2-656 1980 Tel: +966-2-2212707, 2212708 Durrat Al-Arous:+966-2-618 0000  Fal:+966-2-656 0033 Branch: Blue Beach:+966-2-234 1900 Durrat Al Arus (50km north of Movenpick:+966-2-655 5550 Jeddah) Coral Beach:+966-2-656 0702 Tel: +966-2-6181777 Andalus Resort:+966-2-656 1444 Obhur Resort:+966-2-656 3030 RED SEA DIVERS Sheraton:+966-2-234 2264 Opposite Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street Huda Beach:+966-2-234 2332 Tel: +966-2-6606368

Dive Resorts Ahlam Resort:+966-2-234 0417 Red Sea:+966-2-656 2320 Dive Village:+966-2-656 1980 Durrat Al.Arous:+966-2-618 0000 Nakheel/Ghulam Beach Resort: +966-2-2342266 Fal-Diving:+966-2-656 1807

Jeddah Marinas Al-Ahlam Marina: +966-2-2340 117

Red Sea Marina: +966-2-2340117

Jeddah Yacht Club: +966-2-6562101


Location: Behind Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street Tel: +966-2-6651304 Environmentally friendly DESTINATION JEDDAH 73

Travel Trends



Montego Bay, Jamaica

Venice, Italy

Maui, Hawaii

Castries, St. Lucia

Reykjavik, Iceland

Bali, Indonesia

Marrakech, Morocco

Warsaw,Greece Poland Athens,

Once the wedding is over and the guests have left most couples look forward to the much awaited vacation – their honeymoon. A week or more of unwinding, pampering, getting to know each other in a secluded, romantic place or even in a touristy yet exotic city is a treat to indulge in for many newlyweds. To make your honeymoon a lifelong memorable experience, it is in your best interest to plan the vacation with your loved one. Choose your destination based on what you love to do and how you would like to spend your time. To get you started, here are ten honeymoon packages that are one week in duration and inclusive of airfare and fivestar accommodation. 74 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Montego Bay, Jamaica

The lush green forests teeming with banana and almond trees, hibiscuses and palms, Montego Bay is the perfect spot to stretch your adventure legs. It also offers white sandy beaches and picturesque sunsets for those marathon sessions of lounging by the sea. The culture is alive and fun and the spicy cuisine here makes it one amazing getaway for the newlyweds. Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines Cost of Package: 23,170 SAR / week

Venice, Italy

One of the most romantic cities in the world with a culture that has embraced love forever. Venice is known for its vibrant architecture and tantalizing cuisine. The sights, sounds and smells of the city delight the senses. From gondola rides to cobble stone pathways and walking to every nook and cranny of the city, Venice spells romance. Airline: Turkish Airlines Cost of Package: SAR 18,524 / week

Maui, Hawaii

The most famous getaway for vacationers who are looking for luxurious resorts and sprawling beaches. Dramatic coastlines, green forests and the Aloha spirit attract couples from all over the world. With a variety of romantic activities to choose from, such as swimming beneath waterfalls, the island of Maui will keep honeymooners content and happy. Airline: Lufthansa Cost of Package: SAR 27,916 / week

Castries, St. Lucia

With a beautiful coastline dotted with isolated beaches and coves, St. Lucia is one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Honeymooners have the perfect opportunity to escape and relax amongst coconut trees and rolling surf–all set against a backdrop of the setting Caribbean sun and a perfect ocean skyline. Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines Cost of Package: SAR 25,544 / week


Reykjavik, Iceland

Famous for its beautiful and exotic scenery as well as for the high standard of its cuisine and services, Reyjavik is the idealistic destination for couples. With hot springs, gushing geysers, glacier trekking by day and warm fires by night Reykjavik offers something out of the ordinary for those looking for a cool cuddly honeymoon. If you are willing to venture out of city limits, remoteness and seclusion abound. Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines Cost of Package: SAR 24,435 / week

Bali, Indonesia

Marrakech, Morocco

It is the most popular destination in East Asia and couples flock to it all year round. From cozy hideaways to beautiful beach villas, Bali gives couples a chance to enjoy their honeymoon to the fullest. You can also charter a modern game fishing vessel or a traditional Buginese schooner with expert crew to explore the Indonesian Spice Islands at your own pace. Airline: Saudi Arabian Airlines Cost of Package: SAR 25,390 / week

Honeymooners who really want an offbeat excursion should consider Marrakech because it is sensuous, unique, and affordable. The hustle and bustle, sights, sounds and smells of Marrakech’s central square Jemaa El Fna symbolize Morocco’s exotic allure. Staying at an enchanting riad – a renovated merchant house, often 200-300 years old – is sure to add a dash of decadence and romance to the vacation. Airline: Turkish Airlines Cost of Package: SAR 18,641 / week

Athens, Greece

The capital city of Greece and the only city in Europe with an oriental touch, Athens is a spot for couple who wants to delve into history. From the Acropolis to the Statue of Zeus and various archeological sites, Athens offers a wide variety of activities and sites of interest. Half or full day tours around the city allows couples to soak in the city’s famous sights and neighborhoods. Airline: Emirates Cost of Package: SAR 12,067 / week



At the height of the summer wedding season Saudi Arabia’s leading hotel is offering newlyweds great packages for the honeymoon of a lifetime by the Red Sea. Rosewood Corniche, the ultra luxury property in Jeddah, is presenting honeymoon packages inclusive of amenities and activities that channel the romance of a wedding, and pair it with the exquisite, private service that married couples crave. Newlyweds are ushered in through the hotel’s majestic lobby and presented with fresh cocktail juices during a personal welcome. In their room or suite, an elegant floral arrangement adds an extra romantic touch.

taurant, bouquet of fresh flowers, and a complimentary late check-out at 16:00, allowing couples to leisurely enjoy their honeymoon stay at Rosewood Corniche. Rosewood Corniche’s honeymoon packages are valid for their Rosewood and Executive suites, the Louloua and the Danah rooms, and the Royal Suite.

The renowned chefs of Rosewood Corniche also congratulate the couple, serving a world-class dinner in the suite’s private dining room, complete with a heart shaped cake inscribed with the couple’s name. The package includes a special breakfast in bed or breakfast at the hotel’s Habsburg resTo make a reservation or request more information on the honeymoon packages, Call +966-2-257-8888 or visit: DESTINATION JEDDAH 77


Directory Airlines

Air Algerie Tel: +966-2-6515232 Air Arabia Tel: +966-2-6640291 Air Canada Tel: +966-2-6696933 Air France Tel: +966-2-6512000 Air India Tel: +966-2-2632994 Air Sahara Tel: +966-2-6641233 American Airlines Tel: +966-2-6651333 Arabian Airlines Tel: 920013322 Ariana Afghan Airlines Tel: +966-2-6751543 Austrian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6613524 British Airways Tel: +966-2-6693464 Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel: +966-2-6651543 BMI British Midland Tel: +966-2-6689950 Cathay Pacific Airways Tel: +966-2-6653088 Continental Airlines Tel: +966-2-6693376 Cyprus Airlines Tel: +966-2-6696304 78 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Daallo Airlines Tel: +966-2-6504361 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-2-6570555 Egyptian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6441515 Etihad Airways Tel: +966-2-6640028 Indonesian Airlines Tel: +966-2-6656121 Gulf Air Tel: +966-2-6680303 Jet Airways Tel: +966-2-6603771 Kenya Airways Tel: +966-2-2632959 Ext.108 Kuwait Airways Tel: +966-2-6694111 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Tel: +966-2-6512000 Ext.43 Lufthansa Airlines/ Swiss International Airlines Tel: +966-2-6514000 Malaysia Airlines Tel: +966-2-6670011 Middle East Airlines Tel: +966-2-6449150 Nas Tel: 920001234 Oman Airlines Tel: +966-2-6577333 Pakistan International Airlines Tel: +966-2-6422642

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Hotels Al-Bilad Hotel Tel: +966-2-694 4777 Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel Tel: +966-2-6601794 Casablanca Hotel Tel : +966-2-6827771 Crown Plaza Tel: +966-2-6611000 Habitat Hotel Tel: +966-2-2578800 Hilton Tel: +966-2-6590000 Holiday Inn Tel: +966-2-6326207 InterContinental   Tel: +966-2-6611800 Jeddah Marriott Hotel   Tel: +966-2-6714000


Le Meridien Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6633333 Movenpick Tel: +966- 2-6676655 Radisson SAS ( Hayat ) Tel: +966-2-6521234 Ramada Tel: +966-2-6670777 Rosewood Corniche Tel: +966-2-2570967 Sands Hotel Tel: +966-2-6686014 Sheraton Hotel Tel : +966-2- 6992212 Sunset Tel: +966- 2-6605000 Westin Tel: +966-2- 6588200

Travel Agencies

Ace Travel TEL : +966-2-6056002 Abdullah Abdul Qadir Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2Al-Feraihi Travel & Tourism Company Tel: +966-2-6655363 Al-Hani Tourism & Travel Agency Tel: +966-2-6323314 Al-Tayyar Group Hotline: 9200 12333 Tel : +966-2-6577333 Al-Zoman Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6515501 Bawadina Travel Anegcy Tel: +966-2-6493198 Bin Raffah Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6644111 Bin Mahfoudh Travel & Tourism Anegcy Tel: +966-2-6481055


Ejazati Tel: +966-2-6530055 Fal Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6838999 Fernas Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6677472 Intercontinental Travel Company Tel: +966 2 6677988 Mansour Al-Masaad Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6647066 Miraj Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-5-4514266 Nile Travel Agency Tel: +966-2-6645999 Portfolio Travel Ltd. Tel: +966-2-6604500 T & TS Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6914465 Top Adventure Travel & Tourism Tel: 920022216 Saudi Travel & Tourism Bureau Tel: +966-2-6633737 Sakkap Travels Co. Tel: +966-2-6060018 Speed Flight Travel & Tourism Agency Tel: +966-2-6440100 New World Travel Tel: +966-2-2240440 Yasin Travel & Tourism Agency Tel: +966-2-6476276 Zahid Group Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6525670

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Tour Operators Ahmed Nishar Tourism Agency Tel: +966-2-6685855 Arab Tourism Areas Co. Tel: +966-2-6636360 Arabian Camp Tel: +966-2-6900059 Arabian Explorer (Expatriate Tours) Tel: +966-2-6580663 or Al-Hamra’a Travel & Trousim Est. Tel:+ 966-2-6721888 Alireza Travel & Tours Tel:+ 966-2-6481360 Attar Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6611222 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel +966-2-6794022 Elaf Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6614408 www.elaf Kanoo Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-2632959 International Tourism Services Tel: +966-2-6681203 Mawasim Tours Tel +966-2-6646425 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel: +966-2-6575266 Saudi Tourism Office Co. Tel +966-2-6201972 World Wide Toursim Co. Tel +966-2-6329081

SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive

Test your Perception! Locate the origin of this photograph cut-out within the magazine pages.

Find The Hidden Items Find the listed hidden items, which may be hidden anywhere. Once you have found an item, put a circle around it. Perfume Shumagh


Oud Meshlah

Subha Chocolate Box

Camera Bouquet

White Hat Microphone

Puzzle Words Find the listed hidden words,The words may be hidden in any direction. Once you have found all the words, the remaining letters will spell a secret message.

Band Bouquet Bridal Shower Cake Catering Ceremony Decor Dress Flowers Gifts Guests Groom Hall Honeymoon Invitations Jewelry Music Photography Planner Rings Reception Theme Wedding

Test your travel knowledge! In which country…? 1. The traditional wedding gown color is red. 2. The couple goes to a fortune-teller to look into their future before they are married. 3. The groom throws an engagement ring into the front steps of his intended-bride’s home. 4. They believe that the ring finger has the vein of love, which runs straight to the heart. 5. The bride becomes the mistress of her new home, so she walks around the outside of her house three times. 6. The bride’s and groom’s parents traditionally carry a fire from the hearths in their homes to the home of the new couple, where a new fire is lit. 7. A doll dressed similarly to the bride is placed at the head of the main table.

Travel Test: 1. China; 2. Korea; 3. Philippines;4. Egypt; 5. Morocco;6. South Africa; 7. Puerto Rico; Test: Travel Trends, p. 76 DESTINATION JEDDAH 81




Shofa Khotooba Jessees Ghomra Worood Koroot Da’awa Decor Monazzem Afrah

&Pronunciation The groom gets to see the bride for the first time Engagement Traditional Poet Bridal Shower Flowers Invitations Decoration Waragah


Alfarah Kaika Zaffa Salat Afrah Masouleyya Mutreba Maze A’asha Ta’ateema Halawa Mahr


The Wedding Cake Walking down the aisle Venue Responsibility Female Singer Buffet Dinner Dessert Candy Dowry


Mawkeb alaroosa Friends and families following the bride and groom by car Sayyara Car Tickets Tazaker Suit cases Shenat Safar Shahr alasal Honeymoon His Clothing

Her Clothig

Fostan Tarha Taj Mekyaj Tasreeha Alfarah Abo Alaroosa Abo Alarees Omm Alaroosa Omm Alarees Akho Alaroosa Akho Alarees Okht Alarosa Okht Alarees Alma’azeem

Dress Veil Tiiara Make-up Hair do The wedding Father of the bride Father of the groom Mother of the bride Mother of the groom Bride’s brother Groom’s brother Bride’s sister Groom’s sister Invitees


Traditional men’s dress

Men’s over Meshlah dress for special occasions Men’s over Degla dress for special occasions


Square scarf for men, made of cotton or silk, which is worn, folded across the head.


Add your new words


Marriage Customs in the Cities of the Hijaz

The cities of Hijaz have very colorful, cheerful and noisy marriage customs. As soon as a boy reaches a certain age, the marriage traditions start to dominate and tighten their hold on the maturing boy’s life.

trays “ma’asher” and the bride’s engagement dowry “shabkah,” accompanied by singers called “jesees” with their Ghabban turbans, singing special songs called “ahazeej” and distributing traditional sweets like “laddu”, “labaniah”, “ta’ateemah” and Every marriage stage has its own special gifts. established rituals and ancient As soon as the groom’s parade traditions dating back generations. reaches the bride’s house the The choice of a suitable bride was singer starts to sing the traditional a purely family affair, where the songs called “majassat” ranging mother and the extended family from the traditional prayers of the had the final say. After stating his required specification in the potential Prophet to falling over the groom bride or “Leila” he wished to marry, with praise poems listing his and his family’s qualities and deeds, family members start to scout prompting cheers of joy from the potential brides . According to many traditions it was crowd. customary to look for someone who Afterwards a traditional flute “mizmar” game starts where the matched the required specifications first among the neighbor’s daughters. players sing popular songs known as “zumal,” sung by one person Should that fail the search would called the “hadi” with another move automatically among family and relatives’ girls, then be expanded group repeating various joyful songs. to include daughters from other neighborhoods. Once the choice is made a delegation In many regions the marriage celebrations went on for three days from the groom’s family of its senior women start the “negotiation” compared to the one night in more modern times. ceremonies. The art of singing at Hijaz weddings, known as Majass first Negotiations can sprint to an end emerged from Makkah but only of extend out much like a marathon would before reaching the next set of really flourished in the Abbasid era and became an art form at the end rituals like the showfa or glimpse. of the last century. Others include the reading of a prophetic prayer or “Kheira,” and a Several of the true masters of the declaration of good intentions. The agreement is finalized with a reading art include such as Hasan Jawa, Ismael Kardos, Saeed Abuof the Quran Surat Al-Fātiĥah. Khashaba, Hasan Labany, Abdul The marriage procession throughout Rahman Muomenah, Mansour Bughdady, Abdul Rahman Alour history was free of paradox, Muadhen in Makkah, and Shalabi, professionals and craftsmen were chosen over the educated men. This Omar Ba-Ishen, Zagzug and Halawani in Jeddah then there was because working men knew how to earn money according to the was the master Husein Hashem in Madinah. standards of the times. Several rituals dominate entering the The term comes from the the verb marriage contract such as the Milkah “Jass” and its plural “Majassat.” Previously the lyrical stanzas were as well as a slew of others. called Majass and were reverred Perhaps one of the most associated by how the words would invoke outstanding features is the groom’s deep emotional responses. parade where a huge crowd from the groom’s family lineup, with men One example is the famous “Dana” sang by Mohammed Ali carrying lamps called “atarik,” gift 84 DESTINATION JEDDAH

By Mahmoud Sabbagh

Sindi: The doctor probed my hand unaware, I told him...The ache is in my liver, leave my hand, sir, leave my hand. The musical basis of the Majass is the Ya Laaal, which is a sound produced in the throat to accompany the Eastern music canto known as “Maqamat.” Several different forms of Maqamat exist, such as the joyful maqamat; such as the Hijaz maqam, yamani Hijaz almanaiery maqam – meaning the upper class, the Bengkah maqam, Al-Harab maqam being a twig of Rasd musical maqam. In one of the marriage customs on the night of the dowry delivery, the groom sends a sheep to the bride’s family with the dowry traditionally wrapped in a white handkerchief with basil sticks and flower clusters, the dowry was used for the bride’s “dabash” - to prepare herself, and buy her outfits and requirements. Not all marriage traditions are intended for the wedding night. Sometimes two days prior to it they have the “ghumra” night, which is the Henna night and is equivalent to a bridal shower in Western culture. This cross of cultures is result of infusions being introduced in order to keep the traditions valid in the modern world. The Ghumra night traditions have the bride wear a silk red dress with a red head veil, a reeded silk curtain is placed and the women present sing popular songs. On the other hand, the bridegroom was given what is known as the “groom’s bath” at his family house. There are some traditions after the marriage night which application extent vary, such as the first morning ceremony known as “Sabha” where the presents and gifts are presented and opened in front of everyone as a kind of social interaction and bonding, and perhaps just for showing off.

‫من عادات الزواج في‬ ‫ُمدن الحجاز‬ ‫محمود عبدالغني صباغ‬

‫ولعادات الزواج في ُمدن احلجاز تالوينها‬ ‫ومظاهرها الصاخبة البه ّية‪ .‬فما يلبث وأن‬ ‫يشت ّد ُعود الفتى‪ ،‬حتى تشرع تقاليد الزواج‬ ‫بفرض سطوتها‪ ،‬وإحكام سيطرتها‪ ،‬فتطل‬ ‫س ّيدة للموقف‪.‬‬ ‫وكل مرحلة من مراحل الزواج لها طقوسها‬ ‫الراسخة‪ ،‬وتقاليدها العريقة الضاربة في جذور‬ ‫موروث املنطقة‪ .‬كان اختيار (العروسة) التي‬ ‫تليق بعش زوج ّية عريسها العاشق احلالم‪،‬‬ ‫شأن ًا عائلي ًا خالص ًا تفصل فيه والدته‪ ،‬وباقي‬ ‫نساء العائلة‪ .‬وبعد أن يتلو (قيس) املوعود‬ ‫مواصفات (ليلى) التي يرغب اإلقتران بها‪،‬‬ ‫حتى تبدأ أعني "الكشافة" من نساء عائلته‬ ‫بالترشيح‪.‬‬ ‫كانت "األصول" – أي التقاليد – تقضي بأن‬ ‫يتم البحث أو ًال على من تطابق املواصفات‬ ‫ضمن بنات اجليران‪ ،‬وان تعثرت املَهمة‪ ،‬ينتقل‬ ‫البحث تلقائي ًا في بنات األهل واألقارب‪ ،‬ثم‬ ‫بنات احلارة‪ ،‬وهكذا حتى نصل الى ُمرشحات‬ ‫احلارات املجاورة‪ .‬وما أن يقع االختيار حتى‬ ‫يتحرك وفد من عائلة العريس‪ ،‬مك ّون من كبار‬ ‫نسائها للبدء في اجراء مراسم "املفاوضات"‪.‬‬ ‫وسواء انتهت تلك املفاوضات‪ ،‬في وق ٍت خاطف‪،‬‬ ‫أو أنها امتدت الى أوقات ماراثونية‪ ،‬ننتقل‬ ‫بعدها الى حزمة أخرى من الطقوس ‪ :‬فتكون‬ ‫هناك ُ‬ ‫(الشوفة)‪ ،‬واجراء اخليرة النبوية الكرمية‪،‬‬ ‫ومن ثم اعالن ُحسن النوايا‪ ،‬حتى حلظة‬ ‫اإلتفاق‪ ،‬واعالنها بقراءة الفاحتة‪ .‬ولم تخلو‬ ‫مسيرة الزواج في تاريخنا‪ ،‬من املفارقات‪،‬‬ ‫فكان أصحاب الصنعة واحلِ رف مقدمون‬ ‫على املُتعلمني‪ ،‬فأوالد السوق كانوا يعرفون‬ ‫كيف "يكسبون القرش" بحسب مفاهيم الفترة‬ ‫البائدة‪.‬‬ ‫وتب ُرز أمناط (الفلكور) بوضوح مع مرحلة‬ ‫كتابة العقد‪ .‬التي تسمى أيض ًا بـ (ا ِمللّكة) ‪،‬‬ ‫خاصة‪ ..‬كإقامتها‬ ‫وترافقها طقوس إجتماع ّية ّ‬ ‫مث ًال بعيد املغرب وزوال الشمس‪ .‬ولعل أبرز‬ ‫املظاهر املرافِ قة ‪ :‬موكب العريس ‪ ..‬الذي‬ ‫وتضج‬ ‫يصطف فيه حشد يمُ ثل عائلة العريس‪،‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫مسيرته بحملَة األتاريك واملعاشِر و ُمجسم‬ ‫الش ّبكة ‪ ..‬يرافقهم اجلسيسة بعمائمهم الغبانة‬ ‫‪DESTINATION JEDDAH 85‬‬

‫‪ ..‬يتداولون األهازيج‪ ،‬ويوزعون احللوى التقليدية‬ ‫من ل ّدو ولبن ّية وتعتيمة والهدايا اخلاصة ‪ ..‬وما‬ ‫أن يصل موكب العريس‪ ،‬دار أهل عروسه‪،‬‬ ‫باملجسات‬ ‫حتى يبدأ املُنشد في اإلنشاد ّ‬ ‫التقليدية التي تتراوح بني الصالة على النبي‪،‬‬ ‫وبني إسباغ العريس بأفانني من قصائد املديح‬ ‫وتعديد املناقب‪ ،‬له وألهله ‪ ،‬حد انتزاع صيحات‬ ‫اجلموع‪ ،‬وزغاريد النساء‪ .‬ثم يتم اإلعالن عن‬ ‫بدء لعبة (املزمار) البلدي‪ ،‬فيتحلّق حول العريس‪،‬‬ ‫الالعبون‪ ،‬يتداولون األهازيج الشعبية التي‬ ‫تُعرف بـ (الزومال) ‪ ،‬ويطلقها شخص واحد‬ ‫(حادي)‪ ،‬ثم تردد خلفه املجموعة بنغمات مختلفة‬ ‫ملؤها الفرح واحلماسة‪ ،‬وحاصلها نزاالت‬ ‫ال ُعصي التي تشبه املبارزة وتُعرف بـ (اجلوش)‪.‬‬ ‫ومن زواميل الفرحة في ليالي الزواج‪:‬‬ ‫الليلة زينة ‪ ..‬وفرح وسرور‬ ‫وصحبة حلوة‪ ‬وعريس غندور‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫وقد متتد احتفاالت الزواج كما في تقاليد‬ ‫املنطقة الى ثالثة أيام متواصلة‪ .‬لكن من‬ ‫الواضح أنه جرى اختصارها‪ ،‬انسجام ًا مع‬ ‫روح العصر‪ ،‬ورضوخ ًا لنمط احلياة السريع‪.‬‬ ‫ملمح‬ ‫وامل َ ّجس – هو فن امل ّوال احلجازي وهو ٌ‬ ‫صارخ من مالمح الفرحة الشعبية في املنطقة‪..‬‬ ‫اجلس‪ ،‬جُ‬ ‫وت َمع‬ ‫وأصل الكلمة وارد من فعل‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫مجسات‪.‬‬ ‫الكلمة على ّ‬ ‫ولعل القدماء س ّموا ّ‬ ‫املوشح الغنائي في احلجاز‬ ‫باملجس ألنه يجس نبض القلوب أو العروق‪،‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫ويحرك ساكن اللواعج‪ ،‬ويثير كامن األشجان ‪..‬‬ ‫وقدمي ًا قال الشاعر ‪:‬‬ ‫فظلـت تطـارح أوتـاره ‪ ..‬بأهزاجـها ‪ -‬وبأرمـالها‬ ‫وتعمل جس ًا جلـس العروق ‪ ..‬وتلوي املالوي‬ ‫بأمثـالها‬ ‫ومن ذلك أيض ًا الدانة الشهيرة التي غناها‬ ‫محمد علي السندي‪:‬‬ ‫جسالطبيب يدي جه ًال ‪ ،‬فقلت له ‪..‬‬ ‫ّ‬ ‫إن التألم في كبدي‪ ،‬فاترك يدي‪ ،‬ياس ّيدي‪ ،‬اترك‬ ‫(املجس) الطربية على قاعدة‬ ‫يدي وتقوم قاعدة ّ‬ ‫( يا آلل ) ‪ ..‬ويتم الصدح به من احلناجر‪ ،‬تق ّيدا‬ ‫مبقامات املوسيقى الشرقية‪ ،‬خصوصا مقامات‬ ‫البهجة ‪ :‬كمقام احلجاز ‪ ،‬ومقام مياني حجاز‬ ‫املنايري – أي الطبقة العالية ‪ ..‬ومقام البنجكاه‬

‫‪ ..‬ومقام احلراب وهو أحد فروع مقام الرصد‬ ‫(الراست) املوسيقي ‪.‬‬ ‫واملجس لون عريق‪ ،‬بزغ من مكة في عهد باكر‪،‬‬ ‫وازدهر ‪-‬من ثم‪ -‬في العهد العباسي‪ ..‬وله‬ ‫ر ّواده في القرن املاضي ‪ ..‬كالعم حسن جاوه‬ ‫‪ ..‬واسماعيل كردوس ‪ ..‬وسعيد أبوخشبة ‪..‬‬ ‫وحسن لبني ‪ ..‬وعبدالرحمن مؤمنة ‪ ..‬ومنصور‬ ‫بغدادي ‪ ..‬وعبدالرحمن املؤذن ‪ ،‬في مكة ‪..‬‬ ‫والشلبي وعمر باعشن والزقزوق واحللواني ‪،‬‬ ‫في جدة ‪ ..‬أما في املدينة املنورة ‪ :‬فكان هناك‬ ‫العمالق حسني هاشم‪.‬‬ ‫ومن مناذج املجس في األفراح ‪:‬‬ ‫ُسبحان من جمع القلوب بفضله ‪ ..‬وعلى رحاب‬ ‫الو ّد عمر دارها طــاب اللـقاء وزاده تشريفـكم‬ ‫‪ ..‬في ليـلـة قد أشرقـت أنـوارها‪.‬‬ ‫ومن عادات الزواج ‪ ،‬ما يتم في ليلة تسليم‬ ‫املهر‪ ،‬اذ يرسل العريس الى أهل العروس‪،‬‬ ‫خروفا ‪ ..‬يشفعه باملهر الذي جرت التقاليد‬ ‫بوضعه في منديل أبيض ومعه أعواد الريحان‬ ‫والشارة ‪ ..‬وكان ُيستخدم املهر للدبش – أي‬ ‫لتجهيز العروس نفسها ‪.‬‬ ‫وال تقف تقاليد الزواج على ليلة الزواج‪ .‬فقبل‬ ‫الزواج بيومني‪ ،‬هناك ليلة (الغُمرة) ‪ ،‬وهي ليلة‬ ‫احلنة ‪ ..‬و يعادلها في الثقافة الغربية ‪:‬‬ ‫(‪ ،)The Bridal Shower‬وهي من‬ ‫العادات الدخيلة التي تسربت الينا اما بحكم‬ ‫املُثاقفة‪ ،‬أو بسبب التهاون في التمسك بعاداتنا‬ ‫اجلميلة والتقاعس عن جتديدها رغبة إعادة‬ ‫انتاجها في قوالب حديثة تكفل استمراريتها‬ ‫وفي ليلة الغُمرة‪ ،‬كانت تقضي الطقوس على‬ ‫أن تلبس العروس ُفستانا من احلرير األحمر‬ ‫وطرحة حمراء ‪ ..‬وتقام ستارة من القماش‬ ‫قصب ‪ ،‬ويتم غناء االغاني الشعبية‬ ‫احلرير املُ ّ‬ ‫من احلاضرات‪ .‬أما للعريس فكان له حمام‬ ‫العريس في بيت أهله ‪..‬‬ ‫وبعد ليلة الزواج ‪ ..‬ثمة عادات أخرى تتفاوت‬ ‫بحة) أي عادة‬ ‫في قدر تطبيقها‪ ،‬مثل َ‬ ‫(الص َ‬ ‫(الرفد) ‪ ..‬التي يتم فيها تقدمي الهدايا ‪...‬‬ ‫ويتم فتحها أمام اجلميع ‪ ،‬كنوع من التآزر‬ ‫والتالصق االجتماعي‪ ،‬ولرمبا ألجل التباهي‬ ‫احملض ‪.‬‬

Through Our Lens

Weddings of Hijaz Photography by Michael Bou-Nacklie


Entering with the groom, the Jesees singer, sometimes accompanied by several singers and dancers form the main portion of the male part of the wedding before the groom leaves with the bride. DESTINATION JEDDAH 87


Towards the end of the ceremony the Jesees and his accompanying troupe of singers and daf drummers kick into high-gear with confetti and celebrate the groom’s coming new life. DESTINATION JEDDAH 89

Similar to traditions globally, children are brought into the wedding ceremony wearing the traditional wedding garb. 90 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The local sword dance involves the men of the family dancing in unison with arms interlocked during the wedding ceremony. DESTINATION JEDDAH 91

The traditional Arabic daf drum is used to accompany the Jesees singer as he sings praise to the groom and his future life as a husband. 92 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Often in wedding ceremonies traditional sword dancers perform during the ceremony.

Photo by Youssuf Aman DESTINATION JEDDAH 93

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QATAR E: Tel: +966-1-4835544 C: Tel: +966-2-6692538 NETHERLANDS E: Tel: +966-1-4880011 C: Tel: +966-2-6515344 NORWAY E: Tel: +966-1-4881904 C: Tel: +966-2-6611222 RUSSIA E: Tel: +966-1-4811875 C: Tel: +966-2-6659212 SENEGAL E: Tel: +966-1-4542144 C: Tel: +966 2-6654465 SIERRA LEONE E: Tel: +966-1-4643982 C: Tel: +966-2-6836172 SINGAPORE E: Tel: +966-1-4803855 C: Tel: +966-2-6073981 SOMALIA E: Tel: +966-1-4643456 C: Tel: +966-2-6570397 SOUTH AFRICA E: Tel: +966-1-4562982 C: Tel: +966-2-6630922 SPAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880606 C: Tel: +966-2-6692790 SRI LANKA E: Tel: +966-1-4606906 C: Tel: +966-2-6395019 SUDAN E: Tel: +966-1-4887979 C: Tel: +966-2-6471090 SWEDEN E: Tel: +966-1-4883100 C: Tel: +966 2-6654833 SWITZERLAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881291 C: Tel: +966-2-6510772 SYRIAN E: Tel: +966-1-4887481 C: Tel: +966-2-6605801 TANZANIA C: Tel: +966-2-6657528 SOMALIA E: Tel: +966-1-4643456 C: Tel: +966-2-6570397 SOUTH AFRICA E: Tel: +966-1-4429716 C: Tel: +966-2-6060299 SPAIN E: Tel: +966-1-4880606 C: Tel: +966-2-6692790 DESTINATION JEDDAH 95


SRI LANKA E: Tel: +966-1-4606906 C: Tel: +966-2-6065414 SUDAN E: Tel: +966-1-4887979 C: Tel: +966-2-6476003 SWEDEN E: Tel: +966-1-4883100 C: Tel: +966 2-6529615 SWITZERLAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881291 C: Tel: +966-2-6510772 SYRIAN E: Tel: +966-1-4887481 C: Tel: +966-2-6605801 TANZANIA E: Tel: +966-1-4542833 C: Tel: +966-2-6657528 THAILAND E: Tel: +966-1-4881174 C: Tel: +966-2-6655317 TUNISIA E: Tel: +966-1-4887900 C: Tel: +966-2-6605320 TURKEY E: Tel: +966-1-4820101 C: Tel: +966-2-6601607 UGANDA E: Tel: +966-1-4544910 C: Tel: +966-2-6633300 UKRAINE E: Tel: +966-1-4508536 UAE E: Tel: +966-1-4881227 C: Tel: +966-2-6515436 USA E: Tel: +966-1-4883800 C: Tel: +966-2-6670080 URUGUAY E: Tel: +966-1-4620739 YEMEN E: Tel: +966-1-4881769

Ministries Commerce Tel: +966 2-6873400 Education Tel: +966 2-6444305 Industry & Electricity Tel: +966 2-6360433 Information & Culture Tel: +966-2-6476222 Interior Tel: +966-2-6684000 Communication & Transportation Tel: +966-2-6704305 96 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Tel: +966 2-6515111 Water Tel: +966 2-6711550 Foreign Affairs Tel: +966-2-6684000 Health Tel: +966-2-6970006 Agriculture & Water Tel: +966 2-6210002

Social Service Organizations Charity Society in Jeddah Al-Zahra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6391100 Charitable Services for the Care of Cancer Patients Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-2-6511373 Enabling Marriage and family support Foundation Al-Nazla Dist. Tel: +966-2-6811168 Faisaliah Women’s Charitable Foundation Al-Rowais Dist. Tel: +966-2-6535000 Friends of the Heart Foundation in Jeddah Behind Al-Tahlia Station Tel: +966-2-6658384 Majid Bin Abdulaziz Foundation for Development and Social Services Al-Shate’e Dist. Tel: +966-2-6062959 National Charitable Foundation for Blood Donation Tel: +966-2-6905008 Society Friends Charitable Foundation Tahliya St. Tel: +966-2-6658713 Women’s Charitable Foundation in Jeddah Al-Nazla Dist. Tel: +966-2-6369652 Zamzam Foundation for Volunteer Health Services Al-Sulaimaniya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6735224

Wedding Halls

WEDDING DIRECTORY Photographers Al-Qasr Tel: +966-2-6394442 Dewi Al-Taweel Tel: +966-2-6943420 Dhawia Tel: +966-2-6651865 Family Tel: +966-2-6695189 Glamour Shots Tel: +966-2-6607101 Lamasat Tel: +966-5-51944607 Sahari Tel: +966-2-6658713 Samya Tel: +966-2-6833245 Suzan Baaqeel Tel: +966-2-6735224 Wedding Halls Al-Embratora Caza Blanca Tel: +966-2-6827771 Al-Kazar Tel: +966-2-6514444 Al-Noor- Meridian Tel: +966-2-6633333 Al-Qasr - Bilad Tel: +966-2-6944777 Al-Sultana Intercontinental Tel: +966-2-6611800 Amasi Tel: +966-2-6300022 Donyati - Westen Tel: +966-2-6588200 Golden Laylati Tel: +966-2-6066666 Habitat Tel: +966-2-6518988 Hilton Hotel Ball Rooms Tel: +966-2-6590000 Jeddah Orchid Ball Rooms Tel: +966-2-6070777 Laylati 1 Tel: +966-2-6066666 Laylati 2 Tel: +966-2-6066666 Nadi Al-Foroosiya Tel: +966-5-03609630 Ramada Tel: +966-2-6670540 Shams - Movenpick Tel: +966-2-6676655 Sheraton Ball Room Tel: +966-2-6992212 Sunset Ball Rooms Tel: +966-2-6605000

Destination Jeddah June Issue  

Destination Jeddah June Issue

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