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Summer of cultural festivities and adventure Summer brings us so much: a welldeserved vacation, exciting activities for the whole family, visitors from across the Kingdom, and lots and lots of heat. The rising temperature of Jeddah hardly shows its effects on Jeddah’s residents when it comes to having fun; families go to parks and enjoy the seaside, spending the maximum amount of time soaking in the fun. While night-time sees restaurants, malls and theme parks brimming with people, making the city feel alive and truly enchanting. Speaking of enchanting, Jeddah Ghair Festival, the sensational annual event that entertains us all is in full swing. It is the highlight of the Jeddah summer with fireworks, water sports and cultural activities. As always, we strive to explore and discover all sorts of activities to introduce to our readers. In this issue we bring the newest addition to Jeddah’s growing list of attractions that will literally give you wings. Thanks to the Jeddah Flying School, you too can now take to the skies as you paraglide high above the city. The exhilarating experience and the bird’s eye view make it worthwhile! On a personal note, Destination Jeddah took a leap forward in its community spirit by organizing “Hijazi Nights”; a night paying tribute to Hijazi culture and gave guests of all ages an opportunity to gather in a pleasant and traditional atmosphere. A discussion by Mr. Fareed Salamah on his “Encyclopaedia of the Hijaz,” live oud music, and delectable traditional cuisine made the event an unforgettable one. Until next month, have a wonderful summer!



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Maz Jobrani & Ahmed Ahmed Kicking into Soccer Scene

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Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - KSA Capital: Riyadh Head of State: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Population: 22.67 million (72% Saudi, 27% foreign) Population Growth: 3.39% (approx. 3% per year) (55% are under the age of 20) Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam. Holy Cities: Makkah, Madinah International Airports: Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz Intl. Airport Riyadh: King Khaled Intl Airport / Dammam: King Fahad Intl Airport Name: Jeddah Head of Region: Prince Khalid Al-Faisal Location: West coast of Saudi Arabia, on the Red Sea Inhabited Area: 1,500 sq. km largest urban center in the Makkah province Jeddah Population: 3.4 million and the 2nd largest city in Saudi Arabia KSA Population: 27.6 million Airport: King Abdul Aziz International Airport (Airport Code: JED) Official Language: Arabic. English is the second official language Important Dates: National Day: 23rd September Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting): 22 August to 19 September 2009 Eid Al Fitr (The Feast of Breakfast / End of Ramadan): 20 to 22 September 2009 Eid Al Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice): 28 to 30 November 2009 Calendar: The Hijri lunar calendar is the traditional measure of time and the Gregorian calendar is used as well in business. (1430/2009) Time Zone: UTC+3 Major English Newspapers: Saudi Gazette, Arab News English Publications: Jeddah Today, Saudi Commerce & Economic Review, What’s up Jeddah

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Currency: Riyal (divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 20 (twenty), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 200 (two hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Currency Exchange Rates: 1.00 United States Dollar (USD) = 3.75 Saudi Riyals 1.00 Euro (EUR) = 5.29 Saudi Riyals 1.00 British Pound (GBP) = 6.23 Saudi Riyals 1.00 Indian Rupee (INR) = 0.078 Saudi Riyals 1.00 Pakistan Rupee (PKR) = 0.046 Saudi Riyals 1.00 Phillippines Peso (PHP) = 0.078 Saudi Riyals Telephone, Mobile and Internet services: The main telephone service provider is STC – Saudi Telecom Company. The Main mobile service providers are STC, Mobily and Zain. They also offer mobile Internet solutions. *STC: *Mobily: *Zain: Internet Service Providers: * Orbit Satellite internet: *, *, *, *, *, *, *Nesma: National TV: Saudi Channel 1 / Saudi Channel 2 (English) / Saudi Channel 3 (Sports) / AlEkhbariya News. Satellite TV: Thousands of free channels from across the Middle East, Asia and Europe can be viewed using a satellite dish and receiver. Premium Satellite Providers: Showtime Arabia: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment., Orbit: Premium Arabic and Western Entertainment. ART: Premium Arabic, Western, and Asian Entertainment

Major Sport: The most popular national sport in Saudi Arabia is Football (Soccer). The two main football clubs in Jeddah are Ittihad and Ahli. Electricity: 110v and 220v.

Country Code: +966 City Codes: Jeddah and Makkah: 02 / Dammam, Dahran, Al-Khobar and Jubail: 03 / Riyadh: 01 / Abha and Najran: 07 / Madinah and Yanbu: 04


Air: Saudi Airlines - Sama Air - Nas Airlines Bus: SAPTCO: National Bus Company offering transportation between most Saudi Cities Railroad: Only one passenger train service between Riyadh and Dammam. Important Numbers: Directory for Businesses and Individuals (905) Emergency Services Telephone Numbers: Police (999) / Fire (998) / Ambulance (997) / Highway Police (996) / Special Police (995) Desert Police (994) / Car Accident (993) / Report an illegal person (992) Standard International Emergency Number for GSM Mobile Networks: (112) DESTINATION JEDDAH 5

Our Guests

Kobi Karp By Micheal Bou-Nacklie

Kobi Karp has made a name for himself from the start of his career with projects dotting the landscape from Nevada to Abu Dhabi, each with their own distinctive flair and vitality formed through Karp’s visionary mind. He recently traveled to the Middle-East, Jeddah specifically, to explore differnt business opportunities for future projects in the region. Karp, a University of Minnesota graduate, has been heading Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design, or more simply KKAID, for the last 20 years and can boast of such clientele ranging from the Hyatt and Hilton groups to the palm island developer, Nakheel. The designs coming out of KKAID especially in the Middle-East are impressive to say the least, with a project in Dubai tapping directly into the up, up and beyond attitude of the Emirate city. The project features a mixed-use commercial and residential marina project with two large elongated glistening silver teardrops spaced around a large O-shaped building. This archaic and yet form filled design is reflected in many projects across the Karp scope of architecture with some incorporating subtle hints of the area to add to the design. In an e-mail interview, Karp said he is “inspired by the natural environment as well as the historical fabric of an area. Architecture should be diverse and varied and reflect the local community, society, history, culture, values, and beliefs.” Close by in Abu Dhabi, another mixed-use residential and commercial project reflects Karp’s attention to detail with interchanging balconies which mimic the look of waves calmly crashing on a beach. Other projects juxtapose this calm and serene design with a more conventional box-like look for a commercial office in Cancun, Mexico. In his brochure, Karp is quoted as saying, “We design office buildings so people are excited to go work in the morning, and still smiling when they leave at night.” This ethos is visible in most of his projects with designs that swing high on both ends of the form vs. function pendulum. With designs that are both modern and clearly cutting edge in nature, the exterior of each one of Karp’s structures is strong and yet simplistically beautiful, clearly running on the idea that less is more.

‫زيارة كوبي كارب لمدينة جدة‬

‫ مب�شاريعه‬،‫ جعل لنف�سه ا�سم ًا براق ًا يف عامل الهند�سة املعمارية‬،‫كوبي كارب هو خريج جامعة ميني�سوتا‬ ‫ متيزت م�شاريعه يف خالل الع�شرين �سنة املا�ضية ب�أ�سلوب‬،‫الكبرية التي امتدت من نيفادا لأبوظبي‬ .‫خمتلف من حيث الت�صميم واحليوية‬ 6


Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shuko

First Malaysian Astronaut talks about experiences and Islam in space By Michael Bou-Nacklie Very few people in the world get to have the chance to travel into space. Fewer still have the chance to become a national icon by being the first from their country to make the trip. That’s exactly what Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shuko, a 35-year-old Malaysian Orthopedic surgeon and part time model, did when he traveled up into space in October 2007 and was the first to play traditional Malay childrens games in zero gravity. On a recent trip to Jeddah while at a function at the Malaysian consulate, Shuko spoke to parents and children alike about his trip to the International Space Station and sat down with Destination Jeddah for a brief interview about his experience both before and after his journey. His trip to the ISS was not all fun and games. Selected from a pool of 11,425 and after having undergone severe mental and physical testing for a year, the trip was in the end to do research on different kinds of cancer cells using the weightlessness of space as a tool. The trip was also important for something other than science for Shuko. Prior to the trip he met with Islamic scholars around the world to agree on a guidebook for Muslim astronauts on how it would be acceptable by Islamic standards to perform prayers while in space. “Spiritually I was closer to God

(after seeing Earth from space)…You quickly realize how your life is insignificant, you don’t look at petty issues anymore.” He said that many scholars told him that prayer in space was unnecessary, but stressing the fact that being Muslim is a way of life he insisted on creating the guidelines for future muslim cosmonauts. Shuko isn’t the first Muslim in space, he’s the ninth but prior to his trip no set guidelines had been set. Although extensive some of the guidelines in the 20-page book, include facing the earth; facing the Kaaba is not a priority, and Jummah can be done by simply touching the wall of the station. “The best part of my trip is that it involves all of Malaysia, not just the kids. It’s also important from an Islamic point of view, that’s why it’s important for me to show the Arab World how important Islam should be done in space.”

‫قام الدكتور مزافر �شاكو جراح العظام املاليزي و الذي يعترب‬ ‫�أول رائد ف�ضاء ماليزي بزيارة ملدينة جدة حدّث فيها الآباء‬ ‫والأطفال عن جتربته قبل و بعد رحلته �إىل حمطة الف�ضاء‬ .‫الدولية‬


Night of LOL :) with

Maz Jobrani & Ahmed Ahmed Text and photos by Michael Bou-Nacklie

Following the success of the last stand-up comedy show, Ahmed Ahmed returned to Saudi Arabia bringing with him another star of the Axis of Evil comedy tour, Maz Jobrani to bring back the laughs to Jeddah and Riyadh. Jobrani, an Iranian American has toured in the region previously but said he felt he “was circling around Saudi Arabia getting ready to come,” he said with a chuckle and a smile. Jobrani, by far not a stranger to the Middle-East comedy scene, both with his Iranian background as well as his tours of places ranging from LA to Qatar, said that the audiences he performs for here are close to what hes used to in the US. A sentiment both he and Ahmed share, which they attribute to how well educated and “intune people are with what’s happening in the rest of the world.” Consequently neither of them say they have to change their material when they travel to the Middle-East however Jobrani says he tries to include as much about the region as well as the place itself in his act. 8


Maz Jobrani

“Like when we landed in Jordan, the first part of the tour for Axis of Evil. I asked the cab driver how did you find out about us, ‘Did you see us on Youtube?,’ ‘No habibi, we have your DVD.’ It occurred to me that they have a bootleg version (of my act).” Jobrani said. As Jobrani arrived on stage the crowd erupted with excitement. This same exuberance is what Jobrani claims is his favorite part of doing shows where the audience is expecting to see a specific comedian. A lot of times as comedians, lets say in LA you end up at a show in one of the night clubs, where the audience is ready to see comedy and they’re a little bit more mainstream, some might know you some might not. Usually whenever you do shows where the audience comes to see you, the audience is already fired up.” Several local comedians performed alongside Ahmed and Jobrani all bringing their own flare to the show including some returning favorites from the previous comedy show. At the Lindt sponsored event, the acts ranging from how irritating a late night mosquito flyby can be to how Arabs would react should Godzilla attack Riyadh. Ahmed said he came back because he enjoyed the crowd’s response so much. “Last time when I was in Riyadh and Jeddah I

Ahmed Ahmed

asked them if they would come back if I brought Maz Jorbani with me and the crowd went crazy.” “People here want to laugh,” Ahmed said seemingly shrugging off stereotypes of the Kingdom he is faced with abroad. “People want to laugh, and there’s a lack of (shows like this) here, it’s something money can’t buy.” Hinting at the idea that he wants more shows like this to take place, Ahmed said that the more prolific these shows become the more progressive and culturally integrated people will become. As part of the comedy tour the group were making a documentary about their experiences performing in the Middle-East to what Ahmed describes as “trying to show the world that Arabs have a sense of humor, because they don’t think we do.” The documentary will in essence bring the Arab idea of humor into the living rooms and onto the computer monitors of nonArabs in order to “bring the human factor of Arab culture and taking it one step beyond what they see on the news.”

‫عاد الكوميدي أحمد أحمد �إىل مدينة جدة بعد‬ ‫جناحه الأخري فيها ب�صحبة زميله النجم الإيراين ماز‬ ‫ لقي العر�ض الذي اقيم يف النادي الإيطايل‬.‫جرباين‬ ‫برعاية �شوكوال لنت �إقبا ًال كبري ًا من �سكان مدينة جدة‬ .‫الذين ا�ستمتعوا بالعر�ض الكوميدي‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 9

In The


Kicking into Soccer Scene by Michael Bou-Nacklie

Few things in life in Saudi Arabia are outpaced by the Kingdoms love for soccer. It is one of the number one pass times for men and it’s the sport that everyone grows up playing so it would seem logical that high-end soccer retail stores would flourish here. Unfortunately this is not the case. Soccer Scene hopes to change that. 10 DESTINATION JEDDAH

“There is a lack of real quality product. We only deal with the actual suppliers like Addidas, Nike, Puma,” said Raja Manjouneh, Retail Operations Manager for Soccer Scene. “For example the Hilal jersey, which are made by Adidas now. Yes you can get something with the three stripes on it. But what you get from us is the exact take-down of what the players are wearing, brought down a bit to save on cost but we only do original products, we don’t do fake.” Manjouneh’s passion for soccer is clear and that’s exactly the kind of person who you would want to go to for all your soccer needs. Given his 15 years in retail sales, most of which was spent in the soccer field, having him in charge of a “dedicated soccer store” just makes plain sense. “Soccer Scene as a brand has been going since the 1980’s, and to be honest, there’s almost nothing that we don’t have.” Few suppliers can boast that they have exclusivity to distributing original jerseys let alone distinct jerseys like the Roma jersey. While sounding off the laundry list of team jerseys, Raja said all the major teams are represented at Soccer Scene. “We cover the most popular, and then, how should I say this, we also cover the weird and wonderful teams.” The weird and wonderful he is referring to are the smaller teams, which are loved for their underdog status. “Customer service in the Kingdom is wholly missing. My heart is in soccer…so when someone comes in they

aren’t a customer, they’re a friend. I don’t really care if someone comes in and doesn’t purchase anything, but if a customer has good experience in the store they will come back and maybe with a few friends.” Manjouneh’s main concern is the customer’s well being in his store that much is clear. Too often stores lack any real customer or aftersales mentality. His passion in unmistakable but he says his staff are well-versed in a wide variety of soccer topics so that if one member of staff cannot help with a topic another would most likely know something about it. Even though items may be marginally more expensive at Soccer Scene rather than the local stores which sell fake jerseys, Manjouneh insists the value lies in how long the item will last. “I guarantee that any other jersey bought somewhere else will start to fall apart after one or two washes,” he said. “A jersey from Soccer Scene will last up to a year and still be in good quality.”

‫ �إىل حمبي كرة القدم كل ما يتعلق‬Soccer Scene ‫يقدم‬ ‫ قم�صان و غريها بت�شكيالت كبرية‬،‫بهذه الريا�ضة من كرات‬ .‫و منوعة‬


Events &


THE JEDDAH COMMERCIAL FORUM: A forum geared towards working to solve commercial problems business professionals are experiencing along with discussing ideas important to the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce was held from June 15-17. It featured several business professionals, ministers and journalists including the Minister of Justice Mohammad Bin Abdulkareem Al-Issa; Founder and CEO of Gulf One Bank Nahed Mohammad Taher. The event was divided into several days with each emphasizing on a different field of business; from the challenges to project financing in the economic crisis to how government procedures affect investment in Saudi Arabia.

‫منتدى جدة التجاري‬

‫ �شارك املنتدى العديد من‬.‫ُعقد منتدى جدة التجاري حلل امل�شاكل التجارية اىل جانب �شهد مناق�شة �أفكار هامة لغرفة جدة التجارية‬ ‫رجال االعمال والوزراء وال�صحافيني من بينهم وزير العدل حممد بن عبدالكرمي العي�سى ؛ امل�ؤ�س�س والرئي�س التنفيذي لبنك جلف ون‬ .‫ناهد حممد طاهر‬ ‫ ومن التحديات التي تواجه متويل امل�شاريع يف الأزمة‬، ‫ق�سم احلدث �إىل عدة �أيام مع الت�شديد على كل جمال الأعمال املختلفة‬ .‫االقت�صادية على الطريقة التي ت�ؤثر يف الإجراءات احلكومية لال�ستثمار يف اململكة العربية ال�سعودية‬ PRINCE KHALED AL-FAISAL HONORES ASDAA BURSON-MARSTELLER WITH SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT FORUM SPONSORSHIP: Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Govnenor of Makkah presided over Asdaa-Burson, Marsteller Public Relations event named ‘Charitable to Sustainable’ organized by the society of Mishal Bin Majid Bin Abdul Aziz for Development and Social Services and chaired by Prince Mishal Bin Majid Bin Abdul Aziz, Governor of Jeddah. Bashar Kharbat, Asdaa-Burson Marsteller country manager, said the event was a demonstration of how Asdaa wants to give back to Saudi society through charitable events. 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Pr. Mishal Bin Majed, Pr. Khaled Al-Faisal, Bashar Kharbat

‫ك ّرم �صاحب ال�سمو امللكي الأمري خالد الفي�صل �أمري منطقة‬ ‫ �شركة �أ�صداء مبنا�سبة رعاية منتدى اخلدمات‬،‫مكة املكرمة‬ ‫االجتماعية والتي ير�أ�سها حمافظ مدينة جدة �صاحب ال�سمو‬ .‫امللكي الأمري م�شعل بن ماجد بن عبدالعزيز‬

Right: Amr Taher, Founder of MeMega & President of BTAT Group

Me Mega Promoters

ME MEGA - TECHNOLOGY & BEYOND: The store’s opening night on May 28th was as extravagant as they come; a laser show, a biker parade, a stunt show by skilled roller-skaters, pyrotechnics on the rooftop, and a large number of young men promoting MeMega by carrying display monitors with the logos flashing on their backs. In honor of the opening night, MeMega invited and welcomed Alex Kosik, president of Gravitonus Inc. based in Virginia, who unveiled the Gravitonus Clubby (aka Gravitonus Game Chair). A conceptualized computer workstation with bundles of comfort, the Gravitonus Clubby comes with an adjustable seat along that is surrounded by three TV screens. Me Mega is definitely a different kind of electronics store in Saudi Arabia, one that’s more based on a model of America’s many big bulk electronics stores. It is worth mentioning that MeMega’s online store lets customers shop at home. Lasting for two days, the MeMega opening celebration gave Jeddawis a taste of novel gadgets that are not to be found anywhere else in the city.

Wowwee Rovio, a remotely controlled robot that streams video over a wireless network

‫ ي�ضم �أدوات و�أجهزة الإلكرتونية تثري ده�شة الزبائن من‬.‫ �أحدث متجر �إلكرتوين فريد من نوعه يف اململكة‬Me Mega ‫مت �إفتتاح‬ .‫خمتلف الأعمار‬ DUBAI SUMMER SURPRISES JEDDAH ROAD-SHOW: The region’s largest summer shopping and entertainment extravaganza, the 12th Dubai Summer Surprises held an event at the Laylaty as part of its MiddleEast road-show on June 6. Major partners taking part in the promotion included the

Talal Al Suwaidi of DTCM, Ibrahim Saleh of DSS, and Ahmed Khoory of Emirates Airlines brief the press

Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Emirates Airlines, and the Dubai Shopping Festival. The core of the activities were outlined at a press conference chaired by Ibrahim Saleh, coordinator general for the Dubai Shopping Festival, Talal Al-Suwaidi of DTCM, and Ahmad Khoory of Emirates Airlines. Several new activities have been added to the list starting with “Cool Activities at the Beach” ranging from rain parties to beach spa treatments. The Dubai Summer Surprises festival lasts 65 days from June 11-August 14.

‫عقد مهرجان دبي و هو الأكرب يف مهرجانات ال�صيف و الت�سوق‬ Middle- ‫و �أقيمت �إحتفالية بقاعة ليلتي بجدة كجزء من‬ ‫ بح�ضور دائرة دبي ال�سياحة والت�سويق‬East road-show .‫ ومهرجان دبي للت�سوق‬،‫ طريان الإمارات‬،‫التجاري‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 13

DAR AL-HEKMA GRADUATING SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGN EXHIBITION: Graphic design students at Dar Al-Hekma University had their four years of study boiled down to two nights where they exhibited their final projects with many standing out demonstrating what the 26 graduates were capable of. With concepts ranging from the more commercially entertaining, such as a pharmacy where super-hero abilities have been distilled to pills and eye-drops, to an experience of art for the blind to a drink which gives the consumer the ability to learn any language. Dima Schneider, Graphic Design Program Director, said the projects were an expression of freedom in the girls exploring their beliefs through the interpretation of their thoughts wholly and honestly. “It’s not only for commercial purposes, but it’s also for cultural purposes,” she said. Despite studying graphic design in Jeddah, the work was very close both in quality and variety to Western styles. Almost as if they were trained in America or England. The skills they acquired are one step closer to the next level.

.‫قامت كلية دار الحكمة بتنظيم املعر�ض ال�سنوي لق�سم الت�صميم اجلرافيكي الذي يعر�ض �أعمال و م�شاريع تخرج الطالبات‬

TEAYANA & DAR AL-HEKMA PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION: Teayana café in association with students from Dar Al-Hekma University initiated a photography exhibition called Shutterbugs Club where all the photos were taken in relation to Teayana café. Photographs were displayed at Dar Al-Hekma University on the 13th of May where visitors voted for the best photo and the winning entry was awarded SR1,000.

‫ حيث عر�ضت ال�صور يف‬Shutterbug Club ‫نظم مقهى تيانا باال�شرتاك مع طالبات دار احلكمة معر�ض لل�صور بعنوان‬ .‫ ريال �سعودي‬١٠٠٠ ‫ و قام زوار املعر�ض بالت�صويت لأف�ضل �صورة و كانت اجلائزة مادية بقيمة‬٢٠٠٩ ‫ مايو‬١٣ ‫كلية دار احلكمة يف‬ 14 DESTINATION JEDDAH

SOTRA’S DELIGHTFUL TREATS: It was not only the cake that was rising at Munch this month. Sotra was thrilled to introduce the third collection of luscious headbands swirled and drizzled with crystals, pearls and ribbons. The two-day event was held at Munch Bakery May 25-26. With mirrors in every corner and eager customers trying on flirtatious bows, tart shaped ruffles, and stylish spirals. The joyous event had people skip their way back home.

‫ ب�إطالق جمموعتها اجلديدة‬Sotra ‫قامت جمموعة‬ Munch bakery ‫لربطات الر�أ�س الثالثية الأبعاد يف‬ .2009 ‫ مايو‬٢٦ ‫ و‬٢٥ ‫بتاريخ‬

HONEY BISCUITS BOOK SIGNING: Hanane Khaldoun Fathallah’s wonderfully written and illustrated book, Honey Biscuits was made available to the general public at the Little Book shop in Roshana Mall on May 27th. Fathallah greeted readers of all ages during the event held as the launch of her book originally conceptualized as her Graphic Design final project. The story revolves around a cast of fun and fuzzy animal characters including the main character, a patched up bear named Zaatar. Readers, along with Zaatar, will learn about teamwork as they discover how to make honey biscuits and are rewarded with a recipe to make the delicious treats at the end of the story. The event resulted in as many as forty books being sold. As a gesture of thanks by the author, each book came with a thank you card featuring the whole cast of characters from Honey Biscuits.

.‫ للأطفال الذي لقي �إقبا ًال كبري ًا من الزوار‬Honey Biscuits ‫قامت الكاتبة حنان خلدون فتح اهلل بالتوقيع على كتابها‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 15

AL-AAN TV HOLDS DINNER CELEBRATING SAUDI FEMALE MEDIA: Al-Aan TV held a dinner at the Jeddah Hilton, in honor of Saudi women working in the national media as well as to celebrate the launch of a program dedicated to women’s issues. Al-Saudiyat Gheir is a program dedicated to create a dialogue in Saudi society launched by the Emirate TV network. Commenting on the program, Al-Sauidiyat Gheir presenter, Hiba Jamal said the program was received with “huge success in its first continued success thanks to our purpose-driven and constructive approach to issues concerning Saudi women.”

.‫نظمت قناة الآن حدث �إعالمي مهم يف فندق جدة هيلتون على �شرف املر�أة ال�سعودية العاملة لإطالق برنامج ل�سعوديات غري‬ A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD: Held at Dar Al-Hekma university, the efforts of the students and the faculty members sparkled when they took their audience through “A Trip around the World.” The students took the audience to several countries such as India, Ireland, France, Mexico, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. In each trip the students created a presentation with general information about each country using the most advanced technologies without any professional help. Then a small scene about each country was shown. This event was solely developed and organized by the students. The event was mainly sponsored by NESCAFE My Cup, MAGGI and Rima Salon & Spa.

‫ يف كلية دار احلكمة بف�ضل اجلهود املبذولة من قبل الطالبات و العامالت و الذي يتميز‬A Trip around the World ‫عقد‬ .‫بدعمه املتوا�صل للمجتمع ب�صفة عامة وال�شباب خا�صة‬ 16 DESTINATION JEDDAH

COKE ZERO FREE-JUMP: From June 18-19, Jeddah residents were given a chance to freejump outside Red Sea Mall, jointly sponsored by Dubai Actions and Coke Zero. Similar to bungee jumping, free jumping is safer and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults.

‫ القفز الحر‬- ‫كوكاكوال زيرو‬ ‫ و هذه الريا�ضة مماثلة للبنجي و‬.Coke Zero ‫ و‬Dubai Actions ‫ُمنحت جدة فر�صة القفز احلر يف الرد �سي مول حتت رعاية‬ .‫لكنها �أكرث �أمان ًا و ميكن �أن يتمتع بها كل فرد من الأطفال و الكبار‬

CILANTRO CAFÉ PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION: A photography competition was held at Cilantro Café from May 30-June 6. Fourteen photographers took part in the competition, organized by XO advertising, which required them to take photos inside the cafe. The photos were then exhibited on the walls of Cilantro Café and visitors voted for the best from June 7-10. The winner was Reem Afandi, a photographer from Jeddah. Certificates were handed to the participants by Mohammed Madani Manager of Al-Madahiya Group.

‫ من قبل وكالة‬Cilantro Cafe ‫قدت مناف�سة للت�صوير يف‬ ‫ حيث مت عر�ض ال�صور يف نف�س املقهى و مت‬،XO ‫االعالن‬ ‫ ُ�س ّلمت اجلائزة من الأ�ستاذ‬.‫الت�صويت عليهم من قبل الزوار‬ ‫ �إىل الفائزة رمي‬،‫ مدير جمموعة املداحية‬،‫حممد مدين‬ .‫�أفندي من جدة‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 17

ART KHANA BAZAAR: The bazaar took place from June 1-4 and featured a wide range of items from prayer beads, handbags and handmade dresses. Several local designers participated in the bazaar including Mona Abu Al-Faraj, Eman Joharjee, and Majda Abdul Shakur who created gift sets and Wid and Yum Fayez who set up their displays for accessories adding some flair to the bazaar.

‫بازار خانة الفن‬

‫ �شارك العديد من‬.‫ و ثياب م�صنوعة باليد‬،‫ حقائب اليد‬،‫ُنظم بازار خانة الفن يف �شهر يونيو و �شمل على العديد من ال�سبح‬ .‫ و مي فايز‬،‫ ود‬،‫ ماجدة عبد ال�شكور‬،‫ اميان جوهرجي‬،‫امل�صممني املحليني منهم منى �أبو الفرج‬

CHAMPIONI - SAUDI VS SOUTH KOREA SOCCER MATCH: The Championi café welcomed soccer fans to celebrate and enjoy the Saudi Arabia vs. South Korea soccer match on June 17th. The café’s Executive Manager, Kareem Ajanmi, love for sports is visible in the design of the café and giving it the feel of a haven for soccer and sports lovers alike.

Saudi fans show their support during the match

‫ مب�شجعي كرة القدم لالحتفال و اال�ستمتاع مب�شاهدة مباراة كرة القدم بني ال�سعودية و كوريا‬Championi ‫رحب مقهى‬ ‫ يهوى الريا�ضة مما ظهر يف ت�صميم املقهى و �أعطى انطباع ًا رائع ًا‬،‫ املدير التنفيذي للمقهى‬،‫ الأ�ستاذ كرمي عجنمي‬.‫اجلنوبية‬ .‫لع�شاق كرة القدم‬ 18 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Al-Hijaz VIPs

AL-HIJAZ GARDENS OPENING: Al-Hijaz Gardens, a professional landscape contracting company, recently had its opening. The Jeddah based company invited guests and VIPs to view some of their successful projects and to get an overview of their services which include softscape - planting, irrigation systems, lighting, site infrastructure, site furniture and building of green houses.

‫مت افتتاح شركة حدائق الحجاز للمقاوالت‬ ‫بح�ضور عدد من كبار ال�شخ�صيات للإطالع على خدماتها و‬ .‫بع�ض م�شاريعها الناجحة‬

GOLD’S GYM OPEN ARM WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP: The first Open Arm Wrestling Championship was held at the Gold’s Gym Grand Jeddah and saw the participation of many of its members and visitors. Several media agencies covered the championship including Saudi Channel 1, MBC, and Al-Ekhbareya. Valuable prizes were given to the winner of the championship courtesy of Gold’s Gym.

‫ مب�شاركة عدد كبري من �أع�ضاء النادي و الزوار‬Gold Gym ‫ يف‬Arm Wrestling ‫بح�ضور تغطية �إعالمية كبرية �أقيمت �أول بطولة‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 19

Wisaal Family Event Wisaal Development Centre held a staff and family event recently which involved the Wisaal Teams’ children and friends painting on the walls of a roof top garden in Jeddah.

Wisaal organized the event to show what can be achieved when allowed the freedom to be creative. Children ranging from 4 years and up were given protective clothing, pots of different colored paints, brushes and sponges allowed to paint free style. Some of the adults took part in the activity and found the whole experience therapeutic. White walls were transformed into something bright and beautiful. The event was a success and the children enjoyed it so much that Ghazi Binzagr, President of Wisaal Development Centre, suggested holding this kind of family event on a regular basis. 20 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Mark Your

June 15 - July 15

Calendar July 2009

Saudi Arabian Student Admissions

Palm Group Educational Services Ltd. will send one of its representatives to Saudi Arabia to receive admissions from students wanting to study in New Zealand. Whether in an English institute, university, summer school, camp all options are available to the applicants. Venue: All Schools, Resorts, Malls...

July 1

Cilantro Drawing Competition

XO Advertising is organizing a drawing competition at Cilantro Café. If you enjoy drawing, then you should apply to participate in this competition. Visit Cilantro Café from July 1-15 to get the chance of drawing on the RED Book provided by the café. Afterwards, the drawings will be scanned and exhibited on the walls of Cilantro Café for friends and family to cast their votes. The winner will be announced on the July 19th. Don’t miss it! To sign up for the competition, e-mail your name and mobile number to Venue: Cilantro Café, Le Chateau Mall

July 1

KAU Architecture Expo

Under the title “Seeing the art in architecture” King Abdul Aziz University is launching its expo showcasing the work by male and female students in the Environmental Design, Home Economics, Interior Design and Art departments. This year’s theme works to emphasize why art embedded in architecture is so important in our manmade environment. The event will run for 5 days and will be presided over by Professor Osama Bin Sadik Tayeb, president of the University. Venue: Mall of Arabia, Grand Exhibition Gallery

July 1 - 31

Elaf Group to open Red Sea Mall Hotel

Saudi Arabian hospitality firm, Elaf Group of Companies, has announced that it has won the contract to manage a five star Hotel at the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah. The hotel and Elaf Jeddah Red Sea Mall, will open its doors this July. Venue: Red Sea Mall

July 8-11

Dar Al-Hekma Graduation Events

Dar Al-Hekma (DAH) University will be awarding bachelor’s degrees to students who successfully completed their four-year, college-level curriculum. Two events will be held in celebration of the new batch of 150 graduates. 1- Graduation Ceremony for mothers and female family members on July 8th. 2- Graduation Ceremony for fathers and VIP donors on July 11th. Venue: DAH Auditorium

July 26 - Aug 5

10 Day Book Fair

Saudi authors will have an objective and intellectual discourse with readers during a 10-day book fair. Mohammed Qiran of Jeddah Literary Club said this cultural event is organized as part of the Jeddah Ghair tourism festival. Prominent writers will take part in the debates, he added. Venue: Jeddah International Center for Forums and Events. DESTINATION JEDDAH 21

Exciting News

Something new this summer... The constant development of Makkah province contributes significantly to the lives of Jeddawis as well as visitors to the city. Not only that, but Jeddah is currently the center of an exciting summer festival. These news items are not tied to any certain events, so we’ve included this bonus section to more accurately inform you about them. We hope you find these news items as interesting as we do.

Luxury on the Red Sea

Set among beautifully landscaped gardens on the Corniche of Jeddah, Park Hyatt Jeddah – Marina, Club and Spa is an innovative five-star sanctuary where contemporary luxury and exceptional service meets unrivalled views of the Red Sea and King Fahd fountain. The hotel enjoys a prime location in the very heart of the city, within the esteemed Al-Hamra District at the Equestrian Club of Jeddah, and just minutes away from the central business district. Business and leisure travelers will be welcomed with state-of-the-art meeting and business facilities as well an impressive array of sport and leisure pursuits. The


commercial and financial districts, as well as the main shopping and entertainment areas of Jeddah are nearby, making Park Hyatt Jeddah the ideal launching point from which visitors can conduct business or explore the relaxing activities of the destination. The multi-faceted resort is a remarkable engineering feat that reclaimed prime waterfront land from the Red Sea, while retaining the delicate surrounding marine life. The 140,000 sq. meter complex overlooks sweeping views of the sea and the world-famous King Fahd fountain with its more than 312m high plume of water.

Jeddah Summer Festival

Makkah-Taif highway

Reopens after 3 years

The regularly occurring festival which takes place every 6 weeks will be launched by Governor of Makkah, Khaled Al-Faisal and will feature several different kinds of activities from watersports to fireworks to Eid, Ramadan and Haj celebrations as well as cultural programs. As part of the celebrations historical buildings will be open to the public, said Jeddah municipality’s Culture and Tourism Department head Sami Nawwar. “Naseef House, for example, will have a model of the majlis of King Abdul Aziz and an exhibition about Muslim civilization,” he said. “There will also be caravans and traditional music during the summer festival this year in the city of Jeddah.”

‫كعادتها جدة كل عام تطلق فعاليات جدة غري برعاية �صاحب‬ ‫ وت�شهد فعاليات هذا العام‬.‫ال�سمو امللكي الأمري خالد الفي�صل‬ .‫ ن�شاطات بحرية وبرامج ثقافية‬،‫ن�شاطات خمتلفة من العاب نارية‬

The highway linking Makkah and Taif was reopened after a three-year renovation project costing SR218 million, inaugurated by the Emir of Makkah, Prince Khaled Al-Faisal. Minister of Transportation Jabara Bin Eid Al-Suaiseri said the project involved a major renovation and reconstruction of the infrastructure throughout the project. Additions included setting up lighting for the entire length of the highway which was previously sporadically lit, as well as the addition of safety barriers and other driver measures to protect motorists.

‫افتتح الأمري خالد الفي�صل �أمري منطقة مكة املكرمة يوم‬ ٢٠٠٩ ‫ يونيو‬٦ ‫ هـ املوافق‬١٤٣٠ ‫ جمادى الثاين‬١٣ ‫ال�سبت‬ ‫ بقيمة‬،‫طريق الهدا الذي يربط بني مكة املكرمة والطائف‬ ‫ بعدما ا�ستمر �إغالقه نحو ثالث‬،‫ مليون ريال‬218 ‫زادت على‬ .‫ هـ‬1427 ‫�سنوات حيث بد�أت �أعمال التو�سعة فيه منذ عام‬


Arts &

Entertainment Family Fun

Junior Gym:

Growth and Fun Rolled into One Photos by Michael Bou-Nacklie

From the second you set foot in the Junior Gym you know this place is not like any other gym here in the Kingdom; it is one of the few places where children can come and be active and learn at the same time.

The location itself is an explosion of color from wall to wall, making the place radiate an atmosphere of a fun but productive learning environment. From the climbing wall in the center of the facility to the indoor basketball court, the Junior Gym is a place where children can be children. The entire gym incorporates a simple design and is divided into two levels with large framed portraits of children playing football, painting and doing ballet scattered around the walls. Founder and Managing Director, Nisreen Al-Nasser, a mother of three, understands that exercise is essential for a child’s physical and social growth. Having a masters degree in public health from Boston University, her experience in healthy physical and mental activities gives the gym a credibility not found anywhere else. The idea wasn’t to build 24 DESTINATION JEDDAH

a sports club; but a place where children can build self-esteem, confidence and develop problem solving skills as a team in a fun, safe and non-competitive way. The activities available are taught by professional instructors, according to age groups. For toddlers (1-5-years-old) the program is designed to incorporate the earliest aspects of physical fitness such as gymnastics, wall climbing, soccer and basketball; as well as arts and crafts. For older children (6-12-years-old) other games are available to help them improve muscle coordination and grasp the concepts of teamwork, ranging from basketball, soccer, karate and volleyball. The climbing wall is used as a training aid to teach children how to plan and implement while helping them improve flexibility. Similiarly hydraulic equipment, acts as a combination

of resistance training and aerobic exercise designed to encourage children to continue being active. Junior Gym has a nurse on staff at all times to make sure that children are cared for and stay safe. The location is also used by special needs children and different schools. Junior Gym plans to offer differnt programs to help children resist peer pressure, improve their self-image and achieve their goals. Junior Gym creates just the right ambiance for children to learn and play all while being constructive with their time. 1st floor, Gold Moor Mall, Al-Shatee st. Phone: (02) 691 1925 - 691 1347 Fax: (02) 691 4472 Mobile: 050 066 6108 Email:


Through Our Lens:

Beating The Heat

at Jeddah’s Theme Parks By Michael Bou-Nacklie




Fun Oasis Although few parks dot the coast of Jeddah, many more can be found in the desert alongside the roads traveling to different parts of the Kingdom. Most of these are limited to families and feature traditional restaurants and coffee shops.




Although the Kingdom lacks the big names in theme park entertainment, like Six Flags or Busch Gardens, Jeddah’s parks are famous throughout the Kingdom with many traveling from across the nation to come and enjoy the seaside. Check out our directory for listings of theme parks around Jeddah on Page 37


Arts &

Entertainment Culture

Keeping tradition alive with a

“Hijazi Nights” By Fatima Bistro and Syed Shabbir Siraj Photos by DJ Team


The word culture brings to mind a sea of exotic experiences and traditions, enriching all those who take pleasure in meeting people and visiting different countries. Traveling the world is not always necessary in order to absorb a different culture; a single nation can have a diverse people that add to its cultural topography. The Hijaz region is just an area with its rich history and diverse inhabitants, all with their own stories and songs. Showcasing Hijazi culture at Sami Angawi’s Al-Makkiyah Culture House, Enas Hashani, CEO of Destination Jeddah, organized Hijazi Nights on 23rd of June featuring oud player Sahl Junaid and scholar/writer Fareed A. Salamah. The Destination Jeddah team, clad in fashionable Hijazi attire, welcomed guests as they stepped through an ornate, wooden door of the magnificent Angawi residence while succulent dates and gahwa (Arabic coffee) were served by the catering staff. Guests were escorted along narrow, marble hallways to the ‘food tasting and crafts’ foyer where a bazaar had also been set up. The bazaar was lucky DESTINATION JEDDAH 33

Fareed A. Salamah

Sahl Junaid

to have several enterprising Saudi women showcasing their products including jewelry, dresses with intricate embroidery and many more items sharing a Hijazi connection. Traditional melodies floated through the air amidst conversations of Arabic, English, French and German; the music resonated throughout the corridors and archways of the grand hall. The high ceilings and open ventilation provided some relief to the hot and humid June night. Junaid, wearing a white thobe and a golden-orange Hijazi headdress, spoke to guests in between his soulful strumming of the oud. He discussed the origins of the instrument and the heritage it exemplifies for the people of the Hijaz. The lively atmosphere of the main gathering

Dr Ali Al-Ghufais, Mayor of the Technical and Vocational Training General Corporation

‫ليالي حجازية‬

‫ بالتعاون مع دار املكية �أول ليلة من ليايل حجازية لإلقاء ال�ضوء على تاريخ و تراث احلجاز‬Destination Jeddah ‫عقدت جملة‬ .‫ مب�شاركة الأ�ستاذ فريد �سالمة �صاحب معجم الأمثال ال�شعبية ملدن احلجاز و الأ�ستاذ �سهل جنيد الذي �أحتفنا مبو�سيقاه الرتاثية‬،‫الرثي‬ 34 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Enas Hashani (left), CEO Destination Jeddah and Managing Editor, Siyaraa Shaikh (right) present Mahmoud Sabbagh with an award.

hall became a murmur once Salamah was invited to speak about his recent publication “Encyclopedia of the Hijaz”, which was 20 years in the making. Embellishing his talk with poetry and anecdotes, the colorful yet riveting Salamah gave his audience an amusing perspective of everyday life and recalled how things used to be in the days of his youth. A word of thanks brought the evening to a close as awards were given to Junaid and Salamah; mementos for their participation in “Hijazi Nights” and for making it an exciting cultural event as well as a great learning experience for everyone present. Salamah accepted his award by reciting a poem celebrating the Hijazi lifestyle, giving a renewed sense of hope for the preservation of Hijaz culture for generations to come.

Managing Editor, Siyaraa Shaikh (left) presents Salamah and Junaid with awards for their contributions.

Editor in Chief Enas Hashani, receives a selection of chocolates on behalf of Lindt chocolate. DESTINATION JEDDAH 35

Arts &

Entertainment Movie

Saudis in America Arabs Discuss Living in a Post 9/11 World After 9/11, the looking glass with which the rest of the world saw Arabs and Muslims through was forever changed for the worse. To see the full extent of how things have changed, Saudi filmmaker Fahmi Farahat takes a camera to make an introspective documentary about how Arabs are living in a post 9/11 world. The documentary opens to an Arabian instrumental version of the Star Spangled banner and in a similar tone, focuses on how Farahat’s family, many of whom are Arab-Americans, interpreted the attacks and how their lives were permanently changed both as Arabs and as Americans. The documentary is an attempt by its creators to

expose the differences between Islam in Saudi Arabia and culture which working together create the daily fabric of the country. Several members of Farahat’s family, including his German mother, speak about their beliefs of what Saudi Arabia is as well as their experiences as Saudis in America. One example was when a friend was arrested and held by police and then immigration, on suspecting him of being affiliated with Al-Qaeda, because his last name was Al-Qadi. The documentary acts as a backlash to the western imposed idea of what life and women are perceived to be while justifying that Saudis are just like people anywhere else simply living in a country that is different.

‫�أ�صدر املخرج ال�سعودي فهمي فرحات فيلم ًا وثائقي ًا ليلقي الأ�ضواء على حياة العرب و امل�سلمني بوجه عام‬ ١١ ‫ والتغيري الذي طر�أ عليهم بعد �أحداث‬،‫و على ال�سعوديني بوجه خا�ص يف الواليات املتحدة الأمريكية‬


‫اﻟﺒﺮﻧﺎﻣﺞ اﻟﺼﻴﻔﻲ‬

‫ﺻﻴﻔﻨﺎ ﺑﻔﺎﺋﺪة‬

Creative Childhood 0504390998 :∫GƒL 6077224 :∞JÉg

∂∏ŸG ≥jôW - ÅWÉ°ûdG »M ,IóL



Fun & Recreation

Museums & Art Venues

Arts & Entertainment

Directory Bookstores Al-Maktaba Stores Tel: +966-2-6620890 Al-Khair Tel: +966-2-6936318 CBA Tel: +966-2- 690 0671Â Dar Al-Mareekh Tel: +966-2-6531625 Jarir Sari Street Tel: +966-2-6827666 Prince Sultan Street Tel: +966-2-4202050 Madina Tel: +966-2-6659045 Mamoun Tel: +966-2-6446614 Mansour Tel: +966-2-6690877 Marikh Bookshop Tel: +966-2-6531625 Tihama Tel: +966-2-6515776 Rawaea Al.Maktabat Tel: +966-2-6827730 Reema Tel: +966-2-6518864 Sanrio Tel: +966-2-6647199 Libraries Effat Tel: +966-2-6364300 Jeddah Public Tel: +966 2-6363920 Mirza Tel: +966-2-6726773 38 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Fun & Recreation

Museums & Art Venues

Al-Hokair Tel: +966-2-2758707 Al-Shallal Theme Park Tel: +966-2-6063993 Bowling City Tel: +966-2-6690800 Bowling World Tel: +966-2-6744545 Chucky Cheese Tel: +966-2-6062608 Funtime Pizza Tel: +966-2-6555992 Ice Land Tel: +966-2-6626666 IN10SO Tel: +966-2-2844992 Jeddah Aqua Park Tel: +966-2-2381111 Jungle Land Tel: +966-2-2250003 Kids Castle Tel: +966-2-6988000 Moon Toon Tel: +966-2-2844855 Oceanica Tel: +966-2-2150723 Planet Pluto Tel: +966-2-6693732 Sky Diving Tel: +966-2-6555992 Smart Kid (Al-Hokair) Tel: +966-2-4202370 Sparks Tel: +966-2-6162144 Stationery Fantasies Tel: +966-2-6827730

Al-Alamia Gallery Tel: +966-2-6635107 Art Frame Trading Est. Macarona St. Tel: +966-2-6722339 Al-Tayibat International City Museum for Sciences & Knowledge Al-Jazeerah St. Tel: +966-5-03601376 Darat Safeya Binzagr Tel: +966-2- 6635107 Mansoojat Foundation Roshan Gallery for Fine Arts Tel: +966-2-6640710 The Museum Shop Off Palestine St. Near Sofitel Hotel Tel: +966-2-6614900


Summer Special: Jeddah’s Summer Camps

Summer is here, schools are out. That means one thing for parents, it’s time to choose summer programs for their children. To help ease some of the confusion we’ve put together a list of some schools, which may help parents match up the needs and interests of their children with appropriate programs. Happy hunting!

Ambassadors Schools Ages: Boys & Girls 3-6

Made up of cozy classrooms, every class of 20 students has two teachers, with one speaking only English and the other Arabic. This will help children learn both languages more efficiently as they progress through the day. Each classroom is divided into six areas; practical life, sensory, language, Islam, math, culture and geography. For more information visit:

Creative Childhood Summer School

Ages: Boys 6-9 Girls 6-16 The CCSS has a one-month session starting from July 6th, featuring etiquette classes, swimming, Tae-Kwon-Do, cooking classes, art, language lessons for English and French, Qura’an and much much more.

Enchanted Garden

Age: Boys & Girls 3-10 years Featuring wide variety of activities focusing on a wide range of activities, starting from June 13-August 12. The Enchanted Garden is located on Tahlia Street and is open from 9:30am-1pm. For more information: 054691812

Junior Gym

Focusing on activities involving sports and music. Located on Shatii Street. Open from 4-8pm from June-August. For more information: 026911925

MGM Summer Camp

Ages: Boys 3-9 / Girls: 10-16 With a wide variety of activities ranging from etiquette classes, English, sports, Islam, social games, Arts and weekly field trips around Jeddah.

Summer School at IPS Ages: Boys & Girls 3-9

Come and join the fun at IPS Summer School for fun-filled classes like Arts & Crafts, drawing, aerobics, English, cooking, computers, etiquette, sand games, swimming, trips around Jeddah and much more. This is a great chance to mix fun and learning, and to make new friends. For more information: 0569490403 – 056980685

Thinkers Tinker

A wide range of fun activities for both for children and adults, including swimming, a variety of other sports, classes for artistic growth, as well as how prepare meals at home. For more information: 026923715 DESTINATION JEDDAH 39

Fashion & Shopping

Jungle Blue

With a clang of her floral bangles, Shaima Tayeb, founder of the newly opened Jungle Blue store, explains her passion for traveling and bringing back clothing and jewelry from the Far-East to help women in Jeddah find their inner beauty through an explosion of colors. Jungle-Blue is a term used to describe the vibrant blue glow that reflects off the sea and onto the jungles sitting at the seaside in places like Vietnam and Laos. The lush green interior is illuminated by the cool glow of the ocean giving it a different look and feel. That’s exactly what Tayeb wants women here to discover.

women around East Asia which Tayeb says she goes back regularly to pick up more items every few months.

“When I was there I was amazed at how women just wrap a piece of cloth or a sarong around them and they instantly become so beautiful,” she said with a twinkle in her eye as she remembered the bright floral designs and colors of the East Asian women.

Thick branches reach out of the ground and create a

The main concept of Jungle-Blue is beauty through simplicity, by wearing simple clothes made from simple fabrics but made with love and care by


“Im trying to encourage every woman to find their inner beauty. The inner beauty that can come to the outside, and colors really help with that (transformation).”

small area inside the boutique. A vibrant green area with wallpaper palms and ferns climbing the walls and small wooden seats giving the corner a serene and organic feel. She said what most people usually do is that they spend their time chasing brands trying to get the latest and most fashionable items, which in the end, she says distracts from making a woman beautiful. “You don’t have to stay with one brand, make your own thing, stop copying people.” Uniqueness is another quality which Tayeb clearly holds dear, given with how her collection is unique based on how she hand picks pieces from all over East Asia in order to compile a collection which can truly make a woman feel as beautiful as she wants to feel.


H&M Summer Splash! Affordable Summer Fashion! This summer H&M is bringing a new collection with its usual vigor and splash of colors and eclectic mix of styles. H&M, one of the leading worldwide brands with over 1,300 stores worldwide, continues its infusion of new styles all the while creating items which are simple and affordable.

USD 6.95


16 .90

The collection brings a fun-filled summer attitude with brightly colored designs as well as the simplicity in fabrication the brand has been known for over its 20 year lifespan.

.90 USD 19


6.95 USD

USD 9.90

USD 4.90 D US

.90 39

49.90 USD


16 .90

29.90 USD USD 4 9.90



Fashion & Shopping

Gifts & Souvenirs

Keeping in mind last month’s soccer fever brought on by the eighth FIFA Confederations Cup, here are two stores located in Jeddah to give you your soccer fix.

Sports Mania

Athlete Mini Bobble Head Figure SR10-SR16

From toy figurines of major soccer stars, play sets, and bobble-heads to key chains, framed items and other paraphernalia, Sports Mania caters to the kid in every soccer aficionado who wants to showcase his/her love for the sport.

Marvel Superheroes Mini Bobble Head Figure SR15 per item

Soccer Team Playset SR130

Soccer Scene Soccer Scene is Jeddah’s one-stop shop for a great selection of officially licensed, authentic, soccer apparel and clothing. Their gear, apparel, and soccer themed merchandise make for some great gifts for any soccer fan you may know.


Soccer Scene School Kit SR60

Man-U Bedding SR175 Red Teddy bear SR45

Tel: +966-554598449 - Location: I Love Hishma - Mall: Ana Special

Adding life and vibrance to traditional abayas


Fashion & Shopping

TechnologyLatest Gadgets

Nikon D5000: Nikon has added a new camera to their range, with the launch of the Nikon D5000. The Nikon D5000 features a 12.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, a 2.7 inch LCD screen which can be swivelled to different positions. Coupled with Nikon’s EXPEED image processing and NIKKOR optics, breathtaking picture quality is assured. Capture stunning photos in challenging picture-taking situations including sunsets, candlelight, silhouette, portrait, landscape, beach/snow, and more. SR2,737 Nikon Coolpix Extreme Digital Camera A digital camera is great to have and take pictures of everything you consider interesting but it is a shame that weather often dictates how and where you can use it. Designer Camillo Vanacore proposes us an interesting concept design, the Nikon Coolpix Extreme Digital Camera. The camera is designed to work in any environment, snow, rain, even really hot weather. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. The camera is very nice and looks great but I guess it will be very difficult to make an indestructible camera...and make it look so good! SR750-SR1,200 The Luxury Laptop, ASUS Lamborghini VX3 Equal parts style and stellar performance, ASUS’ Lamborghini VX3 is built for the more glamorous geek. The system features a largefor-its-size 320GB hard drive, discrete graphics and an exterior painted with the same paint used on actual Lamborghinis. If you long for the flash and status associated with the Lamborghini name but can’t afford the real wheels just yet, this is the perfect option for you SR1,2371 46 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Samsung Omnia II The Samsung Omnia II will come with a 3.7 inch AMOLED WVGA resistive touchscreen display, and 8.1 megapixel camera with a dual LED flash and built in video recording that is capable of 30fps. Other specifications include built in WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and HSDPA connectivity, plus 150MB ogf built in memory, mini USB and a 1500 mAh battery. The Samsung Omnia II will run Windows Mobile 6.1, with a custom TouchWiz UI. SR750-SR1,200

Zune MP3 Player The new Zune features reflect an effort by Microsoft to compete with the Apple products, especially, of course, with the iPod Touch that has a touch screen. Also, this fact is a clear signal that Microsoft is working hard in order to incorporate its different platforms for computers and mobile phones into the Xbox environment. SR150

iConnect Media Keyboard If you enjoy having your iPhone or iPod integrated with all of your technology, you’ll enjoy this new line of iHome products. They add docks into products you’d normally have lying around anyway. Such as adding a spot for your iPhone or iPod into a keyboard. Then it’s always within reach and it can charge up. There won’t be the issue of added cords that way either or a random dock sitting on your desk. It’s just another part of the current technology and it looks great. SR559-SR1,121 Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Phone Sony has revealed details of their latest Walkman phone, the Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Phone. The Sony Ericsson W995a Walkman Phone features a 2.6 inch QVGA display, and 8.1 megapixel camera with LED flash, auto focus, face detection, and a front facing video camera for making video calls. SR2,250 DESTINATION JEDDAH 47



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Classic, Miss Sixty, Primo, Quick, Silver, S.T.Dopunt Etoile Tahlia Street Tel :+966-2-6973428 Shops: Al Romaizan, Boss, Canali, Come As You Are, Emad rizq, Fitoshi, Gentle Man, Lomar, lospazio, My Fair Lady, Rawasy, Rubaiyat, Steak House, The Wall Hera’ Avenue Hera’a Street Tel :+966-2-6995453 Shops: Adams kids, Aldo, Alhomaidhi, Barrats, Bershka, Camaicu, Charles and Kaith, Faces, Jennyfer, La Senza, La Senza Girl, La Senza Shop, La Vie en Rose, Marks & Spencer, Mikyaji, Monsoon, Nayomi, Nine West, Sergent major, Sports city, Spring, Swatch, Tape A Loeil, The Body Shop, Wailis, Zain, Zara Hera’a International Souq Hera’a Street Tel :+966-2-6540097 Shops: Adams, AlAttar, Al-Dahham, AlHumaidi, Al-Maghrabi, Al-Mualim, Barkley, Benatton, Bershka, Bhs, Celio, Clair’s, Diesel, Esprit, Faces, Giordano, Guess, Health Lines, Jacadi, La Moda, La Senza, Mango, Milano, Mothercare, Naomi, Nectar, Next, Next Kids, Nina, Nine West, Panasonic, Paper moon, Promod, Quick Silver, DESTINATION JEDDAH 51

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Le Mall Tahlia street Tel: +966-2- 6600111 Shops: Accessories, Clair’s, Fetaihi Jewelry, Karen Millen, La Senza, Nine West, Rizq Jewellery, Rubaiyat (Bags & Shoes), Springfield, Starbucks, Swatch, The Body Shop Mall of Arabia Al-Haramein Road Tel: 920009550 Dining: Burger King, Canton, Chili’s, Cinnabon, Fire of Brazil, Fish&Chips, FuddRuckers, Hardee’s Herfy, KFC, Kudu, Mango, McDonald’s, Pans&Co., Pastalita, Roma Way, Santinos, Shaminana, Shawerma, Sushi Ken, Tako Hut, Thai Express, Tony Romas, Vapiano, YO SUSHI Shops: Abu Sharaf, Accesori, Adams, Adidas, Ahmad Abdulwahed, Alpha Opticals, Alshaya, Balad, Bershaka, Blue Age, Bonia, Boots,Brics, BSB, BSX, C&B, C&K, Cameui, Camille’s Sidewalk, Carters, Celio, Chad Valley, Coast, D-E-P-T, Dorthy Perkins, Evans, Exit, Faces, GBK, Girls, Go Sports, H-Flow, H&M, Hokair, Hush Hush,I Style, Jennyfer, Kikik,La Senza, La Senza Girl,La Vin En Rose, Lady Bird, Life Kids, Limited Too, Liz Claiborne, Lynnes, Maghrabi Kids, Mini Modu, Miss Selfridge, Miss Whatever, Mother Care, Nectar, New Yorker, Nike, Nil Yarz, Nose, Oasis, Okaidi, Opt. Centre, Party Princess, Pride of Kashmir, Principle, Pull & Bear, Puma, Pumpkin Patch, Quiz, Ribbon, Rina, Salhiya, School, Sgt. Major, SIA, Spring, Stradivarius, Sun &Sands

Sports, Swiss Corner, Tally Weijl, TCF, Terranova, Terranova Kids, The Museum, TPC, Twaila, Vero Moda, Vertbaudet, Viss, Wallis, Warehouse, White Company, Zahoor Al Reef, ZYNG Red Sea Mall Malik Road Tel: +966-2-2368530 Shops: Accessories, Adidas, Aigner, AlDahham, Al-Sawani (T.B.A, Rene Dehry, Benatton, Anchor, Replay, Osim, G2000, Esprit, Sphera), Athletes Foot, Boss, Burberry, Calvin Klein Jeans, Camper, Caterpillar, Citizen, Confetti, Damas, Diesel, Early Learning, Ed Hardy, Faces, Ferragamo, Fitaihi, Foor Locker, French Connection, Ghassan Gallery, Go Sport, Guess, Izzue, Korloff , La Coste, La Perla, Levi’s, Life Style, Limited Too, MAC, Sephora, Maghrabi, Mont Blanc, Mothercare, Noon, Patchi, Prenatal, Principles, Rizq Jewelry, Rolex, Rubaiyat, Sergio Rossi, Tiffany, Versace Roshana Mall Tahlia street Tel : +966-2-2635114 Shops: 4U4Ever, Abdul Ghafour Amin Co.Shoe, Abo Moammar, Abotche, Adawliad, Adnan Jewelery Adolfodomingues, Ahmed Abdulwahed, Ahmed Adgaish Electronices, Al-Falona stores Al-Hamary, Al Garmooshi for Matches, Al ltogbi, Al yasr, Ala arabi Opitics, Aldawliyah, AMH, Baby, Bajsair, Bayana, Blanco,

Change, Cinnabon, Coffee Corner, Courir, Crepe Cofe, Damas, Extra Ordinary, Fayrooz, Fityani, Giordano, Guess, Halawani Audi Visual, Hamza abd el fa rizk Jewelery Damas, Home Appliances & Electronics, Hussain trading Co., Jeddah International Market, Jollibee, kourlott, LG, light, Linen Chest, Mohsen, My Fair Lady, Nof Jewelery, On Time Plus, Orange bed & bath, Plug Ins, Pretty Shoes Yalghi Couture Qeuess, Said Ahmed Al-Ajou (JVC), Saloon Tamim, Samsung, Sandwich, Sarwat, Scholl, Sid, Sony World, Sunglasses Hut, Tamim Shoes, The Wall, Tihama Bookstore, Tuctuc, Virgin Restaurant & Coffee, Zumorrodah Roshan Mall King Road Tel : +966-2-6226720 Shops: Abdul Samad Al-qurashi,Albaik,Axiom,Basken Robins, Bonia,Callem, Cavlo rino, Cell Com, Chilis, Cinnzeo, Clairs, Colombia Sports Wear, Donut House, Fendi, Fish World, Fudruckers, Gerry Webber,Giordano, Grand Optics, Gucci Hardees, Herffy, Ikks, It’s mine, Jacqueline Riu, Kashmir,

KFC, Kudu, Lingo, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, Maghrabi, Mango, McDonalds, Mikyaji, Miss Fashion, Missha, Mother care, Nayomi, Negtar, Panda, Royal Mandaina, Samuel & Kevin, Sayadyah Express, Second Cup, Sensi, Show Time, Stadivarious, Sun & Sand Sports, Swatch, The Body shop, Timberland, Tom Tailer, Toys R Us, U-Qote, Vavavoom, Versace Serafi Mega Mall Tahlia street Tel : +966-2-2844885 Shops: Al-Sawani, Baleno, Claire D K, Clair’s, Faces, Go Sport, Life Style, Maghrabi, Papa Jeans, S & K (Samuel & Kevin), Sensi, Swatch, Voyage Sultan Mall Prince Sultan street Tel : +966-2-2758992 Shops: Al-baik, Al Mashat, Al Saadami, AlDham Watches, Athetes foot, Attitude, B-Bushh, Baskin Robins, BGN, Bortue king, Bossini, Capo Grillo, Cardial, Casa Rossi, Casper& Gambini’s, Cerrati 189, Chin Chin, Cinnabon, Coffee Maker, Coton, Cute Make Up, Dadida, Dearson, Eyat, F&f, Fashion Shop, Feel Free, Giordano,

Go Bo, Hot & Crespy, i2 Telecom,International Styles, R&R, Kodak, Kudu, LA Lanidar, Lamar, Life Style, Lolet, Lora Lna paris, Mag, Majed, Majesty, Manash, Mastiha Mikyaje, Nayomi, Orbit, Paris Gallary,Parkadello, Passion De Mode, Pierre Cardin,Pretty Fit, Rieker antisdress, Riyadh Lady, Samsonite, Sayadyah, Simi, Skin Bujoux, Soccer Scene, Spring Field, Teen o Teen, The Body Shop, Tokyo Games, U-mark, Vincci, Zain Tahlia Center Tahlia street Tel : +966-2-2634662 Shops: Al-Humaidi, AlRayes, Armani Exchange, Bakhsh Jewellery, Birken Stock, Coach, Clair’s, Cope Copine, Daniel Hechter, Du Pareil Au M’em, Emad Rizq, Esprit, Evans, Giordano, La Coste, La Moda, Laura Ashley, LoraChilli, Laurel, Limited Too, Longines, Make Up Forever, Mac, Mekyaji, Milano, Moawad, Naoumi, Nectar, Omega, Paris Gallery, Pierre Cardin, River Island, Rolex, Rubaiat,Sanrio, Sephora, Swarovski, Swatch, T.S. Dopunt, Terranova, The Body Shop,Tiffany,Tina Tailor,Top Shop/Top Man

Brazilian Lingerie & Swimwear Location: Rawdah street. Behind LIFE. Jeddah . Tel: +966 2 6600781 / Email:



Nayoumi’s Bridal collection – Fairouz:

Look and feel beautiful Known for its international designs with a traditional twist, Nayomi offers every bride an opportunity to look and feel beautiful with its bridal collection, Fairouz. Using natural fabrics like satin, lace and chiffon is truly what the name Nayomi represents; “soft and delicate.” Fairouz includes varied styles of lingerie and nightwear, from long and short dress sets to short skirts and pyjama sets. Look mysterious and super elegant with the golden color. Nayomi has designed golden bridal set, blended with tiger print. Either you choose to wear the short or long dress set; you will look incredibly dazzling as never before. With the different tastes and designs Fairouz is sure to make any bride feel even more special on her very special night.

Look gorgeous this summer with Braun

Braun is offering a complimentary professional electronic Manicure & Pedicure set with every purchase of a Silk-épil Xpressive. You can now enjoy your summer with total fashion freedom while having the tools you need to keep your nails looking beautiful and healthy every day. With six breakthrough new features, Silképil Xpressive delivers long-lasting skin smoothness for up to 4 weeks and it removes short hairs up to 0.5mm! This means you 54 DESTINATION JEDDAH

don’t even have to wait for hair re-growth! It is available in a cordless version making it easy to remove hair from the roots on the go. You will be able to enjoy using the latest ‘fashion-forward’ epilator while receiving a sophisticated home professional manicure and pedicure unit which entails all the tools you need to keep your hands and feet looking flawless. You can choose to trim and shape your nails, remove corns, smoothen rough skin and polish and buff rough nail edge. With this summer package, you can wear whatever outfit you want, whenever you want; just feel confident with silky smooth skin and perfect nails. Braun Silk-épil summer promotion pack is available at all electronic goods stores, hypermarkets, and supermarkets throughout the Arabian Peninsula. The Braun Silk-épil Xpressive discounted resale price is only SR571.

Jaguar XF Jaguar has tried to redefine its image by creating an everyman Jaguar. The one thing they forgot is that Jaguars are not for everyone, they’re cars made for car lovers. The XF, is a replacement for the fledgling S-Type, is by no means a bad vehicle; both in design and implementation it is an intelligently designed testament to autmotive engineering. The supercharged 4.2 liter V8 kicks into a muted vigor once on the road, partly where the charm dwindles. With the kitty purring, the supercharged 420-horsepower V8 engine packs a punch with a claim of 0-60mph in 5.1 seconds, technically not bad for a sedan weighing in at two tons. Even at high speeds road rumble and wind noise are nearly

non-existent giving this model an edge over the others as being the long-haul choice. The parking sensors are a great aid to the XF, with a fisheye lens mounted over the license plate and highly responsive parking sensors make up for its lackluster turning radius. The strong bit of engineering that is the XF is impressive but like an ageing hipster, constantly trying to remind you of how ‘cool’ he is, just gets irritating, best exemplified by the Jaguar branding smeared all over the cabin seemingly trying to achieve the same ends as the hipster, reminding you are actually in a Jaguar.

60 years of Adidas Originals step into Jeddah

Adidas is celebrating its 60th anniversary of Adidas Originals with the opening of its first Originals retail store in Saudi Arabia. The 200m2 store in Nojoud Center, Tahlia Street, Jeddah is a significant expansion for Adidas; the first store solely dedicated to its lifestyle fashion range carrying the classic Adidas Trefoil. Eduard Massier, Marketing and Business Development Director, Adidas Emerging Markets said, “Originals stores serve as

an area where the lifestyle community can interact with the Trefoil in a truly creative way. The new Jeddah store is a canvas that allows Adidas Originals to share its rich brand history while showcasing unique product stories each season. The Saudi market has been embracing our lifestyle fashion line for some time now and through the new store we hope to now offer customers the fullest range of Originals clothing, in an exciting and enticing environment.” DESTINATION JEDDAH 55

Special Places

Taste the Middle-East in

Al-Ammareyah By Syed Shabbir Siraj

Spanning rows and rows of shops with gigantic and sometimes colorful signboards proclaiming the name of each eatery, Jeddah’s Al-Ammareyah district is home to the oldest juice and snacks spots in town and is a much loved haunt for foodies with a craving for fast-yet-tasty Middle-Eastern cuisine. 56 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Kushari, an Egyptian staple food

Brightly lit and buzzing with activity, the eateries are constantly churning out fresh fruit juice by the gallons and slicing and dicing shawerma meat by the kilos to satisfy their patrons. The proprietors, introduced sandwiches and other snacks to their menu in the early 90’s. Since then the menu has grown to include BBQ’d liver, falafel, and mabshour sandwiches amongst others. Loyalty towards a certain eatery is also what brings many patrons back to savor their favorite mabshour sandwich, made from tender veal koftas, or to take delight in a cold glass of mixed fruit juice. Though family sections are not to be found in almost all of the eateries, families still travel to this area for an outing and order take-away by the bagfuls. Some of the more popular places are Mango King, Al-Jazeera (Shaker) Shawerma, and Popular Restaurant. Known as the oldest juice spot in Jeddah, Mango King has been operating for over 45 years and is proud of its Palestinian background. The interesting name comes from the sweet nectar of mangos served at the Mango King that seem to have a taste quite unlike anything that is offered at other juice spots in the area. Al-Jazeera (Shaker) Shawerma is also a big hit because of their great shawermas. Now, when it comes to the rest of the shawerma spots, the establishment year is a moot point; the food is what keeps customers coming back. Nevertheless, the shop keepers keep up the debate on which place is older constanly trying to one-up the other. Al-Ammareyah is also a great place to try the traditional Egyptian dish kushari consisting of macaroni, rice, brown lentils, sliced boiled eggs, and garnished with chickpeas and fried onions. Having kushari for the first time turned out to be not a wholly new experience at all; it’s like the South Asian

khichri with eggs, chickpeas and pasta added to the dish, but still delicious. Seafood has great prominence in many of the local shops as well; grilled shrimps and fish fillets are customer favorites. Turkish and Lebanese dishes add to the menu and give a nod to the multi-cultural fabric of Jeddah. The “food street” of Al-Ammareyah district knows no rich or poor man, just satiated Jeddawis. From morning to evening it serves thousands of hungry customers during summer time, a number certain to keep growing in the coming years. Al-Ammareyah District’s ‘food street’ is in the heart of the city. Here’s how to get there: Go East of Al-Baya’a Roundabout and take King Fahad Road right up to Siteen street.

‫العمارية‬ ّ ‫حي‬

‫يعترب حي الع ّمارية من �أ�شهر �أحياء جدة القدمية والذي‬ ‫ي�شتهر باملطاعم املتخ�ص�صة بالوجبات ال�سريعة ال�شعبية ومن‬ .‫�أ�شهرها �شاورما �شاكر وع�صري ملك املنجى‬ DESTINATION JEDDAH 57

Dining Around Town

Jeddah’s Fast Growing With summer encroaching, families take the opportunity to eat out and discover different places around Jeddah’s ever-changing dining scene. It’s important to remember that the definition of a burger is not limited to the bigger more obvious names and

can be found in smaller outlets but not necessarily off the beaten path. Jeddah is lucky to have more of these patty flipping temptations sprouting up around Jeddah, from the flashback-inspired Joe’s Diner to the mouthwatering Hot Waves burgers.

Have you been to

Hot Waves yet?

A brand started by two thirty-something’s looking to offer something unique in terms of freshness and quality. The 100% premium beef burger patties, grilled on a charcoal fire, are never frozen and are always served fresh. Hot Waves looks to beckon a bygone era of ‘good ol Yankee’ picnics and homestyle burger joints with its checkered red and white branding. Fries come in a rectangular box similar to the style to Burger King’s Friepod designed to keep the fries close together to preserve warmth and keep them as fresh for the longest time. Very few places around Jeddah offer a thick juicy burger,



barring the obvious larger name brands, so to be able to bite into one of the Hot Wave specialities such as the Filler, the Monster and the Wave burger are chock full of taste and are a treat for any burger lover. However despite the burgers being tasty they rate as a high average and are not by any means outstanding. Anyone who can make a good use of a George Foreman Grill potentially could make burgers just as delicious. Location: Corniche st., before Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-2757241

Burgertown In this issue we’ve highlighted some of our favorite burger munching spots around Jeddah so you too can either rediscover or have the chance to sink your teeth in a fat juicy burger, not from one of the major fast-food chains. Welcome to burgertown!

Joe’s Diner

Illustration by Mahmoud Zaini

A blast from the past

Having never actually experienced an American diner in their heyday the many customers of Joe’s Diner feel as if they’re walking into a perfect definition of what a diner should be all about.

The retro-look from the 1960’s jukebox playing hits from the bygone era, to the vintage posters boasting such favorites as the Mish-Mash Burger and The Rooster; coupled with the friendly and helpful staff give customers a real time-traveling feel despite the busy streets of Jeddah beckoning right outside the door despite a lack of vintage cars. True burgers aficionado’s can truly unite under one roof of delicious burger goodness with hearty burgers filled with what a burger should be, taste. In addition to their mouthwatering burgers, thick creamy milkshakes and floats are also available, where a scoop of ice cream is dropped into your chosen carbonated drink slowly melting, adding all the more taste as it melts. Both of these yesteryear favorites only serve to add to the Joes diner experience almost leaving customers wanting to enjoy a nice drive in movie after the burger and thick potato wedges. Location: Al-Khaledeyah, Rawdah st., next to Danube Tel: 92000-5637 DESTINATION JEDDAH 59

The Californian Cheeseburger

A Detour to

Diner 66


Jeddah’s ‘diner culture’ is slowly taking hold thanks to the many small and big eateries that have made an effort to bring a piece of Americana to Saudi Arabia. One of them is Diner 66, the newest of the bunch. Diner 66 brings in all the important elements of what a diner should be from its size, elegant appearance (in the singles section), and waiters with a fine dining air about them. Taking inspiration from a famous, but defunct US highway called Route 66, the diner is spacious and spick and span throughout. A family section is located on the floor above the singles area. There’s plenty of seating at the counter, a large semi-oval, while the comfy, regular seats will serve the diner well even at peak times. The checkered floor and posters on the walls, and the nice one-sheet menu all complete the diner look for this particular eatery. Speaking of the menu, it’s the burgers, eight in all, are the focus here with interesting names like Smokey Moe’s Grilled Beef Burger, Hungry Jack’s Grilled Chicken Burger, and Elvis’s Rock & Roll Burger. Hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts and milkshakes are also offered. Salads have also snatched a spot on the menu, giving light-eaters a choice to forego the more meat-heavy meals. Placing an order was simple enough with 60 DESTINATION JEDDAH

customers having the option to specify how the burger be cooked. After asking the waiter for the R66 Burger, a specialty of the house, and the Californian Cheese Burger with a side order of onion rings and mozzarella sticks, it was time to listen to the retro American music. The burgers arrived in about 10-15 minutes and were neatly placed alongside fries and a helping of coleslaw. The portions are humungous, but for the price, more ingredients (meat/veggies) could be added to the burger as opposed to them being optional add-ons for an extra charge. While the majority of the food is fried at diners around town, the Diner 66 burgers are not too greasy and taste, well, like burgers. Drop in to check out the diner for yourself, and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and discover their secret sauce. Location: Omnia Center, Rawdah st. Tel: +966-592228431

Mystery Diner

Illustration by Mahmoud Zaini


Marhaba is the Hilton of Pakistani restaurants in Jeddah and sees many dignitaries and foreign guests drop by daily to enjoy its great ambience and the delicious food. The Jeddah branch, established in 1993, is located in the classy Andalus district. A wonderfully large hall, elegantly decorated, is the main seating area as well as the location for the buffet arrangements. The buffet at Marhaba offers a variety of salads and Pakistani delicacies such as Chicken Tikka, Daal Masoor, Mutton Masala, Bhindi Masala, Chicken Methi, Mutton Biryani and a few international dishes, namely Chinese. On offer are two kinds of soups, hot ‘n’ sour and vegetable. The menu is rotated daily for the buffet so each day introduces new dishes for the diners to savor. Desserts taste great and are simply desirable in appearance. Shahi Tukras, a bread and milk sweet, are cut in to little squares and garnished in a traditional style with pure saffron. Loki Halwa (a sweet made from bottle-gourd) is exceptional and may just be the specialty of Marhaba. It is superior to any other Loki Halwa in town. Location: Muhyl Al-Deen Nazer st. Tel: +966-2-663 6201 / 668 2523

One weeknight after work, the usual brainstorming session of where to eat yielded Shangri-La as an option which the whole group seemed to agree on. For many long time Jeddah residents Shangri-La triggers nostalgic memories since it is one of the oldest restaurants in town, established in 1971 and widely considered one of oldest Chinese restaurants in the entire country.

As the memories started to flow back, we discovered quickly somethings should be left to the chopping block of history. The once iconic cooking at Shangri-La has faded into a shadow of its former self. Arriving for an early dinner we were the only customers in sight, our first order was a selection of spring rolls and shrimp balls. The rolls were small and oily, with no distinct taste with the shrimp not fairing any better. It became clear that Shangri-La’s famed authentic Chinese dishes and their use of fresh ingredients were lost with time. Our main dishes arrived on a trolley and our expectations were low of the food that we were about to consume. Not a single dish stood out as delicious, and the taste was no better than cheap Chinese fast food found in mall food courts. The Country Style beef was served instead of the Beef a la Szechuan (Dried Beef), but every restaurant gets the orders wrong every once in a while. From a person who loves fried shrimp, I was disappointed with a bowl that contained something that resembles popcorn shrimp sprinkled with black pepper. The chicken fried rice topped my worst list. It was not fried and far from Chinese. They used Basmati white rice with a few pieces of fried egg, peas, and tasteless chicken slices. The best dish was the sizzling fish in garlic sauce and it was well cooked and tasted considerably good. We really hope that Shangri-La does some drastic changes to stay competitive amongst Jeddah’s Chinese Restaurants. DESTINATION JEDDAH 61

Mashawi Text and Photos by Maissaa Shaheen

The best meals in life are ones that not only satisfy our hunger but also tantalize the rest of the senses. Mashawi spares no effort in creating an aromatic sensation with its food, while serving the best quality meat to its customers. More commonly known as kebabs, mabshour is the house Hijazi specialty originating from Taif. The restaurant benefits from having been open for several years, where skilled chefs create dishes that are cooked to perfection. The restaurant offers free delivery, on and offsite catering, all for the delicious preparation of chicken, fish, shrimp at an affordable price. Although maintaining one main style of food the menu features a 62 DESTINATION JEDDAH

dearth of barbequed food likely to please even the pickiest of eaters. Mashawi is all about tradition, the food is traditional, the techniques are traditional and the taste is true to its traditional roots of being traditional excellence. Location: Al-Faya 4 District, near Dar Al-Fikr Tel: +966-2-6321919


Yaghmush Ingredients: NE W

Tasting Jordan at


One of the most popular cafe’s from Jordan comes to Jeddah to add to the growing cafe culture. The decade old franchise has been a favorite in Amman thanks to its dedication to its high quality and contemporary design. Relying on using strong use of the color red and traditional stone-face architecture the entire place really feels like a MiddleEastern cafÊ as opposed to the western interpretations which dot the city. The menu boasts a collection of coffees and teas from around the world as well as a selection of freshly prepared juices and cocktails. Tche Tche claims to sell its sheesha flavors however when asked the staff said they were not available for sale to the public. The ambiance of the entire establishment is poorly thought out, making the place seem like a giant living room with nothing separating the restaurant and giving it some form and shape. Overall however an experience at Tche Tche is pleasant and with some of the best sheesha in town Tchetche will keep customers coming back for their unique flavor mixes. Location: Prince Sultan st. next to UNO Tel: +966-2-6223091

2 cups sifted flour 1/4 cup corn oil 1 egg 1/4 tsp salt Warm water for kneading


1 lb. minced meat 3 finely chopped onions 1 small tomato, diced 1/2 tsp black pepper, salt

Preparation Method:

*Put the flour and salt in a bowl and add the oil. Rub with fingertips until oil is absorbed by the flour. *Add the egg and warm water and knead until you get a firm smooth dough. *Rub some oil in your palm and cut the dough into small apricot-sized-balls, put in a greased pan and cover it. Leave the dough in a warm place until it rises. *Put the raw minced meat in a bowl, add onions, tomato, salt & pepper, then mix. *In each ball of dough add the filling of meat, then fold from each side to create a rectangle. *Proceed the same way with the whole batch. *Place in a greased pan with folded area facing downwards and brush with egg. *Pre-heat the oven at 375 degrees centigrade and bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.


Restaurants Directory


Apple Bee’s Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6610012 Chili’s Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6634760 Fuddruckers Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6686330 Manhattan Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Muchos (Latin Grill) Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6613111 Ruby Tuesday Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6501999 Spears (Latin Grill) Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6614042 Steak House King Road Tel: +966-2-6829955 T.G.I Fridays Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6529330 The Texan Meridien Hotel Tel: +966-2-6633333 UNO Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6221320

Bakery Atayib Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6642150 Bonbon Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Crust Rawdah st. Tel: 920026633 Cheesecake Factory Tahliya st. Tel: +966-2-6690630 64 DESTINATION JEDDAH

La Fraise Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6511312 Le Gourmet Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6605061 Le Notre Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6602803 Le Vendome King Road Tel: +966-2-6924606 Merador Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-634828 Munch Bakery Arafat st. Tel: +966-2-6605010 Samadi Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6642424

Brazilian Spears Inter Continental Hotel Tel: +966-2-6611800 Hanviv Sultan Mall Tel: +966-594 276234

Chocolates Anoosh Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6832209 Chocolate Corner Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6630449 Chocolate Sense Boutique Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-2847740 Mobile: +966-506355811 Galler Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6063259 Ganache Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6601390

Coffee & Tea Shops

Chai & Ba Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6642084 Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Al-Nadd st. / Al-Shatee Tel: +966-2-2753914 Coffee Republic Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6637575 Costa Coffee Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6067741 Starbucks Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6067790 Tea Amo Tahlia st. / Coral Mall Tel: +966-2-6601738 Teayana Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6681660


Baytote (Chinese Delivery) Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6164442 China Gate Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6970672 Durrat China Prince Abdullah st. Tel: +966-2-2616885 Golden Palace Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6690377 Gulf Royal Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6653335 Toki Laylati Complex, King Road Tel: +966-2-6060606 Xian Gong Sheraton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6992212

French Bert’s Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6606633 Black & White Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6610611 Delifrance Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6171555 La Cuisine Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6630363 Le Ciel Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6525354 Mushroom Andalus st. +966-2-2845454

Fast Food

Big Bite Rawdah st. Tel: 920001219 Burgarino Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6647928 Burger King Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6394375


Capo Grillo Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-2635015 Dominos Pizza Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561888 Forn W Saj Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-2574747 Gado Gado Obhur Tel: +966-2-656078 Joe’s Diner Khaledeya Dist. Tel: 92000 5637 Hardee’s Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6613360 Kaddoura Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6683844 KFC Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6613356 Kudu Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6610236 Le Croissant Khalideya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6062000 Little Ceaser Hera’a st. Tel: +966-2-6823018 Mcdonald’s Obhur Tel: +966-2-6560017 Paninos Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561911 Arafat st. Tel: +966-2-6654264 Khaledeya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6064717 Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6676991 Papa Johns Hera’a st. Tel: +966-2-6999624 Pizza Hut Obhur Tel: +966-2-2341962 Al-Tazaj Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6734819 66 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Subway Khaledeya Dist. Tel: +966-2-6527010 Quiznos Sub Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6068014 Wonder Burger Tel: +966-2-2830808

Super Meals To Go ! CALL 920011755

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Al-Safina Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Al-Shurafa Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6602743 Al-Shurfa Lounge Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Andalusia Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6063210 Barnies Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6696201 Beaux Arts Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6983028 Black Rose Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6672953 Bubbles Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6697655

Cafe’ Aroma Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6632509 Café Céramique Malik Rd. & Sari st. Tel: +966-2-2754668 Gelato Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6635524 Java Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6693393 Le Chalet Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6642330 Le Harly Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6654632 Le Notre Café Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-2611222 Lolleta Café Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562369 Pearls Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6642233 Senses Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6514375 Sibon Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6063143 Toasted Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-2616747 Vertigo Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6633241 Waterlemon Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-2848999 Zena Café Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6620117

Ice Cream

Baskin Robins Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6991703 Gelato Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6635524 Movenpick Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6293366

Italian Aldente Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6970220 Amore Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-2847779 Alforon Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561566 Balsamico Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6633115 Balsamico Too Malik Road Tel: +966-2-6891061 Bice Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Casper & Gambini’s Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6672020 Castello Khalid ibn Al-Waleed st. Tel: +966-2-6652281 Ciao Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6653710 Il Gusto Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6600337 Il Gabiano Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6587042 Il Villaggio Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6688233 Il Porto Westin Hotel Tel: +966-2-6588200 Lallo Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6614719 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6561113 L’Olivio Arafat st. Tel: +966-2-6687494 La Promenade Café Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6688712 La Villa Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6673434


e ew Tim N g n ni e p



Pizza Lenuo Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6615599 Pizza Napoli Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6927796 Portofino Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6655855 Salues Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6680335


Benihana Sands Hotel / Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6692020 Ginza i chome Rosewood Hotel Tel: +966-2-257888 Le Japonias Westin Jeddah Tel: +966-2-6588200 Osaka Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6645956 Shogun Lounge Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6062288 Sushi Yoshi Attallah Center Tel: +966-2-6997854 Tempura Yakituri Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6392468 Wakame Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6682003

Middle-Eastern Abu Shakra Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6604049 Al Mashi Shawerma Rawdah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6224788 Al-Nakheel Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6066644 Al-Rausha Hera’a st. Tel: +966-2-6541460 68 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Al-Segala South Obhur Tel: +966-2-2341442 Al-Wada’a Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6555550 Al-Zawaqa Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6916004 Abu Zaid Tel: +966-2-6936633 Bait al Buff Prince Sultan st. Tel: +966-2-6917578 Beiruiti Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2- 6686354 Obhur Tel: +966-2-6562606 Byblos Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6697655 Café Blanc Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-2848777 Cusine Halawani Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6688900 Goodies Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6657721 Falafel Express Tel: +966-2-2845019 Green Island Café Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6990090 Kan Ya Makan Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6697777 Kanz Obhur Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-2341666 Mataam Al Sharq Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999 Manuosha Sari st. Tel: +966-2-2565275 Mataam Al-Sharq Qasr Al-Sharq Tel: +966-2-6599999

Palm Beach Salamah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6918896 Redan Tel: +966-2-6542949 Saddah Tel: +966-2-6055982 Shami Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6065353 Shawermatak King Road Tel: +966-2-6696777 Yildizlar Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6531150


Casa Inn Sari st. Tel: +966-2-6390006 Al-Hijaz Night Ibrahim Al-Jaffali st. Tel: +966-2-6673358

Persian Al-Khayyam Hilton Hotel Tel: +966-2-6590000 Jahan Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6571427 Sultani Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6693898

Sea Food

Atlantis Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6604300 Al-Danah Corniche st. Tel: +966-2-6990090 Fish Market Al-Hamra Dist. Tel: +966-2-6611800 The Manhattan Fish Market Andalus st. Tel: +966-2-6141900 Al-Multaqa King Road Tel: +966-2-6566666

Sweets/Dessert Al-Amoudi Sweets Rawdah st. Tel: +966-2-6642424 Al-Emad Desserts Al-Jamaah Dist. Tel: +966-2-6329918 Al-Mahawi Sari st. Tel: +966-2-2575739 Cheesecake Factory Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6689666 French Desserts Palestine st. Tel: +966-2-6605021 House of Donuts Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2-6675224 House of Kunafa Hera’a st. Tel: +966-2-6918125 Sa’d Al-Deen Sweets Sari st. Tel: +966-2-2573333

South-Asian Mahrajah Palestine st. Tel: +966-2- 6656558 Marhaba Andalus st. Tel: +966-2- 6636201 Raj Tahlia st. Tel: +966-2- 2632137 Shezan Malek Road Tel: +966-2-6621086 Taj Mahal Tel: +966-2-6979698 Delivery Outdoor Seating Play Area Shisha Sea View Wi-Fi

Master Swiss Chocolatier

It all started in a small pastry shop on Marktgasse in Zurich’s old town in 1845. Confectioner David Sprüngli-Schwarz and his 29 year old son Rudolf Sprüngli-Ammann, who also trained to be a confectioner, dared to do something new: they decided to make chocolate. In particular and in keeping with the new fashion that came from Italy – solid bars – just like François-Louis Cailler in Vevey and Philippe Suchard in Neuchâtel had already done. From its humble beginnings 164 years ago, Lindt chocolate is now produced in six production sites across Europe, two in the US and is distributed on four continents in over 100 countries. The Lindt master chocolatiers design every piece with passion from the finest ingredients to ensure the rich taste and texture in every bite. With different pralines designed to taste best with different types of coffee, Lindt spares no effort in working to create the best taste for everyone. From a box of rich pralines to chocolate shells filled with a creamy delicious center, every Lindt creation is a testament to chocolate perfection. DESTINATION JEDDAH 69

Religious Tourism

High Season in Holy Places Makkah & Madinah

When going for Umrah or visiting the Prophet’s Mosque, one has several options for accommodation when it comes to in two of Islam’s holiest cities. To make the selection process for accomodation easier, we’ve compiled a brief list of hotels for you as well as handy tips.

Travelers tips: *An insulated water bottle will come in very handy. Fill it with Zamzam water in both holy cities. *The best times to visit the sites are during the early morning or late afternoons when the sun isn’t strong and traffic is also lighter at those times. * Designate a meeting place in the Haram area in Makkah and Madinah so that in the eventuality that someone gets lost then they know where to meet the rest of the group. *Pack plenty of sunscreen to protect your skin because afterall the sun is just as intense in Makkah as anywhere else. *Other important anti-sun items you should think about taking with you: sunglasses, hand held fans, and light colored clothing.

‫فنادق مختارة‬

.‫اخرتنا لكم بع�ض الفنادق املميزة بجوار الأماكن املقد�سة و قدمنا بع�ض الن�صائح لزوار احلرمني يف فرتة ال�صيف‬ 70 DESTINATION JEDDAH



InterContinental Dar El-Hijra (4-star) King Fahad street Located a quarter mile from the Prophets Mosque the hotel offers a magnificent view of Ohud Mountain with 195 wifi-ready rooms.

InterContinental Dar Al-Tawhid (5-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil street The hotel is located just steps away from the courtyard of the Holy Mosque.

Standard Room rate per night: SR315 Phone: +966-4-8207777 Hotel Elaf Taibah (3-star) Saad Bin Maaz street Roughly 15km from the Madinah International Airport and overlooking the Masjid-eNabwi, the hotel features 237 deluxe rooms. Standard Room rate per night: SR401 Phone: +966-4-8180050 Le Meridien Madinah (4-star) Khalid Bin El-Waleed street The hotel features 189 rooms as well as executive and Royal Suites only 10 minutes away from the Prophets Mosque and city center. Standard Room rate per night: SR442 Phone: +966-4-846-0777 The Madina Oberoi (3-star) Abizar street Located close to the Prophet’s Mosque and other sacred sites around Madinah. Standard Room rate per night: SR581 Phone: + 966-4-8282222 Hilton Madinah (5-star) King Fahad Road Located few steps away from Alharam. Standard Room rate per night: SR 520 Phone: +966-4-8201222

Standard Room rate per night: SR875 Phone: +966-2-5411111 Sheraton Hotel and Towers (5-star) Al-Ghazah street Facing the Holy Mosque and only a few steps away from Al-Marwah Gate, the hotel features 433 guest rooms. Standard Room rate per night: SR800 Phone: +966-2-5760000 Zam Zam Grand Suites (5-star) Adjiad street This hotel features 1200 luxury suites overlooking the Holy Mosque. Standard Room rate per night: SR800 Phone: +966-2-5715555 Elaf Kindah (3-star) Al-Raqubah street The hotel has a passage connecting it to the second floor of the Marwa. Standard Room rate per night: SR800 Phone: +966-2-5745555 Hilton Makkah & Towers (4-star) Hijrah street It has the majority of the rooms featuring a view over the Holy Haram. Standard Room rate per night: SR575 Phone: +966-2-5340000

Movenpick (5-star) In front of Al-Safeya Bridge Opposite from Al-Haram

Ajyad Makkah (4-star) Ibrahim Al-Khalil street Walking distance from the Holy Haram with 447 rooms.

Standard Room rate per night:SR 746 Phone: +966-4-8188888

Standard Room rate per night: SR860 Phone: +966-2-5720500 DESTINATION JEDDAH 71

Healthy Living


Taking to the

Skies of Jeddah


Destination Jeddah is always out to find new adventures in and around Jeddah. With this in mind, we tracked down one of Jeddah’s burgeoning sports. The sky may not seem a very likely playground in a place known for beaches and desert, but that’s exactly where the Destination Jeddah team ended up on one our many adventurous outings.


The Jeddah Flying School does just that as part of its aim to raise awareness about flying sports in order to enrich local tourism. The JAS offers training programs and airshows as its contributions to making local tourism stronger and more diverse. Located on Malek road, opposite Sawary Landmark, the school offers air newbies a free trip to the skies to break the fear barrier and experiment with being a propellerpowered bird. Powered paragliding (or PPG) is a great form of aviation. With the addition of gas powered paramotor, you can launch from level ground, fly as high as ten thousand feet or more, and land much the same as a regular paraglider. During its first year, JAS held two training courses and graduated 8 students who participated in various weekly sports activities and continued to participate in private and public events.



Durrat Al-Arus from above

In the future JFS hopes to create enough awareness that procuring equipment for the Kingdom will become easier as well as bring international competitions to the region. Getting safely strapped into the harness, donning the helmet followed by cheers of friends and family as you take a running start before ending up in the big blue yonder is a thrill that no words can do justice to; one needs to be experience it. Given the fact that Saudi Arabia is a collection of deserts and mountains with new locations being setup, there is no better place in the world to start than right here.


For more information: Tel: +966-2-6529405 Mob: +966-546426666 To register for programs: Mob: +966-563002000 Email: Location: Across the street from Red Sea Mall *Microlite *Paramotor *Paragliding *Power Parachute Aircraft *Tandem flights *Air photography

‫حازت الريا�ضات اجلوية على �شعبية كبرية خالل ال�سنوات‬ ‫املا�ضية من �أهم املواقع ملمار�سة هذه الريا�ضات هي مدر�سة‬ ‫جدة للطريان احدى فروع ال�شركة الدولية للريا�ضات اجلوية‬ ‫ ميكن الت�سجيل بزيارة موقع املدر�سة‬...‫والهوايات املحدودة‬ .Red Sea Mall ‫بطريق امللك مقابل‬


Healthy Living

Health & Beauty

Directory Gym & Health Centers Al-Mansoor Club Tel: +966-2-6934129 Al-Shabab Building Tel: +966-2-2600236 Fitness Time Tel: +966-2-6226369 Golds Gym Tel: +966-2-6655225 Hiltonia Gym Tel: +966-2-6590000 Hummer Gym Tel: +966-2-6671212 Khalil Training Gym Tel: +966-2-6934129 King Faisal Specialist Tel: +966-2-6677777 Power in Gym Tel: +966-2-6061516 Ryan Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6322848 Star Power Club Tel: +966-2-6776177 Women Al-Bedaya Center Tel: +966-2-6655225 Al-Nisf Al Akhar Tel: +966-2-6710754 Bugshan Outpatient Clinics Tel: +966-2-6691222 Ext. 899 Henaa Center Tel: +966-2-6714619 Shamel Plaza Gym Tel:+966-2-6634355 78 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Men Ba Azem Body Building Tel: +966-2-6448844 Body Master Tel: +966-2-6652772 KAI Gym Tel: +966-2-6691866

Hospitals Abuzinadah Hospital Tel:+966-2-6510652 Al-Ansar Hospital Tel: +966-2-6825105 Al-Ansar New Clinic Tel:+966-2-6933379 Al-Gadeer Polyclinic Tel: +966-2-6722535 Al-Hamra Clinics Tel:+966-2-6651487 Al-Hamra Hospital Tel:+966-2-665 3939 Al Haramin Polyclinic Tel:+966-2-6474850 Al-Hayat Hospital Tel: +966-2-2681012 Al-Madina Medical Clinic Tel:+966-2-6881288 Al-Safa Tel: +966-2-6200129 Al-Quds Medical Dispensary Tel:+966-2-6969260 Bakhsh Hospital Tel:+966-2-6479666 Bugshan General Hospital Tel:+966-2-6691222

Doctor Effat Daghostani Clinics +966-2-6690085/6601729 Doctor Erfan & Bagedo Hospital Tel:+966-2-6820022 Dr Ghassan N Pharaon General Hospital (GNP) Tel:+966-2-6823200 Dar Al-Shifa Saudi Hospital Tel:+966-2-647 9666 Dr Siddiqa Hospital Tel:+966-2-6721763 / 6721764 Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Tel:+966-2-6655000 Hai Al-Jamea Hospital Tel:+966-2-6806666 Hay Al-Sabeel Polyclinic Tel:+966-2-6480792 Hera’a Polyclinic Tel:+966-2-692 0724 Ideal Clinics Tel:+966-2-663 5444 Jeddah Clinic Hospital Tel:+966-2-6313131 Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing Tel:+966-2-6675311 King Abdul Aziz University Hospital Tel:+966-2-6408202 King Faisal Specialist Hospital، Jeddah Tel:+966-2-6677777 / 6365028

Gym & Health Centers

Magrabi Eye & Ear Centre Tel:+966-2-6655200 Magrabi Eye & Ear Hospital Tel:+966-2-6365000 Mostagbal Hospital (formerly Dagastani Hospital) Tel:+966-2-6875255 Mushrifah Medical Centre Tel: +966-2-670 2250 New Al-Jedaani Hospital Tel:+966-2-6368100 New Jeddah Clinic Hospital (NJCH) Tel:+966-2-6675000 Saudi American Clinic Tel:+966-2-6605050 Saudi German Hospital Tel: +966-2-6829000 United Doctors Tel:+966-2-6533333 United Doctors Hospital Tel:+966-2-6533333

Pharmacies Abo Dawood Tel: +966-2-6877210 Al-Ajuwad Tel: +966-2-6473436 Al-Hamra Tel: +966-2-6655135 Al-Nahdi Tel: +966-2-6320022 Amal Tel: +966-2-6429486 Amira Tel: +966-2-6746001 Asia Tel: +966-2-6390553 Daan Tel: +966-2-6284405 Jamjoom Tel: +966-2-6081111 Noura Tel: +966-2-6685500 Remedies Tel: +966-2-6563048



Special offers Full packages for Milka SR 1, 500 Full packages for Wedding SR 2, 000

Spa & Beauty Centers Alexandre Zouari Tel: +966-2-6656161 Beauty Alliance Tel: +966-2-6681381 Body line ( men ) Tel: +966-2-2631859 Bouthaina Tel: +966-2-6631809 Carmen Center Tel: +966-2-6612987 Chamelle Plaza Tel: +966-2-6656807 Dar Al-Moda Tel: +966-2-6526660 E Spa Tel: +966-2-2632093 EVE Salons and Haute Couture Tel: +966-2-6985787 Hena’a Center Tel: +966-2-6714619 Jack Dessange Tel: +966-2-6695458 J.F Lazartique Tel: +966-2-6659594 Jamalouki Tel: +966-2-6651888 Lilas Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6622676 Lucie Saint Clair Tel: +966-2-2832020 Majestic Tel: +966-2-6609940 Megayena Tel: +966-2-6655763 Manna Center Tel: +966-2-6066628

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Mervat Beauty Center Tel: +966-2-6630676 Tel: +966-2-6630676 Miracle Beauty Parlour Tel: +966-2-6739597 Nadoleen Beauty Center Tel: +966-2-6633972 Oriana Tel: +966-2-6220773 Serenity Center Tel: +966-2-6648353 Soleil d’or Spa Tel: +966-2-2842233 Spada Tel: 920010099 The Spa by Clarins Paris Tel: +966-2-6599999 Zowaina Tel: +966-2-6656311 7L House of Beauty & SPA Tel: +966-2-6534898



Red Sea Coast

Beating the Waves: Red Bull’s Jetski Competition By Syed Shabbir Siraj Photos by Michael Bou-Nacklie & Yousef Kurashi

What used to be a sport for thrill seekers only, jetski racing has in recent times entered the mainstream extreme sports arena thanks to its large audience the world over. Its rise in popularity has seen a steady climb in recent years and the daring and adrenaline pumping nature of the sports is just one of the reasons. Another reason is the IFWA world championship recognition that jetski racing has garnered, giving it a professional status and therefore catapulting it into a new direction –– upwards, beyond the waves.


It was with much fanfare that jetski racing aficianado’s in Jeddah were given a chance to watch riders from the Gulf region take to the waves in Red Bull’s Beating the Waves (Qaher Al-Amwaj) Jetski competition. The event was supported by the Saudi Arabian Maritime Sports Federation and the AlAhlam Maritime Tourism Group giving the event an air of importance that it rightfully deserved; the biggest jetski competition in Saudi Arabia! From the more than 30 contestants who took part in the competition to the huge turnout of people who came to support and cheer them, it was an event that was not to be missed. The concept of the race, a knockout system, eliminated the last rider in each lap, leaving only the winner in the end. The categories devised for the competition included standard seated (runabout stock of up to 1600cc), freestyle seated (pro-runabout stock of up to

1600cc), and stand-up (ski up to 900cc). A championship cup awaited the winner in each category, apart from a concentrated training course in jetski racing that aimed to push veteran racers to their best potential and give younger riders a solid foundation. A day before the actual race, the organizers rallied contestants and jetski enthusiasts at the Marsa Al-Ahlam at Jeddah’s Obhur; this was done in order to educate participants about the rules and regulations as well as imparting insightful tips and techniques – bound to eventually come in use once the contestants battle the waves on their jetskis, all the while thirsting for glory and a gleaming trophy. Rashid Al-Tayer, a Dubai based jetski champion of the Middle-East, was instrumental in providing the roadmap to the competition’s many challenges and ways to overcome them.


The informative talk by Al-Tayer had a positive effect on many of the contestants in attendance which prompted them to ask pertinent questions to the Middle-Eastern champion about next day’s race and about jetski training in general. “A jetski’s power and agility is not the key to success as is believed by many. The skills, honed over years of training, and a fit body are the necessary tools to reach the finish line in first place,” the 18-year jetski veteran said afterwards. On May 29th, the Red Bull team completed the final arrangements required for the upcoming race; flags were in place, as were the buoys to keep riders on track, and free Red Bull drinks were available in large quantities for all. Needless to say, the excitement of the event had drawn a huge crowd on both sides of the Gulf of Obhur. The day began with a dazzling jetski stunt show that showcased amazing water acrobatics, from back flips to barrel rolls. Pushing the limits of their machines, the stunt jetski riders zipped around the water blazingly fast and performed daring airborne tricks. When the time came for

the race to begin, all the competitors took to the water after donning their safety gear and whishing each other good luck. The camaraderie took a backseat once the keys in the ignition had been turned and each jetski came alive, their whiny exhausts spewing smoke and water into the air. The races in each category lasted 20 minutes as the riders went around the circuit, focused on being ahead of everyone else and not succumbing to elimination. Winners emerged soon thereafter and securing first places in standard seated, freestyle seated, and freestyle stand-up were Ahmad Hariri, Faisal Al-Qathmey, and Majed Al-Qathmey respectively. Amongst the cheering crowd, the winners stood victorious and accepted their trophies from organizers. The first, second, and third place winners have had their confidence boosted with this preperation for competing in international jetski competitions. While winning any of those would certainly be Saudi Arabian history in the making. REDBULL ‫قاهر األمواج‬

‫ب�ضجة �إعالمية كبرية �شارك هواة اجلت �سكي يف جدة و �أتيحت لهم الفر�صة مل�شاهدة مت�سابقني من منطقة اخلليج العربي يف‬ .‫ متناف�س �أقبل عى هذا احلدث الكثري من النا�س الذين ح�ضروا لدعم امل�شاركني‬30 ‫م�سابقة �شارك فيه �أكرث من‬ 82 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Dive Shops

& Dive Resorts

Jeddah’s dive shops are the city’s resource for water sports and activities. They are in the know about the latest rules and regulations, do’s and don’ts and offer sound safety advice with a smile. AL-KHORAYEF COMM SUN & SEA DIVING CENTER On Wale Al-Ahd street Tel: +966-2-6526003


Opposite Danube supermarket on same side as Sands Hotel, off Tahlia street Tel: +966-2-6644707

DESERT SEA DIVERS On North Obhur Road (Creek), after big mosque, near Rose Village Compound Tel: +966-2-6561807 New Dive Academy Jeddah Yachts, Auto Mall

Beach Resorts

Crystal:+966-2-6568888 Nakheel:+966-2-6066644 Behind Danube supermarket, Remal:+966-2-6561880 off Tahlia street Dive Village:+966-2-6561980 Tel: +966-2-2212707, 2212708 Durrat Al-Arous:+966-2-6180000 Fal:+966-2-6560033 Branch: Blue Beach:+966-2-2341900 Durrat Al Arus (50km north of Movenpick:+966-2-6555550 Jeddah) Coral Beach:+966-2-6560702 Tel: +966-2-6181777 Andalus Resort:+966-2-6561444 Obhur Resort:+966-2-6563030 RED SEA DIVERS Sheraton:+966-2-2342264 Opposite Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street Huda Beach:+966-2-2342332 Tel: +966-2-6606368


Dive Resorts Ahlam Resort:+966-2-2340417 Red Sea:+966-2-6562320 Dive Village:+966-2-6561980 Durrat Al-Arous:+966-2-6180000 Nakheel/Ghulam Beach Resort: +966-2-2342266 Fal Diving:+966-2-6561807

Jeddah Marinas Al-Ahlam Marina: +966-2-2340117

Red Sea Marina: +966-2-2340117

Jeddah Yacht Club: +966-2-6562101


Behind Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street Tel: +966-2-6651304 Environmentally friendly DESTINATION JEDDAH 83

Travel Trends

Packing Tips for Reluctant Travelers Packing to go on vacation is possibly everyone’s nightmare. Who wouldn’t prefer to just be transported with some Star Trekkian sci-fi technology straight to their destination, with all of their travel goodies, and without bothering with the hassle of luggage and airport security? Braving the world of a busy airport and ‘random’ secutity checks is the least of your worries when there is the threat of a disorganized suitcase to consider first. Taking the time to prepare yourself for that domesitc or international flight cna put your mind at ease and help you find things without a fuss. Packing usually comes at a bad day too - people often finish work one day and fly the next, or even later that night. Packing is squeezed into the time between when you tend to be at your most stressed. If you packed efficiently, you’ll have used what you took more than once and you won’t be scrambling for things you didn’t take. Everyone packs differently especially for different destinations but we’ve compiled several ideas to keep in mind when you pack for your vacation. 84 DESTINATION JEDDAH

* Choose clothes appropriate for the climate. If you are going somewhere warm and leaving a cold climate consider keeping a set of warm clothes in the car if you are leaving it at the airport, or with friends if you are being collected. * Stick with one basic color scheme preferably a dark one which won’t show marks and wrinkles so much. * Make clothing items do double duty, men’s shorts can double as swimming trunks, a woman’s tankini top can be an evening top. A shirt can layer over a dress in place of a jacket. * Take multiple thinner items, which can be layered instead of one bulky heavier piece. * Shoes are always difficult to pack because they are bulky and impractical to sort in a suitcase. Wearing your bulkiest or heaviest pair while on the plane is a good idea. Try to limit yourself to 3 pairs: a pair comfortable enough for walking long distances, a pair of sandals or flips and a dressier pair for evenings out. * Avoid packing new bottles with liquid inside. Once in the cargohold of the plane the liquids will expand slightly with the changing pressure on the plane and may leak. To avoid this use each bottle at least once. * Use a waterproof bag for your toiletries, you’d be surprised just how many aren’t designed to be waterproof. * You don’t need to pack both shampoo and conditioner. Packing both usually increases the chance of a bigger mess in your suitcase. You can use one or the other interchangeably when at your destination. If worse comes to worse you can buy some there. * If your trip has a few stopovers, you may become that unlucky traveler who’s bag gets lost in the abyss of airport baggage sorting. To prevent you from having no clothes it’s a good idea to seperate clothes between different suitcases. That way if one gets lost you’ll still have clean clothes while your other bag is searched for.

* Keep electronics closer to the center of the suitcase since the least amount of direct pressure is applied to that part of the suitcase. If you have any smaller items putting them on the inside of rolled up socks can greatly increase their chances of survival. * If you have any items that are really heavy place them at the bottom of the suitcase it’ll add stability, especially if it’s a suitcase you can tow behind you. * For laptops and cameras it’s a good idea to keep them in your carry-on and with enough battery power in case security wants to take a look at them. Also keeping them on you reduces the chance of them getting stolen.

Beware of Swine flu! With the increasing fears of spreading swine flu here are some useful tips to keep yourself healthy and safe on your trip: * Wash your hands frequently and avoid contact with people who appear sick. * Wearing a face mask marginally reduces your risk of infection however it would be more useful to avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. * Use anti-bacterial cream often. * If you feel a cold coming on, a better idea would be to stay home. It reduces the chances of you picking up something or giving something to others but it also helps reduce the strain on your body and immune system. * If you are still sick on your return, seek the help of a medical professional. Be sure to tell them which countries you’ve visited and any medical treatment you sought while away. * If you travel to a country which has reported cases of swine flu, monitor your health for seven days and check for fever symptoms. DESTINATION JEDDAH 85


Directory Airlines Airport Information Tel:+966-2-6855526 Air Algerie Tel:+966-2-6515232 Air Arabia Tel:+966-2-6640291 Air Canada Tel:+966-2-6696933 Air France Tel: +966-2-6512000 Air India Tel:+966-2-2632994 Air Sahara Tel:+966-2-6646559 Al-Khayala Airlines Tel:+966-2-6544119 American Airlines Tel:+966-2-6651333 Arabian Airlines Tel: 920013322 Ariana Afghan Airlines Tel:+966-2-6751543 Austrian Airlines Tel:+966-2-6613524 British Airways Tel:+966-2-6693464 Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel:+966-2-6651543 BMI-British Midland Tel:+966-2-6689950 Cathay Pacific Airways Tel:+966-2-6653088 Continental Airlines Tel:+966-2-6693376 Cyprus Airlines Tel:+966-2-6696304 86 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Cyprus Airways Tel:+966-2-6696304 Dallo Airlines Tel:+966-2-6504361 Delta Airlines Tel:+966-2-6570555 Egypt Airlines Tel:+966-2-6441515 Etihad Airways Tel:+966-2-6640028 Garuda Indonesia Tel:+966-2-6656121 Gulf Air Tel:+966-2-6680303 Jet Airways Tel:+966-2-6603771 Kenya Airways Tel:+966-2-2632959 Ext.108 Kuwait Airways Tel:+966-2-6694111 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Tel:+966-2-6512000 Ext.43 Lufthansa Airlines/ Swiss International Airlines Tel:+966-2-6514000 Malaysia Airlines Tel:+966-2-6670011 Middle East Tel:+966-2-6449150 Nas Tel: 920001234 Oman Airlines Tel:+966-2-6577333 Pakistan International Airlines Tel:+966-2-6422642 Phillipine Airlines Tel:+966-2-2632959 Ext.100 Royal Jordanian Airlines Tel:+966-2-6652195

Sama Tel: 920005588 Saudi Airlines Tel: 920022222 Swiss Air Tel:+966-2-6511388 Wafeer Tel:+966-02-4202510 Fax:+966-02-4202511

Travel Agencies Arabian Camp Tel:+966-2-6900059 Arabian Explorer (Expatriate Tours) Tel:+966-2-6580663 or Alireza Travel & Tours Tel:+966-2-6481360 Attar Travel & Tourism Tel:+966-2-6611222 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel:+966-2-6794022 Elaf Travel & Tourism Tel:+966-2-6614408 Kanoo Travel & Tourism Tel:+966-2-2632959 Mawasim Tours Tel:+966-2-6646425 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel:+966-2-6575266


Tour Operators Arabian Camp Tel:+966-2-6900059 Arabian Explorer (Expatriate Tours) Tel:+966-2-6580663 Alireza Travel & Tours Tel:+966-2-6481360 Attar Travel & Tourism Tel:+966-2-6611222 Al-Shitaiwi Travel & Tourism Tel:+966-2-6794022 Elaf Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-6614408 Kanoo Travel & Tourism Tel: +966-2-2632959 Mawasim Tours Tel +966-2-6646425 Platin Luxury Travel Services Tel: +966-2-6575266

Hotels AB for Elaf Hotel Co Tel:+966-2-6635871 Al-Amin Hotel Tel:+966-2-6455111 Al-Alamain Hotel Tel:+966-2-6482874 Al-Andaus toppna Delux villor Tel:+966-2-6632369 Al-Aziziah Hotel Tel:+966-2-6492900 Al-Bader Sheraton Hotel Tel:+966-2-6310000 Al-Baeyah Hotel Tel:+966-2-6444446


Travel Agencies

Al-Balad Hotel Tel:+966-2-6442179 Al-Baraq Hotel Tel:+966-2-6503219 Al-Bayah Hotel Tel:+966-2-6422727 Al-Bustan Hotel Tel:+966-2-6692164 Al-Bilad Hotel Tel:+966-2-694 4777 Al-Dar Al-Baydaa Tel:+966-2-6827771 Al-Dar Hotel Tel:+966-2-682777 Al-Fayrouz Hotel Tel:+966-2-6270696 Al-Ghardina Hotel Tel:+966-2-6198888 Al-Hamra Sofitel Hotel Tel:+966-2-6602000 Al-Hamraa Hotel Tel:+966-2-6601507 Al-Haya Jeddah Continental Tel:+966-2-6633332 Al-Kaki Hotel Tel:+966-2-6310071 Al-Malekah Hotel Tel:+966-2-6751764 Al-Marwah Hotel Tel:+966-2-6428148 Al-Msaadeyah Hotel Tel:+966-2-6603116 Al-Nahdha Hotel Tel:+966-2-6471158 Al-Nakheel Hotel Tel:+966-2-6475127 Al-Riyadh Hotel Tel:+966-2-6781724 Al-Riyadh Residental Hotel Tel:+966-2-6286239 Al-Saaha Hotel Tel:+966-2-6514121 Al-Taiseer Hotel Tel:+966-2-6897777 Al-Waleed Hotel Tel:+966-2-6690448 Asdaf Hotel Tel:+966-2-6391112 Bahuddin Furnished Hotel Tel:+966-2-6479252

Tour Operators

Cairo Hotel Tel:+966-2-6483870 Casablanka Hotel Tel:+966-2-6829765 Crown Plaza TEL:+966-2-6611000 Delah Airport Hotel Tel:+966-2-6857788 Dourat Kornich Hotel Tel:+966-2-6561225 Dyn Hotel Tel:+966-2-2562020 Elaf Hotel Tel:+966-2-6635871 Habitat Hotel Tel:+966-2-2578800 Hilton Tel:+966-2- 6590000 Holiday Inn Tel:+966-2-6326207 InterContinental Tel:+966-2- 6611800 Jeddah Marriott Hotel Tel:+966-2-6714000 Jeddah Orked Tel:+966-2-6070777 Le Meridien Jeddah Tel:+966-2-6633333 Movenpick Tel:+966-2-6676655 Radisson SAS ( Hayat ) Tel:+966-2-6521234 Radisson SAS Tel:+966-2-6519612 Ramada Tel:+966-2-6670777 Rosa Hotel Tel:+966-2-6601794 Rosewood Corniche Tel:+966-2-2570967 Sands Hotel Tel:+966-2-6686014 Sheraton Hotel Tel:+966-2-6992212 Sunset Tel:+966-2-6605000 Westin Tel:+966-2-6588200 DESTINATION JEDDAH 87

SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive

Test your Perception! Locate the origin of this photograph cut-out within the magazine pages.

Find The Hidden Items Find the listed hidden items, which may be hidden anywhere. Once you have found an item, put a circle around it. Baseball Bat Bird


Captain Badge Converse Shoe

Goalie Gloves Gold Medal

Red Car Sock

Whistle Yellow Card

Puzzle Words Find the listed hidden words. The words may be hidden in any direction. Once you have found all the words, the remaining letters will spell a secret message.

Adventure Athletic Basketball Beach Cheer Diving Energy Exciting Field Fitness Fun Goal Holiday Player Power Road Trip Score Soccer Summer Sunshine Team Winning

Test your travel knowledge! 1- What’s the most attended or watched sport in the world? 2- When did boxing become a legal sport? 3- Who won the first FIFA World Cup? 4- How many times was Michael Schumacher The Formula 1 Champion? 5- What professional golfer was considered the best in the world from 1999-2003? 6- How often do the Summer Olympic Games take place? 7- Who won the most gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games? 8- From which country do the following martial arts come from? (Taekwondo, T’angsudo, Hwarangdo) 9- In which team does Zlatan Ibrahimovic play?

Travel Test: Soccer; 1901; Uruguay; 7 Times; Tiger Woods; Babe Ruth; Every 4 Years; China; Korea; Inter Milan Test Your Perception: Page 74 DESTINATION JEDDAH 89






Tanning Tanning oil Sun block Hot Swimming pool Humidity Wet Sunglasses Hat Lemonade Travel Ice Frozen Events Tourists People Music Festivals Fun Vacation Celebration Places Swimsuite Grass

Tashmees Zait tashmees Waqi shams Har Masbah Rotouba Mablool Nadara shamseya Tageeya Aseer laimoon Safar Talj Metallej Fa’aliyyat Suwwa’h Nass Museeqa Mahrajanat Mut’a Ejaza Ehtifal Amaken Mayyoo Hasheesh











Markib shira’e


Haris marma

Score Bicycle Boxing Foul Coach/Trainer Medal Ball Football/Soccer Bleachers Basketball Goal Volleyball Court Whistle Fishing Penalty Sand Surfing Diving Hiking Parachuting Equestrian Skating Jogging Sailing Wrestling Swimming Rope Skipping

Natija Darraja Mulakama Fawill Modarreb Medaleyya Koora Koorat gadam Modarrajat Koorat sallah Hadaf Koorat taera Mala’ab Suffaira Sayd samak Balanty Tazalloj ala Al-Remal Ghous Mashe ala jebal Al-Gafz belmazalaat Forosiah Tazalloj Jaree Bate’e Ebhaar Mosara’a Sebaha Natt Alhabel

Pool (Billiards) Water Sports Car Racing

Biliardo Riyadat maeyya Sebag sayyarat



‫وكان كت ��اب (خواط ��ر ُم�ص ��رحة) ملحم ��د ح�س ��ن ع� � ّواد �أول‬ ‫كت ��اب حدي ��ث مل�ؤ ِل ��ف ُمنف ��رد‪ ،‬ي�ص ��در يف تاري ��خ الوح ��دة‬ ‫ال�س ��عودية بعي ��د �أي ��ام قالئ ��ل م ��ن توحي ��د �أطرافه ��ا عل ��ى‬ ‫ي ��د املغف ��ور ل ��ه ب� ��إذن اهلل املل ��ك عبدالعزي ��ز‪ .‬م ��ن هن ��ا‬ ‫يكت�س ��ب الكت ��اب قيمت ��ه التاريخي ��ة ‪ ..‬فالدار� ��س �إمن ��ا ي�ؤرخ‬ ‫للفك ��ر والأدب احلدي ��ث يف بالدن ��ا‪ ،‬ابت ��داء ًا م ��ن حلظ ��ة‬ ‫�صدور كتاب الع ّواد ذلك‪.‬‬ ‫�أما قيمته املعرفية فتربز يف قدرة العواد على ت�أ�س ��ي�س ن�س ��ق‬ ‫حدي ��ث يتم ��رد عل ��ى البني ��ة التقليدي ��ة ال�س ��ائدة يف زمان ��ه‬ ‫وبيئت ��ه‪ .‬فالع ��واد �أول من انت�ص ��ر للعلوم احلديث ��ة واملعارف‬ ‫الع�صرية ك�س ��بيل للنهو�ض والرتقي‪ ،‬ومل يركن �إىل الدعوات‬ ‫القومي ��ة �أو الإقليمي ��ة �أو املذهبية كما كان �س ��ائد ًا يف الذهن‬ ‫العام‪.‬‬

‫نكون‪ -‬نحن نا�شئة البالد‪ُ -‬متحررين‪ُ .‬متحررين يف �أل�سننا‪،‬‬ ‫يف �أقالمن ��ا‪ ،‬يف تفكرين ��ا‪ ،‬يف دفاعن ��ا‪ .‬ولك ��ن ال نتفرجن‪ ،‬وال‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ن�ش ّط‪ ،‬وال نزدري بكل قدمي»‪.‬‬ ‫لق ��د ُعن � َّ�ي كت ��اب (خواطر ُم�ص� � ّرحة) مبو�ض ��وعات �ش ��تى‬ ‫يف الفك ��ر والإقت�ص ��اد والتعلي ��م والأدب واملجتم ��ع والدي ��ن‬ ‫والعم ��ل التع ��اوين‪ .‬لق ��د كان الع ��واد مدفوع� � ًا يف تناوله ��ا‬ ‫برغب ��ات وهواج�س؛ النه�ض ��ة والتق ��دم‪ ،‬االنفت ��اح على روح‬ ‫الع�ص ��ر‪ ،‬التنوي ��ر والتجدي ��د‪ ،‬نب ��ذ اجلم ��ود‪ ،‬حري ��ة الفكر‬ ‫والتعب�ي�ر‪ ،‬احلما�س ��ة والفت� � ّوة‪ ،‬تقدي ��ر روحي ��ات الإب ��داع‬ ‫والإبتكار‪� ،‬ص ��يانة الرابطة الوطنية وذم الت�شرذم‪ ،‬وم�ساواة‬ ‫املر�أة بالرجل‪.‬‬

‫لق ��د كان الع ��واد «حداثي� � ًا» اذ ًا ‪� ..‬أي داعي ��ة ُ�ش ��جاع يتطل ��ع‬ ‫ومارب ��ة الأوه ��ام واخلزعب�ل�ات‪،‬‬ ‫اىل حتدي ��ث املعرف ��ة‪ ،‬حُ‬ ‫ونب ��ذ اجلم ��ود يف اخلط ��اب الدين ��ي‪ ،‬ونب ��ذ طرائ ��ق الأدب‬ ‫التقليدي ��ة ال�س ��ائدة ‪ ..‬وكل ��ه يف ت ��وازن‪ .‬يق ��ول الع� � ّواد يف‬ ‫(خواط ��ر م�ص ��رحة)‪ ،‬مب ��ا ُيحدد منهج ��ه الع ��ام‪« :‬يجب �أن‬

‫‪Mohammad Hasan Awad -‬‬

‫‪Author of the first Modern Saudi Book‬‬ ‫‪By Mahmoud Sabbagh‬‬

‫‪written by a single author, several days‬‬ ‫‪after the unification of the Kingdom and‬‬ ‫‪was requested by King Abdul Aziz. The‬‬ ‫‪request is what gave the book its historical‬‬ ‫‪significance and has acted as a catalyst‬‬ ‫‪to education about the Kingdom’s rich‬‬ ‫‪historical heritage.‬‬ ‫‪The impact Awaad’s book left on the‬‬ ‫‪Arabian Peninsula can still be felt to‬‬ ‫‪this day. Considered a manifesto for the‬‬ ‫‪awakening of the emerging generation, the‬‬ ‫‪book was described as being “predictions of‬‬

‫العواد �شيخ ًا‬

‫‪Awad in the early 70’s‬‬

‫‪When Mohammed Hasan Awaad published‬‬ ‫‪his pioneering but controversial book‬‬ ‫‪“Stating Thoughts” in 1925, it brought harsh‬‬ ‫‪criticism on himself and caused a rift in the‬‬ ‫‪Arab literary community.‬‬ ‫‪The voice of his generation, Awaad laid‬‬ ‫‪the seeds of a renaissance in all sectors of‬‬ ‫‪society from the economy, art, education‬‬ ‫‪and politics. Even 30 years after his death‬‬ ‫‪Awaad still remains a noted figure in the‬‬ ‫‪development of Saudi Arabia.‬‬ ‫‪The book was the first modern publication‬‬


‫عواد ‪..‬‬ ‫محمد حسن ّ‬ ‫وقصة أول كتاب سعودي‬ ‫محمود عبدالغني صباغ‬

‫ح�ي�ن ن�ش ��ر حمم ��د ح�س ��ن ع� � ّواد‪ ،‬كتاب ��ه الرائ ��د واخلط�ي�ر‬ ‫(خواط ��ر ُم�ص� � ّرحة) ع ��ام ‪ ،1925‬خ ��رج ناظ ��ر مدار� ��س‬ ‫الف�ل�اح بجدة‪ ،‬الأ�س ��تاذ ح�س�ي�ن مط ��ر‪ ،‬ليعلن �أمام �ص ��فوف‬ ‫املدر�س ��ة ع ��ن براءت ��ه وهيئ ��ة التدري� ��س م ��ن �ص ��نيع ُمعي ��د‬ ‫مدر�س ��تهم الع� � ّواد‪ ،‬قائ�ل ً�ا ب�ص ��رامة ال�ش ��يخ التقلي ��دي‪« :‬ان‬ ‫حمم ��د ح�س ��ن ع ��واد كان تاج� � ًا عل ��ى ر�أ� ��س ه ��ذه املدر�س ��ة‪،‬‬ ‫ولكن ��ه بع ��د �أن �أ�ص ��در كتاب ��ه لق ��د فق ��د مكانت ��ه فيه ��ا»‬ ‫‪ ..‬كان ال�ش ��يخ التقلي ��دي يد�ش ��ن بعبارت ��ه اخل�ش ��نة حلقب ��ة‬ ‫العذابات واملرارات التي جت ّرعها �أ�س ��تاذنا الع ّواد طيلة م�شوار‬ ‫م�س�ي�رته نحو م�ص ��اولة �أجندة الكف ��اح والإ�ص�ل�اح الطويل‪..‬‬ ‫ان ��ه حممد ح�س ��ن عواد‪ ،‬الفتى (ال�س ��وبر) من جيل النا�ش ��ئة‬ ‫ال ��ذي �أر�س ��ى ب ��دوره قواع ��د النه�ض ��ة احلديث ��ة يف بالدن ��ا‬ ‫يف الأدب والفن والفكر واالقت�ص ��اد وال�سيا�سة ‪ ..‬والع ّواد اليوم‬

‫بعي ��د ثالثني عام� � ًا من رحيله‪ ،‬لي�س �س ��وى الرمز ال�س ��عودي‬ ‫العمالق‪� ،‬ص ��احب التجربة الوطنية العري�ضة املُحتفى بها يف‬ ‫عموم البالد‪.‬‬ ‫والواق ��ع �أن كت ��اب (خواطر ُم�ص ��رحة) �أحدث حلظة ن�ش ��ره‬ ‫دوي� � ًا هائ ًال تردد �ص ��داه يف جمي ��ع �أنحاء اجلزي ��رة العربية‬ ‫ايل يومن ��ا ه ��ذا‪ .‬لق ��د كان بيان ًا معرفي ًا ا�ص�ل�احي ًا‪ ،‬ون�ش ��رة‬ ‫نقدي ��ة الذع ��ة‪ُ ،‬اعترب مبثاب ��ة (مانفي�س ��تو) النه�ض ��ة جليل‬ ‫النا�ش ��ئة يف الب�ل�اد‪ ،‬و�ص ��فه �أحم ��د الغ� �زّاوي يف حين ��ه ب�أنه‬ ‫إرها�ص بالنهو� ��ض والبع ��ث‪ ،‬وتو ّفز وحتفّز‬ ‫كت ��اب كان في ��ه «� ٌ‬ ‫و�إعداد وا�ستعداد وطموح وتط ّلع ودر�س وتخيرّ و�إنتاج»‪.‬‬

‫‪The book dealt with various topics of‬‬ ‫‪thought, economy, education, literature,‬‬ ‫‪religion and society, where Awaad was‬‬ ‫‪driven to address concerns related to the‬‬ ‫‪renaissance.‬‬ ‫‪Awaad was a tireless advocate of freedom‬‬ ‫‪of thought, expression, and the equality of‬‬ ‫‪men and women. This is best explained by‬‬ ‫‪a quote from “Stating Thoughts,” “We must‬‬ ‫– ‪be – we as youth growing in our country‬‬ ‫‪free. Free in our speech, free in our writing,‬‬ ‫‪free in our thinking, free in our arguments‬‬ ‫‪without losing our traditions, losing our way,‬‬ ‫‪or becoming contemptuous of the old.” ‬‬ ‫‪Email me :‬‬ ‫‪‬‬


‫‪growth and stimulates the preparation and‬‬ ‫‪readiness, ambition and aspiration, curiosity,‬‬ ‫”‪and the choice of production.‬‬ ‫‪He was the first to achieve victory for‬‬ ‫‪modern science and knowledge as a way of‬‬ ‫‪growth and development, without relying on‬‬ ‫‪regional/sectarian views widely accepted in‬‬ ‫‪the public sphere.‬‬

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NOTICE If you have any complaints about services around Jeddah such as: * Pricing irregularities * Expired Items * Deneying coverage of warrantied items e.g. a mobile, car, etc. * Refusal of service * Unhygenic food / working conditions complaints can be filed to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Web Site or to their hotline. Should the company not respond to the complaint from the Ministry, all transactions with the government in the labor office, the passport department and the Chamber of Commerce will be stopped.

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