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Ahlan Wasahlan

Our first issue of DESTINATION Jeddah is a hospitable welcome and a fresh take on the city and its diverse communities. We’re your local guide. Growing up in Jeddah I have fond memories of the city. Often forgotten are the city amenities and neighborhoods we used to show to visitors. We introduce our growing city to visitors for the first time, and offer local families and friends a glimpse of what Jeddah has to offer in the way of entertainment, events and culinary diversity. CORNICHE DRIVE From Corniche Drive to Red Seaview hotels, exhibition centers to fine dining, and trendy restaurants to high fashion, we will show you the real Jeddah. Our neighborhood communities weave a rich story from the past to the present. OLD JEDDAH The old Jeddah souk is a tradition among locals and is under renovation and preparation to receive more visitors. We are watching the businesses, entrepreneurs and youth calling Jeddah home, and we sense a new generation taking pride in a vibrant, growing city. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We highlight the people and business taking action to contribute to the greater community of Jeddah. We will feature the enterprising and creative of urban Jeddah, and programs that foster a sense of community. Our 2008 inaugural issue kicks off with a model program for discovering not only Jeddah, but the diverse landscapes of Saudi Arabia in our EXPLORE KSA and THROUGH OUR LENS sections. Enjoy!

EDITORIAL EDITOR IN-CHIEF Enas Hashani EXECUTIVE EDITOR Jessica Stockwell ART DIRECTOR Bayan Abuzinadah GRAPHIC DESIGN Maissaa Shaheen ART PRODUCTION ASSOCIATES Bassem Al Kassabi Basma Alyafi PHOTOGRAPHY Fatima Bistro, Abdullah Al Najar, Sara Eskandarani, Abdullah Kurashi, Jessica Stockwell, Mariah Mahdaly FOOD EDITOR Intissar Bakr EDITORIAL ASSOCIATES Randa Albarooni, Nour Tamimi, Maan Salha, Alaa Tash CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Sarah Abdullah Mohannad Sharawi BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Motaz Bahri Ghada Nour TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT Tamer Al Kassabi

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CITY FACT SHEET EXPLORE KSA Model Tour Program - Hands-on Exploring the Kingdom









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- Our Guests

- Hijaz and Jazz -His & Hers

Family Friendly & Fresh - Reviews with Intissar - Introduction Mystery Diner


- Rediscover Your City Project - Jeddah Orientation Map


- 2 Spas with a Red Sea View





- Dive Trips for Weekend Getaways - E-Umrah Visa System: Simplifyng the Journey








- The State of Air Travel - Domestic Deals - Turkey, India & Morocco


City Fast Fact


Name: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - KSA Head of State: King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Crown Prince: Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud Population: 22.67 million (72% Saudi citizens; 27% foreigners) Population Growth: 3.39% (approx. 3% per year) ( 55% are under the age of 20) Capital: Riyadh Area: 2,149,640 sq. km Major Cities: Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail, Buraydah. Holy Cities: Makkah, Madinah Language: Arabic Ethics Groups: Arab (90%), Afro-Asian (10%) Religion: Muslim (100 %) National Day: 23rd September Here for business? English Media Outlets for News and Information: Arab News; Saudi Gazette Business Week: Saturday - Wednesday. Weekend: Thursday, Friday. Banking Hours: 9-4 pm Sat-Wed. General Store Hours: 10-12:30 pm and 5-10 pm.



Date of Proclamation and Unification: 23rd September 1932 Currency: Riyal (divided into 100 Halalas; Notes printed in 1 (one), 5 (five), 10 (ten), 20 (twenty), 50 (fifty), 100 (one hundred), 200 (two hundred), 500 (five hundred) Riyal denominations. Electricity: 110v and 220v (60 cycles, 2 pin) Weights and Measures: Metric Measure of Time: Hejira Lunar Calendar (moves forward 11 days each year in the Gregorian Calendar) Important Dates: Eid Al Adha (The Feast of Sacrifice) Ramadan (The Holy Month of Fasting) Eid Al Fitr (End of Ramadan) Hejira Calendar Date: 1429 (2008 in the Gregorian calendar) Here as a new resident? English Language Resources and Commercial Guides: Jeddah Today available at Jarir Bookstores. What’s Up Jeddah retail guide. Design Magzine for the design trade. Fun Times Magazine, a Saudi Gazette weekly insert. Dazzle Magazine for community interest and young women. Commercial Tip: Commercial businesses close for prayer five times a day. Check a local paper for prayer times.



CAR WASH: Jeddah’s youth roll up their sleeves and get wet to benefit South Jeddah’s families in need.

EFFAT COLLEGE: Queen Rania of Jordon speaking at the ‘Cyber Citizenship Vistas and Vision’ event. Prince Khalid Al Faisal and Princess Lolowah Al Faisal were among the key speakers.

CBA: Local celebrity musicians Jeddah Legend, Simplicity, FAM, and Final Serenade perform at the College of Business Administration (CBA) graduation festivities. ITALIAN NATIONAL DAY: Italian nationals, as well as other residents of Jeddah joined the Italian Club in the festivities and celebration of Italian National Day.

EURO TRIP: Educon hosted this event for students, offering 6 weeks of fun and education in Europe. A presentation by Educon followed a performance by Jeddah Legends. The company Hard Mission did a great job in organizing this event.



SKY DIVING: The 6th Jeddah International Skydiving Championship of 2008 was as exhilarating to the participants as it was to onlookers. The landing pad was next to the Rosewood Hotel on Corniche Drive.

KAU GRADUATION: The King Abdul-Aziz University English Department Class of 2008 graduation ceremony was a step toward the future and a majestic nod to tradition with a parade of Saudi national attire called ‘Dagla.’ ESMERALDA, EMAAR, HILTON: The sales launch of the first suburban community in King Abdullah Economic City. This event was a combination of sales of Esmeralda Townhouses, and a fun day for the family to actually get a feel for the kind of lifestyle Esmeralda has to offer.

FUDDRUCKERS: The grand opening of the 2nd location of Fuddruckers in Jeddah. Andalus Street next to Harley Davidson.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: A full day of activity at the American International School of Jeddah`s Family Carnival. An arts and crafts bazaar, car show, games and live musical performances kept families and students engaged. DESTINATION JEDDAH 7

COFFEE BEAN AND TEA LEAF: Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf offers a wide selection of specialty teas and coffee, and a great atmosphere to sit back and unwind for residents and visitors alike.


Barnies-Teayana-Chai & Ba

MUCHOS: The national soccer team, Ittihad, winning a game is just one of the many reasons to celebrate and enjoy casual dining, good food and a fabulous night out with friends at Muchos Restaurant. T.G.I. Fridays-Casper & Gambini’s-Chili’s

BEACH RESORTS: Jeddah’s beaches aren’t only about sun bathing and swimming. Some opt for an active game of Tag-of-war, while others prefer to battle it out lazily playing videogames. Crystal - Rimal - Bilad -Sheraton - Dive Village - Salheya 8


HARLEY CAFÉ: The young and vibrant hanging out at the hip eatery and lounge, Harley Café.

Aroma Café-Bubbles-Java Lounge

TheHARLEY DAVIDSON CLUB: Jeddah’s bikers celebrate their love of riding & living on the edge with the Harley Davidson Club. Porsche Club-Lamborghini Club-Mini Club

RED SEA MALL: The latest mall to open in Jeddah, the Red Sea Mall, exhibits its lively water show every weekend for both shoppers and spectators.

Tahlia Mall - Jeddah Mall-Serafi Mega Mall

CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Jeddah’s Help Center, a facility for children with special needs, welcomed volunteers and visitors to take part in a bazaar fundraiser and to spend time with the young ones.



Mada’in Saleh is a historical treasure located among sand-swept stone walls where unique rock formations have attracted curious visitors through the decades. It’s also known as the southern twin city to Jordan’s New Wonder of the World Heritage site, Petra. These geological wonders are located just outside of Al Ula, a small city about two hours of Jeddah by plane.

The young explored old historical sites, discovered natural history and learned about the rich culture that makes up Saudi Arabia. This discovery program delighted students and educated families. Teachers and staff worked tirelessly to prepare and monitor the program. Dr. Mark A. English, AISJ superintendent, and Gil Briones, assistant principal, came to Jeddah in November 2007. They stepped in to administer ongoing programs and this year’s program resulted in a model tour program. Besides the fun and adventures students signed up for, this year’s program included complete language, history, and cultural lessons. Each trip included a complete customized guidebook produced by students.


Taif – Students visited the Al Hada rose water and perfume factory, the local nature reserve research center and Wahba Crater.

Photographed by: Khaled Khafagy Abha – Students dressed warmly for the cool nights and discovered lush hills of Abha and the Asir region. They visited AlLith, Al Soodah Park, and Rijal Al Maa via cable car, returning with fond memories of their visit and lots of photos.

SUCCESSFUL TOURS Briones said the trips were successful with no incidents or mishaps. Safe and incident-free trips with no illness and punctual students are the goal for any trip. Travel is fraught with traffic snafus, occasional flat tires and delayed flights. These trips proved to be very well-organized. Partners in success included, national airline carrier Saudia Airlines and local tour operators Al Samallaghi Est. and Arabian 12 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Explorer Tours. These companies helped organize the exploration trips across the country. Fahad Al Safh with Arabian Explorer Tours said the trips went well. “The students learned not only about history but also how to stay on schedule,” he said. Arabian Explorer Tours managed the tour program logistics to Abha and the Asir region, Wahba Crater and Taif.


Briones, “Part of the purpose for these trips and the entire program is to help students develop a sense of personal responsibility, self-esteem, and critical thinking skills by taking them out of their usual comfort zone. Many of the students have not traveled alone outside of Jeddah and exploring the Kingdom in an organized and parent approved manner gives them a unique experience to spread their wings.” At the core of this program are the teachers and chaperones. Briones said, “One of our goals for Explore The Kingdom is for students to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Kingdom’s culture and history.” He said the school hopes that these types of trips encourage more tourism. They have already started planning for 2009.

Assistant Middle School Principle Gil Briones shows the many photo essays and reports students presented to teachers and parents at a finale gathering.

103 students and 13 chaperones took off from (and returned safely to) Jeddah to explore the Kingdom. There were 3 tracks for exploration outside Jeddah and a group that explored Old Jeddah, The Saudi Geological Survey Center and Khozam Palace Museum.

PLANNING THE ITINERARY Teachers worked with students to engage them in the planning process along the way. A complete guide booklet of up to 30 pages was produced by each class. Each one complied by each grade of 6th, 7th and 8th graders to include Do’s and Don’ts, a daily tour itinerary, what to expect, what to watch out for and a number of pages dedicated to critical thinking. Students had the opportunity to hone their observation skills by writing descriptive passages in their daily journals. They used their reading, math, science and art skills to complete their assignment workbooks that went along with the sites they were visiting. The trips were a success all around.


Jeddah Neighborhoods - Yemeni Market


Editor’s Note: Welcome to our signature feature Special Places. Here we highlight and discover different communities in urban Jeddah. As we look over the growing city, we will discover new and old neighborhoods. Let us know what’s special about your neighborhood and we’ll help you share it with the greater community.

Thursday morning is the best time to pick up fresh flowers and place your orders for special occasions with local vendors at the market. Most days after 5 pm, the Yemeni market is bustling with neighbors picking up vegetables, fruits, spices or a quick meal after a busy day. Thursday Open Market: 9-2pm.


Little Yemen - This month we introduce you to Jeddah’s Yemeni Market located off of the main intersection of King Fahd street just blocks away from the Oasis Mall. Khalid is our guide taking us through the market. It’s a leisurely Thursday weekend morning in Jeddah. Khalid’s father came to Jeddah from Yemen many years ago and Khalid grew up here. This is a special place for him and those in the city seeking the aroma and community of home. Spices, candies, sweets and gifts are regular purchase. Catching up with friends and family is also a popular pastime in the market.

A Yemeni shop owner with traditional straw products, traditional painted Yemeni crafts, and speciality honey.

Sesame seeds, coffee, a variety of peppers, dates and Yemeni sweets are good buys.



This year has been filled with conferences, events and speakers coming together to foster new partnerships. New currents of discussion and dialogue materialized at Jeddah conferences. Musical artists visited Jeddah, and celebrity business icons like Richard Branson dropped in at the 9th Jeddah Economic Forum 2008. NCB bank was awarded the JCCI’s first Corporate Social Responsibility Award. It was year of first time events and gatherings. AKEA - The 1st Annual Conference of Arabian Knowledge Economy Association - AKEA, ‘Towards a Knowledge Economy’ led the way in January inspiring attendees and creating new interactive conference sessions. In collaboration with the Al-Aghar Strategic Think Tank Group, the JCCI and the patronage of HRH Prince Khalid Al-Faisal, Governor of the Makkah Province, visiting speakers were eager to interact and learn just as much about the diversity


and brilliance of the local community. Professor Salim Al-Hassani contributed in a panel discussion at the AKEA, then spoke to an audience of young women at Dar Al Hekma College in Jeddah. A first for the Kingdom, AKEA president, Abdullah Al-Subyani stated in his conference welcome message, ‘The inspiration behind organizing this conference and future activities is to assist in discovering the foundation for a vibrant and inclusive knowledge economy.” A 2nd AKEA conference is planned for January 2009.

WHO: Peter Sanders and his wife, Hafsa, of Peter Sanders Photography - London. Exhibition: In the Shade of the Tree - JCCIJeddah.

Peter Sanders and his wife Hafsa at the JCCI.

WHY: As one of the worlds leading photographers of the Islamic world, Peter Sanders was invited to Jeddah with a special exhibit titled: In the Shade of the Tree. “Coming back to Saudi Arabia was special because of the young group of Saudi professionals who facilitated the exhibition,” said Hafsa. The Common Bond Group and Bahir Onar were our inspiration.”

WHO: Ian Gorsuch, Regional Director - Middle East, Africa & India - Bentley Brooklands. WHY: Regional tour, introduction and test drive of the 2009 Bentley Brooklands. The Bentley Brooklands was named after a famous race track in the U.K. where Bentley first raced cars. The 2009 Brooklands, on tour across the Middle East, was available for a test drive along the Jeddah Corniche Drive. Taking off from the Qasr Al Sharq (The Palace), the drive along the Corniche added to the luxury experience for drivers in attendance. Ian Gorsuch at the Qasr Al Sharq (The Palace), Hilton Complex.

WHO: Professor Salim Al-Hassani, Chairman of the Board, Foundation for Science, Technology & Civilization, UK., introduces the touring exhibit: Discover the Muslim Heritage in our World. WHY: Invited speaker at 1st AKEA conference. Introduced the Interactive Touring Exhibition online and offline, see: and Mr. Salim Al-Hassami at Dar Al Hekma College. DESTINATION JEDDAH 17


Urban Jeddah, the gateway to the holy sites of Makkah and Madinah, carries a responsibility to welcome and facilitate easy passage for thousands of visitors, pilgrims and guests to the Kingdom. Here are some of the special guests recently invited to visit the Kingdom.

WHO: Sheikh Hamza Yousef Islamic Scholar, The Zaytuna Institute WHERE: Jeddah Young Businessmen Exhibition WHY: Sheikh Hamza Yousef was one of the guests who came to give support to the JYB. His presence was highly celebrated by the attendees, and his lecture left attendees inspired.

Sheikh Hamza Yousef

WHO: Purvis Short & Kermit Washington NBA basketball stars WHERE: Jeddah International Stadium. WHY: A 5-day basketball clinic with teams of the Saudi Basketball Federation. The clinic was aimed at the exchange of mutual experiences. Purvis Short & Kermit Washington shared their NBA background experience. Visiting Purvis Short & Kermit Washington with local Ali Al Ghadbam (presenting award) with participants and coaches. 18 DESTINATION JEDDAH

WHO: Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale Ambassador of celebrity relations for the Canadian Da’awa Association (CDA). WHERE: JCCI WHY: Formally known as Napoleon, a musician, Mutah Wassin Shabass Beale delivered an inspiring lecture where he talked about his life experience when he converted to Islam in 2002. Leaving his former musical life behind, he now holds a position as an ambassador of celebrity relations for the Canadian Da’awa Association (CDA). Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, Canadian Da’awa Association

WHO: Akira Amari Japanese Minister of Economy WHERE: Jeddah Hilton WHY: To attend the Jeddah Energy Meeting. As a main speaker, Amari, relayed the message of Prime Minister Fukuda of Japan in which he spoke about his concern for rising energy prices and energy resources. Akira Amari, Japanese Minsiter of Economy

WHO: Samuel W. Dodman Secretary of Energy of the USA WHERE: Jeddah Hilton WHY: Jeddah Energy Meeting. In his speech, Dodman delivered a perspective on topical issues of high-energy prices and the effects on local, national and international economies. He suggested that all nations consider rapidly moving toward a more diverse, sustainable set of energy resources. Samuel W. Dodman, Secretary of Energy, US State Department DESTINATION JEDDAH 19


Photographed by Abdullah Alnajjar


Hijaz is a unique harmony of Arabian musical traditions and universally appreciated jazz. An evening of harmony and traditional instruments from our local Hijaz community and a visiting quartet from New York, came together in two casual jam sessions in Jeddah. Our musical guests, The Chris Bayrs Quartet, were on a Middle East tour when they met up with the Abu Siraj folklore group of Jeddah in early March. The Quartet finished the evening by delighting friends and family at Dr. Sami Angawi’s residence in North Jeddah one cool evening under the Arabian sky.

What I like about Hijazz. The Arabic maqamat (musical Arabic scales) like Hijazz, Rast, and Bayati were played along with jazz notes in a subtle array of what is called a Hijazz-Jazz musical array. The Hijazz-Jazz improvised musical sessions were performed by the Chris Byars Quartet and the traditional folklore band Abu Siraj. The musicians were invited by the American Consulate of Jeddah. The result of the musical sessions a crosscultural exchange where traditions of music and arts were shared.


Visiting Chris Byars Quartet - musicians by name and instrument: (above) Stefan Schatz - drums. (below left) Chris Byars saxophone, John Mosca - trombone, Ari Roland - bass.

“The name of this piece “Bashir’s Dreams” was originally composed as a tribute to 1950`s Muslim American Jazz master, Bashir Qassim (formerly Gigi Gryce before he converted to Islam).


Shared rhythms and melody. “Bashir’s Dreams” was one of the jazz pieces played by the Chris Byars Quartet. No sooner had the jazz musicians started than Eid Abu Eid, the Arabic drummer and percussionist of the band, Abu Siraj, joined the 4/4 rhythm. After a while, Jamal Bahsa, the Qanoun (zitherlike instrument) player, Abdullah Aqeel on Oud, Osama Al Tayeb, the violinist, and Sadeq Al Ameri on flute all joined the jazz melody in an inspired and unique improvisation. “Bashir’s Dreams” really turned into a fusion of jazz and Hijazzi music. “We have studied the music of this great musician (Bashir Qassim, formerly Gigi Gryce), said Byars. The music contains segments of oriental melody which can be found in Arab music. It wasn’t surprising that the Abu Siraj band joined in with brilliant impromptu instrumentals.

Abu Siraj started with a debut song of the Saudi pop singer Mohammad Abdu. In the middle of the song, John Mosca, the trombone player of the Quartet joined Abu Siraj with a “La So La” recurrent melody within the song. The fluid mix continued as both bands ended up playing simultaneously, a jam session

resulting in a Saudi pop song flavored with jazzy fusions of saxophone, trombone and double bass. Jamal Basha, the Qanoun player of Abu Siraj, said they have played with other Jazz musicians but was especially impressed with the Ghris Byars Quartet. “They just know how to improvise and join our Arabic melodies,” Basha said. Basha also praised the way Roland, the contra bassist of the Quartet, played. “ I think he’s a professional on his instrument and just knows what to play and choose at the right time,” Basha said. New notes of harmony, compliments and friendship developed through the symphony of diverse musical styles. Roland also commented on how Arab music is very passionate and full of emotions. He was impressed by the translation of the lyrics of a song by Talal Maddah. “I think that Saudi people are more romantic than what is expected,” Roland said.

(Below) After a lively spontaneous jam session, the hospitable Angawi family hosted the guests and introduced the group to an evening tour of the architecturally stunning family home.



Pink & Purple The Color

Of The Season

This summer think about what colors to be seen in. The colors making headlines are definitely purple, fuchsia and shocking pink. Pink is arguably one of those colors that is in style every season. This summer pink has emerged more vibrant and shocking than ever. Fashion lovers need not dress in hot pink head to toe. Incorporating this trend with vivid pink accessories is one of the best ways to stay fresh!


Even if you decide not to buy another pink dress on your next shopping spree; your hands will involuntarily lead you to a pink frock. Pink symbolizes romance. The color pink brings soft and inspiring feelings to the mind. Experts who interpret colors claim that those who love pink are honest in relationships. People in pink dresses make the ambience around them energetic and pleasurable. Fashion experts state that pink attire makes a person appear younger. Pink can be paired with almost any color. It can be used for salwars, T-shirts, shoes, trimmings on the Abaya and handbags. Pink compliments any skin complexion, and is sure to brighten any look.

Purple has traditionally been associated with royalty. The color purple denotes affluence, supremacy, dominance and magnificent opulence. It is also associated with spirituality, mystery and pacification. Tones of purple can be used as a mourning color instead of black or white. Deep shades of purple are an excellent choice for garments because it suits most color schemes. It also creates a slimming effect.



Think Pink BJ Jow Earrings

Billabong Sunshine Printed Tote

Steve Madden Canvas Satchel

Redherring Silver Flowered Bracelet

Charlesdavid Bryna Sandal 26 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Fatima Abed Couture M: 0554369993 DESTINATION JEDDAH 27



is one of the jewel colors

A worldly variety of his and her accessories can be found at any of the following Jeddah malls.

Chanel Sunglasses

Jeddah Malls List:

LV Monogram ring

GAP Skinny Link Belt


MISS SIXTY Hanna (Lilac)

Fatima Abed Couture M: 0554369993 DESTINATION JEDDAH 29


Men in Color

Color plays a dominant role this season. Historically, there has been an aversion to color in men’s fashion, but last season was the start of bright stripes. This season colors are even more bright and fresh. Vibrant colors can be seen not just in t-shirts and casual wear; but everywhere - from dress shirts to accessories to sneakers. Hot colors are pink, sky blue, lemon yellow and leaf green. This season of men’s fashion is more exciting than ever. Today’s men’s fashion offers many opportunities. There are many easy ways to add your own touch by putting together what is colorful and attractive to your eye. This can make your style unique and personal.


Patent Yellow Leather Belt Green Plastic Sunglasses

Blue Multi Striped Ring Perforated Strap Wallet

Electric Blue Skinny Tie Navy Classic Gola Trainers

Red Ipanema Flipflop

Retro Stlye Dunlop Bag DESTINATION JEDDAH 31


Blue And White Running Shoes

Arab Scarf Print Wallet

Plastic Retro Sports Wrap Broken Block Design Tie

Blue Flat Rectangle Ring

Red Patent Belt

Bright Nylon Holdall 32 DESTINATION JEDDAH


Tahlia St. La Promenade Center 1, Jeddah, Tel: 00966 (2) 6604010,


Finding just the right restaurant is often an adventure. New restaurants are popping up across the city, as are new malls complete with dedicated food courts. Malls offer everything from exotic Chinese to Moroccan food to Krispy Kreme donuts. Dining Around Town is a section dedicated to keeping you informed about food and places gathering. We will discover what’s on offer, where the locals go and where to get the best business lunch deals. Sharing a meal together after Isha prayer is a national tradition. The editorial staff will discuss social habits, rituals and trends of dining out in the Kingdom.



Restaurant Reviews When it comes to dining in Jeddah there’s always a new place to try, if not half a dozen. Here, we share with you a few restaurants that have Jeddah food enthusiasts talking. - Intissar Bakr, Food Editor

Al-Nakhil - One of the trendiest places in town. Always noisy and packed after nine p.m., Jeddah’s most popular hangout in winter serves traditional Middle Eastern cuisine. The regulars go for Lebanese Mezza with freshly baked bread and mixed grill, but the kitchen also serves some local dishes like Manto (steamed dumplings) and Fermoza accompanied by a good selection of fresh fruit juices or special hot drinks such as Sahlab. Hubbly Bubbly, open air and a big screen TV sets up a friendly atmosphere that is perfect for big groups. Don’t mind the forgetful waiters, they have many tables full of hungry and chatting customers to please. Everything tastes good and is reasonably priced. It’s a worry-free place where you can take grandparents with taste-sensitive pallets.


Portofino - This charming restaurant with simple wooden tables covered with fresh white linen is one of my favorite places for food that hits the spot. Portofino serves both classical and innovative Italian cuisine. Have a quick lunch or a late dinner there and start with one of the tasty anti pasti such as Caprese (mozzarella slices, tomatoes and olive oil) and follow with a hearty pasta. I recommend the ravioli di carne con burro (meat ravioli with butter sauce, sage and parmesan cheese sauce.) Chef Lallo, of Italian origin, suggested the mushroom soup (zuppe di funghi) and it was exquisite. The scaloppine di vitello a limone was flawlessly delicious. For dessert I had the traditional tiramisu, although there was a wide selection to choose from including torta della casa or crème caramel. I must say, they have a daily menu which was hard to ignore if you’re in the mood for a five or six course meal. Portofino is an accredited member of the Association Of Italian Professional Chefs. The food is delightful and the staff gracious.

Lenuo’s Cafe - Almost everyone likes pizza; it’s one of the most flexible meals in the world. At Lenuo’s you can choose your own topping from a vast selection and have the pizza custom-made to your taste. My favorite is artichokes and broccoli with extra cheese, but you have to try at least three different topping to be able to choose the ones that suite your taste. Believe me it’s worth it. The quality and freshness of the ingredients makes Lenuo’s pizza standout from other pizzas. From zucchini, eggplant, sausage to Nutella chocolate. Yes chocolate! The atmosphere is casual and comfortable.

AL-Nakhil (Palm Gardens) Al Hamra and Corniche Road Phone: 6066644 Category: Middle Eastern Portofino Al Rawda Street Tel: 02 6655855 Category: Italian Lenuo’s Cafe Al Hamra Dist. Palistine St. behind Chili’s Category: Italian



Le Ciel -The only thing better than a fivestar meal is a five-star meal enjoyed in an elegant dining room with an unforgettable view. Le Ciel, located on the top floor of the Al Suhaili building is the only rotating restaurant in Jeddah. It gives diners a full view of the iconic Jeddah fountain, the port and the beautiful architecture in the region. Attentive staff will put you at ease right away, passing on their own expert recommendations from the menu. Al-Wada’a - When you enter the large dining room, you’ll know you’re in a city by the sea. It is not by the large windows displaying a beautiful panoramic view of the splashing waves or the fishing net décor, but the smell that hints that this place is one of the best seafood restaurants in town. Also, the Lebanese cuisine is well known for its hot and cold Mezza, fresh colorful salads, dips, grilled meats, desserts and fresh fruit. The aroma of freshly baked bread accompanies all dishes served. The large, live lobster tank was eye catching, so we had to order the lobster salad which was a good start to an enjoyable meal. To taste the variety on offer, we decided on the seafood platter that consisted of grilled najel fillets, large shrimp, calamari, lobster, muscles, white rice and sayadiya rice. Everything was spiced with Lebanese spices, grilled to perfection and accompanied with the traditional “tehene” dip and tomato sauce dip. And it kept getting better, especially the dessert part. A vast choice of Lebanese sweets plus the fresh fruits and the memorable Movenpick ice-cream. The italicize (clotted cream drizzled with honey) and strong cups of coffee were our choice to end a pleasurable meal by the sea. Al Wada’a Movenpick Resort Al Nawras Jeddah Phone: + 966 2 655 55 50 Category: Sea Food & Lebanese


A crisp fussily salad with sweet corn, celery, cucumber mixed with pesto sauce was a good choice to start an elegant lunch meal. My choice of entrée was the three grilled steak with three sauces, accompanied by wedges of baked potatoes and vegetables. Le Ciel is also known for it’s prime cut of beef, Filet Mignon. Whether you choose steak, fish or chicken, be certain that you’re getting your money’s worth. One of the best restaurants for special occasions and to impress business clients. Ask about the new business lunch.

Le Ciel Al Andalus & Al Ma-ady St. Al Suhaili Building Rooftop Phone; +966 555 535 555 Lunch 1- 4 pm Dinner 8 pm - 1 am Category: French

The The First First Rotating Rotating Restaurant Restaurant in in Jeddah Jeddah with with aa view viewof of ofthe the thecity. city. city.

Open77days daysaaweek. week. Open Tel: 02 02652 6525354 5354or or055 055553 5535555 5555 Tel: Reservations:: Lunch Lunch11-44pm, pm,Dinner Dinner88pm pm--11am am am Reservations am



Mystery Diners Hospitality and dining with family and friends are national traditions here in the Kingdom. Local residents have their regular spots where families gather on Fridays. We introduce you to our Mystery Diner section in upcoming issues.



Mystery Diners - Dining out is a form of entertainment and socializing. We all have our favorite spots. Our Mystery Diner briefs are one way to share what we like and comment on what we would like to see improved. Some places have fantastic ambiance, but the service is less than expected. Many restaurantgoers who leave with less than a good experience pass along that information to others and never return. It is a net loss for everybody. The establishment doesn’t realize it and so it may not improve. Long term success for the establishment declines and the restaurant closes. The bottom line: less disposable income deposited into that business and a loss for the economy. Many of the white-collar and businessabaya’d class are searching for a quick SR35-65 business lunch where parking is not an issue. And newly arriving visitors want to know where to go and what to expect. Our Mystery Diners’ reviews in coming months should help.

Our Mystery Diners are discretely stopping in, picking up take-away and discovering new dining experiences to share and to keep you in the know on the restaurant scene.



Keeping up with restaurants in Jeddah is a challenge. There are old time favorites and new ones popping up with new dining concepts almost weekly. Here’s a general list of some of the most popular.




Golden Palace Tahlia St. 6690377

Benihana Tahlia St. 6692020

Shezan Andalus St. 6656040

China Gate Wali Al Ahd St. 6527762

Toki Rawdah Dist. 6681080

Maharajah Palestine St. 6656558

Gulf Royal Prince Abdullah St. 6653335

Osaka Rawdah Dist. 6645956

Kashmir Nights Yamama Dist. 6830231

Great Wall Andalus St. 6518118

The Shogun Lounge Prince Sultan St. 6062288

Raj Tahlia St. 2632137

The Mandarin Sands Hotel 6609971

Sushi Yushi Corniche Dr. 6944419

Marhaba Andalus St. 6636201





Ciao Andalus St. 6651537

Byblos Andalus St. 6697655

Joffrey’s Tahlia St. 6677234

El-Gabiano Westin Jeddah 6587042

Goodies Tahlia St. 6657721

Barnie’s Tahlia St. 6696201

Castello Palestine St. 6652281

Yildizlar Andalus St. 6531150

Break Time Tahlia St. 2631822

Il Villaggio Andalus St. 6688233

Cafe Blanc Andalus St. 2848777

Chai & Ba Rawdah St. 6642084

Lallo Tahlia St. 6614772

Beiruti Tahlia St. 6686354

Starbucks Tahlia St. 6659581

Middle Eastern



Al-Multaqa Malik Road 6833435

Bubbles Andalus St. 6697655

Chillis Andalus St. 6634760

Sultani Andalus St. 6693898

Pearls Prince Abdullah St. 6642233

Fuddruckers Tahlia St. 6613146

Palm Garden Corniche Dr. 6836644

Java Lounge Palestine St. 6693393

Applebees Andalus St. 6610012

Al-Raushah at Intercontinantal Hotel 6611800

Casper & Gambini Andalus St. 6672020

T.G.I Fridays Andalus St. 6529330



Rediscover Your City Project Our mission is to help visitors and new residents discover urban Jeddah, the old and the new. It is also our map of the future and our tool to communicate where all the new developments, city amenities and centers of business are materializing before us. Jeddah’s population is growing, and urban sprawl is upon us. Our popular iconic outdoor art sculptures and roundabouts from the city’s 1980s urban plan are now changing. The airport is expanding to accommodate more arrivals and departures to Jeddah and the greater region. This map is the start of a bird’s eye view of the city, main streets, neighborhoods and commerical centers. The vision for the city’s future includes parks, new pedestrian walkways and new real estate developments along the Corniche, in all directions. Join us and rediscover Jeddah.


‫التعرف على مدينة جدة‬



Relaxation and places of quiet — away from work, households full of kids, and daily routines — just got easier to find. Here are two places of calm in Jeddah with a Red Sea view.



Reflexology for the hands and feet.

Oriana is a small and private boutique with four sea-view stations. The spa offers a complete menu of skin treatments to improve youthful appearance, body, face, hands, feet and spirit.


Oriana therapy stations face the Red Sea.

Dreaming of travel—vacation travel as opposed to business travel, is a pastime we love to indulge in. Many times when we are the most stressed, we dream of getting out of town, getting away for a few days or just taking a break from the hectic work day. Short of booking a flight to get away, you can book a driver to take you to an oasis of calm. Schedule a facial treatment, body massage or take in a manicure. Just for women, there is a new ‘sanctuary’ just down the street, conveniently located on Jeddah’s popular Corniche Drive North. It’s Oriana Spa. Hidden away on the second floor of Attalah Commercial Center, Oriana is distinctly identifiable by its floor-to-ceiling floral front store display. Behind the image-screened retail storefront window is a small reception area and a floor-to-ceiling view of the Red Sea. “Instantly calming for women who seek to relax,” says Zina who opened the boutique spa seven months ago. Zina, like many women with experience in the working professional world, has a background not only in retail and design but also in the international airline industry, which serves demanding business passengers day in and day out. Her research and frequent business

trips around the world with her husband took her to a diversity of spas and health centers. She wanted to create something special in Jeddah. The ambiance is calming and the view spectacular. Zina’s entrepreneurial challenges are the same as many other small businesses. She says managing day-to-day operations and building awareness takes time and lots of energy. The curious commercial center visitor sometimes pops in to see what’s inside the floral door. Oriana is located on the second floor of the Attalah Center next to the Sheraton Hotel. Building awareness of the hidden away spa is mostly word of mouth and by accident if you explore the new opening retail outlets. We agree with Zina, this is a place...

“Where each guest feels some level of comfort anytime she steps through the door.” Oriana Spa Attalah Center Next to the Sheraton 8801 Corniche Drive North Sat-Thur 11am-8 pm +966 2 622 0773 DESTINATION JEDDAH 49


by Clarins


The Spa by Clarins is committed to total well-being. It’s a luxury retreat where as they say, “time stands still.” Located at the Qasr Al Sharq Hotel (The Palace), a member of the WaldorfAstoria collection overlooking the Red Sea, The Spa is the only place in the city with complete privacy and a healthy juice bar with a sweeping Corniche view. For women only. The aquamedic pool with state-of-the-art massage pool treatment corners are great for de-stressing (Above). And before or after treatment, The Spa Cafe offers healthy food, teas, juices and time to reflect. 50 DESTINATION JEDDAH

The Spa by Clarins, Qasr Al Sharq Hotel - A member of the Waldolf-Astoria Collection - Jeddah.

Clarins’ philosophy is to pamper the guest. As a retreat for female guests of the Hilton and the Qasr Al Sharq, the attention is world class. Specially trained and certified Clarins-of-Paris professionals staff all spa areas, and Clarins facial and body treatments are purifying. *Gift certificates available for that someone special. The Spa by Clairins

9th Floor, Qasr Al Sharq North Corniche Drive, Jeddah, KSA Tel:+966 2 607 7650

The Spa Cafe poolside overlooks the Red Sea, a healthy energizing boost after a treatmtment.





, There are a number of marinas along Jeddah s Red Sea coast catering to the diving community, fishing enthusasts, snorkelers, and general weekend fun-seekers taking a break from the work week.



Taking to the cool blue waters in Jeddah.

Mazen, a sales director in Jeddah, puts in hours in traffic and spends his week going from appointment to appointment. The weekend is a time for him to relax. Mazen was invited to take the plunge—to dive—and he did, but only after instructions, lessons and a safety check. Mazen, and a few others, were first timers divers. Blue Reef Divers at Durrat AlArus Resort north of Jeddah hosted a dive trip that proved memorable for all.

- Mo B. - DJ Dive Editor

The Dive Trip

WHO? A spontaneous gathering of 20. Most certified divers, others signed up with an instructor. WHAT? A boat trip to enjoy the beautiful Red Sea on a Friday with family and friends. We secured a 42 foot. dive boat with tanks and light food refreshments throughout the day with BBQ lunch. Average Cost: 150 SR per person. WHERE? Boat booked with Blue Reef Divers ( departing from resort Durrat Al-Arus ( WHY? To take a break from the hectic work week and have fun.

WHEN? 7:30 am – 6:00 pm – March 2008 54 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Prepping and testing dive gear.

Diving Trips

Scuba Diving Classes Diving Equipment Sale Rental and Maintenance

Authorized Dealer of Scubapro Products in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia DESTINATION JEDDAH 55


Dive Shops

for Gear & Instruction

Jeddah Dive Shops: Most of the dive shops in Jeddah—a small collection of about five shops in the Al Hamraa, Tahlia Street area-offer a selection of dive apparel & gear, instructor-led dive trips and dive lessons for diver certification.



Location: Behind Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.756’, E39°09.810’ P.O. Box 122015 Jeddah 21332 Tel: 2212707, 2212708 Fax: 6612140 Opening hours: Sat - Wed: 9 am - 11 pm Thu - Fri: 7 am - 11 pm Branch: Durrat Al Arus (50km north of Jeddah) Tel: (02) 6181777, Fax: (02) 6181778



Location: Opposite Danube supermarket on same side as Sands Hotel, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.795, E39°04.745 P.O. Box 14841 Jeddah 21434 Tel: 6644707 Fax: 6644892 (for boat trips) Web: Opening hours: Sat - Thu: 9 am - 11 pm Fri: 6pm - 11pm New Dive Academy Jeddah Yachts, Auto Mall

-------------------------AL-KHORAYEF COMM SUN & SEA DIVING CENTER

Location: On Wale-Al-Ahd Street heading east towards former Ikea; between Andalus Street and Hail Street GPS: N21°30.394’E39°10.442 P.O. Box 7236 Jeddah 21462 Tel: 6526003 Fax: 6524816 E-Mail: Web: Opening hours: Sat - Wed: 8am - 12.30pm, 5.30 pm - 9 pm Thu: 8am - 1.30pm Fridays closed!



Location: Opposite Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.743’, E39°09.727’ P.O. Box 8787 Jeddah 21492 Tel: 6606368 Fax: 6602064 Opening hours: Sat - Fri: 9 am - 11 pm

-------------------------DESERT SEA DIVERS

Location: On North Obhur Road (Creek), after big mosque, near Rose Village Compound GPS: N21°43.685’, E39°06.449’ P.O. Box 50817 Jeddah 21533 Tel: 6561807 Fax: 6561288 Opening hours Sat, Sun, Tue, Wed: 10am -8pm Thu, Fri: 7am - 8pm Mondays closed!

-------------------------THE ARAB CIRCUMNAVIGATOR

Location: Behind Danube supermarket, off Tahlia street GPS: N21°32.790’, E39°09.802 P.O. Box 4582 Jeddah 21412 Tel: 6608224, 6651304 Fax: 6608224 Opening hours: All week: 9 am - 10 pm


- Reference:



by Sarah Abdullah

Usually when people decide to travel, they are light as air thinking about the fun and relaxation they will have on their trip. When planning a religious journey, many think about the spiritual rewards to be gained and not the process, permissions or arrangements needed to enter into to the holy sites of Makkah and Medina. And many times happy thoughts can quickly turn into worries when the “v” word is mentioned—the dreaded process of visas. I followed the electronic path of the E-Umrah Visa System and how Saudi Arabia has simplified the visa process with its launch of the Global Umrah Electronic Network. It’s one that has proven to shorten the cumbersome time and processing of the past, making plan-

ning today’s journey simply easier. In Arabic the word “Umrah” means to “visit a populated place.” Muslims from all walks of life know that this technically means to perform the circling of the Kaaba, Tawaf Al Kaaba and to carry out Sa’ey or the running between the hills of Safa and Marwa. In ritual and prayer one is in dedication, with a pure heart, seeking forgiveness from Allah alone. The Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) said that “Between one Umrah and another is the expiation of sins,” thus shedding light on the spiritual rewards and virtues to be gained. Performing Umrah is the religious ritual of worship made obligatory by Allah at least once in a Muslim’s lifetime. DESTINATION JEDDAH 59


Diminishing burdens and change. Recognizing these burdens, the Saudi Council of Ministers decided that a new system of regulations should be developed, which in turn would serve to add safety, security and comfort to the Umrah performer or Mu’tamir. Licensed companies. In July 2003, a number of private companies were licensed under the Ministry of Hajj to provide Umrah related services through clearly established regulations and laws. In the process the government also entered into partnerships with five of the most advanced companies in the IT field. Systems of infrastructure, communications, information, security and database management now produce a turn-key solution known as the Global Umrah Electronic Network or E-Umrah Solutions. Technically speaking. The E-Umrah system, according to the Ministry of Hajj, utilizes the latest state-of-the–art technology such as digital telephone lines (DDN), fiber optics, wireless data communications, V-satellite all linked with the Hajj and Umrah data center connecting ministry offices in all of the Kingdom’s cities and thus serving as one central hub of the network.

To minimize visits to the Saudi Embassy in your home country travel arrangements need to be made in advance and worries usually start there. Today you can’t just show up.

The innovative databases hold various types of information for easy access such as the personal information of all pilgrims or Mutamirs, hotels, furnished apartments, car companies, airlines, restaurants and catering companies, as well as other service providers in the area.

Now you can book through KSA-approved travel agents and skip the Embassy visit. Under the new system individuals wishing to obtain a visa are still required to do so, however now Residents in Jeddah and incoming visitors can make the journey in approximately three hours it’s through Saudi government-approved travel agents in the Mutamir’s country. Accommounder normal circumstances, that is if all your dations for the duration of the stay in Saudi paperwork is in place and you are not looking Arabia are pre-booked and pre-paid for through for hotel accommodations for an overnight stay. However, simply getting to Makkah in the the travel agent in advance, which minimizes uncertainty and eliminates unwelcome surprises first place can be problematic. There are hotel accommodations to reserve, plus transportation along the way for everybody. These new Umrah to be arranged in the form of airlines, taxis and visa regulations eliminate the need for Umrah buses and, oh yes, let’s not forget the trip to the performers to visit a Saudi embassy in their home country. Saudi Embassy in the worshiper’s country and all the time and red tape involved in finally getting an Umrah visa simply to get there. 60 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Are you planning a visit to Makkah from outside of Saudi Arabia? E-Umrah visas ease the planning process. Hotels and transportation are taken care of in advance lessening the burden of logistics once you arrive in Makkah and Medina.

Pioneering the Kingdom’s E-Umrah issuance project, Bab Al Umrah, a division of Al Alamiah Internet and Communication Company is one of the five E- Umrah Application Providers chosen and licensed by the Ministry of Hajj to facilitate the service. The Bab Al Umrah system is a B2B (business to business) travelbooking engine on the Internet for inbound Umrah pilgrims to the Kingdom. The system operates through a sophisticated Web-based system, which can only be accessed by authorized travel agents from around the globe and was designed with the sole purpose of sending Umrah applications. The applications are processed through a secured electronic connection with government departments, with the automated system doing the rest by sending the visa information to the Saudi Arabian Embassy or Consulate in the city indicated by the travel agent on the electronic application form. The licensed service currently serves about 35% of Saudi Umrah operators and their agents worldwide. DESTINATION JEDDAH 61


Another technology company involved in the issuance of E-Umrah visas is Sejel Technology Company Ltd., in Jeddah. The Arabic word sejel literally means “to register.” The company focuses on Management Consultancy and serves to provide the necessary data for approval of Umrah visa issuance electronically between the Ministry of Hajj, the National Information Center and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international and local banks, Umrah Operators (UO) Umrah External Agents (UEA) and Mutamirs. The company has forged IT partnerships with Oracle, Cisco Systems, Hewlett Packard (HP), TIBCO, and Microsoft. To further facilitate the Umrah Visa Issuance project, Sejel has developed a Global E-payment gateway enabling approved travel agents to collect fees and make reservations for the pilgrims within the Kingdom. The Yahajj Enterprise portal allows the pilgrims the ability to select the services they may need throughout the duration of their stay in

Saudi Arabia. Sejel has also developed solutions for local worshipers through the creation of the local Hajjsystem that lets local companies issue Hajj permits for Saudis and expatriates living in the Kingdom. The final part of Sejel’s Umrah visa issuance project is the Mutamir Electronic Data Entry System or MEEDP, it is an integrated way for the Saudi Ministry of Interior to retrieve and enter passport information electronically for all Umrah visa applicants and avoid the need to re-enter information thus saving up to 95% of the time. This reduces the time from 7 minutes to 45 seconds compared to the time spent before MEEDP’s inception. Another advantage is that because Umrah companies are required to ensure their customers leave the Kingdom when their travel “package” has ended there has been a marked reduction in the number of overstayers.So what does the E-future hold for Saudi Arabia, the Mus-

“We are proud and honored with the service we were able to provide when we see the satisfaction and feelings of government agencies, tour operators, and most important the visitors to the Two Holy Mosques,” said Ahmad Ghamri CEO, Sejel Technology. lim world and how information technology can work seamlessly in the background to ease the journey? Can this new process benefit your personal pilgrimage and performance of Umrah? Traditionally, religion has always embraced technology—from the scroll, to the book, to the computer and into the Internet-age. The future will link tradition and technology to better our Islamic culture, society and individual well-being. E-Umrah visa is an excellent example of how modern technology can work to simplify the process so that we can get back to thinking about the pilgrimage itself and the spiritual rewards to be gained.


Lufthansa and SWISS now operates 7 flights weekly from Riyadh and Jeddah, 3 flights from Dammam and 4 flights from Bahrain. Flying has always been fascinating. And with Impeccable standards onboard and on the ground, you can rely on us to keep it that way, After all, your trust is our greatest reward, Thank you for flying with Lufthansa and SWISS! For reservation and more information visit or, call toll free on 800 124 5550 or contact your local travel agent.



Air Travel 21st Century Travel Trends by Jessica Stockwell

June 2008 was the deadline for airlines worldwide to produce 100 percent ticketless travel. That means booking tickets online and managing reservations and check-in via the Internet. It’s do-ityourself or your travel agent or airline does it for you. However, this is geared for the business traveller and not the new travellers consisting of families, mothers, kids-in-tow and luggage.

Electronic ticketing. The majority of travellers in the Kingdom—mainly families, are not booking and paying online. The good news is the deadline for all airlines (their staff and all airline employees) to be working flawlessly with electronic ticketing, pre check-in online and self check-in at airports is falling into place. The Kingdom’s legacy carrier, Saudia Airlines, has been promoting ticketless travel and working with their customers to aid them with this transition. Sama and Nas, the Kingdom’s new low-cost airlines, came onto the scene with ticketless booking online and great lowcost fares to match in early 2007 and continue today. Making progress. In the last year wi-fi (wireless) Internet access has opened up in Jeddah and two to three competing bandwith providers have entered the market to aid in making home or business connections faster. The ticketless travel isn’t exactly ticketless,

a recent trip through Europe to the United Stateshad me traveling with three sets of reservation documents in hand for my international transatlantic flights. I booked the flights electronically, and they worked! In the Kingdom electronic ticketing started via travel agents and directly with the airlines in February 2007. Many residents and business travellers have been introduced to electronic booking and ticketing elsewhere, it has just recently arrived in the Kingdom and is new to long time Saudi Arabia Airlines customers. Saudia, as the airline is referred to locally, has the largest hurdle to overcome to lure loyal customers to self-service online and at-the-airport check-in, but it launched a comprehensive campaign last year that has revealed results. “It is amazing to see businessmen walk up to the kiosks and check in, but it’s happening,” a 20-year Jeddah-based airline executive told me recently in June.



STTB travel agent, Hassan, is a master at organizing complex air travel itineraries for business travellers, 80% of his clients are business travel trips booked on Saudi Airlines.

New KSA Low-Fare Airlines Also, new to the state of air travel in Saudi Arabia are the entrance of two low-cost carriers; SAMA and NASair. Both entered the market in the first quarter of 2007 and both launched with complete integrated electronic booking websites, low fares and leased aircraft and staff. Electronic ticketing is here to stay but transitioning from ticket-in-hand to ticket-less will continue to be a challenge until the uncertainty of who really holds the confirmed reservation—me or the airline—is diminished. Look for new competitive Web-only fares to lure new customers and look for low-cost carriers SAMA and NASair to offer great fares (and new aircraft) to neighboring cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Amman and Damascus. Maybe competitive pricing by Saudi Arabia Airlines will follow.

Online Resources is one of the best currency exchange sites and is a great site to browse for vacation. It offers deals and packages with a collection of leading industry providers like Starwood Hotels, Lonely Planet, Expedia and Travel Channel. For local information still leads the way for general Jeddah travel and tourist destination information. New and local—— is a events networking Website. It offers a calendar of events and what’s happening around Jeddah. The General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (GCTA) is the newly formed entity certifying visas, tours and tour guides, see

Fast Track Travellers -Business Elite and Business Plus are for the decerning business traveller, Lufthansa now offers Middle East Business Jet Service Dubai-Munich, 6-days a week. The A319 all Business class configured Building Business Travel to Saudi Arabia Business Executive Jet service started May 1st. includes creating festivals, events and exhibiCommercial carrier Lufthansa caters to business tions that attract business attendees from the travellers exclusively on this route. And, Star region and visitors from afar. Take the opportu- Alliance member passengers have access to the nity to meet global companies and profession- Star Alliance Lounge in Dubai (boarding from als in your area of interest. Find a conference, Gate H 40). It’s a short trip turn-around-time of seminar or event to attend near or afar. about 14 hours, Dubai-Munich-Dubai. 66 DESTINATION JEDDAH

DOMESTIC DEALS Summer Travel Now is the time to book your flights for summer visits to see family and friends. Head to the airlines for the best deals around. Flying is becoming cheaper with new domestic airlines Sama and NASair. June fares for coast to coast-Dammam to Jeddah- start from 490 SR roundtrip. Book ahead for August and September, there are always good deals.

Some Sama domestic city flights. See for current fare deals. Dammam-Riyadh Riyadh-Jeddah Dammam – Jeddah Riyadh-Madinah Dammam-Madinah Riyadh-Abha Dammam-Abha Dammam-Hail Riyadh-Gizan Gizan-Dammam Dammam-Bishah

Abha-Gizan Hail-Gurayat Hail-Arar Hail-Tabuk Hail-Rafha Hail-Jouf

Fatima Mosque-Jeddah Corniche (left). Riyadh Kingdom Tower (right).

Some of Nas domestic flights. Check out for current fare deals. Based out of Riyadh, here are KSA city destinations: Abha, Al Jouf, Arar, Qaisumah, Dammam, Dawadmi, Wedjh, Gassim, Hail, Hofuf, Jeddah, Madinah, Rafha, Riyadh, Sharurah, Taif, Turaif, Tabuk, Gurait, Wadi Al Dawasir.

South Africa Check out family packages to the hills of South Africa.


Set on the Eastern coast of Mauritius, La Palmeraie is an intimate 4-star hotel.


Leisure Travel STTB travel agent Hassan says some of the best deals are on Saudi Airlines. Saudia books up fast especially in high season. Start planning now for November and December and make your reservations. STTB has Summer Offer 2008 packages for short getaways 3-nights to Hong Kong, 3-star to 5-star accommodations for island packages for 6-nights to Mauritius. If you are looking for a complete change of season, South Africa is on offer with a variety of packages to Cape Town or a game safari. Business Travel- Passport is Key Business traveller, Ahmed, attended two conferences in the U.S. He reports weekly to DESTINATION Jeddah. On his trip, mid May to the end of June, he reported that his arrival into the Washington, DC area went well. He was told to be at the airport for his connecting flight to the west coast 2-hours in advance. He was and he went through the line quickly. “Electronic ticketing is working but it is a bit different at every airport, It’s your passport that is the key to success whether you book online yourself or make reservations and payment to a travel agent.” - Ahmed DESTINATION JEDDAH 67


People through our Lens:

Turkey, India & Morocco 68 DESTINATION JEDDAH









A Moroccan craftswoman spends three days making a single shoe. Photograph by: MAISSAA SHAHEEN


Moroccan women grind the nuts used to produce multi-purpose Aragen oil. Photograph by: Maissaa Shaheen


Grinding Aragne Nuts, Morocco Photograph by: MAISSAA SHAHEEN


Travel & Tour

Travel Agencies in the Kingdom are licensed to organize and book travel for clients. Whether it is a business trip to Riyadh or Rome, or trip with the family to Dubai or London. Travel agencies are there to help. Here is our list at the moment.

Ejazti P.O. Box 127202 Jeddah, 21352 Tel.: +966-55-6699010 Fax: +966-2-650-1603 KANOO TRAVEL & TOURISM Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo P.O. Box 812, Jeddah 21421 Tel: +966-2- 667- 3759 Fax: +966-2- 669- 5801 Email: ACE TRAVEL P.O. Box 6152 Jeddah - 21442 Heraa Mall, Heraa Street TEL : +966-2-6056002 FAX : +966-2-6540111 AL-TAYYAR GROUP Hotline: 9200 12333 Tel : +966-2- 657- 7333 Fax : +966-2- 657- 8333 Email:


ATTAR TRAVEL & TOURISM P.O. Box 18600, Jeddah 21425. 5th Floor, Scab Centre, Madinah Road Tel: +966-2-661- 1222 Email : WORLD WIDE TRAVEL & TOUR P. O. Box 2578, Jeddah 21434 Al-Nakheel Commercial Center, Shop # 222 Tel : +966-2- 665- 4477 Fax: +966-2- 665- 1100 E-mail: FAL Travel & Tourism P.O. Box 50817 Jeddah, 21533 Tel.: +966-2- 661- 3134 Fax: +966-2- 665- 3547 E-mail:

Saudi TOURIST &TRAVEL BUREAU 3rd Floor Al Matbouli Plaza Al-Maadi Street, Al-Ruwais Dist. Tel : +966-2- 663- 3737 Fax : +966-2- 663- 3535 TRAVEL & TRANSPORT SERVICES LTD. TTS P.O.Box 6358, Jeddah 21442 Tel: + 966- 2- 691- 4465 Fax: + 966- 2- 683- 7362 PORTFOLIO Travel Limited PO Box 52025, Jeddah 21563 Tel: +966-2-6604500 Fax: +966-2-6696203


Find The Differences!


The following photos were taken in old Jeddah. Find the 10 differences between the two images.

Test your travel knowledge! 1- Which world-famous landmark was the location of choice for Tom Cruise’s proposal to Katie Holmes? 2- Niagara Falls owes its name to the Iroquois word “Onguiaahra”. What does it mean? 3- How many islands constitute the Republic of the Philippines? 4- Which country uses the Dong currency? 5- There is a lot you can do with the rupee, but only if you are in the right country. Where is the best place to get the best value for your wallet full of rupees? 6- What city would you be in if you were to spend the morning golfing at De Waterlandse Golfclub, the afternoon at the Artis Zoo and the evening pacing through the Van Gogh Museum?

Test your Perception! Locate the origin of this photograph cut-out within the magazine pages.

Travel Test: 1- The Eiffel Tower 2- The strait 3- 7,107 4- Vietnam 5- Pakistan 6- Amsterdam Perception Test: Healthy Living, p. 44 80 DESTINATION JEDDAH

Cross Words Across 1: Ever so proper 5: Goes for 9: Cheaply sensationa 14: ___-tat 15: Sooty shaft 16: Combat site 17: Exaggerate 19: Winding 20: Relinquish office 21: Rotates 23: Mag. submissions 24: Lincoln loc. 26: Chimpanzee’s hoot 28: Horses bred by the Nez Perce 34: Eyes 38: Scheduled 39: Unabridged 40: Lure 41: Quartz varieties 43: Line of clothing 44: Bullriding venue 45: Measure off a distance, perhaps 46: Dire 48: Tick off 49: Adolescent 50: Incline 52: Cycle starter 54: Haunting sound 55: Practical joke 58: Render harmless 62: Humdingers 66: Indian nursemaids 68: Say again 70: Durable fiber 71: Numbers game 72: ‘Touch of ___’ (Welles film) 73: Loses one’s coat vv

Down 1: Cattle poker 2: Rip-roaring review 3: Short newspaper piece 4: Docking facility 5: Many a time 6: City map 7: Bishop Desmond 8: Person of vision 9: Catch with a rope 10: Ossuary 11: Photocopier tray filler 12: Printing liquids 13: Popular NBC soap, for short 18: Source of ancient

SUDOKU Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains every digit from 1 to 9 inclusive.

depictions of kings and gods 22: Narrow margin of victory 25: ‘___ appétit!’ 27: King of the road 28: Choose a textbook series 29: Insect stages 30: Serenity 31: ‘On the ___ hand...’ 32: It won’t hold water 33: Equipped with M-16’s 35: Boom box, e.g. 36: Oktoberfest servings 37: Feed, as a fire 42: Post-Mardi Gras period 44: Do a cobbler’s job

3 3

7 7

9 9

1 1

8 8

3 3

2 2

6 6

5 5

46: Gyrate 47: Josh 51: Decanted 53: Sneaky stratagems 55: Long-jawed fishes 56: Indian maid 57: Hunter’s quarry 59: Cumbersome boats 60: Be a stinker 61: Revealing dress 63: Bathe 64: Elec., e.g. 65: Unload, as stock 67: Buried 69: Go over

6 6

2 2

2 2

6 6

1 1 6 6

3 3

6 6 2 2

5 5

8 8


Complete the Complete the so that so that every every column and column and contains eve contains eve from 1 from 1 to to 9 9 in in

8 8 4 4

3 3

9 9

7 7

5 5 7 7

5 5

1 1

5 5 5 5

1 1

1 1

6 6

7 7

9 9

2 2

3 3

2 2 5 5

3 3


Pulse of the City

1 “ I like

shopping the toy souk on Friday’s with my grandchildren. A section of Balad is full of toy stores, it’s a treat for all of us.

Mohammed R. Tamimi Legal Adviser

I like the fact that I can go out any time, whether it’s early morning or 3 a.m. at night, there is always something to do, I would call it, the city that doesn’t sleep.


Everybody can find somthing they love about living in Jeddah, and if you really think about it or pose the question to a friend, you might be suprised. Fatima B. loves getting a schwarma before she goes shopping in IKEA. It’s the only place in the city to get schwarma before 5 pm. Find moments to make your day.

Mohammad Mattar Procurement Supervisor

2 “ I love



any occasion to get together with my brother and sisters. Special occassions bring us together.

Shoroq Mohammed. Lawyer

I like looking at all the books at the Jarir Book Store. I especially like the travel section. And they have great customer Service.


Kay Amjara Middle School Teacher

the selection of pasteries and chocolate shops around Jeddah. I make a special stop after work sometimes for one of my favorites, a pistachio creme cake. Mohammad Abdulsammad Executive Producer

Ahmed Distribution Coordinator

“ I like


the diversity of Jeddah, its multicultural and colorful. I would consider it a cosmopolitan city.

Ashraf T.. 38-years-old

I like Jeddah Red Sea waves. The city is expected to have a very promising future, and I see new beautification projects materializing before my eyes every day. Yousef PR Manager 32-years-Old


I like a good espresso at my Al Hamra neighborhood cafe.



I love



Airlines Airport Information Tel:+966 2-6855526 Air Canada Tel :+966-2-6696933 Air France Tel : +966-2-6512000 Arabian Airlines Tel : 920013322 British Airways Tel.: +966- 2-6693464 Cyprus Airways Tel : 6696304 Emirates Tel :+966-2-8008971487 Nas Tel: 920001234 Sama Tel : 920005588 Saudi Airline booking Tel :920022222 Swiss Air Tel: +966-2-6511388 Royal Jordanian Airlines Tel :+966-2-6652195 Middle East Tel :+966-2-6449150 Air Algerie Tel:+966-2-6515232 Air Arabia Tel:+966-2-6640291 Air Canada

Banks Biman Bangaladesh Airlines Tel:+966 2-6651543 BMI-British Midland Tel :+966-2-6689950 Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. Tel : +966-2-6653088 Continental Airlines Tel : +966-2-6693376 Cyprus Airlines Tel.: +966- 2-6696304 Cyprus Airways Tel : 6696304 Dallo Airlines Tel :+966-2-6504361 Delta Airlines Tel: +966-2-6570555 Egypt Airlines Tel : +966-2-6441515 Etihad Airways Tel :+966-2-6640028 Garuda Indonesia Tel: +966-2-6656121 Gulf Air Tel :+966-2-6691603 Kuwait Airways Crop. Tel :+966-2-6694111 Jet Airways Tel:+966-2-6603771 Kenya Airways Tel:+966-2-2632959 Ext.108 Al-Khayala




Tel:+966-2-6512000 Ext.43

Air France

Air India Tel:+966-2-2632994 Air Sahara Tel:+966-2-6646559 American Airlines Tel:+966-2-6651333 Ext.101/102 Ariana Afghan Airlines Tel:+966-2-6751543 Austrian Airlines Tel:+966-2-6613524 84 DESTINATION JEDDAH

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Lufthansa German Airlines/ Swiss International Airlines Tel:+966-2-6514000 Malaysia Airlines Tel:+966-2-6670011 Oman Airlines Tel:+966-2-6577333 Pakistan International Airlines Crop.(PIA) Tel:+966-2-6422642 Phillipine Airlines Tel:+966-2-2632959 Ext.100/122

Arab National Bank Tel:+966 2- 6480112 Bank Al-Jazira Tel :+966-2 6518070 Islamic Development Bank Tel : +966-2-6361400 National Commercial Bank Tel : +966-2-6493333 Saudi Hollandi Bank Tel : +966-1-4010288 Banque Saudi Fransi Tel : +966-1- 4042222 Saudi Investment Bank Tel : +966-2-6531010 SABB Tel : +966-2- 6512121

Car Rental Avis Tel: +966-2- 6679157 Budget Tel : +966-2-6650547 Formula Tel : +966-2- 6621213 Hertz Tel.: +966- 2-6040339 Daleel Tel: +966-2-6719219 1st Auto Tel : +966-2-6851811

Consulates ALGERIA Tel:+966 2-6985034 AMERICAN Consulate General Tel :+966-3-3303200 AUSTRIAN Consulate Tel : +966-2-6511816 BANGLADESH Tel : +966-2-6878465 BRAZIL Tel.: +966-2-6670653 BRITISH Tel : +966-2-6225550 BURKINA FASO Tel :+966-2-6744547

CAMEROON Tel:+966 2-6804541 CANADA Tel :+966-2-6530434 CHAD Tel : +966-2-6485250 CHINA Tel : +966-2-6828254 DJIBOUI Tel.: +966-2-6627938 EGYPTIAN Tel : +966-2-6605205 ERITREA Tel :+966-2-6738718 ETHIOPIA Tel:+966 2-6653444 FINLAND Tel :+966-3-6439075 France Tel : +966-2-6681550 GAMBIA Tel : +966-2-2573193 GERMANY Tel.: +966-2-6653344 GHANA Tel : +966-2-6601429 GREECE Tel :+966-2-66674064 GUINEA Tel:+966 2-6637540 INDIA Tel :+966-3-6520104 INDONESIA Tel : +966-2-6711271 IRAN Tel : +966-2-6611558 ITALY Tel.: +966-2-6421451 JAPAN Tel : +966-2-6670676 JORDANIAN Tel :+966-2-6607630 KOREA Tel:+966 2-6690073 KUWAIT Tel :+966-3-6601836 LEBANON Tel : +966-2-6610000 MALAYSIA Tel.: +966-2-6727740 MALI Tel:+966 2-6514940

MAURITANIA Tel :+966-2-6023467 MEXICO Tel : +966-2-6433238 MOROCCO Tel : +966-2-6695238 NETHERLANDS Tel.: +966-2-6515344 NEW ZEALAND Tel : +966-2-6512109 NIGER Tel :+966-2-6677795 NIGERIA Tel:+966 2-6716865 PAKISTAN Tel :+966-3-6692371 PHILIPPINES Tel : +966-2-6600348 QATAR Tel : +966-2-6653973 ROYAL DANISH Tel.: +966-2-6672222 ROYAL NORWEGIAN Tel : +966-26611222 RUSSIAN FEDERATION Tel :+966-2-6659212 SENEGAL Tel:+966 2-6654509 SINGAPORE Tel :+966-3-6435677 SOMALIA Tel : +966-2-6570397 SOUTH AFRICA Tel : +966-2-6630922 SPAIN Tel.: +966-2-6692790 SRI LANKA Tel : +966-2-6395019 SUDAN Tel :+966-2-6471090 SWEDEN Tel:+966 2-6654833 SWITZERLAND Tel :+966-2-6510772 SYRIA Tel : +966-2-6605801 TAIPIE Tel : +966-2-6602264 TANZANIA Tel.: +966-2-6657528 THAILAND Tel.: +966-2-6655317

TUNISIA Tel :+966-2-6605320 TURKEY Tel : +966-2-6654873 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Tel : +966-2-6515436 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Tel.: +966-2-6670080 URUGUAY Tel : +966-2-6633300 YEMEN Tel :+966-2-6874291

Delivery Aramex Tel :+966-2-6910000 Clex Tel : 920009191 DHL Tel :8003450000 Fedex Tel: +966-2-6839999 Talabatak Lebeitak Tel :8002442008 Yallautlob Tel :+966-2-6694348

Embassies ALGERIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4887171 ARGENTINA, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4652600 AUSTRALIAN Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4887788 AUSTRIAN Embassy Tel: +966-1-4801217 BAHRAIN, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4880044 BANGLADESH, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4195300 BELGIUM, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4882033 BRAZIL, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4881073 BRITISH Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4880077 BURKINA FASO, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4652244 BURUNEI DARUSSALAM, Tel : +966-1-4560814 CAMEROON, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4880022 CANADIAN Embassy Tel : +966-1-4882288 DESTINATION JEDDAH 85


CHAD, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4657702 CHINA, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4824246 CZECH Republic Tel: +966-1-4503617 DENMARK, Royal Danish Tel : +966-1-4880101 DJIBOUTI, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4543182 EGYPT, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4810464 ERITREA, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4801731 ETHIOPIA, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4823919 FINLAND, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4881515 FRENCH Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881255 GABONESE, Ambassade Tel : +966-1-4632664 GAMBIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4651320 GERMANY, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4880700 GHANA, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4545122 GREECE Embassy Tel: +966-1-4801974 GUINEA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881121 HUNGARY, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4546707 INDIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4884144 BRAZIL, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4881073 INDONESIAN Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4882800 IRAN, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4881444 IRELAND, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4882300 JAPAN, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881100 JORDAN, Embasssy Tel : +966-1-4880071 KENYA, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4882484 KOREA, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4882211 86 DESTINATION JEDDAH

KUWAIT, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4883500 LEBANON, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4197000 MALAYSIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4887098 MALI, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4632345 MAURITANIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4646749 MEXICO, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4828218 MOROCCO, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4826382 NEPALESE Embassy Tel : +966-1-4024758 NEW ZEALAND, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4887988 NIGER, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4605931 NIGERIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4823024 OMAN, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4823120 PAKISTAN, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4884111 PHILIPPINES, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4880835 PORTUGAL, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4622105 QATAR, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4825544 NETHERLANDS Embassy Tel : +966-1-4880011 NORWEGIAN Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881904 RUSSIAN Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4811875 SENEGAL, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4542144 SIERRA LEONE, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4643982 SINGAPORE, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4657007 SOMALI Embassy Tel : +966-1-4643456 SOUTH AFRICA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4562982 SPAIN, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4880606 SRI LANKA, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4606906

SUDAN, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4887979 SWEDEN, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4883100 SWITZERLAND, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881291 SYRIAN Embassy Tel : +966-1-4887481 TANZANIA, Embassy Tel : +966-1- 4542833 THAI, Embassy Tel.: +966- 1-4881174 TUNISIA, Embassy Tel: +966-1-4887900 TURKEY, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4820101 UGANDA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4544910 UKRAINE, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4508536 UAE Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881227 USA Embassy Tel : +966-1-4883800 URUGUAY, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4620738 VENEZUELA, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4767867 YEMEN, Embassy Tel : +966-1-4881769


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Hotels Albilad Hotel Jeddah Tel : +966-2-694 4777 Casablanca Hotel Tel : +966-2-6827771 Crowne Plaza Jeddah TEL : +966-2-6611000 Sheraton Jeddah Hotel Tel : +966-2- 6992212 InterContinental Jeddah Tel: +966-2- 6611800 Jeddah Marriott Hotel Tel : +966-2-6714000 Le Jeddah Meridien Tel.: +966- 2- 6633333 Hilton Jeddah Tel: +966-2- 6590000 Holiday Inn Tel : +966-2-6314000 Westin Jeddah Tel : +966-2- 6588200 Movenpick Tel.: +966- 2-6676655 Bilad Hotel Tel: +966-2-6944777 Rosewood Tel : +966-2-2570967

Hospitals King Fahd Hospital Tel:+966 2-6650005 United Doctors Hospital Tel : 6533333/6533772 Bugshan Hospital Tel : +966-2-6691222 Dr. Suliman Fakeeh Tel: +966-2-6655000 Dr. Ghassan Pharon Tel : +966-2-6823200 Al-Maghraby Eye & Ear Tel.: +966- 2- 6369822 Erfan Hospital Tel : +966-2-6820022 IMC Tel : +966-2-6509000

Tel : 660-0111/ 668-8998 Serafi mega mall Tahlia street Tel : 2844885 / 284488 Tahlia center Tahlia street Tel : 2634662 / 2634661 AlKhayat Center Tahlia street Tel :+966 2 6303970 Jamjoom Center Phalasteen street Tel :+966 2 6685388 Red Sea Mall King road Tel :+966 2 2368530 Basateen Center Tahlia street Tel :+966 2 6611721

Ministries Agriculture & Water Tel:+966 2-6210002 Commerce Tel:+966 2-6873400

Education Tel:+966 2-6444305 Industry & Electricity Tel:+966 2-6360433 Information & Culture Tel :+966-2-6476222 Interior Tel :+966-2-6684000 Communication & Transportation Tel :+966-2-6704305

Pharmacies Al Nahdi Tel :+966-2-6320022 Abo Dawood Tel : +966-2-6877210 Shamsan Tel : +966-2-6434874 Jamjoom Tel: +966-2-6081111 Al-Hamra Tel :+966-2-6655135 Salamatak Tel :+966-2-6724401


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Malls Aziz mall Prince Majid Road Tel:+966 2-616-2222 Le Mall Tahliah street


Useful ArabicWords & Pronounciation


Useful Basics Arabic


Yes No Thank You Your Welcome Please Excuse Me No Problem God Willing Nothing

Aiwa / Na’am La Shukran Afwan Min Fadlak (M) law samaht/ Min Fadlick (F) law samahti An Iznak (M)/ An Iznik (F) Mafi Mushkila Inshallah Wala shai

(M)-Male/ (F)-Female/(Pl)-plural Useful Arabic Pronouns


I You He She We You They

aa ai ay/ey ee kh

Ana Inta (M) Inti (F) Howa He’ya Ehna Intoo Homma


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as in bad as in eye as in say as in feet as in loch

Destination Jeddah - Issue 0  

Destination Jeddah August 2008