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Some of the most breathtaking views and exciting play that Las Vegas golf has to offer

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Vol 31 No 3 Summer/Fall Issue 2023 Yo u r G u i d e t o G o l f i n C o l o r a d o
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Practice Smar ter with the Putting Flag Stick

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Summer/Fall Issue 2023
• Quick and easy setup, simply put the Putting Flag Stick in the cup and pull out the tether s • It provides a 7 step putting program for those who need to lear n and improve • For accomplished putter s, you’ll keep your stroke tuned with just 15 minutes of meaningful practice • Scoring of your practice is now possible – no nuance or “I feel”, you’ll have data • F inally and most impor tantly – its challenging and a great deal of FUN; you just won’t want to stop putting once you star t draining those putts The average birdie putt distance as of July 2023 on the PGA Tour is 9’ 6” and the Putting Flag Stick has the S-drill - the perfect way to dial in your distance control!! Distance control is mastered with the S-Drill Order the Putting Flag Stick today at WWW.PUTTINGFLAGSTICK.COM Tom Krause 303-359-7014 tkrause61@m sn.com Golf Course Acquisition & Club Management Consultation

Parachute, Colorado

Battlement Mesa Golf Club
Battlement Mesa Golf Club offers a challenging course, extensive practice facilit y, beautiful surroundings, and plent y of wildlife! The Rough Bar & Grill offers great food and beverages before, during and after your round. 3930 N. Battlement Parkway, Parachute, CO 81635 970-285-7274 www.battlementmesagolf.com mochs@pbmprd.org

Excitement Grows Amidst New Clubhouse Constr uction at Foothills Golf Cour se!

Featuring 36 holes and a driving range with expansive mountain views, Foothills Golf Course is one of the Denver Metro Area’s most popular public courses However, the original clubhouse, built in 1974, was no longer serving the needs of daily golfers and the nearby community. Foothills Park & Recreation District sought a new design with an expanded restaurant and terrace (including an indoor-outdoor bar), events space to accommodate various tournaments, and indoor storage for the course’s fleet of golf carts

While Foothills is a public course, many of those who frequent the facility are regulars, creating a sense of ownership among the course’s patrons With this in mind, our vision was to elevate the expected quality of a public clubhouse facility, while still maintaining a “golf-first” experience The building is designed to

last, with the incorporation of several sustainable features, including a mass timber structure, a highly insulated metal rainscreen, glazing that provides ample daylight throughout the space and strategically placed shading devices along the western exposure of the building.

One beloved feature of the original clubhouse was the elevated upper level, which allowed for sweeping views of the Front Range to the west The new clubhouse maintains this elevated feature, lifting the entire main level above the 18th hole This architectural move provided a wonderful opportunity for a west-facing deck and to treat the earth outside the building like an amphitheater, allowing for more indoor-outdoor activation and capacity for larger group events

Another noteworthy upgrade from the previous facility’s design was the inclusion

of expanded lounges for socialization and dining, featuring direct bar access and integrated shade structures throughout all outdoor spaces Aesthetically, the most noteworthy aspect of the new clubhouse is the heavy timber structure, which is left exposed to showcase eye-catching glulam

columns, beams and roof decking throughout the building

The project is being completed by Adolfson & Peterson Construction and is anticipated to open in the first quarter of 2024

Concept plans for the project can be found at www.ifoothills.org/projects/#fhgc. D

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JNS Architecture + Interior Design JNS Architecture + Interior Design JNS Architecture + Interior Design
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Golf at Eaglevail

The Vail Valley’s Best Kept Secret

Follow the Eagle River with stunning views of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Situated at an altitude of nearly 7,650 feet, enjoy 18 holes, our driving range, or our Willow Creek Par 3 course. Relax at the end of your day at the Whiskey Hill Golf Grill and Clubhouse, and stop by the Pro Shop for all your golf needs

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Effective Golf Training: Learning process goals, problem-solving goals, and confirmation bias

Goal Process

Goal processes are meaningful to a golfer's progress because retention, recall, and skill attainment are affected Goals provide a framework for behavior change in physical activity, and the goal focus can be specific or vague; however, the process benefits must apply to desired outcomes (Hawkins et al , 2020) Driving range practice or technique practice at home can benefit from the learning process goal; however, the golf course demands a problem-solving goal because each shot requires specific actions

Learning is limited when the learner's actions are based on solving the problem, and this finite attention is identified as the goal specificity effect (Wirth et al , 2009) Learning process goals promote creativity and adaptability because the developed skills and decisionmaking have broader applications (Wirth et al., 2009; Hawkins et al., 2020). For example, a golfer who chooses to practice a technique on the driving range to solve a performance issue would not adapt to golf course conditions such as lie, weather, obstacles, or fatigue factors Yet, a golfer will foster creativity, imagination, and effective decision-making using a practice format focusing on developing fundamental skills followed by game simulation Therefore, the goal process needs to be applicable to cultivate growth. However, confirmation bias can render all performance development plans ineffective

Confirmation Bias Pitfalls

Consuming information based on existing views while prohibiting the change of existing beliefs defines confirmation bias, and selecting favorite information sources also reinforces bias (Allahverdyan & Galstyan, 2014). Filtering new information ranges from acceptance, non-commitment, and rejection; additionally, extreme differences are often rejected during social interactions, while similar data based on existing understanding is likely to be accepted (Allahverdyan & Galstyan, 2014) The danger of confirmation bias in physical activities is a plateau of skill development or reducing creativity, imagination, and adaptive behavior Furthermore, the performance benefits of a golfers development plan can be temporary.

Aligning Goal Processes

Golfer A believes they can hit a shot after practicing a golf drill on the driving range and has adopted a problem-solving goal However, Golfer B uses learning process goals and focuses on using alignment sticks to foster shot-specific setup elements and senses how setup influences movement Golfer A uses a drill to strike a golf ball better, while Golfer B identifies what is needed to hit specific shots Thus, Golfer A would search for the drill sensation on the golf course, while Golfer B chooses the setup to match their golf shot When confirmation bias exists, skill growth could be limited Therefore, cognitive coaching can be meaningful

Cognitive coaching benefits

A golfer's skill development requires a goal process; otherwise, the physical activity is reduced to exercise Working on your physical skills and aligning goal processes is significant because your time and efforts are maximized Goal methods exist beyond learning process goals and problem-solving goals; thus, coaching can be significant

A trained cognitive coach combines scientific evidence, personalizes your goal process, and provides a method for tracking progress. Therefore, if you desire improved performance and decision-making, book an appointment with a cognitive coach

Author's Notes:

Visit HenseySports com for more information, or book an appointment for cognitive coaching, golf coaching, or custom club fitting We value respectful dialogue, science-based research, and positive mindsets; furthermore, we cultivate your development and well-being based on your needs


Allahverdyan, A E , & Galstyan, A (2014) Opinion dynamics with confirmation bias PLoS ONE, 9(7) https://doi org/10 1371/journal pone 0099557

Hawkins, R M , Crust, L , Swann, C , & Jackman, P C (2020) The effects of goal types on psychological outcomes in active and insufficiently active adults in a walking task: Further evidence for open goals Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 48, 101661 https://doi org/10 1016/j psychsport 2020 101661

Wirth, J , Künsting, J , & Leutner, D (2009) The impact of goal specificity and goal type on learning outcome and cognitive load Computers in Human Behavior, 25(2), 299–305 https://doi org/10 1016/j chb 2008 12 004

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S Trenton Way
Mental Game
Ste 211 Denver, CO 80231
Book your tee time online now through November 4th Visit fossiltrace.com | Golden, Colorado CELEBRATING 20 YEARS in 2023

Non-golfers still love living in golf course communities

That’s exactly what happened to Lloyd Gottman and his wife when they decided to buy a home at Deer Creek Golf Course back in 2001. The couple were empty nesters and looking to downsize their home Located in the Meadow Ranch neighborhood of Littleton, Deer Creek Golf Course offered beautiful views, attentive staff and an extremely well maintained course Funny enough the Gottman’s are not avid golfers but fell in love with the scenic course. “It was a great opportunity looking over the fairway,” Gottman said, referring to the gorgeous green view his backyard faced The Gottman’s also looked forward to no yard work since the grounds were maintained by the course and HOA

Golf course living can be great for all walks of life including singles, emptynesters and families alike If maintained and managed well, a golf course home can bring higher than average property values. In fact, depending on the community, according to the National Recreation and Parks Association homes that have golf course views, or sit on a golf course, can have up to 15-30% higher property values compared to homes that do not There are plenty of golf courses in Colorado to pick

from with 79 golf course communities throughout Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Greeley

The Gottman’s bought their golf course home in 2001, as a new build, and the rest of the community finished construction around 2002 Upon moving in, The Gottman’s also enjoyed meeting golfers who played the course, though the golfers never interfered with privacy. The only drawback the Gottman’s had about buying a golf course home? “Watch where your home is sitting on the course, make sure it’s

Golf For Mental Health,

not a direct hit from the driving range or tee box,” Lloyd cautioned.

While the Gottman’s were happy with their home and community, Deer Creek Golf Course is rumored to have had ongoing financial problems due to various reasons, including family issues with the course owner that led to the ultimate closure Google Maps lists the course as “Temporarily Closed” but neighbors in the community don’t have high hopes that the course will open any time soon, if ever “It is now covered in weeds,” Lloyd says of the once beautiful course “I wonder what it will be like 10 or 20 years from now ”

Neighbors are in talks of maintaining the grounds themselves and possibly trying to buy the property, but to no avail Part of the course had been sold, prior to the closure, to a developer who is actively building homes as part of another community separate from the Gottman’s Time will tell what may happen, but this brings up how homeowners who are looking at golf course property can do their due diligence in order to ensure their investment Buyers and their agents need to be hyper-aware of news surrounding the golf course, zoning, maintenance and potential issues with the builder which are all reasons why golf courses close

First off, it’s pertinent to navigate potential community perils through the resources of an experienced real estate professional A great agent will know potential pitfalls of a neighborhood and will keep up with issues like rezoning, or monetary issues that the course itself or builder may be having. A knowledgeable agent is priceless

A home buyer can also do their own research when looking at homes in planned communities Doing research about financial projections and overall reputation of the course and developer could make a difference

Also, some golf courses close due to zoning issues so looking up community council minutes and doing some research is a great start Due diligence would include looking for news of funding issues or mismanagement on behalf of the builder or the course, assuming these are multiple different organizations

In the case of mismanaged golf courses, which can kill property value and send a course into closure, home buyers can again stay vigilant especially when on the property and touring A few great indications of a well managed course are manicured greens, well watered plant life and grass as well as great online reviews and attentive staff

Things are not all bad at Deer Creek Golf Course though, despite the golf course closure and growing weeds, homes are still being bought and sold in the community. While homeowners may not fetch the premium price they would if the course was open, the Gottman’s and their neighbors who have held onto their property for the last 20+ years have no doubt gained considerable equity Lloyd and his wife also have no intention of moving and he suspects many neighbors feel the same. Overall, the Denver real estate market has been hot for the past few years with a main factor being simple supply and demand: not enough homes for the market of buyers So even with the golf course closure, this once again proves that real estate usually turns out to be a good investment, especially in the long run

Doug Phelps is a Broker Associate at Colorado HOME Realty and a 2020-2023

Five Star Professional and specializes in golf course properties From 1990 - 1997 Doug was the Director of Junior Golf for the CGA

For more information he can be reached at 720 323 4176, DougMovesYou com or dougmovesyou@gmail com D

12 DIVOTMagazine.com l Summer/Fall Issue 2023 12 DIVOTMagazine.com l Summer/Fall Issue 2023 Golf Course Realestate
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Things are not all bad at Deer Creek, despite the golf course closure and growing weeds, homes are still being bought and sold in the community.
Droste Counseling Center's 11th Annual Golf Tournament helps support community mental wellness for all Coloradans by providing low-cost mental health services, regardless of ability to pay.
Regardless of Wealth!

Within a half hour drive from Vail, lies a challenging Arnold Palmer Signature Design course that is open to the public. Eagle Ranch Golf Club is an 18-hole, links-style layout with spectacular views of the Sawatch Mountains and Castle Peak.

The expansive Practice Facility offers plenty of space for excellent turf conditions, a practice chipping green with bunker and large practice putting green. The Eagle Ranch Grille serves breakfast and lunch along with a wide variety of refreshments, including craft beers and cocktails.

Eagle Ranch is easy to get to, but off the beaten path. It's a great place to play golf in the Colorado Rockies.

Eagle Ranch Golf Club

0050 Lime Park Drive | Eagle, CO 81631 | 970.328.2882 | www.eagleranchgolf.com

“Same valley, different climate” Gypsum Creek is the only golf cour se in the valley which attr acts locals and visitor s to ski in the mor ning and golf in the after noon.

Pete Dye championship 18 hole golf cour se with the longest season and best value around! Open March – December (snow per mitting)

Fun for the whole family!

530 Cotton Ranch Dr. Gypsum, CO 81637 970 524 6200 g ypsumcreekgolf.com


14 DIVOTMagazine com l Summer/Fall Issue 2023 BeaverRun com 800 288 1282
play Breckenridge’s 27 hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Af te r a d ay o f te e i n g o f f s t ay a t Beaver Run Resort, nestled between m o u n t a i n a n d M a i n S t re e t . B e ave r R u n R e s o r t h a s everything you need for your Rocky Mountain escap CALL OR GO ONLINE FOR GREAT RATES! 24340
P L AY Come

Front Range North

Applewood Golf Course 1 (7-H) Public 18R 303-279-3003 Golden Fees: $18-$37 Opened: 1961 Designer: Press Maxwell Arrowhead Golf Club 2 (15-H) Public 18R 303-973-9614 Littleton Fees: $79-$149 Opened: 1972 Designer: Robert Trent Jones; Jr. Aurora Hills Golf Course 3 (9-P) Public 18R 303-739-1550 Aurora Fees: $30-$35 Opened: 1969 Designer: Henry Hughes Bear Creek Golf Club 4 (10-H) Private 18R 303-980-8700 Denver Fees: $150-$150 Opened: 1985 Designer: Arnold Palmer/Ed Seay Bear Dance, The Golf Club at 5 (16-N) Public 18R 303-681-4653 Larkspur Fees: $69-$115 Opened: 2002 Designer: Aurand; Bruening; Hogan Boulder Country Club 6 (1-H) Private 18R; 9P-3 303-530-2226 Boulder Fees: N/A Opened: 1965 Designer: Press Maxwell Broadlands Golf Course 7 (1-J) Public 18R 303-466-8285 Broomfield Fees: $37-$47 Opened: 1999 Designer: Rick Phelps Broken Tee Golf Course 8 (12-K) Public 18R 303-762-2670 Englewood Fees: $15-$31 Opened: 1977 Designer: Phelps/Dye Design Buffalo Run Golf Course 9 (3-Q) Public 18R 303-289-1500 Commerce City Fees: $25-$44 Opened: 1996 Designer: Keith Foster Castle Pines Golf Club 10 (15-N) Private 18R 303-688-6022 Castle Rock Fees: N/A Opened: 1981 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Castle Pines,The Country Club at 11 (15-M) Private 18R 303-688-7400 Castle Rock Fees: N/A Opened: 1986 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Cherry Creek Country Club 12 (11-O) Private 18R 303-597-0300 Denver Fees: $125-$125 Opened: 2002 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Cherry Hills Country Club 13 (12-L) Private 18R 303-350-5200 Cherry Hills Village Fees: $150-$150 Opened: 1922 Designer: William Flynn City Park Golf Course - Denver 14 (8-M) Public 18R 720-865-3410 Denver Fees: $26-$35 Opened: 1912 Designer: Tom Bendelow ClubCorp at Black Bear Golf Club 15 (15-R) Private 18R 303-840-3100 Parker Fees: N/A Opened: 1996 Designer: Jeff Brauer ClubCorp at Blackstone Country Club 16 (13-S) Private 18R 303-680-0245 Aurora Fees: N/A Opened: 2006 Designer: Jay Morrish Coal Creek Golf Course 17 (2-H) Public 18R 303-666-7888 Louisville Fees: $20-$49 Opened: 1989 Designer: Dick Phelps Colorado Golf Club 18 (16-Q) Private 18R 303-840-5400 Parker Fees: $100-$125 Opened: 2006 Designer: Bill Coore; Ben Crenshaw Colorado National Golf Club 19 (1-K) Public 18R 303-926-1723 Erie Fees: $45-$85 Opened: 2003 Designer: Jay Morrish Columbine Country Club 20 (13-K) Private 18R 303-794-6333 Columbine Valley Fees: $100-$100 Opened: 1955 Designer: Henry Hughes CommonGround Golf Course 21 (8-P) Public 18R; 9P-3 303-340-1520 Aurora Fees: $35-$60 Opened: 2009 Designer: Tom Doak Deer Creek Golf Club at Meadow Ranch 22 (13-H) Semi-Private 18R 303-978-1800 Littleton Fees: $50-$70 Opened: 2000 Designer: Scott Miller Denver Country Club 23 (9-M) Private 18R 303-733-2441 Denver Fees: N/A Opened: 1887 Designer: Foulis/Flynn/Coorer/Hanse Eagle Trace Golf Club 24 (2-J) Public 18R 303-466-3322 Broomfield Fees: $29-$42 Opened: 1963 Designer: Dick Phelps Emerald Greens Golf Club 25 (9-O) Public 9P-3 303-366-3133 Denver Fees: $8-$11 Opened: 1965 Designer: Henry B. Hughes Evergreen Golf Course 26 (10-F) Public 18R 303-674-6351 Evergreen Fees: $22-$30 Opened: 1923 Designer: Babe Lind Flatirons Golf Course 27 (1-H) Public 18R 303-442-7851 Boulder Fees: $25-$39 Opened: 1938 Designer: William H. Tucker Foothills Golf Course 28 (12-I) Public 18R 303-409-2400 Denver Fees: $6-$40 Opened: 1971 Designer: Dick Phelps Fossil Trace Golf Club 29 (8-G) Public 18R 303-277-8750 Golden Fees: $31-$71 Opened: 2003 Designer: James J. Engh Fox Hollow Golf Course 30 (10-I) Public 27R 303-986-7888 Lakewood Fees: $24-$60 Opened: 1993 Designer: Denis Griffiths Glenmoor Country Club 31 (12-M) Private 18R 303-781-0400 Cherry Hills Village Fees: $80-$95 Opened: 1985 Designer: Pete Dye/Perry Dye Green Valley Ranch Golf Club 32 (7-R) Public 18R 303-371-3131 Denver Fees: $30-$72 Opened: 2001 Designer: Perry Dye Greenway Park Golf Course 33 (3-I) Public 9P-3 303-466-3729 Broomfield Fees: $7-$9 Opened: 1971 Designer: Unknown Harvard Gulch Golf Course 34 (11-M) Public 9P-3 303-698-4078 Denver Fees: $9-$9 Opened: 1982 Designer: Babe Lind Heather Gardens Golf Course 35 (11-R) Public 9E 303-751-2390 Aurora Fees: $15-$15 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Heather Ridge, The Golf Club at 36 (10-Q) Public 18R 303-755-3550 Aurora Fees: $14-$32 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club 37 (12-S) Semi-Private 18R 303-400-6700 Aurora Fees: $40-$71 Opened: 2000 Designer: Arthur Hills Highlands Ranch Golf Club 38 (14-L) Semi-Private 18R 303-471-0000 Highlands Ranch Fees: $40-$73 Opened: 1998 Designer: Hale Irwin Hiwan Golf Club 39 (9-G) Private 18R 303-674-3369 Evergreen Fees: $85-$85 Opened: 1962 Designer: Press Maxwell Homestead Golf Course, The 40 (11-I) Public 18E 720-963-5181 Lakewood Fees: $15-$40 Opened: 2002 Designer: Denis Griffiths Hyland Hills, Greg Mastriona Courses at 41 (4-J) Public 18R 303-428-6526 Westminster Fees: $25-$37 Opened: 1963 Designer: Hughes/Hummel Indian Peaks Golf Course 42 (1-I) Public 18R 303-666-4706 Lafayette Fees: $40-$53 Opened: 1993 Designer: Hale Irwin/Dick Phelps Indian Tree Golf Course 43 (5-I) Public 18R 303-403-2542 Arvada Fees: $33-$37 Opened: 1970 Designer: Dick Phelps Inverness Hotel & Golf Club 44 (13-O) Resort 18R 303-397-7878 Englewood Fees: $115-$115 Opened: 1974 Designer: Press Maxwell Kennedy Golf Course 45 (12-P) Public 27R 720-865-0720 Denver Fees: $27-$37 Opened: 1965 Designer: Dick Phelps Lake Arbor Golf Club 46 (4-J) Public 18R 720-898-7360 Arvada Fees: $23-$27 Opened: 1973 Designer: Gordon Reusink Lakewood Country Club 47 (8-J) Private 18R 303-233-0503 Lakewood Fees: $90-$110 Opened: 1908 Designer: T. Bendelow/D. Ross Legacy Ridge Golf Course 48 (3-J) Public 18R 303-438-8997 Westminster Fees: $24-$47 Opened: 1994 Designer: Arthur Hills Links Golf Course, The 49 (14-M) Public 18E 303-470-9292 Highlands Ranch Fees: $16-$36 Opened: 1985 Designer: Dick Phelps Littleton Golf & Tennis Club 50 (13-K) Public 18E 303-794-5838 Littleton Fees: $21-$35 Opened: 1986 Designer: Dick Phelps Lone Tree Golf Club & Hotel 51 (14-N) Public 18R 303-799-9940 Lone Tree Fees: $49-$68 Opened: 1985 Designer: Palmer/Seay Meadow Hills Golf Course 52 (12-O) Public 18R 303-690-2500 Aurora Fees: $34-$41 Opened: 1957 Designer: Henry Hughes Meadows Golf Club, The 53 (12-H) Public 18R 303-409-2250 Littleton Fees: $10-$47 Opened: 1984 Designer: Phelps/Benz Meridian Golf Club 54 (14-O) Private 18R 303-799-4043 Englewood Fees: $75-$95 Opened: 1984 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Murphy Creek Golf Course 55 (10-S) Public 18R 303-739-1560 Aurora Fees: $37-$47 Opened: 2000 Designer: Ken Kavanaugh Omni Interlocken Resort Golf Club 56 (3-H) Resort 27R 303-464-9000 Broomfield Fees: $105-$130 Opened: 1999 Designer: David Graham Overland Park Golf Course 57 (11-K) Public 18R 720-865-0430 Denver Fees: $27-$39 Opened: 1895 Designer: W. H. Tucker; Sr./W. F. Bell Park Hill Golf Club 58 (7-N) Public 18R 303-333-5411 Denver Fees: $25-$45 Opened: 1931 Designer: Clark Hamilton Perry Park Country Club 59 (16-K) Private 18R 303-681-3186 Larkspur Fees: $85-$95 Opened: 1969 Designer: Dick Phelps Pinehurst Country Club 60 (12-J) Private 18R; 9R 303-985-1559 Denver Fees: $80-$95 Opened: 1960 Designer: Press Maxwell Pinery Country Club, The 61 (15-R) Private 27R 303-841-2850 Parker Fees: $75-$85 Opened: 1972 Designer: David Bingham Plum Creek Golf Club 62 (16-O) Public 18R 303-660-2200 Castle Rock Fees: $32-$69 Opened: 1984 Designer: Pete Dye Pradera, The Club at 63 (15-Q) Private 18R 303-607-5700 Parker Fees: N/A Opened: 2005 Designer: James J. Engh Raccoon Creek Golf Course 64 (13-J) Public 18R 303-932-0199 Littleton Fees: $29-$53 Opened: 1983 Designer: Dick Phelps Ranch Country Club, The 65 (3-K) Private 18R 303-466-2111 Westminster Fees: $55-$55 Opened: 1974 Designer: Dick Phelps Ravenna, The Club at 66 (14-H) Private 18R 720-981-6000 Littleton Fees: N/A Opened: 2007 Designer: Jay Morrish Red Hawk Ridge Golf Course 67 (16-N) Public 18R 720-733-3500 Castle Rock Fees: $50-$85 Opened: 1999 Designer: James J. Engh Red Rocks Country Clubv 68 (12-G) Private 18R 303-697-8008 Morrison Fees: $100-$100 Opened: 1975 Designer: Harwood/Phelps Ridge at Castle Pines North, The 69 (15-N) Public 18R 303-688-0100 Castle Rock Fees: $80-$145 Opened: 1997 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Riverdale Dunes Golf Courses 70 (2-N) Public 36R 303-659-6700 Brighton Fees: $26-$46 Opened: 1985 Designer: Pete & Perry Dye Rolling Hills, The Club at 71 (7-H) Private 18R 303-279-7858 Golden Fees: $80-$115 Opened: 1955 Designer: P. Maxwell/D. Phelps Saddle Rock Golf Course 72 (13-R) Public 18R 303-699-3939 Aurora Fees: $13-$54 Opened: 1997 Designer: Dick Phelps Sanctuary 73 (14-M) Private 18R 303-224-2860 Sedalia Fees: N/A Opened: 1997 Designer: Jim Engh South Suburban Family Sports Center 74 (12-O) Public 9E 303-649-1115 Centennial Fees: $8.50-$19 Opened: 1998 Designer: Rick Phelps South Suburban Golf Course 75 (13-M) Public 18R 303-770-5508 Centennial Fees: $20-$48 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Southglenn Country Club 76 (13-N) Private 9P-3 303-798-1656 Centennial Fees: N/A Opened: 1965 Designer: Unknown Springhill Golf Course 77 (8-R) Public 18E 303-739-6854 Aurora Fees: $20-$33 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Stoney Creek Executive 9 Course 78 (4-H) Public 9E 303-431-9268 Arvada Fees: $13-$13 Opened: 1998 Designer: Tim Root Thorncreek Golf Club 79 (2-L) Public 18R 303-450-7055 Thornton Fees: $20-$40 Opened: 1992 Designer: Finger/Spann/Dye Todd Creek Golf Club 80 (1-L) Semi-Private 18R 303-655-1779 Thornton Fees: $30-$72 Opened: 2007 Designer: Arthur Hills Valley Country Club 81 (13-Q) Private 18R 303-690-6377 Centennial Fees: $80-$90 Opened: 1956 Designer: William Bell Walnut Creek Golf Preserve 82 (3-H) Public 18R 303-469-2974 Westminster Fees: $10-$45 Opened: 1999 Designer: Michael Hurdzan Wellshire Golf Course 83 (11-M) Public 18R 720.865.0443 Denver Fees: $20-$39 Opened: 1926 Designer: Ross/Hughes West Woods Golf Club 84 (6-H) Public 27R 720-898-7370 Arvada Fees: $21-$44 Opened: 1994 Designer: Dick Phelps Willis Case Golf Course 85 (5-J) Public 18R 720-865-0700 Denver Fees: $35-$54 Opened: 1928 Designer: El Jebel/City of Denver
Ballyneal 1 (21-X) Private 18R 970-854-5900 Holyoke Fees: N/A Opened: 2006 Designer: Tom Doak Bella Rosa Municipal Golf Course 2 (22-N) Public 9R 303-678-2940 Frederick Fees: $7-$20 Opened: 2006 Designer: Unknown Boomerang Golf Links 3 (20-O) Public 18R 970-351-8934 Greeley Fees: $20-$33 Opened: 1991 Designer: Bill Neff Cattail Creek Golf Course 4 (20-N) Public 9P-3 970-663-5310 Loveland Fees: $11-$11 Opened: 1991 Designer: Dick Phelps City Park Nine Golf Course 5 (19-M) Public 9R 970-221-6650 Fort Collins Fees: $14-$19 Opened: 1940 Designer: Ft. Collins Golf Association Collindale Golf Course 6 (18-N) Public 18R 970-221-6651 Fort Collins Fees: $35-$37 Opened: 1971 Designer: Frank Hummel Coyote Creek Golf Course 7 (22-O) Public 18R 303-857-6152 Fort Lupton Fees: $27-$33 Opened: 1999 Designer: Matt Eccles Eaton Country Club 8 (19-Q) Private 18R 970-454-2587 Eaton Fees: $40-$54 Opened: 1923 Designer: Frank Baumgarner F&H Park and Recreation District 9 (20-W) Public 9R 970-774-6362 Haxtun Fees: $14-$14 Opened: 1972 Designer: Marty Johnson Fort Collins Country Club 10 (18-N) Private 18R 970-482-9988 Fort Collins Fees: $45-$175 Opened: 1960 Designer: Henry Hughes Fox Hill Club, The 11 (22-N) Private 18R 303-651-7600 Longmont Fees: $60-$70 Opened: 1972 Designer: Frank Hummel Greeley Country Club 12 (20-P) Private 18R 970-353-2431 Greeley Fees: $115-$115 Opened: 1920 Designer: Maxwell/Bendelow Harmony Club 13 (19-O) Private 18R 970-482-4653 Timnath Fees: N/A Opened: 2007 Designer: James J. Engh Haystack Mountain Golf Course 14 (22-N) Public 9E 303-530-1400 Niwot Fees: $11-$19 Opened: 1966 Designer: Ebel Family Highland Hills Golf Course 15 (21-P) Public 18R 970-330-7327 Greeley Fees: $19-$35 Opened: 1960 Designer: Hughes/Hummel Highland Meadows Golf Course 16 (19-O) Public 18R 970-204-4653 Windsor Fees: $40-$69 Opened: 2004 Designer: Art Schaupeter Holyoke Golf Club 17 (20-X) Public 9R 970-854-3200 Holyoke Fees: $12-$20 Opened: 1972 Designer: Unknown Lake Valley Golf Club 18 (22-M) Private 18R 303-444-2114 Niwot Fees: $47-$75 Opened: 1964 Designer: Press Maxwell Mad Russian Golf Course, The 19 (20-O) Public 18R 970-587-5157 Milliken Fees: $18-$32 Opened: 1987 Designer: Bob Ehrlich Mariana Butte Golf Course 20 (20-N) Public 18R 970-667-8308 Loveland Fees: $23-$43 Opened: 1992 Designer: Dick Phelps Mountain Vista Greens Golf Course 21 (18-O) Public 9R 970-482-4847 Fort Collins Fees: $16-$20 Opened: 1992 Designer: Garrison/Tawara Northeastern 18 22 (19-U) Public 18R 970-522-2836 Sterling Fees: $29-$47 Opened: 1916 Designer: Henry Hughes Olde Course at Loveland, The 23 (20-N) Public 18R 970-667-5256 Loveland Fees: $33-$33 Opened: 1960 Designer: Hughes/D. Phelps On the Green Golf Course 24 (21-W) Public 9R 970-848-2812 Yuma Fees: $12-$14 Opened: 1970 Designer: Unknown Pelican Lakes Golf & Country Club 25 (20-O) Semi-Private 18R; 9R 970-674-0930 Windsor Fees: $69-$69 Opened: 1999 Designer: Ted Robinson Sr. Petteys Park, The Course at 26 (21-S) Public 9R 970-842-5470 Brush Fees: Unknown Opened: 1971 Designer: Frank Hummel Plainsman Golf Club 27 (24-W) Public 9R 970-358-4321 Joes Fees: $10-$10 Opened: 1964 Designer: E. Boone/O. Collette Prairie Golf Course 28 (25-W) Public 9R No Phone Cope Fees: $5-$5 Opened: 1971 Designer: John Rudnik Prairie Pines Golf Club 29 (25-X) Public 9R 719-346-8207 Burlington Fees: $15-$20 Opened: 1971 Designer: Unknown Ptarmigan Country Club 30 (19-O) Private 18R 970-226-6600 Fort Collins Fees: N/A Opened: 1987 Designer: J. Nicklaus Signature Quail Dunes Golf Course 31 (21-R) Public 18R 970-867-5990 Fort Morgan Fees: $25-$31 Opened: 1920 Designer: Henry Hughes Quint Valley Golf Club 32 (24-R) Public 9R 303-822-5295 Byers Fees: $20-$20 Opened: 2002 Designer: Jason Sherrill Riverview Golf Course 33 (19-U) Public 18R 970-522-3035 Sterling Fees: $12-$18 Opened: 1980 Designer: Val Heim Saddleback Golf Club 34 (22-O) Public 18R 303-833-5000 Firestone Fees: $28-$42 Opened: 2001 Designer: Andy Johnson Sedgwick County Golf Course 35 (17-X) Public 9R No Phone Julesburg Fees: Unknown Opened: 1985 Designer: Frank Hummel SouthRidge Golf Club 36 (19-N) Public 18R 970-416-2828 Fort Collins Fees: $26-$38 Opened: 1984 Designer: Frank Hummel Denver Area Maps not to scale. Course fees provided as a guideline. Contact individual courses COLORADO FGHIJKLMNOP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 GHIJKLMNOP A B C DEF WWW.DIVOTMAGAZINE.COM ● ▲ Published by O’Keefe Publishing, Inc. All Denver Area Courses:
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Front Range South

Stratton Golf Course 37 (26-V) Public 9R 719-348-5412 Stratton Fees: $10-$10 Opened: 1988 Designer: Box Hemburger Sunset Golf Course 38 (21-N) Public 9R 303-651-8466 Longmont Fees: $11-$22 Opened: 1922 Designer: Bink Young Tamarack Golf Course 39 (26-T) Public 9R 719-775-9461 Limon Fees: $18-$24 Opened: 1967 Designer: Henry Hughes Twin Peaks Golf Course 40 (21-N) Public 18R 303-651-8401 Longmont Fees: $10-$31 Opened: 1978 Designer: Frank Hummel TPC Colorado 41 (20-M) Semi-Private 18R 970-663-5063 Longmont Fees: TBD Opened: 2019 Designer: Arthur Schaupeter Ute Creek Golf Course 42 (21-N) Public 18R 303-774-4342 Longmont Fees: $44 Opened: 1997 Designer: R Trent Jones; Jr. Washington County Golf Club 43 (21-U) Public 9R 970-345-2309 Akron Fees: $20 - $25 Opened: 1972 Designer: Unknown Wray Country Club 44 (22-X) Public 9R 970-332-5934 Wray Fees: $15-$17 Opened: 1962 Designer: Frank Hummel
Antler Creek Golf Course 1 (27-Q) Public 18R 719-494-1900 Falcon Fees: $42-$52 Opened: 2004 Designer: Rick Phelps Broadmoor Golf Club 2 (29-O) Resort 54R 719-577-5790 Colorado Springs Fees: $75-$280 Opened: 1918 Designer: Ross; R T.Jones; Nicklaus Cherokee Ridge Golf Course 3 (28-P) Public 9R 719-597-2637 Colorado Springs Fees: $14-$32 Opened: 1971 Designer: Press Maxwell Cheyenne Shadows Golf Club at Fort Carson 4 (30-P) Military 18R 719-526-4122 Fort Carson Fees: $30-$35 Opened: 1971 Designer: Dick Phelp Colorado Springs Country Club 5 (28-O) Private 18R 719-473-1782 Colorado Springs Fees: $55-$70 Opened: 1954 Designer: Dick Phelps Cottonwood Links Golf Club 6 (33-R) Public 9R 719-263-4500 Fowler Fees: $16-$16 Opened: 1994 Designer: Lee Terry Country Club at Woodmoor 7 (27-O) Semi-Private 18R 719-884-7243 Monument Fees: $35-$65 Opened: 1969 Designer: J. Press Maxwell Country Club of Colorado 8 (30-O) Private 18R 719-538-4095 Colorado Springs Fees: $110-$135 Opened: 1973 Designer: Pete Dye Desert Hawk at Pueblo West 9 (31-P) Public 18R 719-547-2280 Pueblo West Fees: $28-$30 Opened: 1972 Designer: Johnny Bulla Eads Golf Course 10 (31-V) Public 9R No Phone Eads Fees: 5-$5 Opened: 1960 Designer: Mike Hines Eisenhower Golf Club 11 (27-O) M litary 36R 719-333-2606 Colorado Springs Fees: $29-$65 Opened: 1963 Designer: R.T. Jones, F. Hummel Elmwood Golf Course 12 (32-O) Public 27R 719-561-4946 Pueblo Fees: $28-$34 Opened: 1932 Designer: WPA Project Flying Horse, The Club at 13 (27-P) Private 18R 719-487-2620 Colorado Springs Fees: $80-$80 Opened: 2005 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Hollydot Golf Course 14 (34-O) Public 18R; 9R 719-676-3341 Colorado City Fees: $19-$26 Opened: 1974 Designer: Frank Hummel Hugo Golf Club 15 (27-T) Public 9R No Phone Hugo Fees: $5-$5 Opened: 1898 Designer: Unknown King's Deer Golf Club 16 (27-P) Semi-Private 18R 719-559-4500 Monument Fees: $52-$62 Opened: 1999 Designer: Redstone G.S. Kissing Camels at Garden of the Gods 17 (28-O) Private 27R 719-636-2520 Colorado Springs Fees: $95-$127 Opened: 1960 Designer: P. Maxwell/M. Raithert La Junta Golf Club 18 (33-T) Public 9R 719-384-7133 La Junta Fees: $16-$21 Opened: 1950 Designer: Army Corp of Engineers Las Animas Golf Course 19 (33-V) Public 9R 719-456-2511 Las Animas Fees: $12-$12 Opened: 1984 Designer: Ray Hardy Mossland Memorial Golf Course 20 (26-U) Public 9R 719-765-4659 Flagler Fees: $10-$25 Opened: 1986 Designer: Flagler Golf Club Patty Jewett Golf Course 21 (29-P) Public 27R 719-385-6934 Colorado Springs Fees: $29-$31 Opened: 1898 Designer: Willie Campbell Pine Creek Golf Club 22 (27-O) Public 18R 719-594-9999 Colorado Springs Fees: $39-$69 Opened: 1988 Designer: Dick Phelps Pueblo Country Club 23 (31-P) Private 18R 719-542-2941 Pueblo Fees: $35-$40 Opened: 1903 Designer: Henry Hughes Rocky Ford Country Club 24 (32-S) Public 9R 719-254-7528 Rocky Ford Fees: $15-$20 Opened: 1920 Designer: Unknown Sand Creek Golf Course 25 (28-P) Public 9R 719-597-5489 Colorado Springs Fees: $11-$11 Opened: 1991 Designer: Mark Fontana Silver Spruce Golf Course 26 (29-P) Military 18R 719-556-7414 Peterson AFB Fees: $20-$35 Opened: 1973 Designer: Dick Phelps Smoky River Golf Club 27 (30-X) Public 9R 719-767-5021 Cheyenne Wells Fees: $12-$12 Opened: 1991 Designer: Marty Johnson Spreading Antlers Golf Club 28 (33-W) Public 9R 719-336-5274 Lamar Fees: $14-$16 Opened: 1965 Designer: Labron Harris Spring Valley Golf Club 29 (25-P) Public 18R 303-646-4240 Elizabeth Fees: $34-$48.90 Opened: 1997 Designer: Ross Graves Springfield Municipal Golf Course 30 (36-W) Public 9R No Phone Springfield Fees: Unknown Opened: 1945 Designer: J.R. Hatcher Springs Ranch Golf Club 31 (30-P) Public 18R 719-573-4863 Colorado Springs Fees: $28-$45 Opened: 1997 Designer: Dick Phelps Sumo Golf Village, The 32 (31-O) Semi-Private 18R 719-784-4653 Florence Fees: $38-$45 Opened: 2003 Designer: Gary Player Trinidad Golf Course 33 (38-Q) Public 9R 719-846-4015 Trinidad Fees: $20-$29 Opened: 1918 Designer: Unknown Valley Hi Golf Course 34 (29-P) Public 18R 719-385-6911 Colorado Springs Fees: $29-$31 Opened: 1958 Designer: Henry Hughes Walking Stick Golf Course 35 (32-P) Public 18R 719-553-1180 Pueblo Fees: $28-$36 Opened: 1991 Designer: Arthur Hills Walsenburg Golf Course 36 (35-P) Public 9R 719-738-2730 Walsenburg Fees: $13-$20 Opened: 1966 Designer: C Young; G Aliano Mountain Area Aspen Glen Club 1 (26-G) Private 18R 970-704-1988 Carbondale Fees: $135-$260 Opened: 1997 Designer: Nicklaus/Nicklaus; II Aspen Golf & Tennis Club 2 (27-I) Public 18R 970-429-1949 Aspen Fees: $52-$105 Opened: 1970 Designer: Frank Hummel Beaver Creek Golf Club 3 (24-H) Resort 18R 970-754-5775 Beaver Creek Fees: $100-$205 Opened: 1982 Designer: Robert T. Jones; Jr. Breckenridge Golf Club 4 (26-K) Public 27R 970-453-9104 Breckenridge Fees: $67-$117 Opened: 1987 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Catamount Ranch & Club 5 (20-H) Private 18R 970-871-9200 Steamboat Springs Fees: $200-$200 Opened: 2000 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Cattails Golf Club 6 (36-L) Public 18R 719-589-9515 Alamosa Fees: $40-$40 Opened: 1992 Designer: Dick Phelps Challenger Golf Course 7 (34-M) Public 9E 719-256-4856 Crestone Fees: $20-$20 Opened: 1974 Designer: Jim Barnes Collegiate Peaks Golf Course 8 (28-K) Public 9R 719-395-8189 Buena Vista Fees: $28-$28 Opened: 1978 Designer: Phelps/Brauer Copper Creek Golf Club 9 (25-J) Resort 18R 970-968-3333 Copper Mountain Fees: $29-$72 Opened: 1980 Designer: Pete & Perry Dye Cordillera, Club at 10 (25-H) P ivate 54R, 9R 970-926-5100 Edwards Fees: $250-$250 Opened: 1994 Designer: Hale Irwin Country Club of The Rockies 11 (25-I) Private 18R 970-926-3021 Edwards Fees: $90-$135 Opened: 1984 Designer: Jack Nicklaus Crested Butte, The Club at 12 (28-H) Semi-Private 18R 970-349-8603 Crested Butte Fees: $75-$149 Opened: 1984 Designer: Robert T. Jones; Jr. Dos Rios Golf Club 13 (31-H) Semi-Private 18R 970-641-1482 Gunnison Fees: $55-$70 Opened: 1964 Designer: J. Cochran/D. Phelps Eagle Ranch Golf Course 14 (25-H) Public 18R 970-328-2882 Eagle Fees: $63-$99 Opened: 2001 Designer: Palmer/Seay Eagle Springs Golf Club 15 (24-H) P ivate 18R 970-926-4404 Wolcott Fees: N/A Opened: 1995 Designer: Morrish/Weiskopf Eagle Vail Golf Club 16 (25-I) Public 18R 970-949-5267 Avon Fees: $50-$105 Opened: 1974 Designer: Devlin/VonHagge Estes Park Golf Course 17 (21-M) Public 18R 970-586-8146 Estes Park Fees: $39-$51 Opened: 1957 Designer: Hughes/D. Phelps Four Mile Ranch Golf Club 18 (30-N) Public 18R 719-275-5400 Canon City Fees: $40-$60 Opened: 2008 Designer: James J. Engh Fox Acres, The Golf Club at 19 (18-M) Private 18R 970-881-2510 Red Feather Lakes Fees: $95-$95 Opened: 1980 Designer: John Cochran Frost Creek 20 (25-H) P ivate 18R 970-328-2326 Eagle Fees: N/A Opened: 2007 Designer: Tom Weiskopf Glenwood Springs Golf Club 21 (24-G) Public 9R 970-945-7086 Glenwood Springs Fees: $15-$37 Opened: 1953 Designer: Henry Hughes Golf Granby Ranch 22 (22-L) Public 18R 970-887-2709 Granby Fees: $40-$95 Opened: 2001 Designer: Mike Asmundson Grand Elk Golf Club 23 (22-K) Semi-Private 18R 877-389-9333 Granby Fees: $49-$99 Opened: 2002 Designer: C. Stadler & T. Davis Grand Lake Golf Course 24 (21-K) Public 18R 970-627-8008 Grand Lake Fees: $40-$55 Opened: 1964 Designer: Dick Phelps Gypsum Creek Golf Course 25 (25-G) Public 18R 970-524-6200 Gypsum Fees: $39-$68 Opened: 1997 Designer: Pete Dye Haymaker Golf Course 26 (20-H) Public 18R 970-870-1846 Steamboat Springs Fees: $98-$98 Opened: 1997 Designer: Keith Foster Ironbridge Golf Club 27 (25-F) Public 18R 970-384-0630 Glenwood Springs Fees: $69-$69 Opened: 2003 Designer: Arthur Hills Keystone Ranch Golf Course 28 (25-L) Resort 18R 970-496-4250 Keystone Fees: $60-$150 Opened: 1980 Designer: Robert Trent Jones; Jr. Lake Estes Executive 9 Golf Course 29 (20-M) Public 9E 970-586-8176 Estes Park Fees: $15-$18 Opened: 1971 Designer: Henry Hughes Maroon Creek Club 30 (26-I) Private 18R 970-920-1533 Aspen Fees: $350-$350 Opened: 1995 Designer: Tom Fazio Monte Vista Country Club 31 (36-K) Public 9R 719-852-4906 Monte Vista Fees: Unknown Opened: 1928 Designer: James Newman Mount Massive Golf Course 32 (27-J) Public 9R 719-486-2176 Leadville Fees: $18-$36 Opened: 1939 Designer: Adolph Kuss Mountain Meadows Golf Club 33 (18-L) Public 9E 970-881-2682 Red Feather Lakes Fees: Unknown Opened: 2000 Designer: NULL Pagosa Springs Golf Club 34 (37-G) Resort 27R 970-731-4755 Pagosa Springs Fees: $35-$86 Opened: 1972 Designer: Johnny Bulla Pole Creek Golf Club 35 (23-K) Public 27R 800-511-5076 Tabernash Fees: $69-$99 Opened: 1982 Designer: Denis Griffiths Ranch at Roaring Fork Golf Course 36 (25-H) Public 9P-3 970-963-4410 Carbondale Fees: $20-$20 Opened: 1975 Designer: Unknown Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks 37 (24-J) Semi-Private 18R 970-262-3636 Silverthorne Fees: $70-$180 Opened: 2000 Designer: Hurzdan/Fry, Lehman Red Sky Golf Club 38 (24-G) Resort 36R 970-754-8425 Wolcott Fees: $190-$250 Opened: 2002 Designer: T. Fazio; G. Norman Rio Grande Club 39 (35-I) Resort 18R 719-873-1997 South Fork Fees: $59-$109 Opened: 2001 Designer: Redstone Golf River Course at Keystone, The 40 (25-K) Resort 18R 970-496-4444 Keystone Fees: $55-$150 Opened: 2000 Designer: Hurzdan/Fry River Valley Ranch Golf Club 41 (25-G) Public 18R 970-963-3625 Carbondale Fees: $49-$99 Opened: 1997 Designer: Jay Morrish Roaring Fork Club 42 (26-H) Private 18R 970-927-9100 Basalt Fees: N/A Opened: 1999 Designer: J. Nicklaus - Signature Rollingstone Ranch Golf Club 43 (19-H) Resort 18R 970-879-1391 Steamboat Springs Fees: $105-$159 Opened: 1974 Designer: Robert Trent Jones II Saint Andrews at Westcliffe 44 (32-N) Public 9R 719-783-9410 Westcliffe Fees: $13-$13 Opened: 1988 Designer: John Manson Salida Golf Club 45 (31-L) Public 9R 719-539-1060 Salida Fees: $29-$31 Opened: 1926 Designer: Emmit Killian Shining Mountain Golf Club 46 (28-N) Public 18R 719-687-7587 Woodland Park Fees: $38-$48 Opened: 1995 Designer: John Harbottle Snowmass Club 47 (27-H) Semi-Private 18R 970-923-5700 Snowmass Village Fees: $120-$185 Opened: 2004 Designer: James J. Engh Sonnenalp Club 48 (23-I) Semi-Private 18R 970-477-5371 Edwards Fees: $85-$170 Opened: 1982 Designer: Morrish/Cupp Steamboat Golf Club 49 (20-G) Public 9R 970-879-4295 Steamboat Springs Fees: $31-$31 Opened: 1964 Designer: Dick Bondeson Vail Golf Club 50 (24-I) Public 18R 970-479-2260 Vail Fees: $64-$109 Opened: 1968 Designer: Ben Krueger Willow Creek Golf Club at Eagle Vail 51 (24-I) Public 9P-3 970-845-7273 Avon Fees: $10-$12 Opened: 1974 Designer: Jan Niedziela
Adobe Creek National Golf Course 1 (27-A) Public 27R 970-858-0521 Fruita Fees: $15-$35 Opened: 1991 Designer: Ned Wilson Battlement Mesa Golf Club 2 (27-D) Public 18R 970-285-7274 Battlement Mesa Fees: $36-$46 Opened: 1987 Designer: Finger/Dye Black Canyon Golf Course 3 (30-E) Public 18R 970-249-4653 Montrose Fees: $17-$29 Opened: 1959 Designer: Joe Francese Bookcliff Country Club 4 (26-C) Private 18R 970-242-9053 Grand Junction Fees: $60-$60 Opened: 1958 Designer: Dick Phelps Bridges, The 5 (31-E) Semi-Private 18R 970-252-1119 Montrose Fees: $50-$72 Opened: 2005 Designer: Nicklaus Design Cedar Ridges Golf Course 6 (22-B) Public 9R 970-675-8403 Rangely Fees: $10-$20 Opened: 1985 Designer: Frank Hummel Cedaredge Golf Club 7 (28-D) Public 18R 970-856-7781 Cedaredge Fees: $30 - $40 Opened: 1992 Designer: Unknown Chipeta Golf Course 8 (26-B) Public 18E 970-245-7177 Grand Junction Fees: $16-$28 Opened: 1997 Designer: Wilson Golf Group Cobble Creek, The Links at 9 (31-E) Public 18R 970-240-9542 Montrose Fees: $40-$43 Opened: 1999 Designer: Craig Cherry Inc./Pinnacle Golf Conquistador Golf Course 10 (36-A) Public 18R 970-565-9208 Cortez Fees: $22-$28 Opened: 1963 Designer: Press Maxwell Dalton Ranch Golf Club 11 (36-D) Semi-Private 18R 970-247-8774 Durango Fees: $90-$120 Opened: 1993 Designer: Ken Dye Devil's Thumb Golf Club 12 (29-D) Public 18R 970-874-6262 Delta Fees: $33-$43 Opened: 2001 Designer: Rick Phelps Divide Ranch & Club 13 (32-F Semi-Private 18R 970-626-5284 Ridgway Fees: $70-$100 Opened: 1993 Designer: Coker Glacier Club, The 14 (37-E) Private 27R 970-382-6700 Durango Fees: N/A Opened: 2004 Designer: A Hills/H Irwin/T Schoeder Hillcrest Golf Club 15 (37-E) Public 18R 970-247-1499 Durango Fees: $36-$36 Opened: 1971 Designer: Frank Hummel Hunter's Run Golf Course 16 (38-F) Public 18R 970-884-9785 Ignacio Fees: $11-$20 Opened: 1997 Designer: Unknown Lakota Canyon Ranch Golf Club 17 (25-F) Public 18R 970-984-9700 New Castle Fees: $69-$94 Opened: 2004 Designer: James J. Engh Lincoln Park Golf Course 18 (28-B) Public 9R 970-242-6394 Grand Junction Fees: $16-$16 Opened: 1926 Designer: Unknown Meeker Golf Course 19 (23-D) Public 9R 970-878-5642 Meeker Fees: $25 Opened: 1969 Designer: Henry Hughes Redlands Mesa, The Golf Club at 20 (27-B) Public 18R 970-263-9270 Grand Junction Fees: $50-$70 Opened: 2001 Designer: James J. Engh Rifle Creek Golf Course 21 (24-F) Public 18R 970-625-1093 Rifle Fees: $59-$59 Opened: 1960 Designer: Dick Phelps Telluride Ski & Golf Club 22 (34-E) Semi-Private 18R 970-728-2606 Telluride Fees: $165-$205 Opened: 1992 Designer: Telluride Ski & Golf Club Tiara Rado Golf Course 23 (28-A) Public 18R 970-254-3830 Grand Junction Fees: $36-$39 Opened: 1972 Designer: Kolacny/Phelps Atkinson Yampa Valley Golf Course 24 (20-E) Public 18R 970-824-3673 Craig Fees: $20-$40 Opened: 1967 Designer: William Neff es for exact pricing. R = Regulation E = Executive P-3 = Par 3 COURSES MNOP Q R S 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 MNOP Q R STUVWX AGAZINE.COM ▼ ■ ◆ All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2018. Mountain Area Courses: 51 West Slope Courses: 24 Total Colorado Golf Courses: 240 DIVOTMagazine.com l Summer/Fall Issue 2023 17 e Poster Format at www.divotmagazine.com
West Slope

Your Las Vegas golf getaway needs three things: HIGHLAND FALLS, PALM VALLEY, and EAGLE CREST With three Billy Casper/Greg Nash designed courses o ering challenging play, incredible views and private club service, make Golf Summerlin your next Las Vegas golf escape.

STAY A N D PLAY PA C K A G E S A LS O AVA I L A B L E P r i c e s a r e s t a r t i n g r a t e Va l i d t h r o u g h D e c e m b e r 3 1 , 2 0 2 3 R a t e s a r e p e r p l a y e r H I G H L A N D F A L L S O R P A L M VA L L E Y �139 �85 E A G L E C R EST V I S I T W WW.G O L F S U M M E R L I N . C O M O R C A L L 8 0 0 . 8 0 3 .0 7 5 8
ST A R T Y O U R G E T AWA Y A T G O L F M E S Q U I T E N E V A D A.C O M O R C A L L 8 6 6 - 7 2 0 - 7 1 1 1 V A L I D U N T I L D E C E M B E R 3 1 , 2 0 2 3 S U N D A Y - T H U R S D AY B A S E D O N D O U B L E O C C U P A N C Y N O T V A L I D O N EX I S T I N G R E S E R V A T I O N S , W E E K E N D S , B L A C K O U T D A T E S O R H O L I D AYS M A N A G E M E N T R E S E R V E S A L L R I G H T S.

Tee Off Vegas Style at Golf Summerlin's Three Stunning Courses

Looking for a golfing experience like no other? Look no fur ther than Golf Summerlin in the hear t of Summerlin, Las Vegas! With three stunning cour ses to c hoose from, Palm Valley, Highland Falls, and Eagle Crest, you’ll find your self immersed in some of the most breathtaking views and exciting play that golf has to of fer.

Palm Valley is Golf Summerlin’s oldest, longest, a n d m o s t c h a l l e n g i n g c o u r s e . E s t a b l i s h e d i n 1989, the mature, gently undulating fair ways are generous enough to allow most players to hit with the driver all day, but the deceptively rolling bent grass greens make ever y two-putt testy. Designed by B i l l y C a s p e r a n d G r e g N a s h , Pa l m Va l l ey boasts a more traditional layout with its mature t r e e s a n d n a t u r a l l a n d s c a p i n g . P i n e t r e e s l i n e m a ny o f t h e f a i r way s , a n d 6 8 b u n ke r s a l s o tighten the course to give each shot an additional challenge. With five sets of tees to choose from, Palm Valley can be enjoyed by golfer s of all skill levels, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just star ting out.

Palm Valley Golf Course details (Par 72, 6,706 yards, 71.7 rating / 127 slope)

Highland Falls is a classic course that lives up to its name with a lofty elevation of more than 3,000 feet Built in 1993, the beautiful course receives

much praise including ‘Best of Las Vegas’ awards Panoramic views of the Las Vegas strip throughout; the rolling hills of the front nine become steeper on the bac k side With its spectacular views of the Las Vegas Valley, this cour se of fer s player s a c hallenging yet rewarding game. Be-

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Palm Valley Golf Course Highland Falls Golf Course

sides elevation changes, rich fair ways, and strategically placed bunkering make each of Highland Falls’ eighteen holes fun, fair, and c hallenging Risk and reward golf shot oppor tunities are plentiful on the bac k nine. Highland Falls cater s to golfers of all skill levels, making it a must-play for anyone visiting Las Vegas

Highland Falls Golf Course details (Par 72, 6,404 yards, 69.7 rating / 130 slope)

And last but certainly not least, Eagle Crest offers golfers a unique desert golf experience, with its el-

evated tees, dramatic water features, and stunning views of the Las Vegas Valley. Eagle Crest is the youngest of the three courses, built in 1995, the executive course makes for an exciting round of quicker golf. Eagle Crest is built into the side of a stately mountain and the layout plays along some of Las Vegas’ highest points, showcasing exciting city vistas. Though it’s an executive course, Eagle Crest tests players on ever y club in the bag, so golfers can swing the driver while enjoying a timely round. Course designer Billy Casper says, “You can take any hole from this course, put it in the middle of a championship course, and it would fit right in ”

Eagle Crest Golf Course details (Par 60, 4,077 yards, 60.5 rating / 97 slope)

But Golf Summerlin is not just about the golf Located on the west side of Las Vegas, this golfing oasis provides visitors easy access to some of the best enter tainment and dining that Las Vegas has to of fer With its close proximity to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, you can easily take in a show or enjoy a gourmet meal af ter a round of golf And with its prime location near Red Rock Canyon National Conser vation Area, hiker s can also take in some of the most breathtaking views that the Nevada deser t has to of fer

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner just star ting out, Golf Summerlin of fer s something for ever yone With its three striking cour ses, breathtaking views, and close proximity to all that Las Vegas has to of fer, Golf Summerlin is the per fect destination for your next golfing vacation. Book your trip today and experience the magic of Golf Summerlin for yourself!

For more information on Palm Valley, Highland Falls and Eagle Crest Golf Cour ses please visit www golfsummerlin com


Josh Miller is the Director of Marketing at Citywide Consultants where he is a golf marketing specialist, photographer, and writer He is dedicated to connecting golfer s to unique golf destinations.

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Eagle Crest Golf Course Highland Falls Golf Course

Keystone Ranch and The River Course present the perfect pairing of beauty and adventure.

Keystone Ranch features an inspiring and challenging mountain valley links-style design by Robert Trent Jones, Jr set among the original homestead and barns from the early 1900’s lettuce and dairy farm that once thrived there Golfers of all abilities can appreciate the shot-making required to conquer this awesome course with four sets of tees ranging from 5,041 to 7,017 yards and short-course orange tees at 2,635 yards. Admire the panoramic views and incredible sunsets from the fairways of this amazing course as you listen to the elk bugle and the coyotes howl

The River Course is an environmentally friendly design by Hurdzan-Fry featuring five sets of tees ranging from 4,748 to 6,886 yards and short-course orange tees at 2,561 yards. Imagine teeing off nearly 200 yards above the green and launching your ball into the clear Rocky Mountain air The River Course will add an element of drama to your game and delight golfers of all abilities Add magnificent views of snowy peaks and Lake Dillon and it’s easy to see why this is a golfing experience unlike any other.

The River Course at Keystone Golf Club offers a limited number of memberships open to all golfers who enjoy playing at Keystone Benefits extend to the member, their spouse, and their unmarried children up to age 26 Privileges include unlimited golf at Keystone Ranch and The River Course, member-dedicated tee times on weekends and holidays, member-only

clinics and year-round events, complimentary fitness center, pool, and tennis access, dining and retail discounts, and more

Planning a group golf outing? Treat your group to an unforgettable event at Keystone Whether you plan a corporate event, wedding tournament, family reunion, or friends’ day out, a Keystone Golf experience is sure to impress your guests. Our professional staff will pay attention to every detail to assure you truly have a golf experience unlike any other Group packages include golf, on-course contests, prizes, catering, and exceptional service

Keystone is more than a ski resort, it’s a world-class golf resort and a mecca for summer activities for the whole family Ex-

perience two championship golf courses, lift-accessed mountain-top hiking and downhill mountain biking, snow tubing (yes, snow in summer!), horseback riding, fishing, paddle boating, sailing on Lake Dillon, and so much more - all less than 90 minutes west of Denver

Stay, Play & Save with our exceptional golf lodging packages and take advantage of unlimited same-day play. Book two nights or more and get free golf on your day of arrival Plan your trip around one of the wide variety of summer festivals held in River Run Village, such as Wine & Jazz, Bluegrass & Beer, or Oktoberfest Check out the full festival schedule at keystonefestivals com

Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you will find something to love at this laidback mountain playground Keystone offers cool mountain temperatures, two championship golf courses, and countless resort activities for the whole family

All Keystone Golf rates include greens fees, golf car rental, practice facility access, and practice balls. Epic Passholders save 20% on golf when booking online with promo code “EPICGOLF” Appropriate golf attire, including a golf shirt and nondenim pants, shorts, or golf skirt, is required for play

Visit www GolfKeystone com to book your tee times or lodging package or call (970) 496-1520 for more information D

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Two distinct designs demand that you play them both.
Colorado Course Feature
Keystone River Golf Course Keystone Ranch Golf Course

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Schalk Successfully Defends Senior Section Title

Fort Collins, Colo - Sunny skies and hot, humid temperatures greeted players as they arrived at Fort Collins Country Club for the final round of the Colorado Senior PGA Professional Championship Players were fighting for eight qualifying spots and five alternate positions when the day began, and the leaderboard was bunched with many players vying for the chance to head to the Senior PGA Professional Championship

With a front nine of 3-over-par 38, Matt Schalk, PGA General Manager at Colorado National Golf Club, sat one shot off the lead “I was upset The golf course was perfect, the greens were perfect, and I was just not scoring well,” Schalk stated. He woke up on the first six holes of the back nine, birding five of those six to take a three-shot lead with three holes to play Schalk finished with three closing pars and a back nine 31 to finish at 69 for the day and a 5-under-par total of 137, leading to a 3-shot victory

When asked about what defending this title meant to him, he stated, “I still think the Colorado Section is one of the strongest playing sections in the country I want to make myself as known in Colorado golf as possible To win this tournament twice confirms I am a great player and puts me in the

same category as some of the greats to play in this section ”

Joining Schalk at the PGA Golf Club in October are Micah Rudosky, PGA Head Professional at Conquistador Golf Course, Chris Johnson, PGA General Manager at The Country Club at Woodmoor, Doug Rohrbaugh, PGA Instructor at River Valley Ranch, Bill Hancock, PGA Assistant Professional at Meadow Hills Golf Course, David

Lopez, PGA Head Professional at Meridian Golf Club, Michael Zaremba, PGA Head

Professional at Desert Hawk at Pueblo West, Perry Holmes, PGA Instructor at Colorado National Golf Club, and first-time senior Caine Fitzgerald, PGA Head Professional at Meadow Hills Golf Course.

The Colorado Section of the PGA would like to thank the national presenting partner Cadillac, local presenting partner Colorado

Golf & Turf, Tom Bauerle, Drew Hunter, and their entire team for their fantastic support of the Section We would also like to thank our supporting partners Sterling Cut Glass, 1st and 10th Tee Bars, and BioSteel, for their support of this event.

Fort Collins Country Club was in phenomenal shape for both days, even after receiving 1 8 inches of rain overnight on Monday Golf Course Superintendent Chris Davis and his team did a fantastic job all week, and we could not be more appreciative of their efforts A big thank you to Head Golf Professional Tristen Fay, PGA, and his phenomenal professional team for all of their hard work and dedication in helping make this tournament a huge success

Top 5 Colorado Senior PGA Professional Championship Qualifiers:

1. Matt Schalk, PGA | Colorado National GC | 68-69 -137 (-5)

T2. Micah Rudosky, PGA | Conquistador GC | 69-71 -140 (-2)

T2. Chris Johnson, PGA | CC at Woodmoor | 68-72 -140 (-2)

4 Doug Rohrbaugh, PGA | River Valley Ranch GC | 69-72 -141 (-1)

5. Bill Hancock, PGA | Meadow Hills GC | 71-72 -143 (+1) D

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(left to right): Reed Tomlinson, Matt Schalk, PGA, and Drew Hunter
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Dunlap Makes Histor y With Victor y at Cherr y Hills

What Happened

Nick Dunlap joined exclusive company on Sunday at historic Cherry Hills Country Club, as he replicated a feat only accomplished by Tiger Woods Dunlap, the 2021 U S Junior Amateur champion, pulled away from Neal Shipley on the second 18 of the 123rd U S Amateur Championship final for a 4-and-3 victory to become just the second player to win both the Junior Amateur and the Amateur Woods captured each championship three times in a span of six consecutive years (1991-1996)

“Well, I think it’s only a third of what Tiger ’s actually done,” said Dunlap, 19, a sophomore at the University of Alabama who is No 9 in the World Amateur Golf Ranking® (WAGR®). “But just to be in the same conversation as Tiger is a dream come true and something that I’ve worked my entire life for It’s the hours and hours that nobody sees to try to get to this point and even have a chance to win this trophy It’s unbelievable; can’t put it into words ”

Shipley made an impressive birdie on the demanding par-4 18th hole to tie the match ahead of the lunch break, and after both birdied the par-4 first to open the afternoon, Dunlap assumed control of the match by winning the third and fourth holes with birdies, and the par-4 seventh with a par to take a 3-up advantage Dunlap completed a scintillating afternoon front nine of 5-under 30 by converting a 30-foot birdie putt on the ninth green that thwarted Shipley’s bid to trim his advantage, after Shipley had knocked his approach within 5 feet

for a likely birdie of his own.

“It was the putt on 9 for me, to be honest with you,” said Dunlap, when asked about a key point “I think it halted his run He was going to make that putt, and I think that turned things a little bit ”

Dunlap then took advantage of the type of break you need to win a title, when he hooked his tee shot on the par-4 10th hole but got a drop away from an obstruction

and hit his approach to within 17 feet for a birdie that gave him a 4-up edge

“I got a really good break on 10 – I honestly thought that was out of bounds,” said Dunlap “It turned out [that I got] relief and I was able to get a swing at it and give myself a look at it, and fortunately I made it ”

Even though Shipley had rallied from 3 down after 10 holes in his semifinal victory over John Marshall Butler, he now found himself 4 down to Dunlap with eight holes to play That birdie putt put Dunlap at 11 under par through the match’s first 28 holes, with 12 birdies and a lone bogey on the par-3 15th hole of the morning round

“You shoot 5 under [in the morning round] and you would think you’d be at least 1 or 2 up,” said Shipley, a graduate student at Ohio State University who played at James Madison University before joining the Ohio State program last year “Nick played great, and he just made a lot of putts on me this afternoon That’s what it takes to win these things He has what it takes, obviously, and I just didn't really play my best I got outdueled today ”

After completing his victory, Dunlap recalled Monday’s opening round of stroke play, when he stood 5 over par through seven holes at co-host Colorado Golf Club, with a double bogey and a triple bogey He birdied six of his next 10 holes to turn things around and ended up completing 36 holes in 1 under par, one

stroke inside the cut line of even par. Dunlap had missed the cut for match play in his three previous U S Amateurs, shooting a 79 at Ridgewood in 2022 to dash his hopes after losing out in a 12-for-1 playoff in 2021 at Oakmont and also missing out at Pinehurst in 2019

“I learned that I could do it; I always thought I could, but when you’re 5 over through seven and your mind is spinning and you can't see straight, you’re looking at the negative – I think I was in last place at one point,” said Dunlap “For me to be able to snap out of that, slow things down, back off, whatever it took for me to slow down and get back into my process, I think I just learned that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it ”

What the Champion Receives

Nick Dunlap receives custody of the Havemeyer Trophy for one year, as well as a 10-year exemption into the U S Amateur, a gold medal and entry in the 2024 U S Open at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, the 2024 Open Championship at Royal Troon and a likely invitation to the 2024 Masters Tournament Runner-up Neal Shipley receives a silver medal, a threeyear U S Amateur exemption, and he is also exempt into the 2024 U S Open and will likely receive an invitation to the 2024 Masters D

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Tied with Dunlap heading into the afternoon, Neal Shipley won just one hole during the afternoon session. (USGA/Kathr yn Riley) Nick Dunlap never trailed in a championship match that was tied through 20 holes. (USGA/Kathr yn Riley)
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Your solution to lower scores is at Club Champion

p for a Fittervention and Club Champion is here to help The fitter recently kicked off their Fittervention campaign to intervene for golfers who need to break the cycle of poorly fitted clubs.

“Many times, it’s not you, it’s the clubs,” said Club Champion founder, Nick Sherburne “Sometimes you need an intervention or a Fittervention, in this case to see what custom clubs can really do for your game ”

To help carry this new campaign, Club Champion brought in brand ambassador and Major winner, Lexi Thompson. She can be seen in their latest commercial staging a Fittervention for a golfer who just can’t quit buying stock sticks

Golfers have always been able to visit local pros or retailers who have one or two fitting carts provided by club manufacturers but with Club Champion’s guided approach, golfers can mix and match across brands to determine their ideal combinations Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the 100 Best Club Fitters ten years running, Club Champion is the only fitter in the country to offer 65,000

“Our studios are candy stores for golfers,” said Club Champion founder, Nick Sherburne “We go above and beyond what some PGA Tour professionals have access to. Golfers of every skill level enjoy the process and absolutely love the lower scores that come out of it ”

Using cutting-edge technology, Club Champion master fitters analyze a golfer ’s swing and match them to clubs that maximize their strengths If a golfer is serious about the sport, or is even just getting started, this game-changing experience will give them insight into their own swing mechanics and enhance their experience on the course

Golfers of every skill level can benefit from a custom club fitting a Fittervention! if they’re looking to upgrade their golf game Club Champion fitting prices range from $100 for wedges to $400 for an entire bag and they occasionally offer seasonal discounts. The company has more than 110 studios nationwide, with plans to add another 15 by the end of the year For more information, call (888) 340-7820 or visit clubchampion com

About Club Champion

Club Champion is the globe’s most prominent name in custom club fitting and building services Established in 2010, there are now more than 110 Club Champion locations internationally, including studios in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Each US studio offers golfers access to over 60 brands and more than 65,000 hittable head and shaft combinations Club

Champion has solidified their position at the top of the industry through comprehensive Tour-level fittings, unrivaled club building, and the use of top-tier technology The company is headquartered in Willowbrook, IL and boasts more than 400 employees, including hundreds of the most highly trained Master Fitters in the world For more information about Club Champion, visit clubchampion com D

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News C l u b C h a m p i o n L a u n c h e s N e w F i t t e r v e n t i o n C a m p a i g n
Lexi Thompson, Club Champion Ambassador
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