Profiles in Diversity Journal Second Quarter 2022

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Cross-Cultural Communication: Beyond Words By Dr. Thomas J. Bussen, African Leadership University in Rwanda In this article, Dr. Thomas J. Bussen talks about the importance of language in cross-cultural communications. And the misunderstandings that often occur, the prejudice against foreigners who don’t speak the local language well, and literal translations that don’t work at all.


Women Invest 29% Less than Men? This Survey Says Yes By Paula Mariani, Director of user experience at N26 Paula Mariani presents the results of a survey conducted by N26 that shows that women tend to invest less than men. The reasons are many—less money to invest, less confidence about investing, a closed male-dominated system that tends to shut them out, and more.


Career Choice: Perpetuating Income and Social Inequality? By Amanda J Felkey and Dimitra Papdovasilaki Amanda Felkey and Dimitria Papadovasilaki discuss the lack of diversity, not just in the C-suite, but also at entry level, and how the racially motivated exclusion from particular career pipelines may perpetuate or exacerbate social inequality.


Each of Us Must Help to Foster an Inclusive Culture By Yusuf Z. Zakir, Davis Wright Tremaine Yusuf Zakir shares his story of growing up in Canada, the child of parents who had immigrated there from East Africa, and the feeling of “homelessness” he often lived with. And how it made him the person and the diversity leader he is today.


2022 Second Quarter