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“Endure Long Enough and All Sorts of Surprises Await.”

In a June 4, 2022 article in the New York Times, titled, “Nadal Advances to Final as Zverev’s Ankle Injury Abruptly ends Match,”1 Christopher Clarey concludes with these words: “Endure long enough and all sorts of surprises await.”

With a big smile on my face, I said, “Yes! What a wonderful and powerful mantra for these troubled and complex times.”

And that’s why we’re excited to offer in this Q2 issue leadership profiles of Women Worth Watching® in STEM and Asian Leaders Worth Watching. See profiles beginning on page 20.

PDJ continues to lead in the area of profiling diverse leaders by collaborating with organizations keen on acknowledging their leaders and achievers. For the past 24 years, our mission has been to advance diversity and inclusion, to increase the visibility of underrepresented groups, and to showcase women who have earned and achieved leadership positions in all areas of the world of work. See: www.womenworthwatching.com

There are numerous people and organizations also dedicated to this work. For example, Janet and Gary Smith, the founders of Ivy Planning and frequent contributors to PDJ, have just launched their Go Next Executive Leadership Institute™ to assure that there are qualified diversity executives who will provide the leadership required to propel organizations to greater and more meaningful diversity and inclusion results.

Hurray for Ivy Planning, as they endure long enough to achieve success and earn the respect of other DEI leaders. And hurray for all the people dedicated to DEI, as they endure long enough, too.

In 2023, we will celebrate 25 years of publishing Profiles in Diversity Journal. For us, “Endure Long Enough and All Sorts of Surprises Await” has been, and continues to be, truly motivating and a driving force behind our commitment to find and feature inclusive organizations and dynamic leaders.

Visit our websites, www.diversityjournal.com and www.womenworthwatching.com, to get the latest news, awards information, actionable quick reads, thoughtful essays by experts, and other content that will be interesting and inspiring to anyone who cares about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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PAGE 12 Embodying Pride Across All Lines

Traci Wade of Oracle talks with coworker Calvin Glenn about his experiences as a black gay man who has lived in multiple worlds—and how difficult it is to try to “fit in” anywhere. His solution is to stop trying to be what you think others expect, and instead, embrace who you are.

PAGE 14 CORPORATE SPOTLIGHT: A Decade of Creating a Place for Diverse Talent to Excel

Kelly Jackson shares her story. She discusses her commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as her adventures in HR, first at Wrigley and now, at BP, where she is vice president of people and culture.

Congratulations to Kathy Sheng on being named one of the 2022 Asian Leaders Worth Watching

The Profiles in Diversity Journal recognized Kathy Sheng as an Asian Leader Worth Watching for her outstanding leadership and contributions to her community.

At Freddie Mac, we value our inclusive workplace and believe it encourages diverse leaders, like Kathy, to succeed.

Join our team at careers.freddiemac.com