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Leaders Are Nurtured and Grown, Not Born


A friend recently complained about a patch of dirt in his front lawn where the grass used to grow. I asked him what kind of seed he’d used and whether he was watering it enough. His reply startled me. “Oh, I haven’t really done anything to make it grow. I’d hoped it just would fill in by itself from the grass around it.”

Later, I thought about his response, and I realized that many companies take the same approach to developing Accepting Nominations Now! women leaders. Every company I know claims to support women and their rise into the th top ranks of management, yet not Annual enough are preparing the corporate soil, planting the seeds of opportu® nity, and nurturing the development of their finest people. Rather, they seem to be relying on hope that a Celebrating the Achievements and Personalities fully-qualified female executive will appreciates recognition and the opportuo f L e a d i n gtruly Wo m e n E x e c uthe t i v enational s magically appear. nity to contribute a mentoring essay for publication. Nominated by their colleagues, peers, and mentors for their initiative and achievements, these are women of purpose and to herald the comThis is precisely why we are so eager Such publicity will help you recruit and retain the best drive who represent diversity within their spheres of influence. panies who are championing the development of women talent available. But that’s just part of the story. Your parThese profiles will focus on each executive’s unique and personal contributions, executives. These companies are doing fine work that for ticipation and willthe serve as an opportunity the international community quality to get to know inbusiness this premium feature shows that you women as individuals. The profiles and essays are portrayals, not just resumes, of real all organizations should be doing,these yet they are rarely recyour solidly committed to gender diverwomen executives with real stories to and tell, and they company represent the are kind of information shared by resolve. a mentor with an aspiring novice, particularly someone breaking new ground within an ognized for their vision, energy, and compaThese sity, refusing to be side-tracked by the pressing issues of the organization or industry. nies, and more specifically, the visionary CEOs at the helm, day. What a powerful message to bring to market! V i s i t w w w. d i v e r s i t y j o u r n a l . c o m f o r D o w n load a have decided that hope is not a strategy. O f f i c i a l N o mTalented i n a t i o n F o r mwomen a n d I n f o rwant m a t i o n ,to o r know which companies N o m i nation a l l o r E - M a i l D a m i a n J o h n s o n R I g h t AwAy Where does your company fit? Are you a leader? OrCt oare are best suited for their career development. They put a D i s c u s s yo u r N o m i n e e . F o r m T oDAy! 1 . 8 0 0 . 5 7 3premium . 2 8 6 7 d a mon i a n j obeing hnson@ d i v e r s i t y jin o u r their you just hoping? engaged work, challenged to We will soon publish our 9th Annual Women Worth surpass expectations, and valued for their expertise. They Watching® issue. This September-October edition will are loyal to their mentors and determined to pursue feature mentoring essays by nearly 100 of the brightest, leadership positions with first-rate organizations that set most talented women working in business, education, the standard for career opportunity. government, and the nonprofit sector. Over the past eight One might say, they aren’t going to let any grass grow years, we have honored hundreds of Multiple their peers, and in under their feet. Neither should you. full page froNt CoVerS profile nearly every case, the woman being recognized credits her Learn more about our special issue by visiting us company for fostering the development of her career. online at:

Women Worth Watching 9

special issue

women worth watching in 2010

Tina Waters


Comcast Corporatio n

TITLE: Senior Vice President of Customer Care, Comcast Cable

EDUCATION: BS in Business Administration, Villanova; MS, Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

Throughout my life, my mom has been my number one mentor She taught me by example and role model. that “to whom much is given, much is expected,” and to take the blessings of my life and give them to others. I have lessons with me throughout carried those my personal life and professional endeavors. In addition to my mother, I’ve had many people me and influenced in my life that have me to be the mentored ager working at a neighborhood person that I am today. From my days as a teenrestaurant, to my current there have been many position at Comcast, people along the way who have served as and have shown me mentors to me that being a leader is about more than giving instruction. Mentoring is about taking people’s potential and guiding them toward their goals, which ultimately reaching leads to us reaching about being an advocate our collective goals. It is also for others. Additionally, it is about being a leader manager. I’ve learned great lessons from versus a family, friends, colleagues, and even those whom supervisors, I have supervised.

FIRST JOB: Call Center Assistant Manager at Bell Atlantic

WHAT I’M READING: Lipstick Jihad, by Azadeh Moaveni; my monthly Vanity Fair magazine

MY PHILOSOPHY: To whom much is given, much is expected.

FAMILY: I live with my husband Thomas, my stepdaughter Jazmine, and my mother, Patty; my sister and brother, nieces and nephews, and grandmother all live close by; my father, Voyer, resides in LA. Family is very important!

INTERESTS: Tennis, indoor rock climbing, reading, shopping, family time, doubledutch, international travel.

FAVORITE CHARITIES: Montgomery County Head Start; Urban League of Philadelphia

COMPANY: Comcast


HEADQUARTERS: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


BUSINESS: Cable, internet, and phone communications.


$34.3 billion

EMPLOYEES: Approximately


I urge the CEO of any company or organization with a rising female executive to nominate her for this year’s recognition. Do not shy away from this honor. Many companies have participated in this publishing event for several years in a row. Take a page from their playbook. Put yourself among the CEOs whose quest for talent knows no bounds. Are you afraid that your protégée will be embarrassed by the recognition? Don’t be. Dozens order plaques of their full-page article for display in their offices. Each woman



“…be persistent while leaning wise council of mentorson the .”

My career path began at Bell Atlantic right out of college. I entered management training program and learned their to manage people at From there, I honed call centers. my skills at PECO Energy, a consulting Group, and for a brief firm called Gartner time, a start-up called Software Consulting joined Comcast, where Group. I then I have been for 10 years, doing what I about—helping others am really passionate by connecting how a business can positively a person’s experience. impact I have gained much knowledge from these including learning experiences, the value of negotiation skills, how to find common the ability to think systematically and ground, how to coach and develop others. I also overcame some hurdles. I realized that leadership is hard work never easy when you work in a people-centric and is environment. I also challenges in some experienced instances of not being taken seriously by a woman and a person others because I am of color. But my perspective for the lesson in each was always positive, situation. looking I have so much that I want to do in my life. And my advice women is to be persistent to young while leaning on the wise council of mentors. can act as a strong support system and They can help move you fullest potential. toward reaching your



If you have questions, I will be happy to take your call or respond to your e-mail. I hope to see your company among those gaining national acclaim for your nurturing of women in leadership. My hat is off to you for the work you do.

James R. Rector Publisher

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March/April 2010


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