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Illuminating the Influence of Cannabis Trends on the No and Low Movement.

Witnessing how cannabis trends are maturing is a great metric to use when understanding alcohol trends, specifically when it comes to the Noand-Low Movement. The No-and-Low Movement is growing in popularity, championing non-alcoholic spirits and spirits with a low alcohol beverage volume (ABV) for both the sober and the sober-curious. Also known as the Mindful Drinking Movement, some studies suggest that Dry January is not restricted to just one month but is preferred throughout the year. As more people are choosing no-and-low experiences, there is a collective shift happening where consumers are putting down the bottle and choosing cannabis as an alternative. There are several reasons why we see a Venn diagram correlation between the No-and-Low Movement and the cannabis agenda.

Cannabis Trends

Cannabis is becoming less taboo and more accepted publicly and legally as more states choose to decriminalize and flirt with the idea of legalization. People’s perception of cannabis is changing. On a federal level, proposals are in discussion to switch cannabis from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III drug. Founder and CEO of Monko, a luxury cannabis experience in the heart of Washington D.C., Terrence White, explains that there are ample opportunities to re-educate the public on cannabis and combat misinformation because of the articulated support.

“I think that when you look at cannabis and its totality, cannabis in 1970 was scheduled a schedule one drug. The bill came out in [1970], and it was enforced


in [1971]. And people have been hiding behind the scenes for just wanting to medicate with cannabis, but had to hide because of the repercussions of being incarcerated or jailed for using a plant,” Terrance explains.

A recent Gallup poll reveals that 70% of Americans are in support of cannabis legalization and is said to keep rising, in part, because marijuana is considered to be linked to wellness. The FDA recognizes that cannabis is proven to provide legitimate medical results for various diagnoses. This bleeds into the public opinion that cannabis is less harmful to health than alcohol. Wellness is a top priority for many people and cannabis clears a path to reach that goal. With 24 states, two territories, and the District of Columbia legalizing cannabis and 38 states, three territories, and the District of Columbia allowing the medical use of cannabis, cannabis is here to stay. Ultimately, as the reclassification and perception of cannabis are changing, it’s imperative to stay educated to avoid the spread of misinformation about the limits and benefits of the plant.

Terrance explains, “It’s about awareness, education, what we do, and what we feed our body. It’s just like with food, what are you feeding your body? Yeah. It’s the same thing. What are you giving your body to digest when it comes to cannabis?” Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabis is

No-and-Low Trends

Just like the perception of cannabis is changing, so is the perception of alcohol. The No-and-Low Movement is gaining traction every year as more and more people are cutting down their alcohol intake. In addition to using cannabis as an alternative, many are turning towards non-alcoholic and low-abv products. It’s reported that the no-and-low alcohol category surpassed $11 Billion in revenue in 2022 and is expected to increase by a third in 2026. We can point to Dry January as an example of how this trend manifests. During Dry January, it’s revealed that around a quarter of participants replaced alcohol with either CBD or THC products. But it doesn’t stop there. With Dry January turning into Damp February and eventually colliding with the 4/20 holiday and Sober October, the No-and-Low Movement has become a playground for wellness, in conjunction with, cannabis.

“Dry January affected [cannabis] sales. But overall, as you talk to your colleagues in other places, not only here in DC, but across the country, they know the same thing on every scale. ”

Terrance continues, “That first quarter of the year, cannabis sales are typically marginal versus the second and third quarter of the year. There's a lot of different factors why business starts flowing.”

As this trend continues to breathe and evolve, it must be recognized that younger Millennials and Generation Z are moving the needle forward.

Artist, Designer + Photographer TJ Buttner Makes Gifting Cannabis a Work of Art

Along with his business Puff Cards, Buttner’s art can be found all over D.C.

We spoke with 15 innovative creators around D.C. to learn more about their work.

Artist, designer and photographer TJ Buttner is a staple in D.C.’s art scene, from creating for restaurants and organizations to offering cards with a green surprise inside. We caught up with him to talk his card company, creative process and advice to up-andcoming artists.

District Fray: What was the inspiration behind Puff Cards?

Buttner: Puff Cards is a collaborative project between my partner Elizabeth Kim, my sister Chelsea Buttner and myself to make gifting cannabis

normalized, easy and exciting. A cannabis gift for birthdays was a tradition between my sister and I growing up, so we wanted to create a greeting card design that holds the cannabis inside as a surprise. It’s been a wild ride since creating this brand in 2016, but now that cannabis is starting to become more mainstream, I’m excited to see what the future holds.

What’s your creative process like?

After 10 years of finding my style, I think I finally figured out the process that suits me best. I make stream-ofconsciousness sketches where I try not to think too much and just let my pen flow. My work is inspired by graffiti, surrealism and cartoons, so you will

TJ Buttner. Photo by Chris Chen.

find elements of these throughout my drawings. To start a new piece, I’ll flip through my sketchbook and find one that resonates with me at the time. From there I transfer that idea to canvas and layer colors to make it pop — I love for my pieces to be bright and bold.

What advice would you give to aspiring D.C. artists?

Create art that makes you happy. Go to more museums and art shows around D.C. Inspiration is everywhere. Try not to be so hard on yourself if it doesn’t work out right away. Positivity and confidence in yourself are everything. Meet more artists. It’s important to branch out of your comfort zone and interact with your peers.

What’s been your favorite collaboration with a local restaurant and why?

My favorite collab so far is the custom rolling papers I made for Ellē in Mount Pleasant. Since they have a fascination with cats, I made an illustration of a cat smoking a joint, looking real cool with a background design reminiscent of classic orange zig-zag papers. Catch Buttner at the Made in DC artist market near Union Market every first and third Sunday, selling original art, prints, and other trinkets. You can also shop Puff Cards at puffcards. com and follow them on Instagram @puffcards. Follow Buttner on Instagram @tjbuttner.


Black, female owned cannabis shop in D.C. that brings out your inner kid! We have been voted the best in D.C. for three years in a row - stop by and see why!



Mary and Main is one of the first black-owned and women-owned dispensaries in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Located in Prince George’s county, our catalog of medicinal and recreational use products positions us to provide both care and quality for both experienced and first time cannabis users.





Hello my name is James and I’m the owner of Grow N Places!

We are working hard to become a one stop shop for our Cannabis community. We strive to provide the best possible quality for our customers at all levels from seed to harvest products! We have taken an interest in pursuing a partnership to help both our business’s grow! grownplaces.com


I have spent almost a decade trying to infuse wine with cannabis. I was finally successful and spend a few years perfecting the recipe. I start with flower and have it ferment, no concentrates.



Lucas Leaf Gifts specializes in homemade canvas artworks, flower samples and edible confectionery. A canna enthusiasts trifecta coupled with educational emphasis on maintaining your own at home garden. Smoking Accessories boutique, same-day delivery and virtual consultation services.



Your boutique CBD & cannabis shop. We are located in Washington, DC, and our staff is here to help you find the cannabis and tobacco products you’re looking for, ranging from edibles and hemp to vapes and cannabis flowers.



Founder of YANA Creatives

Ariana Tokes Plays a Part in Cannabis’ Prohibition

Tokes talks how our thinking of cannabis is backwards, and what she’s doing to turn it around.

Tokes created the YANA Creativity and Wellness Center to provide the D.C. area with access to information on cannabis and offer alternative ways to practice mental and social wellness. We caught up with Tokes to talk plant medicine branding, getting away from work and best D.C. experiences.

District Fray: You’re applying a new ethos around the plant medicine world and its branding. Why is that important to you?

Tokes: How the majority of society views taking pharmaceutical drugs

versus plant medicine is still so backwards. We have ample scientific research that validates the benefits of cannabis, but so many people still hide that they consume it. It is proven to stop seizures, reduce anxiety and depression and cure physical pain, yet highly addictive pharmaceutical drugs are more socially acceptable and considered safer to use than a plant.

Cannabis is going through a prohibition, and I want to play a small part in instilling cultural change. Right now,


you can go to a bar and legally drink so much that you can kill yourself. But if you smoke too much weed and have the best night of sleep ever, that’s federally illegal? A major reason cannabis is still stigmatized is because the information is banned from distribution on major social media platforms. I left my private equity career to use my professional experience in building tech startups to support a product I am truly aligned with. I wanted to use my skills for something that can support people.

What do you do to get away from work and unwind?

I love to go on hikes with my husky, Miso, and interact with nature. It helps ground me and settle all my constant thoughts. I have ADHD and cannabis, mushrooms and meditation help me combat the side effects and unwind my mind.


Tech forward cannabis brand. Catering to cannabis enthusiast by offering a wide variety of cannabis products. We pride ourself on our renowned customer service.


What is your favorite D.C. experience for you and your community?

There are so many beautiful parks to have cute picnics with friends. Meridian Hill Park has a beautiful view of the Washington Monument, and there are always people playing music and dancing outside.

Tokes is looking for local artists to showcase their work on YANA Creatives’ products. To learn more, visit yanacast.com, follow them on Instagram @yana.creatives and follow Tokes @ari_tokes.


Acknowledge CBD tinctures help you feel and perform your best. The unique cannabinoid and terpene blend of each strain delivers a craft cannabis experience. Acknowledge creates these tinctures from hemp grown on their certified regenerative-organic farm, demonstrating that better farming = better products. Feel good about feeling good.



D.C. Cannabis Luxury Brand

Monko is Here to Up Your Lifestyle

Now offering informational classes, Monko aims to change the narrative of the cannabis lifestyle.

Monko is a luxury cannabis dispensary and lifestyle brand situated in Mount Vernon Triangle. A pioneer in bringing cannabis culture to the forefront of D.C.’s cultural landscape, Monko focuses on the intersection of CBD’s benefits with social equity and justice, in addition to health and wellness.

But Monko is more than just cannabis — they curate apparel, hair and skincare products, and even supplements for pets. The business is luxurious by design, with a mission to ignite curiosity — something that the mainstream has been historically deprived of in relation to negative stigma and legislation.

Founder and CEO Terrence White is

changing the narrative on what a cannabis lifestyle can be.

“Cannabis is not about one community, it’s about all communities. And just because it’s been identified as a stigma or a spirit, that’s not true. It could be luxury, just like the apparel or automobile industries. Every industry has a luxury brand.”

As D.C.’s use of the I-71 gifting law takes common shape, and Monko participates in efforts to push legalization of recreational Marijuana, the company has gone above and beyond the sheer motivation to sell, and has an active mission for communal engagement and education.



HOTBOX UPTOWN is the home of high end designer, recreational, and medical cannabis merchandise. Our generous variety of exclusive products offers everything you desire including designers, exotics, pre-rolls concentrates, carts, ddibles, munchies, apparel & store events. We are not just a I-71 gifting dispensary we are also a platform for entrepreneurs and artists in our community. Our mission is to elevate & provide the highest quality experience to the culture in D.C.



YouGroGurl is a premier cannabis company dedicated to offering top-quality products and exceptional customer care. With a deep understanding of the industry, we provide expert guidance and support to our customers. Our commitment to excellence ensures a personalized experience and access to the finest cannabis products on the market.



Welcome to Washington DC Highest Quality Medical & Recreational [Adult Use] dispensary and delivery service. Our cannabis shop offers a wide range of cannabis products including edibles, flower, vape cartridges, vapes, wax, rosin, live resin, topicals, tinctures, and much more! Our service is located in the heart of Washington DC. No recommendation? No problem! 21+ welcome with a government-issued ID! Our team is trained to tailor each experience to the individual’s wants and needs. Orders can be placed 24/7 for delivery starting from 9 am - 10 pm. Working 365 a year.



Spread the Cannabis Karma��

Our mission is to provide good vibes events to the community in a relaxed serene environment while normalizing the adult consumption of cannabis.



Part of this education manifests within the customer experience. White created a journey for the curious shopper.

“We pride ourselves on the experience and that’s by asking and wondering,” he says. “Our first question: ‘How do you want to feel?’ And then after that, ‘Are you suffering from anything right now?’ Pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD? Talking, getting people to open up, speak freely, and understanding what they want is our job. Once we find that, then we can find a product that fits what they’re looking for, and elevate that by our service.”

Monko also has an informational class series set to launch this fall.

“We’re gonna be offering three different classes,” White says. “One’s about micro-dosing and how to use the product in a safe way. The other class is the lifestyle of cannabis and CBD. So, taking our products and actually incorporating them into breakfast, lunch and dinner — or whether it’s working to relax yourself, or control anxiety. The third class is about concentrates, how to use them effectively and the dos and don’ts of that.”

The attention to provide a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment in tandem with a sleek, pleasurable style elevates the Monko experience.

Though Monko has mastered a luxurious approach to CBD, the heartbeat of everything they do is rooted in social justice, equity and accessibility — mainly executed with collaborations, events and White’s active leadership in policy reform.

On his position as the Chairman of I-71 law committee, White says, “We try to make sure people of color get the

opportunity to have a space — not only owning the business, but also having a voice in legislation and in the overall cannabis environment here in D.C.”

These efforts to uplift and amplify marginalized voices have directly bled into Monko’s events, taking place within the shifting social horizon that coexists with cannabis culture’s progression on legal forefronts and lingering stigmas.

Past events include “Women in Cannabis” where Monko held an awards ceremony, garnering recognition for women that have helped others through the process of licensing, and whose determination and passion shone brightly within a male-dominated industry.

Monko also actively collaborates to uplift local artists, changemakers and small businesses by holding exhibitions at the luxury facility, and holding contents for local tattoo artists work to be featured in Monko’s merchandising.

What D.C. can look forward to is the rise of concept lounges that can thrive with cannabis products as they pertain to lifestyle and activities. Take the recent Date n’ Bake event (in collaboration with DC Fray) as an example: Guests could mingle in Monko’s sleek space downtown, enjoy mocktails and go home with goodies to burn. In events like this, The Garden, and on social media, Monko embraces the playfulness and curiosity garnered with the experience of using CBD products.

Keep up with news on their upcoming classes, taking place on Tuesday evenings this fall, as well as Blossom Week in celebration of Monko’s anniversary From October 15-20, by following them on Instagram @monkodc.



East Coast Collective is a Cannabis Dispensary in Manassas, VA, & the surrounding areas. We proudly offer THC Edibles and CBD Flowers in Northern VA! We also have been specializing in CBD Pain Salves. We’re dedicated to giving you the best Hemp-Derived goods, focusing on Quality, Integrity, & Trust. Our store has come far from its humble beginnings as a farm outside Vint Hill Road in Nokesville, VA & The Promenade in Manassas, VA. Operating from Seed to Sale, East Coast Collective offers a rare chance to get insight into the world of cannabis, ask all the questions you have from growing to dosing, to figuring out the differences in CBD, CBG, CBN and all the other cannabinoids we work with.



DMV’s first Hemp Seed Infused Spirit Company.



Wake & Bake Elevated is an Initiative 71 compliant edibles brand that specializes in elevating the culinary experience through our distinctive line of cannabis-infused seasonings, sauces, and pantry items. Each of our products are meticulously crafted to enhance your cooking and baking adventures with the addition of cannabis-infused ingredients.



The Medical Cannabis Institute at ARA offers expert evaluation, consultation, and management for patients who wish to safely incorporate medical cannabis into their treatment plans for common rheumatology symptoms such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, and insomnia.




Dr. Matthew Mintz is a board-certified internal medicine physician in practice for 27 years. He has certified over 1000 patients for medical cannabis in Maryland and DC, and is the author of the book “Medical Marijuana and CBD: A Physician’s Guide for Patients.”



Capital City Organics is DC’s premier grow shop. We’ve been supporting commercial and hobbyist cultivators since 2010. We carry a huge selection of lighting, equipment, media, fertilizers, and seeds from over 25 top breeders. Our loyalty program rewards permanent discounts up to 20%. Our experts will help you #GrowLikeAPro!



CannaSummerfest is a yearly cannabis festival celebrating Virginia’s growing cannabis industry. With vendors, food trucks, classes on growing & infusing, plus games, prizes, and more! Light up anywhere on property except the pavilion or farmhouse. Bring your buddies & your Bud & join us!



Return of the M.A.C: As the highest rated dispensary in the District, Legacy DC has worked tirelessly to create its own legacy by building true culture and community around its core principals: Music, Art and Cannabis.




From new restaurants to local shows to everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Check out our events calendar to connect with the greater D.C. community and keep a pulse on what’s happening around the city.



Embracing the ethos of revitalization, Gentrified Weed is a marketing company that offers premium cannabis products tailored to the modern connoisseur. Rooted in community engagement and sustainability, we cultivate a culture of sophistication, elevating the cannabis experience to new heights while honoring its rich heritage.



Open 8 a.m. - midnight everyday. Pick up or delivery available.

Secure and safe.



Strictly I-81 compliant vendor, private entheogenic research lab. All fungi and products cultivated and produced in house with laboratory analysis provided for each product.



A stones throw from the White House, the treehouse offers a wide variety of quality products sourced locally and from nation wide brands. Always a friendly atmosphere, if you don’t find what you’re looking for here you won’t find it in D.C.




Premium single-strain hemp extracts for a better planet and a better you.


The on-demand motivational speech company that provides customers with optional free gifts! Sign up, select your speech type, and place your order. In no time you’ll have a motivational speech delivered to you in-person.



The YANA Wellness and Creativity Center is a Woman, Asian, LGBTQ+ , and Black Owned Cannabis Collective! The YANA Center offers a variety of plant medicine wellness products, mental health services, and social wellness events for Creatives to learn, connect, and gather in Washington, D.C.



At flowerz, we’re on a mission to break stigmas and normalize cannabis so more people can realize its benefits. In year 1, we donated 10% of profits to charitable organizations, offered employees profit sharing, and were voted as a finalist for Washington City Paper’s Best of DC in 2 categories.



Monko is luxury retailer of cannabis offering an elevated experience for the canna-curious. At Monko we believe creating an environment that is accessible, welcoming, diverse and comfortable for everyone, we believe each rewarding experience makes a difference. Stop into Monko today to #IgniteYourCuriosity.



Treehouse is a Washington DC Dispensary that boasts one of the largest and most diverse Medicinal Cannabis menus in the DC market. We prioritize carefully selecting our cannabis products to ensure the highest quality and consistency for your every need.

We offer top-shelf Sativas, Indicas, hybrids and edibles.

Meds offer our patients the benefit.

We offer top-shelf Sativas, Indicas, hybrids and edibles.

Meds offer our patients the benefit.

We offer top-shelf Sativas, Indicas, hybrids and edibles.

Meds offer our patients the benefit.

For an elevated experience CHOOSE monko.co 444 K St NW

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