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At Florida Power & Light Company we are working together with the communities we serve to make Florida an even better place to raise a family and do business.



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Table of Contents Event Schedule 2021-2022 District Executive Committee 7 2021-2022 District Committee 8 Welcome Letters 8   International President 9    Past International President 10   International Director 11   Region Advisor 12   District Director 13    Program Quality Director 14    Club Growth Director 15    Public Relations Manager 16    Imm. Past District Director 17   Conference Chairs


18 District Appreciation 18    Sponsors and Donors 20   Executive Team 22    Program Quality Team 24    Club Growth Team 26    Public Relations Team 28 Speakers & Presenters 28    Deepak Menon, DTM 30    Accredited Speakers 34   Workshop Presenters 40 Conference Sessions 48 2020-2021 Hall of Fame 50 2021-2022 Recognition and Awards 53 2021-2022 DTMs


Keynote Address Networking w/ Keynote


Keynote Address



Keynote Address Laughing Yoga


6:30PM – 7:00PM


7:00PM – 7:30PM


7:30PM – 8:00PM

Deepak Menon, DTM “From Caterpillar to Chrysalis – A Journey of Transformation

8:00PM – 8:30PM

Moderator – Hubert Edwards, DTM

8:30PM – 9:00PM

Heather D. Mahoney, DTM Designing Your Success in 3 Steps”

FIELD OF DREAMS THURSDAY APRIL 28, 2022 WORKSHOPS Anastarcia Palacious “Speaking to Secure the Bag”

Marlene Smith, DTM “First Impression Reimagined”

9:00PM – 10:00PM

12:00PM – 1:00PM


6:15PM – 6:30PM

Forrest Tuff, DTM, AS, MLC “Transforming the Mind: The Connection between Life & Toastmasters”

6:30PM – 7:00PM


7:00PM – 9:00PM

NIGHT OF THE SWALLOWTAIL FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2022 WORKSHOPS Dennis Paul Nina Obier, DTM “Change the World by “Leading with Clarity, Speaking Everyone’s Confidence & Commitment” Language” Gaia Calcaterra, DTM “Learn Carl Culmer, Jr How Gratitude Affects Your “Rediscover & Explore New Bottom Line” Horizons” MAIN ROOM OPENS @ 6:00PM

9:00PM –10:30PM

11:00AM – 12:00PM


6:15PM – 6:30PM

Joe Grondin, DTM, AS “Dig Deep”

6:30PM – 7:00PM


7:00PM – 8:30PM 8:30PM – 9:00PM


9:00PM – 9:30PM


9:30PM – 10:30PM

4 4

12:00PM – 1:00PM

SATURDAY APRIL 30, 2022 ROOM OPENS @ 8:00AM CREDENTIALS Communication and Leadership Award Experience Workshops Workshops

Keynote Address

Closing Celebration Masquerade



9:00AM – 11:30AM

Heroes Celebration Host: Shakira Taylor, DTM

12:30PM – 1:30PM

Toluleke Famuyiwa “Rediscover Life’s Humor”

Anna Whistler “Planning Your Pathway” Dominic M. Thompson Ellis Mass “Build Your Tribe “What’s Love Got To Do With A Champion Culture” With It” MAIN ROOM OPEN @ 6:15PM WELCOME

2:00PM – 3:00PM 3:00PM – 4:00PM 6:30PM – 7:00PM

INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST Deepak Menon, DTM “Emerging As A Butterfly” Installation of 2022 – 2023 District Officers by Deepak Menon, DTM 2019-2020 International Representative

7:00PM – 8:30PM

*Includes A Special Performance*

9:45PM – 11:00PM

5 5

8:45PM – 9:15PM 9:15PM – 9:45PM

2021-2022 DISTRICT 47 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE District Director Program Quality Director Club Growth Director Public Relations Manager Finance Manager Administration Manager Logistics Manager Immediate Past District Director


Shakira Taylor, DTM Austen Canonica, DTM Lois Margolin, DTM Rodney Bain Arlene Preudhomme Michelle Washington, DTM Darren Kennedy, DTM Barbara Strasdas, DTM

DIVISION AND AREA DIRECTORS Division A Andrea Robinson, DTM 10 Geraldine Hogan 11 Frenchy Roy 12 Phong Luu 13 Vejay Balgobin 14 Nylia Zamora 15 Susan Vineta

Division D Deandra Dorsette, DTM 40 George Strasdas 41 Rick Marti 42 Domenic Caloia 43 Mark Parks 44 Douglas Crane 45 Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy

Division B Roosevelt Jean-Francois, DTM 21 Mary Evans 22 Hasina Roach 23 Kevin Sandoval 24 Kenny Davin, DTM 25 Shawn Walker, DTM

Division E Tiffany C. Burrell-Roberts, DTM 50 LaShinda Moore 51 Brent Huffman 52 Diana Folk 53 Catherine McManus 54 Gina White 55 Blaze Goldsmith, DTM

Division C Elizabeth George, DTM 30 Betsy Robinson 31 Justin Rooks 32 Lona Dsouza 33 Elena Banos 34 Rohini Shah

Division F Gerard Rolle, DTM 60 Mikia Cooper 61 Crystal Romer 62 Russchellea Bain 63 Sheria King 64 Shervin Evans Division I Derek Garcia Rolle 90 Orquia Damianos, DTM 91 Shelmerdine Cartwright 92 Dominic M. Thompson 93 Rosena Duncanson 94 Charmaine Hanna 6 6

2021-2022 DISTRICT 47 COMMITTEE District Advisor District Advisor

Parliamentarian DLC Chair Credentials Chair Audit Committee Chair Realignment Chair Community Outreach Chairs


Maurice Fuller, DTM, PDD Leonardo Burrows, DTM, PDD


Hieu Huynh, DTM Leonardo Burrows, DTM, PDD Jeanine Kinsey, DTM, PDD Anthony Elie, DTM Kristina Kihlberg, DTM, PID Ann McLaughlin, DTM (Florida) Jecholiah Barnett, DTM (Bahamas)

Program Quality Team DTM Chairs

Andrew Bern, DTM (Florida) Andrew Albury, DTM (Bahamas) Antoinette Bailey, DTM (Florida) Ernesto Williams, DTM (Bahamas) Patricia Stevenson, DTM (Florida) Lapeedra Damianos, DTM (Bahamas) Beverly Cordner, DTM (Florida) Shanika Pinder, DTM (Bahamas) Jane Cabrera, DTM

Conference Co-Chairs District Contest Chairs TLI Chairs Pathways Chair Club Growth Team Club Extension Chairs

Barbara Kasser, DTM (Florida) Ikysha Beneby, DTM (Bahamas) Lorraine Campbell, DTM (Florida) Ancin Munnings, DTM (Bahamas) Marilyn Bieber (Florida) Juliana Clarke, DTM (Bahamas) Andre Noudjo (Florida) Euvunka Paul, DTM (Bahamas)

Club Retention Chairs Member Extension Chairs Member Retention Chairs Public Relations Team Sunshine Editor Technical Support Co-Chair Technical Support Co-Chair Technical Support Co-Chair Web Master Assistant Web Master Web Editor Social Media Managers

Trevino Carey Paul Finkelstein, DTM Antoine Rolle, DTM Juliana Clarke, DTM Ramon Sweeting Kendra Munroe, DTM Kate McClare, DTM Darren Kennedy, DTM Cameron Beckley Joseph Acenas John Schneyer, DTM (Florida) David King, DTM (Bahamas

District Photographers 7 7

Margaret Page, DTM

2021-2022 International President

Fellow Toastmasters in District 47, Have you ever heard the parable of the pebbles? One night long ago, three travelers were riding across the desert on horseback. As they crossed a dry riverbed during the dark of night, a voice called, “Halt!” The stunned travelers were ordered to dismount, gather handfuls of pebbles into their pockets, and remount. The voice then said, “Tomorrow you will be both happy and sorry.” The next morning, the travelers were recounting their strange experience when they reached into their pockets and discovered a miracle: The pebbles had been transformed into precious diamonds and rubies. They instantly understood the voice’s warning — they were overjoyed they had filled their pockets, yet sorry they had not taken more. I hope you have a similar experience at your 2022 District 47 Conference. Soon, you’ll glean fresh inspiration from keynote speakers who will challenge you to broaden your horizons. You’ll attend education sessions that will expand your communication and leadership skills, supporting you as you make a positive difference at work, in your community, and in your family. You’ll vote for leaders for the 2022-2023 term who will shepherd your District as you build sustainable clubs and help all clubs achieve excellence. You’ll cheer wildly for your Division champion as they vie to be the District champion — and perhaps even one day be the World Champion of Public Speaking. New faces will become new friends, new connections, and new opportunities to learn. Finally, you’ll get to see your fellow members in person after months of Zoom meetings! These experiences are as precious as diamonds and rubies, and I know you’ll leave this conference wanting more. Luckily, unlike our ancient travelers, you have the chance to replenish your treasure with every Toastmasters meeting, District Conference, and new skill you master. Welcome to your district conference and the wealth of knowledge that awaits you.

In celebration,

Margaret Page, DTM 2021-2022 International President



9127 South Jamaica Street, Suite 400 | Englewood, CO 80112 | Phone: +1 720-439-5050 | www.toastmasters.org

Deepak Menon, DTM

2019-2020 International President

Fellow Toastmasters in District 47, Greetings! Spring is the time to rejoice when nature displays its full splendor, when trees and flowers blossom, when there is a spirit of rejuvenation all around. The annual virtual conference of District 47 provides a happy occasion to celebrate this wonderful season in all its glory. Just as spring provides a new beginning, Toastmasters helps us discover ourselves anew. We find courage and confidence to express our feelings and sentiments. We let go of our inhibitions and attain freedom from fear. We learn to find the leader in ourselves. Toastmasters transforms us from being local leaders to become leaders with a global perspective. We are inspired to reimagine! The path that we follow in Toastmasters springs from its vast repository of experience and knowledge derived over the last ninety-eight years. The transformation that we see in ourselves as we walk down that path is nothing short of magical. Think back to the time you attended the first Toastmasters meeting as a guest and were feeling bewildered, wondering if you would ever be able to speak coherently, competently, and confidently. Remember your first tentative step as an ‘ice-breaker’ speaker. Recall the euphoria of becoming a confident communicator with a newfound spring in your footsteps! It is like a colorful butterfly emerging from its drab chrysalis! Let us spread this wondrous experience to as many people as we can whether they be friends, family or colleagues. Let this conference be the occasion for you to display your splendor and dazzle the world! Let the fire of passion for Toastmasters make you the flame that leads the world from darkness to light. Your District leaders have the passion burning in them brightly as they lead District 47 to achieve great heights in 2022. I wish them and their conference team all the best for a fantastic conference! I wish each one of you an experience that will help you exude renewed energy and assurance. Become the leaders with a global perspective that you have always aspired to be. Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made! Best wishes, Deepak Menon, DTM 2019-2020 International President Toastmasters International

Email: dmenon@toastmasters.org


9127 South Jamaica Street, Suite 400 | Englewood, CO 80112 | Phone: +1 720-439-5050 | www.toastmasters.org


Roy Ganga, DTM

2020-2022 International Director

Greetings District 47 Toastmaster: This past year has once again tested our resiliency and our ability to adapt to changes during uncertain times. Like all of you, I was hoping we would have been back to some semblance of normalcy, but the pandemic continued to challenge us. The challenges in life will continue, however, what matters is how you react to them. Are you determined enough to keep going? Are your dreams important enough that you keep striving to achieve them? Like the Phoenix, you have all shown your determination to rise above the ashes of a crisis and spread your wings wide with glory. As you continue to soar higher, it is important to incorporate the newfound skills you have acquired over the past 2 years, through the online meetings, into your personal development. These are essential skills in today’s work environment. Additionally, spread your wings in areas of future leadership development, by serving as either a club officer, area director, division director or district leadership role. Reach out to your fellow Toastmasters and help re-energize them with their self-development, by serving as a mentor or coach. The opportunities for growth are limitless; don’t let it slip away. Take advantage of this district conference, to rebuild and reconnect with your fellow Toastmasters. Attend and learn from the various session, which I am sure the takeaways will be invaluable. Apply and share what you learn during the conference with your club members and ignite the fire around everyone to help your respective clubs rise above the ashes to end this Toastmasters program year successful. Sometimes life can get stressful, and it is completely okay to take a short break, just as long as you get back up. With the help of your fellow Toastmasters, friends and family, you will reemerge with a clear vision and a new purpose to fly once again. Thank you for willingness to stay the course. Thank you to the clubs of District 47 for providing opportunities for the members to continue on their personal development path. To the District Leaders, thank you for your exceptional service and leadership during these challenging times, and for your continued commitment and dedication to Toastmasters. Wishing you a successful conference and much success as you close the 2021-2022 Toastmasters program year. Sincerely, Roy Ganga, DTM International Director 2020-2022

10 10 9127 South Jamaica Street, Suite 400 | Englewood, CO 80112 | Phone: +1 720-439-5050 | www.toastmasters.org

Netania H. Walker, DTM 2021-2022 Region 8 Advisor

Welcome to your District 47, 2022 Annual Conference. As a virtual participant, you’re in the right place to collaborate with others, share experiences, learn new skills, and celebrate successes. Your conference also provides you a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and rekindle old friendships with Toastmasters from across Southeast Florida, The Bahamas, and beyond. During your REIMAGINE virtual conference, make it a point to meet and learn more about your district leaders, conference chairs, and the volunteers who have planned and are hosting this event. Now, REIMAGINE yourself in their shoes! Next year, it could be you holding a district office or planning a major event like this to help District 47 continue to succeed. To District Director Shakira Taylor, Program Quality Director Austen Canonica, Club Growth Director Lois Margolin, and Public Relations Manager Rodney Bain I extend a hearty congratulations on a job well done leading District 47 during the 2021-22 term. It has been a pleasure working with you as your Advisor. Like these leaders, I believe you too can be whatever you IMAGINE! For whatever you IMAGINE today, can be your experience tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what your future holds. Sincerely, RA Netania Netania H. Walker, DTM Region 8 Advisor .


9127 South Jamaica Street, Suite 400 | Englewood, CO 80112 | Phone: +1 720-439-5050 | www.toastmasters.org


Shakira Taylor, DTM 2021-2022 District 47 Director

“When we live by the bar of unrecognizable, we let go of mediocrity and become an inspiration to ourselves and others.” ~ S. Taylor Welcome to the District 47 Reimagined Conference Experience Fellow Toastmasters and Guests, Upon reflecting over the last few months, I have concluded that a reimagined world awaits us all. People tend to think that a reimagined world is in the future. My take away from serving as District Director, is that each day, perhaps each moment, offers the opportunity to reimagine the next step forward. Life in all its splendor displayed many curveballs this year but through it all District 47 members remained committed to the mission, guided by the four core values and operated by sheer love for our community. The Toastmasters program offers us an opportunity to unleash creativity and create real value for each other every day. Not a day goes by without hearing the incredible impact and transferable nature from members across the District. Thank you for all you do! This 4-day virtual conference experience you are embarking on is no exception. You’ll attend sessions, hear keynotes, cheer on your favorites in the competitions, participate in fun and creative social experiences and will be left not only wanting more but inspired to reimagine your horizons. I hope you will accept the challenge. This conference is about your rediscovery and the recognition of your unique greatness so that you can choose to influence others for the better. As I am coming to the end of my term as your District Director, I want to thank each of you for allowing me the opportunity to learn from you. I am inspired from your partnership and commitment. The program year is not yet over. Please stay focused on the higher level of excellence we have committed ourselves to achieve by the end of this year. Encourage others to join, to participate actively and to experience how Toastmasters will change their lives. Take all you can from this conference and share it out into your club(s) and the world. Welcome to your District 47 conference experience.

Yours In Service, Shakira Taylor, DTM District Director




Austen Canonica, DTM

District 47 Program Quality Director

Welcome one and all to the 2022 District 47 Reimagine Conference Experience. This 4-day virtual event will provide an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and meet fellow Toastmasters and persons from all over the world. We appreciate you being here and being a part of the fun. The Toastmasters District mission is to build new clubs and support all clubs achieving excellence. The only way this can happen is if all our members come together and achieve our respective and collective goals. As we continue to navigate the uncharted waters and move toward an eventual end to the pandemic, the members of District 47 have stepped up and heeded the call of duty time and time again. The Program Quality team would like to thank each and every one of you for your steadfast commitment to Toastmasters core values: integrity, respect, service, and excellence. The Program Quality team has had the distinct pleasure of working intimately with members across the district, supporting the areas of education and training. We have educated and trained club officers and members throughout the District, despite all of the obstacles. We have held spectacular events such as Toastmasters Leadership Institutes, Club Officer Trainings, Speech Contests, and much more. On top of all of this, we have had a blast in the process. Together, we embody the benefits of this great organization. Thank you, members of District 47 and all of the loved ones in your life. Thank you for not yielding during these trying times and for re-instilling a sense of faith in humanity for so many out there by the way you lead. Thank you to all club officers, members of the District Executive Council, and the Senior Leadership team. Special thanks to every member of District 47 for ensuring our clubs fulfill their goals. Finally, thank you to the Program Quality team and the Distinguished Club Program Health Strategy team for all of your bonzer efforts in ensuring every member matters in District 47. Enjoy this conference experience. Make the most of the opportunity to network, learn, and grow. Together, we will Reimagine our future! Yours in service, Austen Canonica, DTM Program Quality Director 2021-2022




Lois Margolin, DTM

District 47 Club Growth Director

Welcome District 47 Family and Guests, Welcome to the 2022 Reimagine District 47 Virtual Conference. This was the year to Reimagine, Recognize and Rediscover. We have learned to pivot and reimagine how things can be accomplished, connect by enhancing our recognition and rediscover the joy of Toastmasters and how to present in person. The Toastmasters District mission statement states: “We build new clubs and help all clubs in achieving excellence”. This defines the Club Growth team’s mission. This year the Club Growth team has had the honor of working besides an incredible District Executive Council (DEC) as we discovered ways to create new clubs, retain clubs and members and welcome new members to our district. It is wonderful that so many corporations opened their doors to Toastmasters, and we have you, the members to thank for these opportunities. You recognize the transferrable skills in Toastmasters and presented these skills to your friends, co-workers, and companies. This is a year of amazing accomplishments: we chartered an Online District 47 club, we presented monthly coaching workshops, we recognized our rockstar members, and clubs, who paid an entire year of membership by October 15th and we placed ads in Facebook and LinkedIn where we received hundreds of responses that fed guests to the clubs. The above was accomplished by the Amazing, Blazing, Caring, Dynamic, Excellent, Fearless and Impressive Club Growth Team. These individuals worked tirelessly to build new clubs, retain members, strengthen existing clubs, and reached out to help clubs build their membership. This team is creative and funny and worked harmoniously as a cohesive unit. Of course, we had lots of help from YOU, the coaches, sponsors, mentors, Division Directors, Area Directors, senior leadership, and members of District 47. We give thanks to each one of you who helped support Toastmasters and the Club Growth Team, we see you and appreciate you. What did you reimagine, recognize, and rediscover this year? Yours in Service, Lois Margolin, DTM Club Growth Director 2021-2022




Rodney Bain

2021-2022 Public Relations Manager

My fellow Toastmasters and guests welcome to the District 47 2022 REIMAGINE Virtual Conference! Firstly, I would like to thank you for allowing me to share as your Public Relations Manager for the 20212022 Toastmasters year. We, the Public Relations Team, are privileged to serve you this year by sharing the story of your successes, both inside and outside of the club. This year presented many opportunities as we returned to a sense of normalcy. We RECOGNIZE all of the efforts you put in and continue to put in to ensure your clubs reach their goals but more importantly, we RECOGNIZE your dedication to obtaining your personal goals. If you are not happy with where you are in your journey today, there is still time left to make a change. You have the authority, opportunity, and capability. It is time to RECOGNIZE the role you play. In my Toastmasters journey, I learned the importance of sharing your story. In my capacity as your PRM, I take every opportunity to encourage members to REDISCOVER the reason why they started this journey. Find your why and share it throughout the REIMAGINE Virtual Conference. Use this opportunity to showcase to fellow Toastmasters and guests what drives you to a higher level of greatness. In sharing our stories, we not only inspire others to grow, but we also allow them to REDISCOVER their whys, attract new members, intrigue returning members, and excite active members. We all knew why we started this journey. At times, we need that little reminder to help us REDISCOVER it. We are nearing the end of this Toastmasters year and my time as PRM. I cherish all of the growth opportunities, joy, and genuine connections made during my time. I would never imagine my experience in Toastmasters would have been one such as this. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and learn from you. As I REIMAGINE what the upcoming year holds, I encourage you to do the same. Allow Toastmasters to exemplify what happens when you remove fear and doubt and add mentoring and evaluated experiences. As you metamorphize into the leader of your dreams, ensure to share your story and inspire others to do the same. As District Director Taylor often says, “One is too small of a number.” Continue to inspire, grow, and most importantly, share your story. Thank you for sharing in this journey as we REIMAGINE our conference experience. We appreciate you. Yours in Service, Rodney D. Bain Public Relations Manager, 2021-2022



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Barbara B. Strasdas, DTM

Immediate Past District 47 Director

Today is a good, good day! It is exciting to be here at the 2022 District 47 Annual Toastmasters Conference! I applaud the many hands who contributed to this virtual conference, who gave of their time and talent to ensure it will be a memorable time of education, camaraderie, connection and of course, FUN! As a twenty-two-year member of toastmasters, attending a conference has always been a priority for me. I chose attendance over other events scheduled that same weekend. Why? You may ask. Toastmaster conferences are an opportunity to meet your fellow community of toastmasters, a chance to gain new knowledge on various educational sessions, to hear the best speakers of the District compete in contests that started at the club level, and to elect the officers for the upcoming District leadership year. But to really get to the heart of my why, is the reconnection with like-minded members who continue the legacy of Dr. Ralph Smedley. I encourage you to immerse yourself in this opportunity to expand your personal growth, to not just be a bystander looking in, but to spend time imagining you are in a room with these astounding individuals, to embrace the wisdom and knowledge they share. The District Conference theme is “Reimagine” – do you remember when you were younger and you used to dream of wondrous adventures, to pretend you were a king, or a princess, or traveling the world via a magic carpet. Think back to those days, reimagine your life path forward, reignite your passions and rediscover your future ahead! Your attendance in the next few days may lead you to rethink where you can go! I encourage you to invite your family, friends and colleagues to this conference and include them in your magical journey – they will give you applause for inviting them in so they can reimagine their path forward! Have Fun and Enjoy! Yours in Service, Barbara Strasdas, DTM




Antoinette Bailey, DTM & Ernesto G. Williams, DTM District 47 Conference Chairs

Fellow D47 Toasties,

My, what a journey! We have braved global medical climates, chaotic forecasts, losses of loved ones, financial quakes, membership drops, educational struggles, and communication challenges! Be that as it may, we stand here triumphant! We’ve come this far, so it’s time for a recharging, a refreshing, and a reimagining! Welcome to "The 2022 District 47 Reimagine Annual Conference Experience!"

We, your Conference Chairs, have worked assiduously with many hardworking Toastmasters Leaders & Volunteers to ensure that this conference experience is like no other. This conference atmosphere and experience is set to transform the minds of new and returning Toastmasters with reengagement, recommitment, and reembracing the Toastmaster Program and a fulfilling life again. We extend our sincerest gratitude to Shakira Taylor, DTM; Austen Canonica, DTM; Lois Margolin, DTM; Rodney Bain, DTM; District 47 Division Directors and Area Directors; Maurice Fuller, DTM; and Jeanine Kinsey, DTM. A HUGE thank you to all of our Monarch, Illustris, & Chrysalis Sponsors, and the many volunteers who dedicated hours of service with great alacrity to bring to you - what we truly hope will be - an amazing Reimagined Conference Experience. Toast-fully Your Dedicated Duo,

Antoinette Bailey, DTM & Ernesto G. Williams, DTM Conference Co-Chairs District 47 Toastmasters International, Region 8 abailey@toastmastersd47.org ewilliams@toastmastersd47.org




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2019-2020 International President Deepak Menon, DTM

Deepak Menon, of New Delhi, India, is a Chartered Accountant at J.P., Kapur & Uberai in New Delhi, where he is one of ten partners. He oversees management and operations, and specializes in international taxation, cross-border taxation, transfer pricing and direct taxes. A Toastmaster since 2002, Deepak presently is a member of Central Delhi Toastmasters and JPKU Toastmasters. He has held a number of high-profile leadership positions within Toastmasters. During his term as District 82 Governor in 20092010, the district chartered an unbeaten record of 75 new clubs and attained the number one position in the world as a President’s Distinguished District. Deepak served as Region 13 Advisor in 2011-12 and as International Director from 2013-2015. He was elected as Second Vice President in August 2016 and went on to lead Toastmasters International as its International President in 2019-2020. Deepak served as the Chief Coordinator for the Toastmasters’ Youth Leadership program in collaboration with the American Center in New Delhi and helped build communication and leadership skills for approximately 700 underprivileged children in six cities in India. “Toastmasters has taught me skills that no school, college or university can teach,” he says. “It has helped me evolve from being a lone-player to being a team-player; from being led to being a leader; from the problem to being the solution.” In addition to presenting two Keynote presentations during the conference experience, DTM Menon will be installing our newly-elected District Leaders on Saturday night. “From Caterpillar To Chrysalis – A Journey Of Transformation” Keynote - Wednesday at 8:00 PM

“Emerging As A Butterfly” Keynote - Saturday at 8:45 PM 28




Joe Grondin, DTM, AS is a retired educator and is now, with the guidance of his Toastmasters family, fulfilling his dream of being an international inspirational speaker. He is the author of the books “Living in Harmony With Our Children” and “Speak to Reach” and has been asked to speak throughout North America on these topics. Joe is a “feel good” type of guy and takes every opportunity to dance in public, much to the dismay of his wife and his two children. Joe is a proud Toastmaster and he truly believes that Toastmasters audiences are the best audiences in the world. He has been busy traveling the globe to pursue his passions. Recent destinations include Malaysia, Washington D.C., and Las Vegas to participate in the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. Having qualified seven times for the World Championship of Public Speaking, he has successfully placed in the top 10 on two occasions. Joe is a three-time TEDx speaker, a TEDx coach, and is one of 89 people in the world who has earned the prestigious Accredited Speaker designation from Toastmasters International in 2017. Joe admits that his biggest accomplishment is getting hugs from his grandchildren. Join Joe for “Dig Deep” on Friday at 6:30 PM. See page 43 for more details Forrest Tuff is an award-winning speaker, author, podcaster, talk show host, and film producer. He is the founder and CEO of One Vision Productions, a multimedia and branding company whose clients range from commercial and government agencies to Fortune 100 corporations such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Twentieth Century Fox, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since 2015, it has been listed as one of Atlanta’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For by the National Association for Business Resources. Recognized among Georgia's Most Powerful Leaders and the Top 100 Transformational Leaders in the country by the John Maxwell Team, he is a Certified Business & Life Coach and internationally renowned speaker. He has delivered keynotes and workshops throughout the US and in 15 countries across 5 continents. In 2021, he became only the 89th speaker in the world to receive the prestigious Accredited Speaker credential from Toastmasters International. Tuff is also an active volunteer and philanthropist. He founded a Pay It Forward program in 2015 that annually awards a grant to a nonprofit organization. He is a recipient of the MLK Drum Major for Service Award, Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award, and President's Lifetime Achievement Award. Join Forrest for “Transforming The Mind: The Connection between Life & Toastmasters” on Thursday at 6:30 PM. See page 42 for more details 30



Daybreak Toastmasters



Dr. Susan Vineta Doctor of Chiropractic Holistic Wellness https://bit.ly/BEEwellness



Learn more about the workshops on pages 40-46 Gaia Calcaterra, DTM Workshop - Friday at 12:00 PM Learn How Gratitude Affects Your Bottomline Gaia Calcaterra is an entrepreneur and business owner with a degree in the Arts, and an MBA in Business Management. Originally from South Africa, Gaia has traveled all over the world, and has lived in numerous countries including Italy, China, Australia and the US, where she is involved in Real Estate, Private Lending, Ecommerce and consults and assists with the development of several local and international business projects. Gaia’s passion is in community service. She is the founder of the Hope Floats project in the US, and The Gratitude Project in South Africa.. Carl Culmer, Jr. Workshop - Friday at 12:00 PM Rediscover & Explore New Horizons Carl R. Culmer Jr., a 2019 recipient of the Bahamas 40 under 40 Award, has been actively engaged in financial services regulation for over 15 years. His tenure at two of the Bahamas’ financial services regulators has afforded him the opportunity to have supervisory oversight for several of the jurisdiction’s multinational and local banks, trust companies and insurers. His responsibilities over his career span the range of policy advisory, risk management, compliance, corporate strategy, and communication. During his career, Carl has completed certification courses in Public Risk Management, Securities Investments (Series 7) and Arbitration (CIArb) along with achieving industry designations as an Associate in Captive Insurance (ACI) and as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (CAMS). He is currently pursuing post graduate studies in financial services law at the University of London. Since 2005, Carl has been an active member of the Toastmasters International program. He served as a club executive for the New Providence Branch of Toastmaster Club 3596. Throughout the years, he has effectively represented his club, area and division as an Evaluation, Table Topics, and International speech contestant. In 2015, he walked away as a Champion Evaluator for the District 47 Evaluation Competition. Motivated by the personal growth he received through the Toastmasters Program, Carl has committed himself to pay it forward by helping individuals expand their leadership and communication capacity and reach beyond their potential.



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Toluleke Famuyiwa Workshop - Saturday at 2:00 PM Rediscover Life’s Humor Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa is a postdoctoral associate at the University of Miami and a sought-after leadership coach. He is a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer, speaker, and mentor. Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa mentored undergraduate students in Nigeria and continues to mentor students in the USA. He is a keynote speaker. He offers coaching, mastermind, workshop, and seminar to clients all over the world. He is the host of the Solution Illuminators Series (SIS) podcast. Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa is the CEO of Solution Illuminators LLC, a global human capacity development organization. Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa’s philosophy is drawn from his wide range of leadership experiences, having served as president of Broward College Toastmasters club, president of Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters club, president of National Animal Science Students Association (OAU), C-BAC chairperson at Broward House of Representative FAU, and Assistant Director of Graduate and Professional Student Association (FAU). Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa is a recipient of numerous awards at FAU: Owl of the Week, Outstanding Student Volunteer of the year, Idiculla John Broward Student Employee Impact, and Graduate Owl of the year. Dr. Famuyiwa Toluleke is the author of the book, stay in your lane. Maurice Fuller, DTM Workshop - Friday at 8:30 PM Laughing Yoga Dr. Maurice Fuller is a Clinical Pharmacist, an ordained interfaith minister, a certified spiritual counselor, a certified mindfulness teacher, a Certified Advanced Trainer of Jack Canfields Success Principles and a Motivational/Transformational Speaker. He has a passion for contemplative and introspective practices. His interest in the practice of mindfulness led him to participate in various mindfulness workshops and retreats. He completed The Power of Awareness Training and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification facilitated by Jack Kornfeld and Tara Brach. He is passionate about helping people to feel alive, grounded, and purposeful through art, the practice of mindfulness and meditation. He has presented workshops and classes on Spiritual and Mindfulness Practices exploring ways of translating mindfulness teachings and spiritual practices in an urban, lay context, and supporting others in the practice of awakening. Dr. Fuller is a member of Spiritual Directors International and Toastmasters International. Heather D. Mahoney, DTM Workshop - Thursday at 12:00 PM Designing Your Success in 3 Steps Heather D. Mahoney is a certified life coach, a certified Passion Test facilitator and a Distinguished Toastmaster. She has a master’s degree in organizational management from the University of Phoenix and a bachelor’s degree in human resources from Florida Atlantic University and is a veteran of the United States Army. Heather is the owner of Success Strategies Advisors, which helps people who are stuck in life to design their roadmap to success. 35

Ellis Mass Workshop - Saturday at 3:00 PM Build Your Tribe with a Champion Culture Ellis Mass is an award-winning speaker on topics ranging from Branding and Marketing to Strategic Leadership. He has been building powerful and beloved brands for over 20 years, across industries ranging from consumer products to technology, from luxury goods to retail. He has worked for companies large and small, managing business portfolios worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and building powerful brands like Listerine, Benadryl, American Express, LG Electronics, and Office Depot, to name a few. He has been responsible for managing large marketing teams and generating profitable returns from nine-figure marketing budgets. He was named a “Brand Marketer of the Year” by BRANDWEEK Magazine – just one of several prestigious awards he has earned. He is an expert in turning genuine customer insights into powerful marketing programs that drive profitable growth. As a business coach, corporate trainer, and Adjunct Professor, he is now focused on helping entrepreneurs develop their businesses into “power brands.” He works with smart business owners and leaders who are working hard to drive outstanding business results.

Nina Obier, DTM Workshop - Friday at 11:00 AM Leading with Clarity, Confidence & Commitment Nina Obier is the acclaimed author of “Listen.Learn.Love.Lead” and “My Daily Clarity". In her keynotes, seminars, and workshops she brings her positive energy and a unique ability to make the complex simple. As Founder of Success Simplified™, Nina’s mission is to provide action-oriented tools and strategies so that her audiences and clients gain the ability to remove doubt, discouragement, and distraction to replace it with clarity, confidence, and commitment. Nina is passionate about personal development and is known for having the wisdom of a 90-yearold with the energy of a 9-year-old. Anastarcia Palacious Workshop - Thursday at 12:00 PM Speaking to Secure the Bag Anastarcia Palacious is the author of “A to Z to The Best Me”, television host of Bahamas at Sunrise, an international speaker, and media coach. Anastarcia works to ensure that audiences are informed, entertained, and encouraged to take actionable steps that leave impact, create influence, and increase their wealth. Anastarcia has over 70,000 hours of public speaking experiences and has filmed over 750 episodes of live TV in the past 5 years. As a master storyteller, she has coached over 340 international business leaders in 43 countries on camera confidence, public speaking and style. After her family, watching her students grow is one of her greatest pleasures. As the owner of The Social Light Media, Anastarcia brings the same creativity and focus that allowed her to build her personal influencer brand to individuals, businesses and organizations. She has provided her communication expertise in national campaigns for women and youth rights. She has been nominated for two Bahamian Icon Awards and three Elevation Awards for her work as a television host and social media influencer. Anastarcia is married to entrepreneur, environmentalist and businessman Carlos Palacious. The couple have two children Cairo and Chosen.


Dennis Paul Workshop - Friday at 11:00 AM Change the World by Speaking Everyone's Language? Dennis Paul’s extensive portfolio spans paper, plastics, chemicals, environmental technologies, and the foodservice/hospitality industries. He has experience in corporate sales and marketing, communications, distribution, and product development which led Dennis to entrepreneurial endeavors both nationally and internationally with offshore manufacturing, importing, and exporting of environmental technologies. Dennis is also Certified Communications Coach assisting individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations to enhance their messaging skills to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships resulting in faster higher profitable growth. Today’s world of social media dictates messaging that attracts clients, collaborators, and new partners. Dennis directed his focus to natural alternatives for health and wellness resulting with Certifications in Hypnotherapy and Nutrition with an emphasis on Health Coaching. His most recent contribution was the development of a program that breaks the cycle of Addiction. Dennis enjoys sharing his life lessons with a newfound purpose of restoring health and wellness to thousands. Dennis thoroughly enjoys his Toastmaster’s experience which began in December of 2019. He has held office of Sergeant at Arms and V-P Membership in the Delray Newsmakers Club #2225 with a current status of Level 5 in Pathways Presentations and entering the Pathways program for Leadership. Dennis is a US Coast Guard Boat Captain, a Scoutmaster, Youth Leadership Mentor, an inventor, a musician, an avid outdoorsman with a fondness for cooking. Marlene Smith, DTM Workshop - Thursday at 12:00 PM First Impressions Reimagined Marlene Smith, DTM, turns the fear of public speaking in those first few seconds into joyful excitement. She has a long career of sharing her thoughts with many diverse audiences. As a family physician, she has given both community and professional presentations on various subjects. She presently is an Adjunct Assistant Professor, teaching nutrition at the graduate level. She is a published author with chapters in medical textbooks. Her poetry book titled, “Serenity View: Poems and Images of the Blue Ridge Mountains” was published in April 2021. Her articles have been published in The Sunshiner magazine for District 47 and other local magazines. For additional information, go to http://www.DrMarleneMD.com.


Dominic M. Thompson Workshop - Saturday at 3:00 PM What's Love Got to Do With It? TM Dominic M. Thompson is the mother of three and the proud grandmother of two beautiful boys. She is a member of the New Good Will Church of God Praise Team, founder of Moments With The Master morning meditations. TM Thompson is a Legal Administrator by profession with the aspiration of becoming an Attorney at Law in the immediate future. TM Thompson has been in the Toastmaster program since April 2008 an active member in various Clubs having held various Leadership positions in them all. She most recently served as the Pathways Ambassador for the 2020/2021 year and now holds the position of Area Director for Area 92 in Division I. In addition to her Director’s position she holds Executive positions in 3 of the 5 Clubs she is a member. She is the Founder of the newly chartered Bahamas Integrated Toastmasters Club – A Club whose platform affords individuals with Special Needs an opportunity to showcase their abilities as Effective Communicators and Leaders with diversity. TM Thompson is passionate about Pathways and hopes to share her knowledge and excitement about this platform with every Toastmaster she encounters. Anna Whistler Workshop - Saturday at 2:00 PM Planning Your Pathway Anna Whistler is an International Motivational Speaker who has been part of Toastmasters officially for 5 years now and is on track to completing her first DTM this year. Anna currently lives in San Antonio Texas where she is part of three clubs, two international clubs, and one being a Presidential Distinguished club. Anna currently serves as founding member and VPE for Leading Voices in the Bahamas and SAA of Blue Quest that is based out of India. Anna has a 10-part video series that is now out on your favorite social media platform. Anna uses her knowledge and personal experience to educate others on how to live an Epic Life. Anna has built custom classes for local small businesses to help with their corporate training. Anna has been a Master of Ceremonies of Lifting Your Voice seminar where she divulged some of her secrets of living life to the fullest, and Anna continues to build onto her platform and bring secrets of a happy life to as many people as possible.




Learn about all the sessions being offered this weekend including Keynotes, Workshops and Special Events. You can learn more about each of our speakers on pages 33-38

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 27, 2022 Opening Session Keynote - 8:00 PM “From Caterpillar To Chrysalis – A Journey Of Transformation” Past International President - Deepak Menon, DTM


THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 2022 Workshops - 12:00 PM Designing Your Success In 3 Steps Heather D. Mahoney, DTM Join Distinguished Toastmaster Heather D. Mahoney, your Partner Navigator, on a journey to rediscover your passions and reset your dreams. A professional speaker and trainer, Heather will lead you through a simple 3-step process to design a roadmap for your journey to the fulfilling life you were meant to live.

Speaking To Secure The Bag Anastarcia Palacious Do you love public speaking? Do you have a message deep in your belly that you want to get out to the world? Have you enjoyed transforming audiences only to feel frustrated when your abilities do not translate into dollars at the end of the day? If so, you are not alone. Public speaking is my purpose. It is the thing I am most passionate about and desirous of. Yet, I found myself continuously frustrated by the lack of opportunity to do so in a meaningful way while also being paid. This all changed for me as I discovered the power of coaching, community, and consistently showing up on social media. Toastmasters has revolutionized speaking for nearly a century, so learning the Science of Speaking from “The Secret” teacher Lisa Nichols further enhanced my capacity. Today applying those techniques has helped me grow my social media following and my international network of followers and fellow coaches, many of whose stages I speak on around the virtual world. We have the power to live our public speaking dreams truly and to maximize influence, impact, and income to secure the bag and our happiness. First described in the urban dictionary in 2019, the term “secure the bag” refers to intentional actions designed to increase monetary gain and capitalize on influence. If this sounds like something you are interested in, if this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, if this sounds like a personal call to fulfill all you know you can be, I’d love to see you!

First Impressions Reimagined Marlene Smith, DTM First impression, those scary moments when you are starting that important person to person communication connection. Palms sweaty, lump in the throat, butterflies in the stomach moments. Within seconds, the first impression is over. For both business and personal communications, the first impression sets the tone for the entire encounter or meeting. Will the audience listen, be engaged, or screen-out? Did you connect with the audience? Was there communication? Learn the nuances of the first impression and change those first scary moments into exciting times. Different communication venues demand different first impressions. However, the same formula applies in each conversation. Every presenter, moderator, educator, and communicator gives a first impression. Make it a lasting first impression. Put yourself on the path of a successful outcome with a great first impression. Bring your questions, comments, and queries to this informative, interactive session on First Impressions Reimagined.


Keynote - 6:30 PM Transforming The Mind: The Connection Between Life & Toastmasters Accredited Speaker - Forrest Tuff Are you ready to become a better leader and speaker? This keynote will help you identify limiting beliefs that may hold you back from achieving your goals. Whether you are looking to deliver impactful presentations at work, with organizations, or become a paid professional, this talk is for you.

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2022 Workshops - 11:00 AM Leading With Clarity, Confidence & Commitment Nina Obier, DTM Has the past couple of years with all the ups & downs have you feeling uncertain? Are you “busy” focusing on what is going on in the outside world to a fault? These past couple of years have many of us going into a tailspin, forcing us to reflect on who we are, what we do and how we impact our corner of the world. Imagine what it would feel like to lead with clarity, confidence & commitment in both your personal & professional life. Move from uncertainty by learning to shift your perspective from what you’re doing to who you’re being. Within each area you will learn the strategy, system and solution that will lead to the end goal of having absolute genuineness, complete certainty, marvelous mindset, unshakeable boundaries, and total trust. MAKE Every Day a Day Worth Celebrating!

Change The World By Speaking Everyone's Language Dennis Paul More than 7,100 languages are spoken in the world today. We may speak the same language. Yet, we do not always understand or accept what is said. Many times, this leads to family disputes, legal battles, or broken relationships in business or in marriage. What if there was a solution? Beginning with you taking the initiative to understand how you communicate. Then, using a process that helps you understand how the other person communicates. This solution exists and is the Science of Messaging. Imagine giving a Toastmaster presentation where your message struck chords. Not a few. But all the chords where one hundred percent of your audiences comprehended? Imagine negotiating, where you read your opponent and then send a clear, readily accepted concept. Or, how about a family relationship where the walls of rejection were removed, and mutual acceptance restored harmony. This presentation is for four types of personal values. The first, seeks freedom, opportunity and thrives on competition. The second type likes to build relationships, harmony in teamwork and expand their own personal growth. The third is logical, enjoys learning and uses expertise in technology. And the fourth is firmly planted with structure, planning and processes. This leads to the question. “How do all four of these types communicate effectively?” Attend this presentation for the answer and to learn who you are. Then Imagine how humanity would appear if we communicated in one world language. One that would keep the world a diverse and beautiful place. 42

Workshops - 12:00 PM Learn How Gratitude Affects Your Bottom Line Gaia Calcaterra, DTM This past year has been stressful for many! Gratitude is a powerful tool that can help, not only to shift our mindset but also provide an impactful business strategy. Gratitude can positively affect both health and happiness because as we begin to view the world with a grateful heart, our perspective of the world changes. In business the simple act of showing appreciation or acknowledging our loyal customers or dedicated employees has an immediate impact, which then compounds over time. The presentation will cover actionable, and practical strategies that can easily and immediately be implemented in business and directly affect the bottom line. During The Presentation We Will Explore: • The Importance of Gratitude & The Science Behind It. • The Hedonic Baseline. • Gratitude - A New Way to Look. • Gratitude In Your Business or Workplace. • Reactive vs. Proactive. • Interactive Exercises to Cultivate Gratitude. Presenter Gaia Calcaterra is the founder of the Gratitude Project and will share her insights about gratitude and the positive effect that it has on entrepreneurs and business.

Rediscover & Explore New Horizons Carl R. Culmer Jr. Are you at a crossroad pondering your next career or personal move? Are the responses you are receiving filling you with doubt or courage? Sometimes, we overthink our next move so much that we miss the opportunity to reimagine ourselves beyond our current position. Join us as we discover practical and insightful tools you will need to explore beyond the horizon and arrive at the destination of your reimagined life.

Keynote - 6:30 PM Deep Dive Accredited Speaker - Joe Grondin We all have hidden talents deep inside of us that we don’t realize we have. Individually we struggle to find those talents; however, together as toastmasters, we learn to dig deep to uncover and transform those hidden talents so we can become the butterflies we are meant to be. With the help of Joe’s Toastmasters family, he has learned to dig deep to find and transform what talents shine within him. Joe owes a depth of gratitude to Toastmasters because he realizes that he could not have transformed into the butterfly he is now on his own. Joe’s hope is that this keynote will inspire you to dig deep to fly high while starting or continuing your Toastmasters journey.


Laughing Exercise - 8:30 PM Laughing Yoga Dr. Maurice Fuller Let’s Laugh! We can all use more laughter in our lives. Take charge of your well-being and get on the laughter train! Studies have shown that laughter has a number of beneficial effects on our wellbeing. Laughing Yoga is a unique practice and a great tool for improving health and happiness, where anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humor, jokes, or comedies. Learn to laugh through the tough and challenging times and keeping up a daily laughting practice will help keep you resilient.

SATURDAY, APRIL 30, 2022 Workshops - 2:00 PM Rediscover Life’s Humor Dr. Toluleke Famuyiwa Life is the quality that distinguishes a relevant and functional being from a dead person. This means whatever does not make us feel relevant and functional is deadly and should be avoided or eliminated. We allow disagreements, disappointments, and failures to keep us on the ground till we feel emotionally dead. We stay on the ground with clouded reasoning until we make a wrong decision. One wrong decision leads to more wrong decisions and eventually frustration and suicide thoughts. If we do not find a way to get back on our feet quickly we will be in a vicious circle. To address this problem, polled questions were given to random participants on Linkedin. Questions such as: How do you respond to a thoughtless and annoying question? Which method do you use for humor in the workplace? Why do you avoid humor in the workplace? were asked. This session will enable participants to rediscover life's humor by discussing answers to questions mentioned above, discussing relevant case scenarios, and engaging in joke testing sessions using the techniques learned during the session. Participants will learn how to reimagine and rediscover the funny moments that are in-built in life’s challenges from which they can draw strength in difficult times. Participants will become more aware of the opportunities to laugh at the daily inconsistencies in life instead of acting angrily on impulse. Participants will rediscover their humor roots by imaginatively rethinking and reinterpreting the meaning and essence of life.



ŽŶƚĂĐƚ ƵƐ ƚŽĚĂLJ Ăƚ͗ ϱϲϬ sŝůůĂŐĞ ůǀĚ͕ ^ƵŝƚĞ ϭϮϬ tĞƐƚ WĂůŵ ĞĂĐŚ͕ &> ϯϯϰϬϵ WŚŽŶĞ͗ ϱϲϭͲϯϯϲͲϱϳϱϱ tĞďƐŝƚĞ͗ ǁǁǁ͘ĂĨĐĐƉĂ͘ĐŽŵ

Planning Your Pathway Anna Whistler PICTURE IT - butterflies fluttering frantically in your stomach, dry scales lining the roof and base of your mouth, and any semblance of water seems too difficult to travel down your stomach. Does this sound familiar? Everyone - regardless of his/her Toastmaster journey, experience with public speaking, or amount of awards - ALL deal with butterflies in the stomach. It's time to talk about it! Hi - I am Anna Whistler, author and creator of a 10-part inspirational video series called The Epic Zone. Through my Toastmaster Journey, I have not only realized my dream through The Epic Zone, but I am also one speech away from earning my Distinguished Toastmaster Award! Do I still get butterflies every time I step up to the stage? Well, don't we all? Come and find out for yourself how to reignite the excitement of Pathways and Public Speaking, and how to renew your passion for speaking and growth in the Toastmasters Program.

Workshops - 3:00 PM Build Your Tribe With A Champion Culture Ellis Mass How will your club, business, or nonprofit achieve extraordinary results? Studies show again and again that organizations that emphasize building positive, healthy cultures strongly outperform those who do not. This action-oriented workshop will cover the 7 fundamentals of a "championship" culture, and will provide the 5 key actions your organization can start today to get there.

What's Love Got To Do With It? Dominic M. Thompson That is the question so many have yet to find the answer to. Come on a journey with me to discover the true essence of love and the role it plays in our daily lives and by extension how it motivates us to act. It is often said by many that “LOVE” makes one do crazy things. Is this truth, myth, or simply an excuse to not be held accountable for our actions? The Chinese author Han Suyin penned the words “Love Is Many A Splendid Thing” in her book under the same name speaks to the “Spirit” of love in its purest form. Let’s explore this adventure to determine what love is, how it brings us together as Toastmasters and how we can feed the passion of our love for Toastmasters to keep us engaged for years to come. So you ask…What’s Love Got To Do With It? And my response is…Join me for a very engaging and interactive session as we unlock the answer together!

Keynote - 8:45PM “Emerging As A Butterfly” Past International President - Deepak Menon, DTM


Gold Coast Toastmasters Celebrating 61 Years of Golden Brilliance Chartered September 1, 1960 President’s Distinguished Club 2010-2021

Best wishes to the District Leadership Team for a successful conference. Congratulations to the Conference Co-Chairs Ernesto Williams, DTM and Antoinette Bailey, DTM And to all the newly accomplished Distinguished Toastmasters Gold Coast Toastmasters Officers 2021-2022 Katie Jaramillo, President; Laura Friedman, VPE; Latoria Hillard, VPM; Heather Anstaett, VPPR; Barbara Strasdas, DTM, Treasurer; Yuka Simmons, Secretary; Amanda 47 Aiken, SAA

2020-2021 DISTRICT 47 HALL OF FAME DISTRICT 47 EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP District Director Program Quality Director Club Growth Director Finance Manager Administration Manager Public Relations Manager Logistics Manager Imm. Past District Dir.

Barbara Strasdas, DTM Shakira Taylor, DTM Austen Canonica, DTM Ann Marie McLaughlin Patty Stevenson, DTM Andre Kelly, DTM Roosevelt Jean-Francois, DTM Leonardo Burrows, DTM


Division A Price Polynice, DTM 10 Pauline Esty 11 Madeline Ashby 12 Velton Showell III 13 Valda Adeyiga 14 Aura Bencosme 15 Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy

(S) (S) (D) (S)

Division E Sarah Cherres 50 Lori Bailey, DTM 51 Eugenio Jaramillo, DTM 52 Richard Crusan 53 Eduardo Landron 54 Sebastian Pincetti 55 Sandi Huffman-Hansen, DTM

Division B Lois Margolin, DTM (D) 20 Diana Rodriguez (D) 21 Jonathan E. Jean-Francois (S) 22 Samantha Jones 23 Bernard Campbell 24 Justin Marguriet 25 Nardia Aldridge

(P) (P) (S) (S) (P)

Division F Juliana Clarke, DTM 60 Derek Garcia Rolle 61 Kyle Thompson 62 Lapeedra Damianos, DTM 63 Euvunka Paul

(S) Division C Anthony Elie, DTM (S) 30 Romina Gotzmann 31 Connie Finkelman 32 Amber Lynn Kelley (S) 33 Andre Noudjo

(P) (P) (P) (P) (S)

Division I Verna Bonaby, DTM 90 Jecholiah Barnett 91 Bethshan Jules 92 Hubert Edwards, DTM 93 Ancin Munnings, DTM

(D) Division D Valerie Johnson, DTM (P) 40 Dorrette Keen, DTM 41 Linda Elie 42 Jonathan Knaus 43 Hyon Green (S) 44 Joan Dalie, DTM (D) 45 Sherry Meltzer

(P) = President’s Distinguished (S) = Select Distinguished (D) = Distinguish


Area Director of the Year Division Director of the Year Toastmaster of the Year

Nardia Aldridge, DTM - Area 25 Not Presented Yet Jeanine Kinsey, DTM

48 48

DISTRICT 47 COMMITTEE CHAIRS Chair ACPDD Advisor Advisor Parliamentarian DLC Chair Credentials Chair Audit Committee Chair Realignment Chair Community Outreach

Leonardo Burrows DTM, IPDD Pamela D. Rolle DTM, PDG Kristina Kihlberg DTM, PID Hieu Huynh, DTM Maurice Fuller DTM, PDD Pamela D. Rolle DTM, PDG Jennifer Walker, DTM Kristina Kihlberg DTM, PID Sheree Thomas, DTM (FL) Tiffany Roberts, DTM (BAH) Antoinette Bailey, DTM Darren Kennedy, DTM (FL) Deandra Dorsette, DTM (BAH) Michelle LeWay, DTM (FL) Kendra Munroe, DTM (BAH) Michelle Washington, DTM (FL) Merla Atus-Pawar (BAH) Jane Cabrera Paula Barto, DTM (FL) Mikia Cooper (BAH) Garth Jackson, DTM (BAH) Barthold Leonidas (FL) Andrew Albury, DTM (BAH) Brandon Kinsey, DTM (FL) Ikysha Beneby, DTM (BAH) Ernesto Williams, DTM David Carr, DTM Sharmaine, Strachan, DTM Ramon Sweeting Jean-Claude Bien-Aime Arlene Preudhomme Shanika Pinder, DTM Joseph Acenas John Schneyer DTM (FL) David King, DTM (BAH)

DTM Chair Conference Chairs Speech Contest Chairs TLI Chairs Pathways Chair Club Coach Chairs Club Extension Chair Member Extension Chairs Member Retention Chairs Sunshiner Editor Technical Support Technical Support Web Master Assistant Web Master Web Editor Social Media Managers District Photographers

2020-2021 Golden Gavel Club Awards The following clubs had all 7 officers trained at both rounds of training, all base camp managers trained by the District Pathways Team, Achieved Smedley or Talk up Toastmasters awards, Conducted 1 Moments of Truth session, Completed a Youth Leadership Program or Speech Craft, had qualified contestants at all Area Contests and were President’s Distinguished Clubs by April 15, 2021.

Grove Gables Toastmasters Excellence In Club Performance

First Bahamas Branch Of Toastmasters Excellence In Club Performance

Club Power Speakers Excellence In Club Performance

West Pines Toastmasters Club Excellence In Club Performance 49 49

50 50

51 51


Club Awesome

Nardia Aldridge DTM

Nardia joined Club Awesome in September of 2016 and has since served in multiple leadership roles. Since joining Club Awesome, she has gained the confidence needed to serve full-time in the Faculty at Nova Southeastern University, along with serving as an effective leader in her other professional organizations. Dr. Aldridge has since presented at multiple state and national conferences. In September 2018, she presented at her first International Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Without Toastmasters, she would not be where she is today.

Homestead Toastmasters .


Jillian Alonge DTM

Madeline Ashby DTM

Madeline joined Toastmasters in order to increase her self-confidence. After 6 months, she knew that it was not only the perfect platform for her to holistically develop herself, but also to help others. Within two years, she Freedom Speakers became a Club officer, competed in several contests, held a YLP, and became an Area Director. Thanks to Toastmasters, she has become a Toastmasters better speaker and leader who aids others in finding their voices so they can be heard as well.

San Salvador Explorers

For years, public speaking was always one of Jecholiah's biggest fears. However, the Toastmasters Program made her into a stronger leader and a person of service before self. In her journey, she served as a Club President and Area Director, and is now the Trade Marketing Coordinator at a renowned Communication Company, Northern Bahamas, The Bahamas. She is thankful to God Almighty for her successes and accomplishments.

Jecholiah Barnett DTM

BPSU Majestic Marlins

Verna Barnaby DTM


Voice Of Champions Club Erica Brown DTM

Verna Bonaby, DTM has been a member of Toastmasters since 2009. A member of six (6) clubs, she has served in almost every executive role, up to and including President. She is a past Club Coach, Area 92 Director, and Immediate Past Division I Director 2020/2021. The achievement of this Distinguished Toastmaster award under the Pathways Program was just as fulfilling as achieving the first one under the “Legacy” program. She believes that “Learning Never Stops”, and as long as there is something new for her to learn, and in turn share with or teach to others, she will be that “Relentless” Toastmaster. She is employed with the Bahamas Government as Assistant Director of Communications at the Public Hospitals Authority, and serves on the Executive of her Community Neighborhood Watch Program and local Credit Union. DTM Bonaby enjoys reading, dancing and graphic design, and is STILL loving her Toastmasters experience.

Erica’s journey to Toastmasters began in 1998 when a co-worker mentioned it, and after 4 years and a lot of persuasion, she became a member of the Voice of Champions Club. Toastmasters created an environment where her voice could be heard and self-appreciated, where she could feel safe to learn about herself and grow her confidence, and where she could reap rewarding memories as well. Toastmasters is indispensable to her; hence, she has committed herself to spread the benefits of Toastmasters so that others can experience it for themselves



and have their lives change forever for the better. Her confidence-growing journey continues, and she is enjoying the ride all the way.

Jane Cabrera DTM

Jane is the owner of “Jane Cabrera Coaching,” where she provides customized coaching and training in leadership, communication, transformation and team building. She has been a Toastmaster since August 2018 when she joined to improve her public speaking skills. She is currently serving her second term as the District 47 Pathways Chair, and is Paul Spiewak Toastmasters Club also Secretary of her home club, Paul Spiewak Toastmasters. She previously served as President and Vice President of Education of her home club, and was the Area Director for President’s Distinguished Area 14 in 2019-2020.

Champion Speakers Bernard Campbell DTM

The Toastmasters Club At FAU


I am Bernard Campbell and a proud member of the Champion Speakers Toastmasters Club. My goal was to improve my confidence in public speaking and leadership skills. I had the great fortune of Chartering the Champion Speakers club in December 2019 and on June 30, 2021 I completed DTM designation. What I have gotten from toastmasters is priceless. I now have the skill to speak from the stage, share my own personal story and touch people's lives which will allow them to reflect on their own story and force them to connect with me in a meaningful and emotional way. The overall journey as a Toastmaster member has been substantial to the betterment of me and my family’s communication. The communication has also improvIed significantly with individuals within my social circle. My future plan is to become a full time speaker, coach and continue to impact people's lives all around the world.

Austen never thought that he would earn multiple DTM awards, yet here he is. While his first DTM was mostly a personal journey of self-development and an understanding of his communication and leadership style, his second DTM has taught him something new: the importance of patience, persistence, and servant leadership. He looks forward to the next one!

Austen Canonica DTM Now in her second year as a member of Universal Advanced Toastmasters, Linda started her Toastmasters journey in August 2016 at Palm Beach #clerkspeaksquad Toastmasters in Division D. It began accidentally as a refuge after the loss of her father in March 2016, and she completed her first traditional DTM in Toastmasters 9 months. Six months in, she founded #clerkspeaksquad, a closed club at her workplace - The Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller for Palm Beach County at the courthouse in West Palm Beach. Additionally, she has been a member of El Cid Toastmasters and Palm Beach County Toastmasters for short periods. Besides starting a club, she now has earned two DTMs; served as District 47 Public Relations Manager in 2017-2018, Pathways Lead Guide, and Pathways Ambassador for the rollout in District 47; presented at various TLIs; officiated at numerous contests; sat on two DLC


Linda Chapman DTM


committees; and coached El Cid and the Palm Beach County Toastmasters. Today, she mentors young toastmasters and visits other clubs in her travels.

Boca Speak Easy Toastmasters

A member of Toastmasters International since 2008, Karon Clark is eternally grateful to all who have supported her in her Toastmasters journey. Change is inevitable and being equipped with the right tools in order to face the challenges of the day is part of that journey she has accepted. Karon recognizes her Toastmaster family for the honor of DTM award.

Karon Clark DTM

Freeport Eagles Orquia Damianos DTM

Miramar Bilingual Speakers Toastmasters

Being labelled as “talkative” and “bossy” in life seemed to be telltale signs that joining Toastmasters in December 2015 was for Orquia. She is presently a member of the Freeport Eagles Toastmasters Club 1425 and the Advanced Communicators and Leaders of The Bahamas Toastmasters Club 7791596. As she excelled in the program, the labels of “talkative” and “bossy” faded and were replaced with “articulate” and “masterful.” For her, the accomplishment of the DTM award is only the beginning of her reaffirmation to serve. Shortly after receiving my DTM in June 2021, she was selected to serve as Area 90, where she lives up to the mantra “SERVE and serve some more!” Even when service has seemed insurmountable, she embraced it as a part of her stretching process and allowed it to catapult you to your greatest self.

My journey in Toastmasters started in 2014 and it has been a non stop learning experience and I love it. I’m originally from Colombia, I’m a book author and motivational speaker. I speak 4 languages and being able to communicate properly has been life changing for me and I owe it to Toastmasters.

Carolina Duarte DTM

CeCe is a former US Marine, author, and TEDx speaker. She joined Toastmasters in 2016 and since then has achieved the Distinguished North Miami Beach Toastmaster Award three times. As a member of two clubs, she has served Toastmasters Club in District 47 as an Area Director and as Club Growth Committee Chair, where she helped 120 other Toastmasters become Distinguished Toastmasters. CeCe Espeut DTM


CeCe’s life is centered on three core values; God, Family, and Education, the former evidenced with her currently attending Florida International University (FIU) where she is studying Industrial Organizational Psychology, emphasizing in Change Management and Personal Development.


Division E CElEbratEs with DistriCt 47 rEimaginE 2022 annual virtual ConfErEnCE DIVISION E LEADERSHIP TEAM Assistant Division Director Program Quality: Sandi Huffman-Hansen, DTM Mentor: Antoinette Fox, DTM Area 50 Mentor: Sandra Jackson, DTM Area 51 Mentor: Eugenio Jaramillo, DTM Area 52 Mentor: Evelyn Benson, DTM Area 53 Mentor: Kathy Dyke, DTM Area 54 Mentor: Betty Ortiz-Valdez, DTM Area 55 Mentor: Sandi Huffman-Hansen

“Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”. Author Unknown Thank You Division E

Division E Clubs mEEting DatEs TUESDAY Speak Tank Dade County Toasters Miami Dade Florida’s Finest Key West Florida Keys Homestead

WEDNESDAY MIA Tarmac Speakers Miami Wynwood Voice of Champions Toastmasters En Espanol South Dade Grove Gables Coral Gables West Kendall Sysco South Florida Cutler Bay 58 The Landing

THURSDAY 305 Speaks Florida Blue World Fuel Doral Electrifying Voices Miami Beach Miracle Mile Miami Advance

FRIDAY Out-Of-The Box Brickell Blue Lagoon

Please see the Toastmasters’ Website for more details.

Henry Flood DTM

Henry’s Toastmaster journey started with the old Eddie Rickenbacker Club 1240 in 1997, but his home club is now North Miami Beach Toastmasters Club 3840. After 25 years, he earned his DTM as of April 2021. Thanks to Toastmasters, his shyness reduced, and he has gained greater confidence with his speaking and emerging singing avocation, which is still going after North Miami Beach 25 years. As the years have evolved, he has become better at handling Toastmasters Club small group leadership and coaching others through speech evaluation. He is working on his second DTM and hopes to become an effective trainer who helps medical and social work professionals understand how disability benefits really work.

Doral Toastmasters Berta Garcia DTM

Blaze Goldsmith DTM

Blaze Goldsmith has been a personal trainer for 15 years. He has numerous fitness certifications and has been featured multiple times in the IDEA Fitness Journal Magazine. He’s competed in several CrossFit competitions and half marathons across the U.S. Blaze has spoken at schools, prisons and conferences. In Toastmasters he’s currently Area 55 Director. He’s also Paul Spiewak a Life Coach and host of The BLAZE THE LION PODCAST. His mission is Toastmasters Club sharing his purpose and helping others align with their purpose to effectively, efficiently, optimally change the world. My mission is to courageously walk in my purpose and help others align with theirs. That’s how we change the world.

Pinnacle Seekers Monique Hanna DTM

Monique is a Certified Optical Lab Technician who outfitted some of The Bahamas’s most prominent Businessmen & Women with Prescription Glasses in a 10-year career that she truly enjoys. The desire for change and her love of service afforded her employment opportunities at Bahamasair and The Cove at Atlantis, but her passion for fashion is where she found loving success in to become the sole owner of Seductions Clothing Boutique for 9 years. However, after closure due to extensive local road work, she became a 3-year serving Retail Assistant Manager with the BahaMar Hotel. In 2015, she was introduced to the Toastmaster’s Program, and her instant love with it led her to later serve as a Treasurer, VP of Membership & Education, President, Area Director, and coordinator of ‘Speech on the Beach’, ‘Culture Up’, and ‘Caroling in the Courtyard’. She continues to serve as a full-time caretaker to her beloved brother who lost his mobility and communication in a motorcycle accident in 2020.


Voice of Champions Club

Eve has a background in the Casino Gaming industry which revolved around predictive analytics and data segmentation for player loyalty clubs and launching and rolling out various casino software and games. She joined Toastmasters at Carnival's Corporate club The Voice of Champions. She is a US Coast Guard Veteran, enjoys doing logic puzzles, and being outdoors with her family and dogs in her spare time.

Eve Horne DTM

Voice of Champions Club

Luisana is an Assistant to the Elderly Development Director at her workplace and is involved in shaping the services and care offered to lowincome older adults in Miami-Dade through the programs offered there and through her advocacy efforts.

Luisana Hung Salazar DTM

My journey to DTM was imbued with overcoming numerous challenges, a myriad of opportunities for speaking & leadership development, as well the honor of meeting the most incredible confreres. Special thanks go out to The Toastmasters Austen Canonica, Eugenio “Gino” Jaramillo, Michelle LeWay, Rosler Oriol, Club At FAU Oris + Gary Martin, & all the countless Toasties who dared me to evolve & become better. “If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.” Samantha Inguanzo DTM

Toast of Las Olas

Samantha Jones DTM

On September 5, 2018, after two years of procrastination, Samantha walked into her first Toastmasters meeting to gain experience for a speaking engagement that she’d booked for later that month. Since then, she continues to gain resources in becoming a greater speaker and leader. Today, she has greater self-confidence, is a better boss to her office staff, and manages delicate situations with her patients. She is a proud member of both Toast of Las Olas and Beacon Point Advanced, both of which are in Division B. She credits the program and her Toastmaster friends for helping her obtain her DTM designation in June 2021.



Bethshan is active in community service and is one of the founding members and Vice President of Mentorship of the ‘Feed the Seed’ program. She believes that if we live the core values of the Toastmasters Program Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence - then will we bring about change P.T.A.B. Toastmasters Club in our communities: “the change we seek begins within so again let us live the life we speak about in Toastmasters.” Bethshan Jules DTM

SGWS SFL Toastmasters Arun Krishnamoorthy DTM

Arun initiated his Toastmasters journey in April 2018 where he made DeVry University Toastmaster club his home. Since then, he’s completed the Competent Communicator Manual, earned his Advanced Communicator Bronze Award, and helped his home club earn the President’s Distinguished Club Award when he served as President. He then became Area 15 Director, conducted a Youth Leadership Program (YLP) for ages from 8 to 15, and coached NSU Toastmasters. He is currently serving a second term as Area Director for Area 45, having earned his DTM in September 2021.

Ann is an educator, financial specialist and servant leader.

Port St. Lucie Speakers Ann Marie McLaughlin DTM

First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters

She is currently the VP of Education and Membership at Port St. Lucie Speakers, and also serves in her dream job as Associate Dean of Business. She joined Toastmasters in 2013 to improve her public speaking, impromptu and listening skills, and persisted through the difficulties she faced with completing priorities and meeting time commitments. She cherishes having mentored and sponsored members, hosted Youth Leadership Programs, and served as District 47’s Area 40 Director, Finance Manager, & Community Outreach Chair.

Shacoy joined Toastmasters International in 2011 and served as President of the First Bahamas Branch of Toastmasters International Club 1600 in 2020-2021. He achieved his DTM on June 30, 2021. His journey to DTM while challenging - was extremely rewarding and is one that he recommends to others who want to become better communicators.

Shacoy Mullings DTM


RoyAnne Neely-Morrison DTM

BPSU Majestic Marlins

Police Dynamic Enforcers Euvunka Paul DTM

Grove-Gables Toastmasters Sebastian Pincetti DTM

Outspoken Toastmasters Aimee Roger DTM

Dr. RoyAnne Neely-Morrison is a seasoned public officer who completed a doctorate degree in education from Barry University. She is a stenographer by profession and has obtained additional professional certifications inclusive of Registered Merit Reporter (RMR), a proficiency skills examination at speeds in excess of 260 words per minute. She has spoken around the country to various organizations and various Christian conferences, both locally and internationally. She is married and has two daughters; however, she has been a mentor and coach to many young persons. She loves traveling, is an avid reader, loves the spoken word, and is a keen sport enthusiast. She rejoined the Toastmasters program in 2014 and has served in various leadership roles and continues to serve. The Latin phrase “Carpe Diem” and the scripture verse taken from Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” have been combined and adopted as her mantra. These have been her guiding compass, especially over these past few years of charting through new territories.. Euvunka has been a Toastmaster since April 1st, 2004 thanks to an invitation she accepted from Leonardo Burrows, DTM to join The First Bahamas Law Enforcement Toastmasters Club - now Police Dynamic Enforcers Toastmasters Club #7031743 in Division F, Area 63. Her assigned mentor, Sharmaine Goodman-Davis, DTM, continues to be a resource to her today. She is an Immediate Past President’s Distinguished Area 63 Director, and she is currently serving as an Executive officer for 3 Toastmasters Clubs. She is also a Pathways Base Camp Manager Trainer, and is the 2021-2022 Membership Retention Chair for The Bahamas. Presently, she is the Assistant Superintendent of Police for The Royal Bahamas Police Force and is the first female in history to serve as Officerin-Charge of The Royal Bahamas Police Dog Section.

Five years ago, I approached Toastmasters because every time I had to deliver a speech in English, it made me nervous (English is my second language). Finally, my mind became blank, and I couldn't continue with it. So I joined Grove-Gables Toastmasters, and three years later, I joined Miami Advanced Toastmasters. In June 2021, I achieved the DTM, thanks to the help of many fellow toastmasters who mentored me and helped me become a better communicator and leader. Despite being VPM, VPE, and Area Director, I always received more than what I gave, and everything I learned I applied in my professional life. I believe I'll be involved with Toastmasters for the rest of my life. Every time I join a meeting, I learn something new from my fellow Toastmasters, making me feel alive!

Aimee has been a Toastmaster since 2011. She joined a few months before she was going to be giving a speech in front of 800 people and wanted to be well-prepared. She never knew she would love the organization so much and stay involved. Overall, she has enjoyed the strengths she has gained from being a Toastmaster.



Hollywood Toastmasters

Roy was born in the glistening New York City and grew into a successful entrepreneur who loves to travel, loves to ride his motorcycle on long and short trips, and loves to help communities by giving back in any way he can. He presently belongs to two Toastmaster Clubs, where he serves as Treasurer of both as well. He’s also serving as President of The Hollywood Lions Club.

Roy Frenchy DTM

Sailfish Toastmasters Marlene Smith DTM

As a Family Practice Physician who retired from clinical medicine in 2015, Marlene sought after and found the answer to her need for improving her communication skills in Toastmasters. She begun this journey at Club Outspoken in Coral Springs, Florida in 2017, where she suppressed her fear of public speaking. Then, she moved to Boca Raton in 2018 and joined Sensor Toast and later became President of Sailfish Toastmasters. She also mentored ModMed Toastmasters and served as a Pundit Writer for the Sunshiner last year. Today, she serves as an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the graduate level, a published author, and a professional healthcare presenter, with her knowledge being showcased on http://www.DrMarleneMD.com. She received her DTM Award in 2021, but her personal award of improving her presentation skills gives her the biggest smile.

Alan started Toastmasters when he was in college. In 1998, he met his wife Shelly and brought her into Toastmasters too. They have been married for 22 years, & she encouraged him to continue his Toastmasters journey to Daybreak Toastmasters Club his DTM, which he accomplished in 2021 with the support of several clubs & friends in Toastmasters. He is an accomplished speaker & has used it in his job as well. Alan Sokol DTM

Vincent Strachan DTM

Achievers of Excellence Club #1811702

Vincent’s journey in Toastmasters began while he studied at the College of Bahamas in 1981. He then joined Action for Achievement Club 1095 and became a member of Club 3596 a few years later, which helped him excel in Parliamentary Procedures & speech development. took front and center stage on my journey. After his first year of engaging club leadership, he served as Sergeant-At-Arms and qualified for the Able Toastmasters Award, and even in the face of transferring to the Family Islands and losing Toastmaster records, he stuck to his Toastmasters education. Soon, he joined Club Chickcharney in June 2013, was elected VPE and SergeantAt-Arms, and then President. In 2017, he relocated to Nassau and joined the Achievers of Excellence Club, and later served as VPE of Club Carmichael. It was challenging, but just as in earning this DTM Award, he persevered and relished each moment of learning & growth.


Achieving life goals is a process of self-development through time with a clear purpose ahead. When my husband and I joined October,1999, we clearly did not know what was ahead. But it is one decision that we will Gold Coast Toastmasters Club never regret. We’ve been enriched by the members who have shared their stories with us. Our perspective has been transformed. Set your goals to achieve what may look unachievable now. I celebrate the opportunity I gained by serving in this great organization! Barbara Strasdas DTM


DTM # 3 – Wahoo!!

First Exuma Branch Club 8123

Christabel joined Toastmasters in 1995 in Nassau with the Cable Beach West Club. Upon relocating to Great Exuma, she helped charter the first Toastmasters club there, and graciously served several times as Club President. She also held two executive positions with the Ernst T. Strachan Advanced Club of Nassau. DTM Saunders works as a Learning & Development Consultant.

Christabel Stuart-Saunders DTM

Anita Taylor DTM

Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters

Gelfand Good Morning Toastmasters

Anita has over thirty (30) years of executive leadership experience in local government, forming & coaching executives, strategic plan implementation, organizational change and development, and customer service delivery. She has over fifteen (15) years of leadership in Women’s Ministry and Bible studies, and is a certified coach, trainer, and speaker for the John Maxwell Organization. Anita is a graduate of the University of Florida, South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary, and a graduate of Harvard University’s Senior Executives in State and Local Government. She is a DTM, a past Area 11 Director for Toastmasters International, and is the 3rd Winner of the 2018 Toastmasters International World Public Speaking Contest. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Norman E. Taylor, and their blended family of seven (7) children, fifteen (15) grandchildren, one (great-grandson) and a new Boston Terrier puppy, Trinity (Trinee for short).

William started in Toastmasters in 2003. He has served in all seven club officer roles throughout his tenure. William always says, “If it isn't fun, it isn’t Toastmasters!” William lives by this saying; he even calls himself a Toastaholic!

William Thomas DTM



Toastmasters is my tribe! I love the people it draws and thrive on the stories and lessons they’ve shared with me. Club Paradise

It took 19 years and retirement to obtain my DTM but oh what a wonderful journey it has been!

Leah Von Salvo DTM

Club V.O.I.C.E. Shawn Walker DTM

Shawn Walker is a Certified Motivational Coach, who has developed himself as a Professional Award-Winning Speaker who has always had a strong passion for helping individuals especially the youth. Mainly in part because he has learned a lot of life lessons on his journey into becoming an adult. Mr. Walker also served as the President of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) for Park Lakes Elementary School, because he desired to show the students and their families the path of educational success. He wanted to show them that their involvement in their child's education was the key to their child succeeding in life. With that strong passion to help the students at his school he was able to increase the parent participation by 50%.




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